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Wlfl/tf Hai 5?>Yfv 7%U0?VT
Tho popular dcniifrire kno?n as
Ven BuskirVs SosodOest contains
Ingredients th-it w't! prove of the
greetcfit n?i!rtv to tho he??th of
file mouth cod teeth.
6. F. J. COIBIRN, D.D.S..
a Manes er Snmd - ? fur M "?? .*. L?
G 0 B-i?:. a Y Sty
? - ntrepld and lavtadble as Comrr.ander-In
cr..-f ?? the armies of the Union, calm and con?
fient as President of a reunited and ?trength
aned Nation which h.s genius had been anatra
aJ la achieving, he has our homage and
t.?.?: of the world; but b-r.'.ltant as wa* hie pub
tfcj character, we love him a'.', the mon for his
I ens life ani homely v.r:ues. His lndlv: ju
attty, hie wnr.s ar.d speech, his aunph ways.
bad a Bavor Of rare ar.d unique distinction,
gad hla Americanism was so true and uncom
sromsslng thai hla name s - ind tor ail
ttBM SI the embod.ment of 'liberty, loyalty and
Natura: unity.
nous la th? werk whh?h under Divine
Provldenoe he was nulled upon to do, clothed
erlth alatosi UealtlSSa power, he was yet or.e
of the people?patient, patriotic and Just. Suc?
cess did r.ot disturb the even balance of his
: ?. Whlhl fame wan powerless to swerve him
trota I hla duty. Great as he was In
war, he loved peace, ar.d told the world that
honors .:? arbitration nf differences was the
. ? ? uloa
- nil gl u. ar. \ Lincoln. Grant has
an exalted place In history and the affect
of tl people To-day his memory is hold In
oq - asti -??. by th .?e whom he led to vi.
ar.d by those who accepted his generous term?
of peaca The veteran leaders o? the blue and
gray here meet not only te honor the name
cf the departed Grant, but to testify to the
living rea.lty ? f a fraternal National spirit
v. : .?. has triumphed over th* differences of
. ;.aet and transcends the llmltat'or.t of eec
? nal llr.es. Ite completi.??. which we pray
? 1 to speed. Will be the Nation? greatest
gl -1
"II hi right, then, that Gen-ra! Grant ahould
have a memorial com men aura te with his great
r bj sad that hla las' resting-place should be
tr.e city of his choice, to which he was so at
1 led !r. l:fe. and of whose ties he was not for?
getful even In death. Fitting, too. la it that the
gr eat s .. -. ? mid sleep beside the noble
river on whose banks he first learned the art
?>ar of which he became master and leader
without a rival
.? - - ? forget the glorious distinction
wttb wbleb :.io metropolis amor.fr tba fair ala?
terno 1 .-vrr.erlcan citi?.?? has honored h.s
.- ] memory With all that rich??* and
tare can do to render the edifice worthy of
?..an, upon a site unsurpassed tor magr.lfi
ct-n ?- has this monument been reared by Kew
Y rk ao a per:??-: .... re? ord of his Illustrious
in the eerta:r.ty that fc.* time paaaeS
an ar.d it arili assemble with gratitude and rev
. ance and veneratloD p.en of all climes, racea
nations ties
Sow-York holds la its keeping the precious
luai ' the .-. ini - lier: but his &c\
. hla brave c mradee ?rrought for
mankind?are in the keeping of aeventy mintone
of ? na, who will guard the ? ? red
I . -.-r and forev-rmo-e "
Asti kml resumed his seat the M l cm
The Star Spangled hu- er." I*.
of the cheering which then br -ko out
? r.el Frederick D. Grant stepped forward and
?? . si ? the President's hand. He
: ? ng, i'Ut his face plainly ahowed h>w deeply
I . . be wag, and the gratitude he fait for
the D ? le tributes the Chi~f Magistrate of the
ad had paid to the memory of hie father. Sir I
Julian Pauncefote also congratulated the Pr??.-!- I
d-:.? upon his effort, and wag heard to remark: |
"I have never heard anything before that im- I
pressed l - much as your speech."
to General Horace Porter mor?- than ?
.?? much of the credit for the
' the monument whi^h wai
?. the ? ? ? ? of the great defender
<.f the '?'?' generally cognisant the
ng and uneelnsh labors for
? r of his 1 at hlef war dm le mani
Porter waa
?al Porter reviewed at
- ?] . "us attribute* of Qeneiul
ind as a statesman, and be
Of the Grant
t asi of N< w-T< rk
. m <r.ai thai 90,000 >;r- ru- cltlrem have
found Portera *!: eu In
'... ? printed ho the supplement airead'? re
I ed 1
? Bti ng who was warmly cheered, brief.
I il in appropriate words rei a
; : id dress ol
be 1 und In tr<
Th- exercises closed w:*h tl;- -?.??. of the
.?. '"horu.i" fror., il* ? I - . '
! e Dami ? choir. President and thi
k ? rei a teat In th<
r-<vr o? the tomo, wh heon waa w rved.
1 I * Edtl ?t ?? Trie Tribune.
. Issus Of to-day
? r brown'? auggi tUoa In r s ird to toll
, .. ag OeneraJ Grant's
; rosi led en at tank. . - ????.?
- ?. . ..?
Som for several ? ?? :?? all ? I ?.
? : evening I ibly the Sarai
ind Drew In
reverence and soien
i I bs v?- - ? .?. B) .?: kingmi
I It had passed
Now. ? queetioa if ?
either bank ol Lbs Hudson ?no wouiu ob>
; patriotism at
resent ea
eut upon ibi 1 Si Una mi -
? ? .
. ? ?
' ? ? a- a ???? man) m.
or rememb< r it ....... for : ?
. . : - He' und
111 ned tor w:
.? ?* f
klyn, ? V. April M ISSI
t. m Editor of t?.. Trll me
ar ti f Homer
-. | I hit upon the fol o?v
1- |
?j ...- . ? - ...
? ? ?
?j ?
?-;? w a .. ... .>a
of a aii._.
? ..?.?, are :iie
. ?
a ..... ?..- wrrouffbi wondm ter l
l?-? .. :? C. Al COKiil^'h..
Jamaica, N. v., April ?, Lgft
While th?* exercises ?ere g"ing on at th?
tomb the big parade, for which all detalla had
. imaged with military prscisWsa. was bs>
Ini: farine?1. and at 1??:.10 General Dodge, ;
With his l.irfTi? staff of aids, moved forward,
preceded by a platoon of mounted polies and
the Governor's Island Band. The ?arad?? was
formed tn grand divisions as follows: First, mil?
itary; second, retaran; third, civic, ar.d fourth,
naval The flrst, - ?? : md third wars under
th- Immediate duranti? ? of Qeneral Dodge, and
ths Uns of marsh was from Madison-ava and ?
ty-fi urth-st to M ire., to Fifty
fifth-It., to Fifth-a ve., to Fifty-nir.th-st.. to *
Boulevard to sever.? ? ? ths W< rt
Riverside Drive, arourd t^mh and Clarsmont
circle to Baal Riverside Drive, to One-hundr-d
This was tiie route taken siso by Pnmlflent
McKinley and the members of bis party or. their
way to the tomi .ver* up the j
east drive Instead of the west
Those who saw It from street, stand or h
top win long remember the kaleidoscopic pag- ?
eant. In many respects it was unlike any pai ? I
that has ever taken place in, New-York It
brought together the . ? ?".....? 1 :'
this State and the cream of the ? Itlsen a
from neighboring States with a large e ?
gent frani the regular Army and Na
cadet corps from the Militan A . mj at W -'
Point and the picturesque, brawny tars who
r ; resent ?b le Sam on ?water. Together with
these was the great throng of veterans, ?
of whom had served under Gran'., and th.* Gov?
ernors ot many States, who came erita
military staffs to attest by their presence the
sympathy of the commonwealths over which
they preside In the movement which culm.
In the erection of the Gran' tomb.
As a w hole, the parade was a magnificent -
as awe insi ?ring as it was .and -
its component ; .- - were so well a
:.ard!ed. that if made a cool e as 1
superiority a difficult task. Tu those thou
who had never seen any r;:.^n ?
those of the State of New-York, '.he ps I I?
a useful object lessor, for II lemonstral : .. it
the other States have troo]. have '
good reason to be proud, and that the men who |
wear "U. ? " on their belt? are as worthy of the- ?
title soldier n^ the warriors of older and warlike !
The cheers and applause which greeted the
marching men from the time they made th?
first step in the parade until they had ?ia-^-.l
around th? white tomb In review before
Pr?sident and back to the point where they were
aed wa? proof that their One appears
waa fu ; predated On?? enthusiast said j
when a particular!) fine-looking p gii teal
Into view: "If those boys w-re in Greece :
the Turk would sing a sorry song "
General Orenvlll ? M I' dge, who rode at th?
head of the column with his large staff of aid?.
was scllpaed to a irr~at extent by the group ?m
I ;??!> ??-hir.d him, consisting of Buffalo Bill, i
ther lr.d.an chief, and the
| broad - . .?....
? and th?- purely Indiati garb -if
the oth ere li eti inge contrast with the
bats and frock e iti : thi ???? aids. But
the ate] of tin marchen ?? .^ ?. rapid one, and
people ha * opportunity to d\?.? !l uj on any
of the pa:. .?: ? .. ire than a fi 'v '
. momenta i
! Buffai'? Bill. Qt I
the aids wet
? Wesley Merrltt of the United Btatei Army, who,
| with bla Bae-looklng staff, rode n be head of
the flrat division General ? l?lam M Qi
and staff followed General .'.'.? r.,it. and then, ?
! with s ewlng which other organisation! try t ?
?mita: graduate tries In
i to tea h hie men when he bei imee an ???
the Cadet Corpa from the United ? ?
-. Aca lemjr ? WT< et Pomi
, Samuel M Milli was h I. and lu
proud of tin
with the pi lion .? d Ilka
the worthy eucci honor
. . : my.
s.m.e of the : : mi r cadets fol red as ?:.?
cora In the En Corpa and the bod
infantry, ? tvalry and art;:,.ry which made up
? .?? .. lai Major Johl G D K::y?v
mandi d l Iti ? ng neei Lli nant-C W. S
?..?: i. i id charg f the Infantry, Lieutenant
Colonel \"i!iiam Fi:,clair commsaded the artil?
lery, sad Cojoael g, B, Bumnei ? di al th? ?
of Cm ? Bi a businei
a,r about ti regular tr rhlch Im]
all *i. ?el later In the day,
ion.I the spectators sani l to ? impliment
a particular ragUneal or
"These ian h like p - ? ? - luadr in
; ? f the ?.p. Cavalry, uad r Th mai
a squadron from the 3d, under
; L. t Mon ? tro* ? from the M
... idei of ? laptaln fan ?
Parker, received ap] along the route
These men looked " ? ? urr.ed themoi
' in perfect form at all potata ai.,ng tin
? ,^?^.i their ?,? at
W...U they ...a.K i.. eUgai imn flow? fifty
Wedding Gifts
in Cut Class
Ice Cream Sets,
Lamps and Candelabra,
Silver-mounted Pieces.
Q|* llroadwav. near 21st Street
3ft Hurray Street
nlnth-st to the Boulevard. Tre? movement was
mad? ;.t ? qui b il ,. .nei the treat crowd whl ?
had pushed Us wax forward until It formed ?
? ilid wall on the south of the i-iumn and ove
flowed : thi Columbus Monument, the tree?,
Snd awr.ir.tr:3. rewarded the n;ar
men With el ifter cheer.
But some of those wh-> had exhausted th'-m
" ? ailed u:"in again wh-n the next brigatile of
the First DI I erad DPOn tl I ?.'.?? They
forces of the Government,
and were bead Cs tala Jamas ? Be
with Lieutenant wniiam F Pullara ss adju?
tant Finn came the United States Mannes,
wnh a powerful and good band, bu* like
of thi ? ther bai I tlon of its 'nusie.
After t.-. Major C. P. Williame
and Ca, .a.:. Wallach, came a large lei ? bment
of the imen, wbi ?
ard hardened faces and genuin?!) tough" ap
athusiasm, and
one t.. ? twenty-flve-cent private
bos, shouti : There they ? L ok at 'em!
In the world la ? sail r!" and for
a few momenta the people wiv heard him trans?
ferred ? . from the troope to their
Th? seamen from the New-Y< rk marched at
the head of llov d b)
Maine. Puritan Indiana, Colum?
bia, Ampbl p ? and ?? sai The men m
with ti baavy step of the seaman.
looked si - ? ahead, and by tl
the f.. f most ol ? sturdy fellows one
would . ed that they ? ?
? na n?r crov, . . : that they did not know
whether il rs ned or wa?> fan Thes
marched and obeyed -rders. and their appear?
ance caused ?ne littli miss to ask her mother
("The ?tart from Madiaor. Square.)
If those awful men really did mind the boy offl- ,
can There v. ;& a short halt when the seamen ,
were oppiate, uno of the lar??* Stands m River- ;
side Drive, and a couple of young women took :
advantage Of the opportunity and crushed
through the throng on the aid-waiK and ma?!?
their way to the ranks, where they begged for
cap bands. S'irne of the sailor m-n who looked
as though they knew no fear d? man smnei]
sheepibhly when they were spoken to bj
women, and the layer of dust on their fa ss
then blushes They would
doubtle.si have given cap? and all If they ij
but they C'iuld i. t, and the young women
crushed back again wnlie th?ir eompanloni
Bared, but not loud enougn to drown their
remarks atiout 'horrid, mean sallora." t
Tn- aecond division l loked more like a home
than the flrst, and thousands of women
Idren scanned the rank?1 mbers
Ol their fami.les, and mer. applaudi 1 regiments
. ? . Dot '?nly because they marched
and ?<? .??? but because they were loyal to
::.....: Ill * hi? h they had BSTVed TblS
in was made up entirely of National
?.-:. en ??: 1 It was while looking at th?
ond division tha' people had ar> oppotl .:.:!/ tO
draw eomparisona between "ours" *r.<l "theirs."
Major-Oeneral TI .::?ghast rod? at the head of
the column, an . :' iwtng him cur.? ? .??.???rais M.
o. Terry. Benjamin Plagler, Howard Carroll.
?? : :. . .. ?. M Hoffman, William M
Klrby and ? ? Kr.eeland. W M Healey and
\\ H. Hughee and Colonels H-nry W Backett,
a J Myer, H. B M ion, Jr., John F. Doyle, jr.,
? C Ham and Captain Herbert L Sattarlee, all
? ; - if 0.rnor Bis ?1 ? staff
Biigadk Sanerai Louts Pitagerald, as com
mander of ths First Brigade followed with his
aiaff. the h'ir>? Sign tl Corps, Under ?'aptaln
Homer W Hedge, acting as escort. The Sth
Regiment under command <?f Colonel William
Beward, the senior colonel of the brigade, fol?
lowed, and the ne? chaplain. Captain Ms
C Peters, divided the attention of ths ;
with the soldiery commander of the 9th. The
onnectl . wltn thla regiment was ]
thai the "th Reglmenl received a mom
enthueim - ting la Blmpt) telling an old
bul t?'? rue historian of th- L'r-af Grant
?. :?. snd must record fas fa ?
that ths < ommsnd re ? er looked better than when
l al ag ths rlvor-flsnKsd avenue >v?
T:n?? picture of a thousand men man b?
ing as one. behind inspiring music, with thou?
sands of cheering People on either side of the
column, are. Beyond this tlM I I panorama
of ih? Palisade?, ned ;n
t:.- dome of the building toward
?hieb ali ver,, marching .??.? all thoughts di
. ? . . sie he ' rvpald people for
: .? ?iatad March winde. O
nel Applet ?? rode at the bead or hat men. and
? oblivious to th?? chusrs that wsrs be
. ? UDOI th* umiliai.d
Colonel i?'. Vlntoa preeneand his stall *.., _?
the head of th? 71st Regiment, which turned
out with full ranks ml attracted much atten?
tion, not only because of Its good bearing, but
on account of the white trous-rs Which its mem
!.? rs wore. Th'-y WOTS among the few signs of
spring asea yesterday.
The 00th Regiment was a pleasant surprise to
many National Guardsman, who had *een it
run down and <row p-mrer and then narrowly
escape extinction The body of men headed by
Colonel George Moor?? Smith' yesterday was a
< redit to the Siate. They looked and marched
well. Mayor String's son. who Is one of the
battalion adjutants of the command, was fre?
quently pointed out. The band took pains to
leave BO doubt in the minds of the spectators
j that the C,i?th was an Irish regiment.
The Nth Regiment made a good showing, and
? those who kn?w that it was the beby command
! of the brigade were surprised at the precision
| and promptness with which the evolutions were
Colonel Franklin Bartlett's men were cheered
repeatedly along the line, and deserved the at
I tentloa. Th- staff of the ?2? made a particu
i burly good appearance. The 12th Regiment.
I Colonel Butt, was in command of Lieutenant
Colonel Leonard, and made a good showing for
, numbere e-? ? mar hing, it el ?sed the Infantry
? column of the First Briga le The 1st Battery.
ila Louis Wandel, and the 2d Battery. Cap?
tain David Wilson folli wed, ar.d the parade of
: the first Brigade was over.
There was only a bri?f wait between the First
j and Second brigades General Jan.-? Mc
Leer ar 1 his staff had as escort the 2d ?:?r.al
i, Ca italn Frederick T. L-igh. Following
hind these came th? H-h K?=riment.
? Colonrl H. W Micheli, '??.mrr.and.r.g, and the
of the ommand could be seen by the
demonstration with which It was greeted.
j Th?.? hand In front of the 14'h played "Dixi?"
? the regiment had passed in review before
; the President, ar.d th?* gr?at cheer which fol
: brought about discussion f>r. a stand wh?re
! there were many Southern people as to what
; waa applauded?the regiment or the tune. The
i question waa settled a few minutes Utter when
I the 47th man-h?d past In beautiful etyle, led by
nel J O. Eddy. The Land played "Nearer,
My Ood. to Thee." and the cheer? were as loud
a< they had been for "Dixie." "What is it now."
: ine of the party of his Southern neighbor,
"music or soldier?"
"Can't tell," h* replied sullenly, and he had not
d a conclusion when Colonel Alexis C.
Bmlth'a 2'.',? R-giment replaced the others and
received tremendous applause, although Its
muslclane were resting and the drams were ?
ha\lr.g their Innings. The drum corps and the
buglers of the loth Regim-nt. Colonel William
L. Watson, were also rewarded by the specta?
tors for their fine work and th? good marching
of the m?n. The 17th Separate Company. Cap?
tain Klein, Of Flushing, with th?? 8d Battery.
Captain H. B. Rasquia, and th? tine troop of
cavalry und?r Captain ?. T. Clayton brought
?or.d Brigai- parade toa ?
Brigadier-General Peter C. Doyle, commander
Of th- Fourth Brigale, came next with his staff
at the head of a lar?e part of hi? command. The
85th Regiment Capam Samuel M Welsh, Jr..
the 74th, Lieutenant-Colonel Edmund ? Cottln.
and a provisional regiment, under Colonel
Ge? rge C FOX, gave th- people SlOBg the Une
an opportualty to see that there are good State
- . . ere ud country.
Th?- Third Brigade we - heade I by O-n-ral Rob?
ert Shaw Olivet and th- following members of
- .iff Lieutenant-Colonel H C 'ashman,
Majora Rouan Bendel . Oani Manning. Buchen
l ?. >. irt ud Hilton The ;id Signal
Corpa fifty men strong, under command of C.
? WllUama SCti ?rt The brigade pa?
rad-I about im pej- . . r,i ,t it? iure- and received
nattering notice. The Naval Reserve, which
????? a- usual extremely popular, the 6th
iptaln L L < ilmst td, or.d th? l ?id
ijuard followed, and then th- representativos
from other States claimed the attention of the
atora Pennsylvania came first and the
roar with whi-r. Governor Hastings, who was
at the h.-ad of hla staff, was greated left no
doubt as to hlj popularity.
Govern r C ?Oh and a glittering staff, with the
Foot ;.?a.??'?.? a. special escort, were the first la
the Connecticut division.
Governor Rogrr Wolcott, on a fine h-.rse and
followed by hie staff, ^a& a apodal favorita with
the multitude, and neither he nor th- men
Of th- ? atoa I ?edetl or th.- Ancient and Honora
- .uld have heard much music for th- ? h? r?
mg wh. .. ill along ti. ime
Every band in the Maryland contingent play-d
' ?'}- Maryland " ani all felt justly proud of the
?th, which gives the best commanda in the
country a hard fight for first place
General George a Ramadoll. ?r New-Hamp
% Klagst Aw&rQ?
? ? ' ? ? ? ? i ??***>? - ? ? * ? I j Ji
? I ? ? ? '--'vW' * ?] ?* r
? ? ? ? ?,?. - ? <
? ? c
? ? - - . ? ? ? ?
? ti ?????G? 1'lni.ton. .?-Aromedyiorttie
T? ?. , ,?.? r. t and cure af Sciatica. M.lia?
? lui.ir It henni ?( Ui... limitai h .
gk\ iMrurlay. Pitruiimtilu. ?' ? '
? ata? ,? ??? ?ftril : ?>?' ??>? Only Um
?* .. ?um.? <??? Mm ??? M SS c. .
9%%%%%% lMe^\*V1*'-*'?y*'\>w
shire, had a picturesque escort in the Amoskeag
Veterans, whose Continental uniforms excited
much favorable comment.
When the negro soldiers from Virginia were :
marching past one of the upper stands their !
band played an old and familiar air. and before I
the command had passed the stand one after
another began to sing, "John Browns 1
Il was ? ; nrely impromptu performanci?, but the
people who heard the "Glory, glory, hallelujah"
win remember it as one of the features of the
Governor Charles W. Llppttt of Rhode Island
and Governor Grout of Vermoni received their
share of cheers, but an extra effort seemed to
be made when Governor Asa S. Bushneil of Ohio
and his fine staff, mounted on black chargers.
cam- in sight Governor Bushne'.l seemed
I leased with the greetings, and his salutes,
which seemed to be Intended for each Indivi lual,
and his smiles caused the cheers to be renewed
again and again.
Governor John R Tanner of Illinois was also
warmly greeted along the line.
When the Vermont division of the parade,
headed by Governor ??rout, reached Slxty-fourth
Bt there was a suaden mix-up A boros be?
longing to one of the aids became frightened
and dashed against the mount of the Governor
The latter wa? unseated, and In the general ? on
fusion which followed General t s. Peck and
Colonel John C Clark were a.s > unseated. Ho
DB ?a?* Injured, and, after a block of, t.-n min?
utes snd considerable excitement the Una
moved on
The division of veterans, composed chiefly of
brigades of the Grand Arrny of the Republic,
formed In the side streets west of the Boulevard
from Blxty-flrst-st to Sixty-nfth-st., and before
lu o'l loch thousands of the veterana of the Civil
War were aeen marching from all quarters of
the city to 'ake their plao-s In the line. They
marehed by posts and hr.gados, with bands play?
ing the ol ?. air.- of war timi snd with Bags flut?
tering They marched up the West side of the
city, down the West Side or across town from
the Kast Side, all heading for the designated
place of assembly, and every detachment ac?
companied by crowds of people who were bent
?n seeing the parade.
Whan they had all gathered In that part of
the ctty wast Of the route of th? parade and
Immediately north Of Sixty-rirst-st. they were
in a pocket from which there seemed no op?
portunity of escape for hours. The veterans
staved lr. the sul ItfuetS and formed their lines
preparatory to moving into the Boulevard, but
the crowd of sightseers wanted to push on up to
the Riverside Drive, and found the way blocked
by the police who were g Igrdlng the line of
march along the Boulevard a,nd through Sev
Snty SSCOnd-St clear to the embankment of the
New-York Centra) and Hnds m River Railroad
at the edge of Riverside F'ark It was almffst
Impose!ble for people to get through the police
? sad the crowds wars soon massed against
Inss until there was danger of injury to
man) persons in the cruch.
ta before ths military organi?
sations began to pagS along the route si
biAty-nrst-si. and through Beventy?esoond?nL,
nut the prose of humanity was soon ^> grow
worse After the veterans had Completed the
for ,- ? if .- -oies m the atoa Btroett and had
marched Into the weal rogdWay of the Uou??
We are constantly receiving CAR LOAD LOTS of the Justly
Which is being extensively used by our FINEST FAMILY TRADE?
Acker9 Merrgjj & Con??t,
fi fc^o o^Zi QhrW of MERCHANT'S HIGH GRADE
? h ? }J^^1 RODF.NO plates, the brand is
( ^k^'^^'-^^^^'Sv stamPe(* as shown in the accompanying
^ ^??^^^^f^?^X Cllt? ^ou cnn P!ai:'!>' ren^ t!ie name
G '^rvV'-v ?^*?^.?!5<?,? ?
.. fri,, ' ,?, .ili ?A r Titiras. ?iii?aBBBh?i rsal \'
and identify the quality of each sheet.
That much you can SEE, but what
ou CAN ? SKR is most important of
? nil. It is the fact thai Merchant's best
* plates are coated by the Palm Oil process, which is the only way to
Jmake pood roofing tin. The duty of a roof is to keep out the rain.
git will perform this dutv if von use Merchant's Palm Oil High Grade
8 Routiner Plates, lust how Ion? a roof made of acid plates will last
8 no m:n can sav. ' Sometimes it will keep out the wet three or four
g years, and sometimes twelve months. It's guess work, more or
.11? ARI H
?5 ????.??)?:?.????. INCORPORATED.
g ?ess. Guess work does't pay in putting on a roof.
t ar< ? srnr.F.T. riERCHANT & COMPANY,
W. & j. SLOANE.
A most complete assortment
of H?GM CLA55 and MODER?
on show.
ORINGS in all grades of goods.
Orders for whole carpets in
AXMINSTER qualities, made to
fit any room, taken now for
delivery in the early Autumn.
Broadway, 18th &l9lhSis.
Hjve a reputation to SUSTAIN, not to m\ki
Something PROVEN, not CLAIMED.
Those Interested in BhUMS should ristt our
warerooms. We hav- the most complete atoes,
can suit the taste and meana o? all.
Baadeea Trrnii Conalatent with bound
Every Instrument mark-.-d In plain fig-urea
Fifth A\e.. Corner 16th St.
Sfrangia, ft?aiiiy, rnsiitiood.
O. If. JONES, M. I)., No. 4 Hultlneh Street
.'Opponi!,? ????????? timi??? . ?..-ton. Ma??., o ?.li.at,
?. Itarvard ?? . . ?' ? .-- 1? ? .???. ,.f nal
M?- R?? ? ? \ Chlrf 4 onKiiliius rtiyalciajl
t>> th.- IVitbnilv ??????.'??? ln>:lriiti-. ea?ajb thaj In
! ? . - - I \ li.iii?i?il ?. ? ?-??\. Atrnph?
??-? ?? .? ^ ?. ,,??.-?.?. ? r\ on? unii rhv-iiul Debility
'rt.-jl.iii-. ot M .m.
? i . ? im CM Cousu'.tatlor
m ? ?????:. or In ? ter I' -pectu?, with teitlriioalaU
PPCC I-? ? ili?? Bctc-Baa of Llf>; v*
? T? Be B? s ?If. Pf a? evi toa, ... ?,r:rer??iiv. fftj pp.
laraiua ? for acute ?nJ carean
dl'VMi ?, full a . ,?-.?. | .
? ? ????.,???-G? ?? il Ihm ? ii m ib) "mali aa aafaassa.
but uo equa,?.- ?ottirt heru,.t.
j Business without Tele- G
f phony is Like Machinery y
J without Oil. f
A delicious brtak?aet.
Cereal. Fifteen cents*
worth, erben conked,
pn \idts 23 iba. of per
feet Food.
fed Food.
HEALTrf EOOD CO., 61 5th Ave*
?(,i?\\ l\ Al ? ilrl.L.i.lHII. I ?m ?G ,;.,.?fv. a ?Jod ???4
with O ii?-.ipat...r. an.t filaa, ?n? .. ???:, a.?? ta?
?? much ?Jod aa your fi.U. J il :???:.?CI ???
??-? M, ISML SMayvths, Ta.
lU.iway'a l'ili*. 23 cui. a box At DraBBJBMa or b#
KADWA? A 00., P. O. Box 36u. Ncw-York.
RF?1AKLE ??*?????? aumiupr liurtcalna.
C/lRPETS? veurr >our ahare now.
I.l.i?. 4 lit-Il?! G. lot \\i-?t 14th M re??,
? _??
vard flllinjr it completely from Sixty-Rret-at. to
Sei atleth-st - D sitai 11 a in., their places
la the old atreeta en re tat-.<:i by a great num.
bar -if ??? reas as ? tas, which aaareheel with
baada from different parts of the cttv and
afbt with theni additional maltltaaea of peo?
ple who wanted io aea everything. The new
- pushed upon the crowds whh-h had ar?
rived aooasr, and the prosa began to be fearfuL
Thousand? of men. women and children, many
men und women carrying babies lu their arma*

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