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" Speedy, Sure, and G en tie ?
Soie Exporters: THE APOLLI N A RI S CO., LD.
moki: bank consolidation
It b not unlikely that further annnuncemente of
Hcw-Torfe eltjr bank c*w*aoUdatloeie will be made In
I . arse of the present year. The proposed ab
?.?rptlon ef the business ol the Third National Rank
r\ the National C,;y Rank ha? revived discussion
|p Well ?street of bank ertnenildatlon rnssiru,i,;es,
-? m the character of the talk heard yesterday
i.i hanking circlea l! wo;:! 1 appear that bankers as a
pjll ?? I? favor of fewer banks in rhe *?Vall Street
community, and. for that matter, throughout the
C ?>? Reasons presented for the voluntary liquida?
tion of the Third National Bank and the taking over
of its accounts by the Mattona C " Hank eouM be
??? en for almi'.ar prorsodlnge by oilier city bank?.
ar.d while a.? ye; ? ? ??< pa .'.ave i>*rn taken In the
: 1er the protra - taw ?"me important
?-in the money institutions of New-York In
? ,ir future. *
The economies to be derived from bank c ?ns lllda*
-*? potent (a pre? nt buaineoa Bttua?
Which may lead bank directora to discusa eerl
? r the advisanii.ty of a more general concentra?
:. of tanking batereats. I;, yeeterday'a drs ia t
,' the ?ul,jo-; ai: !.,? leading Clearing House bank
p-e>idents expresse* there..-..?.,.- as highly :n favor
? arrangement entered into by the Third Na
? ? i. ea I ? National cry benha and opinion wa?
; ? am u -i thai tht Interest? I the buel
B00B would hl beat Served if sevrai other bank?
8 to I a the bad taker, by the two banks men
'.oned. The lending of rn BOX, from wh:-'i benha
derive their principal source of income, has beer, at
a ? ? : : a the last three jreai end while the city
bank? .,r? -??? _ . . lepoeiti theli pi hare
mrtailed, a:.d the great number ot InetltJ*
make* ,-,' profit for ?
small ,n time? f : taino* lepreaslon. Lo_ns of tne
Ma .??? I tanks are col ? larger at pr?-?.. nt
than a y-ar ego, or in the yeer before that.
? - - -.? ., .? y ? ?? gr? .-r man at this time
:. .- ?
M nop continu?-s to pile up at this centre, ar.d
tne re ? t goM esporta, .?k.'?--r? ? itlr.g about .? 0
Ot?1. hav,? not served to reduce the lawful holdings
of mor..-y. on accunt of the ?arge receipts of cur?
rency from th<* Interior. With mone] umulatll %
at a rapid rute and COmparativel) 'r:o dt n:.r
i: the hanks, or at least many of them, are un?
able to do such a business as to make their exist
; ro fi table. These considerations lead bank di?
rectora ar.d ofr;,?ers to believe ? ta number of in*
Btlllltlona should consolidate, and during a recer.t
visit >f Controller Eckel? in this city h?- expressed
? ?- ???? aald ? tat ai : aal ale rank? In
New*York ought to adopt consolidation pro -.-.
lngs with some other Institution*, end yesterday
Mr. Tappen, of the Gallatln Bank, waa rep<
have eald that other l ai kB Bl o ila do as the Third
National and tire National City had done, and ti.it
;-?? arould no; be surprised if su-h consol Id tl
V.rT- tO ? ,?.? ; I ?
.no BurprlBi was manifested veatei that the
Third National Hank had decided tr. go Into vol?
itlon, u e tact that ?
City Bank ? ? . --ime the obligations of ; e
first-name,? inatltution was received as only addi?
tional ? f thi t\ ? . ?,. wi progresilveneii
of the National City*? ? .?..,_? ? ? I 1 ?? '..
? |ty r. .d beer, look::.?: fra-.?, ?
for sorre ;,.?;.. and :; also dt Bin I to
cu-of-towi. bus Th.? Third ? tional Bank's
president A P. Hepburn, ex-Controller of I
rency. was looked upon as a most desirable man
for t!;e place, ai
out-of-town clientage the opporti ol
__tinp the Third National'? I tho?
the ?National Cltr ? ia ? ?,\ ?:?..? man?
agement of th- last-nai It has not
yet been decided when Mr Hepburn will enter
uron his new ,bie that he
? la work in the course of . few dare.
T*he T.'iirJ National R^nk will continue to honor
?hi ,?- ?? .?.- latomers until the? have trans
ferrod inta to the National ''?ry Rank, and
It Is believed that most of t ? , ll rs will begin
their relation.? arlth the last-named bank si on a
The Third National Rank pra went out of
business yesterda) .??.= It thei ??.. . .
As yet It i.? in... ?tate the am
money that woul ? ?1 from thi
f the Third > ? ?. but It wai tl
yeeterdey thai tl toek rs s
recelv? at least par r th< lngs. The last
- - of the bank's ato n were ai 8. a) auction on
bank's total
- '- g to its recent r? rt to the Con?
troller of the .fr? :-. ? exceeded 700,000.
It was reported yeat the sa? !n_s bank.?
c: :!.?s elty ndei ? '? ?? ?- -t:: a p luctlon In
the rate of Interest on d ? -i piven
na? the retirement of
bonds bearing C and 7 per ceni Interest by railroads
thei ? ? - . . ...... ?: rifior? of low
rate bonds. J.,;m Har-er. Rhoades. president of the
itlon, was noi .:. tht ?ty ye*?
?'. having gone to the cou.-.try to remai I
...;.. Joon ?'. Townsend, pr- - .- Ri.w
.- : ..G.?- ilarrk. w.e Been at ? ?,, _|
East ? ?? - ? urth-st last nicht, pronounced the re
? 1 have htard of no proposition to redvce tn? rat?
of inter?-t , :i deposit ,<on for
auch propos? ? ? on, ??< I ?ee ?, ? ti ?. ?* thai ? nui
the sa il .???? ??? ing r? ; jn led a: a
lower rat- of Interest, and fund . if l.ak? Shore.
New-York Cl Is la ?und.
Every Statt relating to what
irltlee a ? Ing? bank may Inveat in. In New?
York e annoi ?o that eiimi
nate? I ???? lm,t that the
? Is toward a
: ?- r ? I see ? - Imn ? We ere
?red to Invesl in Oovernment State, mun
ther bri?. Thee? ? run foi ? long th
resent I a no reaa )n for I iwei ni ?
? * ? tercet ea we have no sweeping ??t in in
irltle? ?.?? ho I. T! Saving?
I iks* Association ia mere?? ,?? taso ?. ???
and h is noti -. t to do
with ?u I don't thirk there Is any?
thing lr. the report "
A warm dotate occurred at the meet;r.g of the
Fire Board yesterday over a resolution Introduced
by Oaaaatlaatoa La Orange, ceiling npoa J. v. V.
? -?. brother ef the District-Attorney, to specify
. ? ? ? that J rSUiot Smith, super
.? lent of tn? . was the victim of a
td on U"ia] before
? te ago, end waa
,..??. Mi I aa hla ? ina . The
I ' -: BeJd and Colli?
miseli ner fi ? spite of u pro?
test from Commissione! La Oran j ? ist the state?
ment wa? a reflection
.;,?: Henry W. M Hook and Lad 1er
Mo. 15. ' Of the Kire
the Board :? en in the De
rtmeni fo.- many year.-. at:d ha? been drlimaster
!:. t tlon yard.
Gk ?. exporta ???dny will amount to t__n tW
faci that the engagenv nt was bo email
?peculattve aenthneni on th?? i-?t,*-k Exehai ?
? - Ultlea ruled high?-.
faeton Ivewever, contributing to the Im?
ne li fon Ign '-x^hanse
gi itlon of ihe
gold export moi ?
? ? . . ?port? of merchandise
Iter easing Ii r.Ion wl ? thi? the ex|
bre.-v:-- - mportani fac?
tor In l .... menta ? owing a
n,i_rk-i incr? to South Africa.
While BBlaei at ins home, ??? ? Firat-ave., on
Thursday afterr,? eman Philip Dreleer, of
tha East Twenty aaeond bi station, waa awakened
? roeitar walking aboul the room. Dreleer
?umped cut at bed and. ,ift?; _ fl.-r ?< struggi?, Over?
fed the intruder. | .? M I ?mack,
_.;_s Imr..?. a not inai U'?.'ri llcCor
it c?;res.
The be*t and simple I retried ? for regulavn?*
the action of the stomech. Uvei and bowel? It
c-rr?, Sick headache j.:.?'. Con?tlpation, pre?
vent? Diarrhoea, removes douii, Kheumallc
ar. : other poison? !n,m the bl???*! Bb?
earned ,?v e.ery traveler ?nd kept in al? House?
hold*, bold by L?ru__i?t_ tur y> year?.
si'l.ciii. tiaiitfffg
? ?111 Heeeptloa Chairs.
__B ?_?__ V>?*J?
mack learned tha? hi?, raptor was a policeman be
exclaimed: "Well, I ?nicht to cet ninriu-d f?ir try?
ing to roh a cop." M.? ?-mr.ok h??! s confederate.
who escaped. An examination ?how?-?! thai the
burglars hai ransacked the upper part of th?
hons.? and had packe?- up J."??""' worth of roo.i?.
Ale? orma? k ?trai taken to th* East Twenty-second.
M smtjoi i.\ Policeman Dreiser, snd yesterdsy
wa?. held In JC.Otm hnll hy Magistrato Cornell lii
Yorkville Poll,??? Court.
Chief ConMn yesterday announced that rhe ? iMd
would irnmed'a'ely make a determine?! effort :o get
at the fake clubs, which, under th? new Kxcise
amendments. ha\e heen revived for Sunday hquor
seiiir!^. The police have hitherto been powerleas to
act aeainst these place??, became they have been
unable to enter them. Chief Conlln. however, on
Thuralsjr Hat Serpeant Flood, of his .-office, to Al
baay with a cotsaunicatkn io State \.\ ...? ? on?
missioner Lyman, calling attention to the cori tlon
of affairs and begging rhat permission might be
g.vcn to the p.i'il-'e to rnspeo? r 1 u?is so tha: I
(?mil discover where ihe law was violated. Com
mis? rer l.yman grants ? ;-< rm!.-_:on ro Inspect
lu ?ne clubs :n the citv. and the Chllfl mm
will now begin at on??* to make the inspection.
? Ing, Chief Conila ??'\ yesterday, would be lr't
undone to drive fake clubs out of ex.stenc*. and thi
Ten ?t'0-r. w-.:; i '? '. ?he effec's of the e lidi
Brun?. Bretschnelder. who la said by the police to
bs the manager of the Broadway Garden, nt No.
UIU Broadway, and w.-.o was arrest? 1 on W? Ines
day by Inspecl tt Harley, ?* ,? arraigned for esami
yestei lay in the Jefferson Market ?
Court. This will he a test ea?f? for Raines . ll
eginnlng G the a n fare b) the police on
? il ire ki own .1* Rali ?.- clubs. The ?
that the Plymouth Bo isl Club Ii .1 fak? rganisa?
tlon and that th< club eni led In the
Count; Clerk'i ofllce. The hearing wai adjourned.
Breti ? m d s imewhal puszled
why ne h., t been arrested H< sayi .. is only the
steward - - ailed clui
Yesterday wai excise iay In Oeniral BesslOIU ard
forty c.is?- bad beeii pia ? , -?? th? ileo : 1 foi
In the ?r-?; riv?? case? tried Recordei Ooft llr ?? .
the jury io acqui;. There wer.?, however 'wo con
vlctl? m William G Cordes, of ? . ? ? Beventh-ave
ws co vie ted of e? ng two glass
tr.ii office Detective Burn? After the Jury had
/?iven me.r verd'??; rhe Ber^rd? r complimented
C rie? upnn the fact tha? he had not perj ir.-d h m
'?'?'- ;r rr.-.:r._ hli testlmory, having practically ad?
mitted that he had served a sandwi.-h with a ?lrrnk
for which he pot no pay. Cordes was lined SSO
which he paid, t'nder the law he also forfeited his
l.quor t?xx certificate.
ANCE poctprifQ
The effects of beer-drink,;g and violent exerc.sr?,
?uch a? bicycle rld'.r.g. football and other athletics,
on longevity, were discussed yesterday at the an?
nual me? ting of the medi, al ?Irreftors of the llfe
insurance companies in the United States, which
was hen* at the new 1 " ei of the New-York Life
Insurance Company, Leonard-st ar.d Broadway
Dr. Gordon \\". Russell, of the Aetna, introduced
the subject of heer-dr.nk'.ng in a paper which he
remi OH "Selection of I.iv-s for Insurance " lin
Fai?! that the consumption of beer was rapidly in?
creasing, ar.d that it had an evil Influence on the
humar, system, making persons addi? ted to It.? Im?
moderate use poor r.sks for life-insurance com?
Dr. Rogers, of the N'-sr-Tnrl' Ufe. followed the
matte.? up with ar. Interesting address on the sub
Je<?: Hi sa. :.
"Recently I had occasion to imiki some study of
what happens among persons ent-aged \r. the man
ufa-ture of beer, defined generally a.?- brewers. My
ease? ln?-l_decl not only the workir.irn-.cp. engaged
in breweries, bnt also th?? proprietors and <?.??-?ieri
of brewertea It is a curious fact thai the mor
tallty among the manufacturers is ibout as h.gh
as among the workingmen, showing that they are
all given to copious libations. Another curt? .
is -hat the data that 1 hav??. heett able tt? ?.feuTo
indi-ate that Urteile's t ?*trit. tha* mortality is hi-'h
at advanced sues. Is well born?? out. The morteli*y
.s striking "' low among brewen In ?
Up to age forty or th? rs seem to he
pretty mu ??? anyl ? ?
After nt?? fortv the mortality rises hli
should ? ' lai Ufi r sixty, ?bout thr????
brewei ? 1 < "?;?? ted to die a ? re
? -. which means thai the ?
made by I?.- Bernaehl In his address ir. 1890 hav?
>unt of date i
1 have 1.? nbie ?o accumul
Under the- subject of "Albuminuria.-* Dr F C
You?:?.-, of the Mutual Benefit l.lfe Insurance Com
.?. ? li- ? and 01 her atti?
ri itlj mpalred a person as ?? ri k
for ."- llf-dneursnce comi c' He oa Id he I
s? rvvi that, after athletes hn?i been engaged In
their sports, th? pi?nee of all imen was dis
covered In the system, and thai
In ?>).. svstems of athletes much mor?? than In per?
? naccustomed to violent exi ? Is?
FIltEg TWirn ftartfd TV KCTtOecWE ????a?p)
An unsuccessful attempt was made some time
yesterday morning to burn down the tene?
ment-house N'o '_M4 Rlvlncrton-st . containing
twenty-six families, and yesterday detectives wen
j making a minute Investigation to discover the to?
ry. They had, however, such slight elee
work on that they ha?: little hope of making any
Whill Mr?. Schwartz, trie housekeeper of the
tenement-bouse, was sweeping the hallways al
G. o'clock n. m. she discovered that the woodwork
. f 1 small room on the top floor had he.-n soaked
with kerosene and I Br* started. The flam?- ! .
died out after slightly scorching the woodwork.
Thr???? hour? later the woman. In going to the ???
lar found tbal the woodpiles ??.??G the fuma?
fja?_ been sprliiku-'l with kerosene nn?l a fire
-? rted there nNo Th?? dampness of the cellar had
nted the fire from spn iding The polies were
Informed, and mi Investigation was bexun. it was
discovered thai the ?.?."ik of the incendian musi
been done befor? daylight No ?n? however
rr anv suspicious persona around
A small pan!?? was caused when the faci^ be?
came known to the tenari?- and ? ? ? t night 1 sp??
cial watch was kept In the h?>us- for intruders from
Postmaster Dayton has been Instructed hy the
Poetofllce Department that the statement recently
'. some newspai I aftei July l
cards issued by privai. ' - writing,
r'j;V ent by mall with ? one-ceni adhesive
Inco-rrect. t??- ??.p n ti
...s allowing this privi not ?
t rei ?la?o:, o? tbe sul t rei
No cards are postal-cards except su h as ?re
,1 .. postoffl re D? partmi
... and bearing wrlttei.
mmiem"em must, if mall? I. bi
u er rate bul circulars and advertisements may
,. ,i-...'d in print on such cards, whl h ma) then
Ii,. mailed when prepaid by ? ??-? H ?mp, 11
not over two ounces In weight
\? ? Btratton. ol Nr? U WBU??H*t, counsel for
o \v & r? 0 Clapp the broken who failed
tie f'rm t.am.? of tb* ?? w Ctapp C m\ an) eev
erai months ago, yesterds) contradicted ? ? ri
thai thi Clapp? hat Bed from tbe city to <
On Mondai ? ? ss d he re? elved word from
?? ,' ]? m? Intyre, the former Asslstan D
.:. rouneel for one of the ? f :?'???
Clspps. that the Clapp? wuu.il bl ?irrest?-? ?..?.
G"??'1''Tues.lav " Mr itratton continued "ihe
Clanns were in mv office until 11 :.f> ??? m rea?!y with
.,,,, Veni? n in ras? th? v were arrested ? ? ?
ppeared, and Mr. ?laPP eaid he wou
,],. .. attendance upon Mr Mdntyr. ..?
but would ??'" Into tl?..? count ? lo take some needed
?resi ? da noi know wbea tt.?? Ctapps Intend to re?
,UThelreport0thai the ?Clap-M had toot ?? ?? W? M
by the defalcation or?' ? WTaterstone. theli
i?.r was true, Mr Btratton said and tl
?., d. with th-'ir subsequent flnancisl tr
Th? former ofB?_ <?r the Ctonps ar No ? Newost
has beei clos?sd The seal of i> 0 Clapp la the
I'n?dti?e Ex? hange was listed for sa.e yesterday
Richard T tirant, a Welsh teacher of 1???????t???.
foro-three years old. was found ?l.ud on the floor
of his room at N? ZM Muiherry-st yesterday hy
lu.?, mmammg. He had been playing pinochle with
boine of the other bonrdera in U?e houn?., but with
drew complaining of illness and went to hi? room.
ree landlady, wishing to deliver e ?. lei addressed
t-> him. went to the room a few hours afterward
and found him ??? deed on t lie, fluor Hear)
-? IM Is ?uppoeed to have tieen the ratise of
d.-ath Gram was described by th? boerdera a? ?
r' ' ? *nd ? r.:. Som?? er :t|c verse? were found
among his effe.?;?.
?aOBOrMatins from a photoo rapii as being a
Captata 0*_Men, chief of the Detective .Barena in
thi? city, yeeterdny p reived ? oeeaanntattiun from
' ?? .*>*?-;-' immlBalonar ef Police ot lentland
Tard, Ltondon, telling of tha arreei and aentence
there tor burglary or a man ?ho gavi hta name _?
?sen, Tht lea contained a photo
greph ,,f t?,?? prisoner, ?!,,? u ? el once recognized
bj Captain O'Brien aa tb? notorious ??t?,???? Charlee
l'i-h-r. who ia wanl d ,,-i? for robbing Cnited
.md arbo ea ?????1 from the Cln?
clnnatl Jell In Novembei a reward by
the 1 .? *?.,.,, tor i-'lsher's nr
ither re wai . ?.??. th? mi horltle? of Cin?
cinnati Hla picture Is No :.?? Etoguea* Oel
?ery In thli etty, and be baa ? rimine! ret ord as
long rook" In the country.
Captali O'Hrlen hea rommunlcaied with the Post?
omi ?? with irltl? ?.?.,, ash lor PiabefB ex
tradltion when he ,?..,- served hla aentence in Lon?
don, lie Is likely t. stand trial fui Mveral crime?
a Torv-, HtntaaJUAM OUtL i?emanp3 t2noo TOS
coxovcT ?ttmmcatttma .?. pabsht.
Jacob Bternbe ! ? prosperous shoe dealer at No
71 ' olumbla-at., was arrested yeeterdey in an action
broughi hy bla daughter Regina to recover BJIB
damegM for conduct _r.l??vomlng a father. Tne
rder for Sten . ted by Justice
Fita Imona of the City Co ? 1 '?'? wua
lodged ?u Ludlow Btreet Jail In default of *0M bnlL
The basti for the aull I? diacloesd In the young
woman's ,?,,:. .-?. ? ...?.- abe ?? eighteen years
old end a native t fi ? Hunger?
? ? fatb? r and thai
fourteen y< ? erted her mother end hla
Idren and emigrated to thifl coun?
The complainant further state? that sh?? came to
' . .?.;-. a few mont:.s BgO and fciind employ
meni as _ Mirant Boon after her arrival abe
found r 1 . . ? . |,. g*?-** Bhe aleo
discovered .? her father was living
red ?ne wa.? bla wife, by
whom he haa six child]
?, ? ? ? ?? told h.i father that eh? wai saving
money in order to brina ? ' mother ? ?
causing hei confinement in the Hou.I Refuge.
A feu day? later, th? gli leelaree, her fathei had
... ge of bell ... .,f ?,,,,?
... Maglstra
Ci ine ;?: the !'.-?. ? M irki umed
over ti Oerrv eoclet' The result was. R
res, tha es ? fflcen
of th?? society and dis? ... Bhe furthei
thai h.-r f, ?
u-?.: language tower r llected on her
all of whi? h i.as d.U.. | I her In the
sum ol 82,001 .
The order grunted recenti! fer the arreei of
i Henry ? Billig Was ra Bted by Jpstlce Tru.ix. in
?? ? ? ,,,r. .. .;-? ?. ? llllif was 1 I ? :
ii] in Ludlow Btrt ? Mny t, and baa sin,??
been in prison He we? Barged arltb the miaap
prop: : , I of ? ? tes givei
.v. Kennt the I irrter, ol Tf ?
So omplilnt war filed or Issued with th?? order
of arrest, and thla omission, Justice '?'max holds,
rend??- ? Kennt tttorney, J
ii Berri ? Mid be would take the cum to the
Appel ite G>1< Ision.
Th?- ? which Oil wa? n--k? :
? for wi? the s'ite or hi? health. It r
that he would die unless released from jail.
DENCE IN an alXaXtRD ??.a??
SIAI*?IN<? ?"Ar-F.
Dlstrlct-Attn^ney o],?ott s-.is Indignent yesterday j
because ?-)_ the premature ; ibllcatlon of evidence ?
Which had heen laid before the ??rand Jury In nn '
: attempt a! bl ? 'Uni.? il. Tie? evidenr? W.1S j
to Bl ? ' ' a pio? be ? been mi de to ?
ext ?r: a large ?ur? **' esoney fro?-,?. Bemuel W !
Bnugbam, a wealthy man who lives wll
ther?ln*law, William C. Bchermerhoru, nt No ,?.?
w est Twenl A suit h..d been ? ?
aajalnat M luprei
mat: callini himseli ? W vV ? for demegt
the alleged wlfe'a affa ttlona .?v. ? It
w.i? Mid l ' It waa tha result of a
hy an ex-, onvl ?;. a womun ? I
? i.i a
the pu
? m ai
Oleott arrived ..? hl ? er lay
he began ?n Investiga
t? about the Rr
ma '". . . ?. formerly a
?II irada)
On .,?.,?,.- ? ? rial .r, puhll ?.. ? ??? ?
?:..?! at
the ? - were
m.- ? ? lett >*M had been
of them.
Kxt'i?. moil
A fire did $.'?/''" damage yeeterdey morning In
?. works of David l: .
nt Ral It nd
thlrtyt two of the workmen won
burned. One of them, Arthur Walbeck, twenry
i yeara -?? - *?- ? b have., wi? re?
ed to l ? ' le a Mrtoua
tior. Th? oi mi OUnemai ? - ? yeara
? t the fa
T., Ore waa atan .?.??.? loeioti w. ? k
who was u ? aslng
? ? -
r !
n t;.?- dan ? m out He
waa sent to 1 ?pit ' lou?
in the mi I by the ea
,,ll tir?? Ho
fiith floors. Tht re were iwent) pei -
? , rk- ? were cut off I
..?, n ..^ ? ?tlnsm inn ?1 ? - ed don :. .? ,
? . ? ?? and wa? 1 - Th?
men. I'? fore the
ime? tha upper par) of
ihe factory e ! ?nei
?? >au. 1- the Populli
m Sdary Ellei . thla ? Ity.
Pimuel H Leeernekj attachment
nrz.nr.--? the < .,mir.;. Iron Company, of Pblladel
I ibnstown, Penn . for 8?.?0?, for alleged
ntraci trowing oui of an order r,,r
He said I .. illroad
.,,,,? -; ? traction < omp in? . .?
ord? r 1 ' steel ?
on ? it 117 a
ion b t later p pud ? ntraci In
the'm? m ' lm< -'? ? e up 84 a toi
Mr. L
signed ?.? n. ind . ?
. 000
Lucius s. Miller, a ? Weed ? ??., of
? , ; . v. ho t ?.? ?.< in the eut?
lery aid bardwa In this city, fell ?.?
whii?- buying ? ? room if < ? ihman
Uro?. A? Co., oit: ? turer?
of No i:"i Chemba ra?? He
wee Blxty*five yeai
posed t,, ???? due ?,, : ? in ,';-? ? Mi Miller
??. U M . ? ' Rrool -
ll. rest In the hard? ridienti
,,f \v it ? oe a I"" . Bl x-'? 87 C r . .
HOSE interested in
home building will
receive many ideas
from a call at our new
show-rooms, which
contain choice designs
in mantel making and
in the details connected
with it.
119 & 121 Wat 23d Su, N.Y.
T'bWfnn'n^Liiiniwi ???????w ?iiw?iii.rimwMwwiiTiiiiiiii ? ?? .?
I Natural Living. *
_? Seek bv natural Bvlng tn be well ?md ?happy. Disorders of the ?body cannot be helped by medicines unless
the abuses stop. When that is done the individu.il is on the road to recovery.
Ii.ulv bodily ills slowly :idd up. until a iure div of reckoning com.s in the shape of a spell of sick?.
expensive to the picket and always I considerable push down the hili in' more
wavs than one. Yet it is difficult to find where the trouble lies until coffee an J
tea are abandoned and ? plain diel taken on. Poatum Cereal Hood G?t'.eo is
Natural Coffee made of grains. It heals the -system suffering from the effects of
coffee and unnatural living.
Se?.? that the ?grocer sells you the genuine Postum with this seal in red on
the package and that the cook follows the directions closelv, it's easy. Grocers
sell it at 15 ??ni M cents a package. It is black and rich as Mocha when made
right ' Careless preparation has kept many people from the benefits of a deli?
cious cup of Postum.
POSTUM CEREAL CO., Lim!, Battle Creek, Mich. I_
RFl ???1 E ' ne'l''??,,,*,, ???"??? ??? ???????_
Un run I????.
CARPETS, mim, ? i'i'.iiiT.
lut \\ ??si 1 lili Slr?>et.
Crollati who are tem? ot I acini; ar?? h?.pinK f?>r
ri?nr and a ?fiTi wtathet m-!.?, end little ?ri
. ? ...... - TI???
openltit' ree? ir??-? r et Ih* season ?rlll ?p??? pi
? h,? m ? Bee*?'.? tr* k thle afternoon, un?l-r
tb? Quill Club Wheelmen. Th??
? ? liai li tir- targes! ever receive for r? ?
the beach track, and tritt* good weather senne ex*
iure to reaull ?
h.??? ?>. en m teert -. Brat batch of ridera will
be called out at 2JO p m., rn,.? il ? led that
the laal race will ?.ver by ? o'cloeh Thar? will
ur am iteur ind two protesi teata, be?
tempt e a ?
vi? e will l?? h .?? on ihe Long Is : ? '
the p ? ? iws From ?: ???
New-York at ? t m and 12:20 l 10, i-?" ai
p m. (topping .?t Baal New-Yo ? about I
mlnijtf--? ifter ?? ? lai ind CU) ri ?
.... ?? Br? okT) ir trains will start
?, m . . IX ? .n B<
??ill leave rh?? track aftet the meet luai
? ?.. -l r?.,ri th'-m The I
alno ?? rea rhed by was of the tl fr0??
Fulton Ferr ? ?oklyn Bridge Cycllata eon
have o.- ir wheels ? ? ki it ? ?? ?rack.
In the amateur rama there ?rill be ?txty-flve
norlcea tn the ha'.f-mlle novice, sixty-one entries ?
the mil? nP?n. and 13? in tha mil?? b*uidl<*ap, Twen?
ty-one teams have entered the tandem rare. Tha
profi ?tonal enti - l faateal rid? rs of
??miry, among; them being ? C. B?*ld, 1 :?
Eaton, Mc Far land, of California; Btfck, of '?'
. ? if? mena, ot M
Btevena, >f Iowa, ?; I New-York;
Brock, ??:' Brooklyn; Klaer, ol Ohio; Acker, of Phil
adelpl igh? of ? ad of Chi?
ll irphy. ot Brooklyi M ? ?? ?? ? ' Bl
:. an?! Ingranano, of Illinois, ?all the? men
ara entered in the or^n nnd handicap ''";
Much Intere?! i~ balng displayed In the laet
Bald and KUer ?rill ??? th atart
from acratch E I challenge to the
winner of the ? ild??
to-day will decide wheth r or noi the little 0
? to declare htmaelf ir- the ?'.ins of
tl a champion i>->- ' a imp? to t?eat the
mil? ?, ecord of l:t?4-5 while Feai Ina. of ?
t will try to lower \\.*?. amateur mile r?-..i?.
of th<? distri it
The Logan Huh of Brooklyn arni -tU Logan
Wheelmen hare decided te litre tn Bti_nny here
,, . - ? .? ii llfferent clubhouses. The whe.-im.-n
?? ; move to *i?-w Quarten a: No ?.?'? Blxtli ava., a
few d -?>rs from r house, Prealdent John
ji.im.-tt of the Logan Wheelmen, when seen j
? ?.tt. ?as much pul ? ? repon that the
been trouble between thi ?v. ? club?, ?
? p <- ord and eim ? - iti
?ter thej ild ?
old ? ?
rtf r?- ??-??.???-?i at the l ml headc. irters of ?he
? ? ? ' yeaterday ahewed
? (or to-m ' ever, and
: to null them, ?i
rrai : ?
?f ?Long
iter and fl iten lai ina wl
ligi ;
a number of the f__t ridera from Columbia,
:on and Yale will strive f??r honora II I ??
' Beach an l It
w.:: enable th? folloarers of ?;!? sport r
..:: the college era ks etore the ini . ?
,!'ir?.?-? ."?. ('..-.?.?? ;;, Fear
Da* " and M ? ; lire will wear ?
rs ol Columbia; M Farland, Height? ??
gi | Baa ten will attempt ? ? carry .?ff bono ?
Prlncetoi ? ? Ti.: : ; ;,r,,?
Walker are the son? of BU wh ??? ill arrj the blue
- : ?Tali
a meeting of the Executive Committee tt the ?'?.
ttonal Board if Trade of ? ? Manufactun ?
be held in this ei _ ,-, the mall
? tin itlon a e canvassed
a ed? I for and s ? r or
not thei ? ?ai mon National sh a -
The White Cycle Huh will have a run to Ash:
Park to-morrow. The cycllati arili go by boat part
of the way,
its lealrlng to jota th?? League of American
men may obtain full inted Information and
their nami ? -
. Tr:i.::ne.
Pittsburg, Ua] i". Po* the but nu.nth or so rep.
reaentatlvea of the four largeat bicycle tube ?
Midland, England, have been negotiat?
ing ?nth tni-? plante In tb ..,:u_. ;o
? ?rmatlon of an Intern itlonal ? ??? ?,. :-??... tru-tt
To-ntght it in announced thai their mlaalon to thla
en ? .Mful, an.l the Brat Inter
tlonal tl ??' the kind has been formed
trust has bought outrtgbi the tube plants at Bit
wood and OreenvUle, Penn The prl ? paid for the
; : mts and | of the 8tief
?ther lube plants In Un.? country ar.? al Bhel
bj ville, Toi? . oklyn. The headau ir
"?? ei New?York
man, lat<
? of Hi?
? -
The house of ti. ft in mhaks Corinthian Tachl
Club, at ?.? ? HI ? s o|M lied for the
? ? k fr-'.m to ? ? ib ateai
making regular conn? ? ?.?.-.
Commodore Henrj '' Rouae haa appointed Herbert
I. ? "? ' ? ?'? ? ; ? . - . ?., ? u ,; ciahoeffer
algnal ofl? ? r
Followtnj ? : ile of the r.i ? ?.. .v.i> _? .
for epe. :.inci
1 . adii days until decided, trui ra
?? r,i'r m '" match
?Airii th?* *?,.?.., Bl L ?\:??. ? .?chi Club, ar Mon?
ter ?: ?< asranhaha Int? rnatlon
Cup: Juhr ::, rai ?? for the Alired Ro
mortal ? up; Aug M II, 11 ? . :
- . ? ... tel .? ,v:
* tot nd. be.innina Mai _'
Saturday re ?* **?
Am?.t.?: the paeeengera who will .-.,?? tot T\mmm
to-day ara J L ?.???:.?\. ?Trancia il t'ha* ? ,|.
ward de Clifford Chlaholm, John Hernd
? Montgomerj ila-?? Lawrence B. Myers, Mr ,,,,j
?p ?v ? Im RoclM, Prof seoi ? ,?. ?,
it: kette l: ! et klon, Pn im- ? of Ni s -/.
? ?. ? .-? r. ?. ? ? Thompson, of Mlaolaaipi ?., w n ^
and J E ?SI rd Lln? it? imahin
Campania tor Lhrerpool; William M Abernath?
il Btaugrand. Commandant c de Qr?ndprey i>r
? l. Keye?, Coual da Larca and Jame* m. Bteb
on Hi?? Fren h Un iti amahtp La ?
for Havre un,? William ?? Harria
eiigiii?rcr, L. ri ? . the Rev and M
? \. ? ? a id Pa il ?. .\. Bchellin?, on
in?- North Oerman Lloyd steamship Werra for
Mediti p an?? ? ri poi
Am ?? ? ? . srho arrtvad nere rt ?ter*
da* from Uverpool m th? wiui?? Star Line ?team
si ;;? Britannic \?.r?- Blr J Rlveti ?'??nut. Hart ?
Captain II Colnachi, R ?; , n?.- it.-v j j Cun?
i,?- -, u D Delprat, W If Hari>*.r the i:,-v
?? vv Klrby, Dr Kdwart C Lair?, Captain Jameri
Muir Cetoael A. t\. ?herinaham and (JeiieraJ T*r
anchi. ,
I Phoenix Bicvcles, \
? Etf 7 i
TI ? PHOENIX always -t : foremost in tha rank ol ? . ? -s Owing to cjr
?) large lock weh? I?for a limited tinte only?to ? th ???
t___i__nt_o_e_t__:s, eixo.
Fcr further particulars ,.jI1 upon
BECOMD II ??oil.
79 Rea?e Street?
M'.W VOUK. f
- ^%*?
The Pierce Sloean! " Tried end True" ar.i how much it ?tai Is I Tried for the past j
seven years rod found TRUE as steel, fi -est p od rr. to best s* an possibly hudi j
then; You can swear by your ?? Tried ant- True" Pierce.
l ill ??. ?. ppa???.. flfn., 100 ib?mbit-. st. gpte?w Btere, MM ?? eedway. ear. aag_ aa.
? ??-.-. Bedford At? OltAXOE. K. J .BU Mainai FACTORI Buttalo. H. t
? .?\y^-'?y^^-_?.??_^y^_^^_^-'\_^^_^y^y?./^-???.?.?.?/?<r?V^?'
TRorm.E OVER a fillet of ff.ef. and the
CHRP ????'??? OUT.
Henry Walter?, a mar. employed tr. th* k'trhen of
! St. John's College, Kord ham. was nrralKt.<?d In the
! Morriaania Pollee Hourt reeterdny, ehnrgei with
having aeeaulted ?; eri Dumeti, th<* ?<*v-r.ty-year
old chef of the colleen. The kit, fun nun had fillet
of beef for dinner in St. John'? Ia?t Sunday. It is
-? r.- tablee, and. ? tcordlngly, the
beef waa 11 In tur??.? parta Wait??- wax about to
carry away a pie. e fur tl?.?? fir?.* table, when the
Ing that tt was a particularly elea ri?"*?*,
? | itter to be m f al the third table,
where lr? htm*? If would ?lt. Waltere, not knowinp
afterwan* r piece on It? original
? ? - This eo enraged ? I thai h?? rnthed
al Welten with a knife ; 1,-ked tip a hr;_?
dish of ma - naive ???-?* ??
,. tter , !,-?!
with I ' er the eh??"?
!, . -t ed He r- ap?
peared j tei . md had Wal?
wa paroled for examina?
? .'?!
Tilt; TE.NDS1U. -i.v BTATIOM.
President Mose of the Polli e Boerd ?r>**nt the
hours betwi ck on Thursday ntiiht an.i 2
o'clock ? morning Inspecting Raines law
hotels ? ' ' - in the Tenderloin, In the
???.- of ? men who la not connected with tho
Police Department and 1? probably connected with
He managt d to ve? ?.?>? ? ?
?. ? on (he ? ayment of ?
???????!, and be may ?-?ll at the club to-morrow. In
hi?? travi li it t : - net he saw a few poliee
men nt tiee, and t,iok advantage of
:. t,, reprimand and warn them on tho
A . ?'do h In ? m irnlng he went to the ;
tlon 1 aaked ? >p??- trivial
r? ntlty, and Wi! -
rtcous replii
I ut Sergeant Lane, known to
? ipaper men as one of the moal -?
i- the d< sk. The
i heard that atrangera in the ?t i
? ? *?.;? bCobs
a talk with Chief Conlln yesterday aboul his in
Tenderloln, and favi ^,>me hints
t of th.? Excise law In that
part of the city to-morrow.
TBE cuts new BOBGUB.
Ti,? elty of New-York will have before the end of
the preeenl Prt -i lent BUaa
C Croft of the I? part men l of Charitiefl yeeterday
? fretti the Boai '. of Estimate nn appropria?
tlon of 8-n ?- , and for other in?
cidental espeneea an idditlonal approprlathm of
ii.1??'. aiaklng a total ?.' ??,???
It ta proj ? ? ?? '-' '??' wh!,?h will m,-><>:
all the requirements of tht city r ,r yea
Ired feel square and on?? - ??: ??
high, ai in on pitee in the water in
from and to the south of Believue Hospital, it
?s to he cover? d With ItOel on the OUtl :? . ani Inside
The ii '?? aforgue will hav? a lighted dome, forming
Of Which will ba refr:>:>'r.Ktn>;
\ ? ? . . ; The nao of ; ?? ?.- ?..> b,? etteeoa
. .md the apparatus toi generatine the
a ?- plant In the Bt
The ief:iK? rath ? ? ire to be ? with
walla, , ? ? ? k.-pt at a
!??-?? ?? ? fahrenhell
llea will I '? eri uree like drae era
f wo isphall l;? ? ...
office and appropria elj appointed rooms, there arili
,...,,.. ? ? Oronei - .,
,, ,>a ? and a ffla room, a waitlnK-roorii
. ,
t?,.? for t.Bona found drowned will rontatn
room fo '??? ? : The bosea in the rot
n . . mi ,ri ihoul one hundre.i and eia ht
tl room for the a*odtea of about ?
in is.
The contracta ?rill soon h? Riven out and th??
?. ompleted by n-xt fail.
- o?? -
Reprenant itti a el twenty-ease fr??h-air ?nd ?um
mer charities ? Wednesday last ergu?itand ?
??????<-?? ..f Praeh Air t'hariti.?? The ehjeel of tha
council, aa stated In the uwiellliillen. la "*te Being I
? ii-.iii cl ,riti, s ef New-York City into
Cloesr relation? with nm? ?inoth-r. In ?_?? th.
benofltB afforded by ?neh egenclea may t?n _>??
;? matlcnJl] and falrlj dletrlhuted aaaaai tuo*?.? who
need euch aid, bo that OTerteeklag* us weil __
'overtopptng* .nay be reduced to a mliiilmum." A
eenti ?! bureau of recBstretsesi la t,? t??? aataatlahed
to Which the freah-.ur cliari'ie?, ar.? to ??? ,?-?, ,1 to
si-iui lleta <>f lheir hensilrierlee. and from which
aavch agone) aaa) a acert? in tha number ef eeattags
WhlOk any etilld has air,?,,h h,,d. apnam eharltal.le
a_oney, corporation or rhtinh that maintains a
fre?ti-_lr chnrlty or undertaJt.ee systematically to
select beneikt?rlM for a tresh-alr charity, le en
to know that when riders call
the Sterling the
Q?ii? Sa?a?
bicycle, they mean let is made
more accurately and of better
material than any other wheel.
It will Bave you ihe expense and
annoyance of lepairs to both
yourself and Itself It Las a
DASH, a STYLE all iti own.
Procure catalogo?.
$_<_<mm&Ste*?,-?'i&i _<?I-i _?_?-?_*_?_
is a ?; ?? ? e?.? I
nttaltnKtnts: &.CO down. $10. o?)
? mentii
? Wintons.
.? (??rr tronth. Libera! allowaiKe mad*
? tor bi-ycle? in ex.lur.ge tor 1SW7
Winton Bicycle Co. I
? A
? ? ????? hern Street. 5. ? - ?'
I oiirau'i Citeimjaemt OHO tt.W.Y. Am%Sm '*'
to Itto bt !f,<rd Av.?--.*,Br?x>_iy_. _G?_G __?
'? i .-??-....'}?, ? .-t*,and. Ohio. OtOa?toW S
???(?)??_?<_*???<?<_<_??>_<???'?? ? T.sye?M'?1*-?_ '__5
??.- trtoei perftwl muli ???;?* ever ? .:.t. raa?aa_ aad
Tripleta for Quick Da
? ????? it v-i.:: ,r>..
_7?? lte_d? a_
'-HFlVfD UftT ?*? VOTMtftO LUB IT fOB ??
Km res-i sad ? -, > . Hambet _ (3a 4n?t
cth--r lestfiaa > ? ! ? U ??*. p?e
tuba ot ? ?ur . ? rat 0% n.J.; bj ar.":':?? Lfu?
Rli'ANT CO.. l-:> r.iritiuu St.. ?ir.x?l?l > n, *?.. ?.
y - sal ? ion Aut ?tr.Atitj
" ii >?). i??ja
._n W inali?*- THE ??????..? ?LTPLT in.. 1?VI
V^ 3 ?4-****?-1?>^i-Jfcrt ST.
titled to el.?*t MX M the couniMl. ? lit?
tle?" whl, h ' ? : ? M ar.? In ? it. 1 to
eifi't delegate? to attend future ???.???! ?.nga ?? the
G????,??. n?>titWti?M of ?????1? > i.vtlon to be M ' 11
the otlice of the ? ??.??! !:?>,?in No 3U7. l'nlted
? "Muriti? h ButMtaff, Ne :? ? t- ut Tassati -s??, rea ?-at.
) officer? el? 1 I?, moOWf E.
Crampton: vlce-preeldeni, Emll w. Koka; ?**??.'t??
tarj ? ? \\ ird G D !'\ utlve ?Oni?itu??*. the
otti.-.'rs and H.?wa??n Wirren and Horn.t Polk*.
Th? Hinklti?? Fund OaOmWhutOO met yesterday _|
Um OmI rt.i I Md* for ._? audi?
tion to tl)?? h ? n I ? I ? r. < at I ' ? for the use of
rh.? Pommlaalnntr ?>f Street Imp* ??ment. Twenty
ihinl aad '? >?.? '> -i??urth vai __? ??.ntr.?? ? for
the bulld!ii? aad ?-, .???????: <>f UM addition mmt
?iwi.rd.il to Ihr Manhattan ?u, ??>? fonipany, the
loweet bidder*, at 111 147. There ?Aere four other
bidders A pr ?teil was made by A E. barn es that
the work could not be don? within Um time flxtd
In tho ?; ?ecltk .?.tlittt.

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