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The annual election of officer? of the Ammacku.
sin Club, formerly the YonVers Lawn Tennla Club,
???as held last evening In the clubhouse. In Pnll
i-ade-ave. There ?as a large, attendttiut? of mem?
ber??, and the following t ero elected unantmoualy:
"Walter B. Hodgman, piesident; Mr*. John Rele?.
vice-president; Anson Baldwin, ?eeretary; Schuyler
A. Bofrart. treasurer; .lohn Kendrlck Bang*. M?as
?Sumo, !.. Hermanee and Francis R. Allen, trustees
for ihre?? y, a?.?, and ?. II. Aduni!?, director for two
Tho fir.c iv '?: thev yesterday was welcomed by the
WbSelasen, and ?hoy took advantage of ihe excel
lent Toaksrs ronds for a spin, which for a BTeat
many en ?Irst <>f the season. Nearly all the
bicycle ell ' ht ?? rnnr?, and the ? ?re?ts wen?
crowded all through tbe day. one thins* wblcb
was noi : aa being nut of th.* ordinary run of
affairs was th?? fact that nearly every rider rode a
differently made Wheel, H> rct'ofore the clubs in
.i.iy adhered t.? one make*, but this season it
? to be different. Th.? lo. al electric .ars were
crowded all the afternoon, particularly on the
M ? ? Veraon line. Extra cars wire run on ,?'?
'? ? ti;. y w. ?, unequal to cop.* with the
l.irg? ? rowdi of passengers.
Tl evening s regular meeting of the common
Com..il ??.II Be h.I.I in Manor Hall. There Is a
jrrect deal ol business to be transacted.
<~>r? Wedi ..? evening of this weeb a meeting
of th.? Hoard of Police Commissioners will be
held, when it is thought thai the appointment of ?
captain will |,?> ??;,,lo to ?ill the vacane) caused t>J
thediath of Captain John Mangln. Then? me four
?.-r-reant?; on tin. force f->r ihe Commissioners to
chioso from They ?re GeOTM W, Oaborn, .lum? s
?McLoughlln, Henry Quina and Praderli k H Wood?
ruff. All of these men are escellenl officers, and
have been on the forra from twenty to twenty?
Jive ye;irs S- rg< ant* McLOUgblln and (?shorn have
been members of the f..r.e since it*? organisation,
hav-ir?,? served In New-Tork City. Bergeanl Osbom
is tint senior sergeant and at present acting cap
fin Wednesday evening a meeting of rhe directors
of th.- Yonkera Bowl ng Association will be held
to mak.? preparation? for the awarding of prises
to the winner? la the Westebester Bowling league
tournament, recently completed, .ind also to per?
fi ? : arrangements for the holding of a three-man
? .? ? : ? ? meni on th.? association alley? in
ti ni ir ' tur? ko Individuel bowling tourna?
ment is In progresi on Ihe armory alley?, in Wsv?
,.rly-st. Then are ? unire number of competitors
In the tournam. nt, und the -iames are attracting
In th? ? Of ?n immense crowd at the nr
jnnrv Bat ir.i..y evening tin* basket-ball team of
? !-,e'4?' - ? Company defeated the champion
? team from Brooklyn by lhe ?core
of U ??? ?'. The - well contested through?
out Tbe playing of McQuillan waa a special
?? ture.
Th? haaket-ball cam?? at Newburg Thuraday even?
In ?? bet? ? 5th .--pai ite Company of that
place nnd the Yonkera At1'."tic Association wa?
? ?ror rted a? ? victory for the ?onker?*
-men. who elalmed they WOll by the score of ? tO
but further Information from Newburg and New?
burg paper? ?howa that the Yonkera learn played
a rough g'inie. which n ?ulted in a tie 7 to ? ard.
?verdine? to th? rules, when auch a came |? played
?tbev hav? to continue until one lenir- make? two
ndditional pol ? ? his th?* Tonkera men refused
to do
James J. GUlesple, of this trlllag?, Receiver of
? ? ? . ? ?r? of Greenburg, received the tas
??, ?? i.iv, ard will becin collecting to
, . iu Ardsley. The rate la ? little higher than
? year. Within eoi"porate limits ll is fii -<??
,_ . |0 1,-ist venr. ?"?utslde of the corporation
1* Is M lb, or 'V? c?iits more than last year'? rate
The R datea for the other village? in the
re as follows: lrvlngton. March ?4 and May
11; Tarrytown, March >".. April 13, Ci snd 9
Slav 10 ani 1?: Hastinga, March 9. April
May ? Elmsl rd. March ? '. and May ?. win*.
: na April! and May 9 Eaal View. Apr.i . ?>
I ?ford, April S; Green*.*11le. April I and May 13;
>'..-? lrvlngton, April I ..nd May 17; PaJrvlew, April
{> a-id May 12: Ardsley. April ti and May 4. Hart?
??-i'e *vr.rii "" Pennybrldge, May ? nnd on I ?
terv?nlng days in Dobbs ferry ?Only l per cent
?jr-,1 v.?-? charged within the thirtv days andine
April :?. after whl h I pei rent will be chsrged
The villar;?? trustee? will hold a ?peeial meeting
to-night to coBsWer an sppllcatlon of the Fire r?e
?oartment for an spproprtatlon of $5.000, and a hurt?
and wagon for the chief, .lames Ross
? . of Congress to confirm the ap
??ointment nf Charles McGuIrk es postmaster of
X< w-Rochelle, a number of Republican candidates
for th? offici Principal of th? a? la
? ml Tew n Clerk Post
master William V, Malloy ha? announced himself
? r the Republican nominati?",.? for
Sheriff. Mount Vernot ? haa ? candidate In
? "?????
? ....???, ket -hall name? be
Iween the H nd the Sew-Rochelle Athletic
? ? ? p? th? Town Hnll ro-night. Th??
pon Ion o' the receipt?
? rei baseball diamonds In ITnlOl
"Washington ? ? ?
e recent W. C, ? U, convention, th?
en of Se? Rochelle organised a Y .>
.' ? U ranch In M< The officers ar*
Bmltl ?:- rlntei dent : Miss Mary
? ? Badb Bouton, assistants.
The orpai pletetl to-morrow night
The remaining free public lee*ture* inder he
auaplces ol 11 ?? Board ol Education have he. ? an
: ' ; 39 ?? School No.
?j. "A ? h England" illluatrated). by
the Rev. A. .V '. gl >''. ? \;ril J?, "The
Mil ? * .- ? rlntendent 1 I ! Young
April 1".. "Revi tloi bj the Microscope" (Illus?
trai i.i D. Hy a 11
The '?'? mai B 'Mon of sr. John's Metho?
dist Eplsco] il ' ? anno ? entertainment
and dli ? ?
The folio? -of the nomfn.i
? 0 [*?< v. Ro ? Ile Rota Ina < !lub
- .- re vk-e-pre ild< ? ? Robert
I .? llowell Price treasurer
?' E. M<. Captain. ? R Plnckni ?.
ernora, .;. a. But? r
Beut? nani H? nrv s c?a? k?
end ? ?r. W, ' ' H? ;.bui n.
n, Ree elver of Ta ??
e to? morro?
?? tl i begin
?? attractiw musical programme t? h<*ing? ?>r
l*angsd for the ? ? he held in Music
Hall under the of tbe local temperai ?
organisation, on Thursday eventi g it win ne
Under the dire, Hon of .lohn C, Hasen, ???,,???? of
' ? ? : ; ?pal < Miss Prances Palrchlld,
soprano, Is ex pi ? alng
? g mltteea have .'..??? appoint.?.! and preparation?
ar., row under way for five faire to be held here.
The organisations Interested are Hope Hose Com?
; So '.. Pocantloa Hook aad Ladder Company,
the Swedish Church, Rescue Hose Company and
Union 1 m pany. Tl ? praoeetla of the fnv
* ,? .; company's fair win be ust*d to purchase ne?
furniture for ll ding which la about to be
?:? ed in Maln-st. by Truatee Charlea Vanderbtll
At ihe last meeting ol tbe Tappan Zee Pishing
Club Robert Gaffnej w.is elected a member. The
club haa |usl reorganised for i?.?> season, and h in
esci lient ? ?? dit Ion
Edward Henry Kent has Just prepared
f.-? ral mu ? eedsd sanitary maps 0f th?? village.
Th?? ? ? Lyi '-um how?nir teian wtil ro to
Tonkera ? a ? *. ? riiri? t.. bowl a match game with
tl ? '? ?? ling Club.
A lari ?? Is being hullt to the Rand Drill
"Works, which la the largest of Its kind In th?*? coun?
try. R Will, wh'-n completed, ;-!Toid work to about
(,:..- hut dre I mi ? ?? hi ?
The anniversary of Weatchester Lodge No MO, I
r. ?. ??', will tx celebrated ? Irving I ij..-ra House
????? Monday evening The committee, ,,t Arrai .-?
jncrit:; \.\a pr? ? ? *d programme. f?el?Ka
iior.s fr :. th? county hav? acceptA?d
Th? report ol I ? TaJTyttrwn National Rank, Just
: ?. ?? it ??, be in excellent condition.
Worn >>n the f-,1 ndatlona for ?he new high school
bulldlr...' ?> being pushed, and th?excavation Is now
t???:?p? compii t' d
A i. Blkta haa sold Ms property In *?YlM*\-st. to
"Mrs. Rl'.?. "f North ?',-. rryrown. for sl.gOC
The Rev. \r". ir F Mabon, pastor of the Second
Rttformed ? hui h, in company with hie brother.
James Ifaboi wl ! soon sail tor Europe, to be ab?
sent about ' ? o mo
An analyst? Of last Tuesday's election -h<.v.? the
largest ?..,;i ev<-r had :it a charter election MaJoi
Barnett M Pngelke, for Water <'ommis?lonei?. led
W.Ml 44". Vires.
? MW patrol Wagon la to b* purchnred for th?
Tarrytown Fire Department.
An El pilot. will t.<? Kiven under the direction nf
th? King'? Daughter? of the Kirat' Reformed
( h to-morrow evi nini
At ? s[.'.;i ?aeatlng held yeatartlay in Temper?
ane? Ma!!, g j>ap. r was re.id In honor of the annlver
t ? ' Seal Dow, by Captain .John A. Bell, of the
Volunteers of America. A New-Etagland ?upper
wa.? announced for Thursday night, at which a
t pei , . pi ? gramme ? ill he tri'. < ?.
A general meeting of the cyclist? of M.tmaroneck
?i.d It? neighborhood win be held *o-nn/rrow nigh
to organise S branch of th? Ri-ngue of American
Whi elmen.
Osarle?! H. Chaise has prepared pinna for a large
r.ev.? shop on property lately acquired hy 1.1m li.
Kelion-ave , and has torn down a dwelling-house
that hae been there for many year* ar.d WIM one of
the landmarks of the. villa???. Th?? n?w building
wi!) be a frame BtruotUTO, two storie? high, with an
office, adjoining, one Story high.
Tbs cutempt to prove M!??. l'anni* J^yon, of Peeks- |
Irin, who 's row v1*lt|i?g in New-York. Incupnhie of '
rr.i.r.RZ'.r ? hai ehiato hue ngain fulle-d. Hhe 1? !
''<*'?'?':? ra old, i.nd had left her hy tho death of ?
nor oro years sgo an es;,ite of ji'Vi.non. ?
Barah L, . a cousin had made th? applica?
tion to tha .? ,e Court for th? annnltitrm?!,! of ?
???mmltteo ??, intinag? her affaira. Thi? la ths m
orni attempi of thla kir.i whioh h.-M f?u?jd,
irudh, ' ,, iinebrou'k, fort;.er Excisa Commis?
*:":?e:, ? elected ? tiiM)ir?i?r of ? ?? hoi h of
th?? Revoluti in, lie? derive? 1,1m eligibility from
j'o one] Joni.than jjuabrouck, who ere.tnd a build
lag at Newburg known nt tl.at tl;ne and alno? then
is *>*.'??.? hingt'.??)ii he-id'iiiarier?, Colonel Haaoro.^'c
**'** Ir. r-orpmAiid of the Ith New-Tork Regiment.
Conti- ? rrj Army.
Tho Uto. ot building a.two.milo r*??*J frptg ?is
Spring Derbys ?ire ready?$3.
Choose the shape that becomes
you, with ?the assurance that it is ap?
proved by Fashion ; we have only
the fashion-makei's shapes.
Quality we guarantee ? vour
money back if you want it.
Alpines, $2.75
The new ll.it brim in both Alpine
and Derby.
Rogers, I-F.r. t & Co.
Prinze nnd Broadway
Wai reo and '<'? m l?aj
Thlrtx aerond und Broad??}
Purnaee Po,-k to HIghland-ave, 1? belns agitated.
The project waa flrsl brought out twentj years
ago, a hen th?? plan? and surveys for such .? ????
??.-,? w?r. tn;,.?? '??..? scheme h;?? beni reaurrecled
troni 'Im?? t.. tini.-, ?iti.l It Is thought Hint thl? time
U will go through
Klihil B. Frost, of this Village, has bren made
assignee fur Crook ft Perkam, i?f No. 1 Breedwajr.
? ?- -
Th?? Pnciiih Lutheran <"h*ii?. ??. at North ?leveata?
a?..- and Br*ldge-st., the building of is* terentp?
thlnl congregation In Mount Vernon. w.is formally
dedicated jresterilajr. The Impressive senrleea erere
attended by ? large audience, ri presenting
all m' Ihe Protestaal denominati? ns <>f the city.
The dedicatory sermon trot pi.hed by ihe Rev,
N. K. Ja.-?-lbs. dean ot it?" faculty of the T?ifoinsl
cal Seminary of the Lutheran Church In Philadel?
phia. The services In Ihe sftern? on were of nn In?
formsl iirdi-r Brief iddresaes were made hy the
Rev J IV. Knappend the Rev. G ?\rmand M
of New-York City, and Bunerlntendeni Berkmeir
. Wartburg Orphan Home The Rev. J.rry,
formerly of Reading, Penn., now professor of homi
letlc? in tho semiti.n? In Phil 1 I? :? ila. ;????? 1
evening sermon. The music wa? by ? spe lai ? noir,
ponslstlng of Willi? *? Bentley. MU Belle Rankln,
Mi?., Radie V'rendenberg, John H. I'lawson. ol ine
Methodiel Eplecopal t'hurch, and ?'?tri Stengel, a
?aololsi of Yonkera. Ml*i M A Oescheldt was the
organi?) ?Several hsndsome all.?I ting ol
altar furniture and communion ?ervlce, wer?
nounced by lh< pastor, 1 ? R< ? eh irles H Ira
The congregation waa orgai /? I ibou two yean
aco end held services In Ferguson Hall, bul the
eorneretor.e of th?? new church wss laid on Beptem
Coplei of The New-York Tribun? md
.. ,, wer? that tun? piaci d
atone Th? building Is of English Ootnle sty!.I
the Intel In white o k It r< pri ?
The Pity flub of Mount Vernon will have ? ?tag
?moker and vaudevilli In Its clr.bhoust it Pourth
,? ?,? .1 Seventh ava on Thin ? In ai
tractive programme hai been prepared ??? 1 ? -?
? tlons by N? w-York ?Artisti
Mr and Mr? .1. Clarence Bmlth entertained ?
?.,_. . ,,,,?.? of friends at a costume party In their
horn?? No '??'? Weet I Incoln eve., on Batui
\? informal dance und dinner were pan ot the
progri ???
SIN?'. SIN?.
The indivi ? ? known ?? this neighborhood ?- thi
? Hermll of Long ?G.1" <-ame to grief yesterday
morning when ? police officer -irr? ?? foi beg
I . within the -? .'?.?-r??-*? limiti The 1
name I? Chai ? "? bas for a long? tlm?? lived
alone In 1 rudely ronstruet??d hul in the w? *di 1
the top of Long H II In the southern portion
torn He ??j inoffensive In appearance, nnd h
dich h ave ba en allow?
gre.-it length, l'i 'lie police court he stati I that he
war- a native of Be tzerland and lad
f the t me In G
There e real for til? b? gg n?
money in hi* possessi ?n Justice Palm ? ? Iispose
? ? ... case to-day?
?\ bis soctlon of th?? roadbed of Durxtoi
loosened by tn? recent rain . -il down -.to tii??
s. R ? yesterday morning. Duraton ave la the
mail pro ? Ine pi m, and the ?
Im?? broken away era? held In ????? ? b) ? ?
construction of wood se ? tins ? ?
permanent retaining wall ol itom by tha
.?? ?! , iritli -
? spec .' rn?'*in(r of the Board of Villar?-? Tr
h 11 '. ailed for thi?? ?*?? n ng to ? ;'t Im?
? ?.. ? ? repair? to the ?? wers,
v- Ballington !'..? >th w.?s ?? the prison airain
la . an ? ad Ii the ci ts a.Ing
?ervl ?a In tl?*? chapi
A number of witnesses were examined last week
and evidence will be t.ika?n this week In New-York
?'ity, In relation to the Congi I I between
? : m L,. w ? ? end ?? ? Pslrcl l The pr ?
ceedlngi een broughi by R .-.? 1 M Bh?
1? . Mr. Palrcnlld'i attori ? roced
tllned to n Tribune representative, is to
; ?. ?. Rtlmony to the ? lommltt? e on C
Beati in Penareis, after which hearing? ?
given. Mr Kalrchlld'a friend? hope t?. ?.-? ? .?, ??- -
bj .1 me I, and If the eie tl in of Mr Ward
;, d? dared illegal, and hli ? it vacant, thej will
sak t ?? < '."\ ?-? :i"!' to call another election, -it whi.-h
Mr. '" -ir.-iiid will again probably be ? candidate.
Mr. Ward Is In Waehlngi >n, and his friend
frivlti*: 01 I ' ? iltention to the proceed .
Qeorge Sheridan, Ir. former clerk of I'nion Vmr
School District No. ". ol New-Brighton was nr
resta ? on S ? irdaj evei ng al his home, on a
.hare?? of forgery, preferred hy Policeman .lohn
?, Smith, ?in Information furnished by Thomas ?
Harper, pr?sident of the Board or Education. A
fe? weeks ;?^'? the Board received bill? .-il??!?.
ISCO from some New-York papers Or the, print Ing
o; propoBals .or bonds The Board had not author?
ised tiie advertisement?, and Investigation revealed
three forged orders ?ritten In s scrawling hand
?'"?? Igned "Thomas 11. Harper." requesting the
publication of the notice for the sale ".? tha bonili
Th?- writing wan upon s notehead o? the dUtrle!
which Sheridan had printed In hli term ol office,
The writing and Sheridan'? minute !.k were sub
mltted to experts In handwriting, and the) were
unanimous in the opinion thai the handwriting
oi the sum?? person Sheridan, win, is some?
what .ntric, was ? persistenl opposer of the
scheme to build ?haa neu schoolhouse, for tvhlch
pnrpoBe u:?? bondi were t<? I?.? leeucai, and delayed
the sale man) ???. ks by bis fighi. He d.? \.
terday that be had. been arr?ate?*! in?-, trial will
be I eld before Justice Acker, In New-Brighton, on
Thursday afta moon
A horse owned by E. A Spring, a sculptor, who
Uvee "n Melsaner-ave?, lli.iimond. on Saturday
night ki' k? ? over a lantern, which aei fin to ?1?
stable, destroying it and two carriages The
1? ,"-'.'??'
Prank ? Gannon, former manager of th?? fta*>n
Tran it Railroad, will soon remove to Washington
t?. ' ' , with his f.unily.
Papera were Bled Saturday m th?? matter of the
eatate of William H, King, who dia ? lately, pet ??
? loi ? r for tti?? app ' l'Un? r ol .m .1 Imlnlstrator by
Mrs. ?. \ \\ ebster Ro - bi hi Ir-al a and n? \t
of km Es Judge A .! I ?ti. ?'?.? ?? r. of New-York
?111 ex-Judge Jere M Wilson, of Washington, ;?r.?
counsel for Mrs Rosi .1?? li also CIs le J ?Tarns?
woi th, of Pawtucket, I!. I
A Blight fir?? opi urr?<! ;it 7 o'cloa k last 1
th?*? first floor nf a flva ?torj flathouse, No ?31 ?.???
?One-hundred and-twenty-seventh-et., end 1
of Ihe peculiar circumstances of Ihe biaza ihe
police <?f the I:.???? <>n? -hundred-and-twenty-slxth-st,
?polle? statimi and the ?Pire Marshal are making an
i? which ma) result In aireat 1 Tbe
apartments where thi fin started an occupied by
John ?'l.arlta,p. a commei lai traveller, ..
wife. The Cherltoni have no children, but keep
two boardera whoa? names are aa ;.?? unk
Peeterdo) afternoon th? Charltons ?em to Brook
lyn. leaving tii*- apartment? locked up, :.? the
lioerdera ;i? far sa sny om eia in the house knew,
were nowhere about Al " o'clock Mra Brunner,
th?? Jaaltreaa of the hou?.?, ?a.,?? ?atari.iinj? i-i the
entry, when ? tall, ?lurk man, wearing a illl hat,
a i.i;,. k <?...t and itrnv irouaera, came oui ol Chart?
tons Rat, locking the door t?"hiti?i him He sr.ii
"i?'.C'I evening" to Mra Brunner, and then walked
rapidly ?along One-hundred-and-twent* ?
toaaar?! B<ror,r!-.-i tra He had !?" .'. gOI ' -??:??* <!v flv.?
minuta-??? ?han an exp!?,?ioii occurred in the real 1 '
???????'? nai. the noise ot which was beard
throne-bout the housi a eight familles who m
?; ' ?. 1 hurried Into the 1 all? but
were met ihere b! ? eli id of smoke oourlng up
the stairway? Plamea followed Ihe explosion, ????
th?? people upstairs took refuge on tha r? r Bn
escapes and began to clamber down Whi
firemen, who ??...??? summoned by Policemen 1: ?
of Hi?*? Baal One-hundred and-twenty-slxth st ?ta?
lion, arrived nearly ail <t ihem had gel ?J? ?
ti.?? vi.rd, The nr.'iran helped three women down
th? leal ladder, and all es? r\j???<t uninjured.
Tim nre wu? tr.o q .?.. g f, r [he firemen and before
?.?.? oeuld tre? ti. under ?-iiroi the Charlton il.it
war, wrecked, and all tra't?? ?.f what eauaed tbi
exploilet, w?.-re cbllteiatcU. Tha ?luinuiie 1? ?stl
mated at ????.
Ladles' Tailor Suits of all
wool Cheviot Serges, fly front
antl Eton shape?, .Jacket anil
Skirt lined throughout with
heavy taffeta silks,
?earth IM.nO.
Ladies' Silk Waists In Rieh
Taffet? Silks, black and colors,
fJ^Qi tvorth
Ladies' Jackets of fine all
wool Covert Cloth, Cheviots
and Series, lined with Silk,
iTorth H.OO.
Ladies'Jacket s of Tan Kersey
Cloth, lined with Silk and
worth 12.00,
Sixth Ave., 20th to 21st Street.
HOME ????.
' ?MB8IDOE Coutil von Ooetien, Baron ron
Relchenau and Baron Herman, of ih? Oerrran En*,
1,, ?yatWa hlngton. OIL8ET urn..m A Su'h.T
i.,T.i. ? ' ?:?" ? ? ter ORANO ? SION Insurance
Superintendent Intuii I" Psyn HOFFMAN John K.
Gowdy ' '<.'.??? ; ''.? lierai *? Pai I at ? ??? ? " '? Peter
C Doyle, of Buffalo MANHATTAN Oeneral Sam?
uel Moffltt. ol Plattsburg, ? v. and liai on Mar?
ni.* ??'.t?p???.?? - ? iptaln M French. >>f ?he
Army. PLAZA Count Borrhgrave, of Bel
Rlum. **.\\"Y m oiga w??:? r ile of London
WALDORF Henry C, Payne, of Wisconsin, and
John ? ? 'in' on, of London.
?? -- ?
. .? 7.-. -? G?,ion. Committee on Organisation,
e "noi "i l'nlon, t n m.
??..Hilly Medical Society, No, IT West Ftwty-see
<.i ?! ? . * i. m
ap exhibition. Manhattan Club, Plfth-ave, arri
Thirty fourtb I
Th<* Rev. ?' Winter rtolron'? ffti.-th snnlv.rF.in?,
c'tinrrh of ih?- l.<-rWm<*r. Pelhsm, il a m
Am,? ? -; ?.-?? nf Comparative Religion, New
Tork I'ntverelty, " r? m.
.?,?.?? ?? Bervtss' lecture. Cern?ele Hall. I p m.
The Rev. Dr. ? ''. Dlxon, Cooper Cnlon, s r m
TIh? Ret .iniin B, D?tins, on Tho Church -ind
lhe Worklngman before Pre hytcr m Mil
Association, noon.
M;.. Beatrlc Herford In orleln.il mnnolo-:'|.? re
citais, t1*.? \\ ?Idol f ?mall ballroom. 4 p. ni
NI"\V Ve? ? CITT
Fr-i'on Hall, thf lawyer .if No in Broadway, ha*
? . ifp, ? of thi traerte an
'Longsl I on In a letter, In which he teli?
what ri treat work the organisation can de
Kr.-iVrt.~u t Black, trainmaster of the Hudson
Diviston r.f th?* Near York central Rail oad, uhi
urli ?? ?, ?noi ?? ? ? ? Ida for the h?-nofit
of his health returned id ',? elrj laal Frldaj a
n'imhfr of hi? railroad friend? relied at hla office
In the Grand Central Station Saturday morning
to congratulate him on t.r ..? o speedily r.^tor<*?l
to honlth
<,? .il-o A, Warburton, sen? - il seer? I irj of tb<*
1 ? Voline Men'* Christian A??
.... it Ion yest I ? pn lude
io hla Bible stud) a delightful talk on "Thi Need
of Personal Work" to t1"* committee <?? Religion*
wv.rk connected trlth the branch.
On Tu? .?., evening at the Ceetle Mail of ro?
llimi.?? Lodge, Knight? of Pub,, . , : ,? ire. and
. . ? h t.. a con? i"n ..f the
Korty-tu?? 11 trlcl omprislng Shaki , \ ?
ancl I'oliimhn? lodges, will ho held. A reception
?rill i..? given '"i Grand Chancellor H C Kanskl,
ir. and Ma Rtaff. Colon ? Daniel P. Dean, <<t
Alaban ? nd others win < peak
Erastus B. Moore, an Ironworlter, la nty-two
old, of No. PA Ei??' s??,-. teenth?st., v. is
taken li Bellevue Ho ? il Buffering from perl?
toniti? :.p?? .. |.|.f!..H Is :..-?. r.l.?,?. ,,,. ,r ?, ; I ; ?? He
<?!??? half .m hour after he ?rs admitted.
? \iv carlo d* of Pnllfon I and seedling
oranges were received In thi?* elty Isst w? 'k Many
of ? ? navi.? were placed li. col-l storage and s
few small lot? wen exported lo f^ondon snd Llv
Bhipmenti from lhe pa? Iflc s;..| ?? sie nesr?
Ij end? d. Val. rani are coming In freely
and ?. ng at a los? Importi rs ere esperi
moro active demand end better price? ?ritti Ih?
coming of mlkl, .!< ..r weal hi ?
Th<* Dan Talmagi ? Bon ' Company ha? declared
? quarterly dividend of per ent, payable April ?
There ?rill ??? ? ? ?,...?;.. ?..?? ..] ? ? right?
??it ' ?,,,;., r Union next Thui der th..
f the ( ral ?.,' . ? l'nlon of Ne? -??? k,
th?? Central Labor ? lion o( Brooklyn and iho tfo
clel Reform Club Among the speaker? announced
are Charles Frederick Adams. Henrj George, Ban?
\ ??! Oompers, Thorns? it. McOuIre, Rrnesl h Cros?
by nd Jame? n William? Path r McOlynn an.l
the Rev Di Rain ford may also sp? ik
Corporal Pogarty won lhe shooting handicap tn
! Company ?;. 2Sd Regiment The name? :.n<i ?r-ores
of th?* ?rlnnera of Ihe ten ? as follow?:
Corporal Poga ly, ".?. Privsts Brockett, JO; Lieu?
? Buck, ?'?;. ?'.?r-,*-,i ,? Bayles, 87; Private Blay
tor. ?i;. Private Orsvllle, 9%; Private B?rget M
Private ''. Levii I ?" ? te Weeks, ? snd Pri
v.l.. a Levine, f.i Compsny I?. Captain Frank
M Anderson, has mad gemente; for nn en?
tertslnmenl to be held in the armory on M.lay
il Plrsl Bergean ?. ? Doublrday, of Com
pany B, h a" beei ond lieutenant of Pom?
I ? ?.? ci.
.* trill ? ?nterl imeni al the toh Regi?
men I Armor) on Friday evening the receipt? from
? ' h >\?'i ??? devoted to the fund for th? en ? on
'f n clubhouse nl Creedmooi Be le? rei mental
parade, there \\i:i be exhibition drill? by several
. ompanl? and ?> coi I ndei thi ? on of
? master Oowley The i-ommlttee I? making
greal effort? ? ? make the affair an enjoyable one
.\r ih? nexl review of Ihe Mb Regiment, which
iv 111 be held In a r> m weeks, a handsome stand of
? will !?? pn ? ented io Ih? ? ommsi d bj the
Memorial Committee <>f the Orsnd Arm) of t,?,.?
Itepubl li been di ded that a part of the
meni ?111 go to Bo (on ? tin guest? of the
? "harlc - lown Ci deta on Bunkc Hill Day.
.' m ir? h 11 Mlaa N'olile ??. Emens, of Byrscuse,
? v. died fn,m gastroenteritis In Na? ai nd
? hi r.? on li ilp Niagara
?trlki .*?'??? ??,,. ? -iMki.
u pi . ?. ?. .,,??? until t., ?' ,?. ? ,,, -(,?, t.
iv* ?ron nil their strikes In the large
? ?trike '..?. ,i\ win h? ggalnsi the?
?mall ? ' ? i Thi ? ???:' p esp el to ? In In I?
than forty-eight houi ? essful striker?
??.. im bevi received sn sdvsne? <>f M per cent In
ectlon r.f antique and ?? ? ilntlngl
belonging to the I bti - Barah M Simboli, .,f
Cleveland, ?rill be sold b. ami.on ..p Thursdsy an.l
Pi .: ?) . . nina t th? F fth Au nue Auction
Roomi ? rifili sv?, The collection, uhi, h
Include?, ; iucb stilata a? Reynolds,
Oalnabttrough Metaeonler, Romnsy, Titian Ram?
brandt. Tenters. Corot. Troyon Ramas Daubtgny,
Dupri nn.l DlBS, w.i" ? 11 hs?ed bj Mr? K:r,i|..ii|
?riti ? ?. nt< ? ? of pr entlng It to the prop? ? .1
museum of 1
?.rgntii?e.i Ishoi nt? ested In the coa
lemplated work -.f changing the mou,? ?..?.-r of
' h?? sixth and i- Ightb av< ra? Um 1 rom I
power to lhe undeig round t r ?. 11 ? - *. a< thi meeting
of ths ' m 'rai Labor ' bien iti Clarendon Hall v.
i.i.iii\ Delegata .?.,?.? t Pallas aald thai the work
?riliCb the G??,??a? rom, my will rio ?* ill rSgUlrs
the ?eiv.cta of probabl) 1<j,?.?;o men, and be moved j
Corset Department.
anal Floor.
in Rallisti-, Coatti and Italian flotti
-Spring importation.
James McCreery & Co.,
Twenty-third strpet.
Broadway anil llth St.
???\ ????????????? i\ tripf: ii thf*
PI ne ?? UEI'I orroit'i'i If ITTI
reu ??? "??? ??? nom um sskl?
frim 7rti?. p?r ?ard.
l\r;n*I\S. Ipedal MnS ol ?? paiter*??? an-i part
fiere?, ?., gio?? oui freni ??".??. ? ?* yard.
Elegant Bsaertrnml ..f Rt'QS and mini,? CAJU
PBTS, p ?de up from odd piece? ot varie?? ayaSaa kl
nil Ilse?
?????????? Wei? Importation?; china ?nd j?r?ne??
Straw, fr^rn e.'i.r.o per roll of ???? rard?
n hj. STANDS .'?> dlffereet Btytssl
(.-???? HT.r.ai. si??.????, 91S.M ur te g"0.or?i *rnr*h
d able.
Sixth Ave., 13th and 14th -Sto.
that the C L V appoint ? i-nmmitt???? to welt on
th?? Hourd of Aldermen .?n<i .????? k Its aid in having
?ho rompeny employ union tn? ? in th?? undertak?
ing. ?? ?? (;.-ii? Pellas, ?VoMeie and Johnson will
form ?h? committee.
THK ri.l'.V \? l'I? l? M t.!'".,!> Bt'ICIDE WAS ? P \ K Kit
?' INDENT 01 BF ?'???G. -
Th?*? m.iti who area eruahed to death by an uptown
elevated tr.-im at the Twenty-thlrd-st. station of th.?
? |i ? .\... road Baturdny afternoon was Identified
? ? lay morning .is Edward .1 PoUam.sk, a baker,
forty-five \? ri old, who lived al No, ,'?'*!? ?Saat Elev
??nth-st. The Identification was made by the man's
daughter, Kate Pollamck. There Is every reason
t?. think thai Pollamck committed eulclde. li?
nt ??f work t?"? n- ui three mon thi
been out of work for nearlj three mon tha. About
,?. month ago hla arlfe opened up a small shop fpr
ti,?? sale of miscellaneous simili wares '?n the Bret
tlnor of th?? place where the) lived, and the -.!?.?????>iis
?if th?? business helped to .?k.? out a lu-mu for the
family of man end srtfe snd four children Not?
withstanding this. Pollamck became despondent at
Incessant failures to gel avrk for himself He
would -.'..ilk up and down the Boor al his honu?, run?
nlng bis fingere through his ban?. He would lake
til? a newspaper and st..tt to read It, an?i a moment
l it? r throw Ii down and begin bis ?r.im?? back and
fori h.
He left th?? houM about !" ?'?" o'clock ?Saturday
monili ? In as ?..???? spirits as usual. He did not
?ay where he \\??-^ going, bui sire Pollamck >\???
???1 him home si luncheon time, ???? did noi reiurti,
indilli wife wondered wha-n h? a ?? though ? ho did
not begin to worrv about him until night. Yesterday
morning she gol hohl ??f ? newspaper with th?*? cor?
ren description of the man who was kill??.! on th??
elevated road, and she sen! her eldest daughter,
Kate, to ths East Twenty-second-si police station
?? tnak?? Inqulrle? ? bou I the case The tiri was
?nk.'n over to th?? Bellevuo Morgue hy ? policeman
nnd recognised her fat her
1 . >IL*KT> in \ CAPI : SEI RIO
The four-oared racing gig of the i'nion Rost ("lub
of Uarlom put sul " ta thi boat ?use In flerlem
-.. iterday * ?re? agalnsi time to the quarter? of the
Valen la Boat Club, In Hoboken The race was for
ii dinner, wagered sfitti the Valencies several w?oks.
.?,?.. t is ? idng en a of the latter club was to have
ma l?- ? similar atti mpl again ? ? tn? . ? tiling for the
Union's quarters, bu! ?!: ? not dart, ??vain*: to the
kneas <.f the Bret lieutenant, Bmll Puchs,
The L"nloi ? ? ?? led I ? 11 id on by way of Bpuy
?iii Duyvll Canal. They found Ihe river rough, and
i?v the time ? ? I res hed Pourtrenth-et . Hoboken,
the gig was half full of ?a.it.r. The swaah from a
Ise .nil?? ? the frail craft off Ninth?
-t. and ? te ? ? arela Harry Ward, calM la hla
rew toBwtm foi the th ?ra All ob? yod es epl Thorn?
. - ? ? ? rr ? 11... 11. the -.t..k?. a io remained clinging to
? ? to look after the craft, which Is entered for
the n? \i ?? .? itu ? ??? ".u men r.M led eh ?re safely
a hard ? aim. and ran hi Iskli to I w qu ?? tei ?
"! the V'alenala Boal CI ib, where ine) were hosuti ?
?I) received snd furnished with drj clothes. Wiii
i.itii Matthews sn?! Prank ?Doyen ol the Valencia?
i?ut out to Heffernan'i rescue m dingle? They
found itm almost exhausted He ara? seni i?hon In
??? aofj . Il gli - and the s - aai ? iwe ? In > ll.ihi*.
k?'ii Tb" 'e? ?- ?; ? mu ii damage ?
I RAID ?? I "/.//7 BABY" CU ?.
l'"' ??#? Hughi - and Hlllmen, nf tb?? F.a?t On*?
?I -ui?I fourth -t station, y?-t.r,l?y ,ift,.rnnon
?? ??!?? a iai? .?n the Harlem Ll'erery ''lui?, m Nu.
tu ?:..?? ??ii'-bundr. l-and-eleventh-et, und nrr??*^,?,
Antonio i'uiiii". thirty iti reara old sad twenty?
? ? Its aha were drinking ?Seer and
Purlllo isj ? thai he Is the presi?
dem ?? ?'??-? ? lub He hat s rharter f? r it but the
harter gives no specified sddrese Purlllo and the
othei prlsoi ei ? will be afralgm d in the Harlem
? 'oui t thl? morning.
Are yon thinking of purchislni ?? l'imo, or a
I'luiio gtool ' If ?,.,. .1?, not fall t? consult tbe little
advertisements in ihr mm.? eiltunaa Som? foud
bargain? muy I.a? found there
Trimmed Millinery Dept.
2d PI nor.
A Grand Assortment
Trimmed Bonnets and
All tlio latest Paris Novelties for
street and carriage wear are
shown there, together with a large
variety of choice styles from our
own workrooms.
Dress Goods,
Miiln Manir.
Children's Trimmed Hats
for School and Dress Wear at
very Attractive Prices.
Ladies', Misses', and Children's
Untrimmed Hats
in all the latest and hest shapes.
No larger or better selected stock
| in the city.
A Sale of
Millinery Ribbons,
A most attractive gathering ?of
foreign dress fabrics in the newest
weaves and colors for Spring wear
46-inch all wool Scotch mixture?,
75c. yard.
?i?-inch all wool Imported Covert
Cloths? latest fancy mixtures,
1.00 yard.
4.3-inch all wool French Epinr.
1.25 yard.
48-inch all wool French Canna,
all leading sharles, -^
1.45 yard.
48-lnch all wool Fish Net, all
leading shades
1.95 yard.
Black Silk Grenadines.
An immense line of these popular
and beautiful fabric? at price.
ranging from
75c. to 3.50 yard.
Main Floor.
Taffeta and Moire, 3 1-2 inches
19c. yard.
Also a large assortment of Fancy
Ribbons-Stripes .and Checks,
25C. yard.
Imported Novelties
Fine Flowers, Feathers
Aigrettes, Jet Ornaments, Etc.,
At Very Moderate Prices.
Main Floor.
2?."?GO yards Japanese Wash Silk?,
extra wide,
39c. V*!*j,
\v??r?h ?,'???.
Twenty-seven incli Black Moira
1.00 i*l*\,
Black Satin Brocades, Elegant
1 25 yard;
eeemteOraW * Worth MS?
, I Printed ?Japanese Silks, one yard
" ' wide, beautiful quality, new de?
75c. v?,
Sixth Avenue, 20th to 21st St,
Piano benches and chaira; stronir,
slender beaotips, in qiik-i designe
proper for ? In? room where soond and
siniyilii'itv reigns.
Music cabinets in rich array of
woods and styles, ^-n?? popular design
with shelved cupboards ami an upper
partitioned rack thai opens out,
pocket book fashion the perfection
of convenience.
Particular people care just as much,
often more, for beauty ami quality and
correctness as for price. Mayhap
there is a thought for von.
"buvofthe maker"
Geo. C.Flint Co.
43.45 and 47 WEST 23?ST.
TT?.? tendency nt prier? f<*r petrol rum 'ii* las' week ?-.is
downward. A ?trtke en Elk rortt, Tyler County. Pen??,
?ra? aerotnsanled with s heavj fl ??. trhlch, ho?r???r,
\ m ? ? la In Butler ?
Pean., ?rere met ?ritti ?\ run "f dry note?, and tbera ?tas
,? rdlngly no Incentlv? t?? advance operations bsyead
.... present well defli Th? Indications si** th.it
ili.? m? nth will elee? ?ritti ?? ??li*. I tlon ..r somerhir?; ilk?
:.?. bbl* t.i ih? tupply ?bove ?roui '
Ths partial retun ? of ? * im*? front March l to
17 lei irtera to ti"* ietti lach ????| ar? u t ?lie? t:
? tal Dally Mar h, ,'
bbl* neraae. ISM
Run* . 1 .V? 4. T.?. 90.219 MUM
silver!?? . I.'.T'.'4'.I W.TS3 T2.202
Exeea? runs. 162,2?? O.sie T.wo
Chart?? . 90?\<?? SO. US 13,131
lt?fin?*i p??**j*leurn closed a) OSOe p??i rall?n in barrel*
an.l 8.80c In bulk ?f Xe? Vor? l'hilnd^lriiu price*
on a t.a?!i f> poir.i? low*i ? r?*lsn quotati ?? ?rere
? ? 4:.??.?.?? G-*;' Imperi?! ->'?? ?ntwerp. 1??\ frane?
p.*r ?<?0 ? il? ??. ami ??**? ??? ?"? SO mark? per ? kilo?,
?nx .?? *sn ?ut!,
Henry A Daniels, M, D.,
1*0 W?*l ?Sth Bt.
Imp?lrm-n.? nf ihr Nerv. III? lySt?IB. IrapoteneS, Slerl'.itjr.
?ni like ailment? RtWr? S 11 t, 6 to ?!
? RunrlM ??? Bune.1 B;1B ?a nrtsespmll 81 Mt*4Mt'esf?'fl*l
? M Bandy Honk lOtlS Oo?r. Island I" '.? Hell r;?t?? ? '.'I
i'. M Bandi Hook ??:?*0|???. Island ???? Hell Oat? ?2:5?
Veesel. I,m?.
Mendota .Bwan?ea, Mareh 2 . Mai :
Schiedam.Itmaterdrra March :: ?????? Amer
Ht Enoch. R Herd ? March ?..Ko tn-1 rran*
t'impania.Uverpo I March in . r*unard
<"il? ..Hull. ?,.?.?? M.Wilton
hi . -iiriii.-rt.in twerp March 7.pj
i.ivmpia. .. ill? March ? tn
Ni.iKiir?.? . - ? ? Mai h ??! ...N Ta Cuba
Po.itabelt?.si Kitt? March IB.Qiieheo
I ,??..? .? ?* nvllle, March 17.
I . . ? imi ?an? .. Hat re, Man h 11 ? ?
Ci lu ?'?1.1 .?,II.1.1 . ? . II llamo inter
I Uho . ?-?? ? v' irch ?'? . Wll? p
rm m. ?? . Col March It Pal im ?
1.1 Sorte.??*? ml.an?. Mar.h IT. M ...,??
. i'r*ol* . ? to Orlear?, March 17.
??**?? !.,-? . Rotterdam, March i1? .??<>?? .\??? ?
Cuf, .Liverpool March 12 . .Wall? -?.
? furane? .Havana March IS., ? ? ? ?
?? la . Ht Lucia March II. Lamp?n t m ?:?
W irdsworth.Si Lucie Marcii II. Lamport a Holl
?? March I? 1? I?
Orinoco . ? "?' ? li .Quebeo
?? ?ark.....Antwerp, March IB Red Stai ?
l'alati? ... Hamburg Mai n il .. Ham ?
li ree) . tt. . . Swans. . Man . - Bristol
Taormina Havr?, Mai. h ?. ....... ; ? *
. ?? ber* si ?..oli March IT..Lampen fl ?
i. ?. . OalvestoB, Mareh 17. Maltory
Mate of California Olaago? Mareh 11 .Allan-Stata
ido ... Hull Mai h 9 '?*
Man ? ? . [tamburi Marci 9 ..Ham*? \m*t
Vlsttlnti l'i . IInvitti,!. M.r h 20 ...NVA Cuba
Vessel ?? - Ua? Mall? ?toe? Yes??! ?eue
aisoaqula, Cnarleeton, Clyd? l*e?pa*
Tl BSD Al M ?R il -i.
? ? QlntfO? ??.- h ? . 10?? .v m II 00 ni
Her?? M: em n N C l.l.nd ,., 7 0." a in I0*t*j0 S W
? I'. t A'iaii?iM .?Inva.iiiali. S?? ??ni oli. ?? <<? P m
Itell?rd?-n Drasll. ete. I.ampert A Kelt. 0 30 a m 10 Of? a m
o?rm?ti Knie?, Par**aa*M?a* Prmoo lii?o? ? u.?on*
Tribune Bird's-Eye View
...AND . ..
25 Cents a Copy.
Can be mailed, in .1 roll, to anv part ef
the United States, postage paid, for the
St Paul, Seal ... : ... i ~
?>.??? ni..?r.d. Antwerp I: ? .; Star. I'????????.
. I,IWT|? ??, '???>.,;
; ? ?. ? - ...????,
Ha* ina ? ? ,? . ,!?.?. 1 :???. ? ib
Philadelphia, ?.? Ouajrra, R-l 1'.il.?v? a m
, ? - C
?'? Sol, Na ? ' ?ri? ?; ? ??? in
. ? a
. -??a
?. "'ra
... - a
3 ?.-Jpa
?.-.?? or ?p? '?Th. g? n;-\v MAitrn :?
ARRI*? ??
L'nlted stai?, a?..??. , n ?;? ? arrtrH ?t ?5
???..? ?? ? :?.. ? ?,
ithampton Mar?!? U, ?A
' * ]\
*i ?.Il
.-'???ini??: ??? ?'a?i!, '
1"T il ?? , -d -.'?: ?te
Vavitai ?
30 alia) ?
? Ma ? ;
:?? ?. ? .
I Ymi\?? ! .i? ? ? ' *??*4
M Ba*i ml "f thl ?
.-?.??> ? ,? ? . ,-y S?,
with n ? Han . ??**.? *
? . . ?. ? >. ? at 10 ? m ?? ?? ?"-?
? ?
"--- ' ??*?- ? t ? - - r And* If*? '?:'..?.?
28 ind Ila tre M? ? O eteet?
at*? ??,--. 't r* \?p?*|
al Ih* Bar ai 13
Steamer Peu .? i Maral
? , ti ? a
M il
? !.?? .,??: ? , "? M*?*?
Vrrn. d
11 *l
'.' In I-ili
Bla WIM? Ir- ?? iidj .lir?. Mil li ,???tildi,
March il with 12 p.? ? ' **h|S*
pina end rradlna ?*<>. Arri? ? ???_,,?
.-'..?.,??,.?; ? ? , . ***??a
md? ? .? I | ..--? ? -
) . \ \ rf??
?Brilli I ? .
Str.. "*'***?
, ? . . ?. ? ; ?. .minio?
? \, *? r**?, A
? r *
- ? ,. M.rv'ft *
?alili more ?? ?1 II ? " * **"? *?
\ Bar at S P ta '."?? mmm?
?hlp ? i Oak?* R?kh1 - \ . Ma? IS ir.! ??J
? .? ? ? ?' ?' IV
?,? I ? ? 1' ?? '-':? ' "<?>?*?
?'" "HI I _?M
\ ..... r?? Wind ??*?!??
I ? -wi??
r uMS l"?*
n uiiv.,1*. sa
Chip !
i? in hallwi t ? \
. ??.. ? ?
? F . ' ?"
? - .,: ?- foi : mor?
? ?????"?.
? ? *
Bart ?.??.? nee ? ? il ?' ?
l.'Kl"'.N ?TORTI
BtMSIir l'Mil'ii* ? Bri, I
???? ??: lt. m '.?'.-.?:.. ' -.Vi -, '''?'",",'. v irPO-lL
? ?nul? ?? M.-K..?. S-? \ r'*/'.;nM';1;1nU?
M . | n,?l ..'???'?**?
' "* ' .maeeemm t?
ind.ni ?Km '?? *?"??"
*, ? ? : ? ?d Bra '??? He* ? Mar, h .1 ?
S' ''t'' ; ' ' ?. -? "1
i*hrl?ilan?an?! .'''? , . V.:*?!?.???
Hte?mer ?? ?? ???. ? ??? ? ' ? ? ..-????
..?;!?.?! ?? ? ? Ito Mai '? II ?, NV, V?rB *?
lirai M-ir.-ti 2?> Ywlt W?
BtMin.1 I-. i*??* '*??* '?'" 1?? It,"f N
rive! at Hill'? Maren 2! M r?k <jr KUaa,
Bteam?! Hindoo Ht?, nou?!?*?, ??*?-?"??*? ??
pao???! U.? Ut? i* Wi?ut March ?l.
n. !';*vr ?!LS
rk la

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