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The summer girl? si Waretown, N. J., ar?? ?pending Ihelr days In doing some thoroughl) cred
/??ble ???????t. They a bao know how i<? manng? ?' boat, l?ui wllh ,?ll their great knowledg? s"in>
of them hn?l dreadful experiences in halting their hooks with live worm- The worms ?rill wrlggl?
snd look unhapp) when they ar.? being fitted on a hook. But the ?ill* have conquered theli feel
Ing? even in that respect, and tishioc is the spo rl par excellence ai Waretown
Tl??* French say thai ll is In h?r underwear ihat
the innate "coquetterie" (a word, by the way,
?hirh expresse? a quality quite different from our
coarser frm. "rcauettlehnen") of? woman nhowa
itself, and ihai ihe true elegance of h? r nature .????
the refinement of her taste an therein displayed fai
?tore than in the outaid? show of lira gowns. < >n??
of th? mo?i| noli?. ' iture? In an up-to-date
trousseau is it? comparative simplicity?thai Is "?
?ay, th?* number of inder? rmentt worn Ht one
tim?? I* far ;<?*.* I)...?, t?.: n.? rly,
The aim of a fashionable mondaine i* t? reduce
the quantity ro a* to In umb? r is little as ?
both ber ligure and h? r movement? ?inother rea?
son f..r f.-w-r garment?? Is lhal .. woman who Is
reali; chic .loci noi can lo Incun ? hei ell with
qua ? tit les of duplicati - which In a couple of yea?
will b?*r-om?? old ! -. ll seems altogel
that th?? good, ??-fashloned trousseaus of former
days, with dosen? upon daten!? ?? everything, have
become definitely things of the past, A moilern
trousseau has sbcul ino dosen of each article,
thrro or four silk skirts, two or three "sauts de
lit??," a woo en dn ?sing gown, ? s!k dn ?? ?
gr.wn (these two latter bring quite distinct ir.?m
the teagown?, which com? under th?* categor) ol
toilettes), four dosen handkerchief? for dal!) us?
??? a (iozi-Ti for full dresa. These comprise al th??
essentials in linen for a trousseau, althoug
course, other thing? muy be added. Chemises,
whirr, at one time ?eemed to promise to become ?>o
?oietr. hav?? ?gain come :.?.?? fashion, but thej ?re
sdj'jsted to ih? Sgure, snd sre often mad? wllh sn
0Vf,rhan!2in? poinl front end baci which cover??
'he ?or????: and serve? In lieu of .1 rorset. ove?.
?hile u?? bo:tora ol th? ? h< ml. ? ??- ruffled, snd a? 1*
M ? short ;i<irt Where lh? coraet-cover? sre sep
ertttr, they ,1,, not reach to lh? watot, but ar?? ilk??
tight-??p?,?t boleros, or i?r? ti??i Ilk? .? ?nugly ??p???
V-shaped tl? ?m, in a knot Ju?t beton? the i.u-t
The lT4w?n of Un pressai ?tel ?r? ne longer the
awkward and ugly pantalettes or trousers, encasing
each leg to below the knee. They ar.? now made
?o short and full that the) are more hk?? skin* In
appearance, and therefore much inure graceful,
One of the nea'es? Ideas In this line ar? the aceor
dlon-plenled drawer?, which render the dividing
line quite Indistinguishable The \v..rk on the
lingerie of the period is of the finest luce, let Into
Ihe material In the way of Insertion bands or ?
design, combined with hand embroidery, tiny little
ui.-ks nrnl shirring, ano all sorts of fairylike handi?
work. Nothing Is too elaborate tir too costly foi
modern undera ? ? :
Her? - th? description of a newly Imported gown
would be charming for early autumn: The
material Is .. moss-green taffeta. The skirl ?ia*
?. ? email tucks around the hotton* snd eight more
half-way between the walsl and hem, giving the
appearance of an oversklrt; th?? upper pi ri <.f lh?
hlousi bodic; is entirely covered with small h?>ri
/?>:ii.il tuck.??, and over this, ? ut in ?? low V m the
neck. Is a sleeveless bolero of white cloth, rlahor.
iti | embroidered with .1 Persian design In rolored
-. h this Is cut up m an Inverted V. At the
walsl hack and front the sleeven are of 111? green
-ilk and have groups ol small tucks .it ii.itrvuls
fi ?.th t he si 11 Ieri lo Ih? wrist.
Another recently made gown of great "chic" I? of
black grenadin? made uji over black taffeta, with
;? -..ii of overvestmeni of white guipure, made ovei
colored *ilk. whl. h b open In front, hoth on
. lice and on thi i?klrt, the latter consl ling of
labs from ti;.? hips which are separated from each
(her about a foot, ?ho? ini ih? f ?Ids of in? black
grenudii.tween This garment is belted in at
; he wa ? : Tl ? fronl ol I he -kin nnd also I h<
bodice Is a transparent?! ??!' black grenadin? over
white muslin, th? sides of the guipiir? be.ng ????1??
? ._? 1er with gathered strips of the grenadine,
each drawn I ope thei In Ihe centre with folds oi
the grenadine ? rming lh? n-mblance .,f a bow
1 , ? ??\?< s are of th? black gr?nudine, made with?
out lining, gathered horizontal!} and llaht, an?l
? . ? rom top '" bottom "Joi k? ys" ... w hite
Kill pu re < ? : the sho dder A pretty ? mpleci
ment." to freshen up th? 1.y of an old g wn. Is a
au pur? yok? ?rl I? h comes down 10 p polii ! t?? the
l hack ind front with"! k ? ys" from the ?ame
i?, ce ovei : 11? - houldi ?*. .11 eiljn .1 with a tiny
doubled ruffle of black chlff ?, ???? ? with ? colored
taffeta collar and bell Th? effeel of this arrange?
ment i* r< illy >?.:?'? mely pr? Ity.
(Hit Ml Mill) SEIGHHOHS.
"I hav?? l ?ng w 1-ii? d, ' ?aid Fran ? * ? WH' ml
yesterday, "thnt Misi Kl'a Gllberi Ives, who, with
f?r. Louise ''. Purington, conducts Ihe Bnuwmut
s h?.??I for Hills, p, Dorchester, Mass., might >?????
her w.'v cl? p to po to other schoo's seminaries
ind colleges foi women nnd give ihe results of her
' rd studi? ?. M: s 1.. - has airead) ?.me ?
well-known writer on 1 ?? subject, being ;? bom
child "i the outdoors.' Bhe look up the study nt
firs! m .?? 1? Tea tlon fn?m h? r remarkaldy *.ks
ful work as a iea?-her, which provts lhat it wis
done from love, as everything musi be thai i
wot: h doing: sh?? 1*? a ?? ????! as well .,- a student, an.l
her articles combine both qualities,
"Miss Iv- i- an authorltj on the nubji t of 0111
1 nelKhbors, and fen experiences would br
hk? h ??? tell more favorabl) in the character ?.f
???????? tii n t.. be attracted bj her ran
exampl? and persuasive teachings Into the nature
indies thai Bhe has found ai once so fascinating
unii ? h? Ipful.
l notice thai our bird talkers ar?? finding a con
? ?.?. imen's coll? ??? -. .??, .i nr Miss 11 ?? ?
ng ? hit. no;, ?n woman, 1 he t.. Iks
Ives mi^ln ?.'.?:! b? utilized lo win Ihe .it
? ho are noi v. nl to < ompany
??ith ?- The subject of bird study Is becoming
?.. :i, :? 1 ? Ming '?. Intelllgeiil women ever} year,
and we have not enough expa-rts to -; ? irouuil
? ? ? it seems 10 m?? an a. I oi pub I?' beneficence
!.. bring th? merits of this scholar!) bui m desi
woman to the notice of a larger ?"Ircle than has .?*
yet enjoyed hearing her words <>f gentle wisdom
"!?r. Purington, who waa 11 schoolmat. ol Mi??*
I\<- at Mo it : Holyoke, and her Iif? : ng friend and
associate, appreciates Ihe bearing ot hei work
.??. adjunct to the ?.? . rtmeni ?.f health outdooi
m lem 1 lielni Ih? lef orn? 1 t? ne In - he docioi 's
level-headed wa; ? ' ' hlnkl
LI\ l\t; t,\ RONES IM) 1 RI STS.
"i?? tur ?urn ? ????.????*? mismos
?*, i'i? summer advances the . i -. :. 1 r - com
with ih?? vai ? u . rtlldren's charities are finding
many rases oi extreme destitution among th?
.??. ? of the poor. The Sick ? 'hlldn n's Mis?
' - ' hlldn p - Aid Bo. lety, which h is given
attention this season ;?> the congested quarter? ?.:
the .'?.' ? Bid? nelow Fourtcenth-M., has ills ov.1
?om? ; 1? cases ol suffi ? Ing foi wan? ? :' in? di?
esi ? are and 1.1. Kver) ? ? ;?? rl? 11 ed ??ra. tl?..:
?rorkei knows tho.addesi cuses of destitution
sre lildd? ?1 .??a.??, h.?, ,,,,. ?, M, ,,,,
where th? ?roi lh) pool shrink In sll? p uff? rlnf
?r?.m i? . publl : . H n would brini |.rompi ha Its
ble rcll? f
Vesti rdaj one of the vlaltlng phj slclai of Ih?
Blck Children's Mission dl overed .. ?.1-.? ul ?
? ?ture In an utile room In .Miai,,, -si ?here .1
mother and iw<? chlldr? : ??.. ,. ,?; ?he ? ili :
of larvatlon ri poor mother wat un.n.l?? t..
w.?ik. and It *.?- found thai the union
. rea ture? ?:... actual!) been subsisting on
and 1 iet? whl the ? . ?
bad pi? ked from garbage cans und .. ne'lgl ????
rh? ??source? ,,: ??,, ml
m my ? - ??' ???' ' laracier are exh lusted ind
managers 1 arm sll) ?ipp?j| 1 . ? ?? mall, ,,,.
d \t charll amoni he mountain ml ,
10 si nd gli of m ? ? <'. I.. Brae? ihe f h
ilren's Aid Soci??! ?? loi ;., ? rweniy ?...n.l-.-:.
.,. , Oeorge < uldti superln ? rident, No '*
Hroadwa) ' h< ks houl?! he drawn to tin-order of
\ H H? ????' I tre:isur? ?. ..t ?| :?.,,!,, ? .,?,, s? ..
Children's Ml slon
n now teem* probeble thai tn? Board oi Educa?
tion ?will fsvoi th? ?uggeatlon of n? s,,,., ? pHrKn
.? ? Commit!.1.1.???? ?? ... in, 1, It, r ,,, j ?
mi, to the H...II.? that the playgrounds of lb? pui
?,, KchooU ?- need i?r publl?? playgrounds Prest
,1,.,? ? ubiseli is an ""'???' champion ol the pi.?,,,.
.,,,,1 man other? ol im ?eosro uro known iu be in
fa?, or of it.
0~oD CnrccL
I?I*-.'? mu ??P ? ?a?, art?, ?s ??0?/?'^
e*?,?. t o?<
,?, ?or Civee? ?o? /W/ -*(.<*????
p?m it on
Uf t .r re???'. ??>?? *"? /'?*?!)
? r? t wti ?"o"???". rea??)
^????j '.? ?%?*?>??H*et**mff,mr^
I WOUld like to SSk If there I? any ?me still U**Oa
your li?t who would Ilk? once a a? ?? l> Um Woman ?
Page snd th? Bunday ?upplemen! of Th? Tribune
???nt to her, Th-y contain too mucl ?*.? reading
to be consigned lo the waste-paper basket, and se
? should Ilk? to corn oui oui motto, p??? 'hem
on. I airead) mall Sve periodical? regulsrl) ia
tho?. ?. .? favored with reading mattei than my?
self; one through our society to Evans, ? ol . boo
Ihe oth.r? t.. viiilon? ? lergymen ?? the South.
I thank Th.? Tribun, foi helplrig me to both hi?"
?nd recelvi sunshine. Trulv yours. ?. , ...
Mrs. ? ?' '
Mr? t .! t Plea.nd Ihe Only ?Vernane
Page? i.. Mis? Nettti Bartlett, Montague, Mas?.
THK ?G?8???? EMBLEM.
Presiden I General ol ihe ? B s Beveral mem?
ber? of Ihe t ?. ? have sent f??: scimene
of the coreepsls, end Ii bus given me (treat pleas?
?tr? to r-?n<i Ihem th? flowers, Will you kindly
?tate in the Sunshine column thai if ;'"'? ethers
wish "our emblem" ? will be most happy te arad
It. if th.y will ?.ml ?tump? for Ihe postage.
Ii Is .urti.-uh io p.-ok flowers lo go bj muh In
this weather, for they lose their freshness. How?
ever, ihey s.. revive when pul In water.
nur plant? .???> m to be proud of ihelr honor and
distinction, for Ihe? have begun !?? bloom ?gam.
Most slncerel) vours.
Mrs. l.ullSK C. NORTON.
Hlghtstown, Rtrs P. O., N. J.
1.?.!?.? Moody senda the following ata?as?:
? Bj ? P. Van Alstyn? ?
He . rles, "How oft. p ye forget!"
ll? aland? wllh outstretched hai
T.. ink.? ? lu? burden? ? hai > ?? bear,
If ye wa.u'.i until ? ?tnlul.'
Oh, blind: look on lhal waiting hand!
<>h, lak.? the proffered love,
wjhlch onlj walla to sn.lh ihe path
lllm abo?.?*!
Thal lea?)?
follow Ing versi*? ..r ? ?en! by foul?
Ol u ?IiUY.
iBy Un K Alice Bradlej In the Christian l.eader.1
l.if; me up MM ? see the dalai? ?
HI..-sommi: while on the quiel lull?:
All the summ. . ?? tilled with ?unshine.
All the air with bird-notes thrills:
'?. .uh the ?hadowa ihe pure, white lille*
Lift from lh. ?rater? .? ipa of ?now;
? ? er Ih? rock? n? allver -h.it11.
The dun. Ing brook cast? 10 and fro.
I.i! ' lire up till I w ,'. h ; h. shadow?
t'hase the liu-lu oVr the ??..????'? ?.?. i.I?-'
Sofi. m.i.v miai.? ur.? settling -low',?.
Down .m lie upward turning lute
? m nid ii? o - he wind'? uiiai musli*.
I would i > . th? ?..It ?? a spray
???? I!..? fi ver am brov and ? ...lid.
Ih. I go ir m : hem ill away.
Wondroua awe-el ?,- lh. glowing ?ami..??.
Raindrop'? -I'uikl?? and aunbeam'? klr?!
t?h! will ihe llf. b. ?.?.,!?? be mr?i 1er
Than the summer?? I knew in ? his?
Lift m?? m. for a moment loi ??? ?
c..??.v, ?ili.?, beside the burn!
You will coin, with another nprlng-llme
I ?hall ?? ? ? t again ? ? turn.
11 p?
??- ?, ? he nlghl I* , omlng '
l. .nt ere Hi ? morrow hid? you ?rake,
1 ?hall see, o'ei I he wooded hlll-lon .
Dawn of an edles? mnrnim: break
Oh! there ahli.'er the misty water?
. '.u. s of u ii y pr. ? ned wllh Ughi '
Softly echo??? th? vole? ..f ?Inalns
Goodby, Summer! noodby. Oood night!
i?:v Ma belle I' Clapp In Ihe Chrlatlan I.eadci ?
I'lu-re ,ir. no lives unfinished, Incomplete,
flod ui?-s ?. ?. ? ? ? man it birth som. work to do,
Some pr.?? ion? ??one of ?frange, prismatic hu??
To carve and polish, till it ?hall be m.?, t
To place within HI? (empie, still and awrel
lit. thai I.. .|op. the ?oui may not pass thi
The dooi in grander world?, to ilm more true,
To wider llfi with love'? sweet joy? replcl
And if ihe working lime l>?? short, und ? in
Wiih li? dear human ties !..? hard in !? ? ??
li, are lhal ' !.??!. Whose though! hath given Ihee
?Itili hold? for thee ihe heal thou ranal receive;
.:?? ?un the ?onl In passing through lhal dooi
Though losing much, nain? Infinitely more,
\ "shut-In" for years ?end? the following re p?
fura dainty fruii dish, which her sister make.? for
Ih? Ini ..ird'? . njoyment:
T'k?? ripe bananas, ?lice Mum thin imo a glaa?
(Hah and cover with whipped cream lhal ha? been
?w??. teni ? to taste and flavor? d.
Will the aender of Ihe above recipe pli i?e ?end
name and address thai a bad?:.? maybe forwarded?
1 President-General or the T. B, s : May t loin your
bright circle and help to scatter the sunshine In
some darkened life? I am noi s "shut-In." M)
Father ha? been pleased to give me health .ind
.?!? tini? far, bul my thought? often ga ul
.,, those e ?. have noi lho?e cr .? l?le??lnga to en?
joy II tamp and poem, whi.-li I trust will
l, : m?? In a? :i m?'tnl?er. The poem has brought
ini.ii c.imfon ri ? ?. -r 11:11 ? ? Into my life, and I
ti imi it ma) no lu Ili? name *> many others.
\???. ?INTMKNT
He perform? h Ihe thing turn I? appointed foi me
Job xxlli. 11.
Thou haul u;u. uu'-l his .inda thit !??? eannol
pa?? Job ?? '
"I n- ippolni m nt, 111? appointment."
. ' hi?:.? (??? lei :? I . i -1 - - r ? I .
???.n ? lie the ir! Ing ??! my pui po-.>
l? ?*,,, ?? belter ?? ml ?.? for me
Hla up;.our m. ni mil ? r .? hit ?sing,
Though ll maj .me In dlsgtil ?
l'or :.il : ? um ? '.,? beginning,
11 j ..-n to II ? ?\ .-..ni II???.
?? >i ippoli im< nt, HI? appolntmi ni "
\\ h .-. ? T u Loi G-. ?? uo I il e? m?- ????'.
? ??.?? r-;.iti i? un u know ? m?? 1 ulh .
Who my fallii and love ?oui,? t??-?
I ',.?. like loi ?ni-:, .a ri hl? parent,
II.? ?.?,..!????? rtli.-ri II? know?
Thal lb? child accept? uit.|uentloned,
All lhal fi ?.ni ? ii? wi-.io.ui flow?
"Disappointment, in- appointment."
\ . ?oo ? ?????? will II?? with . I l "
Prom denial? >?M ??? gather
?*?.?.?- n ? of HI? I..?.? untold.
Well. He kn..?.?.- ? ich broken puri.?
!.. ...!? t ? full. i. .!.???!.. r tri?-l.
Ami ? ??? end of all ll?? dealing?
Pro) ??.- our ( lot] i- wise an I lu-t.
"!>:??.???..lutin, u?. iti- appointment,"
?,.? ?. ? take ?? ? lien u su?'
I.Ike I '?? ? lu , ..' lv. Ii.I o :. ill? r.
Ylel lint v. .1 i.. Tin ? uivli:
AH m.? life'?? plan .- Thy moulding,
Not on? . Ingle . hol .? i"? mine.
!.? ? me nn?s? ?. min pining.
Pathei S.? will, bul Thine "
IL l. I,. In "The Watchword "
? . in D ... i:i.i/\ ? ????. Sail Point, ?. ?
President-General of the ? .-' s Although In good
health my ?elf, l un- ora. il ?ally a "shut-In" In car?
ing for a ?shut-iii" for over ? >. ur I never fulled
to And comfort In the Sunshine column; ther.? sl
\? ? ?..m? .1 ?., be
* " ???? ? -. ? ,11 .... ...IJI-llliil . .',.,, ,111, ,,,? ,, ...
N? IJ.in?.I lo be ?omethin? II. ll suited to mj
and I looked e iE< rly ? .r It every da) Th?
\.i???? I have Raved, and rounl ihem ???.???? mj
?;?...;???: I rea ?lire? In. I. -..| um Mill tlnd a little
?election Which I thoughI mU'ht be a comfori to
?..nie ..t ihe muH. t i t. -. ? ?iKier?. I do noi know by
??'vun :? e STlllen noi where ll i? fiuin. It was
???m io u friend and ;???-.?.? on to mr I am ?o In
? ? ed In the Sunshine Boole!? I would like to be?
come u member I am ?ur?? it i? doing ? grand
work Voiii- imi?. Ml?? KATK I? ? INC.
So, ? ?-, irl-sl . Pat? mon N. J,
Ml?? ? .??? ?. King s.-ii.i a ?tamp for n T. R s
pin Your .rum. ha? been enrolled. Votir eonlribu
iron ? ? *.??? lb ni li wa? ?? nl In b) s T H. S. m? m
b.r lr.-l week Voi- copi ??? |?? "?:.??,,| on."
/// /,' FACE lo BE li ?SHED.
The c.;.i.-- of ?..), rty, who f..r eleven year?
ha? I--I. ?? ' omina e.nun foreigner? lo Ihe
?/rea! Nei Woi il l- lo hsv. her nob'e face p??.?
mu????'!. hrO'IX. (?own ?.un.ob ?rubbed aio "done
up." Sr . vu- ?.? -?. queening II a? it??.!...? - Island
for l<v 11 ? ?.? v.. i,i \ ? .p? mil ? in,? and Ihe ?? ?? u
fu wa ? iki-n nib ??; liberties with he? and
. . ? h?? Codile?? .,? i.i?.. ??. herself! Al an) rate
?he I? to Im ?? *h? il with -? ap nnd \? ilei si .1
? IiIm-i! with u l?ls bath brush al in earl* date,
R ??
II uMI ? "/?'" /.'/?'> IT I HORSE
Mi-- i.om.i Kiiioii of Danforth, .\'. waa It?
drivel ..f Ihe win.luv hors? al ih. reren! horse
? ,.?.? In l'ill-tbld. in Which .ill tiie drivers wer.?
women The women ?a.Ilvlded skin?, ami a???
... . ? ...i.^.i-.m .... .... ......?,?.??
..' ' I :o IU-? ''. '
moni . redltably.
I her
/ I.i II PI COI /.'*-/ I V.Vfll M III
M. - Melu Ina ? ?? IVIrce haa announce
programme ol afternoon ???? ? ires f.,r the .
..-u? ? ' In? lud? ? 'm? ?epa ral.ir?ei
yh nlng In Janu irj. s - f.. ou -
? u "Honra ?Viti ih? American Idealista" Kd
,.,? tillan Poe, Nathaniel II. ?tborne, Ralph Waldo
[.?,.? ? ,.?
mi H : ? Wllh Ihe (?ie,,. ? trema lista'1
??,, ik< ? i-'ui. Itisi ?
? bird Houi- u Uh ll . Pumre" Ideal or co
.>.".?? housekeeping, Ideal New-Tork, Ihe Ideal?
,.f un ?...?.l'a l'i?.'?? ?
The "hours" will be held r.? No 11 tVesl Thirty?
?? ??--:. on Wedneaday and Thursday afternoons at
1 o'clock
Mr? Petrci r. f. r- b) permission to ti.?? r?v l?r
Arthur Brook? ? F Chandler, Abram s Hewitt
\y |. How? i- n..? Re? In wi Ham lt. Hunting?
ton and ? he Rev, L-r Bdward Judton.
OIVKf BOMB ?????????a
QOOD lll.??"MIN?; l-t.ANTS.
Miss r II. I.lppliii-ott, of Minnesota, the pioneer
sen! woman of Amerba. has Issu???! an Interesting
little pamphlet on "Fiorai ?Cultura" for the beneflt
of hei patrons. T'u?? book ?Iocs not pretend to be
scientific, DUI give? Just th? Information the iitna
leur needs, In ? simpa? and comprehensible form.
Regarding the window garden sh?? says:
it |? bad policy, especially for beginners, to
sturi wllh 100 birg" ? ???11"!???. H.'gin With
eastlj grown plants, ?nd pro?.?I to mor?? tnstldiou?
? i?s i.y degi ?? s. p is ., asletake to crowd the
?pace for plant? unduly, l.?-i each speclnwn stami
nearly or Quite cleer from all others, even If it be
st the rosi of throwing out sonn- plants. Half a
dosen fin??, vigorous, uncrowiled plants ar?? much
mor?? ?atlafactorj than Ihre? tim.-s as many
crowded and, sa a consequence, Ill-shaped and un?
health) ones.
"Too miii-h ?1res? I* generally laid upon the im
portance of suitable ?oil; snd amateur? sometimes
become dtseourgged ?l Ihe thought of ohtslnlng
the certain kind of ?and, the leaf mould, Ihe loamy
s<,ii ..r the clay The real troth of the matter I?
that any good, fertile garden soil, thai will gl*OW
plant? outside, wl ' be nulle a* good f.?r win.low
L rden culture The addition of >i little send or
leaf mould, if ll een lie obtained, or <>f street ?weep?
ings for those who live In the city, or anything
that will mak?? ihe ?oil Ughi ?nd porou?, I? de?
?irab?? for potting Ihe young plants with t?snder
"Plant? grown In the house are besi ?*"P' I? R?0(l
thane i?> pinching the end buds of those ?hoot?
thst gro? too rigorously, This (?much ?better than
allowing .1 fen ?hoots to grow until the) need ?up
port, snd then cutting them hack.
? In taking up plant? from the garden for lions??
. ulttire, i: l-? liest to cut back at leaal one-half, snd,
after polling In good ?oil, water el once, end pul In
? ? ?.??I. shad? I place, ,
??Amateurs .?- u rule, repot too often, and keep
?heir pin n ta lu too terge pots H is ot no use to
?xlve a plant fresh -<>il l.? for.? its roots hai? pretty
well occupied the .?l?l Ther? Is a proper tlm?? ;?> re?
pot nnd lhal is wh.n the ball of e.-irih is well sur?
rounded by root?, .? ?tat? that can he determined by
tipping th.? pi ml out of ihe pot.
"Another point ??? ?be rememhered ? that if large
flower-pot? are used there will be more leave? than
flowers, Often pants hav refuseil to h.ossom
simply ?.??, aus??, hr.ving no much ?pece, Ihelr ener
.;,.... \V..[?. bent ' pon forming rootlets and leev?
? it is essential te give the plants abundance of
air but caution ? required In s,, ?loin?.:. A draught
,. cold air ? houli! n? ver be nllowed to blow directly
?. the plants: Ihi wan.low should be lowered from
the iop for .. few moment? delly, link*?? the wind
I...W-. strongly from the direction In which the win?
dow is located.
"The amount of heal required by Ihe ordinary
c?as* of plants In ihe windows ?- sometimes a
source ..f great anxiety to the amateur, My ex?
perience has been thai ihe a mou ? ? ..f heat ma., be
govern? I b) n,.? .-ff.?. ? upon ourselves; for example.
If we ar.mfortable in a temperature ?.( from
?SI to 70' during Ihe ?lay and*?? lo 6) ?:? night, the
?ame ?,.?:.t will la? just righi for our plant?.
Proh ib ? u. ?? ?? mistakes are made In walei In ?
window plants than In any other parr ol their
culture, ?? ??, of .-ours., quite natural that the
eat of the ordinar) roan wl I have ? drying effect
on the plani?: ?? Is i"?t advisable t?? keep the si.r
lille?] with water ronstanl ?. a* ii h.?s a tendenc)
?. Imliice sourn?.f Ihe *?>il. The beat method
wah which I ?m familiar Is the practice <?t -. ??
.?,.? |niis In a I...V containing uu ??????? or two ol
?ami; moss will answer the imrpo*.ull) ?is well.
flFlRANH'Mfl xm l'I.? ?W KltlN'i;
"Why .!.? not m? geranium? (lower? Is ?, ques?
tion We hear very frequently. There Is, a? a rule
'?u on? am?wer viz, the) are In '?>" large p..ts a
five-Inch pot Is sufficienti)? lar?-e for geranium? The
??-? of .?! designs for growing ihe geranium In Is
?? iln can; <?l?l fruit ?uns are admirable; the quart
*?/>? Is much better than .? seven-Inch put. lu Biich
Ihe pia nix delight. slmpl) '.?-.?.? us.? the soil doe? no:
?Iry ont s?? rapidly; th?? s..il remains moi*! und cool,
lie proper conditions of growth Geraniums have
l??en grown In pint tin cans lhal for profusion of
bloom nnd siz md ylgor of foil age would pul the
dorisi n, sh.iiii. .
THK in si:? t PEATA
"To k?-?;? plants free from Insect p. s ?. require?
?onsiani watchfulness and considerable labor. If
we wall until our ?tock ?* overrun with green By,
scale ?nd mealy Ihiit, Ihe ? isk Is almost hopeless.
if we ore faithful in oar work and lake the first of
'he intruder? and put them ruthleaely to the ?word,
ll I? comparatively ? isy, Tobac?*o sin,,k.? |i certain
death t > the green By, or aphis ir ihe plants are
In a room that rnn be ? lo-.-.i tight and all sm..k.?.!
ji once, b) using an Iron poi iill-?| with moist or
damp tobacco stems, Into which drop ? few live
?'?'is. so much the better; but as the many thei
keep plant? have no such convenience, they must
??online their plants In a paper bag or han.?: and
here give them a ?rood dose of ?moke; the m.ali
'???? end scale usuali) su? limb to ? touch ??f ?
'?'in? G* hair brush dipped In a rnlx'ur.? of alcohol
and w.it.-r. equ ,: parts '
I VI-lMil.ix.MiN.; R< igRg
,!.* >? ;| eta?? ar.? noi ?u?.-?fully eultlvated
by the amateur In the window garden, says "The
Women'? Home Companion." so it is better to bed
Ihem outdoors, w.,.?. ?he) can remain from year
lo year, If the planting !? .lone ?-..riv in the sea
-'"? *?? Ihet a | od development of ro.iis and top* ?
'" "? "i? l the tl?*! .. mon, the plants usually en?
dure the tit-? winter inharme.1 b) fro? ?? |?
usually better, however, lu place a board frame
"?? md the bed In autumn, and as the holidays ?p.
;. nil In some evergreen ?ought, and cover
wllh board? ?o arrana? l thai they will turn the
watci When warm Say? come In the spring re?
move ihe baianls and evergreen branchei and re
??????? onli ?- .il- m cold nights, li,.-,?- are
ran??) injured b) cobi until after midwinter, when
ine sann?.* lies In t.? gain In ?trength an.l cause
the bini? ? swell it i* then thai the protection I?
'" II atari? needed In ? ? nada and the far North?
ern Blutes most of th? eyer-blooming roses will
ai .??? ????.?? eve?-) winter: bui In ihe Ml.1,11.? and
Bom hern State?? the plants, when Well e?t?bll?hed
will rare!) miffer from ? old. except .ii.it ?omellmes
?he ?.,.- ol th? .aaii. ,.?- .n, killed. These bran hes.
however, .an be remo\ed In Ihe -?prim;, ani ? li??
???.wih wil be all the more vla;..r.i:* for the prun?
ing ul'.e,,.
7 H L CH RI s ? I I \ // E L RL Its' HOB E.
The Sisterhood ?>' ihe Christian Helpett have re
ently received Ihe glfi of a home I? whs h.?
queathed to one of lh? 1 ?ter? by lier fgther, end
?he be? mede ovei th?? beque?! i?> th? ?.r.ler.
This or* r. ei he? been aire? i\ si.u?? I In The Trlb- !
?m?, i- n -isterh.I He member? of which tak.? :
no v..?.?.??. Theli dut) Is t.? car? for th? ?lek p???r. j
?: I ,. ..li?: was start? I b) I ph) ?le an gltd ? |
clergyman io meet ? crying necessiti l>r Arnold
? f'atlln needed nur?? ??, ? in ur his poor patients .
.ni ih? Rei I?. Haillngtou needed nur?e? for his ?
poor parishioners Three women volunteered 'beir
- ? \ I r?, an ? .???et ? *.\ months' ? ?ais. uf le? turn
on :????.????: by Dl Ca.-lin and ?? bei physicien? he .
??.Ici was orgenlged wllh Bitter August?, Hater
Lydia ?nd Bieter Man .?* members Men?,? new ;
m? mi..?!- heve since .??. ? added to ili?? ..r.ler. but ,
?ven these tin.) themselves unable to enswer ai: ?le- ?
???G.??? The ?a,1er I? supported mainly by the gittn
of frlen.ii?. and thouari, ?is existence has been brief
the ?,-ope of It? wi.ik ha? been large.
The uniform ?if the ?jlatcrhood Is blue serge, with
wh'te neckerchief, roller, cuff? and cap.
HIHT) history.
A .1-;,nln fu! ? .1,? Issue, thi? ?.iinim-i. of tbe
Thursday Afternoon Club of Roelyn, tins in en the
bird talks by Mr*. Olive Thorn?- Miller to a moril?
lo?*; clans of twenty women, most of them from tlie
Brooklyn trot?n* ai Sand? Pols/t. Aa th?? ehib ??
essentially a summer one. and has It? weekly
rneetltm? at the country residence? of the New
York and Brooklyn women, who are lart/elv ll?
members, and a? these are located In Westhuiy,
Boelyn, <.r-ut Keek and B?nda Point, lbs dis?
tances make an AugUSl intermlsfilon desirable
The larK'sl memberablp being al Sunds Pomi Ail
K'isi ? usually a red-letter month. owInK lo some
?i.e. mi .nid pleaaanl arrangement .?mona; ibe mem?
ber?? Hiring there, nnd tin? Hummer the lesSOOS Ig
blldlolC hllV?? beeil lleSel \e,||y popular.
Mr?. Miller not only presents Interesting fact? in
an Mirreeable manner, but the exhibition of s..|(Te.|
birds and nest?, wllh which she Illustrates each
talk, gtvea polni and llf?? t.. ever? detail in "Woo?
???? and Mating." Hi?? first talk a I ven at The Island.
ih.? San.?? G????? residen.?? of Mrs Alberi Q Mc?
Donald, th?? ?.ini- were specially attractive, ?how
??? ??.? brilliant plumage that many birds hove hi
?h?* m ? Muti ?eason. They wer.? shown in pairs, the
.sombre-hue.? female contrasting str?nget) with
hi ? male In hi? blighl feathers
Such preseiiiatlon? of bird life." ?..Id one of Ibe
ria?? yesterday, won new allies In the cruaode f^r
Hie rlKht? of our ?mall feathered neighbors, and if
Mrs. Miii.-r , oui,? lesd In this mode of warfare
direct ini?, the camp of the enemy Hi.? foolish
women who .n.? often only lhoughtl??saly cruel, rue
teseli would n.. doubt ?..? more satisfactory than
?.? ,-ei I.? -n attained.
I: I? very likely thai th? Ignorance of m???!
women In natural history lia? made them in. on
?Istently herd hearted in countenancing bird
?laughter for their personal adornment, so that it
:? atirely t< alep in thr right dire, tlon and an honor
to in.? .lut. women who have Inaugurated theee
bird ? a Iks.
"Mrs, .Miller gives such ? human side to ? tie
small creature? thai ?ne who h.-urs her wonder?
ih.ii If is no! conaldered a . rime to take their lives
Their love?, passions, even divorcing, sre so akin to
human beings thai th.?re la learned of ? heir
Interesting way a the mot.? the) seem to claim pro?
"Mrs. Milbr lia? so arranged her talks that ?he
?.?.?m? lo lime e.n.re.l bini bisturi, even ta. minute
details, and If club women in general would take
up ?his siibj??. ? ...? heartII? as they have other
reforms there would soon be no need for ?poetai
legislation 10 prevent ihelr extermination, and
Ihelr beat friends would I,,? found among their
present enemies."
Member? >.f ine Thursday Afternoon Club who
hu,.? rillende,| ? he maturili?; talks ar.? Mi?, Noah
chapman, Mrs. Alberi O. McDonald, Mr? Thomas
Mot!. Ml?. Bherw.I ? ??filli. Miss Anna Willeis.
Mr? Rdwurd Willei?. Mrs. C?ore;.? A. Thajrer, Mlas
Presar, Miss Chapman, Mis.? Titus, Miss Margaret
Thayer, Mis. Wright, Mm. Mpplncott, Mr? Thorn??
iMapham, Miss ui? Willei? and Ml?? Mott.
Mr, and Mr? ? ??. Beattle and Ihelr son Whit?
tle? ui...? returned from a trip to Virginia Beach
and ? ?Id l'oiii? c mfort.
Orange Day will be celebrated by tie Chautau?
? I tans ??-day. The programme is as f illows: 11 a. m.,
band concert; 2 p, m., address, 'TheTwentieth Cen?
tury Woman." John T.-mple Graves; ? p. m. ('.
1. ?? <" Itoiind Tai.b?: .". p. m.. lecture, "Coethe's
'Paust,'" Dr. ?. ? Rubtnkam; '. p, m., Bpworth
i.? i,'.!.? uray: meeting: ? p. m.. campflre of Chou
latiqiia County Veterans' l'nlon; 9:1.', p. m . Bdlson's
I>r. R. OsgOdd Mason ?111 lecture,00 "The Voice?
and Vision? of .loan of Arc" at Cre.-nacre-on-l be?
Plscstaqua this afternoon.
I.? Ian I T. T'owers will give in entertainment of
dramatic readings in the 1'nlverslty Temple. Na?
tional Prohibition Park. Sta ten Island, thi? .venins.
Last iiis.il the evening's entertainment in the Y.
w. c. a. Building, ???. : [?'.!?: Plfteenth-st., .*on
?Isted of ? musical drill, parlor came? and physical
Tu.? Ptoatlng Hospital o' St, .lohn'? C.iiid made
a trip yesterday down the Bay to th.? Seaside Hoe
pltal a: Mew-Dorp, Steten Island. Hundreds of
sick babies and poor mother? w-re on board and
were ?ready refreshed by the sali air and the
change from th?? stifling tenement horn???.
Mr?. Btanleyetta Titus vTerner, who has been suf?
ferlng from severe Injuries caused by a fill from
her wheel, ? now Improving snd ? so far on the
ruad to recovery thai so?? e.\(.is t.. ?,.? able t??
leave for the country In a few days.
Two enterprising ? hlcago women have recently
open..,? .un agen ?> for th?? purpose ..f furnishing to
schools, literary clubs or Individuals bibliographie?
on any aubjecl desired. Their ap?ela I aim Is to
give assistance t.. ?.mien's duba. When notified
..;' the topic? foi discussion, programme <>f m?*et
Ings, eta?., they will prepare a "systematic eo-irse
?: 11?. with topics! arrangement for the direc?
tion of a?? members." They also furnisn refer?
en .? und reading lists to school? .md colleges In
un> lin.? of ( leir work
? ?
'//// TRIBI \E IRIsH M K II Ml.
?. KN. ? W ?. ?? ?? ????! N'T.*?
?: -,i.-i?; ?; Tern. ?1???
i> G w ?. i.ii.tiii. Hotel i'haaiplaln. ?. V. moa
.? ,<? ?? . ?eo
??- .?....1? ? I .unwell? eta?? III Ha? .?nuli.?
ai-hnol ..f l'i- 1?r-t Presbyt?rien l'hurrh, I*m
Angel???, ''.il . 100
"la nielli.chini K s a ? ??. ?". lotto
' atra. u. li. t.. Ir "... ?"? " >
?'.I ' .... ?.MU
.s D . lOtSI
I'.U.? a.f ai sul ..f ielll .II., le ull.l t. .> ? l.v
Horace Stuari ? "rasi a, ?even yeara old, >.f
llrooklyn lieisht? .
R i; . i:..?i Uranga. i<J<
? \ friend." thruueh .1. I. Kile. Portland, M- .. SOS
Knima Knapp, Keltlmore, Ml. lot?)
?? and Mm ? s T Htranahan, Krooklyn . :....j.
,; \ it?- ?:??... ?., nu. .'..??
M . pata" . . lo?
'???..?li l-.iii S.??. ?,?.??.???? . ft ?U
Il R. I Alban), ? "? too
? ?. ?? . ? to*
? ?.1??...1 ill ? -U I III...I.UI.I?? . 11. Ulll?Vlll. ??.? . .*?..
)??.???.,?????. ??-a????-,?*??]. ???'.7?. G?
.1, ?
Total AugtiM Is. len? . $1?.?.??. un
To tlie Rdltor of Th?? Tribune.
Sir: M? fondu.??? for the Sunshine column still
continues, and 1 have Interested man) others In
the same Tr.ii? yours, Mrs. K. c I?
N.w-Volk I'lty, August 17. IM?.
To the Editor of The Tribune.
Sir: l enjoy reading Ibe letters ami poems sent
by ?our Sunshine members to the Sunshine column,
und I always cut the poems out and save them. I
not*' have quite a collection. 1 would like very
much ?,, become a member of the T. S. S.. and I
have Inclosed ? stamp for a pin. Truly yours.
? KATHERINE l'A ? ? ?.
Brooklyn, A'i-iimi io. ligi.
This will be the programme of the Metropolitan
Permanent Oi diestra'? concert this even ina al the
Madison Square Hoof Garden:
Mai 'Mardi Oras" .,...W ? G ????
?>,.???.?.? "Merry Wive? of ?\m.i?.u.Viciai
I* , Mr./.,...,. "Arm In Arm.'' ?.Mr?,,??
polka (.rancala?. Tana ???????? ?. ?
Keleetlon, G??? .'.rami lm.lie??'.??fTrnl..? ii
. ?. e, ? ne "l'i une ? heu?" ..Beethoven
Ithapi J) . .IIh;i?ii
Hall?t muele, "Psu?l".Oounod ,
rtplnnlns Hong "Th? ? uim Itutebman"..tVegne? ;
Mara?ad? Impromtu, < i)lli?t ?
lur. 1. te U?VOtt?, ?
Kunsarlan Rkoomrty, No. 1.l-!?'t |
..irrtiai?? ? HU.k l>n,li,?' . Aul.er
Malti /..citul.lei. .Sir.iu??
Mandtilln. "Metlcen S>r?na le".1-????-?
March "Klns '"amlva?".Roa?)
The return of "Never Again" to the Can ick
Theatre has been so w.-ii received thai Mr. Prob?
man ha? decided ?.? keep the farce In town for an?
othei ??????I? \? "The Oood Mr Hist" Is inn >li ? *e.l
for the earn, k n.-x, week, however, "Never Again"
v.m be mov.d to the Rmplre, which will thus |?e?
t ? ll? season earlier*than was Intended.
Mm.? De l'ere Sa pia ?in return from But ope
the laal of Ibi? month sn.? ?? io ?iw sixty ? oli?
ati ?? in idi? country in the coins.? of ibe ?uttimn
und tvlnter
Th.? Pleasure Palace, lo Ptfty-elgbth-et., will re
?,?, ? on Saturday ?ftemoon with a rnudevlllo Mil,
,l,i ih.? ?...? ..ttiae open? ?his morning for the sal??
of Seal?
Among th? peoaengers vsh.? salted on the White
star i.ine sie unship Teutonic yseterdoy wore
Charlea ? lTerkee, the street railway owner, wh.?
?roe? to Knglaml lo meet his wife, o C Barber,
urealdenl of th? Diamond Match compati)?; James
Speyer, the tmnker; w ? Thorn, t'haries I Smith.
il.e pr?sident of 'he Xew?Tork Presa ?'lui?. Colonel
and Mi? Bobinaron, Paul May. . upt.r.n Muir and
Will.am ll Blyth.
Among the passengers on the l'ari? yeaterday
w.-re Bthel Barrymore, the actreas; the Rev*. Canon
K:n,whs and Lieutenant Mnrbiiry John?ton. of the
l'nlted State? Navy
On the ?Veaternlond were Suraeoti .1 l>. l.Ale
wood and Captain Webater, of tne l'nlted State?
Naw, and Charle? Weailey Btetaon. of San Fran?
cia?, o.
Nfeini rmorr.MT DOWN nr thk htkamkr qcebm
PUtNIUI ?O KP.r.P ruthKi: ?COM?
Victoria. H. C, Aug. 1M-The steamer Qu^en
, arrived last night from th?? not ? h A??ordlrig
j ??? ''arroll, the purser, few of the one thousand
! five hundred men In carni? H' Hkagwav and Dye*
, will net over the pass this wint.-i The men
started t., bulbi a new trail but found th?t It
would take three hund?????! m?n ihre?? week?, ani
abandon???! ihe idea. Probably ihre?? hiindre?!
men win get grnns in Unse t<> start down the
A commiti.-e of twenty-flv?* was appointed to
keep order at Skagwav J M< Klnney, ?t S.attle.
Is chairman, and W J Sapparattas. ..f N?IW?
York. Is *?.?< retary. Everi tinn?? is o.'d'ily and
every one In ???"?? health.
??n Angue. 7 high tide drove gome ?amper?
back ir.?rn the bench The ,,.H.i is good five
miles from ihe bay. and go??!?, are haul? ?I I.
! wngon that ?listan??? After that th.? nail is b??i
Men are stakirin QVt lots nl Mugwajr, < Hi?
, s.ild for fSUIa. Most of the m?n are preparing
t?? ? Inter at Kltugwuy.
a i?a< ker from Portland lost eixht homes gad
ihelr packs. They feii ?\,??? ?, , nrf se vent; I t
ii ?m li Th- ?packer nairowly eecaped
Th?? report lhat the Danube, ??f this port, Ina
! been seize.i at l)\ ea is denied by the ?>??? MW of
'. ib?? Queen.
Although the < ?11 ?- ?? ?r trail Is the bent ??re,
miners are ?*entrtng at Hkngwey ?Ooods enn
i be haub-d over a larice part of the ?'lii!k?.?>t trail
. in wagons, ami most <?f tlie reel <>f the wuy OR
pack liois-s ?"?.r ai>>?m two miles over the sum?
mit men bave to ?any their ?.le White !';?"?<
| trail is Very bad ami h??rs??* an? being killed
?lally. Ab.iut tw?? miles ?>f ihe road is tordu?
1 royed, but still a large part of ? Is i???ggy. A
few men jret through, but \?r\ sl??wl\. Mois.?
are scarce, compared with the number <?f ? ,-n
Washington. Aug. IS. Horn? dey? ino ?.? Tree?
iiry Department received ? r? pi.?-' f,?.in own? r- of
v-*s.-N !;; th? Klondike trail?? for permission to
!hii?i kooiIs .in?! peseenger? si Skagway, Alaska, in
earn ? ii.-v ?re not ?We, b) reasan of ?tn is if
weather, to m..k>? the poti ??f Imm Sk??-w ,
about three mlb-s southwest of l?y. ? ..a the Lynn
?'anal, betu'een that p??rt ?no Juneeu ??
within the jurisdiction of the ?oil??? tor ?t Dyea, p ?
objection was found snd Ihe request t.i b eg
? -
? ?????.? DROVER IN I.i ? ?
Seattle. aVaah.. Aug. II Th? iteamer Alkinnlval
this niornin< from Dye?, Alaska This ?fttsrnooa
Willis Thorp ?ot .? letr.-r. Iiatnb?! to h ni b) S t-u? g
who cam?? down on the Alki from Dye? ll * ??
written by Rdwsrd Thorp snd cam? overland
iru thsl he ha?l cleaned up PlM.tKtO In lh? ? rindlk?
m elghl ?reek? and wa? coming horn? ? ? ?
sieiimer Portland, which Is due In 8 ?
gust tt. Thorn left Beat tie one ?. u i| '.Ing
gone Norm wl'h ? drove of cattle
Washington, Auk II lupr?ntendcnt Duflleld, ?>f
th?? ?'oast gurvey, to-de) received th? ? ro ?f ? ' tl *
row Oovernment map of the Klondike region ft
Is on an enlarged ?cele, with the gol l region ?? I e
main objective point, and ihl? ??? ??? ? tj ?
given without reference to Ihe remoter pert? "f
Alaska arni the Arctic region. Tl: ? map Is M by
i.? lachea li bt celled s rout?? met ?w?
the routes of trav.-l from Slrka north? ird I
Klon.like country. The souther!) pan san? ? ??
head of the l.ynn Canal, with th?? int.rii:? ?
point?, Juneau, Dyea, Dougtess, Chllkool Pea I mi
winding Lewis River, snd finslly ih?? Yukon River
with li.iwson City snd other main pointa I' is on
a largor -?.-.??.? then auv previous map of th? re.
?Ion. ami give? all thi reliable Information .?? il!?
able up to th?? present Urn??.
Copte? of the map will be ready for distribution
in about ten day? or two weeks, Ii w.?- originally
prepared for the Quartermaster'? Depart?a? '
the Armv. but, In view of Ihe widespread public
interest In the Klondike, coplea will '"?? eveIlabt?
for the public. Bach Senator and Represen Is ?Iv?
will hav?? ten .opas, ?Od the map Will be on ?si?
at the Bureau si ? ?rents s <oiu.
city OP '??l.r.MitiA t? ? CARRY MINERA
Tiie steamship ?'ity of Columbia, which he? i?e?n
?old by the <?:.! Dominion Line, will be iitt.?i ?at
by the purehesers to carry sn rapedlttan of ?old
seeker? to Aissks, Th.? ?teamshlo wiil ko i.? th?
?Iriilo'-k ai th?? Brie Basin to-day to undergo ne ???<
sari repaln it is ?expected that sh?? will ???
ready to sail on October l There will i??? so in
modal Ion? on board for four hundred passen gern
The City ot 'Olumhl.'i Is ?lue n St Michaels on
January' 1 The passengers will then hav?? to wait
until the Yukon River open? in the spring, when
thei will las iransferr.-.l t?. Dawson City bv river
steamer*. From there ihey will go to th? Kl ?? ?Hk?
?ohi Hehls.
? ??
THK ' ????|?1"? "I IK* HOTH TO ??'?GG.?!.
Tia? entras for '?? Women'? Nr onsl Oolf c.iam
plonahlp, which is t?. begin neu Tuesday ?? Man?
rbeeter-by-the-8ea, ?rere ui? en ?.:: yesterda) l?y
K.il tri I! K? ir. se ret.iiy ?if the l'nlted Blet? * Oolf
Association. There sre thirty-three In all. eicht
mac than ???? yeer, ?hen the championship was
.jeri.ie.i ?i fie Morris County ??"it Club ol M? rrts?
town, ? J Ml?? H? stri? Hoyt, the present ? .??
plon. ? to i?e one of the gnpctltora, a* ??.. u Mrs
? liarle? ?, Krown, :a.? winner In ?*'?"? Rome of trie
other prominent entrlea ?re M?- ll ?'. Chatfield?
Taylor and M?* K s Adams, two of the ?tro gest
player? In ihe Weat; Mr- WH am Bhlppen, "t the
aforrla County Oolf Club; Mr* n W McVickar, of
the T'ixe.1?. Oolf Club; M.*-* Alice C Roarers, of t e
Newport ?;??li Club, ?n*l Misa l'i in ? ?. Ori? m,
of ::??- Merlon Cricket flub, <>t Philadelphia
The presen, championship cup wa? presented to
the t'niteii ?-rates Association lavi year by R
i'ux, M P., <jf Edinburgh, lr I? held ?? a ;?^^? ml
?hallen?.? irjphy. and the club whom member wins
Il ?neh y??.u m.?,is It u.nl the following aeeaon. Fol
IjwIiik i* fie full lis: of tho?? entered:
Mr?. Franz ? Kerrahn, Ho alc-Whl?tcb ? .\
Canton. Mas-.. Mr- m n ?. Bradford, Con i
tio.t Club, Concord, M.?-s : Mis* nice ? R? -?<*.
Newpori <!?'if Club; Mis? Pran ??- ? <;.?-:-. ..m. ?-??
?? Cricket ?'lui?. Phlladelpiila; ? laa <':.u.i ? Leng??
worthy, ?Cincinnati Oolf Club; Mr- j..?m t Linneo,
H?i?*i.-VVhisi, k ??.iif Club, Cent?n. Mesa; Mia?
Lucy Herron, Cincinnati ???.if ?Club; Mr* ? Werren^
jr. Country ?Club, <>f Br<?okl:ne. Masi , Mia. K S.
Adem?. Ontwensle Golf Club, Lene Pen at, i:; Mra
li. ?'. ChatBeM-Taylor, Oatwenal? ??utf Club; Mia?
? ?. Wl.'kham. Shlrin.?. . k Hi is ?io:f (lib, Mr?.
William Shlpp.n. Moni? County ?Oolf ?T.I?. ?.tp?
tiwn: Mis> Beatrts Hoyt, Ihlanecoek H?ls ??if
?Muh; Mr> Joseph R Dilworth, AUegben) Country
Club, Pltteburg, Penn : Miss Ruth UmlerhlH, ?. ? t
? ?min?? Oolf Club, Olen Cove, Long ladend; M:*s j.
Bacon ?'"iintry club of Brook.Ine; Mr?. Charle? ?
Brown, ghlnnecuck Hill? Oolf Club Mrs H w
McVickar, Tugedo Oolf Club: Mu> Mergarei Curii?,
M.-s A N. Bturgia Mis, K R. 8lurgla Ms* Mabel
Boardmen, ??? ? R Bpauldlng, M.-* \ c Bsr?
???nt. Mr- Robert ?'. Ho??per Mrs J. War. u Mer?
rill. Mrs ??.-or??.? s Bllsbee, Mrs % ? p. ,?, .
M'ss Miriam Hamiilii:. Mi-.s P.orence S Boardman,
Mi?s Ma?ieiine Hoai.liiian. Mis- Charlotte s Gsnnett
i.ii.l Mi*s Margaret Cerr, t the Rseeg Country Cl .b,
<>! Meachester-by-the-Bee.
A pretty w?N?dlne ye?terdsy ?fteraonn In Vio
toti.i Hall. Lealngton-ave., gear l'ift? -fourth-si,,
was tu.it of Miss .lull,? I., vy. the ?laiiuht.r of Mrs.
Louisa Levy, of No. It; l.eiiox-ave.. to ????|?.???|
Bonner, the rloUnlet, of Brooklyn The Rav, l?r.
?xbrshani Newaerk perf?srm?d ins marviaga cere,
moi.!, whlck wa- attended snl| by Ike reletlvea
an.l a small number Of liiilni.it.? friends of th<?
COUple, The brl.le who WM unaCeii.l.-.l. w.?? li
a ?own of WhltS Batta Lio?.?.!.. iMnime?! wi!h
dueheess in???, the veil of tulle w.is caught up
with sre ago t?ios?*oiiis. Mr. Bnnner*? lust man
was uu brother, Bugene Banner, uf Chleaga, .?i.i
the uefcers wen is.a.? Letry nnd Harry Levy,
brothers of the bride. Some of th?? K'i.Nts prsOa
eut at the ??????????> ?nd w??l?llnai wer?.? Mr a? 1
Mra. I. Stern.iii Mr .n.l Mis J S Aron. Mr and
Mis Charles gchendei, l?r an.l Mrs William
Boehm Mrs K S? botti'k. Mlsw ?? ????*?1???.? Lam?
bert. Mr and Mrs ?David Sil.b-1. Mr an.l Mi
Alexander Deutsch, Bdwerd J Delehanty, Cerio
Benner, Henri Baaner end Mr. ami Mra Raphael
Hantier of Urookhri. parents of the bi I.I? ?room.
Mr and Mrs Banner will sail for lierniani S.it
urdav on ihe steamship l'alarla They Interni to
remnln slwoad a ?versi yeers, in whl.h tisse they
will give con-erta In Herman). Kran???. Ruareis?
Austria an.l Kngland, Mrs Haliu.r ?.????? a SigniSta
The ?ngagement is announce.I of Miss K?liih
Tiffany, daughter of Mr. and Mrs ll?nry l)\.?r
Tiffany of the Fox Homestead. \\ est?-hester-ave.,
this city, to Frederick R. I.or.t. of Staplelon. gtatea

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