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on the battleships, If necessary, for with Congress
about to adjourn, with an arbitration treaty with
Orfat Britain awaiting ratification, with tbe Cuban
question out of the way, nnd with Julio gattguBy on
his way to the Senate to see his sympathizers.
there was no necessity f>>r baste.
"The contractors refuse to tell the cost of manu?
facturing armor." said Mr. Elklr.s. "and. there?
fore, cays?th?? Senator from Kew-Hampehtre (Mr.
Chandler), we arili pay tSW a ton. Therefore, says
the Committee on Appropriations, we will pay BJBJ
? ton; and the Senator from Maryland (Mr. (.or
man) says Amen; we will pay $100 a ton'; while
wo who furnish the votes have to follow them
Mr. Tillman (Dem., S. C.) said that while he
was a member of the Committee on Naval Af?
fairs he was unable, to ?Ive Mr. Rlkins all the
light he desimi. TV t he knew there was no ex?
penditure "so reeking with fraud and so dlsgracc
ful to those responsible for !t." Us said the In?
vestigation Into the cost of making armor had
shown that the amount heretofore paid to the
Bethlehem Steel Works for armor had paid forche
establishment of the plant twice ov-r. and virtually
made a present of It to the company. He further
asserted that the two armor-ma kin?? plants In the
country, the Bethlehem and Cnrnrgle plants, in
stead of competing, were In collusion to keep up
the prtco of armor pinte
The mere suggestion that the Government should
go Into th? business of manufacturing armor was
sure to rajse the spectre of Government ownership
?4 railroads nnd like concerns. People spoke of
Congress controlling the trusts, but Instead of this
"the trusts had their -.hands In our bCSSChSB pock?
ets." He disliked to think thai these monopolies
had their paid agents In the Sennte. but It looked
like It. "I don't want to ?ay any?;,ing harsh," he
went on. Impressively, "but Qod knows that I be?
lieve every utterance I have ma.le IS true."
This atatement came like a bombshell In the Sci
aie, and lesi Mr. Hawley to demand whether the
Senator from South Carolina dared 10 make such a
charge against the Senate.
"I dare *ny." replied Mr. Tillman. deliberately
"that as fuT a* I can see, an?l 1 can explain this M
no other ground."
"And I say." retorted Mr. Hawley. "that that is
an UBWmthy slander, unworthy of any gentleman."
"I am b-und to put two and two together. I can?
not explain It on any other hypothesis," said Mr.
He went on t?> say' that the companies got their
pi 1res ''because they have friends In this cham?
ber ' He spoke of the examination made Into th.?
armor furnished by Carnegie some years ago. when
It was shown that the blowholes wire plugged up,
the Government stamp misused, nini the plates Im?
properly temnered, and the gecretary of the Navy.
through som?i- "hocus poens." fined Mr. Carnegie
for furnishing defective plates, while "our Illus?
trious President, who, God be praised, goes out of
power in three day* more, remitted this fine." It
was scandalous that our boasted Navy, "our pet."
should be protected bv these "sponge" platea The
first ehot from a foreign Warship would go through
one of these boasted ahlps, and Oft? or 100 Ameri?
can seam?'ti ar?? gent to th? bottom of the s?-a
through tie frauds perpetrated In th?? S-nat??."
Rath.r than pay any mer?? money to these armor
barons he wouJd build a Government factory for
the manufacture of armor, even If It cost fgOO or
BJM a ton. for tben???here would ?t bast be the con?
solation of khowRig that the hi mot was good and
the mon? y was distribu???'! .-itnontr the worklngmen
In ansv.or lo a question from Mr. Quay, Mr. ???
man said that nothing wuM be gained by sending
th? bill back to the Hftus,?. f,.r that body WSS In
the power of the trusts?the Standard (?il t'olir,'.in)
?as much es th?? Berate, "and every man ther.
was maaaded and under th?> rul?? of one man. the
Speaker, .nul Compelled to crawl around on their
bellies like ? worm or like ? whipped cur."
Mr. (juay (?? ;>,. Pean.) moved to lay on the table
the motion to reduco th?.? maximum cost of armor
from W*i to MOO ? ton. but this motion was beaten.
Yeas, 12: nays. 3?.
Mr. ('handler. In a final explanation of his am??n?l
ment, said there was no such thing as competition
In the manufacture of armor plate either In this
country or In Europe, an?] that the Bethlehem and
Carnegie plants were members of nn International
His amendment was then adopted without divi?
sion, and the total amount appropriated for armor
was reduced from ttJflO.OOO to $2.+i7..Vm.
The committee amendment appropriating tl.000?XV>
for ? Government armor plant was defeated bv a
vote of 2G to 30. ,
The bill-was th>n passed, nnd at midnight tho
Berate a?iJourned until to-morrow.
Th?? sehoonet 8. G. Haskell. which was held up by
a Spanish gunboat In Cuban waters on Ihe night of
February 7, as has already been published, urrlv.-d
in tl is port yesterday with ? cargo of sugar
Capta ft Richardson, in bis account of the affair,
said: "We Balled fiom CtenflMgOS on February 7
for the Delaware Br? akw.iK r. As are w-r?? Standing
out to *e? at lu O'clock I was called on deck by the
mate, who bad seen two flashes of a gun anil had
heard two reporta Anotaos gun was tired ns ?
rea?,hed the deck, nnd I beard ? solid shot Whistle
by the vessel and plunge Into the water.
"Immediately aft?r I h?ard two blasts of a
steamer's whistle. wh:ch was evidently approaching
us. and a little later what was no doubt S Spanish
gunboat e.iiu?? near us, paused for a moment, and
then steam??'! away In the dsrkneas. Th?? vessel
showed no lights. We were evidently taken for a
filibuster by her at tirsi, but were not again mo?
Washington. March 1 (Special).- The amen Im.nt
to th?? Sundry Civil hill adopted late lnst night by
the Senate, which seek?? to annul the recent procla?
mations of President Cleveland setting aside some
HjMMB* acres of Western forest binds a* public
forest reservations, was formally disagreed to this
afternoon by the House of RopTOScntatiVoa along
with all the other BetaM arm n Jm? tits, and a ?? in?
ference between t:?.?? two houses on all the changes
made in the Sundry Civil bill Is now pending. The
amendment which was offered by Mr. Clark, of
Wyoming, was evidently drawn In haste and without
due consideration, for it fails to Include In its pro?
visions the two new reservations established in the
State of California?the Stanislaus Reservation, with
B*S***J acres, and the San Jacinto Reservation, with
737.2*10 acres. That Mr. Clark thought he was revok?
ing all the proclamations of Monday last when he
brought forward his amendment, is mad?? phuri from
the following COllOguy which occurred last night:
Mr. gtewart- I sbouM like to inquir?* o? the Sena
tor from Wyoming if these ar. .ill the St.it? s (Wyo
m.JiK. Utah. Colorado, Montana, Washington, l labe
and South Dakota) to which the order applies. Ar?.?
there any othtvr. States/
Mr. ?livk My impression Is that the amendment
covers all me reserveUons in the ord?-r referred to,
and the oniy order of which complain: U mad??.
Il seems not unlikely that the eoaferreee on the
part of the lions?? of Rawpresentstlvea msy refuse ?
conrur in the Clark amendment, and may decide
to off?-r to the tenate conferreea s compromia by
winch timber-cutting under Government restrictions
may be allowed for mining purposei on sil the neu
reservations in which minea are sought to be a irk.i.
The fri'-n.ls af t.o for? al r< -? rv? system hav?? no de?
sire to prevent mining in the lands ael aside fur
publi. p.uks. but they wish to aee th? mining com
paniea held doom ?, a atrlct obaervsncs of the ?are
which prohibit tho cutting ol trees which arc over
a certain limit Of siz? and thickness if the nec?
essari- precaution??? on tola point can be enforced
there can i??? ce oblectlon to the operation of min
sag claims on en? ?ft leG ? romeni toreai reaerves.
THF. THF ASI ?(Y stati: \IF\T.
tl :. ?"""?? i.\ FBI RVART.
Waahlngton. March L?The debt Statement issued
this afternoon shows s net Increase In the public
debt, less rash In the Treasury, ?luring February, of
J4,592,r5710. Ths* later set ?bearmg debt Increased BOO;
the as? iatarast-beartog debt jnereaesd 12,186.772. and
cash in the Treasury decreased $2..r>2Vi??', R The bil?
ance? of th?? several r?a eses of debt on Fobruary 2S
Intereat-brarlng .5?M.SM7JS4 SgOOO
Vtbt on arnica ?ntereft ha* i-ea.????! ur. a
maturiti . I.S9C210 M
Debt bear!??*? r.i> interest.? S7S 714.MH H
Tr.tal .11.3*8 Sal TOB M
The certHVavs and Treasury no'en offset by an
equal amount of ensh In the Treasury outstanding
St the end of the month w? re HM.fn.173, an mercase
of i;;.??".'???'. Th? ??tai ?-isn in the Treasury whs
$??4,??.??;??;?,?. Th* geld reserve ??.? ????,???,??? Ket
cash baiarne, <?2,837,265 et
In the month there was an Increise in gold coin
ond Kits of gJ.SlK.S?* SO, the total at the close being
fl(V),;(i6.02S 43 Of silver there was an Ineresse of
$l.ft?2,9'.7 >>4. Of the surplus there waa In National
bank deposltori-s B?.4M,t>? ?, agalnsi gie.07a.72? 14
at the tnd of the previous month
Are much In little; always
ready, efficient, satisfactory,
prevent a cold or fever, cure
all ?Iver Ule, tUk headache.
Jaundice, constipation, etc. Price 27t rente.
only l'Illa to take with Hood's Barsaparllla.
?s within everybody's means. Ask for i J
t.: ,.,?.-,." . ' ., aa
THE NEW ???????-???? BREAKS HEU
TUB ( ???? (?.?? ? IIKIOHT Oh THI
in i'on't cuuss ?fan ?? tur???ate.
Washington, Match I ?sSOrstBIT Herhert was
one of the happiest men In Washington to-day. At
9:30 o'clock this morning he was met at the Navy
Van! hy a number of friend?. Includine: memi.ers
of the House and Senate Kastei ?.'omrnlttoes, for a
trial trip down the I'otorna. on hoard the famous
little torpedo-boat No. ?. the Farragnt. The day
was what seamen call giajr, and a brisk BOUthBOBl
wind was blowing. No time was lost In casting
loose, and the signal was given before 10 o'clock.
A run down ihe river of about eight miles below
Alexandrie or slUteen miles one way was made.
The landsmen on the downward trip had to seek
?heiter behind tbe smokestacks, so (rrent was lh,?
pressure of the wind when the boiler.? were all put
to work. Th?? link? vis.sel carriel a distinguished
compnny, Including the Herreshoff?, her construc?
tors; (renerai Alger, who ?? boohed for the port?
folio of of War under Ihe McKinley Administration,
anil Mr. Wll? hi. who Is to BUCceSd Secretar.? .Mill?
ion in the Department of Agriculture. Chairman
Bouteiie, of the House Naval Committee, was In
tho party, ami expressed himself as delighted with
the trip, .'is did also Senator I'duckhurii and others.
The Ffirrngut, although not pressed to her utmost
speed, succeeded In breaking Der record, making on
one spurt a speed equa! to thlrtv knot?", or between
thirty-two and thirty-three miles an hour. Much
eninusiasm over the achievement was shown by
the inviteli guasta and Secretar? Herbert und Mr.
Herreshoff were heartily oongnitulat.il on the port
they played In producing for the United States
Navy whal ?? believed to be the faatest torpedo
boat nfloat. The vessel returned to the Navy YarJ
? tSW minutes b? fore II o'clock, the trip having o?'
cupleil a little, moro than an hour.
A SETTI.EMKNT WITH SIAM- Slam has finally
Bgresd to arbitrate the Cheek claim and to glv??
satisfaction on account of the Kellett affair. Thin
is announced In a cable dispatch to tho State De
partni.-nt from Minister Itnrr-tt nt Ilntickok, who.
however, sends no ?1? tails. The Cheek claim, which
hn? been rigorously pressed for some lime, grew
out of Or. ? heek'fl teekwodd concession, srhlch
Slam resisted, I.ut which will now be adjudicated
by an Impartial tribunal. In ?he case of Mr. Kel
I.M, the acting Yloo-Consul-Oneral. who got Into
S fight with 'the natlv?? poll'??? while he WSS up
country Investigating the Cheek claim, I! Is sai?l at
the State Department that the matti-r was never
serious, and Its linai arrangement will be readll)
complet.il under ordinary treaty provisions.
the great spprOpTlStlOn bUlB the (tenera! Delicien.
cy? was reported to the Senate this morning. The
S?nat? Committee adile?! lo it H.WS.nOn, made up
principally of claims sgalnst the Qovernment, Th?
hill now curries a total of lliUU.939.
TRIAI. OF THE IOWA.?The largest of the
American battle Bhlpa, th? lows, will have her
official trl.il on March 2<*. According? to present ar?
rangements the vessel will leave Philadelphia at the
first favorable opportunity to ?pnnble her to safely
pass over Schooner Lsdg<*? where the Brooklyn
?truck, nnd go to the Brooklyn Yard to 1.?? do?'ked
and clentied for h?r race ngalnsf time. This vessel
recently mad" IS.27 knots at sea In a private trial
with a fotti hull, so there Is no doubt she will ox
cecA the contract ruiulrenietit of II knots, nnd she
Is confidently expected to make 17, thereby winning
a ??,?? premium for her builders All her guns
hav?? been Bsounted except tbe twelve-Inch rifle? in
th?? turrets, and the vessel, which lw the rlrst butti??
Bhlp lo be filled as ? OSgSblp, Will lai add? d to the
Navy In April.
IUEPORT <)N THE DUPONT f'ASE.-Thf? belated
r. port on the Dupont cals was submitted to the
S. naie this afiernoon. It recites the facts of the
election held in Delaware for I'nlted States Senator
on May ft, iv'??"?. when tisi Speaker of the Senate,
acting as Qovernpr by reason of the death of the
Qovern?r of the S'atp. voted at the election for
G?,ted States Senator. Th?? only question in the
I SSO was ms- to th?? legality of the vote of the net ing
Qovernor. if he was entitled to vot?? Dupont was not
elected; if the aiding Governor was not entitled to
vot??, Dupont then has a majority of 1 vote. Tho
committee reported in favor of seating Dupont, but
th?? Senat, voted the reverse. Mr. Dupont now SO?III
to reopen the case on the ground that th?? vote in
the Senate was unfair on account of ? mlstak? in
pairing Senators The committee lirais that no such
mlstak?? occurred 'Die majority of the committee,
the repon snys, hohls now as It did when it made its
report, thst the senate scted wrongly In refusing
to award the seat to Mr. Dupont, but the committee
takes th?? ground that the Sitiate, sitting as a high
court on the (juallllcatlons of its own members, has
decided the CSSe, and 00 BSW information having
been d^cOvered there Is no good reason why it
should be reopened. The report Is signed by Sena?
tors Hoar, ?"handler. I'rlt? har?l, BUITOWS, Oray,
Tutele, Fugh ami Painter,
THE IMMIGRATION BILL.?The ten-day limit
within which the President miis-l Ink.? action on the
Immigration bill or allow It io become a law through
inaction expires to-morrow lllgl.t.
NOMINATIONS. The President to-day sent to
the Senate ?he following nominations : l'aul .1.
DaahleU, Of Maryland, professor of mathematics in
ihe Navy; .lame? C. F'ryor, of Tennessee, to be an
assistant surgeon In the Navy.
to-?iay returned to the House without his approval
a bill granting ? ??-nslon to Harriet Woodbury, of
Vermont This is another ease of a remarried
widow applying for a pension sfter the death of her
BBCOnd husband. Sevra) similar bills hav,? I.? dis?
approved by th?? Presiden ? heretofore. A Senate Mil
granting a pension to Hsrriei M. Knowlton, widow
of Major Knowlton. of ih?? 2i?th Maine Volunteers,
was also vetoed by the Presidimi on similar grounds
th? widow in.'living and Obtaining B divorce.
TIIK ???? FRIER FlOHT 1111.1. DtB?L'MED ???3
Washington. March 1.? The House to-day passed
a numiM-r of bills of a private character, defeated
the "Keonomle" Postal bill and discussed end 1? ft
pending th.? bill to prohibit th?? extensive publica?
tion by newspapers and periodicals of tbe details of
the doings of prize-fighters and accounts of prize?
fights. Tii.? measure provides 'hit no picture or
description of any prize-light or encounter of pu?
gilists under wbstever nsme, or any proposal or
r.-cor.l cf betting on the same, shall be transmitted
in th?? malli of ti.?? United gistes or bv interstete
commerce, whether in a newspaper or oui? r periodi?
cal or telegram, or in any other form. Any person
sending such matt'T. or knowingly receiving ?
matti r f.?r transmission by mall or intent ite c ?m
merce, shall be deemed guilty of a mledesmeanor,
an?! shall i>? punishable by Imprisonment for not
more i?an Ave yean, at th?? discretion of the court,
or b) a lin?? not exceeding li OjpO. The bill waa
warrolj liscuseed ??nd a motion to la) ?? on ihe
tab;?' agreed to. This was don?? by a rising vote,
after which Mr. .Ulrich (Rep., Ill ? demandi
yeas and nava on th.- question ili- request li i>
carried, one-fifth of thus?? voting ?n the motion to
table voting for a roll-' all. penult.g th'? ? ili the
Huns, took a recess until io o'clock to-morrow.
This lasvea th- measure unfinished business, ,
Mr. ?'annon (Rep., III.) presented th? gundrj Civil
Appropriation Mil, an?l move?] that th.? genate
I amendments be disagreed to and A conf?re?,
j quested, il? aald ; bere were some ?j?-' of theae
amendments, and if there were sufllclent tini?? he
| would move to go into ?Ommittee ,,t the Wh Ii
give one. two. three or rour days for ther d
slon. The motion was agreed to.
leant* amendments to the PostoftVe Appropr'.?
tifin bin ?,'-r' dlsegreed to. and a conference ass
r? quested
s. :.:it? asaendaaeal to th?? i.iii providing for the
sale of opium BStSSd b] ihe Government was al- ,
di^.i?! ? ? j it. ami a (un:n. n.??? a^k?-.l
On motion of Mr. Vanhorn (Rep., Mo ? t)..? s ?
ate bill authorizing th<? Interstate National Bank
of Kansas citj Kan. io remove t?. Kansas City,
Mo, was named, The bunk I? on th?? Slat?? line
one half of the .building being in each Itste. Th.?
bank deeired to shift Its quarters from one section
?,f th?? building to th?? ottu'r, but as in doing o
il left the State of Kansas a rpeclal ad was
in ' eessry,
Sitiate ??mendrm-nts to th?? bill providing for a
bridge serosa the Mississippi River near Ht Lo?la
???r?? concurred in, ar? were ais?. Senat* smendmenta
to the Mil estendtng for one rest the time for com?
pit-ring .? bridge across th?? Alabama Hiver near
Montgomery, Aia.
The conference report on the bill to prevent
trespassing on National military parks w.?s pr??
sen ted and ?greed to,
A bill repealing that section of the law providing
f,,r sending PrerjdeiiMal ?-lection csrtlncatea to
Washington by sperisi messenger ?as passed after
<m extilariitlor, tint these certlflcstes ?ould ns well
be sent by mall or esprssa and that ??>? present
system Was cosili
genate joint resolution suthorlslng th?? President
to datali ss Aruiv oflper as military Instructor
m a school of the Greater it? public of Central
America wus passed.
(nnllnncil from Klret Pear.
his dilatory ta?ths. Be offend nl.itlons to con
BUme time. nnd. evidently, to confuse the Presl
dent <>n ??ach of four or live amendments
Which he proposed h?? demanded ti ridicali. At
MM of these ri'lballs Senator fautor gave no?
tice to tag Republican Senators thnt If there wan
? ot a greater number of majority members pres?
ent to-morrow th?? Denm?-rntic Senators would
walk out, as they ?111 nut propose to remain In
Albany to keep up a quorum.
The monotony of the rolhalls win ?urnslonnlly
irterrupted by n Statement by ?ne of the S?uia
tors. but no progress was made with the concur?
rent residutlon.
THKX G????.????G? UKIONKP.
A scene of confusion was finally precipitated
when ganator Orady rose to g point of order and
Senator Kllsworth refused to regOgPUSI li 1 m ani
directed the Cleri to proceed wlih the rollcalL
This the clerk did. Senator Orady meanwhile
Shouting aTthe top of his voir??: "Mr. President,
I rise to a point of order'"
Senator BUsworth p<>u id?-d his Ravel nnd Sen
Ptor Orady as vigorously pound? d hi* dealt with
his fist. Mo "tie coull bear ihe vol? e of the
Clerk, but the rolloalt proceeded. Senator
Orady finally rnlsed the cover ?if bis desk nnd
pounded with It. Senator Kllsworth directed
the S.-rgeant-at-Arms to maintain order. No
attention was paid t?. this and Senator Orady
a ntlnued t<? shout ami pound id* desk.
"Th?? Bergeant-at-Anns rill maintain order
and will tak?? any means to do so." sh? Uted the
President, but BeUatOT ????,?? would not be sllp
preased. During an of this commotion the roll
call was proceeding ami vari? us motions of Beu?
gter Orady were disposed of. Ko one could hear
tho Clerk's voice, and no one knew anything
about what WRg being d? r.e,
Finally order was restored for a moment, and
Senator Orady said that if his conduct In pro?
testing against the lawlCSB OOUrSS pursued by
tii?? presi,ting ofAoer had seemed to his fellow?
Senators unparliamentary he would spologtae to
tl.im. but he withdrew none of his protest
against the conduct of Senator BltSWOrtR, In
all his twenty y?>.'iis' experience In th?? Legislat?
ure he had never known auch treatment of tbe
To tin? surprise of many. Sennbr Kalnes then
moved to adjourn, and Ihe motion was carried
without objection.
Senators began to Inquire *vhat had becom?? of
the resolution f?>r an .xt.nsion of time f.?r the
Lexow Trust Committee, the existence of which
under th>? original resolution expired to-day.
They were Informed that the last motion adopted
In tbe gr?'at confusion was tbe concurrent reso?
lution for an extension of timo. This Statement
was vigorously contested, th?? Democratic mem
bers declaring that there was on.? motion of
Benator Orady which had not be. p disposed of.
The Clerk's record, however, shows th?? resolu?
tion adopted, and the flghfwIH therefore be re?
sumed ??? the approval of the Journal to-morrow
morning. Th?? vote by whb'h th?? resolution ex?
tending the time of the LexOW Trust Investi?
gating (Ommittee was declared adopted was
as follows:
fees M'-ssis Ali'arn. Prown. Hums, t'antor,
('oggeshall. Daley, l?avis, Kllsworth. Featberson,
Ford, < Irmly. Uran? Harrison. Johnson. Krtun
Lsaow. ilcCsrrea, Mullln, Nusebaum, rage, Per?
sona Haiti's. Bheppard, Btranahan, White, wie
man. Wlleox-27.
Nays- None.
It took twenty-six votes to n?lopt th? resolu?
tion. The following Democrats wer?? recorded
as voting for th' resolution: Ahearn, Cantor,
Featherson, Orady and McOarren. only twen?
ty-two Republican Senators were present.
Senator Cantor said, after the session ad?
journed, that this was th?? flrst time In the his?
tory' of the Senate that the 8erg?'ant-nt-Arms ba.l
been directed to quiet or else arr?st a Senator.
sornrrv w. r. gUEEHAM SCARED away.
Th??. Tammany Society held Its regular March
meeting nt the Wigwam tost evening. Th?? prln
olpal business was tlie inltl.itlon of MW members.
i;x-I.ieiit.iiaiit-<ioy?Tii(ir William. I". Siinli.in must
hav?? heard that there were exactly thirteen candi?
dates for membership ou th?? list, tor be sbgaated
himself. Nevertbeleee, som?? other victim appeered
to tak? bis pisce, so that wtn'n the candidates wi t??
lined up it was found to th?? conat?rnaif?on of many
that there were Just thirteen on hand to rSCClVC
the degrees 'Tommy" G>*??, th.? w?di-known
Tammany dealer in bluestoii.?, wanted to with?
draw one of his friande after he had counted the
thirteen as tiny knell at th- "altar of liberty."
but the acting Ornnd Bacheas rofOBCd to allow
"such trilling." as in called if. The incident, BOV?
ertheless, thr?-w a damper over the proceed Inga
which no subsequent efforts on th?? part of the of?
gelsi fun-makers could dispel, Among those who
wer?? initiated were John w. Keller, win? recently
became a memb? r of th?? Tammany Hall Executive
Committee, bavins been appointed trice-chairman
? .f th?? Standing Presa Committee; Assemblyman
Patrick Trainer and \V. F. Ibniiessey.
If es-Lleutenant-Qove nor Bheehan receives as
auranee* thai the April batch of candidates >\iil
either eacaed or fall below tie? numb.r thirteen he
will probably appear for initiation "I?arry" Del
mour said that if Richard ?'roker had been pees?
.?nt be would noi hav?? tak??!! the chance* of permit?
ting thirteen candidates to be put through.
.- a -
Portland, Me., March L?The dty election to-day
resulte?! in a clean sweep for the Hepubllcan ticket.
Charles if. Randall was elected Mayor over ?. ?.
Wlnslow (Hem.? by IN? majority ov<r all In a totnl
vote of MM, The Republicans elected sit Alder
m?n out of seven and eighteen i'nmmon Council
men out of twenty-one. The I'm.ith Ward, sanali?
Democratic went Republican.
The r. s. ??rant ttepnbticun Club, of the vith
Assembly District, having recently moved Into
new quarters at No '.V. BOWSST, gave a house
warming lust evening. Ex-Pollie Commissioner
Murray, th?? speaker of the evening, referred to
Oovernor Black, and said that Republicans were
to b<? congratulated upon having secured an or?
ganization man. one who Is not afraid of an?
founded criticism, and who was not afraid to ap?
point good workers, who contributed to the ?ne?
re-? of the RepubllCSn party, to offices of emolu?
ment snd honor. All Republli ans. th?? speaker
said, should work for the elecMoil of fin organiza?
tion Republican as Msyor Of ??renter New-York
because su? ?? a Mayor would have patronage sec?
ond only to that of the President of the United
The annual election of offloers ot th?? Qulgg Club
was held at No. ITTI A ?nstenla m-a Ve. lust Bight, with
th.? following result: Presktent, 1'. H Dunn, re?
elected fur Ihe third limai virc-preefclents, Alex?
ander Jsndrew, W. B, Blake and B, A. Krause?
man; rYcnrdlng lecretary, W \\. Graham; enunciai
Beerei iry. Solomon Schul..; corr? ?ponding secretary,
E. l'. Hunt; treasurer, taton Horten; aergesnt-st?
arms, Thomas Carroll The following Board of DI
rector? wsa elected! I.. Runnel, s. Strauss, C. N.
Talntor, Bmtl Kink?? F man ir ?. s s Stewart
and J. P. Bklllman. A res ilutlon wa? passed thank
Ins Dlatrict-Attorney Oleott for appointing Philip
Carpenter an Assistant Districi ?ttornej Mr. Car?
pent? r being ? member >>f the Qulgg Club.
.lohn Sherwood, a prominent young man of Far
RockSWSy, Lons Island, died on Sunday afternoon
from Injuries received shout ??? weeks ago. There
? i? considerable mystery as to how he ?ras Injured.
? un?! th?? authorities ? re seeking sa lavestiaatlon.
! ?David Mitchell w.-s arrested rcotordsy and held
I under P.0M bonds to appenr at the inquest, ?in
the night Sherwood ?va- injured he was In appar?
ent good health when he left the oftVe of th? livery
stable, which he and his brother conducted At
5 lin that night he w\ts f.,und unconscious on the
i \ eran?la of nil home, II was at first supposed he
had fallen in a Bt, a? be naa subject to them, hut
, Dr Tlnaiey found h.? hsd been injured. A wound
I on his head, sieh as might have | wer, ??usvd by
I a .lui. ?res round by the doctor, n ?.? ?ail th?t he
j nu?! Mitchell were member? of ? party who were
? playing cards on the nizht in question.
Hack fron? the t.riive
W? canti it <?'????, Lut ?SI ? ..? fr.r. ?t.iy tur ?.r8g??*??
trilt!i??r. 1>,?en???, llkr BVerythtSg ? I?*, must have s b?
j ginning. AS rliratn?? ?SSlifllM ?en.l t.? ?Iiortm Ufe, ?n.l
1 t?n>r II ?? reperde? nf niarl>r.|..m while tf???,? Hat. Ma
1 litri?. Sidney <??,???)????, ritrosie indigesti?n, rheumatism-?
? all tm\e ?inn 11 beginning?, nini ? ?? ?,?? ?tjyr.l at the out.
? set ?Ith 11 ?????'???r? SI?.inaiti |litl?r?. Tille e?ce|>nt | nlr?
! snl sltersi'ie i? ?dnpie?! nllkr ta Ih? srsVSaUSa ?if ?Ils
?r l?f? ef Um ??.?leni iiii.l ??, their ??"novel, ami ll? eerly
????? BSSBMI I? lee ?tr. ? ???> ? !?. ?estSl ??. rene* BSSSttt?
Bad ? t. - ? ? r ?- ? Bsqsll p ?? ' there ?? ae Ktrw ???? BtesasMer
? ? limn Um ?? ??.??. Th? <-ff?????? ..f eierweik ?nd
: asta sai Ica, nestsl m stresses! sis eiisanstaetsl by it,
il ? ?? la-?, in, ii'hani, ?lie Ilo ? .?.??;, .r ? ?(???rat!? e. end
I the brain ????!> HSdeSt, with I BT BOWaSeaSl UiaH?, ?O
' i. > irsss it ?tesassi rettet ?nd futur* curisi.
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
Used l>y propio of refinement
for Otot a quarter of a contury.
WITH CACgUta IT ????.??.??????.?.
There was ? serious collision between a Thlrd
av... ciihte-cnr and a I utcher's wagon near Ou*>
hundred-and-slxteenth-st. and Thlrd-av.?. about
noon yesterday,
CaMe-ear NO. Jit g*aa going north in charge of
Joseph DonOVag. the grlprr.nn. It had Just cross.??!
One-hnndred-end-etxteenth-et. whan, it is alle god,
Oeoege Schmitt, g butcher, thirty-eight years old.
of No UM nrst-av??.. deliberately drove his ?le- J
livery wagon dtroetly in front of the car. Tho
finder of th?? car forced the wagon ag.iln^' an
elevated railroad pillar, crushing It, breaking the
front axle and both front wh.?els, throwing Schmitt
head first to th?? pavement, ami indicting a severe
scnip wound So great was the force of the col
lislon that tbe grip-iron of th?? car was broken
mu? the .-ar itHi'if was thrown
track an?l was struck by car NO.
? a?? cars came together with ?
several panels ?mil windows In
th?? donen <>r mor?? psasengera a
crosswise on the
.V.S. bound south
? crash, br.aktng
Sack and giving
shock, but
fortunately not injuring any of them. Donovan
th?? gilpman, caused th?- arrest of Schmitt, on a
charge of reckless!? causing tbe collision an?i of
wllfullv delaying the car for the ?listane?, of a
?nil?? from Nlncty-slxthst. to One-hutulred-.md-slx
Schmitt was arraigned later in th" Harlem l'o?
lle.? Court and discharged by Magistrate l.rann,
who suggested to th?? gripmsn that ihe cable com?
pany sin? tin? butcher In ? civil court If It wanted
TBE tOO? ? It? It'? $7.000.
Th? Aylesm?-re, a seven-story fashionable apart?
ment-house on the southeast corner of (Olumbus
ave. and gsventy-Math-etU, ?.night tire yeeterday
morning and forced th?? twenty families In the
building to dee for their Uvea N?> one was in?
jured. Th?> lower part ?if the building. Which was
handsomely furnished, Is very much damaged. The
total loss will be about JT.'ioO.
The lire was glSOOVOred on the lnsiile, and out
Btde at the same tlm??. Mr. and Mrs. J. Williams,
of Mrooklyn, Were visiting BJ, ? Hamilton, who
lives on the sixth floor, nor'h, with his grife and
moth? r-in-iaw. Mrs. Williams eras awakened by
tin? smell of smok?? about 4 o'clock. She screamed
and aiA'jke everybody In the flat. At the same In?
stant Policeman Hack, of the West Slxty-elghth
st. station, saw a bright light shining In the en?
trame to the flat In S>vt nty-slxth-st., and sent In
an alarm.
Hack then ran Into the house ;'n?l sl-oufed to the
elevator boy, William Harris, arai to the night en?
gineer, William Springste.l. Then he darted up.
stairs to alarm the Inmates of tho house, anil on
the stairs met Mr. Williams, carrying his three
months-old hoy, Kog?'r. Mr. YAWIams, followed by
his wlf??, ran out of the hous?? und across the
street to th? house of Mrs. Ijenman, at No. 57,
where they were cared for for the night. Many
others sought shelter at Mrs. Ixnmnn's, and were
Hack was a little later Joined by Policemen
Winrz, Kelly and llarnett, and all of them tried to
gWaken the tenants SB quickly as possible.
Tho smoke got up through the house rapidly, and
was as gulch ;n awakening the Inmates as were the
m?'n. Men, women and children rushed Into the
halls, the majority clad only In blankets, and a
great rush was made for tlie stairs
William Tefft. Jr, lived on the top fbior on the
west side of the house, with his wlf??, two-y. ar-old
baby and ?? servant. Kllzabeth i'orterlght. Teilt
v..tr .all.-d by the 'Irl, and caught up his son and
shouted to his wife to follow him. Their room*
arer? tilled with smok?' when tbey departed, and
they ha?! to run down seven flight?! of step?; to
reach tin? street. As ther aere ?oing down the)
.ini?? upon Policeman Hack, who was carrying
down a ?iman who had been partly overcome by
th?? smok??. In the bustle Mr. Tefft stepped or, the
Bri -s ?if the woman whom Hack ara* carrying,
and. with the child In his arm?!, fell down a whole
flight "f stops. II?? laid to the child, ai.d got up
hims.lf to hurry on, his ?if,? hastening after.
seriatnlng hysterically. They ??>? out safely, and
aelther Mr. Tefft nor th.? child was injured.
It took less than tifteen minili.?- to clear the
building of Its tenants. TWO were partly over?
come by the smok?? the woman Hack carried out
anil another woman, who was assisted out by
Wuers They were soon revived. Neighbor* in ail
parts of th?? blo.k cared for the differ? in Inmates
of the burning building.
The fir.? start??!! In the rear of a grocery-Store on
of the flat. Th?? stor.? Is
Tile origin of tbe lire Is
th?? Coluntbua-ave-, si?!
kept by Charlea ou?
Jiulge N?wbiirger, in Part IV. tbiieral gisslons,
sentenced yeeterday William ?lay Koerner to be
executed by electricity in the we? k beginning April
19 for the murder of Roes V. Redgate Koerner
show?-d no emotion when s?ntence was Imp sed. and
coolly bade goodby to his counsel, Sheriff Tamsen
?ml his deputy, Daniel Kelly, took charge of the
condemned man. who will probably be taken to
Slug Sing.
IT CMCJ.TBS ? KoltM.-lT l'lir..-KHVK ItOAPt? AND
OIVKo TMSJ MSJMMm p ?writ to COSh
i.KM N I.AXH ani? stknh It.steSJBS
fBT TWfgrnftftl Tn TUB TBtnt'NB.]
Albany. MuTct 1. As outlined In advance In Th?
Tribune of to-day, (tevernor nin -k is determlead to
make forest preservation a distinguishing mark of
his administration. To-night he had a bill Intro?
duced by .Senator F.llsworth npproprlatlng $1.000,000
for the purchase of Ad.rondack forest lands.
The Governor is to appoint within twenty days
after the passage of the act a "Forent Preserve
Roani." to consist of three members named from
the Fisheries, llame and Forest Commission and
the Lead OfSol Commission, The Appointments sr??
to be ?sad?! by and With the BOUSeSt of the 3eii.lt.?,
but the Oosernor nay remove th?? appotutsees ?ft
bla plsasura. The Boembers of the Hoard are to
asrve nithoul conpensstlon, and may empio) lucn
clerical ami other assistants as may b? SseSsl 1
Th? -For???? Preserve Board is to have prsctlraily
nul,mit? d power in the condemn.vlon and seizure of
lands, it is required to taha such maaaurea ?*? may
b. ?.ssary to acquile for th?? State any lead,
structures or waters In ih< territory SBBbtnesd in
th?? forest preserve, whenever in Its judgment the
appropriation Of th?? sain?? !s n?? ?.??..? ry for 111?? I? ir
posos of the act. The method of comb tr.natlon and
taking possession is ?Icarly denn?? 1. Upa? the r?
quest ol the For?'st Preserve Itoarl. a map of lands
t., I... appropria led shall le mad?? uv tin? StStS En?
gineer inni Surveyor and oertlSad by him to BS I ?"
met The Hoard shall then Indorse on HU'-h map a
certlfleste stating tin? expediency of ths selaure,
which ?hail be hied. Noil??? is then to i>. served on
the owmr ?if any real property concerned, an??
Buch service, together with entry upon th?? prop?
en>, shall De deemed compi. ;?? nnd legal possession.
Claims for th?? value or property taken and fir
damages Buy be adjusted by tha Board it th.;
amount can i>?? agreed upon with the owner? of t'a??
land appropriated, rihouid the owner? of property
am) th.? Hoard fad to agre. the owner, ?i bin two
years, nay present to th?? Court of <!: ?as a ?'??
in.ind for d images. Ta?? court, whenever the ap?
praised Value shall he leal than iL'nu, m.iv maK" an
allowance of MOO far coat? and disbursements.
it is understood suthotitstlvely thai two ?if ;he
members of th.? For?.?: Preserve Board wid i.? state
oiiic.rs. Th?? member? of tin? Lend Moiri ar?? i.i.-n
tenent-Governor Woodruff, Secretory of State
Palmer, Controller Roberte, Attorney-tienersl Han?
cock, S'ate Tressurer Colvln, State Engineer Adams
?in?l .lame- M. K. o'tirady, Bpesker of the Assembly.
Two of th????? mm will have the responsibility of
selecting forest lands.
The condemnation feature will excl i considerable
opposition iimonK th?? Adirondack lumbermen.
? asytlghl burglary in Hartem ob Wednesday last !
has Just come to light. Tbe building In which the
burglary was committed was the four-story frsme
house of Philip Peuring, No. ? w.st One-hundn d?
aud-twenty-e|ghth-si. At noon on tii ? day ssen
llon.d Mrs. F? urlng Went out to ?lo some shopping,
leaving her daughter, Bertha, and a servan) In fba ;
in.use. Mi.*s Peuring wenl into the kit. hen of the
house to assist th?? cook soon after her mother went
out. and did not ko upstairs until I o'cloi k. wh? ?
she found Ihe bedrooms mi th?? second floor in con?
fusion nnd beating e\ary Indication that they had
been ransacked. Fxa initiation showed that jewelry
and clothing to th?? vain?? of $2r?i had been stolen.
The articles fak.'n Included two ?old watches, three
diamond rings, some petty articles of jewelry ami
?eventi silk dresse?.
1 mo?se DISTURBS SPECIAL sfssioxs.
A tiny mouse succede?! yesterday afternoon In
creating a eonsklerahle disturbance In the Special
H?sitons Court. While a petty case was ?Iragglng
Its weary way through the mills of Justice, som?
one In the ated?enos r.otl'ed the mouse gambolling
along the cornice that estenda at a height of fully
twenty feet from the floor. How It'ever got ther??
Is a mystery. The ?Ils ?overor nudged the person
sl'tlng next to him and pointed out the little ant
mal. In three minutes everybo.ly in the room w-as
looking at that mouse.
Finally the small rpdent got Just above the sent
of ?Ourt Stenograpber Veitch, and, Unding soasa
dust on the cornice at that point, amused himself
by kicking the dust over Witch arai his books.
Then for the first time the court officials knew
why the spectators In the courtroom had been gaz
Iti? so persistently ?elllngward.
There wa? an awkward pan?.??, and the mouse,
exp.-.'ting that something was going to happen,
stopp. ?1 ami surveyed the court, it was Waiting
for hostilities to begin, Tl.l? . BUSed a titt.r, and
Presiding Justice Holbrook rapped for order .as?
sistant District-Attorney Matthews gravely ask.d
thai tin? mous?? be arrested for contempt of court
and disturbing the p.a..?. This ,-aiw. d another
Again Justice Holbrook pounded his gavel, and
.lustic. Jerome sngrily said: ? i..t this case go on."
Th?? ?as. went on. but for th.? spectators the mouse
was th?? greater attraction After court adjourned
a eat was turned loose in the room. In five min?
ute? sh?? came Into th?? hail carrying the mouse In
her mouth. How sin? ? -aught the m ci- Is as treat
a mystery as bow the mouse got on the cornice.
/;/,?. F\l\fE OX CHICAGO F\ : >FltslTY.
The ueusl weekly eiwference <?f the Baptist Min?
iBtera was held yesterday at No. |M Fifth-eve. The
following officers, for th?? coming ?niarter w ? ?
elected: President, the Rev. I. M. HoMimsn. vsOV
president, the Rev. it. v.. Batten, ami secretary, the
H.v. Iv M Phott. Th?? Rev Iir. W. II. P. Faun??.?.
of the Fifth Avenue Baptist Church, then made an
addr.ss on tho subject -six Weeks in the University
of Chicago." I?r. Faune?? said that the exist,n,
of th?? University was ?lue to two men President
W. R. Harper and John D. Rockefeller, and he
eulogised the characters of both men
860 Broadway, Union Sq. & 18th 8t
WrOUgnl |N brass & Iron.
Met31 For Interiors, Open
Oar Own t'oatiilrl-i and Shop?.
Special oifcrintr to close out a number
of patterns before arrival of New Spring
250 Pieces
Best Body
?U per yard.
Great Variety of Colorings and Designs.
BROADWAY, 18th & 19th Sts.
-:-. .. . -3
rirs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
lias bee? rgsed tor over ?'?'t? TRARl by MIL
WHILE TEETHING with r? ; f ft StTCCEflfl It
Bold by druggists in every part of th* world.
Twenty.five Cents a Bottle.
?. ? ?
N?i llrenUfi?-?? (alila? ?BglStS Without my 4.1
nienti of toffee. \n Ten* piense the Indira
aa well na n,y II niellila. Vluuva uniform la
quality anil flavor. Henil for price Ilei af
choice Fniiill)? Groceries.
?nsSSBSf ti <\il!ariin ? K>mp.
41 ani 1.1 ???-? Bt_
gutililv ?urrl ?,t IS* CM nr. ? r.?:?,?!1.!? 1'? nt---!i ?????<-*1
fnatltute, Xo, 4 B'ltnnrri al I ,, Its Revere Hou?e>.
Boalon Kntabiis!i<?.| ir. l??.? miel1 ?.oDSUllIng phi al Mart
rraduat? Harvard Medical G lisg?, fleas j-rt?, AuthT ot
Mi? Prl-n??? ?>f Ufa, ..r Betf-Preaervatloil th? PrlSB K#?*V.
A DOOM TOR ?VflRl MAN, Prtaa *at> fi. by mall.
Beal?*d ii'iii'MM pr ?*?? ?'?? PREE, Semi Bow. Consul
tntien In psraoS ?r b] trail.
Flint's Fine Furniture*
?.?p? Choice IMimcs
Xow Marked Below Cost.
.... .,.,.... g ?/>? dir ???? ? > lh? w >k?tt
It itlnmlBtea, t ne* and nrruih'ni
?ntlr? ?yet?m. Try J. M Woodbun ? BtsU*
? : attery f ? h m<> i??? Beauty
Boos and asa Partais t fs >'. Osasi pas
|???1 .p??,.
Washington, Muh ? asalstsnt f'ira-.-on M. ?.
Elliott ?" ordered from the NeW-Torfe Nav.il lab?
oratory to tii?? . rui^.r Col Iflsbts
Lleutenanl A. C. Hodga ? dels had from tr??st
paent .<? the New-Torh; Naval ?)>?>;??? and ordered.
boms t ? swell order*
i?r. Robert h Efsyea, thirty >>.ire ota, af no. %a
Bast Sixty-fifth???:., gnu rssjaovad to the Flower
Hospital nt 9 o'clock las'? night, I Iff Sling from sn
overdo?? of nsorphlna i>r. Kayta who is & rie
tlm of th" drug, lives .it th?-> above sddroas with
bis Wife arel family. HS Will SS transferreg to
Retlovue Il?-is|'itnl S'ime time to-'l.tv.
A Model $2000 House
Will be described and illustrated, with
floor plans, and sketch of interior as
it will look when furnished, in The
Ladies' Home Journal for March.
The architectural features which have
appeared in the Journal have p/roven prac?
tical and helpful to hundreds of people who
wanted to build a moderate-priced house.
Ten Cents a Copy. One Dollar a Year
The Cnrtl? Publishing Company, Philadelphia

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