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?/?a-LTn? ?N*l&68& NEW-YORK. SUNDAY. JANUARY !). 1898.-2 PARTS.
^g?^^^^ y^Jv Jw J144 Mks)
_^_ , _-??_ _. ? ? - ? ? ' I m ?? BBsfJlSBtlWsf?Sl
Wi:m- FOB sr~AK':u hwi; BWVNQ OVER
Colum'u?5. Ohio, Jan. 8.?Although only two
asm reraaln before the two houses of the < ?hi >
legislature Will take their first ballot for a
nailed States Senator to fill the long and short
terms ma le vacant by Mr. Sherman's retirement
from the deliberative branch of Congress ?>n
Marfil l Isst, the result of that ballot is as
ajcpl?/ veiled a?- ever In perplexity and doubt.
jilr. Ha?"ia'a ?'ruitule to retain the seal which
he baa h? 11 by virtue of a commission from Qov?
(r:;. r . aim e last s;>rin>r has been pushed
durlTK t!i?' last few ?lays so nt-ar to the i>"int
of sbsolutc success that his friends ??"! sup
lortera an ?.,:.?? thai ii> i le lion
n*T,t Tu? i lay or at most n< xt Wednesday, when
?jie tw houses meet in Joint sssembly, is as iix??.l
mr.A certain as the predestinations of politics
sjroslly ?re. There ran be no question, I,
that since the startling check received by the
Rani a ' ?i ?s In th?? preliminary contest for the
T ? . ?'.ature the pr?
i of the Senator's adherents to break the
f the . alltl m bave had a
?na--.-.. -.at at least two Republican
Bjtpr?*eentatl*>*es heretofore supporting Mr. Kurtz
in hta warfare on the s ate C ?nventl? n's candi
\.. now . t.'iy won over to Mr.
]i?r-. - port. Other conversions are as
aer'.t-l or si: ngly hinted at. but It Is not yet
larl : ?; n.? by any of the Hanna man
op is that, were the first ballot for United
?- ? . .-? tor 1 be taken to-night, the total
j '. for Mr. Hanna would reach "ii, the num?
ber I.'-' --;'!"v f ? '
F^ far as figures can show the ptate of po
fu ??:.?.- ? rrowlng a Senatorial canvass aa
that n '?'? drawing t.? s climax, it stands about
The I ' ?1 mi mbershlp of the
t this sa sslon Is 14.*?, nnd
with every : ember present 73 votes are re
I to mak The Republican
70. From the re
tent Repvi i i Represa ntatlves
a:. 1 one Senat i bseni '. themselves, reducing
t) ?? i :.: Republican vote t.. 09. Pour acc?s
; fi ? . ; ?.f the absentees were,
theref re, required to make the choice of the
cuicas nominee llty. Of th? ten Re
; . . ? ? to go into the caucus, one .
];? ; r ? . f M ml- .:: . ry C unty,
at a public meeting In Dayton last night,
; ally to vote ? r Mr.
ilp on Tuesday next.
Another , Mr. Joy.'-, of Ouernsey
1 ' ? ' tli ?ugh iri B less open
and formal .?'.iy, that ?..- will rejoin his ?:-; .
? i when the balloting for United
as With these tw ? a ces
Bl - Mr. Hanna's probable strength may bo
put ut 71. tw . vote? short of a majority.
Doth ? ?day and yesterday the claim has been
put f rtb that tu ? more f th? Re-publlcan Rep?
resentatives '.'.:.. took part In ths bolt which
defeated Box well for the BpesJtershlp of the
House. Messrs Jones, of Stark, and Griffith, of
Trlor., have also been praetli-ally won over to
the Hanna rank?. No definite or satisfactory
? r ' ?'? ?' ?be n Bh rwa, hov.-ever, to support the
Itl ? th t; - ?personal and politi?
cal Influence now being brought to bear
on thess two I rlslators may prove pow
erful enough to draw them eventually to
Mr Hanna's support. It is true also that
nut all th?? Republicans who voted
: ' ted organisation nominees are
committed to vote fur the chalr
raan ?f th? National Committee n??xt Tuesday.
Ihe Hanna managers, therefore, sensibly refuse
to claim m certain majority for their candidate,
but ri si on the coi.' I . rtlon that he Is
-'?? ? i- ? ? ;. i to viel ry to make su -, ess
. itter of ? ? ar.d patient >?
IB , .
is Dispatch." an Independent
P.' ; u - an I ?vsj iper frien? y to Mr. Hanna/a
. : - ? l this afterno >n In double
Lv line? that seventy-four votes were already
? l to Mr. Hanna Wh< n this statement
;i to Mr Kurz, i he head of tl
J. illtlon, he ] i it purely fanci?
: .-..::. ?- : this cunt- r-blast:
Mr. H i r : n a wis
.UP I >
-, ? ? -. Tlao
:. ? ?
s- ? ? - same. Mr.
1,1 not IS? nator,
'? that Mr. Kurtz
: ? ,?r managers i f ihe antl-Hanna coall
L ature to 'ak?- ,?< recess
to Mond iy. While here the ten
Re] na wh |olned hands with the D? mo
? ? ihe l i were i rs 1I
I to the protesta and i
ft- ? . ?.? hi? h su h a proi I illy es
pii ?'? i aid nol expr? ss
? ? Iy while ths coalltli n
I ... ed In Columbus, but the
' r of this opinion has all eady shown
. ? ' like Man .
Griffu retu ed to their ?a< m
le ? , ? ptly called to ac umt !? y party
i,...: the pl( Igea ui
'v nated and el? eti d Mr. Kurtz
.?vr now, and will probably try to
???1 tl ten ? alltl nlsts back to this city as
qatckl] ;
Alarn t reporti have been ? nt oui within
th? Lui lay or two |
islon on Monday betwean the Republi?
cana who will come here to take part In the
ii Hon, call? 'i t ' - ist all
- fi.ii. within the pai tj to d< feal Mr.
? and th wl ?rill ?
? part in the ? :? ... ? ??- f Oov
nd inauguration '. re la
r.o re; ? ? this char
? ' r T . hich will be
. n ii. the r itui da i f the Capitol, and
: he redu? ed to small pro
: - 'I ;.?? . tlon, on ihe other hand, U
to be h. Id In a i ?., lall In a Istanl part >t the
. : is ni l llkelj I e anj br< aches
'* the public peace Extra policemen have
??. i.?,, and the municipal auth
?'?r- pi ? -r waj s to meet any >1 s
Party feeling over the Senatorial con?
test, howevear, has nol reached '?..it point or
vrould er,- ouraf or ? !?rate
? public demonstrations of any i it
flly A??'.'lut?'l I'reaa.)
C ' itahm, Ohi.. Jan. S -A list of ??fT? rs to rx?t has
bsen pot . ? .? Nell H I ' ' ? amounta
to 1 ... , ,.:, the else
' Hutu,a, snd other ..mat.? srsgers wen of?
fer*??, ?,:,, ,. .: i were taken. There sraa (8,000 ds
: at ths Nell Houst offl? e for even b,
1 ??? <?: Indigos tlon ?nestings 1n many eountlss
to I / ,: ?.re ;ir.'.:r!.u? . Hanns
rtai Tbesa meeting? are Sadoptlns raasolii?
? -.1 all tli- leading pianos and fli d ? l
?2 wall , ., ,,,, raying th?? vol.-.-. i ?
i- fun and rich tone, as ?l?t ??'"',1 plan??*
?fura truly, EJLY C'OiiHLAN'."- Advt.
tlon? flsnouni?lng ?Governor Boshnell and tha He
PU >l ?san dissenters In th. Ugialstan and demand
?g tust Kitriz rsslgn from the National Commit
At some of tho meetings resolutions have been
adopt?! inslstlrig that ft r. Ma.?o,, rsstgn as
speaker, snd that all othrr Republicans elected to
legislativ? offices by tho bolters comblnipg wltb
tho Democratic member- give up th.-lr p|act?s or
gel oat of the Republican psrty. speaker Mason
i on Bonator Hanns ?to-day and apsnl two
hours in conference. Thi? call was followed by
all sorts of rumor?, bat it i? not believed sny
agreetsenl waa reached between them.
Th? re Is still trouble with some of the ivmo
cratlc members who do not want to voto for sny
Republican ior Benstor, It is belle-red that the
D. no ratlc membera will hold a Jolni csucua on
Monday night to try to enforce the unit rule In
t!-" '?"'" !"r Benalor. Unless thla 1? done ?t
seem? certain that no one, unless it be Hanns
can i ?? elected on the first ballot
it was announced sreek? ago that there would be
a conference here this afternoon of representative
nemocrats from all part? ol the State on a pro
r??-? 'i plan for a reorganization of the party Tl.
",;" "v"! one hundred present, hut the conference
adjourned sithoul definite notion because of a con
iTrrimhi-'iVr : "?''''?"" M to who ar"' entitled to ?rote
The antl-Hanna mm made rep? ited ofTort.? last
"'fht to get Benstor Foraker to come here, but he
;lnnatl ast night for Washington without
? at Columbus. All efforts to gel ?-ith.-r
l-oraker or John R McLean here have failed
Mr Griffith, wife of the representative from
?v. v..-tu home thla afternoon to loin
?'"r i,?!?-??'!, i ai Marysvllle. She has been working
asalnsl Banna. Mr Griffith announced at a rneet
in., "i ' {Ituents last night, and again to
? y, tnai he did not want to voto for Hanna, hut
i I ? ? . th? ir wish he would lo so.
,,rT?('r ?n|.i-!i.inna managers are making charge? of
U'.y Asa 'it. ; Tfiss i
Columbus, Ohio. Jan. ft?George K. Mash, rhair
man of the Republican State Executive Commit?
tee, to?n!ght announced thai the followtnc men
had promised to spesh nt the mass r-tmvrotkK? on
Monday! Congressman B. A. Northway, of as!i:a
bula; D. \v Ayers, of Marysvllle; Bishop B. w.
Arnett, of Xenls; Congressman W. s. Kerr. tf
Mansfield; Jamca J. Hooker, of Cincinnati; Cor.?
g.-i-;sman C. H. Grosvenor, of Athens: ex-C?mgr?Bss*
man D K. Watson, of Columbus; Consresaman R.
W. Tayler, of Columbian? County; Emmet Tomp
? ' Columbus; Colonel lt. M. Nevtn, of Day?
t ?n; General K. B. Myer, of Cleveland; .!. H.
ird, <?.' To', lo; Colonel W, H. Warnock, of
Urbana; Genera! J. \v. Kelfer, of 8pringneld; Con?
gressman t. E. Burton, of Cleveland, and Colonel
v?'. C. Co >;.? r, of Mount Vei :
Jud?re N.sh will call the meeting to order, and
? liver a short speech netting forth the rtsa
(-?'t'.s for asking the Republicans of Ohio to meet
In ra ?? convention .-1 : i ? i expresa themselves ss to
the Issue? Involved in the Senatorial contesi He
wi;i then Introduce Congressman Walter I. Wea?
ver, of Springfield, as chairman. The apaches
will be limited lo five minutes, and It I? expected
? the convention will appoint a committee on
: ' ? ?- The advice? received by Jude Nash
?? m all ?.arts of the Stat.? Indicate that
the R . .,r?. coming here In force. Every
: ... h.is given ?pecial rates and extended the
for thr.lays.
The Inauguration of Governor Bushneil will oc?
cur at noon "ti Monday, and the mass-meeting Is
? ed for 2:80 p, in. As the Inaugural exer?
cise? -a ! not be over when the mass-meeting be?
gins, there is Inten?-? feeling am >ng the friends
of Governor Bushneil snd Mr. Kurts, The Btatc
C immlttee expli in that many who will be h< r. on
. expect 1 ' depart on the evening trains, and.
that nu lau-r hour could be Hxed for the- meeting.
Colf::x. Wash., Jan. 8.?Marshal ?"hadwick, the
suspected murderer of young Hayden, near Psrsa
Ington, on the nl<-ht of October 22. W3| taken from
j i:i by a mob this morning and hanged to th'' w? st
wall of the courthouse Yesterday there was a,
snsplelon that a mob was collecting, but the officers
mads no preparation to resist It. E. B. Treff, th.?
Jailer, who was the only officer about the court
house, was awakened about 2 o'clock and Informe?!
that an officer wanted s prisoner locked up. He
dressed anl came out and was confronted by
? '. nun with drawn revolvers, Treff was in?
formed thst the mob wanted to hang Marshal
("Black Eye") Chadwlck and "Dakota S'.lm" Mc?
D?ralo nd ordered him to give up the Jail keys.
- wr,v t..k'.n to th?? Sheriffs office, got
th ? keys and gave th.-rn to h:s captors.
Twelve of the nu?!? then entered the .lall, taking
Treff with them. At Urs' the mob went into the
woman'a wing, where "Dakota Slim" waa confined.
"Slim" protested Innocence and said: "Take 'mark
Eye,' who admit? ins guilt, and If he Implicates
me I will go." Ths mob thought this n fair propo
and went Into the east wing of the jail.
"Black Eye's" cell was unlocked. He had
only time to Fay "Don't hurt me. Before God I am
nt." when one of the mob struck htm s heavy
a- i v r tase head with sn iron bar. atunnlng
\ ropa waa Ihen fastened sround hit necfi
and ho waa dr aged oui of the Jail and up th?
,. . - - : ? Bupi rior < 'ourt room, to a
< window, where the rope was tied .-.round
between the windows. "Black Rye's"
-, i n n pitched out headforemosi and left
r.g at ti, .-m! of a rop< against the lurt
ivall In plain view of the people In M.iin-st.
Wl lie thla w i? !- ng '!"'''- a pari of the niob
! t., ? i ?a ko ta Silurs" c< li I ?urlng thi ir
... tuff, d the kej hoi? of th?
..... h t g? at I fai tet ? d ?? sharp knife on
the end of ? - W ' i Ihl? ?p-ar he kept
? ? .???r 1-. tt,<- barre?! ,:,,, r of hla cell, thus;
ling anv ? ne from api ?. Ing the door to
pjcj, -; ,. --;.-? nul "f the keyhole. Ill? cell had two
V. ri ' ,|... inner i i r b< ? g of solid ste.-l, an 1 be?
?,. i,, prot. led himself, Finally one of th?
, n ? ? of "Sllm's" shoulder, fired
R ?hoi at him The bullet passed through th?
h ?:? .. u . and n boui de-d, striking him
, brea?! He fell to the floor exclaiming. "My
. ?od, th? y ' '?? i- I I "i.
r ?hot wa? fired at him. Finally the m?.h
? ? "Slim" was .bad anl left the Jail.
-,. v, inda, however, are nol serious,
la, Jan. ?? Two mor?, counterfeit one
> n Ired-dollar silver certificates turned up here
today, on? a! t1:-- Bul Treasury snd the other at
the Fourth Street National Bank. At the init.r
Institution th? note wai re elved from a bank In
th? interior of th? State, which forwarded it for
. tlon. The fact that the note came frota an
? : town leadi Bub-Treasurer Bigelow lo fear
thai more of thr ap-Jrioua not? ? are In circulation
has been heretofore supposed, as the belief
een general thai merely a few of th.-tn had
obtained circulation In the larger cltl?. The not?
.i to-day al ihe Bul^T?ressury csme from
f the i-y banks, which s?nt H for Inap. ?tlon,
with the inform ri.ii thsl a customer ?>f the bai k.
, informed of It? doubtful character, had said
. had been drawn from one oi the I? ? I
Ing 1,,, a: Raving? fund ?rs, Jioth notes
li.iv i ? en :?>? war led t i W it? gt i
.-,..,. i:-. l Instruction? have been sent to
Chief H f the Secrel .-'? ? ri ce Bureau to devota
It . to th- capture of the maker
of th? plat. .... ; the pi it? Its? if fr ?m which th? n< w
.: t ;? it ?liver certlflcati s
wen rlnted. In the mean time, Mayor Bracket!,
chief ol the Appointment Division of the Treasury
Department, will ac| as chief of the Be ret Bervl .-.
... r.-t,r?i that the promptness with whl h
in ter feil plate and Hi maker are discovered
?a... !.,,.. an Important bearing on the question of
Mr llaaen's ret? ntlon In hla ?
.,:?!? - Three counterfeit ten-dollar
^?o.! piecea were received to-day by Major Brackett,
acting chief of th? Be? re? s.-rvh-... They ar?- sail
? , i, f ,?. ellcni workmanship, and In iteneral sp?
ue? ar?. r.ir above th?- average ipurloui colna
however, they ar.: eighty-one i i
ri United Stales Commissioner Hark?,!..
V;i , who I'l Ughl ths COlnS to the 'If is
ald thai ?> ?^<'- number of them were in
t ion in and near J ?an? i I?. and, altl -,
the police ha?i capturttd Ihe tools and kit uaed in
?. neither the n,.?k?-r nor the pi r
^.,-l wie? ; issed 'Ji'in hsa been arrested.
i ol iiuli'i?. Ohio?, Jan I The t?),|o mlnerf' eoftr
rent! :i to-iiay decided t.? ask for un advance of
.<i . nts a i"" whsn the contracl fi?r next year i?
Dr. Ilrlnkhau? ?ure ?are i'atarrh A??? ,
recommended by leading physicians, l'n?is IMa,
.:? Broadway, l/th fJoc*r.?A4?t
Mi>itii DOCKS i:\i?i>ti:i>.
fllV Ti:!.l:..HAI'II T?? Till: Titilo NT.]
Wmahlngton, Jan. 8. The Tribune's 'lis?-;.?sures
rej-ardlng the faulty and dUhroesI work of the
ccntraotors on Drydock No. .". .at the New-Tork
Navy Yani have arrested ihe attention of a
good many Congressmon snd excited s lively in?
terest Already Intlmatl ma are heard that an in
vestlgatlon by a commltl.t Congress may be
n.T.ssary in order to gel at all the facts and fix
the Maine where Ii properly b?-i..n?,-s. A?nongthoee
who offered this m*\\ ltd n was a member of the
House Commltl.n Naval Affairs, who re?
marked that "A naval court of Inquiry. M-e '?
military court, Is too apt t.. whitewash the sc
< used if h?. be an officer In the service."
on all sides the friends and Bupporters of the
existing naval ?policy express deep regret that
the facts Justify Tin- Tribune's exposures. They
fear not only that ba l and dishonest work may
be found elsewhere which has been done under
ths supervision of th? Bureau of Yards and
Docks, bul that ?rreal snd unlook??d-for difficulty
will be expertei..1 in Inducing Congress to vote
needful appropriation! f'.r the enlargement of
si me of the Government drydocka now in exist?
ence and the building "f two or more new ones
bis en.iucrh safely to take in and accommodate
th?> larp.st shirs of th-. new Navy
One Congr? asman said to-day: "It's a very bad
niess. Tl.fncers of the Navj Department seem
f> have had bad lack with all the drydocka Tw.
of them nave been placed where ihe depth of
water is not sufficient to allow th.- big Bhlps a
safe psiesaga to them; there '..? something t!..
matter with th" one un Puget Sound, I have
heard, and we an- asked, year after year, for
money to stop leaks and e.rr.'rt faults of c? n
structlon In those at the New-Tork Navy Tard.
It is especially unfortunate to find at this time
Buch a condition of affairs as that which exl
In regard to Drydock No. .'!. Anything avhlch Im?
pairs th... confidence "f Congress in the ability,
vigilance and efficiency, to say nothing of the
Integrity, "f th- officers who are charged with
the duty and responsibility "f building sh';.s .r
guns or drydocks will be a serious obstacle when
the effnrt is made to obtain necessary appropria?
tions for tin se objects."
Bbeppard Homans, th" well-known actuary,
died suddenly last night "ti a park bench at
Slxth-ave. and Flfty-nlnth-st. He was a i?as
smiKer on a Bell Line car that passed the Park
at t?:.'lO p. m. The conductor >?f the ear noticed
Mr. Homans'a Illness and he called Park Police?
man Cooney to hla aid. Cooney assisted the sh-k
man from the car and placed him on the bench
and th?-n hastily called an ambulance.
Or. McNlder, of Roosevelt Hospital, r???aponded
to the summons, but d??ath ha.i already come.
The body was taken to the Arsenal and
searched by Sergeant Howard. He found a. card
of membership in the Bnglewood Field Club of
Englewooai, N. J., bearing the name of Mr.
Homans. Th ire was also a card bearing the ad?
dreas of Hcorge S. C'oe, Jr., of No. 281 West
Pev.-nty-flrft-st., to whose house Mr. Homans
was believed to have been going when taken 111.
This address proved to be erroneous, but at
the same time gave additional light on the
Identity of the dead man. Allan McCullob, a
lawyer, with offices at No. 120 Broadway, lives
In No. 281 West Beventy-flrst-st. His son
Arthur was th?- only person at renne When in?
quiry was made there. He said h-> know Mr.
Homans. and believed from the des, ?-i i ? t i? ?r i that
the dead man was Mr. H? mans
Mr. Homans lived in .? handsome nj.artment
hous" at Nu. 4S \v, t Flfty-nlnth-st, and it
was within flftv feet of his home that he died.
After some delay the body was taken there, af?
ter it had been i.n late In the evening by one
of Mr. Homans's sons
Mr. Homans was born in Baltimore, and was
about sixty-six years ..Id. His father was a
magasine editor. After working for a time in
St Louis he entered Harvard C ?. nd paid
his way through Later he engaged In railroad
building, and then became an expert mathema?
tician. He was actuar? of the Mutual Life In?
surance Company, and for man) years was
Presiden! of the Provld? nt Baa Ini ? Lil
surance Society, at No. '_".? Broadway, bul lat??ly
retired, His brother, Edw ard C. Homans
the banking business.
At the age .f twenty-eight Mr H ?i
rle l Miss Sailli l. h 'usti n. w h i .: .
ther with three daughter?, Mrs. fi
Parsons, of Colines, and the Miss?- Sarah and
fiel, n II. I' ituiins. and two sons, one ??:'
whom I? Sheppard H??n ins, Jr., who was gradu?
ated from Prlrceton In IHfJ, and, ulule In col?
lege, made a ? putatl >n n l ? full
bark on the Cnla rslt> i k?i hall t< am.
Mr. Homans's summer h?>me was In Rngle
w.l, <>, l?. re ii- had le i roporl y. It
was said lasl night thai Mr. Homans had n I
!.. n ?ii lately, and w as . n I
HI ?? i n ?th ans heart trouble He ho I been
away from home all day, and the ram.:
waiting dinner for him when they eventually
learned "f his sudden de
Mr. Humana w u il?< r <?( the Century,
Union League, Lawyers, Nvw-Tork Tachl arel
Englewood clulrs.
Bhamokln, Penn., .l?ir, I Int? ae excltem I
vails at Excelsior, a i mal et neai
) ? re, over I he n asertlon >.f llown and
other residents, substsnttated h) their afflduvlts, to
the effect thai Lucas Honalak, on Injured
worker, had been shlpr1 ! In on Icebox from the
Mini ? II ispltsl, al .'>-' land, In : re hi was d< ad.
The signers of the afi ?r thai whin they
,,..,.?, ; i ',, icebox bI Hon me hi?, to? s
twlteh?*d violently, his body was still warm ind
they e.ii-.i l feel the moisture of bis breath on th, ir
}??mi??. They admll thai he did no! recover eon?
arlousness, but declara thai he liv? ? fer Bare ?
utea after the l?"x had tx Homlak's
friends believe It wa- a cas? of suspended anima?
tion, and that th? Ice which was packed
the bodv had the effecl of ??'??: g inspiration.
The hospital suthorttles. however, declare U il
Homlsk was sun ly d? ad whi n | ... ? ? . In th?
? ment.
Unltlna.r??. J ?a I Tl ? 'Li" I" 1er" Uli ? ,? the
foremast head of the 'rim and warllke-lookins
United States revenue cutterHugh M i
tugs at h? r anchor off Port McIIenry, and to?
morrow morning ahe will etarl on her Ions ????
of tw?rnty-three thouasnd miles by ths i i twanl
pssssge to the Psclflc. Bhe will atop at Norfolk
for i oal, an i will th? n pai ? oui < ' ipe Hem I
.'rinniti- Her nr--t stop will tx al Funehsl, Ma?
?K..V. thenc? to Gibraltar. Mslta. Port
iro.Vrti "he Bue? ''":ii '" A'!"" '?' ,(,'! s'
I, ih.llan uceai Singapore,
vrikohama and Honolulu, to Ban Francisco I
. r, ?. '- . xpected !'? rea I it the middle of
Il?'i The MrCullo I. ' l revenue cutter
., '.,,.. ,Vr . ? ??' th? ' " " , and Is Int?
'"r duty In Bel ring ?Va
_- ?. -
vi? PeansylvsalB and aaiuthern Kallwai mo
s W 1 Imit? ? ?i -?< P. "? dally, and Florida Umlud
5-OOnoon after Jan 11 Idslly except Bundsy) pln
ns-csrs and perfect slreptng-csr suirsaa N ?.??*
rork oiihe N?. :ii in ?a.!?.>.,>.-Advt.
The twelfth annual dinner of th-? Ohio ?Society
? : New-York, beld last evening at th?. WaUlorf
Asl rln, was made the occasion of the ex
ptesslon of the esteem in which the ?society
holda its fellow-member and former presi?
dent, Colonel William fu Strong, po lately the
Mayor of New-York. Tie? dinner was held in
j tho h".tutlful Ast or Osllary, one of ths show
roorna of the hig hotel, and was attended by
about two hundred members of the Ohio Society
snd a number of their gu..-ts. Th?. numerous
II tables at which the guests asi wer?? luxu?
riantly dtnsorsied with roses snd given things
of various sons, most of which eventually found
their way into ths galleries where sst many of
ths wives and alstera of 'he Obtoana, to view
the festivities below.
<;. tit-nil Henry L. Burnett, pistddsnt of the
society, sal In the e.-ntr?- of the guests' table, and
ut his right aat Colonel Strong, the guest Of
honor. At bis left sat Bishop Potter. Others
at the table wen? ex?Attorney*-OenersJ Judaon
Harmon; Jame*s H. Hoyt, of Cleveland; es
Benator Calvin B. Unce, John W. Vroomsn, B.
M. Harmon, Charlea W. Ifacker. Kdward 8. Wil?
son, William Lysll, <l"n'-ral Wsger Bwsyne and
< :ia:;i * -i i ? ?*- Mac? 'racken.
Among those present In the gallery were Mrs.
w. i.. Strong, Mrs. Henry L. Burnstt, Mrs.
H mer ?Lee, Mis. H. S. Pscksrd, Miss Pscksrd,
Mrs. A. D. Shattuck, Miss ..horn. Mrs. *?, S.
Wallace, Mrs. T. II. Wheeler, Mrs. H??alle. Mr.
Andrew .1? C. Foy?, Mrs. Southard, Mrs. Bates,
Mrs. Freeman Ward, Mrs. Penfteld snd Mrs.
The menu cards were singularly artistic nnil
spproprlate, Upon th.? face of tho document
was ihe buckeye In fsc-simlle, and l.??neath It
were the lines:
Tl ? friendly buekays lasves espsad,
r. > ;.,;???.? !, ||k< an ? : ? n hand
? . - - -lern?
De wel tie! ','. . it la mine 1? thin?.
i- tide the leaves wn? an escollent portrslt of
Colonel Btrong done In half-tone. Tli?? menu
card was so appropri?t.? that the supply was not
? |ua1 to the demand.
The member a of the society and their guests
began to find their way to the Astor Qsllery
at 6 ?"..? "'dock. They were greeted by the Re?
ception Committee, which consisted of the fol?
lowing nun:
un.I.lAM PORO ITPSON, C*halrmaa.
?;i??'l:'',i: P, T ?NGBM ?N,
KDWARD ft Wai.I.ai'I'..
?I II \' \i;i MAN
"ON i"<'.ItWINE.
v.. u I'Ai.t.wi:;,!,,
Il R DE Mli.T.
II. ?UKR I.l i:
!'.\' I, I' CR \V \TIT.
I ?MEM O. NI'.Wi'i ?Mil.
- ?Ml EL M'MI I.I .AN
HENRY 13. WII.miN.
An Informal reception was held In the spscloua
snte-chamber, snd soon after 7 o'clock th??
gi,. ata sa,t down to dinner. From that time on
the Sliroosaion Of good things was Incessant and
Jollity and good feeling ran high. Tho band In
the gallery varied Its "all the popular tuneg of
the day," with an occasional old-fashioned or
patriotic song, In which the guests Joined h?-art
lly, being assisted oftentimes by the soprano
voices In the gallery. Th?- women, while epecta
tors, wins by no means neglect1??!, und there
was an ?almost constant procession of the d?nera
from the floor to the galleries, where a second
informal reception was in progress,
Th? Ohlosns never do things In a half-heart. |
fSShlon, snd, having determined to show their
appreciation of tha manner In whl.-h their fel
|ow-memb"?r, Colonel strong, gm.r.led the tre
mei doua trust Imposed upon him by the citizen-)
of the city of New-York, they did It In th.-ir
chsrs***terlstlcally thorough fashion.
Colonel Btrong was besieged during thi.urse
of the dinner bj friends who wished to grasp
hla hand, an I all the speakers, highly eul -
giatlc as they s'ere, only voiced the sentiments
of the guests who loudly spplsuded their words.
General Burnett set the keynote of the dinner
when he said, in cslllng the guesta to order:
? TA'e come her?, to-night to say to ..ur comrade
and companion who has served for three yesra
as Mayor of Hew-York: 'You have done well,
yon have faithfully discharged your duties and
you have laid aside the rol>es of office upon
which there Is neither apol nor aoli." "
S-< r.-i.try Bhermsn, Senator Allison and
Abrara B. Hewitt ?"ere at first expected to be
,,,-, ,.llt, but were unavoldsbly detained. The
Ept tkers who were pre en?, however, Including
Bishop Potter, James II. Il..>"i, ex-Attorney
ral Harmon, Oeneral Burnett and others,
,! the esteem In which tha society held
m gra. eful and clever after-dinner
; in.
?;.ral Henry I. Burnett called the gut ita I
order al '.'?>" o'clo? k. and In opening the after
dinner ex? rclses spoke as foil >ws:
-|-., ... tve five grec Ins an l wel ?ome, an 1
in ] ,;.... ! we ? ' : i ? .ol:-.-. \".
? . this our twelfth annual bamjuet, and
me to say to tl i ? ? that tl i?l year
... n in"--: pi - . ? ' ? rough! a
r incrcaa? of inemben than any other
. \ - . W- are it
? . to ? h ol her, pi roua in all mona!
?i. and lo-'k forward to th.. prospect of s
. : . ire. (Applaui >. 1 we found
- .. iv ave too am ill for our num*
i, ; ?o, n-. you s.-... we have had thla build
I for u?, ' l?*ughter > We have had
our i snd artistically decorated and
. | (Laughter.) These ar?. now our head*
.?,?? will r. elve an I wel ?ome our
In without mon? j snd aithoui prl ta
... i .ir.- ti it so fortu
irn In Ohio will have to pay the
? ',',-: ... (!... Ight? I?
,,,,- (riei i the manager, snd our steward, Mr.
?.f t ?es?- 'i larter? for us. and
','?','- mi are re.n?onahlv wi 11 ?atlafled ?nh his
m ,,",', tu. t.: il-. ? iter.) Mr B ?Idi Intend. :
, f>hlo, lie ame from Belgium or Oer
. . . parent? ll?l Sui by ?
?mal? nft.-k.- he wa? born In Pennsylvania, and
,.,,; ,,,-ii Ohio. He haa spread, sa |
, ,, ,. the t-arlou? room? pisnti whl -h he
urki ye?. They sr? nol h i keyea they are
nnim?- but. gentlemen, when you assemble her?
' these rooms now cslled palm ?rooms wi.l
I ?? || , i lekeye trees, snd then you uiil
f,-?.| quite at horn*
v,,,!, m-- friends, lei us commence rlously ?v?r
.w-rel?e? it thla our twelfth .inr.ua; banque!
our comrade ind ompanion In thla
v. ,...,, m K (eheei our aympath ? i
. r< ? fen ? ' Our earl . ut to him.
. ind ?ympni I trial
, ' thai m?' "f* " ' ' ? ? ; t!l-'1
?xiata on earth i ?e love between mother and ?on.
; ?ymp ithy An ! now,
rour feet to Ihe - Prealdei t
, . ? gute? i I to the flag of our
The health of President McKinley was drunk
bj th- company standing and In perfect at?
,, ,,,.. c.n. mi Burnett then pro ? ,i, -j
Before pssslna fr"in ""' Question of our society
thai our ssample h-r? has ix-.-ti
. d by sister Bl I
? ?Ultimi?-?! mi Hull -in??'.
ri.. ?ini>.\ am? TUB * 'i TH
YVtiit. ? .? ,t-l .ti tnk^ts in,? on Mia to I'iorPU I
und othei ?Southern resorts, via Atlantic
...AST I.INK snd PLANT BY8TEM, rout.- of'
the celebrsted "NEW V*?ItIv ANI? FLORIDA
SPECIAL." New-York otlL ?.??, Nu?. 229 and ?1
Bros Iwsjr.?Adv_ !
Plttsburg, Jan. I?The boiler of the towboat
Percy Kelaey, owned by w. n Broam's Son, of
this nty, exploded on the Ohio River, near filen?
BeM, Penn., sbout 11 o'clock this forenoon, six of
th, crew were killed snd seven or eight others In?
Jar.-.i. Th,? list of dead and Injured, so far ns the
names ar.- known. Is as follows:
l-ivl'T-"1'1'' ****- tlremaa v. ki'.sti'.r. Lm. firrman.
i Li n.\. p. Milton oil '?.
LALLT, Joaepl. ?. ?.,n l mat?
Another ftretnar is missing and believed to be
ALEXANDER, William; HANNA Harry, deck
will .ii-. \v m ,:?>. Percy I
* '?' ?-R, H?u-h; will rli?. ? pilot; ?.!:i pi I al ly
iOW.F Lcalla, captain; rile,
,, ,' i ui WANDEI-L, Adolph, itew
" ALK i:i: ? ia,vl 1. c ndl ar.. eondltl n mi
U ? .
The Kelaey left Plttsburg sbout s o'.-ioek this
morning for Ctndnnstl, with a tow consisting oi
? barbea and two data of coal She reached
Glendale at 11 o'clock. : i fes minutes latei th
' *P rr, i Th, : r, u wei lit, rally blown
t ' p?en - ind the I .\\ .? red and lout. ?' ip?
t 'i-'' Joi ? - and thn , others were pi ??l up alive,
bj? '" : y '? dur? .1 ' ?n.Ij rto it? I ashore
N? ? lila Island
boat wai commanded by Captain Leal!?
Jones, of Bhouaetown, I'enn., and the crew wai
i.I< ? engine? rs, two mate
!? ' (?':?'??:'.. i chambermaid, a cook and several
deekh .-? I? The raune of the explosion la : ?I
known, The bo it mm valu? d al i. .
Skaguay, Alaska Jan. 2, via Seattle, Wash., Jan
s s.i! el y .i day paa -? i that loea nol s
?ever il cases of lot-J i i Bkagusy. B
? ind day. Bom?
of the bull llnga are to be
more are dance halla, varletj
?r ? and saloons Each Incoming steamer
hundreds of people.
- tl ? whl h arrived to- la}
Elder came In fren Portland with three hun
dr? 1 j> issenxers. It la Ible for peo
pie t ? : ure. hotel or '? '. ? nmoda.
lions, T taurani and gam >llng
houses ar.- thronged daw Bnd night, while genera
buBlm T. nts 'r ? lerev, i
an available site can be found, generally In th?
W, B. S naater of .-;'.
took office yestei lay.
Th? ? to-morrow in th
: ? i
i" ? il n rrl re to take plac? hei e eras
hrnted Saturda] I Patrlcl
: ind the brl le MIsh J nie Ma k
I of the di menl
the Northw? ?I Mo inte , ;? .. riet s
extei rla from ? ? \\ ilt to Lak?
T iglsh, sa i ns ill pel ns en r
dike ' . I ' will ? 'mltted to past
Ti.':-': House unless ?? .i '-. pers m
: poui da of pro?
Juneau, Alaska, Jan. 3, via B? ittWv Jai - Xw?t
ty men have arrlv? I ien fr m Dawson. Bom?
of tl r ot A',,i?k.i :' n
ten years They unhesitatingly state tl ii ther?
is no danger of stan i I i
Govei . Tl ? v say : it Thlr
ty Mile River, between Lake Lebarge ai
Hootallnqua, is open, ai ! I " were .-. ?:?ij?? ? i:? -1 t?
t.ik?. to ; s aide hi - Most of th i a who arrive,
to-night Intend going ba k i? Boon aa po
with i ippll? u for the c imli ? rhe
reported to In ver; "or tw?
weeks i n er haa been veri n
"E I" Lard, I ?? mai
at Da ?son :'nr stealing '?- ?? ?? ?i a gol
from ? ?? ?? ? i rk? ? per, ha? b ei
i. eased II Is i th< rea ?o
dlfoh.iri-'e was that tl I no food f"r pris
B in Fr tm : ?". Jan. ? An in;,, r
of railway and steamship men ;. I here
H. M an 1 sen?ra I I
Oregon Railway and Na tlon Company, was h
?il with th.- Southern P with refer
,.-. .. , : new iteamahlp line which the Kavlf
or? ore to run fr m Pon nd to Ala kun i
The ?? i-opet ?? rallr id Is t. N? i
aide will give I
Seattle, Wash.. J;n. V-T. B, Corey, ot B I
f the men wno arrived here from K
on tl ' City or Be ittle, - tys: "M)
ted tw? nty-flve boats and i
up en Lak many on Lak?
Taglsh In plac? river they
? .
Mr. Corey apeaki highly of the human?
,i ,. n . ik? room In
for men 1 ' ? :'v i""
? .
< ti Lak? benne I the party met '? irteen sled?
drawn by I rylng flfteei hun Ire i to two
i. It wai their Inten?
tion, If pos to get a ' r.aki
j,.?;, ,? there to send 1 piles alonfl
Later ! i rted that ten
! ... .,. ? | Mr. ?'? r? y ial 1 th, re m ,?
? \. itarva
oa high aa
t ,
I u m,! J ' ; ' ?ruche,-, formerly ol B
Penn I I ?an O
! of th? ri Two boat -. m u !?? I
;??..?? iun Ire i
Irlftlng lown
Durpros ond n party of sis En n ihmen
,','., ? ?.? i - . . ??. brouRhi ips ir '
? i m They il
,,',, ',? . of a sale er' ?..m- mlnli
,/??// \ // 1 KCGCK'ti I i 1 II /.' HooF.
Boston, Mass., Jan - iSp lall An Interesting
,ii overy has |usl been made here In the unearth?
ing of tie- long-losl letter book ot John Hancock.
?. w.,.. ,- about the tl ? r< turn of .John
Hancock from England thai the Ural letter ap
... i red telling ot the co-| irtnerahlp of uncl?
neph? w, as follows:
Bo ton, .I,iiiii.iry 1. ITS.
i ;, , . v [ am to acquaint you th I 1 hav, a) last
tiiw Day Taken n?j N? I ? * Mr >hn Hancock
ir o? Po'rtn? rshlp with me, ? ex
pertneeol " * ? 7 f,"r
mmend him
to Your'friendship .?- Corre ; mdence, which m in
may lae lor ; nnd happy.
John Hancock be? une a partner of the firm .1 i
time when hla uncle was 111. and the young roan
whs burdened with gT< H rewpoi itbllltte?, rhomsa
I, ,,. , | . from gout, the saine dis
,. ,?,. thrt lut? r on msde life s burden to his
i,. phew. A letter of November ?'. ; i
Disorders ?ft the Goui thai I am nol able to ?live
tlon i" Voui fall ??? . they ab o
Require. Mr-. Hanco k joli ? me In
I full Compllni'ti to i 'i ir Ladysl In and I
un Mud?me, four Moat lhV.lt. Humble Bervt.
Our -I H Ask? the fav"r that Mr. Harrison will
?.i.,..- to gel mad? ? t I ti Bag wig
and i neai Bob wig. Fa ? A of a light
i ni? m the alz? of Mr B in ir?s s ull the
Ti.- wig Mr. Birch m ? , ? v. ith
ntted v. rj welL The . oat of th? m Mr u ori?
son will charge in hla lttl tl with ,i ii.
> letter ot Nov? mber a. 170. t ? . London
What if ?? ir tl Blake that are on
ned. turn o . n i ?pi the single pi, |
v.- wrote for, ?a t.. ? v...
: .. I'rl ??? .?.??' ri it w* ol? I) for T
II ,\ ' iiu* I we Judg'd you would
have i ? ? ; ? little itt? ? nd ir .if ?h.- very
!.. ? liad the .-xi" n ?? I n twl o ii much; In?
intn m i 'olcheater
i . ? colour <t ? mi
thai it u entirelj ? S me I ?lasppolntment
. T H A will hai-.l') tpsw.-r for common aale al
the price, We ar? nol api to Eaull ?i ou, i. it ? .
we could ?i"t help mentioning & hay,- to desire in
future that you will plea?*t to when any Artl?-ie
i? wrote for Eamlly ubb, to send It of the very best
.. v ,? .' ?Sill.
Short Une u R B ? era ind r" C and ''.-the
r.-. ol the famous Limited New-York i.? .at. Au
gust Ine, .Hi iiik. compartment, sleeping snd ob?
nerval Ion ? nr?. infoiiiiutiuii snd plan of trsln, ap?
ply Kew-TSTP Office?. Nu. -Tl uiid SJi Hri>adws)'.?
TRIUMPH OF Tin: hkii.man WMPnOKt NAVAt>
COMMRRCTAL pni.p v <hai:v. at IAUS
Hi'KV s iN.\< r: \ ENOLAKira WsTW
? i -, \[.-r.
fi."- raSLC T' TIIK 11;ll't v- i
L indon, Jan. 8 Th.- ?eransn Emp? rot has led
the chorus of reJoMng In the Fstherisnd over
the publication - ?s?ment f< r ths acqui?
sition of Klao Chau Bay, There la no religi?s*
r.-fr.tin, for the main motives are ramrnsrclal
and Imperial; not! ng li lid ah. ut the few mil?
aionsrlea whose wroni . more pious hor
ior and prompt itlon thsn the awful
woea of a hundred thousand Christian? In Ar?
menia. Thi 'tics \v.-re "g., d "tiotigh
Morgana until after election." The ?xuitant
Emperor, whose ? as has I.a persistently
underrated in England, has obtained th.?
ereignty over one of the -? harb ra In North?
ern China, which can be strongly fortlflsd and
converted Into ? naval base He has in. r-ased
German prestige In the fir East, and ?? -mimando
loyal Bupp ri al home for h.s new naval and
commercial policy. Th?. mercan! -^.?s in
Hamburg l . |y taken fire, and are tallc
Ing of establishing i tesmshlp line in
etltlon with l: ? . i French linea
Industrial Oerm ? . an)l
? ' i grest expansion of trade as the di?
re. ; i msequ? n< ? I ii ma In
befriending Chins when Japan ???. - I r; .u?.
England awaits with Increasing ImpsJlenes s
from Lord Salisbury, I ui he ia mora silent
and m re Inscrutable thsn ever. There are no
aymptoma if feverlshnesa In the Foreign ufflce;
the Csblnet Is n it summoned, and the .Ministers
ar ? s'i ..??;; ? n the ? .. : .crea
tlon In country' houses The ann. uncement that
two Brli i had an? h red ? tr Port Arthur
war a wel. ome : ;,,,?- .-?tml
lar tidings from Klao-Chau will be bsllsd with
delight. The truth [a clearlj discerned thst oos>
' from china r ?r trading i urposea and
? must be r. ft ltd. d as valid, hut
the English press, speaking for the natl? ?a, ?le
res that porta one P ?wer must be
fr'" ? ' :i!! ??'??' ' be n .thing like a
ipoly. This assu i sitsd
'?' 'th undlsguls. : anal. ??? ; n interests alike Eng
I in I. Ameri. .1 an 1 .111 an s-hl? h hsve the lsrs>
h m- if the Chin? se trsde
This drams of the far Esst, like a chinea?
pi .v. is enactel In the dirk. On " f Ums
Ilght has revealed Oermsny In ; .. of 4
point of approach t.- Peking: another hurst of
Illumination has disclosed Russia In iccupatloa
of Port Arthur; the nexl glimpse will probably
explain what Fran... ha? Chins by
her secret alliance ? Ith Russia; sooi r itag
Lord Salisbury will 1 ome out of rlt - t.
It is already char thai it will be i puppet-play
on the lines of the Turkish drama; there will he
no partition of Chins I il another European
? rr of ina-tlon for enabling the si.-k man
to live and borrow m ney freely from all his
The darkest underpl I of this ?'hin. a
la the ulterior policy f J pai Thai enterpris?
ing Power is building s ?r.-at navy an l ,?; in
such haste thst she has pur based two power?
ful croisera fr- 1 C ; ow lying li '1
dockyards The 1 of the
play win ?..> Japan's relations to the new . ?n?
.???rt. ? ith Its ev ingels, ? -. and
?Lord Chsrlea Beresford, who Is crying "Ship
ahoy!" and dancing hon . 's ilw
pr?.- nt temper of th? English 1 ; le; ha is a
figure, like the gsllsnl William In
' Bis. k-ej ! Bui itn He t? la th.m tltusntry
which he Is wooing with , ardor, yet
with discretion, thst the English people own?
two-thlrda of the comm? n e and one-fifth of the
aurface and one-fourth of the population of tho
whole world, and that Britain must defend her
possessions. A canvass 1 tslent for
making atstistl 1 1 to enter
Parliament, snd he will pi win th?-?eat.
The Liberals ought, however, t ? make amends
f.-r the loss of York by carrying the Bouthsast
Durhsm constituency affected by ths dlsas
t: ija I. : 1 Lmdonderry.
whose Indi is excited by ths Eraptoy
. r> Liability bill, no longer sulks In h.s tent,
but has "i- n--1 the Unionist csnvasa by as?
plaining that what he aald was true, although
I,., did not Intend to hurt the Unionist party.
Xhls i wing. Mr. John
Burns has wsrned the working classes ?af York
? .- they ought not to support s Liberal candl
.!;,-.? ?-ho i..?- '?? ? a 1 ?-? ;? rstlns with ths mas
ters "f th? eiigfnetrlng trsde in their warfare
upon Trades Unionism Organised labor is aul
;..? a::,r Its crushing defeat In th?- recent
. .,-. and hsa ar? opp irtunlty of jiunishlng
. j. eral csndidste for York and Imme
dlatelj revolting sgainsl the Unionista in Dur
England Is compelled to sh..w that she Is
mistress of the dei rts as well aa of the seaa.
-rh- a,han.n Khsrtoum hsa not been re
aumed, but an ei ? : al*/ called
f,r strong reinforcements si Berber for de*
fenslva purposes, and the Egyptian Army. ?tifT
with British bsttsllons, 1- no? m??ving s
thousand miles u?> the Nile, while th- i-.irrlson
of Lower Egypt la replsead from Malta and
, ther Btstlona The military arrangernenta aro
admirably ordered, but the dangers and dlfft
cultlea of ths Empire in the Boudaneaa <l.-s?-rt
are apparent The Dervishes hsve only to find
thdr Stonewall Jackson In order to repast the
Bhensndosh v..n?y raids sgslnst Dongola and
render the man lines of ?-ommunlcatlon and
, smpsJgnlng untensbls.
Lasl week'a rumor that Fsshods, on t?.e Up
per NT,?-, had l'.-.-n occupied by a French mili?
tary and scientific expedition la not vet con*
Armed, bui iftei the recent wsrnliiga from the
., Office :i Itlon of this k.nd will
1 tt.-rh reaented by England, which hits virt?
ually proclaimed a Monroe I.i.-rlne of her ?.wn
from the mouth of the N:'.- to I'M Cape Of Good
?i ; ... From tie- West Coast of AfliOS have
itlon of Saeiza, where
tho Oermsna hat apparently t.?-?-n forestalled.
A largo aectlon of the ?h'M Coast Hinterland
has been brought und. r British control. How
the great African empire, which is constantly
expanding, can be malntaii 1 and defended
without a large Increase of tha army and the
adoption of ? : " '"? l!l ' "?"'t r-onservatlve
writers find it ?lo!1-- ult to -xidain.
Tm. ,. ? asures for Cuban non-comhs
carrted out with tha sanction of the
imericsn snd Spanish snthorttlas, are favora
bi) commented up. n hsrs as a work wi mercy.
The t ?ne of the English press on all American
questions I- remarkably rordlsl and friendly.
Th?- real tr :, 1 of Spanish affairs is bsttst un?
derstood In ?Psria than In ?London. The financial
exhsusltoa ? f SpwAn is ?saMintnf rntara apparent
..very month, and Its l?..rr.?wtttg r?unces ara
virtually at an ?nd abroad Osnsral Weyier
bs ? SB ilted less enthusiasm ?Inc- hi? .-eturn
un es iM.n Rn nm rou.
f?) a .N??-k I r two years. Will buy a t?rat?
ela?? piano. KHKI.L, if? Fifth Av., ?.?d Si .>

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