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SCADEMT OFPEelrtN. -Dav and Evening?Exhibition
of American Mater Color S clety.
ACADEMY OF Ml -I.- 1:11 In Old Kestsck).
RL10L THEATRE ? 1.1 Courted into Court.
CASINO- s l.*> An An.era sn Reality
OOLTMBFSTHEATRE 1:18 Ti Much Johnson.
PA LY'S THEATRE ?> IK Th* iltlllit
El.FN Ml SEE- Waxw.rka and Concert,
EMPIRE THEATRE ?*. -.ti Fnder th* Red Robe.
.-.ARLEN THEA; .Hi H;30 Heartieae*.
oaRRK-k THi:\T,ti: Bill Secret Berrica,
.-.RAND OPERA HOt'BE B Tr-e New Siberia.
|,Utu:\l OI'FRA Hoi si; s i.i a .'..ntented Weman.
HlTRAl.n RQFARE THEATRE * 15. The Girl Enm
rlOVTS THKATP-.'- *?:".> Mi Friend from Inila.
KMiKEHHO.KI- R THEATRE sc. Spiritism*.
ECisTER * BlAL'H -- Vaudeville.
t.Y.Tl M THEATRE 8:10 The First Centleninn of
fur pt
MAPISf'N F-QFARE OARPEN -Day tn.! Evening Dog
MFBRAT him. thfciih s \ Trip ?? Cblnatewa
PASTOR s 12..IO lo ll i> in Vaudeville.
v- m.L ? .-v * v t. re- Ronnie Prince Charlie.
'trrit -hutt THEATRE tula Bweet Innltcam
ihtbrr. lo ^bi,rrti-3cmcnt*3.
Pace.C ' Rae-.'- '
Au- galee F*aaelal. ii '.' H ?-? I i airlagaa..l1
A-niie*ii.errs .11 I I ns true tl r. . 8 2
Announcements ....13 .*> Leading Hotels and
Rustres* Notices ...fl 1 Rettturanta .11
Ranker, A Rrohei 11 ' W-.,; Notices . 11 r>
i-lry.-iet . p Bj Machinery .lo 1
Roar.-. 1 n l Boomi IO 1 Marrltaet S Death! T I fl
Rlltlneet (Titi tt - l-l 4 Mlecc.lani ui ... ...te 4
Linden 1 N..tires ...li 4 Ocean Bteamera .11 ?*>
rom Sits Wanti in SI Pu v ? . . .. s 1
Prtnci-ir Bchoolt I -.- Pianos and Orasaa.. .Ml 4
Dressmaking .|.< 4 Railroad, . I .'? ?>
Exc-ir,'.cn? . s .". Real Ealst. "* ?': I
Eur..p*an Adv ts . . . !i t Biol gt ...10 t
Financial Meetings 11 I Bel - . * 2
Financial .ll 2 :: s n I Not Icu.7 >;
Ft Sale.10 1' Stem ... 11 1
Heh Wann .... '.. :. vi .... r Retorta * ?? -,
.!1 4 Work W ted .ll M
Dusincso Xntitr.
Roll Top Desks and Office Furniture.
Oreti Yarietv of o,y.0 a!vJ ,.rl. ,
Ko. ill FnMoB st.
TIKSDAY, FKHl'l'AUY ''."., 1-HT.
FOREIGN. -The !? .miardrnf nt of the insur?
gents at Canea by th.- fleets of the Poweri . a use ,
inten.*e excitement and Indignation In Athens;
th<- question wai debated m the House of Com?
mons, and the Reichstag; stocks, except Amer?
icans, rv.'..* unfavorably affect, i. -- Th.
British have captured Benin City and King
Drunaml is a fugitive Washington's
Birthday was celebrated in London, raris and
CONOREfSS. Both branches In session.
Senate Washington's Farewell Addrese was
read by Mr. Daniel; mott ..f the day was Spent
in consideration of the Indian Appropriation bill
H cis- Tbe General Deficiency Appropria?
tion bill was passed.
DOMESTIC?Tbe report of the Greater New.
Tork ''baner Commission was received l>y thc
Legislature ----- Flood! lo tba Ohio River an.i
.;.* trlbutarlei cans-ii great damage to property.
Maj i McKinley remaiaed Indoors and de
? lined to re elve callen, Presidenl Cleve?
land ilgned orders establishing thirteen ad
dltlonal for. st reservation! containing mora than
21.000.tXMl acres. ' - Secretary Olney assured
Ben ai r sherman thal there wai nothing critical
in the relation! between tba United States ami
city.--Washington'! Birthday was observed
villi a liberal display of National colors, and
nun., rous meeting! nd termini enti were
held; dinners wen eaten In the evening by th?
eo;.?nm! club, the s,!..-- of the Revolution, ami
the London Bo. leiy, and the Som of the Ameri?
can Revolution had theil annual in.?cling. "~ "
"i li tees I tarong, .1 Madison Square Garden at tim
opening if the annual Dog Show.
THE WEATHEB Forecast for to-day: Rain.
clearing In tbe afternoon. The temperature yee
terdsj Highest, 13 degrees; lowest, 30; aver
ag -. 39'j.
^ If*, ll i \ \ VS PL VE.
^w determination of Governoi BnsbncU of
*^ i) : ? lo ap] itel Mark Hanna Senator upou Mr.
- ii-raan'g resignation .-loir* away many ns
i-ertalntlcs. lt wa* soi ditOcnll I i ice thal Mr.
Hanna In tbe i'ostofflce Department, though lc**
entally placid for his own taite, would also
.nc been in tbe most iDconvenlcnt place thal
??? nhl be named for any oppon. rn*. lt wai ct. d
iina'.'iii'-.l bf soiii.. Liat Senator Sherman might
alter bli dc tlslon and decline i.? leave the Senate
for L'c State Dvpartincnl If bli request thal
Mr. Hanna be appointed in li * Blend ibonld not
I..* graajed. Bul Governor Bushnell's letter of
s-naouncemem shows Liat h.- ins tonghi to learn
tin* federal preference of toe Republican! of
Ohio-, and believes thai be respect- thai prefer?
ence ls bli decuuon. Thai ih.* cabinet li prob
at.lv completed, and also the dlstrlbatlos of
places and mflnencc In Obie, and Major McKin?
ley'! desire ii have the personal supporl and
nannie] at Washington of b * itr ng personal
friefad i* to bc sal iafled.
Mr. Hanna will nor be I Benator of unlimited
oratory, sad milos* bia mental habits change,
will not ba fount] one of those who block tbe
baslaeag of the country by countless gad snd
lc?.s ineecbes. He ;* i man quite able to say
wbai be thinks without gnat expeadlture of
?w.iv.is More Importsnl 1* tim fact that what
lie thinks is generally worth publl.milden
lion. So much, Bl least, the people of the whole
country have barned from the phenomenal mau
ggjetsgsl of the Preald. ntlal campaign, first for
the somlnillon. and then for the election ol Mc
Kinley, under circumstance! of extraordinary
difficulty. T!k* opposition to the nomination to ik
a peculiar form. The Doltin-r of silver mon and
tbe outbreak ?.f AJtgeldism mad.* the campaign
ia many rcapscts Ihe most perplexing the coun?
ty* hSd ever scon. Il was not g race along a
beaten road, bul tho pa:'.; had to be cul from the
first tiir<>i.f-'!i obstacles hitherto untried.
Mr. Hanna taught the country that in knowl?
edge of public questions, perception of the mos:
affectlvi way of treating them, nnderitsndlag
af men and ability to CombbM and direct tin*
efforts of many, be had few equals. And every?
body knows that these sri exactly the qualities
Whick may bc in the highest degree valuable iii
?he s.-niiie. The tremendous power of speaker
Bead in lim Hons.* has been duo only in small
measure pi Iii* eilis of oratory, much as those
have be.u prised by his friend! In many iharp
debates. l-'at mure important nave lu en his
ready perception of the tendenclcsof public opln
ion. his clear nsderilindlng of tha prac cal
bearing- of measures proposed) and li.s faculty
Sf enlisting the convictions ,.f oilier* and getting
things dom*. As a practical business man of
great asper lenee, Mr. Hanna is sure t.? he a mos!
Useful mem!,.-:- of tim Senate, even though inex?
perienced in Um niles.
It ls from .le.'ilmisy or IBtSgOBlMS In the Sou?
rce that Major McKinley*! Admlnlstratloo, ls
the judgment of some Meads, lias pn-OSt to fear.
The situation ha---, iiifh-.-d. rbss-ged greatly ilace
a number of influential Beuston were opposing
his nomination, gad it would be strange ht Mc?
Kinley's own strong ami Impressive leadership
during tim campaign, gad the rai" skill of Mr.
Hanna, and the tact Milich both have shown
so often in winning over opposition and mark?
ing om the path to gra-cceas, sst! not changed
the feelings of ninny. Rm M lg evIdCDl that in
th-? Senate Mr. Hanna S ill be pla-ed Jual where
bs can l?e of tho great, -st service in aiding the
policy of the coining President, la promoting
Republican union. In helping forward w!*o meas?
ures, and in guarding agaih*t tba dlSSSSdl \vh!< li
are apt to embarrass rn new Administration.
The null.Mik in (rete grow* daily less fsvors
hie. Ini|X'tu<.siiy SB ono gida and selfishness
op tho oilier an- In Increasing danger of I disas?
trous clash. The firing of the warships of the
Power.- upon the CrstSSS iii CSBSS has bsd a
bad pffi'ci. True, lt was not diremed against
the Greeks, nor against any regularly organized
and responsible force, but against a more mob
of Cretans, who were In inn-less fashion attack
r.g: and Beekinp to massacre a much smaller
rowd of their fellow-Cretans. Practically lt
vas nothing bail n Mt of polite work for thc
nnlntenntioe of order. Hut ns Um BggresaWB,
iho were Hied upon bf thc Powois. chanced
0 bB Christian Cretans, mid as tln-lr prospect
ve vletliiiH who wen* thus rescued from Initoh
?ry chanced to ho Mahometan Cretans, tho cry
s raised that tho Towers nie siding with the
Mahometans nirniiist the Christ Ians, nnd thcre
'orc with the Turks against the Greeks. That
lils ls nut strictly true sn far as this one lncl
lent ls eoncc.iieil ennuis for little with the cx
?i1"il and impulsive GrajfltS Mote serious still,
uni linne ileplnralilc if inn-, ii the report
thal a British warship is escorting b laden
riit-ui*-li troopship to Crete, and that Greal
Britain will join thc other Powers In Mi-ckad
ilii: tho Creek COast ThSl would indeed be Bid
lag arith lin- Turks with a vengeance, and
forcibly reimposing Turkish tyranny upon
i'rete. That Greal Britain is tims stultifying
herself, after ln-r indignant refusal nf last year.
seeing Incredible, lt is not to be believed until
estaMlsbed bejroad all ihuilii.
The w hole sitnatinii will he. In this latter
ease, a disheartening exposition of the selfish
lir-f-s and greed of ti"- Greal Powers, especial?
ly of Germany and Bnaala, wblcb are the
leapers iii tin- movement agalnsl Greece. The
pretext of Intervention to save Greers from get?
ting thrashed liv Turkey is disingenuous, it
la true that without such intervention Greece
v...Hld probably bc beaten on land. Bal why
should not tbe action of tbe Powers be sgslnsl
Turkey Instead of sgalnsl Grecccl Why
should not tbf rowers warn Turkey not to in?
vade Thessaly, instead of ordering Greece to
relinquish ('rete'.- TecbnlcslltleB aside, tbst
would i?e doing thc righi thing In tbe richt way
instead of in ihe WTOag way. The reason why
they do nol is .iver, by Germany and Russia
themselves. Germany demands that the Cre?
tan question be reckoned an Integral part of thc
w pole Turkish question, and tlint ("rete lie dis?
posed ol' with, and at the same time with, the
ia st of the empire. That is lo say. Crete is not
i" be annexed to Greece, .-is she BhouM be, but
is to lu- arbitrarily assigned to one of Ihe Groat
Powers In the final partitioning of toe Siek Man's
effects. To thia Busstg adds, with eynieal dis?
regard of ihe most obriens fact, that Crete
dues uni warn to be annexed to Greece at all; to
which amaalng proposition the corollary will
doubtless be forthcoming thal the unanimous
lind ardent desire of the Cretans ls to ii'ine un?
der the benign rule nf the Great Whits Czar.
There is scarcely one of nil the Crcnt Powers
thal would not, In reeist'.ng the annexation of
Crete to Greece, stultify Itself mid li.-lie and
condemn its own pulley and record. Russia
has for yean been grabbing, and intriguing,
and lighting, in behalf of lier own race and
creed; her cardinal principle heine that every
land in which Slavs live and thc orthodox
Church exists, should coup' under lier rule.
Germany has fought three wars to consoli?
date into ono empire tbe whole Teutonic race
and to gain two provinces wblcb In s-clenl
times belonged lo her. France for a quar?
ti".- of a century has dreamed of untiling bul
the reclamation of thc provinces wrested from
her. iii which her own sons 'ive. Italy strug?
gled for uncounted years to reunite lu-r realm,
nnd to redeem "Italia Irredenta" is still her
Strong desire. And to go nf> further afield,
Creal Britain has within a year or so hoon al?
most at rho point of war to protect bet people
settled In Venezuela nnd tbe Transvaal, Vet
when Greece aims io pursue these same poU
vs. tudu Ibese same things, to reclaim her an
?i'-nt province, to reunite ln-r race, to protect
pud BUCCOr those of her own religious faith. Hie
Powers say "No:" nnd marshal their armaments
to hinder and crash her. And we In the fourth
y.-ar from tho end of the Nineteenth Century
of tlc- Christian Era!
The lat, sr Illustration of Whgl the yellow jour?
nals call newspaper enterprise was offered yes?
terday in tbe publication by the younger yellow
of what a cali,-,] "an authorised interview wltb
"Senator Sherman, Secretary of Btate of the
"Incoming Administration.'' In startling bead*
hius stretching scrosa tbe entire _rst page was
liio announcement: "Sherman for War willi
spain for Murdering Americansr Then fol?
lowed in lame Whick faced type what purported
to be sn authorised Interview, In wblcb Senator
Sherman la made to say: "The only way to pu!
"an end to the atrocitlsa ia i" declare war
"with Spain," willi more of tin- same sort un?
necessary to repeat, tbe effect of wblcb, if true,
cmid only lie to establish tb.nv.'Von in the
mind of the reader rna: tip- Senator had sudden?
ly lost his senses. A full-length picture of the
Senator accompanied the reported Interview the
sort of thing commonly practised hy iiie jrellowa
as a token of authenticity nnd evidence of good
faith. Had there been a grain nf truth in the
stiuy rn- rip. least foundsUon for the Interview
the bewildering broadside might have been Justi?
fied, fm- i? would certainly have been the mos!
sensational piece of news that bsa startled tbe
American poepk this many a day. lr would
have been sufficiently sensational if Senator,
Sherman bad i.a only chairman of ihe Mien
milloo <ui Foreign Relations, having no prospec?
tive Intimate relations wltb tbe Incoming Ad*
ministration. Hut that the Boc rc ta ry of s t.-11 ?>
of tin* McKinley Administration should - ri ul
terance to such oplnlona and make one of tiie
yellow Journals the medium for communlcatiujj
them to iii- |iiiii]..? was only credible upon the
theory thai in- bad gop,, mad.
it is no wonder that Senator Sherman mani?
fest. -.1 s,,nie warmth of feeling yesterday when
his attention was called to i'. of course he de?
nounced it a* a gro-s ami shameless fabrication,
false fruin beginning io end. it was incredlbli
on Ita face. "Lasl nigh;." he said io a newe
paper correspondenl wini called noon him tr
make Inquiries concerning tbe matter, "a young
"man called ai my residence and stayed ghoul
"a minute. He ashed me if I had beard about
"Robt's death, and then began to tell me about
"ir. He also asked me ahoui Mic treaty, bul 1
"d,d inn Milk ghoul if. We' had a few wordl
**of conversation, but not a word waa said ii
"criticism ur bb un expression of opinion." Thll
appears io he Mn- sole foundation fur a fictltioui
Interview and delirious dtepntcta representing
tiiat Mn- Secretary nf state ut' iii,. Incoming Ad
ministration bed announced himself in favor v
war willi Spain. And th's is what ycUOW Jour
Hill.sm phiip.s ir ?.-ir upon, and daily esploltl ll
self fm-, ga newspaper enterprise, it hardly neei
he said thai tbs pnbllcstloa nf meta a pince ot
news a-- iir.s iii any reputable Journal trouk
have been mu-' mischievous in its ronncqucncei
Nor. indeed, dat Ibo country owes Hs eccspi
from serious embarrasamenl un account nf |
to the fact that the enterprise of ycUOW journal
ism bsa corm t" he pretty generally nnderstooi
ami consequently discredited.
Nulli- the less d-i the li!;IZ.-|| mendacity of ill.
Invention and the abameleaa effrontery wltl
w iiich a was attempted to he Imposed upon pub
lie i redulity deserve instant and uncompromisiin
reproh.irioii nt the hands of reputable news
papers, whose conduction conscientiously s t r ?; v,
t-i maintain the honor and dignity of their e.-ill
lng alld deserve Hie eolllilleln-e of the IV:idill|
public. So jong as the cheap yellows confine!
theil- enterprise io Um publication of faked cable
grams from the crowned heads and Cabt-Cl Min
laden of Cleat Britain and Continental Burop*
ur were .11111.111 wltb feeding out io thc deprave)
tastes of their peculiar constituencies the mimili
details ?,f crimes, ihe biographies of criminals
Hie pmrlent ffosnip of hlKh life nnd low life, tin
slang of the slums and the literary efforts nf thi
proxies of prize-fighters, they acre posslhly do
lng no grenf harm lo nny hut the penr CTOSturea
who lind in such tilings a momentary excitement.
Hut when they carry monda.-itv tn the pnlnt nf
putting into the month nf an eminent Btsteaman
and bigfa Officer nf th,- Cuvernment language
which he did not niter, the effect of which la
not only to put him In a ridiculous light before
the public hui to incite a war feeling for windi
lhere is no nil foundation, it he,-.inns a duty
to proiiounie unmeasured coodemnstlon apos
tin- spirit as weil as the methods of this sorl of
reckless and unprincipled Journalism.
HEAPING i r Tin: ni RDEN.
It is not tu., soon to consider DOW well aide
New-York is nnd may he hereafter tn bear thc
great Bnancisl burden wblcb tumorous schemes
nf pul.lie inipt'uvi-iin-ni already in progress or
likely tu in- adopted will pm upon its hack. We
du not need to say iiiai Tho Tribune is heartily
in sympathy with tbe progressive spirit wblcb
won].] make lin- metropolis a more beautiful city
and supply ii with all tin- mora! and material
requirements of a high ri villas! ion Hm there
1 is no douiit thsl tip' many enterprisea whi.-h are
now making a simng claim to public favor cnn
1 template an immense aggregate expenditure,
and illili it is no more Mian common prudence
to inquire wblcb nf them are of vital Importance
and which are merely Interesting and sttruetlve.
Th.- ciiy has already entered npon sn ??
sive operation fur i'm- Improvi nu-ui of ibe ri sra*,
tbe desirability of which can acarccly be denied,
and which it is believed will ultimately prove i"
be a profitable investment Preliminary steps
toward tbe erection of a new Easi River bridge
at public expense are be|ng taken. Tbe cres*
lion and development of tbe pu iv. a work of
tbe highest vallie, is also a very COStly OUC. Tbe
extension of Blveroltte Drive and tho construction
nf the Speedwsy are legitimate contributlona
to tbe general pleasure snd convenience, bul
tiley will consume a handsome sum of money.
Thc city has hoon asked tn give 12,500,606 for
the erection of a public library on tho superb
and exceedingly valuable sile which" if has al
ready surrendered, and we hope that ir will
make tho grant, for scarcely any other want i<
so great as that which the library ls expected
io supply. Tin- Hoard of Eaucstlon la earnestly
soliciting an appropriation Of Sln.rsMi.iMHi f,,r
school sites and buildings. If tin- rapid-transit
plan is carried ont. the City w ill have lo advance
moro than 830,000,000 in the course of a few
years for that pur|>ose. lt now looks as if no
obstacle would be Interposed to prevent iii"
erection of a new Hall of Records, and certainly
ihe question of expense ought nut to be con?
sidered !n thal eas... Nobody denies that tlie
municipality could pul a new building for gen?
eral purposes of administration to gund nae, sod
a project which lias been on tin- v-rge of execu?
tion several times is sure tu be revived before
long. Tbe60th Reglmenl Armory will be a cost.
ly structure, and so will lu- lin- new college build?
ing whose present site i? is to cover.
This ls by im means an exhaustive IN' "I" the
Improvementa un a large s.-aio wblcb an- actn*
ally in progress ur bo strongly urged as to make
Muir authorisation probable. We do do! under?
rate tile merits nf any nile Of lil-Ill. bill We du
venture tu inquire whether the city is warranted
in undertaking io put them nil tiir.iiiL.-ii simulta?
neously. Nobody perhaps eau see fsr Into Ihe
future of Greater New-York" under a highly ex?
perimental charter, bul it i-1 pretty generally
admitted thal conrolldstlon w-ni in.-rease the coal
nf government, and that we shall have to pay
toe larger part of Ibe difference, li is more than
ever a lime for caution and careful dlscrlmina*
tlnn Bgslnsi enterprisea which Ibe community
can afford to postpone.
A lucid Slid cumpn-hensivc gCCOOttt is given
In "The National Review" ot London of the
cl ara.'MT of th- native food supply of India.
the time of planting and gathering trie crops.
and tbe Influence of the weather In causing
plenty or scarcity. In point of acreage rice
ls by far the must Important crop, its acre
age. in 18B4-*93 having been no leas than ?'.'.'.
280,303. Mure ihan half of this was in Bengal,
where the preponderance of rice is so great as
to make lt reilly the only crop of Importance,
win-at esme next, wltb 22,761,308 acres, mostly
In ih" Punjaub, the Northweal Provinces and
(Mule, and OtbCT BOrtb and centra] SUMes.
.liiar, or gnat millet, was third, with 20*163,070
.-pres, large!) in Madras, where it is the <-iii<-t"
crop, and in Bombay. Crain, ettenna, or chick?
pea is the prlnclpsl pulse crop. Its acreage
ups 13,ri33,034, pretty gem rally distributed
throughout ihe empire. Bajra, or spiked mil
let, bad an acreage of 11337.903, In Ibe same
regions a*- Jusr. Barley had 7,180.426 ?cres,
mostly In the Northwest Provinces and Oude;
maize. 5,065.971 acree, In Coper India. and
ragi, an Inferior millet, 3,685,802 acres, chiefly
In .Madras and Bengal. Then- were also 27.*
1367,858 ger*** of misc.-linne.,us cereals nnd
pulses; 2,549,391! of orchards and regetsble
?jardens. and 1.980,90*1 ot other food crops.
Generally speaking, all arc divided into
, kharif and rabi crops, ibe former Including rice,
maire and tbe millets, and Ibe latter Including
w heat, barh-y nnd chickpea*, though sumo aro to
be found lu both classes. The acreage of thc for*
' mer is nearly three times gs greal as of the lat
ter. The kharif crop- .-ii" chiefly planted In May
.-uni .lune, ami harvested from September to De
cember, and Hie rabi crops gre planted fruin
September to November and harvested from
Pebraary to April. These nih-* are. of course,
' subject to some variations in various parts of
Hu- empire, bul they generally hold good. Tha
success of tbe crops depends, therefore, bo far
as the weather is concerned, upon thc occur?
rence of light rains ai ibe III.1 plaining thc
kharif, In May and June; of heavy rains from
June to October, when ri.-,, k to be transplant
ed. kharif cereals ripened and ra!; crops plain
ed; sud moderate rains during ihe real of thc
j y.-ar. for the g.i of the rabi crops. The pres
int famine la due to a rather scanty kharif
harvest in tbe fall of 1805, a seamy rabi bar
vest in ibe spring of 1808, and ? very scanty
kharif harvest ii, n?. f;,ii of 1806, As lhere was
;i g.-ii.ial drouth fruin mld-AugttSl to mid Nu
reuther last year, not only was th,, kharif bai
res! largely g failure, hui inc planting <.f g
full rabi erip was made Impossible, BO that the
rabi harvest ,,f |_e eomlng spring will rarely
be scanty, and full relief cannot possibly rome
, until Hie gath, ring of thc kharif harvest next
Tin- must obvious method "f insuring lbs
harvests agalnsl rlclssltudes of weather is ir
r-ation. Cnfortunatcly it has nut \,.t i.,,
generally adopted. Nu rtatlstka of its adoption
in Bengal are available, in tbe real ->f tbe
empire less than one-sixth "f Hu- land la Irri?
gated. The Pnnjsub la beal served rnore than
one-fourth of it bring Irrigated; in Madras thc
ratio la h-ss ihan one-fifth; in the N'orthweel
Provinces snd Oude, scarcely oise-eeventb; in
Bombay snd S'-imi a little more than onc
eiginii, and in Hu- Central Provinces univ about
one twenty -eighth. The present famine got
I only terribly emphasises the Deed of further
j irrigation, but will, happily, had lo B consider*
able supplying of (hal need, for n?. Govern
mem is relieving disM-.-ss largely by giving em
I'lo.Mlielll to tbe destitute, alni j| is eluplovlllg
them hugel) OB Ml- . -Ulstl-uetioll Of Wells.
canals and other Irrigation works, with its
fertile soil and climate fsvorsble IO vegeia
lion, India .should be n veritable garden and
gransry, always producing far more timn
enough fuou for c-vcu Ita tccnilng population;
lad it doubtless will bs such ns soon as s.-len
tlti.- development ,.f Its resources hus been
made. Mut for the present nearly one-third of
ik people un* rofferiag winn, sod their plteoui
appeal .nines straight to nil lim world.
We fail i . understand why our yellow contem?
poraries did not enter their dogs of war at th?
bellell 'lloW.
At ii time when so ninny persons find it Impos?
sible to refrain fi .un rash ami reckless state?
ment* on all sorts of subject.*, lt is consoling
to bear from ? man who ha* tho habit of weigh?
ing; his words. Tha eminent Mr Slier, who i*
expecting to referee Hm encounter i..tween Oor
l.ett and FltXSlmmons, and is resolved tn main
taln ad th- proprieties on that occasion, savs
that '*prtse-flghtlng has received icveral levers
shocks ..f late." Tim eminent Mr BIM* li a
ti u.Bservsl iv o
Tia Cornell rowing lutboritlee in their ac?
tion consequent upon th- rale-Harvard agree?
ment iiaie evinced a generous ami manly spirit
which entitle! timm to universal respect ami
admiral lon,
Some small-bore Poonllats in Kansai ar-* still
talking of driving the Eastern in sn ra nc* com?
panies oui o' th.- Stale, on the ground Hint tiny
gre 'leeches,** "vamplr *" and "blood-suckers."
Outside ,.r Popolistlc circle! this Indictment
would I... deemed tautological, but a Populist
likes tautology wh-n used In lin* cause of BU
Tl..-? doughty foes -?{ life Insurance
- sim declln. a suggestion recently
made thal they could effectually "bust' th
companies bj getting Insured in ihem and tlon
going off .nd dying. Hut perhaps hi- sugget
c n lino! practicable, ano lt la certainly 'unkind.
Mme Sarah Bernhardt bau lost Informed the coat*
ur'., ,,r .ir.ima'.?? artiste formed in London to or
...-,, j*:: rmsi ea ext .'un* in honor of the
Queen'i Ju A ? tl il I w t ? bb count upon h.*r parti i
pntlon Sa. Intends to appear In one ol tb. repre
ii.,- ,i .,- ? . be given In I-on lou ai tiiai time.
Henry s RaBacy will be elected town ci*rk of
Ashfl. : !. M M., f'r Hie liftleth time ttl Bl fl
His lou- 'om Of :-? ov." says "Thi Springfield
!'.?;.ubii.'i-i." "was brought imo special prominence
Ctr... v. ii- ag., when \ B nator end Mr-. H. L.
Dawes celebrated their; golden wedding, one of the
irea ..f th.: ca tlon ticing ?> fac-aimlle bi Mr.
Ranney'a handwriting of their Intention of marriage
,o published by bira 11f: -- yeara before.'"
Prestdei Tucker, of Dartmouth College, hes Jost
returned to Hanov.r. N. lt? after having visited the
i Dartmouth alumni *?*??? latlona. H.- reports
-iii! Lue proposed alumni hall will noon be built, .0
the alumni have taken kin.Uv to Hie project, and h ive
already aubecribi l 115.000 ..,' the m eaaary HMM.
Ti..- ia:., joseph um.nd. I Washington, waa snp
;. ,,i to have lefi about 11,090,001; but bta b
Henry bi suth etty for the atatemenl thai ta. .-.?.,;,.
aili run over 110.000,000. 'Joe" Willard, a* ie vi -
known, bios only ..ne lu lr to ids property a Bon
living ,c Patrfax, woo i* a m.-mb.-r ..f the Virginia.
nure. H.- is populai sn i waifs ?,,, go to C in?
gra . Ural bs Representative and then bb Senator,
C ptain will..un .1. clark, who died the other dav.
n i- aaid to be the baal survivor of the John Bream
;. il,- waa born In Ll'', and When
, u-ht. yeera "ii ii.- wen; to Kansas, when- he
.i s/lth .bloi Brown. In lits Captain Clark w< nt
out witta the 144th New-Tork Regiment, was pro?
moted to ? -....l.t. an 1 for a time had command of
Company I of thal regiment
Lu hui. Feb B Tia- lion Oeorge A K rkparriek.
Lieutenant-Governor of Onta. , srho recently bed a
painful op' ration performed upon bim lt; lh!s city, has
almost entli li :? "overed. and will spend a few we.-ks
.,: ni Igbton before rel ii nlng - 11 -ari.el i
An ..mr in a dispatch fr rn Chicago las! Thursday
ma 1-- 'ie* name ..f the n. wly el. led pn elden! of the
American Institute of Mining I toeppearas
u M. Brown, ti ihould have I.ri Thoma- M.
j. ai i" Drown la pretldem of -io L.-ogh Chi
v. ? ?, - Bethleh. m, P. na.
7///' TALK oe THE DAY.
? -" !- tbe name given 1 y "The ro-"o!t
I" to the few es Rei ibUcana wh ro,- a irking
D , ? ts. Il
?ir iv i* a i. ?. n. '??? losp red < .. i man a io ga
? --iii ? r I ..in. r., j the h.lue of ts, and
i listlnctivs til :' I'opu
erats, P ; Isl .ol Putt rats make ll i tay by the
i Bingil W lld IO distinguish erie Hom Bl
,. ... . ??,; ' ng ti rm il it have been i itne
m -ia- . mf ?-?:- md ei pei ulng "
Qenei v i .-ail thal Wan we -.?.-.-.. married
v.,1 would '? fuse m.- nothing."
? Lil be -'.li more veu. r ma l' I n -t even ref i
-. lil give lt to J ' ' ! o'... q iii.-r.
The Bdltor ..f Th** Concordia (Kan.) Blade" sayi
that ' ' '-.I .- iro -o the --A*-' ari i "eel np"
ol lld. re 1 <i liv*
? dUfl ?.: f< a; among the crafi ?" Kansas, h
?A . I , ? ' '.
Hon at tb. : Mo er, he . xpn tea a le
? wager ftOO on thu. proposition: "We will com
I in an |ect to be chosen
.,: ; at ? .<? -im.- D I '?? al p >> r lu WI Mts
. worry any man in the
. ,- ., xam ol che-- a.l ? ?? ;???? : manees t. be
going at ''.<-? sam.* moment." He also declare! thal
re profaali i briefer space of tim**
, r other editor li Btgte, art i In 'li'* lie ls
ready ? i io el ??!' .'"iii' ra "We a I l wager I!1*' wi|li
a;,-, preacher in the I say* h*. "that wc can
' will leave ll to hla -ongregattoa to
?!? ld '
ibu i to i ?????: ie "An arti ia of some va ,:.* hat b*en
? uni ot the meeting. "Who
? 'thing?"
"I," anew. :? i icversl voles.
"Thst'i right," responded the chairman, lc king
? .,? | ? ? ,.;? \. ! "it'i a glass ey. b u you
? ? .ul ii: t .ci lost i' stand 'ip ?"nd if nw
k ai i'n 'hlcago Tribune.
in i.-i" lateBi r. I ?? - from the Oxford Msgaalne,"
if the humorous verae-writei that in
Hi* aummer term, when -'ie University :* given over
mc i, iv t achers attend ng the University Bx
;. nsloi ? ihould e called a "8 (ho ?: of Flu -
i a ei rn ?!? In ll she i i th. ri prepare
their q a--: ons In th. to iwlng fat
"If A !?'? goo l-l..oking ari 1 M;
lt li be du ine .md i*
if.-',, areli 50 wiHi plenty
, If vv H pn bi naturally k- <?:?:
("an you eh >w by what use of qua Iratlca
T i' aquaring of .' maj be don. !
And when by applied mathematl i
w Ul U ai I M be i ''
Tin- i--r;i?? ?? ton bo;..* have embabn. i In verse -h*
thal the Hit." ti ickmen wno mov, l President
? ?? ii ila new ii no.. broke Hu* necks
..ff nineteen bottlei of his choice | wines and got
g or:.. isp, di .mk. Here I ! song;
? Threi ti u, km. n gay moa ? I colo.ids ,
: Ik.!- o|.;' vcr,
Rut whei i ram
Th. y s ? n got -,.:
"11. rt 'j to bim In t
wit f ela tl 'ii.
II. .-- ? i: i dry,'
'Drink .!?,?' the cry,
'A b.ii ii a i of thi elation!' "
"g ma time ..-? >," raj il lelphla Rec >rd."
"a well Iressed young i - in w.,s taken ill la the
street, and waa removed n a supposed-dying condl
> a Tba '.voa, m rec wen i
n. ind lt wi > that a pi
e. iir.g of her gums ? .- n ,? -. i a* rhe ,] ???
pit! Bad I.IBI 'ml tr ,
ibo womaa wi requ. ed ton rniln thai li mlgbi be
; ' Bemln I Aft, : a. . ei.,1 ?... |. .... ?v. ip In dis
msn iv i-- discharge i. This pro
, -*-? i:"m" bsd b. i ,m .,?,.. ,,?., timt
| ***?" ?'*?' '??? -v ?'"' ah. bad visited nearly
every hospital u. town. Several phyi ms became
' I i and laid a plot, whl. h the unauapectlng
? maa walked Ibis Stn i watch wai kepi | ..,?
oi,., ,, transom, and just before time lot
vi*i- bim v. o ,.,,:. ....| it) king i bu ., ran.
' bet guno. bj i ,,. go, | ? ,.
oi'd tier mouth wa.* in a fris'iifi,: condition."
?Th*- only ti a,ri,, sown in o ii ne, w. ... ..,.. Wl, ?,,
?, K'r,' ' ? ' ' M-r^n from t'.?. ? ,
? ' " ! l-alone" SM;', Klovd ,
" B' ' '"? ' ?' ' '"??'' ' lon, ;? . ? i i > , '
Lam ,.-- Ti ? s .,, , ' nails ir un
I.aili,.,.-- 1" , ."sollie .. || || , A, ,..,-|,. | il
.i;r'vi'ln;"''!-,,',n;,'1;,r",!'" ,,B. <?--???&l*m
'?' no nwt rat. ne iv.is an exce em h md ., ?
end wai at, ... * L*' ',',
*;..;?m'-iJ;:.,;.-;.;: ,,,.,sa??,,,:,,:;K,,,;;i:Mj&B
??-?-???? ?rt? I bl..I hanged Bu? h?re pf ale u.ien'
pori baa grown tr uhlea me In blt leal I sot
'o I sn a tenanl ot ,,. . , -..? ,,MM ? aw J ?
'? . -?'?.-: ol mai feato from um , .
notifiim bim that bi wai banlahed'and m,..,rae,
up bia min- .md 'pul out' gi ince, otherwlae ha cl, i,
benpote") ?*.d Kring io bear al . rlgora of iht
lin Ri'" ':i ' :'" aL u W :y curl> -^^SgBlBs?
"The voice is Jacob's vulee, but the hands are the
haads sf Bataa." Mr. atones <-aiis it ??gpirltlss**,"
bat, In fact, lt ls tho same old story of vice nnd frailty
with which French dramatists haw offlleted the
Stage lind hirer) thc'public, "from time Immaterial."
Tin- ??!>? ilifr.-renc.- ls one of fabr!'\ In scores of
Other dramas-on the breach of tho marriage contract
tbs elderly husband, whose wife runs away wl'h an
other man, ls absorbed in science or art, or Beean***,
? r politic*: In thai piece ba is ah*erhsd wirti Boper
stlilou* manta?that is tc say. bs is "a spiritualist."
sad, tu the negl*c! nf his apouae, ba paassa muck time
in the society sf eharUtaas sad simple tone Mstealns
pi rip. aouad of ghostly lussens, snd otjssrvlag ike
gyratlona of laspbad furaltur*. it was geog "i>usi
nesa," no doubt, to introduce thal tMsseal inti the
old theatrical mixture of blind husband, frail wife,
gad Iil>er:ine lover, for the world ls well BOPpUed
with foots, great Bombers of whom sr*subject to ths
sinitul.ir Muston that, abhough oompleM-'.y -elater
. -iiiii,' p. each other, they possess an Irrsshsdbta fas?
cination for the denizens of another sphere who
hasten bach to earth for the joy ..? Boater
ring With thun; .'ind -ill such person-! might
naturally bs ex|i.-<*tcd to flo.-k after a dsema
Which ..ni rem itch- Intimates tho r?-?fttr.inco
her.- below of anybody who has had the, good
fOltUBS lo escape rrom this vale of 1**!* and
t,ix. p Mm Mp' BXpedtsal will act impose apes intel
llgCBl minds. ".Spiritism.-" jt ,1 vulgar "pr .hi'-m
play," Upon a tainted and haekn*ye| subject, an I li?
sdmlxturs of tba hocus asens of '?seaaees'1 anal
";.ihl, Pippin V aervea only ro impart -h* element of
silliness to h body of BophtBttoal rseassustg, mawkL-h
Sentifl -ntiility and theatrical (rash.
Mr. Bardou'fl piece ts, of course, ecastructcd with
th* "KUI of an cxp.-rr. There ure three seta In
Mic first of Mum tho Mme, the place, the chara ?
t.rs. and Mc circumstances are adroitly show ri.
nnd I ls mad" char that Mp- BMttSBeBtal wife of
the infatuated votary of '-jssychle" humbug thinks
herself neglected, and ls on the brink of an elope
rip-tit. In tho reeond she hna taken the plunge,?
having l"ft her husband and Jolm-d nor lover. In
th* third her husband, who has ben made to be
li- v that she hM perished In a lire, s-eks com?
munion with lier spirit, and tlwtetipaa bs BS 80
amastngly g?thSSd by her "materialization" that.
having heard her gbeetly tale, he forgives everv
thlng and shuts np in ssessaielesfl coeteat This
climes well managed as to aco**serlcs, though
Intrlnalcally flimsy and mlschbvous. appears to
embody ih- chief stgnttVaect of th.- .in.ma. The
ObtmslOfl of such SUhJSCtg in a theatre ia ill-bred,
snd pul.ll.- di?oussio.i nf them ls tmpr.ietleabl
When Mitre has been a breach of rho marriage
contract, tip- partis* to that contract ase, doubt
!? . Mi- best Judges iis to tho course of conduct
whl.-h it may bo Bgrceabl* fur them s.-verally to
pursue. To submit SOCh matters to tho tribunal of
a theatrical auditory is to commit an lmjiertlnen-e.
Persons of sens* and refinement do not go to thc
theatre fur the purpose of forming export opinions
up-.ii matrimonial IftBdellty. Aside from that sub
.jiret, Mr garden's play contains nothing essentially
nov. I ur StrUtlng. Tho persons Implicit.'.1 .ii-,
little .moro than names. Tho spiritualist ls a
- .?! leting fool, the wife a lilith, rina Idiot, th"
lover, B conventional "masher"-that is io Bay an
Insensate ,-,*.,. Tho wife's cousin ls drawn as a
man of sense, who se.-s his relative's we.-ikne-.-t
snd peril; bul h>* makes no conspicuous exhibition
Of discretion In suggesting the fraud that ls to
reinstate h-r as fl wife. There ls a pretence that
the- action has hinged, not upon <*rlme, but ut
discretion?a device suggestive of the colored
brother who. with the chicken in his hat. wis
Ignorant of poultry. Tho acting; Was zealous and
nothing more. It ls not tho actor who brines f-.r
ward ihes.. decoctions of extravagance, bad ta te,
Snd folly; lt ls the theatrical speculator - a pCStlfer* '
ons batag who has almost completely overrun th*
StSgS sad v-ry pearly accomplish'-1 irs ruin.
Th.- players, however, did th- lr beet. Nothing
ni.ire than pr..-y mechanism could rationally I.x
pected of th.-m?for th- simple and ausaeteai reason
men and women who are placed in imp
situations cannot behave in a natural manner; aad
this play, which vvas devised for Mile. sar.Mt Barn
hardt, McriSces probability, and tvcrythlng risc, In
order to provide two or three moments for the sm- |
petuoua loquacity, the tenuous trail, aad tba !imi..-r
and long-drawn | imeiitation In which thal per?
former I* exceptionally proficient. No woman so
i ompletely destitute of guidiiiK Intuitions s
Blmon* ts represented to be *ver estet*d. N
conversation aa thal which occura between the
wife, her seducer, snd her champion would be pos?
sible, outside of a madhouse. All manner of ne-ari
imong moa. bul the- etleei of ha?
man sneak* would never tah* the tone of I
? in the presence of mother man. a-* s oopj
? ? snd mai nera ths drama is caricature. Th*
seton bore, arith admirable sobriety, th* discussion
on spiritualism with which th* piece opena ? ?'- -
cusslon whick epitomises sll thal la usp..liv .......i
upon tbs subj) - i. both fer sad sgalast it. Mr. \-1
i m w heati rofl. In particular, carrie,] himself arith
p.-, ulla- dignity and discretion, alike at that point
and In tb* Siena Of table-rapping Immsdlstelj
sequent to lt. Upon him rested thc chief burden.
In sci third le is supposed to BBS B spirit. To oldi
i irv mortals thal seems an Inexpressibly awful
experience. A spiritual!*! la perhaps, privileged
and ir may be said fir Mr. Wbeatcroft thal bc did
not Bloch. Hut surely thal is nu tb* tray lo re
celve ghost* Miss Virginia Harned'a management
of tb* powder-pug seens*d t-i be much admired -
almost si much bb Mr. Barrymore's expert use ,>f
th* button-hook?but tho lady would bc inure in?
telligible, as ar: BCtrc**, If she would bestow som.
slight esr* upon tb* enunciation and as.- of Eng?
lish words. There was no hint of fooling or Im?
agination in anything sahl or done by anybody,
aside from Mr. Whe.it.-roffs excellent nremifesta
tlon of sxcttcmeat nnd grief, m the seen* after ths
BUpposed death Of th* heroine. A momentary ripple
of eccentric humor, hy Mr. owen, as ? sceptical
doctor, was made to diversify tho proceedings, but
In o|her resp., ts Mpv were ghastly. A numerous
audience r*celved "Spintismo" with sttentlvs con?
sideration, aim especially signified Intelligent ap?
proval ?t tha "seance," a. drreriion which has
become tolerably familiar in this community sin r
tb* .liv- of th* lament'.1 Charles Foster, who. with
scarcelj mora brain than a rabh!t. contrived to
awaken a desire for ghosts which has Beter been
fully assuaged.
? ' ivajal .M tarlee p.orv.,-., re
ii . :.-.v |.-..-i. Bimone's .-''ism.I. H. (.lim'-ir
Boberl D'Aubensi, Simone*! huaband. .Nelson Wheatcrofi
D Parlsoi.WllBam )?'. Owen
hr. Ja mea f> ig ia, Scotch s.ientist.Charlei Karbar)
il ra D'Aubenas, Robert's brother.Frltt Williams
Mai s. ,? .Milton Unman
Arthur Les auIi.ts.George W Howard
Philippe, ,. s. iv mt.K-lwin Warren
.Thoma! Howell
levi n. ,i servant .Henri (Jtbba
Simone. Robert'! srlfe .Virgini-i Barned
Tliecla. Bttnone'l frP-r.-l.Olive oliver
Kavm mde, <;- rs-'a wife.Margaret it *olnaon
rte, Arthurs vvlP-.Blanche Hum :,
: ??! . maid.Louise Napier
Mr. Har* appeared leal alghl bi Rochester.
N. C. Moi-luin will app.-ir lu N-vv-i irh ans BCXl
Sunday night.lt..lurid Reed win sci In St. paul
..ri February B.K. B, willard is in sr Louis.
Mr. Willard lies engaged Mles Maud Hogaaan, bate
ul M.ilv'.s Tin-.lire, ns i m. mtier of lils company.
Tl.lore Hamilton, acting In 'Tudd'n-Hea.l
Wilson," sppeers to-olghl in Canandalgaa.k.
ii Bothers is in Clevelaad.Fanny Daveaport
appen-, d las! alghl la Denver.Mr sad Mrs.
RUSS WhytBl are acting In Meaires of Texas
Creston Minke and Adelaide Prince will appear,
aeal w.-.k. in BeJtisaete.Donald Robertson
BOted, Issi night, In Northampton, Mass.Bjg
ward Harrigan ls acting In theatres af Central
New-York.lOha Drew ls highly sm:easeful In
Philadelphia .. ..Mr, CtMvUlisr his closet] his
Aineil an lour He has been very prosperous.
. ...Btusn l'.ol.son ls In Cincinnati.James
Young appsar* to-night In Montgomery. Ala. aa
Haml*t.... Louis James devotes thin week to pro
yindal enies of California.lames \ Hem*
presenting "Shore Acres," ls in San Francisco
Mewls Mu-rison ls presenting "Faust" In the Fir
w.-st Margaret Mather ls p, Pittsburg
Nolly Mclb'iry ls in New-Orleans... otis Skinner
is acting in theatres of Texa* .Richard Mans?
field lie- had a cordial reception snd great success
in Huston. Th* fi-maln pastime of bringing law?
suit-., for back ?alary, against that actor appears
Jp Sourish Milo. Rhea |M In Columbus g ,i
Smith Russell will appear next week In Washington"
I-ra nols Wlls.n gives thia week to Kansas City
and omaha Ada Itehaii will net lu Pough?
keepsie op rhiarsvl.iv, February i'> anneerlnsr as
Lad") Tessie IB -ri,.. School for" Scandal"*
Mme Mo.lj.-ka has Improved In health, but has not
yet i.-umed hor tour.
Mir* Mabel Milman, of Mr. Duty's "<leisha" Bta*>
Pyfy, has (nude a roaaplouniia hit, both as actress
8*n,l singer. In tho two characters of Mimosa and
, kliilly Seannle
| Th* play ,,f "Siberia" ans acted last night at the
, -Vand Opera House. It haa been revamped
J Mr. Tyrone Power, an actor ot exceptional and
aiusplciou* talent, appeared as Posket, in "The
Magistrate,"' last night, at Daly's Theatre, euee
"*dlna Mr. Edwin Stevens.
Visitors to the Academy Of Musi-* tide week will
?ce the play .ailed "In Old Kentucky," which wtt
-iroduocd yesterday rhia piece la an echo 0#
'Uncle Toms Cabin" ind The Octoroon."
Mr. De Wolf Hopper made hi* re-en rance upon
Ihe New-York -inge yesterday afternoon, at the
Broadway Theatre, In "El Capitan." 1!* wat cor?
dially welcomed
Mr. Hoyt's farce "A Trip to ChlBBtOWB" may he
leen nt the Murray Mill Th'.ere, whire p ??-,?< r^.
produced yesterday.
Mr. Haly will produce his new [lay. on "Qa*
Mannering," called "Tru- Witch of DerncUugh," ca
March "?.
A* a concert Instrument th! f.rg.n hat never
bet MM popular In New-York Half a doter, or
m.."- of our organists, it ls true, gi I free r*. ;tals
in the church's with whl'h ti;.;, ar. ...ri...--j
.very season, lot, ,,s a rule, tba attendee fl is a :m
and the players find Nttst ' n< o .i..g< m. i i o> put
forth greater efforts than ai" demaBd. I by tha
Sunday asrvaM \ Hades the i lances, "..-re
fore, lt was rmi a little ?urpr,-;.'ig to -. * *t n gaajajj
Chureh, at Madison -a u> and Thlr t v - .'gbth-tt..
crowded roeta rda j1 arbes Mr. Clarence Eddy, ag
f 'hi< ago. gave a reeitel n wea prettj .-ive
e. I.Price thal Mr Ld.Iv's repute! ? ? I ItSBSal
on the Instrument had Bpteod among the laity.
What lt ls in the profeaslon wo Indicated bj UM
lirge number of organl-i- In st tend nee ??.* 0f
w!i.un were nccommodat. d WHh tbfl
choir that they mighth<-'t< r Stu Mr I
tetiy manipulation of the : ? i
Which it ls Mr. (Jerrp Smith * pill Hage to play
regularly. Among th. m ware Jol tl rr-*-r,
.! H-mlmrton Fair ami., W. C Carl OetTll -n rh.
Sumner Halter. William S Chested '. '?' . j
Stebbins, c. Whitney Ceeeabs, Vleter Bakw A i..
Tyler BBd Mr. Hadger Mr Ld?!; ' , ? t
Wal printed In Tb* Tribune on - |
Um tn were several novelties, of wlie li o . ,
im-nflon because of Its an hale BBB blina ll w.i
a Siciliana tri the ancient Btl-tS of BtgaOl B , d;
rector f.f the Oanesrvetory, named nf-*r i ?
Morel MO. Signor Ho*-i bal recetttly . uno- ;-? ml
nentiy to the f,.ro aaaang aharepeea .??:$
tor lh>* organ, io .1 a wedding mar li . **,?.,-. -j for a
recent roynl function ls much tell .t at
Mr. Kddv's skill on th* minn ft i'd padaM ari
t.is teeta in resist ration sra tboreughly tdmirah*.
He will again favor I, * pn.-. -*.. ? ? three and
the public ai the s< -oral -. r- lea of I ' r,.-.
genista in St. Georges <i,ur,h, gfl Tl .,? <???*.,.
lng. Tho other organists who Will Blfl - r-?r
rles an* c ip Morse, Vi i ? ?- Bel I. < *?t*r
and Cor,re William S ,
composed ..f the ? of the . .- ? ? p*.
Thomas and St Oeorge, .,,,,, -.-? - w: I
be W. J. MK.. I. -,. v
Mr, Le Wop- Hopper rei
to the Broedwaj Thi atre ? ? terd
with him Sousa and Kleti -
Capitan " At ia., p. r-,.:-. ? ? - .
wai given to tin comMnatl
pack. 1 boo: aft. rnooB and evei .
lng j.roof of th-- stn.ul- hold Which h.. f
fun-loving public :?:, Hopp. ask. nor
could tile a ut ho; ... : .
rh.- 'act that they I , ?
will long eontlnns to -.p.r.e.-, throe ng fl
profits and beoeSts ol verla r.
?*o ll -.- rio , .. 1 al i rehab !? .* r I 1
r:n; march mcesures Entl karl
on the hois of ever; acer* ? -? - alter
the familiar mar. h al thi Cloie < -.at
h id h. *-ii [.; ? ? ed a tea as I ... Mr
Hopp.r waa celled out - la obbtij
He lotroduced two neither of wh ? i
o' formulas recently offer. 1 to tl pr. . t ?
fl iv-:,er In Th* Tritium Mia first t
proxy. Alon. r.<- ? ? .
pantorr.ime. whits the chores * I
"Home, Bareet Hom. be! ? n ht
left the stace wi'h the r-*-nark I I tl ? vu*
norring I. fl *,, b. Mid; but tbi : I : 1
back, and he said ill* '.';? laj ri .L.O
logue w Ithoul ? *. mi ? 1 I aa 1
The a ciel ns yestei -? - ceie
1: it. d In the Temple : t Fifth- ive and
Korty-thlrd-et The brid, b Ml 1 M I is
Schafer, daugbter of Mi ead Mr.-. Blitwn s. ha fer,
of No .Vi West I'o'v-ii.'ni-*' . Bnd UM bridegroom
wai Benjamin Stern, <>r.t the BBtsahers of th*
drygoods firm of Stern Brothers. About MSB tn
rltattons wen toati d for the cewmany la the
Tempi, rt. ie a roper esjcdi
admitted The wai
pr..f ?-. iv .!. coral d with ll g Bow?
ers and [.alni* Wera SI
.lek .-md on ? 1 of 1 While the
I ta were assembling t of! i it ptayed ai t
ten Ming progr mu ie of n tal
t. red the taro side dom i tb. were received I th!
tubers, who were 1 bf Sbar Myres
Schafer; her cousins < - ad Lem rd
Schafer; Melville Stern, a nepbet
groom, .boro,. g|d nb. - ?-.. N Coba
Priedenberg. Jesse Mlcheebi, .bore, cohea a- d
Edgv Rooenatock. Beati for the r Hives a- '.
mos! Intimate frteadi ol the br;.',,
iv. r.- reserva d at tl bead t the centn
only those a 1 known ' r
Schafer, wera permitted to pose a petal ia
the stole. Hundn de of sweets I ll ssl -?
as well as IhOO. .il Hie gall. : , t fl f Wi
was also drep, d with I Prompt
ai ron the bridal party formed In th. vee
and aa the Lig* mtddh do. | a the or*
genial began tbs firg| notes of I . sreaV
The ush.rs in conventional morning dress ,? .
procession, followed bj the brtdearnaldi M
Frankentlial. Mo- I .iO; lp 1 ht, Mil
Huig.-r, Miss Mil.lr. I Lavin. Ml
Miss ir.-!...* B. h. ft. I, Miss Jeni ? I. k lb. M -*
Rebecca Schlffer, Miss Irene K I Miss Flor
curr gidsnberg Then i uaw the maid ol
tbe brides cousin. Miss Ora. Sd
by th.- bride, haning on tho arm of her ' I
Mr st-rn, attended i". his brothel
mel tie* bride In from ef tbe pulpit
marriage ceremony wai performed 1: the
H.v. Dr. Ouetav Oottheil, who w..s .,- -
by the Ra v. j,.s. ab SUvermaa The brid* a
'?? autiful gown af white tat)
point lace, which draped tb.m id wa*
caught up with clusters of i 1 niue blossoms, lier
veil of point la.-., was {.?-?e:.,d well 1 ' k ob ;..?
bead with orange bk,.-.-.m.- The 1
were niiircl alike tn effective gowna .
moire, the skirt- made walking
full, with bells ot pink mlroir veiw. ?
were trimmed with ermina fur and t-nbrol d
with tine- gold braid, and finish. I wit 1 ni s
stock of ptah mirotr velvet Their hati wen
black velvet, dress, d With black plumes, a . ?
bouquets of pink roses, from . 1
tvvo broad Basti, s o| p|| a sal ? ,.-1
>.f honor's gown was ol pink moire, corni 1 ? I vv. ?*,
pink mouasellne de aote After the ceremony, a
waa over bj 13-JO o'clock, then tai 1 ri
breakfast al the Waldorf Mr and Mra. St.
reived the congratulatlona of their frh
.small ballroom, atandeng under an arbor ol *.
cn Beauti rosea and e breakfaa 1 -
*. reed in the nee ballro. m, a 1 1
decorated witta I'.ow.r- and feathery I a"
. entre of i be room waa in .blong 1 .
with lille* of the \ ,!!. v. and ? - -.
tli.- brid.- and brides!
were aeated; Mr and Mrs David Mn
Mr*, h. lb -ht. Mi 11 d Mm I Mt. 1. ? tl . d
Mr* 1; Kuli, Mr nnd Mrs Si ? mo ? -
L.-v m.-. Mr and Mi - Ri, hard Bl I. Hi a I
Mrs. lanac Stern, ihe Rev. iv .-, . Mi sad
Mr* Simon Sha'. ? Mr .<n,\ Mrs I
Mr. and Mr*. .-* im iel M S. h ifer, Mi
Julius Kuaelaman, Mr and Mi \ R *
Mr. and Mra Benjamin Cohen .-? ' Mr and Mr.*
8 Fleischman. The oth. r , I
number, a? re ae ited ai am ill ta Ita
a circle aboui the one occup ?
Mach table was ol ? a 111, ri' .'. u link and
rn- - After tha m. si there >v g
in the two ballroom! Mi ind Ji fl
th. lr w. ddlng trip, a 111 rn ik IBM
Tao wedding of Mis* Berths .'.-I tha
youngest .taught.; pf M-- \ 1 .,..:?,??? 11
of No. bim Madison ivs., H au I ? '
Straus* took place Bl ?> o'clock ' * st
Sherry's. The H,*v Jot ph Sitar, I mel
the marri.ige OBrSSBOB] I ' '"'! bj a
reception, Sinner and .lr - wss gives
away by ta r br, thar li I ie M n v ' fl*
only ittendanl wsa ker nt. ? 1
Mr. Strauss* bes! man wat lu- " er, Nol
I. Strauss The ushera wei *
cousin. 11 I, Strauss, of I imli i: 8. Ri J ?
Lauer, ot Scranton Penn.; Benjsmln Veli -
mon ll Veil nephewt ..f the bride I. lt. Ita ?
and Devld B. Calm, of ibis cltj ?' H sUeek, of
Miss li.nu., li.om in lbs ?" I '?? ' "' Mr
and Mrs. lienrv H.onon of Baal Oae-hund I
itn.i twenty-fOurtk il . wsi weri td to Ssi i i
Hrownoid nt I i !o.k i iel evi i In! it fal ls
Musi, Hall bv the Ibi Dr K i ill nan Kohlci *J ? v*
bride waa attended bj Mit* Julia Uoiiihi e
Jeannette Wei haler ?? nl.v. if Ute bi
beal in tu w..* Marlin Bri wt ol I rm hei
brid.'gr,.oin. and th. oh t* Were Na hun No.Idle,
Nathan Browaold and Montu lt oman
The wedding of Miss Bill l.oul-c \Vi*e to Dr.,
PtMhleWltS WlM take place this evenlin
of the bride's mother. Mis. Aero I
lld La-it BUt>-UUb-B' .. ?
1 l.r- w cu.
C. uti av (1
at the hin
Wise. Nd
- I

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