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OTHKItfl T ) Uiv.
Th? rtrightor. people hnv?? made ?? MnMy entT
;t.s!n\r effort to rerrra the (tories of th?- old f%p
r* - !< at tire Mues and a Quarter, in a gonero?:?
b -<1 pralsiMvor-hy sj lrit th?-y ?rill ?jtve to t't-> t.'.n
ssar of the Brighton ?''if this afteraasm sn.r^d: to
?lo s*?-ond hors* &00O* red to tht- third ?WW Ur.
Fnsesaaa find BsKretary Unas ?Jaaerve hearty praise
for this extnniely '.Iberal pta? .f ijpMttaa ft ?re: t
rnoo ot t?a?e mlleej and a qsmrter. Thi list of prob?
able ?tart??? metodoo lllehael F. DwjeVs cele?
Vnted colt u?>n Brush, winner ol the Boburban
?>>'.< yeer. Baa Brash will carry ISO pounds and
?rill !m ridden by B!ma. Flttsburg Pell's llovM-.r.l
Mann, tlm wintittr of th? Hr,?>klyn Handicap, ii
h'po sapeutod to -?t.'.rt. lie Will Parfjf WO po'jnds
?nd will ho ridden by Tod Bloan? The Friar, th.?
winner of the Realisation, will ahm ron for the
Ttrlghton Cup. It 1m to ho ho?,>? d Ihst ho will n ><
h? nervous. The War will nrry US pounds and
will bo riddrti by Ltttlefield. Thai bravo end
stnnr-h little filly Sunny Slip?- Will also (-"> to the
r-o?t. Bho wi:i carry 110 pounds and she i* un
excellent stiiyor. Ben Brush, Tio Krlar, Howard
Mann nnd Sunny iUope may be expectrt to strugg'
with unbounded courage and resolution, ami the
battle between these four h certain to be mctr.ora
Th? list of probable starters for the? Hrlghton
?'"up nlso lnolud'S the name of Mirage, son of
Cyclops. Perhaps som? peaetlcal Joker entered
Mirage, eon of ?Cyclops, for the Hrlghton Cup at
two mile? nr.?l a quarter. <>n public form ho lias
00 chance whatev, r to outrun Hon Hrush or The
Friar or Howard Mann or Bunny Slot??-. Hut old
things ofton happen In racing. Mirage will carry
UJ pounds?
The weather >e?.terduy was extremely enjoyable.
A coo; bro*>zj was blowinaj, snd the sky was clear
and kind. It was a delightful August afternoon. If
the wf-dthor in as tin?.- to-day as it w?i yesterday,
the attendanoe at Brighton to .-???? Ben Brush, The
Friar, Howard Mann mu? Bunny Blope run two and
a quarter miles for ja,>i>j Oral mon.-y, B.O00 second
nronuy ar.d $.7)0 third money should ho the largest
ever seen at Brighton.
But thore will U- Uve other races ut Brighton to?
day, and In the Electric Handicap for twu-year
y.d? for eXeM H. Ktx furlongs the mighty Hamburg,
one of the greatest racers sver foaled, will go to
the post and will carry the heavy weight of 1x2
pound?. Hamburg i> well w,-rth seeing. Every
person who ha? not y, t se, n Hamburg ought to go
to Brighton to-?lay and see him. Just because h- I
a superb ra:er.
It is a lamentable truth, however, that lbs last
race at Briphton to-day will be h silly farce. It will
be the BrlgtitDn Pink ?'oat Handicap ?Steeplechase
over the full st.-?? 1 '? I is? course, gentlemen rllors
and no oth.-r* to do the riding Only Ihres bora? 1
are announced to start St Vsssar, Decapod and
Krie. The Brighton managomi ni has Ik-.-h so un?
wise as to waate .it. extravacant amount on this
protos,|uo pink .-oat affair, in whl'h three gentle
non ridora will try to force those wretched brutes,
8lr Vastar. Decapod and Erie, over a ir|t of little,
low, common pis e steeplechase Jumps, a:: race?
track managers ought 10 know by this time that
Americans have nior?' common-sense than any
other people, an,', that sensible Amorionns are dis.
gusted with all jumping ia?-?-s and with sll raoos
for gentk-men rid-rs In England and In Prance
Steeptochaslng, hurdle-racing ami contest? for
gentlemon riders arc affairs ?if wide scope, of lofty
class and of sterling quality in those countries
horses of much value aro carefully train? ?1 for
years for steeplechases ami hurd'e r.ic?--s. In those
countries priz-s reaching total? equivalent to hun
dteds of tho-isands of do lar? in our money are s> t
up for steeplechase? ami hurdle races. In those ,
countries there are hundreds of <xp?rt gentlemen
rider? who can ride in race? almosl as well a? pro?
fessional Jockeys. In the 1'nlted St..;,-. on ?,?<?
other hand, only a few cripple* and crock? are ?
trained for Jumi Ing. and thi ?? ripple? ami i-ml,
tieually make a frightful mess when they tr.. to go
over Jumps. Moreover, in tins count r?, there are
very few. gent lernen rider? ? ?' any skf.l who will
take part in raies on o?ir r?gulai racetrack? at
any time or in .,!!> circumstances. Steeplechase)
and hunlle ra ??* and contest? in v. gentlemen
riders take part an strikingly successful in tirent
Britain ind on the Continent ut Eur??pe ?'.'?t they
cab never b? ti kingl) -'? cesaful :.'i?. 1? th? con?
dition- h? ?? different from those abroad
Therefor?-, it is plain that ?? American racetrack?
ought to abandon Jumping races and race? for
genth-m-n rid? r? m x\ y ir A great deal of mot
lias been ?unk In those ridiculous farce? alrea?ly,
Us.- the mono) whl h ha? been squandered fool?
ish.y upon Jumper? ipon gentlemen rider? in
paying for the M-rvlci : master experts on every
racetrack, men who kno? enough ?bout racing to
?t ; all trickery and all thievery on our ruee
tracks?every bit ?>f It. Such men can 1?- found.
Their services are worth n gr? f money, if
the raceti ka convince the Am ri in peo| ? that
racing .- irrl?'?l on n:'1^ absolute and umtuallfleO
Inn ?? the Am? rlcan people will
,. ? thi ippcrt of the ' irf in vast armies
\-: ? |x ,,,-? ? ra Ins now and
yi ir? Ai I the American
I ample 1 :????: trust
?? ? ? ,: t ; ? nrsu? n? xt
> ? at ?to put a a-a y ? 1 Brighton wa?
; <-, k- -,.'. and . 1^ put -m air? Rrigliton's true
p - - - - ? 1 modest, lowly, unas
? .--... I foi the
- m.i--.s. VA 11 i; ghi 1 -??'.-?? to spurn
if the ].' ?mall means, and
: . ? ? he ;?? -. '? ? ho ma- a
, ? ? \ .-r\- month - I elr live?, week
after week, m t.'ii after month, year aftei
einem The !?" iteg n* le
Bright? 1 mudhei Why, ? r ? hoitl 1 BriL-iv in
!.. k's pi imes? It Is
n mistake. Com? i a-n from yi 11 perca, Brighton.
Bhed r peacock ind scuttle
? ? ge? ., - of ?? ?? Peaco k< -n>- n 1 bred in swampi
or n sand dunes
Ever? ? tcept I 'utt< r. in the -? .,? 1
race, was defeat it Bi - erday, and ? ?
bookmakers w-t- ?ubllsni . :? : r< the : irth race
ma ny turfmen th? I 1 Niich "?'. 1'. 1 >w-, ? ? -
r< , . - m? , ? of wh ng the Futurity
on Tuesday n xt B Previ the fa rite n that
I r h t 1 ? whl sa? 1 ? <;: tor tw ?-year-olds
at six I . ran ao poorly : t get ng any?
iK.-ir thlr i . 11 ? evet ? previous
f.-.'? ? It ? I ?? v-inua gav? pe that th? colt
Would 1 , iousI*. '1 ica lav next I >ema
gogue. an outsider, won ih?- race, .1 me? 1; Keene's
n? hi llttl? 1 . ?? k Robin, I? Tea Tr iv. out of
Cu*hat. made his flrst bow to thi II !)? ?arrteij
only nil etj po .??? la, hut et .'-? 1 fine sp? ? I in<3
wa? a ver) ? , ? '???..
The ? t '??.?_?? \ , ??. r v-irp-'.-r,
So waa ?:? 11 : Th <m 1? Oat In the third race,
;< ?-. f storm Kim ? - - - n the
third ra I of 1 1 .?;??'-. w- : ,,--,. n the
? rth raci v\ : ! -, 1 ? ... 1. better ??!? ?-?? l If
B ? . . ? h with Indomll
u ? f| : . erg ' ? ? -' r hai
no great *? lying r ??? ei -, ! r, H? eetns to
! p rathei ??.-:?. -,-:.?? ... ,1 rather ?
seed T - ? ??? 1 mi ??' him in ride out
its to th? -v ast oui ?? ;i<- ?* n n
flory eno ,.- not rslsti ?-? ? :- tot r nte
enough, not rletei . ?? his r les,
FIRST i; \< y ?;?':,.-' - ? ? ?, One mt>.
r T. Psrker'a eh. !,. Aibw, Iv K:rr;?t-.ti Jewelry
" '" 114 Pi.,H !.. ? 1, 1
F I' B*ard'i b. a. Jefferson, t. *S
!? p1. in', b r !? - - '?'. ;,1 ., 1 *v
r.iss-\or. i/xils? N., Albert s . ^f uni Wa
Ft d -? ? ? '? ? ran
Time 1 42'
Bettln? er. 4 lo 1 ?n?1 f. ?-, ^: T??T?ri?r>n. a to 1
s- I . ? K Ludwig. 8 to 1 and ?ven.
Won '.r. a driva bv a 1 If ngth; a length balitea
f, r. ? -,^.; -
PKiiiSli ItMT. I"-r mil t-n two vmr Id?; $4<Vi added;
ng Five furl , -
? ? ? B?abli - 'v r Pal?y Cutter, iv ?tVar
ths W ? t. ...... ~ ,H ^|ar,|n> ,
itiari'i ? ? p.'? . iPi"k'-rir?> j
Henry Harris'! - nl -?? , 108 - ht, mp :
:- It-,-.- Mr, 1.1..-1 De?nan, Qtty
Bell ? .-, ? Pari - - i I? ran
Tu - l"2'j.
Beiili i ? ???? 2 ? t and II t .-. Fulana, s t-> i
anl I to t Pink ? hambray, " ? ? 1 and I to .'?.
RToa easily '?> ihres ??r-i"!.; a ae a b*tw??Mi ?? ?ond
THIRB RACn $vk> added- handtsap; for tkree-y?ar
id. Dm mil?
O Anjen n'l '? e. Ti ma? Cat, t,v Mawtto?Th? <\:t.
.?M'r eh) i
t? ? ? ' I 114. iSIm?, 2
-'.?.?.' 1; K?<-ti a eh. f Tripping III.<!'. Uarttai tl
- ?: K .r. ?r?i hi.-?. >? i, i ran.
ni..- \:\V%,
. ? tin? T'. il.:.? Cal, \2 t. I ;,r.,! .*. to I; Mr Sheppard,
? to 3 ,-,r.^ : ? ),,. Tripping II ? -', ???<! 4 ? . ."..
la ,i i.at-i .iiu-f by a bait ?math; a ?h m head i,?
,-,,.; , .
W RACK Handicap; for two-jr?ar ?'!'. *0oo
P -. furk nga,
?? * Frank'? br. r. IiennaroRii?. hv Mtlitint|7.?>r- -
. . i?*?...."...".'.. ..~.7"777~~.'.7'.~rr...?vnn\ i
rirvic Rebln. !??. o ?;.-..- i., ;'
?. I0T.?H. Marttni 3
? h ? . Pra I 'i-. ? -rr> i-tK-r and Btratnmao
'? ?
Time i.:*\
1 ?.ilnt?lHinagci'ie, 10 to 1 and a to 1: Coek ReWn,
i and ?aran; Y asarannal, 4 to 1 and 8 to t,
?: in a dilve by
? . .
t.^ad. a lentil? t,?:?i?/coa ?? ,-otid and
i ; '.. i - - .?':>?; ?ailing. Kix fu?>
?'? -'I I?A?'K ?500 at
C. ti-iv's br, r WHs?, by Kay.^n d'O- Pie |
:' -.f" nn :, 1
''?'?' .4 110..lO'hean ? I
.'? lo.-rhi .- t'anke? 1 :,e ?. lie... .(Sloan?) ?
ni a:. -. Refuge? '?'?-" ran.
Tl??? 114?..
?"?????? lilllal! 2 ?. I ?nd 1 ?? :'. Kanon?, 3 to tl an)
' ? ??. Va , odie, 8 to I ?a i 4 t-, :,
>v --i hu?-i t i.y a length- u bait kasjtb bstwma bm
i ?
"n? and one ala
?'Vtlt RA?-K ?400 added; ??;. ,
?eeni'i nib a,
?' J Dwyfi h r. Rifle, by Maxim -KaM 3 vr?
.me? (oar I0JU).?11 Mnrttn) 1
' r. Qulgi-y? b h. Miirsbull. ?g-d. 1)2. .?Neume>er) 8
3. Adams, br. h. Tln*e, a, 114.(Brherrer) 8
Tim? -l:4n'V
nett'.p? Kttte, 2 I? 1 ?rd out, Marshall, 7 la I and
o-it; Ttfge, 7 I? B er,l onl.
Won In a drive by a lenirtli; t?o lantfhs between aeo
onl and third.
PIRBT RACK-Pan? *4''n: fir tkraa yeas?Ids nn.i up
? lid that !in\? nit L**n fra'. cr etconi? In 1S97: sell
lag. Pli furl' BgB.
Nam?. YV- ? ?fame. Wt
Omvut .IOS Sam mi .ISJ
AsltatT .jot? Rnit?r?tam .1"">
Pserl Sea?.P? ti-a n, ?.'??. .1??
' ''?? ???'?'? -, .p". Musti-tan .l?>
' ?Um'Iton II.I?.-.' i,,i,iin .v. SI
?'??" .lfHl Tonais.t . St
Wf ?nun .ion tci'.monl . 07
'? la .104 vin"a . f?
.Tann.tt* H.p.l Xllnnla Alph?WM. (..1
? King M ab ? .;, :; i,- tagessa. SS
. SBCOXD RACE Pars? MOO; far twa-year-oM? thai hav?
r t araa f:fy\ IM? year; -?'.I'.ns 8U furlon?s.
Warren tua .n? Rallast .i09
Halrptn .112 rWenc? Bealey.1<?7
I" ??I:?'!- i< .lia I ?an .IO?
f*. 'vea.11" Th? l>ii'j.?r.tea
??SU? .11,1 Atrdrlr.-i .|A3
-' nracr? .11<? Tinkler.101
THIRD r.Ary. p*TM ?|O0; f,.r tlu-rr onr ?tes that have
run at ?tila n-aa'ln?: find nr-t wn a'n^c Mm 7; ta
carry ll<' Ib; ?fiHr.?;. n.ia nid? and a atatceatk.
Summer v?i .i tn r?:n> .1P>
|,"',"*,iti .1P> Nar Nnv .Tn?
}'ir'n??.in .ipi |y>,-h <i|<-n .11"
Arbu-kl? .IIOAnson I,.Itfl
Traranl .| }0
rot'nTR RACE ElaEi TRIC ftANDICAP: fer two rear
' ; I?. Plx furl.,nu?.
I'nml'irir .IT- Frr.hmnn .11?
Han llvtll .ISO ?>. yt c-ir,>.1"".
BhM Away .us Eileen I?. H
FIFTH RACE BHIOHTON <TP; far thra? vanr olds ant
upward: ti ihe winner it..*.?>, ta aecond hors? *' MO,
lo tHrd t.".?v t?i n-i'.-s ?nd n quarter.
Mtrafr?. by Cyetop?.f.2 T'.? Krlir .IH
Ben Brush .ISO'Sunny S!< p? .11"
Howard Mnnn .I.';-.
STEEPLECHASE; ?/?ftl'mon riders; for four-year
Dlda and upward. Tha full sff?p'.acl,??.? coursa.
Sir Vn?nr .pin Brl? .ISO
' I-if-ai.. J .1.M1
Saratoga, N. V.. Ane. S) -The track WS a fast
, and the attendance lar^i? to- lay. The opening raco
nas at five furianp.? fr.r nor*Av)nn?Ts, and Firearm
| :!ie favorite, nt last managed to pall out n prlz??.
He led frr?m s'irt to finish and w.m by three
length? from Nabob. Tbc second rice vrn* a mlle
disli for thr?...-yonr-oi Is. Estaca '"1 f r h"1' ;l
mil?-, when Challenger w*>nt out. Samper Kpo, h??w
' ever, rame through at th? finish and won In a
drive, with Pot Fa--t in second place wix two-year
Oldfl ?rot off with n good ? art In 'he third race. At
the end it was a furloua drive between T.a Goleta
and Marita, tiie former getting the decision by a
I short bond In ine mile and a furlong selling
event there wi<s a hot scramble up to the h??mo
stretch, when Jimri Monroe wen! Mil In front rind
w..n handily. Hand ? galloped horn. ? winner by two
lengtha in the fifth race. Th.- summary:
F'ltsT RACE F?f iwo-year-oMs; aon-wlnners. Five
! Klraf-m. 117 (Martin) . 1 I "
Nat : . 117 . rt Winianta). ? Bn 1
Briar Swat, m (Tarai). M B 1
Time 1:0r]
Qrand Sachem, Laverock, Qelsha ami Rey al Sait
! rnn.
SECOND RACE For three-year Ma and upward. On?
Semp?T l"r 101 ITarall . 1 ?"? 1
Set Fast Irtfl ?Onrrlasnl. ? 2 IS 1
ero. Ill III Williams l. ;> s :'
T me 1 IS'
Chrllenger ai I Esta a alae ran.
Tiiir.i) n\ ?;? r r is . ?ear ; ;?. telling. ?ix furl re
T -, Oolets 107 iMartlnl. 1 " 1
Mnrlro. (ifi .Nntr. 2 ? 1
Auruiii 102 lllewltt). ,t .'. 1
T ?? - I:ta
Ml - "? II ''.: -Ian nui Mn'v 'c'vln also ran.
FOURTH RACE For three \?-ir olds si id upa ird; selling.
i ?n? mil? ?n! n furlong.
JamesMrnroe l"i (Walker). I S 1
Pa iqun II. ion niaan hami i . 3 i i
line Rlna?i I"s iMa.llnl. :i l 1
i>:t sdlll ??; I Klnsstnne also re
Tim? l:M.
FIFTH RACE Foi three-year ??! is and upward; r. a
? nners; ?..luri; Seven furlons?
n ? n<; ?R, v\ niamsi. i i t
I >a Irret 11. 113 iHanna?a?yl. J p. |
P>7 (Hewitt). :t ! 1
T m? 1 ;"!>.
To. is, Rhemsti n n- ] L*s routera also rss
Following arc the entrlei for to-morrow tb?
closing ?lay of the meeting:
FIItST 1! A' 'E- Vi\* furl B|
Llndlej Murray . 123 FerA ? .won . ?21
M? ?!'?' .122 ?' relis .|T3
. ? r? .122 0?ln Pay.1 :".'
incrirv II .122 N'nvletitln? .lit)
Tr d .122 Spanish Princess .i:n
sno >\i' P. \. i; on- mil?.
Klral Mate .12? .-'.ill nser . ino
! m- .1.123 I. nal , .|04
THIRD R \'F 'M! -..- Tl ree qu irtei i m I?,
- .100 Mfle Ruek . M
.1??? Xma? . M
s. ? Pnsl .im Ml Inlartit .PCI
I. , .1??' ,tr< i ; 0* I ..iv.HI
iman .u-.'i sir Wa
ftrttl HATE GETAWAY STAKES. Kiva fart ng?,
f ; -r ?' .: i rt s - ? East. 108
Ha-'i Penny .11.1 Purple Jacket . 1".'
11.1 Mldll?! t .PC
Xl - .112 lli-nk ,'f.nv .|02
Oreen Jarkel. IIS Tea !:? f? III.P'2 j
Kb nl Inle .P'T III?h links . SI I
'?? ; ? "i?n .IOS
ai d or.e-l alf miles.
1.! ??. ii?..-. .ico Kins Michael .1+0
Royal s. ., ?,, .m? April r. .1 .,;;,
tfoj naia .li.''.
A dispatch from Brighton Beach last avenlng
stab d the following:
The stewards ha\'? suspended Jockeys Penn and
Neiimeyer, und ais,, rllrected ti;.' secretary to re
i ise ? "? pi tries of Demag igue and Marshall pend?
ing an Investigation, which will !..? held at 1 o'i lo '.;
li, r.. are ?.he welghta for the fall handicap, fix
furlongs, to be run as thi third race Tuesday, ,
August U. at sjheei ?hi id D ly:
Clifford o'.i. WS: Hastings It), 132 Rrqultal (4i,
131 Voter 13). l-'T; Harry !:?? ?! (S), IM; First M .-?? I
14) 125: Margrave (4), 124; \.<-htnan ii). 124; Havoc |
,-,,' 124 Ruln.iri (4). !-'". Tin Winner i4). 1*2: Orna- t
m... i r ,.",. HP; Belm.ir ?'o 119; Typhoon II |3), 118;
I'leophus (3), 117. Hen Holladay (4), 117: Tragedian '
D 7- Nick ,- d). II?: Plklns (3), 114: Nanki \-^:\ I
,-.i |1.1; Frc? Advice ??''. "-' Tillo (3) 112; Fet? 14?, ,
ill- Skat?- ill. Ill: Rhodesia m>. Ill: Howard B (3), ;
li" Sunny Slope (3), 110; Royi : Ri i3), 109; Saille
.'I. aiiot (4) |f?8: Ramiro (4) 107; Rondo (4). 102; Sem
p, r fcg . 141 '? ? R? e? ?' "' '"'? '""' Tripping (3), P8;
tte i4i !'?': Hi-is" Rock (4.. 95: Oeorge H
Ketchsm 13), BS. and Bl Nlcholaa II (3), 90.
? - ?
Ti;o steamer Ifohawh, which sslla to-day for
London, will carry sixteen of Plerr? Lotillsrd's
,. . ,. ctnd. Four of then wer? raised by Lewis
Stuart ?"??1 twelve on ?'?- Rnncocas farm They
go it. harse of Hr. Carter. Mr Lorlllcrd'a super?
-? ?
Norwich, Conn., Aug 10 Th? National croquet
tournament was practically roncluded her? to-.lay.
Pneketl L. Duryee, of Washington, winning first
; ice In the first dlvlsli n. and with it th? ch.un
plcnshlp. il- n only ?lateen year? old and thi? li
hla second year at tl"- National tournament. He
Us* only one kiit- c:t of eleven, w. li. Wahley
ul"o of Washington, tskes second place. In the
? ?? ond division the Rev. Dr. A. P. Orant, of N?w
London, take? first prize, and C. II. Edmonds, of
Philadelphia, -?? ?nd. Karl Butler, of Mlddletown, j
champion of 189s, su ceded In winning the Vsn
Wlncfcel medal from '?. <'. Strong, of New-I?ondon. I
who had had it for two yeara Butler won four ,
c noca out of five.
? - ?
Long Branch. N. J., An? 29 (Speclsl) Di <;.irRe
s Oagnon, of Chicago, capturi 1 th? Max Blelman
Cup a? Elk wood P.itk this aftern on, |efeating Buch
,-racks d- ?lo. y. sfurphy, Daly, Welch, Flnletter |
a:A it.-iiatd with apparent ease. The doctor, who
tied all ?!??? way fr c-i tin- start, was the ;.i-- ;?
pcore He anas ach? l by Captain 'Jack" Brewer
H? kliitvl twenty-f >ur u:?,\. Hla thlrti enthwenl dead I
OUt as.- 'liMt, a fOOt. v?;:ll. h . ; aj, : ? -, .?... , ,,.'. ;| j,.f;.
qiiarterer, escsped. Welch, Flnletter. Ballard, Daly
and Murphy tl< I, with iwent; me killed, for - I
rnonry. In the ?hOOt-oS ??' five | ird- F t.!>???. r and
Murphy lied with twenty-. klili for ??? nd. In
thi shoot-off ai flv?? Mrda. Flnleicr and Murphy
misse.!, leaving Welch, lia liai I mid Dal? to divide '
m ..
The four-cornered sh,.,.t lietween Pa! v. lioey
Osgnon ?nd Murphy, at flftv |, ,.; . *2?0 aside, vr.'li
l,-. shol at Hollywood n?x Wednesaay.
wrrrifs \iakes i v/:u world's record.
Worcester, Mass., Aug. It ?n the Meesor sj J.roa
pltal -thl?"lc game? at thi Worcester Oval this
afterti-on B. J Wafers lowered Hm U9-rard srorld'?
record b? two-flftlis of a s.-cond. His time aras
o ii 2 S th?- best previous time being ivn < s
Ilarsli, irritating laxatives tax
it. Tarrant's Sclt7.er is ft de?
licious, foaming draught that
rids the stomach end bowels
uf foul accumulations. Aids
digestion, clears the licad and
increases energy. Can't harm;
can't he'.i) but help. '
Sold br dr,ig|1*'? fir M T'.ir*. ?Mi, and ?J,
tiiin ASPHAT.TIxa ?Y sriis'-'tirr;'?:' -
Th? rycle context st Manhattan Beach this after?
noon between "Jimmy" Michael and J. Prank
Starbuck promises ??> Is Int. resting. The men
hare trnlne.i bard and faithfully, t'-y will be
p,-if-o.i by ?om,> of the most expert rider? In the
country, the tra-1: la in Une shape, anil -i-l that
retn.iln?, to Insure n spirited rare is th? '.'? ? M ?
The hcur record for this style of racing I? 77 mil? s
1.680 yard?, made by Mitchell st Manhsttnn Beach
li?? Septen.1,-r. Kobody questl ns th? ability if
tbe two m>'n to surpass tht? ;? rformawe, and
should they be favored with good weather li la*
the probabilities are that they will cover tl Irty
mllep, or close to it. In the hour. Little Michael Is
faster than ever before, and Manager Bhafer f?-cl?
confident that he will win. Starbuck tulded the
flnlshing touches to n't training yesterday, end
. wa* congratulated on his appearance hy nearly
everybody at the track, "i never felt netter in
my life.-' s:ihl the rankee rider, "and II i don't
? win this time I sh.ill confesa thai the Welshman
i* my superior." The m? n are limit
i two pacemakers each. Starbuck'? men will carry
An erica n flic*, while Michael's ?ill - ,,! ':<'
gulahed by n white ribbon. The : ? ?rill n*
.= t.-,rtr-,i about s p. m., bul prior to that
at 3 p. m.. thrre will be a one-mile open for ama?
teurs, a mil? handicap for pacemaHer? and s half?
i mil? hsndlcsp for amatet ra.
Th? cyclists of the city Ftcn determined to have
well-paved meets, even if they have to pay th?
, oal themsalvea A local consul of the I.. A W.
, baa secured from the Department of Public Works
permission tu ssphalt Wllllam-st., from Cedsr to
Uberty st Thi? work will be done st th? expense
of i number of people who arc Interested In better
| paved ?treat?, The doing of public work? si pri?
vate expenee is not n naual thing in this eity, al
, though tht? i? not the first Instance of It, The
Public Work* Department ?ras Brat api ? ] to to
asphalt the block at the city's expense, bul <" Im?
mission? Colll* nnd Mr. wild?, the Deputy Coraml*
tdoner. had r.ot Included It In the Department'? eheme
| of asphalted streets, in accordance ivlth ah! h
moni of th? asphalting la done, and th? lid not
think the city aas warranted In asphalting thi*
little stretch. Wllllam-a?. hi* the smooth pave
tner:t below Cedar-?t. The wheelmen thought "-it
tie pavement of tht* hWk and th? thon oni lust
h? ,,-.?-. between Llherty-st. and Mslden I.anc. ? ?
make .i ?onvenleni conm ttlon In th? chain of
smooth street? hy which they ?outd ero?* from the
ighfnre* west of Broadway to the Wall tl ?nd
o'her nearby ferries, Rut the hu*lnes* men ilona
dock '?'-? more Interested in the mattei ?? >n
than the wheelmen. Th? i.i'U">, not having ?
. fl . |>-, ti..- y, t I? said, ha? e raised the n
Kn**nu-st wa? pa%*ed for several block? ?
! wer end by private ?ub? rlptlon In the ?an ? way
i out i year ago
Th? nepnrtrr?ni of public Work? ha? a? Ided to
ask th- ito.ir.l of rstini.it? and Apportionment foi |
tii- money with which to pave Broadwaj from
Forty-*eventh-st. to the Circle at Flftj ?
!;. With the pa v- tnent already ,m or
?7.e,i on Rroadw.iv fmm Forty-*econd-Kt to F rty
'?? ? .-'iith-st.. thi* will mnke ? c mpl? tC
smooth navemeni from Forty-second-et. ip through
tii?. Boulevard to thf northern p?.v
The wonderful record made bj PI tl I ??" In
London "f ? mile. In 1:872-5. ha* cattsi
rid r? here to think of tryin ? again I i a ire th?
ri -or-l for ' e. Most of I hort-dlst ?nee ;
ri rd? have h.i held In thi? country ?? l ihi i
Arr?'-i i--m i idel '??? 111 no? allow the I In
told the n 'it they i an ? ' I Ml
record made recentlv .it ir-< t'hti-le* Utvr i ? h
Roston, wa? 1:881 3 Starbifk wl'l mnke ,i
? .-? ? tii? new llgure? -it (he W il iw '?r -
'.-i :, r In t he sea? I
Th* report? from the correspondent? to tin I
headquarter* of ihe League of American W'.irelm?
ahow thai r ' the ?uburb in dlsi rl -
In unusually fin? con lltloi . ai -1 uni? ?a ral
?lay there ought to be tii"- riding In ev? ry ?llr?
lo-n "tr- w
Cyclist* desiring to loin the League of Am r
Wheelmen may obtain full printed Information and
membership blank* by sending name? ind ad
dreuse.? t,, ihe t'ycllng Editor, The Tribune.
rataklll V. '?'. V-i--- ':?< Oeorge Relth, of the
Harlem Wheeling ftub, won fi\-.- drei prises, ag?
gregating $I-*?0 In value, at th? meet ol the rataklll
Whe.-ii-u: Club thli afternoon The rrte : were the
q j irter ml ?? ? -,. n:8P4: one-mil? I; one
,,- Henn .? -1?? - Italf-m'le open. I "". and two
mi ? '.n, S:?w? La ?lu? of Cold Bpi Ing, won a? ?
,o ? in ?! ?? mile op? .,. mile handicap, h ill mile op n
an 1 two-mil? open.
The coming visit of an English team of crl tketi r
-,. - the topi for discussion si a meeting I th?
i;x. utlv? Committee of thi Metropolltnn Dlatri tl
Cricket I ? ? ? : i< whl 'h m i? held y??sterday at the
, ?' - if "The American Crl kel ?\nt uni." In ihe
American Tract Society Building David A Munro,
the president of the league, wa* In the chair, und
,. ither representative? preseni were IL C. Wright,
f>r ?' H Hornby, W. Fenwlek, A. K Rendit
Jer n:e I"I ','i-ry.
A letter from the secretary of Ihe Associated
Crli l-:? t i ' ih of Phlladi Iphla w it pn ? nted to
th? meeting, Il gave the In forma Hot ?'??? W. l.
Murdoch, who had been Invited to bring out :
t?-.iin on Lord Hiwke'a declination to da to, had
.. :.t ;, cable ?!'-; itch saying thai he could nol
come himself hul il it Ihe team which he wa? t.,
captain would go out under the leadership ol i'. I-'
Warner, ol Middle**-*
l'lie i? :?tn v. i :?? ? ? trong one, bul ?trl
teur, end will Include 'i '?? Je* ip, i ? -? national
hani-liltter of tllou?*??steranlre. I*he
?in?, in arrive here n September l?l tind at the
meeting, it wa? pr?>no?ed th.it the llrst game? I??
played In New-York on Monday, i -? ? ?> -.
W r dneadn ) Beplemtier IS, 14, and la Tl -
,f the !? ?'!--?? wai h tructed to make thi? prop
osltii n (o the Asi i ted Cricket < ? I'hll i
delphia, which organizntlon will in. ? t nest Tu?-*
daj .
The visiting i? ?m ? 111 play at lenat
game? In Phlli?l?-;phla one each oi the '??
mantown, Relmonl and Merlon grounds, and
Ihey may |>laj i foui i h. The origins Intei
was lo ni ?> iwo game? against representatlve
team* of Philadelphia und one agalmn a Iiiiri of
"colts" under twenty-one year* of age It I* now
feared thai ti.i- K'-n:.- would not prove a finan?
cial ?ue -? :,i ? || hn? been suggested ?o ni.ik?- ?t
an ?\tr:i flxl ire lo be played In two days It (i ,
of tbe cuatomnrj ? i. -
3. Adolph MoHenhauer't m w ?team yacht, the
}'r, ?'?>. which wa? launched on Thursday from ti:?
ysrdt of Bsm ?? ? Ayrea ;it Xyack. is expected lo be
v?ry fast. She -.v.is !? ?inn?-1 by Charle* I?. Mo*her,
the ni.tr; who wa? lately ar ouni ible for the n
breaker Elllde, whose perl rmancea hsve cr? il
much Interest. In appearance the presto somewhat
resemble* the Elllde, being M fe.-t In ov?er-a'l length,
with .i beam '?: I feet ?; Inches Bhe > rle? no i?-*s
than thirteen engines, not counting h- r main and
aiixili.it:-? ' ng i ? -
With these her d?signai thinks she will make
a bou i twenty-eight mile? an hour Bhe hat two
quadruple ? ngli c? of .-'-1 horse-pow? - > ich, \? I
Inders of ?-. '-? U mi 14 inche? in diameter
snd sn elghi inch - i k-, s1., ha? u - ?
1?| ??.., r engine lo give ,, r.-t- 1 draught t , hi r fur
?'" 1 -m in n>p? i lei : p mp ng-e igim to ? ?
th? ,nr pumpa Her bol'.er n.is i ;*: aquare
: eat ii? "ii f? nd SI m ire '.-.-: , ; . ,- . .- ? ?
The yael ? :- light? -i ! ? ,-.. ??-. , -,. in , h, .,, ? .
?' v' ' from .i ?!?- n mi i. whl h -?
' ' ? plano . main
-.? t:i . ? i ippli* l
i conne.-t,..:, ? .i.
cabin H'-i ? ? ntra! ?aI ?on - lo ? -. m i . ig my in i i
la hai I? n ? ??? tho it heli .- -,- , a ... ,u ?*, _
can cruise for ?Is hundred mile? without helns re
'I here ate t|*ri '.-,.., lank? fi r fn ?h san i
hi i psteni evaporatln? ? rni g< :.t. for k< ?
t'i'ni aupp.ie 1 Curio , - arc th.
? [or the purpose ?f tiki: a In ft >u n
WS'CI -?. die shi ? r-.:.',1!,^
M Mellenl er l* t n . 'ni .t , ' the \-i -
\. w-Vork, nreat Bout h Ra) and ., ?
1 \I.IS FOOTBALL I IPT.4/V //./.
yew-Hsven. Conn.. Aug ?< (S ,..,-' ,i, _.\ r.-,iort !
which --'-i- r- , h? l her? re sully and 1* baaed
good authorlt) -..y* thai Captain itiicer*, of this
fair? Yi!. football tea? la Buffering from a aevere i
attack of typhoid fever at nla home In Toledo
Ohio, and that In coni>eonen?e he will he unable to
aut,car on t..e foutfcall flvld t;d? year. If thU Uaa
Qrtiropfon 'Xorertiaetocnts.
|,MROI'K4>4 ABB TIUVMI.I.RIl? will Und
1? llif I.oiiilnn aaste? of The Tribune. 14U
I-'li-i-l Street, a ?-onvenlent place to leave.
tli'-lr iidi ,r\l,iiu,ii la un?! aubscrllltlon? for
'lin- Tribune.
Cheque Bank Cheques
in Pounds Sterling, a?? tlabta I? ?vary
i . m i . Alwnl ;:- i-?.-n-.l ? - 1 ?-1 Will off-r
tha new Hot tin- Cheeks, f,,r une in
l-.llar Countries.
New rort U Bey:
in ami Id \\t\\l St.
FREDERICK VV. Pl.RRv, Manajrcr.
CO Haymarkot, London.
8. W.
At Manufacturers' Prices.
made and marked without charge.
Direct from the cottage workers,
beautiful examples of Irish
industry- At first cost.
Walpole Bros., Lim?,
" Belfast Houso,"
Belfast, Dublin and
89, Now Bond Street, London, W.
Our individuality of design and exclusive
Styles, combined with the very )best
??elected skins and srperior workmnn
rhip, have ???veil oar garments a world?
wide reputation among those WHO aro
connoisseurs in Furs, We challenge
comp?tition, snd cordially Invite inspec?
TheCraftonFurCo?, Ltd.
164, New Bond St., London, Eng.
(Established 1822.)
General Drapers 5ilk Mercers and
Outfitters, ire now showing the
latest productions n Mantles, Cos?
tumes and Traveling tiowns.
i.tiiivs' 4M) i.nrn.m vs sii.k rxminvi tit
151 to 16?, Tottenham Court Rd..
London, VV
JEWELL?BS AXP sil.vi-.l.sMiTHS.~
Joseph Hemin.9; & Co.
Old Silver IMnl??Olil s li ?fit.-1 ?I Pinte.
Olil I niiillv .l.-'-icIa?Voveltl.-a fur Prc-ient?.
gjsj i u dim 11' *r.. i.o^uov If,
N.xt I* M tu "l;...?'l'i:HN '"
40 West Strand, London,
Cloae to Metropole anil Victoria Hotel-. Moat
niii,1i-r:i If price? ennaiatenl wild ?.??oil imi
terlul ?ml best work.
H, P. Truefitt, Ld?,
13-14 Ol 0 BOND-ST, LONDON, W.
^Thrci b to Burlington Arcade.)
and Hotf?J Cecil. , ? ,
Illeli-i 1p?s llalnlre>itilni'bvf?nnili>< .pert?.. Tliinlmr?
?nl i li.i.)|,it?I)' l?f S?W-TorX Operator?. Klrst ?ml
tul; "Amarican MMfl.g KslMa." in Lniul'in.
pena ala loa? srlll be ? rely :'? It and ?ill seriously
cripple the t? .m nl the o il ?et nt the s? ison. He
wa* expected tu Im the mainstay ol the team al
.ind ils pla.'e cannol lie lllle.l. He is s:ii?l
- ? r. signe?] : he <*.i| ?? m In f it or
; ):? i imln, a'iio ia a seul ir an I .. n'?> 1 ii.ilfba k.
S mi', impton, liOng Island, Aug SO The ?? nd
day ??f '" ? li rs? show iras favored by Une ?real
ind the ii ???? s? ..! ' ?? ontt?*ts if yesterday drew
;i :.ir..-" crowd. All the cottagers were present and
? ? e t. wn fc !k wen also on
The -i.: of the show was due tn the efforti
,.f Robert .1 Collier. Colonel Henry May, II. ?1
Trevor, Henry A. Barclay, Charles R. Fits and V
B. henck, who are Ihe offlcera ..f th? a isoel nion.
Amo ? pre ent were Misa Amory, Fred?
erick liaker, Miss Lake, H B Barnes, Charlea T
II irne; . .1 i. ? ? le, Will im All? n But!? r, Co me
A i: Cherolm, A B, ClafUn, P. P Collier, Dr. i:
ii li. Curtis, General Thorn i ? il i: irber, i ' i mel
Henry May, General A. Cro ker, Duncan Cryder,
It ?; \ I Uxon, ?' ii. <;? Ifney, i: R. Kennedy,
Lieutenant A. I. Morton, P. A. Murdoch, It.d.-rt
ulyp SI ph ". P ?body, W. A. Putnam, Bnlem
il Wall a, M '? Trevor, J M Waii in, T. !.. \V< II
man, i: W Wilson, Mr and Mrs C, A. Stephens,
Mr. and Mrs. Bidne) Harris, Bamuel !.. Porrlsh
T a !. Misa McKi ever, the Misses
Pupke. the M ? 8? iyne, Kllbreth, Day, Cryder,
crock? '. Clark, .-' m i, M ?ran, Dwer, Dlyphant
I..-.S. Robb. '' ? ' ''
The Ju.lttes were Co'onel Ilenrv M y, H f? Trevor,
Henry V Barclay. C Albert Steven?, Mr. Cramm
and C R. Fits.
\l? ?? s T? wt end took the flrsl pris? In the ponv
ind !>?? I.i .- Xlcoll ' . ? ?? 1 ?: d, rt .1.
C i]||er i ink Ht i ,i Isc foi i-, ?? ,>?? ili - ai i C. AI
? cri Bti \ .;i- ? con I.
T W l'.rt. r took i1"' prise ''?r harnesa horse:
m . r lith Ki ni ? ly, -?? -ond T. IV. P n t< r to >k
?? ? .rise for harness horses In Clasj 5: P. r. Col?
: l
In ci ss I Dr. fl \ Blxon look flrst pris?) ' r
?: c. R. Pits ? ? .nid.
Has.. : Mr c Albert Btavens. (lrst; Miss Kdlth
K nelv, i
i'l.i?s !?. tandem- T. w Porter, (lrst; II. O. Trevor.
. .,,? ,i
iM.'ss I? four-ln- ??? ids T. W. Porter, flrst: W. A.
class IS, high Jumper??Richard Xewton, Jr., l?rst:
\ ? tor M irnwlis, -? ? >nd.
The watermelon rac. was w n by Herbert Vew
r. of En ?1 lampton: Rolieri ' "ollli r, -? con I
Mr ?',.iii..[- gave .m exhll i i i lump with
his jumper, \- .i?.\ who lean I ihe four-post
? . ,,\ m i-iv ;i fool and Charles Coster took
Unit |.r?7.- in tli?- k ni. men' ri le.
Washington, Aug !fl The nineteenth annual
meeting of the national Archery Assi dation closed
this afternoon al the araenal run-'.', in this city.
Th? attei Ian ? was small, but the closeness of the
?? mud? i ? meeting one of the in.ist enjoy?
.ii;,. ,,.' recent yeara The Nati.il and America
r ind chumi unships were won by W, A. Clark, of
Wyomli ' 01 ; .. Ali" hnd previously won Ihe same
m ps? and ins. Mis .1 Barker, of Washington,
won thi S ? ". . .1 .il Columbian championships
shot bj ihe la<lles. at distances ranging from dxty
to thirl) yards, Mr Mdlowan and Misa Cooke,
of Washington, madi the highest scores in the on
tesl bets'een 'earns ol ladl .and gentlemen, shoot?
ing respectlvel) .i< fifty and slxtj j irds rhe flight
?i.iplonshlp vere ?-on by Mi-s Cooki and W I,
Wax son. .?:' Washinaton. The records In general
were hlghei than those made Ins) \. ?ir Th? nexi
annunl meeting will Is held near Cincinnati W.
A Clark. Ihli year's champion, was elected presi?
dent, and ihe Rev John i..i'v Taylor, of Wyoming,
? lid.,, aecretarj and tn isurer.
El? aser I. R ?gers, tari n \ -nln? ye ira >>! I, ..f l: is
' "i. was a pi ? : - - In i ? .1 (Ti ?! M .rk. i r .
? "? ? 11 rt yesterday morning ,11 .i ? -. of attempted
I ' er) Th? impl .? ai wer? Mei rlam .<? i '?>.
,.? No, ?'T Fifih-ave. R gers i ? lered .i
bill of i ? ? ..: y. p i ?utton g i ... ,,?
Wi - i .??>.? i ? i ?.'..;?.. | ,,i, | offer? i
i? i roi ; i, inn the ru m ri fuse ? to .i ???'>? ihu
! ?? ? Igm I ,.v B. F. Bennett, atationer,
id Boston, Thi manager ol the Dutton company
? r..-, ? , m ? H nneti au '. ? ? ?'???? I wo d tha? 11 u
check wa i forgery, \ trade J mrn il p tbllshi I
ni ? fact?, and the Merrlam clerks w?-r.. comment
i II ?..-'? i : i. moi Ini a hen Roi er v\ > i k. i
Hi lioughi 191 worth ol books, H- offered :i
' ? . with the ? gn M in .r ? F Bennett, for I - ?
?' ' ? ? d mes m ash, I *>?? a ?is arn ? ? ;.
'.i i ai rate Blmm i i ' '? him for examin?t I
Th?. United Btates ?a ly i tffl ? t?rday re?
ceived || ounces M grab * of told frmn :- -.
Doralrore Tiit gold w.,s gol oui of n placer nine
n that laland and assayed I2"T-2 to n ton Th?
old wa? rct.irnod to th?- firm that deponltr-d It le-.?
no uaufli charg?, it ha? bean known fur a lo a
in-.e thst gold existed in ?mall quantities In Ban
omlngo, but It la ?aid tliut the return doe? not
th? labor.
(Pnropenn ^opertiocmmia.
Americans before buying
Laces, Embroideries, Vel?
vets. Brocades or Silks for
robes and furniture will
find it to their interest to
M. Jesurum & Co-.
iTnited factories
New Trunk,
"The Papillon,"
Is the lightest known.
I, Rue Scribe.
454. Strand.
6, Rue de la Paix.
Americans before buying furs should Inspert
the QRUNWALOT MODELS. The largest
assortment of choice furs in the WORLD.
Savoy Hotel, London.
Of limtrnnontlo Kntii??.
Un ml play? on Ihr frrrnoe overlooking
The liinliiiiikiiniit i;i?rdeii?. und Hiver.
< tief ?i.-riiiMinr ., 4..(1-?v \c. urn.
Mature RaeoMer. ?ASAGBBS. | L, BCBBXABD.
fnelan I.
lelefran? "?ldotel.
Mm. TO.VM.?, M?r,
f nu: ADBLTMI hotel.
-?^I'.KIU'UUl, -
m i in. % m> ?.HAM) HOTEL.
Till-: MIIiI.Vm) HOTEL.
- riHRHY
Sp**?ta1t1ea: Fx.-elt?n' cmaine
? ir.fort l"ft~erat? charge*.
Hotel Victoria,
Northumbsrland Avenue,
?l?i.*i ?.?m? eiil?Mi?lf nml fi?*lil??im lil ?
?Ittinti-il. i* ?lit lurti- iiiiniix-r ?if Mit?
Hun and RHraaSM en aulle, tin?!
sinifle nml luiilil?' lli-ilr<Miiii?. The
Yli-torin Oreln-.tr?. linder illreellon
of Mr. ????<> \% . lolllna. Inte I'rofe?
?or ?I the GalMhnll *ehool of *l?ml0,
r-TlCrni* nelei'tlon? of nunlr lu ?lln
ii ;; Ti it 11 ilnlly. ?Inrlnir In n ? -1.n.
dliin?T nml an niter. Tnltlf ?I'lmto
I.iuK-lii-nii. I to :t IV "I.. :t? Hill Din?
???r I, tn Ki.'IO. ,1?. iinii Supper from
III o'olnek. :<? (111', nl.o. aervloe n In
rarfe. Table, ntnv be aeenred Id
utli mu-e. Ooen I?, nnn-realdenta.
TII*'. ?OBDOX IIOTi:i.?i, Limit?
The Hotel Cecil,
The largest and most magnificent in Europe.
Perfect in every detail. Location un?
rivalled, facing and overlooking the Env
bankment Gardens and river Thames. Un?
surpassed cuisine and the best selection of
wines ever ofiered. 700 bedrooms and 300
salmis, private dining rooms, and public
reception rooms.
C. P. BERTINI, Manager.
!(.run?l Hotel. Pnrla.
I) ?Iniiniii'o'?. \ew-\nrk.
Criterios RaataaeaWt, London.
t'nrlvnlled Sltaatlaa In I'nrilnml l'laee.
At Too ?>f l<?'ceiit St. W.
Convenient for llie HcmI Shop*. Theatre., Ele,
Every nodern Comfort and Convenience,
.loderate Tariff.
The Walsingham House
And 3ath Hotel,
Till: BBOADWA1 ok LOM)0\.
Oreriook. iii?" Park '????1 esrrBBllas the finest
pits Ion in I.omlitn. Apart men I * at iimilerut??
ruarse, for ? s?n?rt or laasn perioil. ( aialaa
maims?' liy an ???perleneril Erem-I? ehef,
Teleirmui'?. ??MoIuim-." < O. OBLABDI.
I.oiiiIiiii. I See'. A Manauer.
Horrex's New Hotel,
i\ lili in-rirri If nun iliited uimlrra nr
i n ?? ii ?*iii?- ?? I* tii n, un hou t I :ic\ iitnr,
F.lri'irlo llalit?. ete. I.oenl lain moat
rentrnl. neur In? Court*. Kiiilmnk
Dienl. nnd Principal Then Irea : 1.1 niln
?it?.*' ?vnlk from Wealmimtter \l>ln--v.
Oiniilhn. and Hull com in union t Ion with
nil piirt* of London.
5n. 4 A :'.".. ?iorfolk St., eontlnaed n. here
'"'?\V. HORREX, Proprietor
Upper Norwood. Queen's Hoto
N- r Cryatal pa lar?, lyr.l.i. n-aiuu-*: altuatloa tn
El gland. Lnvely g-rl.-n? It- ar,1in? t-rni, from ?5 SO
pet :,. Special terma for lar*? partha. Convenient
Norfolk Hotel, Brighton, England.
I'lii.- i-.,,-,,--. H el. ?i>i -, ?. ?? trail pi n.-:i.i,i.> km
la? Fine public room?. i*erfect aanltatlnn. Shaded
el? trie I lah I a. f.!fl Delict? ralallM. Ml ?ice ?rtsaa
Jul ?* A. ?'r- Iv) '.-11. Mitr.
Qiiann? Hrttrtl **?.,i?l>??,-?,. i*?iri?im>iiiii.
ueen s noiei, ,..,.,.. .,,.,.,,. ,?.w racing
I.lf <f ?Tight Uteel? n;?i garden. TVnr.i?. Me. vl
) In? Royal Vachi Club. Tn ..-n'. bosta lo ?????>*. Ri !*
m ?I SouthaniptOJ "Moviil I'ler llittel" uu-lt-r ?.mi?
The HnwarH Hotel,
N?.rfi>llt Sir*.-! nni!,iinkm*n'. I Tt^n. Thi* n??!)
er.i-i?-,l II. ? : ?? r.|,|. ?,- m" ei-n m Seta MNafnrt. Over
look? Embankment and River. i:;,.n?nt nu,| ?pai-i ,?i?
public r ima Electric l.in'it throughout. Ann-rl -un ?>?
??i,, ele? H r. 1*1*. ! tiirlff.
32, Dorset Squire, London.
uni"?- favorablj '-. ?ra ?? imertrana vhatlna Uoadon,
rirai rbtaa. Ever? m ,1'rr, r?M|Ulal?e M:?* KO0KKT8OX,
?Ui ? '?? ? ' - T - M1-- s Wh.r
Thelmnerial Kotel, Malvern
la th. mon i?n:i.l p<lnt r r Aaaerlcaea mntHmt '<? > ?I?
?JN'orceater, ShrH?,|,,|,y. Jl-r^for,! -iri;r r!,m A<'-n. ?ta
vint, i* eaa ^n-nj Ik? day ?l tn^*e ilifter^nt :?la,f? ?n.|
r.lurn In the ^vnlnK to Th? Imperial. liK-at*,! -il ?ub.ro
|-r|vut. a??..W ?r,.! tt: ,r*,ughlv mod?!.
?VABWir ..
" Wool pack." '"?":: '"? ?*????? ?? ?????sana
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T p. m. ??rvl<?.
''l'ii'lslii'lil " "?*' '?"">* H?? .?*? II. It? o?"1 ,E?S
- -________!__!i'' "?"' s'01""1'
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ytli '" |j?i<* Mstrtst
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"ihe coiiin-wtioii." ginjar- lu'uI,?,,, ?
foxciqn Rfaorta $
Tnc international PateCC Hotels.
1 lu I.IM-/?r?-li l'uliii-r, .
t. lllto .'-???i n
?II..- Ilitler.i filme.
?IHK.Kr???fc ni
Tbe .\?i-iililii l'alM???. _
I,|>IIO>.HurlB-alj M
The l.n Plagt*. .... ,fl
DM KM? .Iielartajaa?
Tbe Mnlolii l'slnee. -r
MWI'.M CM.MI'NC _Si%ltaerlaa?>
T'..- ?.min "??* l'nlnee. _,
Tltt-MMIM? .Tiirtier. JJ
Tbe Pern l'nlnee, ?e
rov?)Ts?JTi?fo?*f.R. *??-..??. ,
Tb. -".i? Il.ifel Inlerennll??"?. S
itRifnt?"t .unir. ir
r,?r laforn atf? n ih-hats !?? ?M i~ ni ? ai ' ' - i-a?i-#e sa
f.inm*laM,n mi.lv Int-rnaU. .-.?I X ?' ?'o ? '"I-* ?r
Corkapur al., .>.;,.! n or S Piar? d? l'1'r-.-r? fSSS, ?SJ
Hotel Continental, s
Hotel Chatham,:
Hotel Binda, ?
Restaurant P. Cub?t. ?
MaM satgaai an-i luxurious M Buraga, i>. .mrn?a4a?f*
10 Anierlca a f?.r aawSMI ru,alo? ?DJ tina wlr.ea. ?'
The Modem Hotel of Parish
E. ?MOiBAUBJMB, Manager.
Gd Hotel de Rome,:
Motel d'Angleterre, ?
Magnificent Hole!. Finest Situation,,
lilectric Light, rindern Comfort. ??
Grand Hotel,
Of titatioa.
Ti m?ti? '
or statt??.
Gd Hotel Continental
All M tarn r,.mt-r*t
lirat BltlMttaa
Hotel Four Seasons,
MUNICH. ?sgag
Hotel Marquardt,
Hoteide Hollande
5team heat Throughout, lift, lireprcof staircas?.
Hotel d'Angleterre,
Rhine Steamers fasj._.,?_?? finest
Land Opposite. fwlayGnCG* Situation.
The Grand Hotel.
The "Splendid," 300 Beds.
44 "Continental," 200.
*' Kursaal A flea?) Site. 125 Beds
A. Declerck, Proprietor.
All these hotels are modern in every detail.
and on Sea iront.
Hotel de la Vil?eT
MJj ? lf?ry ?Io.|?rn K? iul.ll?r?
31 8 l?i 1r?T"llfr?' lo.u?ort.
Grand Hotel,!
Ill Smli -n
ni|,r,ii, .',,'ata.
laaassf ii.-..,ts
I ! ?* ?n I "-"a*! ' ?*
? im.- s -ta.
Grand Hotel Beiiagio
AXI) liori.l, VTIadLtA. SB?RBglaXoifl
Beiiagio, Lake Como.
(,r, ?I Cniial,
???.li-n iij 11 .?a.
AU. MOPRRW covr'U'.TS.
l.lKtrle I l.-ht.
Twt? LirtS.
Steam It ?at?
Grand Hotel
Venice. Ls?S
? ,i?a?n?<1 k,
B??t igfssatsl
vpit/ A I\?V|.
Ha? s tront'ir?' ?if UM . : ,?n : i-< i>r,.nri*i ...
l.ra.Ml tr...?l,
Grand Hotel, et d'Europe
ssaa ssaasa - --?.??- ? ?s
First CUM* stetsl *?itn;4liou
Ou llM l.;i:*i-.
r.ltvtrir L?gjssl Tiir4?iuhout.
P>r*^Dii*9torR. Tyf\?fr.y .?? Co,
Hague, HolBand,
hoti.iTm: luxe, hotei de luxb.
finest passas! in Holland, host cuisine. b\tt<l pl.ive
biirinn iliin: t. Bfaasssaal SSMaTtgSBastt ir.> \|> r, filed
throuqhtxit. Bath??. {Ir.irdri'v.iT. Pri.Jtc ho;?sl
C F. H/.LLFR- \. m Mb ?a? ?s_
C?iiroj'Ciin UiiiiACti.
<? vitl.HiiAts. -ii?.. tiiiii?ii?i- i:??oiin?i?- Hunk
riittAVKLLKUS r?TTillUGHtJlJT KUtoi'i:
I ?i:i -in i Ths ''.'??'? m.a ..n ni? ai toadlag n Sala ?M
ai ?h? pirllH :"l Bank? Arn?r4??na f ? I |u.?|
at.r.-aj ahoulJ ?? n.uli lli? K-ii ,? -m ?d?rrll??mrr.la ?? i
??Mar '.?> S ?!.? W ? ? -'?> .;,.. i^> on f
H.-I.. [ ,n ri luit.!-' nmi u L Toa]
*\ ,'1 aiurh ?sa -?.m-- in.l ?Maaal ?'?rllos ,.,?, .-I I-. ni.irjr
?f -ta aa , ni-: OuMs tVv-*? Our '.. - I -i nSJ ? U?
Fl?-? <?'? ? 1? f,r?r> '?. ?Il T- ' .'-.? t? ' '? >,:-!? ?-. o?
?laaanr?- It .'.'??n't BaSttSK Tl a avtaWB. la tV t'.tr?.

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