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?OH ANP ?li? FOi.T.owr.ns
|nv t? Gc.nAPii ro Tin: TRinrsr 1
Washington, May M ? The Pctnoi ? ??tic wings did
not try to flap together in the House of Repre?
sentatives to-day. The McMIUtn-Pl ?nd pinion proved
to be lamentably lume and weak, end all the wind
furnished by th" Carthaginian orator and 1?-- Mis?
souri understudy W8? trot ?nOUgtl to keep It from
the tround, even with the h<Up of ,?.-rry Simpson
They had all be. ? bellowing for w??. ks en a. count
of thrlr hunger for work, and when work was
offered to !h?m to-day tbey only kicked tin?! bel?
lowed the ?audSC. There were fifteen of them alto?
gether, and all they could ?'? wai make S noise.
The general debate, which lasted two hours, was
Well ?-ustained, and most of It Wa? relevant to one
of tho subjects under consideration, the forestry
?meridme?i ta th.? ?smdry ?..il bili. Perhaps a re
Dirirk dropped ly Mr. ?' -in non b. fore ihe delate be?
gan may have eo-itrib'ited to this.? II? ?-.<1?: "Wl
all know thai the on!? real debate Ikic is when
we are working under the nvi-minu'e rule; that
general debate ?imply prives momlTs an oppor?
tunity to al!, w their brama to go to sleep and their
seeensea to run."
Of course, the real proceedings of the day could
not begin until after Jerry Simpson hud furnished
another exhibition of th?- OjUallty of his statesman?
ship. Although it was evtdeni to everybody that s
nuertrrn was present, the .Medicine Lodge statesman
wenig no? allow the tournai to he read until there
had ie?a .1 cenai of the House by th.? speaker.
After the readi'12 Of tliejourrnl Mr, Dalzell asked
unanimous consent for the coir?iiieratlon of a r?solu?
tion providing for taking up the Senate amendments
to the Sundry Civil bill la ?'"inmlttee of the Whole,
gpneia) debate to be limited to two hours, with
provision for a recess1 at 5 o'clock each day until
the eonasgeratton of the ameadments was com- !
pleted. Mr. Blmpaofi objected, whereupoa Mr. Dal
ael! presented the resolution as a privileged report
from ihe Cominillo? on Rules.
Mr. Savers (l??ni., Tex ?. WhO was at the head of
the minority of the ?a<t Appropriations Committe?.,
expressed Um opinion that the rule was fair niid
?hould be adopt? I
Messrs Wheeler ?Dem.. Ali 1 nnd McR.ie ?Dem..
Ark > protested against limiting the time for gen?
eral debate 80 two hours.
Mr Dalzell pointed out that the time allowed by
th?-? rule was perfectly satisfactory to those who
had charge Of the debate on both sides.
Mr. MeMHIln and Mr. Bland both criticised the
rr???ho,i of pr-cedure pursued hy the majority. The
f^rm-T said it marked the continued decadence of
the rights and privileges of Individual members,
..nd the latter declared that It was an outran?? to
force ?ftrislallon through the House without con?
sideration by or Information from a committee ap?
pointed to examine it. In the Indian bill, he said.
tWO or three .lobs had been found. The most
conflicting statements were mad?? oa the floor, and
members coul.l not vote Intelligently. He said lie
would continue to oppose and pretest against such
On the question of the adoption of the order the
Democrats divided. Mr. Bailey and his followers
voting with tho Republicans end several of the
Democrats, Including Mr McMUHn and Mr. Ulead.
with the Populists against tbe order. The vote
resulted 111 to 15. Mr. Simpson again Interposed
the point of m quorum. Again the Ipeakef
counted a quorum, and the ord-r was adopted.
Mr. I'aytn? (Sep., N. Y.? ;,*ke.| unanimous con?
sent for the considera lion of the Senate bill to
prevent collisions in harbors, rivers and inland
? lera of the United Btatea, He called art-noon
tO lire extreme importane,? of the enactment of this
law b.fere the rules to prevent collisions at sea
went into ? -ff. t J.riy 1. Mr. Simpson Objected, nnd
under the order adopt d the Houta w? Bi inlo Com?
mit"?,? ef -he Whole for the eonalderatlon of the
amendments to the Sundry Civil bill.
Mr ?Cannon, la charge of the time for the major?
ity, yielded fifteen minutes to Mr. I..u ? y (Rep.,
Iowa), chairman or th.? Committe? on Public
Lands ci Hie last HOUOO, who dlBOSSSCd tru forest
res. rv.-.ti?.? aaaendaaent. it?? ??.id h.? would move
to concur m it with amendment? He proposed to
Substitute the M ll.ic bill for the section of the
amendment permitting the fr.c use of timber and
?tone by bona Arle ?ettlera.
Mr, Laeey criticised t?.? senate provision restor?
ing to the pribli' .lorn..in the r?servations created
by the order of President Cleveland last February.
H? thought the or.1er ?hould alsaply be suspended
pending an examination. If the Senat?? prevision
became a law. the land? could not be reaerved until
th.-y liad h.. : surveyed, perhaps year? bei. lb
said that som? of the most bitter opposition to tic
order undoubtedly .ame from the headquarter? of
min.? operatore. He thought the suspension should
not be for more than one year, as w.is originally
proposed In the Senate.
Mr. McHae atan opposed the complete revocation
of Mr. Cleveland's orders, The present overflow of
the Mississippi and it^ tributarle? was largely due
to denudation of the forests al ;!?<? headwaters of
these streams, and. in his opinion, should be a
w-arr,trig to Congress of the necessity for the ?pres?
ervation of the forests.
Mr. Know!? ????., ? Hi and Mr. Hurt ma ?
(S. R . Mont.? supported the Senate amendment for
the unqualified suspension of Mr. Cleveland'? or?
ders ?nd the restoration of the land?- to itie public
domain. The latter characterized the orden as
the "parting ahoi of the BT?_teal enemy the Amer?
ican people ever had." He also asserted thai some
of the men who made the examination upon which
the orders ?a ?re based had never gone near th??
Mr. King ?Dem.. 1'tr.hl also supported this por?
tion of the Senate amendment.
Mr. Wheeler tl>m.. ??.? ? referred to "the very
Important admission" mide In an Interview by
"the distinguished chairman of the Ways arri
Means Committe?-. Mr. Dinghy, jo t!.e effect that
the real purpose of the Tariff bill wr.?. ty create a
surplu??. and impound the greenback* "
"I made, no such statement." Interrupted Mr.
?Then the amendment relating to the foresi res?
ervation? was reached Mr. Hartman, of Montana,
moved concurrence.
Mr. Lacey moved concurrence wb:-. amendisents
providing for th? suspension of Mr Cleveland's
orders until Manli 1. MM, wh? S the order-, a? they
may be modlned. shall go into effect and substitut?
ing what is known a? the IfcRae bill foi ihe pie
VlSlon permitting the ih? by bent Bd? settle?--: of
timber and stone on such reservations Messrs,
rthafroth. Roll and .(oiks argued for the Senat.?,
It was agreed to tak" a vote on the perniine;
proposions' :.t 1 o'clock to-morrow.
At I o'clock, under the spe,i?| order, the House
took a recess '..nt.! noon to-morrow.
IN?; tv'iEAT rotimum a?>???*\
Washincir-t?. May 18.?The May return? of the
Department of Agriculture show s decline in wheat
from the April condition of 1'_' points-namely. Sii 2
against Ri ? leal month and 12.1 May 1. ?*????. The
average*, of the priadpal winter whe..t Btatea are:
Ohio. K?.'; Michigan, PI: Indiana, fil, Vuoi-. :;7;
Missouri. M: Kmmmmm !?' ?. allf-rnia, 1)7; Terinsvl
vinla. W. The a vr rages In th" Southern Slate? are
high, ranging from M in Mississippi to fis in Texas,
and in the minor Btatea -New-Jersey, Delaware,
Maryland and Yi^inia from Oft in New-Jersey to
vc hi Maryland. As reported in April, the worst
Injiules fiom freezing and deficient snow are In
Illinois, thmiRh the bordering States -Indiana, Wis?
consin, Iowa and Missouri-report BSV0f*B winter
Injury, end State? bordering t beau --? IhlO, Michigan.
Nebraska and Ksnaaa chow rfemiced condition lig?
Winter rye has lost neatly nn,? point since last
month, ils average for May bring ftS j?r ont,
against IfiJ for ihe same date in ?\pril
The average condition of Winter barley Is !?;.|
per cent, against BJ I in iSgf and :?? In |gga
The percentage of spring ploughing finished on
May l is fii.it. the usual percentage being "*?. only
the extreme NoTthern and Southern" Siafa show?
ing the customary propoi iloti. Kverywhere e|?e
delay resulted from late s-ason and heavy rains.
Reports from Rurope ere generally favorable as
to the condition of crops, hut in Preme, there 1? a
reduced area under wheat, and the crop is expected
to fall short of last year's by Bl least If, ?toot rn?
baahela In parts of Prunela the aprine sowings
have been retarded by rain The Viceroy of India
telegraphs that there will be no ?rheal for export
from thai country this year.
The cotton report for the month of May relate?
to the progress of "Otton planting and the contem?
plated acreage. The extent of the proposed breadth
already planted on May 1 wa- ?| :> ne linai S7.0
percent last year. This figure in several pointa i?e
low the amount usually planted at this date.
*?"1? favor everywhere be?
cause they are so cany to
take, so gentle, yet reliable,
In fact, perfectly satisfac?
tory as a family cathartic. <"*ure mi< k headache,
?.ii'ouHiiess. indigesti?n, nausea, bad taste, l'oc.
|nv tpJasaaM ro tuf. tp??p?e.?
Washington. May 10.?The apportionment of com?
mittee places nmrniK the Democratic. PopultSl and
Hlverite Senators, made public to-day nnd prompt?
ly accepted hy the Senate as part of the reorg.an
bjattea programme, is llk?ly to excite more than
strictly local and personal Interest. Only a f?*w
BaatgnaaentS Of the first Importance were to he
made Mr. Turple. of Indiana, fell heir to the
vacancy on the Finance Committee caused by ?he
retirement of his former colleague, ?Mr. Voorheen.
As Mr. Turple Is a froo-sllvcr-cotnage Democrat,
the Finance Committee remains committed to the
financial doctrines of the chlcngo platform of ISO?'..
Kven without Mr. Woleott's vote there Is a ma?
jority on the ceeaaaJttee pis ?lg. d to tho policy of
"silver remonetlzntion" hy this country with or
without the eo-operatlon of other nations. Mr.
Murphy, Of New-York, by Mr. (?orman's favor, is
promoted by to-day's reassignment* to one of
tho two Democratic vacanete. on the Appropria*
tions Committee. This is the most Importan* com?
mittee place held by any New-York 8?nntor atneo
Mr lliscock's retirement from the Senate, in IK'..:*,.
Mr. Perry, of Arkansas, ?vnn nlso advanced to a
?eat In ?he Appropriations Committee. The list
of assignment* was as follows:
To Appropr'atlons? Perry and Murphy; Finance
?Tttrpie; Indien A (Tn 1rs?Karle nnd Rnwllne: In
tersfAte Commerce?Tll'.man: Judiciary Ch.lton,
Bacon an Gray; Military Affairs -ivims; Naval
Affaire?Butler (Populisti and McaTanery; Pmetti ?
uni,ton I? Harris (Populist >. Snitt? and Rawlins.
Patents-Mi;:* and B*IT7; Postonces ard Pout,
roads-Ml cheli Pettus. Clay and ???????; Prlv
llegej an ' Eicoi'ons?Eaulknor, CafTery. AI.en t Pop?
ulist.) mil Pettus; Public liutldings and (?rounds
Murphy, Rawlica and Turner (PopUttot); Publie
I-ands??????G tl'opulisti. Cannon (Ml . ,t K'pub
licar.i ami M< Enery; Kulcs-Paseo, Territories?
Heitfeld (Populaft?,
The new tuen in the Senate ?ret the following
pi,? -es.
Clay?Agriculture and Forestry. Claims, Immigra?
tion. Postoffices and Post Rnads. To Establish tho
I'nlverslty of the I'nited States.
Etrle?Claims. Coast Defence, TmmiKratlon, Ind?
ian Affairs. International ?exposition?* (select).
Harris iPopuilst), of Kan?as?t'lvll Service and
Retrenchment. Irrigttton and Reclamation of Arid
Lands, Manufactures. Pacific Railroads, Construc?
tion of the Nicaragua Canal (select).
Heitfeld (Populist), of Idaho?Agriculture nnd For?
estry, Irrigation and Reclamation of Arid Lands,
Mines and ?Mining. Territories, International Ex?
positions (select).
Kenney?civil Service and Retrenchment. District
of Columbia, Organization, Conduct and Expendi?
ture? of the Executive Departments, Pensions.
Postoffices and Post Roads.
McEnery? Census. Improvement of the Mississippi
River and Its Tributaries, Naval Affairs, Public
Health and National Quarantine. Public I?ands.
Pettus-Military Affairs, PsetStnCUB and Post
Roads. Privileges and Elections, Railroads, Trans?
portation Routes to tne Seaboard.
Raw] Ins?Claims, Immigration. Indian Affairs,
Pacifie Railroads, Public Buildings and Grounds.
Turn?r (Populist)?Coast Defence. Fisheries, Im?
migration. Pensions. Public Buildings .nd Grounds,
Transportation Routes to the Seaboard.
The minority chairmanships where changes have
been made are as follows:
Revolutionary Claims- -WalthalL
Investigate Potomac River Front?Gray.
Additional Accommodations for the Library?Gor?
Pive Civilized Truies Perry.
The qu.-stion of reorganizing the commltt??? was
taken up soon after the session of the Senate
Opened to-ila.v, unanimous consent Ireing given for
Immediate conaldi ration of a resolution offered by
Mr. Carter, of Montana that the committees, as ar?
ranged by the respective caucuses, go Into effect to?
morrow. Tile resolution was agreed to without oom
ment or division.
(<>RE i .loi\s THE POSTAL UNION.
COST or iNTi:nv.\TioK,\i. BfONET ORDTBRB t? M
Washington. May le.?There were two significant
features of to-day's proneedlags of the Uaiversal
Postal Congress. The first was tho positive an?
nouncement from the corran Minister here. Chin
Pom Ye, that the little kingdom would Join the
G????, anil the second a decision, reached after a
long discussion, to reduce the rates of Interna?
tional postal orders on a sliding scale basis aft,r
reaching a certain .mount This matter does not
affect the I'nited BJtatea The action will not affect
j,ostai orders for less than 100 francs, or CO. but
will chaapM the cost of all sentad for more than
that sum.
The Corean announcement puts an end to doni?;
that has been expressed as to Coreas intention of
entering, the Minister saving explicitly that his
country would join. Bx-Oovernor rloyt, counsel for
Corea, is attending the meetings and advising the
'Oiee.n delegation He sa;<i today that <?" ?ourse
that country would reserve the right to refuse
adhesi?n unless t!?<? proci?.-(lings of the Congress
are satisfactory. Despite positive announcements
from Peking nome months ai:'\ ttr.r?? 1.? some .louht
i."?? i" China'! Jolnins the Union, although its
delegate? are jr attendance, but without a rote.
TI?. Orane Free Btata air-o haa not irei ? heard
Th* delegations from Pulga ria nnd Rumania
mad.? a proposition for the adoption of tin frani
has.s for ah postal on!, rs. and many of the Euro
pi an countries supported them, Prance, Greece,
Belgium. Iti ly and Spain were among them Eng?
land and Germany and ether countries opposed
this a*, some length, and finally Prance annoui.?
that that country would no? insist upon the propo?
siti*?*?, a? it recogi'izod tha? n might be Incon
venlen* although appreciating th? compliment to
its mon< n rj system, it was ?he general sentiment
thtv th- presen! schema the basi of payment be?
ing in each ii?-* that of the standard of the Issuing
connu y should he continued.
A sriiem-? ?? beine urged, and may be sul,mire?!
to ? ?iis ?'ori;?'??.? for report at ih? nest, provi,Hm;
for International telegraph!* service at th?? po : >l
flees of :-ume of the leading citi, s of thi various
countries. Tins already ?? in operation a! some
placea Bbroad, but Its advocati want lis operati,.,?,
muir? g?n?r?t
NO ???.?'????? ?? PARI??'* Y HT R_L_1V_U
G,? THK I'l'.KSU'r.NT.
Washington, May W.?Il WM SSM at the Whit?
House to-day that no formal application baa y?!
been receh'ed for the pafl?n of Elverton R. Chap?
man who H under sentence of Imprlsmmeni for
refusal ? testify before a Bens te commit.?.?. A pe?
tition ba? been circulated In the Senate aakln : ? >T
tbe pardon of Mr. Chapman, and ll h.?? been alai ed
by a number of Senators. Messrs, Lodge snd Allen,
0f ?J,.miniti, e which made the Investigation, have
not algned i'?
????. . [risk Pair was opened laal night In the
Orand Central Palace with many happy sugane?
Tic- project has been organized with the Idi ? of
ralah ? a fund of ??,??,?0? lo build s hall In thla city
for social eed literary developmenl among Irish
Americana, It Is ?iso to oe used as a drin h.iii by
the lri>'i Vol nut "is. Thirty-two booths hav been
erected in the big auditorium of the palace, wherein
,,. ,,;.,,, ? the '-xbiiiits and the a?wbts articles
These booths represent tbe different counties of
Ireland, ihcir productB und their distinctive enter?
prise.?. 1'robably the most attractive feature Of the
fair is a geocraphtcal ?jstalatur? of tb? green isle
which covers nearly the whole of the centre of the
main floor. Each county in the map Is covered with
soil brouglit from the count) U? Ireland to the fair, -o
that for a small outlay the Irlak visitors ?can liter?
allv not onlv once more place their feet upon their
native soil, DUt even upon the ground of the county
of their birth Many amusement? and atti;,? timi?,
?,ave been provided to malt?? the fair popular, and
In a few day? ? aiweeum will be added tbat will
. ontaln a large number of exhibits of historic In?
terest. Colonel Jame? Moran, who has taken an
active part In the promotion of the affair, presided
laal night? The declaration of the opening wiin
mad? bv Monsignor .1. G. Mooney, Vlcar-Oeneral of
tb.? Dioc?se of new-York, und afterward an address
?a?m delivered by Chauncey M. Depew.
There was a big throng of peopl.?, and it was. ap?
parent 'hat the lnsh las?,??. In chare;?- of tb. booths
woiiin have s good reason lo be aatlafled with the
pecuriiarv result of their ttr-t night's onslaught on
Hie p?? k??t-books of tha visitors
Mount Verrou, OMO, May 10 Ito??.? Rait, at K.n
yon coii?ge, was beamed raatarday morning. The loss
on Ihe build.ng, wbl? h was totally destroyed, was
only ?0??. but tii<- kail had a bistorte Inten ? it
iah- ?milt iift> >ear? sao with ?none?, raised in Eng?
land by Blflhop Mclivaine. U rdi Qambtei and Ken
von. and Lady Hosse contributed most of the
money, and the ball wats named In honor of Lady
A PSJCWIOII RFNPKItr.l' .\r?,At>.\?T TTIF. covfrn
MB4T ?? THK ???te?* states lUPRaUlg
ooi'rt JUMICI iihi:\vi:r? UPMIOM,
We shin ?? on. May 10.-The Bell Telephone Com?
pany has won the case bronci! ? Ka Inst it hy Ih.
I'nited States lo annul the last Berliner patent.
The de,'l.don of the I'nited Stat?-? Supreme Court
to-day has the effect of continuing the control of
the telephone by the Hell Company for ?-?-venteen
years from the date of the hint patent, which was
granted In USL The Government asked lo have th'?
patent set salde on the ground thai the delay of
thirteen years in the Patent Ofllce was fraudulen;
nnd through the fault of lh<? telephone company,
ami that tin? patent Issued la UM covered Ute sane
grow l on which the new patent *? >u applied for
in UM, The Court, in it. opini?n, delivered by Jus?
tice I'.rewer, held tii it livre was no evidence of
corrili lion or undue influence tXttXatOi over ?he
Patent ?Kllce by the telephone company, nnd that
there was no evidence that the d<lny In -.ranting
the patent had he i; brought about by the com?
pany. It held that Whatever delay there had ber?n
was through the mull of the Patent Office, and ly
no fault of the compaio.
.lustier? Harlan ahesented from the opinion. Jus?
tices Gray an 1 Itrown. it was Announced, took no
part in the OSBBB, presumably because they were In?
The Court held Hat. in ord<r to set aside a p.V
? nt. tho Govcrnm-nt must estahll-h grounds of
relief as clear and satisfactory as it WOUld i" BOt
aside a land patent. All nth.t allegations cf the
Government besides that of delay w< re overruled.
This decision by the Hupr-m?? Court sustains the
lower courts. This ease has attrri.-ted ?p??? atten?
tton ?.ause of tiie extee***tvs mtereada Involved in ]
i'- settlement, aid the opinion of the Court lu?
lu . ?? aiixioiisl .Waited. The suit, it Was ?seriell,
Involved tin? practical control ot the telephone busi?
ness, ? originated m a charge oi collusion in tha I
Patent (litici?, ai.d w,is broughl to obtain tue repeal
? I
Ihe Pint
diati >n of lettera pa I "tii of
Btatea No ??,??, dated November 17. ISSI
to th?* American Bell Telephon?? Company, aa aa?
Bigi "e of Pinti" Berliner, Un? alleged lt.ventor. Th.
repeal and cancellation ?f ?he patent were souK'nt
upon Mi.? ground thai the application for it. while
filed In is:,", was not lasued unni Itti. Thla delay
was charged to be unnecessary and Improper on
th? pari of tho Pateni Office and the Bell Tele?
phone Company, which, aa Berliner's easlgnee, con?
trolled the application 11 waa saeirted that th??
compan?. had acquiesced In and promoted tbe delay
for it?? own Inte-est, ihn- ibt'raudlnK the public ? '
It* rights.
G was sal?; that tbe Berliner paten?, practically
controls ? he telephone business, us it ha-? to do
with both the transmlsRlon ami recedei of sound,
and tha' the delay thua eecured until Itti operated
to prolong the control for fifteen yeara beyond Ihe
expiration of tlie Bell patent. It was aleo as?
serted that tho pat. nt wa? granted by the Com?
missioner of patenta without authority of law, end
that it was for the sum?? invention for which a
patent had been granted In IBBa, and thai the
principle was therefor? no) new.
The suii originated In the i'nited States circuit
court for the District of Maaaachusetts, where n
was decided in favor of the I'nited State?. < ?n
appcul tn the Circuit Court of Appeals for the
Pirat Circuit this decision was reversed and the
contentiona of the Berliner claimants upheld.
Kmm tins opinion the United Btatea appealed to
the Supreme < 'ourt.
With reference to the argumenta on ihe aubjed
of the continuance ?if the telephone monopoly.
Justice Brewer said there was no question thai
B?'li's patent hail expired, bul it must he remem?
bered that the Berliner right? were Independent of
those of Bell If there Should he ? new invention
on th?? expiration of the Berliner patent, the
rl?hts of its author could noi hi? ;>tirilii.,1 to .??
lleve the public. The in v. ? tor of the lateel addi
tion Is entitled to full protection, and If the tele?
phone company buys thai Invention it la entitled
to all the rights which th.? Inventor ?md. 'ilo*
court, h,? said, dissented entirely fium tha views
urged by counsel thai the applicant for ? paten!
was a ?ua?i trust., for the public, but h"ld thai
an Invention was the absolut.? property of Its In
ventor, The Oovernment, in order to make its
.;,.-- anual establish alBneatlrely that tha del?;
in the Patent Office waa caused by the cond?icl ol
the applicant. It cannol rest on mere Inferences,
but must prove the wrong in BUeh ? manner BS 10
satisfy the Judgment bet?re it can deatroy thai
which" its own agents have created. This requlre
ment th?? Oovernment haa failed t?? meat
?fBAJn-TanegOUU ri'Kh.HT RATB CAgg WOT TO Bg
rk.u?i:.\i:u -OTHER DTOTSIOMg
Washington, May l?.- The Bupretne 'Ourt to-day
denied the, petition for a rehearing In the Trans
Missouri Freight Association case.
The decision of tire MaasaChUSOttS courts whit ?
punished an Itinerant Bganehtr. William F. Pavls.
for preachinp on Boston common on June le, 1W4.
Wlthoul h permit from the Mayor, war. sustained.
Justice White, who delivered th?? opinion, said thai
the XlVth Amiiidiii.nl to the Constitution did
not destroy th?. power of H?.?? sUataa to enact police
regulation? ns to th?? subjects within their control.
The opinion of in.? New-York, emiri in th. ease
of Thomas Bryant Phillip?1, an Englishmen soughi
to be extradited for forK'-r.?. etc., remanding him
?,? the custody of tii?? Untied t*; ?tas Marshal, was
affirmed. Th.- effect wi ? be to extradite Phillip??.
The Court nftlrmed th' decision? of tbe Circuit
court for South carolino in the Agricultural Hall
case, Involving tbe title io ili?? Agricultural Hall in
Columbia B. C. Edward B. tVenley. of New
Tork. bought the property of the Commissioner.of
the State Slnkine: I'und. but there were alleged
Irregularities in the purchase, and h>? brought a
suit against J. B. Linda I, the Secretary of S?tate,
.nd .1 ?. Boyle., win had been employed by the
Secretary i?> guard th?? property, to secure posses?
sion. Linda! and Boylea in th<? lower courts con?
tended that they wer?? mere custoahana of th?? prop?
erty, end that th?? gtate should be sued, but the
posses-ton of the property wa.? ??vm to Wesley,
The court adjourned until Miv ??.
Lewis Cess Ledyard. counsel for the Joint Traffic
Association, said yesterday that tin? refusal of the
United States Bupretne Court to ..?? .? ?
in the Trans-Missouri case would not affect the
Joint Tragic '.is??. He ?ma in tn< Trans .? ? .
< ase av counsel.
Waal?ngton, May If.?The President sent the fol
lowimi i. .mlnatlon? to tue Senat? to-day:
G '"Re a. Fair, to !>e Collector of Custom.' for the I
D'atri ? "f Michigan.
James A. Coy),?, to be Surveyor uf CuStOOU ar th?
Pon ??! Orand lUipMa
Washington, May l" -Senator Cl.an'W, chair-man
of tii?? committee on the Censu?, to-1?y reported
favorably the Mil provldlni for iaking tin? XUtb
Cenau? and contemplating the establishment of a
permaneni Cens?a Bureau. The original Mil is mod?
ified so thai the DI ree toi o? the Census :.-i to rece ??
feO?t .. j. ar.
Washington, May in. in reply to a g?nate reso?
lution ns to the effect "? th" pi? Bent rat-? t,t inter?
nal retrenue tax on distilled r-pirirs. ihe collection
of revenue, etc . Becret.ry (one tcr-rtay ? pit? ? that,
accordine t?? ti?.?? t?t>l.t r>r->vk>u? yeara, to.? Marti
fSl revenue I,ile W'iul'1 be 7'. ,?<??|? per ?Tallen. ?'
recommends ? rate ot IB cents,.?. II the reduction
be m.?. ?' rei irn to the bonded perk.? three
yars. Among other changea he recommends ?
thai a special tax of net Iras than |d?? noi more thin
il.???? s year l?? Imposed on the distilling Indus?
try, io bi determined by the ea >aelt. ? the distil
1er?,; thai only stills bavins h lapurlty ui twni.?
! or more ih.11 b( ntltli ? to p alati . and
permit t,?.! to op ? at??. The Secretai ? i . ,.;,. .
cut rat.? .r tax has ha.i tl..? effect ot BjTl Bth In
. ri ?.sing Illicit distilling.
$ Ml CHI
T h e w o
m a ? e h e
he ? di her
hack over a
?e wirr- ma?
chine fot
m.inv hours enei? ito needs
to he -tronfi and healthy
in ?very way, or she is
courtine ?ie.it?i. When her
woilc comes hard, and
r ., ^?- make? her ncrvou?, fretful
jl I """"? end di ?.pondent, and -he
/[ j ha. "-ttt'hes in the side,"
* ^BfcJI y pain? in the hack or alalo
BBen, and headaches, she
may 1??- cet tain that somc
thuig i? radically wrong.
A local doctor, with a limited field of ob?i nation
and experience, will probably -ay that the fault j? in
the stomach, Ihrer or heart. Generally he h WtOtSf,
The fault is probably in the delicate and important
organ, that really consthate womanhood, Tney arc
weak or diseased. If snefa i- the case, only a doctor
of known reputation and wide esperia? should Ire
con-ultcd. A letter to Dr. R V Pierce, for thirty
years chief consultiti?* physician t<? the Invalids'
Hotel ?md KiitjfioHl Institute, at Huffalo, N. Y., will
sicure the frre advice of prohahlv the most eminent
specialist in these ?li-< a-. - in the wntld. Dr I'iercc'?,
neofita rYeecrintio? haa bei s taeed with -uce?is hy
tens of tlumssnds of invalid wiiiin n. Ovr go.nno
have seknmrledged it?? merita ovet theh ?ifnatnrei
It piomptly cures all sreaknCW and (Jisr.i?r of Ih- off.
gana disUnctly feminine. Aa boa? ?t desle? nil! not
Urge ? Bubstitute. There in Bolhisjg in th>? world
"just as Rood.'' All medicine dealers.
I h?vp hrrn a ?trat SSgtlel from irmal* di.r>??e? ?
BrriteeMn.CC Clark, ?? Kewfaotae Hl.od Oa <:<\ ?\
? ?? I'Mitiiinl t., my Ik- ?, ihrn year? and not able to ?it in
m ? Bah but v.rv hltle I gol ..nr of \o,ir jiamplrt, -?-l
f.nl it and -? i.i and ? ,.,? Ihre? bottle? of Dr pierce ^ Paro?
Ite Tre?., nptioii I took the BM til ru, aii<| recrWrd M BMB h
BeneW nos* th..?- ihr-,? tfx,tr!- ? that I wn? induced to tnke
more I thrrelotr -em ,,p,| ? ?,??. brrtti,?. I t?i*>k. th-iu
and thev rompaltBiy can ? im
Dr ''ierre'*, flci-int PellM? tute hilioti?ne?? and
conrapsOOB. One ? dose finy never gripe.
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
Uwtl by pf-oplo of refinement
for over a quarter of a century.
MR. FtiWI.KIt IN THK ?????.
? my fgl glie im t? no; Tium-v???!
Washington. May 10-Representativo Kowler. of
the Vlllth New-Jersey Mstrlrt, ln?ro.lil?-M to-d,/
an importimi ajesMure se esalerai intent, it pro?
vide?, for u Turin? Commission, and contain-, one or
two novel features. When seen by W?i?2^
dent of The Tribune, Mr. Kowler sold, in explana
(ioti of the bill: ?,.
The American people-R;i?ul?ll.-an? Democrat.
fariner?, meehanlce. m anufeeturere, Uberers tan
merchant?, ??.???.??. all-arc heartily sUk an* urea
of Ibis distressing unreel Rawing ou ti f tarw
leglBlatlon, and ? Believe ar- mort? ?"*??*""*,5_8"?
Ing f..r some method of permanently^.*io\n_\5me
the tariff BglMtlon than tbey are ?* ft.1"0?,*?*
particular tariff schedule?, Th? ?>??*tl;" ?Mf Jjf
kind of tax? s i- not an exact science, ? is ?">
denced by the wide divergenceiWwmI the Houm
and Senate bills, though reporte?! ??? ?'?"*?? ?1;,
from the reapectlv? branch??* "''Vh..'disposed
therefor? th.? matter cannot be ?^??*3?_??2?2
?f by s pomi. ..? revolution. It hi ??????-'^ "g
aay entirely a matter of opinion baa? o ? r
reni ear^rl?nce, and if any method *9PJ?<f??***
whlcb ?rill reaull in an ?volution ? feoeni laxa
tlon and ?ave ibi? country from ^ffi-X^
-inn? and commercial revulsione, it wjll be oaiieu
with dellaht in all parts of the country and B] Ml
'wha* t propw?ed'in this bin ?stayJ^Lf*? "
sugaestloi or what ought to be fotte. W? **
hall s. ,?? even thai mirpose end ^,'"*'?*
?tullen of our tariff Sng!? and trouble? 1
?? ,,-; tie more than satlefled, Ind. . eretiaeo
u ii.it ?re a?ani M ?*rolut?oo. atro noi i.-.-o.u'i"u.
TlK Mil Is a? follow:
?A Mil t.? establish a ???? Cesnmlselen for the
mirpoee of investigatine Federal taMtlon, recon -
mending change? therein, and adjur-tln? any IB
equi litte? In existing It?? , ,, , ?_????_
Be it enacted by the tonate and Houm of Repre?
sentative? of tbe Unite?] Itatea ?>f America in ton
gres assembled:
? ? on I. Thai there shall be and ir? hereby erenf
.-,? ,, commi??Ion of ?even member?, to be canea ine
Tariff f'ommleslon ol tbe i'nlted ttate? pf Ataertca,
who ?hall be appointed by the President or ine
I'nlted States with the advice and onaenj of the
Senate; nnd 'hai the tern?, of office ?hall be for ?
peri.,.? ol twenty-one rears, Bl an annual salary of
?,?? per annum, payable monthly, except the chief
coramlsriloner. who ?hall receive UV-'*? per annum:
and said commlseionem shill be resaovei on. y by
and with the con*-nt of the Menate for cause stated
in writing. Thai the terms of the tirst ?even eom
mlsalonera shall be for twenty-one, eighteen, iif
teen, twelve, nine, alt nnd three years respectively.
Th.- commisatoner appointed for twenty-one ?/ear?
and his succeasora shall be known as chief commie
?loner and ab ill preside al all meetings of the Cosa?
Bee. I. ft shall be th" duty of said i'ommlselon
? > investigate all questiona of Pederal taxation and
annuali) mah? a reporl to Ihe Presldenl pf the
I'nlted States on or Infor?? the Srel day of Nov-m
i. -, with auch recommendations for change? In Im?
peri du tie? ami internal revenue tax???? a? they may
deem wise h;--1 proper.
Sec '. Thal auch Tariff Commlaalon shall bav?
? ?wer by and with the writtoi approval of ihe
Prealdent of the I'nlted State? to suspend any pan
or the whole of any tax upon imports, or of any
Internal tax whlcb mar have been imposed by the
Congress of th* United State?; provided, how-eve??.
that -u. ii auspenslon shall lake effect only upon the
foil 'wirin ?? inditi ?na:
l-'Irst- It may take effe-t Imme,Itti tely If tho rec
ommeadatron haa the unanimous support of ?aid
Commission and receives the written approval of
:.,.? Presldenl of the United States.
Second It may lake effect In une ?,eHr after the
dai? of recommend itlon ?f recommended by al least
ti?.?? of the said commissioner? snd receive? the writ?
ten approval of the President of the United Slat??
Third -Ii may tike effect in two years after the
date of reocrnni?-!!?!.itlon If it h ?? received at the end
..f each year the recommendation of at least four
of the said rommtsatonera and the written approval
of the Prealdent of the United Statea.
Sec, ?. s.uii Commlaalon is herebi authorized to
vir-lt the different sections of the United State? with
a view of studying local conditions, or of sending a
committee ot' their number to any foreign country
or countries for the purpose of colle.'tin?, Informa?
tion thai will better enable them to p.-rform the
of aald < Ommlsefon.
s? ?. a. Thai each of said commissioner? shall lie
entitled to have I prlvn'e secretary at an expense
See ?. Tlil? f'ommlislon shall b.? nr.pointed by the
President of the United States on or before January
I. ? snd their appointments ?hall date from said
January 1, ???.
SUR nOt*B_ G?? A f VVoRUU..? THKATV G NI .fin
t??? MN?,r,Kv rm,?,.
Rome, May I1??In the Chamber of Deputies to-lay
Sefior Ifuawattt, Minister ,,f ffemttee, repaying te
fount Hella Rocca, said it would i,e a serious error
to retaliate nealnst the I'nlted atares, ns the Dinar
ley bill permits a new convention. Italy, the Minister
added, will open negotiation?, to protect her exports,
Which include nearly all agSieultueal product?.
Aaseileaa Import?, chiefly petroleum, he explained,
ara t:ix?-d +?<? per cent, and the cot ? on necessary for
tbe manufacture of tobacco Is bnight by toe Govern?
ment. It would not be urrietie.] ro inon-nee the du?
ties on these Imports. They must await the action
of other counlrks whose commerce with the I'nlted
States la mo??.. Important.
In spite of the tariff. Sefior T.u?zafti continued.
Italy'? commerce mltt'c.t Ir..-roane. In conclusion.
Beflor i.ussattl ssi ired the House that the Qovern
m.'iu would devote every attention to the question
and srould carefully protect the commerce of the
- +.- -^_
vTaehlngtOn, May 1<> (Speciali.? Assistant fsVere
tary Roosevelt has referred to Commander Con?
vera? an official report fr,?m ?'hlef i'onatntctor
Hi bourn. In Which It 1? said that the torpedo-boat
Portet Is defective In certain featurea of deefga and
rOiistrnctlon. Mr. Rooaetflll desire? ;, ooonter*
ateten*? nt from Commander Correera?). The com
r/iander ?uperiatew?ed the b?jttdlng of the Porter
at the rTenreehoffb' yard. In bis repr.rt Chief Con*
struct..r Hlrhbora says that an examination of the
Porter -hows that she is not up to requirement?
In several Important prirtl'iibirs. The vessel has
berti Inspected by Coaatnictor Bowlee and othrr
members of the ronstru. tors' rorps. it is on ?he
OftVlal stntrments there offlcr?. rmvo ?uhmltfed
tli.it 8Jr. Hi' hborn mt.k.-s bis report. II,? charge*
ti t tha Porter Is ??riouely out of trim, ihn? the
Inside of the liiill Is m'P-lv painted, ? ? Clivanll.-d.
und that she Is lacking In strength |n certain parts
The ?natter ?>f t ?-? ? ? ? ??< out et trim la ?aid t., t.. .,
?,, ;?,; deserving eareful attention. Tb.? departure
from the true trim line |? jrlven us over two f,-.t.
?? ? result, when Bteasntllg fast, th? bow of the
v, ?sel is too much "??t of water, and the ?t.-rn too
deeply Imntereed. Chief Ce?nsinie?tor iri-hborn
thinks USB Imat's "Squatting" Bl the stern decreas.??
I?, r u^.fuln.-ss In rivers ami all ?taalloW bodies of
wnter. Sh?? will draw too much w.it.-r ,-if thin point
t.. be able t<> ste;?m iti many streams and harbors
where bet servions may i?? reinita ?. Mr. rlichbora
la ?? tin? opinion that, b.-in?? ??., much out of trim,
th?? Porter la seriously defective As to painting
tl, tt.i.rtor Of the hull Instead 01 galvanlalna the
plates, h.? fays that this Is a mistake. The action
of the bil?;.-wat. r will corrod, the plates, which
are thin, and paint cannot be counted Upon tO pr??
vint thi??. CalviinlzltiK ? be bull would have Riven
bettet resulta, tor. Hlchborn ?ay? li is now too
late to remedy this defect, but h.- nevertheless .-alls
Official attention tO what he thinks experience will
show to be an unfortunate omission In the con?
st ruction of the Porter The vessel was built on
the plans of the HeVTeahoffs, mo,lined at the sua;
K'sti.m of Commander Converse, who is probably
the Navy's aMOBl expert In tonudo work.
-a, _ _ .
Tb?? Hoard <>f I'.irk ? Omm1s?|oners was or;,.in
Ised y.sterday for the coinlne; year with the fcl
IowIuk offlcers: I'resldent, Samuel McMillan; vlce
prestdent, Colonel s. Van Binsaslest ?'ru?;er;
treasurer. Wllluun A. HiUcm. All an? re-elected.
??.?nimlssion. r CrugeS told his . olleairu.?? thot an
engineer had ?rrttfen a letter to hi,n, in which
m .nd thai the old Macomh'a Dam BffMstJ wuh
a miniti ?' io navigation und rrcommer.ded Its lin?
io? diale removal.
IT .-.blent Mi Mlllnn ?aid that the War Depart
m'-iit had ordered the I loan ? to remove tin? bridas.
that th?? Leedslatur? had ?-.??-??.? ? ?,ni t?r tin, re'
tei,non of tl?,? old ?truetur?. and that, altbouan
lb- Hoard bad no p????.?\ io remove th,? brldise it
had funds for the building- of a bridge at One?
hnndred-and-forty-elgbth-af The mutter wah
laid over until the next mealing.
Superintendent ???????? w?? Inetrueted to ls_
OUI n playground for .lill.lieu In Rlvei side Park
The Petitionen for the ptayfrourtd ?lastra to have
it al Mn tleth-at Mr Tnr-on? ba? not yet de
el.)-.1 luht wheia the uluvaround ahould ba
G???-????? OF HIS SK.YKN'TT-FnrttTH Y.EAR?
Washington, May lO.-The seventy-fourth anniver?
sary of the birth of Secretary of Stute Shermm was
celebrated to-uigbl hy a rece(i:ion at hlfl home In
A constant ?trfam cf callers ongratuUted the
Secretary on his continued good her>lth. Included
amor* them were President McKinley, Vlce-I'resl
?7MM and Mr?. Hobart. the member? of the Cabinet
and the Diplomatic Corps. The Secretary was n?
BtBtOJ In llOStrlgg hy Mrs. Sherman ami hi? daugh?
ter.?, Mrs. Mei'allum and Miss Sherman.
Tin: cons'?.?????' inTKJSl t? BE capitai?
rgsnj* at ??i.ivio.ooo.
BelltSnorS. May 10 (Special).- The consolidation of
the Ilaltlmore Traction Company and th?? ?'Ity nnd ?
Suburban Company, which control all except two |
of Ihe street railway systems of Halfimere
bag been practically ('?T-cted. and meetings ot
the stockholders of th?? companl-s will he held On
May 22 to ratify the aareement. Tlie plan of con?
solidation include? the Issue of ??.???,??? of stock
which will be exchanged for the outstandingetOCBJ
of eaeh company. There will b. no Issue of boiKls.
but the consolidated companies win aeeume tne
bonded Indebtedness of ?he two companies, Incitm
??? fSCO.O?!') convertible ? per cent bonds l>wucd by
the Traction Company several months afro. (
Mrs. Samuel Schwanz, arta. f?f a m-r? liant at
Port Richmond, Stat? ? Island, attempted to erOOB
Richmond Terra????, a block from her home, last
evening In front of a trolley-car of the Staten
Island Midland Ro.-d. Mrs. H"h?nrti was seventy
one years old and was feeble. She moved slowly,
and while Oeorge Baraon, the motonnan. had an
unobstructed view <>f the woman, he made no at?
tempt to stop his ?ar until too late to prevent an
Mrs. BchwartJ was thrown to on?? ?Id? by the
tender, and. although the only apparent Injuries
were cits about the head, she died live minute.?
later, Coroner Silvi.? rook ohnri;- of th.? body, and |
impanelled a jurv. Barson was .rres ? l .nd bald
In $.",(?1 ball hy .fiisll'i Mullen.
James S>ke?. cripman of Car No. 700 of 'he Broad?
way Cable Line, lost control of his car last even?
lut? as It wa? proceeding up P.ro.idwiy at Clinton
PISCO. Th? brake failed to work properly, and tho
ear ran into the rear of the one Immediately in
front of bin?, which ha?! stoppe?! for a. moment to
tike on a paaaenger. Roth .ars were open i.irs
and wer?? filled with people. som<* of whom were
Standing "n tha net raw platforms. As the forward
car was under a sIIkIu headway at the moment the
?hoik experienced !>?. its passengers was compara?
tively liKht. Th?? rear car, however, received a
heavy shock, and R. s. Hill, "f So. h?7 Park-ave.,
and a policeman were thrown tr? the pavement.
filli was badly bruised on one of ids letfs. but re?
fused to receive medical attention, ?mil proceeded
on the car again. The policeman was unhurt.
Washington, May M.?One haaadred and three
fourth-class postniasten trete appointed to-iiay.
Fifty of th?s?- were due to resignations and deaths.
tlfty to removal, after four fears' service and ;hr????
to other removal?. Th.? changea in.-In !? :
New-York- Munaon, w s. Btrfitghaas, rlc i. M.
Btringham. resigned: South Dana ville, c. C. Wood,
vice i>. I.. Klngsley, ? ? ?Ig ned; Wellsburg, F. ?. Dean,
vice J. P. O'Brran, reslgi ? L
New-Jersey?Allentown, Cherlei Cafferty, vice
8. R. Berflprn, removed: c.iadstone, J. W. Roden?
bourgh, vice Charles Phllhower, resigned; Highland,
Alonso il.uni, vie Michael Rowland, removed; Be
war.-n, t. I*. Zeitlemayer, vice at. A. Whltaker, re.
signe I.
Pet-aeeala, Fla.. May la.-f'overnor Hloxham ha?
allowed the Railroad Cemmiaslow bin to hmosa, a
law without his approval. TheJaUr provides for the
appolntmeni of three Commi?*?*lo*?cTs -one railroad
man MM lawyer and ope farmer Tin ? will be
appointed this ?vk. There are over a hundred
appi;, ant?? for th- positions, the salary ???p? tt.Va?
? veni?, 'i'he la ,v Is r-i.T? ??I in Its features, and It is
believed that it? pRa-tage ? bottnd to taring th?? rail?
road companies actively Into politic?.
Bcrentoo, Penn., May le.?A 'Pcopi???.? Christian
Prohibition church" eras yesterday CtTgaulsed in this
city, chiefly through the In?,rutnentallly of .1. C.
Hogan, the Porest City temp?rance enthusiast
Mr. Hogan rs the man w tr? ?-.? ministerial certificate
was demanded by the Wyoming Methodist Con?
ference at its recen I session at Oneonta, N Y., on
account of hla radical temperance views. I'?? re?
fused to surrender the paper, and attempted ;?>
burn it in th" presence of the conference. Four
hundred dollars has been subscribed for rhe new
chureh. it* pastor will be the Rev. I.ev| Rird, now
of Fre.-lnml, Renn.
Rhllndephla. May 1?- Two accidents, one of which
will probably result fatally, ?ceurrad in Palrsnount
Park yesterday afternoon As the result of one. an
unknown man. ? bicyclist, ia iyinar In the Osi MIS.
Hospital ?iifferitir; from concu*slon of the brain.
He will probably die. The o'h<?r accident was a
runaway, but no one was seriously hurt, although
a frij-hfened hors??, with a carriage attached,
dashed over three miles ef th. driv?? at an hour
when it is moot crowded.
OM\ll[ Ills TWO M IVORS.
Omnha, Nib.. May 10 F,x- Mayor Rro.iteh. is still
Intrenched In the Mayor's orfl.-e. and I? guarded by
his force of polie?. Mayor Moires at II o'clock
made a formal domami for possession of the of?
fice, bu? Broatcb abut the door in his face. Mayor
Moores quietly left the City Hell and returned to
his priva?" office. The new City <????<??1 was fully
orgnnlsed this mernlns it recognises Ifooree aa
Mayor. A roneWerabl? erowd fathered aroui .
City Hall, hut there was no demonstration.
M'VERi GOING t? ??????.
i?r?xin?rton. ??.?., May I? i?*** iah. ?;ti Curry has
purchased in Denver the trattini bara. McVera.
2.1?".'1.;. The horas hn? been Bhtppai fee Now-Torh
whenos he wlH be sent to Pisana
? ?
From The Chap '
It may not be generally l.> iwn, bul the I'nlti '
State? Copyright In. st pft-aet?! rtatna
than anyihinx else ?., delay the il velopn
?gelling reform In thi? otintr? A? \: -> .
pri leni, In <?r.|rr to ?<?.???. errn?r-eU?Kt nn . w
an English a itho? th? fj ?a. >l ? : prcaaworn
mus, be 'lone m tn?? L'nltad sii.r? tin. m ?.,. In?
tel ata of American ind latrie ? It ha
no law of tiii'? sort ???.????? In England .???? the re*
suit Is comin?.' to be that? whenever time vriu pet?
mit -flic ? .. irposltlrn for B*MI* Countries \< {one
here, and a set >f piai li ??? ibroad, This Is
a .'"i. ? and definii - ? Ing Or ever- ? con?
The Kngllsh publisher knon . hawever, .he Bug?
Hata public ?*l!i noi itand American apelllns on
ihe other hand, the American public will ?fand
?????'?? epedlna The rlrst condition of tikitiit
atates i*. ? here fore, that ??:?????!> spelimi? ?hail be
n. ? throughout. The American publlaher o is no
rholce Thla la ? practice ?rhleh la grnwlns In?
?tend ef rhina It Is ? matter tri Ponaldei itile lm
p.'rr.inci. In the publish, r s r-. . nomi, .-.. and ii can?
not !>?? overlooked. c the ?am? time, It i? ?peed?
Hv destroying all cha ii of ?peinn?,- reform as ip
plled to new books. Il may be added that n.
Ilteraiy reform Which Is adopted only b> news?
papera can be of sTeat ? ? ? *; : 11. T!ie magasin?e
h.'iv?? li in thiir power to eaert -rreai Influence for
they do Circulate In Kngtafltt, an<l tii.ir spilliti?}; j?
The time may cm- when the Rngllsh pubi;.? (?,??
be for.1 to take Artieri?.m spelling In bocks but
it I? at present out of the question, The 'only
rational compromise would seem ?? be that in both
countries British sut hors ?hotild be printed with
English apelling, and American author? with
American spelling. Our own spelling ???.?* ?cm
bett?r to u?'. inn we ?re not made Infuriated
860 Broadway, Union Sq, ?Teth?i
In Brass & lR0Nf
For Interiors, Opq*,
Fireplaces, Etc.
Onr ?tt? loondrlea and Bh?
The only genuine Hunyadi Water
Prescribed and approved for M years bv ali
the medical ?ni?norities, for CON_Tn-_
UVER, HEMORRHOIDS, .swell as ford
kindred ailments resulting from indiscretion
in diet.
"The prototype of all Bitter Waters." /??^
??Speedy, .?wre, gentle." / / .1/?./,. .,/ hur%t?
CAUTION : Set Unit the label heart the
signature of the firm.
_Andreas Saxieimcr.
?the "^cpttler Shop.'
N'ev?l Wall PMan at !>.* COM.
Kff.<-,|># and Iruxj.-r. liv? fiirnl ? '.'.rt; gtaflk
K?ir?*?t <;r-*?n tVl.?k<>r rfoetr.
Tartan Plal-I < ir.?? K'ir.,' ? ??
"Delia Robbia" ???? - i.'t.-rtv ' Pottery.
Hu.ir.lan Mm ???? I'ut >. Urs?? ?r-irle?
CJ'i^i'iirf ?>? lasvaallea C riui ?.- lnv.teo.
4iM M W. a' ."?'1 Av?.
Wall Paperi aad "i-ir?? rt>?'? f*1---.'??
(Paresi? *.W, and ov*r?,
Carrlag? Vr** to ?1! Part? nt th? *??.??_
CTisSaiasiSs R?g d.j
- ? a
rirs. Wins!ow*s Soothing Syrup
has lieen u???f1 for over FTFTT YEARS hv MIL??
Sold by druggists In every part of the world.
Twenty-five Cents a Bottle.
Flint's Fine Furniture.
Handsome Cedsr Chests, $11.00.
-326 7th Ave.?
I?taMlnh???! ??-??
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THF, OLD M ?.DK VOI Mit ???
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' CARPETS "? ????? t?'????? votemi.
I.OMi ? Rl?:niT. 1<>? V?>?t Mil? Street.
Woodbury'ri Facial Soap will eradlrat?-? t?
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h.Tn.i?. la a? ??? Ism, i? an?auall?d, Send toe tot a -,n.j.i
of .ith??r an.l book oa Beauty .??.?? treatmeai it IM ekln.
lohn ?. Wo? .?-r-irv. I'?m..ito',,.?T,^f. l-'? W ?*' ?.? ?tr??H.
!?? ssalns sa Earallahiaan wr't?? honour <ind trav?
eller? Perhap? th.? KnKlIsh public mifrht In time
accept th? occaslanal American without un or
duplicated G?, la any ????-nt the Copyright law ??
rapidly making American -?pell?n?* tor English
ui.tl'.ors impos^lMi? in both countri????.
Tli<* liciti ? for President of the Cuban Republic
takes placa <>:? Ina M of this mouth, when it t?
,??|,,?, ?.l -i??t T'- ?Meni ClsneiaS -?ill h.> re-e>oted.
. . a ite? . !;???. ?? to a-o ?o th?> n'tivti'lnn, two
from ?Hch provili'?-. WIM ir.eet ii.nr .\.ijai.i :o cant
? i?ir bal ota
, From Th*? DsWsM Fft ? ?frfJS?
a . ?? Itlaaa printer savi ? M Meet an.l to:i how
id elect a C nar? i?m ?n in or.Ur to
? lebt of Ii:?
v? .1 know ti-.it in th"?- dar?." M s?st, ' sns ct
- ellosrs tl'.-u had a lrat*elass l;-.?n<ie to tr.ive:
, v.-tk ?t ;i>?? caaa, rasai ereet, writ? ? kader,
? .?.?>.-t Hi?- mlaeallan?/, furnlsa tn.' ksral, make up th?
! I..1-. an.l run off th?? ? I I ???? tl ni^kln?! thi
limili hy rusy ?.t,??<????. li\ na to ?mil BJiirseil and
H the v\ .u? .1 ff.im ? ?? - irta? liti pth?
? -?..r?; employer I r ? laalnai iv.i?. up ,n ?ii?
Northweat. lie wa? lirlnht ?faOthgh, kUI of th" W.M
and woolly type, a??.l :? -? ? har? :?< raand nim ?;
?t t'i?- ???.-?? a? often s? ?ne? ?? ?meli He wa* sMk?
tt'K ? . -rt iin candidate (or Cenare?? ?ni had a *ur?
.? ? ?? ? h?..n ?t". I off so lone wltn orders on th?
bar. the restaurant, t?? Nir???r and th?? lanndrv
?? ? ??.'t huncn r.?r rwah ind ?old tr?* ??.??* that
; he must ?.??itle ??,? tore ?f.-tind as thansn he w.?
fello? wrong?-, threaten? ? to -.??"??? bm from
1 th.? rtrt!', and notified m.? that I waa to leav? o?
? ??> n ..s . tec tlon w a? aver
"No us? In telling > ??" ' was m.i.l o.tr through
. Two days before ? i. ? ? ??? ' 4 ? ;" " ,,!l" a_"_"l_*1
? managing the ?.in?o?iti.??? rand late I made a dea.
! with th. ?? t,. tura the l?l-r. righi around, give
their man a redhoi iBJ.?r?u.m.-tit an.l denounr* >ur
I own man In tctm.? tSal would knock him "ufa'de
: the rope? I warf to hav? IWfl ter u.n- tbe writing.
. gei the l*:. due m? and Icav. WW for ihe hoer
"I K<?t the paper oui md then ?ke,lad4ie4 to
.??rap.? the cv.l.n.? Ir f k in- Silt? troop? to
j maintain anything \u<? order r.-.,? neat dur J__?
? papo:? ?-as mobbed, explanatory tirevjan w*?-e
? laaued and the wbola country wa? ?cour?! ?n ?.?rch
I of me But the harn waa done and t had mil? a
l'.im;r.'??mHn In uni." t.? '-.?1????? .? little bill.
ia linked to COTTOLENE. This greet shortening im?
proves yottr health liccause it improves yr-ur food ;
makes it more digestible, nutritions, palatabb. It is
destined to drive from the kitchen?? of the warld that
] Impure, untie .?lthf'tl, unclean, product called lard, which
bas done gg much to make um a nation of dyspeptics.
Rightly used, becomes aa indispensable
in every well regulated home to?
flour, sugar or salt.
The r-nuln* ?oito'.?ne ?? ???1 ??envTh'r? la
one to ten pound tin?, with our trade mark? -
"?aeaW?rv''end il?er'i head in rotto??-piatti wrtatS
?BO ?very On. Not ?????????.???? If ?ol<t ?a ?ny
other w?y. M?de onlv by
Chicago. a?. Louis. Mar York, Moat real.

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