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A pretty .Easter lea sal can bs Rnade with three
pr I .r ?-?if-ehflls, a Fh.?*-t of notepaper, a piece of
l.iottir.g-papcr?white or a ligiu ahade of brown, 10
match the etusheU -ai i some good mucilaa- or
? Bel a fort-si****** egg for the teapot (Fig. 1) and
carefully open the email end. maklr.g a ?,.??? Just
large enough to allow the Inside to run out. Th?
???out will coyer that hole when tho anido Is com
In mekine ths piteher CPIg. 2i open tho nmal!
end of the e(C. This will not require ao much caro,
Cor the l-.ole .an be larger than in th- reapot.
Tae th?? !; , -??.'-?? BOtTSr>bOWl
(Fig. 3> snd the small end for the cup (FI?",, i).
After the shells hav? teen weil rlr.r-e? und rie
nniTtit 3
carefully brasil off 'he edKea until they .ire of th?
r? ?ulrcd a:zo.
??.? litt:?* lega (Tig. I>, three f?T each pieee ex?
cept the cup can be eat oui of Snn, unruled ? ?to?
paper. They should be about an inrh from t!?> to
til ? ". can easily be cui if folded as Indicated In
? ? i-kr? wi:ero ths dotted line represents the
f..:.;. Leare the lower half folded, but Satten the
i'.'.C.n p'-ir.ted piece OS the t~>P. and paste thr-.t snd
. h r.f ths twe ning-Bhaped
na f.riT.iy to th? eggshell. A little car'? and
needed for the worn;, in order to
rr.r.ke ?he tlnv dishes stand three
-? on.
r. lies for the teapot and pitcher fold
s In Fleur? & ? ? nts but cn??
I ' thi indie?the itralght e?-ge being th?? fold.
V-gupj ? : a piteo ot a match, which la i?af?ted m
all.? tl.?? fold t.?? eorreapoe ling arms ars
... . ?..-,? . ride, ?...??
ara pai g, jr.,! tuen peat???! te tas
Bho iW bt ?
bendlea for tha at-ier-bowl teeybamaae ne
tray, nr .is m it,?? illustration. <"??? 1'"!1' ?
lit G!:? .i? S, anal fold Ibes- armin-l a ?-???? *
iba ?:??????*? ine. thee paeta together, tw? on
f ii si ??! si di are faatei ??' '" ';
? ? ' ' ?.' ? "
Wi? : ? ,
Um spowi of th? teap< 'I
e Bhtly fold. ! te ? ?? ?'
to ?poll thi 'round." The nap represented uy p?
dotti ? .ie brought ov? r end ???? ?? ?"". ?
?-le tt.e o?>i>'j*li.* ?.?Igt?, u? s'io ?? n In ih* ragure. ???
can be Shsped over ? por-handle. The Blaahed ? r
tlon can then b?? bent back, fitted to the teapot and
I'.ii-tr? ] fast
The knob of the teapot (Figure 10' is cut double,
pasted toge'her. ?jrith the pointed end* folded b.T-k
and attached to th.? Bh? ?
For the lip of the pitcher ?Klsrur? II) fold th?
pap>*r as in the Illustration, the straight edgi
the fold. Flatten it the little pointed piece at the
bottom, bend bach the fid.??? on the lotted line and
; Bate *v,nt ;. ir* .. ? he ?h.'ll After It !? ?, u i t r? dry the
shell can be brok? le the .li?
The saucer (Figure 121 ts mud?? ..f the blotting
paper Cut out two l:?ks about I hi ? '..-s In
diameter, si I paste them together, bo a* to make
ii thirl" and Srnn \Vbei quite dry creane the esige,
In the t>pr>r: dot'.?.' linea, with a paper-cutter or
bnck of a knlfebladi then dampen th? whole and
prca* it on the bottom of a cup or amali butter
plate. The creanea svili allow tl.?? edge to ??? turn, ?
up without breaking unni li is quite th?* shape of o
aau .r. When dry i? will be verj hard and Brm
Po not rub the paper while wet. tor it will fuss up
and pr? ? off in blotches. A itti? drop r.f paste wl ?
hold the CUO to the nancer.
A pretty tray on which to plan the little set em
le of the blottlng-papei also, snd In th?? same
mnniiT as th?? Bau rer. it muy be round or oral.
The lid of the teapot is reprceent? i In the .leoor
ratton, which can 6e don?? in gilt or wat? r-co!ore
.-ir almply or elab? ratelr aa de?irnri.
Any one of th^sr? Urti? pl4*eea would mnko a
pretty Knster souvenir.
Chicago, April >'.. The memory of Frances E.
? ? will be perpetuated in the Northwi tetra
i University, of which Bh? is ? graduate, by a llfe
Blse busi of white marble, which is to be ? resented
during commene in- nt tveek by J. C Bhafer, a
wealthy resident of Evanston It will be the work
or Lorado Taf! MIri Willard has been an inti?
mate frimd of Mr, ar.d Mrs. si.a?'??*- foi a number
of years. 1? la to give the time required by Mr
Tnfr for the Bitting*? l al she will come to Reel
Cottage early this aun.? Mis* Willard was the
first woman to be appointed dean ol th?* Univer?
-? ?
Miss Kvf-lyn ITunton *.01 BTI BShlbl?
tlon snd Bale of leather *?? rk yesterday at No, M
Washington Square. All th? work except leti
wa? don? by Misa Nordhoff herself, and la entirely
by hand. Among the articles t.. :? .... are
and folios ol all Blsei and description* an exquisite?
!v painted Ber? er. and an equally beautiful piir of
bellows, t.oi.k bindings belt? and, In f?i it, every?
thing thai ca? tx nade of leather. ??:;<? of th<*
books is a fac-Blmile of tl?.? flrst edition of '"The
rilprini's Progress." Tho leather la ao thick thai
rd* were ?..essary, and the lac?sa are <x
; t? ? ? *?? ' 01 will remain open to-day.
?'.< s'.? i her work, there wsm also an es
it two doe? '. toy elephe nti The
t, M S ? ? ili her trade?
mai k ill her work.
?.. ?
The Brooklyn Union i- is*u?
\v..m?*n held lta?rcgulai mi etlni
noon si Johi aton Hall, Mr
d? nt In the ? hair, it was
if Republican
Kate Boatwlck, preal?
?, ? .1 t hat a sym?
posium wl l be held In the latter part of April, l?.?.
which foul prominent , lei two a .men and
twe men, will take ?art.
Mr? .1. Ellen Fosti r. who is coming to New-York
to attend the O rant ceremonial, will probablj ?.?
?.ne of the women speaker? at the symposium, snd
Misa H? i??:. Varick ?? aw? II the oth? r.
Several nea memb? - wer? admitted to the club
?,,,??? ... ??.!..?.? n t., ? ;,i numb? ? . ? The bual
ne*s hour ? up with ? pplrlted lle
cuaaloi on tho .?? i?!"ii and adoption ol the consti?
tution and bylaws
The lapei ol the la) waa read by Mrs Jane
Pier ? 'i Nea ? ? on "The Attltml? of Women
Toward ?'. Keform." Bhe ursed th?
;ttv for increas I knowledge ..( political ? .? rs and
methods for women before they ? r. il
fai t r? :r. any politi reform ? ? I 'tis of
. iati lai t"" ? ?
be Interested In the leclslative act* retatine
? . ? ? . ; ?. pectlve calling? All qu III ti lurhln?
? . ir* or labor, ih* employmem or educati >n ? ?
chlldrei and ractoi ? he ire ns
vital to them lid ? omm nd th? Ir
To-day Is Robert Browning"? blrtl lay,
Drowning elobs In New-Tork snd throughout th?
country will celebrate the occssicn with genuine
love and
,,?,... ,,,m -Browning." ??.'.??? one of the
""'?.-?.?."...,. vet m ' ?? p"-""'?? "f rh,J ':':""
.. ,,V,ii. snd long ago ha entert-d
The ?-rent pop "',,?. ,,,...,, unknown: bui whl*
Into lh? dor o tne ? Mg ^ ^ i;]c, ,,.
. ?., the heart and an laeplre
'.? " s ??? ?? Aia
I-OODOBI ROOSEVELT think.-? -?nrrVESS <"?F
A groat many aUttghtei- an.l nn n?-rn*1onal non
attended the iprlnt" meeting ?f the N???? York
TeneOMnt-boUSa ?Chapter of the King's Daughters
ar. j s>n? bald peeterday afteraon nt th?? nre
vonrt Henee The chairman of tha H,?ar-i of Mar.?
agera, Mr?. George ?. McOrear, prealiledi ani the
Rev It, JIa?r.ry M ?*;>n.Ws, of ;hf? Advisory i'onn
f*n, open?? tha mceting "frith devolloiial iXT'-lff?.
Reporta an ra ? id bi Mrs. Walter Tausalg, ?sor?
reepondtng secretary; Ml.*?? Clara Field, treasurer,
and alisi Alte* C. M erlntendent of th?.
chapter hwif??.
Th?? treasurer atetad thnt the chapter had never
hr-tnrr. (???t? om at the end of the rear with ???
?n? ill ?? balance in it? treasury, but that it cen?
tered it??-ir fortunate to i??- oui of debt, itnce
Its ln<*Orn?? in.i been stnal'er during the In??: year
l?y Hi-."?'' than it had ever !.?*???? before.
Misa Field referred arveral tlmea to a "Happiness
K'iii'1," foi providing circu? tickets, ?lonk<-y r!?!??.?
.-?til Christmas ?linn??!* f.?r tii??-??? who tnlirht other?
wise tiara ??????? circuitesi ;???? dlnnerleea, and
Mr- Marnerai ?Bottome, iti her address aald that
ahe blghlj approved of thai am? of ?pendin*?
money, a clergyman In the audience, uld to ba
Dr, Oardner, remarked:
"I nill give t'.?? to the Happlneaa PvatA." and
Imme-dlatel] ? md? ? II ever to the trenanrer?
"And ? ?. : give fit, too," uld Mrs. Bottome,
"nn.i ? irtah there nera .? hundred people t?? do
the -am??."
1 ? then wen itruggllng
through ihe , ro* ? ? re araa a burai ol ap?
pi?*' ?:?-'.? ita ?;?,?! . ? t;.., platform.
Mr l.ooaevclt said th.it In had accepted tha- In?
vitation ??? address th? meeting because ol l.l- k? ? .
.'" latlon ft the : ? ? ; ? 11. .?, * ?. value ??f the work
doi . by I ..,?..? ?|.. thought the police force
Khoulil be . , ? su? h organisations, and
" ' - ' ? t thl .m:.m !.. .,? , tO wit h -
Btan ? m- Intro?, u-tlon ? : knoa I? Ige sa? Infinite "
he Ihouehl the Vea *. ..rk pi llceman irai teglnnlng
to underatnml ? hi trai In office ;?? prote-cl the
?ipi?'- of all citizen ?, ? ven Ihe humblest
Mr. Ri.veil warned hla hearers ..-cnlnm in?
creasing il.vili the- aimed :<> diminish, and to
dlvorc? of real sensible ???rk for the food
of ti?, peoni? In the tenement? imm the free aoup
:. Ing-house. This mlirht
be a ' ouncil ??r perl tion I ? added, t?> the tene
mcni house ? hapter hu .hen Been the
Held foi ?.?.?:?_??? Philanthrop? brosdened by th?
unintelligent va riet* thai II wa* 'borne In upon
him to bear testimoni on thin point." Mrs. Bot
tome had spoken of ? rdn<-?si ol heart as on?? of th?
evil* that afflici Ihe world, and he agreed ?ae-ltti her.
inn he though) 'softnesi of head" was s ??">?? sec?
ond '?? II
Mr Roo eveli aleo advlse-d the so? letv not to ex
|,???? speed) reform? oi to be -??-,>??>????? because >?
pj re mid would noi ti d on Iti apex
Mr. Roosevelt was followed by David Willard,
who told of the club a*ork of the .-hnpter. and Mr*
t..? Beymour Houghton. who c.-iv.-? the audienr??
a -.'limps?? ??r the future and thi ????,? timen in store
when Ihey ????? Into ineli ne*a house al No. M Hen?
Refreshment* were served after ?he meeting. The
: meeting and election ?vili t??k?? place n??xt
\\ !. ! /-. T?g<ift^N?t-?
jas C^smiNe ? .
Communication! were received ye*ter?iny from
the following: "? ? ?.." 'G. W. ?.," "F.. ?.
IfcD.." "C M D.." Mrs. M V. i'r.ihiim. M A.
Williams, "J A B.," M P. Campbell ?wlth check
for ?-">:?1 pin), Edwin A Btudwell, Mr?, f,
W. Cola Misa Annie ? Appleget, Anna
Cora M lier E C Dewhurat, "A V*. I? ."
A ,? ? ?trmlng, : im? - : Buckley, Brace M
Pi r< '?'???? M s ? 'urtlss, "A. A. C." "B A. s "
<? a Matrvin, Sarah E Brewer, Mr-. J. ?Sdwards,
Edith M. Do kstader, Merlan ? Bmlth, Mr? F A.
Welche! O? .? B Darl y, Barah E Palman, I..
M \\ C M l". A l". E. I" M. Frank flrey, Mrs
a; j: Roya, Mn Carrie B. Kllne, ?? W Tooher and
.Mrs ? ? ?? nard, ind a ? published at the
? ? e. Since thi -?? communication?
entitle Ine nee member? to club pina, they will l?e
forv .|..| on the recelpl of the required two-rent
The President-General would be -ri .-id ?o receive
the names ol sll membera ;> whom ? present cf
,. -.u?? or irnala would lie welcome. N??t a day
thai >>ome one does rot offer out of his
abun Ian ??? I ? ihare with ot h?re, and outatde of *en?1
? ?' ? -, '.??- t la n?-.t alwayi pos
? . ? pe gifts a hi re thi y ?*? ?? d?? the
n ' ? ?,
ir ?, ? Bend your flowers to Mit?* UHI?? Arm?
strong, No '? Went Blxty-thlrd-st., New-York s ?
:- a member of the Sunshine Society, and has been
in f? r soma time
A Isrge numtx r of ? ? ?| le nr* entlttod to rr.emher
ship In The '. .- n shine ?Soi lety who have not
?secured their pini slmpl) '.ause they oml??e?l to
sen,? the ne-*? ? tmong them nr? mativ
? . v. . ..., the 1 ? ? lent-Cenerai li Indebted for
of t poem Bom? ? me "
? :. typographical error, Mr*. Asnes flchnll
Ornmm's name '????? printed "Mrs. .v??*?? Bcbull
Grand" In Frida? - Tribune. Mrs. ?Intuiti and
Mrs. Young are ; ts ol the largest branches
of the ? B S. oui cl? ni Sen Vi?rk Mrs. Gramm'a
I* No. 8" ?. -r , ? ?berlln, Ohio.
Mi V?. ' ! ns, Col
? resident??' lei ? hea to Bay again nul
that ll ' ' publish ? ?
:- ? ?- hey are re
eelved nti ton must wall their turn and be
patient. The moal thai can lie dun?-? li :o eckt
ge the recel laell
? ?? no ? mall llapatch pina Immedl
,?? who have -??:.? Ideas and alampa, In
time all com I require publication will
, , ,? o'umn ? "??? >ate ???>? ma oi l<
wl no of eo ? ?? I?? given a ? ?-? Often tha Ben?
mn Is crowd-wl om entirely b) newa. r,?"*k
the Pr? lent-( leneral from j.? 11 >
llahtna too lei nimm itlon* In ?uch ? am ?
mei ..?. lent to ;- !.? lual members
Boclety who v. ?' appreciate them
The y ? ? : w? ? ' thu carried ??.. altnoueh the evi
ma ??? tlwaya appeal in the column
Bes] I? ? ? . :. ? tient, the Pre
deni (leneral wishes t,? *ay ? t\ y thai
n, .: : atl ? ? mu ' tei one il Ie I ?
papa r onlj Full nun??? ... .<??.?.
Iter expr? nlrary The
?" ? ?. ? ? hopes thai all c >ni ton ??
. ermll the ine of their
and .?, !.!.?.-?.? Th? us. ,,f ??!?!?1? hr!rii.*H
fusion, and makei the a*ork of thosa ?
? mem ben mu? :i
lea ted
If "Inquirer ' who wrote on March I for In
' ? lei ?-? end her full
name and addr? ? communications that
?me to ? office for bet will be forward?*??.
Pn il the T. 8. 8.: 1 ;n?*io?e a two
ceni tamp for mem pnhlp in the Bunshlne Bo?
clety, and wish you would send me the l?.'..|i*f? 1
ttla poem, appropriate to
the column ? ? ist II ma) help othen aa it has
hell ea] p Mrs I? Ii
Mr*. D. D ?ntrlbutlon makea you ?? mem?
? t of ' ? ? ? ? end ?? pin haa b? en ? -rit you
,-??? IN.
'Twai .? qualni old corner eupboerd
M) friend unlock? ?? one ?ia>?.
ti of ?-hlna
Were safe!) laid away;
Ai.'l I ?? uerpd such ttiinaa of beauty
Were hidden thu from -n<*ht.
re aurely made
For u ?? ? ? ? oui deMi
Bul ? ? an all too prerious,
Too ? for d ill) use.
Too frail for careless touche?-.
?? o frail for the I? aat abuse:
v.. ? s n k??? ,? ? :. ?n here In safety,
Bhut 1- from the dust and .lirt.
Shu: ??? from meddlesome f!n?;er?,
Finn? and ? thai can hnrm or hurt.
f."tnl day
\V.? bring oui the brightest nnd best,
Then we rarefull * k- tn.-m away
And place them among the rest;
-, him ??? bright
I? ? ertalnly d? ??- ?'?>? ??
y ?r all of th? man) d ?v
iit?? ihui In here, alone."
Then ! thought of Ihe darkened r??.?me.
wi. ? are shul away
I'r?.m thi |?? SI ura - anal |oyi ?>f . nrth
?',.? ??.? cheerful Ughi o? ?toy
The Master mai 'link ihem too preaHous
th? ? rowded walk* ?>f life,
go If? I them ? Pely hidden
? lUble .?n.| |r? itrif?
? t when it ? he feasi above
f|. ;. ,?].. ri Hli jeweli bright
H,. ?,? piai ?? th? rn honored ?<f all,
W? ei h Ii ?? In H ? glorious liaht;
Their name* He will pro idi) own,
1',,? ll.'-v*. ? grown lo ll .?? h.nrt ?o dear.
I? it BUH h ?'"' H""' "f HI*1 love.
?? ihem ihiit In" barai
Predaci ? ;? eral of the T. S s It ts with r?
grtl that I I? am through Tl,?;rs,l.iy'_ paper Ihiit
; e to In given enly in the
. gu, ,| ? edition of Tba Tribune it win <!??, riva
1 rnaii-i dally raedera ??t the -.atar taumiay axc-pteU.
of couree, the pleasure ?neh Instruction would af?
ford. Truly your*. MRS. 8 R. M.
Mrs. 8. ?. M : It may he found advisable to run
the lessens in inee-making ?luring the week occa?
sionally. The milter !? now under consideration.
In wandering the country lane*, or by hillsides, in
tl?? spring, on? Will Often firn ? p dainty fungus rery
RBUeh reaemhllng a COnll Bl graj spong.? This Is the I
famous morel, almost as highly valued among'
iptcurw a? th' trillile (me BtTH finds these fungi j
In ? irroiip. but usually Singly by themselves, som??- I
time? nestling among ? cluster or under the wlnp
llke leaf of ? Bhowj orchid, the orchi.? spectabllls
Of the May woods; for the morel Is ? fun?.?? of
sprlnp; and almost the only ?-'lll.le ..ne found at thi4
?eason. it la s Idom or nev? r found in BUfSclent
quantity for I Diesi, .is It I? said to be in Maryland
and elsewhere st the South. Il la nn <.a-y matter to
pick ? mess of the sweetest and most tempting pink
and white mushrooms In an hour's walk In the
nutumn meadows, but fl searcher after morels In a
I'.ng siroii in rh. spring orchards and hillsides may
fall *o discover a single specimen. Some authorities
declare that th? m.-r-i prefera orohards, but It has
I.e.?!, the writer's forum,? to always find them on
partially sha.]?.? hillsides among ferns, Jaok-ln-tha
pulplta and other woodland things.
The morel, however, |*o*aesaea one advantage over
th.? meadow mushroon) the most ignorant per on
ma) gather it with safety. It poMeesea no potsonoufl
shadow so nearly like its? if that only nn expert can
decide which la safe and which la deadly. AH
inor?is, according to William Hamilton Gibson, ar?
edible, Mini fungi >>f the aha?,.f the illustration ar?
na.r. Is. When fresh they nr?? a pale gray color, ar.d
afterward they turn a dull brown
The chief characteristic in the form of a morel,
after its outer surface, full of even concave depres
?. has been noted, Is |;i h ?.i ,?.? interior
if one would enjoj thl? bonne bouche in its most :
approved form, after thej have been found, select
those thst ire whitish grav, Open them by re?
moving the stems, and fill tl ? hollow Interior with !
chicken forcemeat This la made by mincing half j
the breast Of ? raw chicken and pounding It tO ?
paste, Meaaure it. and add to it an equal amount ?f
hre.,,1 erumbs, soaked ?ot* In milk. Add siso one
raw egg and a tablespoonful of butter, with salt
and pepper. Force lhe mix ur?? through a pure.? j
sieve and add a tablespoonful of nice white sau???.
Btll the forre. ?.?.? . the ?au. e, and when li haa I
'?".ik??l tiv?* minutes fill the morels. Put them over
the lire, ? ivei them with boiling white sauce, and
lei 'hem simmer ?,?. rv slowly f..r about twenty min?
ine? The) should ???? . I? s. Ij covered.
still another metti, d la to hake the stuffed morels
in ? covered dish Pour white ? mee over them when
they are '.in in lhe oven and baste them frequently,
They should !?.? rooked about half an hour.
a parlor sail and ?? ? wer.? i-.eid yesterday after
n .on at No, 1 East Flfty-thlrd-et., for tin? benefit
of the Ch'ir.-h Settlement Summer Home and the
building fund of a free all-the-year-round country
home for .1. itlt ute chlldn p
Miss A M Blllo. 4 at tho tea-table Misi
Herrlck, Misa ?? ?<? Dlnsmore, Miss Chadwlck
and Misa K H I ...ra.? an had chsrg? of th?? rabies
on which were displayed the pr>u\ fancy articles
offered f.r sal? Mi Van Horne and Misa L. M.
Marat?n, who hav. : studi ? m West Twenty-third
st , presided ovet a tabi* on which aere n .
beautiful speclmena .>f ti.-ir chinu painting. An
inter????? . ir? of the Bale was autograph
; of ? ited by Howa rd Pyle,
Margaret Bangster, Thomas Nelson Page, Sir
\\?;???? Beaant, Elisabeth U CuBter and several
other well kt iwn wrltera Louise Imogen Oulney
sent hrr picture With h.?r name written across if
?elle Cauldwell donated , pastel, Eleanor Chase
a watei col r, md ?evensI other astiata ?.??.? of
their tal ??? ' ? ?.I?
Th.? Church s ttlemeni la at No IS* Bas? Btghty?
fourth-st., an.' ?? under the charge of Mi?? Marlon
Ouerney Its summer home Ii near Peekekill-on
t he-Hudson A g lid of about twenty ladles, most
of whom are members of Episcopalian churches,
im? been working for about two rears to r.iis.? a
fund ??? estai :i?ii a country horn.? for poor children
that shall he !<? ? ? open ? ' merely during the
s immei a hole year round a? ? atep
? rd that lea the) have, however, Intereated
themselves In the Bummer home of the Church
Bel ? I. :?.? ? In I nteresta of the ? me chat tl ?
? ? ?-ill give ? play called "On the Frontier." ?
<ir.-: itle sketch after Rudyard Kipling, at Car?
negie Lyceum about Ma) ? The parlor sale will
also h? this ift? in.?? m
Mme '/..??? Kalo thi young Armenian r.-fu
grm, et ?? into the hearts .?f all w-h.? h? ird
her sp.jk yesterday aftem.? at the home of Mra
Theodore Conno")?, ?a M East Thlrt? tlfth-BL Her
t face; her vivacious, modest manner,
h?>r quaint and naive express!' is lent an added In?
tere* to in r Btoi )
Alti: . '- be. ? in America only s few
ths nd bus t ts el - lessons :n Eng?
lish, the paper m . read was well written
aid clearly deliver, l. She spoke best, however,
when ahe < ibi net manuscript a?:.!?? and Impetu?
ously poured fori ? ? ' her heart Most
ot hei talk ilei It with the particulars of her own
experience at the massacre of laal \ uguel ? len
.?vi? |*,ooo Christians aere killed i.i Constantinople
by th* Turki
Aft'-r sh?? had finished, sh?? donned a Turkish
of purple silk, with a whit? headdreaa and
ell, t., show the coettim* of ?i m dem Turklah
lady. She and her brother Samuel, a bright-eyed
hoy ?? bou ? ten ) ara old then .-.mx a hymn called
? a 'Ai meni in Hero? ? 8 ing "
?; ?. ? ?. nlam aere present, among them
Mm? Mnnouklan, who ? Mme Kaloustlan'a
mob?!, and another nif refugee named Anna
Knl indlglan, wh.. arrived m America day before
\ ? - ? ? r- : ?, ? and who Bays that the horror?- of life
In th.? Int'erlot of Armenia ar?? beyond description.
Besides Mrs Com Mrs Virginia Taylor nnd
M.... m Riexarlat ? ' ictlve In ??? ? ?
pe ?pi? in Mm?? ? ? ?? ?Btlan and her story
A large attendance Is expected at the Illusiti ? I
r.. ;.?. Alfred Colle?, ?. ?., of Oxford Cnl?
verslty, England on "Westminster Abbey," ;. be
given at the BSBeml ly room ..f th?? v. une ?? m? ? ?
? h p?! ta ? Aseo, ? "t? "? S.o. : '??' ' Fitti ?nth-at ?
.... ture I? f.r ?h" b. .:?
-?? ..? th?? Wilson IndUBtrlal Bch<*ol for CHrle, ..t
?, ...... ,\ and l.iiri'th-st . aid .?? g? ?:, under the
? ige of us managers, Mrs. H. ? ; Sharpies*.
Ml?? Maren?: Ci Ulna, Mrs. '"lark H. liotchkls*
??? lidward <'. Janeway, Mrs Roben Russell
? . Mrs a F Damon, Mrs. R. \\. Hurlbut,
Mrs. Oliver ? Jennings Mr? K. Hslght, jr. ???
a It Stone, ?? ? Campbell Maben, Mrs. !.. j.
Belli :.i Mlaa Agnes W Layng, Mrs. Edward Stur
???.. Miss Rosalie Rapallo, Miss Prnncee Ogden
Jones, M:? Henry W Everett Mrs. William Scott
Pyl? Mrs. Charle? ? Tw ????d. Mrs ''lari.?? U'vllv?
?'ass. Mi- John ''.ai' Smith, Mrs Frederick ? Van
Beuren and Mrs. Air.,?: H. Smith
Mr. ''..lieti ?peaks from .. lifelong know]*dir<? of
the cat?n .irais of England, snd his lectures ar??
drawn from his own expectance, ar.d not from
guidebooks, a beautiful senes of Btereoptleon views
accompanying ea. h lecture,
Tick????, fl for the cours? . f??r sale ai nrentano*.
N" iu union Snuare u.-si. bt can >>?? obtained
from any uf the managsMB
A large eosnpan) of <?.truest and enthusiastic
women me; t ,?? other day at tiie home of Mis*
Chlahois? No. II Hast BlXty-Sfth-St. They had
all hen memberi ??f tb?? ?Id senior department
of th>* Twelfth Street S h.jol under .Mi?* I.ydi.i
F w,idiei?;h K'a rh one presenl fell as sh- looked ?
a: th?? BBsembl) >u,c .Sew-York City might well
be proud of them deughtera of a public achool Th?
. ? ol \? m? ? Krln Ipala ??.? .?iri? High
Bchools' aas freely dlseusaea. Man} ?>G th* motn
BTfl present s;r.;n?u advocated the apeelal fltneea
of women to have i-hnrK?? <: girla el the ;,??.??
school ..ir?? and ali nstre. 1 ttia; tru-r.?ul.i be no !
doubt of th? iblllty of women to organise .is well
us io sdmlnlster the ?ffa'.t* ..f ? high school Mlaa
"A'adlelgh I ??? Insisted, proved thl? truin in tier
successful work in ?hat was r.-.i 11? th.? first pub?
lie high ? .. ?I h? Sea -York City.
A permanent organisai! ? was formed, to, b??
. all. 1 Ihr I. ila i' W a II) Igh -MOClatlOn, and
Mi? S ? ?'... p? w.is elect? I prealdenl The Kx
. itlre C mmttlee elected wi.l appoint ? secretary
uni trei?.r??! from their number Thla committee
wid .-orsisr ? of fifteen members, one (rom each of
to.? el? ... ?? ? ? grad Bled ? ?? Twelfth-el un?
der Misa Wadlelah, two representing the pipila
who di ??/? gradua let and :???. t'eure ?anting tha
three hundred who went out with Mlea Wadlelgh
to form the nucleus of the Normal College.
A more enthusiastic company of aromen were
never t.roiig-nt together. The girla of forty years'
standing and the girls of twenty years ago vied
with each other In their loyalty to Miss Wad
lelgh and to the principle* ?he inculcated.
The Ladles' Health Protective Association held
Its regulnr monthly meeting yesterday morning at
No. 17 West Forty-thfrd*at., and the session was
an nnnanally \o-.is on??, lasting from le-M ?o lit*.
Many diff?rant matten of bnalneaa were consid
? r???!. and th?? expectora tion question received it*
?In?? ?harr* nf attention, M usual. The ladles think
there iu a great improvement in the cleanliness of <
public conveyances and ,?r<? much encouraged bv
the responses they hav?? ?received to lettera acni to ?
the president* and superintendents of nearly all
the relimada In tha Pity. Th?* anawera enpreeaed
th?? absolute willingness of th?? different 'ompanles
t?? co-operate with ih?? asso lati p
Mrs. Trinili?.m told .1 ?tory which show??'! that
?* ?- noi alwayi lack of willingness <?n tbe pan of
th?? conductor that prevents the enforcement of
this ordinance of the Health ?Board She one ?lay
called ? conductor'i attention to the faci that a
passenger wa? breaking the law, and h?? replied
that tie did ???' know hov? to prevenl It, aa it only
made them worse to Break to them about It. Mra,
Tratitraan lugaesta-d that he call the man'- atten?
tion to the placard, snd if he still continued to
offend tu sa* nothing n* it I ? be on the watch
for ? policeman and to call the flrsl one he sew.
"Thai I* lust what I will do ' answered the per?
plexed conductor, I never thought of It before."
Mrs. A. M l'aimer thought the pla?ants were
trot placed conspicuously enough, and said that sh?
made a point of staring at them in ?very car she
entered, bo bi to attracl every one's attention to
? business considered wa* the appointment of
delegates lo the mit Ion In Phlladelph ?; th I
qu? itlon of ?? new club pli to bear Ihe new name, !
Woman's Health Protective Association, Instead of ]
Ladles' Health I'r tectlve .asociation; th- report ;
of the presiderai regarding her visit to Washing- ?
ton tu secure thli change, end the report of Mrs,
Bldmy Kosenfeld on the recent viali t.? Bilia Island.
..? record as having applied
. Nati n.,? charter, and no other organisation
,..,,, receive recognition under th?? same name.
;- of Import ? lause the Philadelphia
I.. I!. I* A, Is unwilling to give up th? klea of
uniting .ill the associ?t Ioni In a Natior.nl organlaa
?i ti. and the New?York association appeara to i?e
unalten bl] ? ? ?<1 t? doing ?M, It was voted
yesterday that the delegate! to the convention he
Instructed to Inf? p ?odjr that th?* New-Tork
Assodi tloi rei isei under any clreumstancea to
join a National organisation. If th?? oth?r clubs
Insist on havtna one, therefore, they will have to
taki oui ? new charter under a new name. The
delegates appointed were Mrs. ?Ralph Trainman
and I "' Jennie de la M l.ozi? r.
The lawyei who drew up the present charter of
the l, n P, A. also drafted tne charter of th.?
Daughter* of the Revolution, and both, It Is said,
labor under th? -.in-.?? disadvantage of only being
good in the District of ? '.?l?irti?tin..
Representatives of Ihi association will make a
second visit to EHI* [sland on Saturday, leaving
tl ?? Barge ? ?tii? ?? al IO IS a, m
A tubular ?*hlme of ot?nr note* has been present
.?.! t.? ? ?race (Episcopal) Church, of Jamaica, by
1 ? King and his sisters as a memorial to
Misi Cornells King, a sister who recently died. It
Ii expected that the chimes srlil hr? In place for
East? ?? .?:' nday.
The following Is the programme of exercises for
the Jamaica, N. v. Chautauqua circle this even?
l: ill. cai-h number to answer a question
in astronomy; paper. Miss ?Bertha Vlenot; reading,
.?? !>???!?>?? ?? ????;??!! M Auger: ?paper, "A Survey
of Qreek C'tvtllaatlon," Mrs Florence H. Harris;
talk .?n the present Administration at Washington.
Municipal Taxation" will he the subject of a
lector?-? !>>? Mrs. i?'. ? ; Bwlnney at a meeting of th?
Chelsea Woman1! Republican <"iub. in the elub
rooms, Mo Kl Elghth-ave., to-day at 3 o'clock.
"A Cruise to the Land of tha Midnight Sun" will
be the - of Ules Mar? Prortor*e lecture to
? Misa Pe ble'e Bemlnary, No. 3. Fast Fifty
l?venth-at. This lecture will include an account
, total eclipse nt the iun leal Auguat To?
morrow Mi.-s Proctor will plv?? h-?r last lecture of
?esson at the i. ill of the National Museum In
thi Bmlthsonlan Institution, Washington. I). ?'.. ?>n
"Other Words than Ours." Th*? lecturer has
given fifty-sis lectures during the last two months.
The fourth meetings of the Sewing ?"lass win he
held t? -day al 11 o'clock al the homes of Mr*. L.
Bryce, No. 12 Washington F<iuare. and Mrs. Jan*.'??
Burden, No. '>'" Flfth-ave.
The Baatcr sale of sketches held at the Bonheur
Bt ??G,?> "ii Friday and Saturday last was a dc
?Kh'ful lUCCeaa. However, the art'.?!?, were eo
generimi in ?ontrllu'lng pictures that many were
left unaold, Mr- lirxter has concluded to con?
timi'? the sale ?luring this w..*k. ?Such an oppor?
tunity to obtain valuable little treasure* from the
brushes of our beat-known artist? at a third les?
than original price l?= seldom met with. A dainty
: ?? ?? landscape by H. IlolMn Jones Is marked $2??.
one bv Bruce ?'rane, the artist v. hose picture,
? Touch of Spring1 haa just '?ken the Dodge pri?e
..? the American Society exhibition, is marked ?.5;
Nero's Wife." by Carroll Beckwlth, nn exquisit?!
bit of rich coloring, Is marked $?>.
Misa Sarah ?Allot Newman will give a ta'k upon
?Mualcal Interpretation" al I'M o'clock to-day at
tii?- horn?-* of Mrs. Oayton ?Ballarti, No. M JefTerson
ave., Brooklyn Mlaa Newmnn itealrea to present
some reaaona for Introducing music as a daily
study In the life of a child. an?l to suggest to
mothers .???? loschen ? ime methods of making
such Btudy a mean* of developing character as
well as ??:' giving pleasure,
At the Brooklyn Biding nnd Driving <"lub to-day
an exhibition rl?!?- and ? game <?f Jen de bnrre will
tak?- place, Among tl oae who arili ???? present are
Miss Ethel Candee, Mr. and Mrs. w. I,, ?"andee,
MS- Moore, Misi Whiting, Miss Porter. William
? Dykman, Henr) ?Bowers an?! Mr. and Mrs..
Hamilton II Salmon.
A meeting of th? I..?!'? s' Christian I'nion will be
held to-dai at II o'clock In ihe chapel <?f the
Broadway ? Thlrty?fourth-et, ?ml six*h
.1 V??.
Th?? Rainy Day Club meeta to-day at 2 o'clock at.
the home of Mrs. A. Hayea Smith, No. MM Medi?
it is reported thai an "Ulcer of the Salvation
Army, Brigadier Busle F Swift, has joined the
1*..r i.i-i Catholic Church, anal that her conversion
rought ab ?ut through th?. Influence of Rosa
Haw lome Lathrop,
Tha little) eon of Mr. and Mrs. William Wood
w ?id r :<:wln w??.? christened ?,t their Imme In
Waahlngt ? on March 2. Mrs Qrover Cleveland
m r..,i as godmother. Among the guoata was Ly
n-.:n .1. Qa| tbl new B<ecretary of the Treasury.
who was a friend of Oliver Willard, the father cf
Mr? Baldwin, Misi Prances K. Willard la Mrs.
?fin's aunt, and sent her great-nephew a stu-.-r
cup "ti the .???.? Ion of hi* christening. The ???>>
u ?- named tur hi- grandfather, Summerfl? ?? Bald?
win, of Baltimore, whose wife was for years pr.si- ?
?lent of the Maniai?.?! W C, T. I". W. W. Bald
win. wl ? . ? Ihe place of Third Assis?:.nt Bee?
retary ol Btat? under Cleveland, will probably !
? iture headquartara In wew-Tork,
A meeting of the National I'otincil of Jewish
Women waa held leal evening In ihe auditorium of
tha Educational Alliance Building, Fast Broadway
? ? JcfJfenon-st, Addressee were made by Iuhlor
St: ? ?-. Mrs. A. Kohut and other pr??minent ?
The Mayor*! Commission to the Tenneaeee Cen?
tennlal and Internetlonel Expoaltlon met yesterday
afternoon at lha ?-? fork Cotton Exchange.
William V. King "Weal ling A report was ret.?
enlarging the Commission by the appointas??! of ?
a number Of women These were selected Mrs
William Rhlnelander, Mr- Bamuel Thomaa Mra
William W. Hoppln, Mr- W Mecklenburg Hoik
Mrs L#vl I' Morton. Mrs. John e). Wl??*, Mrs.
t/ornellu* Vanderbllt, Mi- M.-nJumin 8 Church
and Mrs. Candace Wheeler. Presi.lent King wn-i
?Hre.-t.?.! by resolution to select from the Commis?
sioners several ?>f them who are to aollclt sub
BCrlptlOna fr"in among the several trade? of the
city fur carrying out the purpose for which the
Commission was formed lie will de this to-day.
The Commission wl ' meet again next Tuesday
i?ft?rii????n ut .?-.??.
Mr. and Mrs .?. ? tares, jr. cetahrated the
flft.-.-nth annlveraary of their wedding last evening
at their in?m. No ?S West Eighty-flfth-sl. Among
the guests present were Judge and Mr*. Andmw
J. Klrkpatrl k. Mr and Mrt? Wllllaim ?1 Mitch 11.
?i Newark, N. J ; Qaoeral und Mr*. Stewart l.
Woodford, e-nera! and Mra William c Walla? ??,
?tr ? ? ? ?? ? ,?,,.?s ? Buydam, Mr* J ltem-im
Bennett, Mrs, ?; n Puidv, Ml** Bsnnot! M'ss
Woodford, mi? ? Buydem, Frederick n Campbell
chart.? < it a nt. of Brooklyn: Mr and Mr*. Thomas
J Flut? MoMlmer Plaag, Mr and Mr* Frederick
ll Olbbena, Colonel and Mm Charles B. Bprague,
Mr and Mrs Clement Wllcoa Mr and Mra Fred
eri k I' Wllcoa. Dr and Mrs Seymour Houghton,
Mi and Mr? John it MacArthur, Mr ano Mn
? ?)?.? ri.??- p Bmlth, Mr. and Mra Beali Dramas. Dr.
in.I Mis Anson I' Ait.rhury. Mr. and Mr* C. I.
Eddy, Mr and Mrs ?' tt. Boree, bt., tbe Mis?es
i?.?.if. Miss Klara ?Laset, l.ynton Thompson. I)r
snd Mi- Charles ?. ?.?,,?. Kurt Hanson, F Tall?
ii, ? Mrs It 11 Thompson, C A. Ba-ldwla aiiJ
M n.e H? k. of New-York.
A quiet home wedding at 8 o'clock last night wag
that, of Miss Florence Hills to Alfred Moorefusd
Rnger*. which wa? celebrated at th? home of the
bride's parents. Mr and Mr? William Hill*. No ?
West One-hnndred-and-twen'y-s|xth-st. Th* cere?
mony waa performed by the Rev Dr. William C.
Rlttlng. pastor of the Mount Morrl? Flap-.s- ?"hureh.
A very few friends outside of the family circle? were
Invited to the c.remonv ar.d re-eprlon The hride'e
gown, of white satin, wa? trimm?*?! with point la^e.
and ihm veil r,f tulle was oauifh* up wl'h orange
jara?, r.. nur. .G .m ?.? *?? ' barr. \ir ani lira.
Thomss Jacks, Mr ani Mr* Rdwsrd ? 'Mffee
Mr ani Mrs A I V'chol? M ind Mn FAwot?
? ?' ? r. Mr BB ' Mra .1 u H - Mr and Mrs
j. r. Taylor ari Mr snd Mia Francis Rogers, the
parents of th.* bridegroom
The ssaiTiaare of Miss Matins Riker. danghfr ?*f
Mr. and Mrs .lohn I. Sjlker, to ?Tames H. Proctor,
son of ths lots Thomas Emerson I "?-.??for. of n?
ton, win take place In the Church of ?he incarna?
tlon. Madison-..?.? and Thirfv-flfth-st on Thurs?
day, Aprd 2S.
Mrs Frank it. Reeeh, of ? > u Baal Sixty-fourth
-' . gave a ?mall luncheon yeste*rdsy afternoon,
li.-r guests Included Mrs Araory s Carhart, Mr*.
I lowland Pell, Mrs Philip Rhlneiander Mr? Fd
aard Lyman ?short, *-i ? Joh ? Km*ry Mr?
Owls f"n ger Hasell, Mr Pell*?*? Ml?* Ht ?., and
Miss ? > i-boi
Th? B-sriiage of Miss HlWe Well, daughter of
Mr ar.d Mrs Max w-ii. to John Tasiastf ? U he
solemnised at 0 o'clock - ? -.2?. it th? wOtaw
of the bride's perenta \ 51 Weal .?'???.????-;',r?t-st.
M;*s Anna H irret: J Rip M I, .1 lught? r of '.?orsa
!' 'empi .?. ?arfll Im married t., William Clatborna
?'iirhherr. al IJ. o'clock this afferri r, si tfcjg
????,,,, a/ the bride'? fallier, N ?, :i: '...-? ?ne-hUB
ored- m i-??*,?. nty-nlnth-st.
Th?? wedding of Mis? I.?..- ? ?.? ro ramino L.
Flscher. Of Ilartf,rd. COIUI., Will OCSMir SI ? n'dodt
thl? evening, at the home of rh?? bride's mo -,
Mr? Lou ?? Plate, ? ?* ? The
reception will be held st th* Tux?.lo, Madlnon-ave.
und Flfty?nlnth-at,
-Miss Heulah V. Ouggenhelm, the eldest da.ierhtee
of Mr. and Airs Is.i.i.? Ouggenhela., srtll he mar?
ried t.? William .1 ?Spi.rgi-il?, rg. at noon on Easter
Monday. April 19, ?r rh?? Hotel Majeatlc Th? %oe\
i>r ?lue la ? Qotthell and his aaalatant, the Rev.
S?l ' :i'rm',n' of *??*- Temple KmawiKI, will
- ? - ?
AN* lONOMIN-Ot-g BND T.. a WOBtASrS ft.v. UDM
Justice McCarthy. In the ?'Ity Court, yesterday,
after a tedious two days' hearing. dismiasH tho
suit bro'iKht by Mrs Fannie \\. Carrera, .?s as?
signee of h-r husband, Colonel William ?'.irrere, to
recover (CSO from R. <; Dun & Co for work done
py ? oiunei < srrereas an accountant Mrs Carrero
Is not a lawyer, bul the Insisted on conducting her
own eus.?, ns she did Once before, when the a -
was up before justice Fltsslmons. On thsi oc?
casion sh,? failed Ignomlnloualy to bring out fr.?"i
her witness?* th.-? points sh.? wanted noted ?nd
finally accepted the Justice's suggeatlon to s ?
draw the ? ? ?c? anil begm nexr Mm? with a lawyer
Jyhen she reappeared before Justl ? McTarthy cri
Monday, however, sh?? still Insisted on .onductlrg
her own case. The Justice yesterday not only dis?
missed the suit, but dented Mrs Carrer??? r?o.lon
for a new trial
The Mattonai Selene? r? ib will hold Its third sta?
ntia! meeting to-dny and to-morrow in WashlnaT-SBa,
I>. C. To-day's sessions will be h??ld nt rhe Khhttt
House, Columbian t'nlv?rsl'y and Hall of National
Museum. Tii.? following i apera will be read: "Hy
drolds.' Miss Minnie Stafford and Miss ? Mt.non.
Chicago, III.. "Plant Variation.' Mrs. Kmllla C.
Anthony, Qouverneur, N* V.; "An Object I.? ?son In
Natural Science Mrs W. A ICellerman, Columbus,
Ohio; "A Voluntary Observer," Miss ?. m McCau?
l?*y, Chicago, III "Relation of Woman ?? the s. l
ence of Heing." Mrs Elisabeth O Sampeon Hoyt,
Washington. D. ?' ; "Fossils of ?'hb .???? and Vicini?
tr," Mrs. Ada l> l-avidson. Whiting. Ind Wlntef
Buda." Miss Rebecca Wayne Knlght. l'inelard,
N. J.
Afrer th?? m?-et|ng the club will ?risii F.-ientlf.o de?
partments of the Oovernment, '?'? er But
Agricultural Department Fish Commission. Botani?
cal >;.irdens. ,rc. This ? lul> number* 90 member*
Anv .me approved by the Esecutive Committee may
become a member by th.? payment of 11. <>n pay?
ment of .*.".'. or more a in person ma? becoms a p.1
trfiti. Nominations may be mad? nie by
members of the organization, and should be ad?
dressed in writing to the secretary, with ? brief
statement reganllng the nomine.? Tin? secretar?/
will hrltiR such nomination?! before the Bxecutlr?
Committee for its approvai.
Th<* officer* of the club ar?? as followa President,
Mr?. Rosa Smith ?.Igenmann, Bloomington, Ind.j
vice-president, Mrs. Almena B, Williams, A M.
1.SO- Roanoke-Bt.. Waahlngton, D C; general see?
retary, Mrs. Laura O. Talbott H'.'T ? ?I . Washing?
ton 6. C.j treasur-r. Mis?. Katberin?? A Taylor, No.
7 West Mount v.-riion Place, Baltimore Md : re?
cording -eeretary, Mrs. Meadle Evermant No. 1.S
Thlrd-?;.. Washington. It. ?'.
It is rumor.d that the Twelfth Night <_lt_b Is
appr...i.king a warmly contested election t:**
club is divided into two faction* On? la the pro?
gressive, thnt ,1.-sires to see the club go late a
mor?? active tleM of work, to prod * writ?
ten by the memb.rs. to .1 In the Pe?leratlon of
Woman's clubs and hold Bn annual festival.
Th.? ..ther faction la equally determined to main?
tain the present pureli social character of th?
club. Th.? leader of ti?.? progreaaivo party, It Is
said is Mrs Stuart ??*?????. al present In t -
dlanapolls with her husband T:.?? standard- ? -
of the conservatives la Mlaa Viola Allen, of I ?
Kmplr.? Stock Company The ?lection take* ?
boot. At present the Phlla.mmltl ?? U
the only adjunct of the club not entirely so in.
Among the saetter? considered by th.? ?Ommlttee
on Instruction of the Hoard of Bducatlon at its
meeting yeste?j?_ay sflernoon was s r*ec?jmni
tlon from Superintendent John Soaper In ? '?
enee to luncheon-rooms In the public s-h ol*.
He re.-omm. mis t lit? t rtil.-s he establish???! whereby
the suppl? of f'Hi.i ar rti?? noon re? ? ? anali he
placed under sudi control aa not only atll prevent
;ilt. ?.,;.? of h.ttmful article?, but will lead to the
use of whoi.some food furniahed ..' most roaeon?
able rates. in reference t>> the t?-? ? Superin?
tendent Jaaper aald yesterday: 'it seems absurd
for us to preach hygiene In I Is, and th.?:i
violate ns principles by permitting the sals of
auch Indigestible stuff as pi. s. Mrs. etc., at IDS
ver) ?jatea of the achoola It ?rould not do for me
to run for ofi1< ?, I suppose, as I would i.a\e tiio
..ike and cindy women after me."
The Scandlnav.an-American* of this city will
to-day telegraph the f.illoAdnp to K;:._ < :.rl?ti.in
of Denmark, father of ? ? - Os ? rge of Ore? ???*. who
celebrat?*? tbe Beventy-ntntb anniversary of his
Though t?! rcai ????????'? and Nr ????,
Th. ugh true Altieri ? ?
?, Ibi ??? ? Itirtet in a* will wing
A h?:iref. It ?xish n. - ? ' B*a: ?
T.. ?.'?i. -h.? r,??-r ?.?..! ? ? met
In ?. .?rut? at??'??- ' a I ? ?.
???? > ? ri lau* ? ? wer
A? Iteci ? tu th* aword ?? ? ? tl ??
? thai all ?'??.,G??? f '
Ubo you eottld .Hi?lraie their '.trth'
T.? !.?? ????.?.?? ???? I .ill nn h???!
fou M! Atti ??????.?????? shall tli? unir.m txr i:<*?rtl
sol sas H Wh DID SOT PLAT.
SOUSa'S Han.! wa? to ?;.?? a .-on I rt In th.? M'.ialo
Hall at Yonk. rs last I th? hail waa
crowded with p?opi.?. a half-hoar after the t;me
?. t for th. concert -o begin It ?raa announced
from the s-???? 'hat Mr S' ?. ha ! Stayed in New
York on account of ???? Injun 'tlon and -.n the ab?
sence of the iea.br the concert could not go on.
The disappointed audience was dlsml?eed and the
money was refunded
I Vic-Commodore Henry A Van UtrW I res! led at
? a well-attended monthly ?BBiting Of the SeawS-S?
huk.i i'.irlnthlan Yacht Cluh last evenir;-? Several
iimendmetit? to the racing rules wer.? ijop.e I The
nrm Of Schutt A Stck. of Kt?*l. *?>* ?.ted agent
of the club m Germany ? new elaa? ?? me
shin for men under tblrtv \e.irs old aaa Instituted
No Initiation fee will ?>.? charged snd lhe annual
?lue.? are placed at Hi?. Instead of MO aa h?*rel
\ reswlutlon of condolence ?as ? us-1 or. th |
of ? C. TowiiBend. who was for man? ycuj a
member of the cluh
The Itnmnn ?"attiotl.* ?'hur.h it' St StanlaloiaS, at
Tr'orsyih and Staaten Bt*., Is the plaintiff m .? suit
irhleh .-am- to trial y-ster.l.iy before JaStlOS An?
drews. In the Supreme t'oiirt, to recover from tha
former trustee* uf the church the title to th*
.hur.h property, which Is val ?..?.! ..: MA.099. The
chur?-h. It Is alb-ge.l. .???.??!??.? to archbishop ?'orrl
gan for peisslsS-On 10 purchase th? title to th*
property from the trustees, and. upon hit ? fuaal u
give leave, proceeded to bui th?- title, a :<! paid ths
full amount hy 1*,? The tl'.lc. it Is ti\ erred, was
; not handed over, ?hough ?ver? cent of the pur?
chase money has been paid. The hearing waa not
| flnlahed yesterday.

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