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The Presidential Inauguration next week is to
be celebrated in "The Century" by the publication
Of an unusually rich selection of pictures and text
Illustrative of appropriate Washingtonian thornes.
Mr. Clarence C. Buel has written a paper on Our
Fellow-Citizen of the White House." which gives
an unusually complete survey sf tho President's
official ll'*, and Mr. J. R. Ri?hop has prepared aa
anecdotic article on "Inauguration Scenes and Inci?
dents." Roth ihcse papers will be copiously Illus?
trated, and there will bo three frontispiece por
trail* OBS of President Cleveland and two of '
President-elect McKinley. Finally, to give the ,
crowning teUOh to tho. pictorial side of this "In- i
auguration Number." ther? will rve a superbly 111 ps- |
trated article by Mr. Collin on "The-Decorations
in the Now Congressional Library." Tho com?
pletion of this splendid building, with Its wealth ,
of mural adornment, core's auspiciously at a time j
when the nttentlon of tho whole NaMon la con*
assttraaod upon ti-.., rapHal,
The late Phillp C.'bert Hamerton made a visit
or.-- tc .pi old Oaullsh city In Mont DflBUVrsy,
near Aetna, tad wrote aa account of it, which was
never published. It is now to bo brought out by
Roberts Brother* under thc title of "Tho Mount."
Th* s-rmo pui-li-Vers will have ready In fl few days
tho ne*J book by OHv* S.-hretner, "Trooper Peter
Halket, of Maabo*uUand,M which ams reviewed in
Tho Tribune od laM Sunday.
Tbs Maemlllans announce a book of tho highest
Interest to historical studenta it is to contain
geeOctkms front the first nine books of tho Floren?
tine Chronicle of Qlovanal Villan!, translated hy
Rose F S. ifo and edited by Phillp H. Wlckstoed.
This selection bears purtleularlv upon the strugglCA
of tho OooMfl and Ohlh-lllnes, and -trill b* of
?pedal stgnlflcsnes to studenta of Dante.
Dr. Henry van Dyke, who has been favorably
known rs an author of various volumes of prose,
porno sacred nr.d othrr.s purely literary In theme.
ls about to publish his first volume of poems. It
will bs hamed by th. Scribner*, under the title of
?"The Bulktefa, and Other Poems."
An English publisher has sot nn admirable ex?
ample to the world. This ls Mr. (i.orgo Rodway, who
brought out it vv. e-k or so ago the huge 1.k by
Mr. Carew Un-..Itt. In which that Indefatigable gen?
tleman assayed to tell thc history of "Four Genera?
te ns of ft Literary Family." The work bas raised
a storm af Indignant protest In the Fnglish press.
It has been adsnttted that there aro things h lt
Worth telling about tho Hazlitt family, but tbs
list >-. i vp of that house seems to have no lact at
lill, and ho has retailed all sorts of wretched gossip
about dtatlngutabed men of letters in Eng tai id
Mt Rodway has perceived that th? book COOM
only (io harm, only provo a source of Irritation
Whs re lt should g:ve amusement, and.' accordingly,
be ha? sent around to tho booksellers to get back
all tho unsold copies, perhaps he will ho success?
ful, thouph In London some doubt ls expressed of
his acccsnplishtag much In his effort to srom tb*
lids of wrath. Enouprh copies have been circulated
Ul do the damage, nnd now that Mr. Hazlitt baa
pot his w-.rk weil advertised lt is likely to be aoM
al a high Bgrure wherever g copy has b*-r. left ha
the hands of tho bookseller.
Another s-ory of Matthew Arnold's freedom from
ansterlty, when it cam* to tho everyday happen?
ings of Hf*, is now going th* rounds As fl s hool
saasalaer h* could bc very human Once ho had a
<?!,-,ss of girls to examine, aad b* saris them all
ip -l n-irks. a fellow-Inspector noticed it. saying
that some of the- girls must nave been cleverer
man others. 'Perhaps that ls so" aald Arnold.
? ll (lion, you sea they are nil su-h very nico
girls." _
Mr Prank r. Stockton ls gnp-.-- to hrir.c out s
new eoip-ction of abort s'orles, ins Brat
; . about four yeera Th* B ?
h.'i-.-c it in pr-rs lt m. tc be called A Btorj
". T ind a ll include pp-e tah ? Bom
of thi "The Mac:.' Ega..Hie Widow's
Cruise," "1 ?? Beter. Breakfast*' si I "Captain
Bl'* i
Writing about th* d? Munet-Band entangle
gtcata Mr. Henry .iaip-s, in "Tip- Yellow Book."
kai iting passage on lbs time in the
fp--:r,- when this ghastly etruggrJ* of rh- - -. ? ??
.v. renner to make a pit al out of dead
ts climax?and when the author
will hav* < t to checkmate thc fiend.
He sai Then tbe cunning f,f the Inquirer, en
venomed with reslstsnce, will exceed In aubtlety
ar.d ferocity anything we to-dsy conceive, snd tho
pale I e* med victim, with every track cen n
ev r> paper burnsd, ami cv- -v lotte! - nswered,
arin, la the tower of art, thi Invulnerable granite,
?1 without a BOllj f all the years "
Tie man who is versed in geology koowa mora
than hla 1 the wondi rf il process* - by
Wblcb th* earth's cr- I e*fl brought to Its
present condition. A mind thus enlightened is ever
:. . , . ? nrdndera from tbe sea beach, tv pebble
and bowlder, ever) re>ck cutting be posse* on a
railway journey, from the coal he burns sad evan
Ihe paving-Stom B before his very door Not only
io thoae who have mjoyed the advantage of a
, _?? edi- at lon, bul lo thousands .->f other people
tht* his prov, ti B singularly fascinatfag study.
So admiral - Itl tai of tbe science sa la
found in Professor Ralph B Terr's "Elementary
Geology" (Just published by th* Macmillan Com?
pany) must therefore be WolOOSBCd, both by lu
Structors and students. Th* arranp.-mei I of fa-ts
i? ?-x .Vent, th* presentation ot theory Intelligent
and gi ugle?It n. aad Iks stysa exceedingly at?
tractive Moreover, the i>ook fes copiously illus?
trated aad ls pru.rei in large type.
A Mfg* mock eif ihe monument which tho Vol
nnteei Flri rai n'; ?--- ' nd their frit ods In
? y will weet at Gettysburg to tbe rasmory
Pf gi
??'"'., ';.?-?v-ar*****--'*/*?-ii
ad th* basest of th* Md Regiment, New-Tork Vol?
unteers, and Me 2,i lu. /. been
place.! OB exhibition in the win low of Dolans
restaurant, p. Murk Row opposite lae- Mos,til ,,
and has attrs ted bj ? -a attention from tbe paasers
by it. that busy Us*ro tighter* The Bsoauaseat grill
be unveiled at li.-'.tysi.urg on July t The bate Still
be of jrrariit" and lb* Bta1 SSS Bf broBSe Ta* ,i,,.
signers and bul dara .-.r- HotTman tk Procbaaka, No.
M East Twelfth-*! . 'his city.
Th* monument, ak - i te be i v. ca f. ,.r b gp.
will :.-? ar i h-- ' - .-. os . - - lp! ons:
New-York- Gettysb . ii ?>. . Fin- Zouaves
T.us regiment oo pied i - position on the
noon ol Julj t lao, al .- o -lock, meeting the ad?
vance of the enemy from the Emrnetaburg roa :
Strength of the regiment, ?24 men. I. isa Killed '
?rounded, 108; missing, t Total, 182.
Volunteer Fire Department, N-w v<-rk tit: or?
ganised in p.- dlsbandt-d In 1883 Thli monument
was erected by ; u I ilimteer Firemen ol the city
of Msw-Tork and their friends In grati
tlon of thi seri rendered by [hi S.- .-, : i.-,,,
Zouaves on t.-iis field in defenci ol - .. Fnlon,
Trie record of 1 Fur* Zouaves ? ? _?-.,,.
battle-nek] -v.is a good one. Just aae-hali of tba
rsghnsat was either killed ,,r wounded in tbe ea
fsgeroent. There are now about l.uOO members ,if
he Volunteer, V? :? ran an l Exempi Fie men -
?latlont In this city, and the crowd of them nnd
heir friends Hint will invade Gettysburg on July 2
viii be so largo I hut several trains will h.- necessary
o carry them.
At the meeting of the County MsdlOBl Society
.ist night Ihe report of the Comml'tec on Hygiene
?egaraTSag ihe Hoard of lltnlth's proposillon to
Pointe cases of COttSUBBpttaO was laid over lill
mother meeting. The rSPOTi was ,s follows;
ReelhSflS the need of proper measures to pre
?< nt Ike spread of pulmonary tuberculosis, mid re?
tarding it an essential prehniinery thal ail phjral
ians i.e impressed with the Importance <>f making
IB early diagnosis Of the same bj microscopical
?lamination >.f the sputum, we earnestly recom
tnend that physletana avail themselves ol the offer
.f the bacteriological department ol Ihe Hoard of
Health to make such, examinations
W< approve of the compulsory reporting ol cssea
d pulmonary tuhercuiosis ir the Inspectors ar..
forbidden to visit or lo have any communication
Sith the patients wlthOUl the convent of the Bt
.cnding physician, believing thal Ihe attending
physician is capable of Hiving all th! necessary
John Turner, who wai arreeted IB connection
With the suicide of Mrs May Skilton at the Motel
Menlo Sunday Bright, but was discharged yeeter
lay flaorntng. called 0*1 Coroner Tuthlll yesterday
tfternoon and aaked what dtaposlUon was to be
node of 'h'* hedy. The Coroner told Lim that ho
(ind telegraphed ?o tho woman's father, Parke il
r.mi.ie. of Peoria, UL, and thal he would doubt?
less take charo., of the body. Turner broke down
ind wept bitterly.
Some newspaper clippings found among tho wo?
man's ..fr.-, t- thow thal h.-r malden name was La?
vinia May Temple, The .-li..pinn- gave an account
?f h?T marriage to Raphael M irahall Skllton, of
'hlcngo. Turner told th.* Coroner thai h.* became
acquainted with the woman through a flirtation.
H.. saiti that he waa iii Bundar nlghi when sh.*
ame t<> his room at the Mote) Menlo. He told her
to go away, so that lie could >-?'?! some rest. ll*
snvs ti,at abe had attempted suicide twice before.
For Young I.a.iic.- City.
RSV, DR ano* Mra -HAS ll GARDNER, 1'rln.upala.
POR Ol RI ? a. nnectloa w.tii .Miss Willey's Homo
Ben. el. ISB Wet! 70th tl
-".?' tad BCtl Rtreeta, N'?w-Y-*rk.
COLOMBIA INSTr: i"!'!?:. 270 W. 72D ST -Collegiate,
Prtpantory, Primary Department! Optl nal Mllltsrjr
Drill. Playground, Gymnasium, ll 1 Lun h. n H rdera.
For Hoys and Toung Men -City.
:. L*T.i W. TzTJ BT.?C
I lepartm. ntl ' nitt ''ni Mil m?
,1 ..,':? lei -
EDWIN FOWLER, M. H. a B., Prto .
For Loth Sex's City.
Mad I toa Bquare (Xth-si ?? id Broadway).
:.", .- j-' Bt-, n-??:.'?. -.. and other principal Am*r!r. and
Ki*-..;,. ..ii*.*.. Tenn ("gin- now.
For Boyx and Toung .Men -kountry.
Koa f.r huslneti - liege "'' " let fr rn New-Tork.
FRANCIS H HRBWEH A M I'm,. Pairfleld, Conn.
MAPLEWOOD INST. Concordvllle, Pa ?:*07 per vear.
A secretsful acli ,. One cf rh* Lest (o inftis* with
rnerg) lo wake np 1 rs 1 ihe duties ol Ife; tobacco pro
hil.: M is ;.r.-i ired f r bet. ? Hegel I'nder 1.1
reais, lise, 1, atl ? 1- luiiful, elevated and healthy.
r. BHOnTLIDGE (Yalel, A. M . 1'rin
KooKLAM' INSTITUTE Nyark-on-Hudton. V V
. ? ? .- ? , .- ? g special car.*;
I, leran. C ipi J WI LB IN, A. M . Pi ?
\-. Ital - -.*-,'?. .... 1... ti ,.e|n*as.
NV Md yeal tn! for itti ned f-atalogne.
COI '.' H'M H. ORLEMAN, Pr"n.
F.r Young Lr. lies--Country.
A select 1 tlrli Comforts of horne.
Mr. AI'.THIi: OILMAN y tht Din
?TlERMANT. stuttgart, :2 Wen Btraate.- INSTiToj
ll RA ESCHER 1 ? . 1 . ? ? ; astHutt for 1 ijra from
I to IB yeai Pott I anpanytag la
itru Hon In mathematlea and rhetortr referei ? - ..nd !n~
? nab iddreatlni PR. IP, WIDMANN.
?**?^?**^?^m m
Srliool -Agencies.
rt, Teachers Talon, flmraniretri
. ?..!!-.(?.-- R h :?- ir : Families Apply tr.
Mrs. M. .1 Vol Vi; KIT.To.V. ;?.?* [5nlOB Sriare.
Dniuiug Culiool*;
\LEXANDER MACC.REOnH Mendel tohn 1: oms
108 v ,- .-.,? gi
Bli ?:??? : : ile jessa ind 1 t Bm riieatara
UlilllfV Retorts.
This magnit.-er.t hotel, delightfully located !n the
Mountains tf Weetara Nc -th Carolina, has been leased
*.o Maren Lissie) a Kittitdge. Th- hei-.; is r,-*?:> ti 1
elegantly lui matted ur.,1 carpeted, go porealala ba'hs
added, has el-c-rio lights sit-nm heat. < p. n firpp'.a. es.
elevators, and all !:? a| .Intmenla are superior; good
*'., "ea, and -he bte! golfjlnkt in th.* p<-u!h.
Tlirr.ugh vestibule sleepers fr.,m N'**iv York. Th* man?
agement of (his ho(e| wlii he most liberal. y-or book?
let!" tnd furt!i-r parti, ulars aoMrefcs M<-*srs. Kinsley A
Klttre-ir-e N. P. Mr. Llns'.ey was the tneCBBBfal pro
priet. r ol the Hotel ir.n Ai*, Augusta, da.
New Ye'k Office. Fred ll BcoAtkt, Metropolitan Bulld
lr|. Madison Square. New York
o-ean front; every eaavenlefl a, bi Indlng Hevator and
ia!t bails. In hons*
HOT!!!- UDIEIL Dffl(LDIr3TriEa
"I have nev-, been a. tasetaatad suth a Bleca aa Wit!
Del M- nf, and ,nv ,.r... regTCl - *Asl I could nt Ban
a'ayvr! longer, 1 i*h?'! never f .ri;^' m.; ' ita beeutlea fr
otlier attra tlons?th.- hore; itatlf, tht gn ui. if. (Mp gowen,
the '.ann (!,e ir.-s. Ihe Eighteen Milt Pr rt, aral de *,-!
llcious. warm, r?!t waler balbi 11 I ? p 11 III n W., - . r
Coold fur*,"! ru,rt i fair* apotV Fer further informatica
apply lo 3l'? Broadwav. New Vork Cly
t 1 r -, " - ' by pal ? IStlsft ??:->? In
retpeei te ubi, iel itioi ?. ? ? Elegant
fur-msiiM. Plnt-clsaa m all wapet la a nomber ,f sew
i: .1 ita b itha have beti added Onlj thirty minn- 1 frora
th* Battery. Ratter reach. : from down town thaa peta
cip..! Kew York hotels Open all rn* rear. Addnaa, for
ra'.s. ate,
an IDEAL HEALTH Pcs..rt.
At Ketberwo ?) n. .1 . M nur....s fr. ,i: tht t t
Libert) al bj N J. Central; I'.n* . ..
inf. rt; amusementt of all I ni v ? . v, ,,
BREMNER Manage) Seth rwi ,1. N .1 , or, bettei
com* and see foi v
7i 3 Pd Bi b > ffloooD.,
a deitghifui riaon hotel Facing thi Anea. .. ran bet
nor!) "f Florida. 1" BaUtU east of N-.if..!k Sn ri .:!'?!
by pine fe:*-:- MlM winter elimata Ktrfeci ipp :?
menu Eacelles! bk-yellna mi.l driving ob beach and
thi.nigh wooda A.Mo-ai 'I Kl.MINI, KRL'MRHOLZ
Manager VI alola Bea h V. or ..rn, ? N, '.'. u 4 g
R. B . 41 Bros! BL. New-York
AflaANTlU MTY. N. J.
Appoln:meeta and Barana! Arst-riaat.
lt. 6. inuit, Jr. Proprietor.
ia us i.eati-.i Bun Psrl . on to- Ktp'.tnadt, with aaob
led ..:*-an -.lew, aa! . nneel, ; .?.,:.. i... Hotel bj aa
.-. d iu.-.s.ige.
. Josi xi, WHITS S BOM
1-1L-EGANT. Hom . Kl
'j hotel altamont. .
Hlghetl ami !.ealthi'-a( iliuatlon. on banda, rri-st tym!*
vaid. A thurn.lng spot lo tpead lbs sinter Heathen
lUmate. AuiHittiigas <,r a latg.. city, Healthletl 1
.' ttesm heating it, ihe world A r,ot ?*, feature BUN
PARLOR oN TOP or HOUSE, uverlo king Baltimore ao'd
.!,esai.eai<e Hay Send for deaerlptlvr pamphlet European
and An.-Mean plan*.
- iv, Mr k . .. ?- addreti
C. B. KNOTT, Pen. Supl , Bl AugntttSt, Fla
Uoiii. -:i ion:.', atlantic , itv nj h~
lurk) ...--. i??i t--1 I..,,11 ocean. Bscelleni ulalni
bi g?i g?.lo Weekly. BS to |?. u V. ITincXEY
Directly "n the teeta fi .nt. With <-'?>?,\ rn. Om ara tai
meal end ? 1 nvenl. n t, Ope ell tb. u
11..I I.I. I'.!. RF. , I.IV
1 Kentuck) ..-. BO feet f, ?? Boardwalk, Atiant .
city, :.- .1 Pull *an new Sv un he.,, ,;?, ?r?. .,.
ghU Kieia*,.r. sun pe ri ora, rle. Pineal rultln, ?.
Feb nth .IAS a .-,!;., ?,.',\
ot. 11 end Michigan ?*'*'. ACaii!)- f,.v ? ,
Or.et, .,11 Ihe jun . rle, 1,1 ell rs. 1
:"."i',g , , eir-et
|ev.*|. BM! fef III slated I. k.r! JAMES IIOOI
Atlantic '10. N .1 , ., ma cit) 1 ?.
Near the Besch F.rst :,,.. ,n ,,.1 ,,-,;. ?,
ttJintcr Uc3orls.
on nu: C*"-BAR fpont.
WU! earn fas s-a-.n rf iv.17
!:? . ..:-t un application.
Fait Ra:hs Elevator.
Plre-tly faCBSg 'ti* ocean.
j Rv-rr modern tsar?ISBSS nnd impr.-vem*nt, Ini-tudlna i
- hot nnd mid sta ?ster bathe In I ons-, reesta sinai* ind I
| tn sun*, sith laths attaclitd. tte. tte. fend for 11
' Littra,<d booklet.
meeds .*.- i.ii'pivi-ott.
T'l'oiiel, r-.P'.ni-.r PitTet train l-av-s CBStlBBSt and
i Daabrnssta St! dnilv ai |SS D. m vl.i Denna It H.
si MMfT, V -I.
ori".\ THB BKTfMB YI"\B.
Flt wei*. PABUBOS BOOatRg.
MAS \liKll.
?fl [L?fe?w<t<i)aDptJ3*TOf oDtiPOoya
DAVID ll. PLIMER. SInnnaev.
D-eDscb'"'"' : l oOf 0cfw^*S(P?(ISf9
HOBACi: IMIllTr.lt. Mnnn~er.
BO (?< ns T '< I i.. -r ? BS 1 *,*T>7.
sn f,.... trott - -e?n
tmerlesn ana European plans,
Fa.t I libs Bill ht I - - cli-.mP-rs.
Trench service In raft"
I for h ' le!
co fbbtiiiie sot
- For yvur health When OAI.EN HAM* In Atlantic City.
' N. J., cffeis the Lest SaiciP:'.ure and h..pl seconNB****
tiona In tht Irn-il elimata en th* Atlantic ('cst?
W ii n ru li. m. n
dr. st-mmc' imi ?.'
s- vi: v ri .; v BPBRVOS, N v *
Vtr bi nintenta of a arsl-elasi
Hotel Elevator, it*am haat. sun-parlor and prnmenad* n
I!.* roof - i (ea a in ' ii ? Massage. Electricity, AMI.
h-ai-h appllan..-- Ves Turkisb, !Pi*aian. and - i
Water baths Dr 8ABATOOA WATEBS, tie?
ga ii iii i Ins ' seanni g, skat -.ir, *p-. Open all th
v-ar Rend ? led dre liar
Mmm mot m\p\
2.500 rri'T ELI VATIOK, on the
: Eal
Th* Homestead, a itrlctljr modem Bottl and tht most
eomiilete loth,ns tstatihahmtnt In Am*rica.
? all ^r. m -
All ra: * gives Wit* natur..: ftBWlSg let water.
Golf club and wi - ? link
Th* P. P. V. Limited, wah dining car. l?av?s N*w
1 Tnrk .'. '?' P M I I] Throiiijli Comt,artm*nr .ar Tu*?
j day and BstUrdiBS
P.-ini|ihl?te an.! tc-k-is st C. -, o Offlc*. SS.2 Rriadway.
and offl-es Panaa it it Addreaa
fred BTEBnV, Matiasrer.
Hot Sprint*, ttsth r*n. Vs.
THE BC*9COB5L K'Murky av*., n-.ir Beech. AtNUItlfl
CWi N i ' lalargi i Steam bes! Bus parlor
' Fre- lal rales, v I M.vp.P'V
A Trip
to Jamaica,
the Queen nf Writ I ml Mi ii Islands, liv tilt)
Atlas Line
offers exceptlonnl a Ivr.ntaj-as to persons se*k
lng a vacation Of limited duration for health
snd rest. Th" trip fro.n Now York to -Ja?
maica and return can be made in 17 days
Pend for Illustrated booklet.
I'l.M. FOB WOOD A KI-".M.Of'K.
General As-Tits. 24 S-ata St.. New York.
pxcursions to Venezuela.
*VffS^ae Red MDM Line
t"nd?* tran eeatrsets with tn* (J. B QeveiBasest, ttit
fr-m N.w T"rc every 10 lavs fr ih* principal perta t
v?n?-7ii?ia. Th*> rr* fui: powered, siririi. nrsi class pat?
eena** itesmen nn-i .rt? rd "ur^rs ur opportunity -f vit
Uni; this Int?r.st;ni- . -nintry un-P r th- Blot! fal r.iblt
conditions F--r flttcrlnttvi pamphlet* tte., nr riv to
General Ma:, .e- IBS Pron! Street. New v rk. o.*
IIM.MtV (iA/.K A *()>?,. Ltd..
Tf-urist Agents, lia BlUOd*By. Nea V rk.
DH roi imus lilts l-l 1. ivs KXt't'RSIOXS
ll ll . .11 M.. noil ll I,\ . : r
Pl I Dl"l DST Ol bawl In r, Knl>. Bwllser
CU tiV/r C- iiinii, (..-nilli ii >. kastrla.
I'riinee. VurlMip >?rtli Millie. Itunaiit. Ilrillsp
isle*, liol In ml. : - I
r i -,.-i-i..i;..: ii -.- - ol.I)
wolli.ti i.i un.. I. RHEE, i ;*:??
gleamshlp l lill M.lit lt \ 11 \l \ v IK Kiri-..
K. DI" PCITTRR. I44BI llriuubiiit, Vcii-liirL.
Auction Cuilro of Hfiil Qrotntc.
Destrsl i ? ? -. ? --.i t-f.
nd Suth al
'.'. ii.i.i.vM KP.vi'.!.!.-. , A net lon eel
WBIS5IBMISAV, l'i:il. '-18, 1MB*',
12 oVI* lt bom st tlie Sew Tori Bea Kalali
Ml liroa cv ,- n- ?? '? ?-. ? "?! ?
Me**, HACK Kl ,-. v ... ?
(Titr. Jhopciirj .for Giilc.
>n os.
iron sai,i;, choice sites for Pacti_
i-', >u in l ii.-*-. I'et, i u'lif-.*.. Chemical
Works*, Lumber Yai-dia, <-i<-., nnd
I ) vv ?-l li nu- in N.-w Vorll ('Itv.
ISB - -. -.-. ??'. ? ? ID Cr**k.
* f ron ting Loni
B. ll ?-' Ill -'?*- Madlaon Av*.. X. T.
(Tc tel Sox CiiGiitcoa Purpoeco.
Thc Tribune Building.
tbit for e li - ? ? ag sera ?? in th
fr nt in 'nit ar.
... ter. - - - .
ihi '' iutl ii - ? ? p . . nd Poei
. ?? ? and not far fron v - - ! Ball
ad I.? ? ' Boara Iowa fi ? al hn?s
ret cant I ip
In Um In.-- i Kt. ind ' ? in . high r. b UBI -i "v?.nsr le
- ?? ? ' ' tenant*. Ari ly nt U
(?mee of
tim: TBIBFNE. im NaaaaB str**t.
AM) OWTiCfU in |.i;t
*n Cha*-!b*r?.. Bpru -. Baerfcaisa l'ulr. n. .i-,hn Mst
l-an*. rs-k Place, i-.irk i:,.w. Maaaaa Wullara. ?T
< Mfr. pten w, itet ii ii ii othti -rr.i,
nil.AM> <S SVHITIBG. IBetkBMI at.
i)i - PIP' '.:-,. V, - . ? ? n ? - ? : L- , j,., 1
'*",?" ' Appijr Bo. in b
UnfnrniolKb ^ViJiirliiicnto (To Cd
1 Absoiuteli ?? ? sad tr tins iVoiral Parti
, ii ii* Ai.iirti_______________^___^^^M
I I'oat**!
(fouittrn ? ropiitn ito Crt.
rpn KENT .-v ic- I. I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
1 ?'? ? ?- ! ilni hasted by Wari
arel liaht. . I (., 1.1 la ,-- 1.1 . ? ,.. pvii,
sirilei; room i. III.ran
nil lars*, 'itt!-' sad --li grouped; r- ur bathronmi four
toll*! r ioma, lari r. kill hi n 2;.. in 1,
2T\12. r I cellar, arlin haaalna ahelvea; bl.-) ;-? r.t.m
? ? . .1 ? p 1 masnlflrea Ireee. BO to BO feel hlrh
eitel . ?--i ige; aboaSani v..,p r
Boor of house; lin . imms an I
' ' - ut fam ., v?.-;i ?? ,,
na ie ute, v. ni, ii ?? ni.; i? i,. pi mil n all ? 1 ?
' ? hai iti ? ? res ?*?-! r. m
is?,| to a -? 1 pan rs .
Addi ll - - - ?'- M St
fi ti bu i bd 11 Ural (fafnir.
Aoi-.'MV -Maatelalf real ttiai*. tu kinds. ...p a, -1 -sst.
? l.AHK.Nvl. P 1 Pillia. S ile-kinai. at. New Tura.
Conittrn Heal Grstatc for Sole.
? - bea t-.ful -posses, 17 acre-. old ,ri*i. pured, -.pring
i ,!*'; mo,ir,,a.n t-c-nen; elevation BOO feet; ene hour from
N>.i v.irk. EV ANDES H. SCH LET 4 Walt-st_
HEACTIFUI. OOCVTRV HOME In vicinity of Plainfield.
N .1.. t,;i .itv conveniences. Location tievsted ?nd
leslthful sutnm-r and i* aler: brick. I" rooms; bards.I
misti h"i vmie, hnt; tlectrle Itghi aad g"*. large eat
dage house nnd s.ti.ies; bull.tirga modern; ?'!'? Bena; i.i.u
I'uili slia,;,.l launs, prtvaia cottage (rentable); near
!??;. i an.! beal rn 11 v. nv communication with , Hy; aa.*
C.U..I; tun part kulan EDW. P. HAMILTON A CO..
?C, ll". olwSV .
|]nblic Xotireo.
uno* ..f um Ctark af lbs O bub n council.
R ,n h, ,'iu Itali, New v,.rk city,
F-'.r inri ll.'!., IgfT.
Psnuaal t., dlnettoaa given m* in int following rae
lull r.. .'.! li sat adopted bj tht Common Council Feb
rnarj Ith, 1107, uni approved by ti.** Mayor Februsry
lltb, MST, vii.:
Res i...I. That Monday. Hi.. SM day ot March. IS'..;, nt
: p. M. e's "-k tu the after,,- a aad tba Chamber of
iht Boar! of Aldina au, ba and thej an berebj desla
ia tha ilma and plan arbes and eben the sppfl
atioa of th* Tiiiru Avenue Rsllmed Company .m.! lbs
? ?? ol Btreet, ManhattanvlUa aol si Nicholas
Avenue Railwa- Oompanj io tba Common Ct m.-ll of the
? n a rork : ,r i'- . naen! a-.! perm Itt lon Lr tba
Bb) the um petit Inning ? ie
. f Ut., rxtentloi an,l , nu.ii between ihelr
- f ur, ??? - ut fi.? ,.ni,...t,i i, . i? ihelr
pt ilton partlcularl) recited, ihej ?h* -aid petitl n
s mpitnlei desiring to unit* .,- provided ir, Bert lon
..''.. a- amend, d, ..r the Ra Iroa las th. ri > aald stn ?
? -ii*-' ratlr ids, in (he ,-iiv ,,f .Ww york, In
m.! form ti r-et r.rri, I,, their said petition, and
i - M.- . instra -i. r and i i ? rc on bj tl ?? - dd petltlonera
-.f ti,- s.n.! es'enal. n and connection. :.::?: lo tl I ..stn'
llihment, maintenance ml operation ihereof ??> .. new
itlnuout rout* .f publl.? ? i a - pro-1 ? I - - -1 in sa..I
.Hon US, a* amended bi iha Railroad btw, sill be I il
ntldered, tnd thal publl. notice bt given by ihe o*rk
ff -his Hoard by publlshlni th. Mme dally for fourteen
in- u: two dall) newspapers thushed In thia city, to
?? ,-.-,i therefor bi His Honor, the Ma) >r a
lng r.. tba provltlona .f sect los 92 aa amend A, ot tba
Rallrnad law; taid tdvertliing lo itt il ihe tgpea ?
th* petitioner.
Publl, notice lt 1..-r. i.- gives thal Bl int Hm* and
plan menu ni in u.e res.rhuion ,h** following a pp: Ira
? Ihe T iIrd o . ?.,. tnd Iht P. rty a, i nd Bireei
ManhattanvlUa and sr Nlcbotaa Av.'nu* Railway Com
p.iiu.s mil !?? ntldered ti ia itq i rad bj rh* pro"
r tht Rai ? td ; nv
To h.- ii nonblt ii,- Common Council of th* Cliy of
N.W tOrfc
Th* petition of ihe Third Avenue Balli ad C mpany
atv! iha Porty Beroi I Street, M.,:.' ??! St.
. \ ? >n ? ? Rallwaj C nipan) respectful!) th ri
I. Tlii, oin petlllonen -ir- tnd f-'i ri.uri, yean lim*
been, etreei -aire., nllroad corp ral -.- K- ar,,!
? | reel urra!-* nllroad* Mi- ugh, upon and along
certain iti ? ? - and n *nuei In the eli) f N ? York.
H. Ti,.it ir - desired tn unit, ih* I nt, of iald Third
\ . Railroad Company niel taid Port) i.n.l s-, ???
Manhattanrlll* and s, Kirhnlai Avenue Rallwai .' m
mb) al tha interaectlon of Et al On* Hundred and
hPthteenth itreet and P*eatam avenue, said p. I:,- of uni. .
tr ..ne ball run- fr m si-1, retp**?(lvt ||n*a
: rout. ? and h.nnectlon lo be m ida bj th. ?
?(ruction, maintenance and opera tl ? F tn ex ten tim
f th, nih .-el ol tht said Third At nut Halli . :
Company, commenelng il ihe isterlj ? rmlnu nf On,
liar..lr-1 ir,i Twent) Bfth ttreet, bi or Bear tha il.
Itl.er. connectjnj lhere bj anltabtt rurvn, twitches tnd
>:-,.;'..n ?? - trill, iht nllroad ni tht iald Third Avenue
: . mpanj upon One Hundred tnd Twent] Bl
itreet running ines.itherlj or soul r-saterly, willi
double ??., ki Ihi mah iipos ..n.i along private property
mu n of Bat! "t.. Mir.lr-.I no.1 T??n!v f->iir,li
avenue; th?n.-e southerly through.
?iP'.n and nan"-- nM Pleasant avenue lo sm! r-outt of
,1 i bj the construction maintenance and -??
f .tr. extension r brandt ..f th* nllroad of -he said
.' ??? i nd s,r"-. ManhattanvlUa nn.i Bi, Nicholas
"tv*nu* Ra 11 wsj Company, remmenclna al -ii" Interaectlon
f Baal Ona Hundred and Tenth st.-*' an.i Pteaaan. ave
? ng then by tultablt carvn .*vii..|ie, Hn,>
appllan et arlin ihe nllrndd of ibt iald Pori) ? ??-. ?<?>.!
Manhattan, Ut ind Bl NI dal Avenue Ra.lwsj C m
ad . inning Ihence, w!'h double tra.-k- northerly
and .dong sui.! Please a' a venus ta Mid
f ui '-I iii* Matt to I ? ? ".'?? l bj an.
mci- power which is ,,? ? ,,r ma] il ti ilma lawfully
a used ? i . Il ? f the t iles ?? inflected th*r?bj
Ml Thal by iha construction ? f lurh c nnertl n your
I Hitmen will ba abi- tnd bereb*, nffen i
maintain a nee nilnuous ros for i
v n g i rack, ri ida a nd m ld ? i - -
i ..,.;: i tl ,i tht local auth rltln -,t 'he city of
. ? . naen! t. 'h.- i man uetlor of *:-1 n
. establishment, malni*nsnce .-.ni open
tlon ot I nea I p travel. ! ui pei ?
? ? and !?? ? nba reno ?? - -
- -ho lawful rabstltu..trefor having
i.**.-n flrsi obtali ?!??:? ii ! ?
pents 'lie rame at a parr nf MM COB
IV, Thal Mid ronneetlon cannot h* npented .-,? an
in.|epeno<:,- nllroad wlthoul Inconvenience to rh* p
. io the p ii- I- .i-u..r lag* that tb.
? - r route witta ltd editing
?? . . ? nur petitioners i ? for the content of tht
' Net v rk I
a and .
' ! le iv
nntinuoua r air* f .,' public t.
- I-'.T
PANT hy All i. President
OMPANV, rt J Pi ildent.
-?.c.. nf Nea Tork, City and Count) of New V ?:.
j. Elita ? lng ? lu i aa pot. ind Mya
? of the Tl.ie! \ ? ? Rt
. . mptn] ? - : ? ' ? ?' ' fnrti Ina peri. I' " ?
.. i .- rend th* f " ? lng ! titi il b) him sub
thereof tba. tha - ibm
I, .r,,? |n ..,,. Vinowl'-lge of ,!t? deponent, except a? lg
? >-p n-T'*r? therein tinted lo ba tlleg. I on inf rmatlon
? i - ? ? .'? ? he !...ii.-\f.- i- ? . ba
? ! laid petitl. ri a- I'...s'
pan by the tu f ita B ard '
: affixed 'I,-- corp rs.si f 'aid company
? .. ? ii VI.IiKRT I ELI ll,
me, 'lu- s'!i <'? '? ' ','? ' roary. ISB7,
I. oin HROLLE.4,
N ? ,ri Pul Ht, N V ..... N.,. ITO.
Itali ' New York, . i-v and Count) of New Tori
? ? . n and Mya
t the Pony se, nd Btreet m ,..
? -. v ? !: ray Company.
Itioner named In the f regolni petition by hun
... thtreni that I
r the d Bent, except ti lo
led tn be alleged on im tn
, that* n. itten ht b. lave- r . , i..
n ! fur,li -r. d * al petit!, r, aa Pres!
lam ,f aald imi u nnd tfllied th* ?; mr.. .?...ti of
. . i . mp m) -i ?' bj iht Ilk. mil rb
e?- tn . , beti rt n--. 'bi- Ith da) ol !?' bi uary, isu;,
ry Pul h N V Co., N i, HO
V pen n? Interetted In the foregoing tpplleatl .n ir*
b* pi t Ih, time and pl i ??? m. n
. . i ,id n I'l'.n WM. H TEN KVi'K.
>'ie,k of the .' mmon <'. in i
psi r.Lie SOTICE.
* . ..
, ?]..., ,f tht '' mmon C.
I Hall. New Vorl i I;
roary 17th, I8S7.
int t*" 'hr-''Mons given m* in th* fnll. wing os i i
? ; n wi li waa adopled bj the Common Council Febi i
?.???I ' iv.;, and approved b) ti- Mayor Februan 13th, ISff,
t Monda; th, S3 I day ol March, IBOT, ?* 2
In ihe afternoon, and lb. Chamber of the
Poa ni ? v ? be and Ihej in lat. I ai
when uni when the application of tht
rd i ? ,. Railroad Company to the Common Council ot
t'ity of New-York I nsent and pet mission
. i,. ni tint, ma um bj the , .
mentioned In the |
il' upon .ml along
. ..,.? II ll :?? ! ind Port) ti r - ll s'r
... mon pin ti. u
;,,, |V y.- ? ind therein desci ll -I a III
?? 1 ? ur. en I ?? tha
i ; ii -tn ? ? - ne dall for (mr
t published In thia city,
i -. .-ii-. tht Ma;
; of section V2, at ti I. rei. I. ..f tha
I ? . i- at tl ? ? ? tbs I
Public -en thal Bl Mi* 'ime and plan
!. ih. r Ituwlng tppll. ii
? \ ii na.l C mp.mi will i.*- . ntldered,
? - f the Railroad Law.
i ,h* Honors the Common I *oun ll i I UM City sf
'the Tl rd Aa tn m Balli ad C tmpssy re.
Thal ? i n*r la a rpon. - Inly organ ted and
? m i.i ?,. lawa f 'ii- Biala ( New fork, and
? i md i vi openln . Ill ?? if nllroad, ex
Bowery, Third ave?
nue, on ll idred and T?em i Mai I attan
. \ ? . .at avenue, in the CH) i f New v... ,<
Thnt your petitioner prup. bm - ? ? mitt let, malata n and
turfa r.oil,,.11 for public us.-, in ina
tina with iti*
. 1 . .mp.ir. nu-ol. conttructtd, an! as
extern ? ' Upon .a 1 al nc tit* sur
? il blghwayt m tbs City of New
ii i- nowa
in ,!-,e mn, 'i-'ii ' v.. ??? - : ,. ivei u and B'nt I Nm
i rty-flfth ttr< et, i -m. cling th*n by sun
meei mptny't
I up..n A ?? ?? unnlng -Len. ....
. n ? .1 tlong Weat Ont Hun.pel and Porty
ii I
... . f Amati rd mi awn ,* and
-., cine Hundred ind Poi ? Bfth at reel sith a
? u nun thence wetterl) I brough, apoa and
Vett One Hun tnd I" ty-flfth -u- tl le tb I
. i p El. tenth tv ? u
i, i n. i? owna and I ? mung, in ih*
Cit) .f N.ii \"il.. n- a pul ot "ri.- - suiii. f ..ir:...-ri twen
f rt tl ereabouu.
? dd pr?i ran, tin will t
. In li ngia, ?nd
ind ba a gan f aald lem, ..nd connected
then wlih.
? i ' " f Mid nil road win greatly a*
?-1 i -.' '?? ihe ? nveni, n. ?
, .1 ,..i additional ..ni much-needed facilities
ivel lo tba len I dd nllroad will
...i,-,?i ind will enabl. i o petitioner lu nan.p.,,, per
? >m all I'oino ? extern
? , atina is lias ta their dntinati n fer one
: ,
Tb ii the nllroad propm . (tended
? pei .'? I I her. Inhef ra
ni live power
live power, wi leh n h- . r bere
: I or . mi loj .-.1 . a ila rout!
the i ni* ..f thia Hui. li |, ae bm irj
frui lal. the i ona ni ol the ,'. mmon < 'oun.-n of tbs
ill ul Ntl \ rk lo enable li ,,. canst run, maintain and
i aforeaald, an! ace irdingtj your pet I
ii rou ,: ii m ,-ic- te yow Hoaerabta Bod) for neb con
Wbenfori your peiltlorter prtya nn.l m-!,-.-- appllntloa
r. .h- . i. a I 'ue I of lh? '-lo- of New V,rk for Hs
? c.-. iii and i *m.'von '? be gtun-*.| i. your petitioner
,., ,,,,,,.. . >??... . an! .-.signs , . turn,,?(. maintain
tnd opentt -. tareel lurfaot nllroad '... p?!.ii. um
i ni ugh, upon and awes Hi* avenun tineia and hlsh.
lb,.' I" ?"? ""1 leterlbed, together with all nee
anecilona awltebw, aldinga nun..ms. turntabln
?ovens and MlUttto Btanda for in- ronvenleni working
I rall, sd, and roi the a comm dallon of tn.- ,?,?
pan> i ran which ma) ba ron ..... iald rallr ad bj your
petitl tier, l" tu. eaaaori auc eator, leaaeas and aa-urns
. ited Nee, I .rk Pebraari - IH7 mm mmmmt
bi AH..,, .1 EH,, prealden'l '
Slate of New Yon > Ity .ai c.imii-,,r New- York sa ?
Alban J. EBaa, bein! duly sworn, depoaei and'aaars (hat
iht Ir-Mo. ,f the Third Avernj* RaUroa/ l"oiB.
'na p.-,m..n. thai
io-, named in ihe f.,
I read the f.iregolng petition i,. M:i, sutau-rlbed aol
- lbs menu 'h-,e..f; lhal ,he same is irua ti, ii,.
knowledgi I. lepoaent, ixeep. ,.-. i . i,,,. mallen therein
titted i -ri informailon an I belief and as ,
Ihuee malton ba believes ll to bt trot; and, fiirthei thit
" ' ' ; o'1" '? M Presidenl - -.,, , ..??,,,,. ','?. ',''
au,.ii ? ' Iii ll .ni I ? f Dire, i tri sn I ..??.,.-. i . ?,
N I .
h. ? ? i \
?'" '? bj the Ilk, amt, ,rity.
Blh il.ii nf !'?? ,iii,,i ( |V,7
'' 'UN' KR"I.I.KS
;???**, -fyn I 'nun!) N . lin
Hon are
ba pnstal at Hm um., ami place men
I n. I ut s.n.! teaolulloB. WM ll |-i:n EYCK
Clerk of the Cuni,) ,n Council
BsSB A M. E?.-pt B-saday. E-npire Btate Sspr-jssi
Pastas! ir..i ia the world Rope at A.banjr. ' <?"-?
Syracuse and Boehesier. n,,.. Buffalo !???-' "'?
Siasar* Peile 848 p. m. Th's tra!* ls lunn? w
Ita Beatles rapacity. ,,i,,,,.
fii.io A. M. Rally. Paal Mall tor pounhkccj
in..,, pu uae, Boeheater, Buffalo. Masai* . ?'
lOtSO A. M.?Ex .-pi s.i-i.in-. Dbi Bapraaa Po* aB Im
portent Vee Tort Btata polntB. -
IsStP M. Pally, S.iiilhwtMtern l.l-nlt*'! I"1' '"''^
bus. i'in. Innatl, Indlaaapo la ai I Si '???.. ~
ar i- ughkeeptie, Albany, L'tka Birrae*se, i- ?
(*r ?n-l Buffalo. _ . .? -
I ISO P. M. D.-.Pv. Chicago Special for Dst roi'.''?**;
land, Ton lo and Chicago. Btopa al P u?hke*pale.
Albany. Schenectady. I'ttes, Byrac***. '?
SUM /"'m'^'ev':-,. Sunday Weal P mt P fl****-"***
.ii::(i,-:,mv,t:'v worth -.?-'-";i..,t|":; '
s 2-i a. n Chi ufo 4:30 p ??> ? ? ? " *'??*??
I'll--a an I B) rsi - _ ,., .,. , ,,
a-aO P vi Dallv. I ,- Ubany, Troy 1 I i. -?
dael Mountain! M ntl
Majari t , li Ovrlaa I. Toledo, Detre". ' Bieaga
, Cincinnati, Bt. R.iils. i.i.n.Pumh
'?rJSP M Dally, i" ' '^ ' ? 'Vr: "i m. o aw.
Montreal ind (es rpi Haloids? Bls-mmwwwj*
tat V to. Pelly Mr Bufftlo ^"X* wops SI
land. In-'lanai. I.s. St. M"""- ' ?" '* ''
Poughkeepsie. Albany and t tics. n-n-amrs
fMOO p M Dali) i-i-. SleeplBg < kr J*-"??*,
Mtv, f r pointe on Pall B.k BaUway. via ie -
Mlrt^lfe^ Byrse-jss 0. ag *??*?"_ '
Ogdenebui*. Buffalo, Xlesara Palle. I ?
Mi, Chicer, -. weep! Bsturdsy. for ' ap vin
and lha Auburn i: a ? ??. ....r-nn'
12t1l) NiMH!' rhe. ? for i ? '^,?f"ex ep
points -n Sew V-,rk Central. ?*??_ "/','...;..,.
Bund" -..: i Bundi! sight! ' '? " aleepewWsw
n-.tui a M and BiBS P. SI Dally esce-H Buaday. t*
llllafleld ria Harlem DI - ?. .. p,,.rk
niir. A M Bundey onl). to PiitaflaM and -- '?
shir- IP, - ... Ill lem Dlvlll. ? ......,,?
.'All -Uki.'" .run* rm between Iff.!
Putnsm Division aa far ai 1 nken, .
the Elev..i goad, Thll la "?" '?"'? BJ sn
nieht" irslni Mil of Sew Tork.
Wagner Pata - Oars ea all tbr net' trama
Trsini lllun neted all H ntl h Llgn BtstloB
li;: 231, ?1S li- ala,,-.. SI Ess! 14tl ti 842 Br aawsy.
2.;:. Co'.umbw ive . 81 Wee! I2?th st., in;l W*
. n v,n r, rk; 338 and I? Full * " aad ""' '? osaway,
''ilasjrasi ?':;.-- -i from hotel - lasldsaea by tha M*at
crt Bxprets < ri : .,-,,...- n naSftBtA
.IiiIlN M. TOCi ET, Ol ":?-.!?" ;.' ** '^'... .
.;.al Mm '?? - vii-.
^ i.i i
h.. a*uy.
CHICAGO. 2 p. ra, and '- IB algbt.
PITTSBL'HO, 3.30, ta Boa., 2 bub., l-l" n.ght.
CINCINNATI. BT LOUIS, 10 a. rn, .", t>. m
11.30 a. ni (Dlnlag Car), 2. :t .'lu (Dining ''ari. 5 'Mining
carl p. m., 12. l."> night. -linday. IO (Dining <*r). ll.-Tl
a. m. (Dining Car), 2 (Dining Carl, ^ .Dining v-ar', 12.15
N'UM'OMK 11 .?*?? I ni di Iv.
NEW-ORLEANS, Through Bleeper, 8 B8 p. m. (Sunday
2,(S) p. mi
AU irelns are Illuminated nilh Plntsch Might.
Onic-i: IIB, 1'2 201 434, 1 1*8 Veray, Bl B. 14rh St..
127 Bowery, N. v., als, .tu Full n ra . Brooklyn; station
foot of Liberty St., N C. R. P. f N. I. Bsggsga skecfcsd
from hoi*! or r-sid-ne* tn <l?s".n?!l"n.
ADVERTISEMENT?! ann fubecrtptl-.ni tat The Trtb
,ni- received si their Uptown Omes. N" 1.2*2 nroan
,vM), M -I- i Borlh of Ila! -t. until I o'clock p. m . ad
v*rtls.rne,,t* rtcelvtd a' the fol low IBS branch oget-se".
re*-ulsf aaBea ratsa undi 8o'etorti p. m.- vi*. 94 a*M
ave. a. e .or Md ?t . I "2 (1th nv- cor. 12'h lt.. Siacy *
tth-av* and lill: ?t. l42C.Pin.bus av. n*ar West BBta
,, ioa Wet! 42! bi a*sr Bili iva ''2 East 14th et .231
West 421 il between Tth snd 8th svee-: IBS .nsitSTth
lt l.SSS 3-1 -.v.. b-.we-n Tmi, nnd ..th ats. M M
ave . near Bli! St.: 1 TOO ls' ave . n-ar BBth St.! r,.*0 .;d
av... n-ar lltS-rt.; BM 3d av- 210 P>* Ker st SS
Pleerke, ? tSOfl Sd ave . 240 fctS. ?''"'",. J *.7t.?t:
iv-,; ?(!d2 3.i ave . Ml A mitt rds rn av- <"-,}?*'-*-'? -..'
hs Eur i?th-?(.; Mfl Ban lao *' : aaa B*"-*-**' 2*
Stb-are.- L1BI Slave, near CTth ?t . 504 East Seth-at.
public Xoticcs.
pim.ic MOTICB.
* oatea of tba Clerk efl .i a Cow I. B as 8
? ? Hall New -Toi k < "III
Ei ian I" IBST
i ian! ta dlr* . ni tr!-.?n rn* in - '? -
lion, which w.i- adi pt*d by the Corni
;*?.:, an I ..p;.r -. ? ii Mayor Pel ian ISth, I8?i
Resolved, Thar Monday, March 22, I8S7, at alevei
- lock la the fori rn - n, ..- tb? - karabi - ol the i: ard of
Aldermen, ba and they hereby ara lestsnated aa tha
? ?? ? abd place when ind vvi. tha appll itlon of the
Porty-ae. od Stree) Menhattanvllle and Bl N
A-.rnaa Balla ? npai tl.?'? - f ',l"
.'?iv of New fort for lia i naen* and permission lo thi
construction, maintenance and operation t'V tb* isld pell*
tt',n*r >.f th* atreet-aurfaca railroad rstenaloaa or i.rancii?s
mentioned In the petition ot said corni iny I ai h ,,,;
aenl an-i dennlaalon tiir--ugn. along and "P-'-i t!l ? -'"f-""
of Klngabridsa road m Brosdway, and othei itreeta,
evtnuea boulevards and bia -v ri forth In said
Hon. and rii-r-..- leslgned I trill Pe ftr*t rontldered: and
thal PUMI: notlci ... riven )-? tbe Clerk of this Board
by publlahlng tbs sam.- dall) for al lean fourteen dsyi
la uv-, dsil) newipapen published in the Cltl ; -N "
V-rk. p. be designated iheref i by hil Honor th** M for
iccordlng to th- provlaloni of ?? il ri S3 of the Ballri id
I...W. as amendi i. ru h advertlilng to ba at tba exp-n?
? f the aald petitlonei
Public n- lice la hereby fr-ten thai al tte* time and pla i
memloned in the rcaolutl n the I sins ippllcallon .-f
be Porty se und Str. Manhattanvllli and St. Nich lal
v *i .?? Rall wa) Mompan) n ll b* maid.I. .ts bi re?
quired b> the provlel ns of the lt.iiir->ad Law
To iii* Hotiorablt tht Common C uncll t tba City sf
N.-W V,,. ki
The petition of th* V rty-tecond Btreel Mani Utan' I
and BL Nichols! Avenue Ballway Company reapectfully
Thai aald railroad compaaj la s eorporatlon organised
?in Pr the lawa r the gtab of New tork, and foi man)
v.aM ownlna and operailns -? itreet lurfa - rsltrosd on
t "> .nd itrret, from thi iin.]s.,:i river to Bass river,
and to Thirty-fourth sn,-et Perry, snd upon rent* ai
nae, Uta Boutevsrd and Manhstun .-tr* -t to I "ort 1 ?
Pern and also upon St. NI holsa avenue, from M ??
hattan atreel t . Ona Hundred and Tenth itreel and ..i ag
urie Hundred and Tenth itreet to the easterly ????
?ii-re-'f. That s.n.! company als., trawlers P iaa< rig.-r
with tho Third Avenue Railroad Company, ??'?' ali a
the Second Avenue Railroad Cotnpanj al mie Hundred
and Tenth itreet, and at Forty-tecond Hrtet, thereby
enablina paaaenstra, by moana -f theea two great rail?
road linea of the aaa! sid- of the etty, to reach the
.hand Central Depot and the central and upper *
portions of the -itv, and to the Pori Lea Kern al Ona
Hundred and by ? dc eontlnui -i- ri le,
f so desired, from Him city Mail bb* rr.-m Paitoa
Pe. k Blip ferrlee,
Tb* Hiild company pr poses I ratei I ll lysteni by
onstruetlns ?? ra li id aa branches ra eatenstone of Ita
preaen: Una through upon and alons the foUosrlng
srr>?is. avrnues, - xii nd hlghwsyi
Commencing bi ibt Intertectjon .-f Manhattan
ind tha Bleventr. avenue, -i Boulevard and lhere
ri- Ung by uk table curvet, switches ind appllan - vv th
ri.t:p...-iv . ? v itu ri 11 road n Manhattan itreet; run
Bing then ?? northerly, with doubls tra ki through, upon
and along the sci Boulevard to the Klngabi
Bi ads i - gh, upon an I iii ng ';>- Klnge*
bridge road, or Broadway, to and acroei the brtdg
tii? ship euri..i, thence through, upon and al-ng lt*
Kinrshrldg* H -el i Broads ay. 1
the ship -nrcii te aril arioss ihe bridge or proposed nts
bridge iver Rpuyten Dujrvll reek al Broad*
? rtherly from aald bridge rei Bpuyten Duyvii
ar Broadway through upon and atong Broadway to tba
. itv line.
A'-., fr rn the Inn, tl, ,n -,f th* Klllgsbrldga ? .1
Brosdway, bim! Riverdale avenue ru- nort
westerly and.irougb, upon and alons itivr
dale avenu ? ... ti- .-m lint
Also fi-in tht Intersection --f ti- Boulevsrd snd the
Kinir-i- iii? road, or Broadwaj al or Beru Weal One
h. Ired and Slat) ninth itreel through, upon and al ng
the aid Klngabi lg! 1 ad ? r Bi rn iw.iv i . Iti lui
with Amsterdam avenue, at or near West One Hundred
and Blttj -se. and itreet.
Alas from the Intersection f the Eleventh sven ?
rh* Boulevard, and Hi* Klngabrldg* road, at oi
"ri- ilun-lr. land Slxtv nlnr'i itreet, luicirg thence north*
erlj throush upon ..i;-i alons Ibe Eleventh avenue I
Naegle avenue; thence tbr ugh. up ai and ai""g aald
Natala avenue lo Ri Intersection with Aeadem) atreet;
thente northweaterl) through, along and upon .v
tiree! lo the Klngabrldge roed lhere io connect b) *'iir
a!-i.- curve, switches and appliances with thi ?.ii-i pro
t- mt I rain - il up.-n KlnsibrldS* rt id
?ih.i said pi < '. extensions will supply much I
rfoi pu'-P. u.iv. i .mu inter- ,-;? between
wii-iv .<v..r.,t-.i portion! -I' tie- elly, and will also k-iv
a new imp.-ms and encourasemenl to the devel pn
an Important section thereof tl ? propel tl ?? ' ' " '
bai been retarded i-v iii- aram of rsi li ad bc omm I
Timi tba -aili raili ... -ri aid bronchos oi -v
is to form .1 pan of Ita pi ienl ralli id and I ?- ? i
troted In connection therewith, * n '- Blve ?? pan
i-i .i ilnsl* fare of Bri cent! n.ntlnuom ride over
nnd iii'.'n mid ealitlns railroad of lha corni : Ud
estentl n- or braacbes,
Thal lha length of ?.ii l railroad on laid proposed
bron i.-- or tgienslona li twelva h- i ne-half allies, or
thereabout!, ip.-I the larne is to be ? penned bj animal
i ?. i cable .-r tlectrtc motive power r bj an) othei
power i.Per ihan locomotive ateam powei which tha
?ame rompan) may be lawfully authorlaed t- un*
Therefore your petitioner pi.iv- thal th* ("omm?
.il ..f the .'-.iv -.f New v i !< ma) grant Ita rofucnl and
permletlon t" said company i *?len l ita tauting railroad
tra.ii*. Til construct, maintain and operate sn extension
ot brsnchei of th- railroad of said rompan) rn (he nty
of New V-rk upon Ute ifreela, Bveausa and highway!
above mentioned, tcgeiher wltb all aeceaaan - '.'?? ? "? -n
turnouts, itdlnga and awltenee ne esaan for thi -,
w.irking and ie i nmodation of tba cara to ba ron ovtr
iud attention -?? brsnchei In coanecilon arith the pn ral
??listing i up. a I of is ld ' 'm pa ni
D.ne,i New Tork. J c..i.rv IS, isn;
(Seal.) THE I'ollTV SK. oXH STItEEr. MANU VT
...Ml-ANY i.v ALBEBT J IT.I vs Presides!
stat,- -f New York City and County Of Nsw York, as :
VU-rt J Ellas, t>e!ng duly sworn, dspoaaa and savs iha(
he u (he I'resldeiU pf the Port) leco&d Street, Manhaltan
VIII* and St Ntekolas Avenue Hallway Company, th*
pellth-ner named 111 the P reg 'lng petition; that be ha-.
read the foregoing petition bv him subscribed, hh.i kn ?,
tl,.- contents thereof, that th- ?ame is tm- p- (he kn..wi
-.lg* of the deponent esrept aa lo de mattera therein
stated tn Pe ali g-.l ,'ii InformatloQ and b-iief. uni aa I
Ihosa iiiaiier- h.- believe! it to ba true; and further that
he signed said petit!-.n as Preeldenl of sard lUiii-inv
t.v the nuthoriiy ,.f Ks Board of Directors aad arnssd
th- corporate seal -if said company thereto hv tl,- Uk*
authority, ai.heht j. elias
Sworn ti before m? ibis 2iidi dav ,-f laasary, IBSl
C.EOROE W. VIl.TEE. N.tarv Public (JJ), <? & C.
Of N Y
All persona Interested In the foregoing appllead-n ara
herebj nolifled to I.* | resent at the tim.- and ptaee men?
tioned In said lesuhltl-ri
^^^^ I't-rit of Hw Com aeon Counsfl,
VDVEBTISEMEN'rs and lubacrlptloni fr Th* Trlb
un* ie.eiv-d at Mieir Uptown Ofllce, NV. 1.242 Brm I
arar. 2d door north of :u?t -i . until ti o'clock p, ra . a.i
vertletmsnta received al ih* hil low I na branch .--ti ti ,.:
[-gular ,iti... ratei uniN a o'eto k p m.. vu : 2.,i ail
ave.. ? . -.-. J.I I al l'-'J 'lill ive .i ISth si Macy's
iii!, ave aad HIP si . 142 1'ulumbiJi ?v- peal Weil ? ?
ti . inn vv..., i*m hi ;,. ?: nu .-? k I -?? un -i ..,.?
vv.st s1.-1 *t between Tin and Wi av- ? i*e i ni iti,,
? : , l.atB J-1 iv- betwten T*ih and TTPi sis 100*1 sd
ave. hear 111-.' s( , |.7ih lal me near KU(h -r OM 3d
ave., n-ir 41*1 st . HM ld -iv- . 810 Bleaker al lita
lil-.--k-r ?l . 21*1-1 3d av-- _? lo |?,,-t "Vth ll I P2t 3d
eve.; t.wa 3d tvs.. M Amsttivlatn ave.; 4v>2 Wist 42U at.|
?,..-. HUNd .... ,; t-owMMtt, .,,.,., Hajnigflffl
a mm a -. .. oilu-i-is. mmmmm
BeSS A. M. PAST ma,,. . , inaaa SaSJM ai*.,,,,, caa
New lot, lin,,,,,..,,. -<?j ? .un-ntg "i.-tp.fig oaf
*^?A ^ & V,.';'.,A ?Sj^iafi rtSS&fl^
MIL IndieMMulia, Lou:. bl 1,. ..*. < >n-*B
Fr i r.-.a
For Ol.-.at .
ai.no p. m. w-cj-tern .
ChicHfi io.- 1 lied , ? ,ni
. :4.1. l\ M. SOUTHVl'EHTEBN EX'Mt
i.-'i Ko ll*\,,,, . ||,.| .,,..,,, ;d .-., |
n.?m? p vj. pacific KaI'ii. i Panaura and
FatuM.-'y. '""'' U ' ?'??'-?' ' 5 eise'JI
8. fe.it, lot,. I0.MJ (Dining Carj. Ha m.. i j io .-.j*
< ..Hgt"-.-. ,i,' 1.1,, ., ? ,..,.. ,.,. , , - -7
a.-i" n... lng Can 5 ID i ng I sr), ? . ..-, B .Jr
.* ...in. ?*.',?. :? ??. ii. i. ??t.'JO "i gi ional Lia) ??
all Parter and Dinii 1.30 (I ...-.;, ,:,.?.
lng Car), :. t. n. ri ;.". a.eh, '"^
BOl TIIERN RAILWAY '"Fl rids 1 ll m a. ra.
week days Express, ?.'.?? ? ly
we.a ;..?. Exprei . *...'!.. ,. m ?- 1 a - , "*"
CHES vi'!.,, ki: a i .:i,., i: i:.>. .
week ?! - and B p.
ATLANTIC Crry Express, 1 .V. r. rn week la ?
L ni ir. m or ir i* ii s i .. O'-ia
Ol i ai d Point I' irani :? IO i rn . 12 IO, 1 M 5 ll
and i; Lu p. m. -',.,,, ;, ,-, ., - .-,, , . , -?
I'Olt PC ll. \I)KI Pill \.
fl jo. 7 M I s > . '? ito Pr,, '. i) |Q iq rr-aaj.
int Car), ll .. m., 12 I, 2 io ft t I .Vi. I *V> (Dttrtaa
can. ,i (Dining i"ar) fl :?? na tan 7 SS * I p. m"*
12 H. r".'!f Si- :. ? ? !'? - '." '.. 11.30 1" !. -n"-t,'
1n. 11 ... m. 2 Hoing Car) t. 130 .Dining Can t
(Dining Cur,. ,; Ho : Car), 7a.'. h. -., p rr. p/tj
n lg! '
Tick*! Offlcea N ? 13.1 Bel HM ISSI 111 ?-l -Ml
Broadwav l a ter I' use, an*l f I ''????. sM
Cortland! Streets i .? ?? -*t ea
B i-.va- and Brook l vt ... ;.. ,,.- r!
Btation, I-r-*-. Cltv. The N?w Y rk Tm- - ,.
wll! '..il for t-1 .?''??!, n rgaft rrom ! - - ? ? r*tt
dences thr-oiigb ' dntlnatioa.
J H. HI'TCHIN t u .-.'.or).
c*n?rai Manager. 0*r*rtil Paaarr Agint
(An -'..: coal ? . i >
Foir tr , ,. . lute, ? J- ? -, ,
- '
Tn ? f Liberty Bt.
For En st. ? Bel *i Allon, sn I ink, **_
ano Ti:. :> lu iii ..-,,. I ? i ? ? j ?*?,
(4:10 lo Eat! n) -' IS .7 BO . ? A lem ? ? P M - . lara
4.*!.. 17:1.1 ? - i: ? ?> . , A M l-l* J 30 ? ?'
For Wdkstbarre I. tnd Rcr.-.ni ti If) A. M.
1:10 I -io. 1:13 P. M. t
F - I! , Iii .- ii i ?? ?,,..,,. ?-, a kt . 1 10,
Ito. 1:00, 1:3*0 :, m. .*, i.i ?? ??. ?* M 12 ?"
da) i BO \ M 1 00 2:00 .'? 00 :?:'.?? !' v 12 lil - --?
P r Harrtal [ tt 1:3 * fl ? IO ll M I -f>,
I go. 1:30 S . 0 "? IS P M 12 ? 4 M
A. M.. 1 ns, ti.30 p M I* IS ..
F..r Bunbun L. el burg ai I "?' ---??,-, tnt,
B:tS A. lt 1 iO 1 30 .- 00 PM. I. I v M.
r, f/> p. m.
AIL HAIL Ital. Ti:.
FOR f/'N-i; BRANCH : lOVE. Aa
For Red Lank. I ? !? ? ? * |~-??B
Orova an I po.nts i n ? P ? I- n. I 30. BS*,
II C. A M.. 1 30 1 i:. '.': I" ' R*d 1 K15. 4 SI,
'. "t 1:15 P M Pundaya Itt.ipa it Intei for Uborf
Park and O, ran On . \. M 1:00 !* M.
4:..n. 11:43 A M., 1 IS .". W. 4 4", ..*. :.-> -a. irdtya on:*rt
P. M.
F'T Toms liver, firr'-^f Park, and B megst, 4 30.
10:43 A. M.. 1 Ml 4:40 P M. *
Por Atlanl City. Vineland and Brldgeton 11*11,
ir, p M
Ft ll nmouth Beach S*abr!gh! Bnd H t*-*i ef
Naveelnk. 4 30 I 30 IO Ul \ MT. I BJ ' 19 I IS, 4'4*
' "''R6yaiVblV"k link.
For Phlla-telphla. ?.?.'-? '?-. , . ?? . P>^a,
IL.10 (Dlnl lg .'art V V 1 30 2."0, " "." ? " 'aiffet
Parlor Carl, -.lo "- ? Dining Cai fliOn '? ? Sj V
M.. 12 1.1 r.ighr Bundayt t 30 B " ? ft-.
lng fin A. M . 'J ??> i - ' ?' I Ct P. kt.
12 ?!-. night.
F r Ral. m e* ind Wi . - - " rfl.
11:30 (Dining Car) A M 1:00 Sr30 " ?? * fin.
P M. i: ir, night. Bundayt. 10-ian H "' ''? "I <hrt.
A M . 2 '-.. B:tl minina -"tri P M 18:18 night
Tlcketi ind nar - ti -? tt can bi ? roo! -f
Liberty st n |75 2B1 l.M. 044. 1.140. 1
737 Bth Av. SI East ' 1*1
tv*-., ia-.'1, Bt 2'i '? lumbua lt M ?
Pt. 81" !?" ton St.. I HS Broad '" IBM
bsrg Tba New-Tork 1 . for aa!
? I.- k han iga from hotejt oi I ? -
i Mitti.,ns foot of c..rdati,li an.l Desbrcssea **i?.
li: H. \. i|. 7:00 A. M.) foi MACH
CHUNK ,i -
BilB \. l|. |.il| ? iVILK IR1 .?.'?.'
fw. k la ? ITHAi* \ I -'?
WAljO NIAGARA I'U.I- ind the V
lora 1 po I n f i ' ri g Ca
lOr.-.O a. *?! for Mi IL Nt
tnd Bten " - Inti
1 'J it ii.. n ea pt Pundi
arri ?- I iff il ? :> J3 P. M I
ami Parlor Can. 1
Conni ta al B iffa
a la a
? - 1
ISi-atj P. .H. dall) ta pt Sunda for Mauek Chun*
? rd li term* !' itt pol ntl *
1: io P. IL * Sundi ' " W ? im, r :?*
t ri 6 : ' ' *,. c n"
ttl (or til points In coal region, i bale Can I I Wita *?
4it0 P. M. Bally m ?? ? Bundai ' - -v -?? tm,
p.-- .-?-- nd ; uteri *.
. ? . ? t
I ... r?
BilS P. il- '* stat
c na
il:l<> P. M. dally Punda Ki * - iting
Ion and p t* si icu for
Read.ng nnd ll
7 till I' ll. Iv. I * ' "*'? I
md' all I * 1 tr* 1
N T to C
si.-jo P H. ly. e? Bly ?
B. nth ! ' ? ?
L. gr B, Junction. Sa j - a tat
I .
ii.r , ? -?
OlOO I?. if. dall) (or ITHACA ll N'EV
TER BUFFAIjO Vi \.:.\!: \ PALI S. and , I
Pull mai SI ' ' : ir ta
Wilkes irre
Addiri rmi ralm M B r
... ... a. M - IO i - ? : " - si tl
Ttckeht and I '?? ..... ? -
873 Oil an I I -": ' '' I
12?'th ?-? 127 Bit N. 1 NB ' " . irt BM
pg ,>.- . Va i -. I.
N*w Tork Tnnif ny rn ill I -t 'btaal
..-.,-?'-'?'?' Uni.
manolis lu leit-lnru, iu..( ... .lui'ilu) .iud
. I.. I-,oi.h. .- kareela,
I tits, I'll I -< Il I.ll.IlT.
Direct rout* i newark ploomfikli m s
Ridge, M ?:
ville'. UTICA, RldlFIELI
MRA' C-I'" "- ' I'M. OV -.
CORNINO hath vN-i u.t.i-: ni- ? , I
point-* WEST. N *TA!
8:00 A. M BINGHAMTON MAIL - , pal
10-00 A M "'nf" Cari Ns-,.
hamton iii' * Ricitrn vos sisa
CUBE and OSW KOO KXPR1 - ? ;
Can. traini ,
ati.l I- Inti wes.
EXPRI - Pull .I
4:0.1 p \1 -. ION., IN W II.I PI.VM
I il
ori.ia.**r a. ail -..' ?"
wrSTifiTT EXPRESS COMPANY will ntl fr anl
.'.-?..?'-???'?'- ? -est I na.
Tli,.. igh trans Mm ve New-York, fool fi
? s t, ,|| .ii -. and five nilnu
:h(mi \. il? iverty,
Bingi bu.m ' ? . .--. .
lui, P. VI Parl
SlOO P. H_\ -st .j
train foi
lan I 7:40 A. M M . ? ..,.
(level ind t-id Cli i
TiSO P. il - - -i
|)ai|) .?..-???? 1:15 A M i v
Jtmesti n, I Kl s M Hand I ... , ,,
B u ff lo a nd < I ' Hom
,. | | he Wes.
Rt-fS p. Il.-v l Lake and N i
Dally. Sold tra ? il
. I .,s I ?
rill'-RKTS (j.'-vi. T'M ' i.xtiN
Xi. Hi. 111. 201. a I
way 127 Rowen ' ? '? '' ? i '
st Cham' I S*.?e 1 l
anl 7-.'.'. i-i " :' " ? I
lt '. 1 ?? in I J-ney CH Itaflon West, itt 1 ?
cai:< t ? I checks bal fl . ?
. io dettlnti -
..- p - ---r.
? ital ! v-**
10 iii. e... i.?r tr.tu (. ..', l i.u.k li , -
;||-J4I A. M. Dui) ? . I
UilB A. a! Dalli ti v :?..!., i Bj . *' !'? hta
trl Hull.il.' N . '.il.i i . , ? . ? , i"' -*t*
11 :;:,-, A M. Dal!) * ? r- Sunda) ? Catskil %! a?
i.ui.- New Pall i ll - ' Mtiinewask*,
Albany, I i CaMweH. i-i*. ,;' rgs, reakSJ
SiSO I' M Dot . iv i. Byraosaa,
H . bea. r Buff-t SI aglaia Fallt '?'-",' ??
Cleveland, i I ... ,, .?^
Tit.l f M o. ea tunta)-, for ?*? '?' ?' '? Sass
t?r mi, . p,,rr,;
Billi ?? M Dall) ror AI bat
Buffalo Mai ira Valli
cac.. BB I Bl I .ut- , _
T.mi te oles at ptlnrliuil hotels tnd offl ??
C K LAMBItRT General Patt*ng*r **'"*?
;, V ,n.!.t!i r ar N ? YorreV
ADVFRTtsrVKNTs and n.'* ? ' r, .''.* T">"
ant received tl Iheli I P* iwn - ' So- 1.51
ii ... ld do . crt, .f .-Isl tl . I'ntll ll r
v. - mei li rec. Iv. I il " ? ' ' ''* ? *
regular , ttl t rain until # < I -- P n * -'?'? "?^1
av,' - ? i -' lt.; M
lin. Itv. and 14th-tt.: lat!
?? , ion vv, -, i i - SS'
IVret -4 J I -t bett K
SJ . . - 1 ..->'.
B\ e., nea Bl I a* I i *' '? ?
ave., nts. ll ' 5 4 3d iv. 210 I
Hie,.,' , i -, ;? IWN . o JU" l .-i .'"' ' I ''-'I
air., Si'al-J.ll iv. IO Amsterdam tvs :-. w -u 4Jd
14N K.is| ifl ? ' .' ... ..-ii*,-' -430 ?? . >v- .
Dtli av- ' I 1.12 :'? I it n SM ?-' Bath
1.81*0 lii-t 1.1way; 1,38. JJ ave., 12!Mb bvc, IJUM-si

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