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the ?u?-? TBorm.B rnr-r*iTATEP bt thb
SHARP BJi? i\ 771 k , (??"ON STOCK r.g THB
Little surpr!s?> was created when ihe an?
nouncement wan made from the rostrum of the
New-York Stork Exchange Immediately after
the opening of business at lo o'clock ye?ter?1ay
morning of the failure or Pecker. Howell A Co.,
stock broker? at No. 44 Broadway. There had
been rumor? the preceding day that' the firm
wmld probably have to no to the wall. These
rumor? had been started by notices from Decker,
Howell A Co. to other firme to close contracts
which Decker. Howell A Co. had with them The
rontiarts were to be closed "?or the account of
Pecker. Howell A- Co.." which meanf that Deck?
er. Howell ft Co. would rot receive or deliver the
stacks called for In the contracts, but that any
losses on the contract? were to be charged up to
the firm.
At one time Decka-r, Howell & Co. was num?
bered among the leading stock house? In the
Street. The firm failed just prior to the Baring
p*nlc of 1?K?. and alth'.ugh it ?mm n-sum? d
its preetlge we? gont. and its business
dwindled, until for the iast two ..r three years
it had practically no business. Having lost
nearly all it? customers, the Arm recently un?
dertook ?peculation <m its own account. It got
short of th? market" and wit? caught in the
recent rise In value?. The ?harp rise of six
point? in the common stock of the American
Sugar Refining Company 'Sugar Trust! en
Monday precipitated the failure. It vas stated
that the firm was short 8*000 shares of this
stock, upon which a loss of fifteen points, or
$190.000, was shown.
There were all sorts of ridiculous report? in
circulation about the cause, extent and effect of
the failure. While no authoritative statement
was to be obtained, it was not thought that the
liabilities would exceed .VJ.V1.000. It wa? con?
ceded that the assets would be found to be
small There were no transactions "under the
rule" on the "Exchange for the account of the
firm: consequently the failure was without In?
fluence on the stock market. So far as could be
esrertalned. the loans secured by the firm from
banks and other lenders of money were not
above .?100.000, which is a small sum for a Wall
Street house.
The firm is composed of Joseph S. Pecker and
William A. Williams. Mr. Decker is the memb?
of the firm who belongs to the Stock Exchange.
He joined the F.xchange on March <?. 1ST.". The
firm hae been in exislence since October 'J<>. 1808.
At the time of Its failure. November 11, Wn,
the partners were Mr. Decker, Mr. Williams,
George R. Howell and William Evans. Jr. Mr.
Evans withdrew after this* failure, and Mr. How?
ell died October 7. l^O-V The firm succeeded to
the business of the old Wall Street house of
Leonard. Sheldon & Co.. which was founded In
The failure in 1890 was sensational in its char?
acter. Whan the firm stopped It was doing an
enormous business, %nd It was borrowing on
collateral no less tluin $12.000.000. The failure
was due to a heavy slump in the securities of the
Northern Pacific Railroad. It was said that a
capitalist prominent in the management ?if the
Northern Pacific had s large account in Decker,
Howell & Co.'? office. He was in Europe, and.
failing to respond to a call for margins, the firm
had nothing to do but to confess Its Inability to
meet its obligations.
William Nelson Cromwell, of th? law firm Of
Sullivan & Cromwell, of No. 41 Wall-st., was ,
named as assigne?. Through his efforts, it was
said, the Northern Pacific capitalist was in?
duced to come to the aid of the firm, and on
January V2, 1801, sixty-one day? after the fail?
ure. Mr. Decker was reinstated t-> membership
in the Stock Exchange and the firm resumed
business, having paid 100 cents on th" dollar
with Interest. Mr. Cromwell's fees, as allowed
by statute, were something like $250,000. In
addition, for his excellent work, the firm pre- ]
?ented to Mr. Cromwell a silver dinner service |
worth S.WOOO.
When the Arm stopped yesterday it made an
assignment to AJbbsob Fisher. Jr , without pref?
erences. Mr. Fisher was cashier for the firm
for many years About a year ago the Arm cut
down expenses by giving up part of Its spa
clous office and dispensing with most of its
clerk?. Mr. Fisher left the firm at this time,
but his departure was because of poor health.
He might have retained his place. Mr. Fisher
said it would bf a week or more before he could
make any statement as lo liabilities and assets.
There was a story that the failure was caused
by the neglect or inability of John C. Eno to
provide margin for storks which Decker, How?
ell & Co. were carrying for him. Mr. Decker
said Mr _no had not a speculative contract for
a dollar with his firm. Mr. Eno simply had a
de?ik in tbe firm's office, but was not concerned
in or involved by the failure in any way. Mr.
Decker said some of th?? firm's customers had
not kep-f up their margins, but the failure was
in reslity ?lue to the firm's own operations in
stocks. The firm had. to he exact, exhausted
its resources Not only had the office expenses
beep heavy, but also the Individual expense?
of the ni'-mbers of the firm. The firm had no
branches in New-York or in other cities and
ha?! no private wires.
Roth Mr. Decker and Mr Willlama are pa.?
the age of fifty Mr. Decker lives at the (Jar
den City Hotel, (larden City, Long Island, and
Mr. William? at Tarrytown. It is considered
Improbable that they will resume business. Mr.
Eno was at their office yr-sterday. ; It was re?
ported that among the customers of Ii<,-ker.
Howell ft (Jo were Thomas F Oakes, es-preel?
dent of the Northern Pacific Railroad, and J. C.
Delemar. owner of the famous Oelemar gold
mines In Idaho.
Th?re was asa'.n great excitement in Sugar
Btock OB th? Stock Exchange yesterday. The
opening price was 188%, or 1V? below the clos?
ing on Monday. There was a decline to 138%,
aftr* which an advane? set in. and th? price
was carried to 1o7T%. the highest price ever
recorder! for the stock Then there was a de?
cline to 13? at the clo?e The total deBllBS?
for the day were more than 78,000 share?, or
more than one-third of the transactions in all
storks on the Stock Exchange list.
There wa? a sharp gain in the stocks of the
anthracite coal-carrying railroads on the de?
cision h\ Judge Chester tha? the Attorney-tien
orel could not compel them to furnish Informa?
tion tn a pro.-epijing against them for a'|cc..d
violation of the Anti-Trust law Delaware and
Hudson advanier] 'J*,, IbBBSJIISllBBJIB and West
em preferred '?;%. Neva-Jersey Central 1%, Rent?
ing second preferred 1>4. Reading first pre?
ferred D-?. Reading common 1% and Ontario
and Western '?..
David Wlleox. counsel for the Delaware and
Hudson Canal Company, ?aid of Judge Chester's
decision: "The decision of Judge Chester. In
tbe proceeding* instituted bf the Attorney-Gen?
era! to examine the presidents of the coal com?
panies, goes to the foundation (,f the system of
procedure sought to be established by the Anti
Trust act of 1S97. It holds that the act is un?
constitutional because Its terms compel a wit?
ness to testify to matter? subjecting him to lia?
bility to criminal prosecution, without at the
same time providing that the wliness shall not
be pro-sectited regarding the matters as to which
he testifl -s. No constitutional right Is more Im?
portant than that of personal liberty Notwith?
standing passing clamor, which has no basis
of fact and no real support of public sentl
n <-n?. that right ha? been once more ably vindi?
cated In this learned and vigorous opinion of
Ju'lii" Chester."
Francis l.ynde Stetson said "I believe the
decision Is entirely correct. The procedure un?
der the so-called Anti-Trust law Is unconstitu?
tional, and the act doe? not provide a constl
U'lonal procedure. Th? decision Is technical.
but It Is correct, es I regard It, u far u it
I goe?. Beyond that I do not cere to say any
; thing at present."
? John II Dos Passos said: "The opinion of
, Judge Chester has been anticipated by mem
I ber? of the bar who have studied the question.
All of the?e ?o-c?lled Anti-Trust law? ere. In
, my opinion, unconstitutional, and will be so
declared, one after the other, when presented
to the regular judicial tribunals, if the courts
should sustain the Anti-Trust laws, the effect
would be to declare Illegal all the labor unions
and ?Srgant?atlon? which have existed for years.
and?hey would Inevitably be dissolved. The
lawSof supply and demand I? the criterion by
which to test these combinations. All the peo?
ple have to do Is to await the Influence of thl?
Inexorable law 'or their remedy, and whenever
this law !? violated the combination 1? doomed.
The history of commercial combinations shows
that only about one out of every ten has been
successful. One after the other they tumble to
pieces without the Interference of the courts.
In the course of a few years the laws against
combinations will be regarded as dead letters,
because they will prove inefficacious."
The Improvement in the financial situation in
the last two weeks has been amazing. Particu?
larly Is this true of Wall Street. ' In two months
the market value of the capital stocks of twenty
railroads ha? Increased; In round numbers, sno,
? m m ?,? n m i. There has been a corresponding en?
hancement In the stocks of some of the leading
industrial companies. Especially noteworthy in?
stances have been the advances in Standard Oil
Trust certificates and the common stock of the
American Sugar Refining Company, otherwise
the Sugar Trust. Standard Oil certificates are
not listed on the New-York Stock Exchange, but
they are extensively dealt in by "outside brok?
ers.'' A director of the Sugar Trust said:
"Sugar stock might sell at 150. and even higher,
simply on the ability of the company as a divi?
dend-earner. No one in Congress or out of Con?
gress will do anything to harm this great Ameri?
can Industry, and It will be treated fairly to say
the least. At present the sugar trade Is bright?
ening under the general revival In business. Peo?
ple have been expecting to buy sugar at a lower
' price, and have held off until their supplies are
too low. They have now begun to buy, and this
ts lowering the stocks of the refineries and hard?
ening the sugar market. The Sugar Company
is in an excellent position to meet any sudden
activity in the trade, and Is at present doing a
very large business."
There has been a fifteen "?oint rise In Chicago
r?as certificates, based chiefly on the measure
passed at the last session of the Illinois Legis?
lature permitting the consolidation of the several
companies In the old Chicago Gas Trust Into one
corporation. It ma> not be generally known
that the Chicago Gas concern controls the acety?
lene patents for the city of Chicago. Acetylene
gas ts to be used to enrich the gas now fur?
nished, and It is asserted that I? will give to Chi?
cago the highest candle-power gas of any city
In the Fnlon.
roNSPicrorR for their activity.
The stocks of the so-called Granger railroads,
the great grain-carr> ing lines of the West, have
been and are likely to continue to be conspicuous
for tbelr activity and gain In value, by reason of
the large export movement of grain, one of
these stocks, howevet, has been nti exception. It
is that of the Chice.?*? Greet Western Railroad.
Within a few days this stock has eOBBB into
prominence and ha? had a substantial rise, ac
1 companied by a report that the road was likely
to be acquired by one of the large railroad sys
, terns with which It connects. The stock of the
road is largely owned in England. This road oc?
cupies a unique position. It has no bonded debt
whatever. Inder the reorganization there was
an assessment of Sin a share on the common
stock. The stock is still selling below that fig?
ure, hut as the road has been put In excellent
physical condition, earnings will not hereafter
have to be devoted to that purpose, but instead
will go to the stockholders. The Chicago Gieat
Western Is sometimes called fie Stlckney road,
after Its president. A. R. Stlckney. The earnings
of the road the last three days of last week in
creased $0,200 over the corresponding period in
The feature of the bond market at the moment
is the turning of commission-house buying into
second-grade bonds. First-grade bonds are at
such high prices as not to Invite new orders.
One house the other day received an order to in?
vest S'JlMi.iiOO in Ab'hison 4s. Northern raciflc
4s. Reading 4s. and Susqnehanna and Western
| 5s. The Investor in question had not put any
money in this claps of bonds for years. The low
rates for money, for one thing, are raising the
bids for bond?.
There was a two-cent rise in wheat ye.Merday
The visible supply of wheat is 80.00(1,000 bushels
less than it was In this country a year ago. The
amount afloat for Europe Is 14.0(10.000 bushels
less. Stocks the world over are light. The win?
ter wheat crop Is of excellent quality, and will
meet a good demand when offered for sale.
The eomp'.aim in the suit brought In the Supreme
Court by Mrs. r?al.-?le Isabel Ros? to recover fron:
her former husband. MlllHrd V. Pnlhemus. a sum of
$20.1-?,, which she alleged ?he lent him to pn'rhaa? a
seat on Die Stock Exchange In November. ISN, and
\ also to set nside a general release for this sum, ex
! e<?iited by ber under seal to the defendant, was
| yesterday di?mis?ed by Justi, e Smyth.
Mrs. Ross Is the ?laughter of Joseph Thompson, n
: builder and bank director, who died In IB?, Bf?
' married Polhetnu? in April, IBM, and they separated
' in May. IM, Mrs. Pnlhenn:? ? year later secured a
decree of absolute divorce, and was permitted to re
' sume her maiden name. She married her present
I husband, with whom she lives at the Hotel Majestic.
In June, 1MB, Tne ?all was brought In the interim
between the divorce and the second marriage The
! plaintiff all?ged that when she lent the mon?:" to
i lier husband. uncording to the rules of the Stock
Exchange she was compelled to exe^iiie a pa-noral
release f?r any sums lent to the defendant before he
? could be admitted as a member. She gsserted,
, however, that Polhemus had agreed to pay her the
i amount loaned him. with Intereet. The defendant
denied that the ?20.0HU was given to him as a loan
ard said that It was a gift He ??so set up a? a
defene? lo the claim the re!?-;?se ezeeutcd by the
.1 istlea Smyth held that the BJ0.S" was a valid gift
by Mrs. Polhemus to her husband; and tha* as no
nllegrttlcn was made In the oomplaint that the re?
lease given by her was obtain? d either by fraud or
a? the result of a mutuel mistake, th? complaint in
thai respeit was fatally defective. "I'pon a esreful
examination and consideration of the evidence."
the Justice says. "I am led to the conclusion that
the money advanced by the plaintiff to her hu?
hnnd was. in fact, a valid gift to enable him to be?
come a member of the Stork Rxchangc and to <om
plv with It? rul?p. and the money Wba accepted by
him for that purpose only, and was applied to the
purpose for which It wa? niv.-n and accepted, and
was in no <s? n.-e n loen of money, that tli.-re aai
neither fraud nor mlsrep-esentgtion practised or
attempted 10 be practised by the defendant upon
the plaintiff, nor was there any mlstnke on the
part ,,f either of tbe parties ns to tetms and con?
dition? ipon which the money was given "
- - -?
oil ut CALENDARS SOB ti? pat.
\rpe ?f'*' IHvlelon Supreme <""urt h?,-?-??
F irr?ine Court Sped?! T?im-l'?r* I liefer? Bneeell,
j Pourt opera ei i?v:v> a m. Xo. i. Raeenbacb agt
Rosenbach: Xo. 2 v?rmi-r,t Lumber Company set Bari
??;:, So |, H-ln ?gt Hein: Bo. ?. Hfl!?-r ag> Pot??h;
, No. f, r?'?p ? et,', ?igt Ho|t?n. Be ?. Baaar "ft. Baeer;
; \r> ". <;???? n?t I'nlted state? Paaualt?, coameiy; Bo. B,
m?"*r if 'i-vln'h: No. ?. Smith *k' CUM?; Be* 10,
[?atilng agt Mattii?a??: No. 11. Ptulti a?, o. Mlnturn
w ..r,i?ii Cycle Company; Nr. \2. Blauveii ?n? Inearanr?
i l?rk?' Mutual K?ne|U At*o<-i?t!r,n; \? || Klauhar ?(t
8?/-,r-h- No. 14. Mi-iJrsth agt Pajer. V. IB, Frank agi
' Me??r: No Ifl. R.,h?H* agt. Fit?. Bo, IT. H, 1er agi
Pitch: N* IB. R*?l Emit? TruM ?'<>m>,,?r,y ,.f Neat York
?gt Realtv Trim!. No. 1?. l?n??n Hgt Third A^?n^^?
Ballri a-1 rompan y No. 20. <;?rm?n National llnnk of
PttUburg. Penn all ("}ln?on No 21. Weaendop-ri a?
' Kellheimer: N?. 22 People ?* ml Nea/Ule ag?. I|.,,,s*\ ?It.
No 2? Wlic-og ?gt Tllne: No 24. matter r.f I? >?? ng.
No 2S. Peopl?. etr-.. ?gt. Mdbrbwk; No. ?, Romeo ag?.
, QaTOfalo; No 2*. Atnerl.-ar. Wriiu-g HacfeRM Compa?)
?gt I.w.rr. No 2S |i,?r agi Mllehell; No. '.t?. Poo.antl.-.,
; W?t?r BTorkl <*omp?n> agt. Um . \, go i;?hriel ??gt
Slriilat, A?ph?Ii Paving Oempaav: No. It, Kcaiolibaii?
. ?gt \\',lv?ir?. No S2. Rotiiui? ngt RoImisii: Vo. B?.
' m?iu?r of Wieaiera; No. 14 m,i lena ha a ?gt. White; .s"
3". S-ho?nl,?rger agi. Kirn Hungarian 8<-ri?ti?nh-iii-1.
No :iv l>or,|?. OU., agi BaobhoB*; No. :iij. carlough agr
?arlough: N., 40. Walla.h ?gt l<,.|?i?kv, No. 41. niati?
1 of Blake; B?. 42. Btrarh agi. lu?-. Ka 4,1. Maho?, a?.
, t ?, Q Vu?ngll?.g Br?wlng lliaipena/; N<, 44 t*?i?m agt
; tt.glln. No. 4r.. Sinti?-- a?. Un,.?, ?h,ml, * ?? . N ?'!
Sotneheig a(t Boanaberg; No, t7, RosenAelri agi K gi
i non: No. 4S. A?.tei?n agi. Mv?r?. No. 41?, Ulan? agi.
I H:ati?. No .'hi. Berrtll agi Hate?. Xo M Krlft?in ?a
Brlwela: No. .%2 win?? ?gi n?k. No, f,.l. matt?- ef
Sharp. No :,4 Ma.Aiiley ag?. Hal?,lri. No. IB MorrI? n
i a?. Sehlauabr: No, IW. <ioi,it>erg agt Beraetetn; No. f,7
Ba'l.ar agi Kuril: No. SB, Tu?, h ngt ?iernian Saiing?
! Hank. Bo. IB, ImbWbg agi. S>ph?>
sip,?m? i ,irt Special Tarea Part ll iv,?,-,?.- Tiaei, .1
i'ourt 0MM at H?:.*10 h. m. K* nerte ?natter?
Surrogat?'? Quart? Oi?nnr?r? -f?>t.ir? Ar;iol?l S Va
1SBB, will ?f Hewlif ?*. |_wrenr?. at II? 3<? ?.. m. No i',7
?*'at? at Hertha Hann, ?i U);S?i a. m Will? f?r arnbate*
Pedro A. Segura. I?am?l Kell. Man K. i'om?|l ?l?iirul,i
Bchulmerlrh, ,lo?#|,h Dru?tatter, Mari* ? Trout.at at
1?):?) a m.
?itv Court Spulal T?>rni lt?f,-r* F"llrj,lnr,.u? J_
Court oix-nsi at 10 a. m. Motion? ?l in :?? a n,
s,ii,r<m" ?'ou?t.
Hy Truag. J
Bro-k? a?? Walker fiavld Th'm?BO
Pavo S>?\en??>n Rreaalng Tompaai ?gt. Dimran?-Gil?
bert M ripilr
Poain a?. White?William A Andriwa
Wintburgh a? "T?n?burgh- Ham?iT OdilL
YONKEnt!. ?
Mayor Peene anel all Hi?? Aldermen wem present
at UM meeting of the Common Council Monday
night. Isas?- Van Sternherg ?nd Severn! other
owners of propert} ?. Walnut-st. asked that the
street be. extended from Elm-st. to the southerly
line o<* Ash-st., and the t'lty Clerk was directed to
give notlc?* that the Comet? would art on the peti?
tion at the meeting of August it. The Commis?
sioner of Publie? Works wns directed to prepare
I plans for the- macadamizing of Hartford-?'., from
! South Broadway to RIverdaTe-tve. The Commltte?
| on Public Buildings and Orounds was empower?*?"
to sp?'ii?l an additional liVK) on Manor Mall, and
1 Hall H. films was appointed Commissioner of
Professor A. V. \Y. Jackson, of this city, who has
the chair of Indo-Iranlan lnnKua-.es In Columbia
?ollege. New-York City, sails to-morrow for Eu?
rope. He will a?-? first to Berlin, where h* will
work till September 1. when he goer to Paris to
attend the International Congress of Orientalists
as delegate from the Amerle-ati Oriental Society.
Prom Paris he go'Stn l,on?lon. from which city lie
will sail for home on September It.
The annual outing of the \"onkers Teutonla Soci?
ety will take? place to-day at lona latand, starling
from the public pier at 9:no in the morning. Tue
siuxing section will give ;e loni'fri on the boat.
Tin- art class of the Afrb ,?n Methodist Kpiscop.il
Zlon church gave an exhibition of Its work on
Monday nljiht at the church. Twenty-six picture:?
were .shown, and twilv.? exhibitors ree-eived award?
of merit Son-*? of the work wns in oil and some in
The agitation hv the Board of Health to compel
dealers to ?<?!] unadulterated milk Is bearing fruit.
Yesterday Herman Feuer was lined $20 by Justice
Kcllogg for selling milk that was not up to the
standard. i'.ark A. Sloan?-, the milk Inspector,
?aused the arrest.
The exhibit of the public ?.-hools of Yonkers at
School No. in. in Cllnton-st., whle-h was op.-ned to
the public on Monday, Is attracting considerable
attention. This work was shown ?t the re.-ent
convention of teachers at the Normal College? in
New-York, and received favorable comment.
The moonlight excursion of the Epworth League
of the ?'entrai Methodist Episcopal Church,
planned fe?r last night, was postpone?! till to-mor?
row evening, owing to the ??form.
The special committee of the Board of Super?
visors on the enlarging of the old Jail held a Ion?
session yesterday In the county courtroom, discuss?
ing the various plans submitted by architect for
remodelling the structure.
The village trustees at their meeting on Monday
night awarded the contract for widening the <>n
tral-ave. bridge to John Jae-kman. of rtreenburg.
The width of the bridge Is to be increased twent*
feet, at a cost of I2.R0O
The Young Women'.?* Christian Association Is
making preparations for holellng another law?i
party for the benefit of the hospital the last of
this month. A meeting for the purpose of making
final arranger-er,-s ?rill be held next Monday even?
The Finance < ommlttec of the Board of TruatBOa
w.is unable to report the assessment roll complete?,
at the special meeting of the Board on Monday
evening, and another special meeting frill be held
on Fildav evening, when the commltlee expects lo
be read?, to pres.-n? the roll The great trouble
?'ncnuiitert-d this year has been the hunting up of
personal property. Just as the committee believed
It h.i?! finished it? work on Monday a list of addi?
tional personal property, amounttnc to more than
J5n0.ev?r). was handed In, linking It nee-ess-ary to
go over the entire roll again.
At a meeting of the Board of Health on Monday
evening a property-owner was fined leV) for failing
to ?ibnte an nllpjrrsl niilsan? a.
The propose?! wielenlng and straightening of th.?
southern portion of State-st. will prohahly be ac
compllahed, as the ownora nf the property Inter?
ested have offend to transfer the land needed for
the Improvement to the? village on lib'-ral terme.
The annual exciir.?inr of the Sunday-school of
th? Presbyterian Church takes place 'o-morrow t ? ?
Chestnut Grove, opposite Poughkeepsle.
A !awn* party under the auspices of the F.p
worth I.-ague, and arrange??", by Miss Mnttle Lee
Hanaburgh, will be given on the grounds at Mr
and Mrs Lewis H. Miller's horn?. In Palmer-ave..
this evening. Ona will he given to-night for the
beneflr of the ?lolden's Bridge Methn.Jlst Episco?
pal Church also. To-morrow evening the Ep
vorth League of (ha Bedford Station M?tlio?lls;
Episcopal Church will give a festival on the church
The Ladles' Aid Society of the Katonah Method?
ist Episcopal Church 1? preparing for a fair t?i
be held in the new village linll at an earlv date. In
connection with the fair an entertainment will be
Iven In the evening by ihe Mlzpah i'lrcleof King's
A ape? ial meeting will be held in the schoolhouse
?it H?--dford Centre this evening to elect a truste?
in pac?, of ;he late Mr. Weed.
Andrew R?-inle Sliver, on? of the hest-known
residents e>f this village, died at his home, in Heek
man-ave. on Monday evening He had been In poor
h.alth for some time, and his death was du? to a
tumor. Mr. SI ver was born In I.nurene?eklrk. S?or.
land, on August 24. 1*-*4. He rnme ?o Amerha In
188a", and s-,-?'i afterward removi-d to Tarrytown.
For mnry years h? araa asaoctaled with hla broth
era, David and Ceorge S'lvr. In manufacturing
shoes. Mr Silver leave?,? a aldOB and four grown?
up children Mr?. Frederick Manic**, "f Potsdam.
N. Y.: Mrs. William H. AldrMg?-. Miss Jean Silver
and John Silver. Be |s also survh-ed by two broth?
ers David, ea-prcaldent of and now i-'erk of ?he
village, and ?'eorge. a shoe manufacturer, of New
York e'ltv.
The funeral will be helel at hi? home to-morrow
afternoon. The service, there will be conducted by
the K?'V I>r. lohn Knux Allen, pastor of the First
Reformed Church "f which Mr. Silver was n mem?
ber for many years Burial will be In Sleepv Hol?
low ? em'-tery. Mr. Silver whs an old m??mt" r of
vVeotcheater Lodge. I, ?). O. F., and the futiera: will
lie conducted by the order
Th?? funeral of th* Rev. .ludson Hawley, whose
death took placa her" Sunday, was. held yester?
day at his htun?- in Rye, the service's being con
elilcteil liy the Rev I *,oorg.? W. KnOX. of the Pre?
bytertan Church. Mr Hopkins was slxty?*evcn
years old, anel was horn in N?-w-York City. He? was
a lineal ele-scen'lan' of Stephen Hopkins, signer of
th.- 1 >.-?-laratlo') of 1 nrt<-p< ml'-t-ce. end i\ s>r ?if
("enera] C,|l1n-rt Hopkins, who served in the War
of I8U.
A number of tne i.*H?iing buatneaa men of Port
Cheater held a clambake yeaterday afternoon ;n
Purdy'a Orove. The da- was ipeni In reaatlna* and
music. An after-dinner speech was ma?'" by
Robert Fltzslmnrton-s, who *?aa among the guest.?
John \v. Herb, a nac-kman. who wa? wanted by
th.- Port ?'h.-stnr police for assaulting Matthew
Moore, was arresred yesterelay and lo?*ke'd up In
th?? polie?? station. after a remarkable and darlni
attempt to get away. Iferb was coming down
Klng-st. when he saw Patrolman Jame? C?r*oh
??omltig towarei him. and. darhlng thro'igB a crock
erjr srore. he plunged into the river. Which sep?
arates N?'W-Ynrk and I onnei-ttcut. "You arrest
me now." he shouted. "I'm on the Connecticut
side." The noliren;,n ?ei-ured a boat and over?
hauled the fugitive, and. after an animated dis?
cussion concerning tho noii'idary line, the officer
seized Herb hv the hair and towed him to the
New-York ahore. Herb fought desperately, an.1
tried tei overturn the boat, but va? Safely lindel
in the village tail
I . Mrs. Fanny Martllng. one of the oldest residents
of this place. dle?| at her home. In Franklln-st., on
Monday. She wns born In this villnge ninety years
ago. Her funeral will be held this af'ernoon r.t her
late home, the Rev. Arthur F Mabon, pastor of the
Second Reformad Church, offiVlntlrg The burl-? 1
will be in Sleepy Hollow <>met?-ry
"The Princesa Rosebud." a falrv extrava.ganza,
whle-h was announced fe?r last eve?!ng, was post?
pone?] until tn-morrnn evening, owing to the |n
? ement weal lier.
The case of ?'bar?es Oraef for a?i application of a
wri' of cert lora rl agalnfl the assessors of the vil?
lage of Tarryown for i rev lew'of the new assess?
ment roll was In ?our* In ihe Kings Count} Su?
preme conn. In Brooklyn, yfsterdav William H.
H, Ely, the CorporatIon Counael, appeared for tiie
Th" thirtieth he-firing In the case nf John D and
William R??ckefeller against the as?f.?-nrs of the
town of Mo.n.t Pensant wa? held ?estrrday IWore
! Referee Franklin i "ouch, of Pe?k.?kll!. Frank \".
| MUlard. counsel for the asse-sors. |-Ompltt>M the
eross-examln.itlon of Thomas H. Purdy. a Rocke?
feller witness, after whle-h John W. Free, another
Rockefeller witness, was ree-alled
,lustl?*e Barnard of ihe Supreme Court ha? l??i?o(i
an Injunction retraining the Port Richmond Board
of Tnisiees from building the propose,1 boulevard.
The Board of Kdu.-atlon nf the Port Rb-hmond
1'nion Free Hchooi yeaterday boM |4:i.'?vi in Bcbool
bond? to I? A Moran * <'o.. at \9AM
Peilbemaii James Ambrose who for ?ears was a
' familiar figure at the St Oeorf.- ferr?, house, has
I'fn transferre'l to the Wett Brighton Precinct to
I pain I dill/.
A tentil* tournament. Which promise? to he
closely contested, will be begun in a f? ?? dav?
I Among those- ent??re?l ere. singles I. Mdn?*) Carrera,
! Osiar \on Bernutb, John D. Offtlby, K. J ?hliver
| ,1 N O, Walk-r. H Baltelle H W Fav J. a"
sit.tsi.ii C. P Pia i??-. and F. W. Keudrlck. doubles
(?. von Bernutb and J D ''gilb?. F. V, Phl.llp ami
O. F. W. S Callenoer, and B i)'i'onru?r and I. A
Four addition? Were mnele- u, th<- bicycle police
s?,uad yesterday morning S?-\ernl hundred men In
the Popart raen I have baea competing for the placea
In Iba last f.? ?eek? at ?ilynipl? Park, under the
direction of Acttna Captulri l\?mi? of tiie .. ( i.ui
| and Acting Sergeant Brown The sun-easful eOO).
petltoi?, who were sent on their i?isl? faoterdai
morning, are ?ieorg?- I. 8< iioenelcfc, of the West
one-hundred-and-tweiii \ -flfth-et. slailnn: Henry
Brace, of Ihe West Thlrty-seventh-sl. station and
John Sacken and James Boeckler, of the Esst
Elghty-elfhth ?t ststlon There ar?. eleven more
vacancies in the iquad yet to be ft led.
EVERETT-Th? Rev. Dr. Henry M. Field.
riFTH AVKNITB-The Rev. Hamilton Cady. of
Warrenshurg, N. Y.. nnd Llautenant-Oovarnor
\V. M. Crane of Maeeachiisett?. OERLACH-Bx
Cnngressmnn .Josenl? II. Outhwalt?. of Columbus,
Ohio. HOLLAND The Rev. Martin D. Hardln, of
Hloomlngton. 111. MANHATTAN-Oencral T. B.
Pe<k. of Burlington. Vt.. ?nd .ludge M. H. Hirsch
berg, of Newburg. WALDORF-1-man D. OIU
bert. of Hamburg Penn., nnd Albert Brodhend and
ft o. Duerr. of Bouth Bethlehem, penn. WIND?
SOR The Rev. E. Chrl?tlen?en? of New-Britain,
Conn., and Major C. H. B. CaMwell and Major
P. J. Waldron, of London.
Board of Education. 4 p. m.
Brighton Reach rar??, ?:30 p. m.
Festival In aid of French Hospital. Harlem River
Trial races of twenty-footers. Oyster Bay.
New-Jersey-8t. ?ieorge Athletic Club cricket
mntch, BergVn Point, 2 p. m.
Central Republican Club. XXX 1st Assembly Ids
Irlct. I.enox-a%e. and One-hundrcd-and-t wenty
seventb-st., R p. m.
Music In Washington and Ablngdon squares, 8
p. m.
Coroner Tuthlll took testimony yesterday after
noon In the ,-ase of Maggie Hellly, alias "Diamond
Flossie" Murphy, who wa? found strangled in her
room on th? night of April ? last at No. 228 West
Tva-enly-fourih-Ht. The other end of the rope by
which she bung We? fastened to the bedpost. Cor?
oner Tut hill derided nt the time that It was a cas?
of suicide, and after taking the testimony of De?
tectives Perkins nnd Devine, of the West Twen
tleth-st. police station, he came to the conclusion
that h?? would not hold an Inquest, as the testi?
mony taken proved that It was a suicide.
The Orand Jury yesterday declined to find an
lndlc:ment against William 0. Duff, of New-Ro
ehell?, who was held by Magistrate Deuel In Centre
Street court last Saturday on a charge of forgery.
Ormond G. Smith, of the firm of Smith A Street,
publ'shers of periodicals at No. ?8 Wllllnm-st . was
the complainant. Duff was ?he Arm's bookkeeper
and was an old employe He was charged with
the forgery of a cherk for tlVT. An Indictment
against Nathaniel W. Miller, who was arrested on
Apri! IS for maintaining an :i!l'-fred bucket-shop.
was also dropred.
The ninlne Republican Club of the XXVth As?
sembly District will give a complimentary nnnual
excursion to Boyr.ton Reach on the steamboat
I,aura M. Stnrln nnd the barge? Warren and Ar?
thur on Saturday, August ? There will be ath?
letic games at the beach, prizes for which have
been provided.
An excursion to Oriental Grove. Long Island, has
been tendered by Norton (loddard to the women
pnd children of the XXth Assembly District, un?
der the auspices of the Gsrtield Republican Cluh,
to take place on Monday. .Tilly 19. The steamboat
Ray Queen and the barge* Columbia and Walter
Sand? will leave the dock a' Thirty-flrst-st. and
the Kast River nt 146 a. m
T. Tileston Well? was appointed receiver in sup?
plementary proceedings yesterday for Wlllard S.
Watson, of No. 114 West Forty-seventh-st.. by Jus
tic?. Van Wyck. of the City Court, on the applica?
tion of th? New-York Can Company.
Abraham Dnnr.1? and Moritz Schoenthal, com?
posing the firm of Danzi? A Schoenthal. importers
and lohhers In millinery goods, rthbons. velvets nnd
lace?, at No. 7R Rleecl<er-sr.. made an assignment
yesterday to Ellas Rosenthal, without preference.
Their Inventory of last January showed assets of
I'.S.fll.l and liabilities of ~..?0. The present liabilities
are BMBB, and assets $9.<W>
Surrogate Arnold yesterday granted a motion re?
quiring the administrators of 'he estate of Alfred
E. Reach to file an accounting. This decision Is
In line with that of Justl?-* Lawrence, of the Su?
preme Court, who decided lust week that Mrs
Harriett E Reach Rogers, the widow of a former
editor of "The Scientific American." was not men?
tally Incompetent. Mrs. Reach married Henry R.
Rogers, a spirit medium. In Egypt a year ago.
The Sanitarium for Hebrew children gave a boat
excursion to children and their mothers from East
Side tenement-houses yosterda". the boat lenvtnp
the dock at Flfth-st. and the Kas- River at 0 a. m.
The excursion was in memory of Mrs Siphra
The Allan-State S'eam^'nlp Une has purchased
the Tower Hill, which arrived here yesterday from
Glasgow. On her return trip she will he renamed
the Turlnlan. to conform to the names of the
other ships of that line, such as the Roumanian
and Llvonlen.
A motion wa? made in the Supreme COU? *?S?
urday on behalf of tbe eitjr to am?nd Its answer
to n suit brought by Charles Jones, a large con?
tractor, to r?-io\er S11 .imn for IS.nmi yards of filling
below the surface ?f Rurnslde-a v??., by making a
counter claim for Vl?*? Jone? obtained .the cor,
trn.-t to open and grade pan of Rum-dde-ave. in
IBBt. und completed th? wort In MSB. Part of the
?venue ran over a swamp, and Jone? claimed Hl.BBB
for tiling In this (round. A? no certificate for this
wark ere? signed by the city engineers, payment
was refused, and .lone?? brought suit for the sum.
Since then expert engineers employed by th? Com?
missioners of Accounts have measured the work
dune on Rurnslde-ave. and Be ver? I other avenue?
and streets, with B view t,, RhOWlng that con?
tractor? had bean paid for work which era? no)
performed. George K. Lavldne ?nd Benjamin K
Wellon, the Commissioner?' engineer? who in
?peeted and mea?iir,-d Jones's work, reported that
he had been overpaid for between 3.i>V> nnd 4.0S0
yard? of rubble masonry and ro,-k excavations, to
ihe amount of ULMS
Assistant corporation Counsel Ifellln seid yester?
day th'-ir Jone? was not entitled lo DC paid the
tU.BW c'.almed by him for Riling in the swsmpy
part of the avenue, as It was not provided for In
his contract, hut ask?d Justice Russell to permit
the city to amend us answer by Ming a counter?
claim for the H1.BB which the experts of the Com?
missioners of Accounts found Jones bad been over?
I. Leflln Kellogg. counsel for Jones, submitted
that the teetlmonj given by l.avidne and Weitnn
showed thai. InOUgn Jones's contract extended
over ?."Oi yards of roadway, they had made only
r;i<- excavation, ?nd based nl their calculations
upon what I hey found In thai spot. Their testi?
mony was. Mr. K'eliogg ?aid. In direct contradic?
tion to ?he r?'port of Ott-? M. Klein, the corpora?
tion's engineer. He salted that the motion'be de?
Justice Russell took the papers nnd reserved de
Polca Commissioner Andrews yesterday received
from Albany a certified copy of the rules and regu?
lation? recently adopted hy tt,e state civil Service
Board. The Commissioner went at once to work
to prepare a revision of the polk? regulations that
are in force and un 1er which the promotions have
been made up in the time of the passnge of the new
Civil Service law These rules will have to be re
vised ?o as to conform with the new law Mr.
Andrews wl.l bring the matter up ?t the Police
Bomd meeting to-day. Afl ?non as the Roard r?
Vtees the present rules the;, will be smt ?o Albany
for the approve' of the Stale ?'?vil Service Roani
When thl? lias been done the Police Board aalil proi
i-a-ed with making promotion.? .\t present there
Is mu. n speculation as to whether the -??iglhl? list I
for Inspectors Hnd captains will bit abolished
It Is believed ?hat so far as the Inspectors' list
? concerned. Mr Parker will ?Blot upon killing
It and ordering a new examination. The captains'
list has nine names on It, but there will !,?? no va?
cancies until some Inspectors are appointed
within the n?xt two day? ih<- magnlttcenl s.t of
chimes, numbering nineteen silver-tongued bells.
Imported from Europe, Whleh are i,, |?. placad i,j
the northern one of the twin lowers In St. Pat?
Hear? Cathedral, win be reeeovad from the publia
?tor?-?., ?t I,?tight and Washington Ms They wlil
he removed lo tbe Cathedral, where they ?||| r,,.
in. n. until the work of placing them Is completed.
Two expert Irell-bangers from Europe have charge
of Ihe placing of th.- belle. They are i0 be ?wung
or ? ?quarc wooden frame, ?upperted by heavy tip?
right wenden columns, in the spir?-. Before being
pinned In the belfry, the chimes win i?. publicly
blessed Ii\ Archbishop Corrfgnn, but the ??ate has
not yet been set for Ihe function and wll! no! until
after tin- return ef Arohblebop Corrigan, who i?
?nay on his vacation.
The duty on the l??IK en untlng 10 BLUB, has
been paid b) l'ran,l-< .1 McBorley, who had charge
of ib?- Importing of lb? bells for ArchMshop Cor?
rlgnn, to whom th?\ were conelgned. Th? largan pf
Hie bell? weigh? about T.u? pound:?, the n.-xi in
site about ti.<J?l. and tlo- Other? var\ In Weight down
to the ima.|e?t, which Is onl> M pound?
When In place the chimes will be rung by elec
trlclt>. the keyboard being situated at the base of
the tower Professor William T Peoher, ihe Cathe?
dral organ'?!, will, tt I? ?aid. be ?he first to Imone
th? Ang?lu? with th? new chime?.
| six THOUSAND Rr*wr'**?-TS for membek
?.! TSIDJOtS? ?
Interest In tha work of the M<r?hants' Af-soc'H
? tlon, of t'ii? ciry. is cxieiidli'ig all over the country.
' There urn now about BV8 thousand applications
i from merchants In trorfoua p?rts of the United
States for mi-mbersblp In tin' association. The
? out-of-town members of the asso?*latlon are ne?t
\ required to pay Riiy di.e?>. while, they ure to reap the
1 full benefit of membership bv coining to New-York
on the excursions arranged for by the Joint
! Traffic Assoe-latlon. The m f re bant ?a of the Greater
i New-York pay the dues, d!.d they ?re sending in
! their applications for memberahlp in h way that
' shows they understand the >r.eflt which the trade
I of the city will receive v.-Vv. the visiting merchants
' arrive. The eines are net he.evy. and New-Yorkers
engaged In all branches of business arte beginning
; to understand that they can best aid the associa?
tion and themselves by aattdlnS ?'hecks with arpli
! calions for membership.
The Central Netlor.nl Bank has set the example
for other city banks, and the uptown notion and
department stores are cxp-.cied to follow the lead
of I.ord i Taylor ami Stern Brothers in applying
for membership. Amonir the r?silient member
added to the aaonrlatlm'l roll yestenlay were
Abbey A Imbrle. fishing tr.ekle. No. IS Vesey-st.;
i Lewis Pe Croff & Son, grocers. No. 77 Beach-st.;
Heyman Brothers A l.-,wenstein. clg.'.r manu?
facturers, No. 4:*0 East Flfty-nlnth-st. ; Henry H?*ld.
manufae-turlng confectioner, No. 9" Vandam-st.;
Stein. Falk & <'o., ??hlldren's clothing. No. 715
Broadway, and Stout, Speiwtor ?<? Co.. wholesale
grocers. No. Ml Qreenwlcn-at.
The Old Dominion Steamship Company h**s
Joined the Merchants' Association. By the unar.l
mous vote of the dlreetors of the association yes?
terday the New-York newspapers and trade Jo?tr
nais were made honorary member?. The effe? t of
the Merchants' Association la being felt In Chicago,
where a movement Is annoum-ed to get up a
i similar association.
The asse?ciation yesterdav prepared a circular t ">
i the merchants eif Bermuda, In whose favor the
?Quebec Steamship ?'ompany has made a reduced
I rate. The regular roun?l-trlp ticket from Bermuda
, to New-York costs 1V>. and the Quebec Steamship
'"ompanv has made a rate of $3<?. good from any
?ailing date in August to ano Including the return
sailing date of September ?",. from this city. These
circulars will go out by steamer to-morrow, and
? will be distributed throughout Bermuda.
.? * -
The Board of Aldermen held Its meeting ye?t?r
day In semi-darkness, th? gas Jets In the Coun-il
chamher having to be lighted. Alderman La..try
offered a resolution asking for an opinion from the
i Corporation ?'ounsel regarding the rights of th??
Aldermen In counting the votes cast next Novem?
ber. The Greater New-York charter provide? that
the votes for the whole city shall he counted by
the Police Commissioners and the votes for the
? connues by the Council. The Aidermen do not
know how far this law applies to the present
I Board.
Alderman Goodman offered a resolution ref-jues*
Ing the Mayor to take step? toward securing a roof
garden dp the new Hall of Records and on all pub?
lic buildings, which shall be free to the public.
The resolution was passeel.
Alderman Ware moved the adoption of the ordi?
nance? affecting drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians
which were submitted hv the League of American
Wheelmen. New-York Consulate On the motion
of Alderman Noonen 'be ordinances were referred
back to the Law Committee for another public
hearing, which will be given next Monday morning
at 11 o'clock.
An ordinance forbidding the rldlr.g of a bicycle
on the sidewalk, under a penalty, but permitting
the trundling Of the wheel, was passed.
The hand of tourists from C.eorgla that arrived
In th" erltv Monday Is exploring the cl?y with char?
acteristic energy. "A? inoulsltlve as a Georgian."
is a phrase that has come Into vogue since the
party reached the city. The Gerla? b. which I?
the official headnuarrers of the visitors, knows
them not from the dawn until the light? are put
out ? t night After breakfast lha hand beajlns to
thin out. and within a abort time no oil? is left
to answer the rolleall Nothing more Is heard of
the tourists at the hotel until late at night, and if
the hotel elevator did not run aft.-r midnight many
of the visitors would walk upstairs to their room?.
The F.'len MustBe, the? roof gardens, the theatres.
Coney Islanel, Manhattan Beach, the racetrack,
the excursions around the bay. the \arlous cafes)
and inu:??c halla have all been explored. There i*
no mistaking any member of the party, even
though no ?irtl'-'e of dress or bodge Is worn as a
dlstini-tlve mark. As soon as any one of the vlsit
ors begins to talk, the soft, soothing, ^rippling
Bout hern utterance tells ?he story.
Almost all true S ?utherner?? love a fine horse eif
th.? Ihe.roiuhbred slanip anil an exciting race
Several "f those who glory In a kll Ing finish horse
ra< e Journeyed down to Brighton Monday, and
yesterday there w?re mutte-rlngs about the w?y the
horses ran. It seems the gentlemen from the South
were not as BagBClOUa In Judging winners as would
naturally be expected, and yesterday lark plots
were laid for the total destruction of the hetfing
ring and the rehabilitation of the iosers. It will
he interesting to ft??e the outcome of this raiel.
The- ?vet weather Interfered with the outline?!
plans yesterday. It was tiie intention to make a
visit to Wall Street, te? go through the various
buildings and e??e the Stock Exchange an?l other
places of Interest. Various members of the party
being aware of the proposed pilgrimage Into the
lair of ihe Wall Street broken and speculator?
surreptitiously armeel themeo/h es. and niiide gtlm
remarks abOUl a rncetrack being elangereius enough,
an?) avowed their Intention of taking every legiti?
mate precaution to protect their ealuables. But
the rain came and the excursion was vetoed. Tiie
fearful ones breathed easily again, but Wal. S'rcet
w'!1 he visited another ?lay. The rain could not
keep the member? of the party In the hotel, how?
ever, and they scattered pretty well over the whole
town, and found various amusements that he;ped
to paaa the day.
Hl.ot K tBLAXD chirms BBXEWED.
Block Island, off the coar.t nf Rhode Island, ha?
long hie a favorite summer resort, and offers new
attraction? this season The Island Is about ?even
miles long and three mile* e-.i1e. the teinperature
Is even and hot nlghr?" and mo.rjuitoea are un?
known there. The surfa--e of the island la un?
dulating. With high hllla and fertile valleys, fin?
? ro-id- winding through ?modi and farm land, past
lighthouses, windmill' "f-l ,akes and along the
famous Ro.-k Island iff?.
The Island Is ,-,*i ideal spot for ho ?ring, fishing
j and sn!t-v.n:cr bathing, and baa been made douhiy
I attraetlva by the proprletera of the Msni??e?. The
t,., ; iful hotel and ottagci ?'e nrW the manage.
| ment nf c. F and E A. RlOWtt, who have had 'he
houses thoroughly overhauled and refitted for this
s.-ason'e buslnes?. Two nut rot'agee, with th'rty
rooms. ha\e been fltte-5 .i, the plumMgg and drain
tin- has been mad? parf? ???eping-reiorn- ;?
f-.tnt?liee| and the an.i.Mm* 04 HM arranged :.i
mee?t ihr reiiiilrements of t'?,. ? -o?l c.ass of g te.t?
Which patronls.es this place.
The' Manl.se? I? 8 paradle for thOOO who take
pleas.re l:i flsbltig. for within sight of the h?> ? I
one may .at h the fsjnoua Bio 1* !?!.ind MmSbB,
cidflsh, bass, lobster", ? The BOUM his I.
open since June 1 ird r, ! remain open un'.il j"?-,i
teniher II _ _
The fn lowing eftVere of the National Body -?f
AssoclHtiel Typaaetttng Machina Engineers have
bee-n elected at th?- third annual oonventtog of the
organisation, held in Boston; Br?silien t, George
II Bothaaan, New-York; til Ht vle-e-|ir?'sl,l,?nt. John
Mi riuiii. Doaton; aacoml trl ? pn-steb-nt. Ait?ert E.
Both. St. Louta; ??HTotary? reaaarer, ?i-my c.
Zanke, New-York, re-alec ted; Board eif M-ractora,
I? t\ Usbi-rne, Bort?n; William M. Morrls?.n. New
York; A B Chapman, Boston; Wll lam Moore.
Now?York; Herman Noortwbk, Hi Louis; John H
Wl llamson. New-York, anil Thomas H Bell. Cleve
Pr?sident Rothman ?it empowered by the con
One reason so many men weir
I long-trouser flannel suits this Sum
1 mer. rather than knickerbockers, is
1 that, last Summer, padding in golf
stockings was found to be extremely
White serge with blue, brown, oa
white stripes?flannel without flan?
nel's shrink. Coat $7; trousers $5.
White Bedford cord: crash: brown
linen; white duck, and all other hot
I weather needfuls?washable and un
; washable.
Rogers, Pef.t & Co
, I'.-lnce end Br- "way
Warren and Broadway.
Thirty locond mil Broadway.
t^0.1' '?, "T*.1. ""WsntteeB of the International
T> pographloal fnlon and the International Pre?"
mens t nlijn to devise means for r.-dij.in? th?
hours of labor In book and Job printing olTWg
Henry A. Daniel?. M D?
.? , SO ~t?t ?th g?
impel'?ents of the Nervous System. impofst?e Bttrtlt?.
*a?l .Iks alimente, fjouis ? to 1. But
Hir.iercorns remove? corns essllv. Mekflg
ws.xing a pleaaur? is eta. at druggim.
Parker'? Hafr Riliam :? :if? to the hair.
E. A W. Poeantico, Kakod??. RAW.
Both new *fr>??i m high banded eollare.
Sun?!??? 4r?ii Sunaet 7:.? Moon rl?e? p m ? 04 Moor. BSSJSN
A.M-Sandy Hook 7:4? Oov iiUnd S " H*l! Qeia BAB
P.M?Sandy Hook 7 4? dear. Inland ? 14 H?ll Hat? IrtOT
,-'"?!- From Una
I roo. Uli?.Jackaonvllle. Julv 10 . >~lj?Je
Panama.Bordeaux, .fun? .".Fuir-h. Ed>e 4 Co.
Exeter rity.Swanaea, June 30. Rn??-:
T'anla.Shields. June an .V. A. Trantr
Segura-ira.Haians, Julv 10.N. T * i ?be
Ost??'.y.Savannah. July 11.Savannah
THfRsri.XY It I.Y 1?.
?atra-oiaa.Bremen. July ?I.? G Lloyd
Irate.Bremen, July ? .\ O Lloyd
Pra?ror-ta.St Thon a?. Julv fl. Q,i?N.o
Alps.Port I.irr.en. July a.a'Iis
Kxoelator.New Orlean?. Julv 10 . Morgan
Maakelyrje.St l.ucla. July ?... Lamport * Hop.
FRIHAY .11 I. V 1?
Euers' Blamarek... Hamburg. Julv S. Harr,?? Amar
Thlngaalla.i*hrlat|an?and. Julv 2.. . Thlng-aT.?
Menantl* .A,i on mouth. Tul-. S ... Manhaneet
r>un?tan.Para. Julv 4.Root a
Philadelphia.1? i.uayra. July 1? .R?d r?
Corr.anche.taokronvllle. luiv 1.1 .ilvde
SATtRf'AV. J1I.? 17
Sew-Tnrk. Southampton July 10.America?
Ves?*l. Line From Matli <*!ose Veisel salle
St. Louli, Southampton. American .. 7 00am 10 00 ? B
Teutonic, Liverpool. Whit? Btr. ? On a m 12nrtm
Southwark, Antwerp. Red S'ar .2 00 p m 4 SO p m
Carlb?!??. St Thoma?. ?JiKr*"-. 1:00 p m 3 00 p m
Tu,-a?an, Hsvan-i. N' Y ft < ul-a . .. 1 no p m 8 00pm
San Marcoa. ??alv?aton, Matlory .- 3 nn p _
El Sol. N?m--Orleans, Morgan . - I 00 p fa
Antllla. KlMI, Bahamas . lOOprn 3 00pm
F der Oroiie, Br?-r--,?n. M >i !.i ,.d Jflnlra 12 00m
Sohnlenae. Barbad?-,?. Red ? 'roas . .SAB pel 400pm
Orlnoo-i, 8t Thomas. Quebec.1 oo p m 300pm
Va|?n<-I?. Havana. \ Y * ?'una . I '?? p m 3 00pm
Ardanrose, Jamatcj Tw?e,)|e A Co.... 3.00pm S 00 p _
Iroquoip. ?Charleston, ?'lyde .- 8 00pm
Sta'e ,f Texas, Bruna? irk. Mattery..- 3 00pm
'"ampanli. Liverpool, i'unard. . 5 on ? m * no a, na
La Nnrroandie, Hair? Kr?nch . 7 no g m in 00 a m
w?ndam. Rotterdam. HoH-Amer..... * <?> a m 10 or? g m
Fiirn???ta, <">la?gnw, Anchor l?1 on ? rn 12 oo m
Mohawk. I,ondon. Atl Trans. ft oo a m
r?rn?>iianla. Hamburg. Hamh Amer I OA a m
Alen?. Jamaica. MU? .\" SB a m 19 ?VI ra
Alps. Ha.il. AHai.I"'?>aml2?m
Yumurl. Campeche, N V A>?''it?a .. . lo 3>i ? m 1 oo p a
I'rln? \VHt?m I. Haytt. Ini'oh.10 30 a m 1 on p ra
Irrawadd?, Orinada. Trinidad.12 Ou m 2 an p m
Hudson. Xeaa-Orlean?. <r,.mwel] 3 O? V tn
Lampasae. Oalreston, Mail-???.- 3 00 p m
El Sud, New-orlean?. Morgan. - S 00 p m
St?am?r Hindoo , Rn. Dowel??. Hul1. Jun? S*?, srllh
m-ii? an.] t?ro eabl? p.i?*?ng?-i.-? la Saii,1?-?-?n A S?n. Ar
r:\,-,l si tlie Bar ?t f-J/t a m.
Steamer Tower Hill >Hr,. Brosm, '?la?gow .f,?'? |. with
inda? t., aVlMtla Baldwin * ?'> Armed a? th? Bar ??
12:t? p m.
-it^am?r rurne?ala iBr' Harr a. l?laagea- M| 3 an?!
Movlil? 4. S/ltB nid??. 2X\ ,al?lti and ??1 ?leerag? ?a?
,'?ng?ra t? Hender?, n Br,,? Arrived ai th? Bar ai 1 30
a m, lull
a m, July ll.
Steamer H.'rlln (Br), l'ann. Antw?-rp. Jii'y S. aalth
md?<". .'t.'i raidir and If?? st?-?rag? pa.-'^ng'-r? i Interna
t','nal Navigation l'ompanv. Arrived s? ?he Bar a' 4 2*4
p m.
Steamer Largo Ra\ , H r i, M'-? ?reg r. ?ri'-g'nii .Pin? 1?
ratania is and Palermo 22. with mda? lo Villen M'? H?l|
A. < Arriv?e at the Bar a' I a m. .lui- *
steat,.?r Anlaaioss 'Un. Smith. Ll-itigaton and Pert
Barri,? .Iiiiih, 2?. Port-? i'?r'?i 2t> B?H?e ;?.. M nt?go Har
Juli .*.. Si Anri'a Bai. gott Mar a and \npait , Bay S.
K;ng?i,>n S arl Inagua t?. ?tih nidae and s ,-ahin paa
..-'r^, . - ... P pin? .. i . ? K.. , ? r. ,< ^ I m, ,P. HlT ?.
K:ng?t,<n S arl Inagua t?. ?tth nidae and ? ? ah'n pss
??Tiger? ,,, Boa-rtne ft Arehlfcald. Arrived ai il-e Bar at
1? a m
irrlved a? 'h? Bar at ? p. m.
Steamer Hudson, lia!??.. VeaMMaeBS ? r?a?-s. ?elijfc
rrl?? and na??"nge? t,? K !? Aller
Steamer El Mar ?il 't;'. N?? oriean? | dm? wl?h m?tt
ta J T \an S|,-kle
Steamer ruano i"1i|, !-. ?te?, i>.|.m?h S t-, Ju!r g
and Wiimlngi.m. N ' 1". i Itll SSdes a-d pa???ng?ra ta
w llllem I* - i.'de a- . ?
st?am?r .lam???"vn B, ar. N"?.p,-r? V-ai? anl KerfetB?
wi?h :niia# and pasaetiners lo ih? od IVminl?n S? r?
S'epir, ? f h- Mergarlta, ? iwtilne, tlrsewxwB Jun? t?
l-.we? 30 anl '."'? ?,?i?? n Jul) 2 ?o A .1 TTetel V"<r?d
a? the Bs' at 10 |> m I2il' and an'-h led
Ship M r ??m? i'? Winter?, San Fran !#<??> lot ?la?'?.
wi?'- md?? t-- John Ho??nfeld? Sor? \e???' -c fi ?l * '">*?
Sa-?!? H"oi< ,lu'\ l.'l. I? :?l p m V?, ,rd ae-ith "ght
?r?.-/.- r'ou.p .
?reime? \>oe?uela. Hopk'r.a. \tt QeSjm, P-it??? rabe'l?,
ete Bon:ton n les * ro?tt
St>?m?r Teuton?-- ,Rr\ ('?meron, IJierp-^'l H Mail'??!
Bteamw a??"- Prir^? iBri ft?S?ie?e ISanievMBB)?
Bu?n a Aire? et? John C S?a*er
Steamer Hoseri iBr?, F" ? M?r????*?r pi'i?v ft
Steamer S."Jih??ark iBrt, ter ? An'a-erp tn-e-n??''"?!
Navigation I ' ?
Steamer- Si I/-MH?. Rar.d.e ?-?????ampton Interna? -??al
Vi< lg*tton Ol
Steamer Fu?ta rBr>, folinmen, n:??g-?? n??it?-s.ie?
,-!?.-am?r Bliefteld? ?har|e?. Ba;'?-?i?r? H C Fo??er
?teamer Ctiattahooehee, i#?i?. sa>?nnah ??'??an S? OB
Steamer Algonqulrr. Plan, lile liest?? a-d la?-????i''le
W 1* < Kd? I I ?
SiMiner Herman vaine?-. KliklIBMa, R??t"n H Y
Si?an'?r Manhsitse. Rennet*. Por-land Hts'io Hsl'
Pteamer Ootdahnrn swain TMindelphla Um P n"t?
A On
Steamer T?l?,!?*?S I'1* W?rSt?Wl and Ne-ap?'' Near? -
Old Taoimnl?ii S? ' "mpanv
?teamer Rlonmond. tllover, Ri hmond OU Tv.n?'n'?m
Sa ' empana
Ship ? .?unta- ?f ?lare iR-> F'Maa S?dn?v * *?>????
ra?t!? R W rtatrien n * ' ?
M,ip Mihertof? ?Br?. Tre>a?en. An?- Bo^rlnp ?
Bark ?.an??? IssA, ileugh. Msnila snd lloll?-V V
l>,>wn S ?96
Sieamera G?orgie ?Br?. *?? L-ret?-' Saale iO*r?.
Br?mes ils PI. mouth. VWW<| I?? luavra etc. Tor?,
town Norfolk anl Newp.it Nene?. Hi, hmond. Richmond.
Tifian? iBr>. Philadelphia. Kanaas ,-lt>. Savannah. A!
g?n>iuin i"liar;?-at n and Jacfcaoavlll?
nhip s p Hlteheork tor Baa Kian.-iao.,
iiark N ,rna |B?, ?ST Punedln and L.tile1 m
I', It Sal l lull H Arrived, ?learner I? mhsel 'Br?.
I'.Hia-.n. New-Yolk for Slngap-.re el,' m?a__m
l,rlih .Italy I.I Airhe.1. ?teamer ? rofi illn Rohias??.
Anivverp. 'uU 11 Arria?-, steiuner Kentlngioa llkn.
'l'r.g Kong. Jets 12 Arrived ?leam?r "e.aen iBr?.
Elllt, New V.-ik. ata Aden and BBSSSSW? ? - -
I'ernAhihiir-, lui> 12 Salle?l. ?teamer ? ord???rtl?
ill?;?i Hialrln. Ne* York.
S.lll>. luly 11 TS??A stasmer rhrlatianla ?Oer?.
Frailienberg. New York for Hambi.-?
I?tt Natal. July 11 Arrlaed. ?Tramar Americaa (Bis,
\'?\?r.l?i N? w York via l"s|ie Town et,
Olbralu'r. July 12. midnight s.U?d. SmwJ**gF
Wilhelm II ?1er?. H,agemann ?rr<ini ?.en? aid Naples!.
N'^,U>'!r??ulv IS PanKd. ?l.amer I'slalla ?Oen. Karlow?.
N|tloV'j:ine?;-. 'S'"! Arrlaed. .-earner .?..Hi,,. ,Be.?.
Vlaher New \ rl.. Ma IViniinil'U."
H.'loan.- Jul> IA H ? ? Aroi.-I ?i?*m?r M.??!.m
, ' . ,,^,,.r Veu, York f.ir Roiiet.Uni
Kniideeii. New York Mr Kln?a l.>ns. Melbourn. ?Be',
niimii New York for Antwerp ?^???
Rl" laneiTo .lulv 12- Sailed, ateamers ?sBeflBSMfSM
?BrV V.*m. New-York. Sirius IBM. ford. Mar T?cfc <?*

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