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H. fc MA8LIN, OF E. C. PTLAUNi* ? CO.,
tfliv A TOLORSD i'*i ?? -i.V. ,c 1'?.?."?pp?*?> t? ?
RLA'"K ?&?? G?? CTCU OP ' ? ? ? t; t;?
?a ???a?t man ?\? a ??a nvr-iN':?s.
Another cycling season has conic, and still the,
<]-.?estloii of the advls'l'lllty of enamelling bicycles
In colora ss much ?Tatscuss?**] as ever. *tVhea ?
r st.... . i Ce fewr years sge first set the
fashion In this oountry .?' enamelllns In ooiors
there were many who said that ihe ides would
Ve sheet-ltred snd that riders would return sooner
or later to the sober Mach which h?J pre/called
lip to th^t timo. It a;?perns, however, that they
wen not tn ?? prophets who foretold tin? unpopu?
larity of colors for any one who ha? attended the
cycle ihowa ? Hits spring could not have helped
being Im pr? es? ? with ths fact thai colored snsmels
ait iniT ii-? I this season more, freely than ever.
?. ? Masll of the Btearns rum. was asked
shoul thi ? ? ' .. ? ? representative of The
Tribune. Bald Mr, Maialini "We have found that
for ? ?;???. ? enamel Is steadily in?
creasing, ani the percentage of colored wheels
?which we will put out this year will be larger
even tnan last season. I can see no good reason
why bicycles should not be enamelled In M bright
colore as tho rider may desire. Certainly I think
you will agree with me that In watching the nro
?.esrion going backward and forward on. say River
side Drive or the Boulevard, on a pleasant day, tho
?presence of so many colored wheel.-? makes the
?- ? ? much brighter and more animated, and cer?
tainly more Interesting. Any one who has fver
ridden a bicycle will concedo that riders take as
much inten-st In the different Bakes of wheels
as Ihey did when they were email children In
making collections of stamps. If a certain make
of wheel has a definite color It can be distinguished
es far away as It can bo seen. If the rider Is on
a black wheel, however, It cannot he distinguished,
except by .lose Inspection, from any on.- oi half a
hundred different makea A bicycle rider, sa a
rub?, takes as mueb pride In the make of his wheel
es ,? horseman doea In the pedigree o! hla mount.
nnd it is therefore not surprising thai he
want to own s bicycle, rarhlch possesses some definite
distinguishing : --a t u re.
"1 really believe," continued Mr. Mselin, "that
th" bicycles of the future arc not to be enamelled
In black, but In colors, it will certainly h<? ?-., If
oir own experience counts f..r anything The yel?
low Fellow is known the world' around by that
and v??? attribut.? Its popularity as much
to it-> <(..1..ir as to it? strength ani easy running
qualities "
Mr Ma-lin Is one of the yount-er men In tbe
bicycle business who .s rapidly toreri ng his ?
to the front, and his tsiiiness abilities are gen?
erslly recognls? I sing up t!?.? entln con?
trol of both the estensive bicycle and hardware
his ? ompsny, upon the retirement
K. ?'. Steams, Mr. Muslin has shown ex?
ability o! ord? r Th? ? a la no ?
of the im. bllshment with which he ?s
mlllsi ? I l I? grasp ..: the ? ? .?-?? I
is compn?: ? luslve. in his business
oda ???. Maslln i- aggressive, n was through
him that his house wi the flrel American
ran i.< gel ?? foothold In Europe and in Aus?
tralia, und li Is througb bini thai sn ? st? naive export
business with Bo a and Afri.?.. ;.- being
worked up? ile waa the originator of the trans?
continental relay race, which caused so much talk
lusr September, and he is constantly startling the
trade ?.:?. original Ideas, Mr. Maslln haa w..rk? l
his way io the head of the business step by step.
by l.is owi energies and ? therefore, entitled m
e'i ti.e ? -..in The sccompanying hslMons
is a good likeness of him.
' to g to ih? Ini resse of the work of the Notional
Cy Board of Trade, u ha? been found nncssssry
to ??-? .?-? larger oirw-s. and ihe headquarters "f
the Board will be removed to Koom? l.tll to l "Ml
Ir?. ih< ceni Bank Huiuiing?. No. 130 Broadway,
on or about May 1.
fcn Crai - ??. March 8. The following a ?is?
tra ? ? sp< ? ? isj ed?. ces ' ? re basen t, ? ive?] her?:
A* the meeting of the League of Victoria Wheel
nr-n. h'dd at Melbourne, February My the match
between ??? fnst Ayr "Billy" Mat tin. of America,
and ths Colonial one-mile champion blcycl ?, ?? ?
I.fwls, over three ??slenres, ore, :cn nnd live mile?,
tr.rk place. Lewis won the match, capturing th?
?-!?*? and ten n; '? :. nd 24:40, re?
spectively. Ma n'a ne for the ? mile ia???' v.-.i?
Util. Mart! Ions ri?!iim,
wa? dlaauaJifled bj ?J foi two years, but
will a;e - \ ? ?? crowd was presen! at the
ynat^h ;.. ??' ns of money eh
hands ?? ??? p ill races were run in
a rainstorm d ones l?ewli has also
bee-j suspended i...- th? I.?.?i^?.??, pending an Inves
tlgatlon over the mat? h ra< e
a? the st Klld ? Melbourm
ruftrv li. Lesna, the Prench rider, lowered the
Colonial record for the paced mile to ? mil
pac., the rd? hi Id bj ; \v ?
being 1 min. ?>.i se. ? lie Kr? ? ,,, .
?o with 'he ? ,,ir,!,?,il ? -, -. ind ?
flvuree to 10 ? '? i-nille to 20
min 44 sec . 1
o??' ??; mir ' ? 4-5 si ind ind I I
? r ?? ? -
- e
Tho Amateur Athletle Uni ndsrreetllng
Champ? m?!.ir4", ?he annual contesta wh ch lasl ? :r
wer?? decided st ' Iquare Garden, srill tin?
jeer :? ?? ? The nt?
frill e t the An na, Ii ty, on Apr,? ?,
2 8?,? ' ? , ??: iphians will h*. ,e .? ? oppor?
t.mlty of ??? ihreo nights' ? sr ilval of
f.^,- ? pf which has rarely beei keen In
ti,). , ,,.???. Athletes from all parta of th*
?? ? hell mi- mi?.n of ? nni
?tinc. an le g made to loi ft
'II . ?
? (?Bot No ??<*. Philadelphia, long in
advance of the ?? ' ? closing the Hal
At la??? year's s of the moal success?
ful in the A A I'.'e nietory. there ???? ?
eight entrisi In tl - ' boxing and
-, In the G?? ? ? ? -?ling
m pioni and presen hold? re are
?Ming- ?'?.1 p-ur-*.? * ? ? ?1?
pr .r -?, 1 ...
Fvn- rperi ? M' ?. A. M? Inta ?j. ?
> isa * ? ?? - ' ::??t. y ? A. ? /n ?n ?
geurr ?? ? ?
I ? ..-i " A ? ? ?"j ' ? I m* A. ?'.
il '? I I I I 11.?. I
a ir.. ?. T v.- pounds. unr -
pi '?? -???* a. (.'., and 1U sil r- ; inda, A man.
&?y r.!-?s? A. C. j
The ncr. ? bronghl by the Kectn Oermsn i.iovd
steamer Kaiser Wllbelns lo ti"? ?ffe.-t thai tbe
at-amcr Tansrevs had mad. a ?ieiir*i to her that
was Interpreted as mcanliiir thai she hid picked up
sixteen of the crew sad psssenger? of ihe ?rrecksd
Fren, h Btesmer Ville de ft. Nat-tire wa? received
with the grestesl Interest and ??>>? by the publie
yesterdsy, Those who bad relatives aboard the
11!?fated steamer were naturally much excited, nnd
Ihelr snap. ,s?* Will continue until the Tanaretrs
reachea Glasgow and the name? of those rescued
are cabled te ila country. Counting ihe four
res.-lied'by the BChOOUer Hilda, twenty person? SIS
now though! to bave been ssved from ths wreck,
..f cuir.?-? ?? 1? poaalbls thai a portion of the
other? have all ? 1"? n picked up by som* outward?
hound vessel which has noi yet been spoken by
any ?rsstwsrd-bound vessel, po that the list of the
saved may i>e ?till further augmented, bul this is
thought Improbable,
T',e Tanareva la not registered In Lloyd's ahlp
plng register, but she is a British tramp steamer of
2,1;?.'. ions, and her captain's naine Is WeStOn. It i?
not likely that she will arrive. ?| ?i;.i?|*ow much
before a week, so that It Is Improbable that tho
details of the rescue and the names of the rescued
Will reach this Fide before next Saturday or Sun?
At the Hotel Martin yesterday it was said that
Captain Uerry was still improving, but that he had
not yet left his room and that few persons were
allowed to see him. !t is understood that neither
Captain Kerry nor tho other survivors will be al?
lowed to make any atatement for publication until
they have formally appeared before the French
A picture is shown herewith of the bicycle ambu?
lance to which reference has been made In tliis col?
umn. It consists of two tandems joined by s light
tubing as a framework. Between thetn a Stretcher
is placed, which can be detached nt will, bo thai a
wounded man can be lifted from the ambulance and
THF CYCLE ?????.??G?.
c-irHed Into the hospitsl comfortably. A canva?
lop ?hoped 'ike a tent, afford? s perfect p^o-eciion
from sun. wind and rain. The net weight of this
nmbu enee Is 11.". pounds, end ll can be easily m.in
aged and run bv two men I? I? designed for ur" in
armle? ,v well a*' In small ciis a and town, where
the expense of an smbulsnco with ?? dr! er snd
borm la too ; I
The autborltl? lai Bl Fi mele Xavier*? College in?
p '. ?1 and malldous
lhe charge lhal "Mat" Halpln, of the Neu fork
. 11 ..m : ;. in for train?
Ing their alhli te 1 : ? oll? ge suthoi I tie? ? ??
i. to I t ?? r Atl ? nlon
tnakltig a rli ? llgat'.on of this ? ha : ge Hal?
pln has beei ?? ? Bl Fra nel?
Xavier'? t'ol nterest*?, and ne - ei b* fore
? ha ' he la anyl hing bul
.-,:, an item Ma press the b ??* Iba!
lhe committee ha Investigation in ?
will m< et ? ind annoimi >? .? dei I
There waa s Ian M isle
Hall yesf.? rnoon to h-sr ine ?; ? Dr. A. t '
?, ...... of Brooklyn A rhorua of sboui two nun?
died voie? led by Professoi .1 11 Burke aid ss?
? lera fui nlshi ? I e and
?ntlphonal 1 ? feature of 1),.-? meeting
i>r ???. n- "The* Msgnstlsm ef Ji
??\ve ha?, heard - he asid, "sbout
? ? indsrd ...
?1 ind ird. 1 ea 1 the 1 lo? 1 indard li 1-?
th. eros? ?tsndsrd II Christ uplifted ,' ? 11
th. stsndsrd ? ' " ?even ans, 1 ?., ? .
: ? The way te
, ? ? '
? ? ??| fin the ero ? Lei t!,e libonns
m ... Ive C '?. n ?.... m io ?"
? .? ? et ? ?' ? ? ? ' ? ? 1 ..
a 1 1 hi anxloua
;" ?*l er p*or* tbsn for him.*eir anr*
' ' 1 " ? in ? . e/e, ' 1
' hip ?nd in- e
for the ad u . - ,? r ? ..' , ,-nmnr->n r ,,,=* ?
D,Ar' ?"" ?1'"'hU?K "r **u?*bssini ? nana, or a
Plano Stool* ]f ... rio noi fall to coni ?it tho little
sdver!?*eni.tit? m ti.? narrow , olumos Some good
bargain? may be found thtre. ?
M'T.ri** PARI hi: iiMiNO a ni ?? t ri?WHAT
?"KLL-Kxnnv n? ?*. > mt*n ARE ??"???
Poubt nnd in rertalflt* have taken the pla<-r> nf
the confidi p-.-? thai prevailed in the minds nf the
trainers who affected to believe thai the coming
ohnmp!on ,,f ih? two-yenr-o|d division ft'"? In their
?table?. A Week on Ihe trark liai upset some of
Ihe piar? in nie when fasi yearling trial? cause,!
owner* nini trainera ?'" i"ic themselves with delight
st ihr proa peci ?.f ?rinnlng the creai iwo-yeer-oM
?take?, .lulu! ,? ? ? r ? : . who bsi fourteen two?
Odds In hi.? stable, ?ollloqulsed a? follows on
f-aturday; "Tee, IWO-year-OldS are nil right when
they win. imt who can tell when tli*j ate going to
win'.' That Is ?? (inestinti timi ha? ciiiis'il ni'? many
sleep!,??? nights, nwiiic to mi' ntixl-ty to filli lll.ils
infine anybody waa oui of bed and m d.-dRe ths
lout?. Men l? ? heavily on fast trial?, bul trials ?if
two-yenr-olaSs are ? delusion, i?? nobody can lell
what a two-year-old can <!?? until he has the colori
on his back and races In a flehl of horses, ? hare
bad snni?? experience with youngsters that have run
fast trials which I li??t on. and When I found Ihem
trembling gad quivering with neraousit-esa on th??
way to the post ? knew my m-aney was gone, other
youngsters who would do only fair vork hav* been
so full of life and eagerness on the way to the i-ist
that I knew they were racehorsea with tha ?Olor?
on. and were winners when pined against flashy
youngsters that run fasi trial?. G?? wait and see
what my horsi ? ara capable ?f doing in ra? "" before
I piale?, or condemn any of ihem."
? .) Joyner*! horses attract much attention, as
they ar?? in superb condition, and WOrh quietly with?
out the least sign ?( nervousness.
Morris Park Is rapidi) becoming as lively as if a
race-meeting was only a week of,?, t?.
hern no f :<l trialfl up tn d.le. bill , w.l-mlllUI e-:;,i il
gallopa fir als furlongs ars of frequent occurrence
The principal stable quartered ;.?? Sheep?head
Bay i? James ? Keene's, Thomas Ore ? works
froi*i daylight until dirk. The Keen? horaee are
. grand-appearing lot and the selected ones are
above ? he iwo-year-old at ? rage
William Lakeland is Well Satisfied with the
I'll;:??? Winged Knot lias ina.I.? in her training,
and ?'' she continues tn do well in her ?irk the
II. ? t filly is likely m li- --?a tn Kentuck] to fultil
ha r Western engagi ma nts.
A? the Brooklyn track routine work 1? the order
of the di>, although a few horses Intended for ihe
Washinuton meeting ? " ihe HennlnRs Irak are
being seni a ion;; ,u a stiff working gall
Mutt hen Byn el i- hidden away at ?'ape charle.?,
Va . where he i- baling up mystery for use ?t th??
gl thai are '? \> held In the neighboihood
Of lilis eity.
New-Jersey i? no longer looked upon a? a factor
in the racing world, as het Inhabitants are blind
to the great n ?? ml ;"? - shs pi--? igei as Ihe Am?? ??
?. m ceni ? nf racing end breed ng Nearly J'rj.''?"?.
COO Ii Invested in raring and breeding establish
ments in New-Jei tl ? -?. sadly in need of pro?
tection from home pirates, who foster trust? and
gold brick" Industry to the detriment .,r a
larpe numi"!? <.f worthy and dtfservtng citizens.
The Fltulmmons-Cortx ; battle gavs th?? betting
fraternity something t?? talk about The general
verdict rendered is thai Corbet! la the Keenan of
the pri/?- ring,
? ? issaull on James Hurst. In Thlrty-fourth-at .
o:i Friday night, has caused any amount of com?
ment. Mr. Hurst's awuaintances, who are many,
?!? : re the outrage Many men go armed, while
say; "it I? dangerous to walk Broadway
after midnight, for if you are sautted and
knocked out the police are likely to accrus you of
or seni.? other -rim.? ?G you fall llltn their
hatnis after the rd'1'??- are through with you."
It ?s singular thai Hi* most su tcessful thief
rati hers on the for.?.? ar.? p,umiline lonely posts far
uptown, while the heart of the rltr seorn.- t0 v,e
poorly prot? ted. A well-known police oiflcial aa
Burtsd the writer that a new school of desperate
thieves has been formed since the Central office
began to send on; men who cannot distinguish .?
thief from a si ickbroker
Frederick fJobhard, lohn o. Follansbee and
Sydney Smith oft??*, set together and lalk about
the prosp, ct of ra? Ing
Reperti fron*, the leading breeding establishment?
Indicate an unusually large crop of yearlings io be
gold ? irtng th? coining sea ?on
David Gideon ? exr-i ted to arrive In thu eitjr
April 4.
George v.. Smitu Is on hli way East.
? ilonel Thomas P, Ochlltree i- In Washington.
1)?? Courccy Porbes ?? in London, and will r.-main
in England durine the racing ???ason.
Pox h all Keene has been unjsually successful in
the hunting Held si M? Hon. England, and gained
the admiration of 'he Britons by i?is ski.fui, fear
h sa riding,
I'd ward *>V. Kelly Is an expert with I ?imt ruh.
Seventeen ??;.In an hour i? his rp?-or?i at Currl
tu.k. N. C. Mr. Kelly's friends hope that he will
not p? rishln-i. ?
An air of suppressed excitement pervaded the
Tenderloin precinct in the early hours of yesterday
morning. A tip h;.d t>?< ? Bent OUI that ?Captain
Chapman had obtained warrants late Saturdi.?
afternoon and contemplated a big raid. When ap
proached upon the ubject earlj In the prenlng the
?".iptaln looker! WlSS ??**?* Winked Significanti*-.
Better be sround sfter midnight, something; big,'?
confidently *.?id ene of th" Csptsln's pet Hawk
thaw? t.. a reporter.
Throughout the precinct the up wn? rapidly
?prend. Extra picket? were thrown out around tho
Newmarket snd other well-known resort?.
Just before midnight there wsa ? m>?.terlou*
"official" . onsi II itlon a t? ? en the ? '.ipicin ???? his
wai . detective? A few momenti Ister Capi li
chapman snd hl 'c. wltb hat? pulle?!
down ovei ? ? .? ?.? snd ? ???.? collar? turn? I up,
Bled oui of the statloi Bergeanl Dal) who ? -
Bt the desk, i . ikl I | I .11 I id had 1 ISlOP I of a big
night's work
Half an hour passed, end then sn hour Bui
there wsa no newa t?'".i the party. Finally lhe
?.?.., ? . ?.. . ? he approach of the
officers Th came slong Thlrtleth-sl from Bet
entii ave ? ? ' pman man bed proudiv .?.?
th? I'j.i. Next . ? me Detective ?Voll with ? large
roll of src-'i cloth under hla arm Following P?
? v. '..?f . .. . ?? ? ' ' . in. 11 uni In one hsnd ne
I s mysteiia rs. ? bile In ihe o>her
lie I.mi dl?he ; a '"iu?* fi Ini pai
.' arhlspei il ?? f ?: ? ? ? orten "ti.? ? ?
? ,. hss cl? ned oui the pi ? ? .. id '?
? . .?? > ? hing with ? m?
Bringing up lhe real wer? ???, mor? detect! ??
s ??), a diminuiti .?. badi; Inoffensl?. ??
looking Individual between I hem Aa ihe panv
lo the eta - ? ? enl Daly looked
up expectantly lie started ind tl ? I oked ? ird,
| "V* hi?'- ?
*? gambling '?.*?* returned Csptsin ''h.pmar..
pr ?udl "These gei ? - .11 ?oon find oui th ??
' ? m't conduct theii fai.? business In thla
??.. . pu drivi ?-? ?-. ? ? ? ? of them oui and thai
I . ? ducting a
I .? ?? , ? ? nty-slith *?? ?
? d don ?. hin l ar.d raptured hi?
bank roll snd his en tiri
? ?*?)? Defertlv. Hunt nodded approving' and
then .nd'. ? .) Ih? ? ? ? |1.' I' wa* ? pile of
ten? ind live? nickel ?nd dime? In ??? smotintlns
to $1 H ? ?? . 1 -., ?? '*.?? -?? Boul* y ?
- ' : ? ' ? id ? '? ? ....... tha? h*
Ivfns a ? "im ?? the ddresa where the
raid ? ?- mi.!' r'reqtt? I ,rl**i I? ol his ? ailed
ii.d the Pren h nun hav? h-.n playing ? e-eenl
l.mlt lac,Aral
Captain '-1.? ??.?!...in learned of the gam? snd da
This Store and the Public has taken a great impetus
from the events of last week. Thousands coming as
visitors to the Millinery occasion last week immediately
j became customers.
The Upholstery and Furniture shared success
with the Millinery. The march of business this week
will mark more progress. This mornings Store News
is important?there will be more to tell this evening
and to-morrow.
PARIS NOVELTIES. Fourteen newcomers join the rich collec?
tion to-day. Only a limited quantity of a pattern m these aristocratic
textiles. They come?they go. An ever-changing show. Apprecia?
tive shoppers are quick to claim them.
Ciros Roman?the acknowledged master of the art of textile printing.
These beautiful cottons get first showing this morning. High-art
printing on filmy cotton fabrics. Original, dainty, with a remarkable
harmony of color.
19 styles of Organdies, 3i5c. io styles of Plumetis, 50c.
These machines are standard in strength.
?quality, durability and finish. They are
strictly up-to-date?'97 patterns.
When we started Bicycle selline it was
in a regular way?we expect to stay in the
business ?permanently.
The arrangements for manufacturing were
made under our own trademarks, with one
of the best concerns in the land. Special
bargains, job lots, left-overs, hatvt nothing
to do with our regular Wheels.
We charge only for the Machines. You
pav nothing for agencies, fancy advertising,
losses by instalment payments. You get
honest, standard Bicycles at square dealing
low prices. You can buy the Continental,
150, and the Continent, $37.50 only here.
ilsseiiu-n t.
has been open just four davs.
It is a place to enjoy. The Oriental
Room is restful. Tapestries and various
stuffs, lie about with contusion that is art?
less but artistic. It is much like a studio.
Reception dairy.
Business is the end and aim of it all.
Stuffs are low priced and high priced. A
knowledge oi this stock of ours is essential
to an understanding of the economical pos?
sibilities of interior decoration. Walls can
be ni.ide beautiful with French stuffs at 50c
a vard?very wide. Similar knowledge is
needed if voli would know textile elegance.
Repairing and re-covering of old furniture
is a rapidly growing interest here. We
have workmen that restore the old finish.
We have Tapestries at every price that re?
place the worn coverings, lor instance:
Heraldic Tapestries.
Pattern?; with rampant lion?, $1.80.
Pattern?, with casque and closed visor, $1.75.
Patterns with armorial beami,;?. ?.88
Patterns with Griffin ? test, ?11 7?.
Proper l-'urniture Coverings vary from -?1
to $3(i a vard.
the time for them. We have a great stock
of imported Linens, made especiallv for this
purpose. Some can be made at $12.50 for
a set to cover seven pieces of furniture.
Others cost more.
colorings at $1.25 a pan. and they are
remarkably cheap. They'll go quick.
Light other puces: $2.?5, $2.?50, M.50, ?XX
$6, $7.50, ?$8.75, $9.75. Colors are soft,
the highet grades have silk stripes. Also
just iiyht lor Summer houses.
'third floor. Fourth mrnnr,
Artistic, cheap. 500 of them came to
us in an unusual way. Thus, thev go at
little mote than halt theii accredited value.
Only well made and carefully finished
Underwear here. No trash. The tl nest
French Lingerie is also here, but that is a
separate story. This is of the best
American Underwear.
Ot muslin, trimmed with embroidery, 50c to $1.75.
< ? cambra, trimmed with cmbioidery or lace, 75c to
S'2 7.->.
Of nainsook, trimmed with ls?fS and embroidery,
vJ 7,', to ?10.50.
Of cambric, trimmed with embroidery or tace, T5c
to ??2.
Of nainsook, trimmed with embroidery or lace, $1 to
$8 ?5.
Of muslin, trimmed with embroidery, 85c to 85c.
Of cambric, trimmed with embroidery or lace, 35c
to ?:'..
Ot nainsook, trimmed with !.ice, $1.78 to $?t
Ol musiin, umbrella ruffle of lawn and embroidery,
BOc to $1.75.
Of cambric, trimmed with embroidery, 20c to $2 75.
O! cambric, trimmed with lace, 50c to -53.
??a?cond floor
Very interesting news concerning these.
Certain well defined reasons for their grow?
ing popularitv?thev are healthful, durable
and ornamental. This accounts for the
great variety shown here. The large num?
ber gathered, in turn, makes the economv
which is apparent in the prices.
???*? stvies of Enameled Bedsteads with
brass ornamentations; price, so to $16.50.
?98, rrgularl) *A
ll.ail', 87
??"??, regularly -*1 25
.51 .".o, regularl- |2.M
83 50 regularly >l .?"? regularl? %*}
I?, r-gular!, .1.
? heil sott . olored light add ? mui h t?> ihe
decorative effet I Of a room ?>; hall.
lin???-??**? t.
With best quality woven wire ?pri:ig attached, brass
knobs, $5.
With best quality woven wire sprinjz attached, brass
trimmed, $7.
With bow footboard, best quality woven wire
springs, brjss knobs a:id brass top rails, in any
width from 3 tt. to 4 It. 6 in. inclusive, $8.75.
With best quality woven wire springs, brass knob??
and brass top rails, fancy brass tings in head a?id
footboard. %9M.
Inch and halt posts swell footboards, brass top rails,
brass knobs and brass caps, lancy ornamentations,
best woven wire spring attached, $18.80,
4o st vies of Brass Bedsteads, from the
plainest to the most ornamental in design;
prices. *??!?! to $100.
3 it. 1? in. wide, in best quality of lacquer finish, very
ornamental head and footboard, cast brass mount
ings. Xto
A it 6 in. wide, best quahtv lacquer, verv fancy head
and footboard, cast brass mountings, $32.
3 It ? in wide, bow tootboard, cast brass mount?
ings and best ?]ual;ty lacquer finish, $35
After Bedsteads-CRIBS. A large line
of them in white enameled finish and brass.
$8 to $42.
In the long past the greatest retail Linen
business in America was done in this store.
I'lght W* mean that history sha!! repeat itself.
Only pure Linens are pcmiitted to enter
this stock, and great cheapness constantly
marks our special offerings.
Unusual Linen selling going on these
Spring davs. An economy in the offerings
that appeals to careful housewives -they
don'l v. .mt t.-? miss it. Do you ?
Al "??i yd Irish Datmatk, 88 in wide, fut. bleached.
KimOei a KOrt of ?"ratty p.ittems. 75c under or?
dinary ci'.umstance-.
? '.'>. Scotch Damask, 88 in. wide live good
patte ns Splendid q isltty. ino*? white.
'; -1 \?" DouMe damask l.ible Linen*., bleach???!.
. ? -. de S-tveral dainty patterns. A ^teat
bargai 1
U 81 25 yd Flemish Damask, sevenl new amd ex?
clu? r* patterns; ?ott and mellow finish, Full I
1 ,?* ?.?, de Be n.1 iiutly H-M.hed.
I f'onrtli iiifinif nnal Miath mtrret.
Successoi to A. T. Stewart ?5,? Co., Broadway, Ith ave., -^th and inth st?
rlded to step tl ?- ? result ? thi determine tlon, .
Suii'i ?? morning'? ? nderful rstd ?rs? eseeute?! I
i,, .if-'f. ... ?;?.?? eeterda Beul? kl e s?
.:' irs-ed b) Magistral.
???'??^???'*/?'**'*'V-?? "* I " "r^t**Af\ "V -*_-N.-?^ *?*??**.**? ?* ?* - !
?tLH?W^i -CM ?,????G?
. "\iMi:.\. !.**', w H ?.".?'? ;?? , MARCH G. ,
Th? ?'?*".:?' ?learner? DREW ,r,i DI ?.:. ? ICH MO: ? I
??. ? O'.i G??? 4i n h tool ? imi ?. ?' n V M rtaiA ?
..*-.|G?.?? ?> ?pt??4i mi!..;?* ! ? ? renn* llena urlili liais? I
? ' I ??*?.?.' -i'*l unni h.vir f-f I
.- ? ? ? ? nei ? - *. i' ? ? ' ". ? 'i?!.', 01 11 ? ? ? -?. - ? ?? r ??? '
? ? r?es< ??? Urea dell' ?> G ? ?v?. .?..!.
(? ... ! . it* ? ? ?? ? IBI
BOATS >. ? f -? . f ' nrl>'-ri?r <?' ? ?, |
a?j ?'. 0 J m?. . nn-iiif nife U 4 ? 1.
I'IM.** ? ?N LINE V-?-' I?^rli st. n-iily 4 p. a?..
?^ Bai arder? ?.? ' Sir? Baldwin and Retner, f. r Ote?-*
..,:: s??burgh ?'*?- ii*ini.'irc Mai Milton, G'-?'!?!.
k*?pai? Hrda Pvh, Eaepuj KlnsaTon fonnitMIng ?viiti
? * G> f H t ?'.I ->e!ni? in ' ,??..:?? MsuBlslas.
AMM?i;i I. LINI". .**t???? ?*. |.*.ne Pier -M.
N. R feel Franklin Street, for ?>?n??on ?, West
Fo.-it, . .?r? Spnrg. Cornwall, rtlhklll l.atidlr*, ?nd H?*
burg \? ? *k .1*.\? ? ? M .*':: 'l.r '.? A M
\ ?.\ BO?ND IXttRS
BTONINOTON LIM:. ? u ?-i.vnii-.r?B irom Pl?*r ? ? ?.
? ???. k ali >\* ("anal ?t . we?!? dai? onl). St ?t 00 ? M
NORWICH UNE via Se? Lenden. from ??? ??. M R.
? ? . i.-.hr. ?-?? ?? ?reek ?tara only, al 9?? ? M
KAI I. PtVKR UtfK Via N?*"l* H ?ri Fall RI??.. ttOOt
G..? li S r: . too? Murra* .?< . *.<"*k da*? only. ??
S 00 ? M _ _______
?E\V HAVEN l'Aio:. Il; ExTurnloo. $1.50.
F*.' m??m?r* Isser? Pi?r ?ER Patlv iflundara
???<t???*?.?1> 1 ? M ?n.t tt ?aMnlgW ?.tivin? in ilm* for
Irais? lo Merld?n, Hartford. Sprlnin-l? and peint? Birth.
Ehrich Bros?
begin? to-day nnd in connection -with Mire w?
Tire to dir?*""? ?itt^nti'"'ti to fli* following nniifto*;
offering of
W? have had th? rare good for run?? to
seeurr rli*? products of th*? *"o-ijp*.ri?'vo
Lac?*? Si-liool?, ?t Rrazzn. TaaJMgWeX Mar.
cgna-'o and ?tOr-Hfe?,
mar Iilinc, imiy,
g ThCSS famous rhooli,
founded by the i'?.r,*>
fa.su C'or.i dl Rrniza,
recti-rcd flirf-p of tin
highest award* at ths
?Cklcago Exhibition,
nl?o <'o!(l Medals
wh*rerer el ?e exnl?
bited W? shall pia???4 on sal*? Monday,
Mareh 22, in our hrli'-a-hra?? department
irhlrd flour?, and rhe following day?, aa
unequal!?1?! exhibit of tlWM ?L?CH and
hou.?e Liija-n?. They vary in pri?"?*? from
.1 yard for I ?a?-e. made bf the children of
the schools, to th?*? most Mpcrb R-nJ
Spreads nn?I Sh<v-r?.. Pillow ?asa?,, PIU
lows. Pin ? usiiion?.. TOWCSS, T.ible
I.iuon. Tray ?"o\??;??. G??..\ li?-?. ?? . as
also rar?? Dkm Hacm fnim lbs S? hoolt
of Kniaii'i. of ??ii li H'-r Majesty ths
Queen of Italy la Hono^ry tPmMssjfc
All tbtt? Laca* tn suri ?**agpr<rfiii?tk>taj
of ih??' mn-t irttetl? dCSlVTJM of ths
Ronaissan???'. such M ar*? immortalz??d
In the paintings of Durer. Van Dft%
Titian. Raphael and many othCfS.
W'f ?^ordially invi??? a risii of m-p*?N
3??2?G?S. -??3-?.
Is dally servd in our "Ar.r.-'-x'' for th? m.
fr**3hir.ent of patron.?. Many of our motrt
valued cu?tom*rs hat*, availed thera?
?elves of this new ami popular servie?
sine?-? Its Introduction, and Sre ? ord:a!l*f
Invite all visitors t* our ?'.r?*? to narMe!.
pate T?-a Is served IxrtsrstB th" hours
of '.)W and S G. M.
Sixth Avenue and 23rd St.
?/ 4*_k where you will?of *SH
?Ui rider, dealer, mechanic, they fU)
frY will tell you the ?urne story? ~^
Hn1 Steams bicycles are above *&?}?]
? criticism, poisessing more ?**?
T\p general grace and ?iesirable *TV
K) qualities, such as beautiful yiaj
?**?_* lines, stylish color, ?ghtoese yg\
112/ yet ?perfect strength, ease of \yjf>
rtmning, than any other MBRf
bicycle. JjJ
Finished in orange or black ?)
at your option. In full orange /?Nf,
It'? called "The Yellow Fel- ~
Sec the Tourist Special at
ifXV. Tinkham Cycle Co.,
|Wf New York Agts.,
^"? 3o6-?io West 55?1 St. ^^
?? E. C. i> re ar*;*?? ? Ca, flBj
4KJ? Syracuse, N\ Y. JA
tV? ur? . 1-arir,?; our our ?nl'r? ** ??S Of
?MC ??? :.i:.i ?\? \ ??? p-worn Bicycle*? aal
are ?????? ???.ut valu?- (or ?cur rr.-n.*?
It pav? (o deal WHh a r-ep.-:-,-.r:- ft:n
4megs th? let are ? r?*?? ?-:. ???? ti epeM
ini? Hl.'.vlft* that w? nave la.?, ri ..1 trad?,
refinlshe-t Th?m and Bas?e r.-^a-lv as f o?
a? n?*??. A ??-on.I han?i s?-,> ?-!.? ? '? wcrth
'hree "nh?ep" wheel* other* S?MI
from Credendae, Columbia?. Han! '??
Cresceste. Erlea, Qen4i a?. Vici ra, War?
wick*, Libert ve ani L-nell?.
A. G. Spaltung & Bros. Spa Id i ? ?*-? id well Ce.
lid-130 Xaeseu S;.
29, 31. 3.1 W 424 St
?m pany
cycles - Wmtm,
D Caeh or li ?tal?
BICYCI.ES -F.i-.-ai?*? fros? ?J0.SS_SSj
lent?. Cell at 3IS Rroadwar. ?*? Tork.
Pubhc Notice?.
rOTICE. Ertlniet***?
forni?* h. ru
_s ?prue* timber. under .'--.utraot Ko, ."-77
reeelved hy ?he I*rartm.'nt of Pocha at Pt-ir A
Piare. North lUrer. unni 12 e'etock Weos. Ma.... - -
?M F'.r full par?!.-.lar* ?ee. City R?dert ? *-*.<** **i
?ale'at Ne, I Cttg Hall _
will h?
h 3C"h.
ICE.- ???? p.piu'tmont of DodU rfll ??-U
MKIe svetter?. Mar.-h A?. IS?:, ai l2rt-l*"- M
bulldingiv ?t?*-. between W litt and O?"??)?*,? 'FV
and on tn* ?ame dar. al -' crock > ? tn* ura r
?*\or at 34th ?tree! and Ifth avenu* ear eu ?r? ?*?
??CUT Reooril?? i'?tai,?ue? ?vos asslicatiea ?1 Pier "A.
W. ai_
?^rOTIi'E.-Estimate.** for preparing for and ??
? nlrtag ?nd wt4t****ll**g '" ; ?, ', ,;1. JL" , UKV ???.'i'ion
tract f.;!. ar.d for pr?vins 'Vof ?rUa? ?dVrwt F B.
?tructu^j*?^^? -?:;-?:? '"<>?'? i>r?.?.-???-;?
under i-.inira.t .?..-?.** 1^ _ r until 12 o clock
5?"h_? ,Ay,7 V-*'^.ll_partt-ul*r? .?? City Rtcor*.
Copie* for ?ele at I
T4TOT1CE Bfrtlmit? ? Il l?.* r.veive.l by tbe
, VV..I 1*1 il --' ? R *"?*?"? wntrset ??***??*
Citi Hall
liepariment tl G
?Vnir?. ????_,
M uro li UV l?*
Park? Arfen?:.
????????????????????????? x',,vJ ?;?*_______,
?_F\..T> Bll-S Vm'KST?MATES. with the
s Mtl. Of tt? ?t? ??*? ?'<? ?*"1'" the b!dder ln*f*lg*
?,, ?. r? ?IVI 1 1* f PUB.''
?'?G"?? ? . .?-? ? -?'???? ?*? ? '? '??!'rh't?^?
G??G??, * ,>?.?*?>' P_fW until ? ?'
.n.a V*?f*ti n\-?l?'l** ? -Ml?G?I ' ?G?* unni -
?r^lSstai >'-:'? -' 1S>:' ?* ,h# W
,?-H-k P* *??
a log n?m**;
No. 1 F?*n ? iiMsiiiNr. and 'm't.iwrivo
NO 2 rOlt Pl'RNIgHINO ANI? nr;;'*-Rl*?I
GRASS SOD ?''? HfeRC R?Cjl'lRCP i>.\ TIIK l'\RKg
for SSrUewlSI*? ?e* "?City !*te.^rd "
,V-*?? * ? - -?.?*?????-??*?? ? --_ *w?\^V?,\/V'\\,V,
DUAKE. JOHN H. la l'tiiMi:. .
ot Hon Ohedtah ? Hewell Seit ???? . ._ ,_
ot Oiana* netl?e 1? her*b?. ???-? to all par* n. '?V*??
-la:m? a?-a-.n?t J.hn H Drake, late ef t?ie ? IQ ef *?!??-<**
toen. Coviti of Orange, ?Wceeaed. t.. pretesi the ?a??*
?ritt ?o'ifher? thereof 10 the ?ul*?*r:her ?t :t? pU?? '??
ir?n.?? ' ?? bu?Uie??, Ne >0 Pr.vail??? m tfl* Cltr ??
New York. <*n <T b?for? the l.v.r Ja\ . t .1?. a* next
G?a;??1 ?a? Vork th* 7th day of r*?.*emi*?r 1?<M
Miller. P??kham A pmM\
Altornev? f.ir nSCWI *r,
el Tlroa.?way. New ? ?
................._................_????! fnr Th? BtB
vertiaement? received
r*?rular ?me* ra'f "
Slat-el , unti! 9 0^ roMtA\ -
vrtiaamen?. receive.? St jK-gSS^JS SS
IT'Y ^^'^.?""'?Vh'-.ve'.cor **&2&
av? . ? e ,-w ?n ?
eth-av? ?nd l?th-?t j ?2 Columbu*-???? _n**, "j' f.
tt . IM We*t IM ?t :e?r rtthav? 02 Ka.t ?4'?^ ?r*.
West ?SS II . Ui??n ft?* ?"?1 *-'h ave* '? *-"<u? ?
?t . 1 ?,??*-. 3.1 **' b?t??*en 7?"th %?? T7th ??? ' ^o E
ava. near tJUt-?t . I.T0S t?t *?? . n?*r ???.?**' ,, ?_
tv? near 4l?t-4K _4) 3d-??e 210,,^??*l', ??? ?*
ni.*eok?r m ? fais Sd.av? ?*0 E*?t ?9?L'*i-^t A???..
S*-*e ; 2ftn? 3^-Tve A?. Am?tfr-1am-*v* *y* ^?JZ?
14S Eut idth ?t ; 203 u??t i-?th-et.. SW ?h-e.??.

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