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??The prototype of a!l Bitter Waters." ?Z iswf.
??Speedy, sure, gentle."?British AtodumUtmri?ti
CAUTION: Set that Ihe label be.in the stgnaturt
?f tht firm. . .
Andren? Siiilehii.r.
.? .?..?.iration into the recent six days' bicycle
ra?e ?t M ?s^S.uare Garden will takejdace In
Ss city on Sii.ur.iay BOratef. Albert Mott. the
chairman of the Bactn? Board of the league, o
American Wheel*???, informed Presiden. Pottei
yesterday that he would, be here on Friday nig?,
prepared to hold the Investigation the next day.
It la probable that the Investigation will b?icon?
ducted by the entire National Racing Board, and
it is thought that, besides Mr. Mott. of Baltimore;
A. D. Walte, of this iute; O. W. Dorntee, of
Massachusetts, and Herbert Faults, wli: also be
present. Prerldent Potter himself may take a
hand In tho mutter, as he Is Just as desirous to
have the scandal cliand up as are the member? of
tho Racing Hoard. Mr. Mott has made an excel?
lent chairman of the Roard this rear, and those
who know him are confident that he will make a.
thorough investigation of the short-track scandai.
?nd that he will rreto out punishment to those who
deceived the public. The meeting will be held be?
hind Cosed doors bu; c mpetent stenographer?
will take full reports, whlcn will be submitted ?o
the reporters after the meeting
In considering tha ?pp:icatlon of Boston for th?
IM League of American Wheelmen meet the Ex?
ecutive Committee ha? been forced to regard the
hostile attitude of the New-England railroad and
steamboat combination, and their unpopular prac?
tice of making an extra charge, ranging from 10
cents to several dollars, for each bicycle checked
as baggage over roads running to end from Hoston.
1 L?a?uo if American Wheelmen meet at Bo?
ton would bo popu.ar, and would probably add MM.?
(00 In railroad fares and freights to the New?Bng?
land ral.roads, but League of American Wheelmen
member? argua that thl? amount, and even more,
had better he paid to friend.y rouis running 10
tome Western city than to the New-Kngland com?
bination. A letter has been sent by the Executive
Committee of the League of American Wheelmen
to the genera: paasengei agents of several Eastern
lines, to ascertain, before final decision is reached,
whether these 1-r.ea cannot be Induced to abandon
the obnoxious rul" now in force of making extra
charges for bicycles
The General Council of the Cyclists' Touring
Club, of England, has accepted the proposition
of the L. A. W looking to an Interchange of
benefit?, and contracts are now being prepared
which provide that an L. A. W. member may
Join the C. T. C. (when about to tour abroad) and
receive his membership tick, :. foreign tour books,
maps, hotel liets, etc., before ?ailing. This ar?
rangement wll! enable him not only to lay out
the details of his trip btfore reaching Europe, but
will Insure to h'.m the benefits of dis lount rate? at
hundreds of hotels ir. all the popular cycling dis?
tricts of the Continent and the British Isles
President Potter 1? In correspondence, with prom?
irent membera of Congress to obtain the passage
of a bill empowering the secretary of the Treas?
ury to admit touring cyclls;.s from Canada and
from trans-Atlantic countries Into the T'nlted
State?, without exacting the payment or deposit
of customs duties on the wheels brought by ?uch
tourist? for their personal use.
L. A. W. members during MM will have an ad?
vantage not heretofore enjoyed, in reduced sub?
scription prices to many period, a'.s, magazines
and papers. Favorable "club rates" have already
been granted by many publication?, and a fun
printed Hat, with atated discounts n'vl subscrip?
tion blank?, will shortly be sent to tie officers of
the several State Divisions.
E. C. Bald is confined to his bed at the Hotel
Marlborough He had an ugly fall at Madison
?quare Gart.en during the six days' race. His
match ra^e with Ml"hae? wljl be declared off, and
it 1? doubtful If Bald will do much more racing
thla winter.
Cycllat? dealrlng to Join th? League of American
Wheelman may obtain full printed information
and membership blanka by ?end ng names and
addresses to th? Cycling Editor. The Tribune.
The Southern Express Company yesterday paid
over to the National Park Hank of New-York
$10.000 In settlement for the loss of that amount by
the robbery of the expr?s? company'? safe at Co?
lumbia, S. C. last Monday. The National Park
Bank was the shipper of the stolen package. The
mercy, wheh was for a bank at Newburjr, S. C.,
wa? abstracted fr?re the exprass company'? ?afe
while m transit.
The ?100.000 (TmOO.000) In gold ?hipped from Aus?
tralia on Monday by the ?teamshlp Alameda to San
Francisco Is consigned to the London, Pari? and
American Bank, of Which Lazard Frerea, of New
York, are the agent?. Tho gold lb sent on ? tri?
angular operation on orders from London.
Currency transfer? by telegraph through the Sub
Treasury yesterday were tZJO.CX) to Cincinnati and
$60,000 to New-Orleans.
Standard Oil Trust certificates ?old yesterday at
3C2, the highest price on record.
Th? North German L:oyd ?teamer Kaiser Wil?
helm der Grosse arrived here yesterday from
Bremen. Cherbourg and Southampton, after a
stormy voyage of 6 days. 20 hours and 20 minute?
from Southampton. During the heavy weather on
December 19 the packing of one of the valves of
the pon engine gave out and the vessel had to be
stopped for e:ght hours for repairs. Two infants
died In the steerage ?nd were burled nt sea.
Among the puster.ger? or, board were Chester
Allan Arthur, the Rev. Canon Jor.e?-Uateman, Dr.
and Mr?. W. Ii. Draper, Colonel George Cordon,
J. Brine Ismay. Judge Meier, General A. William?
son, Baron von Swalne, Mr. and Mrs. John L.
Gardner ?nd Charles Flint.
At the meeting of the Police Board yesterday a
letter was read from Philip and T. J. Oakley
Rhlnelantier, stating that na an expression of their
appreciation of the good work of the police force
they desire to present a go:d medal each year to
the Department, to be known as the Rrilnelander
medal for valor. The medal is to be awarded an?
nually to the member of the uniformed force most
distinguished for bravery who shall have per?
formed an act of exceptional valor at the peril of
hi? own life. The Roard accepted tlu offer.
The United States training ?hip Alliance, Com?
mander H. N. Manney. was sighted off .he Illgh
Urds at 7.S0 o'clock yesterday momlig. and
pasted In at Sandy Hook an hour later. She left
Key W?s: for here December 1?. The Adlance
reached Key Weat on December 2, ?nd engaged
thcr In target practice. Thl? flniahe? ? long
cruise for the Alliance. Sh? left Newport, R. I.,
on June 26, with a full comploment of apprentices,
and the first port visited wa? Southampton, where
?he arrived on July 27. after which ?he proceeded
to Cherbourg, Gthr?.lrar, Madeira, Azore? and St
Thomas. In th? West Indies, and spent a short
time In each port.
Commander Albert Ross Is urder order? to take
command of the Alliance. She will come up to
th? Navy Yard and have ?ome needed repair?
When the Ward Line steamer Saratoga arrived
here yesterday from Ha.ana and Mexican port?.
Captain E. P Buck wan s-lck from a high fever!
He ?jagg taken off the boat tit Quarantine and con?
veyed to Swinburne Bland to have bis ease ex?
amined. The neamer win th'?n disinfected and
allowed to proeeed to imr star, ?>:. i r.o oui else
was detained.
Amonc the i).ie.*er.Kers on the Sarntosa was
Richard Vincent, a boy, who ?Ays that he has
visited many eountrle? without expense ami who
had a card from General Blanco, with "Good luck''
written on It.
Thre; persons who came downtown In Columbus
ave car No. lei yesterdsy afternoon are satisfied
that the company Is making an honest effort to
heal a* leas: one corner of the cars, and that the
Blpn now conspicuously posted in the car windows,
"This car Is heated." has -special significance If
you sit near the beater,
A man and ".vo women were the victims. The
man. who weighed Shout '.hreo hundred pounds,
: the car it Twenty-thlrd-st. The only va?
cant seal was the one that forced him to sit with
his ha u against the heater. Soon he began to fee]
the best, a):d he moved around In his seat as i' bs
was most uncomfortable. He reached up snd
the damper In the pipe, but this only made matters
Just then a woman entered the car who was a
c?o-e rival to him as to weight. "Madam, pies
take thif ?e-t." said the man as he hastily arose, as
If glad to escape the torment. The woman sat
down. bU! soon felt the power of the heater. "Coif
ductor," said the woman, 'this car Is too hot.
Pleas? open the door." This was done, to the dls
eomfort of ;he other passengers.
The next passenger left the car, and tho woman
moved away from the heater and. with a most
gracious smile, motioned to victim No. 1 to resume
his former ?eat. He declined with thanks.
At Fourteenth-s!. another woman entered the car.
She was a friend of victim No. 1, who was still
1 ol ling on to a strap. She dropped grscsfully into
the vacant seal by the heater, at the same time
bowing tt the man. and they entered into a conver
The heater once mora asserted Itself, and
the last victim moved uncomfortably in her seat.
At Houston-st. a passenger ?ot out, and tho iviraen
moved along leaving the seat bv the heater va?
cant The third victim said lo No! 1: "Please do sit
down h're beside me; you look tired."
Hs sal down with s look of resignation In his
fa te, al which the other passengers In the car.
who haq been wptchlng the strusgie with the
heater, allowed their smiles to broaden.
Both women seemed to enloy the predicament of
the courteous man as they slyly watched him move
about "i: I ne edg* of the seat. He left the ear at
the PostOxBce with more haste than ceremony.
An action for separation was begun In the Su?
preme Court yesterday before Justice Smyth by
Annie Peach, against Charles F. Beach, Jr.. a law?
yer, who Is the author of several works on Juris?
prudence. It was said that the action has come as
a surprise to the defendant, who had not been
served with a. copy of the complaint, although tho
plaintiffs attorney, Ch?ries Lex Brooke, was mak?
ing every effort to find and serve him to Insure his
appearance for a promit trial
Mr. Beach has an office In London and one in
Chicago. He returned from Enit'.anl about threo
weeks npo and Is living at a hotel uptown. At his
office It was said yesterday that he had obtained a
divorce from the plaintiff In th* present action In
some Western State, probably South l>akota, and
had married again Th? divorce was obtained about
two years ago, and h? considered his relstli --^ri 11>
with the present plaintiff aa a thing of the pnst.
The new biscuit company, embracing mo.it of
the large firms in the county, will be Incorporated
t::ider the New-Jersey laws within a few days,
possibly before the first of the year
Th" name of the new company has not yet been
decided upon, snd a few other minor d?tr.lls hnve
not been agreed upon As soon sa these matters
have been settled the application for a charier will
be tr.ad". and tho company will begin business.
This Is the outcome of three yeara' negotiations
on the part of various companies. J. D. Qllmor,
who is Interested in the r."\v milk company, was
the prime movei In Ibli organis?t! r.. which pro
po ct to prevent the cutting of price? Mnd to de
veil p the foreign trad..
A new price list wsa r-ent out by the New-York
Biscuit Compsny yesterdsy, in wtii-h the prices
fixed on October 1& hnve been increased from a
cent to a cent and a half a pound.
While additional testimony was being heard yes?
terday In the Surrogate's Court on behalf of the
twenty relative? of Mrs. Mary Johnson who are
| seeking to set aside her will on the ground that
; it was made out under undue Influente exer'ised
| by her lawyer, Peter Condon, and tha Rev Father
I i'ower, of All Saints' Chureh, Cha?es Shirley and
i Timothy Donovan, two other cousins of the testa
1 trlx, fil'd a new suit in the Supreme Court Bgalnsl
I all the sulnp relatives of the dead woman, the
institutions, churches and priests mentioned In
i the will, sind all other persons interested In the
\ e-ta'e. This suit also attacks the validity of 'he
1 will. It la brought for a partition of th? estate
and for the appointment of a receiver pending the
deti.-initiation of tho suit The new plaintiffs siso
assert that thS Will was obtained from Mrs Jot.:.
son by the undue Influence of Father Power and
peter Condon.
Mrs. Johni on bv her will left the bulk of her
estate to All Siilhts' Church, Father Pow-r
i several Roman Catholic inrtltutlons to the prac?
tical exclusion ?f all h?r relatives At the beating
of the contest yesterday O. A Heeln?. a lawyer.
I testified that he considered Mrs Johnson of sound
1 mind when I er will was executed Th?-n the COO
???- announced that th--:r side, of the case
a/at ? !
Abbie O'Connell. of No. 110 F??t Or.e-hurdred
' and-tw' nty-firsts:.. was the principal wltneat of
! th' day.
"Did >ou ever hear Mrs. Johnson say anything
I abo'it Ikt relations?" the WSI asked
"Oh. yes." replied 'he witness. "She was always
talking about thetn becaus-j they were always try
' Ing !o gel money from her Sha said she wouldn't
I have them a flve-cei t piece."
David M Clure, of counsel for the contestants.
! int'-r; oe< d an objection.
"You needVl think von csn bluff me!" ereialmed
Ml?-?. O'Connell "Sv ? was my friend for forty
i nine vair . I'm ?.-oiiig to tell all I know."
"Are \ou a Miss or a sirs.?" asked Mr. M'-CHir?
"Miss," replied the witness w-.th emphasis; "I
I am m old maid and good and crarky."
Mrs Catherine Petlll testified that Mrs Johnson
i had told her that .'he had lent Father Power
money, and on on* occasion Mrs. Johnson ta!<l:
"The more rather Power ge'a tha more hs wants."
Tho case was adjourned until to-day.
-1? ? e? -
Mrs. Annie Frank, the poor woman arrested
1 Tuesday night by Agent Watson of the Orry
1 socbty for begging with her four-year.M child
! in her arms In Tweoty-eecond-St., near Broad*
1 way, was yesterday arraigned in Jefferson m irket
', Court before Magistrate Brenn Mrs. Frank lives
| with her husband, a carpenter out of employment,
1 at No. 231 Fast Twenty-fcurth-st. She said she
had been compelled to beg In order to keep her
' family from starving
Mrs. Morris M. Kcksteln, of No. 23 West Party
? thlrd-st., the wife of Senator Plait's private sec
1 retary. was also In court. When Watson ST?
? rested Mrs. Frank he took her to SUth-ave. fin(*
! got on a surface car to go to the West Thirtieth*
! rt. s'atlon. On IBS ear was Mrs. Eckstein. She
I saw Mrs. Frank crylnp bitterly and ask'd Agent
! Watson the cause Ha explained that the ? I
had been arrreated for begging with her child In
her arms. Mrs. Fcksteln protested Sgslnst the
woman's arrest and requested that she bo allowed
to go Watson explained that he had ne authority
to turn a prisoner free, so Mrs. Eckstein wen:
to the station and protested She asked (he s<r
g"ant to i<-t her go. saying she wou.d see that
the woman was properly cared to? Captain
?heehan Informed ner thai the es* I . ?
with Watson, and Ui.it if he insisted the woman
would have to be locked up. Watson Bald he had
a duty to perform and the aroman wai locked up
Mrs Eckstein denounced 'lie arrest, hut empl | ? d
E. M. Friend to defend the woman He upheld
the actio.i of Agent Watson, bul said tha i
would ;>'? mise not to beg again, This wa Aw e
and Mis Prank was dliehaiged. (Jerry agents
ea'd sh? had been sevrai times arreeted for big?
ging and frequently warned,
?. -_?
The price of nibber cotton hose ha? been ad?
vanced 10 per seat, That action waa decided upon
at the meeting of the Mechanical Rub!?.- Mann
facturerr/ Association, at the Astot House, yes?
terday? ThS cotton hose manufacturers formed a
new organisation, severing themselves iron, the
older ?gsarsa?loa. The Mverane? la not fer the
purpose of my fight between the two, bui to com?
bine mote closely the cotton boss interesta The
following Srs the officers of the new organis?t!
president E. I* ?towe, New-York; vtce-pn
John J. VOorhees, New-Jersey, and Measurer, C.
I Jones, New-York.
The Grand Jury yesterday found an Indictment
? agtlni't Policeman John J. lianmgan. of thi East
Oaa-bundred-end-fourth-et. station. Hannigan, en
Yhnnksglvtng !>?/. shot Charles MaNally. ol No
205 Kazt 'i:.c hurdi ed-and-seventh-st., a 1 oy, who
had been playing football In the street. The
: shooting occurred In upper Second-ave. Th?- boy
? wan not Mirlouvly hurt. He afterward made
! charges against Hannlgun at J'ollce Headquartera.
Head? the list of the
Highest-Grade Piano?.
f ,r.;V.?,,OV~,n,"c.->.".v' * l"'b,,c "m P>???? no? on
tb? genuin? .?OHM MR r.ano with on? of ? ?lmll?r
?ountjing nhnip nf a ct.^np grade.
Our mine rp?!ls?
5f.T* ?,,rI? vVwrerw?????. t ir.-ir..-. r..-,?? 14th st.
5 ?' ro;1 ' BOHMKB III II DI?O, ITO Fifth
ATO., cor. 'JIM <>trerl, ?bout February.
either of or by members of the dramatic profession
are so unusual thai the assassination of the Eng.
Ilsh sctor, irilllsn Terrtss, lasl week by a fellow,
member of the profession serves to call attenMon
1o the fait that n r.ermnn actor of the name of
Neusteln has lately been beheaded at Stranburg.
In Bavaria, bjr the royal executioner, In punNh
ment for his deii!>era:e murder of I ! Ilow-actor
As In the ca?e of the murder of William Terris?.
Neusteln S crime was prompted by Jealousy.
EIFFEL tower on THE MOVE.?Three weeks
ago the startling announcement was made that
the great Elfje] Tower, at Paris, which I? nearly
one thousand feet high. l.n<! begun to bend. The
Government Immediately delegated Colonel Basset, |
of tl ?? Engineers, te msks s thorough examination
of the structure, and he reported thai in eonee?
quenc? of the expansion -im] tor-traction of the
different pieces ef the enormous m-talllc mass, the
lower Is in a state of perpetual movement through?
out the entire twcn'y-four hour?. Which leads a
r r. n -h lourral to suggest that the rower Is simply
breathing! In spite of this perpetual motion. Colo?
nel Raasol exprease? the opinion that the strucl ir?
Is ,n no dsnger, end I as firm ns ever.
esndldate 'or the C^eeryr-Oenerslshtp of Crete. '
who Is likely to recel?e the ai polntment. Is Boso
Petrovltch. the cousin and Prime Minister of Prince
Nlcholse of Montenegro, n- is about sixty years
of ago. very shrewd, and has held his present ?tost
of Prime Minister and President of the Montenegrin .
s m.ate for over twenty years lie is rather un
easy-going old man. who doe? not know a word of
Greek, although he proteases the Orthodox Orees:
falin. bul Wl . on ihe other hand, has the ad
vantage of possessing a perfect knowledge of the
Turkish language and of Turkish way?.
FRANCE'S RIVAI. SALONS.-Although the rival
Salons of Paris will botd their annual exhibition
next spring under tho same roof. In the mach?n?
gallery of the Champ? de Mars, and the ?Ingle en- ,
trance fee of one franc will give admission 10 both, i
each ?s to retain It? aiifonomv. Its sep?r?te r?gula?
tions Hnd Its pep irate exhibitions The report?
?bout their complete reconciliation and amalgama?
tion prove to have been premature.
I ex-Princess de Chimay ha? abar. loned her pro?
jected trip to Japan, and Know at Warsaw, at the
h- rfl of a Magyar 1>!gar;e band of musicians.
She 1? rer>ort?d to be coining mot.cy In her now
r?le >t Impresarla, end propos?e to t?k? her
troupe ...f ? ms ? , Bl Petersburg on
leaving the an rient caj la] of Poland
surgent tribesmen on the northern frontier of
1- lie art. far from constituting the only peril which
the Er?-.;-,- ?re called on to fa e In connection
with their great Oriental dependency. The It;'
slane hn.-..- |ust extended their navigation of :h*
Inland waterways of Central a?i? by directing
that the Bolilla of steamers now plying on th?
River Amu-Daria should henceforth make Falsa?
bad the eastern terminus of their trips Paisabad
'? hire!-.- one hui 11 I ?-.. r...??. us th?
. ritl?h headquar
? ? : M and It I? in the m mtalnoui
? strict? lyii iwur and Falsah? 1
that tl I ? nfllct with the Insurgent tribes?
men i? !-. ;
rtanl rhangi ire reported a? Imminent at
s. sing !'? the lamentable f?!''ire of
... t the Ei glli ? metropol?
1 1:. ; . f to hr-.TH' to ' sl a or even 'o obtain
inj lew, to l ? perpetra tore of n ? - twelve
murdei leries thai have taken p:?ce in end
ai - ? < the in?t rwe months it I?
only fuir ??. * ! 1 that the polle? ?re not ?itogether
to blam? in the matter since all th? test n-.en of
the department, fr^rn Inspcoter MelVtlle down, are
watching foreign political suspocta m
I ? 1 * ., ven nents ef Russia, Bpaln snd
Powers At the ??me >lm?. pub?
lie ?entlment In England li ?0 worked up at whai
?1 eon?1 1er? I 1 1 ? th? nefficlen?y of Its polle? that
a T'iv r ?re about to b? tr.r.4?. ajM
several ef th? heads of department? ar? :o b?
EL'ROPE-?Almost within ?lght of Gibraltar, and
? e-t.tli.ly Within gun?'.tit of Kurorte, namely, at
Bafll, on th? Moorish coast, ?lave? ?re puhll-ly
lk t e- ". ? ' ''-. ?'- ? ; ?'? murker, and accord?
ing to -r.? gaff! corr?spond?ni of the "''ro?ica,"
a ? ta tb? Italian paper ?' Tangier?, women ar?
?? Hing row u- i'.l. KPiwri I.." ? ' ' > wr.Ile ..'..1
?reT[ t- fi ? tu ]? ii merely the Jealousy
nmorg the vu. E tropean Governments with ro?
pud to th? of a pred Inanl Influence
In Morocco il-di prevente any concerted aotlon
from wing taken on ths part of ths ;-e?i Powers,
havs i ?en spenl by civilised Btatee 'o
?top ti ? lava ti I? even In the Intsrior of Africa.
yet U t? tolei lied within ?igh: of the back window?
of E trope
ITALY'S RUINOUS I-OMCT.?No more ?triklrg
Indien"-.n Is needed Of the positive aberration of
the mir is of the leading ?:?te?men of Italy than
their ? to ?? sd? th? demand of BtjOM
ON in annual grants of I ? ? for ? period of ten
year? toward the g*ea: work of draining the
;? ai hes In !'?" southern portion of the kingdom.
The *-'<r-k h.is he.-n surveyed ' y eminent engineer?,
who do nol hesltat? to d?C 'iro that by d?votlng thl?
money to th? p irposs no lesa than sixteen minion
acres of ?i Hv waste Und will !'e restored to culti?
vation and habitation, besides which work and
- . .1 uii, be afforded to tl oueands
who w :' l otherwise be compelled to expatriate
,.i?m?..l ,. In ord< r to ward off Itarvstl n V-t
[,aly v, -t. htsirat?.? aboul thl? eminently profita?
i nd w h ' ? close? up -??.?.? i nd
t of funds, eontli a ? to so, tan?
, f,r . naval and military armaments
.: ,1 enter] rise? thai hp ill gel ? f
tionate to ih? s onomU and political condi?
tion o< the kingdom.
two prisoners at iiriADQi.'ARTEns apmit
Captain Md lu i-v ha? two prlsonera at Bead?
quarters who are charged with holding up Harry
Davidson, c crk In the drug ?tore at Pike and Madl?
.' .,, |ti Is the ?tore, on Sun lay night The prisoner?
are "Sammy" Mils, twenty-four years old. an eg-ron
v-, t, .i Frank Powera, twenty-six years o:d. said
to be a tl.lef. The prisoners were caught In Cath?
crine-st, on Tuesday night, and taken to Head?
,r,1 powers mnde a confesnlon yesterday to
n MeClusky. They m.i.i thai they held up
...' irua elerh snd thai Stuck, who was arrested
,,.,. th? ?fa^leon-?! police, had nothing to do with It
Sioux Falls, S TX. Dec 22.-Judge Smith, of the
First Circuit has decided, in opposition to other
courts of this State., that the law passed bv the
lael Leglslsture known a? the Pcdler's law Is un
constitutional, because It is In conlllct with the fo?
.,: ... Com? ei e law. A representative of a
bouse wai arrested for vitiating the
law. i >nvl ted In s Ju lice's court A
avril of ..?.' ? was ?pp.ltd for, ;'nd th
Court ordered hi? release, on th.- grouml stated
Thl, lau v . atmi : al travelling men, and was
representstlvee of wholesale
s to pay a Iliense ret-.
Topeka. Kan . Dec. B.?Several months ago Judge
C. O Foster granted an Injunction to prevent th?
Commissioners of Pratt County from collet ting
?IXI? from the Wichita und Western Rullroad. Ves
terdiiy he received a letter from the County Com
. that while the poor people were
compellt d to pa] their t;ixes or lo?e their pr..| ertj
thi railroad m . allowed to operate without paying
any taxes They said that^the echsel?teeohers
were compelled 10 inke county warrants fttr their
. .., ,i, i . beoausi the ral read taxe?
could noi in- i o, lee 111? on account of the Injunction.
t.... r'o?t?r al t ... i ?rule an order for the re
celver it pay tixn. ainouutlng lo about tf,<W. He
?ft :-.r\<u. his own restrnlnlng order for that pur
.-".in Prsnetsee, DOS. :.'- The attorneys for Dur?
rani have filed notl I that they will a>k for a
rhani.f rents fiom the recent order of sentt-nce
by Judge ?.t..- '-. on the ground thai the Court l?
i rejudiced, An appeal to the (iovernor for a corn?
il, i..il. o of ?entone? will also be made, on the
ground thai .1 revles of th? corelattofl of the
H ai.clif Lamonl and Minnie Wll lam? cane? ahou.d
be .ii.nle. Another effort to get the case before
the Federal cuarta will alao bo mad?.
Edward Lauterbach yesterday gave out further
details of the agreement which has been effected
between the Third Avente Railroad Company and
the M< tropolitin Street Railway Company. Under
the terms of the agreement the Third Avenue
company Is to Withdraw Its opposition to the pro
poaed i rossing of the cable line in Third-eve at
One-hundred-and-stxteenth-st., and also to the con
Itructtoa Sf the electric conduits In Park Kow,
from the Prooklyn Bridge to the Posto;' :e.
The Metropolitan company, on its part, Is to
withdraw Its opposition to a change In the motive
power of the Forty-second-st, Bt. Nlcholas-ave.
ami Manhattsnvllle Railroad, ai points In Porty
nd-Bt. and the Boulevard where the Third
"\e. cars iiurs the trscks of the Metropolitan sys?
Mr. Lauterbsch said that the two companies,
which now control nesrly all the street railways In
the city, had decided to n ??? fl itlng In the i ourts.
Thej ? id come to i n irei ment, he add?
ed, with a plan of giving to the people of the city
t.ie heat possible service In city travel it is not
? xpected that the two companies will be consoli?
dated, si lessi for some lime to come, but, having
divided between them most of the railroads In the
city, they will conduct their operations In harmony.
Metropolitan Street Railway stock yesterday
clos. ,i at Iff, the high pries of th? day, which was
a gain of z\ from Tuesday. Third Avenue Rail?
road sto.-k closed at Ut, S gain of I
The Contract Commute? of the Rapid Transit
Commission, comprising A. E. Orr. Charles Stew?
art Smith and 0. E. Rives, met again yesterdsy
in irnlng at the Chamber of Commerce. They re?
fused absolutely to give any hint as to the nature
of th* proceedings or as to the work transacted.
This reticence Is said to be due to the representa?
tives of the syndicate or syndicates which bave
been formed to bid for tho contract. The syndi?
cates, It Is understood, have requested the commit?
tee to decline to make public anything which takes
placo at the meetlnga
However, It was learned by a Tribune reporter
that th? committee hi engaged solely.ln conferring
with financiers and capitalista interested in the
syndicates as to the posslbl iry of complying with
the obligations, Th- commttte< will mee! again to?
day and to-morrow, and will make a comprehensive
re?.,rt to the whole Board <f Rapid Transit Com?
missioners rt a meeting to lie held on Monday next
SI No IM Broadway, There Is no doubt that the
committee will advise that no tond can be obtained
to the amount of {18.090,000 to run beyond th? perlo 1
of construction, and upon the basis of these find?
ings the rounsal to the Commission w.ll apply to
the A| peltate Court to so define Iti opinion as to
; : ?? the ? instructive pt riod of the line the length
of the bond's existence.
a irugBArrrri discovert in a harlem feat
Frederick Sharp, who lives at No. 1.411 Flfth-ave ,
yesterday mornlra; found his wife lying dead |n the
bathtub of their flat. A rubier tube dangling from
is i"t told the story of suicide by asphyxiation
It I? th m?ht that her mind was unbalanced by the
effei is of an operation she had recently under?
It was reported at th? East Or.e-hundred-and
fourth st. pol|e?> station that there were mark* on
tl B body of Mrs. Sharp that cast some BUSplclSn
on the death Of the wot:,il:;. Detective Wilbur was
tent I tlgate ??e found a slight flush under
ths lefl 'ye n bluentm of the dpi and a mark or
scar on 'h" up; er portion of the breast The de
lectiva ' not 'hink thSt these were caused by
Violence, as be h.is often seen these peculiar marks
on persons wl i I iva met ?'. ?" by Inl ilatlon cr
gas. ? . idei ?? ? t any trou bis had
I flat Si Ighbors sal : -
ths s im an bad madi three attempts on her life
a: v irlouB I n
A i ? ? ? ? i wltnes ed at th- home of
? ? itectlve Wilbur U -was com?
ing oui if I ; .. hs saw a Ittls boj crying
-irai" I break
m what the matter w is, and h?
? I w nt to kls? po ir mtffln i '
The Into the i >m where
hla dead niotb?r lav and h" kls-e.J fr>e fi<e uf
'"???? Th* child i- vviiiis Bi-haffer the ten
year-old son of Mrs. Sharp by a fariner niarriatce.
Dellarlfa Rlehardson, ths wotmn who threw into
th? gu'tsr ths papers canins upon her to appear
In court to show cause why she should not be
punished f >r contempt of court for not appearing
when ehe vas summoned to te.-ify as to her
father's estate, wat not arrested yea'erday. and It
Is sly thai she will be The efforts of
:? i-. ? i, Btons A Auerbech, counsel for j. j. n itier,
the tempnrnry administrator of tns Hlehnrd"on
estats, to d ?? ? ^hereabouts of the stock?
Bnd bonds which rompo-ed the bulk of Joseph
Richardson's property, wet?? continued, however, In
t?.a chambers of lurrogats Pltsgsrald yesterday
afternoon, when C. li Uotchklss retimed his cx
itlon of H mer W. Nichols, of the firm of
It h Bisset] a Co., who formerly conducted Mr
it! hardaon's speculations Mr Nichols wasqueo
t! il ed at cons! I? r Me length as to Whether he had
evr teen the safe owned by Richardson In the
Mei anille B '?? Deposti Company opened or not.
All h" would almit was that he had seen Joseph
Richardson some years ?no In the act of opening
lbs safe, but had not -? ? atenta
"Did >"'i ever see Mr" Emma J. Richardson at
her h isbsnd'S house, and fell her she oujjht to uv
eept ? ",000 In lieu ol all claims on ids property, ss
he had not B do Ur's worth of propeu> In the
wor! I'M l ikl 1.
V.t. In May, '??'." h? replied. "The reason i
did so was ?? auae I ki ew that under the Will 'i
1 ? .i aha r<- ci\. il i.o hll k
This win left all the property to th? testator's
two children. By a will executed Immediately be
for, leath, now? ver, he m ids h s widow an
. |nal I'miT in his estate with them The ex
an,It atl. ? '. M ?' ?'?' h" ? was adjourned un II next
Mondaj afternoon
Surrogate l"iUK*rald yesterday handed down a
l< ion ordering that George Richardson submit
to an examln itlon as to 20 shares In Western Cnion
Telegraph sto k. IM shsres in the Safety i'ar Heat?
ing and Lighting Company, and S honda and
gages which bad been purchased by his
father As to certain property in tha Richardson
tin tiox. will h was opened recently and found
practically empty, Surrogate Pltsgersld denied the
motion for Oeorge'i examination, be having made
.m affidavit unit he was !,e owner for a long
period "f vais of the box and Us contents.
The Farm and Dairy i'roduct Company, which
was lacorporatad at Trenton, N. J., as announ ed
In yesterday*! Tribune, will be ready for business
In a few days. The object of this company Is to
control ths handling "f nii.K in ths snlarged city.
J. D. Ollmor, who was active, In organising the
company, Is*authority for the statement that to"
price of milk to consumers will not be Increased,
but that the company will make a profit out ci the
reduction In the cost of handling the milk. He said
lo a reporter ysStSf la> .
Inei ... ol lortj asgoni driving tiirouRn one
street dl turbins ihs people long before the usual
waking hour, there will hie one wagon used, and at
the same tune tha people Still he served mor. - II -
factorll) taan ever before Tha new organisation
will be completed in a few days, and th. a we wiU
be ready lor business Now the actual 'est of
ha i jung '?' Ik i tar?e and one-half cents a quart,
and we will endeavor to reduce thti to one cent i
ouart. The dahy consumption of milk in Qrwater
New-York is over one million quarts, ami am :h
a savins will give a handsome margin to the
compati), evn If prices to trie consumer aie not
Increased. The fanner will In tho end receive mor?
for nis products. He is no? paid two and three
quarters cents a quart, while milk Is -tiling at retail
at from six to twelve cents a quart to the con?
The company has obtained options on all the
wholesale places In the city, and one of the first
move? ?ill hs to shut off the grocers who now
tinndie milk, as they sre cutting prices, and do not
the milk properly.
Ope of the retail dealers who will he shut out
under the new ariantteineiit said yesterday:
I am opposed to the sew company 1 will hove
to ko out of the hualnens. alone with many others.
Th" trust, with its English capital, has forced over
four thoutuid men out oi employment. Including
retail dealers snd men on wasnns. They msy say
that the prices to the consumers will not be In?
creased, but I anticipate that they will put up the
price within tlx months, If not sooner."
Mnlone, N. Y., Dec. 22 -While skidding logs Rloh
ard BpragUa Jr , of Duane. and William DotsR, of
Whlpplevllle, ?'re Instantly kiini st Owleshead
to-day by t fj'llng tree.
<'i.rlliintl. N. Y. Dee. 22. Thomas Ulunden. seven?
ty-six >ears old, was killed last evening whtli
Chopping down a tree In the woods west of Mo
Qrafville. The tree, in falling, crushed his bead.
1 SIfiNATUgE ^^j
^cl^v^^^ ,snow d^^^wA
\ ?^^ printed in ^^^^?M *
J BLUE, diagonally ^rrEr^ ?**? ?
? across the OUTSIDE wrapper of every bottle of I
i llie Original and Genuine WORCESTERSHIRE, as a further pro- J
j ? tection against all imitations. a
? Ago,?, for ?he trailed Stat?s. JOHN DUNCAN'S SONS , N. Y. J
? '?> ? ??? * ? ''?.'?^>(*'?iN??*,*?e>>???r>?--fc.^ *?e.*-c-. *?^^-*ts(S??e^>*f_
There was a long discussion before the Police
Roard yesterday over President Moss's proposition
to sbollsh the night stick. Chief MeCullagh took
part In the discussion as did Commissioners An?
drews and Smith. President Moss In Introducing
his resolution said:
"The unple.irant thins; Is the appearance of
policemen who have a habit of twirling their clubs.
These clubs look like cart rungs, and the sight of
policemen swinging them on the corner makes a
bad Impression. There is a great deal of resent?
ment In the nilndr of citizens against the disposi?
tion to exhibit the night stick this way. I under?
stand that the reason the men carry the stick
in their hands Is because It Is not comfortable to
wear It In the belt.
A general discussion then followed relative to th*
day stick, which Is worn In the belt constantly.
Patrolman Moran, of Commissioner Andrews's of?
fice, was present in the Hoard room, and his opinion
was asked. Moran void tha Commissioners that
the day stick was easy to break. He said that It
could not be used at all for calling assistance, as a
slight blow would cause it to break In two. It was
more of an ornament, and yet if used to hit a man
on the head would prove, more injurious than the
long night Mtlck.
"The night stick la the only stick to do duty
with," said Moran. "I have been in hard places.
and the thieves and thugs are ail afraid of the
night stick and revolver. I never heard of a man
being killed by the night stick, but If you hit a
man hard with a billy you will kill him."
At this point Chief MeCullagh was sent for. and
his opinion was asked. The Cnief stood up for tha
night stick. He said it was the most useful weapon
that the police cou.d have. Besides Its rapping
cjua.ltles. it was the only thing, he said, which po?
licemen could use to protect themselves In a crowd.
Chief MeCullagh illustrated how an officer with a
night stick could prevent attack and ward off a
mob. He said further that Police Surgeon Fluhrer
had informed him :hat there w.is not a case on rec?
ord in twenty years where a man's skull bad bten
fractured bj the nirih; stick.
President Moas th-n said that he defeated c.ub
blng worBi thsn anything else. He stated that the
':? oslv?. ? Itlsens ?is, In bis opinim.
a tin', taking money. Chief MeCullagh in
formed th? Commissioner that th. rules required
poll emen 10 wear their r.lgiu sticks In their belts,
1". ident Mom then Mid that if the Chief would
promts I to make policemen keep their night sticks
.:. their be.IS ne w mid lei his resolution iie on the
table. The Chlel promised that the rule wou.d be
enforced, and Mr Moss did not pre=? his resolu
burlrg the discussion Mr. Moss read an anony
letter whl n ha had received, and which evl
dvrtly was written by a patrolman. Some of the
sentences weie as follows:
if 1 were you for the short stay I would lay low.
! People know you are there yet. althoug.a?y.ju are
such a poor specimen of a man. Say. who are you
.,?. ' And ? hai are you .' What you don t know
would RU a b.g book. You are a beau'e, like the
guy who gave you your job. Two good things. I
1 might sign my autograph but have a presentiment
r would be unhealthy and prefer to remain a
patrolman, l suppose you are taking time by the
i k. You w.uit to abol.th the night club for
fear you might become too fresh yourself torn?
t Ighl when y 'U are an ex-commissioner and get g
, tatte of It. You are a hairy o?d boy?nit."
Another clubbing case came up In the Jefferson
Mark;t Court yesterday. Policerran Thomas J.
Hlunt. of the Charlea st. station, waa In court wltu
a prisoner, a boy of nineteen years, who had a big
gash in his head, which he accused the policeman
of h.iwng inflicted with his club. The boy is Will?
iam '. un.m.;.gs, iineteen years old, of No. 56 Jane
si. iie >a u mechanic
The policeman, who la a tail man and well-built.
1 Is said to have a good record as a policeman. He
told Magistrats Brenn that ha hud arrested the
i hoy for disorderly conduct. He dec.ared that Curn
I ii.ii.gs was one of a number of young men who con?
gregate at Waahlngton and Oansovoort ei.-. end
I loiter there nightly. He Bald he ruw Cummingt
there Tuesday night, and he oiaertd him to move
on He said that the boy would not do t>o, and he
pushed him,
Magia.rate Hranti looked at Blunt, and said:
'You oilleeis ai ? entirely loo free with your cluhs
anyway. You say you struck him about tne logs
with your club. Why don't you admit that you
clubbed him in the bead?"
.M iglstrats Brenn then discharged the boy.
| Tho last of the police cases which grew out of the
' I.exow Committees InveettgatMst, and on which
f many Indictments were found, was dismissed
yesterday on the recommendation of Lnstrlet-At
torney Olcott. It was that of ex-Wardman James
Burns, Inspector Mcl.aughiln'a wardman when Mc?
Laughlin was captain of the Old Slip station.
Burns Jumped his ball of 15.000 and fled to Europe
after he had been Indicted.
in lS'jl Burns, U was alleged, demanded JSO each
from the fo.lowing men: F. W. Seagrlst. Charles
II Southard, Prank W. H.iusllng, W. S. Harrison
..ni '1 liornas E Tripler. The men were builders
end It was alleged that Burns had demand, d the
money fiom in.-ni for allowing them to block the
SldeWalks with their building material, un the
testimony of the rive men, five Indictments were
found against Burns
Five thousand dollars' bail was demanded and
furnished by Michael Lyons, the Bowery restau
rant-kseper Bums was n leased, and he fled I0
Europe. His bull was declared forfeited. He re?
turned to this country uhout two months ago and
t.lmself up. Lyons again furnished bail In the.
.-.une anu uni. and Hums has since been out l>ls.
Irlct-Attorney Olcott told .Indue Newhurger yester?
day that he had made a careful Investigation Of the
but that the evlden :e was Insufficient a- i
he .ecommended a dismissal of all the Indictments.
Minneapolis, Dec. 22.-A dispatch from Pem
blna, N. D . to "The Journal" says that the First
National Pink Is In tho hands of L'nlied States
Hank Exumlt.er Anhelre. The bank had accumu?
late 1 fcM.tnt) m valueless securities during the pie*!
dency of L. E. Hooker, who Is now a fugitive from
justice, having defaulted his bond In the United
State? Court for other banking frauds. Stockhold?
er- hope to make up the deficiency and reopen the
"Do yer tlnk he''l come ter-r.lxht?" asked a little
Park Row newsboy of his companion.
"Do I tlnk who'll come ter-nlght?" replied the
second boy.
"Why. Santa Claus."
"Say, what'.i der matter wll yer. anyhow? Is
yer Ketttr.r* dopey? Whet do you tlnk Santa Clsu?
ud be doing down In Park Row. He'd get th?
grand lia ha if he come down hure. He only goes
among der rich folks up er der avnoos."
"Wei:, he come here la-t pear an' took u? ter der
beanery an' filled us all up v.-'.l p:>rk ar- I beans, an'
p*> and coffee. Oh. I wlah he'd come ter-nlght
I'se awful hungry"
"Dat's Jest like you, Petey: you'se always hungry,
an' beside? dat feller wasn't Santi Claus. He
was a chap dat bet on der 'beef-an' horse at der
races tin' made a big wad. Why, dat blokey had
dough ter burn, an' he wanted ter blow hUsoir. I
don't tlnk he"l come 'round airain cauie I guess
he's broke??11 dose racetrack fellers goes broke.
It's Jest as bad as ?hooting craps ter get away wid
a feller's dough."
"I'se awful cold Let's go an' sit on d?r grating
over der pressroom."
"Dere yer go agin. Petey. I never seen a feller
like you. Yer can't stand netting. If yer ain't
hungry yer cold, an' If yer ain't cold yer hungry.
Come on. You can lay on der grating an' I'll
hustle' round, an' If I sell dese poipers we'll have
some buns."
A llttlo later the boys met again on the grating.
"I tlnk Santa Claus'll <*orr.; sure ter-nlght." ?aid
"Come r.ottlng." exclaimed the second boy: "bee
got better graft den dis."
"I wish I was up in dese ?tars. Santa Claus
live? up dere, an' all der boy? ar* warm an' have
plenty ter eat."
"See here. Petey. dere yer go agin. Yer gettln'
d?ffy fer sure. Get a brace on yer an" we'll go an'
buy ?orne ouns. 1 n ao.u me poiper? and we'll cele?
"1 can't get up, Cni-mmy: sometlng'a der matter
wld me. 1'ise si k ami 1 guess 1 se going to croak.
On, i wish Santa CIS ??> 1 coaM?N
The second boy stooped ..^v.:. over his sick com?
rade, and Just as he did so a tig policeman ap?
peared on tne scene and ?aid:
?See Lore, set s move on sou or I will fan your
hides. You know you cm: t s'0;> here."
"Dat's all rignc, boss.'' said r'etey's chum, "but
Peter's ?ick an' I g le^a yer'U ha\e ter get der
ambulaiv.e. '
The big policeman laid hie hand gently on Petey'e
?hou.der and tried i rouse him. but tne boy's eye?
were closed, and he dJ 1 not move.
Just th-a a rougn-looxing man clad In a big
uls-er push' i his i>ay through v.e lltt.e crowd that
surrounded the si-* newsboy and a*ked what the
trouble was.
"Oh. Petey's caved in." ex ia.aieu his chum. "He
to'ijh; d.it Santa Claus wouid be down here ter
r .ght, an" lie didn't come. U?; e ain : no Santa
ciaus. Dat feller dat treated us In der eeaaer* las'
year was a racetrack feh.-r. dat'? all."
Who s.iy? the? Isn't a Bants ClausT" shouted
the Hg man. ' if you ess that again I'll throw you
down a manhole. I am Santa C.aus. and don't you
forget !'?"
lT-n stooping over Petey's prostrste form he
tenderly picked aim UP in his arms. and. te.ilng the
rest of the boys to fall In Hie. h,- c-.nied him Into
the warm end cheerful little restaurant a short dis?
tance away. Tue g? nial warmth of the room and
a few spoonfuls of hot coffee soon aroused Peiey
from his stupor, and. I rus fully up Into the
face of the man. ? .?d :
"I kr.ovwi .-'.in;a Clsus d c me"
The man stayed la th? restaurant until the boy?
had fea?ted to thrir heart?' content ?nd th? order?
that were filled for pork and beans, -?inker?."
mine? pie ar.d coffee kept :':?> wettere busy. Evt ry
now and :i>?hi:i a new lot of boy? gathered in front
of the beanery, and they, too. were caJ.d insld? ?nd
feasted bv Petey's Sarta Claus Tr.. la;.er did not
leave until ihere we.e no m>re boys to feed, ?nd
When he finally wen: awaj he left i hrl?ht ?liver
dol'nr In Petey's hand, and the latter und hi? chum
slept In warm beds la the Newsboys Lodging House
that nltthr
The severe storms which have prevslled on the
Atlantic for the last ten day? ar? doubtless re?
sponsible for the delay in tiie arrival at this port
of a number of steamer? from Europe. Among
the?o are the Karsais, which sailed from Ham?
burg on December 1, and should have been here
by the 16th; the Andalusia, which sailed from
Hamburg on December *, and should have been
here by December -W and th? Kurop?. which ?ailed
from Load in December 6 and should ..ave beea
here by December W, The first two steamer? be?
long to the Himburg-AmerL an Line, anil the Eu?
rope to the National Line. The vesaete ar? freight?
ers, ar.d their voyages are always long, but It i?
??loom that they are .is late in arriving as on
thei-e trips. However, no fears are felt 'or the
safety of the vessels.
Considerable excitement was caused among the
holiday crowds In the aeighl orhood of Grace
Church, ut Tenth-et and Broadway, about 10
o'clock yesterday morning*, by ? loud explosion
followed by a volume of smtke pouring from the
windows oa the Tenth?et side 0f the church. An
alarm of f.r> was turned lr, b<i: by the time
the entities arrived ad oxclr. ment had subsided.
The explosion occurred in the chantry. One ?f
the firm of Pach Prof hers, the photographer?,
was taking some aashllghi pictures of the in?
terior, when the powder used suddenly exploded.
blowing to pieces his camera and ?nattering the
lower sect.on? of some of the stained-? ass win?
dows. Mr. Path wa sill htly Injured by the ex?
"lesion. The entire damas? will amount to about
jfjr?. A curious Incident noted was that while the
etalned gloss Int ri^r winde as were not damaged
iave ri ih< In tances mentioned, all the outside
I roteetlng wl idows wer? shattered In the vicinity
of the expl sion.
Jefferson ( Ity. Mo., De.-. 2C.-T..e Supreme Court
to-day decideJ that Sunday must ,iot bo caunted in
the twenty-foir hoirs a.lowed defendants In mur?
der case? to make :!-.- c.I Dg m at j.rors. Twenty?
four working hoars ?r- W.-..1- ?;.. Mirute mean?.
The cas.? decided was that if Charles and
icorge May. convicted ^' killing William Purdette
n a eunirel at Church. Chare? May |? di?.
barged for v\ant of evidence, ui-.vi George May
et? a new -.rial.
Marion Harland's
Idea of it:
-Sema yean ago t sketched tha crest of ths averag? Amer,
lean born housewife. It waa a bar?, bony arm, brandishing
a ieek.li i frying pao."?Marion Hjuum.
That was in the time when the frying pan was always
?lied with lard. Before healthy shortening and frying
were made easy with Cottolene. Before Marion
Harland declared that
"Is purer, more healthful and
economical than Lard."
r?ermln* fondent Is told everywhere la one to tan pound
yell.)?, lint, wltb our trmle rnnrits?"Cottolent" sad ttrtr't
>,? i in ssMsapISM uiM/1- on every tin. Kot guaran?
teed If tola in say oiner war. Hade only by
Chlcafo. 8t. I-outa. New York. Montreal.

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