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U\J Years' Success.
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Soaps and Perfumes.
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Searching the sealer?.
Itl-VKNtl": . PATROL- .IXSTUt'i'TioXS T?)
r.'t'.TlSil NAVAI. 0VP1CBW.
[ht iiiiaeetrM to m nuntma.]
Washington, May 16.?"Foreign Relations for
- 18n?t." which is now out In hook form, contain? ; ? v
?rnl exceedingly Interesting notes exchanged by
Secretnry Ohiey and Sir .'.ullan Panncefot? on the |
Behring See Question. In ?Svecal of the notes both
Mr. Oinrv and tlie Hriti??h Ambassador employ
rather firm lengasgo In one. Sir Julian, nfter
making three distinct complal'its. Intim?t?:?, In
1 diplomatic language, of courra*, that British sub?
jects engaged in fur Sealing have l?een treated by
the naval representative? of the United States as
if they wer.- continually trying to erado and break
the law. Sir Julian says the English sealers have
been subjected to unnecessary loss nn.l trouble,
Then he d?clar?e that the right of scan-hint, Brit?
ish vesrcls wr*s conferred on the t'nite.l States
officers on the soeumptlea that they would exer?
cise th.-lr peen r? with the same consideration as
would. In like circumstances, be shown to such ves?
t-Is by Engttsh naval officers. He concludes with
the suchest i on that this Government should nt
once Issue orders to put an end to the Interference
with Hrltlsh VOSOS s on the high sens, which has
given rlOO to many complaints, and which la not
warranted by the provisions of British law.
The particular complaints of the British Ambas
t?r*.or In this toOtO are. first, that ?he seizures of
vessels for alleged offences were marie by Vr.lted
Btatco officers, en evidence obviously Insuflldent;
second, that the rifflvt of search was exercised
where there war. no just ground to Fuspert an
offence had been commute?!, an?l, third, that the
Interference of revenue cutters of this country In
the operations of Br.tlsh scaling schooners is vexa?
tious and Inquisitorial.
Omitting the Introductory remarks of Secretary
Olney, the following is his reply to Sir Julian: "As |
to the first ground Of COtnpUlnt, that British seai
ing schooners were seized for alleged offences on
evidence obviously insufficient, it appear? that
three British moling vessels w? re prized by Amer?
ican cruisers during the last s? aso?-..-namely, th?
Shelby. In the North Pacific Ocean, May It and the
Beatrice and the K. B. Marvin on AugUOt 20 and
Bept.-mber 2 reopeetlvety, in Behring Sea. of thes?.
sese?lo the Bhelby was condenned by British
courts, the l?. B. Marvin was a< quitted, but with?
out cost?, the Court deciding that there was rea?
sonable cauF" to believe that she bad violated the
Jaw, and that the seizure, therefore, was Justifiable,
und the Beatri'-e was scaultted on the ground that
the failure of the mnst?r to make the log ontrleo
required by the Paris BWSrd WSO not a violation of
the Behring Boa Award act for -,1-ich the vesoel
could be forfeited. These facts, it is believed, will
f-atisfactoriiy indicatr? the discretion nr.d goo?! Ju?lg
mnil r-hown by our rrvrnue-cuttrr offl.'crs in mak?
ing these leisures, and will demonstrate that the
evidence of pullt we? not 'obvlou-ly insufficient.'
"As to the second ground of complaint, that the
right of s?arch vas psorted to wh? n no just suspi?
cion existed that an offence had been commilte?!, i*
appears that information was recei\ed by the Treas?
ury Department tl)at during the ?SSSOB of 18M the
law was vlr.laud systtinai.cally by pelagic ?ealeri
by having ?botguna concealed on boar?i of tiie ves?
sels and \isin?r th?-m in killing seals in Behring S?m;
also, that the lot? entries showins: the sex of the
BO als killeil wer-- OyStemstlCSlly falsitifil. l'ndc'*
s': h rircnms'.iiiic'f, cammanaling officers of reve?
nue vessels ?oull ?satisfy their suspicions only by
talking a thorough oesrch of the OOSlIng vessels
me', with during the patrol. It would plainly be
almost bnposelblc to detect a vessel sctuslly In the
act rf riolstlng tho law by killing oeala in th?
ciose.l se.ison or by firearms in Behring Sea, It
therefore become Deoesasry to board the Vessel, to
Break out til?- cargo, and to Inipecl the skins there
ITiorouglily, to ascertain whether they appeared to
J?_-v<? been shot, if In Behring Ben, or whether they
^?pp-ared to have been freshly killed, if in the
O'nc.l ....".son.
"Jn view of the dissatisfaction expressed in the
communication of Your Excellency, this Govern*
ment cas only repeat the expression heretofore
made of its deep regret that the regulations for the
feasoi??**?if lv.?4, agreed upon by Great Britain and
the United States, as to .-cai.iii* up arms and equip
ments. could not have be? n continu? 1 dnrin-r. the
?tosen of UK. Tbooo regulation? provided on assy
and s.mple mode of satisfying the searching officer
that no breach of law liad been or could bsv? bees
committed. By sealing up the aims- and equip?
ments much annoyance, which otherwise would be
inevitable, ora? avoided by both the maoter of th?
schooner and by the searching ..nicer. Inasmuch,
h never, oa Her Majeoty'a Qoverwnent refuted to
agree for th? ?eaaon ot 1*96 upon a continuance o?
the regulations permitting this sealing up of ortni
and equipments, or, in fact, upon any regulation?.
the only recours?- left t,i the Treasury Department
was to orJcr Its officers In all i'asrs to nwk? ?are
ful and thorough search as t" infractions of the law,
hether by the use of contraband weapons or in
forbidden seasons.
"In this C DM 'tlon It may be proper to state that
during the last season the mas'ers of twenty-eight
British vessels at TJnslsakS applied to the officers
of the Treasury Department to heve their flreernu
sealed up. and expreoe? '. great dissatisfaction at
the refusal of the officer? to ?ccedo to their request?.
"As to the third ground of complslnt, thai the
officers of the patrol Seel had been guilty of vexa?
tious and Inquisitorial Ini ?rference, it oeema necee?
sary only to renew the ?i ?uranes that there war no
lnt??rfere-nce except o careful investigation of the
veeoel and cargo i?> ??certain whether the (?kins were
phofjor freshly k..l? ?1. In violation of the award and
the_Brl:i'-h set of Parliament aad oiders in coun I
It Ifreapectfully ?ubmitted that the right to ?else
nd detain veeoel?, given to officer? of the united
gate? bv th?- Behring 8 a Aword act end the 0rde;s
in council, c nfers by neeeeeary Implication t?i?' right
to ?earch, and It la further ?ubmitted that the right
oi ooarch th i? Implied la oa complete sa in the
i- tnewhai snalogoua case of searching neutral vee?
oel? for contraband of war. Until the vessel is vis?
ited and searched it cannot appear whether its pur?
pose Is legal or Illegal, whether if I? llcenaed or un?
licensed, whether, in short, it has violated the law
or obeyed it.
? I: !? further claimed in the communication of
Tour ??Excellency that selsures under the act of Par?
lement can only h.? made in ??ase? where th? British
8'?t has beer violated; that under th? British set
and order.? In council there la no powei leisure
ni?>i(,y because o? lh< possession ot fo?: irjen ?eo|.
it's: oppsrotua and Implemento. Nothing is con?
tained in the Instruction? to the revenue cutter offi?
cers inconsistent with tiiis claim. On the contrary,
ihe?e officer?! have ?.a carefully Instructed thai the
power to a?-;??. Hiitisn veasi :? .? I mlted t> viol?t lona
of the Rrit:--'i act, and mas-, be exerciaed under Hrli
i?h orlers in council. If :be officer baa reasonable
esuso t'i i"i ova that an offence lias been committed
h?, is suthorlsed, as this Government unden
to seize the vessel under the Itriti^h law. To ;,.cr:
taln whether or not an offence ha.? been committed
th? eifflccr muot examine the v?\-sci. for otherwise
there could be no seizure exc?-pt when th<* ves?. ; la
cau?ht in tiie very act of violating the ?aw, which
would rarely happen."
secretar) Olney conclude? hi? note bv ???noting
the oiders of an English admira! to his ?ubord ?
: in widen British naval o filiar?; a ri . ! irly
authorized to search sealing vessi-ls. Secretary
Oh ey says on 'his point:
"As to the- reference in your communication to
en agreement with the Secretary ot the Treasury
in the year iM?i. that the Instructiona to officers ?if
the I'nlted States should be similar to those given
to the offlr-'-ra of th?- British Navy, your attention
Is invited to the following extract from the instru?'
tions to British naval officer?, engaged in the patrol
for the rear 1?B4, transmitted ta this Deportment
by th.- Hon. \v. P. Roberts. The letter of Mr. Rob?
erto also Incloses ? copy <?f ? letter from the secre?
tary of Rear-Admlral Btevenoon, of the British
navy, in which it is stated that the Instructions
for I** wen precisely similar to those of UN:
"'If the vessel which ??.pears to ht? a scaling
VOOOel Is found in any WSterO in which .it the time
hunting is prohibited, the officer In command of
Her Majest*. '? ?hip .should sscertsln whether oho
is there for the purpose of bunting, or whether she
has hunted, or whether she was carried through by
stress of weather, or by a mistake during a fog.
or I? there in the ordinary cour.?? of navigation on
her pssosge to ony place, if ).?? is satisfi??! thai
trie vessel has hunted contrary to the set, be Will
?elze he-r and order her to proceed to i\ British
port, hereinafter mentioned; but If t':c officer Is of
[bo opinion that no offence has been committed.
fie should warn her, end keep h"r. as far as he
?.?.inks oecessory end is practicable, under super
rlalon. He must *?u?)?.e from the proeenco of ?i-ai
iklna ?ir bodle? of ?esla <?n boat.], and other ?lr
ruBMtonceo and indications, whether th?? veeoel lias
?,, | _ . :;" -.1 In hunting.' "
Wasnlngtov ?'*Ia>' .-??The beet-sugar ooed which
the Agricultural Department has been distributing
is practically exhausted, about t?n thonssad penado
having bun s-nt out to? farmers In about four
fifth's of Hi- States. TIM s.ed has been distributed
In laaokag'-a of from one ounce to half a pound,
nurelv for experimental purposes Jhe beets
grown from the seed will bo ,-i.alyzed and the
paccherine matter determlr.ed, to aooertola wher?
beets ran be profitably grown for the prnflu
of sugar.
These experiments, it 1r believed, will be o|
mense value, a* the beet undoubtedly can be
dm-ed with profit in manv of the States. Whet
It esa be so produced It will give the farmer n
crop. All ?lie surplus vegetable seed In the pa
sloi, of the Agricultural Department Is being
tribu ted, through Congressmen and Oovern:
?agency, to the people In the flooded districts I
the Mif.ilsi.lpid for plsntlng as soon as the w:
nu ponorrt'ca burola-. and
Washington, May 1fi.~"The months of March
April were busy times for our force of inspect?.
said Colonel Wheeler, chief postoffice Inspector
'lay. "In fact, during the last six months our
SSV0 had more work on band than would seem
slb> for such A limited number to handle. We 1
Just completed a thorough inspection of all Pi
dential pastefflecs in the Uatted Slates. In addl
to our regular case work, Which alone ordlni:
ke"ps the inspectors going day and Bight Tl
are nearly 4,000 Pteoideatlsl postoffices in this c?
try. and some are very large offices. While it i
seem easy to say, 'Make an inspection' of an of
yet it Is quite nnothrr matter to complete it prop?*
"For Instance, take a large office Ilk?* New-Y
City or Chicago. To make n thorough inspectiot
such an ofV.co requires the constant services o
half-doaoa g,?od Inspectors, for a week or so. 1
Will glTO an idea of the task Which confronts an
specter when it becomes nccc.sary to 'clie-k U|
big office of the first class. Wo had trouble With
St. l.oiil.? office became the cashier tried to con<
a deficit of some Jl.?.o??.'?. but the Inspectors fin;
got down to th? facts, .and the money was coiled
In several other offices we aloo found sorne?h!ne.
the same nature, but in every Instance we have i
lected the amount of the shortage, and the Cove
ment has not lost a dollar.
"The postoffl.-c burglar gives us a great deal
trouble. Ilis advent In the annals of crime
recen?, yet he is a type peculiar to himself a
it would seem that he has come to stay. To
offi-e burglars, as a rule, are the most deepen
characters, popsrssin.t every cunnin?;, end are rea
to seize on any chance to 'lift' n 'bundle of sto.
or 'creek' a safe; any method suits them 1:' It -
enable them to get the -boodle.' The plunder
usually in postage stamps, which are disposed
through the medium of a 'fence,' the burglar s.
dorn realizing more than tO per cent on the re
value of the stolen stock: yet with this heavv d
count the occupation seems alluring, and cons
quently keeps our men constantly on the alert.
?'This sort of depredation became so common th
I found it ncOOOOOry in 1-!M ti? call especial stte
tion to It In my annual report, and re.?omn?endi
to the Postmastor-Conornl that a. series of rewan
be offered for the apprehensijn of these criminal
The susgestijn was adopte?!, and has material
Riled our men In ferreting out the perpetrstOf
We now have an annual appropriation from ?"oi
K!'??s for this purpOfl!, anu for the last three yea
the number of bur::'..uiea has fallen off in a sllg!
degree. That the burglor is still at work, howevi
is atteste.?, by the fact that fifty-three were ,,
lured during March and April, although my opini
Is that the general resuli for the tlsc.il year wi
show still another decrees? in the aggregate i
postoffice robberies.
"An Interesting chopter In the history of rrlm
can be made from that unfortunate trait in huma
nature which suddenly transform* the tried ar.
trusted postal employe Into a thief. 1 do not be
lleve there is another service where so ninny CSS?
OIS four?! us in the postal service of this country
?if cours?, thousands of men are employed, and I
is only natural that weak ones should find pisi ??
of trust and then go wreuig. Itut we ?till have at?
other class-men Who usually work from the low
est pla.es In an office ?o the highest, who h.V.'i
been knOW.1 for years to be as honest as the dsy I
ion?;; suddenly W? receive complaints of loooeo 01
of discrepencles, and then It becomes neceaaary u
apply the test In o great many Inotance*, bow.
ever, we find the trouble to be in quarters differ
ont from those expected, but frequently the fscti
?how that another name passes to the pace of dis?
honor prison an?! ruin, when a thief once begin?
operations on the ma'Is the element of Chflnci U
too great to resis?. and it la that ?me fact which
bads to his ultimate discovery. Thl? is the hard
eat and most trying part of an Inopector'a duty,
for frequently It hsppena that he Is called upon to
'test' a man whom lie has known for year? to lie
all that an hones! man cur. he; yet duty la plain. If
harsh, and nothing bnt duty remain.? for the In?
?p? tor
"Theoo cases are very distressing, and the despera
tin which actuate.?? some of the principals when dis?
covered is truly lamentable and pitiable in the <x
treme. I hSVO received reports of same men at?
tempting ?ulclde, ?if other? who ottscked ;he in?
spectors with murderous Intern; In ?overs] cares
postmas?.**-? have killed themselve? outright <>n the
disc very of some crookedneM, and I now recall one
Instance wherein a poetmsoter killed himself in a
most brutal manner by using a butcher-knife, These
are only the extremes, however, and as a rule theSO
people are very do?'ile and tractable upon discovery.
"During March and April we arreste! thirteen
pos-masters. six assistant postmasters, nix pootofflco
clerks, three letter-carriers, six railway postal clerks
on? mall-oainer and two employe? of other classes.
'Hut criminal offence? in this servie? are not con
fin?,! to burglars and postal employes Thin Is
proved by the fact that we had to arrest l|| m*m
i,< ra of the general public because their acts were
not in a<-cord with the laws governing the use 0f
the postal system. The mera???? citizen, perhap?, is
not aware of the restrictions placed upon th.? us?? to
which the mail? can be put, for we are frequently
called upon to arrest somebody who ha?, in a fit o"f
opite or anger, written something objectionable to
tlie law on a postal card or an envelope; this class
also Includes lotteries, schemes to defraud, etc.*'
House Furnishin?
Hardware & Cutle
Kllclirn unit l.nnmli? I'urnl?titUK
China. Crnckery. nml <.ln??.
Water Coolers and Filters.
(n m phot? \\ o,,d und l>?lar 4'hcsts.
MiiniiiioiU?. (amp Chntr? nml
?1.It rilen Tool?.
F.ild?, H .frige rut or?.
OSO llroii<lr?n? , eer. 2l?t St.
_?M>2 Pith Are., cor. :,l?t Ft.
The Progresslvo Democratic League, ?s
claims to represent many Democratic cami
clubs, silver loagU?0. Hryan and Bewail orga
tions, Populist le Moieties, as well as numi
ISbOT organization? of various kinds, bel'l a r
Ing yesterday afternoon at No. 110 lludso
boomed Congrooomow Amos ,F. Cummlngs for M
and rtetlned the leugne^? Sttltnd? In 'he cm
municipal campaign. Its managers, led by ix
semli'vman ".Ilmmy" (Hiver, will statjd no non?
this year. One of the delega to* denoun??ed
contemplated betrayal of the* cause of silver by
powers cf Tammanv Hal!," which were charged
"mentioning only the names of men who sec
from the Chicago Convention to the Indian,i|
Convention as candidates for Mayor." "It
time." he said, "for the l.rvanltes of the dt?
The question was, after long debate, left to
Committee on Politl-al Activity, composed of (
Kind? Ion. .lames Othrer, .lames Walstr-ad. Kdw
Dobson, P. i". Hleyier. William Wright, L*rant
Flynn. BdWSrd S DuriSChOT an?l .lames ?'ass!?l
The resolutions agreed upon by the ?'ominl
holly deny published statements that the? Leo
is hostile to the regular Dnno-racy, but they
man?i that the regular Democracy shall ?toad >?
the League for free silver. Urvanlsni a:?.,I PopUl
as they were enunciated at Chicago.
"?'an the regular Iiemocracy afford to Ignore
repudlate thO National creed?" is ookod "Il
wise or prudent that, for the ?.ake of tlie return
the fold of those fear wealthy individuals mi
I prominent and made Influential bv our ?Ultra?
who. for the sake of eel fleh, sor?iid. perm nal
tereoto, basely deserted the banners of l>.-tn
racy, went over to the enemy and used their we?
to defeat end disintegrate mir organisation, u
the regular Democracy should sitenat?? tens
thousand? of ?h<- tolHnar masses, who. without
gold to pas? "patty SfllliStlOns, lioblv ?UppOl I ed I
National Democratic platform adopted at Chlragi
The resolutions wind up with a Sat-footed I
fusa! to support any ticket nominated on B pli
form whi.-h lenores the free-silver d?clarations
I the Bryan ?Chicago Convention. They aro e?
' dently Intended to throw a scare into the boss? ?
Tammany Hell who wan' to conduct the munlci]
campaign without reference to last year*? Nation
Tiris wsrwnoop of the Bryenltea win doubtleaa
taken ?s a d?fient protesi ogslnsi tne pian for
union of Democrat?) of ail sorts -gold men, sllv
men and neutral? of th? Hill stripe. William i
Whit :ev I? undentood t?? be active in working t
su?"h a movement, which is to take in Tsmmar
Hail, the Orace (Nstionsl) ?Ttemocrsoy, the reg?
I lars n*'?l the Bhepsrdlte? of ?Brooklyn, ih? Purroj
i;es o' the Bronx. "Kick" Mullera following o
! Statr-.i Island, and i'airi.k Jerome Oleason'a on
fit in the Horough Of ?jueens. It Is sai.i the. M
I Whitney has already promlaed a Judgeshlp on tii
ticket to o wi'ii-known gold Democrat, and tha
bo has offered other place? to representatives c
various organizations named hoping, With the al
i of the cohesive power of public plunder, ??? negi
tlate a deal that Will sol'dlfy the proposed DettM
?*ratic union.
"Mr. Whitney must cat?r to the Bryontte vote.
?Sid a Tammany Democrat yesterday, "otherwls
he will find his'scheme in a hopeless minority i:
thoQreoter New-York."
?- -
Tlie Republican conference which is to decid?
upon the basis of representation In the Bepubllcar
(ireater New-York Convention to nominate candi
dates for municipal ofn? ers will probably meei
and enter upan Its labor? thta week. Chairmen E,
H leehueen, of the Ri, hmnmi County Republican
Committee, has announced the following Commute?
of Nine to confer with the Republican conferreei
of the boroughs of Manhattan and the ltronx
Brooklyn and Queeno m arranging the preliminaries
connected with celling primaries for the election
of delegate? to the Greater New-York Convention
Prank Blnaehler and Charles A. Jones 0f M|?l, ',"
town; John J. Boehrig, of Southfleld; Henry Uuvon
of Westlleil- II. B. Buel, of Northfleld: !?:' n s.,.''
huaen, Charle? Oollner, Thome? a. Branlfl and
! Hugh McRobert?, ot Coot let on. '
The conferrees appointe?! for the Borough of BJcn
mi.nd favor such a basil of representation as ob?
tains in Congreso conventions. They are also
avowed advocate? of a straight Bepubllcan ticket
The citizens Union la pushing Its enrolment with
zeal an.l activity on Staten Island. Large number?
of independent Republican* are reported to be en'
rolling in the non-partisan organization.
Ottawa, May 16.?J. R. Seddon, Premier of New
?oalsnd, ?s here on h!? way to London to atter.d th?
Diamond Jubilee. He will start for New-York to?
wortK Tu DAT Tiiitvry MB CBB1
INCBBAgg i\ wachs
There were ?Setting time? on the Baal Side yes?
terday, for the tailor* unexpectedly went on their
annual strike, ami th?lr action apparently turned
??.'??lathing apelde down. Everybody thought that
the tailors would ?strike sooner or later, but even
their l<*a?lerH hail no Idea that they would strlk?' SO
soon ns they did. Many stormy meetings were held
In different Hast Bide halla on Saturday, and at I
loto hour th.? leaders, who ha?l been laboring hard
to convince the met- that it would be rnrdctdsl for
them to strike until they ?vre thoroughly organ?
ised, believed tbut they had won the day. and that'
the toilers would not forsak?? their bench?? for sev?
eral weeks. At _ o'clock yesterday morning, how?
ever, the fHiior* decided totstrlkc, and strike they
About tw?lvo thousand tallorr failed to report for
work yesterday morning, and their rank* will be
?welled by several thousand more to-ilay. The
men who went out yesterday belong to tht> United
| Brotherhood of Tailors. In addition to tho??e in
] New-York, about one thousand tailors are Ogpoct
j ed to strike In Newark to-day. and four thousand
children'? jacket matura win go out la tUis city.
The ?;iik,. ?as forced on the oBtOttt of Um Broth?
?TO.1. The ?iip'stlon whether the men should Strike
had b"on left to the Executive Commltiee, wlii h
remained ?n lemlon until an ei rip hour on gundsy
raornlng in New Washington Ball, No. ;*; orehard
st. The committee ?a* OgSlnot striking at that
The tailor* also held I'li-tiighf mi"*t!m;?i In WV
bslls Mail and ottiT places. Tbey listened to ?n
| numerable dory speeches, and Basil*/ a delib?relo
decision to strike despite the antagonism of the
leaden was srrlved tt It -.sa? then icng after mid?
night, and the ?trsng? psrl of it e/so that the men
a: ail :ia- DMctlng? appeared t<> hsve come to the
asm? conclusion at th? sit*'.': time. They poured
out cf the halls ii will mob? snouting, "Strike!
Strike! St i ik"'." an l all itarted off in tlie same diree
[ion. They beoleged Mew Washington Hail and
called on the Bsecutlv? Committee, which WOI in
?-???..?ion there, to order a BtrlkO Immediate!?. They
? s?ti thresteiHrd th?? committee with violence if ft
old no* do o? they .?.sired. Wllilam ?'oh??n. th.? new
business sgent of the Brotherhood, opened a window
oi the ii,i.; and ?i'?.ke t,i th? crowd in fie ?treet be?
low. He Implored them no| :o strike, but to dis?
perse, '.(?? Insist? i thai thej wer? In no condition to
strike, th it they were not sufficiently well organised,
an i thai then were no sumcleni fund* in the treaa
af then in i ? ? to ?i i ?' ii prolonged strike at this
,ti.. ii;?,.-. leadet -. harangued th? mob, but
It ? iCed nothing, ?nd the Executive Committee of
the Brotherhood finally retired on*?* more Indoors
an i i fh>lr?llv declared a itrih?
In consequence of a determination reached a
?????k ago i', ?ase o? .. strike, Hag? were hung out
ol th? window? of the headquarter? of the striker?
yesterday Informing everybody that the strike w?s
on. ?The strikers ?rere employed in about ?even
hundred shops, nil s bout two thousan?! of the
strikers are women, A ommltte? of rive ha? been
appointed to lake charge ot the, strike, and ? mam.
meet in? will l?' held in Walhalla Hall this after?
noon to formul?t? the demand? which ar?? to be
mad. on the employers Moat of the strikers are
Hebrews, and yesterday was the beginning of the
work-week. Inatesd of ?/oins to work they hold
continuous meeting? In th? halls. The street? In
iron) ol th? meeting place? wer?' so crowded that
the poll?*? wer? ?enl 'or to keep ?? pathway opon
fot pedestrian? and vehicles.
Beside? tie? bran, ii??? of th? tailoring Industry
now on strike the following ore expected to go out
I within the next few da'.?:
I Sailor la ?el Maker?. l.*?on
Punts Maker? VnPm. -?.008
Pr-gi' r?lv? Taller?. 2.000
Km??. Pantl Maker?. 1.800
Vr?i Mnk."*?' Knien. :4..-*>n
Mth-salan Tailor? . ?.""<>
The demand? of all Mic organisation? will be for
an advance of about :?< per cenl In wages ond the
abolition of th? piece work system. Pie labor? of
Brooklyn. Brown?vllle, Jersey City and other near?
by pii ?:? ? expected to follow the esampte of
their brethren in thl? "ity and strike, in fact, sev?
eral of the union:, hsv? already decided to do eo.
'I'h<> strike was so sudd'u that it was ,i complete
?urprts? to ti"- employers, who knew nothing about
it until tii" workmen failed to appear at the ?-.hops
yesterda* morning. Th? employers will meet to?
da) ami form?lete some plan of o?an,.
?Labor leader? throughoul tho city aro of opinion
thai the tailors have acted prematurely, especially
a? a plan ?rsa under way to consolidate them Brat
into one central body. I!)" I'.roi ii? rhood of Tailors,
until recently, we? represented In th.. Central Labor
I'nion, but was dropped for non-payment of due.?
?\i the m?'?''in? ot tne Centrsl Laboi Union vester
rbiv the Brotherhood applied for readmlsalon Dele
gHte 0?torge W Jones, of the clothing Cutters'
I'nion, was adverse to ti\.? application being grant?
ed He said thai he w<*? one of a committee which
i,,,?] attended the tailors' meeting? on ?Saturday ad?
vising them nol te? strike. The application was re?
fer? l to the miscellaneous section ?,;' the ?'entrai
Uibor I'nion for S< Hon.
?Ptttsburg, May R-The Bsecutlv? Board of the
Window Olssa Workers' Association baa counted
he votes on the resolution to equalise wage? thai
?as sent OUt to the trade two weeks ago [| wa?
ound that tho resolution has been adopted by o
'OOd vote. President Simon Hums I? confident that
in advance will be secured by the workers for tlie
.cxt fire.
The Charily I'ur.aar bulMing In tho Rue Jean
Ooujon. Is P;.rls, the burning of whb-li on Mo 4
result?'?! In ?0 terrlhl. a loss of life, was little more
than u vast stied of the flimsiest construction. Tho
awed mod la it was ot the most inflammable kind,
mud" all the more lntlammiible by the painting and
varnishing which It Underwent a few day? b?-f0ru
its opening. There had been ne? officiai Inspection
nor ?my measures taken to gUSTd agaimsi th? ?lan?
ger of lire. The destruction of the structure when
the tire once gained a headway was complet.-, only
a few blackened timbers being left Mandlng in the
midst of the debris. The work of rescuing the
bodle? of the victims was carried on by dctacb
menta of oeMlors Much dlfllculty w.?? freojuontly
osperieneed In Identifying bodteo, ?o completo had
been thO destruction Ol thOSO tbsl 0/01*? penned up
in the burning building, in many case? it was
possible to determine lie- i\1ct?. .?toy l.y j.-w. Is nial
other personal STtlCtOfl fOOnd upon bodies Among
such were the oerpsoo of Mm? de Carapan?Lntour,
whl'h was IdOntMed by her bracelet ami otie of
h?'r hoot?. The Comtesse de Mlmerel was rom
pletriv burned; h?*r jewels wem Idontlded by h?r
husband. Her mother, .Mme de ????...clin, died lu
the same horrible manner, ami the ring and brace?
let whl?-h she wore were the only means her sou
snd her brother had to distinguish her body from
tho others. In ????me 08001 OVOfl the t.stliiiiitiy of
th.. dentist was required tu determine by the ?old
Ailing? of tii?' teeth tlie personality <>f ? charred
corpse, Which COUtd nalirallv be dOOO only after
great hesitation and with much doubt
Th* ravage? made ?mnng the aristocratic fami
ii'-s of tin- Faubourg st. Osrmsln end the I'm
bourg t4t. Honore leave few untouched. As "The
Saturday Review" remarks, "the pap mad? by this
disaster in tie* ?otrteti of a Europea i capital Is
probably unequslled. The battle bf VYeterioo was
lea? fatal In tills ?ense. Even Berlin ?oclety ws?
less decimated bv ?ii?- ??itil more dlssotroua fight ihr
on AiiKust M ami I?, MM, when the cavalry and tho
f'uni.1?! were engaged at Murs-la-Tour und (irave
otte." i
I DK SAMUEL PITCHER, of Hyannie, MnsMaehusotts, was tho ori^
,?,,'?*. of ?PITCHER'S CASTol.l A," tin., ?methat linn bone em? dota now
bent* th? fn.'si,?il,? signntiir, of ^?Cjtf^ * "*" ???V
Thii li the original ?PITCHER'S CASTORIA," whirl, bii been wad in the
J??, tho mother, of America forover 30 ^ UK)K CARM?LLT
iMH^vTnpporiiiHlsootl,,! it is the kind you have always bought
* ,r.r, ?f ST? //ft?^-*^ on the WRAPPER No
and DBS tho lignatare of (XaX/^MZ?/.
0M bM authority from me to nso my nu.ro except Tho Out*? Company,
of which chas. il. Fletcher '^ Preeldent
March 8? 1 oWM* Q&? ?**? ^\Vr\<foa \*M, p.
Dm not endanger tho life of your child by accepting ? cheap substitute
which somo druggist may offer you (becanee be make? ? few moro ponnle,
on it), tho Ingrediente of which EVEN HE doei not know.
Bean the Facsimile Signatare of
_..? .;?-.?., ir rr.MI'ANV. No. Tt Murray ?_, N-"~ I ?k ?My.
A?1mlr<?r<" of th?? thoroughbred bsve evsry ressoa
to i??' ?1st?**- over the u-qusllllsd ?ucees? of the Mor
rls Park meeting Up to dSt*. ? ?*: S.i turday I great
crowd its? present to wltncs? th>* coats?! for th<*
Wither? ?stake?. Although ihc contest WM void of
In tere?. owIhk to the ?mall Held ot' r*omp?tlton, th?
COllspM of Ogden Rave ni'-rsrorrs plenty to tl Ik
:it)ont on tli? way home from tl??* track. It WOM ot:?i
of th.? unaocountabte In? Ident? of rai-inc- thst cons?
men to ponder deeply ov?*r th?? un?c*rtalnty of tli?
sport an,I the wo??fnl la<?k of knowledge of leading
trainer? ?bout th?- true condition of their boises
in th? Withers James It Keens'? Itogulator rid
liotli ? ?Kd-ri iukI tDcts?r**ti drhrlnf I furlotiR from t tir?
sinning po?;t. ?nd many turfmen espresaed the be?
lief that tl;?? three-year-old champion of IfSt will
ho four??! in nom?? Western stable, uni"?-;? Voter l.-.
espsbl? of doing battle with sll comer; for rm?
premscy in th?? thres?year?old division. Theappear?
an?'?? of the grsnd ?tsnd, elubhous? sad lawn from
the Infield on Saturday recalled th?* old days? at
Jerome Park. Three ta?y-ho conches and four
drai'K a?l?l??il to th?' besuty of th?* ?-cene, and a few*
enthu-lsst? compared it with Ascot.
The bettinR ir. DOI us heavy M In former y??ars,
owing to the low condition of boom of the pnn?:i
Moral plunger?' 'ilia;"?-?, hence th.' profesional
layer? ot odd? offer mesgre and sometimes ridicu?
lous!) low odd? i.? th" conservstlve ?peculator?
who have taken the place of ti.?? rn?-n who formerly
hot ?.|iii??ii on a trace without ever having ?son th?.?
hors.? they bet on.
Auguet Belroont (rave th? Jockey? a lecture on
Saturday: so did Starter Pcttcnslll.
Ham?1 of the m?>M who ?hi?e in ?oclety object most
?trenuoual) to ?ny pubilclt? being glv? ?i ?o their bet
tin??, tranaa? 'ions on the turl because ?omebody re
ported tnat on?? of their number ?von MtMMM on
Ulii?* Devil. when in reality he won only *pt'??>.
?Tho Aid???* Racing ? alendar" meets tho approval
of turfmen and racegoers, as It gire? th?? ia?-l:ig
date? at the different tracks, snd tin? dates of ail
important racine ronteat?.
"Ooodwln'? ??tli.lal Turf <;ul?l<? Xo P." Is out. and
contain? turf informa'ion thai ?.? absolutely indis?
pensable to turfmen and racegoer? who ?l"sire to
Keep fully Mis-"'! ."liant tl;.' turf aii'l hordes that
have ?tsrled in ra? <?- rince January 1 t;p to May 1".
TIGERS ?lol'E To 117 V o\ THE TRICK.
entries ron th? Columbia am* hott bavsm
ttAttwa Tin: I'iMi*. ?sri> RKVtVAt
01* It? ?WIN?).
Princeton, N* J , May If. (ipsclsl).?Csptsln Gar- I
rott of the Princeton track team took ?eversl ad?
dltlonsl men to tin? training tsble last sreek, in
preparation for tin' dual mc.?t with ?'"olumbia next
Saturday and for th?* Ifotl HaVStl traget a WCSk
Ister, A tram of ?bout thirty ?printers, runners.
?jumper? and weight?thrtrwen win be entered In the
annual meet with Columbia, Among th.' mor.' Im
portsnl Princeton entrle? tre tho following: In
the IttO-yard ?las?.). Lane, '97. .larvi*. '?a, ami .lami
ion. '97; nt-yard ?las!-., Lane, '97; Jamison, ''.';
Hohb, a.i7; JsrVtS '?), snd COlfelt, 'W: ll'i-yard run.
Jamison. '??7; Robb, '97; Jsrvts, '0). and Colfelt, ".?:?;
half-mile run, Palm?r. '?-S; I'lvjan, '?-9, ami Ster
llxxg. '97; milo run. Pslmer, 'It; Cregsn, ''.-.?. and
Sterling, '97; mile walk, .Smith, ;?*; Desr, '97. ami
tiriin.ii. 'i?.; IM-ysrd hurdles, Herndon, '9;?. and
Wheeler, 'Ot; SO-ysrd huidles Jonas, ";?9; y/catts,
'97. ami Wheeler, '?"?, \ rosd lump, ??arr*.:. ':?',, and
UnttRcr, '!>9: hiRh Jump. Carroll, W. and Weber, ".-7.
poi?* vault. Btrayer, tt, and Tifor, t?; ?bol put,
Holt. 'CO, and Osrrstt, '97; hammer-throw, Pott'?r.
'97; C.arr.'tt, '97. aitd lf"lt. '?m. hhrjri le rao??. An?
drew?, '9S; M. !? "arlan". '!?S. and Halght, 'im. The
Tier-? expert to win. but look for a clos.? eOntCSt,
The winning <?f the individual chsmplonshlp in
tho fir.=t Intercollegiate golf tournament by Bay?
anl. '9S. was a considerable ?urprbw :?> ins Unl
verslty at larce. This r;iort is Just beginning to
Ret a foottrifr iti Princeton, .Mid tbS comparative
?trength of the player? and team? wai no! (??:i
eraiy known by th? undergraduates, The interest
of tii" college st lure.' t?a? nut yet been enll?ted In
the Ram?, although a conalderable number ?;f stu?
dent'; bis seen on tin? lo al link! every afternoon.
Tin? announcement tint th.? athletic authorities
of l'rineeton have voted to approve the prop? -l'a ?
of a prominent alumni!? looking to t!ie r-vival of
rosing '.;?.s Riven ri?e to no end of dlseu??lon
smong th.? Btudent? of the University ?ad the
alumni. Those ?specially Interested 'n th?) sp??r*.
aid partteulsrty those ?tudent? who . obm from
?cboola wher.? rosring Is in rogue, uro ?nthuslsatlo
in support of 'lie movement, but among the un
dergrsdustea generally and among tho alumni
ther? la ? feeling thst the matter ?hould be han?
dled with esutlon. Ifo definite action lias he.'n
taken further than to <>r<W three shells ami pises
tii.- old boathouae on tii?' ?-an.il in repelr f?>r the
uso of th- foot hail men. it is probable that a
ma?*s?meetlng of ihe University win be called t.?
take action on the movement. Heretofore 'two
main argument? agalt.?i maintaining a crea have
oarri.'ii ?ufliclent welsht to ke?*p Princeton out ..f
this ?'port ?Ince t!." disintegration of t;??' old boat?
Ing aasodstlon, ?om? twelve years a?o. These ,ir
aumenta an the Isck ol boating facliltle? and the
Isok of men. a movement -Imllar tu tii,. pr-ea ?it
on? ws? attempt??1 la 1<W, wben "Th" Princ? Ionian"
made SB .'\tenstv" ??amass of tii,- alumni and piiti
llabed many communication? from graduate? whoae
opinions always carry weight in Princeton'? coun?
cils The consenaua of <i[?:nian at tiiat time was al?
most unsnlmoua in opposition !?> th.- movement
The only available water in tin- vicinity'of
Princeton Is furnished by the Delswsre and itarl
l.in ?-iiiinl. which pass.-s l'rlti.-..t,,n .,??,?, t ,'n\],.
??ast of the csmpua. Here I.? where the crew?
trained In the 7un and Ms The canal Is perlnus
forty feet wide, ami runs in a nearly ?trais??!
course without lock? from Kingston to Princeton
a distance of three or four miles It ha? been sr
Kii? ?I that a <-rew developed here would be at Rreat
-(?advantage on rough water. The narrownes? of
the canal Is also urged as a drawback to it? suita?
bility t<? develop a er??*. Professor Llbbey who
was president or the i-oailtiK association when au
undersrsduste at Princeton. sa>- that th? canal
furnishes as r.?o?i facilltlep for tne development ?-f
a crew as ?loes the Cam at Cambridge
?Princeton'? rai?l?l i?r? wth In tii" last fow virs
Kivs hop? to tli- promoters of rowltaa thst her
?nlarced numliers will soon enable her to maintain
u crew without harm t?i baseball niul foothill 'in?
DEMANDS or iro\ a\d sieel workers.
Plttsburgi N iV W The Scale ( 'onunlltee of the
Amak'.imat.d Association cf Iron ami i>U:-\ Work?
er? lia? deeldH to demand .?f tas RMnufacturera
no a?lv.iii<>' In the wanes of tin plat? workers and
an advsnea In the puddling rats. Ther.. win also
be a number >>f demand? of minor Importanc?
mad? Delntla cannot be Riven, he?*?use the utmost
secrec) is mslntslsed i?\ lbs member.? of ihe com*
niiti.-?'. a.- it ; desired to keep in.? .1. liberations
private until the ,l.?iiia n.l? ami the report of the
cpmmltts? exe scted on by the National Conven?
REL! \8LE *i,r<',"l ?*??-?* o* A*mln?te?s
C/lKPETS? OO of?, per ynrii.
VOUa (It Kl) IT. i??? XAent 1 1th Street
__^. .- . ggsas ?'a
?llene* feben" (Quelle?
"bath county, vircinia.
Recommended by Dr. Pole, Hot
Springs, Ya., and eminent New
York physicians as the best of Lithia
Infuses New Life.
Delicious Table Water.
Quarts, Half Gallons and Five Gallon Demijobos.
7 West 42d St, Telephone 184S-38th.
. t?... -k.i.
n. lie. Rl
iah? for
rn. m rt.ui
Reti.f in?tnnti>- Hee? ti-.?? mott ts<nsct>
, ifUmnriatl -r. ?r.r| eure? . ?n????! n.
llrui**?. Bore Muactei Cramp?, Burn? ?u?
P?ln in th? ? ? ? ?t . s. ??>? it--idaclM?
mattem, ?CturatarU. Lumb??o. t rtt ?tee
?' ? i ?, |? .?fitery,
?"?a.l.-kn?.??. nniii.?? e-.c. All I ;.-.'??.
326 7th Ave.t
m'A? ??iTii IT.
K??ai?ii?i??.t ima
le!, litt ;W'fi S,
-.?ml foi t lrcul_r?
Flint's Fine Furniture
is admired for its orixintl Designs
and factory prices. ^^^^^
Poor Circulation t the ' U the ?a? is- of
Rlwumattam, Hclatlra, Neu ... ?'? etai *,**?.!?
?????. i. ne? up ?a.- ..?i,, - ?' II
?I \\\ ...it.ii:?. D?*ntmtel<*?l?'?l li tiiut?*, 1ST Wtet ?a?
????,??. ?\ v. ?:?. have a ? fterful .ut*.:?-" *
? f< i the h.-.iiiii-ii' ' ?sees I '?-? ? "'?***
rr.He. i ?'.? Ultatl M f'1"'*
The bOdj/ of a man was foupd iOStsTSf In US
North River, ?.'If ??ii.'-l'.iiii.lr. (l-iiiHl-???*. ?m?i-s: ?S*H
y.'?ter.l;iy ni.>n:ln?:. ThOB-fta lleiKl.rson, of N>' <v?
s.xth-a'.??. ?ser it. sad >-iil?*.i ti-.- attention of
Pstrolstsn Lscoar to It, .nal tii- t\?.-> re.-..\.'r.?<l tf.?
body, li era? Ihsi ?f ? stss sbout thlrty-ttee >?**??*?
old. mi,i. from the clothing, ?ppsrently an K .*?i?_
?allor Th? clothing ranalsteo of blue ''..it ar.s
trouaera and ?lu? Jumper The n in'? ?hoe? wen
oft. ami were ttirk?-?! tttuler tii.? \v.?'.-;:.??i: .1 of ??l?
trousers, i i the pocket? were found two IJJ*
sdiiiin?. pli?- ?. tw.? on?B-?hllllng pteeee /?rut i ?I**!
l>??i)'.iv pises in English money, and two .iim??? ?as
h penni in American money. The man'? tono wot
bsdty bruleed. us if the laxly ha.i ?trsek against
?joniii pier In ?Irlftlnn alimii.
yah: diviritts commencement.
y.'w-iiaven. Com . May i? t>.? to?M>?<
eserelsee ?>f the Tel? Mvtaltjr lehesl won lyi
t,.-i'.ln,lit. v. Inn th? li?v. A J. llehreti.li?. ?f Brooklyn.
delivered the snnusl add***? to the frsdustlss c*'.??s
He wsa Introduced by Preetdenl l>\?.i--.: He to?*??
no text, but spok?- on the general ?u-Jn-ct "Th? rruth
of the Bible.'1 He picked the lil?-h?*r rrtttcles?.its
piece? and urged the itudent? to Ming to lb? w "?"
tradition?. _
. - a
II 1.4 11 *? I. I li?v arc III I ! III '.*'.'
Buy MILLER Lamps
li.', iir.? IVrr?*??. ???" l*M?OM>, ?vin ,|.?IIH>>( rS*_
If ?am buy llo'in llon't l?u> limp, brr.ir.? ????las
THE Mil.I.Kit, %lt ?'?'??. h tiiuii?iinl 11,-Miitiful
m. I ?'tiriii? ,1-.l?n? ?' ???!?-' trot? If '.T.I-I-? will ??!
rui'pU ?.?-inline Mil.I.Kit I-anii?, v. u <-nn luv t'ie?
K1>\YAI.I> MILLER ft NslfiSSRfc
?s \ :ti? West in.'?! u.iv. t,-t. Oetjo ri. ?al Bot Ott w Y
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