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llnea would be bullt Jolntly. and that the cara
would be operated ln eommon over the aame aet
of tracka. Puppostng that the Manhattan peo?
ple are earneat in thelr drsire to equlp thelr
llnea wlth ei-ctrlclty. and wlth the Metropoll?
tan slmtlarly equlpplng Its roada. lt la easy to
aee how beneflclal ln the matter of e.vlng oper
atUvg expenaes a deal between th*- two compa?
nlea would be.
The Rapid Tranalt Commisslonera were retl
cent yesterday ln commentlng upon the actlon
of the Metropolltan Company. What llttle they
would aay ln reply to Inquirles as to the effert
upon the underground plana waa that a wrong
Interpretatlon had been put upon the refuaal of
the company to bld Rt preaent. They polnted
out that the prospects for rapld translt were
never brlghter. and thnt the aurface road had
merely wlthdrawn for the moment ln order to
rhow the lnslncerlty of the statcd Intentiona of
the elevated road dlrectora to Improvc thelr ays
tem. Ihe Metropolltan Company, ln fact. It
waa atated, had merely entered upon a game of
atrategy, and had entered Into no deal cf any
klnd. and was in reallty anxlous to bulkl the
tunnel. The Metropolltan Company, the Com?
mlaalonera sald yesterday. did not belleve that
the Oould company would lncur the enormoue
expense which would be necessary to afford
adequate transit faclllties. lt thought lt better
to walt a llttle whlle Iwfore undertaklng the
work, because public opinion, when the fact !>?*
came plaln that no betfernient of the elevated
lln<?s was ever contemplated. would become ao
atrong as to compel the admlnlatration to snr.c
tlon the tunnel. The polnt Is aleo alluded to
that Tammany has lt ln ita power to retard the
work aerlously, even lf it were begun. by refus
Ing permits to open atre-ets and applylng for
endlesa Injunctiona on one score or another.
"The step taken by the Metropolltan com?
pany," sald one of the Ccmmlselorers to a Trlb?
une reporter yesterday afternoon. "Is slmpiy to
reveal the pretenslons 'jt the Manhattan com?
pany Mr Oould made a big ?bluff.' and Mr.
Whltaey and those associated wlth hlm called
the *bluff.' Rapid transit ls not kllled by any
means. If you wlll read Mr. Vreeland's letter
carefully you wlll notice that nothlng Is said
about the company wlthdrawlng from the
echeme, but lt is slmpiy designed to force the
hand of the Manhattan company. It ls belleved
that ulfimately. upon some pretext or other. ae
cxperlenoe has shown in the past, the elevated
road people will back out of thelr promlses. and
when they do so the truth wlll be impressed
upon everybody that the only BOlutlon of the
rapld transit problem !s the tunnel. You may
belleve me when I lay that wlthln the next two
yeara the underground road wlll be begun, and
the eontractora wlll be the Metropolltan com?
pany "
It was anticlpated that a meetlng of the Com?
missioners would be held yesterday to consider
the sltuatlon. but the Board wlll r.ot meet untll
to-morrow or Monday. This wlll be the flrst
meetlng that has been held slnce the present
admlnlstratlon cnrt.a into power.
With the exceptlon of L. L. D.lafleld. who re
marked, "1 have only to aay that I conalder the
letter a elever and dlp'.omatlc one," none of the
Commissioners would talk for publlcatlon.
Rusaetl Sage sald: "Plans and eailmates for
the equlpment of the elwated r>ads wlth elec?
triclty wlll be eonaddered at a meetlng of the
Executlve Commlttee of the Board of IMrectors
of the Manhattan Railway Company on Tuesday
next. The matter has been iu th" hands of the
president and the englneera of the company.
The company has prepnred Its own apeciflea
tlons, ard the electrical equlpment companlea
wlll aubmlt blds under theae. The work wlll. of
course, go to the loweai reeponalble bidders. It
is quito probable ihat it wlll bf* divided among
eeveral companles. A thlrd rnll wlll be uaed to
carry the current, and lt le propoaed to have
a mo.or on each car, so that the cara may be
run separately, or in trmns. as deslred.
"It Is the Intentlon to apply electriclty on
one llne flrst. either the Pecond-ave. llne or the
Nlnth-ave. llne. I am ln favor of applying___t
the outset on the Nin'h-ave. llne, so that there
may be a demonstratlon of the effectiveness of
the use of electriclty th? entire distance from the
Battery to Harlem. Not so much time as a year
wlll be requlred. The equlpment of the llnes wlih
electriclty is to be followed by extenslons of the
llnes themsehes. It ls intended to place ele
vators at all the statlons, and, in brlef, to make
the elevated llnes a perfect system in all re?
apecta. The directors of the Manhattan com?
pany are a unlt on thls subject.
"The coat of the change from steam to elec?
triclty on the elevated roads wlll be large, but
once !t ls made there wlll be an importanl aav*
Ing ln operating expenses. The elevated roads
rarry seven hundred thousand passengers a day
without injury to a Blngle peroon. Ore reason
why electriclty has not been adopted before wae
the determination that in any change in motive
power the elen.eni of safety should be maln
talned. It ls not true that the Manhattan
company is to Joln wlth aurf.ce rallroad corn
janiea in establi-hing power plants. It wlll
bave Its own lndependent plant from l>eglnning
to end, and its roads wlll be operated. as In the
paat, lndep?ndently of other roads. The ele
vated roads constltute the ideal transportation
aystem for New-York. The people have not
wanted an underground system, and it ls fortu
nate for them that they are not to be gaddled
wlth the eapenae of it."
Deallngs yesterday on the New-York Stock
Exchange In the stcck of the Manhattan Rail?
way were, ns for sever .1 days, on a large scale.
It was considered that the underground soheme
had been killed. and Manhattan stock was as a
consequenee ln demand. The ntock touched
lliVW,, and cloeed at US'aa. or 2_| abova tho clos
lng price on Wedneaday.
The consolidatlon Of Brooklyn wlth New-York
and the taking In of eontlgUOUa terrltory in
Queena County, together wlth the natural trend
of events. have greatiy Ptlmulated the impres
alon which has long prevalled In the mlnds of
many people ln Brooklyn that il wlll be a rom
paratlvely short time before the various rall?
road systema ln Brooklyn wlll be brought under
one manaftement. ond then consolldatrd wlth
the New-York railroads, under one COloaaal sys?
tem. There ls no dtsgulslng the fact that there
*r? r.any difflcul'les whlcb wlll be encountered
ln Ihe consummation of such a vrSject But the
rapldlty w.:h whleh consolidatlon almg various
llnea l.a* taken plaee already ln Brooklyn si:g
g?-sts the bellef among tba moat far-elghted
flntneiers that tn the courae of a few y? ars all
the Brooklyn roads at lonst wlll be under one
management. Porbapa one of thc- princlpal ob
Btacies ln the way of a epeedy consolidatlon ls
Ihe faet that ln the growth of th* Brooklyn sur?
face roada. piece by plece, eecurltles ,,f u great
varlety have been Jssued. and 1heB? are held by
a greatly d'.verslfled se. of ownera. For ln?
t'.ance. thert are several hundr?d ihcurand of
Atlantk-ave. _ p.r cent bonds out.tanding
which wlll not mature untii 1911. and there Is
8 larger r.umber of Brooklyn Cltv f>s outstandlng
which have nearly Bfty yeara to run before
there la any optlon on them. These bonda
would not be aurrendered for 4 per cents, and It
would requlre a conslderable bonua to get them
cut of thr way. There |g _ large nnmber
of flnancla! obstacles of thls nature. and the
conaideration of them, one by one, !? sufflrlen.
to glve any one a headach".
On th. other band, boarever, there Ia llttle
doult ihat the mar.lfest advantages to be ob
talned ln the ultimate conaolldatloa of ail the
railwaya ln the grea'er city would prompt
the paynienl of a gtaeroua bcr.us to hoiders of
B per cent bonds, whlcb havo a long tlme to
run, and the Mbatltatloa r.r ibem of bonda of _
Unnrl'o _-""? (arefully prepared from
aawu 9 purely vtgetahle ingr.dients. and
?__. a 11 a "r*' rnlltl yet eertaln ln effect.
B-lllO They cure all llver troubiea.
bLUouaness. h^adaehe, Indtgeatbm. 38c
Colgate & Co.'s name is
the same endorsement
on Soaps and Perfumes
as the Sterling Mark
on Silver.
lower rate of Intereat. Intervlews were sought
yesterday from Brooklyn rallroad men, and al
most without exreptlon the flrst BUggeatlOO from
them was to the effect that a consolldntlon of
all the transportatlon lines in New-York was
Impruotirahlc. but further oonvorsatlon Bbowed
that In the mlnds of nearly all there waa tiie
feellng 1l.il it w. uld requlre only a few years
for the opportunlty to be rlpe for the propoaed
The largest Of the passenger-carrylng systems
of Brooklyn ls the Hrooklyn Rapld Tranalt Com?
pany. whlch wns organlaed ln January. 1800, lo
succeed to the proj.erly of tho old Long laland
Tractlon Company. The syndlrite !s head'd by
ex-Oovernor Flower, ond v.lth hlm nre aaaocl?
ated a number of his cloee ponional friends.
The assets of the Transit Company Include the
lease of the Brooklyn Clty Rallroad. the entlre
capital stocka of the Brooklyn HelghtB Rallroad,
1200,000, and Brooklyn. Qu**ens County and
Buburbaa RaUway, 11000,000, and a guarantee
fund depoalted to _er*_re the parffOfinanca by
the HelghtB Company of Its eontract with the
Brooklyn Clty. This guarantee fund was orlg*
Inally |_,000,000t ar.d on August 1 last it con
talned securitles estimated as worth $.'J,'.t7r..<xH>.
The Brooklyn Clty Rallroad Company Is held
under a 980 year lease, guaranteelng all ehargea
and 10 per rent divldends on $12,000,000 of
stock. The lease is practical'.y to the Brooklyn
Kapid Transit Company. ln th* r.oigani-atlon
of the old Long Island Tractlon Company, tne
$30(KK?,(MJ stock was reduced to 120.000.000, and
there are *r7.lHit),(KM) of gold B pcr r-.-nt_boi.ds
which do not mature untll I irtober 1, l'.?4.>.
The mileage nf the system ls as follows:
Brooklyn Helghta, 1%; Brooklyn Clty, 204; Pto
Jected. 11.1. Br.it.klyn, Queena County and Bttp.
urban. 4.*>; projectcl. #>. ln Movember ?*?***??
Transit Company acqulred the Bea \ lew Rall?
road, oonnecting Brlghtm wlih West Brlghton,
and also the r*ea Bea?-h RaUway, six mlles. con
nectlng Bay Ridge wlth Coney Island. There ls
also under Vonslderatlon the ucquln r.ient of the
Brooklyn and Brlghton Beacn stenm road. The
offlcers of the road are: Prealdent, Cllnton L.
Rosslter; vice-president, Horace C. Du Val;
secretary and treasurer, T. B. Wllllam?.
At tho annual meeting of the Transit Com?
pany. heid yeaterday, the following dlrectora
and lnspoctors of election were elected for tne
ensuing vear: Dlrectora C. L. Roaelter, A. N.
Brady, Henry Belbert, John O. Jenkms. T. F.
Jackaon, D. H. Valentlr.e, W. C. Bryant. S. L.
Keeney. John D. KeUey, John Knglis. H. C. L?u
Val. c. D. Meneely nnd T. B. YVHUatna,
Ir.spectors of election?Ira A. McCormnek, V
W. Wickes and Edward H. c.rant.
The same dlrectors nnd Inapectorfl were chosen
for the Brooklyn HelghtB Rallroad Company.
The Brooklyn Clty aml N.-wtown Rallroad, al?
though one of the oldest companies in tho clty,
having been chartored on May _'_, 1800, is a
comparativeiy amall r*yatem. On Decaniber 1
last it acqulred a lease of the ConeV Island and
Brooklvn Rallroad for 800 years. It has a mil
age of about Beventeen mllea. Th" mileage of
its new acqulaltlon, the Brooklyn and Coney Isl?
and road. ls greater, belng in all about twenty
flve mlles.
The Klngs County Tractlon Company Is the
second larg"St system among the surfaee rall?
road*- In Brooklyn. In Maroh. 1806, lt pur
chased the ossots of the Brooklyn Tractlon Com?
pany, ownlng all the capltal stock of the Atlan?
tic Avenue Rallroad Company. The latter road
and the Brooklyn, Bath and West End* Ilnea
were leased In 1896 for 006 years to the Nassau
Electric Rallroad Company. The Kings County
Tractlon Company does not operate any road.
but merely re.-eives the rental due fr??m the
Nassau and dlstrlbutes It to tho tractlon stock
holders. The Klngs County Tractlon Company
ls more populnrly known as the Nassau road.
i It owns the doubie llne from Broadway ferry to
i Canarsle landlng. Thlrtyninth-st. ferry, Bheepa*
head Bay, Manhattan Beach and Fort Hamil
I ton, with about slxty-elght mlles of track. Its
! lease ..f the old Atlantic-ave. system gives lt
j slxty-four mlles more. or a total of 182 mllea,
Its presldent ls Albert L. Johnson; secretary,
I W. F. Ham. and treasurer, Tom L. Johnson.
1 Among the smaller aurface roads in the outlying
' dlstrlctf is the Brooklyn, N'owtown, Jamalca
I and Flushing Raiiroad. looated largfly in
I Qneers County, and the Long Island Electric
I Kaihvay Companv whh-h was chartered In 1804,
: and which runa from th? rormlnus of rhe Klnga
County Elevated Rallroad to Jamalca, Hemp
Btead and Fur Rockaway,
There are twr. elevated companlea in Brook?
lyn?the Brooklyn Elevated nnd the Kings
County Elevated. Botli are Bteam roads, and,
; ln the event of a general consollda'ion, would
be equlpped wirh eloctrlclty. The Brooklyn
Ele\nted Rallroad, on account of not maklng
nny money, went Into a receiver'a hands on
March 28. 1807. President Fredorlck I'hlmann
was appolnted reeelver. Its reorpanizatlon wns
. begun In November last. The company owns a
j total miloa?o of over forty mlles.
The Kings County Elevated |s also in th?
j hands of a reeelver. hut no feaslble plan has ns
j yet been presented for I's reorgr.nlzation. It
i hns twenty-two mlles of trarks running through
Fulton-sr. to the former citv llne.
These roads represent a capitallzatlon as fol?
Ilr.iklyn Rapld Tran.?;t Company, stock ?n4
boiifl* . ?f_7.0On.O00
Brooklyn CTly nn.l N'owtown. Btoek . -.eoo.ono
I klyn EI*vatH . 3O.w?o.0O0
Kir_* C-uni) Rlerstel . IJ.0-B.onij
N-w.-iu g|*etrk . io.mo/-x>
TotBl . ?S.1. "M..">
When P, H. Plynn, presldent of the Coney
Island and (Iravesond Raiiroad and a prom?
inent stockholder in the Nassa i Electric Com?
pany, was nsked nbout the propoaed oonaollda
tion he sald:
"I don't bellove there win i,e any Immedlate
conaolldatlon of the klnd. althougli It may come
wlthln a few years. The rumor Is peralBtently
clrculated, and is uaeful to certaln rallroad
peopie, as it atlmulatea the prlce of certaln se?
curitles. Such a conso;idatlon would Involve a
number r.f freal; problema. For instanoe. if the
Nassau peopie shouid make a t*-*fllc arrange
ment wiih the Fourtli Avenue peopie In N'.-v
Tork so that Nassau cars cross.ng ihe Bridge
could go up Fourth-av.. 1? would be neceaeary
for the Naaaau peopie to re-equlp thelr cars for
an und< rground trolley motlve power Inatead of
the over.Vad ayatem. That's a hard nut to
crack at the outset. and there are others."
A stockholder of both Ihe Brooklyn Clty and
Atlantic Avenue companlea, lo the extent "f
ahout ?(10,00(1 of ." per cent loni;-torm >;old bonda
In each company, aald: "The alr la full of talk
aboul conaolldatlon 'n n coloaaal s.-nle. hut the
old bondholdcf" a-lll nor allon a Buhetltutlon -<f
4 or .'!'?.? per cei-t honds for ?"? per ceni bonda
wlthout a top noteh honus. Why Bhould they"
Th?re is no opt -.ii nn the bonda untll ihoy ma?
ture. My Atlai tie Avenue bonda do no; mature
mi 1911, and my Brooklyn Clty bonda nm even
longer. < 't course. if ihe organlsera of ihe pro?
poaed huge ayndlcate have toi tho money to
pay the prlce, the conaolldatlon "!,; be fearlble.
Bul if they pay Ibe price ask?-d. they nil] be
compelled to wall for years before th<-ir receiptB
wotlld pay thelr flxed ehnrges and '>-a\e a sur
plua. I think thls consoildarj.-n is comlnjr. Thcrr
is lota of idie rapltal s-eking Inveatment, and ir
would be fensit.le to aet tho mnn?y, bnt I don't
lr.ok fcr a conaolldatlon at onee."
(in* or two smai! suliurbnn Queens County
aur.'ace lines aro not taken Into account In the
for.'g'dng table
The offlc-rs of the Bmoklyr. Clty nnd New
town Raiiroad nre supr*-me|y irdifferent to any
and all srortes about rallroad conaolldatlon In
Brooklyn or ln the clty. They have one of fhe
hert-payin- plecos of rallroad property ln the
State. and they do not care to ta'.c ? any chancs,
they say. wlth any exporlment ln the conaollda?
tlon line. Said President J. L. Helns last even?
lng, wh"n seen at his home in Flatbush
"Po far as we know anythlng aboul these
rnmora r.f conrolidatlon. there la nothlng in
them. We do not want conaolldatlon "f an)
klnd Our road ie ln the best poaalble Condltlon
now We do not need help and w? are not aeek
Ing It We hnve a good paylng properf. and
llitejid to keep it."
Phlliidelpbla, .Inn. 1"-The Bamroeoh-KIHs
season af grand opera in Dnrrun nnd Itallan
rlose.l tonlgbt It was not only a Utlha
niulit, bat ?ii? tii- oecufion of h*r llrsr Bp
pearaace in this couatry ns Alda. Mr. Bllla
announced to th" BUbecrlbera trt th* guarnntee
fund that nol one ..-nt woiiii! le r.<"!< d a* t)-,
-ea?on nnd be*r. r.-.ar.. I.illy BUCceMfut, ahowlna
u raal iniproveniont ov*r ij.ct y**r.
"Aidn" tonlght was a surnptuoii* production
Over or.e thoti.-.md 'lleapnolnred persona wero
?.urntrd awav from ihe Acad.m\ of Mualc Wlthln
wns th" !ar?re*t and most brllllant a-idlence ev*r
gatherrd ln that hl?t.rlc building.
OATarnuMO of omcfAM at thi* pa'.atr?
(irrrniii U_g tvai.kf:t> nts_a_f ..r.oiT tiik
Havana, Jan. 13 ?About noon to-day a crowd
gntbered ln front of the once? of "Kl Plarlo 6c
la Marinn," ahoutlng ' I>eath to 'Dlario':" Oen?
eral Arolag uaed the regular troopn fo restore
Order nnd to compel the dlgpcfttl of the CTOWd,
which kept up o contlnuo'js shout'.ng on the
Blreeta near Central Park.
There peop|.> nceuse "El Dlario de la Marinn"
of belng re.^poiisl!>l.. for nll tbe aftacks made
upon army Ofllcera and Spanish reslflents on
the Islands. Tbe. aaj that "Ln Dlfcii'lon" nnd
"i.i Reconeentradon recelve their cue from
"El I'lario." A man selllng "El Dlario" was
shot in the nrm.
All i-lassea commend the authoritlcs for
avolding unnecessi.ry force or vlolem e in the
use of the ooidlery and the po-ice.
Last night at the palace Oeneral Blaneo and
the Aut-aomtot Cablnet were Jnlm'd by the
Clvll Governor of Havana. the colonela nnd
chiefs of tbe volunteera, lha Marqula Apet*
tegu'.:, leader of the spunish Oonacrvatlvc
party. and other promlr.ent politlclana Beflor
Congoato, the Secretary-Oeneral, remalnad at
his ofllce unt1! 1 o'elock this mornlng.
About 10 o'elock li!r?t night several ihots were
heard bach of the Albtau Thenlre. It is he
lleved they were intended to ralae an alarm.
Rhorlly after mldnight the ooidlery were with
drawn from the BtreetB and went Into barracka
Ther. la no foundation whatever for the ru
m.,r tbat Unlted S'.atc.i Conaul-Oeneral I'iiz
hmth L-e met wlth vlolence durlng ;he dls
turbanc.-s last night or io-day. Durlng the
helght of the uproar last evening he walked
a'loiit freelv fn C'-ntral Park and In front of
the Hotel Inglaterrn. To-day he baa been
attendlng to offlci-tl Irislness a? UROal, anl
thla evening, when this dlspatch Is sent. he ls
dlnlng at the Hotel Inglnterra.
Oeneral Le,? deni-'s that he has asked the an
tborlt'eaat .vashington to send two ?ar veaaela
to Havana.
watf.iis?rrs rKACBTUL ri. *?..>.ammh.
Washington, Jan. 13-Th" naval authoritlea here
malntaln thelr Berenlty, nnfwlthstjindlng many
rumors of radlcal actlon, micn ,IS the dlapatch of
warahlpa to Havana nnd Haa atoiiea s...Tc*._ry
Long was ask'd whether any of the Americin
shlps had been orJerod to bo ready to arall for
Havana. II" replted thnt whlle he could not dls
euss Ihe matter, he would say that he had not
made nny rh.inge in the orders lo Ihe battle-.:hlp
Malne, now lylnir nt Koy \\'. .t Inqulry ,l<-ve|opel
the fact thnt the Malne'a last orders w>re to go
out for target pructice, nnd on fnlllng In with
the Nortli Atlantlc Sqnadron to attach herseif.
Although thero is no expectallon at the Navy
Department of any trouble Just now, s'lll, ln ense
it ahould occur, tho Navy Is more Mrongly r<\<rr.
sente.l ln Florldn nnd Weet Indlan v...tem than
lt lias heen In the last ten years. At Ts'ey Weet
there Is the eeco:id-elas*> battle-Bhtp Mnlne, at
Jn<ksonviIl0 the dynnmlte rr'ilse- VCOUVlUa at St.
Kitt's Is the Annapolie, ard at Guadaloupe the
Wllmlnaton. Tho Detroit Is on the way from
C.-ipe Haytlen to Key West, where she is now du*i.
The Marhlehead Is nt Tampa, Fla. She .uff.red tho
injury of four men yeaterday at target practice.
She has been Inatrncted to remain nt Key Weai
Inotead of salllng for Navas-a, nccordlng to orig?
inal ordera.
The naval force Is made up?wlth one .xceptlon.
the M.ilne?of unarmored but sllghtly protected
crulsers and gunbonts. It wlll be powerfully
reln'orced. howevr, in a few days by the North
Atlantle S'.ua,iron, under Admlral Sicard. com
posed of heavlly nrmored vesscls, the most power*
ful Beet that the I'nlted State. haa had together
in many years. The veaaela of the .quadron are
now d-Btrlbuted n. fOllowa: The flngship K? w?
York nnd bettle-ahlpa lowa nnd Indlana, In Hamp
ton Ronds, and the battle-shlps Massachiisetts and
Texaa nt New-Tork. The former are fo sall on
the 15th for Florlda wnters. Wblle the laat two
are to leave New-York Baturday snd Bunday, re
?pecttvely, faiiing in with and joining the Bquadraa
on tha Bouthem drill grounda, off the Cheaapeake
ItU auihor1tativ.lv lUted nt the Navy Depart?
ment that thls souihern movement of the aquad
ron ls in no degree attrlbutable to troublea ln
Havana hut that the movemeni \- a I'art of the
prograrrime for wlnter manoeuvrea <>f the aquadron
nrepared by the Naw Department months a*;o
after conaultatloa wit'.i Admiral Sicard and Cap*
taln Taylor and dulv announced through the dally
pr????? at the time ln auppor: of thla atatemenl li
iBBued ihe following Itlnerary of the aquadrons
,- ivementa prepared long ago, and not change.1
?tn te In anv reapeel _.__.__.___.
"Th" programipe of eaercteea of the North At*
lantlc aquadron durlng the wlnter of ISM ll as fol
"Leave Hnmpton Roads .Inniinry la; pns?nce to
Tortugaa tom .,nd n half daya January 10; smail
arms' 'arget practice, January 23. three daya; to
drill grounda, January 24. one day; moving sur>
callbre practice. January 27, two daya; moving tar
K. ? ?,.,?':?.? Januan K, ala daya; aquadron evolu
tloni Pebrtiary >'?. bii daya, excludlng Bunday: re?
turn to Tortugas February 10, one day; , onimg,
ten worklng davs aml two Bundaya. Pebruanr 9;
exerclse hont flotiiia. Februar* 27. four daya;
iquadron evolutians, March >i. n!n,> daya, one Sun
day Intervenlng; return to Tortugaa, March n>;
coaiing six worktng days and one Bunday; aquad?
ron evolutlone, twelre worlctng darj and two Bun*
davs Aprll 1: drill arounds fo Hampton Roada,
four days. arrivlng there Aprll 4"
a COBAM riKPoi.t'Tioy rur.si:NTi:n nv mr. pas
Waahlngton, Tnr. 18.?Senator Cannon, of
T'tah. presented the following resohitlon In the
Benata to-day, and It was adopted:
Reeolved, Tha: the Prealdenl i? requeated. lf ln
hls opinion it ls no: Incotnpntlble wlth the public
Interest, to trnn?mii tn the Benate Mt liin earlleat
ronvenience a Btatement ahowlng what menaurea
-re in forra by Ihla Oovernmenl in the laland of
i'iI.i aml ln water- pontlgllOU* thereto. lo profect
tlu ll- .s. Ilberty .nel property of Amerlean clttoena
now dwelllng Iri Cuba
rnora db?tiiotk) bt tiik iNaunoEim -
Havana. ^^n Key Weat, Fla., .Inn. II T 10 Inour
gents of Plnr.r Rlo have deetroyed one hundred
theuoai i lo i mta, the property '?' the Mayor
or' Art
ln t>>.- dlatrlel of Camafnanl, Provtnce of Banta
Clara, the tnsurgents hn-.e deatroyed Bve hundred
Ihoueaad tobaeeo plnnta and hnve burned
f..ir tbounand tona of ^ane.
Al the Central Plantatlen of Nrir-iso tiie inaur
genis aurprlaed the laborera, undreooed ta.-m en.
tlrely, and made prlaonera of aeveral irreguiars.
They alsa i-arrl" I off llbOUl 8 hundred OXOO.
Ai Matanaaa yeaterday aeventy-one peraona dled,
of arhom torenty-two were atarved to death.
in Holguln, a town of rive thouaand InhaMtanta !
laai year IJtt peraona dled, m.my of them I
thelr llvea ibrougli atarvatlon.
From Bantlago de Cul i ai i Guantanamo hun
dr- ?!? ".' men lia.e Jolned the Inrttrgenis from the I
und fended towna Tbe Ir.aurgentl ara obtlglng
nil men to Joln thi R).
lmring lha 1 ihi ;?-?, ,1m\.? ln vartoui ."klrrnishe. tiie ?
InBurgentfl, ai rording to Bpantah reporta, loai
elghty-aeven men -c:il? I. whlle the troopa raptured
t..-, prlaonera and forty-elghl nfle.. fn addltlon
nlnety-aeven Inaurgenta surrendered. The troopa iri
::.??..'? ..Kirm.'h,? loai twe_ty-three prtvab ? k: !. | . ;
had six ofhceri and alxty-elghi privatea wounded
The i:,s,:rjTerits hare burned abeui tlfteen hun?
dred tona el cane on ihe plantatlon of Toledo, near
Tha Inaurgenta aurprleed forty rallroad repr>jrer.
neai lanto Domlngo and undreaaed them.
li is n-pjrted tbal nn Importanl engagemenl has
taken p.H ? ? between ihe gpanlarda .ini ;:... inaur?
genta under Oeneral Raht, in the dlatrlel of _fan
: aanlllo. It ls further reported that the Inaurgenta
I lost three hunnrcl men kille.l, enl tt,H Bpanlarda
ar- aaM to bave Ijst one hutidred and forty men
kll.ed or wounded. No further drtnlN ha'\,. yci
been recelved
As aeveral Mefa "f B| uisti rolumna have b.irned
fnrms and -.? neflel !?? and hiv- vt;,,t prlaonei r
war. Includlna alch and wounded men, <iener.il
! nifrnco baa laaued a nee deeree prohlMtlng th-- i ?
I Btructton of nil km.is ef propertj md forhldd _
ahootlng ?>' piiaonen who are si k or wound, l
TIm latter ln future must i?- w*il rared for and
, sent to Ih* mllltary boaptta * The Captaln-Qeneral
alao i i ? . deereea aupplylna lha ilaniei , ':
; farmora. for ihetr lefen ?* wlth ihe rlflei whi-n
I belonged to Ihi Invallded aoldlera aeni barh lo
Oeneral Maeh has. heen tmrsferrei to Bantlaae '
de Cuba for having, a. dW of a eolumn of tr.,,. '?
', crdere,; the bIm itlng if prlaonera of -.?
A Xolnlilr "11p??liiti" I'rrlnriiiiinro.
Al 'hr M?lrop4lUn <ii,*r? lt u-e t. m-rr ? n:,-,u i,,
?',- }?- i.;? ? > i?t.i l'nlon Krank D?mrr,r.li eenduetuf
wii.i ? nm?nifWni ehorua ,,f I.OWJ Kr.ini. lurh i .?-,'?
ln^ J.cb), K>?n Wllli.mi ?n.l flmrl. w i-,,r, mX_.
l.is beata Bt box .fflce, Tj_.a?, _na ll illinan a, '
r Jvl_L/_*V 1 | u._xiiaiii _-?,
Broadway & 19th St.
23 Mai.cn Lane
.itv .-min-is-t-h ra mwbti bbwb.
W.ehlfM-ton. Jnn. 1.1 -Crilr-'l states Consul
>norai Lee reported to the Btate Department
?rom Ilr.vnn.-i under ?!?*? Ol yesterday the facts
onnected wlth tha rlotlng th-re yesterday.
SPhUe the Btate Department olBclali do not
Uvulge tho tert of tho dlapatch. II la said thal
t corroboratea generally the newapaper reporU
>n th- rrabject. Accordlng to rienoral Lee'a re
?.rt the dlaturbance had been quetled for the
|me belng. btJl he was apprehenslve nf another
ratbreah at any motnent.
Into fhls afternoon the firsl news of the day
wme to the Btate Department from c.oneral
Lee who telegraphed tbat eeerytblm waa
,'ulet in Havana to-day, and that thore waa no
?ause for epprehanelon of troobl*
General Lee dld aol aak to havo a warship
;crt to Havana. and. ln lhe oplnlon of the State
??.p,ru,ont Offlclala, that ls a su.Tlclent reaeor,
?or the aaaumptlon ihai thew to no o_caalon for
?endlng on". The oflldals a,"* evldeutly not aP
n-ehenalve of any ironbto ln the Immedlate fut
lro that Wlll re^.lre rhe forclbto Intervention
,f our Covernrr.ont. The dlaquletlng feature of
he Bltuatlon la the borrlbta condltlon of the
joor ln Cuba.
Accrding to Oeneral I**-**- *^**Ji*3
han two hundred thousand peopie on the Island
y-o m the lal -'?'?*"* ?f de-tltttUim, Md are
-holly oepeiid-nl upon chnrtty. To teed theje
,,..,,,,0 . 10-cent ratlon a day would cost 120.000
?nllv. whlch sum is doobta the amount 80 far
^ed in contribi.nons durln. the last ten
lavs by tho state Department.
? tho oplnlon of General Lee, no leaa than 20
Jrccnr o> these poor r.pM Bf- sur-'.y dooowd
,/d,,,h from srarvati-n and dto*-* J-^
. Btate of affalra the exlatence rtW-???
Unni/ed government ls thr-atoned. and the au
nand Httle attentlon.
The Bpanlah Mlnl-ter. Beftor imptiy de I.ome
r,J , . a dlapatch from S-cretary-t'enera.
-??;.?.,,his _fternoon nnder date of noon to
Ia* at Havana. It aald:
- .fflrm that the tumtilt of
i,,.-i to one quarter of the clty.
Tbis followcd closely on ^^^J^
,nt?*h from the same authority. fllcd at Havana
ibotit !? o'clock thla mornlng. It saia.
CorapUi. calm. The rft. baa i-ecoiered Its normal
"Th'o'Sinish M.nlster has been ta* constant.y
, _ f evrv ,b volopmont wlthln the last tweo
rirlaed of ew> o ? j hP ??,? Up
? :f^.^r,;.:K__SS 5 any*.?-?*?*
C** ne ..l-rlsing to have bee. a r.o.. _mre
?,1 Klmple; that order has been M^^J^
1 i ,?? thnt the eatborttlea hnve an ample
! ?r " ,?. ?o d ev;T>e protectton; that the tumul,
,,?Is connn.,1 te Bp-utoh a,,., Cuban >*M ??
,,:,, no indlgnlty waa put upon any Amerlcan ln
e-_t or cltlsen. publle or prtvate. _.__.,
Ti... ofldal edvlcea began eirtrtog ahou rn -
,? to* nlght, and have come ?"tot^ptedl>
n'o tben. Tbo early ones wer, ln clpher. end lt
,k ???, houra to deetpher them They loM UM
. rv\,f the dlaturbance fully. nr.d .., rho maln
Srobor..1 the preM dtopatchea They gjjdjlt
.,,.,- u ? itated at the Legatlon, thnt tbe demon
,/,,;?? waa an umwgantoed not. the pertldpenta
' . g.th?red up from th- streets. wlthout ?rma
-r .mmunltton. II bef?ti when a few army o?ccra
nobb?d ,h, ? R?eoneentradoN newapaper estab.ish
ncnr that paper belng so lukewarm toward ao
on-rny that it was BUapeCte. of having insurgent
endenclea Later. as 'ho peop> were leartng the
,hoPs at the cloae of tha day'a work and the
,,,.... were fir.er: wlth hom-goers the 'Iemonstr|>
i.? V_.i becun oaaln bj an attach on 'ho .--tab
tentao-'VKacuaU'-and the "Dlerto de la
^Tr'.^V.'vpatohcs Btata that a amall gmup ralaed
r. ?iinVt lutonoray, some fow gare 'Mvhs
LCr_enfr?" wS wh le aome acattered ahouta
. . i'ir, e, ,-ninst Oeneral HIhiico. In th*
vere dlre te.i .i^n "-.,' { Spnln und
rtr_rThe ,nounted^ollcTweri broSh. Into
,?; "nd^laperaed ?ha eToupa. ao thal eger waa
?Vrtore.l. and the clty was tranqull by midnlght.
Durlng this axcttement Unlted State9 Coneul
Seneral Lee was in eommunlcatlon wirh theHpan
Bh Huthoriites. Nelther he nor th* oiildais appear
o havo beea apprehenelee, but lt was aeemed tho
mrt of wladom to fuerd agataat contlngeoelee by
icndlng a guerd of aoldlera to the Unlted Btatea
_rgatlon and to the prieata reetdence of Cenaul
;,ni ral I.ee. Accordlngly, twenty-flve Spanlsh
loldlera were dlapatched to the rnite.i Btatea Coo
;uhito and another guard of twenty-flve to the
ealdence of Genetal Lee. They aeted ns an eaaer
rei s guard, and no ascaaloa ai*oea for th-ir ser
,irM |0 be brought Into actual rerjulBltlon.
rhroughoul tho dlaturbance, lt i- Bald atthe Lega
lon "here araa nol a ahout ngauist the I nlieiJ
Itatea nor a hand ralaed agalnat an Am.-ri.-nn dtl
The Bl anlab authorltlea at Havana rent the
itronaesi poaalble aaauraneea to Mlnisier L>e Ldme
hat they ire entlrrty able to copa with the situn
k.n Thev mliilmlsed rhe demonatratlon, s.i>.:.g
i, i n waa nothlng more lhan a "wlnd* upri?im<
I'h.-v added lhat ir by any poaalblllty an ouu-rgency
hould ro'iulro it whi.-h. however, they ln no way
? xiie.i.'.I ihe Government .nitlioriries are ample to
iroteet every Intereat. A large body of tro..ps is
luartered In Ine city, and thor... nre aald ro be
nor* lhan en-ugh for nl requlrementa. Thi*
i nemeni ls mada t>v way of aaauranca, bewerer,
Oi t, . authorltlea aay ih" troub e is al an ond
0n<, of ,t?. :,t,. dlspai hea atated tbat an toaur
reni leader < .'i<>n. i Lopea Marln, of the general
u(t aceomp nled by iwo othera, have turned tn
hetr arma In rinar del Illo. and hav declared for
mv and that Lieutenant-Colone! Auerolo
i'another Inaurgeni leader, had turned over
ili arms ai d ihoae ol his eompanlona ln Matansaa.
The Snanlah Mlnlater went io the Btate Depart
-,., , ihoiil ll o'clock lo-day and conferred wlth
laalstanl Becre'ary Daj on lhe altuatlon In n.i
ai .i There I* every r"!soti to believe lie con
-,.v, ,i g| urance of a reatoratlon of order, and
,f ample power lo proiecl all Amerlcan nml other
nterests aubstantlally as aet forth abova
No arord can*e to tbe Btate Departmonl from Oen*
rral Lee durlng rhe forenooa, bul tbla araa not
tgarded i II luletlng, f^r from otrrer Bourcea the
lepartmeni learned ii-nt iia-.-unu w_? .p.ii*r to-day,
md Judge Day waa i*--;-' l :hn there wi* no
langer ef another outbreak and trin: r.1;.- Bpanlah
uthorltlei had taken
galnat nny pus*ihle
ricati i on*ulate b\
. -ry precautlon to guard
emonairarl'itj agalnst thi
.luerican ' or.*ulat? by a llberal uaa >.r the ^.n
armerte. Thii aewa confirmed rh* offlciHl* ln tnelr
.-.j. . ; n re;! to make any change ln :ne order*
if ;nt warabtpi at.-l to avold conijjllc.itlr.n the alt
i?-1 ni _i :? ! .rrh.-r iiy senillng f.r;|p* to Ilavan?.
t was felt tl.nt the app"*rance of an Amerlcan war
nip in Havana haruor e/ould ba llkely to be m;s
.? natrm l bj lhe ead ta bla populace rnero anu li*.
? ,;.:..'?. j- ir. intftsil.'g a p.ipo;- on ihe part of
.".-? i nlterj Btatea Qove.nmeni lo Inierfer* ln fa\o-r
?( in. Inaurrectlonleta, r.ml thus nilght pr.?ipitate
r-o vory iroubto bs ei-miuig was intended to avert,
lamcly. tn* commlaalon of some eovcrt act ngninst
knterlcani ln Havaaa
*i'he Department araa aupported ln riila reaolutlon
,v rh ? fad 'iiat In rn-.- ot ro.il need only a f-w
iours would -up"- after aoundlng i noia .f warn
r>K befon owi .-.hipn eould appeai off Havana and
;..,: (Jeneral Lee heietofor* bad acqualnted the
idmlnlsttaiion with hla Inteniloti to a?i< for tvo
>aval leaaela in lhe eveni of oceurreneea atlalng
,, demand thelr preaenca In Cubaa wuter*.
Iloanwhtle aa baa been said. ihe Navy Denerf*
ieni 1* fnll>
proicctluii of
Amerlcan liUere*ts ln tlme of r!?t ni the heavy
battle-shtp. . ___
A telegram came to the r>ep-rtrr.*m f>d.-,y rrim
lli? rotnmanler o:' ihi E'sr., announrina that ne
hnd ralled from 8t. Thomns for Pori Roval. ?o
the fleot of Amerlcan shlp*. ln Weai Indlnn wnf?ra
has thun another acceoaloO, Ih* Vr-n x. thOUgh ?
tr.iininx shi(> being h'HI aenrteeabie, eepecuuy for
land Ing parrle*.
The disqiileting stor.es that hnve appeared re .
tlve to ipecial Cablnet meetl:'?? cn 1 Imp-irt.int
c nferences ai the \\ !iit#> tfoure to forward waf
proparaMers bave no fountfatlon tn fact and are ern
phaflcally denled hv eveiyborly meptl-m-d ln the
sforle?. A?*!s'nnt Becretary .ny s?l,l that M ."-d
not heen nt flie Whlte llou?e to-'n- ":> tlll ??'*
afternoon, snd Aaatatanl Beereterr Meikiei-'hn m.id
* slmliar sfatement n? fo himsel*. wblle Becretary
r.nr?t pald hla f1'?t vlslr of th* rla*/ to Ihe Pr'sl.Jert
.->h->? 11 ror.n Admlnlstratlon ofllcla's Blflte that ln
fhelr onlr'on there [* r>. **v reaion to belleve the
erl'ls at Ifavans has pn?.?,l for the ?!me ail tbat
thero la row nn donrer of trouble.
rt-*upirni> m h\vt\ cttARA PROVtSfCR
?TNCR SABVABX |, j*.i>7.
Jnckson, Mlss.. Jan. Ul??Advtrea fmm Major
Oeorga L_ Donald, ir., of Mlaataalppi now tn
Cuba, on wboaa Informatlon tbe stnte senate
yeaterday pnssed .1 stnng Cuban reaolntlon, aay
that nlnety thouaand peraona hav? perlabed by
atarvatlon ln tbe provlnce of santa Clara aJona
Btnee January 1. 1*1)7. Major Donald says one
cannot go twenty steps without meetlng some
p'.or atarving woman or chlld beggltag for aome*
thlng t., ..it, and that a peraon caurnol all down
to i mea! without belng aaked for bread by
atarvlng chlldren.
Among the passengers who arrived yeaterday on
the stmrr.er Senncn, from Cuba. was Benora Inea
Ponce <ie Roqoe, the wlfe of a colonel ln the Cuban
Army. She waa arreated ov,t b year ago by Mie
Bpanlab ofTHnfc, *ho had Intercepted a letter
which she had wrltfrn to h-r huaband, who was
then with ihe Cuban Armv operatlng aboul Matan*
mis. Tn fhls letter she h.i,I sent BOme Inforrnntlon
ns to the Bnanteh mnv?m"nt?. Bhe was puf. ln
prlfon by Oeneral Weyler, and wns released un7F>r
the genern, amiteoty decree of ihe Qtieen Regent of
Ppaln. Bhe stat-d yeatei lay thai her treatmeni ln
p.-iion was ln no way erueL After h, r relenae ef*
forts were made to ,_ef h*>r to Influence her hus
hand to deaerl the Cuban enuse, wlth an Iniln.atl, n
. i _il! ! ""l 'lo ,ht'* *h" would h.-.ve to leave
i iim She. at once declded on th>- latter courae
and wlll mnke her home here wlih h>- brother-ln*
law, Mamerto Ponce de Roque,
? * ....
A dispatrh was rereived by the Central Cuban
Rellef <'ommltte*. _ f_w dgyi ago, fro:n Conaul*
Oeneral l ,.?,-. givlng ln detall all nrti-ies needed
to allevlnte the Btrffertng of Cuba'a st.-irvinK peo
ple. Soon after rec-lvlng the dlapatch, the com?
mlttee sent meaaagea to ihe Oovernora of the
Btatea aaklng them t?. form at once pffclent rorn
mltteea for Ihe parpooa of obtaldnK funda, cloth
ln_r. and m-dicine for the rellef w..rk Favorable
anawera hav- been recelved from the fnllowlng:
Oovernora Bloiham of Florlda, Clongh of .Minne.
sota. McCord of Arlaona, T\ler of VTrglnla Jonea
of Arkanaaa. Drake of lowa, Wella of I'tnh Hoi
rpmb, of N'ebraaka, f..-.d\ of Kanaaa. Culberaon of
Tex-is, Cook of Connecticut, Otera or New Mexico
I'yr of Rhode Island. Bradley of Kentucky and
Tunnell of Drl.aware.
MaJrid, .lan. ta Oeneral Ang'ista arlll aueeeed
tha !'?<? Oeneral MuAoa a_ Captaln-General of
Forto RIco.
OP TiiKirt i.iim; PIOHT.
To the Kdltor of The Trlbune.
Slr: In your lssue of to-d.y, "R. <}. U." refer
riag fo rry prevfowa letter. says that I may he
an Amerlcan, but I wrlte like a Spaniarl. Were
It worth whlle to Introdoca the personal ele
ment Into the dlacuaalOO, I mlght retort tbat h?
mnv he nn Amerlcan bui he v.rifes like a Cabaa,
and leave It fo the taste of your readers to deter*
mlne which Is the more terrlble nccusuflon. He
Ing nn Amerlcan, I must, however, ropudlate the
comp.irlson between the Cuban uprlslng nnd our
own glorlous stniKKle. and, In the vanlty of my
Anglo-Saxon A-Berlcanlom, aaaert tiiu ha does nn
Injustlce both to the I'nlted States and ESngland ln
comtiarlng the one to ftiba and the other to Spaln.
I hope he now considcrs mi sulllclently inipartidl
os between the two laat-nnme<l countrles.
Rut thls Is nelther here nor there. My national
ity has nothlng to do wlth tbe QUeetlOO. In m>
prevlous letter I en leavored. after ? eiooa studv of
the cuestlon, Jolned to nn Intimate knowledge of
the Bpanlab and I'ubnn ebaraeter galned ln a bual?
neaa reatdence of some years In the city of Havana,
to set forth what appear to me to be the cold
faets of the eaaa "ne of the most Important of
these facts ls the evid.nt conlllct of opinion among
the Cubana themseives ns to thc most dealrabla
termlnatlon now possibl* to the unendurabla con
dition of thlnga at preaent eatatlng In Cuba.
The revolution has ceaoed 10 revolve. ;ind nofhlng
more can be ga'.ned by Its nominal eonttnuance.
There ls no further attempt belng made by the In
surgents lo do nny llghtlng. They are overwhelm
ingly outnurabered by the Bpaalarda; the i'nlted
States has not the allghteot Int-ntion of golng to
war wlth Spaln on thelr account, and that for
whleh they orlginally took up arms. or at least
that whleh would at the outs-t hava fully BBtlefted
them, is offered them. I ask iciln, In the name
of common-sense, what Is the pnrt of true patrl
otlsm under the clrciimatancea?
Furtherinor-, I think thai the Insurgent leaders.
both in cui-n and In New-Tork. are commltllng a
ero?s polltlcal hlunder by not proudly procinimniK
Vhe "onceaslon of home rule by Bpaln aa the grand
nnd glorlous victory which lt undoubtedly ls. It
I, a conceaalon which Bpaln ndlgnantb repelled
ai the outaet. bul which the dogged^.I^rwveTance
nf (ho Cuban pntrtota ai laet compelled^ her. moat
riluctantly. to tender. Why nol real aatlaHed with
this tangtble trlumph. nnd allow pea eind ^roa
peritv i 'return to the Pearl ot the Anttlteat
^Tonkera N. Y. Jaa N. ItBf. I'- * r'
? - ?-?
To the Edltor of The Tribune
Slr: If I may do so without Infringlng on the
rl*rhi of your eorreso-in.l nt, "i: B O ." to an
_wer hlmrelf the communtratkHi addreeaed to blm
m to-dnv'- Trlbune by "R. 0 R." and if you wlll
klndly granl me the aeceaoary opaca tn your col
umns. i wouid like to preaent to lha conaideration
of the latt.-r som?- facti ln inotrer to hla Btatement
ihat Cuba nnder Bpanlab domlnton "has made no
BUbarantbtl advance tn four hundred years." And
la ord.-r ihal theae fneta may not aeem to l>e
eolored by prejudlce m favor of Bpaln, I wlll inke
them from b Bouree profeaaedly favorabla to the
Inaurgenta a short "Hlatory of Cuba," -otnptled
by I.I'Utenant B. Ilanr.aford "froni Ihe l.'itost ar.d
b-.*t nuthori'les." publlahed In Kei.ru.iry of laat
in this pabtleattoa the ralne of the agrlcultural
eaporta of the laland "for one year ahortly befora
the lnst Insurrection" Is glven ns "upward of ptt.
000000." Tbe tobaceo crop "is eatlmated af about
?-,.m annually." Cuban susirs and tobaecoa
are atated lo be "famoua the world over." "Not
nll the bouniy-atlmulated and cheaper prodttetlon
of t"-ri augarlln Rurope," it ls added, "has been
abie to dlaplace Cuban Biigara In forelgn raarbeta
though competltlon from this aource h.is largely
reduced tha prodta ln ralalag them." "ln Cuba
ti,e grlndlng aeaaon iacts twlce ai long aa ii d iea
in Loulalana Throughoul tbe augur-ralalpg dla*
trictn the towerlng furnace ehlmney* r:f the mllls."
with modr-ru machlnerv, "are everywhere .'.." moat
conspieuniis oblectn. 1 nder condltiona of ptace
the augar oroductlon .ippr, xii.i.ites one milllon
tona i" r annum."
If the pjeture wh'.eh the Islar.d now pr.-setits ls a
lens cherrlng one, who ls to blame for ir ?
The clt) of Havana, the Cuban capit.il. is thus
deacrlbcd In tha same publlcatlon "Tbe famoua
capital .f Cuba, which i- alao tha commerclal
centre of the West lndlea, ls th,- oldeal clty found
ed by Kiiropeiina ln Amerlca, ciatlni* fiom LRt, Its
harbor la rery ftne. lt ls ihe foremost tobaceo
and augar markel i f "??? w irld, and manufacturea
? in Imn.ense QUantttleB. The cer.sus of 1817
ahowed a population ,-t kw,Ml ihe city, which ii
made up of the oi,v nml 'new' towna, the latter
outsldo the old walla. hai hmdsome Buburbs, bo
itdea many ar.d beautlful public parka and
"Havana i? h metropolla of wealth, Rcod ik in?
and general luturv, wlth >n abundanca of , if*a
?ir,d reatauranta. falrly rivalilnK th'-se of r.iris
lt is maaalvely l>uiit. moetly of itone, and paved
wlth Ktanlte or other atone equally hard, as belng
ihe beai material for ihii iunu el pr.dlg.oui i ili
iu ,i rtiiminu fun* "
Other daia fr om tha aame publlcatlon nre us f..i
lowi "Then u ona tbouaand miles of rallroad
in rejculnr oaeratlon in ttmea of peaee through
oui lha talaunu, beetdei aboul two hundred mllea oi
private llnea runniiig lo tbe lir?.- uxir planla
Uon.., ;tr-.<I Whlcb, durlng thr ?nr if lW-fl, W#re
more ir leaa completei) deairoyed The lelegraph
ii. ?. aggreaata ^'<!,l mbee Thi number ,f ?? ??? i
thnt enter'-,1 the fl\r pHnclpfll lH>r'. H.nima Ba ?
:...*,> L'lenfuegoa, Trtnldaa and Nuevltaa ??)
n rounu numbera ,w_, ihouaand, wlth a ton
nage of two and i.nr-hnlf m:;.
aii ibtfl would Mem t,? be .i lubatantial advance
ln the rondll on cf the laland ilneo lha iin>s ?-h?n
tt.e Mllvea tnkfii prlaonera ln war b) thelr nelgh
bom. the > _oihi,..-s wera de vou red i.\ lha utier.
New-York. J?n. i". IM, AN AUTO.NOMlaT.
Mcriocn Bpitammia Ca
STny.fxn *SJrT*t_
2Cfl Fiflh Avenue - Maduon Squira
racroa'C* Can*?* rccroav
MtaiocM, Gonri. H??i.ton. 9mm
CjI thla cur ani pr**?rv? t?- f04|M r*f?r*t?ca
Th* f-DoWtag *<?*!*? h*v? b*#n ^?*'?m>f?i | ??*
M.ij.r *? aeianlag ?t*t!..r_i f..r ^.*i *ni eo*| ?>m^w
un.l*r rh* provialon* of ^iiA^i*r 1T4 I th* :.**. t irg]
L'adBr ihl* law e\*ry pur^.s**?r ..f - Ml .' *.<?- T'-rt
?"nv 'i?? 'h? lagal rletu i> aatai aay I I ?? * ?>
piirrha*'-*. ?., i\r\ ..... r .,...- |> >?. *B_j
)?? ?'? : thnt ih* *r*l** -hall b* n .' m-.r? -h*n ?? i |
tniio dtatani from th.. plae* I : xjing - f ih* ? ? ? ?_
BetWary of mM roal
Th* ?? l.imi. - ?r i* MHttM ? . i f-? af Hi '?n'? ? t-^
whirh it,-j - - | ? , ,- : b. lh* r-'i' -h i?e- . - 1 rl r Ot
flv.n !?, "S* ,lrl\*r 'T -"t Iv *n-. I BT |
After th* |. n.i*.| - - ? ? il 4*>
ll- .T*-l I., th* j.ur. h-r-.r. 'h? .-r!-?r ?cl?i ? ik? ?'.?? .mrKJ
\*h;r-i? hark t. -h* -.nl* lo r- ? i*h-i. aa4 ?*_? -??*???.
?tn?t*r vtl: rh.n ?? n.l a .-rtl*. .'- f . . ?- <' t o ??.
p'lr.'!>?*> -
I *? MM*.
2?"> B MB ?'
i'-...? ??. ?? *> r:**? a.
? * U ? I
*'*! ?' ,1 1 ? .?? P" *f,
Mh ?i *.,.! Raai I(o-.f.
I4th ?? ?;.'. V
_"th ?i *r..; r,*?t ? ?*.
:i2! *i aad r ?? i
> "> 1*1 n -
4wth ?i .: : Raai ittv**.
Wlth ?' *i_l "**. R-. _*.
.'-. Eaal "-.".'h .1
? ?( ? ' .".i.r R'\*r.
BB9 Kaa4 **?
-., - i'.,,^
? ?r.
rrcvi l?' tra
411 i. - .?
II*-!' r | I*rii
4K<! H B
letai M aa ! M ????*.
In oaa* of 'li* lafoaal nf nm -lrt? './? -?? ln*g
. ??? ih* . :rV!a: Beal* * en ? -l?r-: ; - ,*? ? ??
Ihl* aaan '.ti n
If ???> r*iii-?t~! ?* -..'I **n1 our h.|'-'-r M ea I.;-?
on-.- rofiaamer ?? *xr-!-,a tha i?w or i laatoi In ; wlae
??? il ??:?l ? 1
tiik coai. tr*.' - pm rr -rivR a*- n
v.-?*t m i*
477 tV.i?Vn?rr n *'
'**< 'ir**n_|.-h ?t.
.M>- \V.?t ?t
I4tli ?' an 1 tmh av*.
.Wi Weal 134 rt.
IM !?-h bv*
.*7.i |i?h ave.
47* ll!>.
4?Uli ?; . N..rlh R.r*r.
r-.v, \\>*i sjita .?
Ri'i Waat .-.:.'ii ?t.
ft.'ch ?i in : i> ''.>v.-ir4.
:.; Bl N i. m*.
.-.;?.? i
?.'?,!> B ulavard,
-' ?? " nn 1 7'h ava.
13 W*-t l.lC'h *r.
' for th* <->ir* f Alc hnllaai 1 ? I I a* ?-l Xm
I r.i*.rh*'iia ''r->v;n? rem.-\*-l li '* ... .r.i(1
Blue .p'lr.ii*^ ii oae* artl li -
*?? r BVlSerlna ot
I'rlvary _**ttr?. ll ' ' i 4.
rr_.ii.il profaaatoa. W'rtt* ifl r i*teph n? f ? t - * _t,
ttl \\*?t i.-.'i ?? Kee fort
Ifahoaaa*/Plalab, lataM. Bio.oa
Mal |8B| .-. UMB
Mabogaay lalaM .. .?. lS.iie
45 West 23d Strtxt.
EI';ilT lritlll LBAYfl PORT AM)
Wlth the lifrlriR ef tlio tog, a laiBI r*-et ef
Bteaatera covered tha Bay eerly reaterdey m./rn
inj-, prinelne In and nnt of p'.rr Kurht *!? iim?rB.
f-r.-!itn ar.d COaatWtee, loft ttM rrall ot #m- k- I-*
lilnd them on their wny to se.i. ".hli- f..;r'*?n
KteamerH ?omo of which ?? r- reported late U'*.l
neaday Bfternoon. baatened to thelr plen
Tii.- Amerlcan Llne aleamar Kaw-Torh and ,vie
Whlte Btar Mcr T**utonlc did aot leeve tii*'.r pitb
untll Wedneaday avenlna, and th?n only dropped
down te tho Lower Boy, where ?hoy r. nnn.-l at
nm-hor nll nl?ht and paaaed Handy Hook yeaterday
niorninjr The Teutonle rleared the Bar al 7*"
o'clock, acl tba Kew-Tork tollowed el ??? bi ind
h.r at I ol a. m.
Fovr rallway eorporattans wre COBBOlldatad at a
meeting held >? ?'' i I -'? ln the ofll * ot ti-* Mal
iKicks Rallway Coaapany, ln J.-r?..y Clty Th_B
company abaorbad the Satfenal Doeka aad Now
Jersey Jnnctlon ronnoctlna: Rallway Ceuq >ny. rha
Kiil Von Kull Rallway Coaapany ani th* Bei Creab
Rallway Cempany Th.y wera all parta of ona
llne, runnlnir from the P/eet Ihora Statl ra, ar BTee*
hawken, to Bergen Polnt, aad eonaectlnf with all
the rallwaya with leratlnala oa tbe Sew-Jeraej *::a
of the Hudaon Rlver In Hudaen County.
Th.- orlglnal and Burvivlnc company, tba Natior.al
Docka Rallway, waa buUt Bboal Blateee yenra
a?o by th* Btandard OU Coaapany to conaect ita
\.inis ar Cavan Polnt, Jeraey *'ir\. wlth Iha Peaa>
Bylvanla Rallroad al the Polnl ot Rocka Then th*
j'. L-tioo Rallaay waa orfanlsi I and bullt the lina
from the pennaylvanla Rallroad norrh to tne
Vt'eat Shore yard. The \v. -; Bhore road u oon
tn.i -l by tho Vanderbllti a-ho aouaht a anloa
the itandard CHI Compeny'a llne, and taa
Junction Conr.ectlng Rallway waa Incorporated. te
run under the Pennayl inia RaUway tn Wa Ta*
Pennsylvanli rompany (oughl hard to pr-vent tne
union. and by ir^ oppoaltlon Jelayed tt for ?o\*i-I
vo;,r^ Thi KHI Von Kull and the !!??. Creeh . om
iianles w. :?? formed to conatruct llnea aloaf rha
ahore of .he Bay ar.d the Klll Von Kull to U'*r?eB
At the me^tirric yeaterday almo-t nll of tr.e ?too_
of the four companlea **as repreeented ani tha
conso'iidation waa ehTected hy a unanlmoui *
New atock will he leeued, and tho Btockhotdefa a-iu
neet esaln to aleel .1 Board af Mrectera
VtttW A ha\!> MtRROa IO IRKD -V BOUJff
Bdward Oeedmaa aacd B small hnr.d mlrror _?4bV
rec; a buiier from hi? reeelver toto bla head !??
niuht. Th" bullet entered his riaht temple, paaaal
almoat tiirouali his ho.ni and lodged Ju?t under tM
akin of his i-ft temp>, liUiln* hlm Inatanttj T.^t
BUk-lda nad 1 ea a engaaed In tha menufactara |
cl ik.? nn.l -uira fcr two yeara at N'o B ":
T?- ? fth-at, No on waa 1 ' when t>- toek hia
life |n hla eliop. bul ho waa dlarearered bo i "'?*"
h.- tlrei t-10 fatal bullet b) John s:..i\. iba elevator
man who hearl the ahot. Ooodman h i-l ?earri
himseif in a hlah-ii.n I<<1 ehalr, 1 roa - I hla i;v*
lowed hla reei i< reat on another chalr h.i
loft alde leaned aralnal ?> table Then he took a
hand elaaa 111 lil- lefl hand. and. almlng by ita ald.
sent tne bul ot into hla temple,
A. M Davlea, the dead man'a brother-ln-law, ?-ui
iaat nlght rhat he could aaalgn no eauan tottm
Bulclde, as the dead man waa proaperous ln waij
neaa, acl had iwo chlldren llvlng, f.ir whon aa _-*
riio Btrongi at afT. 1 ;'...n.
Bmanucl Cohn, manufacturer ef brlarwoed pip,*a
nnd Bmokera' artlclea, al Noa US aad IST Laa '?
st.. h-s given rhattel naortgagea l ? ? redltaii
to bi rure rlalma 10 tbeamoual ..ft'.-.' The atter*
neya who re* n aenl the m 1 *
tro ible la lue to dull bualneaa. ati
HoiiinK gooda at too srni" a narg 1 "' ?*"
lars.- expenaea. They have : *
much hla HabHItlea are, nor the valui : o *a
?eta Mr- Coha P >'r ni '???'"
facturera in thla clty.
Btruea Brothera, ahoe manufacturera, af Ba -"
to lll N..r: | T.' tb> ' , BTOOkl] ? *
hiil of aale to Roberl rj. .-: ima ! '"
,.,., ,... underatood ie ba aboul N ? ,s
fthrter, SoKei \- Lernh ln.
Ouarantee Clothlng Com it > * ' ' _ .
.?nd N . " ird-ave . '? ivi
ro rh " ??,..,-?-.?>? * '
l r. i "i ? I r .1 a ry 1 ?
cn nn ln-lor?e.| not* lour month* 1* ar.
The llablltlea are about $7o0O0 aa____a
Judgmer.ta were enterel ye.ferlay_b> Fran ?
agarnai Andrew McMI laa - IA
* -. . eompoaed l ie flrm ?. * M ?/ * C* ?
RI nt. nnd ag.Vnal \? ? ''/'.._
notea made li ?? rl 1 iha reeet ? feuaJ among
riio a-*et- .<f tha benl -
50 Hifrhe.it Awards
* ?-?...??* pi.. ? v.;?,.;,;;': w_,e_i.r
0 uhv..??.i-....?. ??.-;'.. :rr!:!','vr-:
\ f.-.i,",ini, ...e ;;:./.: . ? : ?

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