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[BT TEI.r...rAVH T<> THK TKim'NF 1
San Francise. Jan. 22.?Th?? nrranc? menta for
tart Jubilee celebration of tin' fiftieth nnnlver
aary of th?.- datOOVgry of Kold In California have
boon practically completed, and the parad?
?which will opon the week's exercises pTOmteea to
be the best ever held on this cor.it. Us dis- I
tlnctlve feature Rill ho the revival Of ptOR?wr !
days, a-? rtraag* atad bo interesting to tho
>oun;-.r generation. The early minimi will be
illustrated by toaua, and old minara who have |
bt?a working la the Blerraa gbreg '49 win give a
praitu-a; ezhlbltl m of the use of rockara and
glulcoa and other utcnaUa of the placer minor.
DM of tha men aaa elated with Marshall, the !
flaw ??i arar ?>f * ?id, will '???? in the parade, and they
will ha\e many curl?.us relloa <?t Putter's Fort.
which was the h.;a?l.)uarters for Americana hc
fore the Mexican War broke out and before the
hear Has- uprising led to the aelaur? of the terri?
tory hy the United States forcea. In the ;>arade
will als?? be a number of old prairie aohooaero,
or big ean?*aa-cov??red waurona, In which the
pioneer faonlllea cr caned the plains. Some of
these? win be drawn by horses and othera by
oxen. The toelety of Pioneere, the Mexican War
Vet. ran? on?! the Native 8?.ns will all turn out
In full fore?, with many valuable relics and
banners The floate, which will be ??onaplcuona
In the parade, v ill ?rive a review of Callfornla'a
history and ?1. t'elopraent, and several will he
??lab?rate. <">ne of the Interesting divisions '
will he comjosed of cowboya from the Bjreet
cattle ranches .?f San J.?fuiuin and Indians from
all parts ?.f the State. They will he In full r?
palla. It is eatlmated that fully 16,000 people
will be in line. The Regular Army Will be rapre
.sented hy all the United States troi.ps in thH
Vicinity. The exercises Will continue until Sat?
urday night, when the Mining Fair will open.
Thr> arrival <?f twenty Klondike miners at
Baattle this week, with nuggets and draft? rep
reannllni nearly 11.000,000, has given a great
6timuius to outfitting for the Yukon. Most of
the men who retained with fortunes had been
In Alaska only one seaaon, and their stories of
the general richneaa of tha country und the
.?.?..1 ptOB] ects for m?'n who are us.-d to min?
ing ami who carry sufflrient food and other
supplies havi greater encouraged thoae who
are planning to croa? th.- Chtlkool next March.
The activity here In nil the outfitting trad? a is
remarkable. All the ateamahlp offl<*ea are be?
sieged with appllcatlona f?jr bertha and two
vessels which sailed this week were crowded.
One of the curious features of the departure of
these veeaell waa the larpe number of dogs
which have be? n trained to .'.rap sleds. Hereto?
fore paaaengera coming ont here have had to en
gape accommodations ..n ateamera here, but now
tha Southern Pacific C impany t?as given ordere
to sell In New-York City or Chi? ago, or at other
large Eaatern pointa, throuch tickets to Dyea,
nuaguay "r St. Michaela This move waa tak n
to block the competition by the Union Pacific
and th- Orearon Bh rt Line to Seattle The San
Franciaco narfcet la far larger than that of
s- itt the varlet) la more complete from which
t.- c).???'>??'. and prlcea are lower. Here is the
entre ..f auppllea on this e.?ast for beans and
all evaporated vegetables and fruits. In fact,
California is now supplying moat of the Ameri?
can demand for evaporated p >tatoea and oni ?na
Ar thar puint In favor of San Fran.ris???? Is Its
ample hotel accoanmodatlona. if one thousand
gtrangera Bh uld be lan?.-d In Seattle In one ?lay
the n?tela would l.vercrowded and lodging?
houses filled, but Ban Francisco on several oc
casi.Tis baa readily provided rooms and
f?. r forty thouaand atrangera,
The alining Fair, wl h ? pena next Saturday
and continu?e until M.ir.-h ?'?. will be a valua?
ble aid to any i ne Int? i ding to go to the Klon?
dike. While much of the apace will be devoted
t., processes of mining In the vari..us c unties,
there will be a complete display ..f outfits r?>
qulred for the Klondike, with specimens <>f all
new kinds of evaporated and condensed
foods, and samples of clothing, utenalla, tents
and other articles needed by miners. All the
outfitting houses have made special efforts to
furnish attractive displays, and the result will
be actual practical schools for Yukon prospect?
ors Not only will all the methoda of placer
mining und r 'lir- Arctic Circle be shown, but
even details ..f house-bulldlng, care of sup?
pli?e, cooking, etc, will be exhibited. These
novel displays promise t.. be extremely lnter
esting, as well aa useful. The Klondike outfit
Is so radically different from anything required
in California, or at,> other part of the West,
that no experienced miner can gel any ad? iuate
Id-a ..f it without an actual sinht of the articles
Much interest is shown here In the aele? ?'. n of
the American Director-General for the World'a
Fair at Parta and many strong Indorsements
of M. H. !>?? Young, proprietor of "The Chron?
icle," and one of the vlce-preald?mts ?>f the
Chicago Fair, have i.e.r? s-r,t t.. Washington.
Mr ' ? v ' ? -' made a special study of the last
Wi r 1 !" r at Paria and the Importance of
; i fnr California at Chicago was gener?
al)?, ? ! He waa also mainly Instru?
ment! ng successful the California Mid
wlnt ? '. which he was Director-General,
r is country have s ? Intimate and
in??- a - ?wledge aa he posaeaaea of the
nt of a great exhibition.
Wi 11? < oilier haa n:ade a hit with "Th?- Man
ft n Meal ? .ond week, at the Uald
larg? ? houaea than the first.
' ato Court" has also done a lar?;.' busl
i t the California Tha Tlv ?II brought out
- -. new Iris':, opera. "Brian Bom,"
. !?? ? .'iVfil.
? J ?rdan and several profeaaori at
Si - rali naaed this week the aye
rf "John Doe" i tiranta which permita
Ignorant com try ronatableo to arrest Im
I raona because of their resemblance to sus?
pected criminada Th;r> wus llluatrated by tha
of Profesor Dudley, a well-known botanist,
who was arrested and thrown into jail <.n suapl?
ckn that he was g counterfeiter. The & nata?
ble refused t.? permit him t.. communicate with
frlep'l?. ar. 1 It wis thv?? ?lays before he was
!it>crat"d. Pr fess r Dudl >y i roposea to bring
a ilaniut? suit, ?ikatnst the officer, and ais., tha
man who Induced the off!? "r t.. ,-irr-st him.
Aktaka Packers, Hawaiian Commercial and
Hut hlnson Plantation were among the ?
active st-cks of the week An advance of f.-ur
jtoin'! occurred In Oceanic Steamship at
the report thot a dividend would be paid.
? ? Australia, ir dla, China and Japan
Tr '?? ? rr and Oaaetteer" la t.. b< re
1 i ... a: out ?ix months gnd brought down to
?a I:.;- will be t1 a afth ?-litioti. it Includes
n wen. Caaads, South aad <'?':trai America, M.-?
lco. the Weat Indica ?--.d Bouth Africa, and la a
i of l i. prof? ? s, commerc? an l
saaauf these countrl , tare la also to
be a section d ( ITnlted
(''-' ' '? ? n the names of
? r ?ants a: ? manufacturers dealroua of bringing
' he notice of tho publie, -y,
valu?. aa ?t conialna a Hal
? ? ifacturera ol I ? ?? intrlea
Ti ? ?? ?' la : ring enlarged f?.r the i on Ins - .?
<?w::i!; to th* great ezpenae ?n publlshlna; this
wi/rk. It cannot I ? ? . ? out annually T
edition ???? . - - l in layj ,-,nd ISM, and Bines 1^..-,
th.-r.- i,j.\o ; r. n i. .-?-..?.-. ,i num. r? . - letter? :? un .(:i
pana? ..f the v.-. rid |.rr??ln?. for u i..-w edition, of
thlt? work. Th? boos was itarted In 1874. it has
I nually Increasing In ?-Ize and utility, and
la of th? great*?! value to tha omnmerclal world.
The vat?rraa Old Guard. Major ? ::iiis i
SBBastaasd, at r;?,.id'.v rompi-tii.i/ its arrang
for 1th .?!.:.>: tl r. ??; ". ., v : |. ?, v.'..l I ? !.. , ] at the
MastforaoUttui Opera Itousa an Tue ? n..,
OM Ouan ?ported by i nay of (rienda
will have It? usual full . m . -.?.,i , ? n.--iy t,inr?<l
Ing reora The ? ? - : :i..,? * will take pi i ?
11:30 o'clook, and will >-.t.-i.it (.f th? aaa .tt to the
colors by a ?' .- i?argesai of eighteen Olea ..f t?...
Old <;':?r^. in full uniform. Including bearakla cap
ar^l initKk?t. On th? ?uThral of th? i ..? | urd in
the centre of th?< goor, the "it'.in will ::? BOaSW?
lag ? is of tha ?iid Ouardamen In front of tha
rnarque? .-?.. full rnllitury band will pUy during
" ' ' " "lit of "tl
Ut loti to tl-- ?.lors." .\ft,-r the fourth danoe th?
??>;'' ' ' Old ?luard's man ,i at,?l
j-fcvitAW m which ? . -.y ^oldl..r in tt.. opei k-houM
1*"*' ' ' ?' ,l ?'?I form a military
taWe.1? i. ..?. -~.v i^.-.jt. Box : tickets
; ?'. ' Hptaln Jam.? F. Wenma
U Old Slip, oj of i;.:ivttrd P. Mooio, aecretary, at
the O.d ouard tumory.
Charlea Cogh'.an ?will phav 'The Royal Rox" for
only two -weeks longer at the Garden Theatre. An
effort was made to keep him in New-York for a
longer time, but 1t -was fmuii.l IWPOSSltllS to make
the ne-essary arrangements with out-of-town rrwn
agers, and so tho tour will 1?a\ i? to be continued.
Tlio fiftieth performance of th" play In .Vow-York
will tie Klven on Frid.iv evening. February 4. arad
there win bo souvenirs, on Tuesday afternoon cd
this week Mr. Coghlan will give a prrafeastonsl
ins tin ss
N'.>:hlng new Is to be note?! of the ensragement of
MISS Monde Ailntri? In "The Uttls Minister" at the
Cnrrl-k Tho-itr??. The house in ('.?led eight times a
week, and there s?c?nH to I*" no prospect of any Im
medlate change In t'Us condition.
At the American TPSSVtrs this week the rustle
Square ?Vni;*any will present Amb-rolse Thomas's
"Mignon." Mlrs Grace ??ol.len will sing the title
part. Miss Yvonne de Tr.-vllle and Miss Amelia
Russell will alternate In the part of Felina. Miss
Lizzie Macr-.i-hol will make hsf r. appearance In i :ie
company ns Frederick: Jos? ph F. Hheehiu. will sing
Wilhelm Melker; Arthur Wooley. Inertes: William
Wolff. I/otharl... Raymond Hitchcock, Amonio, and
John Rend. CMaurno. Another popular con???srt win be
given this evening, and among thoe* who will take
part In it ar.? Miss 1'aulln? Hall. Mr-i. Marshall
Pi ase. Misa Amelia Rusavsll. Mr. Reale, Arthur
Wooley. tho Misses Cnrri.ll. Miss Renard iin.l Miss
Tho prosperous course . f Miss May Irwin ?nd her
company la "Tue Swell Miss Fit swell" Is iirrinter
rupted at th? ni.lou Th'atre. Her negro sonars and
the dSTKrlng nnd singing of tne other rrw?mt>ers of
the company prove no less entertaining than at
The repertory of the Irving PaSVCS Theatre for
this week has been arranged ns follows: Monday,
"Dudes of Vienna"; Tta?*?dA** (last titras), "The Bau";
W? Irtasday (last t?m?V "Hans Huokebeln" ; Thurs?
day. Frid-av and Saturday, matin.e and evening,
"La Relie Helens," with Mme. Kop?xnf.
Prank Daniels will return to town to-morrow, and
will appear with hts company in the evening nt
the Harlem Optera HottSS ?n "The Idol's Eye," the
latest .'i.crett.1. by Harry B. Smith and Victor Her?
bert, the authors of "The Wizard of the Nile.
Tie work will be presente 1 In every respect exactly
as it was at the Broadway Theatre in Its recent
auccessful run thera
The attraction for the week at the Grand Opera
House will be "In Old Kentucky." Whh* Will be
presented with a complete new outfit Of I ? n< rv
srot up for this season's tour The horse
the brass band, the dnnMng of the plckanlnnli
the many other entertaining feevtures will be re
membered by all ?rho have seen thts play.
The several -wax groups Illustrating thS Cuban
War at the Kden Musee have recently been re
arrangeil. nnd are now In especially ftocid order.
The cinematograph has new views, snd the con?
certs go on.
"The Telephone Girl" goes on at the Casino.
Ta-.i new sones will be added to-morrow nik-ht.
This entertainment will be presento!, as "has Slready
been announced, at a special matinee on Tuesday
afternoon for the rx leftl 01 "Dan" Daly, who was
severely hurt by 11 fall ?Ml the stage ?n a :
perforrnance of "The Belle of New-York" In Boston.
An auction sale of seats for this occasion is an
nounced for to-morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock.
The engagement of "The White Heather" at the
IV.st.m Theatre, which was to hezin in February.
has been postponed till next season, in order that
the melodrama may remain at th? Academy of
Music. The career of 'the play there thus far has
been extremely gra.tr.ving.
The probable run of "Tae Conquerors" at the
Empire Theatre for some time to como Is an?
"The Hallet Girl" Is likely to remain at the Man?
hittan Theatre for only a short time longer, us a
change ?s soon to be mmle In the rnavnagem?
the theatre. Rut if the piece leaves the Manl
it Is likely to go to some other theatre in town.
M!?s Hepner will sing s new song to-morrow night.
The bill for this week at K<>M.-r A Rial's will be
made up, as usual, partly of featun i r- tain? '1 from
last w-ek and partly of new one.-. Among I
who stay are ("harmlon. Albert A. Guille, the ten >r;
1'?? Bessel, modeller In 'lay. Calcedo, with his feats
i on the high wir.-; Irma Orbasany and her troupe
of trained cockatoos; the Ihree rolos, gymnasts;
El ?Sobedle, hand i-. lancer; Oelmore ana Leo, on
elevated ladder, and Claris e Agnew, soubrel a
?Th.? newcomen are Mile. Lora, Alberto and Al
: berta?, dancers, and Mil??. Vetter and her myaterlous
A ne-A? pong will be sung to-morrow night nt the
Herald Square Theatre, In the performsnce of "The
French Maid," by Henry Normst*, it Is called "A
, Tar at a Masquerade." The words are by Robert
i Hobart l'avis and th>- music by Conrad von Pericli?
ten. The .souvenirs of the l.'.uth performance, on
January 81, will bo duplicates of those of the lOOth
The audiences at Keith's this week will be en
tertalned by the "animated nrislo sheet," In which
the heads of color.-.) singers are used in place of
the note*, with Sidle Fox as the soloist; Leo
nidaafs troupe of cats and dogs; Rert Coote. in "A
Supper for Two.'" in which Julie Klngsley a
the Australian trio Myrtle peek. Barney Pagan
and Helen Byron; San. and Kitty Morton, ai
by Clarn Morton. Oracey snd Burnette, the Marl
nellas, the Moss family, l.oro and Pase, Mali
and Richards, Beahan and Dakln, Master Dan Mc?
Carthy, and half u dozen others
Some slight changes having been mad'- In the
manuscript of "A New-Yorker," by W. 11 Post,
the play will be continu.-.1 at Hoyt's Theatre, Hub?
ert Hllllard is ssalated tn the acting of the play
by Mrs I.outs.? Thorndyke Bouclcault, Mlaa Ger>
trude Oreen, Karl.- Ryder and Dore Davidson. "Oh!
: Susannah!" which Is now running at the R
??-. London, will be preaented ai Hovi
February 7. The cast will Include Misa Maude Har?
rison. Misa Jessie Busley, Mrss Josephine Hall
Miss Marion I., ster. Miss Maggli Pleldlm M
!',: nche Burton, Misa May W.! Frits Wl
Alfred Hlckman, Robert Cotton, Frank Doai
At thi i ire Palace this week the bill is head
, ed by M. Rudlnoff, the French entertainer, a recent
arrival In this country. Fllson and Krrol appear In
j "A Tip on the Derby." "fVaatjerlc Letnaltre*' will
j be presented by Charles R. Welles. There lm a clever
equestrian act by the Meers sisters. Other enter
' tatntng acts are provided by Frenoein and Lewis,
' th?- Frsnsloll sisters, dancers; Howard and Bland,
' Hal Merrett, mimic; Orsce Smith, Lincoln and Gll
i lett. with acrobatic sketch: the Review Four In
I songs and dances, and Mazier and Conly. dsneers
The concert to-day Is continuous from 2 30 to 11
p. m.. nnd includea Nance O'Neli and McKee Ran?
? kin. Lew Dockatsder, Fllson nn.l Krrol. Arthur and
Jennie Dunn. Evans and Vldoca Pete Raker Foy
a 1 ?'lark. E. r. Quint?, the Rice Trio, Georgia
Earnhsrl and others
Miss Nance O'Neli and McKee Rankln hn\
re-engaged to appear nt Troetor's Theatre, Twenty
ti.lr.l-ft for one more week, and they have ...
id a cond.-n-ed beetle from "True to Ufe." Miss
Dean "fdsall will make her debut In vaudev
this houae In n sketch entitled "The Two Rubli b,"
In Which sh<- Will be supported by Frank J Ke. nan.
The living plcturss are still a potent attraction.
Miss Jessie CouthOUl will appear In 1..T monologue,
\ a Raymond, the eornetttst, with John K ;r
k'.mp as gecompanlst, will show how fellclti is she
is v-lth popular melodies, Others In the bill are
i.-ii'.i Mitchell, Lew Bloom, Lost nnd Clinton, the
' . ?.lie :.a p.irte sisters, duettlsl i; Frank Law
Bttnson '.nd M'-rton De Modd and Mai
Nellie Seymour loubrette. For to-day's concert,
. lous from '_':'vi to l" SO p. m . Agnes P
?'hurles Kent. T. W. Ecken. Emma Hnrc. Will
lam H. Wlndoni and the Blsckstoi s Quintet will
app. ar.
"The Girl from Paris" contltmep ftt Wnllaok's
Theatra wh'-r>- it will be the attraction for ?
areeka more Theatre partiea from the 23d Rear!?
and the Harlem Wheelmen are to attend the
performance v.ithin a few nights
At Hr.m T Jack's Theatre, at Twenty-nli
ii l Broaulway, th? burlesque, "Th" Model." with
Miss Jennie Teamans as the sculptor, win t
the leading feature of the performance, but In ac?
cordance with the policy of the manager, there
are special features added we< kiv Mlaa .
L. mpsey will sppesr In her specialties snd L ?.-.?
81 iwklns will make fun. Mile Karlna, the ,-:
:. will siso continue In the bill.
Al. uiulatit entertainment will b? provided this
v. .-ka? Ttnt] Psstor's Theatre by "A Dingles Tariff
Bavby." by u". H. Puiiar, ?presented by Oeorge n
Laka Wllalssa Ctatha J. itmpsim, Miss Blanche
plurlketl and Mlaa Anm.- Ware Jsmes i* Hoi v
Miss Marl.- Btusrt. Miss Cors Rout? the Pantiei
trio. Lawrence and Harrington, Lilib- Western
Fla'ow and Dunn. Pat and Battle Rooney M
and Elliott. Horace Oolden, "Professor" WaHace
with the bioscope, and Tony Psstor "'"'a...,
John Drew conies to WsllSCfc'S Theatre on 1-'. t.
ruary M, with hla new play, "fine Summers DS| '
"A Virginia Courtship." a new romantb- comedy
In thr?-e sets, will be presented for the ?rat time in
this city nt the Knl?iksrbo k- r Tbsatrs a week from
t.?-morrow, by William H. Crane. The play tolla a
lore story of a hundred ysars ago in the Old Do?
minion. It Is the work of Eugene w Preabrey
who makes the acknowledgment that in construct?
ng It he modelled hi- characters after those In
The Rivals," "The 8. i.ool for Scandal." "Tho
e Chase" and "Lon'.n Aesuranta"
Metropolitan Opera il luso, ? ?>, m., popul
(???rt un lai t i? Un. Hon ol Walter i>n
Followlag is the local mus?.-ai calendar for the
eurrenl w< ek:
Bunda) Pine Arta Building, < i>. m., radial of
chamber music by Arthur Whiting, Frana
Knelsel, A. Hackebarth and David ltl???hiim:
ipular con
American Theatre, I p. m., popular .icert:
Broadway Theatre, I p in-, concert of Sousaa
afonda] Metropolitan Opera House, I t>- m.?
"Alda"; American Theatre, I p. m., drst per?
formance for M ? w? '. ol "Mignon" In English;
Corn? ?? e Lj ? um, H:1S p, m., cone? rl I y ? liara u
Bmlth, pi.; iat; th< Bo ith Churcl . I p- na., tree
org ?;i i. citai by Qcrril Smith.
Tueada? Mei lelssoha Hall, 1:1! p. m., etmcart tjf
chamtier music by the Knelsel Quartet; Wal?
dorf A itortn, !? p. in.. Beldl subscription concert;
Chi k? ring Hall, g:30 p. m., i oncert by the Dann
reuin.r ?... \- atlon Hull. Brooklyn, I
p. m.. lecture by the Rev. Henry Q Bpauldlng
..?i "Roben Browning as th< Poel of Music and
Musicians," ?ith pianoforte Illustration? by Carl
Piqu?; Hardman Hall, 1:10 p. m . matin?e mu
alca VN Idorf-Astoiia, I'M p. m., rerttal by
MI i Harri? I Ca I) : A it orla, t p. m. "L?e Portr ill
de Man? n" al an ent? rtatnment ?.?r the B
.if Musical Art.
Wednesday Metropolitan Opera Houae, ? p. aj., |
Herman opera, "Lohengrin"; chl.-k-rln? Hill.
p m., r. eptlon to Frans Rummel; Associa?
tion Hall, Brooklyn, 1:16 p. m., pianoforte re
.-it.ti by Alexander silutl.
Thursday Asaembly Hall, .1 p. m., le.'tur.- by W.
.1. Henderson on "The Modern Oratorio"; Men?
del ?ohn Hall, B:13 p. m . concert by Mme. Luna
Dansiger-Roaebault; Metropolitan Opera House,
eri In memory ..f Adolf Neuendorf*.
Friday?Carnegie Hall, I p. no., public rehearsal
of the ] '??: M? tropolltan Opera
Houae II i?. m., it ill m opera, "Barber of
Be ville"; No. im Lenox-ave., lecture, "A Fore
cam . , \i-I." bj Misa Sarah <\ \ ery
at a meetl ? of Ihe Quid Nunc Club; Associa?
tion H ill, Brooklyn, 3:13 p. m., reading by
George Riddle of the "?dlpua at Colonua" with
M< tide ? Bohn'a music.
Saturday Metropolitan Opera House, 2 p. m., Or
man opera, ".' Carn? gle Hall, v IS
p. m concert of the Phi B ?el? I y. As
io ' itlon ll.iil. Brooklyn, 1:16 p. m., "CEdlpua"
The fourth public rehearsal and ennrert nf the
p B ety will take place on Friday
afternoon and Saturday evening of thl? ?reek, Jean
Gerardy will play i rl concerto by Lalo
and the orchestra n 1er the direction of Mr. Beldl
tur? ? "M infre.1" by 8 humann, Mo? u fs
?; minor symphony and MacDowell's "Indian"
BUlt? .
,i ? t the Beldl "?"i1 crip
t|i n concerta, begs leave to announce a serle? of
... mancea I
idershtp of Mr Beldl In the balln ?m of the
Astoria Hot
Thursday, February I: Monday, February 14; Mon?
dan, ' ? March I .
? : p || !.. gin al il a. m.,
and it Is the intention of Mr !.. make
them a Interesting and artistic a? possible. A
. - - r ? tra will diacourse the bes! oi
and onlj ?? ' ibllah? In tal '. ?ter?
T ? price ? tickets will
be ?1 ' an ! ii admission. Box?
ind 112 T k? ta for i entin
gerl<s or sli mane?? can I s ? ?'??'? I '
fand 4 West 1
Alexander Bllott, pianist, will effect his d?but In
, . . ???' s- Idl subscription c
?n the Astoria on Tuei lay evei rhe pro
? i .P. T?
AI? lander Bllotl.
; ?oloe:
: ? ? '. 7 ?..Ch? ptn
ii.i Itl ,;*..?!:- n : ; . [.? .??
; itl.
"glegfrl d In 1 . '?'
Tho first of the hamber mus! ? matinees
Quart? t ?rill taki
In Mendeli lohn Hall n Tu? i of thl?
week The programme will embrace Beetl
(juartel C theme and varia
from s ?hul ! ? minor, a -
for vl ? iMr. Schroed? r), an l
rtel in ?; minor.
The recond of the re ?' tla of chamber mti
?ill take place In the
r \" after?
n? >i . I 4 o'clock M'. W
Mr Kri? .-? 1 will play B
96; Mr. Blsphai Four S- rio is
Soi h . ' and Mi ?si a, Whll ng, Kn< Hacke
hart h s 40, foi
fort?. \ lolln an . horn.
Tin Ural of the serles of pianoforte r
r An
be given In Association Hall, Brooklyn, bj Alex?
ander Bllotl on Wednesday evening. Folio? i ?
thi progi ammi ;
flat I . - --. 17:.:?..Ha? ! '
? I, ? ' ; . .D'AqUln
? ;.-??- ? 171)1).
I. : ?." (177 :--" .
Pi . R
.' ? .OU
'" .-? :.\\::::..:::::.". <.x
lia I Hal r . ,
Etu :?? S 7. 2fj Ihfro :-19) . .
. >
. I I ??,
lia N'.. 18 .l~il >-." . s. "
At Chlckerln?, A Bons' evening music I, In Chick?
erlng Hall, on Tuesday, the mus? will be provided
Danni : I of New-T? ork and I!.
G. T ick? r piai 1st, of B
mslst of a Mozart I major. H
.- . rtel 47.
A matinee musical -will tnk-? piar? i?:r.lin:ri
Hill on Tu? f thl? w?. k. In ? lu. h
the A liai I. tdl? ? ' \ ? ? ?.'. Ti ?? Brldew? 11,
lo; H 1 ?ayion Ha . t; Will?
iam H. Rayn l S? w- V? rU :
et will i pal
Harriet (
In the W
afternoon? oi January 26, February 10 and Feb
? _?'.
Th.- tirs: week of the New-Tork op? r.i aeason
?raa ii fui In every m iv. Th? repertory
f.>r thla w? ? k co I "AW ?." "Lob? n
? lile" and "Tannh Lus? r."
makes but ?
and thai .?! The
perf? rmanc ? i f "Alda" ' ' "ht s ?11 In
? Mme. M? Iba In roll ? ! her I '.'? w?
fork. Hoi for "Aid " made by
Messrs Dam
? '? i. !:??.; - -
ties. JJ vfme Brazzl
?ill make !.. r fli in N tv-Y?
Amnei - fi om !.- indo srnei
?. .
Kgypt, Mr. St? m
priest? ?s, Mi e. Mnti .
I. On Weili
:.: r ?
? i rr 1. ? .:, i
. '(.- M
Hen Rothn
cm the Fren hi. |
I ' ? I v. 111
? the It.ill,,. ?
The ? >rti ;?' ?ill be Mn I. th- Telr in
Mr. II Mr Fish?
velty of thi Rossini's n
"Tl ? Barb? r of I , be u-iv. n, with Mme'
. .i pari a
well ki the Aim ?? ? M
? sung by Mm \...
ten II ? , ? ! : .
Mr Vlvbtnl matinee on f .. ?i ),',.
il ir opera, -r."
A concert I f I vV ??', ? .-??
and District Nursing I t will be gh
Mr s. |<ll Mr Joseffy and an oi In the
? '. ? ! I !
ruar)- me a
"Ml ?? -
. Humpvnllnck
C ?n? ?
Mme, I.aun Dansli itt will |
next .'
evening, with t .-., i
?'"?". and Willi .m El nn, violoncellist. Mme
1 ,i ?nial at t ? i - - age
r? : -, and has app? ir? d In public hen
fosef Hofm inn ai
In N< ?.. i - rh ?? leal pi llg y, the \\'- |
? ? ' : Bhe I ffers fr..m
II over the -, have
mann en year? old), when Ih? In
t.if. renca of the den . , the plana
of her manager \t thu time ?he played the
Mendelssohn concerta u ?; minor, with on
a? ?mpanln ent. in ('I at I.
Mm? lMri?..?f.i Rosebauli w ,s the youngest
liege of Muafc t.. win
it? g? .'i m. aal, imposed a sonal I n
Planofort? ello, two movement? of which will
l,e played at the con? rt
ick to the Broadway Theatre it.i
trvanlng f?.r another of bis popular concerta. This
win be ?tousa's laat appearance In this etty f.,r a
nimbes of naontha Mies Maud ite.s.- Davtai
jjraii.j. nid MlM J.t.i.1.- H<.y:??. rtolh?M will be
Ltard. Arthur 1'ryor will display hia facility of
HOUSE GOWNS, in rose, light
blue, garnet or lavender, trimmed
with lace and gathered satin ribbon,
HOUSE GOWNS, in gobelin, rose,
heliotrope, garnet, navy or black,
trimmed with satin ribbon,
ROBES, pink, light blue, gray or
cardinal, full satin trimmed,
Complete sizes, 34 to 44.
9,500 YARDS
54 inches wide, per yd. ?O
Nineteenth Street and Sixth Avenue.
? v ul th? ilide trombone, Mr. Sousa has
ranged tl a : g programme;
? H 2 .LUlt
- -..- Dlnnrah")....M?yert.r
Ml?* Maud It.-se Dai
Kant*?;* on H ? -..? . . .rt?;!iklr>''ff
le". Wagner
Troml? . Pry r
Arthur Pryi r.
ido D'Amour.W.At.rliout
. ??. M ,r. :.. "TO? !'. .?!? It' ? ' . ? I . . .-i^i
?????? It ? I?
"Over the! ? Sea fork" in??-? ,.Sousa
M the fourth concert of the Beldl Society, In
February ?'. Mr. J.is.ffy will play
I'hopii ri ? In E minor and Lisst's in A
n... |or Th? ral numb? ri ?rill be 11
r." overture, <;ri"R's "Heart
-.- " !? ?? i "Dwarfs and Elves and I.lszt's
"Lei Pr?ludes."
At the concert in memory of Adolph Neuendorf*,
?a 111 take place al the Metropolitan i
Houae next Thursday evening, the following artists
will appear: Mme. Oadskl ind Marie Barna, H.-rr
Bmil Pi? her, E I.'" Rain? and Eltlsson Van
Hoose, of the ! i imr? ?ch ???? Ellis ? ?pera ? lompany, by
? ? ose g? men; Xaver B
n ? : k.-!. N'.- h ? l'i ni ai ?! I-? ?? Btei n and th?
?. . El An "i cb< ?I r ? of over one
mu? ?ti - from the Sew-York Phllhar
Bock-tj and the Metropolitan Opera House
. ? . und? r the dir? ctlon of
Me? ? Anton Beldl, Helnrlcb /?>? lli.-r, B
nl and Walter Damrosch. The roncen will
)..- under the mann?;ement of I.. M. Ruben, who la
particularly attractive programma fur
this occasion.
The flrsl Sunday evening concert of the scrl^? to
be given by Menrs, Damrosch an?l Fills ? l ? i rl :i ?
of ??;? >ra !?? re will tak.- place this even
- ,- tan < ?pera Houae al 8:15, and an
me 1 ?be? n prepared. The sol ?
H-lll be Mme. Oadskl Mile Beysard, MM.
. Floudoiiresque ?nd Blgnor Campanart.
;? ..- Sew-York Sympnonj Orchestra will play, and
Mr. Walter Damrosch will conduct. The pro
? ? in full Is as (.liovv?:
\ r, 'i'-- le M .V!-t-r Mi.-.-.
M II -,
Air, "Oran Dio," '.. ni" .V?rdl
N'.--- ... .ril
?lr fi ?n "Sulai th .Leopold Damtrwch
Kew-York ?etra.
i Val??' le .':. -. rt .Matun
Mlle. * yganl.
- .
(With h.r;., violin and vlo|..i mjaniment)
M S., ligna.-.
' .
Mm.> Oadakl.
Mile, .-?-...-:. nd M - ?tlgnao,
KabMT Walt? .Straus?
K? ?- i i ?i ' estra.
Th ? Manuscript Boclet) will give a choral and
: ? on Ai ni il al C irnegta. Hall,
for ? il h, contrary i.? its general custom, tickets
will be sold at the <l...?r.
it, ident Cls en oi the r.rk Department began
the work ol reori Bina tl De| irtmenl yester?
day. He Issu? .1 the following
mon*, Jr. Superintendent of Parka.
'I h< tl al l have found In the Park Ds
? the in'.'? salty ol sepai ?ting the
. ? f< atures ..f the sup rvli ?ry
W'.rk When th? in united In the duties
..f n ?Ingle official oi.r the othi r aeemi ?
reater effl '.? ncy can be secur? .1
und? r n d|? Ii t sri me official lurii llc
ti ?a and authorlt*. on all questions properly t.. be
i ?:? 11. .1 to s landscai.r i ? \|..-rt and t >
: the supervision >>f the w.>rkiii>i for. >?
For th?? present these places will be iill?'<l by de
'. Slla .1. It..??- for duty
gai den? r and Patrick Bt, John f >r
duty as general foreman of the city parks. Tour
? :\. ? Bu leni ??;' Parka will therefore,
? [Uli ind this la t.. give you notice
that the office Is her? by al olished
promulgated t.i th<? Depart?
ment, because shortly before it w is signed Super?
? is i ind? .1 to s.-, ral irj Holly his
resignation as Superintendent of I'arks.
Mr i . the Horticultural Col?
lege ..: Aim ?t.I. Bwi d? n. on ? ?ctober S8, IW1 and h.is
id) of 1 ind* ape l- ?rdening evi r
? ?? f several tesi books on
gardei ! ha I made an Impression
? v....-k ..f the Park Department with hi?, ?ev
: ?ervlce. l.u...> be has b? en garden? r
In hargi .??' M ?mil gslde Park
Mr 8 Jo in bas be? Park 1 >? ; art ment
i ? He N .m ol I official, and
l one time Assistant Superintendent. Latter?
? en foreman In . liar?., of the downtown
i mml*sloner Clausen nl?u abollahed the placee
of lanitoi ? f th? Arsenal Building and messenger
at the same building, occupied by John Wildig and
Ja nies Winner respectively,
Commandar Duncan of the 1st Naval Battalias?
Issued Invitations f..r the Inspection of bis
. ? piain J. \v. Miller, what? will tak..
place on board tha United siatts steamship New?
Hampshir? ?>t? the evening of February i at 8
At tta- slectlon held on board the New-Hsmpshlre
las) Wednesday the following ctvll offlcera for tha
Id Division w.r? sleeted: Secretary, 11. I. Day;
'" irer, J Harvey Bird! Membership Commit?
tee. W .) Henderson, Stewart Flags, H I: Davis,
n it. An?.tin. ?Uorge Kellstede and u E Huff Ex?
ecutive Committee, E L Hale. C. S Matt. J. Har?
vey Bisch. Psiry ?. Penta and H. H Hur.i. lufie
?.inmltt.-e. C I Mutt. F. I> ColUaa. W. K. Loush
n. C. A. BUI and A. T. ltlco.
?51 SI 14tff rt it 1 if? rt -*"fc*ve made marked reductions in the re
J3o ?^VUlliuU W VLUa mainder of their High-Cost FURS and
FUR GARMENTS, consisting of Imported Novelties?Seal Skin,
Broadtail and Persian Lamb Coats ; Capes, Collarettes. Neckpieces,
Boas, Trimmings, etc., in all the prevailing furs, also Men's Fur
Lined Overcoats.
ALASKA SEAL COATS, London Dye, 26 inch, sizes to dose,
s 158.00
ELECTRIC SEAL DOUBLE CAPES, with Persian Lamb Yokes,
18 inches, sizes to close, ? ^29.00
?Sizes 18 to 30.)
FINE FRENCH COUTIL white or ecru, value $2.25 . . $Jjg
FINE FRENCH SATEEN, black, value $2.75 . . ; $ ( 55
IRISH POINT CURTAINS.$2.85 and $3.85
IRISH POINT BED SETS,.$4.90 rod $9.50
ANTIQUE LACE BED SETS,.$4.85 and 59.75
360 DOWN CUSHIONS, covered in Lonsdale Cambric, 26 inch, value $1.95 $1.28
FIGURED VELOUR PORTIERES, interlined and lined with Damask, value
$31.50, per pair, ........ $22.5
Eighteenth Street, Nineteenth Street and Sixth Avenue.
Lskesrood, N. J, Jan. 22. -The weather hai
I tieen entirely prop tl ma for golfing during
i week, but In spite of it there has i.n s great
! of Interest shown In the b< veral mi
. In the Mrs. G rg J. < ; uld < !up Berli
the Country Club links had a ?mail fl< l. but
?.?.?:? tr.I, 'l! being below the hun
m..rk. The playera wen W. H. Colea, C. T. I
I ardaon, Ja per Lynch, F. M. Freeman, ? :?:??
!. Bchwartx, 1'. A. VValthew, A. W. Black, A
B .? ? rland, A. B. Cl iflln, \N. B. I'? wd, J.
Taller. ]?:. it. Walker, Daniel Bacon, Jamea i
ind T. K. Pembrook. W, H. Col? i waa I
net score of B8.
Rain prevented the regular handicap on the i
of th?' .?(.-an County and Country Club
Saturday, tl being below tha nun
needed f..r the competition. In Ita pla
poned match for : ti *- Claflln Cup waa pla
Walter li. i ntered for th? Aral time a
: won with ease. The ?corea m
Walter H. C. acratch, DO; Jaaper Lyi
scratch, DO, and Arthur B. Claflln, i"i 0 08.
standing In the competition la as followa: W.
12; A. B. Claflln, '?<: Jaaper Lynch, 8; C.
ft; F. A W llth? w, 3; A. W. B! ich
J. I!. Taller, :'; Jamea Converse, 2; the Rev. l>.
;iz. 1.
At the Lake wood Golf ?'luh the match was
tha series for th? President's Cup, offered by
Paul s. Klmball. B. Robblna Walker won wltl
net score of 87. F. J. J. D? aras weeo
and B. B. Ferrla third.
?.i. Thursday, at the Lakewood ?'."If ? "lui? lin
th? i ? a i play? i tn s l( i :' ?ind cIobb tini.sh to i
..f the moat Interesting golf series of th? seas
The Kane was a play-off of a tie between J.
More? and Harold B. Curtis, In the settlement
honjrs in the r.nt President's Cup series. 'I
greens ware i" poor condition, and, according
the cauda, the men did not play up to their visi
mark. The scores wer.- J. W. Morey, net '.'.">; Hi
ol.l f. Curtis, net DO.
Elmer E. Wentworth hai begr?n s clasa In lltei
tur.' at the home of Mrs, .\ B CI iflln T
lar meetings will be on Friday mornings, Th? cli
will Btudy the "Early Romantic Poeta." Amo
Ita members are Mrs. E. i; ?* i r M'-s h.
Whiting, Mrs Clarence Blair Mitchell, Ml
??am! Mitchell, Miss Roberts, Miss George Tr.
ter, Mrs. Jamea VI Colt, Mi i. Jamea Conven
Misa Anderson and Mrs. A. >'. Cl fin
I The Rev. John Keller, secretary to nish
j Btarkey, preached In All Balnta' Memorial Char?
on Bunday morning.
Mis s. li Hilllard, ?.f Boston; Mr snd Mi
M. i .twain, o? New-York; Mlaa li B. Wilson,
Phi idelphla; Randolph Dunham, "f Yonkere, si
Miss Alice Blbley and Miss Adele Bible) and no
err.? s. of New-York, are at Mrs n k smiths,
i ir. j ?? Geran, ..f Brooklyn and R. W, Dayto
of Matawan, ?-??..?t last Bunday with W. V, Ciar
Mlaa Catherine Warren, an Inatructor In Voaw
College, li taking ,i shorl i rid pending
nt the Ban tarlum,
Mr. and Mrs. Marcellus Bowen and Miss Bowei
of Constantinople, have been th? guests ..f l>
and Mrs. w. ?;. Bchauffler during the week. M
Bowen la the representatlv. >f th? American Blbl
Society in th? Boat, and this Is his first visit i
seven years to America.
Dr. and Mrs. \v. q Bchauffler gava ? W? Is
rarebil party at their home In Ftfth-st. Monda
evening*. Th.'ir guests \?.r.- Mr and Mr-. Bowei
Miss Bowen, the Miases Ferrii U Bl rns, Pi i
? fessor Wentworth and Mlaa wnk;
Mr. and Mrs. j.,hn G. Wllklnaon of Newburg
N. Y.. have been in Lokawood vlaltlng their dauajh
ter. Miss Rhoda Wilkinson, at the BtudlO bulldlni
In Flfth-st.
Edward M Harding, of N-w Vork, vtalted n\.
mother, Mr- Edward L. Harding, this week
Mrs Francia A Walt how has ?.ft Lake? ? ??! wltl
her children for a visit to her mother in Galveston
Chauncey F Karr hat Im ; the ;. w cottaara ol
Mr? C W. Btone, in Lake Drive, and will occupi
! It with his family a hont February l
The Rev. I? I. Bchwarts has purchoaed four lota
of the Mitchell property In Becond st., near Forest
i ave,
Georg? J Beabury, of New-York, has ranted th?.
Gilbert cottage, In Ma?tlaon-ave. Mr Beabury and
hi daughter will spend the remainder of th? sea?
son here.
Mrs. Dickey, of New-York entertained tha Rev,
i>r and Mis Morgan inx at luncheon at th? Lau?
rel?ln-the?P1nea on Tuesday
Mis Leland Stanford and her daughter, Miss
Stanford, of Ban Fravnclsoo, ?r.> guaata at th?
Laurel ?ln-the-Plnea.
Francia P Freeman ir.wt.-.i friends to his rnualc
room to lut.-n to siiikiiik !?>? Mis a i. Baldwin o?
the, choir of All Souls Church, New-York. Mrs
UaldovlH b-Miti Lu Wnvr^ Usuuaam ?ui4 A-uniU!.
Those pn lent I Misa
Si >' kl. 5 Mn i-. - 1rs. L M i. fon?.
..-rit, M- - Root M.-- ': . lia 1er, Mrs.
[. Mrs. V
?::-. I:-tru
Ml?.? Rl Will M - \ .
Tin the Vf
me of A. 1:
? met at
and the m? . r.t Tuesday
.I".'-. B. Morris - the al f ?-?-et?
ave. and Flft i-s: lid a ha
? - ' : - .
A dli ner s
Bynner . i
? ?, enlng.
E. Went?
A ,
Bch B rtS
Walti r
Next B
the l. ik. a
by the ?e. r.
The D
i g? :.? r ?
n.i Hot?
present ?'er
New-Jers? ??
York and i '
: i ?I
I Mrs. Walter Ru?h
S \- .--'.. on Tl
? :
:-: -?
by Mrs. D. U
? be glv? n ! v Mr?,
-.. S si -?
? ;
? ? Lake?
N i -
r.n. The ch? N'a?
tlonal coloi i
The Sum ? ... ? Hou?a
was w :i . nee Us
ten? .1 to the w?.. r- :
M - Mary M Kl gsbury. 18
Bestien I No. 85 Rl? led Invita?
tions for a conference on "New-1 :
Bur? uis." t.i l .? held at 3:90 i I tad
S? ??: ment. Th? m is W. Hoi of St,
Barthol mew's parti as?
?Ion Ul pel .:?. ,ia?
vlted to b? present.
im ?:r t \i.i \'[) uta /???/.' TO-DAT.
i.i M ? - ? r? of tt?m
: . ' . ? n . '..
2. 8, 4 .'.. tl. A) I So. to 81,
J. M ' ?
' -? S'..>'tfl.
? : ? .
?? art ' ? ? Fr-n?
it t III IW
.i . - . n n: : -.; . Ko day
. -? ? -..-?
j i.. - ? ? .
?. 01, 3?
'"'l ?:-??'-- .....
I- ? ? .
J .'..?.:.?-' ' I B* un
Part VI A '-.. at-aad It?
Su; r. t VII l'-r r* .
J , , _ ,
Hum . Truss, J.
. ? ? -
14433 W-22 : ?,:. ? " ? HIT. M
14 :.-.--:.-. -- ? ' '?.
la 1 ?s' 14.171), 14*75 ' -
s .;. rm? Court? Trta - - " J ?
N- i'.?'.. 4 O T. ?-. "??Vii '- ' *'-*?
KISS ?14'.?), 4-40A 'v ?'"A
- ?-?? :-.".' MIS s, i; si.'..t "\2\. Ais
i ? | look?.
. .- si from I -?
rl '. - .<-*o, J.
I ? ? - ?'. for
- - a. o v. - TIH 740I HflX "??3.
- ? .. .--:-.-.? . > - faVUi
. n e?Part? i K ?*???
.. .
? ? -. !sm?
ut VII for I
1 rl tl t rm P?rt XII - ? -"-.?natf.
. *a*.> ul.'.
sate'? ?'.?m- '- Before ?'".'^'- '*?"'
No. 1334 ?till of I' ; i Wintl? .ink
'.'. Ill? f .-;?:' ' v ? 1 -"?'!??? ?*?
Via ? : . . : '.,!?-- ' a ?M
U, K ithar'.n- " ' t?llj 888?
bella 11. . v>
lief .re An?. :l ?* ??J?
Th ma? .) ?? - ". al 10 .- ? i i No u??. ?ru?
f Albert it i" *? a "> , ???,,
.Ity.'.an' -i-l'lTini !:.-?? ?. J -t cun
'? ?" ? '' M '' '?'-* '' '" ?' '.i1,., . TV ?A.
??itv .-.art Trial 1 ? ' PaitB 1. II, III Bad IT SBB?
Journ* ; -1
S-..? ,::.. .'.-url.
a, I.
V^^ ; ?? rgft. Oafrntt ?'a-r sflBBSg ?u?i D- Co. ?Ofcarl??
N -r-loa. H*rt Ryan Barri \ Marsan.
s? ?m act M M u? ta lam?? J K?aUs.
ni>T.i\ i.K ?rronmuik
ii) Bsskaaaa, J.
K?')twits Or? M.?ufaotiising
1J ?epri P. K>trl??y a?-t K?)
T^aajasr Tfiai m. Mansa

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