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A severe ralnetorm vtolted this city yesterday. Be
tween 8 and ? o'clock In the forenoon the clouds
oecame heavy and It go; M dark that it wa? nece?
aary ;o light the mm? In many of the hornee in order
io ree. For over an hour the rain fell In torrents,
H.d the ?-.roete looked like little rivers. Conslder
lhle damane wan .-Rused. the most serious being the
?ivlng away of about fifty feet of the retaining wa'.l
?n the Underhlll property Ht the -nl of Over'.ook
Terrace. This street runs from Locust Hill-ave.
?MM and terminates at a bluff about one hundred
and fifty feet east ot Dock-st. Habcook Pla.<*o was
badly washed. The water from Wood and living
places came down in such volume that the receiving
basins a; Warhurton-ave. could not take It, so it
paured into Ba!?.ock Place and then Into Wood
worth-ave. The cobblestones In the gutter were
washed away In several places for a space of ten
feet ci mon. ar.d holes nearly two fed deep w. r.
left. The electric cat? w??:?? 0? .ay.I an bOUI at ?O?
kers-ave. ard oak-.*:. l?v ?lrt w.??:*???! os th?? rolla.
ju-t a- ?o?ti a* tbe atona abated the foreman of
th.? Sue?; Department ??? hie men together, ?nd
from Polk*? Headu'.iar:.? f.-e.ved a list of ?Jan
gcrmis places an.l I ? fan Immediately the work ol
repair. Whet* the worll could not be completed
danger iistnals were placed Bl sunset.
The funeral of William Frederick Lawrence, who
died in this cltv lasl Tuesday, wa.? ludi mterday
attt'i-noon at S;. John's Episcopal i'hurch at 3 o clock,
?%i?. Re* Di A B. Carver, rector ol the churctt,
Dttciating Although the weather wa? threatening,
th?? attendance was large, many city officials ?">*???
among the co gregation. Mr. ?Lawrence wo? Dorn |
In Yonkera fifty-seven year? .???>. snd bad always
ma<i<? It his home. A large delegation from Yonkei ?
Commandery, K. T., ol srhlcli a? sraa a mem er,
? - ? . .?m, Thi ? illbeareM wer?? Joseph ?. Locn
? :. ?upcrlntertdenl ol tha ?onkem Water Works;
Police Commlssl nei Henry K. lltckf. ex-Mayor
Norton P. Otis, P J. EU Ing, il. C. Donnelly and
Waltei I. Burial was In S:. John's i'eim?
The second w?ck of the free summer kindergarten
I. conduct.?J hy the ?-hool Visiting Committee
uf ?!;. civic League, begins thi? mo ins ?Through
the courtesy of Ihe Board ?t Education the sessi? ns
ar?? h?<M In a room .?' S? h ??? So 1". ai Clinton snd
Pi ?;. ua Bl?,, from 111.1 ii o'clock In the forenoon.
in parta of the city there are children whose only
playground eeeiri ? ? I ? atre?** It I for these
? ??. mainly that the sciiool is svirtr.:. The
commit:???, hopei ner school In the
northern part ??* ? ne city.
Sirs. Edwin ?. Martin and Mis. Morris ? Voucher
received the guest? al Ihe weekly t?-i given on Sat?
urday al ih?? clubhouse ?>f the Park Hill Country
Club, and Miss Ketchani and Miss Pilch were
b ??lessee at ihe ?es of the Amackassen Club, In the
Pausad? ?ve extension. Ho:h soela! affairs were
w? 1 atti :.?!?? I.
.. ? ..? posses? " of ;**? "?'ock-of
Ihe-Walk" flag by the fleet of th? Tonk? t Corii
Ye ni ?.ali ??? Saturday afternoon, waa ?!?.? mosi
In??:?- rig ol any held <o fai t'ai? eeaaon. Seven
Vn.it? er itoA ihe line, Tin course waa triangular
ml nt.o'it six mil?? In . ngth ? ? ? sroa ?
e. ?. ? ? j; br?ese when tl?.?? s: ir: waa ?rn ".? ar.l the
boat ? off w? I?together. (?? ??? first leg they
were all ?- ? bunch, '.it after turning the finn stake
tl? Rdna, John Dickson, owner, drew aw?) and Bn
lsr.e.l ?:' ? w > mil HCS fl I .. | ? ' the Hester. OWIted
bv Commodore Prime ??.? Mr, Booth.
The Rev, Rlxby. of the Firs: T'tiltarian
Church, pr? .' I th? last si rmon yesterday heforo
Ihe usual summer vacation The ehurch will he re
t. r ii. The Rev T. Lal???,
t??!? Smith, who !? supplying th?* pulpit of the F.rst
? ? ? ??., c >nc? ot tv" R< ?.?.
Pr. George ?. Pentecost, conducted Ihe aft?
rr?*et!r- ?tt thr- par'.ors of the Toting M-n's Christian
?~< la Ion.
The r... ksklll hat factory is shut down for ?
i? f period while Inventory of s?o-*k la being
taken. Ordere ?re plent] and the bi? concern ?t
pects to start np again in ? few day? with ? fall
f. - -
The Mystic Club "".as elected tbe following offi?
cers: President, Charles Clinton; vice-president,
Frank Allen; secretary and treasurer. Albert
Supervisor Franklin Couch will tro to White
Plains to-day ? uttend a special meeting of the
Board ??G Supervisera
Former Vlilag? Treasurer H?mry H. Lan?? and
hN fami ?? an il ? M lawanna Lake for the summer.
Dr, Jei nie O. Swain, of Smlth-st.. Is at th?? Dela
v are Wich;? Qop,
Charle? V in Seoy and his family are riimplnp at
Lake Mohegan for th? ??immer.
Th?? funeral of Mr?, Georgi ? i*ar.floid wll be
hei?i at noon to-day. Mr-, ('anfivid, who died last
Thursday, after a ??>?? Ulne?? was horn near Cin?
cinnati In 1864. Flu* wn? tbe daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Benjamin Klttredge. Sie came ?with !*er par?
ents to Peeksklll iti ISO, ard sine? that lime,
eepl the winter?, which were spent In New-York,
?'.< hai lived on the Klttredge homestead, adjoin?
Ine Henry War?! Beecher's old pia'???. Boacohel.
Bhe ? - iv'.v? ?i by her husband, one ten-year-old
son. two brothers, ? slater and ho- mother. H?r
ind Is a promlnei New-York lawyer and a
pi ressor In the Colombie Law School S'.? was
? nnected with Grace Church in New-York, and
? id >>???? a pewholder ther?? for many years Sh"
w ? a woman ol exceptional Intellectual attain?
??i nd ' .??? uste of Harvard ???!!.;?? Annex,
g ..!?<? ..f ihe members of the first female gradu?
ating c?as? cf that Institution. She waa largely
Interested In female educational work, and was In?
tentai in founding Barnard (Ollere an?l the
Hopkins Pnlvei.lt>?, end until her
death wes connected with their management. She
wai extremely charitable. Her wealth gave her
opportunity to give and do much, bul it waa done
in .-in unostentatious way, and few knew of her
extensive ' ' liona ? xcepl Ihe beneficiarli ?.
8he v.. s ? io m "il known in noci il ? Irci???.
?'? asor A E Lindi r. associate pria? li nl of ?' ?
Mohegan Lake Military School, and his family are
Ing tl?.? ?".miner at Atlanti'? City.
Among tl??? mo** important outings which have
1? ?<??:? ? ? . ? ' re the picnic of the Church of Our
Lady f Mei ?r, to Pox Island, to-morrow; M . ??
?? .? in of the s ? Methodist Epi? -opal
Sunday-school ? ?? .-?lay. Jul) TI, lo Roton ?
the aft? rr.uon and evening picnic of < *?,?irr Ponln
g< G. of ?., t" Pox Island, on Wednesday, Jul'
G?. the picnic of Si Mary's Literary and Benevo?
lenti Association, t?? Pox Island, on Wednesday,
Aliens? t, ihe 'iioonlltiiit excursion of the I'nlt'y
Band, to Coney Island, on Saturday, Augusi
? ? ? . ursion ol Bl Peter"? Sunday-school to
Ealon's Neck, on Wednesday, Augusi 25, and tin
: ii??' celebration under the auspici*? of thi
Knights cf Pythias at Pox Island. ???? Labor Day.
Tl u ia! dinner and outing t?? th? p?>?.r children
of ? ??' 'i?:? ? ?~ ui o being arranged for. and will
probablj t ?? held In August.
Tb?? Oeorgia Quartet will iftve ?,n entertainment
In the Summrrfteld Methollsi Episcopal Church it
s o'clock to-night. The affair ic In aid of Ihe Fort
Valley High Industrial School, in c<nm?l C?eorr.la.
A lawn fair and ?loi: show, undiT tbe m;i??:?p.
Tmnt of the children of Mamaroneck will be hcl?i
en th?? ground? surroiindlnp ("loset Hall on next
Wednesday afternoon end evening. Th?? r??? elpts
will be given to thi klmflttrgarten. Useful artk'les
will be sold, anil a silver medal will be awarded lo
the most popular ?lou by a vote of th?? Bii??>ts.
Closet Hall 1? a Revolutionary landmark, and was
tl?" early boni?? of J. Penlmore ?"ooper. It is now
owMd by William F Johnson, wh?*.-e home ?? ad
The Weaver Btreel Mission and Babbath-achool
has ele.?rr1 the followliiK ofticers; Bradford
Rhodes, president; Charl?s? Brooke, associate; it.
Prank Palmer, treasurer; Mrs. B. r. Fainter an?i
Mr* ? l almer, superintendents, and Fzra n.? ? ...
?? ?' W 11 im li nds, llbrnrlatte.
T' Woman's Christian Temperane? T'nion will
pive ? lawn party to-morrow afternoon at the ho-ne
of Mm, ? ? I" lai ?? .
The cyclists In this ?-?tv aio ?okintr forward to the
r?forms promised by ?:? new ('. inmfssloner of Fail?
lie Work*. Harry MeTugoe. Mr McTogUe Is an en
?hiisiastio wheelman and ? member of the ? a. w.
n?* ha? ?riven ?.?t? wheelmen ihe ooouranoa that he
will s'op tl??? re^kl"s?< sprinkling ?>f the street? and
rer.ilr n? MMSS as po?Ible ? i.uR? nu-nh-r of str??*is
wh.? h are nit now In a .od condition lor travel.
Tne ??????? s.ioietl?m of Urstihester County will
hold their seventh Annual festival ln Bronx Hiver
Park on tl.?? afternoon and evening of August !?. ? ?
ntreet par.i'!'? will be held in th?? trmrnliiK. with '
Owssaot a T. Banning a? mai alni arni a. Poerat?- I
mann an! I-'i-.-d'-r?.-k Johnston .iI.Im Ilfty-two sing- ?
ing ???'??eties ar.? ?xpe.-til to take jiart.
The new Taxpayers Asooclatlon lecently formed I
cor.slits of nearly ali the wei;-known husiness men '
of this city. The ot.jeits of the association are to !
prevent extravasan??? in municipal affair?, to look I
after tae Intereat? of the rity and county at Al?
la:.y and to promot? puhllc Improvements The '
association will meet on the first Friday of each '
month in the parlors if the Young Men's Christian
AMotriatlon Kuildlng.
Tii?? Pentennlal Afrl.-nn Methodlei Bpi-OMal /.ion
eonjtregatlon of this ?-ity is preparing to build a
church In Third-?!., between S.v.nth and Kii/iit'i
g veo.
The Lev W. A, '?ranger, pastor of the K|r<?t Ron?
fiai t'hiireh with his family. Is on his vacation In
: : ?untains The pulpl: Was OOCUDled vettlnrria?
l.v tlM Key. M. A. Wllcox. of Holyoke, Ma?? ?nil
next Sunday tbe Rev. A. B. Klngaley, ?.f Rancor
Me , ?rill preaon.
A party of six little glrta win give a fair on
IPedn -lay aft?rnoon at So. 2 Clonaont-ave Ches.
er Mill, in ?tld of ihe Fresh Air Fund Th? ufT itr
?111 be known as a flag lawn ?"??. with dainty e.is
tUm-M an I d'l-oratlotis of Stars and S' r it?, s
Tie fair In aid ..f the Little Mothers ree,.ntiv
riven by Plorene? MeKnight. Mazel Lynn Rsthe'r
Bhaw ?n1 others was a BUCC<<*se. N'early ' Jf?o w-?
?,,. reed,
The Pev. Arthur L. ("illicit, profeoaw of apolo
r?ti?s at th?* Hartford Theological Semlnury
??-! )n the First Presbyterian ''hur-di Mount
Vernon, yesterday, h place of th? It?v Charle? S*
? ne, who is aba? nl ;n I?? trolt,
.)?'..? Adams. slxi\ yean old. ?ind ('hnrle?
7?r"??!i. sixty-one yean old. who make ? living l.v
selling herb?, which tbey rais,?, :,, druggist? and
?aloona an?) ????? live together on the old M?ller
pia ?. al Piertwood, two mil?? from this city
i-jua? relied yeoterdoy ov? r money matt? re. ?.ii,)
had a fl^'ht wLh {dtchforks and carvlng-k'nlv? ?
Broesh had the first finger of his right hand i?L
most out off. ?u.d one pf Adams's hands was ?
nearly "lit off. Both had '.h-lr wounds dr"ss.*d at !
the hospital, when .'.dams remains. Hroerh wh? '
arrestod. The o!d mui Lave lived together for
many year?, and thla la said to be their flrat
Amone the Innre y,i?'hts nn?? In the Now-I-oehelle
harbor ?re J. rierpont llorsail's ?irnm yarhi Cor?
sair nn?1 the aohonner yacht Intrepid, chartered by
C, Ollv??r Iselln for hi!? .-ruise with the New-York
Yacht Club. The Defender is still anchored In Nep?
tun?? Hay. and will not i??? pia?'??.I In commission I hi?
son son.
Chief I.nplne.-r Janee lloss, of the Klro Depart?
ment, has issued ? warning to wheelmen to dis?
mount nt the sound .if ih?? Rre alarn If ridine on
Ihe principal streets, A number of pet??.??? have
had narrow eeeapeo from OOllleion with the ?us n?-s
anil apparatus, es It has l.?-,? .mo customary with
them 1,1 m<iunt their wheel? nt the Urs: tup of tin
hell an.) proceed te the RT* a! top apeed
Arrangements ?t? being ma.lo t?? build n break?
water at the entrance of Beh ? Kay. The improve?
ment l? n much-needed convenience to th?? numerous
yachts wh!.-ti seek s.niter in ihe hay at th? ap?
proach of storm?.
The Laurehmoat Fire Company has elected Frank
Hardy foreman, Mayhew Bronson assletant fore
ttian anil Msrfflsduke Tilden Beeretary ??nil treaaurer.
The Villa??? Trustees, acting upon suggestions
m,-e!? by the Fir?- Commissioner? si their laai meet?
ing, have authorize.l th? purchase of a chemical en? ?
Bin?- anil horses. Th?? Commissioner? have a1*?"?
power to erect a number of new alarm-boxes and
a Fleam whistle nr other apparatus, to make the ?
present alarm more effective,
The newly elected Officer? of tbO Krel.ller Otitlng
Club are John Meliti, president: (?cor??? Webber,
vice-president, Morris Mulnch, reeordini secretary:
Charte? Daworth, nnenclal secretary, and Jacob
Kreidlo-, treasurer. Tne club will bold Us fourth
annual outing el South Nyack on July 17.
The Hew Nettle Esterbrooks, .? r turned mis- ?
alonary from the West Indies, occupied the pulpit ,
of tho First Methodtal Proteatent Church yeeterday ?
In the absent o,' the paator, the Rev. It T, Tyson, :
who is enjoying h? vacation In Maryland.
Mr. and Mrs. J, Scot! McCorab and Mr. ;..n?l Mr?
Morton ^. Paton ?elled for Europe last week.
S:.?r of Hop?? Lodare, I. <?. <'?. T., las; week de
elded to discontinu? u- me? linge until September is.
Dr, w. Judeon and bis ?on end daughter are ?
making a bicycle ? tur of Bchohnrl? County.
Thi ma? ?' srson, ??!" Pueblo, Col. la ihe guest of
his ?leter. Mr*. William Hni 111, of Msin-st.
Mr. and Mr:? William Rauch hav? eon? to their
lodge . ? St. Regla i..?.;?, iti the Adirondack?,
Oeorge li. Manchi ?ter, s? iretary <?f th?- Reputi?
li .?, County Commit! <? of ?ew-Tork, an?l Mrs. ]
Mancheater are now living here,
Th?? new addition to lh?? Knollwood Country Club j
;-- now practically completed snd ?sill be opened In
about fl week, The a I ?ition is on the ess! side of .
the home. The clubhouse will now furnish ample
accommodation1- : ? In members, n ha? not been
decided as >?<?; when the nee? house will be formally !
opei e I
on Thureda? evening the members of Court Fre?
mont No. _.".>?. F. of ?., will i-i lebrato their fourth
anniversary with an entertainment in the Irving ?
Opera House.
The Rev. W. 11. Taylor, pastor of the Shiloh
Baptist church. Is entertaining a, number of clergy?
men, Including the Rev. s. i?. s. Scott, Atlanta,
c,,-... the Rev George Boswell and the Rev. J. B,
Jefferson, of Torktown, Ve., and the Rev, <? W,
Bailey, of New-York city. Tb?? Rev. l>r. Seott
preached in the Shlloh Baptist Church la.-: even?
v. .rk is beim: rapidly puahed on three new
building-?the villas? bao. the ?Vashlngton Irving
High School snd the vVeatchester County Hint,
Bunk?which ara being erected here, giving em?
ployment ;.i ?everal hundred men. All the build?
ing? will be completed earls In th?? fail.
Solomon Lodge No. IM, P. and ?. M . has decided
to hold its annual excursion to Cone? (aland and
Rockaway on Auguat ll.
Mr. and Mr?, .lohn Downey and their family left
Tarrytown In a apecial ear on Saturday for Bar
Harbor, where they will spend tb?- ? mainder of the
O. H. Kerr has recently le?? appointed po?tm-?
ter of Peinara Manor, succeeding ?. C. Roosevelt,
who has ?erved for four ?reara. He will take pos
Beaaion in August. An efforl is being mad?? to re- I
tain the i>r.s. ni postmlatreaa In Pelham.
a lar?.? for.-?? of men is now engaged in the con?
atructlon of the Peiham Parkway. Th?? roadway
has been laid out and graded from the Bronx River
to Pelham Road, and when Hnlshed \v n form a Une
. rout? from .Vew-Rocheil? snd Mount V? rn..n
to City Island and Westchester.
William E. White, who lives al No. 15 Ahlngrton
Square and who owna thai houae snd several
other . iois been complaining recently of the tr? .it
noises end the nasty amella which he says arise
from the relay station of the Metropolitan Street
Railway Company in the equare, where th?? car?
rier?? - are changed. So ?aal night he had William
BotVn, of No. ?.'?? \V.s? l-'ifty-flrst-st , who is in
charge of the station, arreated.
Mr. White aay* thai Ihe noise? nn?! smells ar.?
Buch ?? nulaan e thai thei leseen the vain.? of bis
propert) He err?te t.? the company on th?? sub
Ject, and received a reply that th? ?meli? could
no! i.?? helped, bul thai if b<- was annoyed by any
unneceaaury noises he had ??tily to report the bole
;..... ? driver and the man would be promptly die
charged. Mr. White ?is unwilling to do thla, and
he took no action until las- night. Then tin? clang?
ing of the whiffietreea aa thi hors, s <>n the .-.n-.
were changed waa loo nolay, and he went out to
aet about it 11?? ti???! ?? gel Bohen t<> ?1?? some?
thing to lensen tl??? noise, bul the man ?aid he
could do nothing, so Mi Whit ? had him arreated.
The man wa? taken t.. Sii Charle*-?! station,
and will be arraigned In the lefferaon Market Po?
llee Court this morn nit. The police reported the
case to the Board of Health,
Prank Derato, an Italian fruit pedier living at No,
3X1 Bleecker-st., complained in ?in? Jefferson Market
Police COUIt vest?!-ia> thai John VV. ('best?r. ??G
No. ht West Houston-at., a clerk in the off! ??? of
th? Board of Aldermen, had tried to extort m.?
from oin:. Tin- pedier aaacrted thai Cheatei ap?
proached him on Friday last and offered io pr cur?
f.. blm a pedier*? lie nse for *. Derato toi?] a
friend and on the friend'a advice hi! Cheater ar?
reated Mu:, trate Pool, after learning the man'?
atatemenl and ? heater'? d< ? ila thai .m extortion
had been meditated, ai once dl charged him. Al
derman Wlndolph, rtce-preeldenl ..? the Board, eat
on the bench ?ritta in?* Magistrate while tne c.i.i?
whs being heard.
? ?
The deleiraie? to the meeting of the Central
Labor I'nlon changed yeeterday from an assembly
of labor lenders to ? lot Of political wranglers. It
all came about through a resolution ?-iff? red by
Ham Prince denouncing the appointment of T. \.
Powderly, formerly Master Workman of the
Knlghta of Labor, as Commissioner-General of im?
migration The whole of ih?? opposition of some of
the Knights of Labor t.. Powdt t ly appear? to be
based on the fact that lie worked end voteti for Mc?
Kinley in the last Preeldentlal election, whereas
privions to that time he wa? ? Democrat, It is ai
if-K-ii Powderly h.?.i s number of friends among
the Knights who are delegates to the Central
Labor Union, nnd they talk?.! end voted against'
t?.?- pasaag? of Prince's resolution. Tin- other d? i??
gatea rather enjoyed the dlecueelon, and the reso?
lution was not passed unti! everybody had become
lire?! of the wl.ole aubjoct ?lid didn't give a. rap
w nut bees in?? of It.
The resolution was ?? fo'.iows:
Reeolved. That tbe appointmenl of T. v. Pow?
derly as Commlssioner-uenoral of Immigration is
tbe gre?teat otllciai insult ever offered by the l ? ?i
eral Government to organised laboi
It Is neetlless to reinnrk that Mr. Prince, who
offered the resolution, ?s well as thus.? who sup?
ported it. are Hryanll? s and sll\?r bugs.
A delegate named Farrell declared :bat the im
BBlgratlon Bureau was established for the ben? ?it
of ?abor, and that it w.s outrageous thai Powderly
ah?.ui?l hav?? been appointed Commissioner.
James Medili, ?if the PU!n s: ? Ornamental Plaa
t? t? rs' Union, Bald;
"The whole thing is only politi a, Powderly came
ou: for McKinley luid mad?- apee? b?a tur him in
hla campalim. and .Jo you think that ?? ? In le y
would go ba.-k on film now'.' U?? g.it rotea fur Mc?
Kinley, an.l the ia,??t wu.il.I be an Ingrai?? it' he
deserted him. I give Powdertj .-re.iit tor cornine
out rial-footed for the Republican platform n> ? ?
no 'trimmer.' I dl.ln't <!?> anyuni.g to help elect
.Mf-Kiniey. ? vote,i tor Bryan, If Bryan had been
e?.-< t??l we would have expeeted him to give appoint?
ment e t?? his frlenda I think ibi? whole thing ?s
rid leu loua, ami ? -hall vote against thi reaolutl
Mr, Johnston, delegate ol the Bhlpwrlghta and
Marin?? Bngineere* Society, protected against th?
paaaage <.t the resolution. 'This ?? th?? Central
Labor i'nlon of New-Tork." be continued; "noi ?
political o,-?-aril_ut:..n. Till.? ,.? a j.o.'.:,,,? .',.|i-*iion
end : move for a poini of order it li a peraoi ,?
llgiit <.f tha Knight?, of Labor, atei I a,,n?, ,?-liik It
should be brought up her?? l.iw.ietlv ?as a g.I
preeldenl of tbe Knights of Iaibor, and h?? ma? b.?
In th? place a.'iin."
"Never! Never!" sh??ut?d J ? rome O'Neil, of the
Papei ?unger.?' I'rlon, and the other .fe)e??te?
I?. K. laum. Of the ?'arpen-ers? I'nlon, said:
"Do von forpet that the majority of the penph?
voted for McKinley ? (Apjdau.e.) I alway? th.u_!it
that Powderly was a fakir, but I will vote ag*ln?t
this re?olutlon." ,,
Mr. Prince stortod In to make a Pemn.-ratle politi?
cal ?peer h In support of his resolution, but M w-as
brought up with a sharp turn.
Plnolly the resolution was put by 'he chairman,
who declare?! lha; th?? ?yes had It. Nobody .??-eme,!
lo hace anything bui a deolr? to get out tn the
_ - ?
? sto ? -Samuel ? Babrend, of Washington; r?r.
M. Bteekrode, of Th.? Mague, Holland; T. Du
i.rien.i. of Montreal, and ??. M Hindi, of Boston.
BCCKINGHAM Charla? L Levering, <>f Tenn?
lon. Muss. FIFTH A VF.NI'F. ?leurrai RuSOell
A. Alger. Secretary of w.ir, of Washington, and
Llajrd H. Pitshugh, <>f Texas. HOFFMAN?L. M.
Fitch, of Washington, and EL F. Gardner, of How?
ard. It. 1. HOLLAND Ex-Judge Thomoo, of <"hl
COgo. MANHATTAN C. C. Cover, of Washing?
ton, and .1. S. LockWOOd, of Han Antonio, T.-x
MURRAY HP.i. .? M Hiintor. of Tokohama, and
Baron von Thlelmann, German Ambassador st
Washington. NETHKRLAND w. H, Orl.bcl. of
Hartford, and G. n. Jones, of Burlington, Vt.
WALDORF ,???,?? Keenan, of Johannesburg,
South Africa, ?mil T. II. Walrond. of London.
?-? -?
Excursion of QarfteM RepaMloan club to orien?
tal Grove.
Park Commloofonero' .netting.
Brighton Beach ract a, -: >i p. m.
Republican Club, no. IM Fifth??**?., I p. m.
Music in Washington snd Corlean Hovk parks,
8 p. m.
Dr. Lucius if. B, Heynes, associ?t? pastor of the
Jndaon Memorial Baptist Church, has Just r?
turii'd from ? Ioni,' tour, and y? stirday, for the
first Urn? thi.? summer, occupied the pulpit in the
absence of th? pastor, Dr Jadson,
The new steamship Prin?eeea Anne, of the old
Dominion Une, srrived bere y?esterdsy from (ehes?
ter, Penn., end will be placed on thi rout? between
New-York and Norfolk, Vo., on Thursday, duly 23.
Four Anna locked oui the children's Jacket*
makers employ?! In their shop? yesterday, and it
was expected tbal mor.? would doso to day. About
two hundred and fifty banda ai" locked out Th<-re
ai.? aboui four thousand ohildren'? Jacketmakera,
and they accuse the contractor? of trying to i?r?-ak
the agreement which they recently Flatted, und
which waa to I ive run for a year.
The Merchants' tssodatlon will belili the w.-.*k
hy sending oui to-day ??,?? ?ople ol th? following
circular, which speak? for Itself:
To every citlxen engaged In business In th? city of
Nes -York.
Siri Th?? work of the Merchant*1 A?oc lotion of
New-York deserve? the support of every ?iii?.*--:* In
t.-'st'.i in ii,?? city'? u. ?f.:i?>. One of the aims ".'
the association Is io bring out-of-town merchant? to
New-York for th? purp m ot making their p?r?
chanos here for th ? fall trade of I8ST. As ? res tit
ol ' ie work done In t ist direction there are already
over six thousand non-resldeni merchants ??? our
? I ils number is being added to dally. The
press, after a thorough Investigation, has given it
cordial support, and ine obieci ol Its formation and
the work it Is loing ti ? ? ? tusen ir* ??;.? kn. .va :,. all
Its su??????-?? m? ans prosperity lo every Individual In
I hi? city, thi mi renante, thi bankers, the real ? siate
own?!-, !...? hotel? the theatre?, ihe manufacturers,
?.mploy s. its purpose la to foster the trade
a: ) commerce of th<- city of New-York, and t<>
maintain ns supremacy a the groat market of this
??.'.:, If p?>; of the world. It Is showing that
ration m? ans ?uc ?? aa
\i.?.? local member? are desir? l Ther? are no
obligations ??o!< fr im the nnna.il due.? of $^.",,
the funds arisi? j from which are used exclusively
?.?r the advertising .if New-York, keeping it and ?ts
?ttractivi fi itui - I fore thi country at large at nil
times. Every pan.Isen should lend th??
organization his earnesi support.
Inclosed pl< ; e : : ; ,? m< mberohlp application
blank. Yours vi ry ti uly,
WILLIAM F. KINO, President.
The object of thla circular la to emphasize what
ha? already been referred to In the paper? frequent?
ly, tbe desire of the Merchants' Association to have
on Ita roll? without delay every business man in the
city of New-York The reas eis for thla have air? ody
been given many ? tines, and id iny one who under?
stands whal the association is trying to .i.> are
obvious enough. By co opei ttlon among the busi?
ness men of thla city In the Merchants' Association
Infinitely more can be accomplished toward expand?
ing the commerce of New-York, both domestic and
. ii, than in ? igh the different branches of irado
worked by thi ?elves, ? t-h man In ??,???1? branch
: r himself. ? ?? des I rod to make New
York grow in every dir.Ion, even more rapidly
tl,. i. n has grot
The association now number? among Ls members
somi ol thi mo pi imlrenl men In this city. The
names of n? officer?, ?Hi**?.-- ;t-. _nd Advisory Com?
mittee are sufficlen: guarantee of ihe standing of
in?? associati immunity, and the men who
have II io deeplj al u tri do noi propose
to stop work until the association has become the
most potent factor in trade and commerce In the
.?. ? i The officers havi already ????,???1\??| much
cheei and Indorsement from men standing high In
the city.
Rx-Congressman Perry Belmont, win? was a pas?
senger on Ihe I en met New-York, which reached
this pori Batnrdn: talked t.. a Tribun?? reporter
who saw him al the Hotel Netherland yesterday
afternoon aboui International bimetallism,
"In regard to the present attitude of Europe
toward International bimetallism," Mr. Belmonl
mim. "ih?r.? are advocates ??:' It in Prance, Eng?
land and Germany, as ihere were .? year ano, but
tin? advocacy has not Increased In volume or In?
tensity. Other topi - have occupi?*) Europe
Neither Prance n?u Germany will unit?? with us
uni? ss England leadi the way, The ? ontinu?-<1 lu?
ir.;.s?? In goid production, ine surplus lasi year
?nd :lii'; year of British Income ovei expenditure,
the continuici supremacy of England In cominero?
and ol London ?? an International mon?fy market,
have the effecl of persuadlni Parliament thai the
pr? ????.it coinage, eurronc) and financial system Is
good, even though ihere Is d sir? ss in India.
'Th?? McKinley Administration is actively en?
deavoring, .i" the Republican platform of UM re?
quires, to promoti thi fr.?? cerinage of silver b)
Intei national agreement, Ita Ambassadors and
special commissions ar?? work ng In concert, under
th?? law enacted by the lasl Congress, which I leve
land .ipprov. ?i Th?? question of the ratio to be
adopted is kept In aberanw There 's at present
ever) proapeel of an International conferem
??? held within a short timi If the effort to ??.?
tabllsh an International ratio could be successful
..? nil points, which seems to me almost chimeri?
cal, th? silver question would i>?? taken oui ol ?"ir
politica. If. on the other hand, there shall be
Irremediable failure all along ihe line, then the
silver question must In oui public affair? Inevitably
lak" ? new asp?? I.
"European bimetallista believe that if. in th?*
failure of International bimetallism, we anali open
our mints to ?dlv? r al the ratio of W, to I, snd
subsequentl) Europe "i" ns hers nl the ra:io of
l..'., to I, then all mir gold ?ill leave us. hs it did
after 1834 and that only token silver colna would
r? inaili wi must noi delude ourselves with the
Idea that thai would m< in an International sgrei
meni to establish Mm? tallism. The Prench (lov
ernmenl has agreed io co-operate srlth our own
for tin? holding ?>f a conference What Prance
want? la noi lnt<wnatlonal bimetallism, bul the
Prench will ? ????G?? from us. In return for lor co?
operation in bringing at.out an International oon
f.rence. tariff concessions which will be expected
frum th?? McKinley Administration, under Ui<?
power conferred upon th? I'rosldeni to enter into
reciprocity srrangements with foreign Govern?
ments. The reopening of the India mints is all
that ean be expected from England, and thai
would not be done w.th ? riew of altering her
??? pri-sent currency and Hnanclal system.
Mrs. Mary Harrison .-. stoul and voluble colored
woman, w.iv arraigned in t???- <'?-inre Street Police
Court yesterday, charged with having been drunk
and having mad? a disturbance ai Deabro?e? ?*, and
"Now, .ludi???" raid the woman before the police
in.m ???? arrested bei bad .? chance to apeak, "tb?
officer had no reaaon lo arresi me ? hi?. tim.? ?
ain't one to object to arrea) when ihere is ,i re.?
cause, imi tins time 1 ws onlj waiting r?.r a Blxth
ave, mi, and I waa noi making enough trouble p.
m ik. han arrea m??."
"Madam, ? fear lhal von were Intoxicated Now
were von not?" asked Magistrate Went worth
??I had had .? little something to dr nk, sir," rei ad
th.? prisoner In a bursi of confidence, "bui ? ??.nu
t?? g . home ??a And, .ludi;.?, if vu win i,.t me
po ru mal.? ? eoent to you I hav? throe lim.?
pup* and a bird n homi to attend to, and if you
lei m?? ??" I'll ?iv?? y??u one of th?? pups "
"No, thank you. ?aid the Magistrate positively
Mrs. Harrison li? ? .?.? ?thei ?? k "Well, Judge
I ..m .? good woman enywaj ???! you ought t?? lei
me go." ehe t lid ? im ? Christian member ol Bl
Peter*! Catholic Phureh, ani my itti? ? ? by girl
God rest her soul, was christened In S: Ann?)?
Church *'
Th?? woman promis? I to in dlrect'y home, and ?he
was lei .?ft ?,<???? a fini ?? II. win. h s?..? ,??[\ a?
?he went ont of th? ? onrlioom --he ? ??.,???,.,) out
"Thank God and thank you, too, judge "
Antonio Anni?., twenty-five yens ,,?,i ,, dealer
in bon??, which h. pi k? up wherever h? can
wa.?? Jeered :,t by a number of t..?\m nn Saturday
night, .'i'l te c? t rid ?' his tormenten .ir.? ,?,
? ' and Bred four timi al n,.? bos ? m? of
''"? ludici.?, ?truck Charlr? McMahon fourteen
rear? old. of No tot u.-t Porty-?ev.nth-at., in the
]???'? ??*. The ho* had the bullet extracted al
tour? veli Hospital Th? Hallan ? ?? arn n-d tnd
The two sons of a first-rate up?
town tailor come to us for all their
They frankly confess they can pay
US a profit and ?et better satisfaction
than buying from their father at cost.
A something for all of you, not
able to buy clothing at cost, to think
Just as good shoes, hats and fur?
Rogers, Peet & Co.
I'rlnre an?1 ltrnnriwiiv.
Vnrr'-n nni Broadway.
Thirty aeeond an.l itp.sdwav.
The qnesiion of consolidatine tha Greater Maw?
York i.ostofiii ? ; irai more or leas diacuaaed by the
Washington postal officiala who ?rere in the ? ity
last week, but no definite concloeiona were reached.
A ratceatlon that is regarded In th?? New-Tork
Poatofflce as ??: great Importance wee thrown out
by AaeiBtant Poetmaeter-Oenera! Heath, namely,
that the enure district should be made n part of the
New?York office, and ? spedai appropriation nade
for it. Assistant Postmaster Morgan Is of the
opinion that nothing luckier OOUld happen to the
postal servire here.
At present there la one general postal appropria?
tion, and th.? money for nil the office.? In the country
Is parcelled out at Washington. It has been pro?
pose,! at VniiOUfl tlm.'S (hat tho biK offices should
be put in a ?'lass by themselves, ?md an appropria?
tion made for them apart from the general one,
and that lib ? has met favor. Siili better, In the
Judgment of postal officials hare, would he a ?pe?
dal appropriation for New-Tork and its Immilliate
Vicinity. If such an appropriation were made, the
money would be under the control of tho postmaster
of this city, and would be used ac lie Bhould think
best for th? ????1 of the service,
it is evident from th'o expressions of som?, of ths
Brooklyn Congressmen that there is likely to be
Bertoua opposition to consolidating the lirooklyn
Postonica with the office In tins dtp, and it la be?
lieved that this queetlon has bad some bearmi? on
th?? appointment of Postmaster Sullivan'? successor.
Naturally, a man woul.l not ?are to accept an ap?
pointment as posi mister of Brooklyn unless there
waa some aseurance that he would not in a few
months be reduced to the rank of a station Superin?
tendent, with a large reduction In his salary. While
the people in the Pootoffice Department are natu?
rally in favor of consolidation, the faci is that fon
press must net before anythlnK can be dont?. The
law which forili.is th?? consolidation of poatoffices
at county ?eats stenda directly in th.? path of a
union of offices In the Creator New-York district,
an?l unless COnpres? rept?is or amends It no
steps l'un b? taken toward consolidation. Said nn
olii ila! of the New-York office vest, -t. lay:
"In my opinion, there Is going t0 \)f. ?._fncIent op?
position In Brooklyn to the uniting of their poet
Office with ours to prevent the carrying out of a
seheme of consolidation. Bo far as ? em Informed,
there are a good many people over there who are
?trongl?. opposed to the ? onsolt.latlon of the cities.
That has ?Seen decided on, however, and they .-an
do nothing. They will do their best, though. I
fanev to preserve th?-lr autonomy as far as the
peat office la concerned. They do not want their
office made a branch ot New-York, and they do not
Want their poatmaeter made an assistant post?
master. Nor tlo they want to be known as New
York Baal or New-Tork South, or New-York tuiy
. . . ' .,., , ,_ __._. ?_..?1.1 -,.,! I ...I?... -
thing else.' This Is what I am told, and I believe
that the Gorman law, whl?h was passed, of course,
without the allghteei referen.-e to this rase,
give them lust the help they need.
f a law on th? statute
"lt l? always easier to nut a law on th? statute
book than to" take one off. and this one Is already
there I shall nit he at all surprised to see th?
? 'on gre
?red jfpi,
out a lari?e Increase in our appropriation.
Thomas B. Ritchie, twenty-two ynrs old. of No.
M W'.st Thlriy-slxth-s?... was arrainmd before
Magiatrat? Pool, in the Jefferson Market police
?Ourt. yesterday morning, charged by John J. Cary,
a bicycle dealer, of No. ITI Blghth-ave., with hav?
ing stolen a bicycle. Cory Bald the prisoner came
Into hla place about ei^ht ?lays ego and hired the
wheel for an hour. He failed to return with it.
an.l seetni the prisoner bowling along Righth-ave.
?m tb<? wheel yesterday? he (Cary) had him ur?
ti ?;. .1
"Well, I don't know ah?.ut this charge," ?aid the
Magistrate, 'ibis man came Into the pos?, .-?ion of
ibi? wheel lawfully, arni, In my opinion It Is noi a
case tor the criminal courts, but ?hould i?.? taken
tn tli?? Civil courts."
Tbe prisoner ?aid that he bad not Intend???! to
steal tne bicycle, but had merely hire?i it for no
specified time.
?Tii,it's usually the ?use," remarked the Magis?
trate, "an?l the complainant'? only r?'lief Is to sue
ihN man for the lime he bad the use of th?
\i : tint rate." said Cary, "nt _.". cents nn hour,
he owe? me about ?4_ SO f..r the eiirht .lavs"
"Well, whatever it is," replied the Magistrate,
"you will have to begin legal proceeding? against
him in the civil court for the amount he ow< s you
M.? |? discharged from custody."
"Well I'll be hanged," commented t'nrv ns he
left tbe court; "that Is the funniest declelon I ever
heard of. in that ?ase ?very crook In town ea!1 go
to ? bicycle atora and hire a wheel, and take the
?bane?, of never being caught. If he i?. al! a man'
.-an ?lo 1" sue him for the time h?? hn?! the machine
out. Every denle* may bs well iro out of imsi
The ReY. I"r. .T. L. Campbell. In the course of a
sermon on "Literature and the Bible" at the Lexing?
ton Avenue Baptist Church last nlKht from the text
Psalms avili, RV?"The word of the Lor?i is trini"
?poke In praise nf the English language other
languages, he said, were beautiful, ami time wa?
When the Latin tongue was universal In civilized
ranke Then came the French language, which
was wide!) spoken in other countries than Prance
?.ut ?in.??? then the English language had made great
strides throughout the world Mankind, Lr Camp
bell declared, was rapidly meeting into on?? brother?
hood, and the time was coming when on?? language
would be universal amon? civilised nations Tint
language, h?? predicted, would be English.
At ?a?h of th.? se,,?? services liei,? yesterday in
the Church of St. Jean Baptiste. In Kast Seventy
sixth st.. where Fathers Constanttnean and Pail?n,
of the University of Ottawa, are conducting ??
novene preceding th? ?-???????? Peeel of Bt Anne
the ritt, lu?an.??? was so peal as to overflow inlo th?
street. Masses were celebrated hourly from rt t,. M
o'clo? k At ?ah Father L'onstantlneau preached ?
short sermon from different verses of the donnei
of St M.t-k. At the retaper servi,? |n the ?venina
Pather rall?n delivered a sermon on th? tir-n oar!
of the Apoatle'i Creed. Tb?? ?errtcea win t,e !-??
tlnind to-day.
STATBN ISLAND ????????08.
A drowned man about forty years old was found
In th?? bay at Mi.Hand Beach yesterday morning
Tb?? body was ?lr.ss.'.i in a hiu<-k alpaca mat
strip???! trousers, white shirt with the letters "i,
ll" embroidered upon it. lues shoes end black
stockings In tb<- i-uffs w-er?? square pearl cuit
buttons Th- bod) had I.? In th.? water Mil? a
short lime
"A Mideummer Night's Dream" will bom be
given on ib.- lawn? of tb?? Pavilion Hot.?: tiro
Brighton, bv a casi ?.f amateur an.l profe??inn tl
Plorence Coleman, the young ??iman who fell
from ? cherry tree, breaking her back, at Caatie
ton Corners, l? l? Ihe Smith Infirmary, being par?
alysed ir..m the hipa down An experiment win be
made with X raya ??\ Dr. William Bryan t?> ?.?.? if
thi bre ih . an be knitted.
The aummer rcscrts had ? dreary day raaterday
with the rain snd lack of visitors, At Midland
Beach ihe uaual concert whs given, several nun?
?It??.? ?.pi? attending
County Judge.Mtephen l? Stephen?flatd his family
hnv.? gone in lulllvan County for three weeks
The engagement of C. Austen YVhltehnus??. of
New Brighton, and Mi?s Josephine Wooiiruff of
Detroit. I?? announ ed
About Ino hundred persona attended the meeting
A Big Purchase of
Ladies' Wash Skirts
and Silk Waists
Unless all signs fail? To-Day will be the busiest one our Big
Cloak and Suit Department has ever experienced?15,000 Gar?
ments, the Largest and Best lot it has ever been our good
fortune to possess, goes on sale This Horning at
These Unparalleled Prices!
Linen Crash Skirts, Regular Price 1.00
Linen Crash Skirts, Regular Price 1.25
Linen Crash Skirts, Regular Price 1.78
Irish Linen Skirts, Regular Price 2.50
French Pique Skirts, Regular Price 8.50
Ladies' Silk Shirtwaists in
large Checks, Pinks, Blues, Brown
and Green on White. Also in
Black Taffetas, rows of tucks back
and front, full shapes, new yokes,
JOT Regular Price 10.00,
To-Day's Big Shirtwaist Offering!
Nothing in Town to Approach It!
We believe you'll say so too when
you see the quality of the materials.
Two of the very Special Prices that
prevail :
One Lot in tine quality of Linen, Dimi?
ties, Organdies, Etamines, Lappets, Sicil?
ian, Pique and Liberty Muslin, detachable
collars and cuffs, white or self collars, soft
or laundered cuffs, all colors and sizes,
%%\T Regular Price Was 3.25,
One Lot extra fine quality of Percales, Lawns, Etamines and Ging?
hams, all dainty colorings, all sizes, V?T Regular Price Was 1.75,
Every department in the Store crowded with Midsummer Bargains.
Don't wait for us to advertise them. Your financial interest will suffer
if you do.
Sixth Avenue, 20th to 21st Street. ?
?Ladies' Silk Waists in delicate
Stripes and Checks, double yoke
effect, ?-#" Rcf?ular Price 7.50,
Also 250 Ladies* Blazer Suits
of French Marseilles, colored fig?
ures. E_T Formerly 5.00, J
of the Volunteers at Prohibition Park yesterday
afternoon. .Mr?. Halllngton Booth wns delayed In
reaching 'ho park, and it wa? 4:30 o'clock before
she besan h?-r sermon.
The New-York Volunte?? Uf?-Barias Oew,
wnb-h has a station on the ICast P.lver at Corle?rs?
ete re?"cued two men from th? river yesterday
afternoon. Tlvy are John Murphy and Prank
Noonan. alias Wolf. They refused to say whero
they lived. The two men hired a rowboat from
James Moss, who has a boathouse in K?st Flfth-s*.
They were not experienced oarsmen, and the
strong tlile carried them r.s far as Corlears-st.
There one man lost his onr, and In his effort to
recata It he capsized 111? boat. For a while tho
men wero able to maintain their hold on the up
turind boat, but they drifted Into an e?ldy and
w?'re swept away. They erled for help, but the
members of th? Mfe-sa\iiiK crow were alow to put
out, b?'l!?*vlnff that the men w?-re attempting to fool
them. They wire soon convince?!, hOWOTer, that
th?* men were genuinely ln need of aid. and two
boats were m ni ?mt. When the reaeueri reached
th?? men In the water they were exhausted, and
had to be dragged ?mo the lifeboat?. When they
wert t.-iken ashore thev walked away in th- ir arti
clothing ????? left Hi?? h<?:?t ln charge of the Ufo
Furneaux & llolfle, Cincinnati. Ohlo-H. C. Fur?
ti- aux, I!. llolfle. Broadway Central.
Robertl, Wicks Company, t'tlca, N. T.?Irrt"*** L
Krank??!, superintendent. Broadway Central,
Br* ft singer cioak Company, Bt. Louh*. Mo.?
A. P. Bry, cloaka and suit??, No. io White it. Broa l
Way Central.
J. S. Menken Company. Memphis, Tenn ? T. O.
Berthold, boots and ?shoes, No. 115 Worth-st. Pnlon
A. Bloch ft Co., Cincinnati, Ohio-A. Bloch, wool
l?-ns. No. S4 r>eonard-??.. Hoffman,
?'arson. Plrle. Scott A ?'?,., Chicago, 111?A. W.
MacLean. lace? and ? mbrol?i?'rIes, No. 115 Worth-.-.?..
Murray Hill.
K. W. H.-ss. Wichita, Kan. DrygOOda etc. Albert.
Latlgtey, Burr ft Co., Boston. Ma^s. W. C. Lang
ley. Park Avenue.
Blaeman Brother?, Atlanta, Oa.?B. J. El-eman?
clothing. St. Denla
Flseman Brothers. Washington. D. <".- J. F.'.s?*
man, clothing. St. I)?'tiis.
Strong. Lee fl Co., Detroit, Mlch.-F. A. Lanier,
notions. Iacea and embrolderlea, No. 5?s Worth-st.
St. Denis.
Tootle, Wheeler fl Motter, St. Joseph. Mo P. G,
Blade, cloaks an?! suits. No M Broadway. Mari?
Hamburger Manufacturing Company. Baltimore,
Md.?H. J. Hamburger, woollen?. Mariborough.
J M. High & Co.. Atlanta, Oa.?J. M. High, dry.
good?, et??? No. ii Franklin-st. Mariborough.
Hamburger Brother* ft Co.. Baltimore, Md ?L.
Hamburger, woolh-n*. No. 714 Broadway. Marl
bo rough.
Schloss Brothers ft Co., Baltimore, Md. w.
H.-h'i??ss, woollens. No. 7i'.r> Broadway. Mariborough.
Il'-rman Straus. LouUvllle, Ky. A D. Straus,
fancy goo?is. No. 143 Broadway, Mariborough.
A. D. Rosen ft Co., Detroit, Mich.?A. D. Hosen.
notions an?l furnishing good?, ???. M I,?\>nar?l-st.
The Qlobe, Harrtsburg. Penn.?W. BtrouM, cloth
????; b. Btrouae, clothing. Mariborough.
Btrouee fl Br??s., Baltim re, Md n Btrouae, wool?
lens. No. 733 Broadway. Mariborough.
Wallace Brother? Company, Btatesvllle, N. c.?D.
Wallace, tr.. drygooda, et.?.. No. ;sn Broadway.
Marshall Field ft co., Chicago, III, E. B, Killott.
cloaks .imi suits; ?'. ?. w.irn?-r. representing. No*
l?>t Worth-st. Nor'nandle.
Smith ft Murray. Springfield, Masa Alex. I.elth,
cloaks and suits, No, H Whitest
Porteoua <v Mitchell. Norwich, Conn John Per
teous, drygooda etc, No. r?s Whit?hsi
Doggetl I>ry lioofls ?Company, Kansas city. Mo ?
C, M. Badfora, boots and .shoes. No. - Walk<T-s:.
Kaufman A laaaea New Orles ne, La, M. Isaacs,
millinery, ???. ?'.".* Church??! Mariborough.
?. Waid ft Co., Cincinnati, Ohio ? ?? Waid.
laces and smbrolderies, No. CJ white st. Hoffman.
William Honaldson ft Co, Minneapoll? Minn.
F. A. Norway, carpets. No itr, Broadway Orand.
Fmery. Bini. ThayOT A Co. Kansas City, Mo.-?
L. w. utar, docnestKs, no. ;,i Leonard-et, Grand
J. it Road ?? ?'.?, Chartestoa, | c, J. it. Read,
drygooda etc. Grand,
a, it. Btelnbach a c0.. Portland, or??, -a. b.
Btetnbach, clothing. Hoffman.
A. C, Llaeomb ft Son. Worcester, Mass.?A. o.
I.lscomb. hats nnd caps. Imperial,
*' *' Balveter, St boute, M?>. Furnishing gocxls
K. Well. St Chnrles, Mo. Clothing. Imperial.
Btelnberger ft Katteber, San Pranelooo CaL?L
j. Btolnberger, drygooda, etc. Imperial.
Petits DrygOOd? Company, Indianapolis, Imi ? j.
Claaosy, notions. No. 2 Walker-st M?tropole.
Henry A. Daniels, M D?
90 W>?t Muh HI
Impairment? of th? Nirvuu? gjrstrin. 11. ?. t -ri r fttrrtlttv,
sud ilk? alimenta Uoura ? to 1. t u ?1
Sunrise 4:43 Runiet 7:27 ? x*n rises pml?:OT'Meon???sett
AM?t?an'y Hook ll:3o'Gov. Island -!H*U 0?te |HT
P.M?flaady H"?*k ll:Sa dor. bland 12:04 Hell Gate 1*T
V*esel. Krom. Lina
Praetorla.Pt Th'in as, July ?.Quahae
Nacoochss.Havunnah, July ?.8ev_nnea
Spa.irnilam.RotUrdaSS, July 7.Holl-Amer
Mobile. Loados, July S.-...Ati-Treaa
I'lnassla.U!asg> w. July 8.Anehor
Tauri?*.Ll\*rp.?l. July ?.Whit* Star
Orizaba.Havana. July 15.?< Y a Cub?
Altai.fort I.tmon. July 12.Atlai
Isiulalana.New-OrU-ans. July 14.Cromwell
Bl Dotado.New-Organs July 14.M rg.in
Tailahifeee.Savann.-ih. July Irt. Savannah
Noonlland.Anrw-eip. July 10.R,M Rtar
Hesperia.Olbraltar, July .*,.\n ?:. r
Kansaa City.S,i\.innati, July IT.Savannah
I.ahn.Bremen. July 13.? O IJoyd
Pinas?*?.G???G., July 14.Panama
Concho. Havana. Julv 17.N Y & <*-jha
Persia.Gibraltar, July 7.Hamt,-Amar
? enlK'.n T.ulse.Hremon. July 10.X C, T.t-s/d
?.??p.???? City.Swansea. Jiitv ?8.pr'?? >l
Phmnlcla.Hamburg, July io .ffaatfi kam
Kalaer Wilhelm II..Olbraltar, .Tub 13.? Q Ij .> "
Aig-'n?nitn."ackaonrtlle, July it?.Mattery
?"Peso.New-Orlt-ana. Julv 17.M ..gaa
Vessel. T.ine. i r Malla dasa.Yssssl ttrnm
[ Berdlnlas rnnre. rti-i Janeiro, Prlaee. I At p m 4 "Opm
j TUMBDAY, Jll.Y 20.
? Trave, Hremer.. N G Uovi. 7:00 am 10 ??? a m
."auto Ii,?n:ing', Havasa, Spanish. ....11:00 a in l"??pe
' A,i\an?-e. CMoa, Panama....10:00 a m 12:<?) mT
I C. :nanrlie. ??liarles?, n. ("Ivie.- 3 >'? p m
Kl Mar. New-Orleans. Morgan. - ? 140 ? ?
Coleridge, Peraambaeo, i.am't A H^it.iinoa m ? ?>>pm
Wednesday. JlXY 21.
! New-York, Southamp'-n, American.. 7.on ? m in no ? m
| Adriatic, Liverpool. White Star. !? M a m 12 ??* ra
? l'.erlm. Antwerp, Re?l Star. I?:'siam 12 M m
| S?f?uranca, Havana, N Y a Cuba.... 1 .??? p m 300 p m
Hartiarniisa. nrem?*n, N G Lloyd.Ml a m l2:0Qm
G. Htsmarrk, Hamburg. Hamb Amer. 7:00 ?m lii:l?Oam
PBIDAY, Jfl.Y 23
I Mongolia?. QtaagOW, Allan State. lo:00am 12:00 m
I Cherokee, rherlest-.n. i*l>-?ie.- 3 oo p m
1 Rio ?"?ran?!?*. Hrunswl k. Mall?*rv ? ?si ? n?
Salerno Rraill * La Plats, V ? * ??.10.00 a m 12.00 m
tort Of ??? YORK. BUNDAY, Jti.Y ??. i*_r.
Steamer Aiiranla ?Hr?. M?'Ka>. UtOnmOl July 10 ?ad
Queensl-wn 11, wuh Dada?, 111 i-abin Mill 171 s"en_g?
paasengor? 10 Verr.on H Hr.?wn A <"??. Arriva at the Ber
at 1 _ 4 * p m
Steamer Matt?"*?an. ??>????. Antwerp July 4. tn hal
laat la T Hog m ? S..n? Arrired at the liar at ml Intght.
Steam-r I* ??as.-..?ne ? Kr ?. ?? >??1?>1-*?. Havre July 10.
with ammo, MB eabla an,I 2WI s'eeiaee passenajeri to A
K-.raet. Arrlv???! al the bar SI 3 30 a tn.
Steamer lturgundla (Pr?, Vallai, Mar?, ill?? Jun? 9A,
I Naples Julv 1. Gibraltar rt. with m !?u? ant 17.1 |"is?enfer?
? t?> J \V E'.well ? ?'" Arrived nt th?- Mar at .*> at ? tn.
:-t.'s.mer ?'ireatriam ?Hi?. ?',-wing. Ilue'.va J'ttv t and
Olbraltar 2. with napper ,?r?? t? the Pannajrtvaaia salt Co;
vetael le Btmpeoa, Ppence A fona? Armed at th* Bar
at l 30 ? ni.
steamer S"Uth Portland, Keelev, Siner-eg six dayi. with
"fruit ?? B C ?o?mta Ve-sel to M,"?ai-lin Br,???. Arrived
at thr Mar at *< p m. ,.,,.,,.
Ste:?in?r I'omancae, l'?nnlngt?>n. Jaok??*nvlll? jiiiy le
ani iharlesi.in Irt. with ir?b? an.l pas??n_?r? M William
? Clyite * ?'"?
St?am?r RUhm ivi. Glover, l<..hir.->a?!. with mise and
pa?rngtri to th^ ? >.,1 Domlatoe ss i'->
St?.im?'r JaRMetOWn, Boaa, ?'?G'" N?w< mat Norfolk,
with m?i?e an.l paaaejigen la UM l**ralal ?? M I
Steamer ?'p??,.-s An:i -??,,???. trom ??????, l'enn., IB
ballast. t?> Old 1 '.?mini?.? Ss ? *n.
Sle.m.-r l'ottage Piti 11.??-?llrjif. Portland, M?.
Btisamer Herman Winter. Nl.toi s o ?H ?G??
Baady ??* ialy li?. 9?9 a p m '-n.i ?a?t. mMerate
breei?. eloady,
Steam.?!. Astrakhan iltrl for I'amhur?; Amana ?R?**).
for Cage Tow?: Cltj ot Mseo?, tot Savannah: Maekal?
llenn?*tt (Uri. t-> ?e,?? to rej.ilr i-ab>.
l.tverp,-?!. Julv is \rrne-1. -teamer. Tufle CBr>.
Themes New-York: Kinm? IB?. PMrgaSM, New ? rk
Qe?satoara. July 1?, 12 2??? ? "i Balled ?t*ar_er
l'mbrla iHri. Hulton ifr?in l.lverp ? ?!?. New Y?rk.
Dover, July ih Paased, ateaawri Parala <????, ??????^
llnmbura for Ne? Tort; Pries Regent l^ilipr?lil iG?r).
Walter. Hreineti (ot N? * Y?*rk. Weaternlan-t (R?l_),
Mills. \>w York mr \ntw?r|?
Havre. Julv IB, ft p m Arrl\?Nl. ateamer lm Bretaane
(Fri. Hupe. New Y?.rk.
Gibraltar, July lv I'asaed, ?teamer .ciudi? (Br), BH?"1!,
Naw-Vurk (or Hcaiterrtmcan putt*. . .

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