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Constantinople, May 13.?The foreign Ambas
Bsjrrn held another conference to-day. after
?shir.1 Baron de Callee, the Austro-Hungarlan
BfShaassdor. called upon Tewfik Pacha, the
Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, and re
p-rwsi the proposal of an armistice which was
t*rsa?gt?*k1 ytf-terday. The opinion Is general In
?Turki?.* circles that until the occupation of Do
njoko. which is momentarily expected, the Porte
cannot grant an armistice.
London, May 14? The correspondent of "The
S:andarc!" at Constantinople says:
"Edr.e::i Tacha has telegraphed to the Porte
that h<- is quite certain of being able to capture
"**S**aoko and the Greek Army as well, and in re
?gonsa | liaalasj orders have been sent to the
Turkish srafT to go ahead With the greatest
energy, regardlesa of diplomacy.
-Genfra'. military preparations continue here
on the largest scale."
A dtapatch to "Tho Times" from Athens con
?SSt '??'<* report that the Inaction of the Turkish
Army ?J duo to the Intervention of Russia.
The situation at the scene of hostilities appears
to ba that Turkey is ?determined to occupy Do
jnok'. before consenting to nn armistice, and that
Gr?. - la convinced of the impossibility of hold
|*Bj ul against tho serious attack which Edhem
Pacha la preparing to deliver.
It has been decided to evacuate Domoko and
to fall back upon the old frontier. This pian
?gill probably be carried out to-morrow, If It has
not already been carried out, and thus the way
v.ill be opened for peace negotiations.
Athens, May IS.?la the course of an Inter?
view to-day If, Delyannla, the former Premier,
criticised the evacuation of Crete without com?
pensation, and declared that Ore? ce would never
pOJt indemnity t-> Turkey. He added: "If any
auch pi-o*poa**u Is submitted to the Legislative
Assembly it will certainly be rejected."
London, May 14.?A dispatch to "The Dally
Chronicle" from Athens ?ays that Greeks who
have arrived there from Damla report a Mace?
donia rising in the district between Salfde and
Kozlanl; while "The Times," an Athens evening
paper, states that there has been a rising in
Central Macedonia, that four thousand insur?
gents have captured the pass forming a part of
the principal line of communications of the Turk?
ish Army, that they arc advancing toward Elas
aona, and are preparing to unite forces with the
bands under Davell, Zermas and other Mace?
donian chiefs."
Constantinople. May 13.?An official dispatch
from Larissa, dated from that place yesterday,
announces that six battalions of Turkish In?
fantry from the east and from Larissa, four
battalions from P'skata and four battalions
from Janlna, are marching on Kalamhaka, north?
west of Trlkhala, wh-re they will shortly ho
Joined by the Turkish armies from Janlna and
??jt.TJTtn g"*raj*sr ant? general rejoicing
Condon. May 13.?The correspondent of "Tha
Dally Mail" at Larissa telegraphs, under yes?
terday's date, as follows.
"The feast of Dalran has begun, and there
will be no military operations except when nec?
essary. Edhem Pacha has caused sheep to
be killed, according to the Turkish custom, and
has visited th? generals in the vicinity. The
troops fired a feu-d^-jole. The Mussulmans and
their families are celebrating the feast with en?
thusiasm, as marking th-Mr release from tor*
eign domlnatl?*n, ea~h head Of a family killing
a sheep with his own hand. The rich are keep?
ing open house, and the Mussulmans are prome?
nading the streets in gala dress."
London, May 14?The correspondent of "The
Morning Post" at Domoko, under yesterday's
date, Bays:
"It has been decided to evacuate this position
and a large number of troops have already left.
It is freely asserted that the war is over. I am
?about to start for Athens."
Taken to athens. where she is treated as
a prize of war.
London, May 14.?The Athens correspondent of
"The Dally Telegraph" pays:
"M. Rail!, who visited the captured Turkish
Bteamer Georglos on her arrival here, Informed
me that tho Government has d'-cided to treat
the vessel as a prize of war and to utilize her
S3 a transport ship. Mabrouk Fahmy, Ibrahim
P.oushdl. Abdullah F<l;ri and .' hmed Hamoud.
all of whom aro officers of the Khedive's house
1 '. denied that they had any knowledge that
there were arms aboard, and declared that they
I ... -. -d the boxes contained preserres, as tli'-y
were so disguised. Later, however, Abdullali
admitted that he knew the contents of the boxes,
but said there was no Intention to use them
against the Greek Army, as they were designed
to pacify the disaffected populati'.n of the island
of Tl.as...?-.
"M. Halli gave instructif ns that they be taken
... Maupliofl ;is prlionora and to ba ">v<-u ttroatod.
They all testified to th**gWadn?>aa of their e-aptcrrs.
I accompanied Mm <>n board after they had
.??ft and had s delightful moonlight sail. We
visited the Admiral of the American ironclad
Fan Francis? 0 in-fore p-turning t<? Athens."
London, May IS.?A t?-legram received here
from Athens ti -day says the Greek flee*, ha? es
tgUislM ?j a bk ekavds of the Gulf of Volo,
Sal?nica, May If.?The Gr? ? k .??juadron Is
watching the coast from I'latamona to the Gulf
Of Volg, ?-nd It is said the Greek warships are
? ?? Mkadlns tha Gulf ?.f Sa'?.ni?-i. A British
-teamer. bound for Ba.onlca, has b.-;i prevented
from ? i.'.? ring th? gulf.
in EPinifl
Athens. May IS.?According to dispatches Just
received here the (?reek forces are besieging
"Nicopclls and Pre\??a.
London, May 14.--The Athens correspondent
Of The Dully Chronicle" ?ay?:
"Another Ore? k for?-e under Col ,ne) Uotzarl?
is sdvancing from I?o***ros to cooperate with
Coli nel Bglroctgrlg.
"I'r. ve?a is <-lot?-!\ besieged by land and l.?-lng
bombarded from II? i?**V Jt is reported that an
attempt will ba made to take it by r,torm."
The Athens corn -spunden! of "Th?- Dally T.-le
grbph" says:
"There lias been no real atta?-k by the Greek
fle-t iijii,i? Ir?-veste, but only a bombardment to
iacilitate the landing of troupH. The Turkish
??st*rSSa***g at Nlcorsoffs and Pr? vesa fired now on
the (?.et a,,!] bjo*W landward, proving that the
??reek army is advancing, ore afternoon H?-len
CosatantlnltUs enters?] the engagement. Tele?
graphic communication? have been cut between
rreve>.a and Janlna, and the Turk? have re
wed to Pslalocastro.
"**raa action of the Ileet u.ablt?* three thoueani
volunteer-* to land on the Louros Bide, and the
Greek gunners destroyed several convovs bound
for Prcvega.
London, May ll.-The Athens correspondent
of "The Dally Mall" Baya that the Government
continues to send men to the front, and Is pur?
chasing large quantities of war material.
The Government has proclaimed the Gulf of
Volo blockaded.
It is eemllng large orders for horses and muni?
tions of war to various European citle8.
A (?spatch to "Tho Times" from Domoko,
dated Wednesday, reportn the Increased activity
of the Foreign Legion, which has been ur.lered
to proceed t?. the (eft Hank of the Ortefe armv
near Lake Tynlas. This is regarde*] as an In?
?"cation of the point of danger. It is also pos?
sible, thinks the correspondent, that they have
been sent to cover the retreat of the army to tho
old frontier.
Colonel Blaractarls and a brigade haa been
ordered to go to BptrtU to protect the Greek
peasantry against Turkish crueltv.
Boravltoh correspondence of Tin? iyonJon News,
April 26.
It takes rather a larixe map to give a view of
Soravltch, but it is mi Important point on all maps
ut this time. Hire Is the end of ilie railway line
of supplies to the Turkish Army. This single line
of road, hecaUBS of the weakness ?if the Turkish
Navy, sends relief to the Turkish Army, and when
one Mill sees what an enormous force is being sent
ov?-r It, one cannot but wonder why the Greek
Navy has not disabled it before, It runs in many
places just a Ian? the Beaabora before reaching
Sal?nica. N??w all regular or mall trains are dls
contlnued, and special military trains, carrying
thousands of soldiers dally, go at all hours of'tho
da] and night. That this enormous army Is
poured into Theaealv and Kplrus ?seems full evi
dei.c thai the Turki??)) Government does n??t con?
sider the war at an end. Over this line are being
sent, not only a great army of soldiers, but horses,
carriages for use a? ambulances (Sal?nica has l -st
all lur "arabehs"), supplies, commissary and
arsenal, and an army of war correspondents.
These last, among whom 1 have been f.-r nearly a
week pushing to the front, do not .?.cm of much
avail. It was known from the beginning that a
Btrlct censorship would cause all telegrams to read
very much alike, but not ?me .-xpect?-d the ?recent
adultion.il hardships Imposed.
A letter received at Sal?nica from a correspon?
dent at the front mid that lor five days all tele?
grams were suppressed, and he mailed s<?m<?, bog?
ging that they be sent from Sal?nica. Added to
this, the mails now run so irregularly that even
the ni??re reliai.le letters are apt to wait for days
on the way. For days there have been no means
of transportation from Sal?nica ??*r even all of
the Red Crescent h m bula nee supplies, and wound?
ed men arc being sent all the way to Sal?nica for
medical assistance.
We expect to reach the front, or what we now
know m the front. Larissa, from hero in thirty
six hours, ?particularly as we shall be able to to
in carriages sent as ambulance* The most warlike
scene yet met with whs at the station in Sal?nica.
IIere were thousands ?>f Albanian volunteers wait?
ing for transportation to Monastir and Janlna.
These same men, who were sen in the streets
yesterday with ragged old mountaineer clothes, ara
now fully litted out In new uniforms, and are vain
accordingly. This differ.? from the ordinary uni?
form. In that it hafl a white f? z with a black cres?
cent and cross on the front, blue coat and trousers
with red piping and brass buttons, the trousers
being almost entirely coveted with white wool leg?
gings reaching above the knee.
The Mritish Conaul-General at Sal?nica told mo
that the uniforming of troops had been one of
the most remarkable things of th?. war. He knew
positively a month airo that not a uniform re?
mained in the arsenal at Sal?nica, and now they
are being given out at the rate of at least. COO per
At tho station the largest crowds woro gathered
about the Albanian dancers, who, with very rude
drums and fifes, were performing what may per?
haps be an ordinary dance of perure, but what was
In truth for all the world like g North American
Indhn wax uancc. The drums were great barrel
affairs, like the famous drums' of the Janissaries
in tho church of Ht. Irene, In Constantinople, and
gave out a dull sound, which spread heavily ovtrrr
all the neighborhood. The dancers, all men,
joined hands and followed a lead? r. This leader
?lunc-d very gracefully, in good time, an?l waved
In his fi?'0 hand a handkerchief. The steps were
like those of a modern skirt-dancer, mostly of a
gavotte character, with toes turned down and the
ir> ,i,i ;..;,- far to the beck. It Is said that this
?lane?- is now going on ull over Albania, and Is also
a leading diversion in some portions of the army.
Another bright color spot at the Sal?nica station
was the crowds of Jewish women, with their pe?
culiar head-dresses?banda of red and Ilia?: low
across the forehead, an?l the hair hung behind In a
green silk bag, fringed .?nd embroidered in p?ari
beads. I learned on inquiry that very many Jew?
ish bovs had volunteered, and these wcro female
relatives to bid tli?-m goodby. Jews. It seems, are
n.,; pressed into the service, but arc accepted as
voiunteer--. There w<r<- much weeping and em?
bracing as ihe time for departure approach"!.
Crowds would leather around and Jeer at every BBd
group, one old mother went out amon-t the troops
several tim??* and le?l out her son, beeeechlng him
not to leave her. His Bisters added their wailing
appeals. Kut he would hear nMM Of them, ana
broke away ?ach time, running to regain his com
pany. One young .and ?ery pretty wife, with a
Korgeous head-dress-it seems only to be worn
iitt'T marriage?clung tightly around her husband's
neck for some minutes, mu!, when he finally threw
her from him. fell helpless In the ?lust and had to
be carried awav bv her friends.
The soldiers are of all age?, ranging from boys
who seem to l?o about thirteen years old to men
of at hast fifty. There are al'-o a number of little
boys under len, fully uniformed, evidently ac?
companying their fatness.
This scene, full of life, was In very marked com- ;
parlson to the streets, where the great distress of i
the Greek subjects i? everywhere evident. Not ,
or.lv are beads of famll!?*s arrested and imprisoned,
but the wives and children are evicted into the t
streets and are everywhere crying for assistance,
There was a scheme Inaugurated, either officially
or otherwise, bv which for the payment of ?.-. or tlO
the Greek would bo allowed to remain This was
put Into operation In many eaaea. the fees collected
an?l then the order reversed. In fact, the conduct
of th? local authorities was ?uch that the day aft-'-r
I left there was to be a meeting of the Consuls to
protest at-ainst it.
Then, too, there is constar?, fear of massacre.
The citv i? filled with Rashi-Kazotiks, and th?-y arc
so lawlessly enthusiast?, over the war as to be a
constant menace. The local government In this
regard is taking every possible precaution. 1 he
streets ar? well patrolled, and the Vail Is even
promptly acceding to all requests rnado to film by
the Consuls in the line of preventing disturbances
Kut it tho conatantly expected Greek licet should
make Its appearance In the bay. there la little
deulit that tilines would go bard with the
??re.-ks of ?Sal?nica. Even those denaturalised are
In danger, and one or two prominent Greek citizens
have received letters threatening assassination.
The i-rcat Ohas! Osman Is still the object of all
attention. On Tuesday afternoon 1 saw him walk?
ing along the busiest part ?>f tne streets, having
left his carriage to follow, and all along ihe crowds
saluted with the Balaam and the peculiar low grunt? ,
ing Turkish cheer. lie looks in excellent health !
and thoroughly strong for his age, fully able to take
active command If neovrsarv
The road from Sal?nica here 1* blocked all nlonc
with military train?:, an?! our train progressed very
slowly They tell OS here that tho whole country
is Infested with deeerters from the Turkish army,
ami that on our ride to the seat of war wo must
remain most alert and careful.
The following bill will be presented at tho Rlshop
benefit this afternoon at the Empire Theatre: Felix
Morris and Mis* Annie Russell. |_ Mrs. Minnie
Ifaddern Flake's play "The Rose"; Miss Lillian
Russell, who will sing Emll ?Bach's song, "The
Roses"! J. E. Dodson, In a monologue; Chauncey
Olrott Joseph Jefferson, In the gravedlgger scene
from ?'Hamlet," and E. H. Sot hern, In hla mono?
logue, "I Love, Thou Lov*t, Ho Loves."
Justice Smyth in tho Supreme Court yesterday
committed Frank I'ercy We?doa, tho business
manager of the Baetenlana, to Edoomlngdale Asy?
lum, on the application of his wir.-. ,\ir. tVeadon
whs sent to Ucllevue Hospital a few day? p.?-??, and
Drs ?Pitch and Wlldman certified that ho was suf?
fi ring from a mild form of dementia, and a BOjOUfll
at Btoominffdale might restore him.
A new refrigerating plant, for the summer cam?
paign, btfl ben put Into the Knickerbocker Thea?
tre. It is capable of supplying B fabulous number
<.f cubh- feet of <??ld air every minute.
Mis? Dtl?a Fox last night sang her part in "The
Wedding Lay' at the Casino.
The Industrial settlement, known as Hartley
Holme, No. 413 West Forty-slxth-st.. managed by
the Ncw-Vork ggeocigtion for Improving the Can-.
dltlon of th? Poor, is proving successful In giving
employment to poor women, who, being without
regular occupation, would otherwls.e be forced to
beg for a living, but great difficulty Is experienced
in obtaining a s-ifil 1? nt Quantity of second-hand
mat? rial In clothing, rags, ribbons, trimmings, etc.,
to keep them fully employed. An agpael Is n.ado
for ciift-off clothing for this charity, which, while
it relieves, does not pauperise, js tho recipients of
its bounty have to give mi ??pilvuknt In labor.
Thousands of families ara making preparations
to leave the city for the cummer, and wardrobes
hre generally overhauled, with the result that In?
numerable half-worn garments are thrown away.
A postal curd Sent to .Miss H. i- Ur.-ene, No. 413
West Forty-six* h-st., saying thai sui-h goods may
be bad will hi once receive attention. The women
workers receive instruction in ?"-wing, etc.; a free
both. If desired; hot luncheon an?i groceries worth
about f>> cents, for a day's work. A new feature
has been added-a weekly meeting of the mothers
Of peof children. They 'are received socially, en?
tertained, provided with te_ an?! cakes, made by
the children who attend the ?ooklng school, and
ara addressed by medical men on domestic hy?
giene In popular und entertaining style.
Chicks and mon? \s to nsi-lr-t in meetit-g the gen?
eral expenses ? f Hartley lioutv ?hould be **nt to
Warner Van Norden, irsasurer, No. -. Nesaau-st.
The Order of Foun?ler? and Patriot? of America
held a meeting In the Onv.rnor's Room In the
City Hall yesterday afternoon :o comm?mor?t??
the 2!*)th anniversary of the seulement of James?
town, Va., In lf?i7. It was the ?econ.l annual meet?
ing of the General Court, and Colon. I Frederick D.
tirant, the governor-general, pre?l?lc?l. The room
was decorated with the American ling and the
colors of Hie order. KeprcM-n ta lives from ?evernl
State ?oci.-tle? attended.
An ctti? in 1 report Iniilceted tlm the ordfr ha?I a
membership of 34??. nn?l wa? rapidly gfWWtTS*".
Membership Is llniltid to those having ancestor?
who settled In the rnltc.l States l,ef,,re |*gf. A
resolution was passed expressing regr. t fit the
death of Rear-Admlrrtl Richard \V. Monde, who
was a member of the order, nnd S handsome ?i,
gtOKsed testimonial was presente?! to Congressman
Jame? j. Hehlen, of Syracuse, who gave a dinner
to the order at the Hotel Manhattan on July 2 lartt.
The following officers were elected: Govemor
general. Colonel Frederick D. ("rant, New-York;
deputy-govcmor-g?ncrnl, William Armstrong Hal
Mar, N'fwark. N". J. ; .rrrcinry-noniTHl. John Unlnry
Ailam?, New-York; treasurer-genera), Jonathan
Flynt Morris, Hartford, Conn.; attorney-general.
Morris p. Ferris, New-York; register-general, How?
ard S. Bobbin?, New-York; historian-general, Pro?
fessor Thomas Kgleston, New-York; chaplain-gen?
eral, the Rev. Joseph F. Folsom. Kearny, N. J.;
councillors-general, H??nry Hall, t?o******** L. O. Hop
kins, Thomas W. nickncll, Kdward P. Cone, Major
Francis L. Hills. James J. Helden. Edward P.
?'hapln. L E. chlttend.-n and C. C Wolcott. A
committee was appointed to make a record, for
preservation, of all tho Colonial graveyards In the
The society held a dinner In the evening at tho
Windsor Hotel in honor of the Genf-rnl Court of the
Order on the first anniversary of Its organization.
Incidentally the society c?-lel>r..ted the Mth atinlv.-r
sary of tho settlement of Jamestown. The N.itlona".
00*01*1 predominated In the de.-orations of th>> large
dining hall. Over the g:??:?' table was also draped
u Fotinilers' flag, designed for tho order by the Ut.?
Rear-Admlra: Riehard W. Meade. It showed the
croa? of St. Qeorge on a whit? tieid, and m t no upper
left hand corner a wreath of white stars upon a Held
of blue.
Judge William W. Oeodrleh, governor of the
society, presided, h ml among those present wire
?"olon.-l Frederics D. Grant, Mr. and Mrs. II. ?4.
Bobbin?, John yuini-y Adams and Miss A.lams.
the Rey. Daniel F. Warr-n, Or. S .*> Hurt, General
and Mrs. Ferdinand P. Karl?-. Stephen M. Wright,
secretary of the Order of the Sons of the Am.irnan
Revolution; Mr. ami Mrs Kdw.ird I'ayson '.'one.
Charlea Snow Kellogg. Major nn?l Mrs. Robert K.
Hopkins. Major and Mrs II. B. Turrell, U. s. A.;
Jame? II. Hoadley, Henry A. H?.yt. George R.
Howe. John Wtnsl.iw. Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Mor?
ris, Warner Van N?.r?len. Mr. iiikI Mrs. W. It.
Weeks and M,.?s VVi-eks. I?r. Alfr.-l K HU?S, ?'olo
nel and Mr? Lewis C. Hopkins Mr and Mrs Kd?
ward Hinnan, Matthew Ultiman. Prands Durando
Nichols. Mr. ?and Mr? Oootmt Clinton Miller, M.-.
and Airs Harrv I?. Miller, Mr. ami Mrs. Jonathan
Flint Morrl*. Mr. and Mrs. D. Lamar. Colon?!
Ralph K. Frime, Colonel ?'liarles a. Jewell, rs-Con
?ul Max lioltlnger. of Mannheim. Crinan.?; Or.
J. A KenneficI* Mr? Anderson, Mr. and Mrs..;, c
Champion, Mr. Hart ano' I. K. Chlttenden,
Jude?, (jofxiiinii spok? briefly in Introduction, re
mtnding hi? hearers of the stsjnlfl<sane? ?>f th? ?late
Judge John Winsiow read the paper of the eren
Ing, which wa? entitled "The Bsttle of ?Lexington
as Viewed In London by Lord Mansfield and s
Jury' in " Trial of John Horn?*. ***?*-., for Libel on
the Krltish Covernment." The paper dcscrlhed
how, when the news of Lexington reached Lon?
don John II*rno denounced the .itt.vk of the
King"? troops, and ptoposed a subs? npilun of u<">
for the relief of the ''widow?, orphan* and sged
parents of our beloved American fellow-subject?
who faltnfnl to the character of Englishman, pre
ferri.-.g death to slavery, wer? for thai reason only
Inhumanely murdered by the King's trap? at or
near Lexington and concord. In the Provine? or
Maaaachuwtts, on th-? tf?th day of April.'" Hornea
trial which resulted in his l.eing sentenced to on?;
month In prison, aroused Intense interest and the
Strongest feeling.
Colonel S. C. Hopkins explained the project of
the order for making record? of tn? ?-rnveetonea of
all of the thirteen original Stales Tne committee
that has this project In hand conslBta of J ol nel
Hopkins, Or. Edward r**rsl?**ton. Howard i Rot
bins, the Rev. K. S. F -
irbea an?i Edward Hagaman
6INK1N". KLM? ? '< ?MMIssI? ?MM!?.
At a meeting or the Sinking Fund romnwsi-i.er*
yesterday Charles H. l'uil"r, aa att.-rney for Henry
J. Braker, present- d a letter on the ?uhject of the
purchase of tho Plxih and Klghth avenue railroad*.
In his letter Mr. Batter Invited attention to the .'act
that Mr. Kraker had offered the rtty *1,*?O,0N f.r
eaeh franchise. In addition to the ainouni required
10 pay the present occupants for their Improvement?,
the fran?"lils?s to bo subject to regulations fixed by
the Railroad Commissioners, Common Council or
other properly appointed officers, as well an t.? the
regular franchise tax. He proceeded la point out
that as the last-named amount equalled the annual
Interest at 4 per cent on l2..V?o,o<X?, all of which wa?
In excess of the city's present income from the
roads, the acceptance of the offer meant a practical
extinguishment of HAU.Ut of municipal Indebted?
ness, and he therefore a.^ked, on behalf of Mr.
Braker, that the Commissioner* would appoint a
time when the offer could be presented to them la
all it? details.
At tha request of Mr. De Forrest, counsel for the
Central Kallroad of New-Jersey, the provision In
the proposed franchise relating to the Llberty-st.
ferry was stricken out. Then tha Mayor moved to
refer tho question* Involved In Mr Hut let's applica?
tion to tho Cr-rporatlin Counsel. Recorder Onf- op?
posed the motion and urged that the counsel for Mr.
Braker be heard at length.
Contr?ler Fitch asked Mr. Butler If he haJ satis?
fied himself that tho Sinking Fund Commission was
the proper body to Which to present the petition.
Mr. Butler replied that the Sinking Fund Commis?
sion was charged with tho preservation of the city's
property, and Is a rnatter In w-iii.-h $?,<>o<v?'?j was ir.
trolred be thought ho had s right to be heard.
(???lierai llcCook took the same view as the Con?
troller, and although tho Mayor oppo?e?l, tho letter
was referred to the Corporation Counsel with a re?
quital that he would State ?That th? jurisdiction of
th? Commission was before June 1.
After the meeting Controller Fitch Informed Mr.
Butler that Re would give him a hearing without
wilting for the corporation Counsel's opinion. Mr.
Bi tier ha? a?l?ed that the Controller give him a
hearing next. Tuesday.
\\ luana IfeCarroll. chairman of the Committee
on City Affairs of the Board of Trade and Trans?
portmkm. has addressed a letter to President Jeiolo
man, of the Hoard of A!d<-rmen, asking that a hear?
ing he given to the committee In regard to the pro?
pose! change of motive power by th? Klghth Ave?
nue Railroad Company an<l the Metropolitan Street
Railway Company. The letter says that the privi?
lege should not. he granted unl?-?s ai lejst |",?5?v),iioo
is paid by the companies to the city.
At a meeting of the. Washington Heights pro?
gressive Association last evening, a committee of
(He was appointed to aid In expediting the Metro?
politan Street Railway plan of Introducing electxlc
motlve power on tho Eight h-ave. line.
Tho funeral of C. C. Baldwin, Naval Officer of tho
Tort of New-York, who died at his Newport homo
on Weilnesday, will bo held at Trinity Church, thla
g*t***, to-morrow morning at 1".">? o'clock.
The oflkers and employ? 3 uttaelnd to tho Naval
Office ji-sterday met and adopted resolution? on
the death of Mr. Baldwin. The resolution* wre pr.v
pared l?y a committee, consisting of II. W. (iourley,
Speil.ll Deputy Naval ??in-er; D. J. Ilogerty, Dep?
uty Naval officer; A "V. ?In-en. C. O. Claric. J. K.
??* and ?'. c. ?'nswell, chief clerk?, and churk?
B. ?weeny, auditor.
The Executive Committee of the New-York Life
Insurance Company jras.??.d resolution? yacterdaS
expressing Its regret M the death of Mr. Baldwin,
who had been a merni.. r of the Finance Coasnlttea
of tb?J company Bines l^i?2, nml was also tin? chair?
man of the Building Committee In charge of tho
Construotion Of tho new home office of the com?
Rochesier, May 13.?At the commencement ex?-r
etsea ?.f the *f*h?*4o?*IOSl Seminary to-day the follow
lug ofTlci-n* of the union were unanlmously elected: |
Prosbleiit. H'-orgij L. Btedmon, Albany; vlce-presl
AsaVtS, the Rev. Oeorg.? ?'. Baldwin. Troy; Isaac (}. j
Johnson. Bpuyten puyrll; the lt?-v. Way haul Mint,
Philadelphia; th? Rev. K. Lnthrop, N.-w-Vork: th? '<
Rev. J. T. Seeley, I'llf?fi.rd; Charles O. King, Cleve?
land; Jerome Preston, Jamestown; the R?W. Davbl
Moore, C-neva, the Hey a. 8. Hob.irt, Vonker?;
H.?nn Kirke Porter, Plttslrargj th<? Her, Henry M
Bander? New-York; Eugett-a Blackford, Brooklyn;
the llev W. C, P. H'loade?. Brooklyn; Justu? Mil- |
1er Troy; the It.-v Horace H. Hunt, Falrport; the .
B.-v Adelbert r? Costa. Buffalo; th? Rev. Orrln P.
Olfford Huffalo; recording secretary, Aultln H.
Cole Hocheater. Board of Truitei?. for memb.-r? :
for three years from Ma v. bW. the itev Robert 8. I
MacArthur. ?aw-Torlt; Daniel A. Woodbury, Rooh
0?ter; Cyru* F Balne, Hoch???t?r. H?nry A. De- ?
land. Falrport; Oeorg? L. Stedman, Albany; Fred- !
<?rb k W. Taylor, Buffn!., S*i?r-.aa F. Westervelt.
RocheBter. Amlrew J TOWnSOS. Rochester; Henry
A. Bherwin, CleveUn?!, Albert R Fritchard, Rock
?*t*r; Horace U. Uufit, i"a.rport, |
A dramatic performance nbsolutely union?? in
cliaracfer was given last evening at Helicon Hal!,
I the home of the Rev. John W. Cralg, In Ene-lewood.
I U was a presentation of Milton's "Masque of
Cornus' by amateurs. The most of the actors,
too, had all the usual limitation* of amateurs, but
Several of them dl?l so rommcndably. and the man?
ner of the presentation was so unusual and so
pretty, that the whole exhibition was un?ommonly
enjoyabl?'. A performance of "Comus" of any sort
Is sufficiently unusual, and the opportunity to hear
the verse spoken Intelligently and by persons in
appropriate costumes and groupings was some?
thing. Kut the most remarkalil?? thing about the
performnm-e was the place In which It was given.
Helicon Hall Is a large house, ami It has a long
and wide court in Ihe middle of It. The court is
covered with a glass roof, Which Is rather neces?
sary at such a time as ltfst evening, with many
Moating mista abroad. Out It has g.ass plots, a
basin wiih a fountain, a brook and many palms
and olher trees and plants rich In leaves and llow
?rs. In this court, with the audience all around,
in the adjoining rooms and on the higher balconies,
the maeqttO was performed, and it would be hard
to find any other place Iniloors so appropriate for
a, sylvan dramv
Nymphs, quite as decorously dressed as was con?
sistent With rc-ognlzed notions of such folk,
sported about this space and Joined In Jollity with
?reatures once men, but now, alas: transformed
by the wicked art of Comus Into tho seml-iem
lilance of beasts. Here the Attendant Spirit
Watched ov?-r the Lmly and her brave brothers,
ami h?re the Crew of Comus, with many a mop
and mow, spread the tables with the cates that
were deslgn<?il to tempt tho Lady, and placed for
her the enchanted chair, from which she could
not move till the spell of Comus was broken by
Sabrina, tln.ugh she had saved herself from a
v.-ors?- frit?, by h?*r stesdfast refusal to tasto the
"??orillaI Julap" from his bowl.
The title p.trt was played by I-.vcrt Jnns.-n Wen
lel. who was picturesque In appearance and clear
and firm and spirited In actl >n. Miss Alice Har
rlngl ?n was commend.*) hly true of purpose as the
Lady, ??m- of the meet ph-asin? performances of
th?- evening was that of the Attendant Spirit by
Miss Evelyn M. ?Tledler, who reeit..,i Mutons rather
difficult vers.- with true appreciation, and sang the
songs witn a delightfully fresh and Heir voice.
Miss-? lieiia Wilder and Amv Hin brightened up
the scene an butterflies, and did a Pretty dance.
! The other parts were thus distributed: First
Brother, James ?Laldlaw,' Secoml l'.roth?-r, Rob'-rt
Remsen Laldlaw; ?Sabrina, Miss Kst.-iie g. platt;
Comus's ?Tew, Misses Ethel Bracher, Edith Cralg,
Jessie Laldlaw and Man !.. Thomas, Mrs. Van
Benschoten, Talco 11 Hanks. Qllbert Burdette,
Everett Klmhall. Whitney Minatt and Harry Tit
man; ('rasshopper Stnnlev .Sweet; Pawn, tent?n
Gilbert: Spider, ?Reginald S wee.; Piper, Philip Bab?
? ?. k; Mandolin Rayer, Miss Bdwlaa Babcock;
Cuitar Player, Ml.?? Hoii-? Babcock; Nymphs, Miss?-?
Alice Barber, Constance Barber, Dorothy Cralg.
I Eleanor ?'ralK. Margaret Glbney. Agnes Laldlaw
and .lessle Laldlaw.
Member! of the I'nlon f te gits Chlh who expected
? that ah effort might !?e ma?le a! the regular meeting
' last BVening to have the cl?>!> Indorse tho Citizens
[ UntM were disappoint,,i, There had been reports
i that s. me of tlte chib member* a-ho have taken a
| prominent part in tho organisation of the citizens
I'nlon migii: offer resolutions at the meeting of the
i <-luh last night, but no effort to have the club com?
mit it?elf upon that movement was made. Somo of
the members of the club said ?sal evening that it
would not be prudent to ask the club to take any
stand upon that question at present.
A letter from General Horaes ?Porter, president of
tit?? chlh. was read at the meeting. an?l In It General
Porter offered his resignation a.? president on ae
eottnl of ills departure to France. Tho c'.ub unani?
mously, and with much enthusiasm, passed a reso?
lution refusing to accept (tofteral Porter's r?signa?
it m R?solutions <?r reer??t for the death of Charles
l; Poedlck and James c, !(?-, ?! were paaeed.
New members of Ihe ?lu?? elected last evening
Bra th? following: William k. Taylor, No. 120
Broadway; William H. v?>ut?K. So. 4.' Wllllam-st.;
.f?isci?h WOdell, Korty-se.'ond??. nn?i Eifih-ave ;
George II. ?Southard, Remsen?st., Brooklyn; John
Caratensen, Grand Central Station; Tracy s Lewis,
Naugatuck, ?'onn ; Theodor.- Howard Banks, No.
23 Nnssau-St.; Henry P. <'"?>k, Sag Harbor. Long
Island; Thomas Bakewell K.rr, No. IM Broadway;
Rufus H. cowing. Jr., ?No. IM ?S?st Beventy-ebfhth
st ; Joseph ?'. Hjuagland, N?>. I"?? Wall-st.; William
!i Smith. Jr.. Jeddo, Penn.; Thomas P. Patterson,
No M I'r-i'iklin-st.; Thomas F. Shaw. No. tl West
Fifty-flrst-sLi un?l Hart B, Brumirett, No. 47?)
m: says TOO MUCH is at staki: in THE COt-lK
The members of Good Governim-iit Club B, the
headquartera of srhlch are at No to West One
hun-lred-aivl-fourtli-st . In Id a dinh.-r last night
at tli?> San Kemo Hot.I, at Seventy-fourth-st. ami
Central Park West, at which a talk on municipal
affairs and suggestions for the coming campaign
were looked for. s. 1*. Carmlchael, president of tho
club, presided at the repast, and speeches on non
partisanship In municipal politics were ma?le by him
BOd hy Mayor Strong, School Commissioner Agar.
the R?-v. t?r. n. a. Bradley, of St. Agnes. Church,
and C. N. Bovee, Jr. The Mayor spoke of tho
ClUsens I'nlon and of his hope that candidates
for the three principal ofllces would be nominated
by a unlt'd movement. Too much was at stake
to run a party man under a party ti.-ket, he sa!?l,
and Baeriflces must be mad?-.. Ills opinion was that
the Good Government men should go to work and
get a man who would be acceptable to some party,
but th.-y must not insist on his nomination if not
acceptable to a united movement. The man must
be nominated regardless of hi? politics and be one
who would be acceptable to all factions which
might take part In a united movement.
Membera of the Ex?cutlve Committee of tho
Citizens Union wero In consultation yesterday
afternoon over a reply which they have decided
to make to the recent criticisms of Senator Thom.id
C. Platt, but It was said that thty were not ready
to mako tho statement public and might not bo
ready for two or threo days lonp.-r. One reason
for delay was said to be a desire to have tlia
organization of Assembly district branches of tile
union In Brooklyn pushed forward and to have
some prominent Brooklyn men appointed members
of tho Executive Committee before th?> committee
make* a statement.
Reporta received by offlc?-rs of the citizens
Union ure to the effect that some of the labor
organisations In Brooklyn will form 1,ranches of
th<- Union in order to advance the movement to
make S?-th Low the candidate for Mayor Mr. I.ow
is said to be popular with the members of the
Brooklyn trades-unions, nnd it Is asserted that they
nr.- wining to form branch organisations of the
Citizens I'nlon if he Im tu be named as an Inde
pendent candidate for Mayo?*, and If be la not sup?
ported by one faction of the Brooklyn It? publicans.
Charles B, geehr, vice-president of the ?Social P.e
form Club, sent a letter yeaterday to the head?
quarters of the Citizens I'nlon, Indorsing the pur
poaes ?>f the organization. Mr. Spalir says that the
movement appeals to lilm strongly, because It '
unites civil Service, reform with public ownership
of franchises. With Civil Servie.? reform, Mr. gpahr
believes the operation <.f municipal franchises
miplit be extended so that public work now left to .
private corporations might be performed directly ?
by th?! public a.t the lowest rates, with S View t?>
?tas lui-t?.?*,): possible publie servies.
Asa W. Te.iney, the fortper United States Dis?
trict-Attorney In Brooklyn, yesterday contradicted
a report that lie hud filed an application for ap
pOlntment as Collector of the Port of New-York.
"That la all bosh.*' ho said positively. Then he
leaned back In his chair and put one foot on his
desk In his law office, at No. 2<*> Broadway, taking
the attitude of a man who was well satisfied with
his condition. "My friends think I ought to have
an office of some kltnl." lie ?a!?!, smiling, "ami I
was spoken to about the Collectorshtn some time
ago, but I am not worrying. If the ?'ollectorshlp
Is off? red to me I am pretty sure not to refuse p,
but 1 do not know that any special effort Is being
Bsade to secure such an appointment for me."
?Hanover. N. H., May 13 Dartmouth won the
m-^ond annual debate from William* tu-nlght on
the proposition: ' Resolved, thai It Is desirable
that municipality? in the United ?States having a
population of 25.000 or more, own and operate all
plant* for aupplylng light, water and surface
transportation," Dartmouth'* side waa the affirm?
ative. Met speaker* were Frederick Everett Shaw,
'97, ot Lynn. Ma*s : George Abbott Green, W. ml
Ernest Pari* ?eelmmi, '98, of Brooklyn The Will
lame debaten were Harry v. Nlma, 'fe, of Conoord,
N H., Damon K Hall. VI ot WllHamstown, Ma**.,
and rredertck Baoon, 'M, of Toledo. Ohio. i
tub coffin LAS?lAMD "ahtiii'U ?SCMKI m,
l?r.')WNI.I> AT ___." LAY Full TWO leAT? AT
Mrs. Arthur Scn*KR8. her daughter Kna. and
a ilHSmsee. Miss Scovlll?*, ar. opeeding tO K'l
r??pe on th? Amerh-nn Lin?- ?-f.an-.shlp S? _*9Vtl
for Siiuthampton. They left this port yesterday,
Mrs. Scroggs helleving that th- l""ly "?' I**-1
sall??r hual)and was In the f..r'-h.-ld of the vessel.
As a matter of fact, It Is not. Sealed in a metal?
lic coffin, the body now lies In the Morprue. and
will probahly be buried In n day or so In Pot?
ter's Field.
Arthur Hcrotrps, thirty years old, who was
owner and master of the -.teamshlp Spinster,
was In slRht of land with a fair breeze and go<?d
weather several week? ago. Then a huge wave
suddenly deluged the decks <?f his vessel. The
young captain .van ut the ?wheel at the tint?-.-ami
was swept overboard.
The vessel was Btopp? '! and an attempt made to
rescue him, but after an hour's in?'ff?-ctual effort
the search had to be abandoned, and the vessel
Btarted on itn ?ay to Victoria. I.rittsh Columbia.
When ?ff Shock's Harbor th.- body was finally
recovered and was tak?>n to Victoria.
There Charles Han-rood, an undertaker, placed
the body In a m?'talll?' coffin for shipment to
England, un order having been obtain? ?1 from
Ernst Compton, th.- Con.ner. Mrs. S?rogRS
wanted the !><>dy Bent t" England, as tnat was
her husband's home, and It appears that sue
understood that the undertaker erould give airee?
UOIM to have the body shipped via N?-w-.?uk
through to England.
There was some mlsunderstandliu:. however.
The undertaker only billed the ?????!> t?. New
York and it arrived ?it th.r Grand < "ntrul sta?
tion last Monday, ami after remaining there
for two days it was transferred to the Morgue
Mrs Scruggs, thinking h?r instructions would
be obeyed, engaged passage on the St. Louis by
a telegram from ?Chicago, and she gave no
thought to the transfer of the body from the
railroad to the Bteemehlp.
Hecause of th? mtsunderstanding there will
be a number of eomplicatlona, undoubtedly, and
the final disposition of the body is a question to
be determined by the future.
The only means of Identifying the body was
by a plate on tho roffln hearing the inscription:
"Arthur Scruggs, drowned at sea."
Richard W. Burrowes died at his home, No. ill
South Slxth-ave.. Mount Vernon, yesterday morn?
ing. Mr. Burrowes, for moro than fifty years, was
prominent as a civil engineer, having been engaged
on such enterprises as the Union and Canadian
Pacific Railways, the Grand Trunk nnd roads in
South America and Trinidad. He was a charter
member of the American Society of Civil Lngtne?rs
and a member of th-* Canadian ami London Socie?
ties of Engineer.-), lie was also a m?mber of the
Board of Tra?le of Mount Vernon. Mr. Burrowes
was horn In England In is?, and was a descendant
of Lord Hobert Burrow, of Caven, Ireland. He
?eaves a widow, one daughter and tht*ee sons. The
funeral will bo held this afternoon in Trinity Epis?
copal Church.
Charles F. Lawrence died Wednesday at the
Windsor Hotel after a brief Illness. He was born
In Pepperell. Mass., in 1842, and, coming to New
York in IMS, entered the Dai-ting tsBce of his
brother, who was a member of the firm of L. S.
Lawrence & Co. Upon the death of Ids brother.
nearly twenty years ago, Mr. Lawrence succeeded
him in business, tho firm name being Lawrence,
Frasler A ?'o The firm formerly occupied offices
on th- site now o?t? upled by Til" Trihtiii?- BulMlng,
But later removed to th- ?Bennett Building, in
Sassau-at. About live reara ago Mr. ?Lawrence
retired from business. !!?? was a lit- nn-mber of
the New-York Athletic Club.
The funeral will take place this afternoon at
ti.,- Church of th,- Heavenly Rest, ths burial being
nt Pepperell, Mas-?. Th.? pallbearers will be Colonel
o M ?Payne, Lean ?Sage, H. < ?. Havem.yer,
Charles Frasler, Herbert !.. Terrell, William }'?
Chambers, Chauncey s. Truaa, !>r. C. Ri^e, a B.
Bchley, J. ?>? Qoln, Frank Harris and Mr. Marshall.
James Brand, an old and well-known New-York
merchant, died at his home, No. 0 West Forty
s,venth-st.. on Wednesday. Mr. Brand was born
a: Dumfries, Scotland, more than seventy years
ago. Thlrty-tlv.- y.-rtrs ago lie camo to America
and began to Inilld up SO export and Import
commission business. His first office was In lower
Broadway, and lie removed successively to Beek
man-st.. ?'llff-st., Burling Slip and Fulton-st.,
where his business Is now conducted. Among the
commodities of which h>- was u ir.rg.- Importer
were cement, hatters' furs and china clay, while
his exportations ?>f cheese and butter were heavy.
He was a member of the ?took Exchange and the
Building Mat.-rial Exchange, anil ?Xas one of the
early ?pweldenta of the St. Andrews ?Society, !!??
had been for many years president cf the trustees
of tin? Fourth Avenu?- ?Presbyterian Church,
Mr Brand leaves B widow, whom h<- married
lief.,re lie came to this country. The funeral will
be h?-!?! at the Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church
t''-m<irr<iw morning. The burial will be private.
Mr Brand had travelled extensively, having crossed
to ?Europe manv times an?! also visited India and
other Asiatic countries. He had been 111 for about
a year.
Charleston. W. Va.. May U (Sp.-dal).-Colonel
Thomas B. Swann died this morning, aged seventy
two. He commanded a Confederate battalion In
the war, and afterward was a prominent attorney
and Republican ?politician. His wlfo is a first
cousin of General Grant.
Milwaukee, W'i*., May 1".-Senator Chandler P.
Chapman, former Adjutant-General of Wisconsin,
died suddenly of para... .-Is last night. He ?llstlr,
gulflhed himself during Governor Husk's adminis?
tration by suppressing the Milwaukee riots.
Kansas Ctty. Mo., May 13 -Colonel Frank If,
Bacon, aged fifty-six ytars, of Chanute, Kan., L
dead at Gueila Springs, ut heart failure. Colonel
Bacon was S candidate for I.icutenant-Gov.riior
when Governor (?lick was elected! was Reglater
of the oberlin Li?n?l Office during President Cleve?
land's first term, ami si.ded John Richardson
a? chairman of the ?Democratic State Central Com?
Top'.-ka, Kan.. May II?C. M. Fotillu-, until re
eently and for many reara general claim agent of
tho Santa V- Railroad, died here to-day.
-? *
?\VasliiriRt-n. May 1.1.?Th-? prsaeure cvntlr.u-* 1 m m
tu- AUantte ?n.i Oalt BtatM sed tas osntrsl reliera also
en ths Reeky Heeatsla piateae, ?n area <t alt- i>r??*
sur? eover* th* Merthem H??-k\- Moeatalfl el >p.'. TV
barometer ha? rtaea on the B ?ay Mowrtata *k<B and en
Um Northern Rock y M s?teta plateas r,ni res_t?_eS its
tlooary in Hie other district*. Tin- UmpsiaflS la ; s ir
in the i'pper Mleataslppl sad the Missouri eeUeye, aleq
in it.- Ml'l-U- Atlantic ?'oa?t. He.ivy min? have ?Met?Ted
in Rear g-alasil and the Atlantk und E,i?t QxtU gtstsa
?? -ran nrr. r-i? -rt--.1 In '!..- Ml**?Mlppl SB4 Ml?OUTl val
'l-yH I'tmetttei w.-itli. r and ?haw. rs are lnfllcated for
(few gnelsad, the lake rsBjhws, the OMo Vstley, sis - b? it
th? North Atlanta Coaat l-'rr.liy. with g>)iernlly fuir
weather in the ?;,iif listes an l ths Rocky Mountain dis
(rieti, The temperatura will be lower in th? Ohio and
Middle .\tls??i?sli,pt Valley? uri 1 ?miner on the Rocky
Moantala ?lepa _
For Maine, Hew Hawpehlre aad Vermont, ?h ..wer? in the
?oralng, prol.nl.ly f.ilr in the Afternoon; ?outherly wln.lf.
Kor MaaaaetMSStta StO?t l?ian,l and Connecticut,
?_OWefS? ?out h ?enter! a winds.
For no?t?.-rn New-York, partly < ?jiidy wratlier, with oc
ea?iona". ?hower*, BBUthSCly win?.?.
For Eaatern |*eaasy.VBale an?l New Terxey, generai;}'
fuir. ex.-ept showers Bear the coast: Motherly ?mas,
l',,r Western New V,,rk. U>st.rn I'ennxylvitnla ?Ji-1 <)hlf>.
ptfUr Cloudy we?ther, with sliower?; Infill ?outherly
w IMS.
TRIRLRR LOCAL oiisbrvations.
? ? .r n*r.
HOt.'RS: Momln?. Night.
it i i i i i i ; ) i io li
-?-?? t-r
?J9 5
In nil* Stegtaai a co___ueua waits Uas ?? ? ?? ? '???*
cli.ms?*? m j?r*??ure a? lixllcated 1-y Hie Trth>ua**S ??lf
r?c-?nling harom-tet. The Jotted Hit* r-pre.ciit? th* l*m?
peratare ?? reeeesei ?t ?Terry's Pharmacy.
Tribune OnV?. Hay U, 1 ?~ n>. ?Th? weather y??ter?Uy
Wd* cl.uJy, with fr?<|uent ?hower*. Th* temperuture
range 1 bet?*.??n ?32 *n,l M tlagrre?. the average (?l?. de
grer?) t -lii?; i\ ?lm?. -?? lower than that ef \v.- !r.-..!,.v
? nd *'. lower than that of the corre*(>-ndtng Atf at last
(?"erg.? Kraus, eight years old, of No. 117 W?St
0;ie-hundred-and-flrst-*t., 1* lying at the Man?
hattan Hospital sl the point of death from ?ever?
Injuries and shock reeclved in an encounter with
a vlcloii? bulldog at the foot of \Vc?t Ono-hundred
und-flrst-st,, about I o'clock yesterday afternoon,
(ieorpe took advantage of his mother'? absenc?
from home ut noon to play "hookey," and Instead
eg g'.lng to the West one-hundred-and-fourth-sL
-ehool, which he attends, he w?nt to the pier at
West One-huridre,i-and-fir?t-st., and. clambering
upon a Sound scow, of which Thomas Thomps?*"*.
is captain, began to play.
Captain Thompson owns a viclou? white tmH
dog, wi.l -h ha? an unenviable reputation. AS
soon %? the <I"K espl.d the boy lie ?prang at him,
and finking hi? fnng.? in the calf of the lad'? right
leg drag?,.-?! him to the ground. The blood spurted
fi m the wounds, ami the bov's erl?-? attracted th?
StfcffitlOfl of Fatrlek Lyon? and Thomas McCarthy",
two laborer? neor by, ami they rushed to the spot.
They seat the ?log off with bale sticks, but the
animal returned to the at'aek with redoubled
fury. Not until the vicious brute had sunk hi?
fangs in the boy's leg again did the men sue
ce<d In beating the dog ?iff and chasing him
?wag. The nv-n th?;n called I'olle. man Day. of the
West One-l.uiKlredth-st. Biatlon, who summoned an
ambulance from the Manhattan Hospital. Th-re,
the .?urge?.ns sai'l that the shock to the lad'? ner
vuiu ayaten* ?ras ?o great that ht? would In ail
Ilk iliioud die.
The Bo.ard of Sinking Fund Commissioners "?*?*>
torda y fixed the rental of the I'.ivonla Terry at
SH.i"?. which is $1 l*?; mor?- than It was last year.
The l.-.-siiig of the East Tw nty-thlrd-st. and the
Thlrtv-tiinth-st. Hrookfyn f?. rrles was laid over.
Ilnnliniiil'? ? lllclnril Miianesln:?F?- ur
j,/?/r?ii--m "BSdali awarded: Btor* axr??-?tie to th? t??t? aad
?OUIIer dos? ihan other M.-.Kne.?ia. Vit ?ale uniy IB B??
tles with r.giatered tra le-mark label.
AI.LI'N? la Frnmlngham. Muf? . en May Oth. Allst-?
Shea, fonnsrli <f I. ?.-'.I. ?aas**, j?--I H y.-ar?.
BALOWIir? At h!? re.ldence In Newport. R. I, C. C
Haldwln, Wednesday, the 12th Inst.. at - 0*ClOCS p. VA.
Funeral ?ervl.-e ?I Trln.ty I'l.uri., Ur ?dway. New-Vork,
on Satur.iay rn .rniii?. .Muy IS, it I??:'?? ./c..,.-k.
The \?-?v-Vnrk Life In ?urn nee < ompany,
New-York May lam l-ur.
The Executive CoBUnltte? of th* N-w-Y-rk Life In?ur?
anee Company d?*lr* to express th?-ir ?orrow and th*lr
??rife of loa? in th... d?ath .f the II.,n?>rahle ("hri?tooher
C, BaldWlB, who died m N.w-p, rt. It. I. -n May U?L
Mr Baldwin ?Ji id?'? t.-l it i;i?-tn!.ei .,f th? U-.jrd of
Trustee? of thl? Company in ISM. and ?tno l??ir3 had
ie?n a nr-tiib. r -f the Ptnanc* Committee, lie wa* also
thi- chairman of th? Building Commit"*? In charg* of
the construction of th" B*w H< n-,.- Ot?eo of the <"->mpany.
H!? wide experience a? merchant, railroad mana??-r aad
In ??hViai positions under both State anl Nailon?! Oov
emment? had irlven him ? rar?? know>d?T- ? f men. of
bu*ls*** m?-th??lH. ;,n?l of material valu?-?. He w?* thor?
ough in hi? Investigation i f question* ?ubmttted for his
r-onalOeratton, c->n??-i??nti,.u* in hi? dec|?ton-, and coura?
geous In th" expr?s?, n ??? hi? opinion?. He ?a? withal
an agre.-abl" ar.'l avnlal personality, a man who ?BOB ttha
?ffectlnn? and the confidence ,?f hi? a?? .elate?, and wn?
will bo mourned b.th a? n. ro-lBborcr an?t a? a frisad.
l?A\ir> A WELLS.
lIKNItY <". M? ?llTIMER.
'Ill? "MAS 1". I- ". V.I.Kit,
Ex* ;???' ?'mml'l*?*.
CHfRCH?On W-dr.es lav. Miy 12. I*li7 at the r?sider?*?
of her sl?t-r. No. 11.1 Ka?t !?.',-.h-st . H arrie? Trumbull.
?Ja-iKhter of th? la'?? John Barker and Maria Trumbull
I hurch.
Frl'-nd* and relat:?e? are Invited to attend th? funeral
service? at 8' Bartholomew'* Church, cornT 44th-?*.
and Madison ave . en Friday at 10 >?*"?""** a. in.
Int?-rm*nt New-Ha-?n, t'onn.
OAI'FFRKAf- On May 11. ?udd-nlv. ?t her re?!deno*.
N . ?n v?'.?t ii?th st.. L->ui?a Gauffreau. In the SSta
year cf tier an?,
Relatives and friends ind those .?f h?r niece. Lo<jl?a
Haburg. ?re re?pe,-tfuilv invited to att?nd th? funeral
fr?.m ft, Vincent d? PaUl'a Church. ?1d-?t., b?tw*?tn
Cth and 7th ?-*??., ? n Frilay, Miv 14, at 10 o'cloca.
KERR?In Rr?v,klyn. on the la-h day of Muy. 1<?97. at the
reniderv-e ..f her broilier-ln-law, J .'hn Arbuckle, Mia*
Airnes H. Ktt.
Interment at Alleg-h^ny City, I'enn.
KNuX-Kay It, l*OT, Patelhea Kr.o?. ?ee- fj years.
Faneril from the ?"hurrh of the Holy r .mraun: .n, <y>rS*W
2oth it BM ?ith -ave., ??aturlay. May 15, at 1 o'clock.
LAWRENCE -< ?n TTiitaisilsr. Miv 12. 1?'17. at the WlaO
?or Hotel. New V-i-K <*itv. Chart?? F. laanaes
Fim??rnl lervlees at the ?"hur.'h rf the H??a.-en:? H??t. 6th
av?.. above 4."th-st. Xcw-Tofk, on Frliiiy, May 14, at
4 p. at.
Ir.t"rm?-nt at Pepprrlll. Mas?.
PIFRSON?lin Tu??day m rr.ln-;. May 11. at Ea?t 0*>
ange, N. J., A-iolni.l,- D?ek?r, wife of A',h?rt F, PI*??
Funenl fr m her late residence. No. 10 Fr^pect-st..
I'rlbiv. the 14th. OS arrl?,il of 2:."?> train, D.. L. and
W. R. It . fr.in If??* Y .rk.
THOMPSON-At th<4 hnm--:e- '., M.il!-im, N. J., aa
W*dB*sday, May 12, 1?;<7. H .!?-rt Th nip? n, aj-.J T*J
Relativ** and frl.'n-Is ar.? r.?,???.'f-illy Invl'o.l to Attend
hi? l-:n?-rnl at the bam???!?.-. I, ? -n Baturda*., May 18.
at II .am.
WfitOHT?Oa Tursday. May 11. at the resld-nee of h*r
?laughter, Mr?. William A. K-iM M, N . 2'Kt ***??* 133d
at, larali E. Wrtsnt, ?:,i, ? t it beri Wru-iit. ??4
dauirhier of t:ie |at* William ?nd gusan Vania?.
Funeral ?erv:,..?s Friday mornlBS at U>:*0 o'clock.
Rrnnil?Th.? ??fTlcer? and memt^rs of th? P?. Andrew*?
Society of th- ?'Ity and State of K?W-Torh are r--iu???t*4 |?
BtUrid tne funeral ?enrice? of th.-lr ?x-presldent. the Ut?
Mr fame? Brand Bt th-- Fourth Avenu? rmlnmlas
Church, < rr.-i ?ad m . - w Saturday, the l?th current, at
1?>;;k> ii. m. In-.-rni'-nt privat?
J. KENNEDY T? ?!>. l'l-stdent.
(HDOROE At'BTIN IIORRISO*", Jr.. Secretary.
Taylpur?-?Veteran? of tha 7th Bwrl?nt are re,]ij*?t?d
to attend th* fUMfSl larrtc? Of \VilI:.im W Tivl.ur?,
Third Company, at Pt. Ann'? Church, cor. Livinmtun *nd
rilnton ?t?., Brooklyn, on Ertday. Mai I?, i?-?7 at to
??cloefe a. m. !.. a. WOODUOL'SaX *. .',on-t
~>V<iniliti\t n ivmetery.
CMBee, N-. E. 2.1 ; ?L
*Vr?'dlawn Stati'-n ?24-ti Warb H-.r"em R-iltr??d.
Special XotucQ.
t'a??.*n. "fnassy X <'<?'?
I? unequalled f< r the prsVMtlon and cure cf chipped
li?rd? and fa.---. lust the thlna M BSB? tba ?kin ?oft aad
nnooth dUllna th* ?rrin? n;. r:n^.
lunctton Sth a-o., i?r adtray and 23th st..
6th Av?., cor. 47th St., and IBS I'.Iumt.u? Ave.
At lloni?. I'ltoliiarrniiliM. We nil! ?end artl?t to
photoffraph rou In your home? day - r ti:ght ?rlthln 5<i mil*?
of city. t'iMne?. ph tosraph* lie ;-:? d ?-'.-i Travatthag
exi>en?e? extra. H ckw.?>d. 144?' Br a-iv ay.
I'OMt.illloe Xi??l?-?e.
(Should be raad ?lailv ay all Interested as ehanae? may
occur at any time >
Forrlfrn malla for the week ending May IS. 1807. Wttl
clou? (promptly i:i all ca?>-?> at tha ?J?-neral Poatoflic? ?a
SATfRI'AV AX S-Sa a. m. (or Etomeo, S*Hta??r*(?*?*L
Italy, Spain. Portusal, Turltey, Earpi ?ad Brttlah In
aia, i?r ?. .?. ?1.1 I', urK.gtie, via Havre, at ?::?<> a. m.
for ?iernii.ny, Hei.mark. Sweden, Koruray (C'hriaUaslal
?i-I Rusel?, per s. s. ?Ail-r. vii l(r?ni-n iletter? foe
oll-.er part? of Kurope. via Clierli-iurir, mu?t be dlr-oted
"per All.-r"). at s a. m. r r Nethcrtaad* direct, t>er ?.
e. Schiedam, via Amiterdam (letter? must be directes
"per BChtedam"); at I ? m. for Netherland? direct,
pit ?. ?. Amsterdam, ?la R 4t*rda?a u-turs mu?t he
directed "per Amst.-rdam"); at h a. m. t r ?!? noa p?r
?. ? I'm? (letter* must b* (::r?-.t??d "per Fra?'"); at IS
a m. r,,r aeotland .iireot. par ?. ?. Euimaala. via iiia?
gow (letter? rn-jft be dlre?-ted "per F;trne??la"'); ut It
a m. for Noiway direct, p.-r ?. ?. Islsnd ?.etier? milt
hi directi-d "p.-r Island"?; at 11 a. m. laupiilrmen'.ary
12:3o p. m.) for Kurope, per ?. ?. ?Ltruria, via yu?.<.n*
tuke printed matter, etc., for all
liny aro udvertlsed to carry mall.
AftT the closing of the ?upplemen'ary traraatUntla
mail? named B**OV*. sddltloral *Uppl*m#Bt?ry mall? ar?
op.-ned on the piers "f the American, Kn?r!i?h Fr?-n?-h
and derma? ?te*nvr?. ?nd remain open until vithla
t. :i minutes of the hour of ?ailing of ?learner
BATCRDAT?At f-JU 0 m. Ctiiiimiaiai-? 10 ? m , ,??
L-.?.,r,i sad Windward lalaada, per ? ? 1 ?',. ',',S*
0?tt?r* tor Barbado*. Grenada, Trinidad ?n.t
Tobago ?n"1" b* dlr*et*d -per Pontab*lt/-t?
at tu a. m. t?uppUm?-nt?-y loan M. m , f.,r '.. ?1
Haiti. Ooaalv**, I'ttii Uoavc, ('arthaaena ?.?
?Santa Martha, per ? f Kitty; ?t p, .,. ,? \t}ir,ai?Z
mentar?. 10 JO a m. f. r Fortun* Uland Ja-'-.l.a
Savaailla ?nd Oraytows. per ?. ? AUoSKutw
(rttten fr ????? Rica mu?t i? A%rl\tA
??P?r Alie-1-.iti.- .. at 10:30 ,, m for ^-2
-N?eh?, L*hlapej, r.-ib.i??-.? atad rueatsa, per ?a
Yuosun ?'.'-t.-'- f ' ihjr part? of Metleo ?,,d tot i'ubi
inuNt I?' di;e,i?>d 'per Tucatan"); at !?> ,111 ? m .?"J
Haiti, ?*uir.ana aad CaiUMno p.-r ? ? phaa Willem 1H
(letter? f>r "ther parts ,.f V*n?BU*la, I uracao Trinidad
ii: 11 lab and Dutch ?"?uian? mail h* iii-.-,-ied --per |.ri!^
Willem ill"): at 11 ?? m. I.U[.|'>m?.|it?rv 11?M ? nil
for Ven*su?is ?na Cur??-?o, ?:??> s??*niii? an.? t-?rtt?'
it-na. via Curacao. i?-r ?. ?. Vaaesuela; at 11 a m f?>r
Hi.. .1.111-ir.i ?nd Banl 1 pel ?. *. Roman Prince (letter?
? r U'-r part? ?if Braall mu? ix- dimu-d -per Roruaa
Mall? for Newfoundland, by rail to lUltfas and thence
by ?te.im?'r. cl??e at th ? ?ifflce daily at H:3t> p m Mal'?
fo? Mniuelon, by rail t.. Boat .n ?nd thenc? by ?team-'r
stoaa at thi? ottice dally ?t dm p. m. m .,, f?r , ut>4
C,o?e ?t this oHIce daily at T a. in., for forwat Una by
?team??? ?ai'.in* (Mondays ?n.i Tnur?,!?5?i fro? Port
Tannai. f\a Mail? for Mexic > City, overland un'.e-a
specially *ddi-???-d for diapaich bi ,i.ara". <-.."e !i
thl? office Jaily at 2:SO a. m ?r.d 2 30 p. m. tReelaterad
mail do?-? St S S m l-reiloas day ""?
M-.il? (Of ? tuna and Japan, per ?. ? i'hlna. tfr?m San
Kranctoco), ?i?? her? '...un up t?> May u at n:?u p. m.
M..;? for rtnna, and "asaa, per a ?. OlymaU ifroaa
Ta.-omai. ci<w* her? dail? up 10 May lift 0t o.:>.> p as.
Mull? f..r Au?ir?ll.-i (e\.-ept ti?.?e f.,r West Austrailfc
which are forward.d \:a Furop?), Xe? Zeaiund Hawaii
Fill an?l Si.m..un lalands, per ?. * Alaarwda ?rr-iii s*a
Eras-Maco), ClOM here dally tip to Ma? ?/?] at 7 :*? a n,
11 a. IB. und ?1 ?"'V p. m. let ? fl arrival at M*W V,.rk of
here dally up 10 M?y 2*. ut d Ml p. ni. Mill? for Au?T
tr?lla ?except \Ve?t Au?lr?llal, Hawaii and Fill U'.nda
(?penally ?.blressed ?>nl>?. per ?. ?. Aorin?! IfrVm ?V??
fT?*T%P,1a,,y "'"r M,y H *n<1 up ?? '2^
Tr?n?pa.-lile mail? ai* f r?arded to p?.rt of ?alllne daltt.
end the ?rhedule ?>f cloalng I? arranged on the i.r?.umnl
tlon of Ihelr untnt.-rrupted overland tr?n?lt. tRe?uii?2
?Mil clo?e? ?t 0 p. m prevtou? d?> i?.?-?i??r*S
s*?*tom?*, N.w-?ork. S. Y.. May J, lg#T, ?*

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