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betwi:::n- raun ??<?*???? am? rrvi trocbamd
VOM'Mi:s i.VY??I.v:--.i? ?VHESOC1STT I.IKKLY
MUfOC in TRI ?tt?t*??..
Tho Philharmonie* So ->ty has rk idol tO preaWfll
its musloal library lo tin? Hrooklyn lnstiuite. It
I? not yot detlnltely known whether the gift will l?t?
received in time for tho opening of Ui?" new build
Ing on April 13 or not, but there la no doubt th.it
at MOM Mme taring tin? ?o.ns??. o.' Hi?' opening
exhibition the Philharmonic f>ooi< ty frorks will be
part of Its profs rty.
Henry ?. MeldtHL prestrdeat <>r the Philharmonic
?.?.?..??\?. tr/aa :?.--n ??t hl? ?.??m??. No. W Columbia
Halfhta, laal night. He explained that Uio only
work? presented to th.? Institut?? WOUld bo it:??
Choral work?* The instrumental srorks, ha add? '.
wouM ri'm.iin ln His pirastSMlnn of th? BOCtety. Tho
work- ??.-. ?rent id to tha Institut? In ilude totween
4.000 ar.d ?,0?X) volutile?., nono of which are
manuscript work?.. Amotag (bam 1?= llandalasohn's
"Elijah." "Wa ?-.m't us? thes*? worts." exptalned
Mr Sh?*ddo**, "bul it won! ? to very o<*ce**tobl? to
tiie. Urookivn Institut? to have th? ?I ec Ion, .???
?or that reason it has been tendered to thorn, rhe
Instituto and the? eocletj aw working together, and
it will be laal as convenient for us to have Hie
works In their possession .?s not. But the Philhar?
monie is st::: In existence, and will remain so. It
will not. however, give many ch?iai concerta h ?re
after. The?? wer?? not appr-*dot<**d when they were
given, and the society will probably confine Itself
to orchestral must.? "in the future, in Brooklyn
orcheetroJ musi seams to be ?Iked much Letter
than ?ThornI music. At tho time w?? gave ehor.il
musi? wa had th?' finest rhorus iliat has over sung
in Urookivn. but ?t did not su? "-ed The real dlfH
cultv, I think, was ln getting members io attend."
B*n)omin T. Frothingham, secretan of the Phil?
harmonic t??1 'letv. was seen nt his nome. No. ]*?8
Columbia Heiihts. and expresse.l similar views.
K?-. said that the work? contributed to the Insti?
tute were mainly oratorios, although other works
?aero in, haded. "The lirook'.yn Institute ' lie added,
?'Is doing a frr??at and activa work, ?bile th? Phil?
harmonio Boclety Is quler ?ent. The Institute will
be able to uso these wotks, while the society could j
r.ot. and that is UM Nal reason of the _i:t."
The Rev. Dr. Loula Albert Bank? last night ?*<*
llv,-f.d hi? fa row? ill sermon us pastor of th? Han.
sot) Placa Method!?! Bpisco* il Church, The church
was crowded, and deep int. rot waa ? rl ? tod in tho
words of th? retiring paator, which were uttered
with great eoTTaeatnea?,
Dr. Banks'? subject was "The March of the ?/le?
xers.'' At the close of the sermon a lire?? number
of members of tho church shook Dr. Banks bjr tha
Dr. BfUlkS and his family Will ko on Thursday,
April 1'?. to Ck velami. Ohio, where he if tO become
pastor of tha First Method!?! Bpl? opal Church.
lie will prea-h his first sermon in that church on
Easter morning
Karew?-:; exercises ?rill be held in the Hanson
riace church on Wednesday evening, Apri; 14.
Addresses will then be made by the Rev. Drs. John
M. Parrar, Cori ... Myers, eodoro I. Cuyler,
A C. Dlxon, Herbert Walsh and ? ?. Ban
Bishop Waiden, Elder ?'hark?? Wing snd Johi B.
Summerfl? . I, th? . itter on behalt : th? church.
Dr. Banks was born In Oregon In 1856. He was
tho first ? ?r.-r'.?.:..i. to be admitted to the bar and
one of the firs: to be ordained to the ministry, ln
the West he filled pulpits in Portland, Vancouver,
Boleo City ? ? 3 itti? Thr? .? years ago he come
to the Hanson Pia? ?? church from th? l ' rsl Church.
Bosi : The Rev. Dr. Charles L Ooodell, who
?ucceeded Dr. Bank? as pastor of tl
will probabl] be trans?? ? Place
Chur : l>) ? tppi icbing
Dr. Banks has been Invited to go to 1 Ils In
May as iseioner for "Th? H?*r
al'l;' fai : fund, with ? fleet ol corn ship?.
Ha i. is not deckled to a? eapt
Y. sterday was another superb day for cycling
the third consecutive fine Sunday- and all the roads
in and around Brooklyn were filled ?rlth Wheel?
from morning til night. Only thoae who Hi
late or went too far I 1 ri on to r?
.. tfall a Ughi rain began. The roa,].;
were ln fin? . save that they were some?
what dusty ef -i nine or ten days of dry weather,
Aa usual, the Cyc.i Path attract? i l .? gi
s, bul every smooth way bad al
li aal i fati
? Qui ? traded many, and
it was a Ltlsfaciton to Bnd Glenmore-ave. In fairly
?;? ?? ., ndl on was fir t
ta'e, for tin
?nr an.
to ,.? ? :? th? aunt dowi I tretch?
'??;? ' th? road la thickly covi re i
? Uh plecei :. ??ton?. from the ils?
walnut ....
nove : ? ' ? t li g the* are
to They ore ?. gn
is ; thai m u j ., was ? ol
ettered It needs ?
Depart? ? en to
lersto ?iti ind?
If so, :.? ni e-Js u vlg
There we? : * ,?.-, but i? cam?
from such a quo. ter ?
? ? rotura trip, whether they went som
Many of the ?v; modi I? W<
. and m oontraai t, their spick u
seai*ance a boy attracted ittentlon on ?
I In the Park by
srheel, much tl ? w,.i ie for w?
? p ?, as th?? ? an . f pari
?: broki ? b ? lea attested, mil ? > serio
?ere reported.
?.???1 BEACH
A runaway acrid? nt. in whl? h Harry Squires, son
?A Assessor Atosoci (squire?, of the Thirtieth Ward,
had a narrow escape from being severely injured
and perhaps kill???!, oceurrod la Bath Beach yester?
day afternoon. The hors-, which is a spirited onl?
mal, waa being driven alone Tw?*mty-a*econd-ave.
by s?i?iir?s, and at Botb-or? u become frightened
ai ? passing troll??-? r, Iqulrea tried to <-:.'-rk the
animal, but it dashed down the avenue until it
roach?*?* Crufpey-ar?., whan by a sudden turn u
Beat**** ?throw him fr..m Um wagon, and barely es?
caped running down tw?. women cycll
Mounted i'..ii emon Mc.y, of tho Twenty
ninth Preclnei s earl at I he ?? Irne, gai e
eboae to thi runaway, bui i: was noi until it
turned into Hay Nineteenth-st. m.d tn?
???..? -? broke that ih<- borse waa bro ighl to ?
?tnndstill. Tb? breaking of the ,lXi? threw ?
over the dashboard of the wagon, and severi
?tnnders carried him Into Mitchell'? Hotel. Medical
Busistanee waa summoned, but Bqulrea if ?gras
found had ?escaped with only a ferw Blight bruises.
Mayor Wurster denied yesterday that he had
either publicly or privately mail?? any statement
which could be construed a? S??taming that he In?
tenda to veto tho ??reater New-York charter. The
statement hod b?*n published that the Mayor had
already moda up his mimi to disapprovo the 'bar?
ter, and that aothlng he was likei?? t?-. bear
at the hearings gooa to b? h?J?l could niter his de?
cisi?n He soy? that he h.i? toen exceedingly rare?
fai to give out no such Impression. ?
Would be lmpro;?er for him to ?lo so a? this I,in??.
N<?ws come? from AVashtiiKton that S H. Chttt?****
den 1? a candid ite for th? phi..? <<f Maral OHI ? r at
the port of Na-sr-Torh II Is ph?'1 that Mr. Chi tt en?
r?es baa toast in Washington for Min? time urninir
liis e.'aims. and that h? has with him th.- Indorse.
: iVorth Bllas B Dut cher, ? ? -Mo* ?r
Char!??? A. Seh?? ren, 8heril
w?;.! known Republicana
William En.ir: Napi. r WOfl the Championship Of
tho Braoklya (*)???*? Club on Baturday .????? ?Ing He
!e only 8lxt????n yi^trs <?1?. liis opponent v? ;..-. G. C
Brecklnridge, ?nd 'h<- Anal ?? im? I ted for nf;y
ivur Wsaraa His to'al ?wore was s vins.
DEATH OF ///\7,T /.. D?B0I8.
Henry E. iJubol?? dt??d suddenly on Saturday niKbt
at his home. No. '?at, Cert*Al-eA II?? was in.rii in
Ncw-Vork City, and had dve.l in Bi-ootslyn f..r
t>?lrty year?. About gg***aatoss*a y?ars uk> to estab?
lished tin- firm ol Henry Dub>t*4a & Sons, dr?Mlgera,
of wMc? h?, was still a mamb? r whan ha d?ed ii.i
was a thirty-third d?-gree Mason, and belonged to
Clinton ?5omrr_n?lrtr?' ol Kjngh-s Templar If? wao
alivo a. m?-?.?? r of tin- Wlon of lbrr..,! and of I .??
Knights of Honor. Ill:? wif.? and ihr.?... ? hlldren sur?
vive blm. '?... H..V. i>r. ?. .?. Lyroon, of the South
Congregat 1on.il Ohurch, will offlci-U? ut tue fu?ara!.
which will take placo this evening
'?* ?ur? "iTiifr ?.?(,, ?-*****
No member of ths CXXIat Legislature of New?
Jersey has attained any more distinction for his
Official SCtS than Ass.ml?!vniiin Il-iiry \V. Cl.-.l
liill. tho aiitli-T of the Bicycle Btn?? bill, which
is row awaiting the signature <>? Governor ? Irises
tn mske it ;'. law.
When the wheelmen of New-Jersey decided to
make an effort to obtain their riRhts. they were,
for a time, In a Quandary as to whom they
should apk to Introduce s bill providing for the
carriage <?f bicycles ss trnggage, Finally, Chief
Consul Klreker, of the League of American
Wheelmen, decided that as lu- vu one of Mr.
GledhlU's constituents l e would go t ? the Assem?
blyman avi urge him to light th.? battle, At
that time Mr. Gledhlll had just been defeated for
Bpeaker of the House by the very elements
which would likely oppose s bill of the nature of
the prop ?ed measure, bul he agreed ? ? intru?
dili?, the bill, and presa .ts paasaga. How well
he worked is evidenced by the fact thai tiri?
li?., asure passi l the Assembly by sn almost
unanimous vote, and the Senate without a single
vote being recorded against it.
Mr Gledhlll was born In Pateraon on November
0, IStH. Aftei studying al Princeton, he entered
the law office o? William Prall, In Paters in. He
bei ime a counsellor-at-lav In 181)1. He ?as
elected to the Assembly In 1810 by a majorltj of
J.7L?". and xvai re-elected last year by a plurality
of 5.464. Personally, Mr. Gledhlll it- s most at?
tractive man, with s tendency fur "kicking" a
virili?? tlia? stood him well when the Blcy? Ie Bag?
gage bill was In th-. hands of an unfriend!) com?
mittee. He Is a greal fax'orlte In Patet ? so?
ciety, and is a mi mber of the Hamilton Club, the
leading organisation of thai city.
Peterson, Apri! I ?B ? '? ? friend? of will
lam O'Connor, wli ? ?? i laic County Jail,
?, ir cases of highway robbery. are
making deaperati ett rt? to weaken the State"?
by Ini mid ting I alinease? against the
Koiir men who were hi Id up In one night by two
men hav? ? i O'Connor as one of
Lakes, who w is hi Id ???? ng ? srith
? ?? iiv fr,.ni Patei ? sta?
tion last nlghi ? . ... ? ilio?
mous note be ; ? ' re ?
? w irk, V J.? Mai . I, '97.
Mr Kinon: I beg to Inform yot m are
mist ik< ? in your m 0 ' If :
ui on ? -i'i '? vo ' your
own ,?? t, as wi
? ? s. take
war: . .
SIki.iI by thi . March c.
Jf you fai
rid? ta Pat? re in p any time
? ::i;y HE GAVE ? IKE.
Judge Predi ri * Guild, trtet Court In
Newark, haa a ? ....
Bart? is. thirty .? ?
|I8 from Ml?? Mary A. Lubkeroan,
yean ol I, aa an unp lid b ilance ol (118,
rt? - aa] Ml? Lubki rr.- ? on Instal
- to buy an ei rteli had
. .?. ko, and the worn ? , e of?
fer s mo luring
:. ? ?. Bite
finally dec led tha I not mam Bartels
? ' ; him ?. . il the same time : lun Ins to
ins relatives $70, whl h hi leclared was ... ? lai
ei. ? irteli s? ? up 11.lalm ?if
018. and exhibited to Judge Guild a memoi
eon feased a re?
cently m ? Ie from memoi r.
V :.? : ? (Spi lai) The usual ?prli ?
est Are? are levasi I inds of acri
ble timber land h thli part of the State, and : rm?
. : are anxiously a ?\dr< rag ral ?. A Ore
'""?ar Fair! . ? led 1 rom ? ?? imlng
? ' ' rmhouaei ?? . . . heroin ilg iting, was
thrown oui
wag m by a man ft? ? lighting hit pipe Othn
' ' ' e been started by
tramp ? .?.. ai C? ntre Grove, and swept
'? wi nee Town |p, Fire also started
t?a- ' '< ntral Ral I roa . . ? m?, ? lirldgi ??
Rosenhayn, vept the wo Hands towai .
Mlllvill? turnpike, d. itroying tho ? r I?
? ' u ' ..? !i ville ??
" ring '..n . iok?" al Lake
oa ? y Lori ?.-/.?, A lame, ol \ Ini land.
Ketherwood, April 4 (gpectal).. At .yi Btrphens's
Episcopal Church this meriting, at the close of the
usual service and before ihe congregation was dis
mis???.!, the rector, th? ?Rev. s p. Blmpaon made
g m,.si . loqui nl nroyer ior divine aid in th?? Dree
ervatlon of the llf.? of General Rui? .lu?n Rivera
who Is now a. ?iris,,nni ol war in Cuba.
Vlneland, April 4.- John Conover, thirteen ? ?ars
old. a bon of William Conover, committed suicide
yesterday on th? farm of Frank T. Norien, near
Cape May "?ap House, He was employed on the
farm, and yesterday was oui ploughing In a Held
n?i! tar from Mr. Norten'i houae Th? I ij in?
. ? ? hoi ? and tl? ?1 oi
of them about thi top ol a tall fenceposi ami the
?? ? about his ne< k, ...???.
n is supposa il thai ?. . lad had been reitdini
account? >l suicide In ihe newapupera and decided
to try hoa It . , d be done, li Is noi 'lanari,? that
he meant to kill filmiseli .. there wu nun ?son
why he should wish to d ? The boy ? ?
'?i;,?''? -nd during ihe morning was
heard ? ingii ? ie plu shed.
- ?
Asbury Park, April ?(Special). Thi Baptlai Hoys'
Brigade will hold II ? a ... u il en? ampmenl i
city ?Jura,? ti..? month? ol July and Auguat. Be?
tween M and MO I . be i,, camp. Th? en
men?, will ' t year thi y
were at Cornwall, ? v. In charge ol General A
?' Kenyon,
"Camp ere will i ? k
this iimmer.
Should ' he rnrampn ? ...
lafactorv to ? ? th. mutter in ha rgv,
Il will become a permanent Institution, and win
here annu ilo noi only the memi ei of the
perenta and friends ol I tie
boj ? In lai ,;?- numi
Iflllla Zailorda, two year? old, ef Herman-ave.,
Guttenburg, dragged .1 kettle containing macaroni
!r.,in the stove, in her mother's kitchen, on Satur?
day afternoon The boiling liquid f>-ii over liei and
s.-aii).-.i her so badly that she died yeaUrdaj morn
Messrs. Tiffany and
Company s iarge corps
of copper-plate engravers and
printers, united with their other
departments of art work, present
an equipment of unequalled
strength for the production of
Wedding Stationery
individual in character and
Princeton, ?. ?'.. April ? The resulta of the re?
nn! midyear examination? In all department? of
in?? university wi re made public thla week by R< ?
istiar Van Dyke. Sixteen member? of the senior
academic eia?? received highest iunior.-?, ?? Ural
group Thej are: B, W, Axaon, it. Comln, W. F.
Beans, W, P, Jessup, VV*. I.. Johnson, .1 II. Keener,
David Magie, ji . L n Miller, F. .? Newton, J. ?.
??,???...u. n K Padget, A. M Patterson, W. M.
Poet, il y. Russell, Nicholas Stair, and ??. Van
deaf. Those who received second honor?, or sec?
ond gtoup, are: II, M. Beam, l?'. ft Brenneman, P.
it. Colwell, ??'. ? Cowan) C. J. Dunlap, C f Dunn,
H. K. Dwlght, E <'.. Elliott, Beward Brdman, J? M.
Prame, .1. P. Hall. R. L. ll.il.tt. IV. s Harris, .1
M un zi >>f, t>. B. Hollleter, A? M. Hopper, J. A.
Heven P. N. Jessup, A. M. Kennedy, A W l*eon
iinl. IV. II Liggett. Jame? McClure, VV. A Mc?
Laughlin, H. R. Miller, J. ? Moore, D I".. Ncvln,
II A Norria, il. C. Olcott. s. M. Malmer, P. B.
Piern?n, 11. ?. Reeves, ?V. A. Reynolds, C, >',
Richards, ?' K. Roys, E, il. Scott, J. Bmltham,
R p. Bterllng, W. A ?V. Stewart, II. P. Stockwell,
i: c Thompson. J. T. Ward, P. 11. Williams, A,
M. Wilson ai d P. ?1 Wood.
The Princeton committee hat d??clded to hold two
preliminar)' debates in preparation foi the conten?
with ? ,.?. Instead of one aa heretofore, in ordei
to givi ih? di' ' beti? ? practl ?.?. ? he. in I ol
lea a Hi be ??????1 ..n April - and the ? -
, ? ,i on April It Wh g and Clio halli will hold
the preliminar) ronteat? Imultaneously In each
hall, and then on April It will occur the Inter-hall
in Ali ?ai .;, r Hall, for the purpose of
,. g the Princeton team ? ? meet Y ile. A list
,,? ludgea has been re elved from Vale, and a se?
lection ol -!v name? arili Boon be made and sub
mitt? ? to Yale foi ih? Ir final decli Ion.
Professor J, Dun Bp< ith, of the Boya' Cen?
tral High Bchool of Philadelphia, addn d I ??
member? ..f the sophomore .-..,-? on Saturday night
on "l'arivi??."
At the annual business meeting for the eli tlon
, I officer? of the Phllad? Iphl n Bo, leiy, ; . u? cord
rrith a recent amendment to the constitution
of tti.? society, a Graduai? Advleory Comn
?. ? chosen to have general supervision of the
?octet) The following gentlemen srere cho
this committee: C. ?i i',.!.?? is of New-iork;
Colonel John J. MeCook, of New-Vork; Luther I?
Wmhard, "77, of New-York; Robert I. Bpeer, '?.
or New-York, and ? ? Power? Baller, '80, of
Philadelphia. The following un<W| ?? uluate ofllcer?
aere chosen for thi con ng \? .r: Pr?sident, A C.
Harvey, ':??. flrsl vice-president. H I.. U'yatt. '98;
.: : ? Idem ? ? McAlpln, ti. ?
nr. r. Matthew tawrte, 'M; librarian. R I?' S.
Rldttewny, M; r? ? retary, C II. Vail, '?<'?
I' G. Stew u". '!?. of New-York City, lectured be?
fore the seniors of the Civil Engineering Depart
ment thla week on the subject, "Building Con?
The "? "Prineetonlan" Board has been organised
war, Paul C. Martin, ':,s. ? ? ? editor; W
.'I McCombs, jr., .?? ? editor; Milton ?
? ourrow '98, business manager, Ive Lee, '98,
led Editor of "The ? arm:: Prli
with II? II. Yocum ireasurei The new board i.?.l<
, per on April I.
Mlddletown, Conn., April 4. Purtber elections to
lltortal board? ? the college publications have
!?- r, givi a aa fo low ?: "The Argus," ?. ?, ?? ?
P. c. Hill, P. I.. Pllnchbaugh and ?. ? Burdlck,
all from tA; ?' I- Henry, :??. haa been elected edi?
tor rn chief by the r..w board, and ?. ? >. Jones
burines? manager, with ?. ?. \.,??, ?M? aa aaalat
ant, ?'? "The Literary Monthly." 0). O. Oasmun,
"M; a S North, '98, and G. il. Bracdon, M, have
?,. ? ?. ? lected.
Manager Bobina and Captain *>?>????? "f Hie foot
ball taain apenl last Baturday and Bunda) in con?
ference Sfltn repri of the L'nlverslty of
??? ?.!.-?. ;? , l Hai ??? Ing games for
next 1 L'nfoi tel) Ihe dati ? open on n r
luld noi be taken by Wi ????> an,
lair the pi ibabllit) i- thai at least one game will
be played with Pennsylvania about the middle of
November, it. Phlladelphli Captnln Young :
reoted the team ti foi l| I pi actl' e and
Ughi work aftei thi ??? In? re ? h*
'l'ho dual track meet ?? tn New-York University,
scheduled for May B, In New-York, ha
. because New-York wai ? I itlsfled with
thai date and Wi ? ? ? othei The
Track A leiat Ion will ccept Yal? '? Invi?
tation to ?end entries foi their open ntereolleglate
at New-Haven ?? ?? . ?? l
The Olee and Mandolin clubt \v< r.? forced to make
rt trip t va bec ?use Yaw, Oui p
and I'.?.'.- v., i?? need? I for baseball work Two
concert? only wei ... la ? Wednesday in
ut-,?..!-.:? . r ..n Thursday al Asbury
Th ? baseball c indidn t?w ? ? ge dur?
ing the ree? dur praci In the
? ? Norton dui Ing Captain Yaw'* ?? nee on
Hep (lull O l'i the full t< am w ?
,, r.:?!.ai ?,? ? ? ,??.??? v. .? r ! Yaa Is making every
. ?? ?? to get Ihe team Ir? l,-h."1
? e game ? '?', ? ? ? ? <;.!.. Tli r< ,. captain
? year*? team, will coach the team, beginning
.'.1 :, 12
South Bethl hem, Penn.. April !.. Dr. Bern]
the departmi nt < I English, dellv? red the nftti l< cl
ar?-in the University Extension course on Tuesday
evening In the hall ol the ''.'trai High Bchool,
South ? thleheim HI subject wa? ??>.. u.. ? ,.? ire."
Th?? annual banquet ol the Engineering Society
wa? lu M on Baturday evening at the Hotel IVyan
<iott<?. president Drown and several member? of
the faculty ? t? present, with a large number of
upper das? mei
The Juni? ils will Btart for a week's
Inspection visit to New York on Thursday.
I .r. ? ? furlane pn ? nteil a pap? ? lief re the
I ?. ?1 Engtm ??? ? S I on Thursd ly on
"The Path of the Currenl ? ? Conductor."
On Thursday tl ? itlon Committee of tho
Pe? v?vanla Stat? Legislature paid ? vi it to tho
l'nlverslty ? I iblllty of mak?
ing an appropriation for it while u la In tern?
poi ? ? tin .;.- lai mt!,? ulty, oa : g to tha
:? nd by the Lehlgh Vail? y Rail?
road. The 'ommltte? thoroughly Irspected all Iho
? ? 'in? nt) ,. I in-' im'", r nd Wi r.?
Tl ey were entertali ed ? ? in . -, ? the
Hamilton, N T., April I all depart?
? ? ta ol the ? nlveralty wer? begun Tuesday,
Mm-. ? r a recess of ten da)
Pn Idem Smith, who we in VVatervllle, Mo., tho
greater part of ? -? term, taking g ?<? enforced
By 111 health, Ii again al the University, better, but
noi full] recover? ??
The Lasher and Allen prlxe essaya are ?1?? April
in Contraen ???< - from the senior ire
due May I The cap and gown are ti"? regulation
?lr? ?? ol the senior? thi* tei p
The nlghi of April 9 ha? been uxori upon a? tho
date f. r the Junior promenade thi j year.
ByTaeuaa, H. Y. April 4 Di m .1 R. (-trench, of
the Colleta of Uberai Arta, ha? been confined to bla
room alnce Tuesday, and will not be able to return
? ' I ? ime time, it la feared. Meanwhile
Prof? tor M. A. Peck la meeting hi aid hin
duties .. d< in are llvl I d Ln iwe r?. the ? han ?? H?r
and ? t. ? oddlngton,
The baseball team played their flrsl game for the
??? Il h a team made up
of professional players who >tay here durlni
winter Tlie ?-..?? was 9 to ? In favor ?.! Syi
Mr. Weldmnn, will ?..? with th?
for ?.?.. reet of the pi
Tha ? ata logue for 188 ???. ? ime from the
print? ? la ? ? hursday. Th? fi rm oi ?tatemenl of
?.? ., ? requirement! and of d
aas been malei r ?- [he mast
> thi ? ? th. erri t y
?. , . In the number of ?? i|?|? ? ?
Last y? ir the catalogue ?how.-d !*;:, ...
? . ? Announi : ? made of th?
In iiiltliin rat? Bi ?rltinlna next yen ? ? f?. in tho
' oil? .?? ...' Lib ??? ? Art? " 111 ,,? Tul ion >. ? and In
? Idem , the foil? .-? ol I ', \ ? tuition
ge ol Ufi
tuition, 8125, and ? ? ?,. ,,f
? . ?.., tu.!: m, BOO, .ui' . ?;
?? mori r, N. H., Api il ? The ?,.?, j 11 i ? i debate
for the sell tl ..i of the speaki t.- In the Dartm ? ith?
vvini.im.? debata waa hi ? ? ...? Prida \? ,??,.?,
:?. Tbe que tlon dl eu ? ?? sa? ti.ne aele.'ied Tur
th? Interpoli? giste d ? "R? ? rhat it la de?
sti ible ?? u municipalities In the United Si .?.? hav?
ing a population ol ?,??? ..r mort own ind op?r?t?
planta for supplying light, water and surface li
porta tlon." The contestant? wen Affirmative,
Oreen, Sampson and Tracy; negativi leelman,
Shaa m?? ? ? ?? iwn Tin ? ? I il competitor?
wm? si..??, , ,??. ?. an?! Seelman,
The la?.! roui ? in thi '? ? nlty whl?) ?
Patinent waa pia?c_ un March i.? The repreaaiUA?
?ta ,.? nu MU Tti-i? -I- O. f^,Y?8?tL "'
g-rSi-la.VnTni'??, WKK ;,"
? 1,. . Ill,.?? ,,f "Th" i.ittlll'llltll 1.1'?!?
:;:;%,l.;;u,;;.l','vnm:%.,H.^hinr?^ :-,:;?;,"
chosen ? mi ir director of the Fool ,'?','?\( ? "J
and will m.m..??? tho football team f"? th.? sianoti or
1* ??-?:?:'._
-Ing -
much m..te oecurote than it wos a week ?ico.
batting ito man arc paying attention mon ? ? ">";
Ing the ball squarely and ? ? keeping It on lh? ground
than to hard hitting, They have been divided Into
?-.? , gqufl la, Captain Dean taking on? and W II.
Rand. ".?*?. the .?t?i.r. The squads work Indepan?
dently, practise fielding and batting and hen play ?
short game ra h day. Il h ?* .? d? tl I??*" to ha??
the eoli? e, ? ond, nin.mposed, with th
?Ibi? exception if ih? pitchers, "f man ff m
nlor and sophomore classes H. 1. Holt, '??, has
been elected captain. Mr Lighter, f?. offers silver
cup? a.i prise? to th?? m? n on ?li" winning nine in
the scrub championship serie ? Any man Is eligible
to play for tbesa cups who is not ot) the 'Varsity
?quad or on th? -allega or freshman nine*
t ? ni-ii in the M ill Haven sq lad are now train
ins for th- clan* game? for the Wells Cup, to be held
April ?>. a rough estimate of the records made by
tne men who will compete Indicati chief
contest will be between the seniors and sophomore?
t?.?? Wells Cup, in competition f"t trhtch the annual
Class itarins ar.? held, ho? been '.?"ti bj "'? : ?
>e,irs ill .-'1 ?.??-. ,,!,. Til?' G dloWltlg m?'Il haV? beeil
appointed ,'!.i?s captain?: W. H. Vincent. ".'". l" H.
Btgelow, t?. w. o. Morse, **?, und ?. ?. Hon.l. IH
To-inorrow ntrlei training will begin for ;he whole
iquad Th? candidate? will ?.t al I o'ctock everj
in'.niiiig to take? ?h?rt walk befor? breakfaet After
the 'Varsity scratch (.'.unes on April IS the r.-nn arili
hav? a real for a week. Th? best men will tx :
btock during the Bester r?ceos, snd the ;raining-tai?i?
a tort ed.
The 'Varsity crew squad has ?>.?"? narrowed d avn
t.. eight men by the sending of Mou I ton and l!.?r,!
mon to their class crews. no more changea >??>?
I) be mad? until th? clos? snd Weld race?
hav i... n hi Id G.?.? lasl iq ? idi ' candidati foi
the Weld crews have now lefi the gymnoilum snd
sre training on the river, The first .tens from each
lai .?.? rowing in elght-oar bar-??-? and the other
? indldotes ore training In four- are, pair-oars and
Ingli ?. l'util the regular class crews hav? been
finally picked, the Weld crew? will no! be definitely
??.? Ie up. Th? m? ? ar? ? lached by Di novan,
i.e.ir.v. V ungman, ':'?. Stevens, ':?:. ? ?a Bols, ':??, and
Be? , '9S
11 I : . ? ! ?, ? ? ? ? ? \
? ? m.? Han coach f r stich work. Thi* roach
will ???- asaleted bj Dr. Reimer, II. M. Williams, 'IS,
?'. ?"" ?. '?, the latter two -if whom wer?
captain ?llegl ite champion teams,
? ?. Oennett, Jr., '??'. ?u- on Thursday elect? ?
? ?In ol the Hiirvai I ft Il ti im, which Is lo play In
the Intercollegiate tournament at .\rl-: j Casino
?? ?: m ?? th. The Exe utl? . . : mmlttee ha ? proc nod
situ.? grounds in Waiertown with ample room tor
? tptaln of the (larvar ! s ilf tram, which Is to ploy In
?Is goo ? hole?. The cricket '? im . ?d 11 (Irsi
,? ...r ?.m ? ?? : rsJ '??
Ferdinand Bru? Here, . tie French Academy, ?rill
givi three sfteri ?on lectures m "Moliere" in Sun?
der? Thestre, April ?. M ai ! 18 The lecture? will
French. X?.?? Friday Professor de Sumlclirast
wl lecture on "Ferdinand Br?nettere."
Tlie Rev .1 ? ? Huntington, Harvard, '75, pave
tn?" addresses afore the Bl Paul Boclety last
weeh Loo! Bundnv the Very Rev. Philip ?
Meade, oi Oswego, X. V.. preached In the society's
. oursi a ' ' 'htireh.
Th? firsi performance of th.* *\ Eta Bocietr'a
r?:.?.?. "Fool's Gold," eras tor graduates only ?>?? Fri?
day evening. The piece Is s musical ?? raedy. The
most noteworthy feature Is the music by John A.
Loud, ''??. which Is bright and catchy. The first pub
I rform u c? will b? ?n M inday evening.
Providence, R. I.. April ? luring tho spring re?
el ?, which ended Issi Monday, seventy students of
the department of comparative an it ?my c irri.-.i on
work, of ? novel and practical character. A ~m.iii
?teamer was hired, and the class made thr.*? trip?
down Narragan? ?tl H .y r.r the purpose of gather?
? na of aquatic animal life, The party
wa? a:..i-r the supervisl n of ? e Rumpus, the
head of Ihe d-porl I - work Lh?
men were divided into small ?quads, under tin* dl?
n '??n respectively of Dr. Albert i> Mead, Fred?
erick ? Qorhnm, Ralph \v. Tomer, <;> orgo m
Gray mid M W. Btl kney, Intervening bus ?vere
?pent In tha laboratory In the irrangement and dis?
section of tho speramene obtained Bom? of the
results of the week's work will probably be pub?
lished, end will, it ?? believed, prove ?> contri
?? On Monda) the cloao visited iti?? Agassis
Museum et Cambridge
: ? brunonlan election, held on Wednesday
: ?. resulted in ih?? following additions t? the
M rn: [?':-?? I? rick W ?rn.ild |r ??
: I OO, and ?? net ?:
Foi ?? s, ???.
? ? ?-.- ut
Poughkeepsle, ?. ?. Apri' ?. Thi entrance re
q rementi srith regard to a third Ioni
I .?. p go mo Hfl. ? thai : r li may substitute l ?
work In pi | n mlstry or . y< sr'i od
; work in a u ork in -
? the bi
original laboratory note? "i thi student. ? ??
? knou'li Jgi ?f .. iec md lai ig will be
test? ? . ?. ? \ imli iti m ?n I ?.?.... ? rited si ? sub
tor a trill . ? will ? >< be ci
?? :.-. toward .? legree.
Por p Marie
R? mer ap ? ? Ira e Oallah.r. ? Mklnsi ?
! ? ? ? ??!? .???? ? tree orator The ? 'ommli il Ar ?
le Ri Ittaln,
m in, si ? ? ? ???.-. Ro ?am, p ? [trevo irt, 1.11
; ? ? ? ? ?. ' ira. ?? Twi ?? ly and
a numi. - .-ho expect ? teach h ???
: re? Into ?? ?? hers' , .
ty to addr - = them "??
: ?? ? ; ? ? ???.?.' on
They have already had addresses or In?
formal talk? fi im Pi ifi Salmon, Pi ?lessor ?Sly
? tir Whitney, I?r. French, I >r Moulton and Dr'
Mill?. A lelecte I blhllogi iphj I ? . . on has bei ri
re ? for the cl .;. I j Miss 8 ilmon.
At the last moi ? ly meeting of -he ?
Women's Chrlstlat \-- a on Mr?. Jo. s ,???
Lowell rea ? a paper "? ; I istrtal Arbitration.
Hartford, Conn., Apr:! I.?Th? management n'
"Prince Mit," th.mlc opera gh?en by Trinity
students, ha ? di finiti ly di ? ? led on the trip whl h
?ill be undertaken during th? recess The
? irt ?.u Wednes ? ?*. Aprii zt, Bnd
their tirsi concert thai night In New-Tork
Th. y .Md play nexi night In Wilmington, Del., .uni
the ???? two ron sentivi nights in Baltimore and
Washington. Buck and Kai?.:,, of Hartford, are
managing the opera Nie company will consist of
about thirty-six people
A new d ??? song is Just out for '??7's class day
Tb.? words were written bj 11 ron W Schulte ;.';
and the musi compose??] by W. ?'. Whit?
.1 l! Benton, "?.. ha broken the college record for
strength, until now held by w. A, Sparks '97
It Is ilk??!?, that later there will be ? new trial by
both in.-n for the college record.
[.osi Satinila; the musi? il club? were photo?
fit aphed at Ha rnej 's ?? u li" Thi : ?? .s s ?
li ture of the M track team and one of th?
jui ?r boll committee ??<???? for the 'M "Ivy."
p..? ...ball practice haa b? ? ? , oln ? on on the college
< mi,,us for th.? last ten 'lays, and as a result there
?? ,? marked Improvement In the work of the men
The baseball field la still mushy, The first college
I ni e ,;... - not come? until the mi Idle of May, which
will give th?? men plenty of tlm? for preliminary
practice, and will ovoid the evil? which have
heretofore resulted from being obliged to play too
early on the cold, wel diamond of the athletic
ti.; i. There will be no sprm* tr.p this year.
Aurora, N. T., April 1 ? >n Sunday evening last
th?? ?.indents ?-..r?? addressed b** i?r. Egbert of Bl
l'ani. The annual sophomore piny ?a ?? ? Klven on
Monday evening. Th* play chosen was Koweit?*?
"A Letter of Introdu? tlon.
??u Baturdo) afternoon, March it, the iunior and
tu i,m,in classes were entertained by .Mrs Waten
,,t the president' On Thursday and Friday
evenings two Illustrated lecture? on "Th.? .\rt of
Music w???'?- given by Thomaa O borne, ol Auburn,
N. v. The lecture? were open tu the whole ???lien??.
? ?
Northampton, Moss., Apri! t?The most impor?
ta ' Qlea Clul oncetl of lh? year \v..s -riven on
s. tui.i.?-, in th.- A< idemy of Music, the Northamp?
ton theatre. Although the building holds over on?
thousand, 11 : ? sir? id too ?all for the accommo?
dation of th? member? of tb? college and tn.-lr
During tb.? afternoon reception? ?v.r.- held
lu most of th.? college houses for the students and
th.-lr guests.
On Wednesday the Latin department presented
Adelphl" of Terence In the olumna* gymna?
sium. Everything we ??. to moke the play aa
hi tort? illy corred , Ihle In the way of CO??
turne? and sta-?? setting. The muri waa thai
written "?- Profs sor Allen for the Latin play si
Harvard. Onl? members of the Iunior and rnlor
in Latin took part, snd the principe I roles
wen .1 ?'?? b; the following -.indent. Josephine
PI, rence Jollcy, "-. ?: ther W.Iman. '??,? Margaret
Rand ''.'T. ?lia. .? Ni.-h.?is imitan, fl, and Katha?
rine ?.?? Wilkinson. '??.
??t?... Smith College Monthly, tie- only magasine
?.f the college, is edited by ihe senior class, which
lu turn selects lh? editor? for the coming \ nr,
mIHi th.? sld ?>f Mi-? Jordan head of th? ringltsh
department. The " *? editors have l*?*en already
, ?,.,-eii They ar?? Josephine Dodge ? ?,? ? im, editor
in-chief; Alice J.. k?"it. Cornells Bherahon Harter,
Kmma Xstell Byle?, Lucj Lefflngwell Cable, Ma?
Lucilla Dillon, Ruth Parsons Milne end N'alile ? ?.r
u-Uc ci.ujo. The nu.iibt-r of tJituis is sQiially di
Don't drudge.
Use Pearline.
There is the secret of a comfortable, pi
ant, healthy life for women.
Don't stand up over the wash-tub, doing
that ?grinding hard work that isn't fit f(
any woman. Use Pearline. Soak the cloth
over night, while you sleep; boil them
little; then there's no work to do but
rinse them. Don't make a slave of your?
self trying to scrub things clean in the
ordinary ways.
Use Pearline, and make all such work!
easy and quick and more economical, ?a
vi.???.] between th? two literary godette?, Alpha nnd
Phi Kappa Pal.
Kew-Haven. Conn.. April 1-A auggaatloo which
?cited a g.? deal of dlacuaslon among the under?
graduates of thi acad?mie department thla ^.k
was ih.? offer of the PoatofBce Department to es?
tabllah a i.ran.-h poatofflc? on th.? Yale campua if
ar?".?..hie to Hie faculty. The lilea was a nov-1
one, and planning to a few, but oppos-d by most
of the student body on the ground of Inconven?
ience. ? campus poetofBcc would mean the discon?
tinuance of letter-carrier? to rumpus rooms.
Treaaurer Farnam, for tho m.v.rsity. ha? in?
formell the authorities that the new departure 1?.
not want-d.
The ale? and Banjo club? will give their annual
New-York ?ntirort f,.r th- benefit of th?? l'nlverslty
crew In Carnegie Hal! <>n April 9). and the -us
tomary Invitation? to buy ticket? hav- been pent
to all alumni in N-w-York und it? vicinity. The
letter represent? that th.? crew is in need o? espe
cial aupporl from the alumni thi? ?vear. T1"* r?" "
al Poughkeepsie will entail larger expenses than
have usually I.? mei with, and the lack of re?
ceipt? ft?an a Marrani football game HUMUS tie-?s
sarv every . ffort t.. h-lp out.
The Sheffield Debating Club has decided to offer
two ?.ri/-?- of $'a , , h ?,, th.. men eho en to repre
ent "Sheflr tn the linai trials a which ?alee rep?
resentatives in the Vale-Princeton debate are to be
?elected. A not! ? ia also been sent to each mem
: ? .? of th- Sheffield Bclentlflo Bchool asking for
more hearty supp rt ol debating than has been
given I- ? he ? ? ??
Th- ilxty-flrst annual dinner of "Th.- Tale Liter?
ary Magasine" wa? luccessfully held lael Monday
evening. The guest of honor wa? Donald O. Mitchell,
'?? ("Ik Marvel"), an.l th- faculty was repre?
aented by Professor? Lounabury, Beers an.l W. U
? a meeting of the Executive t'ommlttee of the
Y.,:?? '',,iir.t'.i,m v-..? Club last Monday evening
it was decided io open tn- clubhouse, at Morris
Cove, or. April zz. The -lui. regatte win h- held on
June l ?Special rac? for (Ifteen-footen. will take
pi every Saturday till July :. an.l open race?
f..r fifteen-footer? every Wednesday. Two cup?
ar- offered for th- epe? lai ra- -s. beside? the r-trular
<???;?? for all classes of t!,? regatta.
?1-..? following men have ?.? elected from the
m ..f tir- Divinity Bchool t., speak at the
commencement exercise? Austin Rice, "Th?? Min?
ister as a Patriot"; II. F. Rail, "The Theory of
Evolution In Its Bearing on the Do.-trine of Sin";
S Knapp. Jr., "Th- Portrayal of ?.??????? in Cur
reni I?*!,-tlon."
? ? pamphlet of couraea of Instruktion In th?
Graduate s-hool of Talc l'nlverslty f->r the -..mln.Jt
year I- last ont. and -hows an encouraging ad?
vance ?n thi? department. The number of couraea
offered has rlaen from M to M: the number of
nta registered from 181 to BO The largest In?
crease in th- number ol lurses is tn the ?lepnrt
ment of natural and physical science, with claaal
cal philology next.
The l'nlverslty crew has been coached all th??
week hy Hol" Cook end th- warm weather has
made ? noticeable Imnn vement ln the rowing.
Pnii-rs.in wa? substituted for Marsh at No. 3 early
In tl?.?? week, and Marsh hai been made captain of
the ????,.: r crew temporarily The onl-r ,.f the
- - at preaenl a? follow?: Str,,k??. Simpson; No,
7. Orlawold No I Whitney; No :, Captain Bailey;
No t, Campbell; No. 3. Patterson; No 2. Mills; t>ow.
Rogers, Qrtswold Is rowing In Langford's plaee, at
No. t. until th- latter recovers from an attaek of
tonsilitis. Th- candidates for the crew now num?
ber seventeen.
Dr ,?. ?. Wortman, of th. Museum of Maturai
, delivered the thirl In the -ourse of public
:,., t,?r>?? by th- college to th?- students on Saturday
evening p t waa "Tertiary ita-uris of
Western North America," and th- lecture was lllua
*r.it?? 1 by photographs taken by him on his trip
?? ti? it region last summer Dr, William Btrat
ford, of the Department of Natural History In the
i? making several .olor??' enlargements on
glaaa of the photographe taken by It. Wortman,
Which Will !??? hung in th?> win lows of Natur il
History Mall when completed. Th? of lect?
ures wii', tn lude Mu??? mor- in th- remainder ol
this year. On April it Dr, ?. O. Doremue, of the
cheml ' nent, will give a
with experimenta p? the chemical lecture-room Pro
f.-r??or ??' >;. Ttadall, of the department >,: ?'.???.?
... and literature, will lecture on May \ and
Prof? >aor I. P. Johnston, o the .??; in mi nl ?.
history, win lecture on Mm ._ the subject? for
th- two lectures nit >??' having ?.; leclded upon,
The Cllonlan Literary Society, ??.: ita meeting on
next Friday, will conduct a mock nia.. ?!.? ti
?ail. be over a supposed murder or' a wealthy miri
bj a worthleaa nephew, Those taking (art will i" :
.ill,--. A. Patri, '??"; ?ros.? utlng attorney and as?
sistant, a J Stern, :?;, and ? B Qoodman ?:.
attoria \ for defence and aaalsi int. s. \v. Stern,
'.... in ' \\ P. Buchler, '00; wltneases, M Birn?
baum, '97; s M Piocher, 'M; C. B Buerger. 'M;
M. K. Marks, '.?; I. Bolomon, '89, and H J
I>r l.vrir.in Abbott addreeaed th.? m-ertn? of tho
y?.iiu Ura'i Christian Association last Tuesday,
number of students being in attendance!
Th.? subject ??: his talk was. "What Kind of ur?.
!? Worth Living?" I?r Ootthell, of Temple Kmanu
i::. .vii: address tho students next Tuesday.
. ? +
Bldney Woollett gave a recital in Armory Hall
i,?? Wednesday afternoon, il- selected for his
recitation Tennyson's "Enoch Arden." An unusu?
ally Ian;- audience was present, and showed its
appreciation of Mr. Woollett's performance by fro
quent applause.
Th- following resolution will be debated at a
meeting of the Debating ^???..?>? next Bunday
evening: "Resolred, That the Government should
? wii tl,- telegraph and t> lephone lines in th?? United
Blates." ? ui th- affirmative are Robert ? McDon
nell, <f New-??f City, and Oeorge V Oralnger,
of Brooklyn. On th- n< gatlve, ?; - irge B. Hay? -, of
y. nkers, N. T., und Maurice ? Clarke, of New?
V. rk ' ity.
A .11-, ur.,fou on tin? these? of cosmology, as con?
talned In the Rev, Louis Jouln'i Metaphysics, oc?
cupied ti-? un,livid..? attention of tu- seniora last
Wednesday Oeorge v. Oralnger held the fort
i',- combined attack ol Joseph Kelley and
Walter Martin, Lawrence P. Monahan opposed thi.
Objection? of John B. Murphy and Andreas H.
... ?- p..-? men ..uri.?.? ?m ih.-ir argumenta iti
1,ailii In addition, there was an Innovation in the
way ..f an Kngllah disputation mi ihe scholastic
.1... ?pl.t.. , .f ,,?.. n ..,ir? nf ... . r. ..? r-.. . ' 1....??. .. TU..
by members of th?? , ?,? ?
Th- in-n who will deliver the addresses at the
graduation ceremonies mi commencement day,
June "::. have been named, as follows, j. Prank
? Ian, of Brook)Ine, Mass., Lawrence 1'. Mona?
han, of Oreenaburg, Penn.; John T. Delaney, of
New-York city; Joseph Mulholland, of Fordham.
and Oeorge ? Oralnger, of Brooklyn. Mr. lirain
i;. r will deliver th- valedictory.
T*ie annuii debate between th- Alpha Beta
Camma Society and t!:.? Milioni ill.- ??? Sa ,,-Iy will
be held on Baturday, April 10, In the .ill-?!- chapel,
.n : o'clock The subject for th?? dlacuaslon, which
,..-. p by Charlea Bulkley Hubbel! president
of the Board of Education, will be; "Resolved. Tiiat
tnglo-Amertcan Treaty, aa elarned by Mr. Olney
and Bli lull ? Pauncefote, should be a ?.?? ?? ?<1 by
th- Senate without amendment." Th?? speakers far
ffirmatlve are Mis? Ann., t. O'Neill and Miss
'? ? L Patchen, of the Phllomathean Society; for
tn- negative aide, Miai Bdyth I.. Ryttenberg and
M ??..,,.? ?: Burr, ot Alpha '.??? ?., Oimma. ?
of BJ wm be awarded to the winner. Th?
Judges -f ti,,? debate win be .1 icob M ick. chairman
"f ih- executive Committee of the college; John ti.
Agar nd William p llurlbul Th- exercises will
be In , ! irge ..i tr, ? p.?.. .li.-,,, . ?f ,??. twi, ??octettes
vii"" V.1" \ \'.'N ("'"M '" MJ>n* Beta Oamma und
Mis.- ? ? ?.,? Bchnepel of Phllomathean
I be BUbJecl of the esercii ?- at the meeting of the
Alpha Beta Oamma Boole t y next Friday win u?
..???.! ?.,-?"?>'.? "" "The s'"r? of Llewellyn.?'
\\.-.sii I-..Ik ,,??," ..?.I "Modern Welah Cuatoma"
*. " '??? ' ????? bj Mi-?- Helen Defourcq, Uraco
Rocera and Jennie Btewart
Jit** ?G'?,?"?? '' :""" "r lh" Alumnae Aaaodstlon
wm be held nexl Friday In the library Mrs Bu
Sondhetm? and Ml?? Blanche Hlrach, of Ih?
Plnaa ol -. will pour t. , The usual distribuito,,
"' ?nie bj the teachera, for tha benefit of the
'. a?r..i ci iidreu, will i?e a feature of the afternoon
mo tirai meeting of the Alumna? Hvicncc Clas?
Flint's Fine Furniture?
appeal eloqu-nt!)? to the ecor. ?micg!
for the study of boten] under th? din I Mr
John I. Northr ?p. will be held In th
on Wednesday, Apr: -
will be followed by |
The second number of ? ? t
Bulletin" f r ?... m- year w? ,? ?
w?->k. A difieren? ,-,,rp? .,'.;? . .r. . ,-.i :?
su?, and it Is the on?? putrltcation alo;- ?
ex^?vt:nK rataloK'ie? ,? . ,
the ijnfJargraduatae ?,.?\> i,.? . ?
contains pir-fir-?. .,f G
south snd ?? ?s?. erti;|< ? ...? ?'
ia-i urn, the orgnniaatl not thefa ? <
in iBstdlcal education, the Qeri . ;
literatures at ' "' im I ?
pertinents, publlcai ns of the 1
? I of publlcai
The last article requli - -
pr.nt. the poema,
Profess : Pi Dr.
Prud len and Dr.
neu .?:. I Ol : -" ..a
ber are: Prom th? ? oll? -??, Pi
?? ?.?? r ? ?':...:::?. ?? ., from ' ? 1
dcience, I': t? ??? Fre lerick It. 11 ;
Faculty ot Law, l'r -:? --?,? ?, ?
from the 1 -: ? ? M - .-:,
:: m the Faculty of 1 .'.: .r
ray Butler; ::"ni the
??' ifeooor J? in ?'? M ?? re; from . .:?
~ lence. Pi :? - ?r H? nrj F a tot
l'nlverslty Pr? ss, >? r? I .?? J
The announcemi 8 I r t.1*?
coming y.-.ir hove . een pu - ? ?..,
! ?:.?...? 1 for :?'?? ni fr m all '4t
lO.iVOO hai- be? ? or ?-r? I. ?' - ?*t.^
haa lectured on ? ?
? . - term ? ? I ..- *
Railroad. Hl? e uree a 111 bi to.?
Ten y ? ?: ?? course ? n '.la
lecond ? ?or, will n?s veor b?
?or Kirchwey, instes I of Protei . ?
latter will lecture on "Eq . ? ? I Pro??
tice" sn l "Codi Pre I
Tin* Pugei Sound expedition last sun la?
the dir.Ion if Professor Bai
portment of sool gy. woe ao ? ? 'pvs
tlons are making to continue t Ps.
cltle ('oast this season, pro? ' fasts
? s?.'.r.-i The mat?nais rear
have b?-en distributed shout thi Btate? Tn?
rare fishes and embryos -? -for
gr^ativ bv the Bur peon ? ? *
are being s.-ti: to th? 0*1 rd ' "eu-*,
?he British M iseum of Natural " ?
and to places ? the C : is
hope? to make Puget 8? i ss ? '??
tons and to proceed norths ? rd I *
expedition will eos? al .?ut 11.'.??, end th? ? %
p ?.? watttad Is a suffi :len
William II -1. rn <? un
W Hoppln, 't-i; William P-llon-ea M ?- - ??
ae! <} Bloane, jr., '87 The lore O W ? \-'h-ir
!? \\';l!:ams. ':??; Henry H Poyso
T.ow and Chaola In v.i:-, l?e \? ? er, ex-oil ?
form? l themselves Into sn Advisor] ?
|? |? ? pon some definite steps to wai ring
of s Vo'ing Men's Christian Am - a
the new mite.
The Ilarrarl Fellowship hoi ???. lwi '. ? ) Dr.
Heinrich Hvs, ")Z. Mine?, who obtained hi? ?? i. ?
and Ph I>. ln the School of Pure Seien .? ? ?_)
has of late acted a? assistant In mineral ?gj ? ? >?M
wrlt'en several art: leo >n tint ?ubj? ta
r,?zy He ?rill devot? ? ? U
in Ruropo oy virtue of ?vjiy
?if the physical pro rtl? - _
A we? '- from t? H .?- ton H if. rh* p?-. I
l'r ?l C -'? ' lea?
nary if Bloomfleld will ? :? rmu
on Johanna Ain't' -..- i
X" tl :<?-'.- : ? Im -- ? ? ?? I.
Under the new art. meati
the rlreulars of the sil ? -t4?
?ion respecting the year laV7-'9S - witha
the neat month. Tl ? k???.
?? ? .; ? . ? -a:??
of students In ?
will I..? .,.'..! >d to tha ? spe live ?
the wii??'.?? publlahed
catalogue for Isfl-'tt. TI e eli
Pedagog) will be ? :tla>
pear within the next t. ? days.
Th.* final ? ?? ::r
has been ? ibllsh. ?*<ti*i
of the dlstrii ? Harlei j .-4
Harlem River, The former - ..roust
plan of l'nlverslty Heights I . Tw
1 it?, r In? di ? .? blr ; ?dlxo
from the east, ? . m to?
foregroun ry in th??
. Itlxeni ,?: ive propos? : ? su:?
i? .r the entire Gr? ?iter ? <?-*? ork
five boi ould be m ? W?
grammar ?oliool In the .-it?-.
? ? non-m ? tr?enla nl dii ? ? It*
veralty Is bringing Its work to ;i tntt
la In two pan.-. Thi pop o bit
carried on four Indepemlei ? ? :iirei
three at Washington Square r*?? of
l?r Wallace Wood on "The HI? trt" ?os*{
been by far the moot larg ly : mi* ?t
I'nlversity ???1?!:?.- whl ti ? ?pot?
ili.:r lecture h> Ellas B. Du -finely
Illustrated, and wlil be hi - im n
. ite the lar, ? ? tteei
This li etui. to be fre. metre?
niorht is by Professor I : beepm
In the Havi nn ?. ? r La boi ?
Tha only Universlti Exi ni -?? ar tb?
University la that given In ? ris*
The year's work will ??.-?: t? ??** la
? ? Madison Square <;..? ?? ? Tues?
day evening, April 1 it S Mrs. J ihn P.
Mu?::.. president of the Won n'n l?i ratios
Society, whi.-h supports ? re?!'*.
Th? address to Ihe class a I1 <*?:'"*?
Hunter of th.? S'ew-York S rn T m c?**
tin? at??? ?rill be giran bj ih?
Mme. Mulinisi-??. ,,f [cela | the G?
dergraduata Aaso lotion ? d uf* in
Ireland " Mme. Mi???.- ??teroit?
ed In the education of girl? ?? Te
secure? funds for **n?*?OWlBg gli ?1? l?
Offering for sale a uni ju,? ' : riamilo
work In sliver and gold DO? Oli (1 '?? ?? ?^
Metropolitan Museum of Art.
The class of *M rater* lined the res! of the??"****?
on Frida?- rrfteraoon. Th? ? presi r.l . ? eslled
"A Sisterly Scheme," dramatised ??. V -?< Elllnor
Ten Hroeck K.'le? '.?? lh ' . ?ibst*? ot
the fr.shmaii clOSO t?>ok part In I v; BM?
Beli, v, Mis? Straus M u ? v.- *?_?
Miss Baldwin, mi?h Llppln<*ott VI ?? ?\ ?:??* M*?
Schwad and Mi>s v.m Hoi '?r*,r?
decorated with palm? ind ? . ? *
bunch of joii.tuils. tb? 'loaa rlow.r Al \
refreohmenta were lervi I, '
On .Saturday aft.t?,?on Beta I ?' '""
Kapp? ? .?"'.? ?I unni ?, . nf? ' r ?
l'I at the h??m? Of Ml-s Ai- ? : I) ?'?'??
'M Invitation? ha? y the Hol *?
f..r a .1 .:...? on ? iturd ??. Apr!
Th Junior cU - ? ' r t-?
annual Junior r? ?""?'?'
year the reception will bv given M ' !
school on Vprll -"? G
the srrangements has be? ? ? ? :1
In Its preparations Ml \
Miss Agnes Crawford ? ? ??? ? >'' r
Frunc? ? ? ?borne, Miss Bos. tl '?' ? M iT'
Jorte Jacobl and Miso Edil ? itooukei ? "?
ih?? commuti??
:??(?n:\NS .\M> TKAVELLER8 " '?? ']A
?,?.? Insiltra ??a?? <.f Tha I'lMin??. 73 ifAksM ttteet, m **
a cDiivenient pttjte to ie.iv? th?ir urett?ttmm ?? ?:,a "??"*"
?orlpiIons fur Ttie Tributi?.
Hotel de Lille et d'Albion
??, Kue St Honore. Paris.
Itetween tlu? Tuilerie? Carden*. PU<*<* ??L\Z

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