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In order to meet a genernl demand from biisi
Msn men to know the provisions of the new
Tariff law and compare them with those of the
law Just superseded. The Tribune prints this
morning s careful comparison of the duties
levied by the two u*vs rrom it one can read?
ily and conveniently learn Just what the duties
wore and are r?n any article imported. The en?
act!!)? clause to the Dinpley bill and the com?
parison of the sc-htxlul?-*? follow:
AN ACT to provide revenu?? for tho Government
and to encourage tho Industries of tho United States
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre?
sentatives of the United State* of America In Con
Sress nsaembl'd: That on and after the passa*,. of
this Act. unies?, otherwise specially provided for In
this Act, there shall be levied, collected and paid |
upon all articles imported from foreign countries,
and mentioned in th? schedules herein contain??^
the rates of duty which are. by the schedule? and
paragraphs, reepaeiively pfeaerlbc4, namely:
Acetic er Bt/IHlsSIlUSB** acid, not ex
receding the specific gravity ef 1.047
;.?; IT.
Dinsley. Wilson.
?V 10c.
8 ?0C.
exceeding ??p. Kr. nf J.047. per lb!..
I. ?raelc acid, per lb.
Chromic acid, poi tt>.
Lactic ncld .
Citric acid, per tT>.
fill!---.Ik- a.-ld. pe, lb.
Pul?.luirle .-..-Id or oil of \Hrlol not ?pe
ctaJly provided for In thla act, per lb
Tatinlc add oi t.mntn, per lb.
?alii? a*ld .
Tartartc acid, per lb.
All <;her acid? n>? specially provided
f. r In this act. 2r.% -
All alcoholic perfumery, Including co?
logne waier anl .Hier t..?et ?atcis
and toilet preparation? ..f nil kiads,
containing ale.hoi, or in ilie pr?p?
arait..n of -ahlc)i ni,-,,hol 1? \i?ed, and
alcoholic compounc? not specially
pr n Lied for In ?hi? net. pe? tl,.60c. A 15% <W ? 881
Alkalies, ajkal.il.l?. distilled oil?, es?
sential ell?, exoreseed oUS, renders?!
ell? and all . ombtUtlOns Of. the
foreajOltBg, nn'". nil chemical com -
1 .-.".? ar.d salts n.'t expressly pro.
V l?|e.? for 111 Tills set.
Alumina, hydrate of or retined bauxite,
per lb .
Alum, alum (like paten? alum, ?ill
i ).. ?? of alumina and aluminous
?sake, and alum In crystals (.r
ground, per rt> .
An m.'Tila, carbonate of, rer tb.
Muriate ? f, or sal sttsnictstar. per tb
Sulphate .f. rer lb.
Ain.i? c ntalning not more than 40%
MtartratC of pctastR .
????ntalnlns more ihan VYtt.
Partlv retincl ..? iitainlng not more
t'.an 88*4.
Contalnlna more than )??%.
Poeh-l'.? Ullis .
?r.ari of tnrlai. per tb.
"(?lacking of all km??..
Pleaching pviwder ot ihL-rlde of lime,
per tb .
Flue vitriol or celphato of ref-par, per
llore char SDtMbl? for ?l?e in <Lv..l r
trir.g fugar? .
Borax, per lh.???
ll?rate?, of lim-?.
Or s .?la .
Or other b?tala material, not other
wise provided for, containing more
than T'A per .<iit "f i>n!..'..li IM fa
r? '.- a id, | ? r !b.
BotatM of Urn- or soda, or ?^hT
b?rste materia'., not otherwise pr
vided for. eortalalnf n?.i m..re than
.'(?l p-r ii-'r I anhydrous )...r.->..-' I
acid, per lb .
Camphor, retine.', per tb .
??halk mot medicinal nor prepared
for t.'llet ptirp lea) wh?n ?round,
precipitated naturally .?r ?rll'L ...'.!-.
of olherwU* ;? ; u?-I. whether in
the form of cubes. I.lo.-k?. ?tick?
or disk?, or otherwlae, including
tailors', MUtard, French uni r*?d
chalk, per tt. .
Manufacture? of .talk not apaclally
provide for In this act.
Chloroform, per It..
?'. il tar dye? or colors. n..t specially
?r..vlded fot in this act.
other pr...!uet? or preparation? of
coal tar, not colora m area nnd
not medicinal, n ?t sp? ?ally pro
vlded for In ?his act.
Cobalt. ...\ld< of, per lb.
Collodion and all compounds of py
i vviin, whether known at celluloid
?r > any .?tier name, pet n?.
It .led or In sheets, unpolished, and
n.'t mad?? up int.. tlnished articles.
p.? r !b .
If in flnl>-h.<l ..r partly (totalled
aril le?, p-r n. .?iOc. i, tV%
Coloring ? r 1 : indy. ?Ine. beer or
?.?her liquor? .
Copperas or suiphat? of Iron, per lb.
bra?s, su. h si irks, hsaas. berrlea,
bad? un?, i.ii.i?. Lull..?, i.ulia.us roots.
r*creecet*icea, fruit.-. Ilowara, ?lri"l
ii?.r?'!i. .hie.! Inserta aralna. gums
an., gum r. In, herba leaves, Ik-h?
ens, moaec?, nuts, autgalla, root*,
BtesM, Spl. "t. V?'g. Irtl 1- s. seeds
laromatle, not sardes aaa-le), aeedi
'of BMfbM gTOWll ? v.-.-.l?, and wu...ls
ii" I express;.- for .l.-int;: any of
the foregoing, which a??- ?Irugs nnd
not edible, but ?hi. h arc ad
? va need In value or ???.?..litioii by r?
lining, grin.!:..:: or other pi.*aa
?nd not sp?cl.illy pr..vll..l f >r.'?c. & \(>^c
?1c. ??
B .
Fr e
Blhers, sulphur:. . per lb,
Sptlit? ..f nltl II ether, per It?.
Fini-. eth<i*. It? or esseacea perlt.
FMier of all ki'ids. not specially
pr..\|.l?.l f r In Ihla act, i ? r t?.. .
Pi Idad ?hat no srtlrle "f this
; ? ?r- aph ? II pa- a lea* iate of
duty i', in '-'??' I ..'? ? atorem
Tx''?. I? and il . H :??- of k?a?roo 1
SDd ?.'.her dye woods, ?nd 'Xira.f.
>.f iciiks, -h m sre commonly
Used for il?' nc or tan-in?-;, ret
all) pi ? f..r. per n>.
Extra t? of quebracho ?.nd ..f hem
loek, hark. ]"? Bi .
1AII?I t? of -ll.'i'o .il.il Of WOOdS P"'
sp". Lilly provided f .i in ?his a.?,
per lb.
?t;?-:a*in, glue, tatnsiaa? or tish glue
and iirepaie.l Hi or fl?h
e .unis, va> d ..' B t*l sbOTS 1"
. e:/ . ?,er lb, p?- I'. .
Vsitssd at "!? ?" i.n*a per 't.
sad n .t ab ' 33 cants per n?...
VallMd altov? 83 . i?atH p r lt., pe? lb I,'..'
OI\ <??-? ':,. cru'.', not puriBed, per t).
In.ligo, extrae- r parses of, per lb.
Carminad, pe? lb.
lr.k and Ink pow?l?sr*.
Iodine. ???Sublimed, pnr lb .
J.,,1 .fonn, per !!?.
Llcorl-e, extii"*? "f. m paste, roll?
? r ther I - par n..
Chi de, per lb.
Magneila, carbonate of. medicinal.
P'T tt......
i*alc!n*d. medicinal, p?r I!.
Sulphate of. or epemn ?alts, per 11?..
Alv -In ai-f!?'.?r.t sulpho-rlelaolele
ai-.J. ard r|. In le e a '?4. by whs??
Straf name kS ? n. S I eiher ll'iul.l.
aolld. or In paste in the mann
faclure of wl I? '?"" Of *'* '" of
.-. ? .r oil la ua>*?J, per gal.
l:i the manufacture of which l-?ss
than B0*"? of castor oit la used,
ser gii.
?,?; tv..-r I 111 ' ?? a?latont, not ope
. 'ally pn . II 1 fer In ?his act
r*artor oll. )a r aal.
Cod liver oil. p i ?ml. ... .
??ott.mseed oii. per BSl 'f ?*i n>
w. Ifbt .
? ? u all, I"'r lb.
Kiaxse??<). Ilnae. '. and j?'tp^ ""*'d oil.
raw, boiled Of WldlSed, l"-r ?al. <.f
7'T tb weliilit .
r?l?et oil. or air.vll. aL ?!?'.:. per tb. .
Ilniup aeed ofl and raps Wttt Oil, per
40. .
* '.' <? c
1*7- e.
i i-l.'d fir in
Olive oil, not ?1
tr.s ac?. p? r gal.
If paeked In ?.;?!??. ?-?rs, tins or
similar packages, n<r gal.
Peppermint o'.i. per lb.
tSeal. herring. Whale and other t.sh <?.!.
net specially provided for In this
a.?-?, per gai .
Opium, cru.e at unir i?iuf?.-tured.
ru:d n ?? sduMersted, eo-ntahilng 0
per cert and over .-f morphine, per
tb _.
BfwtrpMs or m .n?h!ne. sulphate of,
and all alkaloid.?, or sa'.is of opium.
per ot .
Opium. aque.ua exirao? of, for
medicinal use?, and tincture of a?
laudanum, nrd all .-?her liquid
preparations of opium, n.t ?peclally
pr-vldei for In this act.
Opium containing ?e?s than 1? per
Setal of morphia, and opium pre?
pare I for sm k.ng. per It..
llu? opium prepare.? for emoklng
and < tl.er (.r?parations of opium
deposited In I. >nd*l warehouae
ehall no? be removed therefrom
without payment of dutle?. and
euch dutle? (?ball n.? be refunded.
Barr't?, sulphate cf. or baryt'?.
Including Barytes earth, unmanu?
factured. p?r '?n .
Manufacture!. \?r BMJ .
"Hljes. such as Herlln, Pruaalnn.
?'hi?ese, ?nd all others containing
ferriH.yar.lde .if rraa In puip. dry,
or ground In. at mixed with oil
or water, per lb.
Blanc fire <r a: titlcl.il sulphate of
baryte? tjtA satin white or art!
Acial su'. | hate of lime, per tb. ...
Black, made from bone, lvoi-y, or
vegetable, b\ whatever name known,
I?.. ludli.g 1. ne Lia. 1; and lamp
black, dr> or ground In oil or water
?Chrome yell ?\. brame gi-een. and ail
other chromium colors In the
manufacture of which lead and
bichromate of putssh or soda are
uaad, In pulp. dry. ground In as
mixed with oil or water, per tb...
Ochra and oehrej earths alenna and
sienna earths, anl muter and um?
ber earth?, no? ?peclally provided
for. when crude or not powdered,
washed or p..lverUed. per fb.
If ?powdered, washed of pulverlited.
per lb .
If ground In tm or water, per tb
(old law: omit "..r water"?.
Orange nilnen:l per lb .
Ked lead, per tb .
t'ltrajnarlne llue. whether dry. In
pulp or ?nixed wlih water, per lb. .
Wajei blue, confining ultramarine,
per lb .
Vari.Uhe?. Including so-called gold
els? or Javaa .
1' -?.-.
$3 00
20% !
Vermlllnn red and other colora con?
taining quicksilver, dry or (round
in nil or valar, pef ?h. loc
Vermilion red. not contalnlns qulck
?llver. but made of lead or con?
taining lead per to. Be.
White lead, white paint and plsment,
containing lead, dry or In pulp, or
prauad er ml\?-d with oll, per th.. 2V
Whiting and Parla white, ?lr>. per lb. Uc
??round In oil ..r puny, per lb. lc.
Zinc, oxide of, and white paint or
pigment containing xlnc, hut not
conialnlng len<% dry per lb. lc.
Uround In oil. per th. l\c
Sulphide of. or while sulphide of
xln?. per lb. MfS
Chloride nnd sulphate of zinc. lc.
All paint, colors, pigment?, lake?.
trajeas ?melt?, fre?tlng?: and
paint?, color? and pigment?, com?
monly known a? artli-t?' jam? or
color?; all ihe foregoing. not
apeclally provided for In thi? act.
whether crude, or dry. or mixed,
or ground with water or ml, or
with solutions other than oil, and
whether In hulk or in tuliea. pan?,
cake? or other form .
Venetian red .
USAD rnonrcTS.
Acetate of lead, white, per th. 8<ac.
Brown, gray or yellow, per 1T>. 2'*c.
Nitrate of, per th. I'.???.
Litharge, per In . Ha
Phosphorus, P?r th . l*?c.
Mehronat?- and enr?mate of. p?-r fb... lc.
Causilo or hydrata of, refined In ?tick?
or roll?, per It?. lc.
Chlorate of. per ft?. 2V4jC
Hydrli.date. I ?ll.le und lodate of. per
lh . 2Se.
Nltraie of. or saltpetre, refined, per lb. ?.?c.
Translate of. red, parto. fie.
Yellow, p'-r It.. lc.
Cyanide of potassium. V*Ht%
Medicinal preparations conialnlng n'.
OObol, or In the preparation of which
alcohol la u?ed. not specially pro?
vided for In ?hi? act. jier IT. 65o.
Hut in no caae ?hall the ?nine |.y
lasa than 2Sci a I valorem.
Medicinal j.i< paratt >ns not containing
ah- bol or In the pr?parait? n of
which alcohol I? not u.?e?l. not spe?
cially provided for in this act. 2.1%
Cal -mel and other mercurial medi?
cine? . 8.*%
Plaster?, healing or curative, of all
kinds and court piaster. 8.'?%
Preparatloaa used as application? to
th? hair, mouth, teeth ami ?kin,
?U'-h as coemetlc.?, dentifrice?,
pa-te?, pomadas, j. .wders and other
?ollet ankles, and articles of per?
fumery, whether In sneheta or
otherwise, not containing al???ho| or
In the manufacture of which al
C'.h'l I.? aot used, nnd not specially
provide?! for In this net. 60%
fiant, nln and all salt? ?hereof, con?
taining M?'-J, or over of santonin,
per lh . |1
Castile, per Th. V.r.
Fancy, perfu'tied, nnd all descrip?
tion. ?,f to||r-t. Including so-called
medicinal or medicated soap, jier tt>. ISe.
All other s'-aj.?. not ?peelallv pro?
vided for. 20%
Bicarbonate of ?oda or superoarbonnt*
?oda or aatoratu?. per n?. -
And other alkali.-? containing ?T
..r more of bicarbonate of sola,
per It.. MS,
Hlohmmate and enromata of ?oda. per
lb . 2c.
Crystal earbonat? of ?oda oe roncen
tratel sola crystals or tn.nnhy
rtrnti- or tesqutcartxaaat? "f ?-?la,
j.er lb. S 10-.
CI 1- ral?- i.f ? -?la. per ?b. 2c.
Hydrate of. nt caustic soda, per to.... \r.
Nitrit?* of soda, par th. 2'?r.
Sulphide of soda, per lh. He.
Sal s- la, -,r ?oda crystals, not concen
! rated, per tl.. 2 IBs.
Bod? aah, per n>. '.-.
Arsenlate ?if suda, per fb. lite*.
Silicate of s-'ia or other alkaline
silicate, |>er fb. ???-.
Suljhnt?- of soda or salt rake or nitre
cake, p? r ton. $1 2a
Sea moss . 10%
Pponge. . 2??^n
Manufacture? Of spunee?. or of which
sj.otiKc is Ihe component mnterl.il of
?hlef value, nut sp?*clally provliled
for in 'his act. 40%
Strychnia or ?try? halna and all ?alts
then of, per OS. 30c.
Sulphur ?ir brlmst ,ne. CTOd? . refine,)
or sublimed, or flower? of. j.er ton.. $8 00
Summ-, er ,und. per th. ?< 10c.
Vanilla beans, t??-: Tt>. $2 00
Yanida beans, commercially known us
cuts. j?.r to. II 00
Vanillin, j?er oa. tv'c
Firebrick weighing not m??re than 10 lb
each, not glazed, enani? lied, ?rm
mented or decorated In any manner,
p?-r ton . $12.1
??lazed, enamelled, ?.rnamented ?,r
decorated . IS-Bj
Rrlck other than firebrick, not g]az-d.
enamelled, palmed, vitrified, orna
men-al or de?orated In any manner. 2,">%
If glazed, enamelled, painted, vit
rifled, ornamental or dec rated In
any manner . .. 4,1%
Tiles, plain. lingl??f?1 floor, one oolor
ex.crime two square Inches In size,
per square foot. 4c.
Glazed, ?acanalle, catarata m>>?air, vit
rifled, semi vitrified, flint, ?pur. em
boMed, enanvlled. ornamental, hand
jvalnted. gold decorated and all
other earthenware liles valued nt
not exceeding 4??c. per square foot,
per s.juar.- foi 4. Re.
Exceeding 4?.<-. j.er square foot, per
s?j uare foot .10c. a 2".~.
It--rr-.-.n, Portland and other hydraulic
remen) in barrel?, sa? ks .>r .?iher
package?, per 100 rt?. including
weight of l.nrr?! or package. lc.
In hulk, pet 109 It.. "c.
iiiher cement . 21?'?
I.line. Including weicht of barrel or
package, pet Iihi lb. .",c.
riaater rock or gypsum, en?*?, parto?? toe.
If pr-'iind . -
Or calcified, per Ion . ISM
Pe.-n J hardening fur paper miik-iv'
Pumice ?tone, wholly or partially
manufactured, j"?r t?-n. $i? no
Unmanufactured . l?'?"c
Clayi or earth?, unwmught or unman?
ufactured, not ?j?eclslly provided for,
par t-m. ?1 00
Wr.iiii.-tu ni manufacturad, not ,p??
i-Jally provided f-.r. j.er Ion. S3 oo
China clay or kaolin, j,er ton. $.'; 00
Llmesi -m- r.H-k asphalt containing not
more than I.V. ..f hit'iiiien. per ton. Wc.
Aaphaltum and Id turnen, not specially
provided fot In thl? act, .-rude. If
in.i dried, or oth?trwls? advanced in
any manner, pet ton. $1 .Vl
If dried ,r otherwise advam-rd In
any mannet, per ton. $.",00
Old 11 ?? : Arphaltum and bitumen.
crude or dried, but not otherwise
manipulated or ireaied . -
Bauxite i.r beauslte, crude, not re
flneil or otl.ervvi-e advanced in l*On
tion from it- natural sia-.e. per ton. $1 rio
Fuller's earth, unwroaghl und ud
m-iiiuffi?-tur?-.i. partan. $n BB
Common yellow, brown and gray
eartl.enwnre. j.lnln, emboaaed, or
sali Glazed conim- n stoneware, and
cru.ltiles; all the foreg'iing not dec-o
intei m any manner. 2.V.
Rucklngham eMrtli.nvv.-ir-* . 40-?
Ciiiiia. porcelain, |-ailan. bisque,
earthen, stone nod crockary ?ar?.
Including cirs-k r?j?a. with ?,r wrtl
out movement?, plaque?, ornaments.
t v?. toy tea ?cts. charm?, vases and
statiieti.-s. painted, tinted, ?talind.
enamdle 1. jirini'-d. glided, or other
v.i-i decorated or orsanwated in
any manner . 60%
If plain whit-' and with.iit taper
added orr.an,- ntatl >n of any kind. bYc
All otier ?hlna. pOftatSlB. ji.iriaii.
bisque, earthen, stoic ?nd crock?
ery ware, and manu fact urea
?hereof, or of Ahkh the snm- Is
the component material of chief
valu?, bv whatever name known,
r.ot ajecially provided f r in thl?
a. t. If painted, tinted, slnlned.
enamelled, prlnt??l. gild?-?! or
otherwise decorated or orna?
mented In ?ny manner . SS%
If n?,t ornamented or decorated.... twfk
ArM.lei nn.l war?-? comjose-l wholly
,,i m ?-hlef Olim- ,.f earthy ? r
tnlmral ?uhstan?*?. or carbon,
not sjie.-lall) pnvldeil for In this
net. If no? ?li-corat?*-! In any man?
ner . S'-r
If dec-.rated . 4.V?
?;.is r<-t-.ii?. each . $.1
l.ivn t.ps f'.r humera, j?*r gross.. 10c.* 1.1%
Carbon? for electrta lighting, per
l?m . WV.
Killer tut??? . 4.'?",
Plain green or colored, moulded or
pressed, and flint, lime or Lad glass
bottle?, vials. Jura, and covered or
um-ivtreil demlj.lina and earbova,
?uiy of the f?,reg,.Ing, filled or un
lllled. not Otherwise ?jiecially pro?
vided for. ?nd whefliei 11j?lr con
???nt? be dutlalile ?jr free. ex??pt
euch aa contain merchar.dlae ?-.?i.|. ?
to an ad ?ralorern rute of duty, or
to a rute f duty based In ?hole
oi In part up'.n the value tli<-r?*-f,
?ball pay duty a? follow?: If hold?
ing m lie tl.aii one' pun, per lh. lc.
If l-^'lding pot m?>re than one pint
and not le?? ?haji lt BUM, j.er Ib.. I1|S.
If h -Idlng les? than '? pin?, per
gross . Wie.
Pr'/vlded that none of ?he BhpV?
arib :-? >!...:! j.ay a lean rate of
duty than ?K? per cent ad val.
Olae? Bottle?, de. ant'-r? or other ve?
???i? or article* of gl?*?. . ut, ?n
grii-.?*d. painted, C0I ?are a. ?taunyl,
SltviarM, iriid-.l. ?rtchaal fi< -?t?-d.
printed In un> manner, or olhir
v. ? ?taasMatad. dec rated or
gr.-und ie?'?p? utas grinding ar Is
ne?e?Mt> for litilng ?tappet?, or of
which sin h glaaa U the component
n-.iienal of . h>t value, i.i.d pie
lain, .pal and other blown glass?
ware: all ?he fo.egolng filled ?a* un?
filled, and wheth-r (heir ? ment? SS
dull.*tl? .r fr?-?. . CiV.i
The Wlli-on bill pr.ivil,-! U,ut If
??jch artl, tas ?Iw.'ild l*e imported
Idled lue ?am?. shoeM pny rtui).
In addition to any dun charge
shta uj.on the contant?, ?s it not
li .h ? 1. unie.? otherwise ?jeiially
provided for
t 'i : .-???? ; linier, atxrwa and c.tu?
rn ii Window ?.Iah?, not exceeding
10x11 Inch*? kqiiar^. pur ft?. 1 \,c.
A??ove that ? nd not ejceeding 1IU?4
Inch*? ?.juaie. p-r lb. \%c.
Al?iv? that ? nd not excei-dlng 24-..10
Inches ?quirt. ?- i fh. i??le.
Above that and nut -x ?-:.:.p 24x3?
Inches squatre. per Tb. Vic lile.
Above lh.it and ne? exceeding 30x40
inchfa square, per?. 8'?p. 2 13..
Ale've that and net exe-edlng 9amm\
Inches ?quare, per tb. ?-?c. -
Al?ove (hat. *Vt. 2'jc.
Provided, That upon unpollshe?!
cylinder, . town and c??mn?on
window glass. Imported In
t.oxe?, coiiiainliig fifty aquare
fee? r?er box, as nearly a? sire?
will permit, ?he duty shall be
computed thereon, according ?.)
the ?iftual weight of gla??.
(Alike In both laws.)
Cylinder anl ?r.?n glas?, pollahe 1.
not exceeding 10x24 inche? ?quare,
per sq. ft.? ? ?* -
Above tlr.it and nd ex eedlng 21x3*1
Inches equare, per sq. ft. ?"*?
Abne that and not ex.-edlng 2lx'?Q
In? he? ?quare, fier ?q. ft.
Above ?hat. i>er ?q. ft.
Fluted, roll.'l. ribbed or rough plate
glass, or the same containing a wire
nc'tlng within Itse.f, n it including
crown, cyllader or commwi wind ?m
glass, not exceeding 10x24 Inches
square, per ?q. ft.
Not excelling 24x.*:u in. In ? square,
per ?q. ft.
All als-ve that, per sq. ft.
Pro? Lied, That nil the Shove pl?te
glas?, when ground, smf?c?the?l
or other? I?'- I.bsvure.1, shall be
subject t.? the same rate of
duty as cast polished plate
g'i..f.. ?iheilvered. And all
fluted, rolle.l or rough plate
glass, weighing over IM lb. par
l?Mi ?qu.-.r- f. - ?. ?hall pay an
ad.lit'??-:..1 duty "n the ? v
the same rates herein !mpo?ed.
Ca?t polished plate ?{lass t1ni?hed or
unlinlshed and unsilvered. no? ex
? cadlng 18x21 it. I?? - ? inn*-, so, f
AL ve thai .?ni ?i? i ??*..??????ling 14x88
Inche? square, ,-|. f.
Al.ve that .in.I P .1 ?X ...e.lir.g MsSB
inch?-? M|U;.r<-, s?l. ft.
All above that, aq. ft.?
Caat p. lishe.l plate gil??, silvered,
cylinder un?! crown glass an?i ?ooh*
llig glas? plat''?. exceeding In siz
144 square It. h. ?. and not SX MSB
Ing |SsS4 in?lies square, ?q. ft-? .
Ab'.ve (hat and n?.l exceeding 2?x..O
Inche? square, ?q, ft.
Above that und not exceeding BtxSS
Inches ??lunre. sq. ft. -r"
All above that. ?q. ft. ?J,?
Bu', no l..ok!ng-Rla?s plate- or
plate glass, silvered, when
framed, shall pay a 1?'? rite ..f
.',ut\ than that imposed upon
similar gins? of like descrip?
tion not framed, but shall pay
In addition thereto upon such
frames the rate of duty appli?
cable thereto when Imp. rted
Cast polish?".1 plate glass, silvered ..r
unsilvered, and cylinder, crown
glass, silvered, or MtmnMl wln?l w
glass, rllvercil or unsilvered. 1? ,
Whn l"?nt, ground, obscuted,
frosted, sanded, rnsmelled, b?v
el!"d. etched, itn!'.?''.!. engraved.
il.i?i.".i. stained, ? : re I. --tainted,
or otherwise nrnnm? ntel or ?1.
rsted, shall be ?uh'e.-t t?. a ?liny.
in .idditLn to tb" ratea othetrai ?>
chargea LI.- lhere.ni. ?if. i e 1?%
SpeciacL ?. eye-glaaees and poggtee,
and 'ram'w for the tame, or parts
thereof. flnlel.e.l or unfinished.
?rolued al nol ?-?ver 40 cents per
dosen, p-r dozen.Me. ?St 11% ?S*'-?
Valued nt ?v<r to cents a ?1 ?en,
an.I not 0V?W SI .*>? a dOStMl, per
dozen .Waajn** 99%
Valued at over 11 M S ?L'ien. ?W% 99%
I^'ises ..f ?lass <r pal ble, gT utl'l Of
polished to a Spherical, cylindrical ..r
prismatic f?.nn. ?m.i ground or i ?l
Ishe.l piano "r c..quill glass?.?.
wholly or partly manafac-tsreel
! with the eriges iingr'in!. ? ,o S-? e
If -frith their edges ground or i"*v
elle-l. per ?lojicn pair?.Mr. ft 43'- ??? I
Strips ..f glass n l m ie ?han thro*
Inches wide, ground or p.llahed . n
one cr both ?Lie? to a cylindrical
or pr? ?mat le fi .rin. *?.' - 9W%
(tin-.? riMes for nuttale isnteraS. 4.*'<
Opera ?nd (lei.i glasses, Ule scope?,
microscope?, photographic and pro?
jecting |en?cs ..nd optical Instru?
ments, and fram-?? an! mourning
for the same, all the foreg.v.r.g n t
specially provided f?.r In ?hi* act... 4?<"'<?
Stained or painted -rlasa windows, or
part? thereof, and all mirror? no?
exceeding In SlSC 1)4 square Inches.
with cr will, ut frames or cases,
and all gh??. or manufacture? of
gin??, of parte, or of ?rhleh glass
or patrte is the <?? mponenl material
Of .lil-f value, n-1 ipe*M*niy pro
?flded for in thl?. a.?. "g I
Fusible enamel. M?
?. ugh
or squared
or squared.
?awe.l or dres?ed,
in thickness, per
Maride m block
only, p<T cubic
Onvx In block.
1er cul.;, f Ot.
Marble or onyx.
..ver 2 Inches
culile foot .
Slah? or paving til"? of marble or
?ti>x, containing not l?es than 4
?upificlal Inches, If not nine thai?
1 inch in thickness, per super
rial foot .
If more than 1 Inch, and net mor?
than 1'3 In. h?? In thickness, per
superficial f.?>t .
If more than 1*2 laches, and no?
more than 2 in.-hes In thick!
ness. p"r superll. lal fool.
If rul.l-ed In whole or In pirt. It?
addition, per superficial f""t. ?
Mosaic cub??? of marble, ..nyv or
?tone, n.' "xc. edlng '.' cubfct Inches
in sise, if loose, par n.. . le. a 2?
If attach?-! t., paper or other ma?
terial, per superficial fool.Me. & M
Manufactures ??f ?cat", alabaster,
clialieil.ny. chrysolite, coral, corne?
lian. garr,?t. ?aaper, J?t. n rila
rhlte, marl.I?, onyx or rock ? r> te
tal and spar. Including clock cases,
wiih ..r without movement, n.'t
speilally pros id?.1 for in thl? act...
nurr stones, msnufsetured or lmund
up int?, millstones .
F?"e?t?ne. granite, ?and?'.aie. lime
Stone an?! other building or monu?
mental stoat, except marble end
onyx, unmanufactured or undressed,
not spe.latlv pro.Lle.l for In this
... t. cable f ???? .
1*1 sestCSM, grunite. ssndstnna, Ihne
stor.?? and other building or monu?
mental si .r.e. except marble und
util?, hewn, Jreaaeil or tandreaaeS,
n..? specially |.r .\ Lie.| for In Cil?
tl M
11 10
??rlndston ??, Onlsl.e.l or nnt.nishe,|.
per IOS .
Hln'e?, ?late rlilmney pieces, man
??-is. slab? fot tablea, and nil other
manufacture?? of ?Lite, p ,t ?pe
? laily pr-OVld? 1 for In thll ?Ci.
RoOflng iiat?? .
11 73
Iron or? Including mnngsnlfetmtM Iron
ore al?o fie .1res? i r? -I. i.im fp.m
burnt pyrites, per ton.
l'rovlde.i. That In levying and col
l-.-tliig the duty u ?uch ores, n?,
?. !uctlon shall be made from the
weight Of the ,,re ,.r. ,cc .uni of
BMbrture whi.-h ma> i# chemically
?r physLally .-..?nl tie.? ther-with.
naaic i-lag. iti ml or ungtraund, p??r
Ir'iti In plirs. Iron k?rtle!ce rp!?g?>l ?
eisen ferra manganese, f.-rro ?'?t
con, wrought an I cast Iron scrap,
and ?.tap (teal per ton.
I'.ut nothing shsil be <le.?niei ?.-rap
Iron or ? rap iteel ra epl ??ste or
refuse Ir n or st?el tit only t.? l?e
Par Iron square iron, rolled or ham
?r.er.'i. comprlilng Bat? not le?? ?han
Iren wide n?ir L?.^ than ?, inch
?hnn 7 HI Inch In
or to ?s. |e?i than
? i. ?, ;.n 1 Lars or
r hammerted Ir. r.
'i-le.l f..r In this
Round !r n n?.t les?
.llameter. per lb.
Round Iron
7 18 Inch In dlnr
aliape? ..f ...Her ?
not up?-, tally pr?.
net. per |fa.
Provli..?]. Th-,t all lr?.n In slats.
blooms, loops, ..r other form? lasa
l.ni->ie I thSB lr?.r, In bar?, and
more edvanced t'.?.n pig iron, .-x
capl CP?-ting?. slial! be s;ilij?ct to r\
du'v of, per lb.
l'r.?.!e?l further. That all Iron
1 ar?. l.|?...ios. Llll.-t.. or ?Izt? or
shapes of any kind, L. the
manufacture ?t whl-h chnrc-.al
. as fuel, ?hall he sal J?ft
to n .lut;.- of. per t?n.
Besms, J'.ist?. girb-r?. sngles, chsn
nel?. car truck channel?, T T . '
?mm? and i ? ste ? r i srt? or sectbmi
rf c .in',.., an I poets, .;. k .nd hulh
Lean.. ??,;.? bulldlns form?, together
with all ..'h?r st-o. lurai si l|
iioii ?r stf-el, whether plain or
punched, ?if fltt?-.' for u-c. per It. ...
Roller >.r othet p.-.-n. ir..n d> -leel,
except (tu Itle plate ?tee! ?lid MIS
platea, hereinafter pi Mie?! for. not
thlnn.?r than N ? I?) wire ;
?beared ot unahear**d, and skelp
Ir n or steel, shasred or rolled in
gr?M.?e?. valued at 1 c?nt ?>er tb or
les?, pet lb.
Veined sbore i. ar.d n .i ata?a *.*.'.
P-r rii. pe? n..
Valued nl?-oe Je., an! n?.t als ve 4c,
per tb. pet !b.
Valued m .-. tt ? . per lb.......
Prorlded, Thai all sheets .?r plate?
of ir. i, .r Steel thinner ths-, No.
88 ?Ire eaug,. ?hall pa> dutv as
Ircr. or nee sheets.
Iron M steel stach r* ?r ?irts Hereof,
per r
rglnx? ..f ir?n or steal, or I i ?:
lr?n .r steal combined, ?.f arhaterei
?hat>?. ..r In whatever degree of
?t..g" .f manufacture i-.t specially
i * led for In thli ? I
Antifii. ti. n ball forging? of Iron oi
?lee!. ,.r ol . ? ml .: -., Il i, .i
Hoop band ? t .- r il ii i, ..r ?te-:,
not otherwise provided foi n, thl?
a. -, ?.- .:.:?? ... I par lb ..r k ?? -
Inch?? . : lesa in ?i lib, and ;? ?.
Ih.in -v. Is i iLL-k and SOt Ihlfll -r
than ,V?. 1<* ?Ir. gaug? |r lb .
Thinner liiat. Ko. 1?? ulr? ?;,.,i m ?t!|
no*, (binnci ?han So 2> wire gauge
per S>.....
Thlr.ner ?Lan Ki 80 Bill paatS pel
ll'?.p or band ir. n .r i,.. p ?r band
steel, "?? t.. lengths or wi-mi-, ..r
partly n.ar. ifa, ture 1 Into hr..p? ,,r
ties, coated r te ? ...???.! With ?.a.nt
?r any ..th?r ?.reparation, with or
w It botst btsekltM <r fastenlnge ( i
i*iiit.? eottoa i ..!,. other c?m
III ?Jit) | e- i?.
1*?..- i '...! Thai barrel - , ?
II. Ii . r ?te?! and ! .p ... i ,;, |
H SI ? I h p i ? -?n.l "te*| flared.
r. .-.??, .?. ? .
out buck!? i i??te:i|iig? . ||
pav 1 lie p^r R> mol
iL.it Imposed on the hoop or asad
in r. ..r stssj from srhlrh the? are
Steel l.anda or Strips, BMStaassrad
?Ultal.le for maki,..- baa t ?a?. ter
tl (?o ?,
f4 0?
If temp. i<d, or ten.pi-ied and pel
?12 00 $12 0.?
ft lor.
? l<)c.
I I?'.-.
1 : Me.
ft in,-.
I 10.
n? -
?a. & 20?^ _
7 20c.
4 lOc.
8 10c.
i r. ioc.
4 IOe.
I tie.
Ished. per lh.? BS? ? -*?%
Rallwav bar?, made of Iron or ?tee'..
an,! railway bar?, mail* In part of
?te?l. T rails, and punched Iron or
ateel flat rail?, per lb.
Railway fl*h plates or ?lice bars.
made of lr?.n or steel, per ft?.
Sheeis of Imn or ?teel. common or
black, of whatever dimension?, and
skelj. Iron or steel valued at K per
th >.r less, thinner than No. 10 and
not thinner than Ko. 20 wire gauge,
per lb.
Thinner than No. 20 wire gauge,
and not thinner than No. 2.*? wire
gauge. p*r lh.
Thinner than No. a.?, wire gauge,
and not thinner than No. .12 wire
gauge, per lb.
Thinner than Ko, .?2 wire gauge.
per Tb .. }?}^
COVrUgatM or crimped, per lb. 1 1-1??.'.
Provide I. That all ?li?et? of com
p. ? or Mash iron or steel not
thinner than No. 10 wire gauge
?.hall pay duty as plate Iron or
plate ?teel.
All Iron or ?leel sh-ets or plate?,
?r.d all hoop, band or acroll Iron or
SU?1. excepting what aie known
????mmeri-iaiiy aa Un plate?, lerne
plates and taggers ?In. and herein
afier provided for. when galvanixed
or cat-,! with line, spelter of
ether Metala or any alloy of tho?e
metal?, shall pay 2 ISf*. per It? more
duty Hun If the sani?; waa not ao
galvanize?! ,,r COStad.
Sh'-ets if irmi -a ?leel. polished,
planished or glanced, by whatever
name ?leslgnatrd. i>t lb. Be.
Pro\ lied. That plates or ?heel? of
lr?n ..r Meet, I.v whatever name
designated, other than the pel
Ished. planished or glanced, her.-ln
ptovtdad for. wnlch have been
ptakled "r cleaned by acid, or by
anv other material ?>r jirocesa. or
which are cold rolled, amoothed
onlv. not polished, shall pav I l??--.
per It. nil .re than the correspond?
ing range? of common or black
?beet lr?in or steel.
Sheet? ?.r plate? of Iron or stee!, or
?aggers Ir.n or ateel, BMtad with
tin or lead, or with a mixture of
which these nieial?, or either of
them. I? a component part, by the
dipping, or any other process, and
rommerclslly known as tin platos,
terne plate? an I taggers tin, j?er It?.
Staat Inn??!?, c.ggel in?.,ts. blooina,
and ?lal?a, by whatever proco??
made: Its Stocks ??r blanks, billet!
an?! bars and tapetad <r bevelled
bars, mill shafting, pressed, sh?nred
or ?tatnjie,l shape?, saw plates.
Wholly or partially manufactured;
hummer mould.? or swaged steel,
gun barrel mouMs not In bar?,
nll'.vs us.-d a? ?? ii si Ittiti . r,-r steel
In th?- manufacture of tools, all de ?
sertpttan? nsd ihapea of drv seed,
loam '?r lr?in moulded steel castings,
sheets and plate?, and steel In all
furms and Bhapsa. not specially
provided f.>r In thl? act.
All of the above valued nt lc. per ft?,
or leas, per 11..
Valued atuve lc. an I not nbove
1 4 10c. |,er th. p-r lb.
Valsad above 1 4 I6c, and not above
1 8 10,-. jier IT,, per lb.
Value,] nb.iv.- 1 K-lm-. and not above
2 2 10o. |?er It?, per lb.
Valued aliove S | 111.-, and not alw.ve
.'lc. jier It?, per lb.
Valued shoe? .'!>'. per lh, and not
above 4c j??r lb, j.er 11.. 12 10c.
Valued above 4c and n..t nt-ive 7c
per lb. per It..
Valued nh??ve 7c. an?l not above 10c.
p-r It>, per th.
Valued al'ive 10,-. and not above
He. per IT?. J.ir th. 24 10?'.
Value ! aii-ve l.tc ar.d not above
ISe. per ?6. per tb. 2 s tee.
Valued ntx.ve tic. j'?*r tb. per tb? 4 7 lie.
Wire rods: rtlvet, screw, fence, and
other Iron or ?leel wire rod?,
whether mund, oval, fiat ?ir minar?-,
or In anv other shape, and nail rod?.
In iiilli? or oth?rwlse, valued at 4c.
or le.?*? j? r lb. jier ft.
Value?! over 4c. per th, j.er lb.
Provided, That all Iron or steel
wire r?*da which have l*e?n
tempered or treated In any man
ner or partly manufactured,
shall pay an additional duty of
one hnlf of le. per IT?.
P.ound Iron m stee! wire not smaller
than No. 13 wire gauge, per It?.
Smaller than No. || and n>t smaller
than Mo, 1?l wire gunge, per ft?...
Smaller than No. i?i wire gauge, par
tb .
Provided. Thnl nil the *nrog.?lng
valued nt m..re than 4c. per fb.
shall pav-.
Ir .n or ?teel m other wire not
specially provided for In ?his act, In
.-hiding such as la eoSBSM nlv kr.-wn
as hat wire, or bonnet wir?, crino?
line wire, corset wire. n>-"lle wire,
j.lnr.o wire. clo?S wire ar,'! watch
wire, whether flat or otherwise, and
cor?.'t clnsji?. .-iirset steels an?l dress
st"e|s, an?l sheet ?teel In strips, i?'.'."?
of .in In? h thick or thinner; any of
th? f'iregolng whether uncover -.1 or
coveted with cotton, silk, metal or
other material, valued at more than
?, par Th. 0%
Provhtad, That article? manufact
ured from Iron, ste.-l. bra?? or cop
per wir?-, ?hall pay ttie rate of
?tutv which w>.u',?i be Imjimfl
upmi the wire p??d in the manu?
facture of su'-h articles, nnd In
addition thereto lite, per lb; and
se ir..n or ?teel wire reatad w-lth
zinc, tin or anv other metal, in
addition to the rat. Impos -d up m
the wire fPim which It Is made.
BOT rt.. 2 10c.
0EXEEAL rnovisioNS.
N?? ?Dowse? or teduetlee of duties
f.,r j.artlal lOM or damage in conse?
quence of rust or of disci, ratlun shall
be mad?- upon anv descrijui .n of Iron
r steel, -i- up n anv article wholly or
partly manufacture,] nf Iron "r steel,
or upon any manufacture of Iron or
All metal j.retired tr..m iron or Its
ores, which is cast and malleable, of
w i.ate? et ?ta?crlptlon or form, without
regard to the pareeatag? ol ?'arh n
contained therein, whetnM produce
by cementation, or Oooverted, cast, or
niade from lr,,n or It? ore?, by the
? ru ii.-. Bessemer Clnpp-Orlfflth,
|.neumn!ic. ThonuuvOllchrut, baalc,
sietn?ii? Martin or open-hearth proo
.->?, ,.r by ?he equivalent <.f cither. , r
by a combination of two or more of
M?e procesara, or their equivalents, or
by any fusion "r other proce? whli'h
? ? ft id Ir .- or Its op'?, a
nieial either granular or Abroas in
structure, whl.-h Is raal nnd mull-able,
excepting what i? known a? rnaltaabta
- .- nss, shall he ein?* ?1 and
denominated as steel.
No sttl ?!>? nol specially provided
for In Ulis act. whb-li II wholly or
jiartly manufl Mi--I fr.ini tin plate,
lerna plate, or the ?beet, plate, hoop,
ban] or Scroll ir-n or ste.-l herein
;,.- ided for, - of which such tin
plate, lerne plate, sh?ei. plate, hoop.
Band or scroll Iron or steel shall be
th- material of chief vain?*, ?hall pay
a lower raie -f .lu:.*, than that Im
lh? ' n plate, lerne plate, or
Bh?et, Jibit?-. h "Ji. l'an?!, -ir ?i roll iron
or ?teel from which It is mole, or of
whi, li II shall b? th- component
there-,f nf chief value.
?in all Iron or st.-el bars or rods, of
whatever shape or ?action, which are
cold rollad, cold drawn, eold ham
in? i? 1, or p llshcd in any way In ad
?l-llon 10 Ihe , rdiniry pr??,?ss of hoi
rolling or hammering, there ?hall he
paid one-fourth "f 1 cent p-?r pnund.
In ? l'l'ti-in t,? the rates provided In
this a,:; on bars or rods or whatever
Met? D or ?Imp* which are hot rolled
an?l n nil ?tripa, plates, or ?h?eir,
of Iron ?i.- steel ,,f whatever shape,
i.ther than the polished, planished er
gl i- ? I sh??'t lr,?n or sheet ?teel here?
inbefore provided for which are ?-old
roiled, cold hammered, bitted, brigin
-n-'d. t?nip?red, or j...li?h ? I by anv
pi. cess to ?ich perteci?-,! surface fin?
ish. ',r polish better than the grade
of cold rolle?l. sm.x'thcd only, herein?
before provided for, there shall lie
jald 1 cent j>er jiound In adlltlon to
th>- rat.? provide,i in this act upon
plates strij.?, or sheet? of Iron or
steel of o-.mmon or Mach i'nlsh; and
? n ?tee! circular saw j.latey ih-?re ?hall
be pal-I one-half cent p-?r poi-rd In
n.?i|li|,n to the rate provld.-d in this
a. I for steel ?aw platf?.
Anvil, of |r,?n ??r steel, or of Iron and
it? ' ? nililneil. by whatever proc?
esa: n-ade, or In whatever stage of
manufactura, per th.
Asien, 0t part? thereof, ni'.e bars.
axle blanks, or forgtagl for ?ale?,
wh-iher of Irrn or st?el. without
reference to tl.- stage or Mate of
manufacture, valued at not m.-r*
than ?'? renta per IT?. p?r lb.
Provided, That ?Then iron ,>r steel
axle? a.., Isspnrlad titled In
whei-ls or jarts of wheels, of
Ir- n or Meal, iticy ?hall be Setts
hi?* at the ?ame rat.- a? the wh.e|a
in ? I III li the?- ar** f!t|?.,|.
BUckamltha' hsmmars and sledge?,
track t ?Is, wedf-es and crowbars,
whether Of Iron or steel, per lb....
Bolt?, wlih or without thread, ,-r
nut?, or boll blank?, and finished
hlnr-? nr bine? blank?, whether of
li .h m- ?teal, par tl.
Card Clothing, iinniifacturei! from
l.mpered ?leel wire. Sijuare foot...
All other, ?miare f ni.
<'a?l Iron Jiljie of every description.
per tb .
?"list lr.,n M-....-I". plates, ?tova plate?,
ind ? aadlront, mil nt ir,,n?.
hatter*1 :r-n- and eastings of ir-,n,
n. i a, ear th.
<*n?tln*a of mal|eai?|.> iron. n. e. ?.,
per it. .
<'a?t holloa war., coated, glaied or
tinned, per IT?.
Chain "r .ham?, of nil kind?, mad- .f
I i. M ?teel, ? t |e.? than ?, Inch
??limeter. per th .
1.---. than *, in? h an?l r.?.t Ih??i than
"-, in? h in ?Ustaefr. p-r tl.
Lees than '. in. h and not le.? than
" IB In ii m ?lamelar, pet- it,..
!? , than ?"? IB ln?h dlan.et?r per Tb
Hut n?. chain ,-r chain? of any
:.?. i Ipttoo ah ill ?.av a lower
tnt? .f dut) than 4*?e?? ?,} v,
Um welded, butt welded, seamed or
< .latad ir-n ,,r ?te-| u,|?(-r tube?.
pip??, flue? or ?lay?, n?d thinner
lhaa **- IB wire gauge, j.er th. .
Welded ?v-lin in al fuina?-?s made
from piale metal, per It,.
All ?tb.-r lr,.n ?,r ?iee| tu!*?, finished
or uaflnlahed, n,,t ?i*,-ially provided
for In this act.
7 20e.
7-10c. 7-liV.
1 1-lBc. 1 1-H>e.
1 1 10c.
Hie. 1 2 10c.
I 1?V.
4 K?.-.
0 10c.
1 210c.
1 310c.
2 4 10c.
2 8 10c.
4 7-U)c.
4 10c
li ic
B 10.'.
l*ockei knive?, claap
1 enknlve?
knive?. prunlni knlve? ?nd huddlrii
knives f all kinds r j.arls thereof,
and --r i -' i o. i- i ire kntvu.. or
jiiiri? I hi-1 vl llv oi partly man
uf?, tin-,1. valued ai nol ni ire Hun
to.- pat ?1 'ter.. 4l>?r
V?lu?>l at mm. than 4?>-. per doten,
ai.-i n.'t taceedln? Me, j^r d?.ten
i", i-?-1 . ie. a40*a
Valued at nv.r. than .Vk- per d-?ien
.i,.i n ??? raceedtns tl _ per loesa,
P*r P'??? . Be. S 40%
Valued st more than $1 *?? P*r
dozen, and not cxciedlng I? Pt
doren, per piece.10V?. ft 40%
Valued at mere than M P" ?88SS/
per p.ece .MB. ??Ml
I'rr.v.de.l, That hlad-s. handle?
or ?ilher par!? of either or any
of ?he foregoing anide?. Im
ported In any other manner than
n??embl??l In finished knives or
eraser?, ?hall be subject to n?
less rale of dutv than herein
provided fo? penknives, pocket
' knives, claspknlve?. prunlng
knlves, maiiteure-knl "SB and
erasers, valued at more ?han
30c. and not more than 81 50
per ?loxen
Razors and razor hl.-ules. finished or
unfinished, valued a( less than U 80
per dozen, per dozen. 30c. * 15%
Valued at II fit) per ?lozen and leas
than l-'I per dozen, per dozen. Il A 18%
Valued at !:', per dozen <r mort.
per dozen.II 73 ft 20%
Sri??, r? and shears, and blades for
the ?anie, finished or unfinished,
valued at no? more than Me. per
dozen, per dozen.mm. A 13%
Valued al more than 30c. and not
rr..re than II 73 per dozen, per
dozen .Mb, ft 15%
Valued a? more than |1 73 p?r
dozen, per dozen.75c ft 23%
Swords, ?word blade?, and ?Lie arm?. 33%
Table, butchers', carving cook?',
hunting, klt.lien. bread, butter,
vegetable, fruit, cheese, plumbers",
pilnters', palette, artists' und shoe
knives, forks and steels, fli>lsh-?d
with handle? of mother-of-pearl,
?hell or Ivory, each. MS.
With handle? of deer h..m each... 12c.
With handles of hani rubber, solid
lion.', C'llulold or any pyroxylin?
mat? rial, tsaeh . &0'
With handles of any other ma?
terial than those above men?
tioned, each. I'?,?'
And In addition on all the sl?ove
article? . '3%
Provided. That none of the above
named articles shall pay a less
rat? ,,f duty than . Ball
Files, file blanks, rasps, and flout?,
of all cuts and kind?. 2', Imli*? In
length ami under, per doz. 80c.
Otref 2's Inch"? In length and umler
4'?. Inches, per (SOS . MS
Over 4'j Indies In length and under
7 Indie?, per doz . T3e.
Se\en Inches In length and over,
per doz. Il 00
Musket?. muzzle-londlng shotguns,
rifles, and parts ?h?-r???if . ?3%
i> ?Sills bat failli*, ?porting t-reerh
lo.idlng shotguns, combination shot?
gun? and rifles, value! at not more
?I 30 ft 13%
14 00 A IM
?3 00 -
13 00
83% -
6 10c.
Valued at m >re than $3 and
m,re than 110, each.
Valued it more than It?), each
Double bariel?, for ?porting br-?eoh
loadlng shotguns and rifle? fur?
ther advanced in manufacture
than rough bond only, ?ach.
Stock? f .r double barrelled sporting
breech loading shotguns and
rifles, wholly or partially manu?
factured, eai-li .
And in addition thereto on all such
guns and rifle?, valued at more
than $l?i "a?lb, and on .?u?-h s??ick?
nn?t barrel? .
On all other parts of Bttfh guns or
ritl.-s and linings for stach stocks
or b?rrela, finished ..r unllnlshe.1. .
ITi.vLled, That all double barrel
?porllng breech loading shotgun?
anl rltle? imported without a
lock or L.ek.? or other lifting?
shall he subject to a duty of Id
each and X>r; ad valorem.
Single-barrelled breech loading shot
gut s, or parts ttereof, except as
otherwise specially provided for in
this act, II each and 33% ad
Revolving pls.o!? or parts thereof.
ea.-h .73c. A 23%
Sheets, plates, ware? or articles of
Irvin. at'el or other metal, enamelled
or glazed with vltreoua glasses. 4<%
(*ut nail? and cut spikes of Iron or
steel, per lb.
Horseshoe nail?, hobnail? and all
other wrought Iron or steel nail?,
not ?peclally provided for. per tb. .
Wire nulls, made of wrought Iron or
steel, n ot [??s than 1 Inch In
length and Dot lighter than Xo. ltl
wire gauge, per tb .
l.e>?K than ! Inch In length and
llghtor than No. HI wire gauge.
per tb .
Spike?, nuts ami washers, an?) horse.
mulo ?r ox shoes, of wrought Iron
or Steel, per tb.
Cut ?aoks. brads or ?prig?, not ex?
ceeding M ML to the 1.000. per m..
Ex'ee.ilng IS oz. to the l,0nn, per tb
Needles for kolt'lng or sewing ma?
chines. Including latch needle?,
per m.Il 00 ft 23%
Crochet needles and tape needle?,
knitting and all other needles, not
specially pr<.vh!e.| for In this act,
and bodkins of metal . 33%
Rt-elplat?!?. engraved, stereotype
plates, electrotype plat?? and plates
of other materials, engraved or
llth'igraphe.l, for printing .
Itlvets of Iron or steel, per tb.
< Y .?scut saws, per linear foot .
Mill saws, per linear foot .
I'ltt aid drag saw?, per linear foot...
< Ircvlar saws .
Steel land saw?, finished or untin
Ishe.l. per lb .I0c. ft 20%
Hand, lack, and all other saws not
specially provided for In this act...
S'-re^s, ?ommonly called wood
scr-'ws, made of Iron or steel, more
than I inche? in length, per lb....
Over I Inch, nnd no? more than 2
In? he? in length, per tb.
Over '-, Inch, and not more than I
Inch In length, per tb.
One half Inch and less In length,
per tl) .
I'mbrella and parasol ribs and
stretchers, compose.? In ch!?f value
Of Iron, steel, i r other metal.
Whorls f.r railway purpose? or pan?
thereof, made of Iron or steel, and
ateel tlre.1 wheels for railway pur
looses, whether wholly or partly
finished, ard Iron or steel loco
moth e. car or other railway tires
or parts th?r?of, wholly or partly
manufactured, per lb.
Iug.-ts. cogged Ingot?, blooms, or
blanks for the same, without re?
gard to tlie degree of manufact?
ure per lb .
I'r?u LL-'l, That when wheels for
railway purp"?es, or part?
thereof, of Iron or steel, are
Imported with iron or ?teei
nxle? fitted In them, the wheels
and axle? together shall be
dutiable at the same rate M Is
ptovlrled for the wheels when
Imported separately.
Aluminum an?l alloys of any kind in
which aluminum la (he component
material of chief value. |n crude
form, per tb.
In plaies, sheets, bars, and nuls
I er lb .
Antimony ua regulu? or metal, per
iv. ?
Argentine, ejbata, or (Jernian silver,
unmanufactured .
Bronze prwder. per tb.
Bn nr.e ,,r Dutch-metal or aluminum.
In leaf, per package of 1<V? leaves.
Copptrr in rollad platea, rallad bra?
ziers' copper, sheets, ro?I?, pipes,
an?l copper bottom?, per tb.
Sheathing or yellow metal of whL-h.
copper Is the component material >f
chief value, and n.'t c imposed
wholly or In par? of Iron ungalvari
lzed, ?per tb.
Oold leaf, per package of r.?Xi leave?.
Silver leaf, per package of .">??? leaves.
Tln?.'l wire, lame Of lahn. m??!e
wholly or la ?Shlef value of gold.
silver, or other m?'tal. per tb.
Ilulli is an?! metal threads, made
wholly or In chief value of tinsel
wire, lasse or lahn, per it..5c
1.1 ea, rmbi 4detlee, I raids, gal
L-.n-.. triinmii.es. or other artl Ie?.
mads Whoil) or in chl.-f value of
Tins?. I wire, lama or latin, huilions
or metal threads.
II.oka and eye?, metallic, whether
loose, carded or Otherwise, Includ?
ing weight of enrds, cartons, and
Immediate wrappings sad ui-eia,
I"*r Hi .r.VjC.
I^eal bearing ore of all kind?, or the
lead contained therein, per lb.
Provided thai on all Importatloni of
lead bearing ores the duties shall
be satiiaaisd at the port of -ntry
ami a botad given in double the
am..tint of such estimated duties
for the transportation of the ores
by common carriers bon<!"d for the
transportation of appraised or un
BppralBOd merchandise to properly
equipped sampling or ?melting
establishments, whether ?Jasitaatcn
u.? bonded warehouses or othei ?
wise. <jn the arrival ??f the ores
at suet? establishment? they sb ill
be ?ampiad according t.. commer?
cial atatthods under the supervision
of ?iovernment ufBoors, who shall
te stationed at such e?tabll?h -
ments, and who shall submit the
samples thus obtained to a ?Sov
einment as?a)er ?lesigtiat?'d by the
Secretary of the Treasury, who
shall make a proper iir -,?> of the
s.mil',>? and report the result to til*
proper oust uns oft!, ers, and the
Import entries ?hall be liquidated
thereon, ex. ept In ease of ore?
that shall be removed to a beaded
warehouse to t>* retmed for e?p i
t.i'l.n. as provided by law, and
the Betftretary of the Treasury te
authorised to make all ne.-e-.sary
regulation? to enforce the pro?
vision? ?>f this paragraph.
Lead ?Iros?, lead bullion .,r Lase bul?
lion, lead in (.!?;? and Lars, lead in
any form not specially provided for
In thl? act, old refn,?.. \r?l,\ run Into
block? and bar? and old ?crap lead
fit onl> to he remnnufa.-lured, all tha
foregoing, per tl..
I.ea.1 In ?he?!?, pip,. ?(,,,, giaciera'
lead and lead wire, per Tb.
Metallic mlnerul ?uL?tance? In a
crude ??ate ami mttals ?inwrought,
not ?p-.-lallv provided f,.r m thl? act
Monazlte ?and and thorite, per lb.
Mica, manufactured, per 'tb.8c.
("ui or dimmed, prr ft. .12c.
Nickel ore. or the nickel , ?ntalned
therein, per lb. .
Nickel matte, or the nickel cntalned
(herein, per tb .
Nl.-kel. nickel oxide, ?ilo? of any kind
In whl.-h nickel . the ...nip?ment
Sttati si of chief faltSe pr, tb.
Jewel* ?,. be ii?.-i |? ,|,r ?u,ri ifa.-'.iiia
..f clocks and waitrhM .
l'en? metallic, en.epi gold pen?, per
II 73
A M%
!'ei?h?.|.ler tip?. p??h.,ldei?
thereof, and gotd peas.
Fin? with ?oILl heads without orna?
mentation. Including hair, safety,
hat. lAinnet and shawl pin?, any uf
A 20%
A **?"?*?
y-"- im
E Itie.'
the foregoing- composed wholly of
bra??, copper, Iron, steel ?>r other
bese metal, not plated, and not ^^ ^
commonly known as Jewelry. ?STw Ss??|
Quicksilver, per Tb. Te- 7c
The. flask?, bottle.- or ?>th?r ve??e|?
In which ?luiksllver la Imported
?hall be subject to the same rate
of duty aa they would be subjected
to If lm|iorted > mpty.
Type metal, for the lend contained
therein, per fb. ?,?? X:
New lypa? .?? ***** ***?
Watch movement?, wheiher Imported
In .-asea or not, if having not more
than 7 Jewel?, each.?? ?BBS ~~??
If having more than 7 Jewel? and
not more than II Jewel?, each. ... <?**?? ??
If having more than II Jewel? and
no? more than l.*> Jewel?, each . . . WO, ?.
If having mor? than la Jewels and
not more than 17 Jewela. each- RBS -?.
If having more than 17 Jewel? each. ?3 no ssak?
And In addition thereto on all the
foregoing .? ? **?*' ?S|
Wat? h'-ase? and part? of watches. In?
cluding watch dial?, hronometera.
t>ox or ahlp. and parla thereof,
clock? and part? thereof. not
otherwise provided for In thl? ac?.
whether separately packed or other
wlae, not composed wholly or In
chief value of china, porcelain.
parlan, bisque or earthenware. 40%
Zinc In block? or pig?, per Tb.
In ?h?eta, per Th.
Old and worn out. fit only to he
remanufaotured. per !h . l". ^|e.
Article? or wares no' specially pro?
vided for in ?hi? act. o mp?,?ed
wholly or In part of Iron, ?feel, Jend,
copper, nlck?l, pewter. ?Inc. gold,
?liver, platinum, aluminum i Other
metal, and v. h.-ther jiartly or wholly
manufactured . 4?V% IStf
Timber, hewn. ?Id?d ?r ?geared, not
less than 8 Inohe.i square, and round
timber used far ?pars ?,r In building
wharv-e?, per cub.c fo?it. le. Fraa
Sawed boatd?. plank?, deal? and oth?r
lumber of white aro d, ?vi.imore
nnd bus? w?>od, n?r I.BBB feet, board
measure . 11 Plat
Sawed lumber. p. ? ?p?--daily pr vlded
for In this act. jar l.otsi feet. b.,ar.l
measure . 12 Pre?
Hut wh n lumlver of any c.rt I?
Biased .,r finished. In sddltlon to
the rate? h-ri-ln nweld?d, ?here
?hall b?> levied and j.al'l for Ml h
aide so plaatd or finish?"!, per
1,000 feet, l?mrd measure. 60c. Pre?
An?l If planed on un- ?Ida and
tongued and grooved, j>er 1.???)
feet, board measure. 11 aVss
If planed on two sides and t ?ngu.-d
and grooved, paf I.SBB BsM. II IV) ?
And In estimating board measure
under this schedul- no ledttCtlOB
shall b?- mad* on Ixiard measure
on account "f planing, t'-ngu'lng
and grooving.
Provided, That If any country or
dependency Winl! Imposa an ex
P'irt duty upon ?aw logs, round
unmanufactured tlmt>er. ?fave.
ts.lt?. shingle bolt? or heading
bo'.ts. exported in the l.'nited
Slate?. or a dl?. rlmln.rlng
charge ur??n heMB sticks or
chaina used by American oltl
t*n? In towing I g?, ?he amount
of such exp-ii' diitv. tax or other
charg?'. a? the ?aso may be,
Ehal! be added as an additional
duty to the ?lutle? imp-sed up?>n
th? articles menthme?! In thl?
paragraph when Imrsirted from
sesh country or d.-p.-iidency.
Tavlng posts, railroad tie.? and tele?
phone, trolley, electric light and
telegrajih p.,|o? ,,f ,-,-,lai or other
?too? . 3f? ?-??
Kindling wood In bundle? not tsc??d
Ing on- quarter cubic fo .1 each, p?r
bundle . 1-10??. ?
If In larger bundle?. S-ISC. for each
additional quarter of a cubic foot
..r fractional part ther- f.
Bawe.1 I?, fir.N. planks, deals and all
forms ?.f sawad cedar. Iignum-vlta?,
MUaCWOod, ?Isuay. box. granadilla.
mahogany, ro?wood, ?atlnw??od and
all other cnbln*t w?od? not further
nii.nuf.icture.l than saw el. \H% W*k
Vinoar? "f w.1 and wood unmanil
farturi'.l not specially provided f r
In ?hi? act. 2-V*r Ire
Clapboard?, p? r l.nOO. II ?V) ?
Hubs for wh"-ls. poets ?except fence
posts), heading If .If?, stave bolt?,
last blocks, wagi n blocks, oar
block?, heading blocks and all like
bc.cks or sticks p ugh hewn, sawed
or bore,! . 2"~e -
Pence poata .?... ifr"'c ?_??
Lath?, per 1.000 piece?. 2-V. fte?
Ptafceta, palings and staves of wool
of all kinds. !?>?*? rro?
Shingles, p~r 1.000. 30c. Ftia?
?Casks and Ivirrr'.s (empty?, sugar at x
?hifks and packing b- xes and pnck
lr.g-b. ,x ?h,i,ks i if wood, r.??t ?p.- ?
dally provtatad for In ?his act. Bo". M
R- xes, b?rrela ? r other article? MS?
tnlnlng orange?. lemon?. lime?,
grape fruit. sha?ld.-K-ks and pomelo?.- 30% ???
rrovld?-,|. That the thin w-?,d, so
called, comjulslng the ?He?, tops
and tf.ttoms ..f ?.range and lemon
boxes of the gr.wth and manu?
facture of the I'nited State... ex
poftsd SI orange and taatoe bog
?hook.. may ho relmp.irte.1 In
?i.mplete?! form II.led with i rang' ?
and lemon?, by the paym-nt of
duty a? one-half the rale Imp'????!
00 similar Ixxe? of entirely for?
eign growth and manufacture,
?"hair can?- or ree.1?. wrought or
manufacture?! fr?.m rattan? or
reed.? . lOT. MS.
Osier ..r willow, prepared for basket
makers' us?? . 2<v>
Manufacturo? <.f oaMf or willow. 40".
Toothpick? of w.-i.l ?.r other vege?
table substance, par I.Ox?. 2e. U*
But?hers' and pa? ?.-r-' ?kewetn, per
1.0U0 . 4<V. - -
House <t cabinet furniture ,,f vv ?1.
wholly it partly flnlslttd. manu?
factured ,,f w. -, ..I ,.r .if which wi.l
Is th?- component material of chief
value, not specially provided for In
this act . Ufa SB*
Sugars not above .\,, lo Iiut.-h stand
art In COtor, tank bottom*, syrup?
of cane Jute?, mela.'.a. cone nfrafed
melada, concreta and concentrated
m-ila-sen teat Ing by th<> polar!
?MM n.-; above 7.*? .?"green, jfr Ib. !K? Mg,
And for every addltlotMl dagtaa
shown bv the polarlsoopic teat
additional. :i."> I.?hsk*. [?or Th. and
fraction? of a degree In proportion.
And on sugar above No. id Dut. h
standard la color, and on all sugar
which has g ne through a procesa
of refining, per lh.1 03 100c
Mola?ses testing above 40 degree? and
not above .1?'. decree? per gal. 34.
Testing 5<j degree? and above, per
?al. ?Jo.
Sugar draining? and sugar sweeping
?hall be subject to ?luty as molasse?
or ?ugar. a? the case may \jj ac?
cording to j., ?arts?-,p|c test. ,
Provided, That nothing herein COS
Inln ?1 shall be so construed a? to
abrogate or in any manner Imjui
or Effect the prov isl ,n? of the
treaty Of commercial reciprocity
concluded between the I'nlt??.!
**tates and the King of the Ha
walan Islnnd? on the :?> ?t h day of
January. I*??.*?, or the provision?
of any Act of ?*?>ngress heretofore
passed for th? execution of the
That the duties on BaSBBBBSB, clayed.
Jaggery and other sugars testing
not above s? ?le<r.-e? by 'he po
larlaeop? ?tun be i lee, j?er lh
I?-?? than those lmp???e?l bv the
pre?-e?iing parearaj ? ?a c me
?ponding t-sts of ?ugir.
Maple ?ii^ar and map!? svrup per fb. 4e.
OlttCOe? or Step? s'i?;a:. jier fb . 1'jC
Sai i- ?an?- In its natural ??a'e
or aananufa? tured . yyr
Saccharine, per !b.f| ;0 tc b?-'.
Sugar candy and all c?nf-. lonery not
specially proa Ided . r In thl? a? I.
valued a( lie per n- .- lisas, at-,i
on sugars after being reflaed, whan
tinctured, c- :,?re,| or in anv w.?v
Bdalterated, per it? .4?-. and 1 v.
Valued at Store than 1.V |>ei !h.. . .'?"
The weight , f the Immedla-.. cover
ings. other than th- outer packing
case or other i Oftleg. ?hall be in
eluded In the dutiable weight of the
Wrapper t.ia.a. . |1 *?l ??
Piller tobacco wivn mixed or parttrd
with m, re than U% of ?rragpsr
tot>?Cco, ?nd ?II b-af tobacco ihe
prodaet of tw?. >>r m >re c?Mintrl?a ?>r
dejiendencle?, when mixed ,u pasked
together, if unateinmcd. per th . . . . $1 ?S ??
If ?teinined, j?-r ft. . $.' ."><> ??
Pill?r tobacco not ?j.clally provided
f"r In i Ids Act. If unaleinmed. per
n? . Ma ?a.
If il"mm?'.l. per fb. ?VV-. 6tV.
The ??rm wiajipei to'acco a? us? d in
(his act mean? that ?inaliiv of leaf
tob?ceo which i? seltahl? for cigar
wrapper?, and ?he (.-rm filler ?o
beaea mean? ail other leaf ?"
baCCO, (?o'.iector? of CIMtOtM ?hall
not permit enity to u- m? !?? ,-x
i-ej.t under fgllSlllnB? I?? he pre
?cribed bv ?i?. He.-reiary of the
Treasurv of an> Jsaf :ol>.i- ?. M
lea? the lnv..|?es of the same <) , :
?pe.-ify In detail (he I I..ir.?, 1er of
such tobacco, whether wrapper or
filler. K? origin and nuallty In
the ,*xnmliiatl,.ii f,,r ciassltlcallon
of any lmj>..rte,l |aaf ? ibaooo, at
leas? ??tie l?a.e. tfix or package In
every ten. and a? leas? one in
every Invoice, shall be examtn-d
by ?he appeal??! or p?i?oa ae
laertasd by law t?> make ?uch ex
Hininatl ?n. ?<nd ai Irai ten hind*
?hall be examined m each exam?
ined bale, 1h,x ?r pa? kaue.
All other t.-hicco, manufactured or
unmanufacluied. not ?j?e.-iul!y pro?
vided Bar In this Act. |.er th. 6.V. ?MS
Bnuff ajid ?ru(T fl,air. manufactui-d
of loeacce. gr und drv -T damp,
and pickled, si-ented, or ..therwl??.
of all descriptions, per It? . Mc. Ha
Cigar?, cigarette?. eMTOOtS ??f ?II
kind?, per lh. 14 !? S 26". 14 00 ? SVk
I'a|?er cigars and cigarettes. Includ
Ing wrappers, shall t>e subject to
the same duties aa are herein Im
p-'S.-d upon clgara.
AMM us. i.ivi:
?'attle. if less than ?in?- vear old. ^_
per head. ?? ~
All .?(he.- cattle. If valued at n ?t ^?
more than til per heal, j- r head.. M SI ?"-J_
It valued at more (han fil per head 2T'i"r ^^
Bwlne. per head . H ?
II. is? ?nd mule?, valued at |IS0 ?>r _,^
lea? p?r head. l?er head. ?W W

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