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Y01'? LYII
convict insani:.
pr.ls.iNi.K.?? wiiu'niHT IT rjrVER THE WCREAgEO
*S*rjMBEK ok MJM?T?Cb" AMOKQ Tin?: jn
MAIMSJ MM. ni'KTis ntif.\i) t? raro
G?G?.'??G.?? Ftirt THSM,
Another Kings Count Penitentiary convict
has '.'st his reason ??s ? result ?>f enforced idk?
: - whii?? charities Commissioner Burtla, of
Pr eklyn, was making the rounds of the cells
y*-sterrt?y. as Is his custom on Sunday, he
1 thnt Hairy Heath, ? short-term pris?
oner, vas siti in*?: .?? his bed and looking through
the grated ioor with a vacant stare, such as
the f.??' <* of ? sane man never boars.
Mr. Burtla at once bagan to question the man.
t ? most of his questions Heath made no reply,
hut just looked and l ..?k???! with th?? expresslon
Ifflg eyes of a man whose mind was a blank.
After the Commissioner had put a number of
questions Heath seemed to make an effort to
collect his v. its. but most of his answers were
Wholly irrelevant.
' Commissioner Curtis has been greatly
?a/roughl up 0*W this manufacture of lunatics
ard h?? went In considerable excitement t.> War?
lea Hayes and asked him what was tha trouble
with H-ath.
?I ha.*? been watching this man for several
days." replied the Ward? n, "ani l fear he is
, .',e road to either madness or Idiocy. I
watch him closely and have him ex
an-.i!. '-?"
The heinous offence for which this twenty?
Ive-year-old Brooklyn boy was arrested was
I found .???? night sleeping In a ?xtaltrln
? ?. of a bed. The police promptly charged
him with vagrancy and he was sentenced tu
|l ? months in the penitentiary.
Haath is one ?>f the many for wh im ? ? entr?
ent could be found.
? new and seil ua phase of the manufacture
of madmen at the penitentiary is the fact that
th?? prisoners have themselves been struck with
r at the sight of nlneb >n ? f their number
going insane withiri seven months. The thought
that it may be their turn next has so wrought
up"ti th?? minds of some of ihem that it may
hasten their mental collapse unless relief comi s
f ?on.
The cas.? of William Williams Illustrates this
point He served, three years for burglary an-l
at rvi):-: out a ???00 fine. He is s man of
considerable Intelligence and has just written a
' letter : ? his attorney. Robert P. Noah,
tirr-ins him '??' **IMU*e ? > pains to **? t a pardon for
?.im. li?? saya In this Utter that be did n.?t
mind th?? thr?e years' Imprisonment, as he had
employment thon that kept hi:; mind occupied,
but now that he has nothing to do he ? t\
a fear that he will become insane, as others
have, with nothing to do except to watch the
tedious hours pass in loneliness. He notes the
fai t triai he has '.?st fifty poui 'is of fl? . h since
mployment stopped. Speaking of hla own
appearance and that of his fellow-prisoners, he
Is lawyer that if th.? public could see th?
: ;, ? appearanc ? he an I they
have now, compared with, what it was when
th.y were at work, th? re would be a demand
fr m the people that the ?1 ?ore of the peniten?
tiary be thrown open and all the prtl
set free.
:?? r nm ? ner Burtla ever doubted where his
dry lay, he doubts no longer. He brought down
? sterday as he declared with ene*****) :
?We'v.? got to have stamethinK for these tir?:?
t shall not str.nd <.n official i**h*emony or
? ie of that kind. As we are the cus?
ma of these prisoners it Is proper that ? ur
It arc! shall mak?; a request to the Park Com
r?.. r to give ..u*- men such employment as
. it compel?? with frte labor. I propose
? ' these men shall have work t? d.>, and I am
? dent thai the Park Commlssb nt r will co?
ite with US. I discussed with the Ward-a
the question of putting these men t ?
w rk "?i i'ark Improvements, and U is probable
that we shall begin with fifty men and Increase
*: it number by about ten a day. In thi way
we can accustom them to the new work gradu?
?Commissioner Dettmer has said that if these
. ere put to work he had work t?? 1?? ?1 ?ne,
und ??? money to pay for it, at three particular
points?the East side Lands, Dyker Meadow
Park and Forest Park He seen,.; rather to
favor Dyker Meadow Park, that ??.???^ out ot
th.? way from the public gase. We oul.1 take
th?? men then? In wagons and cook tin-ir dinner
f'-r th.-m on the "around, but I think it would be
wiser to begin "n the East Sid?? Lands,
? are so near the penitentiary. We would
? . build a shelter for them there, so that
they might go under cover when it rain ?1. But
they could K'> to th?? penitentiary for their
"I shall Introduce a resolution at a m<
of the Charities Commission to-day, officially
Informing Commissioner Dettmer of the ?"?nli
?i.n of th.? prisoners and ssklng him t?. put
st work. As soon as he returns on Tu .-?
<*?v we shall can and see him personally."
\ :?:. ? Frederick Rowl md, thirty
eight y. se of no. "i Ch? -?.?. ?t-.-t., Mont
N". J.. was t.tk.-n to the Qerman ll , .; : |
?r;ni ambulance Buffering fi
; attack of appendicitis. Rowland waa doing a
ry run with the York Club, from Newark,
? and on hla arrival In thli cuj* fell from t,is
He \\ ?- immediately taken to the Cen
? | ? Btoratlves w< ? appll? A, but it
. neceaaary to have him removed to a
I ; ?.. ? idition 1* aei ? ?
Calm . nd thoughtful to nil app? iranc a, a ;
'aroman, fairly well dressed and leading s ? ?
tepped up to "ssrgaanl Kelly, In th?? [Cast
nrst-st police station, last night, anil said:
"I will not !..? smothered with gas, neither will I
haV? I ?,? el ej, ,] ?? ?? Off."
? t jump? ?! up. "Wh .:' ?? thai '."' he ? n?
right," continued the woman. "That's
wha :?.?, huaband wanted to do." Then tbe ear
? ' asked questiona, und th??. woman said thai
"' ? ,\r r,!?? s .ph.a Chu. In UM, sn? ? tplaln? d,
? ,??? to r. ,.?:i. , rt at Fortleth-at. and l.? ??
Th? r- Sl ? B cl heard l'aul Ch( ? '
? Chlruman, sing "('o. Where tha Llllea Grow
-." ?n.i was faaclnated. Sh?? tokl C
w '? ? "i?.?? it had -msbqi to an ? nd, and h
her hand, in the f< (lowing April, ehi
? r?? Burrted by the Rev. i*r. ;:. & MacAr
?bur at the Calvary Baptist Church, ia Plfty-aev
The marriage had been a hai, , ? .. the woman
? for s. \? :?... -, ? ? .
Ing to t..? ?.an. "i \\..?>t. d to I? ave
Mm." ? iid ? he "hut .??.? rj ? ,,,.h ..
; sing to i?.? ir a .... ,, ..... ?,
.';?'?'?"> being and 1 . ?. ... ;... ,,,..
thai r weel voice.
???S ,' sht," the w? went on, when
? mtlnue, "then a : ? . 1Hi,,r
In our rooms. I fell that my husband
I tob? rttl of me. H? appeared n/rv^" and
jje ?aid to u... -Why don'l you Bleep, darling?
-v? 'in'/:'"?. lWh, 'i"!:'' V"".-1"!'?'? and he an
? me, Dear, I am bbI ?p After thi ? ? think
! to -'hop mi :.? ? ? doi
. . ?roman explained ll ?l when ! ? .-? .,, ?
? homi at No *0J tVvtl ? .,kl,.?
? - ? ? ? . mornlns, '?' so to ? hurch aorn? ?; ? <-? ' in
? .??'V'k? '"' '"'"i toUoA to klsa her Then ? he
, * ber nui.? child. Elate, and went avi !
' alie could never again live with a
oi grer loved her. She had wa
t. d until Kh?? e,,t tired, and had g? ne t.? ti.?
aoman said her inother lived Bt No Ltl?
Trem ... Bb? declared that she had
.'? "" ! ??* asylum, and thai hi ? ?
? effort e ? belnf inads there
K?iV?h2?f?i 'J1' wt''?"?"? sppeared rational, Bergt
1 '?'. Ided that al ? m ist t> di mi nt. d. H. tel -
t>.?..''. ''' ?*?*?" hueband and to her mother, a-tktnf
s to conia to th? station and ? iplal
^imia, Aug. l.-in consequence of the rapid
rspr. ???? 0f the r(,Volt from 12,000 to 15.000 na?
tives now being un?l?*r arms, the Qovernment
has ordered th.; reserve brigade to assemble
under the command <?f Colonel Wodi bouse, Tb ?
British regiments will await events at Rawal?
pindi, and the native regiments at Ifardan.
Th?.? staff win remain for tht present at Now?
| shera.
Fort Chakdara is strong enough to r?-ist any
attack, and it has a good supply <?f ammuni?
tion. The only fiar is that the Karrii?'!* may
'"'?or:'? exhausted by constant lighting.
The tribesmen are sending forward fresh re?
lays continually. Th.? reconnoitring column
yesterday found the enemy in great fore? Mock?
ing the road t.i Chakdara. During th.? lighting
a hundred of the enemy were killed, snd the
British ?had fourteen wounded, among them
Captain Baldwin, who was severely hurt, and
i.i.ut -mint Keyes, who received a slight wound.
'l'in? enemy followed up the retiring column
and attacked the camp in a half-hearted man?
ner, being ? isiiy repulsed by the garrison.
General Blood, with every available man, will
.start to-morrow for the relief of Port Chak.lara.
The garrison has been Informed <>f his inten?
tion l.y heliograph. Heavy lighting Is eX| it? .1
at Amendera.
Dispatches to the Government show that reln
forcements, with abundant supplies of ammuni?
tion, ?arrived at Dargal at noon to-day. The
march was forced, and very rapid, and nineteen
Sikhs died fror;) sunstroke un the way.
Colonel Hei.l. with large reinforcements, has
reached Camp Malakand.
Constantinople, Aug. 1.?The Peace c.mffrence
lull', a three hour?' Fcsnlon yesterday, and th??
result is a further postponement of tho actual
signature of the peace preliminaries.
The Ambassaclors ?presented th?? remaining
sections of the draft, Including those providing
for a limited control of Greek finances, and a
new article defining the tlm?? and method ??f
evacuating Thessaly. Tewflk Pacha, In turn,
true to his methods of delay, presented ?? ? ries
of amendments to nl! th?? articles previously
suggested. This will necr.ss.ltnte further dls
The Sultan has Instituted a new naval com?
mlsslon, with himself as president, to project a
scbem ? for the reconstruction of the Turkish
Navy in accordance with modern Ideas.
Canea. Crete, Aug. 1.?The foreign ad:
held a confen-nce ?>n Thursday last and decided
to oppose by force the landing of any addi?
tional Turkish troops. In reply t?> their noti?
fication to that effect. Ismail Bey uald he could
not accept such a de is?;?m. It is believed that
fresh trouble is brewing.
An?; THK ixcntaioxs or Albanians part op a
Constantinople, Aug. 1.?The Incursions of the
Albanians, who attacked almost simultaneously
seven ?Servian frontier blockhouses along th??
stretch of frontier between Madllsa and Rashka,
have led the Servian Government to make a
formal protest to the Powers, it lb bellev? d
that this is part of an organised plan to provoke
The matter Is being discussed by the Am
baasadors in conference, with a view of getting
un explanatlftn from Tewflk Pacha, the Turkish
Minister ??f Foreign Affair?.
Word ?has been received here from Van, the
capital of Mm vtlapet <>f Van, Armonia, Um*
Armenian revolutionists are preparing to cross
the J'? rslan frontier.
overcome nt Portuguese TROOPS ON .HI.?, si,
Lisbo . Aug. l.?Otficlal dispstchei fro? Lou
muzo Marquez, South Africa, confirm the ?
of r? ??? '.t '???' ? bete ??? n th. G ?? rni
end rebellious natives In Gasatami Thn battle
took place on July tl, near Jhimtutu, the capii l
of Gasaland. Tl??? Governor oi Portuguese East
Africa, Colonel Albuquerque, with a small Pori ?
. ??? foi ?. routed seven thousand rebels.
The Portuguese losses were two killed and ten
wounded. The natlvei losl three hundred.
Town, Aug. I.?Serious flghting took pi ice
on Friday In tbe Langeborg distil t. Th. British
loss wan trifling. The enemy's position In tbe
Qamaslep Vulley wan captured and lh. relx I ;
In confusion toward Twalskloof. The Qovern?
ment troops captun 1 all the enemy's positions
north of ? wall kloof.
Ar: ..re the British losses were Sergeant Hall and
Berg? int Mercer, who were killed.
Chief Lukajantjes, who led t?!?? rebel?, wai kill I
With ninny o;' his follow? rs.
A general surrender of the r. ?bela is expected.
Cairo, Aug. 1. Tl??? Bg>pt!an Intelligence De] ri?
ment has received word of heavy tribal ..
up ?t..? Nile between th? Dervishes and th? J
The Dervlehes, under one ol the general* ol
Khalifa d? '? ated the Jaalln? in a piti
and occuple?! Mot. mneh on July 1.
?| he l set- on both .- : ? were very large. Th ?
an id to ? ire losl iv,?? thousand kill tl.
Berlin, Aug. L?The "Kreus Zeitung"
i the denunciati ? of the commercial treaty with the
?erniari / ?Ilv? rein ii Great Britain's III I t. ?
! t? ward th? ; rot. I t< m, and add "Bui
: nd for s? none il ? m, ? ?
hai h? r carrying tradei t.. ?roteci and retaliation
to f? ar. Moi ?c ? ?preference ahown
Canada might provoke a condici with tl??? United
8tat< a."
Tl... "National Zeltung" aaya thai Great Britain
Is ?.? : . . ? . leresti ?1 in the ? ondu?
li ,:, ol a ? ? treaty, and that Oi
mu? h ?.?? iklh 'i-t looded dip! imaey.
Tl,,. ??\-, ,-?.. ?, Zeitung" ? ? "S? far - <;..
relal to Engin It Is a
tei of Indlff? rene? ??. h. ? h? r n ? ha ve a tr? l
noi "
Thi "Berliner Tageblatt" say?: "Gr?ai Ih
tentloi to join the mother country and the colo
! nlea In r? eustoma union will not Induce her to re?
strict British trade with Uerma ) nny further
than i ? ' ' :" ttsln thl
T!,.? "Tageblatt." the "V ?
the "Nati? nal / Ituni ' all agree that It I
: out of il??? qui Ti?"i for England !.. a ???? ?
? Is, Au -. l The "Moniti ?ir" ? ffl? ; , Iy an
nouncea that Great Britain haa denounced ihe corn?
ili nl tr? aty ? uh li? Iglum. bul add? ?
?. ??.? ? mn. nl hi ? G? timat? d its ?
?. ? w tn sty.
Vi? ?,; ?. .' ug. I Thi ? of th??
floodi in W? atom sn ? ? ,?? r Au ? ? Th? Dan?
ube ? to rie. snd ? he danger la
At Una on? hundred milea w? I ?.f Vienna, nd al
! ? tusen ? lern:? i. dam g? is been doni t ?
? : ? rt: Al vy et< ns brldi - ai ?Uns hi ? ??? ? ?
, rat I . , ; -? ?i fr. m Budwois, ?
?? ti?.? Moldau, and there haa been ??>?
:.. outsktrta r I?, hi, .? f lahlonubl?
\ erlng | on thi Ti mn,
Tl ?? . ? ? of th?? iiri.i ? ror Fi an |< eph to
Baden and n.?? proposed |ournei of Kins Ales
ander of Servia from Belgrade to Vienna have been
? ? '
Camden, N. J.. Aug. 1 (Spedai).?The services
in the M moria] Methodist Protestant Church, in
?South <'amil?n, this morning, \???p? stopped by ??
riot Which at on.? time threatened t<> .".-sume
?u. h proportions as t?? brlns ?about bloodshed.
Temporary ?peace was ?patched up. however, bet
there i.- likely to ?be a treat deal of further
Borne weeks aa*o the ?pastor of the church
claimed to hav.? discovered some loose business
methods hi ?the conduct of his church. H?? pre?
cipitated the matter i?y declaring t?> ??ne or two
members that ths treasurer, Mrs. William Mor?
gan, was short In h?r accounts, and that the
secretary of thi ?Board <?f Trustes, John Wat?
son, bad failed to make proper ?accounting f??r
some |200 which went into his han.Is. < >n
Thursday last th?? Rev. Mr. Petttl went to
Mrs. Morgan's bouse and demanded her
?.?inks, sin* gave them np, and ?became
so excited over the encounter that sh<* has
since been confined t?> tbe house with ner?
vous prostration. The pastor ?aleo visited Sec?
retary Watson ,????1 demanded hl.s hook.-, l?ut
that officiai ? cllncd ?? produce them, declaring
that there v.is nothing wrong*Wltb his accounts,
and be would show his books ni the proper time
when the official ?board met. The pastor (?tiled
a s;eciai meeting of the Board for Thursday
niKht, and all the officers attended ?except Mr?.
Mor-ran. lier husband, one ? f the trustees, was
there, however, and ther??? was a violent storm.
The pastor and some <?f the officials ?became so
excited that Plows were Imminent, and a m??m
her ran out for a policeman, who ?restored order.
This story pot out, hut Mr. Pettit declined posi?
tively to make any statement, saying that he
would do so before bl? people at this morning's
The church Wftl Uncomfortably full this morn
Ing when tl:- services began. The usual pre?
liminaries were gone through amid apparent ex?
citement. Tin* pastor prayed a little more fer?
vently than usual and dwelt at length upon some
of the pointed hymns he ?gave out, all tending to
bring to notice the strained relations of shep?
herd uni n?.: k and recalling th.? duty of Chris?
tians to love their enemies and d ? t.! to those
tb t hat'? them. At last the pastor reached
the all-absorbing topic and the pent-up excite?
ment showed Itself,
Mr. Pettit's dlscour was based upon s text
from the hook of Matthew showing Christ's
tea rblngs as to how cnemlea should be treated.
Alter udniotiishiiit" bis congregation as to their
duties, he gradually ?? ?? up to the troubli s which
: th?.? church, ??? p ? lea : his cai eer as
;.i tor, which began less iban .? year ago, and
h?r brought to his h.-ui ?:h' attention all the dif?
ficulties he hu?i encountered In his efforts to
patch up the troubles and harmony.
ii. declared that In- bad discovered discrepan?
cies In ?.? accounts of twu of the officers, ll??
told "f ??..? , . ?? for il.?? mei ting of th.? Board ?.'
Officers-, out denied emphatically that he had
r: ???., ? hi.-1 list In anyl.ody's fa? ? . He had
grown earnest by this time, and now his vole,
rang tin ?ugh tii?? church as he exclaimed:
'Whqeversaya ? sho k my ;'.. ? in any brother's
:.. ?? tells a downright li???"
"Amen" came tbe response from some sections
.f th?? ?hurch, for Mr. Pettit had some followers
as well us enemies tini??. From othi r parts of the
congregation, liowever, there were unmistakable
signe of disapproval. Th?? pastor went oa an .
t .: ? mon about his discoveries ?>f wrongf
and t?'. :: laun? bad forth int.? ? hitt. r demi
tlon of n mbers -f hi?* ? ?-k. I!?? cried: I
are liars in tills church, or those who hold bills
against it ar?? liar-. Either this whole cemmun
it> is a s???, of liars, ??r son,?? ??f th?? members ? :'
this church ar.? liars, and I hold in my ?
. enough evidence to send some of them t?>
State priaon. Th?? treasurer is short in her ac?
count* Tri?? -?? retary lias failed t?? satisfac?
torily account for moneys placed in his posses?
sion, and in some way the sum "f -t? l * m ? ?belong?
ing t?? this church has stuck in somebody's
pocket. 1 Bay ??is ?! flantly ami emphatically."
The storm cani?? wh. ? Mr. Pettit attempted t?>
continue. Ii?? said: "I am getting si?k ;t<
I?,? an" . li?? was Interrupted hy William Mor?
gan, ' ind of lh.? treasurer, who ex
!: "You will ?-'"t sicker before I gel done
with >ou." Instantly th?? people were on their
f.???:. Tii?? pastor was loudly clamoring I ?r
order, hut the people were shouting themseh ?
hoarse. Morgan attempted to speak, hut In the
confusion his words could not pe understood,
ani George I.. Davenport, a trust???, and one of
th?? ; isl ?r's adh?rente, cried: "fit down and
shut up!"
'l'ut him out! lut him ..???'" yelled half a
dozen at or;.-.?, amid confusion greater than
ever. "You dar?? to lay a hand on me."
scream td Morgan, eying his em mies defiantly.
Trustee Davenport started wildly toward Mor?
gan's pew, i-ut was Intercepted by William
Wright, who s? Ized him bodily and pleaded with
? r thr*t he wT.s s Christian, Thla
? m Hing episode gave Mr. Pettil a chance to
:??. t a word In edgewise, and he soothingly ad?
monish? d the . ? el ted brethren t.. p m ?mber that
it was the Wahbath Day. and 111?-\ Christians.
He started the hymn "Nearer, My ?: d. to Thee,"
in which most of th?? congr gatlon Joined. Th ??
the pastor dismissed the flock with a fervi nt
? ?
RAHWAY III" ?:'*??? INT??. ? B?OOT
? LOSES in.? LIFE.
Rahway, N. J.. Aug. 1 (8p? ? ir]??- s-iil'l
,'..?. twenty-one yean old, a well-known :
ty, ?.? ' .ntly kill? d about !"...?? o'< loch
i.? t night, p ? p with a h?rs?? and buggy In
. ? ' ' I I ? ?
?. with four young in? ? -
r, ..G No ?'? ['.Hirt?, nth-st., Hobo
ken, and Thomas Putnam, Krneai Pllnck and
Babel, ??:' Rahwa) ?tarted out early in th.?
. Ide ? ? Biiz ih? ih ai ?) back. Tin. trip
to Elizabeth wo made without Incident, and after
? rest lh? : trty started forborne. They kept s n
? ? ??.?? return trip, laughing ami chatting
happily is th . rapidly glided over the fin.? road.
?- they neartd ti:?? city unii- Schilling, who was
.p Ihe extreme left .-l?l?? of the road, spurted
and shol ahead. Tir.it was th?? ? ? il Schilling
? ?a alive hy hi? companion !.? than
tl.r? ?? mlnutea later th. y were horrified t?? :????? '!?
Irate form lying In tri.? road? iy .md two men
r him. ? broken sbafi of g buggy and
the wrecked wheel t??:?! them what hid happened.
The story of ;. ?? accident la ; :?! by Thomas
? ? rke -?nd ?'.?rl Delvlua, th.? occupants of th??
Th?) ?i.d been to Railway for a drive
and ?tre ? home bj tn?? way of S:'
. ;.?:??_?.'?.?. ? ?::?-, had paased under the electric
il Linden and St, Oeorge'a ?u.-?.. wie ? ,?
mnn, riding at a im,id r.-.t??, appeared ?.ut ..f
? ,. uir. ctly ill !r?mt ,,f tu? ir h.?? ?? (!? -
one to ?scape he --truck
th?? point Of till ?? ? ? ? ?.? ? ci ?? il, l
? ? ? ? ? he wheelman lying
ii. ti.?? road motionlcu The* alighted .it once
? that
;.? ift h ?? ??? neti ? dr.
in-?? iind??!- I lung, and win.
fore. to ci .-'. the ? th? h? art, one
? d
mployed by "the Rei '! Boa
' ?' :.?i Ill ? ? ..I'
i-i . ?. racier .r m il. popular with ??ll wh?.
.? him. Ills mother la dead, and, toaethej with
hi.? ? ??? -i ? ;. . ? mad? hi . ome with his
r, Mr ' ' u its, In ? :?.? : , ri ice.
.- .? N< - ?? ? "?? . Aug. ?. In . scordane?
wuh ... ? u , . Mayor Bohannon, tb? > ? w
? ..:.>? observed in Suuth Nor?
teo ? ? I ' ?.
could be pro ired in th?? elty. Druj .-i?.r<?<. cigar
: ? . ? -?p, ?:*, 111,.? piad - ?.?, ??
?ugh ih?? Sunday
were delivered '?? ? ?. tornera the new?
??. ? ? ? "."t ?.,.???? I.. ta.?r anta were th?? onl)
..f bualneaa lhal were kepi open. No at?
ti mor ? p,, la?. and
? .. ?? ?.? enforce the
?aw ?n th? II "f Norwalk. .? hi ?
: ti uni.? diafani Noi ?
lutin? ? - and ? ? ?? ? ault tl ? mi ? -
h. ' i former clt? ? ? ? largely In? ? .-.?-? .?
- ?. day.
Ward .?ff hin?.a- attacka by Tarrant'a Elfervi seeot
s. ,?.??? A| ii?:?: :?>? nul ??. All druggists.?Advt
Tin: m;v,? "jutOVAIj PRIM? 'it'AU.v "rOREIOM
Pittsburg, Aug. 1.?All roads led to Turtle
Crock to-day. Marching miners from all ov? r
I th?! district were converging toward Camp De?
termination, and if nil those reported as being
I on the march r.-ach the so ne before morning
I there will be at least sis thousand diggers pres?
ent at the big meeting uhi. h Is scheduled for 11
o'clock at McCrea'a schoolhouse. The miners
expect eight thousand t" be >?n hand.
Th?? Botrougll of Turtle Creek experienced the
liveliest day in its history, With its lar.?,'?? tran
eleni population of minera and curious visitors,
but the ?lay passed Without tnuihle of any kind.
Burgess Teats, of tbe borough, visit.?! th?? miners*
camp to-day, and said h ? had no reason to
or'hr the ?roud to disband, and so lonf* as
peace prevails he will no! disturb them.
There was a complete shift In the makeup of
the campers to-.lay. The men from the Wheel?
ini* Division -.f the Baltimore and Ohio, who
have been on guard ever since the bi*?- move
men! against the De Armltt men hcp;an, started
last night for their homes sl Plnleyvllle, Gaa
tonville, .??now den, Whitehall and Banksville.
Tinse sam?? men, after reaching home and recup?
erating somewhat, hav.? formed new divisions
an.i ar.? returning to the seal of war in order to
attend a big meeting in th?? morning. While
the old renard was flitting last night, new men
were taking their places and assumin** charge
of the watch that la to be kept up until all th?r
New-Tork and Cleveland men quit work.
Saturday's guard was noticeable for the ab?
sence of foreigners. The (.rr'th* rin?* on watch
to-day Is just the reverse, and is composed al?
most entirely of tin? foreign element, which is
much mor*? excitable than Ihe others and niueh
harder to control This phaae "rive:?, a more
serions aspect to th?? situation. Over 1 .< ? ??
weary strikers were quartered at ?"'amp Deter?
minati? ? to-day, about 1<?<> at ?"'amp Despera*
tlon. and about 100 lounged about the hills
a Ii .. ?? snd back >.f Turtle ? ire rk.
When the first batch of 650 marchers arrived
on the ??? ne this morning they were hungry ami
clamored for 1.1. Ther.? were previsione
enough left for 200 men nnd s grand rush was
tunde for the provision wagon. The result was
that many went hungry. About this time Mil?
ler, one of the organisers, arrived on the scene
and announ ed that a Pittsburg hiker had do
; l.OOU loaves of bread and a. grocer had
? ?? /.? u ? h? em 9, To provent another rush
Miller organized a ??cud, snd all were satisfied
i ir th? time being. Aa large donations <>f food
been promised there is not likely to be a
of ? -.lay's scramble.
Among the most prominent visitors at the
minets* Tun!.? Creek camp to-day were General
.1 ??? Little, presi lent, and Joseph Bishop, sec
y, ..r the Ohio Btate Hoard ,.f Arbitration.
Th . are ready to solicit signatures to the
i.i? ; irmtty agreement and were present to learn
the atatua of affairs among the strikers. Gen?
eral Little ? ? ? some surprise at th?? dem?
? atlon. He said he had often Seen miners
.ii strike in Ohio, but never had seen them as?
sembled und?.? such circumstances. He sai'd be
was pleased with the apparent manifestatlona
? e.
Sheriff Harvey A. Lowry spent the afternoon
at Turtle creek consulting with his deputies,
? t?nmes Richard**, the chief deputy, was In the
district all night ?????" Lowry ?aid that he
ivould not Interfere with the strikers In holding
meetings if th. y were orderly. He will not allow
them t>. go on the property of th?? New -York and
Cleveland Has Coal Company, nor will he allow
them to act Ina disorderly manner while march?
ing ?.n tbe road.
?. ?. I??? Armltt, manag? r of the Oakhlll mine,
said to-day that he had been importuned by men
for places In the mines. He said he had employe 1
? of them, and they would go to w..rk in the
morning. H?? added that two men bad offered
to furnish fifty good miners to go to work
Thursday. He was receiving Idlers in every
mail fr ?m minera in various parta of the district
asking for placea in the New-Tork and Cleve?
land mines Concerning the action of son:.? <.f
hla men, he said that they had coin?? t.? him say?
ing that they would be glad to work as soon aa
the excitement Is over. He vas emphatic In the
enl If the old men did not return to work
:-...,? he had many others who would take their
pia. ? ?.
Secretary Warner says that the miners offl
dala have decided to bring an action In equity
axainst Sheriff Lowry, asking for an injunction
restraining him from executing the provisions
..f ins proclamation. "1 believe the proclamation
la Illegal," said Warn?!?, "and we are going t?>
try to und out if Hi" Sheriff has a right to
Interfere with a peaceable assemblage.??
? st'i;; . ? ' T" HE IN' STORE ? 'it THE WEST
Fairmont, W. v.l.. Aug. 1.- "There la a lurprlas
in store for the operators of thli region," said Jo?
seph ?. .? to-night "Inside of forty-eight hours
then will be several additions to the men already
... "
There is more In Rea'a worda than many people
think. He haa been here ??Incelasi \\ ? Inesday, and
I two or tin?.? meetlnai? each day, bul not In
u? ih| sray. He has ., leti ? me to some ich? ol?
or iml'llc hall, and the miners h,.,?? ?rath red
, |f by masi?* ? Is ift??rnoon, al Monongah,
: .? n,.. Uns v. is p r. ? . tltl ?:? of the is at Pal i
tln. last night and Oatawbn yesterday afternoon.
To-morrow at Worthlngton he will make ? speech
io ? ?.? aeri. Four more ?rganlsera will Join R< ?
.,,.,] pavls, his eld. to-morrow. Davis went to
Clarksburs this afternoon t ? organise the Klnnl.-k
k, Glenwood and ? >< par men, who are all
le a saya he la highly ? lat? I ovi r the pr ispeot?,
m. I thinks all tb? Weel VI Itila miners will come
-,? . . ? : ?he ? from Charleston to-day
t ??? the Ksnawha and New-River men had il
for .?. renta ? ton and ? check, weigh man. Rea
nay? he Intends to call on Special .1 u?Ik?? John \V.
?1.....?1. who granted the Injunction, to-morrow,
.,? ! that he wants to know what the Judge means,
ll toes noi know whether the Injunction attempti
Im from holdlag meetings tn the ?, ihllo
r not.
To-night there tr?? m ? ? a cenerai laying
in th. e hi en at any prevtoti ?
trlke hi san Soi.f the operators
have contracts of more than ten days In length,
and the men say that l( thej ?!" not come out, the
other min??:s will go baci? and they will return t??
the tw< nt] -five-cent r it?
MEN ANO ?-????.1.? BROT,
Lynn, Mass. Aug. ? Anol er attempti 1 robbery
snd assault that btda fair to result in murder oc?
curred Boon after mid I near the harbor front.
Owen J. Barker, ? berti r, about Unity years ot
I ?s refutan? to h;s home When he was con
i by tv, . masked men, ea. h ..f whom held two
revolvers. One ol them shouted, ".??\.? ua your
quick:! will shoot!" Barker started to ran,
Igh warmen r.m after him and *.-,
him hy th?? shoulder Barker turned quickly and
? ? : o itlngli .? blow In the f ice, and
the latter dropped to the ground. The ecc. ml ro ?
??, and, > iclaimlns. with an ....:h, "That
on' " Bred .?? l : ? ? ?? :?. and bi the latter ran
toward ??- door ihre? more shots v.r.? Bred at htm
In rapid -? ? !.?? The noi.t the shooting
arouBed the neighborhood, bul rr? men gol away
Barker wai taken to the hospital with ? bullet
In las back and .. hole through his lunga He win
pro .ably die The police hav.? thus far been unable
to And the slightest trsc? of his assailants.
Oswego, N. v. Ang L? Ann?, the ntnetesn-year?
old daughter of Jasper Brown, of Oswego, while
driving over a railroad crossing .. few miles south
cltj to-day, was struck bj .. passenger train
snd Instantly kill.-l.
Binila, Aug l Usuivi Sil ?- t r : ,,,,?. wnc ,
:? bit? ?t? ? r Lucknon on th? charge of m
- '.? ? ? n Viel iris sn i th? British Oovi rament
?*l ?' meeting ol Mi.netsns called to congratulate
11 ' Sultan on hli >ver .... ? f? ?? i? en
? - ? i" a year*! Imprisonment. Tt;.? rjovern?
offer? i to ac ept Burettes for hla ?.? be.
I furnish them? ?* lm*""le?ll"u nt* bu? *?? eouB nut
"Professor Arion," twenty-eight years old, a
wire ?? rfoimer, while riding a bicycle on a wire
at Wlssel'S Rldgewood Park. Queens County, last
night, fell to the frround and received injuries
from which h-? died a few minutes later. The
unfortunate man fell 7?? feet, ami his fall was
witnessed hy nearly two thousand men. wannen
and children. "Arion" was to have given night?
ly exhihitions for a week. His first perform?
ance was on Saturday night, and was successful.
Yesterday was the annual picnic of the Hessian
Volksfest at the park. At !? o'clock the assem?
blage gathered ahout the grounds in the park
to witness the perihms ride. The wire Is charged
With electricity supplied from the trolley lines.
When "Arion" mounted the wire from a small
platform built about the top of the pol?^ all eyes
were upon him. Small incandes.-ent llKhts w? r>
so air.umed about his clothing and th?- wheel
that they illuminateli as soon as the electrical
. tirrent was touched. "Arion" was to ride 100
yards. Re had gone about a quarter of the
distance when he was seen to topple off the
wheel, and both man and bicycle fell to the
?ground. ? scream went up from the women
and children as they saw "Arion's" descent to
in?, e. J. Hetteshelmer, who was among the
spectators, ran to where the man was lylnn and
did what he could i?> relieve his sufferir.Ks. ?
call was sent to St. Catherine's Hospital, Hrook?
lyn, hut he was dead before It was responded to.
An examination showed that three ribs and the
right h-r;? wer.? broken, and he sustained internal
injuries. "Arion's" riuht name was Frank Dona?
hue, and his home was in Fort Waym?. Ind. He
leave:? a widow and a three-year-old child. Mrs.
Donahue came Plast with her husband, but shn
did not witness the accident.
The (1 rt Ii annual excursion of tho Galw-ay Ken's
Patriotic mil Benevolent Assolatimi starte?! from
c?. r .?. North Hiver, at ? o'clock yesterday after?
noon, for riti ? xciirslon to I'nian Grove, N. J. After
many adversities th?* barges containing ths pi? asure?
aeekera ran sground at Brastlna, Staten Island.
While r> turning from the grove in the evening. The
excursion had not got b.n-k to th? starting point at
an early hair this morning. Just before this accl
!? nt ccurred it la fall that a man who was knocked
over! ?ni in a tight forile?! the nid?l?*r ?f the
ateamer which was towing the bargee, thereby
causing them to run aground, The px?*urslon was
attended by about three thousand awn, women atri
? hlldn n.
The steamer Crystal Stream, th? tug Oenesta
and th?? barges Meyers, Haskett, Codesackte ani
Morton carried the pleasure seekers. Everything
that the Oalway men and their friends could wish
for waa provided for the occasion, including beer,
Whiskey, cigars, musi,- to din.?., hy and rowhoats
in the st?rii o? th.* barges in c.t^o any one should
fall overboard, Th?? rowboats, however, proved
more effective in enabling a number of people to
escape from tbe exeltins scenes which ensued about
two hours after they left Pieri?
Dancing began soon after the dottila reached tho
hay, and th.r.r was a lot of drinking. All went
m-rrily until 3 o'clock, when tha Sottlla ?rent
aground in the mud about a mil?.- south of Elisa?
bethport, x. J. The steamer and her bargee re?
iniiind last In the mud until t> o'clock, when they
.inaili proceeded, thanks to the SoodtMs
At f.'ct) o'clock a number of pickpockets, who
ha?! sneaked ou board, started a Ughi This is lup?
l to I ive been prearranged by the pickpockets,
and they reaped a harvest during the ?-?,-itement
which followed the tight they ??.? ? started. Michael
Forde, vice-president ot th.? sasoclatlon, was one of
rn.? victima He .??-? bis sold watch. He was sitting
with half a dosen friends on one of the barges ait?-r
the excitement -growing on; of the Bght was over,
when, I?? king down, in? discovered nis wat?-h chain
dangling over iris shirt front, ll- exclaimed: "Boys,
my watch ia gone." ili.? frlenda looked m tee
whether their watches wi re safe, but found th? v.
also, ha l been stolen, it was reported hy several
people wh., left the bargea an! were rowed in small
boats to States Island that the excursion promised
to i.e full .if excitement and adventure before its
rei arri ?.? Ili?? city.
Joseph O'Brien was on?? of th?>so who found It
to., warm for him. He war rowed to the Btatcn
Island ?h?re from Eltzabethport with ??v.? others in
tl,?? boat, s.? many of th.? pleasure-seekers beca m ?
disgusted tli.it all ih?? row boa ta were kept busy for
an hour row ?in; persona to '!??? Stntcn Island shore.
.Mr. O'Brien said that when h.? left th.? partj two
crap pames were in ?active operation on th.? harp.?.-.
ll?? also said thai he hoi heard that as many .is
rrlxty watches had been stolen, and a number of
women lost tbelr pocketbooks.
At !" ??'clock the harbor police had not been In?
formed of any disturbance on tr?.? .\cursion. though
by that time, acr-?p???? to thos?? who had returned,
there hid been a number of tights, and many per?
sons had found that their Jewelry and money had
I?. ? ? stolen.
It was r? ?lorted at a late hour that the flotilla had
L'on., ashore, as previously told.
?.?. officer? of the Oalway M> n's Protective an.l
Benevolent Association are: M. C. Flynn, president:
M. .1. Porde, first vice-presidi nt: P. T. White, second
vice-president; .1. P. Ryan, treasurer; T. Plynn,
flnanclal secretary: M. Crougl well, recording s.?cr??
t.irv; William li.,/.?!, corresponding secretary, .md
J. I?'. Kenny, sergeant-at-arms.
CORN CROP ???????????.
Kansas City, Mo., Aug. I.?All Kansas ?City and Its
vicinity sweltered again to-day through the third
? rive ?lav "f over 100 degrees of he.?t. Th??
?dovcrnnunt Bureau report .-hows 1"?'? degrees ani
over from t p. m. until after I this evening, the max?
imum being at 4 o'clock, when i"2 degrees was r??
??'.;?!? ? .\r 7 o'clock this evening th?* reading was
95 degrees.
Throughout Kansas the aame conditions prevailed.
? rep ?rt> as to the cond?;...!?, of the corn crop ar??
gloomy. ll?.! win.is are ;;. aera! throughout the
S ite. and in the south?;:! and western (.arrs. when.
rain baa been needed for many days, farmers are
'.?.-i?.; hope. Severs) local It lei in the southern part
of the i?t.ir.? report that fermera are cuttlns the'.r
? orn in order to preserve it for fodder.
Cleveland, AuRtist l. -Fourteen bicycle riders and
six bystanders were mor.? or less seriously injured
yeeterday afternoon at the bicycle n.ccH at Scenic
Park. N ?ne of the injuries resulted fatally, but
on.? of the ?pc?tator<i of the race, Kdwar.l Thomp
son, Was In in un-otisclous condition for s.v. ral
hour?", and. it was feared, sustained serious iiit.-r
nal injuries, whli.* Charles A, Callaghan, one ? (
th?? rid? r?.. received nn ugly ?ut on Ins head, which
extended from his right eye to Ins ear. ll? .
denvored to llnlah the ?a-??? in which th?? accident
took place, tut fell from his wheel unconscious be
fore he ? >?i goi ?? more than ;. hundred yards
two accidents were the direct result of an over?
crowded racetrack. They occurred in a flve-mllo
handicap, in which there were forty-two entries
Ta.? t tilowlng ar.? thos.? Injured:
EDWARD THOMPSON, Internal Injuries sad bruii?*?
.,.??? ? and r:?????*.
CHARLEA ?. CALLAOHAX, tal ?-it -*xt?n.i.???- tram
?? ,.ir.
y. \ MOROSA, Detroit, br?i?,??* ?bout l.-?w?r limbs.
\ ito?lSHAW, righi ?mn badly Injursd.
u G IIOMISHAW, badly bruised at?..at the bands ar.l
i: .1 ??????,? rrcl.t mm bniiSM mil cut.
??????8 n.:i i'i?i?N. ipralned auk.?? ?ml braised ?-h?mi
,??????' 1IIIsI/<. thumb CTUSlMd.
? WOOD, I'ulnfiil brutees ??????? |..?ver limb? ?n.l teco
1 idi) tersi ! ? a
HARRT H? WOODS, bruises ?? backend ??t->????G?.
)??' ?, ? i.WI.r.S. h 11? dlsl?x*atcd an.l berti y brills*? I.
|- \\ SKINNER, ! ,i,i bruisti ? lower limbs.
U1I.I.1AM UXTCWOOD, ?pralncl l.r?.-?? tad brulici
nl.nui head nn?l far.?.
j<?ii\- NEEtiT, i?k" aad enne bmlssd and torn badly
in addition to ih?*?-?*, several bystanders Who W?*rc
mixe?i ?u? m ih?? accident sustained painful inju?
ries, but ?.ft the park soon after ih?? accident
occurred, refusing t<> ulve m.-ir naasea
- e?
Columbia, I, ?'., Aug. L?Yesterday afternoon H.
B. Owens, ? ?r man <?' "The State" newspaper of
th s etty, mei ?'.th ? fearful a. -lient In the sagino
room from th.? effects of wni?*h he iii?*d to-day. He
u is slipping ?? i"inii> belt on when his fe?*t flew
I fi-jtn under him. and be fell headfirst into the Uve
foot flywheel of the engin?*- Min arm end head went
through und were crusned. His n*ck was dielo
1 cated ?
TBg <;.<???.nos OM which thi; ??.?.\???*??p?t 13
? ?? SED. AM) THK "sTfOsTfl Wilt? ? HAVE
?EEN ???)?; T. I SKTTf.K IT.
[BT ???,? iRAPII T<* Tit?: TPIlir SB ]
Washington, Aug. 1. -MttcD tmtvtai ? ?,f lrleif
nppears to exist concerning the nature of the
Alaska h.iuntiary contention bet-a-**?** t.ie
United States an.i Oreat Britain, Which has surl
ienly ssstimed greater importan,.? than eves m
th*? public eeUma?on on account of the rn h goM
dlscoveries aad davetofMneats In th- rtskoti
basin, ??? i.oun.iary dlaptHsa iMtween the
United states and Great Britain .?? ?a to i>e ba
tormlnahle. Disput, s of that sort v. hi? h ar se
fron, tlu treaty ,lf I7S;, aro s(j|, :iri>^.itl,.?
despite th.- riegotiatioaa aad provisions of the
Treaty of Oh-nt ir, IMI ami the Weostcr-Ash
bnrton Treaty of VSA2, hoth of which wer. in
large part dealgned ?-?early t.. define the b unda
rie? of the resptetiv? countries. SS vil ?f at
leaat s haif-dosen ether treaties and Conven?
tions and as many international rrtnnilasrtoaal
Accortllng t?. the annual M asag of Prssfidatat
Cleveland for lflBS, ?the >?tnnr>iask>nars ap
pointed to mark the Int-rnati .nal lM,un?lary In
Passantaiiuoddy Bay, according to th.? Isstifp
tl m of UM Treaty of ?rient, have no: y.-t fully
agreed'*; ami la the -aune Message attetsttosj wia
eai:. ? to "the unsatisfactory delimitation of the
respective Juri.sdlcti.ms of tho Platted Btate? an?!
the Dominion of Cana.ia In the Great Lakes at
the approaches to th?? narrow aratsre .?.liiert <?on
nect them," an.i "a Joint commission to d*?~
termlne the line" aras declare?! to be "a ??.?? s
Sity for which Immerliate provision alt?III hflJ
made." And yet most persons had su ? [? ?sed.
that th?s?? Inundarles, which had heon pre
scrlhed by the Treaty of ??hent. an.i marked and
deaerfbed l?y th?r commiasl'jners under that
treaty more, than seventy years a>*o, were ?stab
lishad for all time to com", or at least until auch.
time as all Cana.ia sh*-juld beeosne a portion of
the United States.
In view of thes? and other historical farta
which might be cited, it would not he surprisinar
if th?? Alaska boandary controvetay shotdd stm
remain unsettled In the evening of the twentieth.
! century. It is well, however, for this t,eneratioa
to obtain a correct Idea ? f the grounds of th?? con?
troversy. One, and that which offers the ureat
? st ?iitficulties, relates to that portion of th*
boundary lin?; which follows the . ,nt?uir of the
coast from the soutbernxnoat point of P:--:nee off
Wales Island until it strikes th- 111st meridian
Of longitude at or near the summit of Mount St,
Elias; the other relates to the physical location,
of the 141st meridian, which forms the ? ,ist-?i*a
boundary of Alaska from Mount St. Elias north?
wardly to th?? Arctic Ocean. It hi the latt.-r p?.r
tlon of th?? boundary which e**OSS*ea th?? f-oli
fields of the Yukon basin. In his nnnual III isagt?,
dated ?.ember -, l ***?.?."".. the President dwelt
on the importance of having this portion of th?
boundary ????(1???<1 and marked as soon as prac?
ticable. Atnotu* other things h?? said:
Th?? ascertainment of ? giren meridian at a *,ar
tieular point ii ? work requiring much tin:?? and
careful observations and surveys. Buch obsen ??
tlons and surveys were undertaken by the t"nir>.l
st.it?.s Coast and Qsodctlc Survey In i*">' and
while similar work In the same ?imrt. r under Bi *
ish auspices la believed to five nearly cotn
resulti?; iiut the surveys hav? bern in.len.nu?-iitly
conducted. nn?l no lr,'? mat lona I agreement to ruA.'k
those or ?my other parts of th? n'.-t meridian ? y
permanent mununur.t- baa yet ;??*? made, la
th<; mean time, the Valley of tbe Yukon la becom?
ing a highway through th?? hitherto unexplored
wilds .r Alaska, ami abundant mie? m wealth baa
?..?, ? discovered In th-?t region, > ;? rlallj r
near the Junction of the boundary meridian w!?*?,
th?? Yukon ar.il its tributaries. In these rlrcum?
stances it is expedient, and, Indeed, Imperative,
that the Jurlidlctlonal limits ?>f the ? ? >t ? ? * ?.. prov.
ernments in this new region be speedily deter?
mined. Her Britannic Majesty's Oovernment ? is
proposed a Joint delimitation of the Hist meridian
by an International commission of experta which.
If Congress will authorise it and m.ik?? doe pro.
vision :h.r> for, can be accomplished with no un?
p as. nable delay,
Congress did not hesitate to provide tho
money required, a joint "r?solution sn?B**?>priatlng
$75,000 for this object having passed both
houses and been approved ?n February 20, ISBS?
When this resolution -?.is pending in the House
of Representatives Mr. Pltney, <?? New-Jersey,
then and now ;i member of the Appropriations
Committee, delivered a speech In which he
clearly set forth and explained the grotsjsda ?>f
th?? Alaska boundary controversy, and showed
what had already been done. In relation to the
southeastern boundary (between I'rtnce of
Wales Island and Mount Bt Klias) Mr. Pitney,
among other things, said :
On th?? Canadian sida of the Question two .-?alma
are made. In the first place, they claim that, wiill??
there is no range of mountains distant ten marina
leagues ?'???:p it?? .-..jst or thereabout* ther?? is a
range of mount tins very near to th* coast of tho
mainland, and that ?he line should tie run in* r?j
near the coast, which would have in British terri?
tory ?? large part <>f Taku Inlet and .:. Un,"? [iart of
I.mu? ?'anal, two ureal estuaries which extend Into
the Interior, fata would bring the British posesa
? - down v? i> close to tbe ocean, and at the
same tim?? the American territory of Alaska would
bi dismembered, and it would t??? impossible for us
to pre?.?..! b) land from <>t;? part of that territory
to th?? other without th?? consent of th?? (?rlr.-ii au?
thorities. Moreover, th?? Hritish rjovernment could
ibllsh foniti.-?tl.?t..s upon tidewater, could run
?si.tr.nsn ??? ? ill. .? ? ???,.?* ?? ,.?,t? p??.,??.???,?, ivwiu *i*u m
branch ot the Canadian Parine Railway t.. Taku
[niel or to Lynn ?'anal, ami could thus control
those two (rreat entrances Into the Interior of t!?.??
country. The s.-.-.m.! claim on the part of th>? <-a
>, * 1 . ..... . L. .... ......... ?.. . .,,. -? .... ll.,.?
claim won!.I 1??? to throw the
waterways into Urittsn hands. ?
Mr. Pitney further ex|.lalne?l that '*th?? Joint
or coincident topographical survey" of this
part Of the boundary? Under th?? convention of
18T2 between the I'nited States and ?".reat Hrit
ain. had I.? complet.'l at?. 1 I r.-p?irt slgn.'d by
the commissioners on December U, ?SBB, but
that th?? tnapa bad not ??????:! engraved and the
matter was not in s condition t?.? !>?? ?????! befo**?
Congress. Mr. ?Pitney then went <?? ??> discussi
that phase of the question which fi?tes to tie
boundary north of Monte Bt BUM, Aniotig
other things he said.
nd great question between the British
authoril ea on the on? ilda and the Oovernment and
...'?,.?,?.? of the United Btates on the other relates to
th( true locati ? upon t."..? surface of the larth of
the Hl?t meridian of west longitude, and tt is to
this branch ol the lubj ? that thla present resolu?
tion iutii.lv relates. In regard t.? that inert.Han
.*.?? ,,; tha treaty.
made observations. Al one polnl at the crosalag
??f "fort) Mils t'r.ek the two surveys ara only
.u ?ut ??? feet apart; In another place at the ruhen
River thev are ,;l? feel apart. The meridian his
been ? eated with thla approximate l Kt???? ot ecco?
racy upon the principal water-couraei ?-??ic.-i f?>rm
the blghwsyi by m sna of m itch rainent and other
Immigrants enter the country.
It is very lealrable, In the .?pinion ??.' the Depart?
ment of Btate, in the opinion of the Beaste, whl-h
bas paassd this |owl resolution, miin the optnlen
of the Committee on Appropriations, which ha* r??
ihat this survey should lie
?? ?uun <?n in.? ??,,..*.,?.-? ,-".-, ?- ?.?
?-???tain?.1 l>v astronomical survey and monuments
sreoted upon tho ground, those points may be con?
nected hy Unes run by tee ordinary method? of tri

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