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A Serlo-Coesk Weekly.
Publi?hf'<' b|
154 H ??a? St.. Hew York City
Annual Subscription - - -
Price per Single Copy
Coprrixhl ,;, i.v TV 1 rit??: \..,. :.!???:? N? ? . rk Citv
-- Cents
? AW^EPMB '" lH"ii"i r.itlC Jilt!
? j^-r-r^^M h ?s-'ill enough powc
l?T. ?? kft in the National Sei
? -" _V I " ate i?> '?'i considerabl
? . ^ ."."*-..' J^ A mischief And it is d?
?^a\?>'--'.'../ :. - -f 'I'lic KiiMtit"?-? reviva
? '?**^__y *'r'-~ f??r wllU'lt the ?li??l
?*? "? i "iintr\ i- watti - ? -
not be f.ill/.?.! until the new tariff i
? lint!; settled Rverybodv understaiul
that ??s long is there is any doubt ol whs
the ne m du ?e?i on mercliandtsc are I
? neither manufacturers nor importerai
. .ih?-.i'l au<| il?i l.'i-:ii?-ss wi'h confidence
L' til tin [hi _?'? ? ? m bt b 't:i'- a las
? ihetefu ? . everj industry in tin- country i
A kept in .1 ?-t.it'' of suspense, and .?11 oui
foreign import trade is on i *pet
? It j - leeil exaapi rating lo the i omtnon
M-ii-c ?.i the countn that this hi ?? ?
passing the I!', neao promptl) ami bj an
? ample majority, which represented the !???
<-t expression ??t the popular ?ill, should be
hung ii], i m the unpopulai ? hatnoerand kept
? from passing by a group ol Senators who
. -.Lui?t im nothing except the stipi-oaed ?vl
vantage to he gained tor the Br; mite IX
? mocracy. The) are deliberate!) ;
a ing the prostration ol business ati?l obstruct?
ing the n-tut . '?: prosperity in the lieliei
that the) will tliereby make part) capital,
i It is the doj- in-the-maiu* r polio and in
the end it will ilefeat it ell
Tlie country ?ill not be ?-.j ?led into be?
? Hering either that the tariff foil) ol 1894
??r the free-silver coinage cru ?a? Ii of isy>
u.i- .vise "i rij^lit, simpl) liecause the
? Democratic donkey has sat down ??n the
tilias ut legislation, blocked the passage
"t the new tariff bill, ami thus postponed
? ih< return of prosperity Our double-|>ag<
. curt?.011 ?hows the situation as it 1-. nui
.1- the ("iiiiti . clearl) sees 1 .
? /''"i.i.wiN SMITH fancies thai the end ol
*J government by partie? is approa
m tin- country, .1- well .1- m Knjjl
Mt. Smith is one of tho
far-vj)/),'? ?1 men who s?
further into the ratal
thm any of M exj.'-ct t
puatwHy ahme wi
be ible to? onttadid him
and wlien jK-sfritv ar
mes Mr Smith will M
be her?- to lx? contra?,i'
Tm bw V ?t s|i?,j^, tiiii??t
' j??? Tbei arc outsidi
the j,;,;i of the Inn
Vis th? Tnrbinta is car?
' tainl) ?? iii.it i ut- v,?,ti
'ler. Best i- ? little boat,
i'?? led in length, driven
by a steam turbine, ' In
h?-r r?-: ii,t trial ni-"le i
Rng?sh ?ratera ?.li?- ->?;?? ?i
nesrl) 13 kn??t- an hour.
At this r.ii?- the Atlanta
nrnn cuiiii! Im- iro-.^?.,! ni
three days and ten boars. By all means
burr) tip tlit- new ocean line of turbine
Bteamsbins, and give us ill a i b ince t?> aee
Europe and get back within the limil ???
f??rtni _? *?.* - ?. it ition.
ne ?i_m
occasions tcadi
new itie?," as Low
Ki.i. remarks in one "t
bis nobles! poema. In
f these ilaya then
l>e a bicv? le e?litioM t?
*? % ? it
?.^ ?*../* i- t-r\tliinji- That 1
the new occasion thai
teachesthe new duty.
From Prince t.? peasant the who e world
baa taken to the wheel. Politic ?1 issuesb ive
become uninteresting compared with th._
larger problem th il agitates the nationa?
What is the name <>i >-?ur wheel ' Si dea,
cities and t'.'-ui? are chiefly absorbed with
making laws and ordinances concerning
bicycles ami theii riders The largest item
.?i expenditure bj municipalities in the
near future will In- tur Uying asphalt jtivv
ment and building i ycle paths
The nea'order ??r things ?.?.; . .-t course,
rii j -.-; a new symbolism tmong <?ther
i*s that will nee?! revising -A-,; ,.
national figures m speech and ->rt. Mis.?.
Columbia will have to go into Ebort *l
and btcvcle boots rancie Sam .?* ]<? i>t wil.
have to t*c brought up to date, i ? stripi
pantaloons and t*>p Isrota that bave sei
him so long mus? lie al*an*lon**?l in favor
?>f kuickertjockers and "<<1: ?Us king?.
The stars th-tt have hitherto spangled hi?
ve-' will hereafter adorn the collai of his
sweater; while I le ?tripe, will be
tran-?ferred lo his stockings \n : the tall
beaver hit 'lut he has worn for a hundred
years ami more >?. :!'. now '?? replaced with
j ? tint v bicvele cap.
Oui irtisi lias sketched this L'ncle Sam
in our titte-pi--e ?? irtoon, The h lie
lie irtj n : ?ii ?j. i- evidently good f ?: .
great many century runs over the liij-h
??>el ni civilization -and h?- won't take
Uiyhod-i '- illist eith
// "
y -
M i. i was
' ' P?oe "tier ;
Vet by an i
He'i i ?
He'd lore '
Win ?
But since hi? dat
sh<- waits on b
He I mrsth
He - ?
An?! v.'?-??
Would |{i
But then l
He migl
So he
So m '"?
II I ?? -..
? ?
II-- cheen
The ?rr??r ot ':.
l'Ai. if thegi
Tii.'. he 1. -
T-? lake her to
However mu i
Her ii<- ??'.' . .
M :? -, ?;? irer th
Th it he resif
To ]?1 IJ -':...?:-?
>'. sre his days
By ili Is of ?
I.i\ ?ng ton
< Ibliter lit K self l
The lives .?
To bei
" It never i
will ha
law it doesn't |
? ??

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