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1*.'L1?-E IY>\VERLESS.
Another Sunday un.lor the amended Raines law
?tinoDtttratos beyond any shadow of doubt that the
new law la a dismal ami mirth-provoking failure?
Bilrth-provoklng for lbs saloon men and dismal for
those whose duty It Is to restrict the sal?* of llipior
on the Sabbath I ?ay. The country statesmen who
have predicted that '.he law would compel New
Yorkers to ?to thlr.?ty on Sunday or seek other more
gr*Rf*alal cllSSSfl are. like the doughty Douglas, de?
ft, ,1. Tbd abtUt]* of a saloonkeeper to misconstrue
c la? and convlt,(*e those whose duty It la to en
for.-e it that his construction is right would
open the <yas of own those country statesmen who
rnak? laws to BMSt conditions they are thoroughly
SalSmlRBr with and prevail upon a Li-gislature to
?Jolt thaSS us the condensed wisdom of a Solo?.
Th< police have worked manfully to carry out the
law. .'.n.1 they refBSB to be held responsible for the
e\ -. ?nd adult that they are pow?rlc?s.
It is s ?fe to say that N? w-York, utnler tho broftil
e>: . astruotion of the old Haines law. was never
wetp-r than it was yesterday. The first Sunday
Om?or the D? ?W lav was comparatively dry, the se??
oi)il less so, and yesterday all restrictions sc< med to
have beta swept sway. The aalooa men, ufter due
SOgltaUOR, have for,i>,l the lOOpBOlS through which
to Brawl, and they have made wondrous use of tho
knowledge. Nearly all of the old RalMB law hotels
w?r?- opea yeaterday, as la former days, and many
?atoonkeepera revived oM clubs, with charters dat?
Ing prior to Ma> -.*-., W'7, and under las (also o? ruu
ttlng .? Club kept o??en house.
'.--..\ir Dollar" smith's 'Young Men's Cosmopoli?
ta-i Club," situated in Smith's saloon; "The Ufa?
mercy Club," in tho notorious Newmarket Dance
Hall, and other like clubs had a notable recruit in
t'.ie Broadway Qarden yesterday. This place, which
?pas been lh< seem ol several raid.? by the police,
a-. ! Is the gathering place of many of the worst
?laments In the city, by sume means managed to re?
vive an old club with a aufBoteotly ancient license,
ami. ilk?- the other places, was open yesterday. A
sign hanging over 11 ? ? - cashier's deas announced
thai applications tor membership In the club would
b" received by the cashier, who. It was learned,
?was also secretary and tr< teurer ?if the club.
All along the Bowery, u:> In Harlem, over on the
"Wist Bide an.i over the city generally Haines law
hotels and "fake" clubs prospered mightily. The
saloon 'run are made bola? r by the action of the
city magistrates in eases that have ?ume before
thorn. The magistrates. In nearly every Instance,
bars practically acknowledged that tho new law is
a DUSSle 10 them, and have shifted the responsi?
bility by holding the persons uccuscd of violations
for .????--?..I Besslona.
Albany, May I?"..?Tho reports of county treas?
urers to Excisa Commissioner I.yn.aii. pursuant to
an order of the office for reports of excise receipts
for the first !??:) ??ays in May. show Increases in
the sums received from cities and slight decreases
In small counties, where no license was voted In
??.any towns, of the total of $9,153,?348 ;?4 collected
up to Muy lfl. New-York City alone reports collec?
tions Hgnregatlng $0.171.070. or moro than one half
of the total. This Is nn in??rease over last year of
llTC.ltx?, with the chances of much more being col?
lected ?luring the month. Kings County has col?
lected ?-.??G.t?a, or 115,834 more than the entlr.? col?
lections In that county last year. Onondaga
County collects BM.520, or |12.?.S0 more than lust
year; Monroe, County has so far collected *?*,4.910,
or W?.??! more than In UN; onclda ?County, with a
total thus far of $i23.Mo, shows an Increase over
last year of $2.1??); Albany Conntv. with IWI.O00 SO
far. shows un Increase of $7."t)-) over lasl vc.ir. and
Rensselaer County shows a decrease of' |\<??> in
In Otsego County there 1.? a ?leerease. fortv-seven
less Ilienses being lsKiied this rear than in ISM,
In Wyoming County there is n falling off of nbout
??'-'.?-.".ii in .-K-enrilaiieo with the vote for no Iliense
In many towns. In Delaware Countv there Is a
??light Increase. A.ldlng to the collections ho far In
Klii?-s ?mil N'.'w-York, the estimated recrl|itt. in the
district annexed under the ?Ireater New-York char-'
ter, that territory paya Into th.- Stiit.- treasury
more than two-thir?1s of the entlr.- receipts. Dela?
ware County, one of the largest counties In the
State, reports n total collection of only ?S.ll?.
The last but one of the series of revival meetings
Conducte.i l.y the Hev. John McNeill, the Bcotch
evangelist, was bel.l in CsmSgla Hall yestenl.iy
nfl.rtioon Kvery seal in the big auditorium was
occupied when the service?) began, at 4 ??'clock. For
the lirst time since the beginning of the Moody and
Sankev revival meeting?, three months ago, the Hev.
Dr. MaeArthur was present yesterday. At the re?
quest of tlie Hev. A. ('. 1'ixoP. Dr. MaeArthur
Opened the meeting with prayer. Mr. ?McNeill
pleached on the story of Shammali.
"Bhammah," he said, "in defending a plot of
.entlls against a marauding horde of Philistines, put
down his foot llrmly, while his countrymen fled for
safety. They all ran but Bhammah, who was filled
with the spirit of Qod. His fleeing countrymen,
hearing the loud ?roans ot the dying Marauders,
looked back, and to th?'lr chagrin ?aw Shainmali
still lighting on to victory in the midst of the fray.
"That Is the way to teach thing?, and not accord?
ing to theological fashion. It would seem as If
?lad Almighty ?'is tired of seeing His people running
when they should have sin ??i like Bhammah anil
tin own off the yoke of oppression. Your life to?
day beara in its present position and future proa*
pacts no more proportion to wli.at It might have been
than a plot of lentils bears to a fertile, broad acre
"Ruined by drink, as you might have been, put
down your foot and stand In the mld?t of the bowl?
lag ureck, and Ood will stand by you, as lie stood
by Bkamrnah. With Dim you can change yo?ir
Waterloo Into victory. To-day is the day of salva?
At the mtetlng of the Central Labor Union yes?
tenl.iy Oaorge Warnar, delegate of the Interna?
tional Machinists' I'nior, daelarsd that some action
Bhoui.i i.e taken at on??<?, fo that, if tho city p??r
ndtted the Metropolitan Street Hallway Company
to change its motive power in sixth und Eighth
aves., the company should engage the unemployed
nicn in this citv to do the work. This action was
necessary, or else Italians would certainly be im
ported here.
It was resolved that the committee which has
charge of the matter shall call upon the ciiy otli
clals and take what ether action It may il.-ciii
ne?? asary.
Delegate R?ld moved thai the secretary be In*
Btructed to writ? to Qrorernor Black, requesting him
to siRii the inheritance Tax bill.
A communication was read from the Department
of Justice, at Washington, acknowledging the re
c? ipt of the <'entrai Labor Union's letter complain?
1ng of the violation of ?he Eight-Hour law In sev?
eral of the departments Of tin? National (iovorn
i ment. Including the Postofflce Department The
communication was signed by the Acting Attorney
Ornerai, and stated that the matter would bo
looked Into.
An Invitation whs received from the Progressive
Democratic (*ounoll for the Central Labor I'nton to
send delegates to Its convention. The l'. 1?. C. n
fused to take any action In the matter, and tin- In?
vitation was assigned to ohllvlon.
In the course of the next ten days Congress will
be asked t?i grant a charter to a great financial In?
stitution which it Is proposed to establish In thl?
country. John K. Dos Pussos, the well-known
lawyer, has drawn up the charter, which provides
for the promotion of a credit company, to be con
dlMtSd upon plans similar to tho???' of the Credit
Foncier of ?TtSnoS. If It succeeds, however, the
American project, both In its capital und the scope
of Its operation?, will surpass the famous Fr?>nch in?
stitution. The Loan and Mortgage Hank Company
of the I'nited States, as the company Is to be ciilli'd,
will have a capital of llOO.iirti.o'iU, divided lato shares
of 110 each. The prime purpose of the scheme Is to
lend money to farmers upon mortgage at a BMMh
lower rate than they are now compelled to |>3>'.
In addition, the charter will authorize the company
to ?Jo n general trust and hanking business. The
institution proposes to loan mon?>y to farmers In any
part of the United States at 4.C? p< r cent In?
terest. The money Is to bo repaid in quart, rly
Instalments, which may, If the borrower wishes, bo
Spraad over a period of seventy-five years, but he
has the privilege of redemptl?>n at any ttOM.
The quarterly payments will represent not only
one-fourth of the annual Interest due. but a ?mall
rum, amounting to flghty-rive-one-hunlredths of one
per cent annually on the face of the loon,
which will go Into the ?Inking fund to pay off the
principal of the debt, jo that when tho quarterly
payments have all be*,n made the debt will have
been extinguished. The company will bo permltt? 1
to lend up to DO per cent of the valuation of the
land mortgaged. The borrower, however, will not re?
ceive a money consideration for his mortgage. In
I stead, he will get a bond Issued by the company,
bearing 3.15 per cent Interest. To get money he will
have to dispose of thl? bonj, but as It is ex?. ted
that the bonds will sell nt a premium, the extra
transaction will only tend to reduce the rate of
Interest tlio furnier will have to pay.
It Is no; proposed to ask the Government to sub?
scriba to the capital of tho company. On the con?
trary one of tho conditions under which the cbSlter
will bo asked from CongrssB will be thai lbs ? fjav
pany shall, on the ?Jov? rnment's demand, at it 11
tim.-s be ready to advance at least l:.",,UUu,l*X) to the
Government at current rates of interest, h is said
that the members of the syndicate of Incorporators
Include some of the most prominent business men
in the country, but Mr. Dos Paseos, When t^o.n yea*
tcrday at his home. No. is Baal Plfty-slath-sl was
not preparad at present to give out the ti.nu.--t tor
publication. lie is firmly convinced thai the sto k
will b? subscribe.i twice ov.-r. Referring to a reporl
that President McKinley hid expressed himself in
favor ?if the project Mr. Dos Pasaos -?ail:
"Tho Administration knows nothing of the detail.?
of this plan. I have never consulted tie President
or any of his Cabinet or any membera of Congres?
al?oiit the company. The scheme is purely non
partisan and DOn-polltlcaS, _n?l I expect to recep-o
the cordial and hearty support of all parti.? when
the charter is presented to Congress. No hanker.
Complete Tea and Dinner
Services, Coffee Sets, Wine
Coolers, Chests of Spoons,
and forks in exclusive de?
signs, many of which will
not be duplicated.
Gorham Mfg. Co.
financiar or capitalist of New-York has any Int. rest,
dlreci ..r Indirect, In the company, escept that ihey
ha\?' thS rieht In common with anybody to subscribe
to the stock up to the amount of $1,D?K). That l.i
the maximum allotment that will be made to any one
Individual. The plan Is one that must stand or fall
upon Its own merits. It n.?>.ls no support from
banklnj or financial Interests. The J.o.m and Mort
sace Hank Company is to be essentially a company
of the people and for the people."
?Colonel J. F. nioom, a lawyer of this city, who
was one <?f the founders of the Wage Earners'
l'i?i-i.t|e I.eatrne, which ill?! excellent work In th??
cause of honest money ?aal fall, siiys that Mr. ?tx?
Passoa'a plan Is similar to one which he wrote
about recently, and of which he spoks to several
?1 ivi-rnm.-nl r.flleliil?. Colonel Kloom also says that
the Democratic Honest Money I?aafiio, ot which
he is an officer, som?> weeks airo appointed a com?
mittee to investigate the subject, ami that Qeneral
Lloyd Bryee, one of its Executive ?'ommitt?'e, who
is now abroad, will Investigate tho subject there
and Its practical workings.
Park Policeman ?Cain found a man, upparently
111. on the Walk south of the Ar??-nal In ?'entrai
Park, opposite Fast Slxty-thlrd-st., about 1:30
o'clock yesterday morntaB? (iIi<i summoned an am*
balan?a from the Presbyterian Hospital, liefore
Its arrival the man died. The surgeon sal?l he
had probably drunk some of the contents of B four
ounce bottle containing chloride of potassium,
Which WM found I" hi? coat pocket. T'oo l>o.t>
was Id.nMll.d at tin? Morgue as that of .James.
Palea, of No. HI Fast Plfty-flrst-at. it la not
known why In* killed hims? if.
Filly, the favorite do? of the late Professor Alex?
ander Herrmann, was burle?- yesterday afternoon
with ??onsil? rabie ceremony In \Vhlt?-ston?*, Long
Island. Th'? _og, will? !l was twelve y.airs old, alai
hail been owned by the BMgtdaB sine?.? ?he was a
puppy, died on Friday. After her death Mis, Herr?
mann took the body to New-York, snd bad it photo-1
graphed. Bhe also had a blue plush casket mad?
for the animal. Professor Leon Herrmann was di?
rector of the funeral. The dog Was buried In the
grounds of the Herrmann place. Its grave was
marked with lilies of the va!l?-y.
THE 9TH REGIMENT servpes. however, were
The ?th Regiment attended a special service yes?
terday at the Hloomlngdale Reformed Church.
Houlevard and Slxty-elghth-st. With the exception
of some members of Company A. most of the mem
b?-r.? of the reKim?'nt attended the parade. Farly In
the week B large liumbor of Roman Catholics In
Company A openly mated their purpose to absent
thcmselvr? from the service, in conserpience of the
aiit.'iKonlsm of the chaplain, the Rev Dr. Madison
?'. Potan, to their faith. The Intention was ad?
hered to yesterday when not more than half the
m??n of the company took part In the parade. Cap?
tain O'Connor, who is himself a Roman Catholic.
anil whose sympathies are ?aid to be on the side
of those who oppose the retention of Dr. Peters as
chaplain of the regiment, was present. In command
of Campany A. Dr. Peters preached a purely theo?
logical sermon, and did not. by Inference or other?
wise, make reference to the controversy that la
ngltattng the regiment.
The range at Creedmoor was occupied on Satur?
day by Troop (.". Captain DatlfSM C. Clayton, eighty
oftlcers and men; the S?>con?l Signal Corps, Captain
Frederick .1. I.elgh, forty-one ofHct rs and men. and
the 17th Separate Company, CaptatB John F. Flem,
sixty-six officers and men.
Major Theodora H. Hobco?'k. Inspector of ride
?practice, Second Hrigade. superintended the shoot?
ing. The w<?alh?-r conditions were favorable, ns the
following results show:
Troop C Men practicing, SB; quallflcatltms, TO.
8econ?l Signal Corps?Men practicing, 41; quallA
cations, ?il).
Seventeenth Separate Company- Men practlr-lng,
tu;-, ?iiialltlcatlona, 01.
Albany, May 16.?The United 8tat?*s Superinten?
dent of Malls In thl? city warns all p?rsons to be
waro of aectptlng postoftlce money-order blank?
r.umber?'?l between 3?i2 and +00. They were stolen
from tho postoftlce of Sllngerlands, near this city,
at an early hour thla morning, together with BR%
In stamps of various denominations, ranging from
one cent to ten cents. The robb?*rs. supposed to
be the Fame gang that operated successfully at
Coeymana a short time_atnoo, blew open the aafe
with dynamita cartrtdjsa. Th.- explosion broke
nlno lights of glass, but ?lo.-s not seem to have
awakened the village, for the robbers made their
SSCape without trouble.
Highland Falls. N. Y , May ML?A handsome new
pipe organ was dedicated with Impressive c-re
monies in the Kpisropal Church hen*, to-lay, Arch?
deacon W. R. Thomas officiating The orean 1* tho
gift of Major Charles F. Roe, of Squadron A, und
Mrs. Ros In memory of their son, Stephen BogSfft
Roe, whOM death occurred a yenr ago. The Oigan
WO! built for the church by Karrane? V'otey, of
NeW-Tork, and Is the finest of Its clasa. ?\mong
those present at. the BSfVlOS were Mrs. J. Pierpont
Morgan and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. Pierpont Mor?
gan, jr. John Plgelow and daughters, Major and
Mrs. Ko?? and a number of W?-st Point professors
and army ofBcera. In the midst of the service
Mr BtgelOW was taken 111 anil had to retir.'. J.
Rerponl Morgan and Major Roe have each con
tributed IMOO for the erection of a new rectory.
Avoid draughts and sudden changes of tea?
Do not discard your warm winter clothing too
lo'ti. It is better to suffer a little Inc? nvenlencs
thin to take cold.
Remember that one Is especially liable to con?
tract a bad cold or chill at this season of the year.
A cough or a cold contracted between the)
srasons Is the most annoying kind, and may last
through the summer.
To make the home happy, keep the health sa?
cure. Poverty miy come, but It can be endurad
if the health remains
No health was ever maintained without assist?
arce. Health, like the body, must be supported.
But do not make a mistake and do It foolishly.
If you feel a cough or a cold coming on take
a drink of pure whiskey at once. It will keep tho
?bod in circulation, and Is the best preventiva
against the ?l?nea*?'? of the season.
Remember that only pure whiskey should bo
tak?*n. Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey has tho
strongest rer.'omm?*ndatl?)ns from the leading
scientists and medical men. It Is the ?,nly Rtand?
_r?l medicinal whlsk??y. Take n?? other from your
?-? ? '..'_"
Baltimore. May HJ.?The Very Rev. Dr. F.!ward
P. Allen, rsOOatly appointed Rlshop of Mobile, Ala,
was consecrated at the Cathedral here this morn?
ing. Cardinal Gibbons, as eonseerator and cele?
brant of the po.itlflcal ma?s, was assluted by Bishops
lalward Kitagerald, of I.lttle Rock. Ark. and
Matthew H.irkins. of Providence, the aaalstant
priest being the Rev. Hugh Roe O'Donnell. of lios
tun. Bishop Allen was attended by Ardiblahopa
Ryan, of Phil i.l.-lphl.i. und Kl?', ?t. of Cincinnati,
util Bishops McGovern, of Harrisburg; Northrop?
of Charleston; Iiohiin, of Scranton; Monnghan. of
Wilmington, DeL, and Donahue, of Wheeling, W.
Va. The sermon was preached by the Rev. Dr.
Philip J. Currigun, of tho Catholic University.
The Cathedral and Its neighboring ?tree?? were
thronged with Interested spectators, a proe.??ion,
consisting of the officiating clergy and seminarians.
formad at the archi?piscopal residence and pro?
ceed. .1 slowly along the crowded street to the mala
entrance of th<? Cathedral Besides th* clergymen
[iam"?l there were lu line ttt seminarians from tat.
Mary's Seminary, Hsltimor? ; forty seminarians and
the ulumni and graduating .?lass of Mount 8t.
Marv's College. Kmmltsburg. where Bishop Allen
iias b??en for ten years. In addition to these there
were seventy-five priests and a host at sanctuary
Rlshop Allen I? forty-five, year? old, and was born
at Tewksbury, Mass. With the exception of three
year? ?pent In the diocese of Boston, his dutl??s
have boon those of president of Mount St. Mary's
?'??liege, Kmmltsburg. Md., and und?ir .Is gutd
aneo the affairs of that Institution have prospered.
B*T-ore Wnr?'. ??<??. 2.12. 234 nnd 23<> W(?*t
4Tth-at . ri.'?ir Broetwey. Separate room?
? r furait*?re, mtrrc r?, ;l.in?. bam;a(te. etc.
l'ul;-! \!.n? for moving In city or country.
Furniture, chinn. bric-n-t'r?c, etc.. etc .
; by col ,-t-nt j.acker?. Estimate?
furnished. 7>l?phoa? Call. HS?3S. _
&18, - 817 AMD StS)
New, light anl airy Room? for the ?tor
ege at Furniture, Piai i, r .?.-?age. Work?
(? Ar:. S . it.; l^wc.t rate? ct-nslstent
with first ??? iervlce.
Btcr-ge Ware
to**?, 6t. Nlch
o'.a? Avf.. Corner
I'-ifl Street. Tele
750 Bar
XlFrTHHRIN*'";T''>N F-rape tVtrthOtttt nnd
Steam CArr.<*t <'leaning Werk?, 101 and
trx* Eett nta-tt., n.?-y ?k JAMES V.
HEATH. Proprietor. Tel. *fi7-7H.
(Incorporated, i
T21 EAfcT -?TH-ST.
Telephone NS1?39th-?t.
it. ? V. WIUJAMt,
-team C.iT't Clearing. MB W?M Mth-et.
Alterina and Bend for ??r.-uiar.
Teteph. im SOB ;>" it. _____________
S11...M ?'AK1-KT ? I.I.AXING,'
Kaphtha ren ?atina, altering, relayins
. ivea. Mothe
killed In furniture. i?4M lir-adway. Tele
| -, ;?;,. |Bl . 4.'.;i ?'..lumiaiH-ave.
HAND or ^n the floor. CAREFUL. CAR
*PFT CLEANING ?CO., 1.5'?'? Broadway. 421
lo 42.". Ba*l 4>>th ?t. COE A BRANDT.
}--;?.- r* Telepl) ne 132 3Mh.
Vrk; r.Hl'-K A<*K*_RMAN. 138 We.t
?flfl al near Sth-ave.. *.?tabll.h??d 1812.
--.Steam carpet cl'anns and feather and
ha'r renovating work?; th rough and aat
Itfactorv . al?o carp't? fitted mad? over
and reta 1 Teiepti a-'. I,ISO 3Sth.
T1IK 'I---- Arnerlean Rteam ?\,r?-.et ?'lean
In? *?*? ' a- IBB IBS w.it ISth-et. IAMBS
T. 1 ?Ai IKIJli, l'ro*jriet'..r.
BBUBH CAi.ii.:- ?u: ani?o. Mi SSI
_e_inato?"?-ev*/. - tngr?m. Ru?nala * eta.
ya.-d. ?."-.-tage free. Tel. 421 Ked.
*y (*a
111 Fultn St
?>?i> o??cri|?lioii, ?rlth Bantsoldl qui.-k
tL.in. :.i, UMtvlal tfei;cns lor tluir?, etc.
MAl'.X ?. LI'.U. Mamif.. tu'?.r?. 124 E-W
Tiie Hamm?.ni. ?- -,? _*?,?, r? . _n co.. oi
)3'J Broad ?ray, ar?? n ?? : ... :,t tiiell
Sea '**-.-.. iss kn? -,.? -,. , lW?, -.,,r,.
'."'?' *?;* ?*?!?-?'.'i'am m,c x, g Htmia-ad
?*rit? f? ? ? .. ,? ..
A DUt-V,?_S OAK y'v'r>':'- ?ritt French
J'';'' '' '? ' ; ?'? ?"'*? t"^?. rylinder?.
DBSX<*. It
?, Aram,, n'.iu?',
(rf??a?. J.,r.t?. atai i
j a; r,
FAV-T Id I ? ? ? ..,-,, , ,- ;
"' '' " - --'i. rea
i'? KXCII (?lu _Ka
-' ?ta?..,n
. .
Ruj of o.f ruaniifin
tu?? : ?,r, 1 ?ave 2'.. \.ri
Cent, Bampica ?n-J e?n
li.?te. g), en.
147 Fulton Ft , N. V. ;
?:m.-i lUhe* !M1 |
l't ItMMIKI) Ilot si;s TU Ut,
-.. t'onniry.
SUMMIT. N. J K*uml?hed hou.ee. larg.
B!,.j ?,r?all, ail ImprovMneata; la-?? loca
noti?; t., ,t it ,i.tt?,?. );. Q. *f?OTTE?*?,
e?iej*i'.?i ?ta'.K.u.
a corporation dulv organizo?! and exlst
ing uni. r the Laws of th>? State of New
Ycrk. here).y certifie? ?hat It i? engaged
In BBaaufactttrlaa, battling an.l selling of
?i>3a water?, minorai and aerated waten
am other beveraaea in bottlea, ?tph.-ns and
boxes with It? name. name?, other mai lis
and device, which It us<*? and ha? the
sol? right t'. us?, branded, ?tamped, en?
graved, etched, blown, Impressed uni
otherwise produced on .atd boxes, bottle?
a* -1 al|?!. ? s.
That ?aid m me. names or ether mark?
?nd devices ar.- as fallow?, to wit: ?an
a a.?- .-f said b.-.ttic-s. John J. Mulaucen; oa
othera ol Mid bottlea being ?.no-half pint
BOda bottles, Albert Krumenaeker; on
others of ?aid bottle?, the Con? .?plated
Bottling Company of New York, and oa
the ?aid ?iah ?ta, the Consolidated H ailing
Company of New-York: on ?.hip of said
boxes, John J. Mulqueen; on othera ???
said box?-?, being one half pint sods boMS.
A. Krum? naeker. and on olliers of MM
b xe?, the Consolidated Rottllng Company
of New-Ti rk.
That It? principal plsee of business i. at
?aid City und County of New-York.
In wltnos? whereof the ?aid ?'..n?,?Mated
Rr.ttMng Company of New-York hath
caused (,, erporate ?ea! to l?e hereunto
afJlxod. and thl? certificare to be sub- (
scribed wl;h It? 0017, irate name by
Charle? Hermann, it? president. cox.
T*ro?ldent. (I, s ?
One-fourth of an In'a-rest (coal or ell) In
1.000 acre? of mineral ?and will ba gi\.-n 10
a> party tl.nt will b r- or test the land.
?. oal ha? litn f and not far on either .?id?
of ?aid tract Location ?n ?Doran?? Town
ehlp. L?.7friie Co., Pa. A I...ring ma?
chine, ??*. lth diani?.iid drill. Is all ready on
the lar.d. Utie? p.. .d
,_ Wllkert-arr. l'a.
CO., Washington, 1>. <\; n? attornei'.
foe before patent ; no claptrap offer of
prizes or promise, of ?udden wait), but
Btralghtlorward advice and helpful service.
WOOD ci'Ts.? To lUuatrat? your cata?
logue?, before placing y? ur orde:., ?end
te n,?? for estimates. CHARLES BUTT,
112 Fulton st.. N. Y.
tl?i-; tail.r BUltl and evening; fOWni
mad.-, Bit; perfect fit and flnlM. Mr?.
M'KUtOY, 47 Bart 11th ?.t., batwaea
1 liroadway and Cniv<?r?lty I'la.e.
- Formerly with Stem Ur-?.; latMl
Paris designs for summer, ?llnner, ?arr g -,
reception an 1 weddtaB sown? bicycling
and golf ?ult?. riding habit?, tailor-made
K '?us at ?umeier pHcMi ?hort notice;
la He?' material made up. Mme, BEN
1TBARE ANDERSON, 2,'lS Bth-av?,
DRESSMAKER.- Bspsrifoeed. rapid r?res?,
finisher wir-hts week eagaaemeota by
?re day In famille?, could u?st?t fmnllv
dre??m.,ker. l*ft referencea Air?, hry
ANT, -43 Ea-?t 24?h-?t.
DRESSMAKER Thororwh; es*>Mdltlo<a?i
hlgheet referen?-.??; claire? ?tSfaf?in?n*.
dav or w?-ek; rlty or oountry. AddrcM
THOROUGH, Bos 8M. 1.2-12 Broadway,
lilU.SS.MAKFH. Mrs i'?.oke, 2.i*> VV?7t
44ih-?t.. near Broadwajr. -Ail style?
dreese? fashionably made; superior finish;
work shown: perfect fit guaranteed; r?r
?ponslble and reasonable.
DRESi-MAKER.-Formerly with It Alt?
man ti Co, daaliea few more customers;
cutting and fitting a specialty, t2 ?er day.
AddrM. DRESSMAKER, 170 W?mH **Bd-.t
M\fI-T~MARIE. 112 West 17th-et. Every
description summer g.wn*. l'arl. design?
e?.e;u?:\<-ly; modeiat" pries, i-hort aotfco.
m^iHKii harc.a?ns n. c Rear?.
iBBtoa No. - Brelth?; reduced prl m
other standard makes *2.> ??p. B***M-t??d:
rental? |8; d??*_? chMP. CX?NSOLIDATfcJJ
way, ^^__
"advERTIBEMENTB and subecrtpttona for
Tia? Tribune r-'elv.-d at their Uptown
O'-'.e No 1 -??? Brtiadwair, 2d door north
of 3l"et-?t.. until f? o'r-1'..k p. m.. adver?
tisements rerelved Ht the following Iran- h
Oftloe. at tegular olllce rates until 8 ocio k
p. n... Mr: 264 Sth-ave.. s. e. COT. 2.U st ,
l.*,2 Oth-ave., o,r. 12th ?t.: Macy?, Bth
av? -iti'l Mth-et.: 143 Columbu? ar?., oeot
We,t iXiih ?t l'"? VV? M 42.1 ?t.. near M.i
ave l'2 ?Bail Utb BCi 2.'. Wert ?-'i.*' ?
netwett?^ and ?th ave. ISA ^t4Tth
?H - 1 bb> ;?-! ave., i ? -w . a .?.? a? rita
,??'? 1 02fl .'i?i ??ve . near ?'?)" t.: I.WB IM
-, ? near Pttr tt.; <?'??? 8d ?ve . i.-ar ?in
,. ' r.r.x M eve. S10 Bleeoker st.; U
, . 1 ?i 2 ans ." : ave MO East TOth
i *?;i .Id .'.?e , 2<j03 :m ire.; '?>?' A?*
?,->-inir. a?e. |b2 W ?.-! 12! 1 1 ??* l-'?'
).-.?*, v? 2".l Fas' 4??' M . ???*"?'?' '.'"? ' ?
i-l ? PRICES. SO
,^ Iron ivora'.ns Hi?
guaraauedi machlner? beuahl ???-?|_
changed. OEOROIC U. EDDY. S'?"* Ma?i
wood and Iron ivora'.lig machines. ???_'?>
a ? HANDSOME furaUhed ??me. priva'?
Ab?'h; line r.a." -?a?!,.r,, ?t> rure
permanei.i or Irsnalenti referen..-?. M
\?, i .1 aadr-et. _
17T1I ?*T li?'? W'?rlT. t>?lrabl? r....n.? to
?ei wit?! l?.:ird. re?-i?ai'*?"_,
Ba.lr? t^fl?o7i_f 4o\n^jnhrm M
SI WEST lt*ni?ST I-r?:r?!.le, '?"-?'? "''1
,..??? ...mfortabiy furnished;joei ?? -
tendance; with or without ??""" ?**?*! ","u
.? .. pr.i-. ?, ret?teii'-ee. -__
,._.,. j.-. v,., ?n.'.-r. Han laomeli fur
r,,1nui.:T-? ??.? --.'"r....vil1
fcosrd, eenrealMt ?roadway and < '-r.il
la.-k. loferelire?. _
4S2 WEST 2??Tlf BT .'II"?!'?? ?'"* '?.'""Vi1
Theolosleal Beminary) i-arg? ro.a.i?.
W.lh I ?r i, referei.c.? ? ?. I ..na?a
Liv-..?. $2?.? upward; in?*?;?"?*,"??' /.*'? "_{'
.?clmnaed ?HRISTMAN. M bu?'- ??>? ?_
bEE our eleg.nt cabinet aral?4 with SbM- j
.arved panel., pracib?e PJ?al S.. uv ?
date Improvements, ai f?B?, ?' '"?"**"*'
?Sefore r?r< pplnn at.v ?mt.fj tOh-nntie.
THBTWAY CIAVOCO b8 0<" ??'??
and chestnut, ?cant 13.3, 6 and S year?,
cob build, sound, kind and safe for women,
?Ingle or double; fast traveller..
?>.'..">0 for closely matched bay.. 15.2 and
l"?2'j. 7 and S year?. On? horse crib?,
otherwise s.-und.
?.?'..'.i) for very elegant pntr cm?? matched
cl.?-?traits- light and tent?ULI und 1.1.31-?.
with si vie. action, arched neck?, fine dri?
ver? and travellers, Absolutely fearless of
?team .and electric car?. Have taken ft
(list prize in a ?how. All thoroughly sea
f Bed f'?r work and will not have dl?tem
per, OAK 1111.1, FARM, .ashm, N. Y.
Desirable room?; traneiflte; reference?.
SSTH ST.. 42 WEST." -Nicely fiirnli'hed
r SU; singlo or en ?Ulte; private fam?
ily, references; caterer in basement. _
an* ed?tateD gentleman, soslalbr eon
n?v:?d, for special work In otn ?utwerlp
tloa department; must 1* well read and Of
refined deportment; BStval referonc? not
necessary; permanent po?itlon and ?alarv
aaaur.l After in, C. I?. ORISWOLD, 34
Knot 14-h-Ht.
BAI-SSMEN for cigar.; 1125 monthly ?nd
expans?e; old established bouae; expert
?tKTM unra-rcMiiv'; Inducement? to custoro
?r?. ?? . . BI8HOP '-.?.. St lyaai?. _
WANTED.?Comp?tent perron to travel;
pay IT??/) an?l ext-enses; reference?. THE
ance Building, Chicago,
SI a I??.
|1 7S PATFR your r om with wld. bor
<i-i : (2 2--. ?old paper, i elllng ?an,-? prL-?..
hanvlng Included, rMm? kalsomlr.ed 7Sc.
up. painting at lowest price?; will call
with ?ample: ciiy or count iy. Bend postai
to J M M A ITS. VA East 109th st.. 2
Oiiiise?. ort-st.
A CLERICAL POSITION of responsibility
daslred: M treats' ?sperlenee; excellent
r'-f'-i'-r. ?? n? t.- Integrltj and ability; ?ged
27. Addreaa ?DOUGLAS, 111 Bow? ere.,
l'assali-, N. J._
\ nag man. 21 ye?r? of ago, ?? assistant
t.. kkeeper or ofScs clerk; furnish 4 years'
refercntp. Addre?? J. L-NGHAM, 212
R .---st . Rrook'yn._
A RELIABLE young ia?n. ex;?erl?.nced,
thorough i??.kkeeper and ??in?-?? m-n.
need? position; no.it. n?pM penman; acci
rat? ?'? pouniani; reference* ?'. GA8QUE,
4i.*> Putnam av.-., Brooklyn,_
ACCOUNTANT will poat your book? for
*.". to il.? p?r month; h ok? Investigated,
?rewritten etc., at reaaonabl? rate?, c.r -
poratlon leferenote, EXPERT, Tribune
A TOVNO MAN ?24i. lia.Ina hnd 2 yer,r?'
experience a.? el?-rk ai a I'nlted Bute. Con
? lata in Germany, desire? a similar p-.?i
tl'.n; eotrepp-.n.lfi In the Qerman and Eng
lisli larigua?.-'-?. ?VdlrcF? ROBEtRT II.
QROPP. M 1st-?t._
?TTFNDANT.?Invalid or Institution;
highest reference?. f, w., 243 Hint
.12.1 ?t.
ATTENDANT.? Bjr foung, well-educated,
nent-iippearing American: willing to
tn.v.-i. net as private ?reret.iry. Companion
or tutor; desires position June 1 or IS;
referm?e. OATL-B RIVERS, 176 Haiiock
ave.. New-Haven. Conn.
BOILER HREtMAN. of 12 years' experl
aace, would Ilka ?ttuatRmi (??????d refer
aace, ?'ail or addreaa 171 4th ave., Brook?
BAKU CLKBK.?Ten years' experience; In
a bank or 'rust eotnpaayi ???roughly un?
derstands the workings of the 'oiler?.
bookkeeping And et>rre?ponding ?*?*?*?**?_
ment? can furnl.h bond and |?m?neea
hank CLERK. Tribun? OiBc
T't*>K GOLD LATER iexperl-nced) de?lre?
position with aome gone bindery. Ad?
dress M. I'., '?' Eldert-?*.. Brooklyn. ^
COMPANI?N.?Bj? a young man, 20, la ?
(?'enllem.-.ri; best of reference. Address
M. ***miT7r*ORD, 12.'? Bett BOth-at_|
COMPANION.?MtddU-aged m?n, f?irly
w- 11 rend and educated, ?? companion
to a gentleman; prefer? Mie country. AS?
tatet ATWATER, S2B West Camdan at.
Baltimore, Md._
CLARK Bhipplns. ?g*. **& ^/?fr
treneea Addroas H. o. ML, Baa 7.
Tribune ? ?trice.
t.HIVF" Y< '"?? men, 2". want? a place
in country to do driving for family, ha?
.... .1,,..? r, gentleman'? place berora
.?11.WILLS WILLIAMS. 54 Rap.-Iyca St..
Ur. kirn. . .
DRAUGHTSMAN. U? " ? Mi ??__ *"u
oYt 01? V- re?Tf .vp.-el.ll-e; .-ai-.,,.
? ?' " V.a.-?al m?chlne.: P-rmar.en I?
--??????i ?t ?? ?*/:?'?? ,v;"v
j,i. g Magn ?lia ave., sriis-beth, w. ??
'i.t-TFCTIYK-Tw-ntv yesra' exp'rletie?.
''''^I.?,.! r.?' ?a, r.d? ratal; reference.
,,?';.'.'? of N?'? V..rk City, foria.r
,;', ? AM-ra..', Hatl of Wktta Flam?.
M BRAUT, I.Oiajd iva_
?l'inr \n\- pe??'a '? .ntemi'lHt'.ng tritt*
V,- ,r eetet St., I? ? u r*
?,.,., , ??? s-r ?ober, iaduatrtou??,Of**_
JNTLLLI'.l-> ?? ' .,; A R.I. wlst/?
"??', Am!rtX "er eir Wnd -f worhi
?-..unto.- o, ...,,. ,? gt-eaatle.
; , . '? /"?i , ,.".?:. ?MB ?Vntral-ave.
- " ,'r . ? ... . near ?7th ?*
" ',!' ",WM;., '!;" i.?? fWeadwar; I.Jg
???"'? ?*? ? .-' ,.?,?,..., Ofllcesi fJSl ?*?
,,,,,;, y... A t the '?,"'., ,-?? ,.:,,h ?! ,
- ' ."?' n.;'4'. ',?.?? iSStti ?? . bet. 7>h
B< ir sve.? -<".,. ^,.'.7 ,4?,,,, ,t ai
?*"l "'" ,':v",?',:",l SST fon*??" 7-*'1
th? ?"'"**".*''?? 1, 4M ur-.. (way,
PT^tA* Br?ete M b?llUtSt ttottk
l,r ' ,',.',n- Ll"" 1 ?
driver or COACHMAN.?Tonas Swede;
two years' .\ew York i'lty referen, -s.
K. JOHNSON, Ott W.-irren e?.. I'r-klyn.
JANITOR, Ac- liy lierman. with fmnll
family, n? Janitor or watchman; nnv kind
of position; ettjr or country; hnrvlv with n'l
kind? of tool?; also d-.es painting. Adir?.-?
IM' 2d ave . stationery t*. re.
JANITOR.-Small American famllv: OM ar
m?.re beaSSS or club: understand? all re?
pairs and painting-, ai reference; Wert
Sale preferred. Ht I'.l.tilT. 4.", Bart
UXOUIST.?TengHah l'nlve>r?lty hon. raman
seek? ?mpioyment a? Interpreter, tradier
or anything ?uitabl?; rxrujfent mathenui -
tlclan; 12 language?-. g ?? ,1 habit?; moderet?
?alary. CRAIQ. 223 Bett 103d ?t.
MACHINIST. ? liy young m?t?-hlnlst a? n~
slstant In engine -room of yacht ? r
?tenmer; pay not SO mu? h sa ObrJSCL IBS
Fountain st.. rio? Menos. R. I
MANAtiER or ?SALESMAN In shoe depa'rT
m--nt im'.s.e?- preferred) by e mpetent
man. Addrem p. S, B x 12. Tribune < ?f ?
PMTMBBR'S HELLER Three ?nd a ha'.f
year.' experience; ah!? t i do 1 tilling;
steady position. MANOVILL, U- Baal
6Kth ?t.
PAINTER, tu Klrst oh?. Ir.sl'. -,:,1 ?I
side h-ase Batatar and paperhanger
wishes w .rk of landl r.i? at reasonabbj
price?. MAX NKKHI-;i,. 1TB I'-lnri -. ?I
PL-UMBER- Kirs' cia-- ?obbef, or neu
__work. LI.' MMMH, :".'."? 7:h ?f. _
STABLEMAN. Middle-aged, or general
wrk ar und ?toro; 2.'? y?rs' referen.-e
J. H., care S. Matthew?, SOI St. Ann's ave
STKNOORAI'HFR aril Iteming!, n op.-r-i
t.?r; American; ??pellenca .?nd heel ref
?fences: position in Harlem nui . i.j- tlen
atii?. \V. d . Tribune ? ?fl -
HUPPING .'f.l'KK and PA? KEB By an
experienced m hi g man; 2o: m derate
aalary. BL*OOI?. 800 W??i IBOth st.
ETUD?NT at C lumt'la t*nlvor?lt>- desire,
to tutor or tea. h during the summer,
will g? ?uray arith farnllj-, Ail.lr. ss BTU
I*ENT, Trllatne Oil:-.
TE ACIER, a? ieach?r of Preach in
i- i. ? 1. or will give le.ie.ns ..? pupil'?
r??ld?n-e If desire.I. Ad.lie?? I'r---? r
BEN DA LU ?'.2 Jeffe-raon av?., Brooklyn.
TWO-TOPNQ MEN. IS ?trtctlj ????.p.-m'?
h/thits and bon?Mt, would Ilk? w Ik at ?i
summer reaort. ??. P, R.. ic_ ?
N. W., Washington, D. C,
mattresses. Ac., rity or country; *p >;
ty w.-rk d.aie ,.n your own premise?; >?
i. f.-roiK,-.,, joiiN OANGLOFP, BOO Bart
WATCHMAN. -Experienced man; rellah,?
and h?,n??t; hlghent reference?. WILL
mm Ki'i'N'ilt, car? of (Jeorge Lam?an,
l.r.75 3d uve.
"rbt??a man. 22. hurtler. wani? ? irk .-ft
anything. C MAHON, ?2.1 Baal ::2.i ?t.
yoTND MAN. Mined wrk ?? 'anv
thing. Lest cllv refeipr.co. Ad-lre??? TIT.
UK.'KM.ANN, 2.-..I 7th ?t., Hobokcn, N, I,
TOTING MAN w!?he. po.in ,t, a.? Ilg'it ;, r
ter, ?hipping dep,-,nni.-n-, or generally
useful; willing and obliging; good refer
enr-e?. Addre.-a M. QI'INLAN, IBS Va
rick -??.
*YOI "N< I MAN. **nrh??????tT_hra,?ii|~7'>r "lK~n"
e?iy'? take, kanail?dg? of ci.rpeniry. Har?
dening, drop hammer uni pr-ss work, un
employed more than a year; fair ?fdscatt-on:
ready for anvhlng ?Thereby an bonttt liv?
ing can be obtained. .1 .1. DIEMER, l,0*_
Pluahlng-ere., Brooklyn.
TOUNO respectabl? f.imlly. no ch?l IrenT
wish to take car? of heua? during ?aini
rner; good racominendation. C. HBl)
L-ANDEB. I'll Bart _".th rrt,
TOt'NfJ MAN wnnrs houaewerfl ?r b?.?rd
lng-hou?e; moderate aragea K. MOL.
LEN, 2.'i Roo? vlt-et.
A PARISIAN LAUT, thoroughly versed
lu Victor iiiiir-.'.. and Dumar arorka
?tXnj Pfauch history, would r x-hnngo a
few hour.-? In the ?bor? btaacbaa f-r
piaaaaal bosae tor the summer month?;
first ?ins? references, Addma kakis.
Tribuno ?>hVe.
A PBENCH Protestant governess. dl].|i me,
leeching ?Trench? Qerman, Li.giisii. good
music, dulres re-engMgernent. Al.lr.'S
Mi?-.? a.. 13. x .*>, Tribun? fpti.wn ?fltee,
l,2?-2 Broadway. _
A T??NO N'--rrii ?i rmao let her, abl? I?
teach fi enea, aouM nehanga .? tew
hour? a day for pleasant home f r the
hummer ni-aii):? r?f-r?_e?a ? x hanged. Ad
rlres? (?. Bos H, Trii in? I ?*".? ?
CHAPERON.' By a lad?. ? i ?Heg? gr? lu
at?, un experience?] teacher and trarel
l?r; a pi ?III n for the summer us . I.i;
? r- n of faung l.-olie? ,i- children In thl?
Country or air -, I iddrea? Mlaa LL'A IS.
1.21.". isth ?t . Waahlngton, D, C.
COMPANION \ ?iTni.n lady, hlahly
..lu-it.-d. wl'h New Y. rh r? fer.-n.e..
dm m Germany, desire? ragas-tmeni a?
travelling companion In I'.u. pe during
J.iL and August Pt?a?? nd lr-a? 11. I:..
I' n Boa ?.BS8 N-w-Y. rl< ? It?-._
UOMPANION. By young lady, in ?-"untry
?f . ?,? i-r,i..-1 educated, good read? ? I
raperlenced .ire.smrrker: I?*?t lefe,-.-.,.-,.
givn. WlLLIN'l. BOS .'?. Triiai: - pffl
o?Ml'\NI??N to ?"'t"l 'n'.ilid <r olilarly
',,.|. can .allon'l t-. hoiis'-lieeplnc; ?III
Ing to ira-.?-:, g.i referen. - . ?> :
i; y Tribun? Branch ?-IB ??- Bfl Pulte?
at., in- *im
(jOVERNEflfl foung lady, Bwla? j -??
aol apeaklnfl aai Bngilah, ??< uld
position ? ?? ? ' verneas. MADE
>p,|.-i;LLL. 2-. vV'-t 71' . -'
UOVERNEBS, ft? B| an En-Xllah ?
?rasas, ? mpanion * - : '
.. . iid i !?(.? ?ummei rn? nr*n -o. .
;;;:?;:,, ';.:--,^'P. ^'^?*
0??vi;rni:.-s. rreaeh r?lllna ,?"?''r"*;r
?r?bea ?ummei engagoa-it. i ?'???>?"' .*?*
?du!??, experlen. .*d. P ?tl??*. I?StiV. }?? ?
hlgheet <lt) le,tln...iil.?l?i. i?Ii *>,'"t '"""
MASSV'L .ad irr.gn.-i treatment I y
"?{redUti ?i ?t..t. r- horn? or out. Mr?
Bt ' KAN. 4e? Wert BSth-rt.
/erVtioiM.i' so? ' beginner ?i"*"l '?? ',f" ?
work -..l'ire-? BEGINNER. ?'? "' ?
Boot l ?'?"' "'
ll'IMl-TKUK-'S By a Kren.h win ?n;
tf?" T??Eil"'l.U 51 MxahM-al. ?... cal.
BUTLER French UOi; thoroughly expert
em-el; highest ,-|tv references; wage?
m- i.-rrir.-; |??i ernpl ?r -an be leen. VIC
T ?R, L -x 4*. 1,243 Broadway.
BITLEfi >,nl VALET. Esp?rleni-ed, earn
betrat Bwlai (?ingle); tax? full charge
-?lrlor and dining-room; city or country.
a I r'-Vren.e. Addre-m lil'Slli'lt, *?'
I ?? i.".- r
BITTLER By competani young mm; ex?
cellent recommendatl. n?; leaving ..wing
t. family clortng h :->-. good ???,,??? if re?
quired. Addreaa BUTLER, present cm
pi ? '???r's, 27 E??JH 8-tll It.
I'.t'TLKK and Y A t,L T. ^ Thoroughly
trained English servar,'?; city reference?,
?mployer can tit ??en. r.'TL?R. 22? List
KM it.
yairig man; highly recommended; ?rill?
ing, obliging; n- l?i it? wag?a J. CHELL
MAN, ::i? East 1.a..
r.i'TLER . r VALET By a lap? --?
young man in private family; g'??i r-f
? i ? ? cm from i .?t employer. Address h.
II . 'a:?" ?'.?>. ??re.
HfTLKK By ar? ?fig?l.h trained servant :
fully understands gentleman'? house; per?
sonal reference. BUTLER, <U'..', ?rh-ave..
? t_>re._
BlTIjRR By a young Prote?tant
Prsnchmsn; thoroughly experienced;
go. d valet. be?t rof.-1-n ????. ?"?m bo ?o,n
at pie?..|i? ernplojer-?, HI Ea?t 2Lt -it.
iQrarnerey Park). _
BITLBR Itv i, Bral claaa man; bast of
referen.-?-?. I?adv -an l>e ?een from 10 t->
l o'eli i.. II Baal 3->t>. ?I
BITI.ER i'-, i i-.-, tent lored bul
P-i\Ht- family; cfti ref? r?a- --. Pan b?
k. .-n ut i'.-??:.' ?mployer'a 2?I2 Madliun
?-.?. _
CARETAKERS. By a man and wife to
take charge of hou.e for summer or
lorig?-r. st-i.-lv ?nd reliable; BO children.
city referen? -? PAGE, :'.'.?> ?Vert 83th-.t.
CARETAKER Or huaband and uif?, no
children, .-ur- of la .!??? diiring family'?
i,i ?.-n. e. reliable rof?rencea MOUNTED
POLICEMAN, 1,242 l'a idw?y.
CARETAKERS M m and wife .?-.ermar.)
t. . ni? : a- gentlem in ? re?ld>i ?? for
aummer ? ? ? or longer; food reference?
f ?n i r?.? ??' . e pi .yora ?*:?n or addn
OTTO BLOOM, '-2 Wall-et., Boom M.
('??IK. A-c By tlrs? cp,s? c>..k or butler
in pi h ate family or on yaoht; good ret
- - JAPAM-BE, HO Full ? ?t.,
i . ' n.
Cl?A?'HMAN. Klr?t el??, ref?ren.e.; leav?
ing i.i.-t ?mployer owing to ttreaklng up
house; wage? moderet?, it. t. ?', st
Rl Igedale ?.-.. M irrlatown. N. .!.
COACHMAN i*ir?t .-i??? iaaaehataa would
III . ? toatl. n In Its of country; best city
r-feien.... Ad.li-?? A. 11., 144 \Ve?t B3d ?t
COACHMAN.?By American; nndsratands
ie rete, earrlagaei willing t., da anything
on gentleman*, placa ?wo reference. Ad
Im P., H"?, i?. IBS Ban ISBfa ?-t.
COACHMAN, ?ientieman wishes situation
f.,r hi. c ?? hmiiii. whom ho can highly
r- i.-.tiien.l In ?Very losp.., t; ,py ,,r coun?
try, .in m: vi.s, i.u Leonard ?t.
COACTHMA?. By young married ~mnn;
steady, ?--.i.er and reliable; eltj or coun?
try. CARROLL? 1?>2 laaft .**2d st.
??".viiMAN. Married; bo Camay; thor
oughly eomprteni man; long experience; I
(?rM daaa dty r?f?renc?e aa t> hecieetyl
?n?l sobriety; ? lt> ..r country, J, ?;.. 21.".
East ?Ml '
COACHMAN.- l-v ?Ingle man; strictly
temperet?; highly r*eomm?nd?d: wi:iing
to ire aaaful; i.?"* ?mpl y?r can tie ??en;
city or . untry. COACIIMAN, Bos 4. \
1.-42 Broadway.
COACUMAN, Married; th?.r..ughi?- ander
?tanda I.or? ??. harn?.??, carriage?; best
clt\ und Country references. sot,?r, lu?n
? ?; la--, ?mplitrer ean be s? en. M. S..
221) Ear* Bflth -?t. _
t*>.\ 'I MAN, or to rnlte f,,;i charge of Ken
tlcmtn'a counttry place, by a Swede, m-i
10 ?'.'-.. n-irl.-.l. with r.ne child. Wider
e-ai-'... g_r??nlng Work of all ?Uni?; l>est
r-"M--io -. Call P. Vi'LLLK. BOS At;..a
lit at ?., Bra oklyn.
COACHMAN. ? Thoroughly understand?
h<res. carrlagea harnesa; city or coun?
try; reference?. II., IS Lit jBth it.
tX*A?'"HMAN - H? y ung clored man. or
generally u?eful in privet? family; (food
Hti reference? Call for Ihre? day?, i?. N.
V. ALLA. i:. -ill H'r-1 ?Tth ?t.
t?OA?'HMAN Thoi ughl* und*retanda hi*
ii in???; willing and obliging; Drei claaa
written and p<...i ? f?i i ta W. ?'.,
8S8 \".'e?t ?T,th-?i. _
COACHMAN, 'letin.m (cavalryman), 30;
mu? i id. .-n- ein! i. bontel and ? ? i r;
t - ?'. 'p- un ler.laiids the cir" f tin?
ii i-..?, carriage?, .v.-.. g.l. careful driver,
L-i reference?. link. Ik?? Hudaon-at,
llor? ken.
cx>A?*lIMAN Reliable man; refcreaees
fr-'in kii rWB famille?; thr.-o and ?Ix year?
?u ; i ?ce; di Irea tandem ad fow . horn
M m ?i r... 181 Weal .'lists?.
IIAN, die. Bxpari? a ?>? I. competent, cm
perat?; noi afraid of work; KeneraUy u?e
I i. ?ingle; ?viiiinR. obliging. ?'. iiox ?.
TLI.un" ? '!!'.-"
Al?\ ?RT?SEMENTS and aubacrlptlona for
Tha '! id alo- r? ? !' ? I al thl ir L'pi ?a
. nn - No. 1.242 Broadway, 2d do r north
..f ai.? t.. uatll !? o'elock p. r'; I sd er
l'c-nn-i- r..'lv-1 ?I lh? following I raicli
tregulai s ratea ? i n ' i '. I l ? .*
i i . rl?.; 2*??i Mb ??'-?? , a ?. cot .''? ' -' .
ir.o .,ii, ..... , cor, Ittti .1 . Maey'a Btb
?. . .,- : ll'b .-I ; 112 ?'. -luiii? _i -. ? ?? a- ?r |
\< ,; ,<;t?, -a l.Nl U'.'.t 4'Jd ?t . n?"ir nth .
a-.. ;rj Rart ii'-. si ; * *'?at l?i ft .
l-^twe. a Tth it. l ?a. are? IM Eaal iTti,
?t.; I.3B8 M ave . I -tw-eti TSth und TT'li
sts- ? '?2?l .Id ?i\e. near ?ll't ?t ; i.7'?< I?'
ave' ntat M??h -t ?'?'?? !l?i a?'? . near 41?f
.t.;" fN.4 ??l-av? ; 2l?> I'.leeclier ?t . B2
HI . ?'., r ?? S0?S 1 ' ara MO BaaaTBth
?i I 021 :..l av? ; *\Ott ?? I are.; I?.? Am
?torInto ..'?-. ?)"'.: W?rt ISd ?t.: ha Baal
l?ii'i t BOB Ea?l 4?th t-t . ?.'.?i Bth-av?.;
.,,..- i IM ...I ave r.enr ?7lh ?t.:
-.???i i-??? m'.ii? i . 1.630 B-raadway; l.?Wis
,"..| n-.- It) ?th ave ; 1.31?? '-??I ?ve . 7.V1
l-.rl, iv" At tlie liurlem OfAreai MBl 3?!
?-... r>.-?r 118th M IBS East I2.",th ?t..
. il ^\ -?? lJ.'.ii: ?i . I .el. T'h
?rvi Mh axe? . 3'.'.? VVe.i HMl. ?t. At
the lllf.r.Klvn ?'Itl'-e?. ?IHT Kultoll??. TM
Pulton ?i ?V3 ?""Hit ?t , 4s Broadway,
i: l?. l.VI lr?-:?a E. 1?.. 1.15_ M)ltl? I
?>*., Biaf Bra a u?uj.
taaafUl, ?Ingle young Herman; thoroiii
understands cara of horse?, lawn. v?
? ii?:???; neat, ?ober, willing and obtlgl
evc-l'.ent reference?. COCNTBT. Hot
Tribun? ?filco._
O ?A? 11 MAN - SwiB?; married; il
oughly undorftand? hi? taj.lne??; I
referme?; .-lry or country. BWlSB,
;:-' ave. ___ _
COACHMAN.- My reepeetaMe man: c
horsemen; sanerally u?*ful: keep g?n
man*, id?".? In good atjrl?; ?"> years' re!
ei ??? from laut place. H. T., Box
Tribune utllce. _
i*i)A?'I1MAN. By useful young man; e
gie; thorough',/ underatanda care bor
cnrrliigo?, Bower?, v?gctabl?a lav
roada milk; willing and obliging; !a?t ?
ployer 'an 1?-? .?en. COMPETENT, 1
15. Tribune Off!*?*.
LAUNDRESS. !?y Germas and m
h?ai reference?; experienced; ?11 w?,rk
gentleman'? place; wife good cook.
laundreaa. ?tc; cars milk, batter, etc.
CARPENTER'S, los 6th uve._
? api rien --l end highly recomtnetul
car-ful driver, excellent gardet or; c
lawn?. Bree; fan milk, etc. At CAItPE
TER'B, ios Ht h ave._
COACHMAN ?R?OM I'??engaged; g
workman, driver, rider, g -od r?f?i?a?
private famllj ; city, country preferr
willing, generally uaeful hand; oitllgii
?ingle, '.',o; Bnglteh; good oa hor?o?, c
rl??--*-e haine??; moderate wage?. Addr
CiU'lii'HlLL, Bog 2.V Tribune Office.
COA?T*KMAN.? ?!o d honeman, drlv
thorougbly underetartd? h's buslne
pie,.?ant, private family; ?Ingle; 2*>. M
?rally uaeful; g"d reterene? 0OAC1
?man. h?? ?-'?--ii-er. ?t.. Brooklyn.
COACHMAN.- Married; wife ?seelli
C ""k; BtakH all ??.up?, pantry, hrei
blH'iilt? und Ire eremn. man thnrougl
under.tan.1. hi? bUrinMS in every respe
?trlctlv temperate, steadv. rell.bie c .up!
bishe.t reference?. Addre.-? J. U. I
Bart ?2.i at.
COACHMAN, IS; single; recommond?
?II i und r:. m; ?unertraced in
branche?; prit it.- family; 'i-'-, count
prefer..-;; i.?t reference; obliging a
general!) uaeful, Addre?? ROBERTS, It
IS, Trll aoi. ' ':', ?.
COACHMAN. By Bret-cl???, ?t.ndy, s.
bar, rellabla all an und man; elty arfeo
thoroughly ?-perlen?*?-; perfect;? comp?
ten) ?tri? tly lempei .-? . ?.- nerelly u??f'i
highly re immended; not ufr.,i-l of worl
, milk?, etc.; city or eoun'ry. T. C
Uti Broon ? st.
COACHMAN, Bwede, 24; 4 reara1 beat rel
?rencas; country preferred. Addre?? .<
'? r. >a ils. 1.212 Bn tdway.
EARMER (?mill fumll)) de?lr?? en gag?
ncnt. ?upeiintcndent. gardener, coacl
man, t'i roughly ?tperienced, all branch?
agriculture, poultry, horticulture, atocl
tand.cap?, machinery carpentering; refei
?nee?. COMPETENT. ISBSth-av?,
OARDENER. Would car? lor a gentle
man'* plH.-e. un.ier gla.? and outsld*
wife g-, i ....'? ?nd h uaekeeper; b?*?t rel
?tence. M., Tribune ?>m.e.
OARDENER?On gentleman'? place, un
demand? raw of \-eg.?t?i>ic?, lawn?
poultry; can mi:k. *?-. : trustworthy, w
Y . car? of Mr. Nlchola? Smith. ?Win!,? Id
Long laland.
deretand? buelBe?a; thoroughly experi
?nc?d In all branche?; rcS?a water llllo?
gr?-iihoiife? ; v- l?ne? private place
iiri'.NEP. an Ea-t nth -t
OARDENER. Thoroughly experienced it
??? ?nhotuee, graprric?, lawn? and veg
???,-, Li.. gard?n ? n gcnilenun'a privat? place
."? |-..?s in last ?Ituatlon; be?t of reference?
M. II.. MB Weal 12th ft._
OARDENER. Blngie; thoroughly under
stand? greenhouaea rt>eehou??a eg
etal I?? gen?ral management of gentle
ii.it. ., . 'imtry piara; ?trictly Iv.negt. s.-b.-r,
Obliging; refer, ace, Ilowar 1 II. M< ??. I?
" ll ?? Addr??? with nil particular?.
JfMN M'i ILL?!'C.H. BOX IN, Mo.ml
Klar?, N. Y.
QARDBNBB.?Married; no family; under
?tand? Mower?, fruit?, vegetable?, tree?,
?hrut'i, lan1? ?nd management of gent'.e
ma:)'? place; ?dandy with tool?; moderate
wage? to g?.d family; age 42; no objec?
tion? te ga a? ?Ingle man: un.|er?t ir.di
horco?, cow? and poultry ra!?'.i.g; refer?
ence?. :-?'<iT?*IIMAN. care .lohn Owen?,
;<2~, U'.'-l ?!?th ?t _
OARDENER.- Strictly Bret-elae?: long ?x
pertcnoa In managing private place?; ur.
der?tai..i? gtnenbous?M, graperlea, park and
lawn, raining and forcing of r"?es, flower?,
frutt, ?regetsblea an-i muabrooma: highe?
re, oinmeiuled. I??t employer ran bo ?eon.
Addr? ? OARDENER. ?T.*? School ?t..
Tonker?, N. Y.
tii.r ugh practical ?aparteace in every
bran? h of gard-nlng; ,".."> \?:ir? old married
no family; tire-1 pri/.r gold Biadal obtained
in l-'iiin?-.-; I2 . .??n..' >.ei\i.-e ??; Lead au a
private and i nunercial pince? in Burop?
and America; beat r?f?renc?e "?.tamable.
Ai.Ler? ii. s. i-,r?- Tribun? Offlce.
OART'?NER Married; Norwegian; "th'.r
?aighlv competent in greenSouaes, ram;.
ti. n? and ra?housea. graperi???, vagetablaa
and general outdoor gardening; good ref?
erence?. I*. N. BRIDOEMAN*- .e.d ?tore,
::; Ka?i ISth -?
OROOM.?-Young man. Ilrst cla??, th?->r
o.jk).'... understand? ?addle ?nd harne??
hor?.... ??? el.nt rider; go...| reference. J.
HARRINGTON, 14 Broome-at.
NURSE I'lof .?l.t.al. Juat 'll?engaged.
physician?' and pattent?' highest r-'ei
?n ?a; chr.nlc .-??e-> preferred; eh?*rr-l
?n.i ..bilging. NURSE, i.??2<? Broadway.
Triepl - ???? 1.419 Mih
RELIARLE man; ?..bet. on private ;i-?-??
.?r f.irm. rood referen,?, wiping 10 urorfe
round b.-r-e?, ean milk. IB1 2.1 at., l.?ng
Inland ?'.??. CAT KENNEDY.
BEOOND r L*SB**UL MAN Young; prl ?
va?.? family; in country for the ?ummer;
ben of referen ?a from pre?ent employer?.
it '.?.i 'in. a va. top l??IL_
BE<*O?D or USEFUL MAN. Young m?n;
a??l?i ?raiting, c'.e.n ?liver, window?.
g.?utlr-mea ? cloth*?, e?c, r, ?ear?' personal
city reference?, wag.M tin-l-rate. HKNHV,
:il?7 Oth ave_
Vr-EFIL MAN By ?. .m? Swed?. In th?
ciiiitu on ?.'nileiuaii ? olace. take ?are
of bwaia. ?o?? aii?i gaidaa; bast refer
enci? JOHNSON. 14T East ISth ?t._
1-1 i*ci. or B?COND MAN.?Private f?m
II? , _l. ?irletlN lenipeiate. willing ?nd
abilglag; underetena* the car? of hor.e..
harne.? and c?rrl*?e?. goc?l drlverj handy
with ti"'? Bltl .r cainita, te.t city ref?
erence j.. ?are Mr?. M'NAIXY, ?*s Ave?
nu? A. j
. ~?--^.^?WW,WWW
t'HEECI? MAN.?By young Sw?dl*h man
on gentleman's country' place, under
?tand? the care of hor??s thoroughly, and
will be found generally u?eful and will
work at anything. Addre? H. BWlNSSGC,
,-?." Woodhall ?t.. BrooSlyn,
CPE El T. MAN ? By ?ierman In private
famllv; best olti or country reference.
Al.HERT MILLER, ut prient at 7 East
31th rt. _
I'SEPCL-MAN. caretaker, porter or anv
position; city or country; reference, pre?
ent emplAirer; can drive. ENOLISH. 2^3
Mulberry ?t. _
U8ETr*UL-MAN.?Hv y-'ing Swede on gen
tleman'? pia-e; un?tii?l?iii1? hor?n?. gar?
den, lawn; good reference?. EDWARD,
Tribun?*- ?Jtfl. e.
-SEEUL MAN. lly a ?!:ig>. ml'dlo-agod
?lerman; und-r?'ar.d? t?. ? .?re of hor?e?,
garden, lawn. Addre?? JOHN SCHMITT,
i Sd-av?., Brooklyn.
Uf-F.FTT.-MAN.--Ry ? your.g man <24>:
under?tand? .?are of horees. al?o car?
pentering an 1 gardening. Addre?. J. F..
8 I'atohen Place.
t IIEFTT.- MA N. ?*3\- k respectable colored
married n.nn on farm ?r In country
own; understands h.ree?, cow?, farm
.-ork, good reference. JoNEri, lo Law
USErUL-MAN and VAI.Srr. -Ily a slrnt
claM man: good reference?. Addr??. J
H.. care of privent employer, 11 Eait
1? BEEl? I. MA?"?y"~Swod?-(?"lng??7, for
??entleman's place; can take care of
horse?, cows sad garden: handy with
tools._JuHNPON. 1.??>?*. l.t-_ve.
CBBPUL-MAN.?Toung veterinary would
like t.. make hlni?e|f useful; understand?
gnrd.-nlng, lawn?, milking, driving. J. J.
HALSBY, !.'?? Ea?t Mth-ot._
?S?FIT? MAN Hv h useful man a.
po.tor. .ummer hotel; ?viintrv: refer?
en, e ARTHUR ear? J-nltor, 421 We.t
3l?'?t. ____ __
WAITER ?Toung m?n. 21; bartender,
caahler; city referen?*?; w'li no? g.?, ta
Country, can take charge ?mall place.
JOHN LEEOU, 247 Ja>--?t.. Hrook'.yn. _
n o\;.?rlon?o,* all -round
?XNOR. 2Xt rroat-rt?
A COMPETENT \?.ung Bwedlah womaa I?
willing to give her servio,-? in ?achanga
f. r naeaala to a Isdy or fgmlly going t-.
t:?r, ?,.. Al Ir?.s TEKI.A MAONUSON,
l,i-."?4 l'ark i'I i- -, Br klyn.
A QUIET, reliable woii.nn would wait on
?Merly lady or invalid, ce w?rk for
elderly couple. H Isa STOCK, IM Hast
lllth ?t._
ATTENDANT, *-. Tonna ?aeaaaa a? in?
valid'? attandant, ? ?a?? rien, ?-i nur?o ..r
maid; doctor'? ref?rene?a HASSLtOIT,
4!i7A Ko?ciu*ko-?t.. Brooklyn. __^
?*AIU-;TAK_H.-~Ue?pecfable woman would
like to take cure of hou.e for s immer;
first-cliis* reference. E. C. M., 1I2J Ea?t
COMPETENT NUBSB; take entire charas
of infant or walking children; first el???
ciiy reft-ronct?. ??'?IS Wc?l "2d at._
CARE of ?THILDBBN and i,.??t with
chnmb?rwork or plain ?ewlng, by a girl.
be?t clt) reference, ?ll? East .?-Oth-et.
COOK.- A lady desire? a M? anlon for h< r
COOfc; ?he 1? highly recommended; strictly
tompeiate and hone.t. Can he ?een
prer?nt employer'?, 31 East ,17'o-st.
COOK. Hy n flrsi ?-'.as? rook. Ormn. ft
private family; best reference?. Addre??
E. lt., BBS Avenue ?.'. _
?.ii'K and LAUNDRESS.- By young girl
?a | lain cook and la indres?, be?t refer
enc?. ? all 101 East 4?ith it. _
?'<X?K In reataurant In country for the
??immer (colored). CHARLES Van
ALLEN, ?44 Weal ?Til. ?I._
COOK. Elm' . I.if?. In a private famllv;
ull kinds of co king; all kind? of ?SB*
?ert?; host per?,.nal city references; city or
country. 4.?2 ?lh-ave.
OOOK.?Prot??tant yung woman a? en?
collent !a:iill> COOk and baker; be?t ref?
erence?; wage? $3?), JAlljt IN'S, t?U2 ??tii
tSOOK. S?.?a g.?..! cook to do general
h?>u?ew-.rk and cooking; not afraid of
w..rk. 23S Weal 27th. ?t.
COOK A.- Hv young couple; woman un?
derstand? cooking, good laundress, wait
re?? or chambermaid, men ?n ?!?> BMat
anvthltig; willing, city, country; private,
publli -'23 Baal 86th at. _
I'll- >K. By good ?-??ok; Seoteh; leave? on
2".'ii. reference? fr.-m pre?ent employer.
Call for two ?lav?, s List i,2d ?t
COOK.* By thoroughly competent cook;
plain and fan- y. ?rare..?. ?jn??rte, I???,
free ma. Jellle?. baking, ?uteilng. market?
ing, full charge, evce'.'.ent butter maker;
r-f.-r.-:..-?. gao 8th are., McHughes'a beU.
O n de lUepectabi? muidlo ageil la.ly
wietio? elluatl.-n a? g od pli?ln Cook.
dairy and good biker, g . ?I referen??<??. A 1
dr??s II., Tuum? I' ?i- luce. West New
York. N. J. _ _
COOK, A?*. Iiy aa American Prote.tant
young woman a? c ok and laundre??. ^r
to do housework, willing mid "bdglng, city
or count n-- M. I? Ii" We.t 42d-?t_
?M'iK. ?Ily a respectable I'r .lo?tant w-in
?n a? llrtt :'..?? .??.?k In prLate family,
thoroughly understands 1er h'.i?lne??. best
reference: no objection? t?> go t? country.
Addre?? COOK, .'?'T We?t ltlth ?t._ |
ADVtfRTISE?fEKTB ?nd wbecriptlons tot
The Tribune received at their Uptown
OHIO? No, 1,241 I'r. n..\v,,\, B| door tiorln
of list rt? until i? o'clock a, m.? ?d.er
t Icemen t a received rt Um foTowina branch
..l'ace? nt regular oftlce rate? until s - '??'??
l?. m.. Vtai 2*14 Nth BVS . ?. e. tar. 23,1-?t .
r.J Oth :.\e . c.r, 12th ?t. MacV?. lilh
av? ?nd 14th ??.. 142 ? nlnnViaa ave. n??r
Weal ?'"lh It.' 108 We?t tli at., near ?1th
nie . l?2 Ea?t 14th ?t ; H W??1 42.1 ?t .
letivo.rt Tth ?n I ?Mh SV?a? ITit? Eil.t 4"'h
et l .'.:.?. :t ' sea. t.?t??ien ISth and TTth
?t?. I ??--?4 Id SV?., near filet ?!.; I.IBS IM
ave , nep.r *-l?th ?t.; a"?i 3d ave ne?r 4l?t
?t . .VU 8d ?\" . 110 Uleecker ?t.: 32
III. ??-:< ?i? ?t. ; 2,I?H ,1.' ave : 24?) V:??t Tttth
?t.. ?.?21 3d ave.; 2.0C2 .'Id ave . SS Am
s', rt .o; eve.; 4"2 We?! 42?! ?t ; 1 *?? E??t
ltlth Jt 2??3 E??t 4?.th ?I.; ??'??I D'h ave .
?tft 'Jib ?ve- I,lU 31 i?e . n??r 07th ?t,
2?i En?t ?rtth ?t ? l.rt'A? |lr?.i?1way: i.6?W
?Id ?v? . Uli X?h ?ve.; I.SIM 2!-?ve ; 7?3
fl'h ?ve. At lh? ll?rlem ?)filce?; 2 i?*>l 3d
?ve.. i??r 11.1th?!; I*-.?! E??t 12.",!h-?l
near 8?1-av?. ; 241? We?! 12.*,lh-??., bel. Tlh
? nd Mil ?V... ; ,i_i W?M MM h ?! A!
the Bretohlya e>fflee?: St*7 Fulton ?t.: T2B
Pult ?n-ai.. ?IS Court ?t.; 4? Broadway.
B, I? ; IM Hr ???!????? B. D.; 1.132 Myrtl?
ava. n? u-. liroadway.
I ?3? WK-T 22D-ST..
i S?rv?nt. breakln< enraiement? will fee
d!?m!??ed fr :r. .atice and foifeit all
claim? tO fee paid
BrooWya offlco, 2 Btmt st..
Corner l"ulion-?t.
A.-'v>OKS. chamt'orma'.d?, waltr
liundre???? nurse?, housew rye?. ? .et
l?ervant? for cltv. country. Mra.
(?OOI'ER-! }t[-nSA!'._74i) 6th ave. 42d.
AT IRWINrfl PELE'T AOENCT, ?'?.?-,-.a
and 11th ?t.?I.-?equalled .r*rem for prr>?
cur.ng reliable nelp; 1,???) cervar.t? reg?
istered for private tamlllM and ?umrner re?
MENT BURBAU, BOB E??t 42.l-.-t.?
First clae? servant? furnished; s?am
?tresse. by the day; s' ?--?ar-s. d!?o m?r?
cantn? an?l professional departs??at; ref?
erence? carefully investigated.
I50N?>RANI)S. 23 W??t 42d-?*.???wed'sh
co?k. laundress, waitress. .?hamt^rmaaL
nurse; Seateh, tlr.t-cla?? family coo_ for
country or city.
servants! ~~
Cook?, waitress?;?, houseworker?, l?uo
dre??es, nurse?; Protestant. ?*at.,oIle. all
natlonalltle?; reference? lnve?ll?at?d.
(?DELL'S AOENCT, 117 We?t 42d-?t.. te
tebllahed l*?f-2.
respectai!e girl; reference; lio carda
1,370 l.t-ave? ?tare._ _
CHAMBERMAID! Ac?<>impet?nt~cham
bermal!. waitress, or Would do c'.lrr. ?r
Brerk, aewlaS! fvo year?- reference? f ora
last place. .?11 Mondai? at 211 We.t 10th
.'... Ill-rtt tl ...r,
DAT*B W??lt,K or v ashing ?nd Ironing te
take home; the best of reference. M. ??
CORNISH, IBS W.-s; IWth-et, _
DAYS WORK.?Woman want? worSi
Fklrt? cleaned. p?vwe?l. refjcil and
Is-.un'l for 5?ic _t ?i.-me. M. C. 210 Last
lut ).-.??.
liA?'i WORK.?Re?poct?ote widow for o_Z
11 I d?enlng or clean!?? by d?y. Al'RER,
1.7.1 Avenue A, r..-_r Dlst-?t. ; on* llt.ht.
iK-irl: diy or country. 171 East 3l-h-?t.,
between .'Id aal I.exlr.gfn ?ves., Jer.en'e
?1 ,re.
H-iCSEKEPPER.--Lvlv. refine 1 ind c rrp
peient, a? boiuekeeper f r elderly lady,
cr to manne house far several g?.*r.t>tr.e_
country preferred: reference?. Addrtss
Mr?. A. E WELLS. WlllUm?p-.rt, Per.a.
HOUSEWORK '?irl for ?enoral louse?
work In a ?mall family; good referen?.
51?; Will 47*h ?t.
OENERAL ROUSBWOBR or are of e i?_
.Iren, by ? y. Jr.? glr . IS; ip*okt Fronet?.
Gorninn 'and fteglUh. Addre,? HELBM
PAVRE, Cliff Bid? I'arg. N. J _
HOl'SEw'dRK. ? By an American w^rnaai
i'lt) ?T country; ? le-n.e nir? ih,?n high
pay; city roferen.-e. 23*> We?t 2? :? . ?t..
'HOUSEKEEPER. -? Ac *mp:'?h?d youns
!n I- a? housekeeper, or car? bachelor
apartment. Mi?s MAUTADANT, MB West
t?th ?t_____
HOffEWORK?Rv col red glil. E. T
3?.4 West a?th ?t.____
LADY'i MAID - French; n-ld -1>-???.I;
?eamstress. dressmaker, good p_cker|
obliging; ?ike to have home for the .e.i?
?on, best .Ity reference MAK1E. 1 24?
Broad aray,_
LAUNDRESS.?First -dsss; wining ?n4
obliging: no objection? !>?> the t-ountrn,
21- East ?2d-?t. _
LAI '? Dit ESS T II'H SE/ l.EANINfl. Of
? woman to go out bv the day t???t ref.
?ren?-e. Mr?. BURNS, ?<, Ea?t 3Vh-?t
I_U*N DRESS. Young, energetic woman
a? experienced laundre??; ?an easily ii.in?
die a lar?? washing; leference?. JAO
gt'IN'M. ?>>2 ?3th ?ve. _
MAID -By a r?'.I?b:e ?".erm?n w?m?n,
?pexking pure ?lernian. ?? maid t< lady
or growing chl'cl; good ?eamstress. 1 i.-?ier|
be?t cltv reference?. Add-e?? ? ' v ; .. ;>..?,
H x ?. 1.242 Hr-adway._
MAID. -Ily a competent Protestant aa
mild; gr?vl saaaaatraaa ha.r?ire??er, Ac.I
cltv referenc?. Call Monday, IM L-?t
3<>th ?t._
NURSE.- By yeans ? oass English Pro*.
???tant, a? nurse t.? infant ST grov.lns
cht'.dren. t?e?t city references. Addr??? A\?
1J.? 50. 1.212 H.oa?Iwav. _
NURSE for groarlas efelldree, by Swi??
Fren.-h Kir!; willing nr.d r i?ct-.?r. geef
reference. MARIE. ??"? of Mra My?r.
414 Wect STth-et.__>
NURSE, *c - A lady wl?h"? Ce ai otate a
?itu.vlon for a 'trustworthy y un? ?rai as
nui?" ?nd asaauitr??? to gr?rwa ??' d.a%
or would bring Infant no n ? ''? '? -'??*?*
?tend? ?11 kln.l? f fo d: eight ye.i.' l*at
city ref.-ror.ee ?'nil M .n l?y and Tuesday,
Ml?, t. C HARRIS, 17w We?-. 7?Wh ?L_
nVr.?E -Experlon*e-t BOTtB <.ermt4W
?etried. to take rbatoM "f baby: <?*?> >?.?*#
referen?-.' from la?' ll-o- a. c?ro_. AU
VEHTlSrTK. 270 Beat STth-.t.___^
l'n?te??ant. rvfeience?. Addre?? 24f
We,t ;?th -?i.__.
MUSK IU v -'ing B'.tl In ?mar. prtvats
f?mllv. willliiK to n??:?t with cliMinber.
w.-rk t*stl Mr?. PIERCE, 2"2 W?el tl7th-Sl.
Nt'RSB Experl-ncod; ? II C?-e for l*by
?t her hot?" f. r ro?i..?n?ible i??rlle?. <Xt*M?
tor? reforen.e. Ad Ire.? |<.. TrlbuaS
Branch ?Ofnca, I.TOS la?-ava_
NURSE A' North On man p.-r? n f.-w
?frown ?-h'.l Iren -"i?l chain? -r? rk ?p?.<e
Pi-etK-h and Fngliaii. 217 West _*h ??-.
care of Mr. U I ?.ley _
NURSK ?r LADY'? M MI? Young der?
man R.rl ??-I sewn, iindorslaial? pack?
In? ?r t.ike .-hire.? of ?rewn ??h'l.lien; ruf?
er.-n.es KAUKR, 237 E.i.t tTTTT-??.
SEAMcTEI'Si? and <*tl VMIlMRMAll) o?
MAID i" mown chltdrea; i?e?t ?Ity p?^
?onal referonce. M2 We?' ?2-1 ?t __
WAITRESS Will assist w;th .?h?m*>?r
w?.rk. ?iilla* lv>ne?t :ird c?p?Me. .-?a
be ??m ?t prevent employer?. SI Ka?t 37f?.
WASHINO?Oerman wom.n. wa.hinc,
M nd?v and Tu???l?y: ??evl, ; be?t refer?
ence?. M re It? >.?*??, MS V.-. ?? 40th ?!., lag
floor. _
WA-HINO? a??By NaseetaMa el r?S
woman 10 do waahlng, ir-rin? ?nd d uta
day? work. Call or addrcg* JACK-NUL
5is *?Y?a! S'.ith ?t

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