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rpHE RKnrr.TCAv Ma.TO_ux.TX ooatrtmrnoti will
not pr. pominatt:i> ft BOTATOSI ???att if
A ??Mid deletion from Brooklyn In tbe Greater
?fTew-York republican Convention Is the latest poe
?JBhlllty BUggeeted by the prison? Tvho are Interest?
Irc themeehrea in Brooklyn's ponti ?r.i atfalm I
Fi\th Ward RepattUcau who belenga to Commie*
eloper VTlllle'a part la the Republlenn organisa?
tlon made the Interesting prediction yeeterdey thai
?.Brooklyn would rond to the Brat otty convention of
th?? tire.,1er Kew-Torh a harmonlnui and united
d- : _ tlon under th?. leadership of County rirrk
fa/ori pr?diction ?? of aanectal interest he*
on.-, it wi I made by a man who has for ?ome
Mme heen opposed to Mr. ?Worth in the party or?
I ? ition.
Mr. Wor/.v? emphatic declaration In favor of
President Low or som? other union caadldate for
Mayor, and the el ani recently leened by Oom
Btfs*rtaaer ??.?'.?? sud his friend? declaring In favor
of :.ir. Low, ha\?? pointed out a wey for tha union
of the two '? and have suggested tlie
strength 1 ;h1 arlelo" la the conven?
tlon !f all '.?* t '.ves cotild agree- upon
?ama pi in for ?
Mxth w it'. Republican rredl'tM a
ma ? he eleo prophesied th>.t County
cu-.'k Worth would i?i ti;c controlling power in the
co . ? ?-.Hon.
"Worth is tired of Flatt'a ?ehderahtp,?1 he Bald.
??Worth i.i I Ivr.kv a promise, and he never
m"R s anything to do with any man who v..\ no
ha, _ on ?ila word. H? const?!? ra that Benator Platt
Im ? . atfajed him more than one?, and be does not
intend to e.ve him another chance, to deceive him.
In , ??e Worth Btl Us lo hi? determination 10 '?? ? rh
for s<-th I?.->w I bave Uoa In saying? that
ho w.,1 have the BOltd ?? ok ' atloa behind
htm We ?aw ir, the I State Convention what
? Brooklyn ittona can do, and we ara
_ to tnkO I I of tho lesson learned
at thai time."
It is aa open secret ai ? County t'lerk Worth's
lie?, tanta thai relatl : ? "'tween Mr. Worth and
Ben r i'iatt have for a long time lacked the eor
wbioh ai exleted. ilia CoOnty
Clerk la to-dny a b<;t.-r O!, nd of Governor Black
than of Senator Platt, Hla Influence, more than
that, of any one ??? rson with the exception of L ila
G. Puyn, made ? ? omlnee of the, conven?
tion. Mr. Worth ana bees in Albany for a nurnhcr
ct deya, ?nd ha? Been Qovernor Black frequently,
an,. Brooklyn Republl ana believe that he has been
j. ,- m .th Goverr ? Bla k to undermine the
Benator*fl lnfluei ?. ?fr. Worth and hla eloaeet
? oe-.ieve that it would ba ?>asy for him to
? ? greater ? Ity eonve?nti?Mi by
- . - rooltlyn delegati? ? for a man
Ilk?? Beth Low and joining force? with New-Tork
for Low* nomination.
, ; . . , it la < eelart d, would
ich a movement, and wo counted
? f
???? PLACK (.'.? TIM13 TO-PAY,
rain op. BHnrm
r ? Cook, of the r-ul-?r Brooklyn, m.'-de the
Bnel annenauement yesterday that the preeenta?
??G. ? f tbe ?'.'.ver Bertrloe will tako place at 3 o'clock
this afternoon, regardless of the weather. William
: will be m?ti,r of ceremonies, and will present
, ? :s. Perrons holding ticket? of eflliiieoton
to the Bh i> WU be admitted before 1 o'clo ?, : nd
others will ho obliged to wait Br.t! ? rhe Arsi
p.-i- .- to arrive will pet the i- on tho
end ? ? id? ... BJ d all w ho arrive after the d
?- wded to Ita utmort capacity will be ol
v. ktneea tha oeremeny as beet they can from the
w..nrf at the end of Malr.-at. After the formal
| ? m station all persona holding Invitations will
11 permitted to go aboard. Detachmeate of marinea
wiil '; ? Btl Bed on the cruiser to look out for
ar,?id'_r.t? and keep over-'.r.nulalti*e put-ons from
Fc__rching ovil pieces where they will not be al
Room win b*? reserved on the quarterdeck for the
?,? tally Invited guest? and the naval officials,
BBemhera of the- Brooklyn Committee, the chorus of
young women who nto to p!ng and the party o?
young women consisting ?,f Ml*s Ida May Bchii ran,
who christened the erul r; Miss Louisa s. Atwater,
Misi Henrietta Williams. Miss Edith J. Swan and
Mips blti.ei Webster. It la Bold that ntiout 1,080
persona will t.o admitted t , the de ..?< while the
eeremony is la progress, but only a amali number
of these will b?,
'.i- bear tne ?p*e<ht_ .?:.,? ? ?? t?.6 formili presen?
Mr. Berrl ha? received from Edward Barr a har.t!
aome pi ire of tr? Brooklyn, taken wl
cru er ? anchored ,?? ti.?? North River. The
y f?umed in gold Ac lompenylng
;r.o pi ? waa a letter ? idlng a- fo
"To Admiral Herri, of cruiser Brooklyn fame, and
hero of the late naval war, with the complimente
Ott his fri EDWARD HA Kit."
The Inscription refers to Mr. Herri's <?:?, rta In
getting ?ho cruiser to tl-.e Navj yard for pres?
en .?? -
Th< Deti It ha? coma up to th?? Navy Surd and
arili ? ? of eommlaaion, and the monitor Terror
la aloe to be added to the yard force cf ship?.
?in ??-?.'.??? IK gl ; I ERINGI rmOat ? BXVXRg
(OLD, AND 13 ??????
run navy ? ? ? Moxm.
Bs-afayee Bebieren **? <? confined lo hla home, at
N?. v?:? < Hnton-nvn. ali day yet with a
heivy aald. Mr. Be) ...,,,? S<;T.
erni nays ego, end hli Ivleed Mm to
remain Indoor? ycetcr?Hy, r=0 ;*?? n,. r_igbt L?.? alno
to attend the presentation of the Blhr? -
the cruteer Broohlyu, at t'.,?? Brooklyn Navj
le-day, Mr. fehleren b.?.?. taken an Imp rtaat part
in nrranijitrg fi>; ;
from t.;., eeremo* ? o a.-.on much regret
anronii his oollea-ruea oa th- ?'it!?-? as' ?Ommitte?,.
ThW evening Mr. ? -hieren la to d?llv.?r nn eddreea
at the dinner of t!,e Lledertcrans Bociety of New?
York. His coin baa Battit I OU his chest, hoe
u mid be a difficult task for him lo deliren a
lo-r address unleta a marked Improvem
sho ? lay, l*' ?>:?.,;?. r aer?
presentati e In 'ho open ?.iV, ln
ate* ? ia ? .. oi the Brooklyn, It la alto?
gether i'.)'.?.y t*?a.t Mr. Bchioren will not ba preuem
'? - ?of tl?.?? poeslblllty of aggravating hie
\_. . .. _ ' _
West 14*St,
???^???* raso: ?aim *%.
Otir Kug Di-partmont; and IWfalB ].r!oi-e still
hold mtrmj.
1 Bale of Kine Anut'-liati Met?.$2 7r.eat?!i
1 Bale of }?????<??? und fia sahen*?
Bntm .*?/>? each
1 BaJe of Dnsrhf-stans and Whlrvan?.?-10.00 _a.?h
what y.oHK ''',''L_> Trr. CAJtartTL n''?F:n ask?
TifR Pit??r")SLi> TA8UFT '.'.'ILL ilRr.-tTLY l.\' .
CltLA-E p.:?. ?,.?p:-?, ts?? ibcCBI v.ij-\t you
RSI O BEFOfta r ???????
otra "toma ctamorr? ?? a aouxa o?r i_a?niiwg ?\?
LAfeia or CREDIT
?)F? 10? and 103 West 14*??
NSAR ?????
Jchn K.un rhrol, the pr.?i-i ?, ?,t of ? deltontcssm
??? ?.? nt No, M Avenue i\ Bayonna, trai fatally
phot in hi?? placo of busi ? ? at? rday na< rnlng hv
.Irr-its Mark?, Jr., the non of the former own. r of
the building, Bauerbrei dted tarent) mlnu
In ihe Privo,rn.? city Hospital. Murks, who la be?
lt? .?, ?i to in Mentally unbalanced, waa arrested and
?? ?? ,? up, ,
laaerbrd was alone In hin etere Just before 10
'? . When the Htr.ft door ????:?,I nnd Marks
? : ?? ? L The Btort k? eper, who ' id be? ?? ?
? rr? at, pause?- with .1 carving-knife In Ms
?????,?, nnti grot ed bla visit?.r. Before h.uld afk
Marka whal ;.?? wished the latter perempl ?tily or?
dered ? :m to deliver up Immediati r alen af
u premises. Marka Ii kited tl it, as his father'??
only son and namesake, be waa the owner <>f tho.
property, and It waa bla destre thai Ba? rbrel
? ?. ?,. ? . , . me atorekeepi r bad 1 aid no
j.-nt to him.
Bau? rin. i bore the abui Ive language of Marka for
a time .?.'.: ? bi p ordered him to )? avo, 1' e atore, TO
emphasis demanda, and, ?r neoessary, enforce
them, ho walked from 1 Ind the counter toward
Marka In . ? I be forgot that be
:."'? In bla hand In ti:?? nu ? timi tha quar?
rel hn?l attracted the attention of sev?
w ? ?rere In the neighborhood. Tl 1 ? - ''arks
retreal to the top atop leading from ihe eldewalk
Into the atore, quickly thrust bla righi hand Into
1 . trousers pocket, draw a revolver and Slacharge
two ahota at Bauerbrel, who stood ir, the centre of
? tore.
Among those who saw Murk??, ??hoot Bauerbrel ,
? latter'i alater-ln-law, who went to tho front
(the ?? Boor to hoo. who waa causing |
tho dia?ban ??. ?lohn ?. Haver and a teamater, |
s ? were driving by th? ore, also witnessed the
ing. Tho Brsi Bauerbrel, 1
? d bullet entered the victim's breast a little to
th? left of tho breastbone ? uerbrel turned an?
fled through the atore and rear 1 partaient to the
k yard ll? was Ju :. sinking to thi cumini
when Thomas F, Qairetl M? Dermott ami
John s. Haver ran to hie aai . e ai i
The second ahot waa !io-.rd by Patrolman Tior
nry, who had Just left roiice Headquarters, ai I
who saw a number of men r_n ea.
peer through the glass door of Bauerbrel'1 ton ?
"Hurry up, officer; he. la going to ahoot as Ini"
t?? p?? y ran to the store, a.a reached
M.?. ka coo ) I? d tbe door and atti mi ?
... . ? .?: . . r still held the rev . ?
. 1 ? han 1 In a 1
held the weapon, and wrench? II ? irom ;
! him, He aiaj took pos esalon o? the ? ?
I an?! opened l-'ol.owed hy ine
: . . bed Marka thro
? he yard an '. around to 1 1 ai . ..
in.? three men carrying Bauerbrel to 1 e City II ,
tal. Hurrying Marka up to Baue)
a.?-K.-,i Uie wound. ,? nun to tak? a go? I I.e al h!y
? for : he purp -? ?
s tri? m ?," ? , . lerbrel, w .
failing rapidly, and who lapsed Into (inconscio
i-,Oil aft? I ' :
?rta or' Dra. 1 onohoe and r< rman to re?
suscitate Bauerbrel, in order that the .
obtain ; la ante-mortem si ite lei .
. tarentr minutes after ?..-in.?*' shot The m ir
>?. tax? to Police Headquarters, wnere le
? j.iiti??; A. Marka thirty-two yeara
. old. a painter and pap? r- langer,
.v. ilbc-rry-??;., Newark. Ji? waa remand? I by ?
? of ????:??-? ??,?.?.? t.. th? city prime.
Aooir' ..:. hour after w?c arrest of Marks, De?
tective Edward .M Qrlffln Informed him that Bauer
1 hrei whs d? ? i. Marke -ir! not u I 1 lerita.id
?. . 1 itement at flrst, being apparently In ? - .? .
dere 1 ? Itlon, When ? Irlffln rep ited the
" ? ?ame start!? ! and violently
, toi <- hia hair,
"1 did noi moan to kill him." he oriol. "T shot him
f-def? nee!"
"What di ? you have tri? revolver for??' questioned
; ? ? ?
??) put II in my : ausa I anticipati I
; trouble," Marka ? ?! - I.
tly Marke elgi fl ! I th it ba ??
M torn? ? to ael aa co im?, I for
I nd a 11 Igned In the
. Re ord? r Com II? pon a chari
In? . bim to mal ? tat?
m ? ?. imilted tbe
i aw.-.it thr ? ? >ner*a Inq
I .<- victim <?: the trag? ly ama thlrty-eeven years
Ha leavea a widow arid iin-.o little children.
1 He rented the bouse In wh eh ?? was 1 h t from tl
?r <?.' his murderer, who la the -dmlnl tratrlx
I of ?Vr r that th?? , ?
! hr,? not b'^n settled eyed upon the 1
? ise he wanted hie share and be hai of ?.-,?,.
greatly a.?yed hi? mother and al . . ?
? - . . numb? r r ? lyonne, Jersey rk
1 lawyers, Marks'a ai?p< trance and
thai he la ment ? -. tha
family 1 .- v? ;.,! y? ars ago ho :?
I Injuries to bla ead b* ? ?? from a 1 ?'. I.
???/ LOM BR U?W1'?VU AT N_,\R_T ttVlft.OOa a
woman"'- ky? ?hy cp the origin
ok thi: fire,
The ruina ,?f the long :<>v.? of nv?vs?rry doui.io
BathousM at ?-?>??? l.efl to l.ZXS Washington-ata,
ken, nul the n__nmot_ factory building in the
irear, \>-;..??. a re destroyed by Are on Thursday
sm ildered until a late hour yesterday.
I ? ? lagratkm was visited yeater*
: day by thousands of people who comm? ntod oa the
! fa t thi.r ll \w,b almost a miracle that ti e Damea
1 did not extend to the houaea aerosa the atreeta
Tht wre? k was < ompleta Ezoept for <-? vera! ch m
neya and the eoul end of the factory bul
j the walls were all down, and bardly a vestige ot
woodwork remained. The southern flathooee, al
Ko. _,_i?a Waahington-st., a!.?no was saved.
The grei t dUBculty expert need hy the flren.cn ir?
? King m ihe Mass waa attributed t?-. tho lo ation
of the buildings ? ?a? Impossible to *_?. lines of
hose lato tiie factory from the west aida ai l
waa only r. space o? forty fe, t beta at! 1 ?.? ?
and the Ra1 ?? ? it waa the natural conse?
quence, with a wind favorable to the fiie, that thi
tlami-? should have tH-<.n driven into trio fl its. Wh?Ml
the factory trai built by .ro. ? c. Crevler far-seeing
men prophesied that, ir? toe event of a big fire In
the fa t ?iy, 110 powor on earth wo.ild Save . ?
buU?Unga from deatraetion.
Tiie? origin of tin? liro is ns yet in,?re or le a of ?
mystery. Mra Martin, who liv? 1 in ..ne o| ; .?
ever, 1 ... .t atory w.;.!"l?*. .?nay lead to ?
rigid examination. Mrs. Martin ?-.mi thai ah? a 1
looking out of one of her window? wn.-n ohm taw
two mer ,. rently en?-.if*o*l in conversation. In
Strana A ? o.'a (R 1!. Macy A ?Co.) dee rat di ?, ima
i-he declared that one o? trie nun struck a mat h
..;a ?.ifcur, and threw It on the floor, in
atantly ?? tiamc sprung up and ri.o man, s
scrambled around for - ^..<??? timo try...,, to ? ?...
guleh -t, but without eucce??, as .1 grew bigger and
bigger, and finally they a/ere co npell? i to run 0 1
oi the room. In a attori in?)??. Mra, Martin
floor ?, ? abl?se :c? ', then an alarm w.?.?,
aent In. Tn< room waa situated In the outhern end
<?i the factory, and taat la ?iii-re Chl?i Appleg.itc
aald the iir?? s';u ted
'J'h? Common ? ouncll met In the City Hall yes?
terday afternoo 1 nd 11..1?0 urr.i,? 1 ita 0 1 ro?
ride for the temporary care of tho fu?- aufferers
poormaater j?..it?.? L, Barck vsiu ho instructed t<>
give ard where aaslai ince la needed, ?'n, h
?and six laiuriif.s. ac-ordlng to the books of th
h'^k-n Land and Improvement Company, were
iiri\<?n from their homes a greai d? il ol fnrni
tur?-, which waa 1?- .1? ?? from the fiata, wa 1 broken
In tii? grand r ;-n, while 1-. .? \-- labi j were
atolen by thlevtte.
Theso tenant! ?v?ie, on the whole, pe pia arho
work for their living, and were not very w< ll-l -? 1
Many of t;.? m ??. ml ?red,
it is estimated 1 hat the damage actually don?
1 will amount 1?, K."""???'. Koth buildings wen own 1
Iv the Hoboken Lan I and Ira npan
; uhi? h placed the value of the flathouw . al ?210.
1 ??m. It ?? aald that ? f tory bullding wan
at tfJO.O?O, but Richard St vena, of the company, re
fuMd to Mil the exact amount at which 11 arai
I, ' d,
The Insurance war? dlvld 1 nip bu follows; Fiata
?Citisene' Insurance, |7n.0?0; Liverpool and Lon?
don and Globe Innurancs, H4,U.*0' Underwriters',
.,r N. wrTork, t* ? """? Roj ?1 In?urani ?>l ?:?.?:... |
$1 ?.?.??; .??:?,:.,?. ??: Hartf? rd, .?.
? ..,??,>rv -ciilrr-tt" . >."..???.i; Liverpool, flii:>75
? ? . Hrltish and M<
til? ??.; ??? ? nd ? ariti r?', of N< ?? -
Yoik. >.?.*?:.".. ? ?i" - ?'?? ,?- hi. pro? I
B !| liilotl, *?. .'.'??;
??- ?? ?, total, ??;??.????.
? " ? '?? Insurance on the boll? ra, ?
,.,? loCil gllO.I IJU
?? ir eatim ited that 1 illy |40,(W? was tost by tho
fun Iture. The loai ea of R
Heath tt ??. wall-paper manufacturer?, ???,??, ?,,?\?
n..u?- ? )" i.miO. < lallagnei ..? ? . manufs
of ?,p;.- ! ? ? and tolk I theli
(l'_t) ' ????, V I 11 ' : Th?
and machin? ry In Birau .. Co.' . I ? - - ?
;.-1 n.. in I ? Iman d u ?*-'?uon ?? Ward ?,?
el? tri, ..i Lpperatus, na Baso .. ,..?,?,-, l?,?., r. Thg
Inaurai by ti,??.? concerne could not bn
ascertained in Hoboken yesterday.
Aajbuiy Park, ?m.?v 21 iBi><*oiai).?The Btreel Com?
, f the Coaunon CoaiMdl im?? ???- ?-?? ,? to dreaa
tiie garui.?.??? coUoetora u,.d Btreel employes in w/iii??,
helrasta and du k aulta 1 ? nunei In Imitation
of Commissioner WatlnaTa whlto-wlng in-ii-ad? in
Kbw-York The new order w..i go u.io ?rr??, ; nexi
m? ?th. The emploj? h io ? ?? aite ted i-y thi Inn?va?
nos ure pi? j.?* _ with the oid?-T.
Blsln? Star T.odi-e No. f.,\ G. nnd A. BL, I? mnk
1 T1-_ preparatlona t.? navali ? Baonumeat in Oakland
?? ry oa laturday afternoon, June 6. This
shaft, arhleh i?. 11 I feel wide al the ba??.
aad ? feet dtcp, ? ??,. . ? ,?, isonvorj of the .Mason?
who ii.???? ; ? ? n buried la the plot The indue ?ill
m<et in Masonic Unii al .1 o'eiock in the aftefnooo,
and, with renken Command ry aa an eecort, will I
:.ia;-rii io tl? cemetery. "?' ? ? nuiaont is neat tne ?
- rence. The Eh , |, ,.,., 1 ...il. eh.,pi.un ol the
. will offer preyer: the Masons wl.l sing, ??"?!
?it ?Mil be tu icd ovei io rheodore
J . Bayer, ma ? r ol ihe loda;?, ??> the commute
da 1er 8 arar! will lellvt r an ad I I
< ".niii.tr. e wl , ? . ? the monument conal ? ?
??.' John ? ? ,? >hy, ? lalrman ? ',? odore Tern '?.
? l. Moahier nn ! S?? phi n T. Bt 11
Jinnee C. Bell, wb ? d ? ? occurred al Hudson on
Wednesday, waa ;,, oni time ?? well-known dtlaen
??f Vonkers. having settled here early in ? le forties
)?. l_oeu u Hill-ave. He -? ? .? ?? ,?- Vili ?? ? ?? uste? in
If* I, and ,?? r.? ident In 1885 an ? is;?,. He ?
u .?- oi. .,.. of hi.? Bi ird of I
? of thi fonkera Bavinga Bank, arhleh waa,
. ? 1854, and t aubi rlber to tn?? capital
atoek o? th,? ??'.: ? National Bank, which wajLorpan
.?? ? In ??? .-,in? year. (I ? * In MaV, 1888, thai
pure h ? ? fiotti Sir. ?? ll the
i ?.. r. ? pr-, m moi ??: 11 ? ??. uni bj ai i] ha ?
Mr. i' aras 1 Bla fa th. aged In
th?? u ? ;, and aft? r Mr. Bi 11
;?;? school he wem ??, busineaa wit'; hia father it*? ?
partner, Later be wenl I ito the ? inking builnes?,
?Ir. Bell lofi -onkers ano ?? ? y yeai igo, Hla
K-Mayor J. Harvt Bell md J. Chrlaty
. alster, Mis? Mary B< 11. live In thla
il n ll] be hi I i lo? lay In Hudson,
and the burial will ' In Greet eood Cemetery.
Hei ? - v. ? . ? ho ha ? !?? ? ? a resid? m of Ynnker?
for m.my year?, dl< I yesterday al ? ? ? mo, in
North Broadway. He waa ninety yeara old.
Vl thi '., ? mt eting of the Common < lunell an In?
-. : itlon 'm \ O. Bl iclnaon to ? eere
r . the moi nl of the Confederate Veteran
Camp of 3 k CU which I* to be unveiled to
dav at Mount Hope Cemetery, ?a? accept ?,
Mrs. w i!i an li ? lan ? ( the Civic
T.. .,..?,,. rend her annual report yesterday si I ??
meeting of the ?,??"???, in tl,? ? of the Wom?
an's 1 In addition to tiro
:? ? ul.(In then v.?? been ele? en eupple
. mi-cm en various topics of inter I \
? of other reporta v. re r? ,? 1 A committee
npoli ? formulate a plan to secure tho
? ?. . Thla is the lest meeting
that v. m be held till < ???toh
The mi mberi of Kltch n| ?'? rpa No. 229 nre mu< h
? M rent h,
r the ' orp ?, has been ? : ted
; ? ntion,
which la to he held al Buffalo in \uru.-t.
ti,< ro ? ns a fair attendance at Ihe i????? Mm? of the
I ill of
the Woman*? Institute Fra kill Couch of Peeks
V. ? r, :? ? a ? iper on '" W< '
The itti Separate Company, Captain .lohn I.
Pruyp . .? -. will go lo Creedmoor on Tues?
day f? ?
.G of the Bo nil of civil Service
?rs I bi ? o railed for Tit? ? la) cvei
for the purpose of examining: candid tea for ap
,..... to the "'li' ? ? r captain ot the police
force, ? ' by lh? death of John Mai
At a aupper given hy the Pire Petrol of this ell
elf drlllmael r, t'.i|it-iln Charlea A.
11 ra ??.ili. on Tuesday e.? nlng, the
elveJ u. handsome gold badge, presented
Daniel 8n ? , on bel If of the patrol.
Th.? junior Flower Mission of the .Yeebptertan
. will hold an "alphabetical fair" for the
II of the fresh air fund and other chaiitie?
on the r of W< dnt ?day, M iy
28, la th,? Si'i'iiv- h There will he ?i
?hon ? : m?
A meeting for ??.?? ortci Mention of ? glee club will
? be You ne M? n'a < 'hrla
at ih. ir room? n< Nt Tui
??? . ni?
A pit ? mt Whlut part ??? ?Id al tt,.? horn?? of
Mra. F M De cher i. ik - t.. last Thursday even?
ti g, ?. ? \ .- ? ?. un m m In ??? re
the winners of the everal ? ed and da?o
iii_ broil| 'i ?;,?? eventne to a plea?anl cioma?.
The Woman'a Christian Temperance Union en?
? ounci ? . In ? he ,? hall, In Ham?
?ii..ii-;i -. ' Mrs. Pow? 11, of
;<? w-T( r '? City, will make an ad Ii
Dr. O. D. 1 lattina In Bo theater.
Rearen ? ? minati na will be h?ld in th- High
? ? ,? ilrd week In June. Persons not
?' ? ; desiring to take the
. ?tamii le no ? ?? that effect t,? f. ro
.limn 7.
In tl H preme C irl before Justice nnrrlr?on,
the Jui ? ., ? gainst the village
? ,.?,?.?.. rshlp of n i- r
i are, ?? ? id? d In favor of the
. h. ill ib To? en
? ? a pi i]-, ?. ry Involi ? d ?? about
The New-RocheUe Yacht Club wl'l op*n Its ?ea
. ,1,-iy xvith a ?pring rerr.Ttta. The HoneB Com?
mitt?? arranaed for a musical propre mine and
? I ? ?,?. ing tu* racing.
Prepi -: made to ???? an "old folks'
.if i?.?. Woman's Exchange, The
affair ?*::'. be held in Trinity Pariah Houee on the
night of June 11.
? of the Flint Presbyterian Chureh will
Pe occupied to-morrow morning and evuilr.g? by
t.,?? Ri \ i.??.?!!, 1er t. ? ?, imhei 11 ?.
? feature oi the M.lai Day Barrico in th?
.,,1, on the night ol Monday, Mav .it. will
be the presen! ? of ? medal given by II iKUenut
: ? ., , - of ? h ? R rolutlon, to the pupi ?
? -. public ?chool? irritine the best eseay on
??The ? _merlcan Revolution."
The trustee? held a ";?? lai meeting on Thursday
? -,? consider a pi of the New-Tork
?. ii ph ? on : my to ? '.:?? ? ihwaya and place Ita
tiderground. A committee was appointed to
; kc charge of the ? ect, Tbe tru teea also
adopt? dai 'against thi North?
?t. Boulevard, and appointing a committee to test
the leg ty ? ? tha hill bi proprlattng i..v???) for Its
? '
:ir? , noi Athletic Club will formally open
Iti neu Lai.II ?? >ui la thla afternoon with a
. . : ,? with the Wllllamsburg Kt??id Club,
? ime will he preceded by a concert by the
Philharmonic Band, followed by a dinner and
? ? ? tlon lu tha ? I
?, he I irm ei ? ? nlng of the New-Tork
country home on Traver? island,
will be held to-day and to-night. The entertain?
ment Hill coi st of a band concert and refresh?
A curtain-raiser, entitled ' C unplon of Her
Ben,** ' - ehearsed and will bo given by the
- ?romeo "G Bt Agnes'? Guild, Church ol ; te
. ion, on the night ot J?????) l. The cast win in
* Mise Lo e Weetl . ? ? Mai y ?. Cornell,
_ e ' Breck, Mlaa Bleie Wlll
M ? Maj ?". ni ;, Ml ? Ju le Piek end Misa
, >?;??.
....?. of W? Inesday, June 2. th? young
. ; Trinity Eplaoopnl ?'Mir??.-; will pi\e three
? re? . the pariah house, entitled "The < ! rea teat
? ..,..?;.!,.?' "A l ? ? Of a ! ?outlet" and ".?-.? ? 'upa
,..? . hoc lati ."
T.?, choir of the ? ii ' I .? byterlan Church wtu
?, concert In the lecture-room on Tue?
rhe choir will be a lat? ? by Mr?, ? ?. Howland,
Ir., aoprano: Misa Clara Gai Iner, elo utlonlat; Harry
M. Butler, plantet, and the Mount Vernon Mandojin
? i ib.
The Uth :-"? paral.moany of thti city win go to
on Tui Iflt pra tl ??.
?- Political
.. p be held on Put lay afternoon
at the borne ? ? Nil ??-. J. B. Van ? lourt, No, h? Ht?--,. ?m?
? le W lester County Wheelmen h.iv?? Kervired
pleaaan rooms ai n ? tfi Boutb Pourth-avi
Fourth-?t. i-, sixty-five members,
m? roben of the Y. W. ?'. T. ?. u.wo a ? elal
nd n epilon at the home of Misa liark'-r, No. U
South Plfth-av?., on Thursday t;! I
The Day Nursery haa remov? ? from Fitst-?ve. to
r new horn?? ai No. ? south Plfth-ava, wh?-re mn
irli utlona may h"
At tiie meotini? of the tru.-;ee3 on Wednesday nlsht
the finan a C nn ? ? ??? din *? : to purchase IM
feet ?f horre ar.d a Jumper for the Volunteer Engine
.? ? en ? the Bi Ige C tnmil ?? ?? to se iure plana
a; 1 ? r ' : er s ?? idrake
Kivi Creek and the ralli im ', tracks at ? n on
r The commit! ?? . lorlxed
'????' ??? of ti.?? .m?.i.?. m- nt of Mia.
? Hal t< ?d. ot Mam irom w. to William Warren,
of Bara I . '??
The residente ef the Menor Brere oui in larp?? r.um
i-rrt on Thureday night ;> nominata village offleere
lo ? ?? ? tad for on Tuesday, Jim., I. Th?? fotloartng
,?,.?? ?ere nude: Carataa Wendt, pr?
?'buries ?. Binoer and Miirmeduke Tild n, truateea;
? "i e it ade ??> Mis? ? ,. ???
' ? The reporl ! iraed
v ' ' ' mn ? ? ??; Mil ? of Willi ut?
* ray, Oswald fl ? , Oliver A !.. ph G
Glider, Charit A I J , ?. ..
Pointed to a??l?t ?uhaci ptl ? ? und , orn
pi? ting Ihe an 'or I ?eh ?al.
PORT CHE1 l ! I. AM? itv|.;.
The Board of Heeltk of i'?>rt Cheeter tins ??,??
raorgantsed by th?? election ?,f ?*. t?. ranip, pr.?i
d.-ni; Thocnaa Jordan, m reterjr? i?r it. j ?j., is
iffl ? . Ell fur;!.-, tnap .,r , ? pi inbmg, end
-'? "on? Peck, ? er of vital ata
? n?? mortal servir : ? hai ra Lawrence G t
pi Pori ? ,.? ? ,? , Rye arili be hela ? ??,,. ,.' . ,
?1???.'? ??" ? ? The ???,?.'(..fern, ?yl|| !? ,.,
' ? ... I?'. Wakenel?] ,?,?'?.
" ottAoi - w. ime, < iptaln R ?? ?;.?,,,?, .?,? ?
'?' "? ,:" ? ?. Wrleht, of Oran?e Conn"
?hi It. ? i. )??, White and tha Ret u ii .u?a.i..?
Themuelcal programme, under the direction of n
T. itlekney, adi contain a number of fin.? Beleetlona
I The l'?*rt ?Mataa Oratoli, ?ioclety utuii.ui?c?e an
-? ? -'?*./*|/?/* "* ^ ^^Jo/^WX/g/^^/^/^^ Vi _
pvnr.isn t?-n.tT:
Ry Richard Harding Davis.
With Illustrations and special Cover
Design by Charles P?\na Gib?
son, limn, ??.??.
Twentieth Thousand.
Mr. Oavis's firt novel, fifteen thousand
copies of which ln,l been MM * week More
public ?lion, bul- t.iir to otlip?;e even hit ?.urpri?.
Ingty popular lh t ?-lorie?.. Thr Mail and
Rxpreu decine?; t!:at the ?-tirrinc: and dr.im.itlc
scene at the i/biiax of Ihe tale proves ?Mr. Oavu
"a larger man in a lit-rary way than even his
admirers anticipateti
Othrr Books h- M>: Deeis tre.? f indur?
rli ? und Other H????. 12m?->, 11.00;
4?al Ir:? lio ?- nn?! Oilier St?rt?**,
l?mo., 11.00; Stori?**?? for noy?. Illus?
trated, 10nio, 11.00.
y George Trumbull I.add, _
?. P.. Professor of Philosophy in ?
Yale University. ??? M.OO.
Dr. I.add's wide reputation in the field of psy?
chology and philosophy gives much interest to
anything new from hit, talented pen. In the
rrcscnt rrar-e an additional attraction is given
hy the fact tli.it ho is the pioneer American
author on the ?.?ibir-1 chosen, hi always OH
discussion is marked bv tloep thinking, and by
keen, incis've, tugge-itive treatment.
Rv F. W. HoRNUNG, author of
Roffiie's March.
Like most of Mr. Hnrminn's clever romances,
(I -si!, - iu) hly Interesting tale contrasts succ?s- .'
lively scenes in Australia and England. A tan
ta'i'i'v efemenl of suspensels ingenioitslybrtwgM
into play IhttMigTKHit. the plot hinging upon the
identity of t!i?.? reil Puke.
Other Beth hi Mr. tfteweng are. The
Kn?lle'?, march? 12mo,91 W; A ?ride
?????? lb? H*?*?!?? /- my S riet), IBtno, 7.?
rents; Irrnlie*?. ItitsltrMiiccr ffvety
Series), ISmo, 78 cei Is,
In this notable series there ?ire now
re;i?iv three more volumes, each
ISmo, 11.00 net.
Two lectures by ANDREW Sfth,
Professor of Logic ?ind Met.i
physics in the University of Edin?
The Deacent of the Primates.
Bv A. A. W. HUBRECHT, Profes?
sor of Zoology in the University
DJ ,
of Ltrecht.
The Claims of the Old Testament.
TWO Lectures hv STANLEY
LeaTHES, ?. ?., Professor of Old
Testament Exegesis in King's -
College, London.
*#* Seat f>v all hrvkreUerr, or rent, ftestpmid, by ,?
153-157 Fifth Avenue, New York.
t . 1
-> ? -?
Flint's Fine Furniture.
S?age?Mon* tor Smnrncr T>ri<i?rrtr?.
Knolnry Price?.
014 Fol-S* Concert In the Oprra Boose on the night
of Tuesday, June L
The funerei of Mr? Caroline A. Chandler, widow
of Thomas V.'. Chandler, <i( Port Chester, ?v..? h"M
In It. Peter*a Eplacopsl Church on Thursday, Bhe
jeavea two daug itere, Mr?. Alice Terhune .???,? Mlaa
Kittle Chandler, and one son, ori.-imio T. chnn lior.
Arrangi menta lave boon made for the reopening,
; under the dlreetloa .?i tho Klng*a DaiiBhters- Bo?
? letjr, ol the aummer hone for poor mothers, bablea
! an.l younir ?'hlhlron. on lh?? ??.'???.,??? that hav?? been
occupied by the Blodgett Home, north of thla vil
! 1.1/*.-, tu_ use ??' whl ii bsa I.?? ?~lv.?n by Predi rick
Potter, It Is expect ? at ths Homo will be opened
? In th" fir??t wo? k In J
Tl aaembera of the Bnug Harbor Tacht Club, P.
? J. Keenaa, Jr.. oorrmodoro, enjoyed a mippor given
? by tho newly elected officer? ot ili?* aeeoclatlon on
h ? 'lay evening in their clubhouae, at B. irta
? love
The marrlsse of Mina B?sele Eleonor Sh-idon.
daughter ot Mr and Mrs. 1. Melvln Bhel Ion, to Ar
iimr M l'alni, ? li .??.meed to take place nt the
home ??; ibe brlde'a parents, No. .'?' Bprlng-st., on
, Wednesday evening, June -.
Dire Balllngton Booth In tho gueal of Warden
1 ?!?,,; ???. O. v. Bage, snd to-morrow morning she
, will make sn adareea to the prisoners.
M? h .irr ? pter, Daughtera of the American ?
1 Revolution, will hold Ita annual reception on
j ?\>?1??? aday, commemorative of the "meeting of tl???
Provini lai C ingresa to arronce and prepara forth?:
war," which ''"'k place on May tl. lift. The ra?
o. pUon lr? given ene day earlier thla y ir, a?, the
Jfftn la Aacenalon Day. Major Philip Van ?.'on- ?
landt represen t??d w ? ?-?? rh? ?ter County In thai Con?
1 ? m, and the preset t ? leg? ?.?.: ot Mohegan ? "?..???'.-*~.
I Mrs. Anni.? Van Rene? laer Well?, la one of bla de*
, rondanti Thi following are the committee? Ir:
? ol the reception: Arrangements Mrs. John
Moa and Mr? William B. Barlow; Decorations,
Mra. De Witt Clinton Weld, Jr.. Mrs. Nathanl I B.
, Hyatl and Ml ? Carrie Armstrong; Reception, Mlaa
, Mangam, Mra, Mar;? K. Handford, Mrs. E. R
; Bteckwell and Mrs. Ralph raison?. Carriages, Mrs.
! William E. ?Barlow
A lectura "n Maneen'a jxpociition to th??, Nortii
Pole will be delivered by t.oulf? Viereck In tho ar*
mory of Bt. John'a Bnhool, in p ??? or tho Oeotnlng
Hoapltal, "ii Wedr.eaday evening At tho oioso of
the lecture the farce "Slasher and ?'rauher," will
?,? repeated hy the atudi nta of the ??rhool.
? -?
r ? ;r. ? s ? im..
Miry Orthmnn, WbO disappeared from her hnm?
In Piitr.irii Valley, a few miles north of here, on
,?'G.? p. ;?. ? - bo) ??? ? n ? md.
The Lad lea' Musini Club will nwet this af temooa
In th? i-?-? --um at 1:10 o'clock.
ii.-rinniiiK with this evening th?? Department of
?'p,.? Cleaning of tl?o village will otaran the ntreots
Uto nt night.
Two runaway? sticurri ? here yeetsrday uftemoon.
' At.,,u ? ,.?. a ?. .i hors? attached to the bakery
ir-agi " el i?' ?_**eechneT, of White Plains, bi ime
1 frightened and un down ?Cortlend-st., iina?hin)j ths
Aboul SO hour later a hors.? own.? 1 hy .1. \\
Tompklna rr.n :hva>? while Hie ilriver was In th?'
Tarryi ?wn National Bank. The wagon wa? ?lightly
ilAmaged and one o( the hone I ? waa broken.
.lu? k-"ii Engine Company, al i;? last p.ting, hi>
pointi : the [ollowlng Parade Commlttes; Chsrlea
i.roea chairman; ???????? Bins, William J- Deverlll,
;,, ;. ? M ' Ona? ? ? and ????- ?? ?? ?ir?)H.?..
The annual dinner of thi Alumna Aaeoclatlon of
M:-?, c i.. Manon'? achool. The Caatle, will be held
at lh? Hotel .J*?v">?. la Now fork City, <>n Batur?
day next.
?api.tip Shiiiu??! R?aua nt!i'll?loil the golden wed?
ding of ?? and Mrs. Jsmea ? Thu ? r, ol ????,,?
l > ? ?. un Wi '?u? '? ; evenlna ? tptaln ?:???!?? ? waa
preeeal at the marriage, ? ? Mi> II, im?. Mra Thur
i?rr la ?' iptaln Requaa cousin
Frederick J PeUl, ?? business man f Malti et ,
lay received new? of th.? dc.ith of his father,
ll.-nniii? lVtrl, which 0OOU11 iti In Verdun, I luir ????,
The iruateei of Irvtngtoa md Tarrytown will hold
? joint mooting in the corporation rooms. In Main?
ai., ih? village, on Tueedai afternoon f??r the puf?
fi , implslnta ?"hi ?(? m ? \ be made
? :, ?n to hi ill? ulon <.' Bunn) tide Lane
A in-p.minai y meet ina for the purpose >f organ?
Islnj ?> lodt.? ??.- Knlghta .?r Honor will be held in
the hall <>f tho young Men'? Lyceum on Tu? ida y
evening. The date ?f tho annual meeting ?>f the
Tarrytown university Extenalon Centre baa baea
c..-r - 1 from 'iliumiry :.?._; to Tue-lay. l'rofeiDor
?DrdalTwW: fouim?vET
Twenty-five hundred of them will be placed on sale this mornintf
at ten o'clock
Yesterday's prices 50c and 75c. Not a Shirt Waist in the lot that
doesn't sell regularly at 7?c or more. Some up to $1.25.
Figured and striped percales and fancy lawns.
WOMEN'S GLOVES. Imported by Hilton?
Hughes 8? Co., and in bond when we
bought this Store. Onlv want to sell
Gloves with our own trade-mark. There?
fore the following unprecedented offerings:
Woman's pique kid G,loves, ?1 and 4 buttons, white,
tan, butter and pearl. Original 11.75, thrn ?1.
They i*o to-dav at
Mousquetaire Gloves, 12- button length, suede in
the new shades of tan, mode, pearl and woad,
that were originally 91.78, will be sold to-day at
The s.ime as the above, Id-button length, that
were originally 19.25, will be sold to-day at
WOMEN'S SHOES. Bicycle Boots, kidskin,
chocolate and black, 52.35. Not matched
under 14.
Oxford Ties, ten varieties, all the new shapes,
dark brown and black, ti. A high
standard for 18 Shoes.
WOMEN'S HATS. Imported straw Sailor
Hats, 35c: regularly 50c. Bicycle and
Walking Hats, cloth and straw, taste?
fully trimmed, $1 to 15.
BOYS' SAILOR SUITS. Last of lots?popu?
lar styles. Perfectly tailored??handsome
Iv finished. Sizes 3 to It years. Prices
drop to quick selling point to square
stocks. Comparisons ?ire with yester?
day's prices:
$3.50 FROM If?Of fine worsted, navy blue,
? ned with red-and-black soutache; some
va n h ?.?.iv.te-and-black soutache and tlat braid;
others with nine rows black siik soutache.
$4.50 FROM $6 AND $7-Of rough serge; $age
j?reen and Havana brown; extra large coll_r,
Mouse mt?t in ana piece: ?even rows silk sou
tjvji'.e, silk-embroidered shield.
$4.50 f-k< >M $6 -Fine all-wool black rough serge,
nine rows silk soutache on collar and shield,
very stylish.
CANDIES. Made in our own factory and
absolutely pure.
The finest Mixed Candies, SOc I pound.
.Mixed Chocolates, regularly 80c; here at
'ine a pound.
French Cherries; cream dipped, chocolate
covered, regular 50c, <-r,c a pound.
PARASOLS. New, elegant Sun Screens, to
go thus?
SI, Witti $1.25 TO $2.25-01 India Silk, ?**-,
with ttktti border, white and black with tra.
broidered and grenadine ruffle.
$1.20, WERE $2--O? changeable taffeta silk, three
style*-stripes, brown, red, navy, green ind plum.
$1.50. WERE S-.25 TO J..7J -Of India silk, Mad-,
and-wh'te an ligu???.!; also wmte bacale.! tat
teta; double <*renjdine ruffle.
$2.50, WERE SUI TO $5 -Of white Irdia tffc-,
handsomely tr.mmed with polka dot grenadine.
All have natural wood handles. Fetching
styles?most positive bargains.
frames, beautifully trimmed, IS, *t and
*."> for the *.j, tu and $7 sort. ?Models of
ME.VS CLOTHINQ. Ready-made Serge
Suits, tailored to make the most critical men
feel comtortable in them. Blue and black.
AT HI?Of fine quality ser^-e, coat? h.ilf lin-d;
colors guaranteed.
AT *I5 Of line .?ua'nty ?effe, broad facings, s?imi
of coat silk t.ipe I. liu* back in vest. Very
MEN'S BICYCLE SLITS. Nobby styles, all
wool materials, at $3.75, reduced from
15 and 17.50. Too cheap to be dupli,
cited. All sizes to-dav.
MEN'S FANCY SHIRTS. Shipment expected
vesterdav delayed bv mislaid freight car.
Vou mav expect them by ten this morn?
ing. FIFTY CENTS for 11 and 11.60
Summer Shirts.
MEN'S NECKWEAR. Rick black satin Neck?
wear at HALF PRICKS. Regular Nt,
11 and 11.50; are 85c, 50C and H?c.
Puffs, Tecks. Four-in-Hands, Ascots and
Straight Ties.
of the finest Lake trie grapes, I little
sugar added?and no other foreign sub?
stance. Free from alcohol. Quarts, .">0c,
15.50 a doz. ; pints, '?oc, 12. to a doz.:
ha If-pints. 1.3c. 11.75 a doz.
Formerly A. T. Stewart & Co.,
Broadway, ?tti Ave., 9th and 10th Sts.
Jackson, of Columbia University, "?ill ??ve an ad?
dress ?:? the extension movement.
M --. Bessie Perkins, of Windle Park, will nail for
E'ir.'po m?xt Wedn? ? lay.
Colonel Ciraham Bacan Is now occupying his aun>
mer mimo.
Edwin Fohenck, of N'ow-York City, hns rented th?
Green cottage, In Broadway, for tho summer.
Tho principal's report of the Poeantl"o Hills Pub
li,?. S? hool shows etghteon names on the roll of
honor. MI?? I-Ill?e Tumor and Mas Mary Cos
iTrove ar?? tlsd for flrst honors, oar'n having obtained
!?." per cent.
.Sows lias boon roootved here of the death of
Mra. Taylor, of Fort Wsdswortb, N. V. Mrs. Tay?
lor was the mother o:' William H. Taylor, of BSaot
View. She was ninety-nine years ol?l.
The n**w camp of the Sons of Veterans will meet
to ortranize on Tuesday evening, under the direc?
tion of Ceorge E. Johnson, State Inspector of the j
ArrancoTnent*? ar" bolng made to hold a fair for I
tho benefit of St. Mark's Episcopal Church Swedish I
MI.-'Mon. Th.? fair will bs hold early in June In St. I
Mark's parish house.
The Bpworth League of St. Paul's Mo*hodlst Epis- I
copal Church, of which tho Hev. <?. A. Clark Is |
paator, Will hold a conversation party In the par- j
sonaire on next Friday evening.
Tho annual parade and Inspection of th?? Fir*
Department will be hold on Monday. May "1. The
local branches of the Koregter??, Odd FoUoWl and
American Mechanics will tako part, and the parado
will be reviewed by the Board of Trusi?????..
The Rer. Frank it Bhepard will preach in the
Presbyterian Church to-morrow evening.
Invi?! Duteher, an old resident of this vUla?*?.
dlod on Thursday.
The children of the First Methodist Episcopal
Church are arranging for an entertainment
The eleventh annuii complimentary concert given
by the Bedford Musical Society in tho Mount Ktaco
Methodist Episcopal Church on Tuesday evening was
largely attended. The chorua, andar the direction of
John It. Grant, assisted by Mi-s Marthe ?1. Miner,
soprano; Miss /.ora ?? ROrbocker, ?ito: Ktbsn
Allen Hunt, ter.or. and Dr. Carl K. Unfit, barytone,
of Kew-Von*. gave "The Triumph of Pa?, id.'' hv
I'Udley Buck*. "Calila," by Gounod, and "Lord, How
Victorious," from "Cavalleria ftoattoana."
???? ?NAH.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert ???;,t and their fami!?*, of
Brooklyn, are at thotr country home here for the
Invitai lona have been received by a lartte number
in Katntiah to fha wedding of tOMM A. Hoyt, of
NVw-York. tho son of Mr. and Mrs Albert Hoyt, of
this place, and Miss (?ra,??.? ?Bowman, who formerly
lived hero. The marriage v?.ill t.?i.? place m june
?, at IM lu tho evening at th??. home or the
bride'? parente, the ftev. and Mrs. s. L Bowman, in
Newark, N. J.
FVM.ri'.A PB l'KAD.
Cromwell Post Mo M?, Q. A. R?, ? B Long cote?
mander, at it.?? -MOtlag on Thursday evening in
White p.c.in?, adopted resolution? rnademnlng the !
erection of monument? to Confederate dead in West?
oh? atar County. The most elgalfleant poni?.? of the
rwoluttoa read? a.?? follow?:
"Resolved, Thai we, ns thirry-.-fx >.-Hre ago, be
, . ??*, know, w? rar? eternally right and every
?rostige Ot r.lx'lllon Wrong, ami we will do a.i in our
power to leach Ih? risim* generation its truth, and
everywhere and "pon every naoaaloa will eoademn
iho rsMftg of monuments ? thosa wn?> rebelled
agnina) one of the bee? governments ander the run,
and thai those who did so were rebels, and known
u.? such, no matter what other or nor? ,??? ?,????.?
name may In latei rear? b applied t.. them, and
that the ei*ectlon ??f h monument, and particular!) ? .
o'.d loyal vVesl .heater County, to rammemorate iheir
ecu and deed? ?? an ?Hm Insult to our Hag and to
the memorj cf Wettcheater*? patriotic men of ITA.
l?! ?, and every Union aoldler who wore the blue from
IMI to W?."
-.? ?
The Smith Infirmary Fair nt the Pavilion Hotel
in Hi?? (Irci i*Vo days netted ahout $1,600. Tho fair
oloeed met ?>?.??????? wllh a .Lance.
A BMOttaB of the HKhiiiond Euchre Club wu?.
hold yaaterdaj afternoon at the home of Mrs. Park
j. White, Ott n Ridge
Tin? final ??.???????* for the season of th?? Kato
Wheelook Whist Club will be held nt the horn?.? of
?? ? E l'air?! ni. New-Brighton, on Monda;
Bt, Auatln'i Acsdemy Athletic ?'lub will hoid Its
annnni contee) on Thursday afternoon.
Atlanti, ? Ity. N. J., May _1 iSp.'.-iali. ? confort
will be given st the 8t. Charles Hotel on Sunday
evening by the BL Charlea orvhe.ua under tha
direction of AJfrad Ws_n-r. Be?i?i.-.s theorr__?tral
Belf.ctlt.ns, irr>sriy of an operatic on?r?rt*r, there
will be a solo on the violin by Mr. Wagner sai
ono on tlie cornet by Mr. Luti.
The license of Captain James Wilder o* tb?
Mallory Line ?;f_mer L<*ona, in which thirteen
Ftcera<r? passengers lost their Uvee by fir-, at tea
on May t, was revolcM yesterday by the United
Btatee Board of Steam Vessel Inspectors. The
flndlnfta o? the report on which action was taken
are as follows:
We hive carefully examined the evidence In th?
case or the etoamar I.-or.a. in which a G.;? oc?
curred while ofT Rarnejrat at 2 a. m . May s. Ukt
by whi'h thirteOD person? lost their live?, and
while ot the <?i>iiiioii that the cause of the fire
??.uii.ijt he attributed to .my want of care on the
part of the ofllcers of the. eompanjr, or of th?* ?lu?
in th?? matter o? Btoaraae; nor is there any e? leace
to show there was miy inllammable material in
the steerage when?. th>? en rito was store?!. &? t:.*
rolls o: begging which irete stowed ther?? _a\>*
never be?-n considered as such but had the repu?
tation of beiti?; llroproo.'; and tho cases of mat ?MS
were Stowed In as good a pia???? as coul.l b.? found
on that de.-k. and that th<* ?tr?? did not or ?a-inste
with them, for, on examining the location of the
lire, we found thousands of loose matches amona"
tl?.,- d?bris that had never be.-n touched by fir,-;
but we are of the opinion that there has bee?
neglect on the part of tho master In not keeping
the watchman in th.it department In which trie
steerage passengera a/ere, as required by __??. The
penalty of this nejilt-ct Is the [.?vocation of the
license, ???,? era therefore, a.?? per authority con
:"? rred upon us, revocate the lleense of Jam?*
Wilder as master ani pilot of steam vessds, th?
same to take ?deer, this dar.
Supervising; In?*p?vtor Starbuck at once oi J*r*d
the revocation of the l?ense nf Captain Wilder.
II.. does not believe thai the latter will mali? any
- o
Serjeant McOlynn of the I'ark poli-e was m?k?
ln,? a tour of li.speetlon In Central I'.irk >*?:?rdar
when a man ran up to him a, ?r %i I ? nty-aever.th
st. and said that a woman was arOWStaf ka the
lake a short ?'.isl?n .. ?way. A brief run to tae
water allowed th* eeegeaat a plainly deeo?d young
woman floundering In th.. lata under a Ufi ????0**
of th?* hank. **he had unfurled an umbre!.a :o !.?'.'>
her In k?"?ping h.?r head al>r>\.. vv.r :?, ? -d
esHftedly for help. U'i'n .?m? dlttVnhy the ?or?
geant lowered himself lu.o UM branches of ? tree
which overhung the l.ik'-. A ,'ltlz.r. followed h;ro
an?l held on to his coal irhlle th? ?erseant? br
reaching out, succeeded In uklne; hol ? _: the um?
brella the woman held oui to bin, and drew her to
th?? bank. Bhe Bald ehe wa* Mary Bodengen, and
had accidentally fallen Into the lake. Blu- was ?dal
to the Presbyterian Hospital.
coming DEPARTMENT parades.
Colonel Warins: announced yestrrd.i? ? ; ?
second annual parad?? of the ivpartm- nt - M
Cleaning arti, take pleee on the afternoon of There
day, May 27. It wl.l be?!n In r.luhth-ave. and *^?l
in Avegaee a. The leileeriaeaiata win fee oa
M Irdleoa S'Uiar?.
About three thausand New-York policemen will
tak?? part In ihe annual panda BC the force ??a
June i. ?"'?' Acta?- Inepeetor Ai,a I is been lrlh?
r,. p.'lire by eoaapanlae and ! ittallona In :he
UiU Itaglaarnl nmrrr '** rf"*' ?operada
There win be aoven battalions o! marching p>l?f*?
????. and in addition there will igf*
,,? mounted men and m?-n on bicycles, whil? m~
,)u. . ??. ? ? igons will he on ? ' " ;
?M?ki.i th? parade (tend d ? \
staff. Ten regimental Made v.m ni?*.?- the t*****
for the parado.
The aaaa af the Kattoa ii ? ? el Ceaaaserea and
other banking Inatlftleera whleh cow ?
Clearing Houae .*.-?> ?alien In i?-.'t. '? ' '??'?
trusteee ?>f UM old l'Ine *-i:r?-et Clearl I Heuea
building and the tmetcee ?>r the present Ciurmi
House Association, was <lo?e,| reeierd k). Bkal :
decision ot the rafataaa win ba b_insV**d dowa hi ,???
fall The ?un ?? a Irtaadti eraa, and e ??
t?r determine who ehould reoeire Un profits '
lag from ? lie sale of the old ' lea. I;,;, "
ubmttted by both bid,.*, and It **?'?
thai u meeting of the relercee in the uiat.ar
be held lu the fall.

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