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A smart cvrllnp suit, carrioil out In all ?hade? Of Venetian or Melton <*n.-?;;ri!r. model'rd Bft?tf the
"Norfolk" design, made effective with i'lpt:i?*s of l?uff or white cloth outlined with black ana tota
Ruc'la hrald. _.
The city of Ro bester la setting a worth* exam?
ple to other municipalities by trying to reduce the
suffering of th?* most helpless and most unfortu?
nate class in the community. The Health Depart?
ment has taken up the fuib.lect of the proper ears
of inf.mts during the summer months, and has put
into oper?tlo:i a plan for securing the same. Ster?
ilised m:!k is being furnished for the ta MSB; a
pamphlet giving useful Information on the subject
to garsatS has been published in four languages,
and B trained nurse has been engaged to give fur?
ther information to any who apply to her.
The milk is furnished by caws that are dally cur?
ried and brushed, like h?->rs,-s, and whose udders
are dally washed with soap and water. The milk 13
made as much Ilk*- the mother's milk as posslbla, and
Is put in sterilised bo-tlcs. each one of Which con?
tain.- Just enough for one feeding. Tb? bottk- is
corked and staled, and the only thing left for the
BBStbsr to do Is to look after the rubber nipple*.
A tWpot fOf the milk has been opened at No. 115
DnaSsa St, and the milk Is sold at two cents .a
When ? mother appli.-s at the depot for m.lk th
Child hi v.?:,;'i???!, and the milk Is preacrlbed accord?
ingly. ?BSMigb I?? lug supplied at one time to last for
twenty-four hours.
The traltv-d r.urse, whose services have been do?
na:?*?.! by the City Hospital, is In Btt?rnSan?*S every
morning to give advice to the mothers. If they
wish ?t. she also calls at their homes, Hygienic
beds nre on sale, and the mothers are taught how
to make them for themselves; with cheesecioth and
The ?Ittle pamphlet, entitled "How to Tnk<* Can
of Hables In Hot Weather." is distributed fis? at
the ?l.pot. On the- outsK.e. in largo letter?, arc th?
wo.-ds. "'jive the baby water," an?l in th>* direc?
tions for feeding I? the following table for feeding
acoor?ling to weight:
The Department considers ?t be?i to feed ??-cording
to weigh:, weighing the Infant every week, because
it ha.- hc.-n found that there := a nlati'.ii bets ? n
Its w?*ia:ht .and the sir., of its stomach.
Th? w?rk i= Intended to l??* educational, and is by
no means designed for the exclusive benefit of tii<
poorer classas The needs of infancy have been
carefully studied by those at the bark of the plan,
and th'-y know that well-to-do parents are often at
ignorant as poor on?-.* I-?r. <~;?.<>ree W. Goler. of the
Health i'?-; nrtm^nt. nin'H f?? begin the w..rk two
years ago. h.it for s.ime re?ison was unaM. t.. do sa
If the demand Is Bufltcient to warrant It, the De?
partment may .'.rrar.se to deliver the milk every
morning in any pirt of the ?--itv.
Lady Henry Somerset has been so long at the I
head and front of temperanc?' work in England
that it is difficult to Imagine the British Women's
Temperance Association without her. H? r reslg
nation. whl?*h is attributed to the refusal of the
association to be governed by her Wtahe? In r?>gard
to the removal of the ?'ontagious Diseases act In
India, was most unexp-etui
A young Greek w.d?-\v recently open. .1 ? -
circulating library, under the patronage of the
Queen She Is said to ta the first Gr>. k gentle
woman who has attempted to earn tat own living.
The St. John's Guild Hospltul has treated 10,934
patients since July 7.
To-day's programme at Chautnuqun. N. V , Is as
follows: Lecture. ? Waymarks of the Labor Move.
sasgrt Fins?. ?ssbWcbb to Was*?- Th? ?Peasant
Pioneers." Frofessor Graham Taylor. U ? m ;
lei ture "For?es In German Literature." Profeaaor
J II. Worman. 23?) p. m : laeture, "l^Jversll
?n<?al Settlements In London." Percy Alden, 4 p. r,v ; i
l.nr. The ?'hild In the H<-me." President W.
I. H.-rvev. 5 p. m; Illustrated lecture, "Dutch
Art." A f. Van I.aer, 8 p. m.
T1 e I'le.-isatit H Mir BSIVtlSS Of" the camp-m. etltig
conducted by Mr. RtadclHtc ai the Metropolitan
T?mple. 8even?h-ave. and Foiirteemh-st , w? re of
unusual interest yesterday afternoon. Mr. ami
Mis H IlamtlMti of Fl'tsburg who preach the
Gospel i" tong. and ?'.ira ?"inrdner. from the South.
assisted In the singing. Ths re w?-te also piano,
?gantai and organ sob's, j
Lieutenant Colonel Hrewer gave an latsreatlng
talk on "Mem??rv'' at the jubile meeting In Memo
tlal Hall yesterday evening
Among the vocalists who took part in the Peo?
ple's Free ?'oncert. given on Saturday night in the
Metronolltan Temple, at Seventh-a.? and Four
teenth-st.. were the WlriN-rl.tirn Trio, fora Gard?
ner. Ava Rrltt. Mrs Bullman, Et? lka Waisman
and Mr. Hamilton, of Ptttaburs, renn
The lame, the halt and the blind will flock to I
the < hureh of St. Jean Baptiste. In Fast Seventy- !
?lxth-st near Thlrd-ave , this ?T?ftlfj in th?* hop- !
of being lieuled by the relic of St. Anr.e. The I
sacred relie vras given to the church by the Popo
fa July. l*??2. and ?ach y?ar when the anniversary
i? BSJaaratSW it Is exposed, and many mlraeuloiis
cures ar<- said to have been effected upon th<- suf- i
f-.rlng l? 11? vers
Plants suitable Bar Indooc ?tndow-garden? are: j
G?':an!urr.s begonias, not ?n.-..i]lng lb? !{. x .-? ?lion?,
us these are not adap;?Kl to house cuttUM . oleander, ?
r. ..-i.'.i? cacti, ficus, palas, aapldlatra. Ian cana,
uc.'isia sj.eclosa. ?niliurlum. amaryllis, sword f? rn.
Chines?- ^rtmro?e, jir.mula. obconlca, calla, al
int .eric-urn. Bwantsonia, heii?<trope. shrysanihemtun
and aiai?.? For vines, Enal'sh Ivy, hoys, paaalAora,
< ob'a and Jasmin.-. For lunging plants oih.-.r.n*,
sax?fraga, money-musk ar.d :tai?-.?cant:H For
bracket p;ans. fu-hs!a apaclosa, sarord /em. begonia
guttata and geranium Madame 3all? ro? wi I ),?
found excellent, aleo the single petunia of the
flower-garl. n.-(Eber. E. Rexford in August Ladle?'
Horr.t Journal.
The location ot the wickedest section of New
York City la now- a matter of discussion, but every
old polll-c- oflic? r. as well as every missionary of ex
i" rleace, ramamtara the time when Ifulberry Bend,
with its treacherous alleys and murderous dives,
easily carried off the honors as being the refuge jf
elim?nala and the nursery of crime. Originally th.
1'i "?) Point- ?ras a low, swampy pond, which, tain ;
fill? d up, became the foundation of a number of
ramshackle ?haatkas, in which the poor an 1 vicious
and dissolute congregated. Ry degree the neigh?
borhood became so bad that people spok?' of it wltn
bated breath. The underground cell? and paasagei
contacting blocks of houses became known to t!..?
police as "Cowboy" and "Murderer?' " alleys, and
no ?pet o* ground In the States had a more terri
l.l? r? putation.
Kvry hous?? almost was a rumshop, and the most
vicious and degraded of both sexes congrega te?i
there to concoct future villan?a? and glory in past
one? Children brought up in this school of In?
iquity incline a-r.implisliod burglar? and criminals.
a'.', it ?saaasd rKPOBslbl? then that religion or ?du?
? itlon could ever find a foothold In the God-for?
saken place. No one knows what a Messing th?
Five Points Mission, House of Industry and Parl?
ais? Park in? to the denizens of the Bend, and no
01 ? can ?stimat? how many little live:- are saved
from blight, distase and death by their combined
In lui nee.
It la Interesting to look bar-k over the years and
note the gradual growth of the Five Points Mis?
sion work, sa well as Its great work to- lay ?rn mg
the little welts with which the rieighborhoo 1
Il) 1M4 B f?BW ?leterminci Christian wonen band-id
together to d vise ?ome means of bettering the
condltli :. of tho slum children an?l the general
? ?? of affair? In the neighborhood They secured
tho "Old Brewery" as their misti?n building, and.
With the following objects, the New-York Lidies'
11 n:" Missionary Society has carried on the work
for fifty years:
l"irst-T'i employ one or more missionaries to
labor among the poor of the city of New-York,
? ipi dally In the locality known as the Five points.
Second?To provide food clothing and other nec
easarle f ?r sueh poor.
Third To educate poor children, and rovlde for
their comfort and welfare.
Fourth To maintain a i.ehcol at the Five Print?
and to perform kindred acts of charity and benevo
!. -l.-e.
To-day ttarc I- n?>t a more Interesting work In
New-York than that done by the Five Points Mis
mi hundred? Of bright, Jolly, happy !it:|e
faces ar. a living testimony to the propriety and
. ? m of th? methods employed. The Rev. Mr.
.1 iin?s is chaplain, and his genii], kindly fice is
never so full of smiles as when be la in the midst of
his buys ,?nd girl? Lately they have had several
OUtlng? together, to Bell Island, and It is difficult to
?ay will -h enjoyed them m<*re.
M's (',. Van Aken. the principal, has a day school
? / eight department?, ..ver which -he Board <>f Edu?
cation has supreme control, pupils being obliged to
???s.? the s un.- examinations as the children In the
?m .He schools Mrs Van Aken takes an especial
lellght In showing letter.? fr??rii many graduates,
taken oui of homes ..f poverty and sin. who are
occupying to-day responsible and lucrative places.
Th? . never fall to ta present at Thanksgiving and
Christmas t> tak?- par: in the hollda) exercises, ?is
of old.
T! ?' misai n children are furnlshf?l dally w-ith a
i, mday meal, and .>n Saturday ih.ir basket? bis
.??.-'i. l \?it!i enough food to keep them until Mun?
do- morning. Almost every child la clothed by the
mission, .'s their parent? ?re far too poof to provide
even the meanesi covering;,
Tu addltl .. ? ' this missionaries visit the h-.me- of
the little . nes. pi ivlde bedding and ..?her family
supplies, and fre?i?iently doctor? and medicina
Eighteen differeni nationalities ?re represented in
in., pchool, ?nd the teachers arid missionaries have
a bud task to Inculcate American principle? and
Christianity into t!?.-ir school and home life. The
w. rk Of t..- mission Is entirely .".Istinct from ivi?
.,( tt.e House of Industry, though both belong to
the l-'iv? Points w??rk. and both are doing their
utmost to teach the little vicious wronged product
of slum.lam that there is n truer life than Mulberry
Bend knows, and tint there is a chanca for hl:n to
enter Into it.
A new press club has been f?jrmed in Washington.
It wa-; th.- outgrowth Of a cotetle of Journalists
who mot Informally from time to time dun,-:., the
last sea In th? Wlssadaughsli i irl ors. Believing
that mutual benefit m-.ktht come from union, a body
.f actlv? pre.s women and author.* became Incor?
por?t? I unde: in? nam? ot the League of American
l'en Women, deven. charter menstars, taro new
members and e.ght honorary member? make up the
I ?. Tin? Isst-mentlotaed are Mrs. Jane ?'.lnnlnghain
Cru.y. Mrs Phoeta Hearst. Ml s El". :i T L>ng*e|.
low, Mrs May Dudley Y.mght. Mrs. p.ra Hanrey
M > "i. Mr? Emily Edson Rrlg?.-., ("OHvIa"), Mrs.
Marlon A McHrld.- .ml Mi.v Car.; ?ne F. Frye. <?nl)
s-ich persona as are actively engage,i m louraallsm
or pr?s* work, or who nfe author.!, art ?Martha) |q
raembersfslp in the leag le. Honorary niemlxT? must
have ra? id? red aid or encouragement -o th.- casa?
of pan wessen The league destajn i? g tiny owl in
g ikl, in a triangle formed of pen. peadl and brush.
w'th th.- Initial? "1.. A. P. \V " Th.- ?-...?rs are ihe
: ral r? I, white and blue. The charter mamhsii of
the League .,f Atneri.-at: Pen ,Y?>:,:. n are Margaret
iullivan l'.iirk?. aana tanhotn Hamilton, Marl .
!.. najfellosi ?>'l> i.cgnue. Marj Tessi l Bay ird. alary
A, l.en: ?>;>. T,i:ie i .rr liayu, At? Towei Cable, Bell i
Vane ?herw? I, Margare) Wade, aim, q Baker,
Nannie M. Lan aster, AHce it. Motgan Maul?
Hamilton Flick, Virginia King Fry,- j, ummt y
ii.?p.i. Jennl? 9 Campbell and Anna B I'atien
The offli-eri ar< President, Mrs Burke; vtee-nreBi
'<? .t Mis. ' ? I '..lioghile; cor; esp md.tig ni-"mry
Mr* Denlson; recording secretary. Miss 8herao?,d!
treasurer, Mr.- Prye; Btidltor, Mrs. Mammon lir.ra
? lira. Campbell Mrs Abbi? F?ke! wir. act u I
delegate-at-large la the Middle West; Mis? \t (,.ie
will represen i -he league on the Pacific ?? oast and
Mi Baysl I '\1II be :he delega e for the E??' The
headquarters of th? ??-ague are at the Wlmodaugh
bU. wii.-r.- rlsltlng members of the fraternity ?rfll
find t? u-..lvonie.
)wMy T?-+iJnz.
President-General of the T. 8. 8.: Inclosed I send
holder ami waahclsth from my mother. Mrs. A. F.
Loomls, who Is still knitting, and who enjoys every
?lay reading one or more of her "beautiful letters"
(as she calls them) from the T. 8. 8. ?numbers. I
also send a little dolly of my nxn work, hoping the
li'?e forgt-t-m?-n??is mav bring cheer to the heart
of some of the dear sisters of the T. S 9 ?Vont
cordially your??. Mrs. JENNIE LOOM1I HEMS.
Mrs. J. L. B.?The T. 8 8. Is exceedingly proud of
having your mother a member.
President-General of the T. 8. 8.: Will some
memlx-r of the Sunshine Society kindly send "The
Silver Cross Magasine" to Miss Eii-n at Klmball.
East Hebron, N. H ? She is an invalid, living In
a very B?clai*! spot, and they will give her ?Treat
pleasure. Sincerely yours. CATHERINE D. D.
C D D?Miss Klmbal! must be a member of the
T S S in order to receive literature and other
Sunshine contributions. Have her Bent) a Sunshine
suggestion and her name will be enrolled, who
will send her "The Silver Cross Magazine"?
, President-General of the T. S. 8. : I And the In?
closed piece of p.ietry In my scraphook, and I
thought perhaps some one who Is collecting for a
book would like it. I also have a number of the
Only Woman's Pice?, and would g'adly send them
to any one- who would like them. We have had
The Tribune in cur family from the very first time
it was ever published. I am not exactly an invalid,
but a "shut-In" for two or three months ?>f every
summer. Yours tespectfinly. A. W. L
Morris Plains, If. J
Send your Only Woman's Pages to AgtfB Park,
Montagne, Mass.
Here Is a letter from a little nine-year-old girt,
who sent a box of beautiful paper dolls. They all
arrived in good order, and will be? sent to a little
slx-venr-ol I SuDshlne meml-.-r who lire* In Colj
rado. She will b.? delighted to gft them.
I pend a b<?x of paper dolls, which I thought
would be nice for som?- little sl-?k ttlrl to play with:
alio, s number of Sunday-school pipers, which I
lioi.e some one mav like. I am nine yeiirs old.
Yours sincerely, MEISE VANM'.RKl.OOT.
S?nl a stamp to? a pin. Your name has been en?
President-General of the T. S. S.; I Inclose
"Words." which I hope pome or.e of the "shut-Ins"
will (ret comfort out of. The author of "Words"
Is unknown to me.
If words could satisfy the heart.
The heart might find lesa fiare!
But words, like summer clouds, depart.
And leave but empty air.
The henrt. a pilgrim en th? earth.
Finds often, when it nods.
That word.? ?ire of as little worth
A? Just so many weeds.
A l!?:le s.-ii.l niid truly ?flld ?
Can deeper Joy Impart
Than hosts of words Mat reach the head,
l'ait never touch the heart.
The voice that winds Its sunny way
A lonely home to cheer
Ibis oft the fewest wor?l? to saw
But. nh. those f.-w--how ?lear!
Yours very truly. Miss A. G. MILLER.
rresld?-nt-Gen?rnl of the T. S 5. I have received
the pin sent me, and feel very proud to have done
anything that you d-em of ?ufricient Importance,
to Insure me the honor of being a member of the
T. S. S. Yours very truly,
(Principal Rnlnelantler school.)
!.. tters have b??c'i received from Miss Ar.nl
F P.. Mrs. W. II. C, Al.-e V. V. Tlbhats. Miss
Mabel Vlokray. M. L F... Marlon !.. T., A E. B-,
M~s. O. A H.. Mary C. Dafenport, J. H Martin
dale, Kittle A. M. J Iftreker, Mrs. James N. ?'. 8.
M.. M E. K . MIM Mary M?-Reyriol?ls. W. lt. Stur
t'-vant. Mi?s Paulina Mundorf. Clara A. Anthony
an?l Johnny Keefe.
Mrs. A. W Kltehell, O? No. ITS Hancocks' ,
Brooklyn, Is alert and vlcorons. mentally and phys
icniiv. despite her eighty-eeren years. She ha*?
never missed a number of The Tribune since its
| llrst ; = su<- From Echo Lake, N. J., where she is
Burami ring, Mrs. Kltchell scn?ls the following
verses, which v?.re published by the American
Tract Society som* years uro:
tu ?: ettarlem ciiowk.
They that turn many to righteousness shall shin.?
.-.:? the atara for ?-\er and aver.?Dan., xll. 3.
Wearied and worn with earthly estes, I yielded to
And soon before my raptured sight a glorious
vision rose:
I thought, while slumbering on my couch in mil
night's solemn gloom,
I heard an angel'a ?livery vol.re, and radl??rice filled
my roorn.
A getiiie tju'h awakened me; a gentle whisper
"Aris.-. O sleeper, follow me"; ami through the air
we il? d.
We left the ear til so far away that like a speck it
Aii'l heavenly glory, calm and pure, across our
pathway streamed.
Still on are went; my soul was wrapped In silent
e -stasT*
I wonder-M what the end would be, what next
should meet mine eye.
I knew not h"W we journeyed through the pathless
f.el.lS o? light
When su?l?l nl. a change war; WSOUght, and ? was
clothed in white.
We stood before n city's walls most glorious to
W??? pass, d through gates of glistening pearl, o'er
. ir.-'-ts of pun st gold;
It needed not the sun by day, the silver moon by
Tli" glury of the Lord was there, the Limb hlms-lf
Its light
Bright angela paced the shining street-?, sweet
music tilled the tiIr.
And whit--robed Mints with glittering crowns
fr?im every clime were there;
And s..??)?- that I had loved on earth stood with
th? m round the throne,
"All worthy Is the I.smb." they sain-', "the glory
III? alone."
But fairer far than nil besides I saw div Saviour'.-,
And us I y,nz<<\ He smiled on m?- with wondrous
love and gnu ?-.
Lowli i bowed before His throne, o'crjoyed that I
nt last
Had ,-*i!n??<l the object of my hope?;; that earth at
bue'h was pn?-t
Ami then. In si.'emn toner?. He ?.aid, "Where Is the
died? ni
That ought to sparkle on thy brow-adorned frith
many a gem?
I know thou hast believed on Me, and life through
Me Is thin? ;
But where are all those rad -nt stars that in thy
crown vil ni! l shine?
"Yonder thou ?eest a glorious throng snd stars on
. \ ? ry brow;
For even- ?..ul they led to Me they wear <- jow??l
And -"ich thy bricht reward had been If such had
been tbv ?i?-. ?l.
If thon had*! sought some wandering fee; In paths
of p< ace to lead.
"Thou w.-r? no-, calle.) that tho?i shr,u1d?t trend the
way of lit ? aline.
But th.it the ?bar an?l shining light which round
thy f<? <.t I? -1- - shon.
Should guide some other weary f??et to My brlcn?
home ?-t reel
An?l thus. In bletwins those around, thou hadst
thyself i.?-? u Mesta"
...... ?
The vision failed from my sieht, the voice no longer
A sp.li s?eri,.?i brooding o- r my ?oui, which long
1 f.nre.) to break;
And wh??n ar lust I gazed around In morn.ng's
gllmnu ring light.
My spirit fell o'erwhelmed beneath that vision's
awful might.
I ros- and Wi pt with chastened Joy that vet I dwelt
! That >???? another hour was mine mv faith by works
to ?h-is-,
i Thai yel some ?Inner I might tell of je?.us* ?lying
i And help to lead some weary soul to seek a home
i above
And HOW, while on the earth 1 stav. mv motto this
shill be,
"To live no longer to n?)self, *,?? n,m wn0 d|r j
for in?'."
An.l rravi n on tnv Inmost BOUl I'll wear this truth
"They -bat turn many to the Lord bright as the
ftars siir.ii shine.
Th.- trepen hi.-? ?le girl rile? w),h her .-luin guard
?.fr then tdvaneed days Um has mttAAtA that her
Wheel loekfl trimmer and mor- t il)or-n?ale," n? it
Brees, snd her short sk'rts allow her to Indulge her
fancy F,,r l.l.y. Is skirts .?re, as a rule, ..;, : . r
than they were last season, snd as s consequence
gin., rid? much i. Ii t* a fad with clever
?"tuf* riders to bold their handle-bars In ?he entra
and te affect a light and airy handling of tbem ti,lt
sugge-s-s familiarity with plan* key* Then, too
if the truih mist be told, the men bold their bars
that way. and deep down In her mosi feminine -?(
hearts the bl.-y!.? girl y.-:irns to rile a? her brother
does, snd to look as if ?be ??re ?o much at hon,,'
en her wheel ths? noi ev.-n an earth.jualt.. c.iM >,,,
set h<-r balance. ' "' *
Some woman who ?ffe.-i. me bleyela ha? thseor?
ered thai a ?mall mees of brass chain, light in
???'?ht, tacked to the Inside 0f the hem of the
bicycle iklri before it is turned up ana stitched it
Just t:... -.. ,.. : ning for k.-,;,, ? ???. ?k|r. ,,,'?
lJ,['^,ns!: htjh ??"'""? '"?"-?---'?<, 1,-ad and
THK atoar chic.
"Bathing cert?" is a n??w French falirlc, which
makes an admirable i.?thing suit, a? It sheds water
easily and ABBA not Cling to tiie figure. The latest
lmport<Kl costu.n.-s .1. bain are all mide of this
materlil. Which comea in vail.ma colors, black and
dark red being d?mcl the most CBlC. There Is
a noticeable departure In French I'.ithlng d.-essea
this fear, UM very sh HI 3klrt and kn. .* brceeher, or
culottes, being replaced by tnc bicycle bloomer,
which, If it had not the full turned-down effect at
the bottom, would scarcely differ In appearance
from the short skirt which reiches to Just he-low
the knee and POV rg 'lie tr,.us-rs. The obvious
advantage of the r*. ? r-11 * ? - *- costume is that only on
garment Is requtri l. i well-mad? bloonaa? nein?
as mode.t anl unobj? 'tlonsblc as a skirr: In fict.
In many cas. s It !-? m I h mi t.- ?o.
A charming - Iresi which !: is recently been
lmp'-rted Is of red serge. T.*.- blouse waist is
?quered in :h.- neck, thi ?? Ige bring covered by a
broad will:.- mohair braid, and leaves the r.e.-k
sli-rhtlv hire. The upp r part of the bodice is mid.*
In three tUCka about two In,', es ?ach in depth. The
lower part is gathered i".t,i the waist by a bread
white mohair belt, ind extending over tin- hi;.s in
short, smoothly fitting i-.??.-s. The sleeve? are
simple ?h?rt ?uff- a' I the ithet half of the costume
consists of 'h>- bloomers already described,
A white terge trimmt i with iky blue braid is also
a most successful creitton This Is cut rour, I in
the ne.-k The " ilsi ?- a blousa with basques,
belted wit!-, a skyblue ;? isant's ?nul!'.?. T? ??
Sleeves are form? 1 of ?:? rutile, while another
t,:rned over th? n give? a pretty fringed
effect. Both <<'. these i fflei .? .- trtmrned with the
blue brail. Thi; .tun ? i- made with a skirt, in
itead of trousers, ?-. ? to Jusl below t'.i?
kn.*. s. and is trimm? i with two row? of the braid.
it is gored In fron: .i.-,-; ovei the titos
Still another fetel di Is made of black
mohair of a rich silky lustre. The blouse is cut In
a ?leep point ,-it front and back, to show an under
vest of pink denim, covered with horisonUI strip.-*
of whit.- braid, pul on so as to foUow th.- curve ?,f
the top one, which define? th..* neck Th?- belt la
??so striped. The lower half of the eoatuma con
?tat? of full bloomers.
Rather too rantaatlc for th? American taste, hut
nevertheless pre;;-, i.r i ,?, I.,.,!.,,,;,,,;,., Ilt , ..,?
turne ?f dark bin.. ,..,.-. and whit.. The Moum
ban a whit? sailor eo.lai opening on .. real of or
ange-colored Ranr.el Th? ?. |? t i- defined by an
orange-colored ?a with ,. bow and long bow? at
th? ?Me. A blue ?. ,.. .-.,.), nts smoothly on the
hlpB, and full Tu . ... ,, ? ,.,, ,.,,, ,,? |0".''
?Th? ?ortl? 11 . tin ? il . ,t i-...., ;, ?? ? K. ;
lish watering ,.?.?- - , mach nf ? tf^tmoma
the bathing dn - li if, i- ,,, ,nia , untry seldom f
ever. worn, but they are preti) and graceful with
their ?olumlnoui ... ,, hooaa "? *""
The need tm th igl: ,- lia-rubber or ..iiskin
seeds has. happily, been don? away with thUge .
?.?",. , ,! i" l'r",V ?' :,"i:.. f f.ard, Which cat,
ne lied in becnmln? t.. ? ion over th- i nir
A prett. eff? - : cf? |erse* U without
u, .ni ,"",' ? '' ln ,i: ' '""'''? which la pul.d
uv un.i.-r the .h ii... and nta u?ht lo ti?. wal?!
warn with a blouse and serge skirt. It makes a
?food yachting corturne. ..... .. ??
Natty-looking little "middy Jackets, mart* or
dark-blue C oih an?) white *"l'or e*?fir"> ?*r*?,!ie
thing this summer for yachting or sail ng pert1er.
Thov are rna-Je double-breasteif.with gilt buttons,
and are cut short Just above the waist.
This ?ittle garrrent, six of which are generally
ne. ded In baby's war.lrobe. |ri made of white flati
Del, neatly finished with feather rttt.'hlng. Th?
upper, or body portion, wltl-h Is also made of tlun
nei. la sleeveless, and t< ?tended at eaeh eld*, tho
extensions being lapped ??.??ut the body and fastened
with ti.? Btrings ?t th.? centra ia??k. The tail skirt
portion ?s gathered at th.? top to the tower edge of
the i?o?!y. Th?- lower edge has a wide l*cm. and th?
fronts are overlapping. , ., . ?
To mike thla coal will require one and three
eighth.-- yards <>f M-lnch material. The pattern. No.
7.120, i? .-nt in one si/.- only
aw size or N". i.??
*?jt this out. f'il In y.iir n-.iti? anl addreea, ?ni ?
OP THE thim'M-:.
No. 7,12.).
One size.in.
Ineiees I0 cents to r^v amlllng an! handling
expense?? for each pattern wai led
- O
To the Editor of The Tribune.
Sir: Sine th?? early spring a kind friend has
sent nv? the Woman's Page of The Tribun-, and
it Is n?-- dl?tea for me to say how much I enjoy it
and how eagerly I watch for it? coming. It is
never dlaapp-Mntlng, and there Is always <*oir.?
thlng of che.-r and comfort for those brought n?-ir
to Christ n the fellowship of Buffering. I have
received many helpful thoughts from the gunshlne
Trusting that your work f--r others may be pros?
pered by Ills aid, I remain Blneerebr youre,
Mysti.-, Conn. M H. MORGAN.
To the ?Editor of The Tribune.
Blr: I take pleasure In Baying that I thoroughly
enjoy The Sunday Tribune, i nave been much in?
terested In that part of the Woman's Page that
give? the annual nv ??tings of sn.-ietj.-?-, and al?o in
th? Sunshine ?Society. I like the lace note-, ;m.i. sa
a housekeep.-r, 1 slwaya read the "Household
i live us a few talks on "Parliamentary law. ami
ob'lge M. F. B.
Round Lake, July 2?
To the Editor of The Tribune.
sir: The lirst page I turn to each morning when
t read TI??? Tribune is the Woman's Fig-?, and I
read th>- Bunsblne column Immediately, Stn.-ereiy
Newark, N. J.
Among those prominently mentioned as m cesssor
to the Rev. Dr. William s. Longford, general secre?
tary of the Domestic snd Foreign Mlstoonary So?
ciety of the Protestant Episcopal Church, who died
recent!'.', is the Right Rev. Willi.mi Hobart Hare.
Missionary Bishop of ?South Dakota. Bishop Hare
?as formerly connected with the administration of
the society as aecretary o? one of its departments,
and is therefore familiar with Ita workings. He
i.? urged by his friends as being th>? most availa?
ble man for the place, and it is believed woul 1
accept the ottVe in caee ?; should be offered to him.
The prop iltlon made sl the funeral of Or. Lang.
ford by same of his friends that a fund of **'?"" I
be raised f r the benefit of bla widow and children
appears to bay. met th? approval .?;' many promi?
nent people |n ti.? Church. It Is said that a nUClCUS
for such a fund bas already bisen subscribed, and it
is xpected thai sctlve wots In obtaining the entire
Bum ?viii !..? undertaken in the fall
It has also been proposed that i fund aggregating
$100,"?>> be subscribed in memory of the secretary, ti
?? called the Lang-ford Memorl.il Fund, and to be
,*>?re | |?i the Hoard of Missions tor tae perpetual
endowment of the offl.-.- of general secretary.
TiTS POR UVE Ki-'i.s
The ?hit.- whale it th.- Aquarium riled on Satur?
day night from .? .-urlous ?aus.?. It manifested
considerable unesslnesa on Friday night. ?>n s.it
urday morning it showed signa of Buffering from
s ?old. It ??ontlnued t.? b.- restless till 1:48 p. ? ,
when It SllddS*ly ?lie.l. Superintend.-nt Mean, who
was promptly summoned from his home, found s
long pteee of a large .-.?*, protruding from Its blow?
h ile, the v.i!ve of which waa so wedged by 'he e??l
that the hole could nol be closed. Dr. Bean think-?
that the whale bad ov? rloaded Ita stomach with
the live eela, which are k?i>t In the lank with it
fur It to eat, and vomit.?.!, put ,.f th.- .'(intents of
the atomach being forced through 'he nasal pas?
gt Into the blOW?hole A? the latter COUld not b*
closed, water maat have been drawn through it into
the lung? ?-very tim? the whale "Bounded " It.
Bean la confident thai the lungs an- full ??f water,
and thai the v\n.-?|.- was literally drowned. The
body ws? taken yesterday afternoon to the Amerl?
in Museum of Natural History, where it will be
mounted after an am ?psi la performed.
Two white whales, which were caught in the St
?Lawrence River, arrived at the A-iuirtum "ii June
5. They '*?'?" about MM apiece, Including trana
i ?nation. "..t them, .. female, shout twelve
feel Ion?, whl?h had been severely bruised on one
elite while on the way her.-, died on June 1" The
other one wa a msle, about ten f? <?t long, and
weighed about six hundred pounds, it had been
strong nn-l i'-ttve. ?nd was seemingly in perfect
health until last Friday night, it had been seen
by about three hundred and fifty thousand visitors
to the Aquarium.
Ti -n- were eighty-three carloads of ?California
fruit sold at uutlon In this city lost week, against
sixty-one . arloads In the previous wttek. Kev.-ipts
of Bartleli p.irs ?srere so tieavy thai prices ?l<
Cllned from SO to T.", .'.?its ? box. and sound fruit
was ?old for from $1 Ci to **.' s box. Receipts of
peaches were romp ?.?lively light, prices ranged
from 11 M to 11 10 a box. and w. re strong. Tragedy
plums w?-r?. In over-supply and sold for fr-.n? M
?ents toll s box, wtiii?. Burbanka ranged from $i ij
t) ii ;-i .. bos. other kinds selling at preportionats
Orang?e were In limited supply snd sdvsnced about
$1 s box. Choice Redla wlHhg re;,.llly for from BJg|
to |i '?i ?i b?ix. (mis ;.,_*-?a boxes of oranges were re
eelved fr??m Medlterranea* ports, ami iher.- ar*
only MM boxes non on the way her.-. Lemons
were In moderate supply, bul declined lu price on
account of the mini weather, which also checked
th.- ?K n...id "or other kinds of fruit. They were
sold for from 073 to It ,, i?,x The svei ige price
obtained for s rargo of n.000 boxee whi.-h was sold
*?* ?"":'".,"!;"' "rtdaj was about g ., boa There
were l?niboaes received here and t!*-?-re are sow
.....mi boxes on he waj t?. this pon and *-.? to
i->>'-'""<;" R.Ipta of pineapple?! ware small snd
prices strons at an r?d*..? ,., wnt- ? ermte
B??uthern peaches cam? i? freely, mostly in re
frlg.>riit..r r ,r? The. w?rv m?ll)lv nf univ" medium
quality, and.??Id for from UM to $i ::? s carrier.
except for choice ion r..|Ved by express, seme of
which .?er.? told for (g-?, a earner Muskmelons
were In large aupph .,?,| ..?.stiy of Inferior qual?
ity Ordin?r) kinds were sold for from Ti cents to
??'-.' ' ?;'"*-?", ' " .holccr varieties for from
?' ',' '" - ' ? baakei Watermelons were plentiful
and on account of th? wel weather moved slowly
?I ??"? ? ' ';? W i h indred, according to their
' "?' .o? ' "ii-'t i..ii Urnes ?.re seance, und com?
mande*: from J- te h a baru-1.
The Tribune Fresh Air Fund ha? mad? a record
during the last two weeks of which It may Le Just:-/
proud. A few concret.? figure* may s?*rv? to gire
some Idea of the immens?; good that r.a* been don?.
i The idea will bf a meagre one. and the full extent
j of the glorious work will not b<- -*?>->.irent. but those
i who know what two week? of fr??.'h air mean to the
I sickly little child of the tenement? will ball
the following dgurea with dellgh' During the week
; before list LHJ children, In forty different parties,
? wer.? sent off to h??jln tl-eir two r.-ckV % i? ?ti.n
! During last we?k forty-three parti.?. ?eSBfarlggBSJ
| MM ?aliar?B. started for the country. Tilts rr.ai?.?
| a grand total of 3..MS children who hav?? begun to
taut? fresh air during trie ; MM tw , w -ka. In order
I to take the children who left the city ?. ?? w *
safely to the country fifty-nine per/ons Brass re
? ?*ulr?'d to act as attendants. All of these v,,un
teered their BlfSlOBB for nothing. V^r the twenty
i ?ix parties which returned from Ike C NSntffS thlB
! week tblrty-on- volunteers wer? seeded. Th?
| work of transferring the chl!<!r?-n this v.r<k ha?
I thus required the ?are of ninety peSBWS When It
i I? remembered riiat one person ,-m take rare of
forty or fifty children. It can readily be seen what
' wis happening. When sn?li a num! r Bsf BttSBsiaatS
?eeertad parties te and fro.
ft. addition to the shove there trete tares ?liy
excnrslora up ?he HlldeiMI 1'i't ate at for ?se era
? and children, ?m th.* tirs? i-', i aren i?????? ! the
( Sec*ad number-d I.OU nn.l ?h ? third l DM, m.ikit g
? a total for th? w? ,-k <?f I ?9 I suffer? r. 'rom the
heat who reestved a day of rest and fresh air on
the water.
To-day's work starts this SrSSk Bff w-!l.
parties will start for the country, ?eeTecatlag ?fifi
children, ;in?l their destination.- ar? McVeytOna,
Penn.; Herklaser, S. Y : Bmaus, Penn . Warwick,
N Y.; Hesdoton. Penn.; Mystic Conn.; r >rry,
I'.-nn.. and Livonia. N. y.
The first party of th- day Is for M'Veytown,
snd numbers sixty children. Thre? ot th? sn
??spe.'ials" for oth-r put-?.??. but ,.ll Ike r? ? ?*
| l.-.n Invited to homes in M? V ytown The . -.!
1 tattons have been forward?rd through J. K Harta
lev, who has managed the ui ???? .- o
following people hi?-.* opened t ??
"fresh airs": ?'??ibriii fJarver, David C. ; rt,
I Chart?*? Bretton, Tbaddeua Brat ton, Andrew
: Fr? n<-h. Mrs. ?crane Mjrere, Benjamin i.
John Rhodes, Thsddeus RItedes, LI yd Rupert,
Miss San.y Hattawalt, F.lrii'-r Rtine, Bsmoel W.
Stitie. Mrs. itakecca C. Stir.??. Charlea -a..:?:?-. R<>?>
erl PorgT, Harry Snook, ??llv-r II. I uitiinir?*. Mil?
ton sun.-. I'vrtei- ?-.istor. /ame? Ibepherd, John il.
Whitch.-i.d, Mrs. Mary ft Mil1 r. M. C. IWaftrt,
? William It. Rratton, Jonn H. Hurshbsr| - .in
; K. Rhode?, J. C. Swlf/,irt. Frank K i: . . Fred r.o
The party for II. rkfffl r will lud fr sh air chll
1 dren already at th. ir d, ?tlnatlon waltli .- i" ? I. i
j them. Whs n the lar?;.- party of children arrl : at
Jl'fkim. r u few ??ays ago they wi re so well liked
i thai these addtttatial ones were asked, too.
Bmaua, Penn., win re?cetve a part) of .- venty
BBVea to-ni?rht. This large number of invitation?
?show? sympathy .md appreciation ;.
; and the following pe.*??;. ar?- ti.. ? \v i have ?-o
kindly becoate hosts and boetease? for two *??*-:
H L Reber. L A. Melroy. N. S. H.wk A. J.
Adrain. Samuel Banswld, Hersaan Keek, R. J. Dun
gan, B. F. Arndt. Henry HeUrsan, Anns? Ritter,
Thema? Wright, Oeorge Rlnker, William Ituber,
Frede.ffk Weaver, Hiram Kraus?, Oscai linik.-i,
Nathan F. liink.-l, Milton K-. k. K ft l.-.r. nil. .V
N. Benfleld, R. T. Laudenalager, William i ? -. .
1 T. J. Knausa, William tt'leand, John Reader Ml a
Lydia Oberhsltser, Lewis Wleand, Charlea ','?
Anna Romlg, Milton K. miii-i.i Frank Buts, J F.
Beldler, J. Hartman, A. B Benfleld, A. M K? n.
merer, Jacob Knauae. .J K Ine, Ml-- H >rtha Waller,
H Benalnger, ? ?'. Lee, Henri ? ?rtt. Henry K? - -
mer?-r, Herman rlaberstumpf, Howard Dr?ck? -
miller, Austin ?Slsenhard, William Jarrett, Cha i
Knauss, Mrs Herman Knausa, Stephen Keck,
Ellshs Danke] and Prank Fisher
Warsrick, N. Y., alan h< lp? ?? ong the ??'- id w..rg
to-day, and a little hand cf nineteen will travel
th?*r?? this afternoon.
The ?arrest party of the day numbers ll". and is
that whbh starts ol? on the Erie this evening.
Twenty-three children ?i l k?. t.. Corry P nn? ?.- d
? they will b<* accompanied by a party "f twehr? t r
Livonia, N. V. Beside? the?? two partie?, :i,.? un?
usual number of seventy-five "specials" wll I
1 on the .ame tram. They -jo to twenty-nln? dlf?
1 ferent [>'.a?-??s along the Elie r>?a i. and each ? (
:l:>-s?' represents former fresh-air parti?- w :.. .
1 some ,jf the children have ma. firm friend?, ., l
' havo b,*,?n relnvlted by ti:< Ir ben? factors ? .< rj
The only party which leav s by 1 it to-day
! star's at ?) n'.-lo<-k this evenir.? for Mystic, ? ? > t. 11 .
; by the Norwich Lim-. Thirty boy? and ix giri.i
make up the party, end they ire starting it. on
' two Ideal ?reeks The glrla will ?tay at :
? houses. The boy? ?rtn live tocether In ? fine, old
i farmhouse on the edge of th.- villaare, ii is sur
, rom:.led by flelda and woods, is within siirht of
1 the sea. end there la n barn near by for rainy
1 davs. The use of the house has be. n given 10
the Fresh Air Commtttee at Mystic by Csptsla
Rol- rt P. Wilbur.
The party of thirteen boy? which itsrted for
Blnshamton, N. v.. on W??dne?da) also hav? an
Ideal place to live In. Tiny were Invited bv R.
Mills Ely. and nothing will be wanting for th. Ir
enjoyment. Swimmim;. good food, baael ill
field? In shurt. the country will do Its b? Si f"T
? them.
I "In ia?mnry of Walter" . K> &>
! "Otven In the nem? ar?l f,?r th? f?!;<- f .l-a-.
who said. 'Inasaiueh a* m do U unta m et
the least >.f id--??* my hlldr?n r* do Ii
aie ' -? Tw . frietula of lb? eauM in th? N.iti '. |
Bank of ' loaun? re?, New rork..... 8 ?M)
' Society of St. Vrneeni ?> Paul, per Th mai M.
atulvy, fjscretary . BBS SB
Master Dutey. Weablnaton, t?. C. SO
Collectloe. -aken :n the Rlverhead (N Y i ? ?
gregatlonal Bunday s ii ..-i. per E. B. s?,?/. ..
f'.?surer . 1" "'I
i N-. Name, Port Washlngl a. K. T. IB)
1 W. M. W. BBS
I >n-, i aaly ?ekaowleilaed. IS.SietS
T..-ai Hsly 2-?. ISfl.I1ASBBM
i To the Editor of The Tribuno.
Sir: W?* Inclose you check for USB as th.* con
? trlluitlon ?)f the Soci-ty of Rt \'ii'.c-nt .!?? Paul of
I New-York City toward your grand object. W? re
? ?ret we cannot double the ?mount, with it we
ici i our best wishes, ,?nd ?re eertalnli ippr? it?
' your c.'i'.rtesy and fairness to all who under
your car,-. Trustiim you w'll be i| :r-?! f??r ma y
years to car.y on the j;oo?l work, w? remain*
jours sincerely,
Thomas M. Muivy. .S? rr:ary.
Queen Vlrttarla hn> .--? nt through the f'.r-i'i.'h
i Consulate her thank- t.. :'?<? ? ? .?.' her lubjeci n
' this country who cesslN it i the luhttoe anniversary
of her ret?;:i. Tue H<v. lu. I'anjiiuln F De? M i
has r??c< Iv-'d an B?*ka iv.'l?' Igm? nt fro-n the yu?*en
of the Jui.ii".? ?enrice? i.-i ; in the church of It.
j ihn the Bvangi list, if which Dr. D< (' ? ; the
r? ?tor. At th?- ser -. ? iresterday morning be ga\e
the Bubatan c of ?the communl? i'i'.n. ahlch .-am?
through the P.rltNh Consulat? fleneral here, ind
sp>ke ,if the courtesy which had always charac?
terlaed the Queen in all her relation? al b ras and
abroad. i?r. 1 >?? Cost? said thai he recognbu l ?.-.h
pleasure the irreal help afforded hlra by F W.
Rmythe, organist, and his sj.e,".-?] ,-:i.?ir. is w? Ii as
by the members of the I'.ntish ?odetlei sad tne
i support ?'f th.- congregation.
- -?
An unusually large numb- r ..f mtoaJtsMurles ot
? the American Hoard of Commis? lone re for F?*r*
t'l-tn Missions will leave this country for tii> Ir
pOStfl in distant land? Within the COtSlng month.
R?verai Of them have been in this country on fur?
loughs of consklerabl? length, whll? nth. r.. will
be altogether new in the mlaeloa held. Among
those who will return to th??lr stations will be
the Rev Oeerga T. Waahburne, president of Pasu?
ma la I College, Southern India, and Mrs Wash*
burne; Moses I*. Psrmelee in.i wife, to Trebtsoad,
Western Turkey mission: Mis? Anna it Jons - o
Constantinople; the it--\ and Mr- Lortn s <;;r.-s,
t?. Kh.dapiir, Marathl mission. W.'^t Central India!
th?* Rev. and Mrs Franklin F. i?r*-.'v. ?., th?
Madura mission, India; tin- it.-v .4n,i Mr- James
C Perkins, t.i Arnipukottal, ladle.; th? Re? i
Mrs. F B. Hridgm.in, to I'msumbe, Eululand; the
Rev w. a. Parnaworth and family ?nd th? Rev.
M s Dodd and family, lo Ces?rea, IPestera Tur.
k>^ mission.
Tin- newly appointed mlsalonartes are Hr T s.
Carrlngton, of Phlladerphl?, who wtn go ?rith Mrs
Carrlngton t?> assume direction ?>f the m?*dical arm
Of the ?eftlea ?t Mars.nun. Turk-' . Miss Marl?
Hoffman, who win accompenj l?rs Parnaworth
and (?odd ?o ?'esnrea, and Miss laattel Miller, born
In Mrltish Honduras, w ho w II ?,>:n tiie ?asSasoa Of
th?? Hoard in Mexico, a member of th? party "f
the Rev. Mr. Parmetoe, bound f.?r Turkey, will te
Mrs. Pannle It Dudley, ?ho win be married ? b
her Hrrlval to I'ulted State? Consul Jvwvtt, at
Slvas, Turkey.
The July report of the KeW York PwhMs J.l!"-.iry
shows that In the m?)tiih of June there ?ere re?
ceive. 1 In th?. library by pur. ha-- 1.1M veluines. 411
pamphlets, und by gtf| 3?'? v. htSSBS and MJM pain
phlets There were Mtatnejeed i.-'TT beeata sad .i?*'-!
pamphlet-? The total number of ?.- catalogued
and received In the lineal year Include? B.1R v ?I
ume? gndt.lM pamphlets The total number ??: i ?
nines issued to reader? for use in the Nhrary In the
fiscal year was tn.BOt, to aht.-h ?should be a id?-?l
the books freely drawn and used from the r-.-f> rencS
Am uig the giver? of books and pamphlet? l??t
month wer? s P ?Vrery, ?'. D Btrkhahn, -he uru?
Ish Patent ? ifllce. Camden S?>?-ietv. Canadian i..?v
ernment. Columbia Cnlveralt) Professor il-nry
Crl-li-r. M Osisasa, Vr S A ?Ireen. Hospital It? .?k
mid Newspaper Ro??u?t\. ?Lehigh L'nlverslty, au?*
utider M ?itiaiid. Kew-Sealaad Oovernasent. l<r A.
M. Radln. A. 11. ?Misas aud :'?.. u. Reform Club.

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