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Bome unpubllshed lettera of Robert Burns are
soon tr> be brnught out ln a vnlume entltled "The
Caiiaaiaiaiflaiiti Detweer Burna and Mrs Pun
iop." The eorreapondenca mntnins the noet'i
Vtewa on reUgdjoa ar.d provei what was nev,-r
known before?that hla fr'end trli <1 to .vvure for
hlm a procaaaoarahlp in Edlnburgh Untveratty.
It behooves all men 10 keef> thelr paper-cov
ered ftrst edlttons of WTlteTi who to neuto vlslon
have the potentiallty of fame. All th" first edl
tiona of Klpllng'e storlcs havo rtsen from a
Hhiuirs a copy to a renad in Enflaad- that is t.?
say from 2S cents to $f>.
Mr. Klp'.irig. by the wny. ls aeeklng a new
reglon of the earth whereon to bulld taies It
Is Africa he InvadCf. this llmr- he ls to aall from I
England for Cnpe TOWB In a few daya Hla wlfa
and chiidrei, will accornpany hlm.
It haa r.ot heon aupposed that the blue-stock
Ing added rharma of peraon to thoae of mlnd.
r.ut. If we maj bel'eve the modern blographer,
thla generatlon ha* ehar.ged all that. To go no
further than that p..pular urlter "John Ollvr
Hobhee," lt may be mentloned that ahe ls a
woman vchose heauty la as remarkahle as her
bralna. There M 0 ploture whlch BhOWB a pretty
glrllah flgure ln a gown of soft muslin over
white silk. wlth dalflty Jevels nestllng In the
folds of h*r dress. about the nerk nnd boaom,
Her face ls charmlng?full of brightness and ln
tenslty. Her complexlon Is alngularly falr, and
forms a niarked oomrant to the dark halr and
lustrous black eyea.
Dar.Iel C.ahri.-l R-ssettl held some atronpr opin
lons conocrnlng Kmlly nronto'a "Wutherlng
Helghta." In a latter recently published he
I ralses lt hl?;hly. then adds: "Bal lt ls a flend of
a book?an Incradlble monster. combmlng nll the
Btronger fe.-na'.e tendenclea from Mrs. Brownlng
to Mrs. Urownrlgg. The actlon la lald in hell ?
only lt aeoma placea and prople have Engllah
names th^re."
Leonard Huxley's paper on hla dhrtlngulahed
father ln the current "Century" ls full of do
llghtful gllmpaee ofa tender-hearted and gentle
man. The pTOfeaaor'a love for ohildren was one
of bla mcst wlnnlng tralts. ar.d as a grand!
l-.e was perfect He would mnk-- endleaa fun
with hia Httle people, even pretondinK to nils
behave at the table and betng banlahed tem
porarfly to the eorner. "Little Mlaa Madge, a
QOalBt, obsi-rvant tnlte of three .'ind a half. on
her flrst vlslt was murh aatonlahed at a .
and reverend slgnlor thus conductlng hli
und at laal broke OUt with, "Well, yotj are the
onrloaa*t old man i ever aeenf This tlckled bla
fanry amazlngly and he dellghted in telling tho
at< ry."
Aa for pets, the profeaaof ah rwed !n hli rare
lor them tha sar.-.e gentle natui". ii-s i ..
of blm:
The BtOTjr is told of Msh, met that onre, rath.r
tb&n dlsu.Vh hls cat. he CUI off the sleeve of hls
r ibe, on whlch lt had gone I aleep. Not leaa
klndly haa my father b en found in hla atudy
reading in an uncomfortable Bcat, whlle the cal
was laxlly curled up ln the one armcbalr. He
laucrhlr.rlv defei led I i elf by fh\1hp he could
r,ot tcrr thi i -r beaai out At dinner tiu- hi
n.lght often be aoen aith a I 'c cal .-ither on the
ann i f hls eha:r ? 1 <<n hla uhoulder, de
mandlr.c proper at ten tlon, and. if it thuutht It
aelf negle. ti l. puttlng out nn eager paw at tha
rr.orsels on thelr way to -ts maater'a mouth.
The great Mr Sherlork Holmes ls presently
ccming upon the sta.pe ln a play fashion?d by
I)r. Cunan Doyle hlmself.
Mar>- Elbwbeth Kraddon (Mrs. Maxwell) be
pan to be a nov.-list ln very tender years. Phe
waa a small chlld ivh-n rhe wrote her flrst stnry
ln round han-1 lotw.-<n penc'llcd llnee; ancl as a
y u:.g glrl at achool ehe attempted a a
etory whlch she ealk-d "Tne Old Armcbalr." It
dld not reach the dlgnity of prlnt, but it waa
regarded with ontbUBlaatlC ndmiratlon by h.-r
The late Profeaaor Arthur Talmer. of Trlnlty
CoUega, Dnblln, was one of the moit careful and
thorcuch ackolara of hls tlme. Hla knowledge of
the gr.-at <;r>ek mnstera was such that he haa
Ker. hoard to tn\y that il they were lool he
thot'g)jt ).. . uld reatore pe-.-b.ap3 half of t!.-:i
texts from hls mem iry.
Or.e of the clevereal of Ihe woman wrltera of
England, M - ira Edwarda, baa utlered
?ome wlaa worda concernlng modern Juvenlle
llteratuie. Bhe mld tl"- other day that hh<- pnt
her own edn , fr im an old copy of Bhake
ipaara;and ahe added: "i dlaai prove of ehlldn n'a
books. I had f>-w in my own childhood, and read
only the Engllah claaalca, and found them en
tortalnlng enough. The preaenl faahlon of wrlt
Jng itory book* ap< ?-. illy for chlldren la I thi::k.
a mistake. it t.-j n< t j weaken thelr taate for
Uteratnra, ar.d wh n they grow older they are
not able to appreclate the beal forma of llterary
In the course of an uneommonly acute and
i ? pathetlc paper oi Melne In "The Academy,"
of London, we flnd thla paaaage:
Hls cynlolam la i ot an artlflclal, eleverly
plotted phaae atralnlng after oiiglnallty, I
(a the expreaalon of de< ply i ?ot< d dealre ti
after truth?to reach the kernel "f llfe'a | :
<ipby. It expreaoea hla conceptlon of the j--ie.it
gulf whlch waa flxed between the pi
||f? ;,-..i th.- poetry ?f hla emotlona Thla, it
Bcema to me, explalna to aome extent, th<
strange duallama of Helne'a nature Ita i
tlonal exaltatioi ai I naual coaraeneai and
accounta for the glaring rontraata ln hia worka
Throughoul hia llfe he worahlpped purlty, and he
ran after any grlaette who chai ed to croaa hl*
path, and he Jeere-d al hlmaelf, wiiyi teara In hla
eyei 'or both. Hl* llfe waa the tragedj of Dr
Jekvll ani Mr. Hyde. wlth Mephlatophelea
chuckllng impartlally in the background.
UX10X iX CE \ 77/1 /. .4 HFRir.k.
a cuBamtmoB pob the orsatcii bbpitbuc
WaaaJngtoa, Jaa I The eoraplete eonaolldatlon
cf N. aragua. Balvador and Honduraa Into a aov?
aralgn repubBe la pn eedlng ateadlly, iccordlng
to advlcca recerved by Beflor Corea, Chargd
d'Affalres of the (Ir.aer Reoubllc of C
Amerl. a. >!<? la advlai '? thal tha Dlet haa eom
j,i?-ted a conatltutlon for the Oreater R ?
wlth full leglal tlvi powera, unO ? .- ?? aa hav*
t a aenl to the Prealdenta of the thr.-.- eountiiei
forining the unlon thal the oonatltutlon is ready
to be paaa ?'. np< n. The nexl atep wlll be '?
Yt:., a Conatltutl '? embly wlth twenty ,'.???
gatea from each of th.- three rountrtea to pa^
upon the ranaUtatlon. The Aaaembly la ext'e'-ted
to be held la ihe coxnina eprlng
I or Corea hai '? ' igua aa late
as Daoamber "'. I - i! an amlcable adjuat
ment kad bi -:; reached between Nlcarag n
Cc-f.a Rlca over the unprtaonmenl of th> ( *ta
Rlcan Coneul-Oeneral. it waa f^ared at on* I i
that this arreal would lead to war, rm) there arn
raaawed reporta to thla effect, bui ln rlew of bti
<.fflr.,.i advioaa BeB ar Ci rea foela aura that the u.
Baaaal ? factorlly cloaed He I Ive '. :.<?
offlclal nfoi ii.., ? reporl rlalng '.-,
I-. .:or, and f--r thla reaaon li :i ii i ?:
, ? it the ai r - > f ier! iui troul e
Beflor'' r.-.t wlll i I n ??? Il I irgi of th<
of :he -.hr. ,? rai ? ??? ? bavitig
>..-.'. i ?....- I i ? n o i for t h o
proi nt " ' '?!.. iter Kodnguea urn to
nla poat. It pf
to fon-.e ixt.-r.t by thi ' ng th*
Unlied Btatea Mlnlaten to ihe Central Amertean
i for Mln>
t?'.er It Cf.* ...- fallui
bara , ? amand hla pn
Waahtngtoa, J?:i I Laat Fi
the larir.nt !n th< bwtory of tba Patent Ofl
feea recelved thal da | lo te\BV. Frlday
waa Ihe ias; day .n whirh Inventora who imd pii'
ent* ln forelga coantrlea and dei ike out -
t'.mllar onea In trila country eould ?al-..
af the oM law, whlch ;: rtected ibei patenta 1
t.-.o full ;.?-al '?? rm In i
tlo'ht ? ,- - ? ? , ? ?? i.
cclved by thi oflk durlng the year. foui
m aaoeai of the :.*r*c.-^t prevloua year"a buain<>8s.
A M RoberUl, Oi Ilnnois, and Ouatav lil^sn-g of
Maryland, prtnelpal axamlnera ln tha Patent uf- i
fl<-e. have realgntd. J
. ,-? .;.!Le dealred the Btatemenl made thai
n hla ? ??' w'a for I
. pb of thla .!??
- nt to the banke for tranamiaalon
to Washlngton.
. -_*
v7a hlngton, Jan. I.?The beneflta derlved from
n of the rural free dellvery "f n
ler, it is expected, wlll be Increaaed ai
?. an 1.: ':?'?' from Congi 11
o| ??? Houae Pofltofflci < Jommlttee,
Mr Heath, the Flral Aaalal nl PoBtmaater-Gen
ent to 1
tlon blll glvlng to carrters in rural
ithorl.ty to re tedve eaah ;.r.,l obi
noney ordera for patronsand lo reeelpl for nnJ de
ttera. Thli iddltlona
Wnahlnfr'nn. .lan. S-Tho monthly Btatemenl Ot
the Qovernment'a reeetpta and expendlturee for De
eember Bbowa ihe total reoripi? to bava b?en Vf>.
-"? A whlch |1t,aiB,7a1 waa from euatoma. fll - |
;i:' n frera Internal revenua ir i aja,aajai from mla<
cellaneoua aourcea The axpendlturea for the month
- it. I M7.< l.OH The reeeJpta and axpendlturea
'or Deeember Include ltl.7la.IM recelved durlng tha
month from tho sale of the I'nl n Padflc Kallroa.l.
paid ui to aeoure a I' n th< Kanaai Pa
ciiu- and ?17,421 mtereat paid on Paetnc Rallroad
Bubaldy boada not doe untll .1 inoary. Eaelndlng
l eae Itema the raeaipta amounl te ft7.Bal.4M and
the Bxpendlturea to Mnaeg*, leavlng a suri.iua for .
Ihe Baoath of H,7M,ttl. la coBBpared arlth f> ?!:i
her. lfje, there is ahown te h*v. been ln inerenne (,f
nearty ?l.'.w.ooo in ihe reeetpta from euatonu and
. ' H.leS.000 Increaaa from Internal revenue
The monthly Btatemenl of the poblle debt, lasued
to-day, Bhowa thal ut tho rioso of buatneaa Deeem?
ber tl, |ajr/i |ha deht, leaa eaah In tha Treaaury,
aaaounted to ahM.lll.SST, .i decreaae for the month
of BOLllUM Thla la due prlnclpally t<> *n Inereaea
In the oaah, whieh la aecounted for by the aale of
ihe Union Pacitlc- Rallroe I, PcJI iwlng la a recapltu
lAtlon of the Jebt:
lr.t?cgt-N.iirir.g debt. $S47,.'?l6,fl20
Pebi ea whKa interan iic? otaaad atoce
n.aiurliy . 1.S80.27O
Del | I*ar.ng no Itita'ear._ MD.8D0, H'l
Total .ll.aS4.5aA.3BA
Thla amoui.t, however, doeo not include f67t9W.9M
ln certlflcatea and Treaaury notea outatandlng
ahli h are ofJfaet by an eo, lal amouni ol ^?-'i :? l ? ?
rreaaury. The eaah In tbe Treaaury t- eiassiiled as
; . : .1197.409.23.1
s'.hir . B0T.2ftl.IW4
Paper . 106,831.Oyl
Bonda dlahuralna ofneeraf balanoea, nc. B0.2ftft,?&0
.laai aei no
Agalnal this there nre deinaii.i l,ahllltlo,s ou t
il ? ling amountlng lo 1025.016,601, whlch leavea
ln the Treaaury 12X1,475.789.
The monthly Btatemenl of the Controller of the
Currency Bhowa Ibi total clrculatlon of Nai
bitnk notea ??? Deeember n to have been 8228,
HSO.H&l a deci aae for the year of 86,646,100. .,?,?!
: r the ' 1819,4241 The 'Irculatlon baaed
on L'nlted Btatea bonda was ?::*>.iii;.ir.i;i a de
creaae f.,r th. year ,,f B1P.704.214, and for the
month of 15,fiSO,47U Tbe circulrulon aecurcd by
money amounted to 132.784.188 an li
for Ihe year of 113.058.114, and foi the month ,.f
M.070,054. The amounl ?f l'nlted Btatea ??.
lered bonda on depoall to serure clrrulatl , noti
waa I21A.ihi2.U50, and to aeoure publlc depoalta
Waahlngton, J.m. l?One ol thi n al dangeroua
?ounterl ?" dlaeovered haa madi Ita appear
John Cramer, of tbe Bub-Treaaury al PI II i?
i ?-,:,.. M mghl to the Becrel Bervlce ilve
000 ? ? ? rfell allver cerl I ol Pn -'
:, . t lloni .? Theli general appearanee la as el
. ?? Aft-r cloae examlnatlon the ofRclala of Ihe
rreaaury caahroom were undeclded as to thelr
......... ... ? ; oi ofter tbe n.? had I ? ??
aK< i |n | ,. ?,. ter, when the two pleeea formlng
the front and back came apart wcr. they ron
' t>f the fraud, On examlnatlon of the daj -
rreaaury eaah another ot Ihe apurioua notea wai
. i red. The not< rhl over by Mr Ct
iad bi an w m to thi B iry by two
ng banke and the Phlladelphla Cuatom Houae,
ahlch had recelved t!,..m aa genulne, Agenl
g .-..? s.: i. ? averywhere have recelved i
icrlptton of the notes, with Inatructiona to be on
be lookout for peraona attempttng lo paaa them
Inqulrlea have aleo been senl lo all the I.
... aa to u 'h.T any of the notea have ap
? , . - where than ln Phlladelphla ai I vVaah
ngtOn, at ,1 11.e best IIl'P. 111 the fi.rvlee will be pUl
;r. the eaaa
Kollowlntt la h desirrlptlon of the note ns fur
ilabed by the Becrel Bervlce: Tho note is of ihi
tertea of lafX, check latter i>. face plate i, Tlllman,
rtegiatarj Bforgan, Treaeurer; por-rolt, Jam^
Uonroe. All numbera ao far aeen begln with 34',
rha tnost marked dlfferencea between I - note
,:,-: the genu i however, are round ln thi
,:.,j me . rli g, the former belng a
tei than ln the genulne, and the latier alii
; i iu | ii matlon i:-i'?- lally Ib thla true of
he 3 and 4 ln th.- flgure I th lower loop <loe->
not >x-.!.,! up :i- far toward the oentre ol
U'ure ns in tne genulne, an.i ln the flgure t i
etween th< ??-? and the centre croBB-lln<
- narrower l ? genulne, 0.f Ihe prln
oi .iir1, rencv howevei - i it thi
? -.tii of an Inch or i> - -
ln vh?7 ? . ? eharacter of the c >un
,.fe;t B ' lagi to-da) d< Ided lo atop
. 1100 all vei
? are about ?:#.'??""" outstandlng, I
...ill be exchanged for cortlfl al a of amaller d<
? , .. deetroyed. Ai
. new platea can be engraved a new series
????? irera ai all tl ?
3ub-Trcuaury ??? ' reqi Ired to aei ,1 to
U $10 ftcHies
and to req ?> al
. . . ri nancial Inatltutloi i lo .lo th
led li
lar rou
PRAiaEl I'.y BECBETARr c.*.;i:
w/ashlnglon, Jan. ?''? Bpeaklng to-,.!ay of tbe re
r>ort of ? M ?? Bry CommlBBlon on the reform of
ii,,. , irren y, Becretary Gage aald: "I have read
the report with ^r.-.i; Intcreai an.i much pr rli
r terms, lt proceeda ln plaln,
ehenslble languaga to poln1 oul the aourcea
?,f our preaent fli i areakneBB, and the r.-m,
ii,.j, pi -? i f< r;!i that ? II may
. reform meaaurei r.mmendei
l regard aa well adapted to cura Ihe Hla fr,m,
ahlch w. aufler and whlch threaten our future. l
ilncerely hope II wlll bear frult ;ri leg.tlvi
:l :, '
Irman Walker, of the Banklng and Currei \
? ?,, . of the Hi ibi . i aa ea led a m< etlni
. . ? ii...k. ai rangi
hearing rded to thi mem
oera of the Monelary Commlaalon on January I]
Mr. WaIkei iy ? mlttea wlll
m ? ? th Houae. "We wll 11 ,
i.iil." he aald to-di ? ? m. nol lenta
tlvely biil Hnall). th. lloi ;?, ? ? | reaeni
Katl< nal 1 anking act. Thi
allvi nor th< gold i olnage,
bul lt wlll abaolu i ,\ r. I, .? Ihe ir. ,-.i ..? i ?
redemptlon of an} form of paper or coln ??
ati It wlll make the provlMon thal
pr. ????,?.. countrlea excepi ira n I n
? . ? ? ? i ? . a ? '
be furnlah .1 for all j?;i i ?? r monej j >r?
i.ow furnlshed i> the bond eecurlty ' ? :?; by the
Qovernmeni It wlll be thi i
' ...-:,
Mr. V miiied I
of the Monetart Commlaalon bui h<
the rfforti uf Is :?,,,!
1 i ., . ..
wlth thi ' llli di ? Mi ov
otbei membera ol thi commlttee, ?.,i eapr,
effori ..,, . ly ald
ln tbe aolutlon .,: thi pi o! li m
commltt. i by :?'? bi ia i
. ii Cox of TennesBee, the I. idii . mlnority
n ?? '-? tha Banklng and Currency romi
doei nol belleve tl mmlttea win nv?r unlte
on h blll, bul he thlnki li antlrely probable thai
? ? ? blll to the li >uae fo
, i,r w.,h done In Ihe rnm ol he L'arllalc
? . greaa
i!..ii/inai^>:ts, Jan I Ludui M II iw, Oovernor
aleei of lawa, wUI preeloe a.s parmanenl ebalnnaa
over the ri?>;i),orHtlona of tt:< Hoaetarj <'or. .entlon
to be held tn thla clty. Chalrman Hanna to-nlgbt
rerelved hla letter of ?erPp!nnre R""*'"'' ??**?
repreaentlng Mr Hanna. Btarted for Dee Mohiea
? , ht, bearlng Important pnpera for Mr. BMW.
I,. ||? u Ryan, who waa il ona llma aaalatanl
ganeral eonn?e. of the Bouthem Railway Company
al Waahlngton, waa arreated on a charge of per
?wry in thla dty yeaterday iflarnoon bi Deti
d K.-arn. of Ihe Will itreet Bi i
and taken beforj Judge Oowlng and placed under
I -.? bonda to awali trial newl Mond iy. Later he
waa releaaed on ball, the bond belng algTied by
ll0 1., iv.
Ryon'a arreal waa made on nn Indlctment tllea
Bgainai hlm aboot a montb ago on tha complalnt
of Henry Wln'hrop Orny, Bpedal Comml ?loi ar
Jurora, r
Jamea, Bchell. Biktn* A MeOnlre, of No BJ
-.. repreaent Mr. Oray, ind ea Aaal i ini
Dlatrlct-Attorney Oeorge Oordon Battle l* actlng
t <t Mr. Ryan.
Mi-. Oray aaya thal In Ihe llttgatlon oonnacted
with the Thomaon-Houaton Blectrlc Company of
New-Tork. of whlch he waa recelver, Ryan had
nied an affldavH In whlch he itatad that be had
pald to hlm (Oray), a* recelver, 170,000. Mr. Oraj
unys that, aa Rj n made thla atatemenl under
oath and th.it it waa nol true, he commltted per
Mr. Battle aald yeaterday afternoon thal Ryan
dld pai 170,000 to credltora of the company, al
thougfa all of thla aum dld not go through the
handa of tha n aslrer Mr. Battle -u'i>- thal the
fa.-t that Mr. Oray dld nol gel thli money as re?
celver ls the cauee of tha praaonl prooeedlnga.
From the referee'a report whlch la on fllw ln the
.-aae of th* H illand Trual L'ompan] ra The Thom?
aon-Houaton Blectrlc Company, In the matter of
Mr. Qray'a appllcatlon for ? aettlemenl of hla bc
counta aad dlacharge from hla recelverahlp. 11
wi uld appear thal Mr. Oray, who la a la) m in, ? ra
ployed the then exlatlng flrm <f Bang*). Bte1 on,
Tr ti j .< Mi <\ ? aa ?, lo aol ai I I i ounai , Al thal
Byai ? ,- a elerk In Ihi Ir offlce, and he
n ia aaelgi ed i i atti nd to thi l? s il naatti r* In i on
i th. rei ? lv< rahlp. Ryan wai alao bi t
,,.r aa cou mri ol tho 1 ondhol ?
<-i mpan). On th ? ? ' ? aald l I I
waa \irtu ictlngfor I u they
icti .1 ha rmo oui .t wi d go ill rlghi
? ej had a con Id I i would be pul ln i n rj
erob irraaalng poaltlon."
The propi rt) wai aold on | '? tlon of aome
of the bondholder* and an order aa* laflued ra
anxioua to hai
. onflrmi d, ?? r to accompllah inia
tl .i .j... Tr ina tl aftldavlt whlch li
I ? |n aflldai rt, aa told I Ihe refi rei - r? port,
!? . ? ? ' r (Mi
, ,: , ? f | ? .-.,??????,.
... ii.... I'homa ??, io. ii lon i on
?? Ith '
;i- i ? j rlerlared h< m ?? M.77I 04.
... I fo
entlj . uffldnvlt. I' w
vvloni I that In I
? -.-. ith thi* ? i '
. ......
the referee
iT inmna P. Wl >ki i Ry n ' ??-..??
. . error In mal
-? itemi :?? i In the affl I I never at an: ::'""
I ? | i re of what hi
Xhe n ttlng 1 aald that
Mr Oraj had ? on tel r
? ? , ,i,i by
.... enee, and
"The aftldavlt li Inaecurate and Incori
I to Elaew ? re hi (Ryan)
[l ? ? from i n
. .-. ol hla teatlmony I eai llt thla atal
ment." efen I red that II wa* hli
duty ; ? ? on pul ?.n thi ri
j "to lare and dlatlnetly nn 1 thal the affldavlt
ln nueation, In tl ern d to, I*
: amo inta n ra fr an any an i everj
. and h- ?? ii ? tli i an entltled to
? irever dlarnargi d frot
II iMllth - ij ri . ii of : ? prei
Leelle W. Ryan la a member of the Democratlc
.,:; i for aome tlme p ibi haa b
li .-.? Setherland, Flfty-nlnth-at. and Flftn-ave.
Henry Wlnthron Gray La one of . I known
men adclally In New-York, and llvea wlth hia tam
11: at N l W< - iga to
of ihe prli i ' ?? oi the
oldeal m< mbi r.s ot th* L'nlon i
iiim to rra bab.
Waahlngton, Jan. I?Among thoae adi ??? i I
j,r:i ?:',.-,- In I i f'ourt nf the Ui Iti i H
to-daj was Wllllam R. M irrli a een for
many year* chalrn ? I e Intei tate Commei -
of ? ?
: ?
F \ PI'I'T Ht /.''-? /. 1 /.'8 CRACK A 6 1 FF.
OVER Ji 0 "
Expert bnrgiari opened 1 - fe In the wl ? :?
provlalon atore of Belferd Brol ier* . : N',,? Zll
i,i ! 211 Eaal RHa ' ' tween
mldnlghl Bui day and
fir.d BCi 'ir- ?! i v>-r | -? \ '. ? w ? drllii
the combli atlon n broken ?. .- the aid of
a-. axploalve Tnt re la no r to l
Charlei Belferd l loi mi mbei o( th* iirm,
? " ? lay nlght,
and re. urn< d at 6 o l ? i He
fo ij d i??!i.- ra strewi ? floor, tha
dooi oj,. ;a and the aafe almoal empty. I'n
? ar carrler came In nnd handed Mr. Bell rd
o pack ?? ettei
he had found al Madtaon at
The lettera eoi
.. ??> re Infot n ed ar onci. '11 ? \ I
un ihe floor In front ol full k;t of bur
e-lara' aafi breaking tool.: Wl it
: , . ently been uaed In bi
maklng ..,!??' t the
an old worn t wai*. i arhlch contalned noth
i o II *
Ph< burglar* carried oft 11,000 ln caah and all the
papeva. memoranda, b letteri ???',- and
i.o.ikH that had i.n In the iafa Th* tilia under
been emptled. Manj of the
lettera, Mr Bi Iferd aald I n be
? amount
The poll -ii. 00 thi beal k.'-.ew nothlnp al
the robbery. The aafe la agalnai tha wlndoa
fr, ;:, th- Mr,-, | ln ;ii,
daytlme, bui noi al nlght, ai the curtaln la pulled
:],,..,.? The plac* li -"ii llghted a. nlght, rm,i the
llghta wen a hen Mr. Belferd
. . n ornli i
Th ? !<???! oi er rl.^ nr,nir-.,i
and hi 1 examlned thi I ay I
wurk waa In Bboui twenty-fi
.. . ? . ? ? ? t pert | ea of work I
line whl they have aeeii ? mnn mlghl
Hine. 'l 1)' do ii of i he pl ici wa pen, h iwei i ?.
Cf] ' VGE8 1\ XEH YORB f.V/1 BR81TY.
?,.i!,i.I,\M a..i.i:n Bl i i-i.it Cfl ?? 1 RK8IDENT OF
Tli, ? ' I Fl IR THB IN-. TITL'Tli '\.
Xhe Januai i mi etlng of th ? of i be N- w>
fork ' i ? i ? ? day aftern< o
,,,,. , ??? room, In tha L'nlveralty Bul
? i. ? ?? i memory of
? ea 1 le pi ? he ('our., II,
?,., adopt*d, ai d Wllllam Allen B itler, fi 11
realdent, waa i pn ? I .' \
w, hi -io, u m ii - :-o- ? n rli e-prealdenl and Mri
,-.. a ?' ' waa eh >ti -i h member of the
ry ' omrnltti
, -,.., i.. . :'... il. ? i ' ' , ?,?.-.. d the
to t he Vi r ? l aet of |
I mlneraloi ? Ihe lai
Iron mln< ? alth ,.-? - from
... . ? . <...-., e rtlvld
? : It) r. i
!,,, tha muai i addltloi il ?.
A portrolt ol 11 I i' i ' - "i ti
... b gallei of th*
m, at I'nlvei I receni
ly .,ri, i.-: fourteen allver ru| and f irtai bronae
ti,. lali to ba awarded n 11 '
parla. jan. I Authentli newa of Ihe Marcband
expedltlon, aa lat* aa Beptember 17, baa t
celvrd lt tha. I I ad arrlved Bl Rafol, In the
ira Dlatrlct, and wat <
i k ln tl ? Bongo ie?ir ? ? ? .?-. .,(
i ? . , /?
Thla dl*|.>a ol th* in.n-i^ ,.f ?.. naai i
tt ? axpadltion in thal aaetlon laal Auguat, aii
were well al th< tlm* 'ii i a fortnlghtly mall ier
rice tsart worklng regularly between Tambura aad
liunghl, uu Uie l L*i..*l illvtr. iu u,e w?*l bb n
on thi: I'NiTK.n htatf.s.
his OftOAlf. the "NAitonai,.- PVBUBHB1 an
i;..\ FI'.VMKNT
London, Jnn. S.--A dlapatch from Madrld aava:
"(Jeneral Weyler has delb 1 the Uovemmont to
tnke proceedtflga agalnal hlm. Aa be |s a Ker.ator, a
apeclal rote la neoeaaary to deprtvo hlm .>f bwrnu
nlty from proeecdUon, and the Cabtnet la embar
raaaed, as -he army appeara to alde wlth Weyler in
his atta.-ks on the l'nlted Betatefl "
Ma.lrbl * Jan. I A fi'iinb. - of Bpanlah Renernla
have been intervlewed regardlng the conducl of
General Weyler ln proteetlng agatnal 'he alleged
reBecttona upon Bpaln In Preatd nl ateKlnley'a
meaaage to Congreaa Uarshal Campoa reeerved
hla oplnlen. General Domlnguea approved of the
Oovernment'B courae ln aubmlttlng tbe mattor to a
court-martlal, addlng thal If Preatdeue. UeKlnley
??haa b.en gullty of inaolence, li la the Oovern
me-it'a place to peoteat." General Oelumdo np
proved of General Weyler'a aettoti.
aral Weyler'a bebavlor, which is rin??.d here
aa "Bhuflllng." In apologtalng to tha Queen Begenl
and haatlly explalnlng to the Premler, Senor Ba
gasta, that he wa? not reeponalble for the pnbll
eatlon of hla proteat, has allenatcd many of bls
aupportera among the Cnrllsta, who boped to en
tangle the General In the ravolutlonary m^hpa
They ar.. eepectally dlaappolnted at the fatf thal
the Governmenl appeara to be eeUafled thal the
ao-callfd Weyler bubble haa burat, and that tho
Bpanlah Army ia not gangrened. It la aald thal
I, three of the Bpanlah generala are m Bympathy
w.th General Weyler.
The Governmenl wHI aend 1.008 troopa to curaa
. ,?i ?f january. and furtber troopa "P <?
14 ,. irin ,,. aenl to thal laland If needed.
Blarrlta Jan I a tordlng to mall advlcea aenl
? ?? ,?? Madrld. m order to eacapa the eenaor
ahip, the "Nacl i il." Oeneral Weyler'a organ. haa
. . . detlant artlcle, polntlng oul
.. oovernmeni hai aela'd he Oei 11
. ,,,.1;,| ,,. ? preveni its belng read li
..??.,? T?.. '^VaeleBBl." lt further app^ns
,. . -., K nlejr and the I ii.ied
.M idrld, G< neral Btewari l. we.,
' ' ?."%, twlce been conflaeated, bul
thl^anagerTf'tha, pa'per ?a a Deputy and
,,,;? eannoi :?? proaecuted, Ai he 1',''ir'.;,.^"H ,',
other pera >n ronneoted wlth papei in ?* proae
Moreover. Madrld jurlea uaually acoull per
hAo?ed wlth preaa offenci ] .
numbi r of ri nnera attended bi <?? nerai
WeVi.r ;.,.,! other otl th rank 8 much
,,?,??,..?,.., ?po,i. .,,,1 is regarded u >nteaded to
?how that the former Captn ??? neral of Cubnla
ipported hy Ihe mllltary. M l? ' w., ^
riepre^nte^tothegueen Regen
hla proteal agnlnal the wordlng of l reali ent s
Kinl.v Mi laage to (ongreBa elghteen of fheconi
mlinilini onVere ol Madrld vlalted General Weyler
in.l congi tulated hlm ?f.,,uio.i
la" aaya that M
,,. ,,,,. ,-, ,? ... ,;...,e,ai of Cuba. computea
. ? ,. ,.. ,. . ? ,- re |uireu ror t.i>
u ,. joooo.nnn ? monthly Br* neceaaary to
,,, "... . ;...,.., ,he proljectad loaue of
?. i of i .''an bonda rmw held b) tne
Runk of Bpaln as a guarantee the Mlnlater pi
Flnan. ? pr. obi ? to leaue 20O.000.O0O* peee aa ln
Bpai bonda, i .irlty belni tbe euatoma
- ?.-?
Washlngton, Jan. 3. The larga meaaura of nu
thoiity conferred on the new Cuban Cablnat la
ln .tn offlolal decree Isaued al Havana De
r 28, coplea of whlch have been r* alved by
;!.., Bparrtah Legatlon. Th- document apportlona
the bndgel of the laland, glvtng to each Cablnel of
dcer the amounl to be apent In hla department, and
then atatea In detall what Bubjecta are to be man
Bged by each aflnlater. The tirst aectlon deflnea tbe
powera whlch Oovernor-General Blanco an.i hu
Becretary-General, I>r. Congoato, wlll contlnue to
exen lae, aa followa: The conducl of general afl ij
between Siwin and Cuba; Intercourae wlth dlplo
matle and eonaular offlcers of foreign governmenta;
ceniua of forelgneraj publlc peace and or.ler; bon
ora and rjacoratlona; relatlona with the Chureh.
Wlth theaa powera excepted, the entlra admlnla?
tratlon Of the nffal.-a Of tbe leland Is tume.l over
to the membera of tho Cabtnet Each member la
authorlxed to aelect an aaaiatant aecretary and to
employ bls own ptnff of aaatatanta The authority
of ea, h Cabtnet ofllcer it then Bpectfled a? foiiows:
? Premler, Beflor Galvea, dlrecta tho geuemi
? of the laland, confera wlth the other Mlnla
tcra, and li the executlve bead of the organlaatlon,
the detalled work bemg lefl to the other aflnlatera
The Mlnlatet of Juetlce and [nterlor, Bi fti r i ?vln,
harge of affalra relatlng to tbe courta and
judtcature, appolntment of marahala and othei
court ofllcers, jalls nnd penltentlariea, munlclpall
tlea, provlnclal denutatlona, local pollee, publlc
charlty, charltable Inatltutlona publlc health, aay?
lume, the preaa and theatree, etc
Tho Mlnlater of Plnance, Beflor IContoro, h.is
>1 of all affalra relatlng to Ihe euatoma of
and, appnintment of i isioms offlcera, con?
ducl of Ihe Tn i ury, dlaburaomeni of ;
mom}. etc
The Mlnlater of Publlc Instru.-tion. Sefior Zayaa,
? f the I'nlveralty of Havana, all col
ii ; achoota and oiti-r Inatltutlona
of which tl.ntrol Ib nol reeerved to thi pn
,.r rnunl. Ipality
XI Mlnlater of Publlc Worka and Telegraph,
,.- ii,,:-, haa rontrol of the poatofflcea ana tele
?.;,. ralli porta and llghtahlps, pub?
llc bull ? and . r .ui ? ?
Tha '? '" f'ommerce, Beflor Rodrlguez. haa
eharge of agrlculture, patenta and eopyrlghta,
ind ihambera of i oromi rce, publlc I
. mlnlng.
Thla dlvHion of dutlee w'.u contlnue ur.iil th?
i ? i- lature meeta and i j*-,i>lla ? ? by law the
li . of the < 'ablne! offl -era lt wa
? . |. the i 'ablnel begin work nt once ? ?
thal wlthoul wnltlng for the I^egialature the de
... .?? hed the ayatem untll ?!,-? law la made,
, . .- ? ? m inl tei regarda the decree aa fully
it th. plai of turniiiK over the Internal
land to Cuban offlclali .\? Indl
I thla, the Mlnlati r polnta oul thal 11
reaervea to the Governor-General onlj thoae
na whlch relate dlrecth to Bpaln or ber
mrae ?','ii the colony, while a 11 the internal
affalra auch aa euatoma, pi . are con
n . fflcl ili wlth thelr own r-'aff of
tun t a
Havana, Jan 3 ataJor-Oeneral Jullo Bangullly
l- n. paaeenaer on boai l the Ward Llne ateanier
. .v ,-rlv. 1 to-day He snya he |a go
,. k. .,,, ? -|- n .;.,,. ifexlco, bul the faci thal he li
reglati r. I ui.r an aaaumed name flvea riae to the
,. intended io land here aecretly dur
. r .t aome other polnl ori th- laland.
-i'i .. n, ? ,i ?? b ,i i >hlng blrn
Marquli Vendana Bpanlah Ambaaaador to
Mi kIc '. haa irriv.,1 here from Bpaln,
Wheri General Bangullly, then a ettlaen of tn..
l'nlted S'.t-.s. waa releaaed from imprtaonmeni ln
Cul i upon tt.e requeel of the tTnlted Btatea Oov?
ernmeni ln ll?e early vart of laal ye.ir, tbe text of
rdon referred to hla havtng pledgad bla ?or,i
iln and the L'nlted Btatea thal he woubd not
aaalai ihe Insurrectlon, and li waa then underatood
. ..r..! Into an arrangement wlth the
L'nlted Btatea Governmenl noi to rejoln the Inaur
ln ? . untry he found ordera
from General Maxtmo Gomea commandlng nnn
. , ,,,|,,. ,r for aervl ?? ln the < 'uban armi
H . ,,. . nited ? Ith thi .1 inu, and. i' is i deratood,
idvUed hlm thal
? ? . ir.it.d Btatea, he could noi return to
(..,'i,, ? ? igri -111 * 11 r wlth the Ktm ?? in Be
....... arithoui placlng thla Governmenl ln
Bangullly, lt is aald, was nol convlnced
tl. (hla argument. and when a aerond command
,.,.,,, ',, m .;.,,. ral Gomi i to rej .ln thi fore#a ...
. ,,,,,,, on|j ,,, be Interrupted hy Be. i
hlm n "f hla Arm
.! 0f the pli Ige he hn.l alvei i
to tha Bpanlah 0
rted I
extrl ?.'??? ? ,ni the em
arblch be ' mnd I
,., . . j,, | ;' . i.:?. uaton" iaj i thal Gen
<T\. ; tal tl flel i althln the m-xt
' rocei ? Baatem Cuba Durlng
hla ,i. ?? i,-- from HavAna Beflor Galvea, Preml
i . laume
? i nmeni ol the
Carabn lo, \\ hb'h la wlthoul
? vithorltl. one hundn d peraoi I f one bun
,'lr,?i' ,, , ihlrlj reBldenta are aufferlng 'rom hunger
.,': d II
Madrid. Jan I An offldal dlapatch from afanlla,
eaplial ol the Phlllpplne lalai li announeea thai
the S| ..i i ih flaa haa been holat. d at < 'amoerenl and
i ,to li la added thal the Inaurgenta rendered
honora ind i eered for Bpaln.
Madrld, Jan I The j,re?a generally givea a
' ii.. receptlon t,> the Cuban Cabtnet, agreefag
thai the Inaurrectlon no longer ha i a r iis >n d'otro.
? || proul . nol b.- agalnal Bpaln, bul agalnal
ib.- Cubana ibeenaelvea.'' II la remarked thal thla
si.w alao prevalli ln tbe Unlted Btatea aad haa
t.n uinriaaed bv Beflor Betrada PalBM, al th^
Cul nn Junta ln N.w -V,.rk
The "Imparctal" aaya: "The mlaaloii of tbo new
Cabteot la to md tn.. Ouvernmant an.i the Oover
iiwi-Uuiual m xiatorlng peace, and nobody la
hetter qnallfled for thla taak than the new mlnte
lera, who know thorounhly the exient M the r?-r>e|
resoureivt "
aanroB ptDAt/a bittbb waam AOAtNan- tbi
Mnrlrld. .lan. 7 Senor IMI'il. rre?ldrrif of fha
Chamber of Deputtea ea aaaumlng tha preel
of the Clreulo Coneorvador *>>*-? eveeUag, oV
an Importanl ipeeeh, ?im:ng nt the raeaaatrael on
nf th" Conaervatlve aart]
Me d'.riounerd the Mbeeal BoMey Bl r- BMVlng
Uen. rnl \\ . yl-r f'.-m CabB, and ln gnn'lr.K
autonoaay, aad i"- ar*... a loyal foBowtag of fha
polley "' "he l.lte S'.flo
.-?. ger Pldal aaM:
"Aa ConBervitlvea wa mual reaaarh th-* ? ?
acandalou* rtolatlon of Internatlonal rlghl attl
whlch Amertca meaacea Bpaln i? a cona aw
th- ignorlng .>r auch rlghta n
by Ulberala, Wltneea Potaad, IreUnd ind ,r:" Pon
tlfl ,1 Btitea deapolled by deapotlam Tha
fen nce ..f the ronai rvatlve elai
conduced to tiu- preaeal apatby, wherebj th< ?
heara unmovi I tbe annoui lemenl of Amerlean vlo
latloo "fuii rlghl nnd all lan except bratal 'or *
"How Often have I h. Ml ,,,s "f
progreaa and of clvlllaatlon when refu
plaud a vlolatlon of Internatlonal rlghl* pra tlaed
by natlon* poaaeaalng a majorl
mlndf'il that the aame pi ? da
i,e appllad agalnal ouraelvea! How often have I
t,....n cenaured when quol ng De Toequavllle'i
nr.-s of Amerlcan degeneraey! H
been rldkruled bj thoae who now ? wltn
the Amerl-an Jlngoea arhen holdlng that th.
tnit.d Statea, far from Ihe Apoal
pea ??, m re convertlng the ? hihlren of
and Prai klln In o a :
obllg. d to renounce ln II.-,- -I the Inaoh ni M
Dortrlne before the guna of Oerman Ironolarta,
purpoae to apiilv lt ln Cuba. bellevlng that the
Bpanlah Army I* declmate I bj tl ?? ?'? ? I I
< hrn.it.?' .
"Let Bpanlard* who are oi ' ? -t\>
th- | rlnclple* confea* the lnjuatl< * of thi
lurea when 1 deplcted thi mei ?" "f
thoae fala* .?:m inftnri in*. burnlng wlth ti dlgi
n apei ttrsg our . treaaea ln '
mlnated the Indlan over i
Amerloa; they who In the Wai ? I -" ;
mltted horrora unenualled hy a
ln the unlvc rae; ihe> who
mo l mjuai and mi st ci ...,?..-.
tlon "f al iv.-rv Inati
ltv waa aimpl) th* itratagem "t ? ,r. ? ??
the wora! tl nd al tho aame tlmi
Hgalnal the Boul iem Bl iti
fathera of the moral gn iti tnd m ,'?r, i
reaa of the Am, ri
The negotlatlona batwi en ihi i rea* i
Ihe menhadi n Indu try il Pr n I ? i :.
Engllah ayndl. ?t? whl 'h wanted to | i
have t"'rri cloa* I, and ?? a n
. | ., ... < rmed wlth I ? ??
Of thla B.000,000 wlll be ln prefam I nd H7? "
ln commi n atocfc Many of thi
teri ted in tho ayndl ata, ai I ln i ? ? I o
recelved 11,000,000 in caah.
Anotiier mllllon haa been pul up I
aext eummer a ? ' '"?? K
lian ii,.,k--. .nveri menhaden Int ? oll nd '??
tlllxer. Butomatl Ulna the i
.,, ... - both ln marle.
..,!. Whlle the ?
dii, ed It la . ? tt many ol
wlll remali
commanded Tl
Plant, geti all tha.t Ihe mei
^heT'Btandard 011 Company la aald lo ba nj
h toreated I i tl ?? -
? ?
a BBMErrr bociett. ?.?biobb jgrwixucRa r
Th<- Royal Benefll Boclety of the Clty of Kew
y,.rk who- oili e la al N> M Broadway, made
an aeelgnment yeaterday to Joaeph C II
The aoclety waa a fraternal benefll and Inaui
concem whlch waa orgai :zed in IBM and
bualneaa in February, UW II la aald th.it I
C. Hurley la prealdent and Edward North *
tary. Laat Januarj the rompany*a reporl al
ns*et*. tetUB; reeelpta for tha prevtoue year M
063, ar.d axpenaaa, PMBI The Inauranca depart
ment haa been maklng an InveatlgatJon of the
affalra of 'he aodety, and tba reporl talegriphed
from Albany a few daya air.i ahowed llabllltlaa,
110.607: a?.<<-t?. 179. At the olTVe of the ao.l.-ty lt
? ,. itited ttil the uaignmenl waa preclpltated
gy fi. report of Buperlntendenl Payn, and waa
made to avold complicailon* al All u f. Tha
ctety haa been In hot water for ? long tlme. After
ihe eonaolldatlon of the Royal Benefll U tg ?? i
r umber of -'ii'* wri" broughl agalnat lt and long
..,.,! eoBtly lltlgatlon followed, it waa Baaerted
.1... th* llabllltlaa aera i"-1- th,''1- reported by tbe
Inaurai . rti
j gment for KA.VA was er-.t<-r<-i yeaterday
agalnal B. F. Myera A Co., wholeeale dealer
., formerl) al No II Matden Lane, who
falled ln Auguat, ISM In favor of J Pa
a co., oi
Deputy Bherlft Burnea ye ?? ? la) i ? I up II
. . ? rlff Dunn. it w..-< the
Df Albei :" ln Jewelry, il N'o
857 Qrand-at., on executlone aggreg
Ti,, debtor I* '? he a< n ? f Bolomon 11
R i , ? . ,-? ? .. wellera on the Bowery,
., been dull for aome tlme,
holldaj trade dld not com* up to >\,< tatloni
y . r, dealer In ,iry and fanoy goo
So* l ?'? ' and ? - - I rd made
ment yeaterda) to Htrman Anapacher, glvlng
foi 17.09 The aaali ?
? trad..:???? " ;
? ..,: ? ., k, it la ?ald, ol ? n -'
Judgmeni f >r |29.3i8 waa ? nten i yeaterday
. | mk '' Mlller In favor I ??'??? Hlg
,..,,? aj recelver ot the Sorth Itiv.-i mk foi
the amouni now due ? teree. on elghl
. Mr Mlller < Ither ma I 1 ln MKJ
A boy ara* caughl by Pollceman Charli Bdd]
the Oak-at itatlon, yeaterda) n ahlla
walklng iway \vi"i a poorbox, whlch he had
laken from the entrance to the Brooklyn Brldge
Th- i?-t belonged to the Brooklyn Clty Hoapttal,
aum In co
A. .. . ... name a* R
Banej Id. of N
tcelltl .s- li, hla i.k"-a w-r.- four I two Wi
ioka ai ? ? ? ' * '
' , ? Thr ppl! .- : ?
pock ' women
ihoppera In Fourteenth-at. He wa.- locked il|
? la)
The frelghl boal Clty ot Uawraaea, of tha N t
wlrh nnd Worceater Llne, ahlle on her way i
clty t r,,k.- down "t " o'eloch yeaterda] -
iai of Hell 'iate ghe waa worked dowi
hand to ? polnl "ir the Battery. near . ia. ? Wlll
t.irn. and ani hored. Bome of thi ren
.. amall boal and aenl a meeaaga for
to th.- company'a otti, >-.
The Buckley Bulldlng, nt Fourth-ave. and v
?<? . w.,^ damagi I by Bre yeaterday mon na I
axtenl <>f aboul 130,000, flfr>- peraona belna drlvei
from the bulldlng. Thla waa at 7 o'clock I
hour later there would have been three hundrcd
at work ln the hutidinir Three ilarmi arer* aenl
ln and a Berca llghl u.th ihe flamea waa
t iry bul ihe bul ed '
i... i>- , ' Mlaa l'- i ?
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Kodak Pictures
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