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THK niNVKNIKNCK ? ?? ? HAK'?IN'. ????? FROM
There are young nn^n In N<\v-Y?rk who can
remember when tin? only telephone lina in th??
city connected a r????m in Tht? Triltime Building
with th? American institute. People used In
come t? that room anil listen to other? talk. Blng
or whistle al the other end of the lino, and ex?
clamations of wonder and surprise were beard
whenever the Imperfect instrument was >x
aniine?!. The telephone wan l?M>k?d upon at Hint
tlm?? ?? a scli-ntlflc t?>>, and in much th?? same
?Kht as the motor vehicle is regarded by many
people at this time. Hut the telephon?? has 1???- j
come a necessity, and, In the same way, many
people predict that tho boraeleee carriage win
Oeaae to be looked upon aa a novel plaything
. and take Its place among the neoe?Itlesi.
In some parts of Europe the horseless vehicles
have become popular and comparatively cheap,
and, the novelty having worn off, they are em
ployed in a practical way. In New-York the ?
horseless cnrrlage has not y?-t become popular, ?
and the vehicles which are seen OB the Btreet? I
are for the most part the property of cab com- |
panics, by whom they are rented to the people
win? wish t<? enjoy the novel sensation Hut the
facts that the few mot??r vehicles which have
been sold to private individuals have niv-n eat?
isf.i. lion, that th?? c ?st off maintaining th?'ni la
?mall and that the Btreeta ??f New-Tor?, are
gradually being Improved ao that the vehicles
will run without Jolting, make tn.inufa ?turer?
lielii-v.? thai Hier?? ?a ill Boon be a boom in tliut
c. .1. Harrington, superintendent of the Elec?
tric Vehicle Company, said thai bla ion?, m
h ?.? recently ordered one hundred additional
canias;???, and thai there would b? room in their
place to stop? and take -care of a number ??f
vehicle? f??i other people.
?Jt costs much less to keep a homeless wagon
than an ordinary outfit," be said, and it enn do |
mur.? work. Th?? horse, if driven more mile? on
one ?lay than h<? is able t.. cover without over
exertion, will be worthlesa the nexl day, while
the iunior wagon can be recharged when its
electric supply is exhausted ?ml go right ahead
?gain. w>? shall ask $1 for every twenty-flve
mii- charge, and will also receive a ????<? amount
for taking cai?? <?f th?? vehicle and keeping ,t
cie.u? and in repair. Th?? coat of running the
vehicle will depend <>n the number <>f miles."
Among the few peopl?? in N? w-V??rk who drive
motor vehicles an? (?livr II ? Belmont and
W. E. Busby. Mr Belmont'a turnout created
some excitement at Newport last summer, and
was on?? of the sights of tli?? pia???. Mr. Dusby
guillas his boraeleee vehicle along Riverside
Drlv?? nearly every day It? builder, Andrew I,
UuV.r, sai?! that it show???! n?> m??r?? wear than
an ordinary vehicle which ha?l travelled half aa
many mil? s. This carriage is kept in Mr. BUS
by'? stabl??, w 1???p? its motor is supplied through
th.? regular Edison current at the regular reten.
The bill for chartiifiK it the fust month It ran
was $1035, and it tan six bjndred miles In that
time. The av?rai,'!? cost for electricity la two
??cuts a mile, but th?? price would be considerably
less if the own-T of the vehicle had his own
electric plan, Tins faci baa been dem?r*natrated
by J. R, Whiting, ol Stamford, Conn., who has
an electric generator for lighting his house, Hla
horselesa vehicle I? charged by tins generator,
an?l this brings tli?? coal down to l?*ss than one
????ni a mile,
br Will:.m, H Hutehlnsofi ?ff Brooklyn, has
? ordered ? horseless stanhope phai ton, and he
will ???? one off tin? pioneers ot his profession In
the use off tins style off vehicle. Bui tbe great?
est addition? in ti??? line will probably l?? m the
ahape ot business wagons. <?t.tnpany has
an ordei under way now lor a delivery wagon
for a large depart meni More ?( a ? osi of I-.',?*??'!, :
and if Ihe vehfcle provea satlefactory the con
csrn will take iifty more. The wagons will make
twenty-five miles a day and can be run at the I
rete of i.vo <?nts a mile, ??* al ? coni i??r motive
power of not more lhan ">n cents ? day Aside
from 'osi ?if Storage and repairs, the ???t ?>r
maintaining ??ii?? ?>f these delivery wagons a yenr
waa placed at th?? following figure by Mr. Rlker: !
?nteres! on Investment.flRfJ
800 working ?lays al "ill centi. lull
Total . *SHl
Tnis i? leas than it would <?.?.-1 to ??????> horses
to draw ih?? vehlcl?
Prora Tie? San Francisco Call.
Tb?? most Insisten! and peniblen! 'tail hound
in Arisona I? owned by *3am Krutsensteln, who
lives ??n tb'? Enn tn Crus Rlvei m l'ima County,
an?! mak? s bis living i?y hunting mountain lions
for tb?? ?rlM bonus that th?? Territory pays for
?nob bid??. Nesr Benson, the other day, Sams
dog treed a big lion ami sat down under Hi?- tree
to await the arrival of his master. Sum struck j
a bear"? Irgli, however, and did imi ^o lu the d'f |
f??r thre?? ?lays. When In? ? 1 i ? 1 j??? both Uon and
?"?? ?rere still al ih?? tree and t??>rti ..f them war*
nearly ?Jasad "f thirst .imi BtarvatlOR. Sam says
this is but one of many each Instances In the
history ?if his ?l ?;;. who will never voluntarily
leave a treed animal, not even for thirst rhsn
then? is a sprim-* elane hy the tr????.
? -
Noi' in in ? : PSI'AL WAT.
There was given th?? ?>th.r day in an uptoern
Street .in illustrati.m ..f Ih.? way in which ar?
tilles are often hopelessly pei verted from th??
ones for win. h they were Intended by th.*lr
makers, It was at the noon luncheon hair. Th??
Italian laborers who, in accordance with the
prevailin?' fashion, were engaged in tearing Up
th?* pavement, had suspend ?>1 their labors ami
wer?? partaking of their mill.lay meal as ?????>? sal
on the sidewalks and the steps of tin? lions? s.
Presently a man wh?> carried a large basket
??ame around the corner, il?? started down th??
street, distributing from th?? basket at each
\.\ KiaKCTKic viirroKiA, ownkd by w. b. buzry
AN Al ???????.? THAI?, nWM'.li l'.V .1
uiiiiim: '??- stamp? ?ui?, ?<>n'N.
house a small package of one of the new cereal
products at presenl being sdvtrtlsed ss gresil)
superior to ...if??? ss ? beverage. He merely
laid tbeae packagM on the iah.?low sills and ?81.1
not ring lh'? d??orli. Ils After him. at a dis
rr-.-t distance, followed 01.f Me? Italians.
evidently deputed lo ih?? task ??> his companions.
He carefully gathered '?i> all of th?? samples and
carried them to where the group of workmen
sat. Clearly, Ihe Italians knew what the pack?
ages contained, for ?)???> arere ??|???p????. not curi?
ously, bul m a mattei of fa I ?vay The brown,
finely ground contenta were transferred prompt-I
I) into th.? pipe-bowl? of th?? assemblage, and
having been sel all {ht, were boob going up in
smok'? affording as much plesstire, apparently,
?., tin? nonsofloil sa ii the cereal sulsstitute tot
..?n???? had ?.n the flne-tl golden Virginia
jo.s mis nisi on ry.
G???? Th?? Chi? ago News.
First Mai?? ?Vhal wa.?- the t'late.it ucean ra. ?
>oij ever heard oft
C?u?iaiii- Whatafc
???? UP l'Ili: IMPORTgO sTtX*g NOW uN MANU
WAS IlIti'l.'lllT IN BBFORBI Till! I.AW
?p???? i:i'i'i:?'r <han?;i:s may
iik ri:i.T nkxt ?i:\it
Th?? Bhopplng districi .?r New-Tork ?'ity. to
j a hi'ii people come from all part? of th.? rnetropo
I lis for their holiday purcbaaes, has Its bnrv?*st
I time during th?? months ??f November and l>e
? eember. Th?? crowds ?>n tbe atreets and in the
stores (five lb?' observer only ? partial Idea of
the buslnesa which is done in the -.Teat stor??*,
because a lar??? amount ???mes by mall. Through
? tin? publication of stock lists and prices in the
I adv?*rUalng columns of th.? daily papers th?? pco
ple in r.'tnote parts ??f ih?? country become posted
Ion th?? siybs in New-Tork. Th. y sen?l their
ordern, and where tbe amount pur? has???! w.-ighs
leas than foin pounds ihe) have II sent ??> them
by mail a? ? cosi of one < ni an ounce, Hy this
method people m >h?? far W.-st and South ?lo
their ?hopping In Net? York al ? nominal coat,
and their holiday presents have double vain.?
???? aus.? Hi.?> come from the greal market, While
the faraway buslnesr lias I.? as good in most
.f ih?? lar??? stores this year a.? it wss last year,
th.? home trade has been slight I) behind Th??
reason for th?? falling off has ?..?.??? charged bj
som.? merchants to th.- operation of Ihe ???\\
tariff, bui ih?? unsettled ?reuthei has reali) '.>?????
ih.? ? ans.?.
Th?? proprietor of one of lb? larg<*sl toy houses
.?al.I thai tie? Import dut) on his stock hsd been
i.i, ..? from '.'?? t" :;."? per cent, bul "hat ll mad??
lull?? .r no difference m Ihe pi.f toys "The
man wh > laid away Jill with arhli h to buy loya,"
he said, "will gei |usl aa a uch for !n.s money as
he eoi for Ihe sun.? amount Inai year in ihe
lirst place, we had Hi? greater i>.ni if our stock
purchaaed ???G??.? the new law went Into effect,
and aaved Ihe higher dut) In thai s n. bul pven
if we ii.i.i n?l ?Jon?? s?? *.? should 1st aLie to giVS j
the purchaser the samo value that he received
bust year. There are always toys at fix.-d prices,
from the penny whistle to the JUKI.doll. There
are Just as many 10, L!... fill and 7?"? cent toys this
year as th.r.? wen? ?n previous years, and the
only place when the advance is e????? is in the
high-priced toys. Then? it males little diff.-r
??ni.?, because th?? people wh?< buy them usually
know nothing about the prie?? until th?-y receive
th.? bin. Th.? ?nanufacHUi-era ??n th.? other ?ide
know that certain good? cannot be sold atxive
a certain price, and in cas?-s where a L'-Vccnt
article coul?l not I?,? reprodn<*ed at th?? proper
tigur.? it was changed or cheapened in some
way. On the whole, the higher duty will have
no had effect on tin- toy business."
? large ?Iciler In children's outfits said that
the advance in importation charii's ha?l been
anticip?t.?! to such an "Xt?nt that prl????* had
not been advanced, and that articles purchased
last year at this time could, with few exception^,
be duplicated at the same prices. Imported
underwear is high?.- by 10 ,,r 12 pei "-nt. b?|
domestic wool underwear has not advanced
In tb?? carpet line there h.i_s be-? some ?hange,
and purchasers of ruirs will have t?> pay 1(1
cents a fo.it mor.? now than they ?lid last year,
and an advance ?>f ab?,ut IS cents a yard on
Wilton carpeta. Domestic Win. ?is. however,
ar?? sold l?y most d?-aiers al the prices Which
ruled last y??ar.
"our ?.-???ds ar?? a little low?*?* this year than
they were before th.? new t.iriff law went into
fon??,?' sai?l a lari?? ailver foods manufacturer.
?Tli. y are better than they ever were, and th.?
stock is Ian,?.t lim ih?? reason for th?? decline
?s we manufacture in thin country and hav?
improv?*d machinery an?l ?leap silver."
Tli? head ??!' the silk department "f a large re?
tail drygotids store laid that $1 would l?uy the
?am ? silk n?iw that it did last year "Provided,"
?? ? ? r ?. thai th?? purchaae is mad?? here,
.. i. .?? we knew what was coming and bought
ahead. Tl??? real effect ?>f tl??? new Increaaed Im?
puri dulie? will not ???? fell by the purchasers
until next year," he said, "and i?> thai time our
:ii? m.il.? will be in operation, our people will
I??? m ? ?.m ?? mot.? money, and they will never
kn >.?. tli it iii> are payings f???.?. enta a yard
more for ?.la."
In tbe china and glass line there has ?.? a
sllghl advance In tl?-? rate of Imperi duty, and
certain ?trades of goods are ? trill? higher than
they were laal year. Sum?? of tl?.?? Imported
.uiiii.s will ???si the purchaser snout 18 per
????nt more, but, which renrea sa a parti?! offset,
the lin?? "f domestic ^???d?* ha? ? ?? * ? p -nlarged
and Impro*.???
.Many people thought 'hat the prices of men*?
clothing would ??> up si s<???n .is the new tariff
wenl Into operation, but Inquiry al some of the
leading conevrna shows that tbe rhanges an?
few and unimportant. One large denier asid
thai ? ? change would be esperien?*ed by th?? con?
.? umer until n?'xt year. "Ab cvercoal or ? suit
of clothes of any kind." he said, ?may be bought
to-day for the same amount aa was paid last
sesuson There Is abeolutely no clan?,'? in prices
from Issi yiir In low-grade goods, and In the
higher grades of clothes, which re-nnr?? Imported
Block In the manufacture, we have made n.? ad
van???, becauae we own th?? material al ihe old
figure* You will hnd Jual as many suds from
?5s to tifi ai ? st year In the establishments
where -u? ii goods are handled, and you will ilnd
als?, ih.it there Is nu change in the quality. In
other placca where business suns were made foi
s.-!.", lisi year, ih? .im.? price ???i1 ??? aaked to?
day Whal ?le pH??'- ??ill be nexl year no on?e
ran ?ell, bui tu advance et?jcks ?ill probablj
exhausted then, the prices will '>?? a litil?i
hlghei " _
/; \ PLOSIVE HE l MU I 1.8.
Prom Tie? National Druggist
IValkfnj-j along Hi?? beach on Mobile Bay. a
young woman, a relative of tl?..? writer, ????????
up a handful ??? little ?hells, lefl i-y tl??? 'id'?, md
among them several ?hells ?>t a ?mall maini?
??anali." the largest of which ??.??> pmbabty ?
half-inch m diameter and tl??? smallesi some
tir.-Ightha .??' an Inch. Bhe dropp? ?! them in' >
Ikt |>... k? ? aii'l ????,?? all about them until sev?
eral ?lays afterward, when an unpleasant od??r
In It? r wardrobe attract! ? lei att??nli??ll ??? ???>????
?m taking tli m ??ut of tho potkel sun.? fell on
n,,? Hiior, and m recovering them ?he placed
her fool ?m on?? '??.? sci was f??ll?>wed '?> an ex
plosion, ?tutte -lini?, md loud cm ugh to b ?
h? acl all over the lloor on Which her (""?? is.
Vstonlshed, she concluded to it? mother, and
the same resull followed. Tli?? ?hell? were then
broughl i" the writer, who un examination
found the mouth of .?;?< h t'umh clos? ii bj a mem?
?,,,,,;, ,,? ,.,. ,? ?,- ,,,? leas thickness, f??rm??d bj
Hi. drying ?>f the animal slime This had proba?
blj ???? mi??! s.ioii after r?'moval from the moist?
,,, : tl?? ??? a? ii. an.l the mil.? Inhabitant ??f
il,.? shell dying, tl?? gases ??' decom|Mmltlon bad
quite mi.?,? us mi rnal space. On ? rtlng a lu?
ti?? pressure by squeexing il??? ?hell birtween
? wu ?,?.., ?,, ,,r ??,..,.? quite a lou'd espi?**!??? M ?s
,,,,,,?,? ???. il??? fragment? of the shell being
thrown -viral feet. Bubse?iuently. on trying the
experiment, ou! of a ?I ?sen shells unlj two fail?? I
t,, explode Tli.millions mosl favorable ??>
?ucceas m making the experiment seem t?? i.??
removal from the lieaeh m ver? !i<>t. dry
weather, which causes ihe ?lime lo i.xml?.I
in r?>ater quantit) than usual snd diiea il >;p
rapidi) ??a it exud???

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