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:; ,?, Storna? .
? The Turf.
n wet- Wanted..
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UiiMvifee? ?Xoticca.
Triltnii?? Terms IO Mnll ?Hiliecrtlier?.
Petty, IP? ? }?.:!, Jl per mrr.'.h.
I??..?. witl-.??ut v. nn?y. s? s year, W> certs PW raeiitl..
Sandar Trtt?une, |2 a year Weekly, $1. t??*mi-\? ? ?...y.*
MSTAitr Extra ??? ??-?? la rhai-aed to f?.rei?n ceuntrUa.
.? apt Mexico and Canails. end ?n ll?? dally in .n?-w
Tarh Cm;. , ? , _,
IW-IITTANCK?. If sent In cash, uaregleterea, *??? ??? o?
the owiif-i'a risi:.
WAIN OFFRII? IM N..?><?a.i-st.
'VT(iV?-N ?.?? ?. .' . ? _,_ I'.K.mlW-".
VrRH'ANS ABROAD will fir, 1 The Trita?? at:
Igniter. OrT?. ?? cf flit Tribu????. Kit r.eet-s!.
Morton, Item & Co., HartholeaMW Houae, v.. c.
Rrcrwn, (?oui?! & ?'??. 64 ???? Ox.er.l-st.
TboaiBl IV* * Pi. 1/J?lga!e Clr?-?.
rarlt?.?. Mauro? .. tv?.. 7 Boa Scrii???.
Boti ics i-r ."? ? :;?> Uve ?te prevenne.
Maria? llnrjes ,? f.... .11 Ho-l"var ! ll.i'-.ssn-.ar.n.
<"-'.'.!? Ljoni ils, ???? an rt-s r.traraer?.
Tli'?e-,s? ?-.?? ?? A Son. 1 Vise? de ropera.
Oene?.?*?lyvr.'...ir<*. ????<t A Co. ?"J l'nleii r.ank.
I.'!??r?>ric<.? Wiilir.\ t ?>?.
Vienna- Ai.*' ?irtrUn Brini?..
St Pet.r.r-.-rr: ?.r??,tt Lyonnais.
The London rfW of The Tribune 's ? eonrenienl r'ae?
o leave ?-??'tis.-'.ents ani ? -'?scrirtlon*.
J\rt\^ork Hails Snlmne.
MONDAT, .II'I.Y 10. 1S?47
FORI-???'.?Prince Henri of Orleans declines
*o fight a ?luel with Lieutenant Pini, the Italian
.fi-cer .elected by lot to challenge him, but says
he la willing to rr.'.et an Italian officer of his
yvn rank. ? An earthquake occurred on
Saturday in the Inland of Stromboli, one of the
Lipari lala?de. ----- Edward Charles Baring,
Barem Reve..stoke, is dead. :?-. : An Indian loan
.f 3CO lacs ??f rupees at ?.?-_ per cent 1? an
DOMK8TIC?Tba striking miners In the Pitts?
burg district are becoming desperate, and there
ara indications of trouble ahtad. President
Patchfoi'd of the Mine 'Workers? made a state
;ii.--nt to the tffnd that the result of tbe strike
ama ??atl.factory, and that there would be terga
gcoeaalona to the ranks of the strikers in the
next few days. - tt?t The Republican conferrets
made good progress with the Tariff bill, and ex?
pect to submit it to th?? Democrats to-day; Its
?-).?>? paaaaga is anticipated. -^=z= Reports
jri-oni Maryland show that the peach crop will be
ciliiiut a quarter Of last year's, on account of the
ravagea of the curcullo. =--? Howell C. R?-es,
M Matteawan, escaped from a sarltarlvm at |
Centra) Valley, to which he had been (?immltted
is an insane person =^= Tborvald Bolberg, of
Boston, was appointed Register of Copyrights
by Mr Youiik, Librarian of Congres?.
"CITY.?William A. Reihvood. a Philadelphia
<l??aler ir. antique?, was arrested OB a charpe of
swindling a ftrni ot .lewi-llers. ------ A police?
man, in killing a supposed mad dog. shot off
two of the flni?<Ts of the animal's owner.
It was declared lb?! the Republican State Com?
mit'? e would meet in tnls city early next month
to name a candidata for Chief Judp?> of the
Court of Appeals. ----- Tho Central Labor
I'nlon passed a resolution criticising the ap?
pointment of T. V. Powderly as Commlssloner
Oeneral of Immigration.
THK WEATHER.?Indlcatlona for to-day
Sh?)wers. The temperantre ycsterJ<'>^ : Hlgbeat
82 degrees; lowest, 70; average, ~\t?\.
Person? going out of town, cither to sum?
mer resorts or countrv ho>ncs. can hare the
Daily and Sunday Tribune mailed to them
for k\ per month, or It.50/or :t months.
The address will be changed as often as
Travellers in F.urope can recare The
Tribune during their absence for Sl.TS per
month, or ?*_.*.*> for :? months, postage pre
/??7.? Address < hanged as desired.
Tbe liuaniinoiis .'mn-emont of tbe B?sate and
Honsa Rep?blicas confinsea os every point of
iho n?'w Tartfl blU is gratifying, but tho ebsrso
ti?r of tbat igreement !.s more fratturisi still.
While a great Dumber ol the Senato umend
lncnts ? are been accepted, Inelndlng s fei?
?,!,;?.'!i were demande?, bj Kar We^iem Interesta
repreeeute?] by Senato??? Jones, almost every
feature av li ??*?? has lie?n seriously eritloUed by
K-PUbli?'.Tis baa been modified, and. OB ilio
wboM, moat satisfactorily. Tbe amendments
throwing aura;' BOUM millions of u?'<;,lod revenue
by putting bags, burlaps au?d cotton ttal on the
free '!??. have bOM defeated, the duty on white
l'ine* lumber stands as the Hot!..?.? ad"pte?l it, the
proposed dntj OB 'ea nnd internal taxes ?in beer,
lobsCOO :?n?l sales of seourities luiv?' bc'eu
dropped, atul the report indicates a nnsBimooi
sgreement of BepnbUcsa csnfSrwta of both
?ions-? t-'nat the bill ns now shaped nil] y.eld
raflslant revenu?? without thos. adjuncts so en
LhusisstlcsI-9 srslcos-Sd by Des-oeratlc Uieortets.
The SSSfWilmmt putting a duty ou cotton was
also dropped perliaiis not wisely?-whUe ?u
eiSSSSd rerenne was Insured by a closer ap?
proach to rues ?..f the House bill OB many ani
el?'s, kBdadtng wool and woollens and >tigar.
Tin? wi .liens Khednle as ?t stands i? a dis?
tinct IxnpcoTeBient <?n that of the House, be?
cause suhstltntlBg specific dntlsi on carpet
wool, which ar?? said to hav. been sccepted by
the BU-snfSctnren, la place of ad valorem rates.
The duties ou clothing and eoflSBtBg wool are
restored io those of the Boose, carrying with
ih.r.i eocraspondlng dulie, on woollen goods. A
mofit-lsstloa <??' tiie duty on hides ie reported
? ii'.ch slightly leesena rerenns, but it will proba?
My bs found, contrary to the apprehension of
msay -Daanfacrurera, that prices of doraestlc
hldee w ill not be effected st all beyond a short
lime. Ths general mags Of duties on must manu?
factured products, except woollens, Is lower than
thOS? Of the House Mil. but anbetituttoB of
Specific dut!, s !n important schedule- will make'
them .BON < ??'"!!??, and the Mghcff dilli? on
the sdesneed pradncta not heretofore largely
inad. ??ere i.av?: b .'en wisely retained :?-? afford?
Ing a basi- for BOW progress in industrie-.
It will be highly gratifying: to most Repub?
licans that the differential duty In favor of sugar
r?'f!tiers has been retained exactly as 1t psssed
tin* fions??, ucd that ths radnctlOB of a tenth of
.?? cent en lowgisde sugars wiiieji the senate
proposed has been dropped, so that s clean,
????'.?????' and easily understood ipsctflc rato hsa
b?><>n applied on ?11 gradai of BBfS__BSd sugar,
?lo-ely proportioned i<? the rslae of each for
rsfialug purposes. The otyect of the lenite
uacndrneni regsrdlBg low-grade stig?rs ?. at
ihe sann? time in i?art attsjned by starting the
ape? rie duty at nr? eents |>er n*j ponr.js testing
7?"? degrees, ir.s!e?*<i of ? cent per pstnd, sud
ii'i):!ne the advsn'-e f?,r each degree of grade
cltrae-SBd-s-hslf-hiiBdredtha insie-d of three
sandredths ? f ? cent, n ?s oorasMSdy over
loo'tcii thai ?"????4 grsdnstton of apsclfk duti?*?- is
Intskded to eorraspasd aa fairly si posslbl? wtth
ih?? ?\?.i of r*eflB!Bgf)rns. thedlfferent gradii, and
Ans not affect th- differential for thi protection
of redoing, wh!?ti remains saehsaged, whstsret
Um grati ; of rogar ssrd. if this sltaisranei jmt
degree for cost of refining U |ltat?l thsa the
setsal dlffereaci in ">t, as seme argue, nera
MSSltl an advantage tc the reilning interest and
?? ?????! sugar producers iu this ooutitry. inni in
that raapecl only is tin? conference Mil mtm
favorable t?? Um? tliuu ?M limisi? bill by ORC
hundredth of ti ceni for every two degrees. The
House iiiitv on centrifugal at ???'. degrees was
twi'Ut.v-roiir-liiiinlr.'ilths ?if a cent, inni the IMW
iluly I? twenty eiKhthundredlhs higher Unni "ti
boet sugar ut ss degree?. I'm by far tb?? greater
i,ii."ii'.l!iy nf sugar .eline.l musi ?>f DSCCggitj be,
as li hai been, either nf centrifugal ni" of b?'?'.
ilio whole avenging about t*"_' degrees.
Tlio adjustment roa?'hod will ?'?' generally nc
?*0[?????1 wllh satisfaction, in spit.? ??f llonbt or
tliiTorcne.? al-o.it BOOM details, because of the
IRUflUPW b?'nefiis ?[ pri mises to Inuii?? Industries
und i?> tin? Treasury and the eiirpmey of tlie
country. There will probably bf sumo announce
mont inaile when Ihe MO Is r?*t?i?rt?tl as t.? the
r.??.. lim? expected ?TOOI It. bul the opinimi ???
prosse.l by rhairman lUnuley that ihe measure
will prOTe amply sufficient fur revenue is en
UM??il to at legal a? much respect a< any other,
anil bas in Its favor tbe certainty that, with
revival of business, tin? revenue in all depart*
monts will tend to expand rapidly. It is yet
possible thai time may be wasted by t!i<? Demo?
crats and Populisti In debate mi the bill, but It
is tbe opinion of tbe Republicans ai Washington
that 11? passage is certain and cannol be lm?/
Tbe lynching mill routlRaea in grind out Its
filai <?f wanton borrar. TWO Alabama mobs a
lew days ago killed two negroes for th?? "usuai
?rime." a course coming i?? 1??? a<**"*epted is a
regular BMtbod of erlmlRal procedan ?? that
region nnd to be passed over wltii slight com
meni elsewhere. Yesterday*! dltpatchei brought
the natural sequel to on?? of th??*?* popolar exe?
? negro preacher bad found it in bis Mark
heart to take pity on a wr<*tch of bis own race
and bail tried to hid?? him from riotous ven
geaimoand meure him a chance fora legal trial.
11?? did not aiKver'd. Th? crowd ranghi ils vie
tini and burned him. but its thirst was unsatis?
fied, m it datennlned to sate itself on tbe
preacher. He took refuge In the cabin of an
old negro wiminn, but wa< finally captured. It
?s now said it was only intended to whip bltn.
Unfortunately, he did not realize thai he was
only going t;? be half-murdered, instead of killed
ontrtght, and sought to escape. Bucb lack of
confidence enraged hi? captors. They stamped
him nearly to death. They bung him op. They
filled his body with bull?is. Then they cele?
brated by burning his corpse. Still they were
not sattgfed. The old woman still lived who
had sheltered her pastor win ? he was hiding
for sheltering ihe original victim. Now. r? Ter?
ence for woman is a well-known characteristic
of Alabama chivalry. So ili?? mob did not burn
her. They only dragged her Into the woods and
whipped ber. the telegram says "severely." a
term easily Interpreted when applied to tin?
action of a mob which trample! people to death
who do not take kindly to its chastisement
Ne_roes are said to prefer hanging to that sort
of whipping. Probably the preacher was more
lucky than the woman. He only died. ?????
sufferings wer?' more nearly akin to those of the
original victim whose wror.gs tlie mob pre?
tended to avenge.
Thus, in a Avldenlng circle unto tbe third and
fourth generations, as we may say, of those who
enrage it does popolar passion visit its fury.
The apologists for lynch law defend it as a
necessary instrument for stamping out an atro?
cious vein of barbarism in negro nature, but It
is used as often to stamp out the life of som??
poor fellow who, like the preacher, responds
only to the pitying instinet of humanity. Aside
from the fact, perfectly apparent, that lynch?
ing ?s not having its pretended curative effect,
but is rather drivim- the negra to reckless iu
diilcence in violence, the influence of the prac?
tice on the whites themselves is alarming. Tin?
passion for blood let loose does not calm itself
with meting out rude Justice. Then It Is only
aroused. One vici Im does not sate It. It must
wreak itself on everybody who BTOUSee Its
resentment until the fever lias passed off. So
we see tbe preacher killed and the woman tort?
ured in Alabama, a sheriff and a militia captain
fleeing fot; their lives in Ohio, and a Governor
threatened for protecting a man who defended
bis house against attack In Kentucky, rkton
we may hear the mob demanding the lives of
those who criticise their deeds.
It is an old story, and the evil Is easier t?> dls
sect than to cure, but cured it must be before
long or the hoodlum and bully will in? our mas?
ters. These deeds are credited to leading citi?
zens. So much ili?' worse. If leading cltixen*
convert themselves by hundreds into barbarians
tbe roughs will not long keep order. If tbe
solili planters of the country and the solid busi?
ness men of the towns show the way, they may
expect the worthless, who always love disorder,
to learn the lesson and practise It on them.
Despotien is a line country, but there Is no road
out of It, says __ old ("reek proverb, and it is
nowhere more emphatically true than of the
despotism of the mob. The disorder ever in?
creases. The lynchen start out to avenge one
crime on one person and end by bringing death
or Injury often to a d??7en. PreqtMOtly they
stir up race war. Then they wonder at the
turbulence of the negro. They whip and torture
poor old women" and then they swell with pride
as they proclaim ihelr reverenc?; for woman?
YACATION schools. 1V/*) OTHERS.
The "vacation schools" which have Just been
opened In this city for the fifth season undoubt?
edly serve some useful purposes. Thai faci
Is on the fa???? of the case Indicated by their
growth. The first year ???*?? were three schools,
wltb a total attendance for the seaaon of 2?.???0,
Last y< ar there were ?i\ schools, with an at?
tendance of 1??1.????. This year ten s? hool.s hnv?
been opened, and an attendance of from 175,000
to .(sD.H'mi Is erpected. Tbeae schools afford
six weeks' Instruction to many children who,
for lack of schoolhoose room, are unable to et
inni the ordin?r*? sessions. They a ff .?ni a kind
of Instruction no* obtainable during the regn
lar school year, to vit, kindergarten work for
the little ones ami industri?-] training for the
older ones. Finally, tbey afford pleasant, sa.???,
healthful retreats during a part of ih" ?lay for
those wh?? otherwise would be cooped in hot,
unsanitary tenements or running loose amid
th.? ri?? lea? evils of the Btreeta, In all three of
ih?-se particulars the va.at'on BCbooll ar?? ?loing
a good work, for which they are worthy to be
commended ro ii.?? public for support
Their work ? not, however, to be regarded
as a finality, li ilo?_ nut represent (he ? ?<n
summatlon of social propres.-. 11 is a neces?
sary, or a highly deetreble, makeshift : but b is
a makeshift, fur all that, which ? In? community
should proaeotly outgrow. Tb.? first ??? th?? three
Mrrtces aained will become superfluous when
tho city provides ample school a?n*offlioodatlous
for all ehlldren thraogbont the regular *- ? - :i< ?? ??
year. That lime, under a progressive and on
lightened administration, win soon in- reached.
So, by similar progress, will the *??.ad -.????!<?.?
of these schools b?? rendered noedleaR For th"
time win eoene when a general system <<t k
dergartena and of manual training schools will
???? provid'-d thraogbont ihe regular school
year. If, too, is coming rapidly. The kinder?
garten ha? already, ? hanks to generous pri?
vate initiativ??, been adapted into tin? pipili.?
school system, whero If will grow until
? very primary school has such a department.
Wheiher Industrial ih-parimciilH will !>?? added
to the publi?? schools, as in France, or an a?l??
qviaie system of Industrial schools on an Ind??
| ptndent basis will be supplied by m'Ivate bouu
tv. Is io be si-cu. bul in mio way or ilio othct that
great need \\ ill be met.
Tin? third servi? ?? ??f ib.? mention schools will
not so readily nor so promptly be otherwise per
formed it will be a long time before there are
parks and playgrounds and other .suitable places
sufficient iu provide desirable resorts for nil Ihe
? hililii'ii of the city; or all dwellings are so eiiin
modloua thai it will be no hardship for them to
stay at nome. Vet exgctly such a state of af?
fairs ?*- what should be mail?? th?? aim ami ob?
ject of municipal Improvement, it is by n?>
means chimerical, it involves .?nly the doing
of a few of iic>?? bugni. "ImpoMlMlltlen"
with which selfish obstruct kmlsts trj t?? check
tbe march of man. "You can't*abolish dark
rooms.*' they said. But windows and light
shafts were constructed in a hurry, tene of
thousands in a year, when mice the people said
"It shall be done." "Y?.u can't abolish rear
tenements." But it is being done. "Ton ean'i
have asphalted streets.'' But we bare them, in
all parts <-f the city. "Ton can't keep the streets
dean." Bnt they are being kept ?lean. Ami
so with all ih?? rest. Reforms will coin??. Ter.??
ment? will ??? made commodlons ami pleasant;
streets decent, safe and comparatlrely quiet;
playgrounds ami parka abundant, li will all be
When that tini?? comes, though not until then,
vacai ion schools will 1?? unnecessary. Mean?
while ii is well to support them, but ii is also
well, and better, earneetly t?> promote th?? Meal.
It Is not well to work all the time, not to Stud)
all the time. The brains of children require a
vacation as well as the brains ami brawn of
men. Nine or ten months arc enoogh for a ????????
t?. ???? in a school. ??? ? in a kindergarten. The
lest of ih?? year may more profitably be spent In ,
recreation. In play, In country sports and romp?
ing, It is better f??r the children to go to rara- J
lion schools than to stifle at home or perish In
Ihe gutter. l! WOUld be bCSl for th? III tO be
transported to tbe cool, open country, to spemi ?
few weeks In the fresh air, amkl change <?f scene
and association. The business man prizes bis
vacation at the seashore or In the mountains.
He enjoys it. It ?iocs bim good, Bui the tboo
sands of poor children Whom The Tribune
Preah Air Fund seuls ont for similar vacations
enjoy them more, and get more actual good
from them, than be docs. Tbe work of Ihe va?
cation schools is to be encouraged. But it does
not and cannot lessen th?* force of the siili
higher appeal for giving the children of the
city's poor a real vacation in places thai to
them an? as strange and beautiful as Paradise.
This Is the slack season, men say. Business
is Improving, but not as rapidly as ii will when
tbe fall trade sets In and the tariff problem Is
solved. Then it will go alead with a rush
That is doubtless true. .Meantime, at least one
important business is "booming" as never be?
fore?In some respecta That is the work ??i*
giving comfort and health to the children of the
1 nor through the agency of The Tribune Fresh
Air Fund. Here are a few concrete facts:
Last week the Fund s?'iit to the country no
less than forty1 companies of children, number?
ing in all 1,709. That made a total for this sea?
son, to date, of 1.170 children sent 10 country
homes for two weeks each, lhat means B2,B&4
days and nights or Joy and comfort and recrea?
tion, such as ihes?> suffering little ones never
dreamed of before. I'm? the present week thir?
ty-live companies of children are booked foe
sending to the country. Ten companies, eom
prislng 868 children, will l??? sent to-day. These
lads speak for themselves. They can be and
will be repeated every ?lay ami week of the
present season, if ?
There is the point. If the inibii?? will enable
the Filini to do It. Contributions p? the Fund,
ns the acknowledgments print?pd daily show,
ere coming in in generous measure. Hut Invita?
tions for children t?> be sent t<? country bonos
are coming in more generously. Opportunity is
outrunning ability. It would be a sad thing '<?
decline Invitations for children i?> go to the
country simply because there Is no money for
their transportation. Vet, if Invitations are nm
to be declined, the money is needed now.
Monies are open ami waiting for thousands of
children, for tens of thousands, in addition t'?
all thai have already gone. Th?? children are
ready to go, tens of thousands of them. They
an? not only ready and anxious; they need to
?_-??. for their good. The one thing lacking is
money, and for It the Fund looks to the gen?
erous inibii??, t.? whom it has never yet looked
in vain. The work of sending children to tin?
country is, as we have said, "booming." May
there not also be an even greater "boom" In the
making of contributions t?> maintain tbe work!
In the lis,'al year ending .lune .".o. 1898, this
country imported coal-tar dyes to the value of
SLV.ilcv'?**-. Tii" vast bulk of these ?lyes came
from Germany; a very small proportion only
were obtain???! in England and France. The
I'liiicil st.ii.-s prodnred no ?lyes of this char?
acter, as fa'? as we know; if it ?li?l, the vaine
of the produci was comparatively small.
This Sim?,], statement of facts draws atten?
tion to ihe commsnding position wbicb Ger?
many luis held for a number of years in the
Held of aniline and chemical manufactures. To
what is this commanding position due, and to
wii.it exteni is iiiis country ubi?? io profll by the
object 1?? .-mu which Germany has furnished?
Are we Licking in Intelligence and enterprise, or
an? ?re delicient in foresight and In that lllieral?
Ity of management which alms ;it the highest
results, ami without which success in any di?
rection Is Impos-dble? vVe should hate t?? think
sn; and yet the history of the development ??f
chemical manufactures In Germany carries with
ll an answer which can hardly l??? considered
Battering to our pride as a people of intelligence,
foresight and ? nterprlse.
Anilines snd tin r derivatives were original?
ly an English discovery. V? ? to-day Germany
maires nine-tenths if I ??? aniliue coloring mat?
ters ?-, ,? throughout the world, and this largely
from beusole and anthracene secured in Great
Bi tain. ThN result has in-en obtained, B<ccord
In.' ? ? i*ni;sii| ? ;, ?,?.?! M:;si,u. who has given
much attention to lb? ?nlijeet, noi -?? much by
encouragement In ? ie form of Government pro?
tection as by ll.\erri . nf privat?? lilierality.
Tin? great aniline and rhenileal lalmratorle-i al
Hoechst Maliikiir, Lud? Boba fen, RllierfeU snd
Beri u employ, In addii ou io their regular work?
ing fore ?a, a large mail of ynnni cbeiulatti from
fifty/ m seventy sl each establishment whose
s,,|.? function I- thai of resrareli, Ihe tireless
quest for something new sud rahiah!", iv lie ther
ll be a new r ?1 ?;? ??? |ibnnn leentl il prodi.f
coal lar. or a cheaper, more direct method of
making some produci thai Isahvadj known and
In use Thi . are ino il* young graduates fresh
from tbe uni ?.- . ?. who work for small sals
rl s .a lab. ? u .? ? - perfr tl,\ equipped and sup
piled by their employers*, under contracts which
provide llial whni rer ralnable dlsenvery tbey
make'shall ? m ? en Nil lo ili.?mpany, the In
a enfi r ? ti ? .??? .. -;???? ih ? ali rest In the pn ?!
net. \ ?Inule fortunate discovery ma., make
? " ?. ? ue < ? In discoverer, and under the
sjiii.? ol su li , incentive many of ? In? most
Import ? licul dis ?v< res of recent years
hav?? been made !?.? meu imder thirty live years
of nge, working for less than '???><??> a year for
greal companies, which pay annual dividends
of from I." to ''s per rent to their shareholders.
The United States, which produce* cvmle alka?
lies, bonaole ami anthracene in abnndanee, has
paid million-? t?i Germany for chemicals ami
colora within the lust twentj year?, n win
continue ??, do -.,. we fear, for some time to
I come, unless our manufacturai! bvsiir tha.??
?ehm and display a wltHngneas lo fosler thsl
superior knowledge of eh? iiilstry which in tier
iiiany seems t.? pnl mosey in the ijocketi of
thetr rlvaN.
lor the fiiit tun.? in many trying bontha thi
reek closed with every prosperi sncournglng.
There arai sgreemenl In conference committee
prorolalag speedy t. rmlnatlon of sncertaln
tlea about the tariff. There area in progress a
vigorosa effort t ? settle the question of wages
f.ir coal min-rs. win? bopefs) prospect, and the
settlement sought, riwreovor, would, if sccom
pllshed, place tbe indnetry on ? mot" healthy
end reasonable basis than it has attained f'?r
years. The money markets were without ;.?i
unfavorable symptom, th?? contlnuattoa ?.f
nel receipts from tbe iin.-rior Indicating that
Weaters and Southern banks sn in better
shape to meet demanda for crop movement
than for yean peat. The Improved demand
for rommerelal loans here, though partly dee
t?> heavy Importa was alao in ??nid part on
manufacturing snd domestic commercisi neper.
?-turns from nil parta ?>f th?? country allowed
fi moie active business than is usual at this*
season, witk really extraordinary liquidation of
mortgage and other Indebtedness ami hish con?
Sdenee in the futur?? of trad??. Crop prospects
continue t?> brighten, < xcepi as t?? corn, of which
the gresl qusntlty carried over will noi only
mak?? up for any possible deficiency, but in case
of any will be enhanced In valu?'.
The Qovenunenl estimate of wheat was about
100,000,000 bushels less than that of Mr. Snow.
ami yet is lightly considered of value only
as further evidence that the field WOUld SU
????.1 last year's at least 80,000,000 busleds.
Other estimates, above ???,???,??? bushels, but
varying widely, sii have th?? same feature
each much exceeds last year's estimate from
?he .?am?? ?-.our??". As last year's yield was
enough to meet ail home demanda and a heavy
demand for expi rt, the only logical ground for
nn advance was a prospect of a larger foreign
demand, which appeared in heavy purchases,
and particularly In purchase:! for countries
which usually have a surplus?Australia, Booth
Africa. 15rrt-il ami ??\??? Argentina, with lese
favorable report? of Boro pean crops. Th?? aver?
age of dally quotations her?? In June was 70.77
c. nn. and the (?notation June "??> was 7K.87. but
on Saturday tin? close was 82.75, almost 7 cents
advance. Were it due mainly to manipula?
tion, or to boiiiiiifr back of wheat f??r higher
prices, It would mean nothing, for Western re
celptl in two w"?-ks have been only 2,883,209
bushels, against 8,555,042 nt much lower quo?
tations a year afro. Hut the belief in a larg?
foreign demand was general, and Atlantic es?
porta in two weeka of July slightly ex?.led
last year's. 3.115,443 bushels, ?galait 2,953,817,
flour Included, an Insignificant gain in Itself,
but evidence of expectations already prevail
lng in the trad" abroa?!. If the effort to crowd
pi i. .?s up by concerted notion is not carried so
far as to check the outward movement, the re?
sults for farmers this year may be highly satis?
I.?ss can lie said as yet about the cotton
crop, which has, nevertheless, ?jalned in pros?
pect by rnlns in some quarters where rain was
needed. The price advan.1 only a sixteenth
for spot. In part because receipts from planta?
tions this month have been almost as large as
In one more day of July, 1805, from the Largest
crop ever raised, and in part because takings of
Northern spinners have been smaller than In
that year, ami quite a numi.?t of important
mills at Uk? Baal have closed ?>r reduced pro?
duction. Tli?? market for cotton foods doe?
not show any encouraging Change, ami, with
unusually large stocks accumulated "f some
kinds, and presumably <>f som?? others, th?? CUT?
tniitii.-nt by th.- mill.-? is considered win. Spec?
ulation in wool continu?e, though manufact?
urers were buying very little, an?! higher prices
*.?.??!??? reported Ht the \v?st end in London, when?
American' houses are sal?l to have bought
????,??? bales mor?'. Imports ar.? still heavy, at
Boston alone 2M.802 bal-s In two weeks, and
between the targe crops of Imported goods and
th?? BtOcka of wool which crowd the ware?
houses it acema a question whether much ad?
vance In price can be speedily realized. Hut In
such spring ???.?!?? us hav?? ?been opened, mostly
of low srade, advancer-, of ," m 7'. per cent hav
been ironerally proposed, and meanwhile the
continuing orders fur heavyweights are better
than have been expected. Thcr.? is also a simi?
lar prolongation of the old season in boots and
Shoe?, "ith a ? ..usi.l.rabl?? buying at prio-s
heretofore refused, and both ieath'-r and hides
recorded a small advance.
Changes In the iron business ar?? not in the
direction of higher prices, and in eplte ?f much
new businen and a mor?? confident feeling
f. ?temer pig ami angles are a shade lower ut
Pittsburg, and steel l.ars ar?? quoted there ;.t
H7'_ to }H? cents, the lowest >?n record, and th"
?vera?*?? nf ?,11 Iron and steel prices is lower
than ever before. Sab-s of non-Beseemer or??
from ?ild Lake ranges have I.? mad" ut SI 80
,<t Cleveland, but the movement is enormous,
and lias sn crowded vessels and ?.locks that em?
barrassment ml delay result. Wages disputes
have been on!) m part adjusted, and at som??
points ih?? sii..ii Mtpply ami Mah prie? ?>f bl
luminous coal Stop on. rations for a time. Th"
effort to secure uniformity among mine opera?
tors as to stores, weighing arrangementa ami
fortnightly cash payments, though by maus
stilt conallered Impracticable, is ?being pushed
with much hop.?. Many mines usually supplying
Connellsvllle ?ok?? works are now selling coal
at ?ii.? current high prices, so that tli?? strikers
have ??-t in to organisa th?? miners in that Held.
Usual Indications nf the volume of business
????? decidedly encouraging. The average dalli
payments through principal clearing houses in
July have been 7.'.? per cent larger then last
year, atei ..ni-, 2.9 per cent smaller than in
1892, a ?I??? Ided Improvement over June, which
was th.? best month of tl??? year thus far. The
slow movement >?f wheat just non lessens rail?
way earnings, which were 1.0 per cent less than
last yi'iir for th?? first week |n July, bul the
st?.?k market advanced trit?i as much confidence
as at any time during tb?? last two months the
average of prices rising u littl?- every day, and
for the week 08 cents per share, Tbe change
in management ?>f Lehigh Valley ami the de?
risi..? regarding ti??? Coal Trusl fi?.- itrength
to the coal-carrying roads, and th?? w-n-at pros?
pects ami ths advance in dividends by lbs
Orea! Northern aided an?.tier < in?.??. ??,? that
considerable sales by London early in tb?? a*eek
had no effect, and moat of the stocke were taken
back lille;? at higher ligure?, I'..nuls bay- als..
remained strong and in large demand. Tbe
money mm ket tends slowly toward greater
strength, ami the fuel tiist commercial loans
mi??? in better demand ami occupy larg?? amounts
hitherto Idle or employed only on rail, lead?
bankers t.? be more ? nary ??bout operations
will? h ti?? up their rumi:, beyond slut) days
The new chief law rlerh of ?he Tr? asm ? G???
partmenl is t?? be selected by Civil ?Service ea?
sminatimi, if tha Mugwumpa will i>.? patient
Ibe) ma) not bave so frequenti) ??? revise their
? denunciations of the Administration
The Emperor .?f Ausilia has beitbwed the
?Iran.! ?'r.?.?. ..f the Imperial otib-r .?r Leopold
1 ??? ib?? Khedive, which is rather a dangerous
ensign f"r a tin?? believer t?? went at home,
: though be ?a.? spurt it abroad with civil snd
? religious freedom, it is remarked that inere is
: im political significance in ths gift, ami it may
alao ??.- observed that there Is rery little In Its
| recipient
Chicago has erewblls produced as high us
tblrt) million pounds ?.f butterm??. but bs manu?
facture is ? am Interfered with by a lau which
fornida it t?? ha colored like butter, leavlag u to
h??.. us ???, ? row Is the market, as ? species
<.f ?ophtetlcated tallow, which is all that it
. _l > ir. The dslryui.n of llllnula exult lu tho
prospect t lin t th?y mny now come by their own
end gel ?? living price for th?lr product; but it
Is Ju?i pooslbte that the InglBUlUes of th?? but
terlne makers are not y-t entirely ? xhanst???!.
The profit at stake Justifies th?? cmjcture
that they will yet Und a way to ?lrlv.? a < <?aeh
und fuir through the statute end still produce
nml distribute their commodity With lh" same
freedom that they continu?? to purvey Stuffed
Chees ?, mad?? m.iinlv of hogs' lard, In Imitation
of Still.m ami double QlOUCOBter. The'y are
shrewd people, tii,,s?. Chicago confectioners ami
artificers, not always to be battle?! by an
ordinati..?, hoWSVef ligM and oar-dully deflned
its Interdictions.
Bpesker OOrady has been appointed by the
stat?? Lunacy Commlaalon conns??! for th?? Roch?
ester Stat?? Hospital at a salary ??' $1,200 a
year. His duties In th?? Assembly do not prevent
his having a State Job on the side. It leema
a little thick, but perhapi there are no other
lawyi ra in Rochester cspnMi of doing th?? work.
PER80\ ?/..
Ti ?? Ri . Dr, w. j. ?'bi.???. iter, who la to su? ceed
Dr Barrows as pastor <>f tha Fleet Presbyterian
Church of Chicago, is the pastor of the Immanuel
''bur. b In I,.??, Angeles, ?'al., and Is on.? of the
foremost r-lergymeu ?ci the Pacific Coast He was
beni in Baltimore in im:?. His early education wsa
completed .n Baltimore ?'ity College, from which
he was graduated li) Uff. Ha entered the Alle?
gheny Theological Seminary for bis cours? In di?
vinity, and rame ?.m ?.1 it in lift After that he
to?ik ,1 post-graduate ?course at Princeton. .
Tbe R>e, ??ni,,.p Held, for many years a mia?
alonary among tb?: higher ??'..,?????-? of ?'bina, now on
a visit to this country, lias maiie public sonn- inter?
estlitg r.-.-ts showing that bis werk is meeting with
a fair measure ?if sn..as. He received last April
s cordial letter from 1.1 Hung Chang, in which in.it
statesman auld: "Itnquestlonabiy, 1?' >?"? can give
to the blind leaden ??! our people light and learning
enjoyed in the U'.-st, they, in turn, will lead our
people out of their darkness. 1 think l may claim
to have many friends in tbe I'nited States, where
you now go. The cordial ??-.-. |.!i..n I met with whi r?
ever I wen! there made a de? ? Impression upon my
heart, and has ?nata endeared your people to me,
ir it would Interest them to know thai 1 regard you
highly and iri\> you a helping hand In jour futur??
efforta lo bring more Huht int?> the world and en?
courage higher aims for human aspirations, you
may use for thai purpose? this letter from your
(Signed and sealed) "Ll HUNO CHANO,
"S? ?tor ?lu ir.1?.p? of tbe H? ir Apparent, Classical
Reader to His Majesty the Bmperer, Senior Orand
Secretary of State, Minister of 'be Foreign Of?
Bee and Earl of the First Hank."
"The Book Buyer" says ihn' the fresh-air charity
for city children Interested Rudyard Kipling very
much when he lived la Vermont, and. as the fol?
lowing letter will show, b?? tried to help It by ask?
ing contributions from people who wrote to blm for
his autograph:
Nan .-.liba. Walte. Vt.
Dear -...: Your order of the 2-d inst. has been
lili???. we trust, to your satisfaction, and the stun Is
return?-.I herewith. , , .
We did not know that there would be auch a
mass of lunib??!? to put through the mill; and w?
not.? alao, that vour order covers at bast two
au| plementary ordere?(a) in th.- cas.? of a young
lady aged nineteen (not in original contract), and
ib? an autograph book, for which we have supplied
one original hardwood verse.
our mills are running full time at present, In
spite of business depression; but we are very re?
luctant to turn away any job that offers. 1 n.i? r
these circumstances, and making allowance lor
time' consumed In unpacking, sortin?. Packing,
crating and returning finished goo'ls, we should
esteem it a fav ?r it you could see your way to for?
warding an additional tlO to th?? fr.'sb-air fund.
Very sincerely yours, R. KIPLING m ? ?>.
P. s Autographs supplied on moderate terme;
guaranteed senilmente to order, verse s specialty,
No dbicount for cash.
Th?? Orand-duchesa Sophia of fase-Welmar left a
fortune of 160,000,101 franca besides her large es
tatea In Silesia and Holland, which bring in large
revenues every year, The opulent old lady l? ft
nothing to charity, Lut her husband, sons, grand?
sons nn.i oth.rs nf kin ha?.-? reason t.. rejoice ??
the testament which smells sweet and blossoms in
b.-r dust, like the mint and caraway, and bk.? the
anise and cumin of her Hatavian estates.
"Tb. Kati?as ?'lty Star" says thai a woman who
was travelling alone not long ago wandered one
evening Into s hotel parlor. A pretty young girl
at ones rushed toward her and bre.ithl. ?sly i-k??!
?or what iin??> it was. Somewhat astonished, the
won?.,?! glanced at the Mg mantel ?-lock and repeat?
ed tie? hour. "<?h. thank you." salii tbe stranger,
but ?rlthOUt any signs of ?'???? away. "I suppose
yr.11 think It ?pi? ?t my asking that," she burst out
a moment later, "but. to tell the truth, ? don't
want to know the time at all; I Just had to p? .'?<
to ?somebody. You see, I'm on my wedding trip.
and for a whole wok I haven't spok.n to ? aoul
but my husband. Why, G?? hardly heard tho
sound of any one's voice but bis. It was really ?
question Of my speaking to some one or going
Tlds continued whittling down of prices reminds I
m.? of tli" man who had a big trade m Albati I
Hpoons, and he Insisted that he must hav?? a better
price. Th?? manufacturer said he could not mak?
any reduction unleea b?? put In more bad The I
merchant said "All right; use mor?; lead." It was
not long before b?? wanted another reduction, and
he got the ? ime answer from the manufacturer,
He gol instructions from 'be merchant to us?? more
lead, as he must have the spoons at s less pri??.?.
sun he w is not happy, and wanted another reduc?
tion. The manufacturer Informed him that It was
Impossible; that he could not mak.? any lower
prie??. The merchant wrote back and said, "Pul in
mor?? l'ini." Tii?? man ifacturer answer??.' and said.
??| can'! do i:. a< th?? last lot I sent you were all
bad." ?Hardware.
Some yean ago W, ll. Brown, chief engineer of
the Pennsylvania Railroad, was Introduced to a
clergyman as th?? greatest bridge-builder In the
country. "Cae you bulbi a i?ri'in? to eternity?"
ask?'?l the clergyman. "Tea, if you can furnish the
abutmenta." w.i? tha prompt reply.
In the Long Ag?>. Puritan Youth (Sunday ?rett?
ing, long ago) Prithee, Priscilla, (hinkest thou it
be truly goodly for married folks t?> kws on Sun?
Puritan Halden?1 fear me not; but thou knoweat
we be not married yet. (New-York w? ?-klv.
"The frienda of .Jmii/e Roberta," says "The Bing?
hamton Republican," "are much worried over the
tit!, ut- "A. lt.. nunc pro tune," which was recently
conferred upon him by ths faculty of Hamllt? ?
College. Sum?? of hia friends ars a bit dubious as
to th?? ?-va-t meaning of nun?? pro tun??, but they
s?. 1.1 ??, hope that I-.- will null through. A North
Bids lady who read about it said her husband waa
sick with tt'for three w.?-ks. but be recovered and
Is now as strong and healthy as ever."
Ilerklmer County editors have developed s ten?
dency toward the ministry that is quite remark?
able, Rdltor Cummlnga, formerly one of the pro?
prietora ol "The Democrat," entered the Baptist
'"ii. trj three years uk??, ex-Bditor Nellie of "The
H'.'.i'i' t- studying for tie- ministri at (.'?igate
University, an.l Miss Clara Morgan former!] pro?
prietor of 'Th.? Mohawk Ragle," Is 1 >?>\s ? ' god
In palpit wo?l< -.Herkimer Cttisea.
"The Congrega t Iona list" tells a atory of tl??? old
snd the new way of giving out church notices.
.?? old-fashioned clergyman, supplying ? church,
limi be.ti la the habit of making tile atmuun. ? -
non?? in pis most punctilious manner, and eve*>y
um? waa couched in language like this; -if it be
in accordane? with ibe win of ?livine Providence,
there win be ? m -ting in this houas this evening;
the s ibjecl will i.?? ?Scripture Promisee, and there
?sol i> a abort address by the pastor, no unfore?
seen accident preventing." Aft.-r mis sort ?>r thins
veral weeka everybody drew a Irrig brea til
when his aucceasoi remarked, In s pleasant, con?
versational tone: "l haven't yet decided whether
or not it'-? advisable t.. continue the evening meet?
iiiks during the coming month, 't.-ni \tat??, we'll
hold otta to-night, and let's ail try to be there."
Plats Preferred. "Dolile, dear," asked th? Infatu?
ated young man, "would you rather 1 gave you a
pi tin bi ?.??!, ? ..? .1 a w n h a p t.dam to li .' '
? guesa I'll tak.? it plain.?? ,-., u,.? .,, breite
"The las! teller 1 had, bj the way, gimme a dia
mond ring with ? strini.? t.? u ? tCinclntiai Kn
..pili, r
"In Hi?? mutter of line whiskey." "?.??>? "Th..
Kiiowdie ??'.-??.) s.miiiu?-i." "there w r. 1 :u\ to l???
f?-\\ better Judges than the lite Senator Harris, of
Tennessee, Hi liked bis teddy, and ha did aol ear??
who knew It. Ills perfect nerve, seen in the face
of death, is probablj beat shown by an incidi .:
ahlch occurred only a short lime before h?? lest
conacteusnesa. His palee w.i. growlai feeble, aad
ha heard lbs doctor whisper to ihe nurse that
wiik??? must ?.?? im?.t.i at esca "Then ??.??: it
from that botti.- ?? th.? left-hand cernee <?t tb??
m.u.1.1," murmur.?.! the dying m m, ?? twenty
! years old!'
\ Paying Partnership. BtruagUng Playwright
(gloom!)). 1?1. iv i? i,,, cha?es for talent ?1? te??*.?
?lays: no ehanee at all.
Stranger Tint's because you don'l know bow to
u-?.? vour talents. <;,. iiiio partnership with dm ind
we'll both make fortun?e, All you need to do lets
?write a ieu-aol play. I'll gel it produced at th.?
Fashion Theatre <?? m> own expense and we'll .11
vld? the pi?.Hi.?
"Are you the manager of the Fashion Theatre
N.>. 1 run His ?. loou n?_t door,"?(Ksw-Yerk
IHNMMt IV I.nMMi.V. .??.Y ??, VENI.
Your referen???? to the "spettai AmbaaaaJoff u
musi I,imi. ami 1 thank you Hut w?? ar?? in _
sad mood, ?s you know, at the ?apecial Bmbassy,
and nothing but a sense ??r doty could have
brotaghl me, ?ven <>n the Fourth of July and
anioni; Americans In Louden, t?> a ban?|U?'t in
the evening after following ??? th?? grnra in tue
morning the sole child of on?? ??f my associ?tes.
Tiie leave Admirals splendid warship boti for
him no armor Bgntasl fate; and recalling t.ie
prond pageanl in which be has foot been so
worthily representing our .Nation, we an miiy
utter agata the exi'liimatioii of Edmund Hurke
oeer another suddenly yawning grave, "What
sliadowa we ?p???, ami what shadows we pursuer
l.et me venture to add whai I kUOW will touch
? very Aaserteaa heart, bore and at beano, that
Admiral .Miller ha? Urs evening received a <_ra?
cioiis message of tender, wesnanly sympathy
fnmi Her Majesty the Qnee?.
li is an Interesting coincidence that we ????
Immediately and not unii..finally, eren in ?.on
dun. ???.??? the celebration ??f Ihe Queen's Jubilee
lo tin? ? ? 1.'Inali.?? of Hi?. Fourth '.f July. Tito
??n?? suppl?ments ami completes ili?? ??tini?: thi
two together round out the record, warrant tiie
?????ognitlou ih?? world i eatendtng to tic pragi
resa of the Angto-Raaou rara, an?! rmphaslaa
io?' blessings its smaalni advances have _??.
itowed ii|mui mankind,
i'itire possibly, if tha Wtas and good <'Ueen
had been in her grandfather's place, or if tiie
Queen's sou had been there, tien/- m ghl have
I?-en different. Bui i; is far better ??* ll ia The
eoloss.il development of tbe Republic would
have been possible "ii n?? eolonlal lines the world
inni then ever seen its beneflta have ?.a r?*
flerted ?'.?'?? upm th?? mother lami. and. ander
tii?? Improved policy that resulted, ar.? distinctly
traceable in the superb growth and affectionata
loyalty ,,( the vast British I'm?.?!,.? of t..-?lay
We have been therefore, and We have had
th?? rii-lir to be. proud <?f th?? .1 lit oil?-?? B?BSOS1 ;:s
proud as they an? themselves; an.l as prend of
tlie Wonderful history that mad?" it p..-sil,]...
We <?.??? hav? no Jealousy of ther greatness,
their power, their world-wide frown if it is
um ours, ?i belongs t?? ih?? family. Tbey carry
elsewhere what tbey ira,.? aa th?? aa..crrtttaBs
lion, the s,?, n,,. ???\ I'leii???? fur law. Ih?? vini?
Anglo-Saxon lore f??:? order ami Juetlee and i.b
?rty: and tbey can take no right and lawful
si? i? m aproad these Mesatags which ira '?'?.'ill
mu applaud
Hut l.t m.? not ??.? mlsundersl.I. Th- mil
lennMhi lias not rinite dawned. The Aaaerieaa
his aol abandon?'?! the traits <?f his race any
mm?.? thaa th?? Englishman. We are today tii'??
most peacefnl great nation mi the globe, and
there was never a period in ??ur history whin
the;?,? was less popular desire for territorial in??
grandtaement, But we an? Anglo-Ma* * si ll.
It follows, .,f course, tha; mu? clear rights erith?
in the legitimate sphere ?>f our ?nib enee will i?e
Jealously guarded; and that th.?went <?f no
other nation to .?ur exercise ??f Idem will be
held essential.
Iturili? th?? last week nothing has been more
Interesting than th.? evident English welcome
to American sympathy, or tin? ocrastoual ro
tnark, "Your -leople ?l??n"t like us as ?,?,,.? ;ts we
wish they ?lid: why ?s ;iV w.u. perhape there
Is sometimes some warrant for saying that,
sir Wilfrid Laurier talked very frankly on the
subject ila? other night; and while not wholly
accepting his point of view, ? peed add nothing
to tin? explanations be gnve. It is idle t?. i?n..re
the f.i't ilia ? from time to tint?? serious differ?
??nces have arisen, it Is equally idi?? m Imagina
that either nation will fail to maintain what it
thinks right. He ? n<? friend t?? rlther who as?
serts or hints ?t. But are never forget our ? -
latlonshlp, We may hav.? fa tuli* jars m the
futur.? as ?u i'?. ?..?.st. t;.,.| forbid '?'?: and God
grant that if tbey .in come, we may show tint
we are at last. ,,n both sides ..f lie? water, ? >.l
laed enough ami t'hrlstlan enough to ?etile thee
without lighting with our own Id.I
Our people may perba|M be sometimes tens!?
tiv.?. ami s.?inclini.?- hitler, Pomilbly tin.se
traits of tin? a???? surviv.? yet la England abo.
Hut it ?s u n best to attach t"?? mneh import in? e
to superficial Indications. Von do not ind;:.? a
noble river entirely by the drift ami -??1.1 ?- s ,,n
the surface. Below the strong, steady eurrent
is %- ? ?oping ??. unmoved bj surface commo?
Do noi forget that .mr of th?? thi???.? ?ertone
wars ??f our National existence two bave I.?
with England, while ?a th?? third. England's at?
titude was a? (east open to lit? Interpretation
Sir Wilfrid Laurier (Haced Upon ?t. Y?t. s\wh
u tin? real temper of tin? Anteirican ?.?????, that,
wh? ? this last war ended In complete surrender,
not one human life was m-riflced ?u punish?
ment, nor were even ????lit?<? ?1 disabilities main?
tained. How easily any lingering bttterneoa
over the lirst war. or any uf them, may be swept
away has been often neen. Surely Englishmen
??annoi have forgotten t'oainiodore Tatuili, who
saw English sailors entrapped and slaughtered
in an Asiatic s...i, *nd without any im-wlble war
runt rushed ? ? ? tic restile with the sui.? nouas
**l can't sia-.i.? that; blood ? thicker than
water." ??? more can Commodore Pearson be
forgotten, who. ander somewhat similar clreunt?
stances did a similar thing. And Bvely l!ii(j
llsh sailors, riding safely on the receding wave
???p of lie? terrors of Samoa, ?an never cease to
bear tlie cheers, exulting in their escape, thai
burst from th?? throats of Ann rican Bailors ab?ait
to die.
Thai is ih?? genuine Ameriran feeling when
siirnd ?? its depths; thai th?? feeling which now
trarr? n ta vviiiiticr's j ??-..[ ?? >*?? ->- ..f ili.? tini??:
When cloeer strend shall ken to strami.
While m?'??!, beneath Minting Baga,
Th?? eagle "f our mountain ? mu??,
Til?? limi of mir innth.-rlainl.
That is ili.? feeling that led the Chief Manie
nate ?if our country t?? send me her?? ?????'>p?
panled by nn Admiral on his flagship, and by
ili?? General of <>ur Army. t?> bar from bin? a
? letter to Her Royal and Imperi ' Majesty.
It was that wblcb gave BM warrant. ??? bo?
half ??!' ili?? President am! ?people "f fin? K.-pub?
lic, to present personally iImIt respectful <?>n
gratutatlons and moot corn??! ?_ >?><l wlshaa to
ih?? Rovereign, not merely of longest reign and
widest sway, but lu their Judgment of must
In ?;? liceiii iiiiliiciice ami nest beloved in tha
w hoi?? long history of tin? English aMnarrhy und
the Anglo-Hazon race.
Tin? President especially wished Her M.iJ-sty
to believe thai nothing can ever permit the Qov?
| ??pp????? m? the ?.pi?? of tbe ? nlted Statte to
i forget that at a critical period in their h.story,
; the preservation ol peaee between Ihe two na
; tloas was, aa tbey think, largely ?lue m tiie
? gracious Influence exerted by the ?Queen, with
the aid .?f tbe lamented Prince Fonoort. We
? may well hope tbal tbe memory "f thai act
I was uni the least plraaanl ?( ih?? tbrangtag
? ?.Htvtlous that add.??! to the J?.y of this uu
' paralleled anniversary.
Whatever tlie passing feeling ef the montent
toward Euglaml. there has aever ?#??? a time
I within my <**eo?lleetloa wie ? Kugtaad's ?Revea*?
elgn wa- ii.?t familia? ly Known In A.rl?.i a?
the ??<;???>?1 ?'???? ?" never a time when she waa
1 mu respected ami admired never a tbne nince
th.- Treni afTair win u abe VU n A loved
li was bul three years before sh?? came t?> the
throne that ?nnlel W?ebster altered ins well?
i,ii.?wn ?u-os'iMpii?' t.? <itc.it Untala: ? Pnwef
wh;. ?i has dotted over the surface .?f the whole
globe with ber possessions and militar) peata?
whose moraing drum beai. foUowtag the ?nut,
ami keeping company with tbe honre, Hrtarj
tl..mil with one continuons and unbroken
?trahi ??f tbe maniai airs ,,f England."
Mr Webster might phrase ?? a little difrvr?
cntlv now. The Victorian .ra baa spread auf
It? guttering record of stat] reara, and^??
Hritaln Is ? Power now, which InrteadoTJlwra?
I) dotting has law ly overspread tbe ??"?*?
of p,,? globe. Tbe sound which a *_** artjg
ego followed the sun, and kept ?*WJ??g
ibe hours, circled tl.arth with a -"fr?S?S
than tbe marital aira of England. "<?* j*
earth With astra.? wbU-k ?!-;1'''1. *
?., rare united, while ihe w-.rl.l aitati AM
ibe stralli of -?.*.?? Bave th?? Queen.
one WAY TO stop si 11 FIBHtMBX
p-r ,ni Ths Preoklya Rsgls _,?_
v.,.*ot ratto?? '?> erres?is m **+ _,
lowlns ih? G ?hlP" l0 *"""' .?
t?shi,'. conia be -I ?IV'-J o* o moot)

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