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,^oL. TVTT....V? 18.()74.
G.?,G??p??, t?<t p? rwwcH took potsn
8Ion in?? t?? mmum gemwra foot
iNGi.r aCTWfl in 0OHCE1? \
London, Dee 81.-"?* Daily Mali- bna V
! telegram? from Hone-Kong and Tonqujn
ng thf French occupation of the Island of
}Il'.'_Ni. ..,,, .. regarda it a* morally certain
that Hat-Nan wen occupied about a fortnight
u , ?hen Port Arthur wai occupied by the
? g<ona the coincidence forcing th? suspicion
tf ? France and Russi? were ?ctlng iti <?? ? ert.
A dltpatcb to "The Dally Mall" from Blnga
I ited yesterday, says:
??The new? that the French bad oc< upled the
laland of Hal-Nan wa? brought her? from Bal
?on (caplUl of French Cochin China) on Tue?
mmm t* W?* * Hal-Nan. t* IT?h Col?V of TorqUtB, ?,d th. Brlttah Provins <* Burmnh
day by the French ma? boat Ernest Simon.
Bei re the latter lef> ?ai?ron, on th* 'J."?th, a
French cruiser arriv?d there, with either ??
mirai BedolHere or letter? from him to th*
French Governor .if Balgen. The Ernest Blmon
delayed for an hour at Saigon. In ord^r to take
the Governor's dKpa"h r*!at'ng to the bt '
of tlM rlag on the Island of Hal-Nan to the
Fmirh. Q ivernor.
The ciiune of the delay '.vas known only to a
few Ofllcla)? on hoard the Ernest Bltn ??; but In
advertently the secret was Imparted to a French
officer h<-re. who. not being bound to secrecy,
let the matter out. It 1? believed that th?
French hold the telegraph office at Hol-Kow
CHo-Kow?) and prevent cornmunli'.'tti ? to
H'>ne--Kong. The cable between Hal Phong
fTOnqutn) and Saigon is brokers and under re?
pair, and therefore It was Impossible for Ad?
miral Bedollltr? to telegraph the news of the
seiture to Saigon.
"Admiral BedoiiiAr*. with th" warship? Bayard
?nd Descartes, '"ft Hone-Kong on December 11.
He cail'd at Hat-Phong on December 18, and
attended the meeting of the Defence Commltte?
at Hal-Phong about that date, when the seizure
of th? Island of Hal-Kan was der?<i?d upon."
Paris, i>eo. So.?The officiala of tin- French
M ? try of Marine regard the reportad occupa
bea if th?? island of Hal-Han. off th?? south
?MM of '"hina. by the French fleet In those
? itere ?* an Invention,
During the day a semi-official contradiction
Wa? Issued of the report that the French flag
had beet) hoisted over the l^'and.
G?G???? INH'-fU-'TIONV <}IVRN TO ??? ???????
?'?.'? ?XP ?STTJ.ATJON.
London. Dec. 31.?"The Dally Graphic" aa
serts, "on authority," that the British squadron
was definitely Instructed to assemble orr Che?
mulpo to support a strong British expostulation
? th Ooreg on the dismivsal of MeLeavy Brown
(Hritish Sui?erintendent of <v,rean Customs),
Who, under a'lvice of the British Consul, has
twice returned the notice of dismissal served
?pon htm.
With regard to Port Arthur, Th? Dally
Graph!"" asserts that there is every reason to
I lier? that the Russians ?rill adli'i?? to their
p!*di;e to evacuate It at the end Of the winter,
and the t there Is. therefore, no ground for < >in
plalnt on the part of England Neither does 'he
Opt eminent regard the occupation of Kioo
Chau an calling for action, because British in
t?r(?t?are not threatened According to 'Th?
Graphie," both the Foreign Office and the Ad
nlralty are agreed on thlw point.
A dispatch to "The I>ally Mall" from Bhang
gal, dated yesterday, e?ye? "A DrltlHh fleet of
tlghl Ships and four gSTPeAo-boat? ban ;irriv?-.!
a*. Chemulpo ?the port 01 Seoul), it i- reported
that there are two Japanese erulsers it) the
Yar.g-tw-Klang Klver. Japan lv working night
and day preparing for war. It Ih bei;. ved that
the British end Japanese fleets are In close
Peking. Dec. .TO.?The BUPsroeSSlon of J. Me?
Leavy Brown, the British Superintendent of the
Corean Customs. Is at present enganln* th< at?
tention of the British Government. With the
view of upholding his right*, four British war
vessels are understood to be off Chemulpo.
AN ANKOt'NCieirieNT MAI>J? IN ?/>???? THAT
n:t.y ajue to hk moihi.izki
London. Dec. 80.--A news agency announces
that the British Naval Reserve? will be mobil?
According to rece?? estimate?", the r? trt forces
?? the llrklsh Navy number about a.0w mtu. O?
till?! number II Is calculated that at least 10,000 men
would be required, In i'usc of war, to complete th?
manning of the warship? of Qrest Britain, which
arc understood t" require s complement of 110,000
men. wh< re?? inly 100,030 are said to b?? actually
rvlce, The Naval Reserve problem has long
llarussed by l'.r;,is'i authorities, *nd the gen?
eral opinion appears to be thai the number of mm
? ,. 111 :j ; ? ; ? ? la far short of the number that would be
requ :< d In the ov. nr of war.
In addition to the men of the Naval Reserve, Or? it
Bt tain has a large reserve fleet and a number of
i, u,' merchant cruisers, Including such ?
a? the Campania, Lucania, Btruria, Umbria, Ma?
jestic, Teutonic, Emnresi of India, Bmpree? of
Empresc of Japan, Himalaya, A istralla,
Victor!? and \r?adia.
Regarding the it :><>rt cabled from-London, Br> *f
I-??? v. the agent of the Whit? Stpr Line, <*.<? yes?
j afternoon that ho had no officiai or other
Inform ? the subject, At tue office of the
Consulate. In Btate-sl surprise was ox
; ? ed at t hi clr ?-.: it m of such a report at the
? i . : ire, h tsmuch as c.ront Britain has a
?r naval fot?,e to pope with any emergency
irise In the East without calling to ' er
of the Naval Reserva The Con
i late h? r?? had no om-i.il luf irmation on the fu1>
Ban Francisco, Dec. 8fl (Special). -Captain B.
Bakurol, assistant chief naval constructor of the
Japanese Qovsrnmsnt, who is now in thi? city,
superintending th* building od the erulsei
Chit. se at th'.? LTnlon Iron Works, mad?? a >?;?<?
men! to-night concerning the feeling of the
? aval and milita: y officer? '? Japan ove- the
Ir ?<? n< tien of Germany ajid ltussla In occupying
Chinese porta H? said:
"Th? people of Europe seem to believe that
the? Japanese ar*? still a people Blow to enget
and unable to Kaug* properly their own pn
powerful position among the nation? of the
earth. That is a mistake. We at- fully allv.? to
?hat knowledg? and are ready at any moment
either at sea or <?n hand to defend our national
hoi or.
"While, of oui-ne, I can aay nothing on this
tu loffi tally, I am very ?e|i acquainted with
. .? as of my brother offici rs and of th> great
ina.v. of th? middle and upp< r claaeea of mj
country. We bellevs wa are beine treat? ?
shamefully, and that SOSOS of the European
nation?, Hu*>la particalarty, are using un as If
we wore children. When flushed with victor)
and in a position to carry our arms still further
into the territory of China and to demand
? . .1 o? our success any concession? w? de?
sired to ask for, It wa* Jiu?la that stepped In,
ui.'i. on the plea of peace a.'ni the tu Ifare of all
Lu rope, caused us to modify our demands and
to i<e content with altnont barren honors. And
now Russia, taking advantage of the opening
thai our own soldiers and sailor? have mad?
possible, BMhS for herself what she begged us
not to take.
"J believe that a coalition between <;re?c
Britain and Japan Ir. the present ?risiM Ih noi
only possible, hut highly probable, Our mm ?
Ing army has lately been Increased by two dl
vlslona bringing it to considerably ov?r three
hundred thousand men, and we are now building
b?id getting ready for sea, with all possible dis?
patch, fifteen warships and twenty-four torpedo
and gun b a:s. These, added to our already for
mldable and u< ? oned nary, form ? fleet lhal
nay w<-:i t?e n disturbing element in the present
plans of Husnia and Germany.
"it will not take very much more manipula
tlon on the pari Of these two nations to arouse
a resentment in Japan that win find its voice
In Horn'Mhlng more than words."
- ?
HI KAYS it WOULD nr: ? SRBAT ??????? POR
this OOPKTRT ? t? ACQUIRE mawaii
Washington, Dec. ao fflpeclsl). Isnstsr Teller,
of Colorado, one of th? strongest supporters In
Congress of the Hawai ? mneaatlen treaty, said
te-day when asked about me prospects of acquiring
1I.iv.h11 In Ih?? mar future: "The IslSRd? should
be annexed without delay, It would be a gnat
blinder not to do so. I see that there li now
| ? in'? ekance of the completion of the Nicaragua
I canal. This make? it nil th<? mon important that
? the islands should belong to this country and
\ should become our property without delay? ?* ?
j matter of fact, it has been the Intention of the
| fritted Btates for years to SUMS Hawaii. From
? UM to thi- day W? have always Insistei! that no
other country BhOUM have the Islands. During
President Pierce*? Administration the islands would
have been annexed but for th? death of the King,
': ha Old King had mad? ? deed of the Islands to
thi? country, nnd Secretary of fltats Mercy, one
of the greatest of Desa?rstk statesmen, win pre?
paring to ta?cc step? te annex the island-. The old
? liits died, and th" new King was opposed to >n
nesatlon, Hawaii is now offered to us? and w?
must take It or permit eotre other country to
j step, In."
.Senator Teller said that there were several forms
of govert nient suitable for the lalands at Una
time. The Territorial form la a good one, h- said
"I lived under a Territorial government six yeai
the BenatOT continued. "Hawaii will be only fifteen
minute? from Washington when a cable line is
built and that will not be far away. If the Tcrrl
I orlai form wouldn't suit, the country could be
itlacbed to California or Oregon as a county, it
I | -.1,11 that California wouldn't ahow this, but I
;hluk 'hire are States which would permit It with
! oui resistance._
?aie ? wick, for two years, will buy a first-clean
i piuno. KKKLL. 174 Fifth Ave. (2?1 BtJ-Advu
war /? ci n.\ may m: over
Madrid. !>.>c. 30. The announo meni of the In?
tended departure of the American correspond?
ents from Cuba, together with the change of
attitude of the United states, ?.'?ves ris?? to the
opli Ion thai the qu< it Ion Is about to be peace?
fully settle.I. and that, vit li the granting of au
lonomy, the war :.???? r ha* s raison d'?tre.
It is alleged that ? majority of the insurgent
chiefs have ? dared thai they desired peace,
bul were opposed to the nomination of for? ? ?
officials having do Interest In Cuba.
? - ?
Havana. I >e. 80 "The Official Gasette" to?
morrow ?m print nn edict of Captain-General
Blam ?, ??? rmlttlng th* exportation of tobaci o.
Oenesal Pando and his staff have arrived at
Santiago de Culta, by s? a, from the Rlv -r Cauto.
According t" s repon from Spanish sources al
Esp?rants, Province of Santa ?'bua. s party of
Insurgents Bred or thai town on Saturday
un:! t Bullets struck a number of ?
and one bullet went through lh< leeve of
Se?orita Ve dee, daui hter of the Mayor of the
PROSKOtl mi>
Madrid. D? M ?? ? il Werter, the former Cap-]
tali ? lenei si of Cuba In his :? the Queen
Re rent on the ? McKln'.ey'i M? s
sage to C.
?? .. ge, ? ? ? attack* m ? le
opon htm, luct ss Govei r ti, he
it o? r mated h;
and pati loi He
??>t<?. . as they sre aim? ?? ?'
him sinn .
? . remarks, "since the
???*?*??" ??'??.
Spanish ti * In ? "uba." hi
i. itj ?,. ? ? ? ? '?;.?'? (Trown
? ;.?? arai W< affirme that 1 ? I ? idflcos
whom . ? ?!???>?? re
the prim?? at* tors <>'. the
"Bl Corr Ispano!," "La Ni nal." "El ? ??
and other papers tn.it have published Q
Weyler*a protesi ?Hl t - pro?.ited '! ? ;?
Uon hs I hesn prohibit! ? I lonal gn ind
It Is rumorea 11 *t >?? r-rni VVeylei will t
cuted. The sui ??to transn ?ti
tfKt to 'he \i ?< ? u liegen) ? h the War ?
ms HORSS POUND bnuvptcr an:> "it?-t -feaff
Calcutta. Dec. 80. ?Olone; lawyer, comn ? '
??? the Hrith?h forces at Fort ???-?? lid, tele?
"fin learnli ? ti.a: s r Henry ila'.* ? \?
bai :> ft hu ? - ? ? ' > terday, and '.-.\ ? ?
seen since, s s< leed ?:?? :
rest less horM mis
t he re p i? The seat resulted
p????? the horse s!?'.! si with Hti
Hi nrj missing. 1
Is a , .? leoni
The s-an h Is belns I
Ptr Henry Have k-AIlai ? wider
or ? ?? I ? ' ?
oentl? - ?' ?
' rainai t ?
the cam ?
V- ... ?
MM k. :hi :.?????? . j?
to*? baron?)
? i
? . .. ?
? .a;?? of Allan I ?
? ?
f. at to ??: A lei
? ? ! ? i
Morel flaut
///.7f/?/\',//??/. iM/.t/.? .1//? COMPANY.
THE t.AK'lE ?'e|:x| <>r ??G. COM ERN Cl
on an ' f;M ?. DP TWg 0?G??
Hamilton. <'>vi!<v 1"' M The lar*? works of the
Herring Hall-Marvin Safe ''? r.pany wen
? ? u4ge Nailon, e ? . ? I
s D ritto] receiver for tt? eon ? ?"k
On orders from the Co rt, R< elver Pltte
? ,?(?? ? - r. ? \ ?>!? e employes ?i<! the
? ?? "f ? ork
. ? ?? I ' '? >
... r .
. . s . ? ? ? ? ? '
... ? . . ' , ? .?
I t.. p. ; ime? ?
, ? ? . ? appi ? ? i.i
sitlon was f the al ?? seys of
m and ? ? '
\? ? ITTI ?
Paris, Dee ? All ne DepuUes and others ?bo
!. ?.?. l?? ?, irt< d on '!?? !? ? ? " of part) Ipsilon In
the Panarne ? ? il Intrigues have been icqultted.
'??.? }???.) He IT- . utor ..t t!.?.? trial .f the
last Monda) '? '?>? band? ?. ni of the
chargea aarslnsi MM Gaillard. Itlgaud, Leuaaut and
Boyer, sud asked thai si adequata sentence i>?-?
Imposed on MM. Ait'!.. Haiti : ?I irt in, Msrel an.I
Planteau M Borer ???? < !?.?????| with ,? ?
,..,.,.,? .. .. '? ? ? fron the lobbyl ?*. MM Illgsud
and Gaillard, U.O00 francs each; MM. Laieeni sad
Planteau. W.OW fra es each; M Maret, tS.Ofl
u, ,i M s.i..'.? Martin, M.OOO franca ? ?.?
fitto wan ?.?' ?.m ???it Slid wait ill? ?
... ,. , ?. on fled wa ? eh irged ? I; I .?? ?
...-?, ? ? sus, a former I . efi
,,f l'oli, ,-, m o ??? ex.? mil ? il Usi Pi May, de lai ??
inai the r?sl ? prlts etere l>elns ?'.:.?'?! fot- j.oi?.
???| reasons. Arten, who ??? is extradited fsoni Kng?
Is ,o. had previo I Hied that h< undertook ?
parliamentary rampalgn foi th? ("anal Coi
iin<l dlsb'ii .? -'.'??''"' franca among those
Senat? end Chamber f Deputici who were ??.?
?, recta In rane' projects Arton, however, denied
having bribed anybody, slleglna Ihsl l??? merely
Kin? scknowledgmeni for services rendered
77//: /'/.'/ ?CKTON ?\ V \0M\.
PORTE AN "1.1? l'I l.l: l'?nlllin IM? ?\\
li ST* I ROM PRBQI EN' G?? ? ??..?.? ?
WHERE 1.My, ? if) is BOLD.
Princeton. N. J, Deo M (Spedai).? Al their !???(
??<?"?????? the trusteesol Princeton University :
,t r?solution to enforce an old rule ?t the Uni?
versity, which prohibits studente from frequenting
any pisce where IntoxleaHng liquors en
This set Ion Is aimed principally si the now famous
grillroom of the Prlnoston Inn, ami was brought
about chiefly through the Influence end efforts .r
tin? N*w-Brunswlel Bynod of the Presbyterian
? iburch
Bx-preaidenl Cleveland, who ???< one of the prin?
cipal signers for the petition for ? license, refui d
to tail) on the sctton of the trustees, ami )?,?
Bhtclds, ml othei principal signer or th,
license, merely said thai he was unable t.. add
iinyihlns to whai he had formerly mad< knevsn
A>'ti.?? f-tuii'iiir win not return from their Christ?
ina vacation until January :, the sentiment of the
, ,||(.;. ? poi h ? ubji ? ? snaol be letti ned. < ?f
those who remsln hei during the recess, however,
., ? on ?eeme t.. be divided, some considering It a
Kood i! >ok and ?niKr.i believing it to be ?? severe
measure. Then !?? no doubt, however, that the
faculty in In esrnesl about the matter an.? meaiia
?,, .,,?' that the r gulation !.-. enforced. The inn.
however, win be kept open whether the students
are allowed to n?,>rt their or not.
t? pRoctncn there.
vyashlngton, Deo. M The Navy Department has
or-iereii the gunboat Mariette, now at Mar.? Island,
to Salvador on ? report from t'nlteil BtStSI Consul
.lenkltix thai the eltunt'on In that country l:? dla
luih-U and 'hi ? diai.ina.
Th? Metropolitan Street Railway Company
will bid or?, the centraci for building the pew
rapid transit underground railroad. The ques-I
lion of a *1> iNM.iMM) bond doe? no! s-em to offer ?
sny obstacles to the Metropolitan people. The
first Intimation thai they would consider such
;l matter cam sterday through s statement '
? by Ale> nder E < >rr, president of the j
Rapid Transit C< mn lesion.
"The Rapid Transit Hoard." said Mr. Orr.
"will not set upon the decision of the Appellate j
Division, or make application to the Court until ?
full opportunity shall have been given to ail
partie? who may wish to become bidders to
ascertain whai can probably he done about se.
'urlty, and to make other suggestions to the
Th Board musi also complete Ita In
? ? ?? like surety companies, who
sp i,.?, ti???.? to give Informationen the
?t of guarani.? ? such ? the Court has
led. Inquiries are being made of the
Board by those propo ng to bid and the fHd
of pro ? petitora is broadening. Arming
? parties in control of the Metropolitan
t:trt'?: Ra Company have a rioualy taken
up lb iuI ? : 'in? . are examining the ques?
tion of ?. and their engineers ?re estl
mstlng on the cosi of construction."
J '.?. l>. Crlmmina, of the Metropolitas Street
any, ? bei se* ? al the Botel
Favoy , said "Tee, it Is ?fae that we
? ?? Ini ?? Ited In rapid transit affairs, and the
of Mr, Orr is perfectly correct it
one of the largest enterprises ever under
p iti thla city if our plan? materialise. The
r Is now in the hands of Thi mas F. Ryan,
who h? aufh ? nul all the Information
that will ? ?? mad.? public at present."
Mr. Crlmmina would noi discuss the bond
questi ? or any other details of th?? company's
pi in?. The fi llowing statement from Thomas
?' Ij in, h .????.? r. -sus mad? public let? last
"II Is true that th? gentleman m??et largely
ted In the Metropolitan Street Railway
: ildering the question of bld
dlrg foi -!e contract ?? ? nstruct and operate
;.' l tranall roed. They have
era ? ? thi c amps ny to ex
? a a;! estimate the probable cost of
ruction Of ? lurse ? ? conclusion has been
I as yet. and no corporate h ?:! in haa been
II ll If SU h a road can be operated
Bit. sn be operated in conn? I in
? r?ad ' : and distribute
- ? ? igh a transfer system. ? hi.s
be the mosl benefit lai to the
? il?? any difficulty In
required In rash if ?*.? take
, ? ??
. ' ? -be se. ? at hl? h ?me, No
1 . las? night, snd li
t he I left the city after
? ? .ntioned, and s ould be
fur ???? ? si davs.
/? \ ? ? d.vD the ??????????.
?? it BRBAK has nWURRED IN
is ron ? ??G???ta him
, ih| , 11. ? M sperisi Th? first
?? k (? the Republican forces 'opposing
f M \ ii ? na to 'he unite ? Btates
nlarh*. Repn tentative s? '.? r. of
- ? ? umbered srith ihe
;.. ? a ? . ? > over te th? Hanns
? a warn si friend of
? ? ha ' ? inted ??;
na with he iltlng Republl ina
rati rlty, To-nlghl h? wrote
ri sil Inf.? him of his
I, ? for Mr. Hanns, snd mod for sub?
ii at Ion ? u inclng hia Inn ntloa
Mr Holder was not one of ?'? ten Republican?
I llgned to a paper pledging
??? Mr Mann* under ail cond?
but be has ,ye?n ch.lrne.l tiy th? Kurt? ?hc
?? ? ? >s* who have atg nod tho pledge ere
? nd Mr Ke ik. y The?? two men
ar? low ?a; ? to be ? iverli * an ? tha H inn ? f if tee
ar? working hard t.. Indu ? thejg ' ? or? ?k the com
I . ,| ti --re le arcit
?, UK.., Ijt ?, ?>,.. r? ?!? 'It?? managers of Mr
? ivlns full conftdenoe in rtnni sue
. .'.nV ii ,: ?..-r?? le .ni element of dan
ill effort e lo g? t th? ? imea
. ?? unavailing, snd th? Rghl pro sedi
-, . Ine?
|, , ? .. > nr? Un?Me to Une up thetr
Ion has so fsr been able
,,.r ?..?,, ? Both factloi ? ?i' bet I
? ., to ? .re th?? organisation of th?
?? it i? admitted that
,1 . |t, ullrana remain swsjr from the
. ,,:,,- thi ?. tion "f Boswell n? Speak
er doubtful the difficult!?? of Mr lisnns will
un th- oil ??: hand, If
, noxwi-ll t"> *s .? ?? etihirtently strong at the
.. his election It will !.?? regarded
, , ? and hav [he >?<{. ? of turning
.. , ?,, . , ?. | ibllcai ? to hi ? support Mr Boa
, , h pied to brins the three sntl
front Cuyahoga County Into linn,
who acted aa ?pokeaman for th?
ned to r ? -at With bini, and mi
? ? , >.. ?.? ...i..? .?i ? ? his ? lection to the
,,.':, Ma ??'??? ?,f ' uyshoga ? ? been se
t of Mi Boswell by the Kurt?
Hi pubi
The greatest ditthulty m tin? way of tti? ?????
? ? lelr plans to ? sui easful leaue a
? ? imongtheliei.rataugalnat the dictation
?- ?.??.?p? S'-viai members of that party
it ? ????? arili not vote for ? Repuh
i -? s.?,..tor uni *a be la a pronounced free-allver
Thej will vote for McClure, but not (Or
? ,..?,!,.? ? t?,,? Kurt/ Republicana object to Me
.?,??. ,,?..? on tms Issom the opposition to Mr.
il una la likely tn split
?, iiher Ide will mska any cl.iiniH of their
?,., but there Is the gresteal confidence among
Mr llanna'a managers, chief among whom Is Major
ChlCSgO, Dec ? v dispatch to "The Record"
from Tacoms, Wash., say?: "Flood? have caused
damage eatlmated at |1,0M,0M in the Northwest
,,urine the la? il three day? The Northern Pacific,
thi Canadian Pacific and the Qreal Northern
tracks an washed out, and traille Is almost bus?
pended, The BheUea and gouthwestera, the Seat?
tle and international, the Everett and Monte
, ;,nd other local roads have sustained severe
|0*a is wai tio.it? and landslides. |n more than
., dosen vVi itera Washington valley? bridge?,
fence? end fsmi property have been swept SWS|
Several person? have keen drowned In the upper
Cowilts a'd Tiiton River Vaiieya stock has been
,? iwned In nearly all the valleys now tnundat-1
??Th? town of Newankum is heating and between
, ? , ,???-? and l'entrali.? III.? Northern Paclllc's
main Une la two feel under water. Kourteeri luche?
,, i.iiu bave fallen since Sunday, accompanied bj
S/nrm win,Is, wlilch have melted the snows In the
mountalt nini th? greateel winter flood?
ever known hen. The ilray's Harbor and South
?., ?,.? branche? of the Northern Pacific are wholly
Impaaaabe b) resson ",' all les snd washouts On
ti,, coast the Storni wsa accompanied by heavy
w ,,?. iVynooche? was flooded mid everybody
,,, ?ved oui Kivi pille? of the Bhelton Railroad are
?., ,| ont and the bridi ea ?? e
Tratti, i.i'wen Tacoma and Portland, Oregon.
I entire!) luapended, hecsuse of the slides and
waabouts. Toledo, Kelao and other towns on the
Cowilts River, ire partly flooded, and the river
Is. still il?dng. Trains on the Ornat Northern road
,,. again blocked by snow, water and mud. no
,, .i.and mail hai arrived or departed from Ever?
ett site?? Bunds)
A? a city by Itself. Bead th? epitome of Brooklyn
m "The Ragle's" Consjltdation Number.
Januarj 1 An braue full is the brim of
ractlve itures ini valuabls referenc? data.
im >? ? .\^ or Brooklyn Borough and Oraster
Mew 'ark the finest ot their kind-In fact, the
only ? ?? ? rete views so far published. Eighty-four
? . . and ? uivealr ma,*. ? notable iuauo of "The
1 Vklgl?," Sunday. January i. Order It ahead.-AdvU
Montclatr, M. J., Dec. 110. William Arnold, son of
Lieu tenant-Comma ndef Csnwey H. Arnold, I'nited
States Navy, committed suiti.le In his father's
home here last night by shooting himself through
the head.
The young man fell on the he while skating a few
?lays ago. anil Mine then had been complaining of
severs pain? In the head. He was skating last
evening, and returned home about 9 o'clock. He
went at onci? to his room und ahot himself. He
trSB .had when the other persons In (he house
reached hi? room.
Vomi?; Arnold ha.I tust received his appointment
to the l nlted States MH'tary Academy. His father
la expect.?.I homt on Saturday, having Just finished
it two ? ears' crolSS In Turkish waters, where he
was, until a few days hko, In command of the
1 nlted State* ship Haneroft.
LY TO $331*0.000.
Calcutta, Dee ?? It Is officially announced that
the recent famine coat the Treaaury fgio.f/io. while
? loans to agriculturists and suspensions of taxes.
: mntnly repayable, absorbed D.OUO.OOO more, Irreapee
ttve of charitable contributions approaching U.7B0,
l <*A
mocntcd polick to accompany Ameri?
Washington, Dee. M.?Mr. Sifton. the Canadian
Minister ?f the Interior, celled at the War Depart?
ment by appointment to-dny and had a long con
f( rence with Assistent Secretary Melklejohn. who
la giving hi? attention to the Klondike relief ex
pedltlona durtl g th?? Illness of Secretary Alger.
The arrangement effected between Mr. Sifton. in
behalf of Canada, and the War Department con?
templates that tl:.? relief expedition shall be exe?
cuted jointly by tl?..? United States Army and a
force "f -in mounted polire Gf Canada, which
sonstltutes th- military arm of the Dominion.
Tic? United State* force will proceed with the re?
lief ston s to Sksgusy, when? It will he Joined
b> the Canadian ?.tnted police, about forty In
number, and the two forcee will then proceed to
gether to :!?,.? polnti where the relief is to be dis?
tributed The determination as to Skaguay Is.
however, itili open.
The Canadian officiala concede mueh latitude to
the American authorities in the aetual distribution.
recognising thai the expedition Is fitted out on t'.iis
.??lie, although a considerable part of its work will
!?? done on Un? (anadian >?.1? ..f the border. No
duties will be imposed on the stores carried by the
relief ? spedii ...?
Mr. Blfton ils., held a conference with Secretary
Gage, .;;.d discussed tin? unsatisfactory condition
of customs ululation, along the border and at
coast ports when? gooda ar.? received In one coun?
try for trai . rtal ?:. to the other. It was the
mutual f.. ling that an Improvement of the sys?
tem could be mede, and negotiations are in prog
rtsa which are hop. d to effect changes advan?
tageous to both sides. Mr. sifton started for ot?
ta.?, k m < ;. a
Mr sifton ?. that th- only practicable route
to Das . : . is what Is known SS the White
Pass, common!) called the lake route, beginning
a: Baaguay, on Lynn ''anal. Me states that they
have ? .,:.? ?. '?'. ?? m. n ' : the Territory, and expect to
hav.? fifty mor? at Skaguay on or before January 5.
They ,'.??.- twenty lona of supplies now stored at
Bkuguay for transportation, over ttie pr.ss. to which
will be added ten tons more within the next ten
.lav-? The ' inadl ? authorities have a post at
Lake Bennett, another at Taglah, where twenty
men tin ,?.?; ,n? .!. another at \V1 He Horse Rapida.
?.tul two posts between the letter point and Corf
Selkirk, it is the Intention of the ?'anadian Gov?
ernment to have ? deta ?.?? . il ?>G BB men |n the
Territory within '!.? n.-.xt thirty days. This detach?
ment a h '-? p iiy o leave Skaguay on January
IS, bul the Ml nlater has kindly consented to hold
t a exped?! a so thsl it may accompany the ex
pedltlon of the War Department, which will leave
lay on er h. for.? February l The duties on
ipplles s-nt in under mllitsry control will be
waived by the 'anadian Government. The Mln
later wem over the peas In October last He said
iiar the Government would be glad to grant the
t th- posta on the route arid all other facili?
ti' ? o the movement of the American expedition
over Canadian territory
Washington, De.?. 30. Secretary Alger has re?
ceived two reports from '"aptaln Robinson, tho
?-ontrnet quartermaster nt Seattle, on the merits
Of t ,? different trails leading from the seaboard
i- ? ? the Kl 11 ! ke country. He made a thorough
Inquiry al the direction of the Secretary, and In
su!'?'.iri'? da conclusion, reached after conferences
witl 'J k" l'itoti and other experts. Is that the
D It u trail I- not well ? lapted to the uses of the
? mmenl exp?dition In the winter, but that the
Skaguay route is proietti'?, the best. The captain
1 ! ?? I an Interview with one man who
.? ???? pout ' of beef stored at I.alte
Rennen 5? ? h he Is wll Ins to sell si tl a pound.
The van?? man aays hi I la 10.000 nurds of corn
end twenty or thirty horses st the same place,
with whl h he oroposes to ori.-ai.ize ? si?d train
Into Dawson Captain Robinson's opinion is that
tti<? dirti l?ti of p till h Dawson has been greatly
exaggerate.!, and that a good Army officer could
unk" his way In with an expedition. Montana
) .'r*c.< should he n... d.
Pan Francisco. Dec Pk?"The chronlde" saya:
"The dispatches re etved some weeks ago an?
nouncing the -?ale of the Ala?ka Commercial Com
pany'H properties to a London syndicate are con?
firmed by the prospectus of u;e British? Am sainas
corporal on, published in Ijomlon. The telling
1 Is noi >:;ve?, in the prospectus, but It can be
? ; ? Kltnatel)
I meri in Corporation is capitalised
f<>r tl.'.'?.?? The new company was financed by
? ?? Globe Finan ?? 1 'orp ration, of
?'.?? Maritili ( Duffertn, formerly Governor?
? ?I of ihe Dominion of Canada, Is chairman,
and l.ord 1.0 h lati Governor ' Cape Colony, and
?' M Ma klntoah l. I Governor of the
Northwest Territories, are directors. The English
. 1 11 tv on the mercantile and trans
portatl ? ; nesa of the Alaska ' "ommerclal ? Om
pany, and wl 1 siso engage In banking and mining."
? -
Pori Townsend, Wash.. Dee. 30.?A member of
the Standard Oil Company writes from New-York
to a friend here that the c iming season will see
that big corporation operating extensively on the
1 minee In Alaska will be de
' id the brought not only to the
ililes of the Pa Irte slope for distribution west of
R ? k) Mom ' 'ina, hui also for shlymen! to
South America and Australia
? ?
Seattle, Wash . Dec BL Just before h:s departure
from Dawson W E Knowtea, of Oakland. Cal..
who vv.is ? psssenger fi >m Alasks on thu meam
shlp Alk' pur hased Claim N> 2. below Discovery.
..? the Bonansa, In the Klondike district, paying
}. ?? Ofl In 1 uh for It
reciprocity wrrn Venezuela.
Washington. Pec It" -It U said that one of the
purposes of the present visit to Washington of Mr.
l.oomls. Unii d States Minister to Veni'xuela. Is to
start negOtlStlona for a reciprocity treaty between
VeneSUelS and the United States This Is a rather
unexpected step, as Foni svela was one of the few
Homi li American countries which did not make a
reciprocity treaty under the former system. At
thai time, however. Veneranda suffered by haying
her coffee practically excluded from the United
State-?, bei ause Brasil and "'her coffee-produdng
c,.mirles had 'ti?? reduced duties under reciprocity
treaties Mils experience makes Venezuela one of
first of the Southern republics to consider a reci?
procity treaty under the D.ngley law.
im; (?old 0VTPVT.
Denver. Col . Dec. 30? The booka of the United
States branch mint for the year 1K97 are now
closed. The de| osits cf gold are the largest
ever received. The total will slightly exceed $12.
?J1M.11OO, and a conservative estimate made by the
mint officials places the entire output of Colorado
a' 122,000,00?; in round ligures. Colorado will go
far ahead of California, at. It Is said to be doubt?
ful if California's output will touch the lis.ono.ooo
mark. Last year Colorado's output was ip'.?oo.oiAt
and that of California was 117.000,000, while the
total production of the country was ?,??,??.
The pr-at Increase In the Colorado output thts
year will send Hie total for the Cnlted States up
10 the $;0.iHW,O)0 mark.
Lakewood, ?. J., Dec. CO.?Ma or-clect Van
Wyck surprised many Tammany braves hy slip?
ping quietly back to New - fork to-day. accom?
panied by Mr. Downes, his secretary. Only a
few of the Tammany leaders knew that he had
left the hotel, and later in the day there were
many disappointed Tammany men, candidates
for otflce or sponsors for ofllcv-sec-kT?, who had
come to the hotel In the hope of porting a final
word with the next Mayor before the slate for
appointments was made up. They talked with
Mr. Croker, John F. Carroll or Ktatc Senator
.Mr. Croker and the other Tammany leaders
have arranged to go to New-York to-morrow.
There was a report here that the alate for ap?
pointments might be given out for publication
by Mr. Van Wyck in New-York to-night, but
Mr. Croker said the Vlate would not be an?
nounced before to-morrow, and that no news?
paper would be able to publish it to-morrow
Mr. Carroll aald to-day that he wou'd riot be
the next City Chamberlain. Why Mr. Carroll is
rot to be appointed to the office, although his
name has been on the slate all along, was not
explained. Colonel Michael C. Murphy is said
to have been selected for an office, but not that
of Police Commissioner. John li. Sexton U be?
lieved to be the Tammany selection for Police
Commissioner, while Daniel F. McMahon will
go Into the Dock Board. EdwaTd C. Sheehy, who
was slated for the presidency of the Board of
Charities. Is reported to have been shifted to
another department, but John W. Keller i? asid
to be pretty sure of appointment as a Commis?
sioner of Charities. John Whalen is said to b?
sure of appointment as Corporation Counsel,
and Thomas L. Feltner will undoubtedly be
president of the Tax Department.
Am mg the arrivals at the hotel to-day were
Nleholaa M?ller, the Richmond Borough leader,
and Judge. John Henry McCarthy. Both re?
turned to New-York on an afternoon train. The
Richmond leader had trouble on his mind. The
decision of the Appellate Division of the Su?
preme Court in awarding the election to tho
presidency of the borough to Cromwell, the Re?
publican candidate, made It necessary for Mr.
M?ller to overhaul bis slate of appointments
for the places in the borough. Mr. Muller was
not In the beet of humor to-day. He will pre?
sent his list of appointments to Mayor Van
Wyck and Mr. Croker in New-York to-morrow.
Larry" Delmour. Colonel M. C. Murphy, ex
Senr.tor Thomas J. Creamer. Asa Bird Gardiner.
Sheriff-elect Dunn. Register-eject Fromme snd
County Clerk-elect William Sohmer had short
conferences with Mr. Croker to-day and then
went to NewYork.
Mr. Fromme said to-day that every man,
with one exception, who was in the office under
Register Sohmer would be retained, as they all
were good Tammany men. The single exception,
he ?aid, la a G. A. R. I". man. whose place will be
taken by a constituent of James W. Boyle, who
Is to be a Dock Commissioner.
Mayor-elect Van Wyck's arrival In this city from
Lakewood yeaterday afternoon was unknown to
many Tammany politicians until late in the even?
ing, and then ?ome of the braves who sought to
set Interviews with him were unable to find him at
hia home, at the Democratic Club or at other
places where he has been accustomed to apend his
evenings. He and hla secretary. Mr. Dowr.es. had
dinner In the evening at Moretti's restaurant. In
Twenty-flrat-it., and th?y were supposed to be
making out letters of appointment to offices later.
The slate of appointments was in Mr. Van Wyck'a t
possession, but he was said to be under a promisi
not to per/nit Its publication this morning. Well
Informed Taaimany men declared, however, that
among the men on the slate were the following:
JOHN ?"HALEN, for Corporation Counsel.
JOHN" B. ggXTOV, for Polie? Comrr.issiner.
BERNARD I. YORK, of Brooklyn, for Police Commle
p!? ner.
THOMAS L KEITNER. for rresMent of the Tax De
EDWARD 1? PATTERSON", of Rrooklyn. for Tax Con?
..??i .ner.
??????, ?. M'MAHON. for Dock Commissioner. .
JOHN W KEL'^ER. for Charities Commis?!.iner. *
The Mayor-elect, when seen last night at his ?
home, No 13? Rast Forty.s!xth-st., said: "I
haven t a word to say about the appointment?."
l?- eras ask<-d If he had anything to aay that
would interest the public, and remarked with a
amile. "Not a word."
vYH.i-tnformed Republicans said last night that
there was no doubt as to the appolr.tment of
Thomas L. Hamilton as a Republican member of
the Police Hoard Senator Platt, who was at the
Fifth Avenue Hotel, would not make any atate
ment on the subject, but some of his close politi?
cal friends said that Mr. Platt'? influence had
been exertet to secure the appointment of Mr.
Hamilton, and that a positive assurance of the ap?
pointment had been received from Mr. Croker.
Mr. Hamilton's chief backer for the appointment,
however, has been Frederick S. Glbbs. who wae
once read out of the Republican party on the
chirrte of betraying his party to Tammany.
There has been a report that Governor Black was
trying to secure the appointment of Charlea H.
Murray as one of the Republican members of the
Police Hoard. Ano;her report was to the effect
thzu Alexander S Williams, formerly inspector of
police, was trying to secure the appointment.
Tammany men laughed at the latter report. It
would he surprising to many New-Yorkers to hear
of the appointment of a man who was so thor?
oughly discredited hy testimony before the Loxow
Committee, and some may be wondering yet If
Williams Is dealing m building lots In Japan.
The Democratic Club, at No. en Fifth-eve., wilt
keep open house on New Year'a Day. From 3 to
12 p. m. the rooms will be thrown open :o members
and friends of the cluh. and all good Democrats
Mayor Van Wyck. Mr ?'roker. the heads of the
various departments of the new city government
and other prominent politicians will be present to
receive congratulations and dispense cheer. The
cheer will he abundant
The Committee of Fifty-three's sub-commltt?e?
were both In session last night: that on Constitu?
tion at the home of Its chairman. General Wager
Bwayne. In West Forty-thtrd-st.. and that on En.
rolment at the rooms of the XXVHth Aseembly
District Republican Club, No. 7?9 SUth-ave. The
next meeting of General Swayne's committee will
be hell on Monday night, and the Enrolment Com?
mittee will meet on Tueaday and Friday night? of
next wek Th*re waa a ful. attendance of the
latter body last night, and at the close of the con
rerencc Chairman Hackue aaid that a great deal of
detail work had been accomplished, although much
rem lined to be done at future meetlnga. Mr. Back?
us htmaeli is at the eluhroms every Jay and
evening except Sunday?and New Year's?and many
Republican? who are interested In the new enrol.
nient have called to discuss its details with him
and offer suggestions for consideration by the com?
mittee The enrolment will be effected In Janu?
ary but It ?ill not he begun until all the arrange?
ments are fully completed, and there Is no dtspoel
tton on the part of any of the men concerned In Its
manaxement to make any effort at undue haste tn
order ? "get ahead of the machine." In fact, they
are not worrying about what the ma -nine doee or
leaves undone. _
The Richmond County Board of Can vasai rs were
yesterday stayed from delivering up the corrected
certificate? of the canvass of the vote for th?
office of president of the borough to the New
York Hoard of Canvassers, pending the settlement
of an appeal to the Court of Appeals, lu the Inter?
est of Dr. John L. Feeny. the Democratic candi
date for the office.
The board organised In Rlchmortd at 1 p. m.
yesterday, under ordere of the Appellate Court
The Court mandamueed the board to add to Mr.
Cromwell'a total vote thirty-six additional votes,
giving him a net total or M*A and also demanded
that Dr. Feeny receive twenty-two additional vote?,
bringing hi? total up to S.446. or seventeen less thsu
that of hta rival.
No serlcvs objection was made to the filing of
the certificates and the signing of them, until the
work was completed. Then the lawyers represent?
ing Dr. Feeny sprung their notice of appesi on
the Board, Mating, that It acted as s stay of pro?
ceedings pending the decision of the Court. Mr.
Cromwell'a lawyers fought the decision on evesajr
point and contended that the Board could not go
baok of the mandamus, for fear of being in eon
tempt, snd also asserted that the faot that the
bond had not been died with the County Clerk

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