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General Wager Sv a;, ne was aeen yesterday !
afternoon at hi?? ofllcc i'i tb Equitable Build
hag by a Tribune reporter, who a^ked him if he !
did not consider this the opportun? moment f'?r ?
a !"orcinlzation of the Republican rarty ?is a |
wh")e In this city.
"We're going right nh^ad." he answered em- j
phaticaliy. and h?- continued. In subatanca.
"We have hired Lyric Hall, where the Re?
publican Organization "f the City <'f New-York j
has held Its repular meetings for several
months, and will h'dd a n-.eeting there on No
remher IT., to consider the subject "f Repub?
lican reorganization. This was decided upon
at an Informal conference of some of us this
morning, at which there was manifested not so ,
much vain distress over the past -Tar,;ninny's I
F-ei/.ure of the city?aa resolution to better thlmr?
In the future. The adion we are ?nking is ti"t
only In accordance with our own Judgment and j
desires b?it also is prompted by a wish to sat? ;
isfy the demand of a Kreat many Flat! Repub
Itcana, made In the brief time since Tracy's de- !
feat was announced. I can't walk about, as
you know, but Mr. Bragg, vice-president of ?
our organization, tells me that ho personally j
met this morning more thnn twenty Republi
cans who voted yesterday for Tracy, and who
Bow Insist that there must be a reorganisation
of the body of which they have been members. \
and that such reorganisation and reform must
be effected from the outside. Our basic id?a in
the work ?if reorganization is that there shall
be a freer and fuller enjoyment of the suffrage
try the great body of Republicans than has ,
heretofore been permitted the membership of
tha Platt Republican organisation. No, I don't
know whether or not we shall continue on I
the lines of our own organization or have an
entire readjustment and reorganisation That
Will be for those who attend the meeting of the
middle of this month t?> ?lecide. and at that
meeting all Republicans, of whatever previous i
affiliation, will be welcome."
Kx-Judge Henry E. Howland. while dlsin- |
cllned to comment upon the result of the elec?
tion, on the philosophic plea that it was use'.rss
lamenting over what could not be undone, wivs
yet emphatic in his opinion that some measures
should be taken to reorganise and reunite the
Republican party. "The party." he said, "was
solid last year in the Presidential election, and
it is unfortanate that the division which so
materially aided Tammany's success this year
should have occurred. While not suggesting
that Mr. Platt should be superseded In the
leadership of the party by some one else, l ?lo
say Mr. Platt himself sr.ou'.d recognize the im?
perative n"cessity of doing something to con?
ciliate the Republican factions. Otherwise the
Republican control of the State will be endan?
gered. Tammany Is now In complete possession
of this city, and will keep it for four years, and
will thereby wield a tremendous influence. The
Greater New-York charter was passed against
the wishes of many people, aid the result, as j
these people feared. Is Democratic ascendency
in the first administration of the new munlci- j
pallty. In the face of this unfortunate outcome '
immediate steps should be token to end the ex- !
istlng division In the Republican party."
William Brookfield has been suffering from a
heavy cold, and has been confined to his apart?
ments in the Murray Hill Hotel for the last day
or two. He said last night that the R?*r>ub!loan
Organization of the City of New-York. In which
he and General Swayne have both been promi?
nent, would be conducted along the same lines
as In the past. Its constitution was broad
enough to admit of the reception of every
Republican In the city, and It would be glad to !
extend the right hand of fellowship to all r?-a!
Republicans?that was, all Republicans who ac
?cpted the tenets of Republicanism and con?
demned such pr ictlces as corrupting the prima?
ries and falsifying the enrolment lists. And If
any other Republican body in this city would
repudiate thefie unfair practices?and their com?
mission was admitted openly by many members
of the organization to which he referred?it
was not Improbable that there mipht tnen be a
coalition between that organization and the
<>ne with which he himself was identified. I'n
til, how-ever. the former body should be con?
ducted on h<?nest lines there could be no union.
Ellhu Root said last night, when asked If he
thought that there should be a reorganization
of the Republican party: "I think th?-r?- ought
to be. ' In his ?.pinion, there should be a r?-or
ganlzatlon which would Rive a larger measure
of liberty to the great body of Repub.leans -a
change from the presenl condition of th<- prac?
tical domination of on?-- man. Asked If he would
take an active part In a movement for su?-h a
ieorgaTlz.ition, he answer? d ?hat he was not at
present prepared to speak positively as to that.
The result of the election had a bad effect In
Wall Street. It sent stock? down for the simple
reason that It weakened confidence and Induced
saics of securities. Rome of the net declines in
Mocks, comparing tbe closing prices with those of
Monday, were: American Spirits preferred, 1%;
American Sugar common. T>\: American Sugar pre?
ferred, 1; American Tobacco, I1-,: Atchlsun pre?
ferred, 1%; Burllnpton and Qulm-y. 2\: Cbiiag?
Cas. 1%; Rig Four. 1; Colorado l*i:e| and Iron, 1',;
Delaware and Hudson. .1; I.ackawanna. 3*4; Krle.
IV Illinois Central, 1; Illinois gioal, Vfr; Laclada
Isas, IH; Louisville an?l Nashville, H2; Mlaaouri
Pacific. |%; Mohlle and Ohio. 1',; National Lead,
1*?; New-jersey Central, 8*4; New-York Central,
114; Norfolk and Western preferred. 3*4; Northern
Pacific preferred, 1%; Northwest. 2\\\ Ornaba, 1\;
Oregon Improvement, HW; Pennsylvania Railroa?]
*-.*>,: Hanhandle preferrod, l; Reading first pre
(erred, IV Reading ;-? < ond preferred, lu; Rock
Island. I'.,: St. Loufi a/,.: San Francisco first pre
(erred, lui. ?St. Paul, _,:.. Southern Railway pre?
ferred. i?4; Tennessee ?oil and iron. i; Leather
preferre?l, 1%.
A b?r, lot of money ?hmipr-d hands yesterday In
Wall Stie.-t in settlement of ik-ih un d,,. ?lection
K. H. Tnlcott re?-, ive.i between $12,fa)Q and 115000
On Monday alone he ["it Up ?*.'.<. '??? at odds of g'to 1
on Van wyck. Warren I.. Jan:< = was a consider?
able winner. Or Mor.lay lie ataked ?120,000 on Van
Wyck at odds of .'{ to 1. At th. marrie odds on the
same ?lay. E. VV. Jewetl wagered SO.ikhi arid 11
(entent waK?-re.? ? m??- amount. Som?' of th?' I-i rife
winners were David Lapeley, P. N. Bproule and
am. li. Mt-ndham.
Charles W. Dayton, th? C,PorKe men's candidate
for Controller, spoks for lha Desaocracy of Tbomaa
Jefferson and its allied organizations on the re
Suit of the eb?".ion.
"The battle waged hy and In the name of Henry
Georicp for a return of true Desaocracy,'1 said Mr
Dayton, "was hon? st. (?arlesa and in the public In?
terest. O.irs was an organisation of 'minute men,'
opposed by skilled political funerals and a sfttl?
'rained, affluent pollllr,?.. urrny. We had not suf?
ficient money for neosssary expenses, but the press
?ind the people gave us a fair field.
"Death toik our leader when the conflict was
thickest and our victory seemed assured. Our rally
from this irreat disaster was Imm?diate, and while
the loss of hia personality was Irreparable, th?- fight
Went on with unremitting, vlKor. Our powerful fu'-s
wui not accuse ui ?,: cowardice ?.<??? have not
loujpt in vain. The principle r??r whlclt w<- con?
teniiel will continue to asaeri Itself. It l? dim.'iilt
to i.e,ie\,. that a free peopl? om be Bubiected to an
electiva> despotlam' or to the rule of an Individual.
Ihe ele-lion was fair. The people have spoken
I sainte tha .majority. My cirrus: wish Is that
?ftlor Va? Wy.-k a,,?) au ?ho bave been .ted
with him may enj ,y ?, luccessful administration
Jr-v.-ry eltistsn shou.d help him and hla confreres in
pant' milk* our ("lt>" government a model munii-i
??. TtV *',r,*t,on n< Judge Parker and the triumph of
?>e Democracy in thl? 3!<lte is a cause of especial
Oeneral Rodenbough. chief of the Election Bu?
reau, receive* a letter yesterday from the Wyn
koop-Hallenbeck Printing Company. In which the
firm assumed all re-sponalhlllty for the error In tha
Judiciary hailot, which occurred in nine districts
sa the XXXVth Assembly Dlatrlct They aai that
iney put the ballots f?.r those districts on two
E!"** ""d ?hat in some manner tbe platea baj?
?ame transposed.
"The ?deret of the defeat of the Republican
party and it? natural allies in this city is to
be found in ?Senator Plitt and his domination
of th.- Republican organization." said Mayor
"If Mr. Platt persists in his present policy he
win wreck the party in tha State, aa wall aa the
<lt.v." th? Mayor continuad. "If he proposes to
name a man of his own selection for Oovernor
next year, disregarding the wishes of the peo?
ple of the Sute, he will meet another defeat
more crushing perhaps to his own ambitions
.han that of yesterday. He will not only lose
us the Governor and the State, but he will
probably make Republican success In the next
Presidential election Impossible.
"Senntor Platt ought to be warned by the
downfall of David B Hill, but instead he seems
determined to follow In Hill's footsteps. It was
Hill's reckless disregard of the popular wishes
that brought about his political ruin. Platt is
travelling In Hill's footsteps as fast as he can
"What Is your view of the city's future under
Mayor-elect Van Wyck?"
"I think It Is promising,'' was the reply. "My
personal opinion is that Judge Van Wyck will
give us as good government as it is possible to
gel from that organisation. I don't think the
Tammany men can do very much harm now.
The good example set th?-m In the last three
years of honest administration will act as a
deterrent, and they cannot afford to go back
on that object lesson. Clean streets, for exam?
ple, have come to stay."
Speaking of the mistakes of the campaign the
Mayor said that the greatest mistak?' of the
Citizens Union nas Its negb-ct to confer with
the Republican organisation. If the invitation
to confer had been accepted, the situation to?
day would be very different The republicans,
on the other hand, made the mistake <>f trying
to elect a machine candidate without counting
?m the Independent vote. Republican and Demo?
cratic. Nevertheless, the strength of the inde?
pendent movement was astonishing. With mi
organization such as the Republicana ami
Democrats p?-sr.ess. Mr. Low hnd nearly otic
hundred and flfiv thousand votes.
"Amone Senator Plait's palpable mistakes."
said Mayor strong, "the nomination o? .Lulire
Wallp.ce waa one. V7e nil know that it con?
tributed a great deal to the demoralization In
the Republican ranks throughout the State"
BIANCA- Anns m? "MF. TOO" TO
nepubllcnn luailfiuarters. State and county, were
deserted yesterday, Senator Plat! Is reporte) to
have remarkel that the party was h-\r.cn b) the
niendne?y of its enemies and the tre.ichery of :ts
all? -' 1 fricn!?. <Jt.igg addeil "Ma too." Qu'gg
]. ked lonesome and aad reaterday, .ml aggrieved
II.- was particularly nr.gry becauBe some person
with no reverence for greatness and no pity f?r
misery pinned on the ,io..r of the County Committee
rooms a brief quotation from Casablanca which
was: "And the boy, oh! where was he?" Mr. yuigg
had nothing more to say.
Charlea w Hacket! snnounced that the Republi?
cana still controlled th?- Assembly, and tried ? . get
some comfort out of that
-?. .
jcrrnuoKiAM dbmocract.
It was n quiet day yesterday 'it tbe Henry fborpe
hea'lquarters In the Itnlon Square Hotel. I'p to a ,
late hour In toe .lay "Tom" 1.. Johnson bad nor |
appeared. .1. Valentin? George, brothel o( the
late Hf-nry George, was ~>n band mo?t of ihe day
and was kept busy Battling up the accounts of the
The two sons. Richard George and Henry George,
were present during the afternoon and look part
In an Informal conf.-fence ?a it h Willis J Abbot,
Dnnlel C. Beard and a few others who had bCsn
Interested In the George ciganlzatlon It waa Bald
that there was no public statement to he made ex
cept that the organization was to be in ..;?? perma?
nent, All of the r'">:n>. eight in number, which
had b?en used as campaign headquarters, will be
vacated at once, with one exception. Th-re will
be one room maintained fer a time until definite
arrangements can '? made i"r a permanent
home. I?r. Miller wa? present during the morning
hours clearing everything up. ready for leaving ?:?
place. A m.-, ung of the Manhattan S.n^;. Ta?
<";uh waa held last nlaht -.? It? rwims, in Twenty
thlrd-Bt. Tb-- work of rh< ainsi? lasers i? to go
right on, and tin- open-air addresses win continue
a- of old.
< ?ne of the members ?if the Campaign Commllt?*e
aald yesterday, in e.imnieming upon the r?-?uit*
Of tile ,.? ci ion:
"The returna have Justified the course we pur?
sued. We ,,r?? not ashamed of the showing Henry
.;.-"rge made The number of vote? cast f->r ?>:r
candidate i.? mor?- than enough lo command for u?
recognition fr<.in either Tammany Hill "r th?- Re?
publican machine. The Jeffer? nlan party i?. now
th?- only rival Democrat!? party '" Tammany, and
when we i.? m iii"-t Tammany ti.-- victor) ml' (<??
Daniel C Beard Bald he kn?w from th?' time
George died that tie- ?ucceai of the Jeffersor.lan
Democracy vas an Impossibility, If Mr Oeorce
bad lived he would hav.- received a vote that would
t..-.- -'uni.'', the politician? Mr Beard Bald that
he km a what Ihe feelln? in hi? part of the city
was b?-fore and after Qeorge'a d alh, and Iher?
was no reason to doubl that be would have bien
In regard to the result Mr Beard ?aid lha people
had voted to be robbed, and the question la whether
It Is any longer a crime to rob them.
- - ? -
Controller Pitch went to hi.? offbr yestsrday bright
and smiling, and nobody would have imagined 'ha:
h" was one of the unsuccessful randtdatea In Tuea?
day's ra'-e. perhaps the fact ihnt he had run about
twenty-four thousand votes ahead of his t|. kat '?ni?
el to remove something of th<- ?ting of defeat, He
side?, Mr. Pitch, although not elected, ran nh*nd of
such eminent opponents of his as ex-Secretary
Charles s FalrchlM and ex-Postmaster Charles w.
Dayton, and received ?<>me thousands ?>f rotes more
than iJeneral Tra y. the head of the t?.-k.-t.
"I f?el \ery grateful to |bS many friends who
Stood by me so nobly When BUCOeSS S'emeil more
iban doubtful." said the Controllei yesterday, "and
I w.nu lo thank them all through The Tribune.
Somebody had t" lone, and it appears thai It wa* my
turn l?o- lime, i ,'.-?-i rat bet amused iban other?
wise at th" remarkable outcome of th?' campaign,
Certainly, I have no complaint? to make a? to in?:
acilon of either friend ?>r foe."
"What kind of a government will tlie city ij.-t at
the hands of th?- new admlnlstratloi
"There Is no p-a?un why are ?hould not expect a
good adminlatratton from .1 1 ?f- Van Wyck. w.i?
Mr Pitch's reply, "If be will pul good' men Into
office, and he ha? plenty ?.f good men to choose from
among hi.? supportera he will mak?- his administra?
tion a success, iiu? if they go i?. work to llil the
place? with the worst material they can Bad, Ilia
en?l Is ?asily discerned. The 1.pie will wake Up
and demand of ihe Legislature thai ?ueb an a?i
mlnlBtratlon shall be prevented by legal restriction?
r.-om damaging the <-r?-'lit and the fair faux- ?,f the
city. No m.i't?'! what the political complexion of
th?- Legislature may be, the demands of the people
In sn.-h a case would be liHtened to. '
Mayor-elect Kol.er: A Van Vfyck ?ll I not reach his
private ?office in Chambers of the City Court yester?
?lay until about noon. He rei-f-ive?! an enthusiastic
welcome fr'.m a bevy of (rienda who bad waited to
congratulate him on i"< triumphant election. The
new Mayor found his room redolent with chol? e
Sowers A floral hors, she-, s.-v.-n feet high, from
th.- attach?e of the ?'Ity Court ?ioo?l by bis deal
Among Ju?igc Van ?Vyck's calk r? at the City
Hall yesterday wars colonel Wllllsm L, Brown, ex?
Dlairtct-Atiorney J. W. Hldgway ol Kings Coun?
ty, Oeorge L Farbach, ex-Senator G?rorge W.
Munkltt, ex-Mayor Hush J. Grant, ex-C'ommls
siuner Michael T. Daly, William N. Penny, Justice
TruHX ?<r the Suprem? < oari, and the new Mayor's
brother, J.iMI??1 Augustus \aii Wyck, ol HioukI.mi,
At th? end of un hour pleasantly spent, the new
.\.;?>.,. M.,iu,i uptown with bla brother.
Florul testimonials for Judges John II. McCarthy
Sna bfUwara ??. U'tJwrer, re-elected Justices of the
City Court on Tuesday, had been placed heslde
their respective desks by ihe court employes.
Don't Be
into paying a high
price for a Swiss
watch. Waltham
Watches are the
most accurate made.
particularly recom?
For sale by ?Ul retail Jewelers.
England's Famous
Regiment Entertains
At the recent Black Watch Regi?
mental Dinner, H. R, H. The Duke
of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in the
chair, the only champagne served
was POMMERY Champagne.
Chfl'inrey M. DepCW, who supported Tr.tiy. paid
ysstsrday that the election resulted ju?; as he
feared It would. "We made the best possible tight,
hut the hopo of a vi. lory ?galnsl Tammany with
?he anti-Tammany for?as divided la almost futile.
The wonderful showing made by Mr. Low la aur
prIMnK. to BSy t>.- least. The result ?how? that
the Republicans ami Citizens Union, bad tiny been
able to combine nr-,.1 decide up..n 1 m 11 ?ce? ntable
to both, would have polled enough rotea to ?rin by
a narrow mnrRln. That they failed to do so mad?
it practically a csrtslnt] for Tammany Hall,
"Those Wh0 arP p in, ,1 ?o view this election In
New-York city a?, being of National ?limlflcanc?
are away off In their re konlng. Kew-Tork I? a
rosmopollian dty Th.. Inhabitant? of London an
nearly all English; the people <.f Berlin are Cr?
inan? solidly; th" people ..f Parts, except for .?
small fraction, aie French. N.-w-Y.>rk ha? only |
about 2' p-r cent of Anwricans that 1?. American?
horn Inhabitant? Th? real are from Europe and
all pert? ..f the world, an.1 they rel in the habit?,
wnguages and characteristics of their native coun
trl.-s. The Amen >an Ides of Sunday Is strm.Ke to
them. In continental Europe erery on? goe? to
rhureh before 0 o'.la-'k In tin- rnoriiii:;;, and the
r.-t of the dny is :i holiday. Th. v look upon Bun
day as the d.iy of great?*! personal liberty and
freed? m. Transplanted to this country, they rebel
against our Sunday law?, and in th.-m you have
th.- un,leus i.f a s;r.ii?; anti-reform party Behind
?h.m stand a motley element that only wants a
policeman In sight when n .rime 1? i.einc com?
mitted against person .?r property. There are
thirty thousand truckmen In the dty who, under
th? present system, have to keep ihelr earn oil
the street, nTul the) rebel .a ?1,1? policy. Then
there are Innumerable pushcart neu, vender? ?nd
various ?mall dealer?, who believe Tammany help?
buainesa. Strange as it may aeem, man) business
men think thai running ihe town 'wide open" In*
hit-- the brlutilni; of buyer? t.. New York The
laws against women have undoubted!) been loo
stringent, and man) Inn.nl women hav? bees
entangled In them. All the?- .-lenient? contribute?]
to ti.. ?u-sres? of Tammany Hill, in that you
hav.- the whole Philosoph; ?<! Ihi situation. The
reversal oi vot?*? over thai ol .1*1 rem ;-? pure!)
local. Mo?t ..f those wi... *...???: for Tammany Ihi?
>enr voted for MeKlnlej and sound money i.-t
year, ind would do so igaln nest v"nr. If needs be,
"The eleetiii ,:. New-York ?'?. no National ?..;
nlfleanee, but with an alarming falling ..:t of the
lie;,nl.!, ,;. v.l.- Ii, the State, with heavy ?..?-. ? In
New-Jersey, Ohio ar.il ,??.'.?! States, ih? Republican
party I? eonfronti ? v, ?t; 1 the Incontrovertible truth
that Bryanism ind bimetallism art not dead It
warna them that they must tak? ?teps al one? nd
emphatically ??. ?ettle t:.:? eurrenc) question he
yon.I an) .': p- of reopening :t Until the) do thl?
business will be feverish and uncertain, and thl?
flirting with l?lm?*tall im me) one day result In
giving it a trial with all the ?llsaster ?ha: will
lneur. The warnlna I? ?olemn and plain, and ih?
l:> ; ..11. an party would be wise to 1 eepi |1 and
act upon thl? currency quest loi In ? was that will
settle it beyond further srrrumenl and Insur? the
sound, solid, saf? eonservatlve sli e!.- standard
?hat shHli atand ?01 ?ll time."
oik nun n.r ii'.N DIS*TR|t"T OF Tttr*
T e rr.< mb? "- ? ' Ih? Election Board f th? Pifth
Election Diatrlci of 'he XXVIIth iaaembl) Dis?
trict were an at* '? y? iterday afternoon by D 1
live? ?Yard and Walsh, of the ?Veal Porty-seventh
?tatIon, ??. trfc. 1 with 1 ?troying return ?Up?
for all -v'- "'. ? - ? > ? ?;?? tho?? of ih? J 1 ;l ????. ..f th?
i* i?i!.-;;.- ?'ouri \l 1 -. ?r fontr Her ?nd City '"our:
Judge? The prisoners, who wer? arrested on war?
rant? btalned by Captain Schmitt berger, ->i
.?..-??? Kita ilal, '?..triiian of M ? B >?rd lit ? ?
No. 1.811 Broads ?\ Philip 1 smith. No -*'i ?V? ?I
r... . ? i msji I Powei No :>*t
ave . and J ime? II rhora 11 ? olore I, of So. y?
\\ eat Port)
in ih? ne? Weal Plfty-f urth H reel Court Thorn*
olored memo. Board, wai ?? .
slh . :..r the ? ? item? nl I il a the trou la) at
Ihe J001 of 1 ?'/*?? r, a! I, t.. chairman He de lared
thai Kltagerald, who Is a Den rat. wa? nder the
Infl.? iq ior ai '. wa? Irrll ite 1 by the ne *ee
Klt) of pi*, ng Ueora*? paster? m the bamllot? H
? ?? ,. 1 and *?"...:.?! all ;.>. and made Ufa in
pleasant f .r th<- other member? of th-- Board
Duri.ig the count of Ilot? Samuel Black
? -.. of the po'.ltlcii f th ?' ?tri?*t. w ho
a . ? .-. Ina th? ?uni, waa all ked with an ? pi?
le;, t.,? nt. a.: i fell agalnal Ih. ta le tilting II Th.
fill of th.- table ihren a ma? of 1 peri ballot?,
return ?' :?- 11 I "? like on (he floor. PltsgrraM,
a? halrman, had to pick Ihem up. and 'Mj added
'.. hi? .a r.i;? r rtinma? say? ll It !.. i-ri .bed ?.,.
the batch if return *?ip?. and exclaiming "To hell
with them"' tor- Ihem up
Magistrate Mea le held the nv n In V 880 f >r -?
?mlnatlon B ai ?r 11>
I'Pr.irer.il.1 dent? a Thoma?'.-' ?tory
? ?. ?> _
Tammany hesdquartera In Pourteenth-sl wsa
the ?Can? all day y.-sterday of a Mver-endlng love
feast. Everybody wsa throwing bouquet? si ?very*
body eise an?i th<-re waa ?itn ?nd r*omaaotlon on
nil ?Mas. It was the roar of th.. hungry Tiger,
pr< 1 irad t 1 glut Its? .f with Ih? ap ?Hi
All th?- sfternoon Ihe district leader? and th.-ir
followers kepi coming snd going. Ths fixht for
? Ctory at the poll? had bean won The Rghl OVi r
the spoils was Just beginnlag . It was not 10 be
espeeted that, sfter ?tsylng up ail night, th.- Tam?
many braves could sppssr very early, however.
Bo th.- wigwam wa? q del until nearly no.m Coun
ta- ?'lerk-tde.t William Sohiner Was th? III?! 1? id r
t>. appear il.- arrived ..t the e.,ii> hour ..f |8:S9
a rs "Ths people hsve asserted themselves," ha
?aid, "and they ?hould feel i>r.>u. 1 .,r ine result of
the election Tammany'? admlnlatration win make
psoplfl proud nl tbeli decision.*'
in ths course a.f ths ?lay sll the rsndldates-eleci
fr>.m Ju.iKa- Van Wyck lown dropped in and ?-x
c hanged greeting?. I'.-i..!. ihe Mayor-elect re
ilreal on 'I u?-s.lay nik'iii be repeated ?av?rai lima?
a ?tatemeni which ran a? f..ii.,w?.
"In makiiiK my appointment? I wan? to have It
understood thai I si.aii constdei on?y those who
ai.- known to be Democrats, and ?trslghl Demo
a-rats at thai I wmi tit ma a and honest man,
but I a an (SI all of them I require In the ranks
of ths Democrscy." This met with the hlgheai
prais- from tin- aly.-.l-ln-tha- wool support?-!.? of
Bichara Croker ?1 i.l not sppssr up to a late hour
lu th.- sfternoon lohn C Bheehan. however, turned
up about 11 a- m. Me sub! he was feeling lired but
happy anl pointed oui thai the returns came
within a fea thonaand of his prediction, which
had be n -?8,000 for Van WyC?. The Tamm.in;, ?-..t
had been eaal practically as the district leaders
predicted It would i.e. Mr She. hm ?aid th.-re
were to be no mea-tin?:? yestsrdsr. Everybody wss
"too played out from hard work" to do anything
hut rest.
? ?
There la a posslhitlty of a contest over the otn.-e
of the President of the Borough In BlchmonA The
c.indi.lnte.s were Qeorg? Cromwell (ita-?. 1 and Dr.
.lohn L I'e.-ny iix-m ? on the face of th.- returns,
the latter lins a majority of seventy-?.-v.-n vota-s.
It Is silsgsd on the part of the R->pubncs>ns, how?
ever, that some of Cromwell's va.la-s wa>re counted
as defective. Which were ?polled by tha- official?
tearing ?.ff 8 portion of the ballot with the stub,
and In other Instance? for th? reason thai th?>
?rosses were not entirely within the circles ??*/?
enty-flve of thase ballots are cIstnMd,
The Hepubllcans say that If Dr. Pe?ny's major?
ity should appear on tha ottla-iai canvaa? to be be?
low aaventy-flve, they will ask for h reea.unt. The
O-Vctal canvaa? will bs mad. ro-m.irrow.
Tl-e Wahatahle Club, a D-m.i.*tatl,' organization
of the XXXIVth Assembly DbtrliM. i?-IebrBted the
T.imm.iiiy vla-tory with a l-j'ade ?,,,1 reeeptlon last
night With a band and drum eatrpa, r.l? members
o' lb? elu!? parad?-.! the streets of Harlem for BSV?
eral hours and then returned to the Club, The Wa.
hata-hi- is tha ?tub at whose meeting As.? Mini Osr?
?Ilrer asid: "To 11 ?-11 with 'Worm.'
-?, .
Cleveland. Nov. 3. ? Vice-President anal Mr?. Ho
hart arrived In Cleveland thl? morning for s few
days' vl?it While at Inn'-h.'on with Senator M
A. HSSfflS, at th.- l'nion Club, th** Vlee-l're?l.lent
was asked by an Assoa-lated Kress re[?orfer for an
expression on ?he reoult of the eb-a-ilon.
"I have hear.l nnihlnir more than Is print. 1
Kepubliesn. ir mis
?omatbing unusual.'
n:?;ht--tmi: woitg roa tiooD g?)vkrn
MF.N'T T?. r>f; Kl-;PT UP.
Defeated ,JUt not (ii?hpartened, the leader?
of the Citlsens 1'nion gathered at head'iuerters
yegter IIJ to talk bv< r the situation. There were
few eai!0rs secretary John C. Clark devoted
him* If to closing up routine matters, and James
R. Reynolds, chairman of the Executive Com?
mittee, wa? Also on hand. The mont Important
matter brought out by this conference was
g delusion to maintain the Citizens Union as
a permanent organization. Mr. Reynolds said
that many causea contributed to the success
'if the Tammany candidate, but that he was
proud of the campaign made by Mr. Low, and
that the Citizens i'nlon would not go out of
exlst.-nco. At a meeting: of the Executive Com?
mittee to be held to-night in the rooms In East
Twenty-thlrd-st. the outlook will be discussed
and plans Bdopted for a future policy.
Mr. Low ??II doubtless be present, and It Is
said that h" will be urged to a.-cept the presi?
dency of th- I'nlon. Tbe Executive Committee
Will undoubtedly, by resolution, express the de?
sire that Mr. Low take this action, and It is
announced <>n trustworthy authority that he
Will accept. With Mr. Low at the head of th?
organisation there will be no relaxation, and the
principles for which the citizens Union stamls
Will be kept bravely to the front. It Is be?
lieve, i thai this course will have a tolline; .-(Teet
upon the party In power, and thus much will be
accomplished for good government that could
ti"* otherwise lie secured.
The present headquarters will be abandoned
on November IIS, but new and adequate rooms
will be secured. After January 1. It Is said.
a systematic plan of organization In each elec?
tion district will be hegun. with the intention
"f hull,lin?: up a permanent and strong union.
Mr. Reynolds said yesterday:
"We do no? keep up our organization for
criticism. W'e have been beaten and make no
complaint, but we will remain alert In order
to enter a strong protest against any abuse
?f municipal power. The fact 'bat ?Jeorg? did
not hold his rote; that Tammany used a great
deal "f money; that the machina Republicana
transfer?-?.I their vote by wholesale from Traev
to Van Wyck, were some of the causes that
contributed to our defeat. W'e have faith In
? -?ir principles, and ?rlil continue our organiza?
tion to preserve s?i far as possible pure munlcl
i al government."
? ?
HOT ?:<?t\?. BACK Tn ENor.AND, BOWBVKtt,
Richard Croker, ?hen seen at the Murray Hill
Hotel yesterday, said:
"Th" principal deduction I would make from
yesterday's vote is that the people believe in
home tub The pc.iplo are always right, and
'?in always be trn?ted to act In opposition to
the aristocracy.
"Tammany Hail in? plenty of good orm capa?
ble "f giving this (Ity a clean, practical, economi?
za! administration without having to look to
the Citlsens i'nlon.
"So far .-.-? appointments nre concerned, I have
nothing lo <i" with them, an?! will have nothing
t?. do with them. Judge Van Wyck will act
freely ?t. all such matters.
I am suie that Van W'yck will fulfil every
promise ??? hlch appears In his letter of accept?
"No. I am not surprised at the res?ilt. Th>
flgun . given by the Tammany district leaders
before the election were entirely aocurnte. Not
only in New-York, but all over the countrv.
there was a Dernocratlc upheaval, ind Demo
? ratlc prosp'ots were nevei brighter thnn they
are to- lay."
Mr Croker said that '.:?? --xpected to leave
New-York In a few ?lays f< i .> short rest. He
'vanteil It understood th.'it i is not going back
t.. England al present.
? i: \Mi-v;\<- ."HKS POPPED IN Rig OPTICS,
When it became certain that the Tammany ran
li foi Mayor waa elected, sboul midnight Tues
da) -.:.!' two different acenes were ei icted In dif?
ferent part? ol Pell ?? Headquarter?, m Mulberrj ul
In Mr Parker'? "til e a repast was spread, Mr.
Pirk'r himself, in n ?lr?-ss ?ult, presiding, In the
? eiitr,- "i a large tabl? In hla private room a is s
lar a? Dresden china punch bowl RIM with punch
i? waa Ranked on one aide with chicken and lobatei
?slad and on ihe other with delicate Bandurlchea.
Mr I ??? rk. i ara? happy, Bo ara? i host of the peo
?'. -.'.::.'i him In the outer oflb-e ? party of young
pollili'laua, friends ol Mr ?'ark-r, opened bottle
ar-. r bottle of ' bamp .,?!"?
In th? i m ." nina M. Parker*? to Ihe north
ihere ?ra? no Jollity. Everything ara? quiet, bul Ihe
linking .' ? i ?es, the puppli ol i irks und the
? r th? merrymaker? co?il?i bi heard as if in
mockerj !.:?:.:,:.? to the song? thai re? bed -..'Mi
-.v? :? two men Th'-y ?al :'i Ing each other and
dl'ln'i ?peak much. One of the men ?as Presiden)
Prank Mo??. The ?>th.-r wa* Commissioner Av-rv
i> Andrews The silence was Interrupted by a re?
quest : i -m opinion a? lo the probable result? of tbe
? i have nothing to say " ?aid Mr Andrews
"I hav nothing lo ?ay." ?aid Mr Moss, bul he
,i,|'|e.| He hav, done ?veryt hing with a vl.-w to
freeing the Departmenl of corruption, and If now
our places .-.i" wanted w? ar?- ready to step down
and out."
The noise from th" sdjoinlng room drowned the
r? ~t ..i th? Bpeeeh, su the men were left alone.
? -
Tin: .-AM'it'ATi: OP TM? CMICAOO I'I.atfihim
BOt'NDB a N?.n: ? ?!* KXtXTATIOM.
Lincoln, N'-li. N"V 3 Mr Mr) an to-?lay gave out
the following statement:
T?. the a.tated Press:
The returns ar?- so Incomplete that it i* Impossible
i?, dlscuai yesterday's election In detail. The Re
publlcan? everywhere Indorsed the Republican Ad?
ministration, and. In view ?>f loss?? sustained by
ill? in In Blmoal every State. It would se.-in that H
Miibllcail I'olnl'- are not helng indorsed at the
poll? The sentiment In favor Of tbe Chicago phu
form ?how? ?> health? growth throughout lha coun?
trv Perhaps our opponents win now sdmlt that
?iljvVr I? noi dead, The attempt to secure inter
niulonal bimetallism has proved a failure, and It I.?
now more apparent than ?-ver that the people of
th,- I'nlted ?Hatea must legislate for themselves on
p .. financial questhm. Wn? and unlimited eolnuge
j(, || i,, i |? nearer now than it was a year ago.
High l.iriff Upon i Kohl basis has disappointed
those Republicana who looked to it for relief.
Taken ?o? ? whole, the returns are very encourag?
Ins i think I ?role? the sentlmentt of Democrats,
Populista and silver Republicans when I ?ay the
tight will be continued with even mor.- earnestness
until the gold monopoly Is broken nn<! the money
tru?t Is overthrown, The fusion forces Increase
n,, ir nercentase In Nebraska, and probably their
'??tuai majority. WILLIAM I. BRYAN.
Si'lt Lake. I'tah. Nov. l?Returns received by
?The Tribune" show the election <>f Clark (Citlasns
It form? for Mayor by a plurality of thirty votes.
. ? ??
TBSl ".'.lining events cast tbelr shadows before"
them was manifested in the election of Justice Van
Wyck ?o le Mayor of Greater New-York. Mardi)
had the bulletins announced the Kid Van Wyck
had In tbe nice before the element which wants to
Bee New-Tart run "wide open" began to cele?
brate. The Tammany heelers gathered in the
Broadway Garden, the Havmarket, the BUou und
other placea it? th? Tenderloin and shouted them?
selves hoarse A band of nolortOUB women mar? lied
?lnvvn Broadwaj about midnight shouting for Van
I ite travellers through the Tenderloin noticed
that saloon-keepers utterly disregarded the rules
about closing al 1 O'clock, and many kept open
all night The police wen- lax In their duty, and
t!i" Ten.lct'ola was exceptionally "free and easy."
Chicago, Nov. 3.?The Lake Shore and Michigan
Southern Railroad bas on fxhlbltlon In Ita ela?
tion the new truin which Is said to represent the
acme of luvurtous transportation. The train I?
road? >?P of three ?leeplng-eiir?. dining, buffet and
librar* in?l observation ?ar?. all of which are
lghtcd by both ga? and electricity the tetter being
furnished from a dynamo In the front of the bag
Sas-e compartment of the buffet car. The furnlah
ii.iT of th?' ?niln throughout I? a magnificent testi?
monyto the progress made In the car-bullderi.' art.
Th? train f.tarte.1 on It? Initial run between Chicago
and New-York to-night.
Syr., use. N. Y.. Nov. 3,-An empty beat drifted
on tha west shore of Onondaga Lake this morning.
A short time before two men were seen In It
I nter they were ?een clinging to the side and wav?
ing a cloth. lt?fore a boot could put out they ?ank^
The wind was very high. One story Is that oneof
the men. when ?hooting duck?, was knocked tato
the water, dlachargIng his gun.
H. R. H. Prince of Walei
and other Members of the Royal Family.
How to Remove Its Many Evil Symptoms.
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The digestive powers, although adaptable, are constitutionally limited.
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If you overload the stomach, or are too fond of dainties, made dishes, etc., til
the intestinal organs suffer.
The gastric juices that would suffice to digest a moderate quantity of food
must necessarily fail to convert a greater supply. Undigested food ferments ind
breeds poisonous gases.
Food is eaten that the blood may take up essential nutritive principles frora
it when digested.
It is, therefore, not what we eat. but what we digest, that is essential.
If you ate food, and had no digestion at all. you would starve, just the same
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Digestion, therefore, is a vital principle, and not only a mechanical operation.
When the system is overloaded, plethoric, and adipose, indigestion is set up,
the functions of the liver are deranged, constipation ensues, and uric acid is gen?
erated in excess.
When uric acid is present*in the system, gout, rheumatism and kidney disor?
ders are set up. and a state of Uricacid omia ensues, always provocative of disease.
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hcr.lth. J
The LANCET (March, 1891) says: I From Dr. BR?CHET. Physician at tbe Bath*
"Th?> medicinal virtu? s ->f th* well-known i of Alx-le-Balns:
mlneral water? depend on lbs pn-s.-n.-e .?f min- | 'Aix-le-Balns. Sept. 15, 1801.-I hart prt?
??rnl sails. - . Ths water is accordingly iff?jaJij?j vour powder for about a year Is my
reputed to be useful in i'!i? iimatisin. K<?ut an?l
klalney disorders. Kutnow's i:iT.Tv.-s?-?'iit Pow
?1er 9 stated to cuitain. amongst aitlier ?ngre
hospltal praetlca? hero, as well ss frequently to
my private patients. I have obtained th? bttt
?lients the active principia of Ihe Salt nbtalned results In patients ?uttering from rheumatism
dirts* from the mineral wafers, However this an.l ?out. ns well as In those who sre eonstl
mav be our nnalvsls r-oaflrmed the presen.-e of pate?l an.l bilious from the effe.-t? of th? *e_rV
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