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nrn.niNt} hfukeinteniient.
Ptevenson O. .?atable. Superintendent nf the
Building Department, paid a visit to the Mayor's
offfoe y?larday. Mr. Constable marched into
Coioaal Strongs presence at a t-ocky gait, h'.s
head ; ?toed at the official ansie, hi.? flashy uni?
form ci at battooad up to his chin, and with the
peni .vis hearing of a man accustomed to having
t! ii cs bis own way. In a short space of time he
tarn.- out of the executive chamber somewhat
wilted, and with his look of superiority departed.
it ?raa Mr. Constable's Ural appaaraoca in the
Mayor's ? ir.ee since be had. a: tin evening father?
Ing uptown, mad. a speech in which be had pa- |
imdcd blfl OWB WOOdnrtttl dolngg as head ,.f the .
rcforni'-d Building Department, and had in. i
daatally worked In an unprovoked attack apoa
the Mayor who had appointed him, by alleging
that i '.. .?nt l Strong bad been guilty of an attempt
to - \ a le the building regulations by neglectlag
to comply with :t-.. : partment'a directions as t.>
t . rtiiln Broadway property. The Mayor prompt
I- Aigpoaed ol the story by showing thai he did
ah and had io Interest in or control over
the property cited by Mr. Conatable.
Slr.re that day Ihe Superintendent has carefully
k.-pt away from the Mayor's office. Yesterday.
however, ob the pretence that he wanted to be
prest m at a bearing i>.f..r<- tin- Mayor on th<- bill
the bright ef buildings m th.- city, Mr.
i ade bold t.> show- his face again He
approached the Mayor*? table with an effort to
I and affable, and began mambllng
something in n tone so low as to be ln
. . few feet off. The Mayor, who hnd
, angry the moment he saw Mr.
the room? waited oot an instant
: rito eyi ? laaed with a fiery light as ha
:. lereU out;
"if you bave anything t.. say to me you can I
put it In writing and ?end It here. I don't want
I ice you le r ? again during my term of office."
Mr. Constable tried to Kay something to
ameliorate the situation, and crtrnglngly ap
I : to the Mayor for leniency, hut the Mayor :
was mad all through, and would not have it
I tell y.,u." he exclaimed in louder and
? nee, "thf.t 1 don't want to seo you i
? it here. You have Insulted me, so you are
: my Comratoslonera thai hag In
t Yi'ii have shown that you know this
-? if by remaining away fn m this office f"i
Mr. Constable made another feeble effort to !
r, p|y, but It was useless The Mayor turn.-d
him in disgust, saying:
1 tell you. 1 won't have anything to say t<>
yuu. You insulted me without excuse. 1 would ;
i to-morr ?a if 1 could."
Mr Constable waited to hear bo more, but i
? ? away aa faat aa ho wa? able. He refused
. t and make any statement to reportera
I the City Hi
Th- :?' ?'? rward admitted that he had
i | :.;S t< mper to t... -, . aomewhal ruf*
fj i n set Ina Mr. Consl est< rdaj. bul he ;
It | Into BI ?!? tails ..:" the affair.
. ? ? ?< ? ? tel ai .mu i'." h.- Bald. "You
it gel :'.:?? stop from him "
May? r .':? '.'.? -l that hi had Bpoken l ? Mr.
i :t,',.- of ?.'.? ;,; i ntmei I .In,ins M
. . un* t . thi Building Departmenl
. . ? the Interview, or had ?aid that it a-ai
, ? ; .. lenunrlatlon of the Buperintend
11?; ai N'"i'. BLACK N'T Ti ? BION THE
Conti - - Fll ? > eatel ? ' Mowing let- j
No. 1.822, Ini b? Mr, I>ud
i- In re la
fer t la noa a ?
: action 1 havi no ??? ?' befon
ry ol ' i
era at rtnli
apt th
:? ? ;... i; e-half of all Ii
. - in th< a ??? of Now-York
gation of i (.ral law relating
led bj my prede
? .;. a? i 'ontrollen for the time
j ..f New-Yoi k Si? i kin?
il y at tel d thl? prae?
? . rltance
lax, -..ib.m In declaring my belief
icli i mea? ?? this bill would
-. '
rltance tag - en au eeea
f , . i, i. e the rate of taxation haa not
high a? to Indu, e
Itlaena 1 -, their residence in this
.I were raised to ?UCtl a de*
f i ? wi uld aimply mean thai the
. would acquire their residences
i r 81 ? continuing t buaini aa In
? not be a diffleiilt matter
and a . ? : ,:dahlp it Is an
einerlei ? ? I which the Tax Commlaaloneri ;
? milla r a? ft r example,
? -.- Qould, who left this city for
L ikewo i I, S J.
Moreovot ? powei of thi State to levy In?
h?ritai laxe? being limited io case? of Jurisdic?
tion, a ? ? ? ??? 0. the domli lie of tl a de?
r i ' oil situ? ..f - prop, rty, i ho
Legislature w ild be powerless to renn .?? these re?
mits by extra-territorial legislation
H s?. be remembered that New-York la al?
: t the oi State In the Cnion which Impose? ?i
direct tax. hat about I wo-thlrda
of i?ie S'. inheritance tux
".'. ? : r wealth w. ild. th< refore,
Bi ? '? if. i avoiding the burd< f thl?
j las
It ah : ? ? ? r ? ? ? Ii ?? ' ? I : ; large r< -
froi - fox.* it; (hi pa at have been
chiefly d'.e to ? comparative): small number of
d not to '? ? : menti made by
.! ver or email Hr.< The effect, I
? i . ementa to our a ealthy roal
? ? ? domicile would ' be lo
greatly i ta whb h a ould hern
It la owing,
, my firm ? ? ?? ? ire. so
froi lea of l he Btate,
thai i uak
lo a j ir approval from
mt a? ira
-_ ? -
' - aTlON TAKE1 EP1
' - >' ' mi eld a an n meet?
ing yeiterdi to I .. in ?? the work r-f obi i nlng
the vai is atrt
' ? - ? : ranal! road 1? ? t
; .-. it _
port as to thi consent? al
? arty- rwnera,
resol it? n off? n d I |
? ~ ? ilng pr iperty-ownera In
y the i road to eon?
; ? nt Orr wa?
nferenoea ai
nga of tl n tho*e
11 Mr. Smith
j. -ed, aek!: i ? . Sea Vori : il u
lo i > ini ? ? .- ? ? |t| .
?t,-..! tranM* railroad along Fourth
that the President
itl wised ... <??:? r ..?. the aubjt I
v ? tlvcs of the campan]
-? rotary of the Hoard, ?aid
la rej
"If " ? ' ' wlty la ralue of the
treei -firough which 'ho
? ?. thla Ho.ir.i will be In
?? ' ?utcij t?, frame a. con
tot ruction and operation of the rao
l ..... ei foi nid? foi ?ucb < ?nti i
of the property-owner? upon any
? .??-,, ?..-.-s. the
?-?'? -? ? Ihi *r*j>elJate Division of the
Ing -.f the latter ronaent
: . , ? al of ?;:ne "
? ?;?-;??? 11 > I .: ; for the rall
i v... ;? broken thi* year?' Mr Delafield wa*
. , ??:
Idedly ye? ? rai ad; "but, ?peaking for
to) self, J ledlj f thi opinl in thai :: the
r Rea v.rk meaaura is approved bj th?
Governor It wUI ?no aertoualj .?tfY^l?? m,.- prospect
of obtaining any ad? . ? ? -.e-.m ',x rapid tranali
ntract for i - ? ictton of the raii
j .?.1 in actually in;ui'- before ti.e proposed ? inaoli
raK.-- effect M| ? i*? ' i v.. ing
-.. i ,.rr m '?<! d. . 11 |na ,.,;.,,.- Hni h
? ? did it Ion would noi af
leci ci. r j i.- ? 11 *>t t.ie proaenl city of New-Yorh i,
..ik-i-io-s i;iv,f ,:iy undertaken tx-fore con
took aff<
The f ii ?ral at Mr and Mi?, ?i T Munaaa, who
c.< J wMhli . faw hour? ol each ethee ..n Tueaday
laa1. ut th.ir homo No. :,: ?Yesl Twenty?flrat-at.,
to.-.k place at l r/ci iek yeelerdai afternooa m the
hou?. Thi H.v. Percy Strl kney Orant rector of
*? - ? .. ;.c.i <a : .<? Aaeiiraptl si, ofl? toted mil ma le u
brief address. Th<
ven for burial.
bodU I were mken to Xow-Hn
BUCKINQHAM H L Uarter, of Philadelphia.
FIFTH AVENUE John Caaaila and Charle? Cas?
slis, of Montr al; J 11 Mlllard, of Omaha, and
Charle? A. Sinclair, of Boston. HOLLAND Con
giessman Francia <;. Newlanda, of Nevada; tho
Rt v i>r. .1. ii Colt, of Concord, X. H.;.i. I?. Cam?
eron, of Washington, D ?'. and Bamuel B, Ward,
uf Allan:.. MANHATTAN John Walker, of Pitta
burg, Penn.; J, i ). Moss, of Banduaky, Ohio, and
Bold Northrop, of Bt. Louis MURRAY HILL
furios French, of Connecticut; s. n. Bavace, of
Beaton: Robert Lleakle. of Hyde Park, Masa; Rail?
road Commlaslonei Ashley W. Colo and 111.- Rev. F.
Redecam, of Leicester, Maas.; Frederick H. and
Edward Cluett, "f 'run, S. Y., and Colonel A, l>
N0-..11, of Springfield. Mass NETHBRLAND
Colonel Frederick X Bmith. of Peor?a, 111. WIND
BOB Dr. B H 'Button, of Plttsburg. and Ueu
ti - mi .1 a. Tobin, of 1)1? United Btatea Navy.
Actuarial Society Convention, No. 1 Madisoav-av?
10 ?" i. m.
Poli o itoar.i meeting.
Queena County Jockey Club raoee, Aqueduct, IM
p. m.
New-Tork Yachi Racing Association. ONalll'a, h
p m
"i. le (!|oo ,-inrl Hanjo Club concert, Carnegie Hall
140 p, m
William Nlven'a lecture, Academy of Scimres,
Ilumiitoi] Hall, 8 p. m.
Good Government Club K, No. it. Kast Kisli
it'< nth-at., a p. m.
I>r. M. II Harris's lecture, Temple Israel. H.ir
lcm, n p. m.
General Dodge'1 dinner to his military staff. Union
League < 'lub . rentng
Union Settltni. t.t Aaaoi iatlon annual meeting,
Windsor Hotel, 8 i>. m.
John McNeill at Hanson S'.r.-pt Baptist Church,
I p, m.
The Poatmaater-General ha? revoked the fraud
order Issued on March 11 .ic.-i.nsi T. Brlgham Blah
op and Clarence B, Bishop, <f No, 19 Broadway
The Meaara Bishop have agreed to ceaae conduct?
ing the business held to be in violation of Ihe poatal
The receipts of duties at the Custom Houso yes?
terday w< r* fl.?|,7J7t7, The largesl reci pta l
year were on March la. when they wer? fa,057,0?SI.
Yesterday's paymente of dutlea included IBS'
..n 1,007 lots of R.in.is ?rlthdrawn from bond, ami
1721,iron nn l.OM "atralghl entr.ee."
Importations. The payments on tobacco wer ???? 1,
'??? and on sugar ?.'..1
Mayer Strong bas approved thi Mil giving per
?1 10 sell the Roman Catholic Orphan Ai
and the bill for the laaue < f bonds to build a soologl
irden, a? well aa thai exempting St Luke's
Methodist Episcopal Church from water laxes
r A. Phillip?, Jr., of tiv Consolidated Stock and
Petroleum Exchange, did not yesterday maki good
balan ?? aa ? nsi him of 1500 on ftia 1
1, . ... gbeet on Wednesday, and his bus?
from tho Exchange was made permanent 1 wai
I that the special It reatlgatlng committee of
? Exchange would i.a.k Into the eonni etlon of
Mr. Phillips with 1 "discretionary order" 1
al No. M Naaaau-at.
More than eighl th rpenters will
start their cruaade igalnal thi usi of noi 1
building m.-iteriHl in this .i-.v i,.-morrow. Thi I en
tra! Labor Federation declare! thai II will have al
leaat thirty thouaand men In the parade. Thi Ma)
Day parade, from presen) ndlcatlona, will be a Mg
It was announced si the meeting or the Dock
Board yesterday thai permission had bean secured
from the Woe Department ..1 Washington t,, build
a bulkhead off the end of Pier A, at thi Battery.
, to make nn Incloaed landing apace for small boats
j The rentiers frum yachts have fi r rears he. 1
the float In tho corner made by th? Battery sea
wall and Pier A an a landing-place
The last meeting of the Governing Commit!.f
ihe New-Tork Stock Exchange previous to thi
annual election on May 10 was held reaterday '?'he
on was principally devoted to cleaning up lin?
ed business. There will be no op]. -,
ui th? election but there will be considerable
scratching < f names.
Frederick Bunner, eighteen years old was re
, moved fro? bis home, No .,.:. East Nlnth-st., to
North Brother Island yesterday morning. He was
suffering ft..n, smallpox This make? the thlrty
of email] ox r< port? .1 by I u Benedict,
"f ' < Bureau of Contagloua Dlseaaea since March
Twenty-flve of these < in wen found It thi 1 Ity
and < leven on Randall's Island,
' ? Beach, of the Supr?me Court, has given
1 '":' !r' ?he case 1 ; Benjamin Davis against
?? ? Gibbons and the I'nlted Fort.,hie Engli.rs'
upholding th, defendants Davis t.- a non
? ? nglt ? er, who was employed by M< rrl I P
* ' "r Hi applied for an Injunction restraining
Peter Qlbbona, delegate of the Cnlted Portable
,:' *-';'-' >'' Ion and the union from moleating
? rferlng with him while working al his trade.
Rubber-tired patrol wagons were Introduced Into
' ' ! "i;,,f' Departmeni in this city yesterday, The
'?"-' '" '' ?' ? ' ? - fi roll ? 1 vehicles was the
tA eat Blxty-i ? .
The Cadet Corps of St Paul's Protestant Bole
eopsl Church. Bn .-, Veaey and f - . . .
had a battalion drill in city Hall Park Last 1 ran
Ing, other? will h. held on Thursday evenings for
the, next month. The corps, which Is composed
? ' . bout ninety young boys, la in charge ? ? ..
Rev. G v: .?arc, rv ont of the curates of tho
church, it was organised three reara ago md
lias an armory In the Church Building, m Church
si Th- hoya wore handsome blue uniforms and
wer? nrmr.i with read muskets and bayoneta their
officers carrying swords They wer,, headed by a
drum corps T!,e dr.a was witnessed by many
spectators, wi.o warmly applauded the corps.
The trial of N.ison m Weeks, charged with man
sla ighterln having been implicated In the death of
Almee Smith, did not ko on yesterday, ..? it *i
?*1.,ed '? w'?-,1'i Instead, li was marked off the
ierm by Justice Olegertcb, In the Criminal Branch
of :lie Supreme Court,
Thomas Qulnn, thirty yeHrn old, no home, fell
from the roof of the building at NO. 9 Pell-st on
Wednesday night arid was killed He mad? a,'Be?
ing by running errands for Chinatown people He
waa sleeping on the roof when he fell
Pu. h Broa succeeded in getting an admirable
photograph of Grant's tomb as the west Point
r.idets were passing in review || formR M ,,.,.,.
est Ing souvenir of Ih? ceremonies
The Sheriff yesterday roeeivod nn axeeutlon fi r
?UMagsJnsI John B Jchoeffel and Maurice Grau
as BUrVitring members of ft? flrrn 0f Abbey Bchoef
fei n Grau, operatic and theatrical managers in
'.nor of Julius Bien &? Co., lithographers. No In?
structions accompanied the execution.
An order has been obtained In the Supreme Court
b] the attorneys f^r Frederick E. Turnet one of
the ? redit..rs of ?he g s Dean Company, bucket.
shop tick broken, of No ? Broadway, for the
sala try the sheriff of the office furniture and ftxt
urea belonging t? in,.neern, which are now un?
der attachment The furniture is ralued al be?
tween tv.i and IB?, Mr Turner's aim. bm.it u
th? rrrai one now in ihe hat,.is ,,? neputy-Sheriff
Th?- New-Tork Memorial Committee win gold a
meeting al its beadquartera, in the mh Regiment
Armory on Monday evening next, al which the
ne of march and othei matt? rs conn? 1 ?? ?! with in?
parade will probably !.. considered, General lior
ace Porter, chairman of the Memorial Committee,
ant a ? ?-1 t.. An 1 bj hop Ireland ?. iklng
hirn tobe tt. orates at th.ii uerctaea a? the
oveaing of Mt n. .1..1I l'av.
You pay $ioo for the best wheel,
then spoil the effect by a cheap suit.
Our suits are as cheap as good
quality allows?$8 ; as good as the
good tailors can make?$iS.
Breeches of bright attractive pat?
terns, to be worn with coat of plain
color, or no coat at all.
Red cheviot golf coats and waist?
coats ; everything the bicycler or
golfer wears?man or boy.
Do von wan) .or sir,re bo k" malli I free.
Rogers, Peet & Co.
Prince and Broadway.
Warren ?nd Br, adwa,.
Tiiim ?econd and Broad?ay. _ _
There eraa ? pretty wedding on Wednesday ntsht
81 the home of Mr. and Mm Thi dore Terrell, Nn.
-.71 Woodworth-ave, when their ?Ideal daughter,
Hattie E, Terrell was married to Alfred i hadburn,
of tins city. The ceremony wai performed bj the
Rev. Dr. George K Strowbridgi of Brooklyn. -Miss
Ida Chadbum, ?later ol the bridegroom, waa the
maid of holier, pnd William Terrell, brother of thi
bride, waa beal man. Among ihe gueats were Mr
and Mrs. Theodore B. Terrell, ol Orange, X. 1.;
Benjamin F. Palmer, Misa Ada Miller, of Stamford,
Conn., Herben B, Miller, of Bprlngfleld, Maas.;
Mis* Julia Tut tie, Mis? Elisabeth Tuttle and Miss
Annie Chlcheater. of New-Canaan. Conn.; Ororge
A. Waterbury, of Naugaturk, Conn.: Mr?. Asa bel
Hovt. of High Kldge. Conn.; tlcorgc K. Oreenly
and Chalmers Oreenly, of Nea York city; Mm
Catharine B Sing, of Bro klynj Misa ?'arrie Quern
aej ol Nyuck: Clarence D. Horton, of New-Haven,
Conn., and Mr. and Mr-". Thomas Robinson, of New
York citv -.tue of the Yonker? guest? were Mr
and Mrs William Chadburn, Samuel i'hadburn,
Miss Kannte Chadburn, Frederick Cha.irn, Mr
and Mr- Oeorge A. Halsev, Ml?" Nettie Halaey.
Raymond H.ilsey. Mr. and Mrs George B Terre?!
the Miases 1 ivlor, the Mlsae? Howes, Ml and Mrs
.lames How?-. Mr. ami Mr-, Frank Connolly, Miss
Bertha Connolly, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Ano?.
Harn Waited Miss Edith Oaborne, Miss Ada I:
Kan Mr?. Penn le, V llllam Bhults, Mrs. E K
u i? and Me- Elisabeth Welch. After a wedding
trip to ta? northern pan of the Stnte Mr. and Mra
Tt rr> II will m ike their home In thl city.
At a special meeting of thi Common Council on
Wednesday night a hearing wa? given on the
Brnnx Bewei bill By a voie of 12 to 1 the bill war
? !i p,i proved
The congregation of Ihe Church of Ihe Immacu
Inte i 'oneeption la making '"'? >; preparation
?. ? .on ? ?,.mi? it? pa a tor. ihe Re* l'harlei R Coi
ley, who |? expected lo arrive In Yonkei to-nlghl
H. i, ?. ?.l n leave of absence som? titm ago at ;
has been making a pilgrimage lo iht Holy Land
, win be a reception In St Mary'? Hall al :
..', lock
The funeral of Captain Joseph Peene, ar., took
yesterday afternoon at Id? home, No. o
Warburtoi ave, The Rev Frederick M. Davenport,
former!) pastor of Ihe Firal Methodist Bpl?
Repre entatlvra were preaenl
from thi Common Coun II, it..;i).i* of Eire, Water
n rl Pollci 'ommlaalom r< The Cltj \ --?
and Commissioner of Public Work? were also pr?s
. ? ? Tb, burial was In Bi John's (Cemetery, where
i Btnr Lodge F, and A. M., conducted a ser
Vil .
Peter Nodlne, wl ken lo s. '?? > ?-? Ho?
. ? ?:.- from Injuries i ?
.-. iv,.: m a runawa) sei Idi nt, w i? n w
dai a? Improving.
A; i ? -j? mi me< Uni of II ?? Bo ird of (Ien.ltI
.. w . Inesduy II wa? di Ided to advertise for ap
? place of - ?latani plumhli ir In
? i ? , ?..? The alary i? noi i" ?v ???. ,i f?te ?, w .u
T ? Vonkera Platrici Homing Club : .- arranged
r of flicht* for pigeons, beginning on Mnj
... Thi ' ? ? flight will be lo Pi Had. ,.
T ,? Bronx R ver Sewer Mil, ao far a* the voice of
Mount \. mon cltlsens is concerned, wa? disposed ol
on Wednesday night at t hearing bel ire I t Board
of Aldermen Colonel Bryant and Alderman Lovetl
were the only ?peakera In fat >r t the bill Thoa<
who opposed h ware Judge Mil.-. Joseph S Wood,
T. Mortimer Bell, Hr. T. A. Fletcher and Aldermen
Qrsnt, Wets? and Howland ii. rollcall Aldermen
Lovetl and Walter'caal i!.nly rotea In favor, snd
the Mayor wa* directed, bj n vott ol ? to : lo re
? ? ? bill to Q ivernor Bla. K mapi rot ed
The Mount Wrnon Driving Club held Its annual
meeting and el< nt Ion on M idas night The oflli et
... ei wen tlbert 8 Jenks, proal leni Rci eri R id
dy, vice-pn al lenl s nford Ha?ock Ii
i C Bm < i -? retal ? and O I. \ mtln pnd .) I.
D i Ho;*. ,,f J'onki r- Bank? of V. ?
Ri hellt and ,homa? Blake, ol Mount Vernon d
rectors foi : iree yi ars t ... eason will be opened
on Memorial Da; ... I ? Ali?ndole Ira. k.
T le ''on.mon t.'o'll .,.?????; $100 for :he
Department of i fiai ltd The memliei - also ro
epted un invitatloi ? ? i nnual house In?
apt lion ol ihe Fin i ici u tm< nt, s hi ;h sill be hei I
? ..t on May ;, Bai irday. Maj S h i? been
leslgnate?! as the date i ? rai loi ind Tiicsd.iv
'.: - if the date ? ?
Jol ' Kolpli .,?.... i ntractoi und h. Id
- been mi ? rtce Tu ?ri ?
n oi ?. Mr Kolpln had I ? ? ? aim on t hi
mor? i- g i v hlch hi Inn ndi rl
to >i,?;,...-;? in i he bank, but i I ot do
bank was < l< -? d. Ilia I : ?'.? lend? '?.,, ?
? ? play
Tw. pretty homi wedding? tool this city
on Wednesday night Mi-- Annie l*uu, daughi
"i John i ' i.ao. and trlhut Dummeti ?on oi
Matthew Dummett, were n. i al 'he hon.I
? he i ride'? par- Ms. No. 131 w i - First-si "
? mj was i" rformi Rev. C E Mol
denk ff Bl Pi therm l
M! Mary Borg- Hid was ,;
ilageman besl man T; ??? wedding wa* ihm
? ? Mini Lydia Forrest? I if, I.int.. ni
the ? ??..? of ' he I I ? pnrenl i
performed by the Rev, Chnrles S K ?
Ml May Forreatei I Brooklyn, and ileorge W
Linn w ?r.-- * he attending ? ?
W .t one hundred frl ids of laenh Bcheuermann
were n attendance at ? ?????r1^? party gl ?
honor of hi? sixtieth hlrthdi ? on Werineada: night
The affair wai ut 1er the auspices er the (quartet
Club and the Arhep.e Mederkrant.
owirsr to the absence of Henry C, Henderson, ont
of the counsel, who la In Washington engaged . ot
the Ward-Falrchlld election conten? the hearing
In ? ? Investigation of Superintendent Pierce*
management of the Wesl lore;- Temporary Homi
hai been postpont I ui : the ???> ..i?i w??k In May
The Investiga Ion Inte thi mental condition of
Arthur u Paltnei I irgi with m .r.t. ;
Mnmaroneck, which wat o have been resumed on
\\ i di: -.'..?, wai I for one week
.? ? ? ? e of th?. Com ?'? i ??. ? -
N' it Monday the May term of tl ? Supreme r iuri
will open a' the Ccurthouse In thi? village Justice
f'irret .1 Oarretaon piesldlng. Thi? will be .1 idg<
Uarretaon'fl first appearann ai presiding .' i ?:??
of the Supreme Court it tl place The civil cal
? id i contain? IM aae? which I? noi a iur*f<- num
lo r, but n;.itij of ? ? . ? , ? Iderable local
Caadlana, a convict si Ihe prison, who hs? Riven
to the st.,te val able ??? ii ?? ilnce la Incarcera?
tion, was dlschsrged yeBterday morning, harina
?erved out hi? term of Imprisonment He ?-.,. ..
Hi ..r achoobt of aculpture and art in Rome
and hla ability aa a Bculptoi modellei snd s ? >?!
carver ha frequently at ? in called ii to use In tlnlah
Ing and ornamenting the now administration hulld
Ii n In carving furniture, and it- Instructor "f the
art ? ?si oi thi prison In ? tod-carvlng when he
went ? esteras) morning he t.,,k with him ?
hundsomel) finished oak box containing a full set
; oi loois pertaining ;<? ?nn craft, a present from the
State through the Warden'? appreciation of hi*.
, ' lilt; and t .ni.t.,I sei
The regular Republican Town Committee, Qen?
eral i: a McAlpln. chalrmai enjoyed an
?upper at Moti'* Hotel last everting
a committee <>f women gava t., ;t.? Enterprise
. Hook and i,ii.|,ii" ''.|mhi laal night a large rill.
tta? The presentation t*peech wn-. made In the
Music Hall by Adam Klstlnger, ? id wa* followed
i,. ,? m ,|. ion and dan. In?
Ten candidates for baptlam will I? Immersed In
Long i-ian.i Bound, off Huguenot Pari on Bun
da) iftei : ? ? clock. Th "-? ??- T II Ha) Us
il loti ? a.i Baptist i 'loir.h will be a? Ii led ,.,
I ? 11.. a | the i. i. i ' t!... it. v. v. H
... i . ? r I t.,wi.
Ti. in,.tt Ii tl at mt ml era of Rail, r i-;n.
? mpany ha in i ed foi b muti h gan ? o
1.??-. ball on Mi mortal Da)
Tl ?? i. a.Hi" bj Ml a Mary Fn i?? h VU Id in Trinity
llotin laal nlghl wa? sue deil h) a la g< audience
I wai . ited ' ? . Ha 11 on
sopla;.o. and John l'iaie i.? Uilder, plant?t. In the
RL Jlint's piNE Furniture
There is tn aiiy coolnetM and tlainti
ncsH on our lightwood bedroom floor,
and well there might be. A whole
scries of bird's-eye maple pieces, t?>
beautify young girls' rooms, have come
from our factories.
Very simple of line they are, yet ox
qnisitely graceful; finished with rib-,
bon knots or sprays <>f flowers-?mo?t
daintily carved.
Used with hanging! of dull pink,
violet-gray, deep cream?the effect
will be fascinating. The hangings,
ton, are here.
"buy ofthe maker"
Geo. C.Flint Co
43.45 and 47 WEST 23?ST.
audience wer? Mrs. William B, taelln, Mrs. Julian
Hawthorne, Mrs. Frederick Bemlngton, Mr? John
llabberton, Mi- l" l^ancey Km,... Mrs. Cuahlng,
willow of Commander Cuahing. c. S. V. Urs
.him.- Dwlghl Pert, Mrs. I..i Salle A. Uaynard und
th- women "f thi Choir Oulld, under whoa* tu
spie? - the affair was ;;!.' >n.
Oeorge E Maxwell, who has i.n the organlal
,,r s- Thomas' Bpl opal Church, will sail for
l.iv, ? n. -.1 n. x: we? k.
Th" confirmation of a class <>f twenty-one chil?
dren ? n.; adulta will take place In S' Thomas'a
Church mi Tuesday night. Bishop Potter will be
assisted by the rector, the Rev. P. P. German.
Th" Village Trustees have t. elved a petition
rrotn ",i,. hundred citlsena of Ry? Neck, aaklng
thai th? question of abrogating the recent Incor?
poration h?- reeubmttted to the voters.
The reception by the Alumni Association ro-niKht
?ill be a pleasant affair. Th<- assembly-room of j
he High School will ?"? appropriately decorated, !
ind th.-re will ho n mualcal proKr.immn. Tho i
patronesaea aro Mrs. Thomas I.. Ruahmore, Urs
T Uoffi t Mrs. Thomas Ueighan, Mr?. Stanley
Bryant Mr? ios. ph Pitagerald, Mr?. Spencer Cone.
Mrs. s .h PrcBton, Mrs. Charles M. Baxter and
Mii F V". (,*rmnn.
\ S-ot^h suprer and smoking concert, tinder the
llrectlon of Thomas Weils mil John D. Dunn, of
;;,,? Ardaley Club, whs jrivn in Wells'a DintiiK
rooms, in Cedar-st., last evening. About fifty
Scotchmen partook of tho supper, which was strictly
of a Scol 'k character. Tin- programme Included the
? |ng: Select) in on the pipes by Piper Buchanan,
if thr> clan UcOregor, and a recitation, "The Ham
lltonlan Militiamen," by .lohn D. imnn. nihors who j
...k p?n were W, Kllgour, W Tucker, Thomas Lee, |
lohn Hrlrr.tn and Measrs. Wells. Duncan, Fra?"r,
Hamilton, Walker and Walsh.
The Voung Uen'i Catk lie Association of Haat
;nes held Its annual entertalnmenl .mi reception
-, Proteo in Ha . m Wednesday evening.
Martin Ni Todd la arranging to give a stereoptlcon
lecture in the p.iri-h. ho ise ..:' Z\ m Episcopal Church,
?or the benefit of '.no Polios Ferry Hospital,
Th<- i r,<-i cent tas n to . gp r? d on Wednesday, and
Jam?? Ollleaple eports th?1 a l irir<-> par: of the en?
tire amount h.i* been recelv? i cntll Mav 28 :, per
cen? ?ill I"- charged, a 1er whl 'h the rate ?in h<* 12
Ralph F rrimr. William a. Hunt and Frank
have prei ired their minute on ihr death of
ii? rd Woiis. Peeksklll'e well-known attorney,
and according 10 dlrectlona have pn -? ?'?'?'"\ ?t to
11 Suprema Court In Whit? Pinina Justice J, 0
Dykman presiding. Th" memorial haa been entered
upon the mlnutea of the Court.
T ? annual meeting of th* oicht soriotir-s of
ror of the town of Cortlandi la an?
il n. ink" place in the First Baptist Church
("own Cant 1 the Town < Mark's
yesterday morning, and after some prellm
. 11 by the n feree, < "harles N'. W( II ?
the ballots were opened and the Hoard proceeded
?.. ri ouni them. In the afternoon an adjournment
-.v .1 - ? ket ui
The Rev Oeorge )i Pertla, pastor of the First
r..,;. ist Chui terdaj for Hamburg, to
... , sent for about iwo montha li" wag aceom
1 . m ?s Perria In hi? ,:!i?en'-.> th" Rev,
? ?.?rail Hun,, v- Im I i, of Sew-York City, win occu?
py hi? pulpit.
The twenty-Aral hearll c In th?? case of John 1>. and
William Rockefeller agalnal the assessors of the
;..?!! of Mo mi Pleaaant took place yesterday before
Franklin Couch, referee of P ekaklll. Prank \'.
Mill n ; ? or the ass? ssoi 1, resume I thi
Thomas i 1 Purdv, a Rook? '< 1er
witness. Anot 1er hearing will i." held next Thura
Chief Engineer John Oros? will assume the ?; ; lea
ofp.-. i -morrow, su "ceding George I.iik.
Mur lus l> Raymond enters go-morrow on ais
? .v. it) third ?. ? 11 ts 1:11 tor and 1 ' "Th?
Hit ? own Argus."
v li teresting ?redding took 1 la.'.> In Christ Epis
..j.'pu- i on '?"? dnesd ? -, -.K. the pen
I performed :?-, 1 i?> rector, th? Rev. J. Seiden
tr ? 1 11 ; les a ere Mi?-- Kitty
Rli ;':.?? oldest families of
1 ??-? id Adam fl h ... r Phe hi Idi ?mal l ?ras
M Fi f Bi ooklyn, and '.. P, Wash
. urn Of th N i' ????? ? ., - bel ? man.
The r.o ni ?: lo-.v.i Asses ors srill meet and nr
? in l ?? ? n -. i- K ; 1. ; - ? 1. : '? u ly. the town
clerk, ? morros The Board 1? composed of Philip
A Edmon Is ol Tarry town Alexander McCiellnnd,
11 ' Hen v J K 1 ifman, of Ar Isli v.
'i- r ;.- C Tod i. eashl? r of thi Dobl s r, r;,. \\ ,u\
omo In Broads
\ lr for 1 ? ? of Pocantlco Hook and Led?
it r ' oin, any, |r., -.v is ?? ? .1 ?. terd ty In th??
in Reekman-ave. The hall was deco?
ran I a/I h nags and b ml ng The fair will be con?
tinu? I to-da y and I
Rev. Luke J. Ev?*ra. asslatant rector of st
1>m ?a'? i'h ,. !? . . .,? yesterday from a
rnj. to Ron e and the Holy
' .-?? eh tl .11 was hi Id on r .- I ty an 1 B in*
lei ? ornly and James Pattet on wen 1 lected true
I ..1 .1.011 T. Conaty -.. rk. They had n ? ??;?,.
i' ppei ? 1 thai ti.lection fell upon
ratal wedding annlversarj of Mr and Mrs
ind ? ? ration waa hoi ! at thi lr
in annlversot ? gift
lioin.- In 1 Irai ? Chun si Vho-it a hun Ired pei
si re gu< ?t? and M Pattet in receive.) a lot Inf
in ?iti ? 11111 . ? ?*-1 - ? ? ; t; I . I
1 mi tnbei - Port Chester Athli tie Club
..1 ? i? Ir frlen Is wen ? -. n iin< 1 ,, night al a
. ? lile :.. rfoi n an ??? In the Irving
a\f. A buffet lunch foil ?..1 1 .. progi imme
BTATEy ISLAND 11 l /'/'/. \ tX(I8.
i- . " .iions have 1- on ; - led by the Woo
Auxiliary of the s. R, Smith Infirmary for the
1 penlng of the m w hone for nurse? on the grounds
of the Institution Tho home has just been com?
pleted with fund? given by Mrs. \v. 1.. Bone?,
Thi ..in.- will 1.p. n on Thursday next from 4 to
0 o'clock.
The members ol St Mary's Church, Port Rich?
mond, * ? 11 vv ? >lrom? home their pastor, Pather
Campbell, to-morrow night, when he la expected to
r< nu n from a lour in ih. Holy Land.
\ gymnaelum exhibition will be giren al th?
Young Men'? Christian Association Mus evening t,.
ralas fund? to pur. has" raedala for the annual
romi ? Utlon,
it church Qulld, of New-Brighton, will give
a sortes of Illustrated souks this evening at s
o'.-l ?? k.
A meeting of Ihe r?sidants of the l'on Rlchmoi d
I'nlon l-'i?- School District ?ras h?-ld on Wednesday
evening A committee, consisting of Aliram Hi.-.n
wald, lohn l'.i.-h.-r. .1 W Worts, Arthur Haatlnara
and l liornas McBurney, was nupointed 10 repon on
tiiH 1. ,-d of a iew school t.-M ding
The Bupervlaora have decided thai the Tot ten ville
boulevard project u Impracticable because of in.
lack of funds
Mi and Mi- W Clinton Broun have taken a
Iniu-i m. thi 1 'romwi II ?!..;. in ? ;,.t,, ? wni
n.'.i vv ere remand? .1 b] J11 tice Ai i.. 1
?it.i.- .m. sanaata
llenrv a. Daniela M !>
PO Waal -'.'i 1 s?
Impalrmaats of the : rve-is Brsteat Impotencs Bismu*
? I I?* allataata 11.,',, s ,, , -, ,, ?
Keep looking young and save your hair ita
, I 1 ? 1 . ? ?? ? . Ililr 1
11 1 1-1. rns, 1 - 1. ,15
K. .'.? W Nakodaa bj & if
Ta? n?-?> en, 11 m a high traniql ,-.,iijr.
What are "Bargains" In
Boys' Clothing?
Ribbons may be bargains at haif-price?
if they can be used; but Boys' Clothing at
"half-price,"?very seldom.
Because with rare exceptions, half-price
for Boys' Clothing must mean "half-price"
material, half made up?the dearest goods
on which money can be wasted.
A real bargain in Boys Clothing is some?
thing that is bought ot the makers the
magnitude of who^r business is such that
thev can sell the best grade? at the lowest
prices, and guaranteed tu give satisfactory
?aliar Butta, Mil* err^r idery,
Si.-.-? la STsOO.
Bulti #" <ai t? ?x.r.O.
v,.ums' Butts, i?nt.' trousers, *io to sto.
Covert Coala *."?,H? ??? SlS-SSt
3 60-62 West 23d St. I
Sunrise 4 MO Siineet ? M M' I n sets a til .1:">* MOSSf- a?-- "
? v-Panrtv it-.'lt 8:41 Oov. Island T:22 Hell Gate 8:18
p m Band) i' k 8:81 Oov. Irland 1:841 Hell tiate :i.27
Vessel Fr?rn. istne.
Ame'i-a . ,.L?nd?n, April IS.. .Atlantic Transport
Marte'lo .'.'.Hull. Arm 1?.\Vll?nn
H n Meter.Bremen, April 17.N O Uoyd
\[,-s|||rt .OlbralUr, April W..Fahre
s, [ ,,i Southampton, April 24.American
i ? ??. i? '",'..','.Liverpool. April 24.rurard
La Tour?laa.Havre, April 2.1... -French
Andsiuaia.Hamburg. April ifi.Ham. Amar
f"iin*ti.ini."i...Havre, April id.
nhiJ, . .... .Southampton. April 21.American
Colorado....Hull. April 21.WUSBB
Olympia.Olbreltar, Arm II.Anchor
Santiago.Nassau, April 27.N Y A fuba
Alliance.Col m, April 24.ranarna
Hogarth .Bt Lucia April 24.. Lamport A Holt
Mur.nrpiin.faekeonvlll?, April 28.Hyde
Tre.1on Prince.St I.urta, April 2.1.IMn?e
Plrtarl?.Olaraltar, April 17.Fahre
.Bermuda. April 21? .Quebec
Cambrian .Liverpool, April 22.Wilson
VeaaeL Fer. Une. Msfla eteee.Veesal aUta
Trl i.i.l. Bermuda, Quebec. ?'" * m IO-00 a m
.. colon. Panama R R.I.a m 12 no m
M-v: . Santiago de Cuba, Spanish , ..11:00 am l:'"pra
- Be ! D.it-no a m 1 ?00 P m
La Plata, Lamport A Rolt-ll-Oem t:"Upn>
I'mbrta Liverpool, Cunard .12.on m ?;?np^?
i ? i . Havre, French. 7:00 a m 10-00 a m
rdam, Hoil Amer. BrOOam SOiOOam
Persia Hal irg Haml An-.-r. ? - TrOOana
i. Olaagoar, Anchor.IOm?"? a m 12'?? m
Mlselisippl, I>.ndor.. Ail Trap*. - !'.'?? a m
Adirondack. Jamaica, am??.10:08 a m l_ '?> ni
n ?ein, i_ne Hayti, .via?.IdOOialiMn
Vumurl, campeche, N Y & Cuba.10:80am la^'pra
Mexico, Havana. spant*h .- 3:<??pni
:, in? New-Orleena, Cromwell....- a ??> p m
\. ... rialvestcn, Mallory . - .1 "> p m
New orieana U rgan . - 8:00p m
Kan??* i'-y. Savannah. Savannah....-? BsBBpsi
MONDAY, may ' 8.
Y de Maraetlle, f rt au Prince French ?? ?
:.. '"yd?. - _;00pm
A tt KIV EI '.
rt Idal > (Bt), Marat ill, l/^ndnn April l?, wi-h
ii l 1 cabin paasenger I i Banderean ? Son. Arrived
i', at 1:3U p in
,I!r>. Watt. Liverpool April 20 and
iwn 21, stlth rodee, 24 cabin aad 188 eteeras* pee?
senge i Ven n II ' iSn .t I ?. Arrived at the Bar
id 1:2.ri i m.
Strain?: Lahn lOer), Pohl?, Rrernen Arrll 20, southamp
I .,?i Cherbourg 21 mdae, 83 cabla and 106 ?teer
.,*<? paasi ngera to lleli ha .<- ? '? Arrived at the Bar at
(. BJ .. in.
Steamer Chicago Cltj (Br), Bendetl, Bristol April 12,
Ba inaea IB ?rlth md?e I 1 .1 Arkell A Co. Arrived at the
liar a' ?'? p 111.
Steamer Bl I'utlibert (Br), Fiugerald Antwerp April ifl,
a it h in!-? lo Bandet ? -v Son. Arrived -t Ui? Bar at
II ::?? |, in.
Steamer ville de Marseille <Fri, Ville Aumoroa, Harre
Apr 1 18 ?rlth iiidse t, A Forget. Arrived at tli* K_r at
1 p in
Hi. - Akaba ?Br), Curnoar, Rotterdam April 11, ?nth
to the 11 illand kmertcaa line. Arrivai at UM Kar
,,l i'?.:;" p in, ?pi .1 28,
*[ ?. Britlah King (Br>, Freeth, Antwerp April 14.
with it::? lo Bandera a _ aui- Arr:v?d ?i .-? Bar at
a ;. ? m
Abe n? i Hi.. Avera, Alexandria March 30 and
m \;.::. i rt? Delaware Braakwator 2*. with nu?;.i.r
? maater. Arrived hi the ?ax at rt a m
:':? ir im (Dutch)! Van .'.er Zee. Hotter lain
April W o. i H . -'n- Is. with mdae, .U> caMa and *t?
, - engt-r? to Ilollaod-Amerl-an Line. Arrived
nt the liai ?t il.' p in
?in (Oer), Hoppe, Onpe Hayti April 8
.; nilvea i", i ? ? ?; *v? 12. Carthagena 1.1 nr.,' - I
-?? to Ptm, rorw ? 1 ft Kell. x.
R " a m.
Steaim i.? n (?on, I inlrnirk, rent Antonio, Ja, April
23, with fruit i.* i ?i passenger? to the American Fruit
<?., Arrlvi I nt ill? 1 .:? al t i> m.
? i Ian, Santo? A; r'.l rt, via St
IjUi la April 21. with merchandise to _ s_ & Je\ion?. Aa?
lt the Ba - n p m.
Baker, New drleana April 24, Mrlth
lohn Vat
?i K_n??s ' Bavaanaa, with mrt?*. and
? to the ' '? ? m s* i ?.
Steami ' ilty of i i la, Killer, Rorfolk and Rewport
News with m?as and paaaeng r? to th? '.11 l>>ininlon
.-? imer Alaenborn, CI i ;?*.. Baltimore, with mln? to
It . ? I 1er
Hook, April 28, 8:80 p. m.?Wind ?rest, light;
cli o , '. ery hasy i ''? ifc re.
, ?:- Weimar (Oer), Steenckea, Mremen, via B nth
) . '
itenmet Trinidad iBr). Friser. Bermuda A B outer
brldae ... ?'?
Steamer N'aamyth .Hr.. Eat n, Liverpool Husk A
dar (Port), Bettencourt, I/s!>on. via
a. ? A A mal nek _ i i
>?? ii'?r i r?gon (Br), Forth, r.e-va. Maples, et,- Fur
'.? . - . g ?
Lnnocontng (Au?t), It.is-uslr.. Pensacola?I.
;. h
? iiii.-r I??? kawnnna (Rn, Roblnaon, London OuM
I! I ?
Steamer M?nchen (Oer), Rublmann, Baltimore?Oaliicha
^ ' '
? ?? i:'.'..'t:.'i is. ii.-i.i:io, Baltimore n c Foatar
si-lime- ?| m Whttne) Hall tt, Boatoa it P Dtmecft
Steamei Cltj it Auguata Daggett, Savannah Orean Ba
Steamer I" IV Rrune, Ma? ? .- , Baltimore it <? Foster
Steam? Ooldaboi . Swain, l?h adelph i VVllllatn F
. ft Co
? Ynrktoarn, Dole, Norfolk and Baarnon !tew?
o. I rviml? n Sa i .
sie.m e, Manhattan, Bennett, Portland ii ratio iia'i
Shu. .1 I? Carleton, Alnabury, Shanghai \\ u Orace ,v
Co, ?
i'-irk ?;:o iiutti Beverin Hi Berra Lvttlaton ?,i
Dunedln II IV Peat.odj AC
ling I. U Croaby um. Parry, Rio ?miide do Sui r W
Whitney ,v Co
Brig (J n. Lockhart iBr), Bbertdaa, Caraeao Fouike a
Steam ra Sonnai.i lOer?, i i Hamburg via Plymouth
Wi ? n lOer), Bremen, irla Si ithampieri Oreaon inn
'? ? ' ?? ITorktow) Norfolk and Newport v.-?* Citi
of Auguala, Savannah; Itritannli IBr) L rerpo I
Bark? lupltet iBr), \ ?:,?... Orandloven i.n n. Portia
m i i M u la l (Hal), .~a\ annah,
iDiiFl?.N PORTa,
Btesmer Powhalan iBr?, Harnden, Palermo f Nea
I I illbraltai m rll :?
V.M'"".,'' .sin.tiil.v ?n iBr). Mnar. Yokohama, et.- for
Ne? N, rk, m a*d Olbraltai 'prll :v
'..""?. T?>{Un' s."?M N^ v ?" ""- -
:.:,;;;;':'n:,,',;:i:,?,,,.!^i'.ir-" ?????'?????.
a,HB?om;_ne.'ro M^'^^ ".*' ^ *?*-???
<t M,.lllle April '.".' .,- O .,; , ?^l.,.,)
? ??.??.cil.- iBM, McOifllvrsy, .s.-? v ?K, via
\ Il II I ,,| ?1 ?ll ,; .. V| I n .*.l
'?;"'"?' u '?? "?"' Rtru* >..-? rork, arrive? at
N.'l |ei ?prll .".'
tOeri Von U rreil n a I irk arrived
? i . ? ,.
Al Klnstrj (from tJverpool)
' ????., i ., ? April :i>
???" Vori i , i Srvi , ?? arrived al
i \in ll 2li
1 ? ilk Mi i|, >.?? v, .,, r , 11,
..in-,,.? ?prll -i
l'e \ r?es. N'e? \.?\( t
rt- e.) si ?met. nn \,i || ...i
Bleainer Kpree ,?.. . m... , s,..,, y, ,,v ,,, nym ,?,,
aid . I.eiUoiig. ariht*! at Ui.ii.. ; hairu Apill 2U.
OTfaffs. \
A Special Sale ?
Children's Reefers !
Misses' Tailor-made Suits
Uil Floor.
of lino Imported Mixture,
handsomely trimmed with rib?
bon ?ind braid, (> to il ycur
Children's Beefers with Inrg*
collars, trimnied with braid,
all shades, 1 to 5 years,
misses' Tailor-made si its -
with silk-linctl .Jacket?, Etou
or Reefer shapes, assorted col?
ors, M to IS year si/.irs,
gsggTAll Paul Purchases delivered
free to anv point within 100 miles
of X. V. City.
6th Ave., 20th to 21st St.
Children's Department at our Broad?
way & 13th Street store, brim-fuld
Two Piece Suits (6 to 16 year?) choice patterns
of fancy cheviots and worsteds, also blue and black'
serges and diagonals, ?3 up to $10.
Three Piece Suits, i9 to J6 years) la the latest
selections of plaid* & checks, also blue ani black
serges, diagonals and tricots, 86.00 to $12.00.
Sailor Suits, <3 to JO years? of blue serge-? and flan?
nel?, ornamented with hand embroidery, |9 to 66J8
Norfolk and Reefer Jacket Suits with salict collar,
flat braid and soutache trimmed, 84 to $6.
Vestee Suits, (3 to 7 years) fancy and plain goods?
$3.00 to $*.
Tuxedo and Eton Suits, with either long or knee
trousers, 6 to 1^ years) of dress worsteds, ?13.5Q
to ?1^.0O.
Fatigue Military Suits, Bicycle Suits, Shtrt Waists,
Caps, Sweaters, Golf Stockings, Neckwear.
Broadway & 13th S?.
Broadway & Canal St
2o5 & 2b7 Broadway, below Chambers St.
Advertisements nilmltteil into these rol.
minis are recommended to the readers of
THF Tltllil Ml a? thoroujxhly reliable, and
bnalness can lie done l>? mail with th? ad?
vrrlUrrt with |u-ri. ,-t mid'lr.
?a raaaka th?
Save Ice
1168 Broadway. N. Y.
Th? n<".v glass llnlrir '*
re mn i : -: b* Banlta?
expert* uni Ar.-Mttvts.
:o i ears' Bxpartenes,
l'.i ?lltiaa Vmamtpum? '
Thos. J. Stewar?
Storage Warehouses
and Mtvisf Vans.
1 BBS. Br idsrav, v. Y
1.238 '? '? ? I w . B
i : ? - ? ? i ?,.
Teiep ?.?. ?
263 5th Avenue,
Offer special inducements
to pa.-t es
reTT>Tir.iTio> P VltED,
ir the readers et n?
-, ? . -eir
? ,- ' B?
-f i
* ?J
bj return I
ebeck for t e th?rs?
il '-?J.
? k
? - - -
Isom'l n?*Blri ? ?"ur
f!-> ira v? ! ., ? ..n nre
i:? n this an m im-r.
W <? ?III l-lit ili. in I?
?rood eosdiilne ?t a
iioiiilii.il ggrtsrr,
?Bolita &, Van Emourg,
Near Broashsg*
\i'ii vnnK < ity.
Crouch & Fitzgerald
161 Broad wn\ ,
688 Broadway.
72.1 Sixth Avenue.
The Question !
o? the Day Is;
Applied lo th?? Stu?!> ol
(iwr.utfi and I dient.
M)>MIK IM WlllStO.,
-T I'.. gle?) Sir,-el.
\i?w lurk,
Bat ?.ih ,t Runl
r .i-iii -i?- ? ?pal |
,.i IVsrl,
i h,- >.?? Pairie??
A' ? ? f """
I ' ?
.1- '>?1
IV s
si ? niera o?
? ? M \ ! | I ? N
I'M:, v Y.
I ??? i (roe r.
anj '?' 'r. m
M oie) i , i ir
n<n aatlafai i -.>. Il
fX fi
Bend for Cl
II. \ltl
7t> .v \,4 U . ..: .
.N. I?

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