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The annual raeetlng Of Die stoekholders of the
Pe.kski;'. Btove Worka for tke oi.-i--.ion of dlreetora
wlll bo held al the offlce of Iha company to-day.
,\t the aaaaal B-oettac af tha Btockho-dera of tho
Weatakeater Coaatjr Natlonal Bank. wklck waa
hel.l ln th" bank yeaterday, the toHOWlng ?*I^?0["
won slected: Cyrua Froat. Thotaw Nelson. I
!__S-e?t :''d,,e*^*^Ulden7:Cyri8
dent, Cprnellus A "? - m ??- .i?-.-l.t. . > ru_
froat; eashlar, Oaorara a. -"uigason.
* ?
A pretty weddtae*. cetebrated laal alght ta lhe
rreekyterlaa Church, waa thal ot Mlsa Fmmvm
A.i'i.''Tr.,v:s. daughter ol Mr. aad Mra 8
? TrartB of u ell< i-mrk. axvd ITank HU -
oi New-Tork Clty. Mlaa TratfiB waa at
_?_!??_i' -si
Grenxebuch, M aa i. ' -? ' ' Mi ?,. Wl ,
hja broth-i MlEPi7o_pa Chun
SLatoV of, .:*?-? A.,H.,f.ood?.,..u!;n. of
,m- convlnced reeterday that a
HMob _nd nad drtllid ? -?*? *-??J ^J _?
?afe dJir They were evldently surprlsed there
___ far ihi " ? forctag th.
^fha1 ..ru? en the Plati? and
wli -s of th. Repub Ican party in Nea -Ro
k^golng or. for rve?Vn7'th^VurttD-onowcr_
havs - ? iha ranka of the PW r '','[,:
that the machlnery haa pas*'-- """f' u ,.
frcVn beir hands. Last year ^"^"f'Z.^v,
earooatsm for the RepubUcan county ttcKel were
_a_prled to work sl a ?^??W^e^,??_
g? fw.-v.r,to,U ? ? SSStat,
..... &d%.thei -?? OS W, I.
nlght the antl-l'latt RepuMleans comple ^ thelr
vlctorv bv turning out at the prlmarlcs and secur
Ing complcte con-.roi of the party BBanacaaeBt
Auguet Mlller and Mlaa Mary Chapmnn were mar
rled at Chrtst BpaacopeJ Church on Tueaday eren
lnr by the Rev. Bllla I.von. tho rector. Wllllam P.
Hlekey waa the beet man and Mlsa Qraee Chapman.
6i9t<w of tha bride, tho inald of honor. The uahera
wer. Thomas Roes. Jamea Whltely, Horace Pler
VOM and .1. "? g.V< ? BWSV
gg Ler uiule, WllUaa Hutchlngson, of New-Tork
The Repirbltean General CoaUBlttee organtaed on
Tu-adajr e\enlng. T:.- joaen: E. M.
Binatu of the Thlrd Ward P^?*at:?v A Oarn
joat, of tha St-th Ward vlce-prealdent; J. C. Fleu
chaua, rifrh Ward. secr-tary; 3. M? VanLler.
Fourth Ward. aflBlstant s- r.-tary; B. H. Jh">,r_
Tirst Ward. tre,l.?;r..r. Frederlck Bell, Sevenih
Ward B-rgeant-at-arn , , ?, ._
\ sak ol pl :turaa .mbined wltli a Metal. wl l M
held to-morrow e-enlng at tha horna of^Mtb. Ched
siv at Park Hlll. ur ler rhe ausplcea of the Klns p
Sons eiidDaughterB of the Park Hlll Reformed
Tr^Ohaminale Club. n mii'ical club compowd tn
tln ly of women, wlll meet thla siternoon at the
home of Mrs. E. K. Martin. Alta-ava, 1'i.rk HIIL
The composer to be discussed *.s Pe Koren.
The taatallatton Of tho recently eleeted offlcer,
of Pi.-rre Cortlandt Van Wyck Carap, No. 104,
Bons of v.-- ? ? ptaca laat nlght C?aptata
Jaaeph R Swalu was Inatalllng ofBcer, and tha
aaerds-a wrre sttended by Morell Poat, No. 144,
G A. R. Tha following nr-e the 'fl ? - -'.'?-' 1:
ln; .!? hn y. ' *t ?eu
Wlllai 1 Rice. second 11' .!. \\.
Hoffman. ch ipl re Val. ne, ?"??"*
_e-ai i- 1 B Stsni ?:.. 1 rten Bnm
uel Knapp ? Chell 1 D. Bwaln, ser
n, ,,f ,1 .. R rd; fi il ard Kromer, Jr . Prtn*Mpal
rnuslclan; lawn n ?? Pli ki ey, camp guard; Wklt
ney Coleman, plckel guard
The Vlllape Trusteaa on Tuesday nlpht discussed
? of a new htghway from Port Chester
to Rye. ar.d lt ls probable thal lt wlll he bullt by
u-inif Mldland-ava aa a connectlng llnk. The
1 I from tho Porl Chester Electrlo
R mpany an offer to grada tho thorough
? ? ? ??
. two vlllagei The propoaltlon waa r
n of OMrge
?, ' vil m ^:'s "lso fwcelved,
tces appolnted B. Wllllam
and Frank Parker to take the census.
K, *ent has ' of tha marrlage
?,.-1;., helle. to Gei rge
Butterl.eld.ol Port Chester, The widdlng took
last Sunday. _
The truateea of Behool Dtatrlct No. 3. town of
Mount Pleaaant, have :., 1 ra to I ia petltlons
Of John D. B Ckef< Her and Colonel Wl.llam Chur'h
wlth Charies R. Bklnner, the State Buperlntendent
of Publle Inatructlon, at Albany. Mr. Rockefeller
c'aim.'d Ihai tha I roll of the d-?trtct waa
UieiSron the ground that It waa not n
wlrNn the tlme limlted ly atatute 'hetlf. wlthln
Th iy daya ol th. an.I meeting. whlch took
:,,.'../ , ? 3 last. The truateea reply that
\ : ? f.V",.^!.?ti... Ltatute by taklng th.
fo' be flJed by Sept. mber Stt Lasl year. ou ing I 1
contoat the tow-nroll waa not flled Untll November
o-? The truateea then complet. I tl" roll ta four
dava T\t ? "'on ,nat '
\r"ro-*ar to the tlm. Ilrectory 1 -
taandatory. and that they have compllc 1 wlth tha
Bpirlt lf not tho lett?r.
Justlce J. O. Dykman has glven a declslon in th<.
ca-e of Richard P. Baraee agalnal the a-sessors of
the town of New-Caetle. This eaae Inrolved tha
queatlon of the lepal status of a nawspaper nol
prlnted ln the town wh. re It ls publlahed. The ae
_e"-ors falled to Inaert the neceaaary nrlevance no
tlce eUlmlng that "The Cbappaqua lr.-m." whlch
la prlnted ta Manhattan, was not a newspapar.
The Court deci.'.ed that lt was, and has now de?
clared Barnes-a personal ta- eold, on tha 1
that the aseessors were groasly negllgent ln refus
btg t? acoept the affldavlt of the relator. The
u .r_ are ordered to remova tha asaeaament
from the roll and pay costa smountlng to |3G
?aaer-rlsor Halght haa br.,-.^^ an actlon ajcainst
tha kdmlnlstratora of tr.late of L?avld Harnea
or* v 11.. taxea. The prlnclpal polnt ln the
c_se.'o be ? I I", ta ~n*cn ' >wn a:" lh? B*,,"^t"
??7h" table? The admlnlstratori rlalm
that all the funda and property of th. eatate ara ln
control of one of thelr who la a realdenl
_f fllng Blna ???? Townslilp ai
OI aml, ?'?'?-;, , \, w-' "aBtl. hold no pi >'.":rty.
er^?klso! nd that af!
7;;;' nk deposlU. whlch
ilreexei 1 " ' ''! '?"? ?t-Aut-*
The Methodlal Bplscopal resldenti af Baat Chester
ftro not only aurprlaed but Indtgnaat
the actlon of a New-York Clty brewtng company
!_ u, of the fonner Aal .r-, Methodlat
Bplscopal Church for a supply *_epot Tne ohurch
_ . , UM ,,iA n us.- untll two
ag ,. wh< d a new 1 utldlng ta Fifth-ara waa
agmtotto Th. building waa punhaaed by Mra
laahrila M B rton, and ).< r Bsalgn-e, Thcodore
Henry lt 1 ?? ' ' tn' '
t " : AT"
t ju.ls- Wiiiia.n I'. Hard, one of the
\r^{, trying to prevent lhe further d
'': ., -, F. was crowd. , I
nlght to wltr.. '
? H
t_rv- _flaa Plmbl.
V 1- ? M*;0
?g, Dr. Hol
n.ier ind other membera of tne <>. a k
. . rlntei _enl ' iiarlea 1.
next Tu<
ftA will b". -V.watone Park." and lhe
lacture arlll bo lUuatrated
A baM-aa I""''!' ?" ?-?? Ctothtoa More, of I.a.c
?__, t nre to tha eelllng
on Tueeday nlght, and th Bamei Bpread 1
? th. tock to the aa
ji uaj on wl 0 taBurance. 1 .
tie pro4BPt ? 'I''- (-' '<? r'" '":i"r'"''
_ ilidtag wa* aat
The Board of Bupervieors haa Bxed the pit'-<
f<r tranaportlng hiven ?? l< ltaqu< nta al U
Dile Wl er? mot than 01 la tal n it a tln
. -j , u mi ? ?'? ? ? ?'' ?"'' on* ?}-?' ' enl"
(on?tables' n lle ???- foi tranaportlng ;
? ie Klnga County Penitentlarj lal centa,
?M wa) '" ' :'u
jrif..i.. r .- lak' r. at a llm. .
Although th. Buptrvl ..-.!..;
?x-Supei vl_or Georgi II Bi n, ol .1
waa no long. r a m. mb< r of t...
Oi, 1 ;
Chalrman r- ? th- vai an
ye-tt'i ?? '?'??? '?'??? ' ' '
vlsor Bt <? whlch wa* lald o*. er und. 1 ? h. rv
M . -ay. ar < n, ll ln un !? r?i.I Mi Brov
be !? Inatated b: a vote )f
membera, accompanled by a re.olutlvn <?! lhanki
tor the work he baa performe. on th. commlttte
The N< u Ro. h. lle I,
ond l
cici_.'b oih.c, i:.uv.ii._ lhat xi.t. eapltal stock of ihe
Absolutcly Pure
company la &75.000; exlatlng dcbta. 08,000; toial ae
The young Men's Chrlatlan Aaaociatlon gara a
: thelr new aecretary, Dr. Robert Dodo*
worth, ln th U >n rooma laai night.
it is uld thai the trolley company haa had to
j,;.v t,. the Cltloene' Oaa and Electrlc l.i.ht Com?
pany 18.000 to cancel tin> contract for furnlahlng
? ,u. r for iii" tr Uey-cara The rallway company
? . bulld Ita own power-houae.
The flrst hearlng ln the onse of Is.t.t' Storn, of
Irrlngton, agalnat tho aaaeaaora of tha town of
, . ;. w ii l.rid on Tueaday before Maurico
Dlllon, of Port Cheater, referee. John W. PVea, a
real eatate dealer. was called In behalf of Mr. Siorn.
and gave "xpcrt teatlmony. The flrat hearlng ln the
i '. Mrs F. o. Mathleaon, of Irrlngton, wlll ho
held to-day at the offlce ol Townaend and McClel*
land, Naasau-at., Manhattan. The Bral hearlnga ln
the caaea ol Loula Btern, E. Banedlci Cobb, Mra. El*
' :? J, Banker, Auguatua ''. Cobb and I-rank H.
Pleraotj agalnat tha Tarrytown Vlllaga Aaaeaaora
? held in New-Tork City on Pebruary .. _??
fore Henry Loomla Nelnon, referee.
. public meetlng; for the purpoae of dl.-u.BiiiK tne
latlon qucBtlon waa heM ln tho Tonng Men's
Lyceum laat evening. , _ __
The new offlcera of Westehester I-o.l>re No. 350,
Independcnt Order of Odd Fellowa, were Inatalled
on \i nday evening by D trl l Deputy Honry rrre
T of Crvptlc Lo !.:??. I'"' krk:',i.
On Tueaday evening Dlstrlcl Deputy K. L. ."mg.
of Blng Blngr. Inatalled the ofllcera of Kyk-1 lt coun?
cll, Royal Arcanum, and Inltlated four candidates.
its position.
Tho T'nlon League Club of Brooklyn trsttlled to
its Manoh Republlcanlam last eveninp by paaataf
unanlmoualy a reaolutlon un.iriK Congreaa to a?
aume an afflrmatrve attltude and enact currency
leglalatlon which wlll atrengthen the poeitlon of tho
Treaaury i.n-i malntaln Invlolablc th.- gold atandard
I y votlng unanlmoualy toaend eongmtulatkma
to the Rapubllcan leglalaton "f Ohlo, supi-ortcd
Benator Hanna. On the prevtoua evening John S.
McKeon, pn-sldent of th.. club, had sent a mos?i);o
of congratulatlon 10 Benator Hanna.
Mr. Mr-Ki-oa preslded al laat nlght'a mecdng.
which waa the auarterty bualneaa aeeaten of tho
club. Colleotor Frank H. Moore waa aecretary.
After t! o usual routhi'- bualneaa, Andrew 11.
Rog.ra chalrman of the Polltlcal Commlttee, rrp
aented 1'." reaolutlona. Mr. Rogera s\.i<ko brlefly,
. mmendlng the flrm atand taken by Seeretary
Gaire. n. aald that Congreaa ahould be Btrength
:. '.'s purpoae to uphold the gold atandard by
i. ng urgeo t" tak.> afflrmatlve actlon. Benjamln
Estca aeconded the reBolutlon, and urged the i ? ?
. .!..? club. ?w..rk;:._- foi >.i government and
? Rppubllcanb-m ??:: local aa wl, aa In Na
. polltica. The r_-.oluti_.ns were carrted unan
Some "ne auggeated that a nuss;ipo of oonc-ratii
? < ould be bi n1 * ? Bei ttor Hanna. Mr. Mc?
Keon aald that 11...; hi.r< idy been done. and
read a copy ot tl . mei .-?? 1,. bad aent to Bena
;, r Hai na the 1 iht 1 ? ?
i,i. Benjamln F. Blalr*a mot|,,n, the following
meaaage waa eent to Benator Oarfleld, for thr: Ohlo
Republlcana who aupi>orti 1 Benator Ilanna:
"Jamea R. Oarfleld, Columbua Ohlo:
"The Unlon League Club ??: Brooklyn, N. Y
hearty eonjrratu 11 I th" Republlcan
membera of'tln- Ohlo Leglalature who aupported
llty thelr party pli l;res and re-elected
JOHN S. M'KEi i.N*.
"Pn aldent"
An Inten stlng Incldont of tho meetlng waa the
announcement ihat Benator Forakei had accepted
on lnvltatlon to :;,, .:k .??. tbe club'a Uncoln'a birth
day dlnner, on February 12. Tho other apcakera
wlll Im- Benatora Thuraton, who waa lasi night
-,r; honorary member of tha club; Senator
Burrowa and Gowrnor Black.
wlth tl
_;? nator Hanna.
Under the Greater New-York Charter tho Board
of Educatlon of tbe old clty of New-York goea out
of otfW on February 1, and then becomea tii>.
School Board of thr- borougha of Manhattan and
The Bronx Orlglnally the beglnnlng of tbe aehool
r waa on th>- seoond Wediw sday ln January,
and tomeet both requlrements It **, ni ? iry for
tho Board yeaterday to elect a preal lent nnd a
clerk fur thls mont!). Prealdent Hubbell called tba
Board to order and then made way for E. Ellery
Anderoon, wbo appointed Commlaalonera Llttle and
TAft to act aa tellera. Charlea Bulkley Hubbell
was the only nomlnee for prealdent and he re?
celved flfteen of tba nli eteen votea eaat, t),-- othera
lieing h-iiii.t.. Arthur McMullln was again choeea
clerk, reoelvlns all of the tw? nty-ona votea ? gi ept
two, whlcb wera eaat for Mr. Hubbell, tha an
nounci-.mer.t of which made the ?''.mmls'doners
lauK'h. Tho prealdent mada a apeech of a Caw
words thanklng tho Commlsalonera for the honor,
The report of the Buperlntendent of School Bulld
Inga was recelved and ordered prlnted. It contalned
a great maaa <>f atattatica regardlng contract. for
. . ?,-: work entered Into by the Board durlng
1.V7. it ahowed thai the Board had authortoed
elevatora to carry people to the r?of playgrounda
ln aome of tba OChOOla, and that a flew of tho
_-_Jicx>ls wlll have eomplete electrlc llghtlng planta
Gymnaatlc apparatua \'. .. be plaeed In tbe Kdioois
at Beventy^eventh-al and Amaterdam-ave, and at
No. _?S \V-::t Thlrtfi.th-st.
A communlcatlon from tho Dejairtinent of
Flnance recommended thai the Board aubmll im
medlately to tbe Boojd of Estlmate and Aj>i>ortion
ment Its c-stlmato ,,f tbe aehool expenaee f,>r ih*i
borouyhs of Manhattan and Tho BftMU. f<?r tho year
1898. Aooordlnsly tba akeleton estlnmto of S?p
tomber. calllng for oomethlng ln exceoa _f M.86-,
c??i. wns ordered torwarded to the B ard of Estl
:?.. ta
Tho Board dedded t" appeal from the dedslon of
Judge Daly grantlng a writ of mandamua eom
pelllng tl e Board to pay the alleged exoeeatve Miis
of ex-Judge Alllaon for aervlcea aa apeetal counael,
The matter wlll be earrled to the Appellate DI
vl lon <?: thi Bupreme Court, The Board audlted
u tull "l M 180, o1 v leh Mr. Alllaon obtalne I <: ???'?
? :. tha' Ita actlon would hav- n,< !??
on the real aapei t ol ihi ? rt to be appeule<l.
Lleutenant Oeorg" R. Evam been appointed
drill master on board the Bchool.hli Bt. Mary'a in
the place of Lleutenanl John D. McDonald, who
haa been ordered to Mare laland, CaL, i>y tbe Navy
i->. pai tment.
Tho maniaga of Mlaa Florence E Raloer, the
daughter of W. B K : Bi pleton, and Edwtn
w j, brated yeaterday afternoon In St.
Mi morl il thi Ri v. a;,>.t7. , Wood
,,,i: Tl ?? brldi won a bi rwn travelllng
Ircas, and carrli I vlol Hei mald of honor was
Mlaa Allce V?", DaJ I 1 mi i ^as Charlea
_ 1, ey, and th ? Bert H iward, of Manafleld,
1 >hlo, an i ''.. Ii- rberl Daley, of '"llfton.
Tho old Board of Poilce Commlaalonera yeaterday
>on deltvered to a repn entatlve of Contn ler
the monej and bond edlt of the
Board I inded over $16,000
ln . ., .,:. 1 :?'.!. :- ..:.'? 12,0'JU.
annual met-ttni of .? for the Preven
?1 ,n of '"i uelty to 1 '?' ? eati rday
? !'. ? , H ? !??. ', 1 . 1': ,?.-',
,. ... aidi nt, Dr. J. <'.
trea irer, \v. O. \ llcox; e iirir-ei. How
ar 1 R, Ba s: ? : a*, nt. Jau town \ lei ,
denta, North! ry l. Blmonaon; Caatleton,
1 . il, k?: Mlddletown, A. I >h*t Irvlnc;
B fleld, th* Rev. .1 t' LScclcaton; Woatflo I, f.
O. Ulln ,' ?r. '' W Ti n n ? nd, M:^.
Oeorga Wllllam Curtla, M:s O. II. Barnard Mih
W A Lentllhon, Mn Wllllam Wllcox. M.-r, F. II
('a'.iot. F. L, Rorewald, Francli >>. Boyd, Mrs. _> m
Oay, Mra. A, Dun Irvlng, <;. W. \\ .iitehuuso a:,?l
Mra. Adolph t>..:... n ....
M Ctrker, of Boaton, committed suicido by
gwull >wlng oarbollc ai .) al the Uowory umi
rd-al.. at _.so a. tn. yeaterday, otto A. Bur
ttn, of Na .'i B nrery, aaw blm rea i e latter and
ti,. n drtnk tha c mtenta of a apint Baok. Immedl*
. :t< r he fell i ? i" ihe aldewalh An
ambulan ? v.-.r. Bum bui tha n...n wau dead
a letter, evldently from C|rker*a wlfe, wu? found
I to aend hlm money, bul h_i<i ihat if
i..- tvanted to ome bome and worh and i>-\,- run
..,,,... ! 'in. body wa.-, taken to
of No. 810 < !olumbua
ave., called theri ln thi aftei loon .l Identlfled
t.,.- ir.. n .i. laln, u: M. < 'Irkt r, foi ty-two
yaan ,,ld u clothlng . of No. "z Eaat
Broolcllne-at., Boaton H< Bald that Clrker had
been drinklng heavlly for tdnro yoara ""J had
run through a rortuno ol 168,000
fii** PuntIsFj^eJ^IbWitum
Special Bargains,
Mahogany Finish and Maple 10.50
The whole family of drcssing tables is
here for you to choosc from. Some elabo
ratclv carved; some simple designs, low
topped, not encumbercd with much deco
ration, but marvelouslv beautifuL
Best of all, they are now at rcduced
factory prices, to make room for new
Geo. C.Flint Co.
43.45 an? 47 WBST 23?ST.
FACTORY'. 154- AND 156 WEST l9?_TRCtT.
_____ imiTlsii AMBAMADOU,
WashinRton, Jan. 12 .Bpedal). The conttweray
between the Vlce-Prealdent of the Unlted Statrs
and the Brltlah Ambaaaador over the question of
preoedenro hn* been declded agalnat tbe latter by
hla own <; rvernment sir Juitan Pauncefota eailed
at the home of the Vlce-Prealdent. ln Lafayetto
Bquare, laai week, and waa cordlally recelTed.
The next afternoon th,' Vlce-Preoldenl returned tha
call. Under tiie Cleveland Admlnlstration Mr.
Btevenoon dec!in<-d to aooert hl.* prerofatlve, aad
whi rever tho two mi n n el at a ooclal or nn om
clal funrtlon. the Vlce-Prealdent cordlally B*? the
riRht of way to the Brltlah Ambaaaador an.l took
tha aecond aeal In tha oynagogue. Becretary Olney,
however, diaputed Blr Jullan'a elalma He ron
tended that at all dlplomatlc funcUona at which
tha Prealdent of tho Unlted States w.is not present
ho, as Becretary of Btate, represcnted the iTesi
dent, anrl must hare the flrst pla^e. There was a
long dtacuaalon, which termlnated In a eompromloe.
Il w.us agreed tbal when the two met at th? homo
of ix forolgner Mr. Olney ahould, precede; when
they met at tha homo of an Amerlcan, Slr Jullan
ahould bave tha honor?. and all oodal affairs wera
arranged accordlngly. When the French Ambaaaa?
dor gava a dlnner party Mr, Olney aal at the rlght
of tho hoateoo. When an Amerlcan cltlaen cnter
Ulned both men sir Jullan bad thnt place,
Bhortly alior the Inauguratton of Prealdent Mc
Klnloy the late Oardlner Hubbard gave a dlnner
, party In h?nor of Vlce-Prealdent Hobart aad tavltad
tha Brltlah Ambaaaador. The latter requested a
? un of th.. table In order thai he mlght see
how the gueata were t. be aeavted, Intlmatlng that
recelved Ihe pla ia of hon ?r be would feel
ed to aend hls regrata Mr. Hubbard replled
that hi la no dlagram of hla t.;ble, but that
e Vlce-Prealdent, belng the chlef ynont of the
ild be aeated at hla rlghl hand. A brief
note from sir Jullan th?' aame afternoon regretted
hla Inablll'o I accepl Mr. Hubbard'a Invltadon.
Thla aon of thlng con tln n I all through the sprir.B.
Slr Jullan refualng to '-.ill on the VI e-Praaldent
unleaa be eall< l on blm Brat, on the ..round tbal Blr
the repn entatlva of Queen Vlctorla
.. try, ranked next to tha Prealdent ofthe
Unlted Btatea. Mr. Hobart contended tlmt he, be*
Itlmate aucceaaor of the Prealdenl under
the Oonstltutlon, ranked w!:h tha Prln.t Walea,
Helr-Appareat to the Throna _f England, and hls
vlew of th? naso was generally accepted.
Tho co.ntroveray lier.ime s,> Irrltatlng tbat Preal?
denl McKlnley wrote a peraonal letter t,> Colonel
H.iy. Amerlcan Ambaasador ln London, asklng hlm
t.i obtain from the proper authorlty ar the Brltlah
Court ,' deflnltlon of the rank ..nd atatua of Blr
Jullan Pauncefota from the polnt of rlew of his
own Government. The Prealdenl <""k the around
tl at II was a amall matter to quarrel over. but, at
the aame tlme, was llkely to !?? the cauae of eon
tlnual annoyance and emharraaement. and thai !t
wouid begenerouaon the i irl of tbe unlted Btatea
t,, accepl tbe (udgment and reapect the wlahea of
the Brltlah Oovernment Mr. Ilobarl concurred ln
... n If thi ? |u< tte ln Greal
taloi d Blr Jullan in his attltude, Mr.
? u..s perfectly wllling t,? glve way. bul they
did not. After due conaideration of the aubject
Colonel Hay waa unofl lally Informed thai the
y, . Prealdenl ol ihe I'nlted Btatea waa correel In
intentlon, nnd that Slr Jullan w>>u!d recelve
an Intlmation thai hla Qovernmenl to,,k that vlew
if the caae. His recenl call on Mr. Hobart lnill
. - th ;t h" haa heard from home.
Waahlngton, Jan. 12 (Bpeclal).- In the report on
tha dilapldated condltlon "f tl," bulldtnga at the
Naval Academy which _*scraury Long baa sent to
the Benate and Hou.mmltteea on Naval Af
I.,.ra ba aaya:
< in November _ laat the Bureau "f Nn 1
forwarded to thla Departmenl a reporl of the
BUiierintendent ol the Naval A ademy aettlng forth
lon hall ai that Inatltutlon used
by aboui iwo hundred and flfty cadeta w.is
. '; 1 ? dUi>?o at any tlme." and recommendlng
that Immedlate actlon be iak"ii "wlth a vlen to
preventlng aome terrlblc cataatrophe." The De*
nenl Immedlately, by telegraph, dlrected the
.,.:? r|nten lenl ol the Academy to dlacontlnue the
?; t,,. r< llatlon hall n porti l unaafe, and to
le foi :?:?': 11 ewhi re. 1 'Ivll Englneer
rt of thi llureau of Vardi nnd Docka, was
? | to maki a th.igh Inapectl n of the bulld
in^-s referred to In the auptrlntcndenl ?? report As
a reaull of the clvll engineer*a Inapectlon Ihe recl
tation hall waa condemned, noi only upon the
1 that lt was unaafe to us,. it a> bucIj, bul for
the further reaaon thai Ita dilapldated con lltlon
and threatened collapae endang.red nelghborlng
atructurej The recltatl.n hall waa torn down in
order to avold probable aecldrnt. The Department
then nreeenti I to the C mmlttee on Approprlatlona
of ihe Hour-" a requeat for an approprlatlon of
.;,,.., io be Immediatel) avallable for th- purp >l
conatructlng a lemporary alructure of BUfl
? ?? to mei ? preai nl emergencleB. Buch ap?
proprlatlon haa been made, and the work la now In
,- courae of Ihe Inveatlgation which was
ondemnatlon of the. recltatton hall,
attentlon war. dlrected to the condltiona of th*
buildinRB at the Naval Academy genc 1
ws foun 1 that many of them .ir.. regarded hy
ofllcera well aequalnted wlth the matter bi very
unxultable for the purponea for whi. h theyan uaed,
by i' aaon of original unflti Ign or
. . .... rm 1 of the Acadi my have
. Kn theli apacliy; thai othi ra ln dally use
n ? dilapldated, if nol unaafe. condltlon, and
. ra of the Inatltutlon h 1 be< n and w
? 1 w I'-ini- cnrrled on a1 a dlaadvantnge becauae of
an Inaufflcleni and unaultable equlpmenl In Ihla
? 'lar.
K ,) ; .,..?-. 'r,,in ln'ld>ntal examlnr'tlon
,,f ,,,,. . .? . ? ? it the condltlon of the bulldlnRS
al ihe Naval Academy waa auch aa t" demand
hi-rloua attentlon, ihe matter waa glven conaidera?
tion by the Aaalatanl Becretary >.f the Navy, who
found thai the varioua atructurea now ln uae there
d from tlme to tlme as requlred.
? or v..ii-.i'i,i,<.i plan. and thai
:. ,,f them muat of neccaalty be replaced .it
rly . I., t,
ginre the reporl was made the following Im
.. i.uiidinirB li ive :.? ? n aurvi ved and found
unHafi which waa ab mdom ?] untll
_ .. -,,.,, hy 1 ? ?? ' ? of hi ivy tlmber propa
. w, iern wall; the boathouae, which was
f, r many of Ita original purpoaea
.,.,;::.-. of n paln . and the malii recltatipg
h ,11 r,.,w 1- Inn di m, . 1 I menace to llfe,
Inaamuch a II ' ?? neceaaary to replaca
of the buildlnga al tho Naval Academy,
and In vlew of th< g< n< ral unsntli fa< tory ? onditlon
r Rtruetiirea now iitllti ectlon with
tho u,.ik at thai -ome rebulldlng mual
. ,. . ..?. and n ? ema ? :? arly dealrable
,..(,. 1. rit and well-conaldered plan ah?ul<l
be adopted ln any work of reconatruc.tlon -,r re
bulldlna \- hl. h n ithoriaed Buch a plan
, )? , ,, I,, ,,,1,1 it, 1. and la Bet f,.r; h ln _om,- d.-tnll
.... : ard ThU pl 111
,. ,.,,,,,, -rj.. . ,,!,,!,,,:..|. d !??? the Superlntendent, and
ln lt- general f< iturea. al leaat, meel the approval
.,' ihe Deparimeni He r< the lna< rtlon
,,f it,,. following ? lauae In thi Na* il Approprlatlen
blll, now belna prepari d:
"And the Becretarj of the Navy is authorlced to
conatrucl 01 ' ,r'" t1"1'. *l ll'?
Naval Academy, of a hulldinK aultnble f,,r uae m
im arroory, al a coal nol to exoeed B00.008; a boat?
houae, nol lo p.xcc-d $-0,000: u power-houfle, at a
-oi 10 ? \. ? ? ? four double houaea for
ofll ? 1 -' quarti ra, .ii a eoei nol to <-x.-i >-ii |go 1 00, und
6 .. eli mi. liKht wlrtnr removal of old
bulldlngi and preparing plana al a coal not cx
ceedlng 180.008, and the aun of H00,000 ls hereby
approprlated toward ti"- conatructlon of th<? public
works heraln authorlaed "
Baotan, Paaa., Jun 12 -<'hnrie? Rlnebart, rinht
guard and former captaln of the Lafeyetta foot*
' bell leain: wa_ arresled to-day and luld In |2.;Vl0
| ball hy JudK'i Hrott, ? hurijed by c'harl.B Arner.
proprtetor of tbe Central Hot'l, wltb allet-Btlag tho
1 aflectlona of bia wif., Llllie Arner. Rlnebart ls alao
I 11,,i 1 co-raopondani ln a dlvorce auit begun to-day
I by Arner. Thc bl_ guard Ib a aenlor at the college.
The other night an inebriate, lean
ing against a lamp-post opposite his
house, said he was waiting for the
front door to comc around
So, many of you, intoxicated by
some of our former bargain sale,
are lying in wait for another.
When you ean getsuch surprising
values in suits as you ean here now,
to-day, at $15, $16 and ^ 1S. there's
no need in waiting for the unexpect
ed to come around
Overcoats $16, $20 and $25.
Rogkks, PEET & Co.
Warren end Prcanwny.
I'r'.nre nn<1 l.rna.lway.
Thlrtv-*e."nrl ani Ilrin-Iway.
Waahlnjrton. Jan. 12 (Spectal) Probably the
-or?t dlagusted and moat unhappy Democrn
Congreeeman ln Washlngton to-night is th- Hon,
Wllinm H.-h^rter known as "Buch" Hlnr
of lllinoia. Although he has not yel served many
montha of his lirst term in Congrees, Mr. Hlnrlch
sen aaplred to tha chalrmanshlp "f '!"? Democratlc
Congrsaalonal Commlttee, and had lald hla plana
so skllfully and pulled the srtrea ao Bhrewdly th.u
he felt assnr. .1 of election to thal honorable and
Infiiiential offlc. Bul he had negle ;"l ona thlng,
wht'-h, Inatgnlflcant aa ir seemed to h m :?> i". wus
all-lmportant He could not be elected chalrman of
tho Congreastonal Commlttee unleaa ho waa choaen
a aaember <>f it. aml tha power of aelectlon r Blded
in the Democratlc Repreaentatlvea fr"tn Ullnola, of
whom there aro four, Includlng hlm?elf and i
Including Jehu Baker (whllora RepubUcan Repre
Bentatl-e, who defeeted Colonel Morrl.^on ta 188-,
?nd now Fuslor. 11 R< preeentatlri l, who de II
have anythiiiK' lo Bay ln mattera affeel ng the Dem
ocratle party organlaation. Well, the four UI
Democrata held n meeting to-day to selecl
repreeentatlve ln the Congre ilonal ?
Two ballota were reaulred t.> m..u.. ti." aelectlon,
and Mr. Hunter, wbo had already ser\-ed one term
'n < loMgrees, was chosen.
Hi fore tlie rota waa taken Mr. Hlnrlchsen mada
a powerful and affectlng bul frultleaa app< il to
hi.s colleaguei for thelr support. He wanti to ba
the next Democratl cand lal ? for Oovi
nola, .i.i i so doea Mr. Hunter After thi result had
lieen declaj-ol Mr. Hlnrl Borrow
to a "St ir" reporter, to wh "1 under
stand that theae gentlemcn claim to be carrying
out the aiahea of rertaln promlneni Democratl ir.
lllinoia. I know rhls to be unti
maaa "f tba I ? rmo racy of the Btate, li
leaders, I r> elved a teli p m yesterday from tlie
ry of the State < iomm I
member of thi i tce was f..r me I have re?
celved lettera and telegrama from h in li
prominent Demo ral - of our -
aish tbat I bu ???? ed Searly all i
newspapi ra n our State. lf noi 11,
favorably upon my nv Idacj for i ilrman. ln the
Houae fully foui tnt mtx re wen
me, and twenty-one n
belng a clear majorlty, wero pled_i i to mj ?
In fact lt waa conceded thal l would ie elected. and
there would probably have been no otl i indldate
f.r the chalrmanshlp before the eommlttei
theae facts were lald before the Ullnola delcgatlon,
and were '.rlfle l by ; i -lr. II inter
and Mr. Carnpbell have chosen lo antagonlse
not only of the Democracy ln oui Btate, bul
the Demoera ry In i iongi ?"? ntly
frir me ao long as the queatlon ol ? waa
ln douhl. bui oa aoon as It bi t that 1
aro iM .?'? eli ted for thal
actlon, took the rhalrm i . vay from the 8
of Illlnoi i . | rha Democ?
racy wlll |udge b< : wcen Ui "
Bei toi . .-.? r, of u ? ' \"ln Inla, e' ?
chalrman of the Democratlc foi Com
mh ti ?? In the dl ? ? ki of MM nnd
itlvi ly refused to a ca iilldate
for re-eleetlon to thal offlce It a
wlsh, he ild to-day, that he wa* re-eli ted In
IB).ui.I his dutlea aa chairman had prevented hla
Klvlnc the attentlon needed to rh- Interesta of hls
party ln I.1- own Stat< H'oi rh.> flrai tlme tn twen
reo yeara Wesl V'lrginla was lost i" the Dem
petty, and he feli !t the duty of every
Democral In the Btate to devote h i entlre ? i
to refonnlng tbe broken ranka ol the party organ.
Izatlon. Loncernlng his probable succeasor aa
chalrman B< r;..t? -r Faulkner refused to mak
Brid^r-pnrf, t'onn., Jan. 12. -An outhreak ln the
county Jail. whlch began 'asl Baturday, waa only
quelled to-.iny when Bherlff Hswley th.*eatene I l i
turn tha hose on r ti-_ refractory prlaoners. The
troubla arose among twelva trampa, who <-,,m
plalned of tho Jail fare .it.i refuaed ro work a:i
hut on.- came to terms to-day, and he ls Btlll
locked up ln a dark cell.
Hoaton, Jan. 12?A arated meeting of the Board
of Overaecra of Harvard College araa he] 1 to day,
It w.ts vote.! to '-on'-iir with tlie prealdent an.i fol?
low- In the'r rotea eieninj- Wllllam Coolldga Lane,
A. V... Ilbrarlan, and Cbarlea Francls Adama, Id,
A. IL, I.i. it. deputy treaaurer, for f..ur months.
from February n. By a vote of 13 to 10, the
Hoar.l of Overaeera niao dedded to appeal to tha
Laglalature to exteml to all thoae who have re?
celved the varioua dejjreea. votlng in Cantbrldge on
I'ommencement Pay, the right to vote for over
Beera of the cnllejce.
Thia menna. fsuhatantlnlly, that the alumnl of
th" profeaslonal aehoola wlll have a vote ln tho
ii(lml-ii?tration of th? Untverslty.
However. thla Mirfra*'" wlll not he exrended to
the n:umni of the profeaslonal schools before tha
flfth annual election aft.T they bava recelved their
Waablngtoa, .inn 12. -The following wer.> si
the fourth-elaaa poatmaatars appolnted to lay:
New-Jeraey- HopoweU, Farley I*. Holcomb; Law
rencevillft, N. II. l'urm.in.
New-York?Oerry, Herbert B. Palmer; Lefevra
Falla, Jacob K. Sroll; Napano.k, Auguatua Whlta
Leneaater, Penn , Jan 12.?Chrlstlan N. iioisimrer,
nlnetien \tir.* of age, a achool-teacher, hanged
nlmaelf in the. bam of Adam Mohler, ar Uncoln,
thi* county, and ahile Blowly atrangllng ahot iilm
aeif in the head ta the pocket <>:' his coat w is ?
nota ln whlch tii" aulctda h-it.l hla acl waa 'Uo- r.i
dlaappolntmenl lr. love. ai I .? , - ed tiut th.
note be aenl to Mi-s Brackbtll. .i roung woman
llvlng ln tne neighborhood. A ^uiJ rlng araa ??
ln the DOta
Hnn Itanclaco, Jan 13 The ateamer Ai"
fr..ru Auatralla, due to-morrow, carrlea In her
atrong t"X nearly i>'.'"r' golden aoverelgna, con
algneil to the Anglo-Callfornla Bank, of thls elty
Tbe remlttanca, added t<> prevloua onea, makea
th.. toioi g-ld r.-..iv.-.l durlna th* pr. ent aeuaon
from tha sama aource tl-.-1 '.'". a much larger
amount than haa aver come from Auatralla ...
. of trade m Calitornla'a favor In tlu
1-. rlod "f tlme.
Inillaaapolla, Jan. l- -Tba Bupreme 'ourt of
Imliatia dedded to-day thal 11r?- Insurance poll*
olea are nol taxable indar ba rr. wni taa i ?? of
Iba Stute. Tbe declalon la ta tl.??? of tio- Btata
Board of Taa Commlsalo-iera n ilnaj J.iui ii.
Holllday and others, The Clrcull Courl -?r thla
eounty hei?l that policli nol taxable, .
auatniiie.i i<\ tha ntgher i i iri The caa< waa ap
paaled ro the Bupreme Court iiy the Board
FEXCIXt! 1/4/(7/ .17' ITBACA.
ithaia. N Y. Juu li Tha fanclng conteal ba*
twt-en ibe taaau o. tha Unlveraltj or Pennaylvanla
snd Coraell arlll iakr placa In Ithaca oa Baturday.
Tho aaaata nt tha three membera ol iiiu tean
which win rapreaeal Coraell ara J. ceKnoux, "Hi
A. M. Tenny, 'os, and a. Baaaford, Jr.. '."?
An axhii.ltloii wiin iliuMli,,: BWOTOS and Blngle
stlcka wlll be a fcatui* ot tho uieet.
West 14* St
Bince w?' comineoced our annnal bargala *?.ilo,
tbe rornltare nnits In oor store have bpen
marching fortli lo Mgr*-?i flaldg ;>?'! P-atwwi
new" at a rapld rate. To keep th?tn BBtr\BB,
we offer nnosaallj low prlcet, 11 btb mtJal _*?
gpace for new itock.
(Anttjuc Oak or M.ih >.,.;??,' f-tnish)
Thta red net lon bnglnesa oporat.- ln jour fa>
ror, as prtcea an- tl Ihe loweal poaalble notcb.
Wbether jrou expend much or llttle for bollday
glfta, you cannot afford lo Ignore thta chance.
lf yuiir pnrae is tbin. "Long Crclit" helpa to
make it portl** and corpulent
LASli or CREDIT ^^
"I64., 106 and 108 West 14* St
firoohlvn Stores: FlalbushAvn^Flii-on^
ALREMARLE Henry Burden, of Troy, N. V
ASTOR Ex-Oovernor Jamea i: Campbell of ohio.
FIFTH AVENUE R, R> Quay, of Plttaburg.
QERI.ACH?Lleutenant John Knapp, l*. ti- N
IIOI.I.AND I'olonel Bamuel P, Colt, ??[ Provldence.
IMPERIAL Judge a. A. Bterllng, "f Wllk-'sbarre,
Penn. MANHATTAN Colonel Albert A. Pope, of
MililiAY III l.l. Rallroad Comml
Aahley W. Cole, of Albany. VVALDORF Robert
C. Pruyn, of Albany. WIND80R?J. L. Van Val
kenburgh, of Albany.
Dock Commlaaionera' meetlng.
Annual electlon "f l'nlon League <'!ub, ryenlng.
Jockey Club annual meetlng, Cumberland Bulld?
lng afternoon,
New-York Jewellera' Board of Trade dlnner,
I ielmonlco'8, ''? 30 p. m.
Btaten laland Chamber of <'omm<Tre dlnner,
li.-.: Ca ., 8 i'. m.
Nlneteenth Century Club, Sherry'a, 1:30 p. m.
Amerlcan Numlsmatlc and Archeeologlcal Sorl
N., 17 Weat Forty-thlrd-at, 8 p, m.
Tammany Executlve and Oeneral Commlttees,
?i 30 and 8 p. m.
A> -
Th" New-York and Bouth Brooklyn Ferry fom
p ny \. I'erday elected the following ofli-.-rs: John
W. Ambroae, prea lent; Dennlatown Wood, treaa
urer; Fi - H Berger, u iretary; R. Fulton
.:. Tunla Q. Berger, Richard M. Hoe, Btew*
ar: Macdougal, J< - ? J ?' naon, J. Archlbald Ifur
i Bpotta Wood, D. Bcherck and Jonathaa K.
Oai ? :'. Ilri itora.
Mr-. Evelyn I.. <"ook yestorday recdvpd a de*
?? abaolutc dlvorce frotn h*>r huaband, Augua
tua <'" ,k. th.. nctor, from Juatlce Freedman, ln the
Bupreme Court. Th" decree was made upon the
report of a referee. Mrs. Cook recelve. ?is a week
permament allmony.
The Helief Commlttea of the Produ.-e Exchang-e
haa eollected $1,531 for the Hoapltal Baturday and
. Fund. The commlttee will aoon make an
appeal to tho membera of the Exchange for tho
auffering Cubaaa
Ari entertalnment and concert for the bonoflt of
th?? Armenlan eongregatlon "f th" Adama Herao
rial Chapel, No, 207 Eaat Thlrtleth-et, arlll ba
glven on January 20, nt s p. m.
Thc annual receptlon of tbe Natlonal AoOOCla
tlon of P latofflce Clerka of the Unll rd Bl ti b, New
v,,rk Branch No. isT, wlll be held on Monday In
th.- Central Opera Houae, Eaat Blxty-aeventh-at,
1 he January meetlng of the Patrta Club wlll bo
held at Delraonlco'a to-morrow evening. The
Bpeaker wlll i* the Rev, Dr. Alexander McKen*
/;.. of Cambrldge, Miss.. on "The Republlc." Dr.
McKenale has been Unlveralty preacher at Har?
vard, and ls an eloquent platform orator.
F. A. Yarrow, the Brltlah torpedo-boat bullder,
who, It ls aald, came to thls country to hoid a
conference wlth the Oovernment offlclala relatlve
to the conatructlon of torpedo-boata, ls a paaaen
gt>T on the Amerlcan linor New-York, which w.is
delayed In aalllng yeaterday hy thc f"R. He
i to t.ilk of hls mlsston to thla country and
remarked that tho f.>g remlnded hlm of Old Eng*
Henry A. Ilanlels. M. D.,
.,1 Weai Blai Bt
1mrslrrr*nts of tho Nervoua Syatem of all deecrlpttone,
Irnp.rtenoe, -Sterlllty. pnd llke allnn nt* Houra S to I, 5 to ..
E, & w. Topeka.** E. & W.
A round end, hlRh band*d eollar.
- .
MINI \Tllli: AI.MAN \''
Bunrlae T_M|8unael i M U n rlaea ; m lOrM M a"a ac" '_>
Hi'iH wati.i: Ti i DA.
\ m Baady Hook 10:81 rtoi laland 11:08 Hoii Oate 0:88
p.M Sandy u * 11:12 Uo*/. laland n M Hell Oata 131
T' 1 DAY.
\'?_ | I ? ? T.tn-.
i 'hri.ti.m...HamtHirg, Dee ...Hamh Amer
\V (K.-ri !,.m.tmaterdam, Dec 31 . . .Holland-Amer
.r lan 4 .X fl LI?)J
El Doraido. N,v Orleaaa, lan 8 .Cromwall
Fltll. .Y, JASt'ARY 14.
Brltannte.'?"? 'bh ?"? .Whlte s-ar
m ? -m.ir I-. . :. Jan l.vt:.,i:M,- Trana
. ? 31.Thinavalla
cuilr.,. ...Uv< ?; I. Jan 4 . Wl 11
p .rt ic.\i. JASl' \i;v 13,
.., p__\ . H ? impion, Jan s ... . in
.'.. a ... ?? n, Jan :>. II
Vcwel, ror. Um
1", M ?.'.'. N< w i ?rli aci M tb in.
\ v .. i'm i .
I . . , ? \i! in Hi it, .
V-n-auala, l-i auajrra. Il?- "!>'
.... ,i oo i m
,,.. 1:00pm 11 00 ;? :..
. ...11:00a m l oo i> ?
? ?
i . 1r?n ? , ??' .
l.k ,; ,.. ine, Havre, Kreneh.
Ilai Amer.
8. ari .., | ?. . \ ; ,. . . . I'rlnee..,
VI '- ? 1".'"' V IM |2 ?, I ,;.
i" ???? , iii u no ..
" I _ '?' I. Iti
. '. 80 _ ? l, ,<r ? m
, . ? . 'un 1 ... 7 '?) a m 13 80 i m
II ? lan ii vmer .. s no n m K) "?? n m
v i| 1 ?- ? ' . N '1 Ll" I . " '" ?> m I"." ' _ m
llavana, etc, N \ \ Cuba 10:30am IMOpm
liUtT Or NFW TORK WKDNE8DAT, JAN. 12, 1898
4.Kltl\ BD.
.?'. mer Taurle (Br) Bmltl Uverpool Deeember 11,
.Vhlte .-to Um ArrHe.i ,,t tlm llur nt
0:80 p iv J.ir- ? - ii ,-.l anehored "n ?????> unt of denaa
Mtaamar K .' Mattheira (Un, iaii*r>. Khlelda Deeember
_4 t,, .i t" .?"?,,??: ,r..T...i la Band] n ok nt 8*01 p m.
and ini nd ?Ing to t c >
?. ,,.? iierlin i?ri Dann Aniwerp Janaarj I, with
. :-. abtn and "- ataerag* paaeensara :., Interna
n.i.ti Navlgatlnn (*ompa_t) Arnvi I .,t the Hur at
4 ni a m Jaauary 12, Bad ?m detalned eutalda ae -??
? lanaa ' r
.-i..,,,,.' p*nlnaular iPort), IWttaneoitrt, Liabon Decetn
bar -''? -llol , i 31. Y%y*l Junuary 1 aad Florea '-'.
with mdae, n ,.ii.iri and i* ?'? ?? | i letigere to ?;
.. _ Cn, im.. I ai lha Bar ,i 8 i ni Jaauary 18,
., .unt ,,f deaae f.,f.
. ill . 1 .:i,, tourabaya ('v.t,>t.r _o.
? Movent-er D, Buei -'. Port .s.nd
38, tlglera 1".bar ','. Kl Mlohaela ls. and li-rniu.;.
.i ,. with augar lo the Amerl aa Bugar ReHning
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li.., ., ? a m Januan 12. and anehored ua accouni ,.f r>>t_
Hti ,iii.-r Ardandhu iBri, Walker, i'iiUjI* Baj Dreambcr
81, m ?:, ??>? lla Januan -'. gl Ann'a Ba) i Porl M. '
.. ,? K . ? -i ', ? .in mdae and 2 pa__-nge.a to Bowrlag
i, ai 'ii...ii Afrlvei al the u.ir at mldalghi lnii. aa]
i-i *?? fog,
si.Mui : ?? , Kifvtna, vara Crui Decaaiber A\\ l'u?
i,-ii 3i, Taaploo Januan b, i'.?mp*..??* nn,i Prograee *) ?nd
ltavnim i> wlth m.l_* and 11 i_L.ni pakMi^fni tu Jamta
i. Word t. Oo, Arrlved M th? Bar oi 11 a m.
titcamer Advanoo, Ilenderson, Culuu January ft, wltb
Kt(.ilfnd 7>--? ,'..'*i*
2,750 Dozen
(every Towel pure linen|
Are on our counten for our annual
sale at tbe price, given below, which
prices are in many c.i-.es icarcdy
more than the goods would cost to
Plain white and with oiorcd borders.
18x84 ir. . nr.01*80* 02.00 | r dot,
lOx'W ln., a;. _?.._?..".
_iix.'{8 ln., al. !l.**0
'?2x40 ln., at. 3.00
All white.
20x88 ln., ar $}2. lo fi :t.O0 ; - i i
__xln ir: , at ."..041 fi 4.00
24x44] ln., nr :'.4>0. _*fi*0, 8*00, & 7.."0
per 'i wen.
The lot is composed chiefly of
1 luckaback, but there ar<: also aMiong
tliose which are Hemstitched lormj
beautiful Damask and Fancj weawj
if jrou are Inten Bted wi 1 to
mail you our 24-pagi af
th'- go."!* offered in
James McCutcheon & Co.
14 West 23d Strcet, N. V.
Tribune * *
* * Almanac
While the larffcst number ever issuedf,
its value as a Hook oi' Refcrcacc
is even more -onspictio.*
than its size.
Currency questioni are amont: the lead*
ing issues in national atTairs; und
The Tribune Almanac for 189S
contains complcte iniorma
tion as to circulation,
gold, silver, etc.
.Misinformation has no place in the mind
of an intelliRent man when he
ean buy a Tribune Almanac
for 1898 for 25 cents.
Order from any Newsdealer. or
1. : ? . t 6:44 p m and ? -i
I Cap* HaytlM Mc, witfc
,-.--? I in ?? I y
ii na t<> fog.
Bi i ? ? 1 r> ".. w.ta
? . ? ; '
i-llle January B ar.l
10. tr.. P
Cl)tl* .'. ?
Ktram" r*"i Richmond, -ita tn<2M
. . ...
:i k, n j ? in '_ U i m Wlnd u*?\ mod
i LE l
Bteamer Madlana iBr) l r -? - Bt T*--rr.?*. st o*a,
rlo K F. Oul
?[.?!? U unl - - i ry, <'ap* Towa Ml
V lldl, *l >?' ?' ?
<t*ni B ttOB a: d A'u-I
? -. ? ?
M.-Into-I Havana aad T-_-Baa*
.1 K Ward * Co,
M.-ii!,. r n l?au_ tmatMt
i. ??
.-t.-iin-:' II?l m <?;??? ' - '.un H?y*.
-??..,.. i. ?? in?0 I
Ktram*r <-::y of I wo, Haltln or*--H t
Kteamcr San Ma I- 0 ' H *?' t a
.... ? ? -. ?p rt VeW*
j... , ? ' ?
;, ? | I. - 1 WMB
llark ' *?* *,(j*
. lleii
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im'*ra n. .\ -i - impi Ttai ala idr).
BECOXD Tl BN OAS Ill'O* l ?'' XAB).
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la r*? .ki d. Th*
fl.^.i i -
Tht* S il.-. ?' '? '
nai*, Atlantl.- an.i _
1 '.-'? i ' !?'.?'? , - ?? 21.
I'.'. .:?:??? I
W S B< IIU ? s Naw. ? * ::'*"
Th- I ? ' '
ls tivrn n n ? " Janu.irj :i l
. ?
.'..:.- i- ? ?;
\ .-. III lll !?.' ... ' *?'__
N w *? N: nord-n1* Klal
." _
-.'..- W ? i \ N.. i
ln IT r ? * ? fthart --**-*?
l: rdtl iB
THI M ' - \ - ITB-M
r*l IBDION I' >gT?
I.-. ln. .: i-i IS trrlved ?*ara_r Ki>i!*ar-??M (*> c*?*
N?outl .... - ' ??
H . . rr). Alb*r* ifr m Haml irgl l**"*" "**___,
li 8:1* p n v ?"*^
manlc iBr), S i .. (Brk
St a Vork. _, i^_it
B-uthampt^n Jan IJ ? __l
.... lan IS Ai . a>
iBri, MfAd.im N?? . .?. ,_*%
Uro? ll.a.1. 12-1 ? ,
M KlB_try. N.? '? nuteW.
Roiwrdam Jan li \r. ' ' '
Itur* N'?a * ia_r_
Nti::"':r"^ trrl, - ? ?ii->-1-0
N.w-1 ' - . . ,.?-. t-*
n-^;-^:^;-: , ..mu,,^.? nai ou*.?
,"1i_;,u,:un'.^'- - - ,,,"-,f~a
,Us,'..r..r"r.,...:K.. Tunr-i
(f_S1,?^i"n'-an ,;C,",\'I".-"- H..,n,.r_a (B-8
?W ? ?
i. . \:
^BUC-^Jaa 11 falML ate-m.r J-.r-ar. lltrl. *?" "
NBMToa?>aa Il-Salled, .uamar Qarrtoe \Bf>.

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