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There was another two-cent advance In wheat,
based chiefly on the large export demand.
Through New-York ?dealers purchasea of seven I
cargoes of re?! winter wheat, about 800,000 i
bushels, were made. There were also purchases ,
of ieo.<NS> bushels of Kansas City No. 2 hard j
winter wheat. All this wheat Is to be shipped
through "out ports"?Philadelphia, Baltimore, '?
Newport News and t'ulf ports. In addition ,
there were purchases of B&000 bushels, partly j
hard winter and partly Manitoba spring wheat,
for shipment from New-York. The wheat to be
shipped from New-York will be shipped soon.
That to be shipped from out ports will go In
August ani September. Other export grain
transactions were purchases of 900.000 bushels
of corn to go from out ports, and 180,000 to go
from New-Y.irk; .'>t?(?,?MKt bu/hpls ?if oats. 160,000
bushels of rye and SO.O00 bushels of barley. The
oats, rye and barley will g.i from New-York.
The commercial price of silver yesterday, ?A)\
cents an ounce, was the lowest price in two
years. The decline from Tuesday was three
eighths cent There was a drop In London of
one-? lghth penny t<> 27 7-11'd. an ounce.
The prl.^e of silver has recently risen slightly
In the Indian bazaars, which hav stimulated ship?
ments of the metal from England to India.
China will not take silver at all at present. The
Straits Settlements also are not disposed to take
any. so that India this year Is really the only
Eastern market taf any conpenuence for silver.
It is curious to note the Indisposition of China
to buy. In spite of Its being a purely silver stand?
ard country, while India, which is. in theory at
least, a gold country, absorbs increasing quan?
tities of the white metal.
It is possible tha? S small lot of gold may bS
shipped on the steamer sailing on Saturday. An
order for |800,000 Is In the market, and the
chances are that It will be filled. It is not be?
lieved, however, that a general gold exporting
movement will set in. The present strength of
the foreign exchange market is due almost en?
tirely to the settlement of credits abroad. The
market is extremelv narrow.
While there were large dealings In stocks yes
?terday, they did not compare with those on
Tuesday and Monday. I?"???? the Letter part of
the active stocka high? r prices were recorded.
As on the two preceding days. Sugar led in the
extent of transactions. It did not sell up to the
record price of I'M** on Tuesday. The high
price for the day was 148)?*?. The low price was
141?H. and the closing price was 143V The sales
of Sugar '?ere 80,000 shar. s. F?.r all stocks on
the Stock Exchange list the sales were .'.(rO.(?iN"?
The following comparison of the bull year of
lSKn-l.HHl in the stock market and 1M?7 was
made yesterday by I?. w, Jones & Co.:
Rtllinai interest eiiaraeg It?A. 8 to 7 per rent.
Railroad interett cbarBaa. l**?'", i rpr f"i an* under.
M'.ney market. 1881, ? pet cent ami upward.
Money market H???", 2 par .ent and under.
European botdlttf? of nt, ck?. ISSI, large.
Eur?'pean hoMIn?? ,,f >tork?. 1S<?7. email.
General prosperity, ISSI, ?: iilmlr.ntlnK.
General proapTtty, 1*?7, Just eommenclnt;.
Price?. ISSI, hlfthett ?in record.
Price?. 1*??>7. l.'l?w record price?.
Condition?. 1*>M. rallr? a,!? partially developed.
. 'onSHIOM, 18ST, rallr,?? Is with sixteen Baditi ?nal yetr?
?f development.
Ile? rtrinlzat! ?? ISSI, in the futur?.
Renrtinir* ?ti,,ns 18Sf, in the pa?t.
rapltal. 1SM, ?,?att?red.
rapita! lf>!?7. ? .ncentrated.
The president of a large National bank said
yesterday: "I feel confident of the future
this year. Everything seems to favor the
Vniud State?. Poor crops abroad and gond crops
at home are a great combination, and one that
does not often occur. Our farmers are we'?i ??
already, op they would not be able to pay off
their d?lits as they are doing. They will be
batter off wh'-n they have sold this year's crop.
The railroads hav.? a large tonnage in front of
them from grain alone, and business generally
is improving. This country lias taken Lack a
g.iod many securities from Europe, and has
paid for them, and next fall It will have a large
? ??dit i.alan???? in the International clearlng
li mee. It will be in a position either to land
?liis balance at a fair rat?? of interest ..r to 'Intu?
it in gold. Any way 1 took at the situation It
seams to me to be very solid, and, in fact, to be
?without a weak point, of course, the su.ck
market must have its reactions, but on general
principles and for the long run I am a ?<?>?1 deal
of a bull."
Wlllitl & Gray say of the new sugar sched?
ule: "Th?? new ?till t.-?!??????, th.- American t?
lin.-rs' protection on Dutch granulated rand Other
non-bounty sugars from .'J?M ?ent to .189 cent.
<?r say B0 per ?"nt reduction, an.l on One Qerman
gianulated the r. ?ludion is from ...IM cent per
pound to .IS'.? cent per pound, or say 41 per cent
reduction, and on first marks granulated the
protection is reduced from .2632 ?.-nt per pound
t?. .180 cent per pound, ol" 28 per cent reduction.
This statement gives the actual status of the
new bill as regards the r.-fin.-rs' protection fr-.m
a strictlv business standpoint, without assump?
tions OT th.'ori.-s of any kind. Actual busin-ss
ta being put through ?t .an be put through on
th.? basis of the fif-urea given. Under thee? cir?
cumstances It is difficult to Bee wherein the
American refining Industry has received ade?
quate protection for the safety of Its business.'
San Francisco. July 21 -That there Is ? shortage
of wheat In ?he Argentine Republic is siiown by
the ?-haru-rlng of two ships to carry wheat to
Brazil On?- ?if them, the Comllebank. 1,171 tons
register, is air. ?dy loa?]? .1 nnd ready for sea; tbe
other. !!:?- i'resMngton. tAtba tons, is ready to begin
loading at once. Tins.? ships will carry a large
quantltv of ?rain ?o the Brazilian capital, the
flr???. lline that ? cari,-,, of I hat kind has gone from
h re to that port. Brazil hns always depended
\:;>on the Argentine for Us Wheat BUpply here?
tofore. _
Charles F. Allen was appointed receiver in sup?
plementary proceedings yesterday for Hugh Lamb,
architect. John J Brown, huild.-r. and William
Bryan, plumber, who were Interested In the erec?
tion of the Syndicate Building, at Liberty and
Kaaaai BtB., bf Judge O'Dwyer. of the City Court,
or, the application of c. 1) Jackson & Co., Judg
jr.en?. creditors.
Deputy-Sheriff Llpsky has received an attach?
ment against the E. S. Iienn ?'?-?mpany, which
failed In April last for ??,??, In favor of Stephen
Q, Patterson, on BB***l*"*ned claims "f fourteen cred?
itor? of the cone? rn
Deputy-Sheriff Simons?.? received another at?
tachment yesterday ?gainst Kdgar I). Thomburgh,
a stockbroker a? No Kin Broadway, for 11,06*8, in
fivor of Stephen It. Tobin It Is said the claim
1-.? for horses and carriage?.
'"harlet \V. T'.odman, jr., has been appointed re?
el?, er of Augustus Haus & ??., corporation, piano
manufactur?is, which failed ten jrears ago, by
Justice Husseii, of the Supr'-me Court, In place of
Dar..? 1 ??. Thompson, who died on July lo. Claims
had been tiled with the receiver aggregating
Tii?? Sheriff received an execution vemerday
attains! ?h? Mimic Teacher?' National Association
for -47?7. in favor of Henry 1. Cain & Son, printers.
Th?. Sheriff yesterday received writs of replevin
from Wllcox & Hrodek, attorneys for Marcus A
Co.. Jewellers, against several pawnbrokers, t?, r?>
COVer diamonds and Jewelry whleh W A. Ball?
wood, who has b.nn air?-?ted at the Instance of
Marcus ?v Co.. Is supposed to have pawned. The
amounts Hre a? follow?. William Simpson. $12,U?J
Henry M<Aleennn. 12.510? Henry & Morris L Uold
utone. Is.'C
Schedule? of Hlrkholc & Co., dealers In gan an?l
oil engine? st No. 43 Cortlandt-st., show liabilities
|a,&30' nominal assets, $ti.'M: actual asset?, $S.4i?t[
George Stribel. twenty-six years old. of No. 3*?1
Kvergre?n-av?-.. Brooklyn, attempted to end his
life yemerday morning In the rear of the saloon
of Otto Voerse!, at No. I Bleecker-et.. by ?hooting
himself In the right temple, Inflicting a serious
wound, lie ran out Into the street, with the blood
flowing from the wound, but was seized by a po?
liceman in?! hurried In an ambulance io 8t. Vin?
ci nt?? Hospital It was said by the do? tor? that
h:? Hound was berlo.:.?. Btrlbel Is a die -?Inker and
? M worked tur th?? Whiting Manufacturing Com?
pany at Lafayette Place and Broadway, for the
lust fifteen year?. His father In one of tlie most ex?
pert enrravera at Tiffany? Superintendent Brit
. ten of the Whiting Manufacturing Company, when
asked If he could aaalgn any OSUM for Sirlbel'e
act, said that tile ?Inking often produced nervous?
ness among the workers.
An exciting experience with escaping; ?team
on board the Bouton collier Saturn while she was
oft B&rnegat early yesterday morning;, in which
the first assistant engineer wa? dropped Into
the ?team-filled boller-ronm through a ventilator,
resulted In such serious Injury to him and to the
engineer and a fireman thut the steanvr wan
obliged to drop the tow which she had and
hasten to Sandy Hook for medical assistante.
There she signalled for a doctor and a telephone
message was sent to the Dalzell Towlnr, Com?
pany, In this city, which at once dispatched a
tug with a doctor on hoard to Sandy Hook.
The men were found to be so badly scalded
that they were removed to the I'nited State?
Marine Hospital at Steten Island for treatment.
The barge which was set adrift meanwhile made
what progress she could north under her two
small sails.
The Saturn, which be]on*?s to the ? Wharf
Towing Company, of Boston, Is an Iron steamer
similar to tho Philadelphia and Reading colliers.
She piles between Philadelphia. Norfolk, or New?
port News and Boston, carryln? northward a
larpre cargo of coal herself and usually a tow of
one coal barge. On this trip she sailed coal
laden from Newport News on Tuesday with the
barge P. C. Merrlman In tow. Captain J. af.
Lewis commanded her. and Captain C, W. Arm?
strong was on the Merrlman. At ."> o'clock yes?
terday morning, when the Saturn wan just this
side of Barnegat. Chief Engineer James A. Oil
key heard one of the glass water guages of one
of the four connecting tubular boilers break.
A steam pressure of HO pounds was then reg?
istered. Gllkey at once realized the serious dan?
ger from a blow-out that threatened himself
and his fireman, John Bennett, who was In the
boiler-room with him. He yelled to Bennett to
run for the engine-room ladder, while he made
a grab for the gauge's stopcock to prevent
the threatened blow-out. Bennett, who Is an
old shipmate of Gllkey's, refused to desert his
chief. He merely knelt close to the iron IloorlnK
to avoid what he knew was coming.
Gllkey held on to the cock as long as he could,
but the pressure of the steam trying to escape
kept turning it further open until he could hold
it back no longer.
Gllkey dropped as the steam hissed out Into
the boiler-room, filling tt almost immediately.
The two men were badly scalded, but man?
aged to crawl between the boilers to the en?
gine-room ladder and to escape. Captain Lewis
saw the steam rushing from the boiler-room,
and, realizing what had happened, called to Cap?
tain Armstrong, of the Merrlman, to stami by
his sails, as he must cast him adrift. The tow?
ing hawser was dropped and the Saturn headed
south to allow the southerly wind to clear the
boiler and engine rooms of eteam.
First Assistant Engineer A. M. Bowen was
asleep ln his bunk at the time. He was arous.-d
and volunteered to go into the boiler-room and
shut the steam off from the three bolters of
which the gauges were still intact. A blanket
was tied about his face, a rope under his arms,
and he was lowered through a ventilator. Sud?
denly the two men holding the line by which
Bowen was suspended caught a puff of steam in
their faces and dropped the rope. Boaret! fell into
the boiler-room and was fearfully scalded by the
steam. He retained enough presence of mind
to grope his way to the ladder and get up ?*n
deck, where he waa cared for as far as the
limited appliances ?<? board the Saturn per?
One of the oilers was then lowered through
the ventilator, and succeeded ln shutting off the
steam from the three boilers.
Captain Lewis called to Captain Armstrong
that he would have to leave him to get medical
aid for the three injured men. He arrived off
Sandv Hook at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
and ran up his signals tot a doctor. When the
latter arrived on the tug Fred B. Dalzell at
about ??:.'><> o'clock. It was found that the men
would have to be taken to a hospital for proper
treatment. They were placed on board th? D?l
zell and carried to the Marine Hospital at Btaten
Island. After their burns had been dressed they
won taken oli' to th?? Saturn, the Injury t"
wbOM boiler had been repaired, and she starteli
out to hunt up the barge.
John Ward. fifteen paar? old: Frank Higgerty.
sixteen vears old. and Edward May. sixteen year?
old, tanatea of the Newsboys' Lodging Houae, si
S.'\.'inh-iive. and Thlny-s<?-.?iid-st., were BrTeated
List nlghl by Dtatectlv?? !>.***- and Thompson, of
the Central < tine?, on th? charge ol committing a
burglary In the ?????? of Mis Lucy a Male, al
No Mf Wtmi Thtrty-foiirtli-st.. on Tuesday night.
The house was rol?l??'?l ol ? quantity Of silver?
ware Ahile Mrs. Hal?? and h? r liouseli.il.I w.-re In
Saratoga. The robbery was discovered >>y her
nephew, Alfred W. Hudraw, who noticed that the
front door of the building was open as hi passed
th?? place. A search of th?? premia?? was made
and It was f?und that BJOO worth of silverware bad
been taken by the thieves, and thai a quantity of
bric-a-brac, had been packed preparatory t>> It?
removal. Detective? fi?>m tbe central Offlc?
patrolled th. neighborhood yesterday afternoon,
und toward evening they saw the ihre.? boys acting
suspiciously, and followed then to Anderson'a
pawnshop at No. 10. Weal Forty?eeeond-Bt. Then
?they caught ihe boys In ti)?.? act of pawning thi
?tolen silverware. Th'y were taken to i'ollei
Headguarters and lockrd up
????? BB r.\rsi?:.-- ? i'i'r.i.isiiFH'S ARRBBT
Anthony COtBStOCk yesterday afternoon again
caused the arr? st of ?Teorge H. Richmond, the
book publisher and ?' ulu at No. 12 East Flfteenth
st., on account of Mr. Richmond's sale of Gabriel
d'Annunzio"? "Triumph of Ijeath." The warrant
for the arrest was procured from Unite,? State?
Commissioner Shields, on the cbarg? that Mr.
Richmond had attempted to send by express three
copies of an "immoral, lascivious and improper
work" to three persons of Immature age. Spe?
cifically, Mr. Richmond is charged with having de?
posited a copy of the book with the United States
Express Company, on May 20, addressed to Miss
Ella Chambers, Rartlett's Female Seminary.
Asbury, X. J.. another on April 2<?, with the Adam
Express Company, addressed to Miss A. R. As
ralle, High School, Asbury I'ark. N. J.. and an?
other with the same company on the same date,
addressed to Miss Esther Seeley, Raltlmor.?. Ml.
Many persons will regard the second arrest of
Mr. Riehmond by Mr. ComstO'k as persecution, in
view of the far-t that aft? r his first arrest fur (hi
sale of 'he book Mr. Richmond was trle?l In the
conn of Special Ss?lon? and was acquitted. The
peeCtatadlngg In tli<- Court of Special 8s?-?slons In
April attracted many publishers nnd writers who
Offered to testify that the book was not immoral,
and the book was examined by the i'ourt. Mr.
Comstock afterward said that he was surprised a;
the division of the Court. He declared that If he
had a daughter and any man hauti* <1 her the "Tri?
umph of I**ath" he would shoot the man. Mr
Richmond was arraigned before Commissioner
Shields yesterdny and was allowed to g.v.? I ,,il
The piesent prosecution Is brought under a new
law passed by Congress, last winter, which mak??
It a crimina! offence to send obst-n?? literatura Ov
an express company Just as a h..s long been" un?
lawful to send such matter by the mail? The
prosecution last Api 11, In ihe Court of Special ?,,'?
slons, was simply for Bellina the hook. Th? ed?.
tion published by the firm of Oeors? H Rn hmr.n<
*?*-?:??? ?f.?1. ?ngllHh minslntlon by l'r.?ir
Henry Reid, twenty-two years old, who keeps ?
bicycle rack for checking wheel? at ?.,p,,,4.,.??
Reach, was in the Harlem Court yesterday mornln??
for fas: riding. He hnd been nrr-su-,1 by Polira
man Woodward, of the Went * 'ne-hundre.l-and
twenty-fifth-st. station, who r?ald tnat Rei,] ?,,,.
been riding too fast In St. N;.-hola.?-ave. Raid statili
that the policeman had run up to him suddenly anA
s'urk his club between the spokes f hita rea?
whee) He ani?! that he had not been rldln? f?,,/
as he Is not a good rld,-r and ?.annoi go fas; Mas?!
istrate Kii.llleh fin* I IMI I .?1,1 raer, remittedI the
fine, reprimanding the poll ?*???,??? Rei* siild that
fa? would make charges against the policeman.
A veranda euchre party whs held at the home of
Mis? Bertha Stepheiison, daughter of T. A.
Stepheneon. at No. 35 Prosped-av."?.. Chester Hill,
on Tuesday night. There were rd-; tables. The
first prize for women, a gold hat pin, was awarded
to Miss Louisa Roe. Harry M. Butl.T received
the prlz?? for men. Refreshments were servad
after the games, and dancing was enjoyed until a
late hour. Among the guests v. ?t?- O, J. Major,
J. A. Jenkins. I?r. If. s. [-rea, I.. Basset*. ?'..
flould, Frederick Rieh. Harry m. Butler. Sidney
Wood, Miss Itosencran?, Miss Florence It. Rich,
Miss Beasi? Itich, tht Mi-ses J? nnl?? and Cani, ?? r
nnarhan. Miss Neander, Iflss Breek, the Ml?*?*
Passen, th?? Misse* Howe. Miss Howard and Ml??
lves, and guests from N.-w-York City aid
The Mount Vernon Musical Society, at Its annual
meeting, elected EdSOfl I.i'wls, president; John II. I
Clawson, vice-president; Miss f.Hi? McNsWr, sseta j
t??ry : Elisene Thwing, irensurer, and J. Alvnh
Jenkins, librarian. A Bpecls] committee was sp?
polnted to prepare plans for the season.
Mrs Lellfl S Proal Snd Andrew Beattv w.re re?
cently married ai ;?ie home of the brida, Vernon
Heights. Th? announcement hns just been made.
The wedding was a quiet home affair, and the
ceremony was performed by the Rev. S. T. Ora?
ham, rector of Trinity Church.
Charles Herbert Suter. BOS of Mr. nnd Mrs. OastSS
Puter, who recently purchased the home of Henry
fl. Clarke, president of the trilla***?, dl<d on Tuesday,
having been 111 for more than a year from heart
disease. Th? funeral will he at his homo thin
The village trustees have decided to u?e a larve
part of tir,-? money which It ?.? expected will be raised
Bt the special tWCtlofl on August "I In making ex?
tensive Improvements In I'nlon-ave. Tho street
will be lower.-?I four or live feet and graded from
ntvlsion-st. 10 Webster Hill, a distance of more
than a mile.
James K. ?'omstock, a retirad merchant, seventy?
nnn years old. died suddenly from apoplexy at the
home of his ?laughter. Mrs. Woodward, In Echo?
ave., yesterday morning. Mr. Comstock was born
in Blaeketone, Mass, and lived there for many
years His widow and a number of children survive
him. The burial will be in Providence, It. 1., to?
Severn! hundred persons attended the nnnua!
picnic and games of the church of Our I.ady of
Mercy, which were he!d on Tuesday afternoon an?!
evening at Fox Island.
The local Foresters of America announce, their
second annual picnic, which will bo he'.d at Fox
Island next Wednesday.
The lawn fete and dog ?how which were to have
been held yesterday on the ground?? of William 8.
Johnson, near J. Fenlmore Cooper's old home.
Closet Hall, In aid ?-if the Free Kindergarten, have
been postponed until this afternoon on account of
the rain. The young women who arili have charge
of th?? f?te and booths are Mis? Carri?? Oedney, Miss
Kioise Bier?. .Miss Nellie Brewer, Miss Beatrice
Fits Gerald. Miss s.irah Delano, Miss Gertrude
Bottsfnrd, Miss I.illle ?'orne!!, Miss Florence Cornell
and Miss May Bell. The doc show feature Is in
charge of William H. Beers.
Th.? case of Samuel Heber against the New-York,
New-Haven and Hartford Railroad company was
tried before Justice Perrln jresterdajr. flume time
ago Mr. Heber bought a ticket from liamaroneck
to Mount Vernon, which, be alleges, John Bnagg,
the conductor, took from him as soon as th?? train
left th.? station. AI New-Rochelle the conductor
said that he had not received the ti,-k??t. and when
the train came to Pel hi m he called a hrakeman ?ind
put Mr. Hrher off. At the trial the plaintiff pro?
duced Witnesses to prove th.it he purchased the
ticket and g.iv. it to the conductor, nnd Justice Per?
rln granted J21*?? damage.? to Mr. Heber.
J. G. Miller. School Commissioner of the Second
Westehester District, reports a great deal of im?
provement being mad?? to school property In his
district Pleasantv.il?- U shout to expend 12,500 In
enlarging Its ?chOOlhOUse. In District No. 4, at Enst
View, the little old red brick schoolhouse near.the
almehouse I? to be replaced by a structure to cost
jtinnn. plans have jusi been approved for enlarging
ihe school h itine at Aridste**, in District No. .",, town
of Greenburg, while 0,700 Is to be expended In sup?
plying Improved facilities for ventilation, heating
and lighting to the school bullldlng In North Tarry
Warden Bags announces thn? he will begin to-day
the work of building the I >iirs*on-ave. retaining
wall, the main approach to tlie | r.s?,r. from the rail?
road Biatlon, Fot some time prisoner? have been
engaged in getting out the ?ton? needed for the
stria ture, an?! now they will begin tin* w,?rk of ex?
cavating for the foundation of tlie wall. Which will
extend the whole length ?.f th?? fl? ?"or Road from the
stailon to Main-st. The work will be under the di?
rection of Captain Charles Hilbert and William Pur
, .-ii. of the prison .There Will be aboul twenty pris?
oners employed, who will be in charge ?if prison
officer? I?.-??!?- Burton and Hopoer, and Special
? I c men William-. Hall and Matth. ws. The prison?
.-rs will all l>? what are termed "short-time men."
that is, convict? wh.se terms of Imprisonment will
expire within the next three or four montha
The next uniform examination? for llrst, second
aid third grid.? School Commissioner's certificates
will be b-id ar ihe Park School. Thursday nnd i'ri
iiay. Angus! U and U
- - ? ? ?
FF.*?" ? SKI LI,.
The people of Peekaklll nre wondering what has
become of the Pomeroy monument, which was to
be erected bj? th? Rons of the Revolution. Mor??
than a year ago ? committee tea? appointed, of
which I?r. John Newell Tilden is chairman and
George B, Briggs secretarjr, to look after the mat?
ter, Bubscrlption? wer? obtained, plans r? ???!.,??
and on.? ??.pted, bul t!,?- monument do? ? noi
appear, it was to be erected In Hillside Cemetery,
?.here the bodj of General Beth'Pomeroy is burled,
and the cemetery asso 1st ion bad given ? fine plot
:,,!? the si!-- Ol Hi" shaft.
Cornelius A. Pugslejr, cashier of th?? Westchester
County National Hank, li is I. elected *.i<**??-presl
den "f ?ii.it institution and received ? month'? leave
of absence. Mr. Pugeley sttended the Btnte Hank?
ers' Association convention at Buratoga last week.
Work.nen have cleared away the plaster nnd tlm
!,is In ti"? upper corridor of the courthouse
where a depression In the oiling was ?opposed
to Indicate a ?Inking of the eaat wall of tbe tower,
and bave found ?he arch supporting the wall In
excellent condition, as firm as when first built.
The d?pression in the celling was from ?.ther
causes, not connected with the stability of tlie
The members of White Plains Court, For, s?, : ?
of America, will be entertained With a supper at
Becker's Hotel by the officer? of the association
this evening.
There will be a meeting tn the Woman's Chris?
tian T?mper,?ii,-e t'nloii Hall, in Hamillon-av.? ,
?his evening, when an Armenian woman will ?peak
conci-rnliig her native country.
Leveret! f. Crumb, County clerk, ts taking s
two weeks' vacation In Saratoga, accompanied
by Mrs. Crumb.
I'nlon Hook and Ladder Company, accompar.ted
by the Hoard of Village Trustee? and members
of th.? Fir.? Patrol, held their annual clami ake at
Rye Beach yesterday.
The Hoar?! of Education has appoint.?,! John
Shuy truant otilcer for the next BChOOl rear,
The Hoard of -Health received word from (he
City Cletk at Ita meeting on Tuesday that the
Common Connoti ha?l granted its revues? for an
appropriation of IT**? with which to pay the ?alary
of s isnltary policeman. The board als?? received
a communication from Robert Neville, secretary
calling attention to the fact that It Bras necessary
f,,r all applicants for tlie place to appear before
tii?? i'lvll Servite H?,ard for . xamlnatlon previous
to an appointment being made. There are now
?even applicants, and th.? clerk was directed i"
aend their ?.????? ?,, Mr. Neville, with the request
tant the examination be held before Angus; ::
Upon Invitation of Mrs Fie. k. th.? members ?if
the Woman's Institute Club ?peni a pleasant even?
ing Tuesda) al ber home, .\<?. tt \,,n cortlandt
Park-ave. There were game? and musi,? ?n the
? ?velimi;, and two o? the member? rend paper? on
???'lut. work" and "Cluh Ufe." Some of those
who enjoyed Mrs. Fleck'? hospitality were Mrs
w, ? k?-. Mr-. Walsh, Mi?.- Parsons, ?upertntendeni
of tii?? Institute; Mis? Donnelly, Misa Sberle \ii-s
Bummerecales. alls? McCauley, Miss Crulckshank
Mi-?; ii'iyl??. Miss, ?'arrimin. M.ss BugSard and Miss
At the session of Surrogate Sllkman's Court In
this city yesterday the will of n. njamin a Bee
ws? offered for proba?.?, and citation issuwi for
July ? at Whit?? Plains. The wills of Jnm.-s i>rw
???.li, ?,f this etty, end Susan Bobtneon, of Marnaro
n-ck, wer?? proved and letter? teatamentary grant?
ed, lytters ?.f aduilnlmration were grurteil in the
estate? "f Henry J. Hoffmann, of Mount Vernon
Minnie A. Booth, of Yunk-rs, and Theodore Mes?
ger, of <??sluing
The seventeenth nnnual outing of the Sunday
?hool of th?? (ierman Methodlsl Kpls-opal riuirch
win be bold to-day al Bunnrslde ? >n\#?. p, i.u,i.
low. Htag.s ?rill convey th? children to ,,i.,!
from the groun.l?. This evnlng the Bethlehem
?'lrcle ?if Kin?'? Daughters, of Ihe Central Meth
odist Church, win have a lawn part) at the
grounils of Ih?? lt>-v. '!'. Il Hal igw.in.u h. pastor
of the chu.-cli, at Hudson ?t. un! Buena Vista-ave
a cantata and lawn party ar? announced for ??: +
?v.nlng at Ih'? ground of th. Messiah Baptist
?lurch. In Ashburton Place.
In sp?e of th?? unfavorable weather, cooBlderabl?
progresa haa been made in the laal week on the
?tables of the Department of Public Works, wiilc'i
are being ?reci.??] on tii?? public pier ,.t the end of
Maln-s!. ^
The taxpayers of this school di?triet have voted
to appropri?t? BJSI for un addition and Impi.c.e
men?s to the pr?tent BChOOlhOUB?
The name of Whllson's station on th?? New-York
and Putnam Railroad an?! ths naaae of the grast?
offli-e nt that place will be changed to Urlar ??Iff
Manor. The new name will go Into effect on Octo?
ber 1
Tb? village tttetiors have con-plcted th? tax roll.
The mini valuation of nil the property In the cor?
poration Is place?) at 1*58.?2G,. The warrants have
been Issued to the collector and he will begin re?
ceiving the taxes at once.
Mrs. Thomas Coleman dropped dead at her
| home, in Usspy Hollow, on Tuesday evening. It
': Is believed that death was from heart disease.
Professor Edwin XV. Rake has resigned as organ
, 1st and choirmaster of St. Mark's Episcopal
Andrew Tracy, collector of taxes, has received
the tax warrants, and will begin collecting on
? July 28.
Mrs. Fanny Mnltllng. who died last week, left
12.500 to the Second Reformed Church, of which
she was the oldest living member. She attend???!
tii?? obi Dutch Church, of Sleepy Hollow, until
USI, when she Joined the Second Reformed Church.
Much satisfaction was manifested In the rooms of
th*? Merchants' Association, In the N'.w-Vork Life
liulldlng, yesterday when the members were In?
formed that William F. King, the president of tho
association, had received a favorable reply from
Joseph Richardson, the chairman of the pnss? nger
department of the Southeastern Railway Asso? bi?
ll?n. Mr. Richardson's message was sent late on
Tuesday afternoon from Ashevill*?. N. ?'., and It
read as follows:
Blattet of -xuirslon to New-York was fully con
?1?1>?G*?(1 by our committee meeting here to-day.
Upon motion I was instructe.l to take the matter
up further with Mr. Blanchard, of Joint Truffle
Association, and as soon as satisfactory arrange?
ment? can be made with that association, an
nouncement of what we ar? prepared to do will be
mad??, which we believe will b.? ..ntlrely satisfactory
to your association.
Mr. Kins: yesterday sent coplea of Mr. Richard?
son's message In telegraphic dispatches to R. D.
Caldwell, chairman of the ?Vestern Trafile Asso?
ciation; W. W. Kent, chairman of the Southwest?
ern Passenger Association, and the Walk?>r-St?-t
BUS? lawyer Company, of Rosten, reiterating re?
quests for reduced rates for merchants who are
coming to this city to buy goods this fall. The
message, was repeated by telegraph also to Com?
missioner Rlanchard, of the Joint Trafile Associa?
From tho wording of Mr. Richardson's tele
pram, It might be Inferred that some time might
elapse before he could complete the arrangements
of detail with Commissioner Rlanchard. of the
Joint Traffic Association, especially If the ar
rangements were to be completed by mail. To
expedite this matter the following dispatch was
sent yesterday afternoon to Mr. Richardson:
Your telegram bas been submitted to Commis?
sioner? Rlanchard and Farm? r. Majority of per?
sona in your territory at points farti, st from New
V.irk desirous of coming to N? w-York -irefer date?
August .'? to r? incinsi?..?. Other persons in yeur
territory nearer NYw-Ynrk prefer dates August 21
to :.'?. Cannot thcs<? dates be arranged for by tele?
graph, as we ar.? forced to issue our date circular
to members at once?
New resident members of the Merchants' Associa?
tion are James Street, drygoods, No. 112 Leonard
et.; Oscar Hammersteln. the Hudson River Line,
the Seaboard National Rank. at. Hahn & Co.,
wines and spirits No. 12"? Water-st.; BtfOWer
Uros., stationers, No. 2!?3 Broadway; Duke, Mac
Ma hon ?- Co., handkerchief manufacturers. No.
*rj Whlte-st.; Kahn & Lew, straw goods, NO, 720
Broadway; Maynard A- Co.. bata, Ito, t?? Broad
tray; Hutcnlnaon. riere*. & Co., shirts. No ?3s.
Broadway; J. B. ftyer & Co., upholstery goods. No.
Cl Broadway; Alfred ?I. R"lden, oils. No. 14."?
Maiden Lane; F'-llhclmer & Lin.lauer, corsets, No.
??.'I WoMter-aL, and L. W. Mlnford & Co.. brokers,
No. 104 Wnll-st.
Pr. Mason Forahe*. twenty-four years old, a
native of Rrewster. Ala., paid 15 In the Jefferson
Market Police Court yesterday for a lively time he
enjoyed last night ln the Tenderloin. The doctor
btagan ?? tk**OW away showers of dimes and quar?
ters and nickels at Twenty-clghth-st. and Slxth
ave. about 7 o'clock in the evening. The streets
Wer? crowded, and hundreds saw l?r. Forshee en
Joy hlnutelt
"I'v?' got money," he shouted; "got tt.OW.OOrt.'*
Th?? crowd laughed, and Pollcenn-n Nachbar and
Schultz.? grabbed the young man and hustled him
to a cell In the West Thlrtleth-st. station. On the
way he removed bis (old watch and chain and
threw them at Policeman Nachbar. Ile was glad
to g?-t them back yesterday.
riir.in indh.tmf.nt?pkrrtn ii. sfm
m;u in Tin; ?ask.
The demurrers to the Indictment of Martin Thorn
and Mrs. AugUata Nack, th?? slleged murderers of
William CKtld? nsuppe, the bath rubber, wer?? argued
In Fart I of the Court of ?bneral St ssions yester?
day by Messrs. Howe and House, counsel re?
si? ?tive!? fi?r the accused man and woman.
The principal points alleged against the Indict?
imnt were the sam?? as argued In lb?? motion for
admission to ball bifore Justice 'I'ruax, that Is,
that this county has no Jurisdiction over the crime,
M it was committed In Queen? County, and that
th? Indictment l? faulty, because ?t allege? two
crime?, namely, a conspira.?;.? to commit murder
and the crime of murder itseir. Aaslatant District?
Attorney Lindsay replied for the pn.seciitlon, ami
Judge New burger reserved his decision.
Thorn and Mrs. Na?-k did not look at each Other
In court. Both wereilrcsi.il with unusual cm", and,
it was sal?), bad pr.-par.'l for their public appear?
ance with Infinite trouble, the woman Inspecting
? number of dre?e? b.-for?? ?he decided whii h eh?
?hould wear.
It was learned yesterday that Perrln n. Bumner
the prisoner known aa the Qreat American bientl
Ber, win? is awaiting tranaferrence ??? Blng sin*,? to
Berve a sentence for swindling, had ??????? permitted
by the District-Attorney to try to secure a confes?
sion from Thorn. Bumner, It was aald, several
days ago sent word to the District-Attorney that
be, an? r? every .me ??>.? In the world, could g?.t
such a confession Th? Dlatiict-Attorney tried
Bumner ami placed him In ? cell near Thorn. That
did not ?.?? t lsf y Sunnier, so he was placed Iu
Thorns cell. Every other minute be would de.
m.'iiiil, "Where's that bend?" and Thorn, with the
greatest sang froid In the world, would Innocently
In? iiir??, "What head?"
Bumner kept it up Inceaaantly until Thorn at last
c. mplalned to the warden, who promptly removed
Bumner to another cell. Bumner by his efforts
however, has been able to remain In the Tombs
until h<? Could wind up his affaira H? will be
t ? ? e- ? to Slug Sin*,' this nft-rnoon.
The promoters of the deal for the consolidation of
the F.qultable ?'.as Ughi Company with the New
York and East River c,as Company have met an
obstacle in the attitude of tho Bqultahla directors,
but there ls not much doubt that the deal will go
through. An effort Is now being made to create a
good feeling among the Bt-rttltable directors before
proceeding further. It Is (?needed by ,i leading in?
terest that It would have been much b?'tter to consult
some of tiie Equitable dlrectoi before going so far
In Mi?? deal, but the i;.ist River people did noi ar.ti.-i
pate thnt the Equitable Board would make objec?
tion. There was no Intentional effort to work In?
dependently of thum, except h f.,r as It might help
? . keep the matter quiet pending a consumili.,lion
of the transfer- of tin? majority of the stock [|
Is stated that the Fast River people had pledges f.it
enough stock to make them safe in doing what thej
did. and they could have carried tne|r (>(llnr Wi ?,
??nough if the Equitable directora bad not taken the
position they did.
Ex-Mayor Hugh J f?rnnt has ?old out. his con?
trolling Interest In the Railway Advertising Com?
pany to Henry, Abraham and Jesse Wineburgh, who
r.ntlj quarrelled ?rlth th?-ir brother. Michael, In
the management of a rival advertising company,
which Is ? BW in th?' hands of a receiver. The Rail?
way Advertising Company, >f which Mr. ? ?rant ha?
been president, has control of tha advertising in
the Broad**ray cable-cara, in tli*? cars of several
New-Jersey linea and in the Btreetcars of Provi?
dence, ? I Hem y ?vlneburgh Is t.? be president
of the eotnpeay.
The witter Supply |?lpe leading from the street
to the Yorkrlllc Foil.-e Court building has for
several days been obstructed, nnd th?? water ha?
been cut off from the court. Only the prison part
of th?? building has had wat? r. Th?? obstruction
pusaled th? Departnient of public Works till re??
t? rday. when pow?-rful BUCtion pumpa w. re ap?
plied to clear oui th.? pip? The forca pump- .f
i.r a whii?. brought forth an eel eleven inches
long an?! an Inch thick It had been caught In the
trap of th?? supply pipe.
-4? -
An effort Is being made nmong the wealthy resl
*?. ills of the Inland to pfOMOt? a bara? ihow The
county-fair scheme has ??????? ??I>.in,l<*11???!.
Miss CteWMf* ii.?? been declare?! \?pt winner of
the croiiu.-t t.nirnam?-iil at th? Clifton Tennis
Dr, William C Walser Is again at lint Springs.
The Rev. Dr .1. c Kccleston. Mrs BcclCBton and
Miss Qertrud? Eecleaton are ?pending the ?ufnnier
at Twilight Park, Ureene Count?*-.'
A ,-on:rad was signed yesterday between the
Fast Itlver Hrldge Commission and the Trust?M
of the American Sugar Refining ?'ompany for tn??
transfer ?if the property on which the sugar re?
finery In Willtamabtirg Stands, The site of the re?
finery Is to lie taken for the Bit? of the towers of the
r, a K?st River brtdga The prl.?,? agreed upon wa?
1350,008 The company originally a?ke.l Sjej ooo fjr
the property, but the Commissioners' appraiser?
r.x-i thS VStUS O? the property at the form, r tig
in? ?
The Executive Committee reported that It h?,t
under cinsi deration a number of propositions for
Khrtfi? "f ,,r"""r,y f?r th* anchA On
I'..? ????,I Of Mr. Melgan, the contractor who Is
to i,m:,i th- foundation? for the lirook "? towers
tras tiled, and Chief Engineer Buck reported?ES
factory progress on the work of hulldlng the cals
E. ?ft W. Pocnntlco. Nakoda?. E A W
Both n?*w ?ftVet? In high btodt?! collara.
Henry A. Daniels. M. D.,
New nunitier, .2 Weet Nlih St.
Impalrm-ntt <>f the ttirvesa Systtaa, and ?II Important
?BBSa It.air? S ta Citai
iinrlse 4 M !"?in?e? !:? ?,??? rUe? |>m 11:2S! ?.???'? a*re 23
HIQH WATKIt ??-????.
...M - Ranrty II ,,,k linn,,?. Uland 1:41H?*I1 Oa?? SS*
*f.*B Mat?** H???k I.MiUjv. l.LnJ ? aa.Uell Oat? *M
ALBF.MARLI?*-General O. M. Sternberg, L*. S.
?., Of Washington. lU'CKINGHAM-R. K. Mc
Cormick, of Chicago. FIFTH AVENEE-Eb-Gov
?riior .lames I". Campbell of Ohio and J. B. For
aker, Jr., of Cincinnati. IMPERIAL-WTdlam P.
Vaughan, of Providence. MANHATTAN-Samuel
Beiden, l*. 8. N.. and President J. H. Ledyard of
the Michigan Central Railway, of Detroit. MUR?
RAY HILL-Edward 8. Cramp, of Philadelphia.
PLAZA?Joseph Banlgan. of Providence. WAI.
IxjRF-General Edward Hayes, General George 8.
Field, of Buffalo, and Postmaster-General James
A Gary.
Larchmont Yacht Club regatta.
Rrighton Reach nice?, 2:?? p m.
Trotting races at Fleet w.io-i Park. 2:30 p. tn.
D.ick Commissioners' meeting.
l'nlted Templers' picnic. Silver Lake Park, Staten
Property Owners' As-oelatlon Twenty-third Ward
excursion to Roton Park.
Music in Fast River and Madison Square park?,
8 p. m. _
A motion to remove M. W. l'arso as receiver of
the Ives syndicate was argued before Judge La
comb.? in the l'nlted States Circuit yesterday. Ju.lge
Lacombe refused to remove Parse, who has re?
signed, and ordered that his resignation be ac?
A special meeting of the governor? of the Stock j
Exchange will be held this afternoon.
George R. Sellman, a Greek florist, who was ar?
resici on Tuesday for having a table with some
vases of cut flowers on the sidewalk in front of
a liquor ?tore, at the southwest corner of Colum?
bus-ave. and Fighty-flrst-st., was lectured and
fined ? by Magistrate Crane at Yorkvilie Court
when arraigned yesterday. Sellman told the Mag?
istrate that Policeman James M. Harris, of the
West S!xty-e|ghth-8t. station, had arrested him
for spite. "Yo . are guilty of this charge. The
officer was justified In making the arrest." replied
the Magistrate.
A communication was received by the Fire Board
at Its meeting yesterday from Howard Payson
Wilds, Deputy Commissioner of Public Works, to
the effect that the Department could not waive the
formality of chai ging fees against the Fire Board
for building fire vaults under three new engine
houses. The Board adopted a resolution request?
ing the Board of Aldermen to adopt some method
by which the fees would be done away with.
Robert A. Sharkey, of Brooklyn, who was recent?
ly appointed Naval Officer of the Port of New
York, was sworn In yesterday before United States
Commissioner Shields. He wlil go to Washington
to-day to die his bond of MM and to receive his
commission, nnd will return as soon a? possible
and go to work.
Timothy J. Cimpbell's Oriental Club will have
It? outing to Wltsel's Point View Grove. College
Point, August 1
The Anderson Cadets, No. 1, Daughters of Vet?
erans, will have a summer-night festival ?Monday
at Fort Wendel Park, One-hundred-nnd-nlnety
fourth-st. and Amsterdnm-ave., under the auspice?
of the Anderson Zouaves and Anderson-Williams
Post. G. A. R.
A genial smile has lighted up the face of Mayor
Strong's secretary, Blon L. Burrows, for the last
two days. An explanation of its meaning was ob?
tained yesterday. There has been added an heir
to the house of Burrows. The new arrival weighed
eight pounds.
Charges were preferred at Police Headquarters
yesterday by Captain Westervelt, of the Church
st. station, against James McDermott arid William
T. Dunn, the two members of his command who
were arrested for drunkenness at Coney Island on
Tuesday. They will be tried before th?? Commis?
sioners for conduct unbecoming officers.
Columbian Commander-?? No. 1, K. T.. Is arrang?
ing to attend the eighty-fourth annual conclave of
the Grand Commander}? )n Jamestown, N. Y., Sep?
tember 14 and 1*. Niagara Falls will nlso be visited.
Among the passengers who arrived last evening
on the steamship Lahn, from Rremen and ?South?
ampton, were Raron von Rosen. Russian Ambas
?ador to Japan; Professor William W. Farnham
and Mrs. Farnham. of N'ew-H.iv.n: Dr. D. 8. Wat?
son and Henry 1". Ilietz.
Mr. and Mrs George W. Child? Drexel. with a
party of Philadelphia friends, Including Craig Rid?
dle and Livingston Biddle, sailed for Southampton
yesterday on the American Line steamship .V w
York Mr Dresel'B new yacht, the Alcedo, recently
launched from the yards of the Harlan & Holllngs
worth Company, nt Wilmington, D.I., Is now steam?
ing across the Atlantic for Southampton, where
Mr. Drexel and his friends will board lier for a
cruise in northern ?ratera
A passenger who salle.l on the New-York nt the
last moment without being h,,oked was H. Mait
land Kersey, of the Whit? Star Line Steamship
Company. He Is going to Liverpool to submit plans
for the White Star Lin??'? new pkrs at West
Eleventh-st to the home officers of his company.
He will also Join Lord Dunraven In the races at
('owes, when? It Is expected that Dunraven will
bring out Valkyrie in for the iirst ttme this Beaeoa
to meat ESmperor William's Meteor.
James A. Wright. vL-e-pre?|i!ent of the Inter?
national Navigation Company, and David Hender?
son, of the Anchor Line, aleo Balled on the New
York without having been booked
Among the passengers ?vho will sail to-day on the
Hamburg ?ttvatertcan Line ?teamahlp F?rst Bis?
marck, for Plymouth, Cherbourg an?! Hamburg, are
Colonel Albert A. Pope. Louis C. Tiffany, Surgeon
deneral George M. Sternberg. R. **?, Ballantlne
William Raumgarten. Russell A. Cowtea, Henry L,
da Pores?*, Oaneral John Gin, Dr. Alice Jarvta j
O. H. Pltney, ? m . . ;.,,rge A. Taylor, Or Htmrv
Tuck, Professor ?. U Walter and Arthur Price
The North German Lloyd Une steamship' Rar
barosaa, which sails to-day for Southampton and
Bremen, will carry among others George W iverv
Colonel J. Wilder Atkinson, Chnr.es H Baldwin'
Dr. ?. S. Carier. George S. Field and W ' R ?
Trowbrldge. '
Nearly three-quarters cf al] the
members of Congress, says a Wash?
ington correspondent, appeared the
other day in crash suits.
Result : better tempers?the pa$.
sage of the Tariff Bill.
Don't you want to appear better
tempered?cool ?
Crash coats, $4.50; trousers, $3.50*
bicycle-golf breeches, $3.50; vest?,
Rogers, Peet &' Co.
Prince and Broxdwav.
Warren and Broadway.
Thirty-second and Broadway.
V?aaat *?>?*?*. Una.
Persa.Gibraltar. July 7.HsmrxAtatarr
Koenlgln Lul?e.Bramata, July 10.? ?j uova
Lian?ag City.Swansea, July 18. br?i-M
Phrnnlcl?.Hamburg. July 10.HamvAm,r
Kal?er Wilhelm II..Gibraltar. July 13.N r, [Sa
Kl Paso.New-Orleans July 17.M *f?n
Normanni?.Hamlninr, .lulv !.*..HirnVAn-r
BHttantal?. Liven,..,!. Jtal? 14.White Ht?r
Gate City.Savannah. July 2?.Sa-aartah
Parta.Southampton. July 1?.American
T'in??rta.Liverpool. Julv 1?. '"ruvd
La T-iuralnc.Havre. July HI.?'-??. h
Martello.Hull. July io.Wilson
St. Cntbserl.Antwerp. Julv 10.1'v<?nia
Hubert.Pan, lu! V 14.Hor.tJ
Niagara.Nassau. July 2??.? ? a Cuh?
Iroquol?.Jacksonville, July 21.'"ly!?
Marengo.Newcastle, July 10.Wlleonj
SfNr?.\V, Jl'l.Y 24.
Orinoco.Bermuda. July 22.Qt*?*)??
Vessel, Lin*. For. Mall? cloM.Vee?*! ?
Barbarossa. Bremen. ? O Lievi.0:00am 12:00 m
G. Bismarck. Hamburg. Hamb-Amer. 7:00am 10:00am
Kl Monte, N*w-Orlean?, Morgan. - 8:00 p m
Mongolian. Glasgow, Allan State.10:00 am 12:00 a*.
Cherokee. Charleston, Clyde.- 8:00pm
Blr? Grande. Brunswick. Mallory. - 8:OOpn?
Salerno, Brazil A La Plata. L' 8 A BI. 10:00 am 12:08 SS
Auranl?, Liverpool, Cunar* .8:00 am 12:00 m
La Gascogne, Havre, French . 7:00 a m io is) ?m
tfpar.rndp.m. Rotterdam. Moll-Amer.... i :00 a m 10:00 ? ?
Kaiser Wilhelm I. Genoa. ? O Lloyd. S:00 a m 10:00 a m
Tlilngvalla. ("hrletlanla. Thlrgvalla-Il-00 ta SB lOOpra
circassla. Glasgow, Anchor .1.im lji'iit
Mobil??, ???*???. Atl Tians. - O/iOam
Patria, Hamburg. Hamb Arrer.- 2 <? p m
Altai. Jamaica. Atlas.10:01? a ra 12?> ?a
Holstein, <*ape Havtl, Alia?.l?':"Oam 12 00 m
Seneca Campeche, ? Y A Cub*.10:30 am 1 ;'?op?j
Portia, Newfoundland. H?l limi-11:00am 1 "U ? g%
Philadelphia. Venexu. la. Red D.11:00 am 1 "? ? a
Dun?tan. l'ara. H" th. 1:0?) p m 3:'*?pr*
Louisiana. New-itrleans. Cromwell....- B'Dflm
Leona, (?alvostnn. Mallory. - 3?OB p m
Eldorado, New-OTlean?. Morgan.. - - 8'JOpm
Lahn. Bremen, N G Li?>d .7.00am 10-?)????
Iro?juols. Charleston. Clyde.? - S.iJOpm
Steamer Christine (Dam. ?..-een. Shteld? July 1, ta 8s8>
la?', t . ?lust Il.ve Arri.e?l at the Bar at 3p m.
Steamer Llsi..url?ve ?Br?, Lawson. Berry Doc!? July 7.
ln ballaat to ? odd & Morgan. Arrived at th? Bar at 18:11
a m
Steamer Ijitin ?'??eri. Potile, Bremen July 18 and Cttar?
bourg and Southampt ? 14, with mdse, lO? c?btn and 10T
st.-mge passenger? to ?lelrich? A Co. AlTlvad at ti?
Bar at *:10 p m.
Steamer Diamant (Gen, Wischau???*,. Hamburg July f.
In ballast to Gust Heye. Arrived at tha Bar at 8 a ?
July lv
Steamer l'Iran -, Daly, Color July 14, with mdaa atad
27 ?.-? s??'..?? ? ?> to Panama Railroad 8s Ltn?. ArrivaO at
the Bar at 10:11 a m.
Steamer II Dteln (Ger?. Hoppe, Cape Hay?! July 1
Oonalve? 3, Ivtlt Goav* .1. Cartagena 1'? and San'a Marth?
18, with nl?? to l'Ini, Fi.rwoo.1 A Kellock. Arrived at
the Har nt .V.ti? a m.
Stf.?m?r c.ncho. Risk. Vera Crux July ?. Turpara 10,
Tampion 11, Camp, ch? IB, Progresso 1*> and Havana 11.
with n-.dse and 47 pass.-ngers to Jame? E Ward A Ota?
Arrlvcl at the Bar at 3 a m.
Steamer Alfred Dumol* (Nori, W*lhu?t, Port Antonie,
.Ta t% .lays, with fruit to American Fruit Company, vta
?el to Bennett, Walsh & Co. Arrived at th? Bar at 8 80
p m.
Steamer Algonquin. Platt, Jacksonville July 18 and
Charleston 1'?', with mdse and passenger? to "A"m P t"*l>d?
& ??.
Btaamer Oaorga *?". C.ytiO, Robinson. Charleston July 18,
with mise io Win I* ClyAe A Co.
Itlinir il.attah.. ? h??? I^'wut. Savannah July 19. Wltll
rnds?. and passen*,???? to the Ocean S? Co.
Steamer Saturn. Utmta, N?-wp??rt News, with coal bt?
F ? Dalzell. Is bound for Boston.
Steamer ?>ld Dominion. li'uk.man. Richmond ?rd Vor?
folk, with m.'.?" and pass- ngers to Old Dominion S.? Co.
St-amer F W Brun??. Galther. Baltimora, with md??
t. li C Foster.
Steamer Cltv of Macon, Boston, with md?e to Ocraa
?- C '.
S:.-amer Tndrar.l (Br), Trotter. Philadelphia July 30, Ita
Dallait t" Gust Hey?.
B'.eamer Golds!.? ??. Swain, Philadelphia, with mdse to
Wn, ? Clyde ? r...
S.?? dy H.. k. N J, fl:30 p m?Wlr.d S; fresh bree??.'
Steamer Mathilda (Nor). Taarvlg. Noi f.Ik-W D M?a
Steamer Jason (Bri. Fraser, Hallfax. X S-Bowrtng ?
Steamer S.*rurnnoa, Hansen, Havana and Tamptt??-?
J I* Ward ??. Cta.
BtctaBMr (Mb?**? (Beati, Tannar. L ndin -Busk ft J??
S'.-.inier Rennndir (Br), Le Boutllller, Utttlr? Sirrrsoa.
Bpanc? * Y.ung.
?tl p???- ???tiarOBBB (Q?*f), Nlerleh. Bremen, via S >uth
ampt H ' i.'.rlchs * Co.
Bti imer I'uerst H'smarck (Ger?. Albers. Hamb'irg rig
Plymouth an! I'herlsuic -Hamburg-American Un?
Steamer ThUlilHrita ? BO. Proctor. Jeremle, Cape Rata?
tien, etc ?Wm ? Clyde ft Co.
Steamer Rluefleld*. ("liarles Baltimore?H C F tattar.
Steamer Kansas ("l'y, Fisher. Savannah?(">-ean Steam?
?li'.p ("..nipartv.
Rteamer George W Clyde. Roblnaon. J?ekwn?rint?--*l**tB
? Clyd? ft Co.
Steamer ItoaiMk? Hlller, Norfolk and Newport ?few??
Old Dominion Ss Co.
S'camcr Vesper, Watson. Phlladelrlila?Wm ? Civita
A c
Ship Deedemona (Bri. Evan?, Anjer???-wring ft Ar-hs?
Bark Xeni?, Oreen?. Pantos? TV.rn??? N'ort-n ft Co.
Bark Justin*? ? Ingcrsotl, Norton. Fernambuco?Thota?
son ft Co.
Bark Wilhelm Birkedal (Nor). Stangebye. Kj ?*?-?
Funch. Edye A Co.
Steamer? New Y?rk, fee Southampton: Rerun (Bri, Ant?
werp: Adriatic (Br4. Llverpo? I Condor (Bri V.a!par?l?o,
M H?fUranc4t, Haiana, etc: Ro.anoke. N*. rOlk and N"w.
port News: Blueftelds. Baltimore; Kansi? '?'?. Savsnnsh:
Michigan (Br). Ixindon: Aner'.ey < fir?. Am?'erdam; Ben??
factor, I'hila.l.-lrhla: cltv of Kmgs'or. ?Bri. ivrt ??
torlo; Marlla (Optan), Cadll. etc; bark I-eone XIII (Rai),
Shle|?!s, July ID-Sailed, ??????t? Eugenie iNor?. r1tm>
san. Hampton Roads ????"'Jwln (Br). Kerr, New-York.
Clierbo.ifg, Julv 81, 11 a m -Airlvsl. steamer Saal?
..;?-. M'snke. New-York via Plymouth, for Bremen (an4
Hrlst >1. Julv 21 ?Arrive?!, steamer Lackawann? cm.
Roblnaon, New-Y< rk.
Gibraltar .lulv 81?Paaeed. s?.amer Towhatan ?B***.
Hsrnlen MaattOO etc. for New-York.
I.I.? .f Wrlif Julv 21 -Passed, sfamer Georgian Baf
? Un Firin.i.'n \ w-Y..rk for London
Siillnmpt-n, ?ntv 2\. :!:I0 p m -Arrived, steamer 8t
Unii? l'i" l!". Ml ? Y 'rk
Catari ???? 17 Ball??*, ?teamer Llahonena? (Bri. Couelk
New Y k
IVrini-ehucrt. July 11? -Arr????.!. ?teamer Kaffir Prln?*?
(Bri OMItCta. New-York for Santos.
Ol.v?g..?r. Julv 2" -Arrive?!, steamer State nf Nehra?"*?
ill-i. lark. N'-wYork.
\ !?!.??, July '.? \rrl\e.l, ?le?mer Vicforla fBr).
! gee r,rn,'\ \la I.eirt|.-rn. tor New Yoik.
Bremen. July 21 ?Arrived, steamer II H Mel?r (fler),
St ?-.ck.ri. \ew-York.
I**tata*tatale**rta, Jelf 21 8 H a m -Arrived, ?teamer Ten??
tonic il?ri. Cannron. New Y?.rk for Liverpool (and prta?
Hiiist Cast'.e, July 21. S p m ?Salle!, ?teamer Ha?*?!
?',.t?. Chrlstoffer? (from Bramen?. New York.
Rotterdam. Julv 81, (1 p m -Arrive,!, ?'earner OM*m
(l'.ic-lii R.irgcNH^n N?iv-Y..rk. via f?*>ulo*n? Sailed, f
p m. steam-r Maaadam (Dutch!, ivuer. ftem York
Bu't "f l^-wls. Julv 2t l'asse.!, ?teamer Q ?odwln (Bi**,
Kerr. Shield? for New York.
Havre, July 21 Arrhd. steamer Stent Itsvan (Au?t),
W.issUli. Ne? Y rk
.III? iltar, July 21 - l'a??ed. ?team.*r Oregon (Bri, rorth,
New- York for Naples, etc.
c..|*nhagen. July '.'1 AtrlveJ. ?teamer I?land (D?B),
SKI.?It. New tort?. _,
Marseille?. Italy 21 ?Arrived, ?teamer Scindi* (Br).
Bllabt. K?W York __ _^
Ininlee. July 21.?Sailed, steamer Ooft iBr?. Roblta
?<in. New Y. rk
LlTSiasnl. July 81.?Balled, steamer **4a'e?tte (Bn,
Kmliti. Ham I rk _^
Rio Janeiro. July 2??.??tailed, ??earner Orar?an Pi IB??
?Hr? Miller, New-York ?
Plaagua. Julv S? Sailed, ?tesmer Roramorran (Bn,
Staheil. from New Y rk Valparaiso, inllao. etc.
Danttle, July lh?Arrived, ?teamer Bur?T?rm?l?t?r
Peteraen ((1er), Bunx.-r. If?? York
Shanghai. July 10 -Arrl.ed. steamer Moraen ion,
Ellis. New-York, via Aden. Singapora. etc.
Rotterdom. July JO.?Arrived, ???amer ?>h*?t?r (DutcB*,
Bo??en. New-York . . ?^
Glasgow. July 21 ?Arrtv?d. -?teamer A*w*horla (?in.
Wilson. N?w Y.rk. _ . ? ^.,
Uverpool. Julv ?I.?Arrived, itlifflW Teatoal? *e*B*Ji
Ornaron, alaw-York. , . . -r

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