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I-Actual sale?? - -CTostag? Sh<?rt?
lOpen IIIghlLow. K.n ' 1111. Ask. ?Old.
Amer Sugar Ro? lit 1141? 11.1^ ll:i\ 11.1H 11*% ll.BBB
*do pref. _!_:_:__ ira 1,4 ; -
luv State ?la?.. ? I ? ? ? I ? : B\l <JV -
Cfclys Btevated. H V *! v, - 3:t
B-K'.vn Rapid Tri ? - ? I ? I 2i> ' 21 -
MklTAtt, 8 I 3 3 I 3 : 2\ 8',| BM
do pref.I ? I ? l ? I ? I ?V
jjrt Traction,
jtattcaal lx-?d.
do rrof
S t.
Or? SI.?' I
?J S I/eather
do pref.
'RIO 1031?
- ?H 2S\
? _ ? (V", i?i\
? ? - 11M 12 ;
f.3141 ?s, :* , *2-\, r-a \
_. _ _ ! ? ? c*%|
W>st Cn Reef.., ?_
"Total ?hare? for the day.BMBO
I-Acto?) aale?--?losing? 'Oun -ei
IOper. Hlrfh Low.l Pla.1 ?H Ail;. ' ?old.
BO Bull Certf?.. ? : ? | ? ! ? tPsJl ?2 |
Open- ; IIlK?i : I?. \
Am Sp Mfc. l<"t
Ara ?? Mf| pref. 2>4
?m Bug Ref. lili ?.
>n-, Totee? 0. '"'"
At X ,- .v s P pf. ISA;
CtiU'sfto Oaa .... hi ,
C R I & Par. 62?,
?fi ? '' ir * Or. ? TaM
?Chic Mil A St P.. '2\
C st P MAO... M
Cent of N J.; 7'.' ?,
Chei & Ohio.... MM
?occ a si 1. ...? tstt
3>; ?t Hudson,.. I04U
Louh ft Nftih...! 4.'t\
?Mar.hittan .1 M\
Jdo Pa.-iflc . 14%
*V Y Central.' MM
Phil * K.lg., IM
Southern Ry.? 71?.
Tern C A 1. 21V,
V B Leather pf . B9%
?JPestein Vnl?n,,| 77 V
TotaJ ?ale?.SS.220
? Op"n .: :. w? CI s Shares
I ing. es:. 1 eit. I Ing. ! ?old.
?Esa Cal ft Ta...I l.M~l~i.M IM i.?0~ MO
C Cr. rk Con?.07 01 .01 tiT 800
Morr Bllver . l.flO 1.63 1.63 1.63 ?M
pharmaclil .I .lu .:>' M ,16 MO
fava*e .I .S3 M ? -?"> .23 ! *?>>
Tota; sa!--?
I Open- Blah-1 Low- I Clos
I ing. en. ! fit. In?
rtion .i t-.v. t? =. ti 71 e.eno
u;> puea . TOM 71^ ?*s *fX?*s|l.B60.wsj
B SS n. April IB, Igf/f,
Yesterdav To-dnv. ' Y eaterdav.To-day.
|?t T ft B P . y>\ lOVWIs Central.?? 1
American Sugar. 118% 118S Edison Else 111. .143 143
<*. . pref.IOS A 1 i-, Oen Electric pf.. 7'' 7"
lia- Stai (las., in 4v4 ..\t.:;:s n pf. UM4 '?'?'?
Bell Telei ne .221-? 22? AtcMaoa 4s. 7:>:, Tf?M
3k*: a A i.V..213 214 New-EnaU>nd Os.llS*e H2'a
fio?, a.- Mala -..!?? 14)1 Oenera El :0s..S3 l?'>
Bref.ISSVj ? Wls Central 1?...;?'
Chic Bur Ac v)y. 7S 7-'\ Wls 1 entrai Bs..lU*i 11SM
Fltohl-tii? . \'2 i<2*i A::- >.?/. Mis' . '.... !?'
Oen Electrlo? 81% :ti Atlantic . iv,a 1*
tilla 1 Bteel ....'i.i-; S4 Boat ft Mon? ? l'-'-'i ll*M
Btexlcan Cent..? 7a V? Butts ft Boston.. l-'-:i
N Y dr N B_?. ci .... H? I?.830 BBS
Old ?Colony.17-.? 17? ? Centennial . '?'-? 6%
Ore Bhort Lino. C ? i:.-. Eranklin . 1" 1"
Rubber. 11 14 Keanarae. 11-4 U\
Sar. l>lea . !? ;. Oaceola . -71? --
Vr. . pacific.., ?'n .'>?- Quln y .IO? i"'.
Wit End. 7--\ 71 " Tama eck .IM III
do pref. i.::;, psu Vt'olverlnea. ^'^ ^'?^
?Weettagh B 9t. ?u BO j
lad Askfd Rld.Askvd.
l?hlgh Valley., 2;i>4 28H ct of NJ stock. 3B ?
N r Pa? com... i2\ - Ba. BBVj SPii
?'??r.n R B . ^2". :.'! . I' OSS Imp Co .. 71 71'a
> ft 1: cor.. ft 3-10!.s Welib'h r, 1. Co. 4n 41
do ',gt pref... SO ? E Stor Rut com.? IBM 17
d ? 21 pref- r.'ij - Bo pref. 17\ IMi
. 1 ; ii.-r? ts HOVi s?, Pens HLA? com. 18*4 13l?
Wt P Rj f I.. S3 22'- do pref. 81% 8IS
J Traeilem... OB ft'?\: We'.it/h Com cosa II Is
T- b Tr lion ?M BM ?to pref. 60 M
E:*c * r tr c-.fs ss*a 71? Baltimore Trac, it? IB*i
SBM Traction... 102 103 |
Thuradar. April 20-p. m.
The stork market 5s in a condition of sluii
?glbhtiCFS mere r.-.arked than is usual in the dull
?days of the hot traaUia?. I.real tradcra evince
Tio disposition to mak^ larpo raa^~f*roanta, fcr
alRn operators are dolnir next to nothir-.i,' Ir se
?CLrit'os, and the public has no: bcr/B near the
markpt sine?? the Supreme Court decision in the
*Xra:;s-Mis.?ourl case. Bear operators are la evi?
dence to a small extent, tht-lr transactions sup?
plying a pc.od par*, of current trading, but even
they dO n t deal on a lar^e bas:?. The position
ct t:i? security markst, so far as trading is con?
cerned. Ind?calas the* every one is waiting for
more grldeaos of business expansion. Money
aontlnnaa to accumulate at this centre, reflecting
the ?UM demand for it throttffhout the buslnajs
aect:.;is "f the country, and, while gold s::i;.
m< tts ar.- r.ow being made, it Is not likely that
they ?mi bar* any material effect upon money
rates. Sterling exchansji aras a trifle firmer to
flay. Outside of an announcement that a Boa?
Ion firm would ship ?1000,000 g-'-d next week
then were r... developments In the gold situa
t but It is probable that engagements will be
tr.a if f'.r stnturda;.'? steainers.
II ? dilress of current trading in stocks is
a1, iwn in the small total of daily transactions.
to-day'a '-ntire business amounting to only Ms,
fc'.Ci sharr-s. (if this number, Sujtar Refining,
Cr.'iii'- Gaa, Burlington, Western Union, Jer?
sey Central, St. Paul and Rending furnished
two-third?. The anthracite sharea developed
weakness m bear attacka, Jersey Central losing
I?? per cent, and Western I'nion was again
v.-eait. but recovered most of Its loss before the
tlogi Adverse run.ora about the last-named
company do nut appear to be borne out by of?
ficial statements reRardin?? the company's pres?
ent business. In the majority of stocks changea
wet.- small, und at the close about equally dis?
tr:1 uted I etweea net gains and losses. The
lia h statement of Burlington, issued to-,lay.
was a noteworthy Showing, bul did not receive
r. ttentk B It deserved among BtOOk Exchange
traders. The heavy corn movement was re
Bected in a net gum of $2B7.35S for the month.
and surplua after the payment of fixed charges
cf si''.'.7s\ an Increase of I278.-M2 over the
Bam month In ISOtl. For the thn - months end
lag March 81, the comoany showed an Increase
in net earnings of $810.185, and an Increaae In
surplus '.' $78S.5?-fi, Operating expenses in the
three months decreaa? l 1276,618
Price? for last sales of the principal active
BtoekB to-day, compared srlth the final figures of
Baaterday, were as follows:
A;e.M Apr ? I Apr.2?. Apr 2?.
asaer Mriu ? le* IOS Pel L * wr?t..ir,-, m?,
Ss .- K-f 1V*T. lUWt'Oen Bleetrls ...11% r,\'.
jit Toe a ? V ? ios i'"* i''i'? ? Xaeh... ts?j 44
'd. r,r..< . . IS*. ifst? Mi.t.listtan f'ona MS
a~ Tobarr? ... TO tWt at K A T pf.... 2TS
f*:t & Ohio . 12 ^ 12 Mo Paetflc . I9U
C- . A <? ??. . I.r? If.'-. N Y C B Hudson BSU BSU
tail? t. n rthw.lOt i"'11- N )' it p v . .... .".4-; SBvj
Cni et s J . ?tt TM. ffTOi West.. IBJ? ISM
C r-: P M a O l-St? BB Bea?llna M e... 1*>;, IS?
?POCCTB SI MM ?"'",1" r\y a*.... SsU sBSj
?hrie at * P.. ?m *?-?-'. T '.' ? * Rr. ? ?H Wa
c- h &- ' '?'?? '?"- ' s *>ather pf. BB M
r ? ? ^ a. p 72x t"" Westera Uaion.. 73 7?
M a: Hudi ?.If?M lOW
T'li: bond markst.
Balea ol Oovernment bonda were $1,000 rea
ffatered 4? of 1907 at 111, SIMO! at 110%, and
?&0O?I coupon 4s of 1025 at l'-'l. Final quota?
tlor.s follow:
Rid Aaked I B ! Asked.
V. S 4? isTil V.U. .'.?. |Sf>t.re?7.113M IIBM
cntir.ned at 2. W-i ? I ''.8. >. l.'?l '? i 1114 IHM
TVS. 4s.lf?07,reg.llOM HIMM'.R. r?r. 0?.1SOS.104M ?
C.B. 4- ut?.? - -i I12'I 112?. r.S eur. Si ISBS.IOTU
'C.8. ?lalsan.reg.122M I2S1? r*her ta ISB8... .lOOM
}V.B. ?alaBhiioe.lgSai l?!1? Cher, ?a, laaW....KM>1f --
In State issu? s $2tl.<KM Tennesse" settlement 3s
Boll at 80.
Th.- volume of business in railway bonds w.-.h
Ught, but batter distributed than in the share
rr.ark'-t. Irregularity pr.-vail.d. with final
ahanges about equally distributed between small
tnet gains and loasea. The ? rin.-ij a] Bet gains
were made by Burlingto.-i (Nebraska extension
4s), 'i to V-\; Mobile and Ohio general 4s. U to
67; itoehester and Plttaburg consola, \ to ?21;
St. i^iu'.b Boutbewestera second Incotttea, 1 to ~"-':
Southern Pacific of Arizona tirata, % to MVa;
Wabaah second Ba, '2 to ir>. and Ulster and Dela?
ware first Da, ?-? t > '.?'.t. The chief net loases ver"
In Brooklyn Elevated seconds. 2 to 42; Northern
Pacific general lien .Sa, % to 62%I Oregon Short
?/lne and Utah Northern consol recelpta, M: to
73; Pltteburg, Chennngo and I.ak? Brie Bnta,
. %? to ISO; S;.n Antonio and Aransas Pass 4s. 1
t'J 67; I'tah Southern extension first re' >-ipts, '^
to 75: Wlseonsla Central first receipts. 1% to
80; Kansas and Texan first 4s. ?/4 to 88*4 a"'1
South CaroHua and Oeorgu first r?s. >i to !??"?
'.Standard Itope and Twine (!s gained 1 t ? 0ft.
Money on cull, Mi#l*4 l>er c*'nt- Time money
? Was 1 per cent for sixty days. L':? per cent for
three months, 3 per cent for four month?, and .'1
?3V> peg cent for six months. Commercial
paper was ?HhOl per cent for ths best names for
- ?11 periods. The demand for time money ?us
light, and In the commercial paper maik't the
supply of good names was small.
The forelprn. exchange market was dull, with a
Slightly firmer tendency in rates. There were
no local orders for prold in the market, but It
le probable that engagements will he made for
/Saturday's steamers. Posted rates for sterling
(??ere 84 87Vi and fi 80 for long and short ?Ills
rospertivrly. Ratos for actual btiBlncs? closed
ns follows:
?,?_,,_ Cable?. Lons. DtSkind.
T.' I n8 . 4.M 4.B041I4 RH?4j 4.874
?*B" ???. ?.vir.4 ?vio?; ?3.144
H.ieh.in;,rk? .86 1| -,,, 06401'.'. B 16 tt 11-K/r...V,
. 4?>4 404 4(?ns
Oui dera
?U-?s 1 If, ti>.?a 1 M Is tlMsV
DtNnestle cxchan?rp was as f.dlows at the
placea named: Charl, ?ur?n--I5iiylng. par; selllnK.
N premium. San Francisco- Slfrht. 15c.; telo
?STSph, 17?*... Savannah-Buying-. 1-1? off; Roll?
ing, par. Nfw-Orleans?Ciinumn-Iril. 28c. pro
mlum; bank, .?1 .VI premium. C1i1crro-0?>o. pre?
mium. St. Louis?.Vic. to TOe. premium. Huston
--.?*. discount and par. Cincinnati -Bet Nv,-.-n
banka. 25c. premium; over the counter, fjfje.
Bank clearing??, in this city were: ExchanceB.
?501.1.80.17:.; balanc-s. *5.700,0:>n. Baitlmnrc
KxchanRes. .?2.222,207; balances. 9M6J0& I'hil
ndHphla-Exchange?. $i?.f?72,.V*i. balances, $1.
304.431. Chlcatro-Kxchanges. |14.182,(W2; hal
nm-en. $1,029,200. Boston?Exchange*, $15.002.?
Ml; lialanoes, 91,782,042.
The commercial price of bar silver tv?^ 01%.
Mexlcsn silver dollars. 4 N% ft 41V-,. In London
bu- silver was unchanged at 28%?. The stcam
Bhlps Yumurl and OtitabS have arrived at this
port from Tampico with 2.VI.IMM) ounces of silver
ninl .517.01X1 gold.
Money OB call In London, *oii"i Ptt cent. Open
msrket discounts, \*t per c nt fur short and 11
per cent for long l>i!ls. British consols. 112 for
money and for the account. Discount rate in
Paris, 2 per (rent; in Berlin, 2\??&2% per ?en*.
PVench rent"?, l<i2 francs 92 centimes. Psria
exchange on London. 25.10 franc?. Forelfrji
bank Btatements Will be found In the cable re?
port printid ? I sew here.
To-day's Washington Treasury statement, cov
ering actual r?-sults of two days ago. compared
with the last preceding statement, gives the fol?
lowing '.alances:
April 28 April 88, rh-nr?.
Net (f?|,i .81U.a8B.T78 8186.040378 T??*r. ffSSSMO
Nel silver . ??.W?fiit*?7 2i?.li4*?.iil(i Ir.r. ?11.283
I'. S. notes. '.'4.417.-;?i 28.87.V21? lt,e. 1.187.734
Treasury notes... 24.? 8, i.'.T 84,108.816 Inc. I'.I.Mfl
A. tusl -i.Kh . v. r
? Uli lending cer?
tifient, s .$221,1? r, 4.T1 8323.888.788 Inc. $M1.!I'.ni
I i , ?Hi In Ms?
tMi.ii banks.... 11890,313 18,871,881 Ine. 51.12?.
Available eaah.8241,88.1 n?:, 8343 3BS.121 Inc. 861S.4MI
Kin r liabilities.. 18,001,398 13.402.803 De.. .?.us.*-.'.?;
Aet'l oa?'i bal.8S3B,884,a08 8BO.SB6.B18 In,*. 81.011.312
CiistottiM receipt? reportei] from Washington
tods: w.rc $1,850,110, Internal revenue receipts
0470,103, and the miscellaneous receipts $21,080;
total (Government recelpta for the day, ."?'_'.
847,074; expenditures. 0873,000: excess of re?
ceipts. *?1. I7-.07 1. Receipts for the month t.
date, 934,000.733; expenditure?, 931.130,000; ex?
cess of receipts, *i.'!,71??,7?in. Receipt? for the
fiscal year t<> date, 9277.051.825; expenditures.
9312.84U.882; excess of expenditures. 933.104,307;
receipts ol National bank notes for redemption,
:; ib-Treasury receipts for the day wer.
93,402,302, nn.i payments S'-'. ;i.:'S7. resulting Hi
;i Beneral talan.f 9108.801.308, consisting ol
9131,734,450 coin and 900*020,012 eurren<?y. Th.*
Bub-Treasury ln..l ? dehlt balance nt the Cl? .r*
Ing Housi .f f."?08,314, and it-? net gsta on bal
| anco waa 9783,013, made up by s gain In coin of
$;?7.."41 and a loan In currency of 9020.330.
The? Lincoln National Bank baa declared a
j quarterly dividend of 8 per cent, payaM"
I May 1. *
Tip- Governing Committee of the Stock Ex?
change to-day placed the following securities on
the regular list :
Georgia and Alabama Railway. 92,190,000 first
mortgage preference S per cent g.?'.d coupon
bonds ..f 1045.
Commercial Cable Company, 913,000,000 first
mortnat;.- 1 per cent bonda of 2...07.
The Knickerbocker Trust Company will pay on
May 1 coupons on s numbsr of securities, a list
of which win be found in another column.
I*?*;..*rte.i by CTlBto? (?ilbert, 2 Wall st.
RU. Asked. Wr,
At-erlra . ??* ;*.? '?I
Am*rl.-?n Kx. haw?* . i"? ''-' '.
?Aal i Plsea . 2:?.? ? I
?Bowery . ??0 ?
Broadway . OSO .?' > 1 -
Hu: ii?:? ani Prever?'. 12" Ig ?
Central National . MJ ??? ,'
rt-H?., National . ?WO
Clintli.in-i . jjB '-''- IB
rhemlc.il .4.<?:o 4.1X1 ?B
City . BBO - 1"
. ?,. . ?TB n:'i t
Columbia . ?2 ? ?
CVinmerc? . 0B8 -1?
Continental . M m ,j
fors Pxehans?? . JH ?'- i H
Bstt River . ??B ? s
K!?-v??iih Ward . 2l? ? .,v
Fifth Avenus .??00 ? loo
?Fl.'th N^'/nnl . BBS -- M
F.-.-m National .?M00 1?'
Piral Nuil nal Ktaun Island. 120 ITvll l?
f urtei nth Street . ? ? ';
!?'. i".i N?itirinal . IT8 i*--1?
Oallatln National . "10 8? IL'
?Osnaevootn . M 181
airfield National . ?W ?
Qennan-Amerlfsan . 112 ? 8
?<;-??? Bxchansa . Blj ? 1?
0?-n*anl.?i . ??? ? ??
areenwich . I* I
Hide and Leather . n"> W
H u ^?r . 32?. 1533 1(?
Hu4?9ti Rlvr. 1?55 8
[m rten and Traders' . B80 8*0 2't
Iriinc . 140 IM I*
Lsatber Manufscturers" . 110 -- J"
?Libert? . 140
Linroln National . 7.V) ? 12
Manf.attnn . MO 2.':0 v
Markf! H?id Fulton . 800 22o jo
Meehanles' . M 180 S
M?-ehatil.-a and Traders' . 126 180 0
Mercan'il- . 105 172 C
Merehnn-s' . 1?0 141 -,
Marebanta' Cachasse . im US e
Metr-.j.-i'? . 440 ? 12
Mount Mom? . ion ? ?
Nassau . IM 160 8
Nn-nn Amsterdam . 200 ? ?
Ne** York . 230 t?V^ 10
???.York Ounty . 7?X? ? 8
New-York National Exehanfe. ? M 6
Ninth National . 103 107H ?
Ninetof-r.lri \Yard . MO ? (?
North America . IM 140 o
Or.enta.1 . 108 IK M
Tacino . 178 ? 8
Park . ?M 213 1?J
Pisple's . 210 220 10
i'henix . 106 110 6
?lYoluca Fxchann? . 117 123 6
?Plssa . is? ? ?
H?-i ut.lle . 150 |M s
Saaboar?! Nntlet-.al . 170 170 0
S???- n 1 National . 425 ? 12
8ev>nlh Nations! . 100 ? C
Shoe nnd I.ernher . HO Mt|
mat? of N'-nv Y. rk. ex -llv. 112 ? 0
Third Na'lonal . ?? l?0
Traimmen'a . 07 ? ?
?Twelfth Wnrd . ? A? 25 0
?Twenty third Ward . HO m 6
?tTnloa . !*>? s -
?rnrti Piniire . IW 100 ?
Inlte.1 Sime? National . 17,1 ?
Western . 114 US
\\e?t Side. ?73 ? 12
?Not Ustid on New-Tors Bteett i"x-hans?.
n?ror1el I y Tobey * Kirk. No. 8 Mroar'-at.
JVd. A?k'd.
rker. M?r*-nM * Con-?'? .H?
At'ierloan Hank Note Comr.any. 4214 44'4
Ani.-iloan Tyj.? roundera' ?tock. 24 27
Atlantic Mutual 'OS sens.IM
Rame? * Pm"ii l> . B 12
l:- kljrn, K.itli * W??t End 5? .<W 86
Broadwar (* seventh Aveavs.2n'> 2?;i
tOroadwsr ? Beventh A'-miu? i?t.|M ?
*"? ?.'-N-iv * B?r?nih Ae?naa 2.1.nn
tDrosdwsr Burfscs l?t r.?.11? 117
ITIroadws* Bur4'????? fd .i''''?. ''7I
Brookl>-n ?City Hullroad.Ml l^?1?
Brooklyn Elevated . *i S
Brooklyn. Queana C. z: Sub r.?.104", lor?'a
iitufr?:,, i'r.........v, 8a .KM 10?l
tliuffalo Street Itallwai let.li>7 \<*%
I'll".; , S-'re-t t;-.. ?????- .M.? .1"?'i !'"'?
I'.iiT.-ilo r-treet Hallway fork. *1 T.t
reiiuiovi Co ?'."'^ .as si
?Onirai and s.oiih ASMttesa TelesrapS.ill 120
Centra! Crooetosra /'. R....000
rentrai !'n-k v-.?ti. * y s> Rieet R. It.i"i
Commerdsl Cabb) Ca s'opk.Ml ios
rentrai Tari.-. Bf. A I H. 7?.It!
Colurobua r.a?. 74 7?'?
Consnitdatod Qaa of New-Jersey. II ||
t.-,,.,.,,.I.li.tM rial bond? Of \'<-w.Jersey. 77 ?il
r<.ii?,.ll.lat?d le? pref. 71 70
? ?:? ldat?4 lc? rom.non. 'S< m
Consolidai?! ?'ar :tc3tine ftnek. 17 2?
ronsuaters* Oa? (S. City) ?toek . -- fiO
Consumer?' ?jo? (J, Cltr) t.-ind?.?ozv?, 104
C-etroi? IKIlf.ikio A P \\ It ? . ;,i _
11-I-N- j?..^ K??t Brosdsray and Hat!?:y_? l.*?7
tlJrjr i-..k., B, R. A '?fctter* r, p, c. ?erls...l01 i<vt
tDrr i|r'-?t. E. n. & it. im r.?.iliu un
Kdl?on El?<*. III. <r llrx.klyn.102 Kt.Tj
Elcbth Avenu? H. Tl. - 80S
Equitable Oas of K?rw-Toe*.212 214
1". it \\ 11. re 1 tSS ?t ? a. 7** Bl
Furl \v?yn? ?)?? i?t .i?ri t?2?f,
l?2! St.. Ksabsitaa * st. NleJwtaa Av. m 11:1, jit?.
42 1 st . Manhattan & Bl XtehatSa Av. 2.1 .. ?IS 7?"? "
?42.1 St., Manhattan * St. Nlcholn? Av. 4'i 43
?Oold .< Block T-I*?r?r.H.lf??^
Cirund Itnpll? ?la? ?Uvk. ?14'?? BOU
Grand Ha? 1.1? ?Ja? let. 91 01
?H. H Worthlr.srton rr?*f. 73 7H
Heckei Jon-t- .irNN.-n Mirlins pr?*'. ? 70
fHeeker Jone? .!ew*:i Ml'.IlnK t*r.d?.I?,', H7
Herrlnf-Hsll afarvla . -? 2
Iletrin? Hall Marvin rref. ? 2?)
m-'.y,- t,Tri,? * 1-? i,-,ive?i??ii ?V?. .'.? _ isa
Hud? m Hiver Tel.phone ??. ek. 88 ?4
?Xaassa Ble Ctrl? Uaiiv-av s?.O?1* IJ34
Ninth Ax.nuc Hallmad."'? ,l5
N. ll-ilr-.n <'o It ft. Ba.1?? ?
S. V. * ivnn. T*l*ph >ne Hook. M
r. He and Wiantic T.-iesrnpii.,..??" ?~
l'?nnivh?nla Cn-,1 .3?*? 3??
Postal Tetsgraph /:? <?i>ir. II l?
lirait a Whitney. J '?
Print B Whitney JTgf.. H BW|
n,t.. netaetner a UitM Brta sleeli..? .11
IP., MrK'peel 6 V It. It 6 p. s stock.12"? IBS
Ttetaof MinlnR Co. Imnd? . ft M
nirhmopd st B'wsy * Btee. Co. 1st.s2'i H
Safety Car ltc-itlng * I. Co. 7.'. .0
Serond area?* Ballroad stoeh.12*> ?
?Second Avena? Railroad 1st .*.?.WTM ?'*,,-j
?Si?th Av.nu?. Balheed Bteeti.l"n im
- .'lO-frn * All.intl ? Tr-'rarnph. R*> r.
St. Paul Ca. ?teck. M ?*
Stsndarl tla? .,fB ?.'j
stan.lurd ?I?? ptvf.II* IM
tstanosrrl rta? let.ill- ?
Standard Oil Tru.t.fftM S00
isteinway Batisrar fa.IHM IM
itllwell, Il?riv a Smltli-Vslle pref.BM BBS
Terre He.ute * Indian .polie. R. It. Co. 12 ?
Trta. * Pacific Cr.*l Ct,. lit.01 ?
T'Mtn ,t- Ihictflc Cr,.,| Co. Stork.,4J .H-.
Thirl Avenu* Hallway.1>? ?Sfll
Toledo, Ft. Urals A Kami,? ?'ity pref. fl ;
Trenton Potteries eaantea. y .
. Trrnt n Potterle? m-*f. fj
Trow mreetonr pref. PS fa
Cnion Perry stock. JgVJ SBtj
j Cnion Perry Ba. ''; ? " ,
tl'nlon Rallwav 1st Ba.BMM MSM
?Cnion Tfpesrriter l*t pr*f. BJ
?Cnlnn Tvper-rltor 2-1 p'-f. 6* 72
fn-nn Typewriter. ?$ "
Wagner cur Co.IffM IBI'I
OTeatern Oa? Co. M Jjlf
t We? tern 0?s On. bonds. ''I'i J**M
VTorreeter Traction core won. 1" |w
Wi r. '? tcr Tract!, a jr. t. ? 03
?Kxdividoni. tXomlnal. rant* tatterest
Baltimore AMD onio SOUTHIVBSl'BBK.
1991 IB08 1807.
Number of mil-??. !'17 0-1 ?J
Third week In April.. fU109t 1114.3?? It"--?*?
.fan. 1 to Astil 21... I.BB0.290 1.BIB, 177 1..?.?.!?..
Nunilvr of mllr-f.. BM M ... flj
Third sreea In tprtl.. I1140T $21.777 fj0/?*?
.tnn. 1 t.. April II.... IM.KM 994.084 891,941
Moith of March ? ? . ,
dumber of mile?. 1991 nr.in *?***
Oroei earnings. I1.1M.2*i |l.Sf?.Soa ?l.-.:. v.<-i..
Operettas ?apeasei? B0O.S72 1,097,079 1.008,732
Ne. earalags. 8392.287 6476.681 1991919
Jan. 1 10 March .11-- _
.;,?... ?arnlngi. B9.956.397 15.909,697 iUlftV.:!
Operating espensea ... 2.l!o,?tfJ 3.997,441 ?.BB^oM
N-.? e.-irnlntn 3 BSOS. t'.<?S.?s H.30S.21S H.SSl.gfB
st nth of rearen?
N'utnber of mil,a. - - ,1 '21 ..,!??!
1ra?i earning.. f.i7i.''7'> B421.A70 $.',';'",
Operating expenses ... 35T.S1? 300.208 !M,eBB
N-t rarntasja. I1T.35J ?lS0,Tn II28.SM
July i to starch .".t . _
? ;? eatnlnga. pl.9tO.24T ?4 400 2S2 a4.2na.oso
Operstlng ?xpenaea.... 2.MS.240 2.70'?'.?>''. 2.013,873
NVt ?anteas n s?os. fl.49S.007 |1.B4S,0M ll.BVl.903
M nth of March - .
\umber of miir-?. B.mi ri.2id .i.R^i
fli ?1 earnings . ?2M7.:':'1 |Z742,143 12 w:.,7.'tl?
-,.- ?apen ??_ I.? 114,BOB I.B75 7SB 1.642.011
N-t earning?. |?o2.fW7 11.000.871 |1,B33,T2B
JSn. 1 to Marrh 31-? . ?. ?
Cross Mi-ninic?. B7.0S9.S7S $7.!^l.l-'.2 BS.43,.<:?:?
Operating aspeases.... 4.M1.2IB S, 129,139 4,B4B,114
N.-t aarnlngs 8 mo? f2:M.i?s tirsi.&SO fS.S01.713
marges . ISiasai 1643.891 9.670,000
BerphM . ?1967,4*3 ft9?,90l fttl.TU
Month 'f Marrh -
N'umher of miles.. 2.043 2.04J
rtroaa earning?.10.47? A?.'. f2.4S.\70S f2.4ao.OTB
Operating espensea..., 1.7s". ??.:?.: I.MiS.IS) I.BOB.STO
N>t earnlnes. f6S8,f)fsj fl.M.323 1610.703
July ] 10 March 81?
- ?arnlnga. - f2t.Sf3.07S ft3.4??.i53
? >i Tiring expenses- ?? I7.S94.713 17.3S4.443
Mel sereines o raes, SB.BIB.S9I ?a. 199,719
M nthof Msi '
Number of inii'-?. 193 ?''??' "?""
Orosi earnings. fU7.'.'-?> ?163,496 1166.666
Operating expenses ... 76.1? 1 -, 1 1 BB.26B
NVt cirnlrc. ITt.MB B7I.BM $77.3.?
.f.iiv 1 t ? Mar h 91 -
(Irres earning?.11,879.707 fl.lia7.709 f 1,596,4*6
-, atlng sapeases ... T89.saa B06.8O9 170.874
Mel ?-irnlr-.r? ft TTT>?. fCl.i.ll- fASI l-^l f6*t3,963
Menlti of March?
Numhfr of mika. 477 177 477
rtroaa earning? . ?;o?.rr2i f23?.7lD fBOX 726
Expenae? and taxes... 217.210 214.149 993.S90
N" parnlnir.. 4Vi..slt 844.366 879,801
J-.:;-.? 1 t.i March II?
Orosa ?arnlngi. tZTOfl.VB f9.811.1A8 t^.cc.r.34
Operatlag espensea_ 1006,978 9.008.803 1015,900
Bet Bsralaga 0 moa. 1769.280 ?.-oj.mki j>.?n :a?
Monts of Marea
Vumber of mil*?. - i.a?? 1.999
rtreea earning? . ?1^3.44:. fftlft.013 8S26,7ft3
Operating expensee.... 2?'7.<ki1 804,660 297,60S
Net ?amir?.. .<HV,.?4| ?210.156 8220.K?7
July 1 ta March ::i -
Qress ?aminr?.f4,666.fl47 94.794,746 f4.693.2lie
Opei-atins expense? ... 9,666,812 2.766,084 2,899364
Bel rarnlaas !? moa. f9.0M.49B 11,149.808 fi:.i"r'...7 3
(Official n New-Tork Bute CoeMBsstosers.)
Q'iart?? ?ndln# Marco 81
OrOSS ?arnlnii. . |*.'.?. ISS $*07.0ftl 1735.?ft",
operating 'M'?n??s- B0S.T44 611,SOI 466,008
N>t earnings. II99.BM I1W.7?0 1989.667
i "her income. 7.1?Vi 7.891 3.30?
To.al revenue....... finr.ldl |ltt,86| 8943.031
''harg?s . 919417 217..'M.! 911964
BejptSJS . *843,89e 194,199 991,197
Quarter ended March 31 -
II9B.B66 f f!30r:23
m.f.7.1 le.i.viu 84.968
Net earninaa. 144.961 f.'l". 47d B46 860
Other income. 3.139 9,160 15.435
Total? . 84S.I02 892.691 fni 818
Interest, etc. 5,2*5 ,',,S70 2.0?%
Surplus . 842.817 ?26.7,10 fMS27
FlePTnn ANP PF;r,A\VARr:.
(Ofrlclal ?o NeV-Tortl Put? Commiieloner? )
Quarter endel Ma^ch Bl?
(?res? earning?. ?- f72 04.1 t?tf) 727
Operating exp^nsea- - 66?608 N.8BI
Mel enmini?.. - 86.949 fll.6SS
Charges . - 20. nil 91.999
?Sa^laa . - *|22. ?IS ?110,127
I^.ndm, April 20 c, ,i^ jg ?nsgtted t.- Irv nt ffaisoi
Ayre? at 10.. at Uabon ."?'?,. at It in* \r>r, at ror.'-n
?c-uritiei ;,!?,' quoted a? follow?: (Ireece, l?.':i u in?'.- ?t
IBS. Tarkey. new defence, unchanged a? iul; group I
? A- 1 nlnl-.e- at .... ar.?.,. 2 ?!:,. ', hlal.fr at 32; group
I " l, S higher at is\. Rnup i ihi u higher at 1?.'..
The ?fcekly Maternent of the Bank of England l??ne,l t .'
dav, shows the following Ci.inc?. a? compared with the
previous account: T.tai ,??*rve Increased (2<>4 ?>oo rlrcu?
latios d'creafct f02.f??i; bullion Increased 1201,64? other
?e?urltie? decreased l?63,<?0u, other deposits lacreased
tlS.i??.. pul-Iic d?poli? .ierre.?e,| (?MfSJO; re.tr? rc?er\?
iu'rense.1 (968,000; gorernment ?aeurltiei show no chanae
from th? last Materner:! The proportion of the rinnk' of
BngtanS's reeerr? to iiohintv. whi^i, .,.. w.r?k n.ftB ^amg
per cet.t. I? now M.ftl r,.r r,nI Tb, ,,1nk f j.:tlKlan^ .
r-it? of aiseonni l? unchanged at 2'j p?r cenl ';.,:.| to
th? amount pf 191900 wa? withdrawn f.-..m th* Bank of
Kr.--.innd lo lar for shipment to tapan
4:M p m. ?? neois f, r m >n*r, IIS; eoaanla for Iks ac?
count. 112; Atchlton. l<i*u. I'nna.lian Facin,- 53', -if
Raul common, 74%; Illinois Central, 00 l^ulirin? 44*4'
Mexican rvntral new 4?. 70M: Stew v.':K Central,'lOlS:
Krlr- l>M: iM-marlvaala B4?*; Beading, 9H; Erie Brat
preferred, .'.< Mexican trdlnary, ttt%; Spanish 4. ?;??:,
lt-,r sliver ?julet, S6Md 1? r ounce. Money i,;/?4 per c?^t
Tna rate of discount In the open market for b th short
and three months' billa ?g ?^ pre cent.
Paris, Ar.nl M The weekly Mntrm'ri of tu* Baal af
Prance, iseued 10-day, shows tii* ffdiiwing rhiitig?? a?
compared with the previous account: Notes in circul?t! n
incr*a-eil an. lio.dio frm-.c?. treaaury s.-e.mnti r-nrr.
rressed 1560.000 fran ? gnld In hand lncrea?ed 2.?2f,o?in
franc.; hilla discounted Increased |f*8,123,000 fia-i.-s sli ir
in head Increased 1.671000 francs. '
4 p. m. Three per rent rente? 1C2 fr.nr? 02 c.ntim*?
f.-.r the account. Exchange .n \> nden, 2.'. francs i?i ce
time, fr.r che, ka
BOBTON, i Atril 20. ISttT,
To llcpinlhim of t'oiianlldntril Morlgnsp
honda ?nil I'referreil 11 nil Common Steels,
umlcr tin- I'lnn and Urrrmcnl of fleorgnnl.
eiitloii. re|irc?fnirU l?>- lin? 11 nclci-aljiiicil t'om
mlllriM noil
To ltol?li*re of Ilnnila ?mil Stock of the Ore.
KOii li>i|irovcnieiil (ompniiy.
1 TfcSI p' iMiutii f. ?i ii-1'l.TManding with the Com
mlitre r?; ie-<MntHi|r f.uft.indmg minority Intere.ta, th?
time with.11 Which bones and ?tuck may he d.?;,f.|tr<i
under the >->id .Mrrcern-nt of rte'irganliaUm ?Ith'.'it
peralty la" he-n extended t, and Including MAY II,
2. Tha- the "rut ln.?ialnv Bl <-f the payment req-ilr'd
by ?aid Agreement. 10 wit: 112,".1? en eai h fkasaeltltalsd
M rtt?K' '? Sid IIB SB ca h ?hare of l'ieferred St. ck.
?nd |l.??> OS each i-hara <-f Ommon Htf.ck, I? hrrehy
coi>.]. saysMa at the Manhattan TBUBT com.
BANT, M tTsJI street. New 'era, ?r the ?ii.i? rXMeOMT
TBUBT COMPANY. Am*? liullding. linon, Man., on or
befure MAY 11. 1N!?7.
Peri.ilcate. mu?t h? pre.en'e.1 ?t th? time of payment,
that the ?air.e may he BJStOl Hiere n
atom I. V? tTKItni HV.
T. .IKFKr.lt*40\ t ooi.inuR. Jit..
K. ROLI4BB ?ohm:,
JtLES N. fill HK,
Core salt tee,
eajifsxajs. tiiachkr a bauxim, counsel.
10 will st.. New Tors.
It Killt?. \M7. \TIOX
Brooklyn Elevated
Railroad Company.
First nail Becontl Horts: .-???> Hon?l?
and Coupon? nntl Btoolt of Ihe
First Morlcnae llonil? nnil Conpona and
Beeond Income Mortanuc Honda of the
First Mor?anse Honda nntl Conpons of the
Referring to the Committee'* nilvrrilse
menl tintrt} Mnr.li "i.ltli. 1K07. iiotl?-?* I? h?*r?s
l?r ?riven Mint the time for the ?leposll ?>f Ihe
nliove nnmeil Sertirltles muter Ihe I'lan and
Aprrcmcni is limited to und liielii.lhm MAY
I, IND". nfler ?vhlcli ilute no tl?.* poult* ?III be
re?oive?! except on pnjmrnt of ?uu-li penult)
ns mny l?c Imposed by the Committee.
Ilontlholilcri muy iiascnt lo the I'lan 1?>
? i Ut. I.IK the \n n->-m <-?? t.
Copies of ihe I'ltin nnil Agreement n?ay be
ohtnlned from the CBSTMAL TRI'ST COM?
PANY OP NF.W YORK. M Wall Street. \e?r
York Cltjr.
Ne?' York. April 0, 1897.
F. P. Oleott. -i
Clinlrmnn, i
?tames T. Woo dirim?.
Chnrles Parson?,
Krnai 'Mini mann, \
I.ennnrd Leivlanlnt. J
ADRIAN H. jdi.im;, j. h, ?TAIXACat, F??" y.
?"? sassl 84 Ifall Ol . N'. T.
OFF ici: OF
The Atlantic Coast Line.
Wllminct-in. N. ('.. April 2.1. 1MI7.
Hnl'lere Of 'he BtnklSf Fun.I QoM M .rt?-;?-*.- 1\ n.>n<t?
of the Wllmitigt m and Wei,I n Railroad OotnpaajT, matur
in? Hay i.?t ne?t. a-.- sarssy aotlfaad thai las principal
uf then- boada t .father with th- eoopoaa tasreoa, mamr
lti?" May Irt. l*-t>7. ?rill he pal.I on that dit? Bpr/B rt""-.en
tation ef the nid h ,n l-t a.vl eoSBOSa ?it the -tV.ru of
Me*?r?. BROWN BttOTREftfl & (JO., Ko, M >\'n'.i BtrtMt,
N. V. Lily.
j.\Mrs r. POST, ,m..
THF Wilmington A WKi.i'iiN it. it i:o.
Guaranty TrustCo.
of New York.
Mtltiir.l LUV Uullitlns,
Nassau, rjosurzB ? tua it an IUCR.
J/i.M'tiN JiUANCH, 8a I.O.VP..'. i.I? I .-,
capita i.^;,'):;o,ooo
tsntr/.i*?.Mi* ooo. ooo
ACTS A?* TT.rsTF.n FOB C'T.f'iHAl I').'.'H,
tXF.' ITCH. AM> AI-MIMs I'itAT' 11, TAKES.
EsrriRi ? i'aih.i: or uf.ai. axd ri.it.
pll.NAJ. K-T.lll.-*.
8SbJSd t.? ?back or on certifi?t...
< fil.I.Ff'TI NS M \DE.
coMsiKia'iAM.i;'i'ii.i.s(.F(' i'.ni'rrissui^D,
VAI.TFH O. OAKMAN. l'rr'llin!.
AMMAN' ISKLtK, .!?(., VI --I'res'.lent,
OBaOROE r. Tt T.xiiri.l, as vi.r rnsldent.
HKNIiY A Ml HHAY. Trrn^ nii.l Ose,
J. N! I.-iiN BOBLAXD, AsM Tree? upd sec
J<jil.'. OAi'l.'i. Ma nasas r..,.oi;n Dapt,
?sr.mt:?l T?. r.ahroc'.i, ?.titules It. Il.n.lers.in,
QtOtt? 1". I nUer,
Oasts? *-. n>-?.i .in,
AOgaM BrlSsMf.
Fre<;. r?e ? toaasrell,
Walter & Oil! Its,
Roher. (,.,*1. t,
G. ?1. Il.iv'ii. i
Ollvr r BajTusaa,
it. tasan Batas,
Adrlsa tari In, jr.,
Asfatina '.'. Jallllsid,
Ji.m ? N. Jsn .?*,
ntessrd a. M' ?'ird7,
A o\i.n ?Sf F Of?, ,
V rdl r (.. ffaBSMsB.
V,' tiry II. ll.igT?,
11. ?VK. T'.v.,:t.hlr,
Frcdtrl-k iv. Yai.derbllt,
William C. Wliltncjr.
ft'?f.nF.SHAM ST.. LONDON, R, C.
CAPITAL $1,000,000.
OJJtJBirn M. JARV?, rrr?il?!onr:
ROLAND R. ( O.IKLl.V, Til? l*|?M?BBBJ|
S. im CO>'KLlX Secreinrj;
F. C. I'M iST, Assista?I ? cretarrt
?. R. Il AU .IKItT, L.ik'iiii-t-rreinrri
?. J. ClIAPPr.I.L, London Ti-.-naiirrr.
Mortgage Investors
can ??cure chr.lci? mortgnpes and absolut? safety
Of prlr-npal and Interest by purr hasini, the ?iuar
ant?*ed niortpag?*? of this company. A large
number ahvays on hand for Immodiut.-* salo, sav?
ing Investors losi of interest by d^lny.
p0ND^^0?^T(?A(?f QUAt^ANTEE (0
( 148 UroTlNN?iv, N. Y.
Offices: } X. K. Or. 58th Si. ?S: 7t!i Av., X. Y.
( IT."? Hem.?.''ii St., Brooklyn.
CAPITAL AND 5URRAJ5, $1,300,000.
fieorfe 0. tYlllla.Tis. ,, i..ii.m M. iBSrstHBSa,
Aiexamier E. ? irr. J >bn i. Tachar.
laeefe H. B? hiff, \N!Mir,m LummiS,
Jeht \v. Otarlisf, Jame? D. L?neh,
Charlea It. llenotra?s1 Renjamln I>. ill.'???.
Charle? s. Ini-hnnr, Juiier, i. Dar] ?.
Frertetlelt T'.tter. Felix ?'?mp!??ll.
Samuel T. Freetrnn. tt*??l?y C l.u?n,
?TtllS D. Wiiilanu.
I re.ii.-nt. \'i<- Preeidaat
CtaARKfCI II. KCLSCT, M vi- rresfelest
First National Bank?Brooklyn Stock,
Telephone 1,881 B> id.
t?iinitrrc ano titokti?.
Vermilye & Co.,
Dealers in U. S. Clovernment BonJ? anil
ether Investment Securities. Deposits
received and Interest allowed
on Balance?.
A Ml
Ill ri'AI.O.
colimiii a.
I\I)I W ti'OLIS.
RIW?1 ??UK.
IM??lt IDKM'K.
Cankers cmb Crol?cro.
. & ?.
Alm & Heap Junction 5s,
M? Belt 5s,
Baltimore & Ho Car Trost,
Ball & 01 Equip. 412s & 5s,
Bait. & Oi Rec. Certificates,
Mm & New York 5s,
B. & 0. Partrnhn Hr. 6s,
B. & 0. Terra. & Coll. Trist i 1-2?.
Central Oi 4 M,
Colai?s & Cia. HU 4 l-2s,
MoB?oi?ela R?rt 5s,
Newark, Somerset & S?*. 5s,
Pitou Ont & Tole?o 6s,
Pitts. & Cunen 1st ?s & 4s,
Pitts. & CoiaellxTilh Rec. Cts.,
Pittstefli Jaactisa 6s k 5s,
Piit?i'uli Juclita Tirana! 5s,
Fills., fes. & Fairpert 5s.
Pilts.iriJ & Westora 215s,
Fittsliurili & Westera Rec. Oft.,
Sai?iiT, Mapsfieti & Newark 7s,
Statea Is!. Rapi? Transit 5s & 6s,
Waiiiiit? City & Ft. Lookout 6s,
West Viiii aia & Fttbltnl 5s,
111 M & Ohio Sfstaai Eoiib,
I. "j. USMAN,''? 30 BROAD SI.
Meraher \. Y. Stock Exchange. Tel, 291 ijro.id.
.financial illcctingo.
CUEVEleAND, OHIO, Mar-h 17th 1K07.
rVTOTICE is ii.-i-..iiv -iv, a ihat ?t Bpeclal Meet?
?*"" in-,- .-.f ?he Stockholders of tli? Lake Shore and
Michigan rj uthera Railway Company has t.??-n duly called,
an: -.-.,:. be be'.d at the Company** principal oft'c? ?t
< li-vdiiiiil, In the Btot? of Ohio, on Tliurnilii) , th?
KOth day of May, l>?!?7. m 1? o'clock A. M.. fir the
purpose of conillenng, v..ting un.i deciding whether th*
Uli h der? of the Company shall consent, and ?hat', au?
thorise istd Compan] through it?. n..r,i of Directors and
proper officers 10 ex? rate, and t.> ,i*;:v.-r an i>?ue of. tti
bonds foi . n i. ireg it-- prim ipal sum not exceeding 189,
OOO.OOO, payable Juna I, 1097, ?.earing intereit at th.? rat?
? in ? ... ! n- n- of ne per .?-ut pel annum, payable
teml-annuaJly, both principal ?r.J interest to be parabl? in
, i coin ; in? i nited tii.i.fs ..r th? preaenl ?un?srd of
w" km ?r.J Bneneaai and, as securlt] for geek bond?, to
make and execute und to deliver to sume Trun Company la
-,i... . -\ ol N ??-. fork, or to .- ?a? other Trastea or Tru?
ir.e-1 to i? designated by the Board of liir*ct^ri. a moit
?? an> or sll f the railroads, leasehold latsrssts,
tqulpmi and fr? hi??? and Inc..me ..f th* I-ake Shore
.'.n! Michigan Southern Hallway Company, and accordingly
t., Increase the indebtednes? of th? Rallara] i'ompar.y to
the ealenl '. I lid BggregSU principal ?um ?hall exceed
th* existing li *s i ??' il i Company; and to consent
ti end sppi ?v? of in) mortgage that may l>* presented to
Mid in- : ?-.c for -?-. urlng th? said b> nds; and to ratify the
proceeding? ol the B ard of Directora authorizing sucl?
bonds and rr."i '
u\ oidor of the Honni of Director*.
I). !.. RTORCRSTCB, Secretary.
ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA, March nth. ir?c.
N'OTICfi is beroby given that a spwial Mect
inir of the Stockholders of the l,?ke Shore and
Michigan Southern lt?llway Company has been duly called,
and ?rill i- ii" .i a) ths hlef Bice of th? Company in the
s-?:? ? ' Penn ;. : .1 thai I?, at the passeas?r station of
? ? rnpany, in ?In* City <?f Rrla, l".-iii> 1 > I? ?nlu
?on 1 liiii'Nilitv. Ibe BOth <ln v or liny. 1W>7, at I
O'clock P, M.. to take H'-tlin, and t.. vote, in approval or
disapproval of in? proposai to Increase the Indebtedness of
the ''?i ,i..inv by anlsoue of bond? f"i an .'iggi-?mte prin?
cipal sum not eg.lins 650,000.000 raya!.le June 1. IVJ7,
l.mnng lnt>-re?4 at Hi- rate of three and one-half of r.r.e
per i I pei snail ? . ibis serai annually, both principa'.
, ad li leresi i 11 ? payable in g.;d cola of th? t'nited state?
of tii* present standard f srelghl ..tul Rneness, and a?
tecurlty for such bonds to make and < xei-ute and to de?
liver -i ' ra? Ti isi Company In the City of Mew York.
or t. soma other rruiiee or Trustees, to he designated
i.y the Board of Directors, s mortgage of any .,r all of
th? railroad?, leasehold interest?, equipment an-! fran
hlM? ;.n i Inc m? of th? i-.ke Shore and Michigan
Southern Railway Company; and accordingly to increase
tlie Indebtedness of the Railway Company to the extent
that laid aggregate principal sum shr.il exceed the exist?
ing bonded Indebtedness of the Railway Company, and
t<> consent to anl approve of any mortgage tint may
h* presented to said m-etina- for se.-.irln* the saI.I bond?;
and to ratify the proceedings of the Hoard of Director?
r.uthorlzinj such bonds and inortgax?.
V.y order of the 11 .aid of Mir?. t< r?
n. I>. VrORCBBTKB, Secretary.
It. 'All CO.,
XKW YORK. April 17th. 1?67.
VTJTICH is hereby sj?tsb that n Spoclai Meet?
*-? Ina ? I tas Bti..?kh'.ld.-rs of Th* New York and Har?
lem Railroad Company ha. been duly railed, and will be
held ?t th? C mpenv'? offlc? In i!i* Or.-in.l rentrai Sta?
tion, in th? CITT OK NEW rORK. on TDBBDAT, th?
I8TI1 day of MAT, I8ST, at 8 O'clock in the afternoon,
f. r the purpose of ronsldertns. voting and deriding
whether the Bl ckholders >f the company Shall consent.
mi.I shell auth rls? said Company through its n.a^d of
Direct i. and ?.r.;.ir ..tnr.Ts n execute, and to deliver
..-? issus of ii" bond? f : an sssregate prlaclpal sum not
. \ ?? ling 8l2.0On.O0O payable May l. \. !>. 2ihio. tearing
Inteiesl at the rate of ".r?? and .in*-half of one per rent.
per annum, payable sem'.-annually, hoik principal and
to >? n | Id ? oln . f the t'nited States of
the ii? It?I i 1 of weight and flnetMSS' and. a?
?ecurlty f. r ?uch bond?, to mska and eseeute, and to
ma Tniat ?'? mpanj in the City et New York.
or i . some i ther Trustee ..r Trustee? t., be. (!<-sir;nat...l by
he Bosnl if Direct rs ? n rtgsgeot my or ail of the rail
rmli ? lertles. leasehold inter*?!?.
equipment and frsnehliei and in.-..rue of The New York
and Hsrleai Railroad Company; uni to consent to nn.i
approve of say mortgage thai may ha presented tr, ?ai,i
ctlns for ?a?iirin?: the raid b nds; and to ratify th?
?. lings of th<- li..ard of |>:r?.r rs authorizing ?uoh
bonds and mnrtg??'
By order of the Hah-M of Tt'rert.irs.
B. V. \V rtOSSITRIt, Pe.-re'ary.
rpHE TIIAN8KE11 BOOKS <'f this Company
?* win i.e elosed si .1 ..'i'-k i>. m. on Monday. Mas
Bed, i?i;?T. preparatory t.. the Aanual t;*ne;.?i Meeting of
Sf. . kh ' !?-? I, !-? he held .tun* 2nd. and "ill he reopened en
Friday, Ju.lib, IB9T.
ai.i.vn COX, AsMstara Beeretarr.
't'lli: ANNUAL MEETING of th<> Inv.-stin.-nt
? Securities Companj ?rill ba heil et the ,,ffl.-e of the
?ompany, Room Twolve, Blghth Kloor, N'... 1<?> r?p.>e.d
ni New York, on Mohday, May l*th, ISST, si isrerrg
I2l o'clock noon i' ?'? PRB8T. f.-.-retsry.
Diribcnb Xoluea
gpOUPONH due May 1st, 18UT, from Consoll
" dated Mortgage .". per cent. Ponda ?n.i from Mmne
apolla and I >.. : i it h in..:.n Bonds of t lila ?-'ompany. win
i... paid n snd after that data upon pre?eatatlon at the
offi, f the central Trual Company, Bo. Rt ?Vail street,
N.v. York. r. H. i.avis. Tssasaisi.
.-.oiTnNS due May 1st. 1M?7. on THE OHIO
PlRST M< IBTUAOE Tit C? tit liond?:
V, hi !?? -all on ?ad r.fi-i May l?t. 1^07. upon presenta?
tion at the OfllC? Of Tiio State Tru?t ?Ympany. iej
llroadway, New York.
N. MON8ABBAT, Receiver.
c itumbus, Ohio, Ai rll 2.;th. ISST.
LOI ISI vs t \M> MIBBOVM ItlVKIl It. It. BBt>
OMI ?Kilt l?. \?;i: DOBDB.
K tNSAB Hit. BT. I.OI IM V\*l> ? Hit Kit? It. R.
rilKI-l'IMlllI? STOCK.
(iOu4?OX8 and divideuds ob Uta ibova niatur
-/ lng May 1st. ifti?. will le BSM BS and ufier tl.at
date at t!ie 001
CI YI.KH,.M?1IH??.A\ * CO..
4i Vu.- St.. N*w-V,rlt.
MtaaOL'Rt, KAN8AI & TBXAI RV. Ct>.
4."? vVsll St., Bas? York, April BSU?, '.W7.
ttnas BY CO, Bateaalna it.nd?. the i.ai.i.as a
BRtDOE c?>. Bonda maturins May 1st, iv.;. ?rill te paid
upon presentation at the o4Bc? ?g thla ?utnpany. No. 4*>
Wail street, on ?ni ufter ittat late,
C O HKTHiE. Treasurer.
;i; II Beat F>r(> second Btrcet,
New York. April :sth. isit.
lyviDKNO. Tiip Board of Ditttan has this
*? day d.'lar.-d a quarterly dividend of three per cent
on the capital itx-k of thla limk payable May ltt.
t'ntil wiiun Uat? iraaafer bnetia ?in be clesed
W. T. CORNBUa Ca?hl?r?
Dit-i?enb iVot?cee.
New England Loan and Trust Company.
The Debentures of Series 6 of this
Company, amounting to $100,000,
which mature December 1st, 1897,
will be paid on presentation at the
Company's office, 34 Nassau St.,
Mutual Life Building, N. Y., on June
1st, 1897. lnUTist on these deben?
tures will cease on the latter date.
W. F. BARTLETT, Treasurer.
4^ TRUST CO *?>
??Hl l-'l I Til AVKNl IK .
Ilriiiicli Office. ?f<> llroiiil-.iay.
The following coupon? are pnyat?:e at cur offices OB BSC
after May 1st, 1M)7:
Arveutlne Water ?ft Lift/ht In, 1st Mt?e.
Argentine Mater X Lischt Lompuny 1st rota?
?i.?Ildu led Mortsrngre.
Atlantic 1'naet Eleetrle ILsllroad ('ompaay.
Cittern?,' BleStBlS to. of .\orth Plnlnfleld.
ClttSSnSS* lift*. Company of Ilrldireport.
I-'ort M.-idlaon ?ntcr to. HearlstTed Intent?t
.Xeivburirli Eleetrl?* Itullvray ( onipitny.
Rlelintond County tiai Llorht Company.
Rochester On? A- Eleetrlc Company.
I nlon Free School Dial. Mo. 1. Ray Shore.f.T.
Mcreantile Cooperative Hunk.
VI! In Re of 11 ii m in on ?la port. Sletiiien Co.. N. Y.
HIBST IIOBTOAGB 1 psi <?nt. .?oinl Coupons,
da? May i. 10OT, arts' be past on ani aft r that dato
at the <-r;re of ?Basare, Rrowr. saMfe?r? a CO., M Wail
St., New York. THOi. M. KINO. P.e?U?r.t.'~
INTEREST due tidy 1st on Bast Tennessee,
*? Vlrr:n'a ar.il Oserais Railway PAsapanr Caenlidated
Mortgage B per eon?. Renda Virginia Midland Railway
?'ompanv '?rt.ernl Mortgage .*. p* ?sent. It in.'.?. and Rich?
tend, York River and Chesspeeke Railroad ?oinpany 8<*c
ond Mutua?.* t'i per cent, it. n.l-. will he paid by J. f*.
Morgan & Company. New York.
H. ( AN'si.KY. Tr?emrer.
I.nilKi.'i & WM.KFS BARKK ? (?Al. i'.?MPANY'S 6 FER
( 'FNT. S', ?'ULIS'.; BONDS.
?*?" fnrx.lt v with ihe stipulation* e.in'..iln?.1 In th? Ronda
routing t,, i'hi?i Ma, "ne hundred ?nd ?event? f. nr Uor.d?.
for Ci*> each, have been drawn ani Will he paid with
maturing coupons OS May f.rst, as araieS date, all interest
tn-'ie? n na HI cea?-?.
??.p.l? niir.her^.1 en followa ?i:i l,e j-.r,M at the LIB
ERTTf NATIONAL HANK U.I Libert) Street. N?W Y>rk
O/U 8288 .".2TI Kt? t>2 I BM3 5<>?.'l 77SS
7-.rf. 1883 7*U1 VMS 7>>''<> '-''> 7S?I 7*;?1
TwfS 7t>7; TO IB 7888 8810 8018 ?>> '?10 bum
bob) m'?i 8100 M2i mi? .?-WH *;.".4 ?I'll
?190 >*2.'<l sL'."l *-2Tl r2" K?-7 ?-.-Km ?3I4
KM 8004 W71 ant iV74 DM M22 8430
The rr nalnlnS 121 K< i.<!? laass?! In I,ond',r.. will I.?
paid *'- lb? 'ffl.e sf the fierai ?cent of th.- ("Vn-.pany,
atesar?, I. Th ms n, T. !'?' r.er ? C i , Loadon.
HENRY URAVES, lit. ?*>. retary.
April .".th. I0OT._
\.'A York o?ce, v.. 10 ".Vail It
rPIIE COUPOXfl No. l.'i. ,iu?. on May 1. on the
?*? First M'.r'jtage S per east O M l'*nd? of ?MB Com?
pany win he paid '.n presentation at this rffio?
LORENZO M ? : II.I.t-.T. Treasurer.
rpflE BOABD OF DIRECTORS of this coin?
panv h.i? BaflSISd a dividend <,f three per rent ?Ml
f?M the ?,x rn"nth.i en linn Amll .30?h. l.*<!>7. t..iyahl? May
1?'. l**l?7. to St-x-khoiders of re.rl Apr; ?fith iwi7. :n
Mtss forlC at the offle? of MnltUnd. Coppell & Co.. and
in U.nlon at th? ofllc? ..f ?*. .1. Hambm e.- rfm.
OEOROE ?Ol'i'UI.U I'.-ealdent.
N**w A'ork. April Dth. 1K?7.
* befcea, N. .1. Ceanoea of the rirai atortaaaa Rond?
..f 'hie Company, du? M-v i--. 1sw7. %n:'i l.e m|] en ?nd
,-ift-- that da?' U| .?i ptesen'atl.n at i!:e oltlee of lha
F.-iHcd State.? Mrrttjage and Tiust <"o., :,y Cedar S'.reet,
N?W York t'ltv.
L. A BLORIDOI Aaalataal Treasurer.
49 Breadwa), N"\- York, April 2?, l'*07.
WHE TRAX8EER BOOB8 of thla Companj
^ ?Ml b?* close,; on May 2d at 3 o'clock, and reopened
M.y 17, IS0T.
THF? mon F F. WOOD ?d Vic? Fre?. and Treia.
Paelfic Hank. 470 Hroad>vay.
NeNv-Y rk. April S?. 1S?7.
'T'IIi: BOABD OF DIRECTORS have tliis day
*- dec!ar?d a <iu.irter'.y dividend of two per cent, payable
on ?nd afi?r May 1 next. Th? trsnsfW boaSs will b?
clonid tu May 1. 1?*-0T. S. f. MER Wirf, Cashier.
HK COUPONS duo May I, 1V?7. on tue Bal
timor? Bei; Railroad First M rtg*(? ,'? per cent. gOitl
bonds will he paid at th? b.trik'r.?; n iis?i of Mesar*.
BROWN BROTHERS A- CO., .Wnn Yotk, anj Mrsar?.
W. H. IJAM8. Treaaurer.
?tlRSRcitl elections.
OTICE is bsreby -,'ivoa that the annual meet?
Ing of 'he St..cl(hollers cf the N. Y.. CHICAGO AND
ST. LOI*IS RAILROAD COMPANY for th? election of
Directors and other ?reneral purpoeaa will be held at S
o'clock A. M. on Wednesday. Mny .'.:h 1V)7. at th? Com?
pany's principal cftVe. ?n Cleveland. Ohio.
AT.l.VV COV. Secret?rv
New York, April 17. l?t>7
-TUIIC sixty-seventh annual meeting of the
?*? ?tnckhold?r? of thl? Company, fir ?lection of Direct?
or?, will b*. held at the o'ih-e cf the CaBBOSSy, ?irand
Central Tiepot, New York City. OS Tuesday, the 18th day
of May next. The roll will upen at 12 o'clock noon, and
continue open for two hiur? thereaft?r For th? purpor?
of this meeting; and also of a special tneetlns of th?
Htoekhi.Here, to be held the same <1av ?t 2 o'clock In til?
Kfternonn. the transfer hnrk? will be closed at 3 o'clock
P. M. on Wednesday. April 2Sth. and reopened on Wednes?
day, May 10th. 1807.
E V. W ROCtpTTER. S-eretar*-.
ftnblic Notirce.
J?T?C?. Kstlmates for luealftag a? the West
Thirty fourth Stree? OwttOS on tiie North Rlvor. un?
der Contract No .'.s2. ??ill be reeslved by the r>epartm<nt
of Dock? at Fl.-r A. Rattery Pic,'?. N. R . until 12 o'clock
Itoon, Tuesday, May 11th. I*?li7. For full partlculara ???
City Rseord, c-pieg for ?al-* at No. 2 City Hall.
VOTICE.--BstfRWtco for repairing a portion of
**? th? tempornrN pier in ?it? of pier old 42, N. R.,
n?ar th? foe? of Can.il Ptreet. under Contract N'o. S'S;
and for preparing ^.r tin.; bOlldlBS a br**akwriter at th?
boit landliKf .11 PsfT "A." N. It.. lind?? C( ntract Ni. 8?U.
v.iii be re.-'i.ed ?>n the D?nsrta?enl f ?v.ck? ?? p-.er "A"
llattery Place N It. until 12 .'.'.erk n,on. Tuesday. M>.y
11th. 1?<P7. For full panlc-ilcr? c?e City R?cord. Cos?'.??
f ?r sale at No. 2 fltv Hall.
VOTICE.?Estim?tes f??r p.-nparing for and
^^ pnvln?; the n?? ly made ?and in th? ylclnltv of Pl?r
New 18, North Itiver. with itrnnite .-r ??men lalaisd ?y?nlt?
blocks, layin?; crorswalks and 1 ? ul !;m? tho necasary
drain? of ?"?ei? ?nd appurter.iiti.-e?. under Contra.'t No
801, will b? re-elved l-y the I>.p.irtm.-i?t of Fuck? at
: Plee A. Rait?ry Place. N lt.. iir.nl 12 o'clock noon May
i ?Uli. 1107. For full particulars ?e? city Record. Copl?
I for ?al? at No. 2 City Hall.
?>i'KSrAXT to statutory requirement, notletj
j *- is herehy plN'n tfcal As A t ha? been passe-l hy
j both trsr.rhes of ?iv> Legislature ?muled AN ACT rel
latir.* t.. Dep f Ptsee in the Twonly-thiN ?Tars of th?
l'.tv ' New Y rl Fuith-r ;-. t ? ,* I? | ..;e!,y K|\,.n t?St a
I Public llennn.vt up n m. h Mil ?111 be held at the Offl.*?
?f lbs Mayor, in th? City iliil m the i i; ? ,,f \-*w york
on Mondar Ma? Bed, l**'..7 .? 1:80 n'eloeb P M
Dated City Han. Non* Yulk. Ai.t ! 8Mb I8?7
_W. L. HTRONO, taarer.
l>i iiSl'A.NT to staliuor.v n^iiiiicniciit. uotlco
I? R -r-liv )f'N?n that An Act ha? Leen pa??ed by
both branenea of the l^tsialadir? entitled an act to
i umen.l chapter fiur hur,!r.d ?nd ten .,f the latea <*f elsh
| ie.-n hundred and riffhty-taro, entitle.; "An Act t.i c.in
aolldat? :ut. one act and to declare th* special *?n'l '"''***1
I law? niTe.tlne publie iBtcreeta tn th? et. ,.r {fia Y.ia."
! relative t'< pioreclin?? to ..pen Ftroet? in said cltv. Furtii?t
, not-ee I? herdiN ??ven tra' a Publ.c 11,-arlnf tip n su -h
, hill will be held at 'he office cf the M.ivor In the City
: Hall. In th? City of New York, on Monda*.. May 3rd. lauf,
? t 8:48 .. .!..?:< P. M.
li.ite.l illy Hall, New York. Apr? 2Sth, IS97.
? _W. U. BTRONO, Mnyor.
IbIKSTANT to statutory requirement, noti?r*o
?s h-ri-by Klvn that An Act hn? been passed br
bo?n brsness? ol th? -leiglsUtsr? entitled ANAC? t?
aaaand chnpter f, ur hundred ?nd ten of the laws of etgru
teen bundled ?n<l elijli'v Hvo. entitle 1 "An Act to con?
s.illilate ln'o one art and t.. dorian the special and local
laws affect'n? public Interrsts in th? city of New-York."
, a? amended I.y chapter ?even hundred and fifty ?even of
i the law? .-f eighteen hundred and n';iety- f.eir. re! itlnjr to
. Clerk?, 0?Acaro and attendant? of court?. Further nolle?
, i? hereby given that a Publie ii.-anns upon auch bin win
l?? hold at ih? (lllt.-e of the Miyor. In the City Halt, In
th? City of New York, on Moti?ay. May 3rd. 1S'.?7, at 1 JO
N/'clork P, M.
1'ated City Hal!. New York, April 2ith. 1187.
W. L. STRoNO. Mayor.
DUBBUANT to statutory requirement, notieo
j ? U hereby ?Iven that An Act he.? b?en passed by
1 both branch?? of the LesUiature entilleU AN AlT to
provide for the payment of certain ebUBM f-.r mairrlaii
furnished ?nd work d. ne for the Five Department -if the
L. BTRONO. Mayor.
" required In the erecllcn of a prison will toe opened
at the Offl.-? of tl?e l?ep?rlment of C>rr?.-tlon. No. U*
Fust 20th St., en May 4th. 1-31)7. For particular?, ?o?
CI v It-cord. _ '_
G?leo bn unction.
>^-* e- -> /\?-.^ ? /->.--* e? ?\A e?K??VeA e<\>" AAA t e%r\ e-, ^ *-\-**N_r*. -\ **wev#?
ON BATl'RDAY. MAY 1ST. there will be eold at PuMl?
?slale. .?n the pr?inlae?. at 11 o'clock In tho for?nc*oa.
I the plant known a? "Bh's-tlnf of th? Chut?? Co.," located
at the Inlet at Atlantic Oty. N. J. Thla plant la fully
equipped with ?team plant and ready to be opened at nnca
, for Duelncea. WILSON S?N?LMAN, Re?oive?.

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