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eonld. Mr. Jor.ea thought. on prtnrtple do any
Ihlng but vote agalnat the reeolutlon. On the eon
trary, he could not urH.er-.tfin. how any Benator
BOldlng dlfferenl flnanclal viewa could do any
thlnr hut aupport lt. The advo.-ate* of the r?0O
lution propaoa-l to pay the full pound of tleah dua
hut abeolutely no. n bit more. In dlacuaatng tba
w..rk of the Monetary Commtaaton, wlth apeclal
r??'. rer.'-e to Ita rec.nimendatlona eoneernlng bank?
lng y.r Jonea aald that tt wa* the evldet : ?
p ... ol th' -<? behlnd the propoaed bank leglalatlon
to faaten the gold atanlard on the country. ,|M
then raad a communlcatlon ll a fuianclnl newp
pgper to Ihe effect that there would nol he mueh
h.-r on- oppoeltton to tha propoaed laglalatloa from
? 'alcltrant allver Benatora." Mr. Jonea gave
n . ? ? ? . recal Itrant allver Benatora" would
Bnva io ba reckoned wlth pretty aerloualy before
auch leglalatlon m> that propoaed i I through
ihi Benate.
Ur. Jonaa aald ha made the hroad atatement thnt
no Democrat, allvar i_e_.ubii.an or Popullat had
ev r declared In favor of paylng QoBrecn**nenl ob
Itgattoni In a depreclated eurraacj Ha then
ev ted Benator Aldrich, of Rhode Island. to th
effect rh.it, tr vlew of atatementa on the l ?? mo
eratie alda of the chamber, thla waa the n
portant queatlon that hai rome before Congreaa ln
years Hf declared that ihla waa a euggeetlon that
he and hla eolleagoefl were in favor of Italng a Aa
preclnt. d moi ? ?
??*\... '? Interrupted Mr. Aldrich, "tha Baautor*a
owr. eolleagua 'Mr. Berryi said if free eolnage
ateould not produce a rlaa In the prlca of allvar he
arould nf paylng our obllgattona ln thal
mr ' ll."
"Bul ne. aay that frea colnaKe wou'.d not
pr. ice auch rlaa." *aid Mr .lonea.
that la a more r-fhiement of 1ar.-._af.e." re
pllcd Mr Aldrich.
??M. ? ' aald Mr. Jonaa. 'Ia able to tuk?
rer o* hlmai lf and to deflna his meanlng."
? \ \ ? .;. 1 - i tnk? up that matter when I epeak."
?a Mr AMrlch.
Mr. Jor.es aald that the atwapapera unfrlendty to
th. cauae w r- aaylng that bttnetalllam was dead,
|i re " ??? declared, "that tha people'a eonvte
rlOfl 01. t hla uueatlon ls more flrmly Hxed than ever
r- They are determlned to reen.r- allver to Ua
atatu- before MTI, a::d we ?hal! do all wa ean to ar
rompltah ihal result. Wa ahall mar.-h ln aolld
phal,rr:x. Wlth Bhteldfl locke.l. down to the day of
do'-m. In our efforta f'-r the reatoratlon ot allv.r.
and :he RepuhHcan '-rlea thnt the laeue of Bllver la
dea.. wlll fall on daaf ear* "
At ihe cloaa Of Mr Jone.'e ?peerh Mr Pettlgrcw
Introduced the following reeolutlon:
T nt lt Is .-ontrary to the Intereat, I'Ollry nr.d
tion of the people of the I'nlted Btatea to a. -
<juire .-? ) terrltory so altuated .-.a to requlra a
navy to p'O'.ert It
The reaol-.itron went orer.
Tl.e flrst apeerh of th* day 1n oppostlon tO the
Teller resolutlon waa dellvered hv Mr Burrowa
(Rep.. Mlch.V He aald thra BBUCll had heen aald
ahout the poettlon of the RapnbHcan Admlntatra
tlon on blmetalltam. Thnt. he thougl t, could r.ot
Im aubjeci ot doub:. The Republlcan party waa
.?? ned to ae:ure, if poaalble, Internatlonal bl?
metaiiism. and the Prealdent would do everythlng
in hla powet to carry ou* that pledga. In the maan
tlme the exlattng poid atandard would be maln
tal: fd. rntii the internatlonal agreement waa ae
eured the purpose of the Admtntatrat'on aaa to
romlnue the kind of hlmetalllam we hava now.
wbereby SOO.OOO.MN allvar dollars were naalntalned al
n parlty wlth gold. Any propositlon which looks
to the abandonment of thi* poaltlon, whleh was
like'-.- to creati a dlapaiity between the colna of the
ry, waa In vlolatlon of the puM! fal'h and ln
derogatlon of the rights of the public credltor. In
conclualon, Mr. Burrowa _ald that the pnaaag. of
thU reaolullon, fortunatrly. would aceompllah noth
Ina. It might tend to alarm the bualneaa inter.a.s
of the eountry nnd rcturd to som. extrnt the ad
vanca of proap-rtty. bul hy the ttatementa of the
Preal lenl of the Cnlted Statra laat night the coun?
try wa. naaured thnt the Qovernment*- obllgatlona
would he dlsrharg-ed ln the beat money of thc
Mr Whlte (Dem.. Cai.) epohe In Mppotl of thc
olutloa. The r.al questlon before the Benate
wai ot courae, the passago of thia reeolutlon, but
hy the ttatementa of opponenta of th. reaolutlon
the whole flnaneinl queatlon was lm ?!'- ed ln the
leaton. Ue referred lronlcally t" the New
Tork banquet l^st night, at whleh tba Prealdent
epoke. He apoke of the mon who had gathered a'.
'he feaat to conalder mear.a of lmprovlnjr the con?
dltlon of the p. >r workinaman and t.-ie farmer. lt
had heen refrrred *o aa 1-elahar.zar's feaat Mr
"Whlte reed in anrvnstlc tonea the press reports of
the t-ritJ.ur.la-m at reference to thc gol-l Btandard,
and the "cold chlll" widch overap.cad tl-.e ban
qU,.;,-r?. a- ihe :nention of Internatlonal blmetalltam.
It wae well eatabltehed, he de-lared. thi I v i
Hc utteran r. f ?V retarj Oage on the gcdi
ard gave th' real attitude of ihr. Admlnlatration.
There was in reallty no difrerer.ee between the
Pree:d<_nt and the Becretary of tha Trea ury. and
the latter had glven out a atatement not long ago
that thelr viewa w-re In BUbataatlal ai ord ln
closlr.g Mr. Whi'e ?*ald that behlnd thls resolutlon
was the ereat laaue hetween Manatalltom and the
gold Btandard, which from thta tlme on would he
kep* olearly ln view, so that atiempts to decelve
ti,? people would fa'.!
M Pahrbanka <iu-p.. Ind . followed agalnat the
rcucluilon. He aald t1" purpo a of the reaolutlon
wae not fr.mkly espreaeed on Its fa-e. aud It wa*
only pi the '? ruree of debate th il it developed thal
th- eaaanttal purpoae waa ta gl ? an expreaalon of
.he. Unlted Btatea B< nate favi ruble to tl e fr. a and
unllmlted eolnage ol ailver ot the ratlo of 11 I
Mi Fatrbanka r- ad a telegram recelved b> hlm
frorn Becretary Oag< aa to the methoda of paylng
hon.lv ln iius Mr. Gagt aald thal gold when <K
manded l- nol refuaed; bul as a mntter ol fact
koU !.- Beldom called for and few puymenta ur'
Jha.:-. Referrlng to Benator Tcller'i ao ??
cnr. ,. ..... illver Mr Kalrhi.nk" sald that wMTIta
hf .".: not Questlon thi lofty purpoeei Inaplrlng
thc Colorado Benator. yet they had carried lnm
to'f. polnl where all elae wa? dependeni on thla
, -, , lon of Bllver. It wai an i Ivocscy eo
ardmi I .al -he Benator a-emeo rea.!/ to foll-.w hl*
le? \. f,.tuu* even thouith lt pl in_r. .1 th.
fr,;.. ,.,. m0i .-? of '.ovemment dtanonor,
'< mmentlng nr. Mr Teller*a apeech on <"ut.j.
rh'ina and the need of a atr. i >? f. ? gn pollcj' Mr
Fairhank* declared tl red ihe Colorado
Benator would ba arllH-g to aae hla country
wrapped ln ihe flamer. of r...r if h ? one alm of free
.jh'^r w - iccompltahed, for the flral gun tu.-u
wan d l-rlng tt;e OOUBtlT to a dopre.-I-.ted lilver
Mi RTolcOtt. ^P.ep., C'ol ) was tiie fln t M'eak.r
tind-r the ..fi.en-rn.m:le nil-, Wblch went IntO
.-ffc ?; at 2 o'cl -k. He thought thal any .Vnator,
whatc\er nie flnanclal \lewt-, . ould \ ote for the
Teller NOO-UUeB-, as :; Involved nothlng except tne
carD'lng Inta aa_i-?? of lha Oovernmenl ? plain cl>
Hg_;:yn.. He ihought lha lagglng Inta the debate
of tha rlghte of lha penalonera ara- entirely i
ralevant. There v...s :.o doubt that l i nalont-ra
would '?? pald In good money. ll? irn--,::,-. d, how?
ever, wh_t aon of treatmeni 11_?- penalonera would
r*ct!vto from tr.e Indianapolia Convention <?r from
tho New-Tork Cleartng lloua. Ka*o latlon. 1I?
thought that denunclatlon and abuai ln v> d on
those wi.o ? .,: -t il n-Bol-.tlori t\ - ?? .r f rranted,
foi hi did noi thir.k tha m^n \- rn who
would betray kla t-ovornmant by offerlng to pu> Ita
oi.ilnatlons ir. apurloua money. He referrcc wlth
... ti..' a-:n 'o th- aut'- i I b* the
.".eveihnd Admlnlatration of ik^i. denounctng lt
? i '.n. of thc darkeat p.tge* h, Ame . tlnanclal
Matory. The men of ih- We.-t might be IntruBted
witn th.. Natlonal honor. "We havo," iio aald,
never betrayed oor Qovarninanl and never wOL
Wl Int. nd to pay a.i our obltgatlona ln good mon?y
and In noilitng eie<.-.''
Ha i-*ifi thal th- amendment of Mr. Nfison was
a wlae and Juat declaratloi of th Intent of thr
-lovernmani aa wer. aome <>:ii?-r amendmenta, bui
tl i 'rad no ptau ? ?? ':? peadlng reaolutlon lie
feit" thai the reaolutlon ....i-rrii Ui ... : seed .-. tl
change, i" aun- It hm m juat r.-hnt :? sai-i ar.d Ita
Distresi after eatin^ ii a
Symptoiti ot dytpepgia.
Hood'a Sarsaparilla curcs
Dysi>rj>5ia by its pcculiar
Combination of retnc'li?^
Which include the greatest
Stomach tonics in tht* world.
Its cltcct is like a magic
Touch, tonnig tht*
itomach. crt-atiiiij a;'j't",itc
derlaratlona were In nn senae a vlolatlon of fhe Na?
tlonal honor. elther dlr.-.-t or Implled.
Mr Morgan (Dem., Ala) anpporied lhe reaolutlon
ln a carefully i>rri.ar.,i apeecn. baalng hia support
on at.tl.tlca and deductlona ln.iU'atin>; "thn lmr*o*>
Blbllity of atrlklng .lh"r fr,<m among the BMBey
Mr ron.k-r (Rep., Ohlo> IhOUghl the teso'.iition'a
OMantng oughl te be nnd.- elear, li belng evldant
thne was a greal dlveraity of oplnlon on thot
polnt Re dld not thlnk lhe reaolutlon "'?? any
thlng more thnn declaratory Of lhe '.r.w. He thought
lhe etatem nl ln th. reeolutloa thal aueh colnage
as contamplated by it waa nol In dcrogatton of tho
rlghta of eredltora could "niy mean lhe free nn.l
unllmlted colnage of allver. H* J ? 1**??? ?&
poaed io thi reaolutlon. He ealled ,-.r. ntll n to the
lhal wlthln thlrty d.ya after he pritlnal ol
the reaolutlon a meaeun as..-- P//?_,|"J?*- "J "" ,*fn:
ati whlch when pnaaed provlded ror a modiflod
colnage on Oovernmenl i .unt. That waa not ln
a ord inre ?lth the . ann seed Inteni of the reaolu
ti.-r. Bellevlng aa he did believe that the _*re.?nt
? . .-,... waa a covert i ITorl io fol?i free und |n
di ix nd. ni ? ? - ??' allvi r on the eountrj he
s,.,.,,,? rrom ''' I ?r?do oughl to have
? I ii free r< Inag. n -??? i <?"?.. ,
... M ;.,?? ror lt. aald Mr. Tel
1,.,- ??,,! urai i would not." r. pli. d Mr Foi
"bul Iha would l..,w I.n the fall way lo brlne
the quealli n Into tho fli n iti Mr. Voraker de?
clared hlmself iu favor of Inti i
tive i,. maln'.aln the pn
alai is Thi enfoi n of the terma nt the
Hon would '.": brlna iboui Ij mi I m, mu
wo ild forre rt i Oovi rnmenl lo a i a.
Mi fhlll 'ii lO '??- v' * ? '?? " '"' " "J ii'
. rl th. r, at. ratl. n of the Htiinil ml dl\er doi
tn colnnge nnd thelr use m lh. paymenl of th"
Oovi rnment'e obligatlpna. .
Mr \" son (Bi u Mlin l ?aid lhal hla obji lo .
. waa that ll Igi Ted the dutj of
..- menl to malntaln Ihe parlty between th.
... ... mpoai l nn ll b: law. lle eauaed -up
. | |?ui htei In compartng -he Amertcar
v ir ^ deelarlna tha* tbe
former. kepl parlty wlth aold, could so> . i
k:-.,.w in.it my redeem r llveth.
Mr Alllaon (Rep., lowa) apoke of the etrcum
Btanr-c. attendlng the paaaage of ihe Btanley Mat
?;??,,m ir. '."'*- To hlm it had not meant
? ?' ? time a declaratlon In favor ot the free and
unllmlted colnage of allver. Other colnaga mea*
iirea were 1 ndlna .1 thal tlme, and when one of
theae caim over from ibe Houae thi Benator from
. lorarl i ..Mr Teller) vot. d to Btrlke oui Ihi -
r :-..? fi..- ,?,,,! .ii;,- of si;vi-r nnd voied for
:, llmit. d colnage agr. i ment, Mr, Alllaon ? ??
lhal when hi wa belng glbbeted on tt,. , n ? r,,.,,,
of publlo oplnlon for alleged Ineonalatency he
wanted ii known thal the Colorado Benator oni
the Ohlo Benator, who Introductd Um r
- - i voted 'o Btrlke oul n free-coinage pro
rM m The cle .r purpoae of lh. pendlng ?? ?
li, n wa. lo co omll thi ??? untry t.? thi fn ? and
ur, imil 'i Hver al 16 to I, whi n II waa
ulmoat uxl n..i . lhal - u h i courae, wlthoui ron
. irrenc. ,?? othi r n il ona, wlll li ad the I nlt< il
s- , ? - Inevitabli to rt... al \ ? r atandard al .ne and lo
Blhfi monomitalllam. And yet Benatora were
to aanctlon thla monatroua propoaltlon mon iroua
? ? nge il pr..;.',- '
.Mr Alllaon revl wed hla expresalona for an ln
ternatloi il agi ement aa rho only meana of re
habllitattng -is.-r, and aai'! tho failur. ol tbe
Wolcoti t'ominlsalon .!;.! nol brlni deapalr to th ?.-??
who - m wi thla method ultlmat. nlit-f for allver.
.. he ., ii h< could nol aupport a reaolutlon
whlch would aurely thruat the country to allver
n ?? - met.lllam
Mr. Tvlli i roa. to ? x] I iln that his vot. ln 1171, re?
ferred to by Mr. Alllaon, wns glven not bec.u.fl
of opi oaltlon lo fn i olnage, bul bernuse lt was
nol practlcabe ;.r thal tlme to b?*<*iii_ a majorlty
and gi: whal ? ai wanted.
Mr. Oray (Dem., Del.) urged that the reaolutlon
could accbmpllah nothlng, and waa h hoi low ex
|.i ? -. lon, ao lar a< -ur,,tlp. ihe character of money
li whl li thi bonda wen to be pald. He regarded
the reaolutlon Itaelf ;.< expreaaivi of n trulam, anJ
vahil. auperfluoua, he woul i vote tor It. !!? would
voti ii lh. queatlon whollj iaith,.ut referenco to
th. allver issue broughl Into the debate,
Mr. Allen . I',.;- . Neh I Inaiaterl tl ar the fr"., roln
!._.-?? i.f Bllver would reatore the parlty t.etween uro.d
. i ? r.
Mr. Bacon (Dem., Oa) took laaue wlth the state
mentf ??' conclualona of tl.. Benator from *~>hio
'Mr. Foraker) and 'he Sen.iior from lowa iMr.
Aii-,,-ii. illacuaalng thi preaent condltlona, aa con
ed with thoae of 187_, when the reaoiutioi waa
H, h.1,1 th.l the reaolutlon ap
pilea dirtlnctly lo the allver (600,000,000 already
... ii. I and 1.. lhal whlch ahall be colned ln the
Thi Oovernmenl for rhe last six yeara had
vlolated ;i." atatutea .-.:.| th. Btanlej Matthewi
tlon H maintained. therefore, thai the pend?
lng reaoiutioi wi - moal Important aa a declaratlon
c.f the leglalatlvi branch ns to the duty of the
llve branch of th. Government.
Mr. Thuraton (Rep., Neb.) aald that the legal obll
gatioo oi the Oovernment was aet forth ln its
contracta, and there w.,s do need now to reatate
the terma <>f thoee roiitra.-re He WOUld, he aald,
s. far aa hla rote wns concerned, follow hla party
in Ita d< iratlon to malntaln tha parlty <>f .11 the
- of thi Oovernment. He _.<>a. .1 wlth an .p
peal to thi alh r men lo permll the bualneai men
of tho r a llttle while t.? atten. to thelr
affalra In order tbat they might eacertaln where
th.-y stood.
Mr. Tillman (Dem.. S. C.) thoueht thla dlacua
? ? waa aimplj the manceuvrlng of thc itr.-at po?
lltlcal partlea for poaltlon In the ?.-r"at con tea t ;hnt
' ght ln I KM The peopie, he aald, would
win tn that conteat, aa thi \ had w in In ever) rlghl
they had ever made for freedom. He lien.un. ??; r .
hypocrlay the flnanclal plank of the Repul
platform, and Inal.ted h was an effort to faaten
' ? goid atai lard on thi.intry. Bolled down to I
' ? ? I. Ihi .j .? Mlon was whether the
greenbarlu ahould bi r.deemed and adltlonal pow?
er conferred on National banka. H" ma
attack ipoi ex-ControlIer Eckela for his ac?
tlon i .- he ' ? ? il Btreel Natlonal D i k
of Phlladelphla. ar,.! declared thal the facl
ala "' the laat titi Controilera of th. Currt-i y
'?-. I been gi i ??. the . n aaury "pe -? I i
to be prealdent* of National banka i.r truai com?
panlea proved thal thoae men wer. owned by ttie
!,:.r k-i or n.i . been hr iL,. .1.
Mr Hawlej (Rep., Conn.) sald that the origina!
Mattl ? aa- acl h ..I r i forci aa ll w_
m re ampalgn thre.1 aml dld not h.v? aboul II
" ";"?') I ?'?? al qualitle. to mak. a .tench Tho
Oov. ..!. ut I proceeded lo pay u ol ll? l
wlthoui r. r< n ? ?? to th ? re
- ' ' ..fc" "' the -,.. n Ilng ' r. olutloii
. ild hav. no efferi It almply looked to fhe p.v
meni of th National debi ln i ? j Har*
Mr -; , I.? ? iRep., N ll . aald bt would vote
? ':.? reaolutlon, becauae there lurked In ll
thi danger of free colnage, which he r.-K:.r,l"(i as
.... iridcacenl ,.r..im. and becaua. u- w.-ir:-.,i th"
bonda of lhe Unlted Btatea pald In the beat monev
?,f th. world.
Mr. Elkli.s (Rep., W, Tn.) thought that n* a lecal
i ropo.lt! ii th. reaolutlon could not 1k- bu. ? i
fully -.aalled, but he couid aee no reason for Ita
? now. He aald thera wm tlmea when the
bondh. ed wlth Indlfferenca, but
he eaki I Mr Teller wti<-tt,.-r if war wer" declared
to-morro. he -.a uld Introduci auch a reaolutlon aa
thla. lr would bi ; i 11.:>? .... idei ? ? u . ,, in?
try ..'oui'l ra'-,- no monej or, bonda In th" m
oi Ihe ?*orld If Ibe declarationa of the reaolutlon
were enforced, becauae th.-ir enfor-etiKnt would
mean ihi free colnage of silver.
.Mr. Warren fRep., Wyo.) announced hla purpo ?
to vote for the reaolutlon He (r?\'e tiii- vote I ?
the rea. _, u:. 1 nol for anj- ulterior
pui It n ? ..: hava
Mr. I'uliom (Rep., ui.i announced hriefiv that he
would irote agalnal the reaolutlon becauee lt araa
a at. j. t w ;.rd fr< >? allver.
Mr Butler (Pop., N. ?'.. advoeated the reeolutlon
Mr. Rawllns (Rep., L'tah.) said the queatlon wi,< ,
?Imply one of paylng bonda In accordance v,ith
the legal obllgation or ln tht ao-called "beal money"
of f.r greater value than the money wlth whlch j
lhe bonda wer. hought.
Mr AMrleb (Bep., R Ji aald that lt ha.l nol ;
needed tbe declaratlon of Mr. Veet to dlecloee that
thl. laaue w.-,_, tbe openlng of the campalgn of j
189.. It wr.s tiie openlng of a conteat between
ttio.se who farored ??. ebeaper money and ?
who beheved that the L'nlted Btatea wai bound at J
avery hHza.rl to malntaln !;,?? parlty -.f every
dollar evei leaued by ihi Oovernment; lt v n
th. openlng of a conteat between Bllver monomet
klllan.: th. frlenda ,.f real blmetalllam At a
Un.e \a r;,-n th< RepubUcan part) waa eeekin.
itrengtben the currency il tne country thia ??
ibli mi laure was broughl forward
??We Intend to m<-<-r thii laaue aqu4rely," de
-l.iiori Mr. Aldrl"b. "W. are re.ponaible to tii"
ei"at party we repreeent, and beyond tiiat to ttie
Amerlcan peopie, nnd we propoaa m ? t ae wo
nay, te malntaln the honor and the eredil of ihe
;...,:: me l
Mr. Aldrli ii declared thai th. re?, lutlon n -
n. ahbuidiiy li, that .t waa a "concurrenl ?
utlon" In whlch ti," it u?e would noi "con. ir,"
i. ;i would be Inoperatlve, even .;.- _.-i ex
ireaslon of aentlmenl ln i i< Benate Hi had heard
iald tbal thi llnan lal ?? entrlcltli s ol ttv
fnit>-.i Btatea Benate no longer Intereated <?:
liarint- i tlie country Why waa It? Recauae ot
? .I :, :, reaolutlon ;.- I hla. lf 11 I r< luiloi mi ant
rr<" Bllver why dld lr n il aay ao? \\.'.-. hkulk be
. reaolutlon twenty yeara old? 1 r." .-oiii.']om
?T.itt irote about ro t..- i-:%.n for the reaolutlon
xrould dlacloai Bome atrange featurea, The Ben
jtor from Delawar. 'Mr Gray) eould bardly feel
proud >.f hl - ao. i. ly,
'The aoclety la all rlght," aa:d Mr, i/ray
"iiui the princlplei htf not." answervd Mr Al
Mr Aldllch Cloaed . i?r ..a r!-..- r J,.,-k nmrke.l r,
hour Bet for vot Ina .nd Iha Plee Pn ? ?
: ? n.p'.y announced ll nr thi . itlng would pro ced.
At thlg Um" tb. gallerl. were fllled to overflow
?? , ,.,r?.- run,i.r ol membera of thi lloua.
Intludin. rip.-uk. r Reed, o luplad tne _i_.i back o.
th. Bei
The Seleon amendmeni v> .r nrm preaented <i"
clarlng "ih.it n i? th. duty of the Oovernmenl
' ? I :.!?? o Bta ? . ? Istlng i.i?
r Ita
? dollar (t or oni m> iai ahall f,.r aii
monei ? ? alwa a- le <-uual ln valuo to
tr.,- .1 ?i? of ii ? ,1 '
? ? moved lo ?.. amendment. Th>
i,.r ? '?? ttt.r llie lilM le.1 <?! th. r.
epectlve atomenti reraltlna .' lo 17 la favor of
tabllng i'. am.ndminr i. ?
Ayei ?Meaari Allen, Hacoa, Bata l.- r r >. Dut
lei '...?.. . "ari r ( ban llei i hllton, ' '',?>*.
Cockrell, Danied, Harrla Hellf.ld, Jonea .\.ki
Kei ia.ji- M- Ji.-.-a. M i., irln. Mal i a Man
tie Martin, Mllla Mltchell, Money. Morgan. Mun
ph) Peeco, P.tilgr.w, Piattue, Rawllns, !<?-..? :?,
1-I..I-.p Sniirli Bt.w.rt. Teller, Tillman, T-rner,
Turpie, Veat, wblte ai.d Wolcoti 12
N'..?u. il.?_i*. Aiairl-U. Aiil-on, Ii_k?__ Uurruws
The Cupid and the Cup on
the Can-lt's W1LBUR3.
Caitery. CUrk. Cullon, Davla. r^ht^Pprahar.
Oallinger Oear. Oray. HnlM !1:u'?',' MC_mil**n,
,,,,,- y, ii,,,,, Undaay, UKlg . M< ?? , J**s ',.,.,,.
' M rrlll. Netaon. Penr, c Penun ,
.Vll:;;V.,,^;;.^; w&i$%: &&?'**.* wn
? -am- the Lodge *r .'^..t"^.^
.-,-,, , all the bonda of the i """L^'^d^ta of
authorlaed io be la ??* ?jnda the ibbm ' ?,
;?:;:, :':,t-,;::r;:,,'.',ri'a'V,.l::r-r1,,,,i,cfn.th
?nd in '1- rogatlon of hla rtahta.
'V Vaat moved to ^^ .Anhdraw-Tl " rnot.on to
,Ht^.';'MiV':,;."-ri'M;'\v..;s- --^-ay
hava a dlrect vote in gold.
. i ... ,1 lha voti- waa taken nt
?.:... r_r_sr- -'..:.?-..? ? -
d.f. at, 2t io 53, aa fi 11-ws
Cannon. Carter. < hand ?;'?''; ,' lurrla. Ilelt
, ,-,;?. Danlel. Oray Hanel?roua'? ? M?,.-.,_
feld. Jonea (Ark.). Kj nnej K . '? ; .; M?,
ery, M'-l-aurln. Mallor>. Muniie. N-, N ,, ,.:1,,.?.
Wilaon and Wolcott?53.
There waa Intenee Intereal durlng tbla vote. ae lt
There wa* d ^^ (intl,i
preaente. a more .lire.'t isaue i.ian m
._.__-_. li waa aee,, at tne outael that parti line
\xVnJ?.,"",._...., .?h..n.|.M..".r..ran;.ot?..'r
Republlcana votlng agalnal tha wend??t. Aa
;li,'. ,, ... | Mr. Chandler. notlng that aeme Re^
ii iv ____>!? had ? ... voted, aaked tl. it
Pu->?''?n. In :Vn. ' not votlng ba read The
!.ViV-'i'.r.ioVv ?.. *." ; "i?U'r.V." and thera
MuMiSm ..." reanll ?a above waa an
I !SswK-**r_si^-jr_? -sr^saS
,a of the 1 nlted Bta ea. i -' ? ....r-in
MiYln the monej tbat ta thi higheat mon., ot the
..,-, again moved to table Carried, ? to a.
MA?l?WMea.rB Allen. Bacon. Bate, Berry, Butler.
,...,,,,,'..?..- Chandler, Chilton. Clerk, Clay,
:., -^i;,,.^ ^iini-i-r'rpie, Veat. Warren. Whlt.
and Wolcott- 17. _._v_? Rnrran
Noeg M.-t- Ai.ii.ii. Alllaon, Ba ker. Burrowa,
f-?_T.-rv c.V'lom Davla Palrbanka. Poraker. Gai
? ',}, .V ! ra . Hale, Hanna. Hawley, Hoar,
, ? . , ? M Mli in, Mnaon. Mor
EVnrone, Perkina, Plall (Conn 1 Platt
v"y ,?..????.?. rVwdl Welllngton ind Wetmor.
'Mr. ,1,',. ,,n:.! another new 'mem ment.
... ... ... , ,,, ? ,, reaolutlon, as followa. i n.n
Snderno It-umatancea wlll the prlncipa. or ln,ter
,._ ,,? .I - nubllc debt be pald li. depre. lated i m
;.;;?:;? iV:. V.vy money othw than the berri .,.>
0Vhh-'_Sendment waa tabl-d on Mr. Veafa motlon.
fliU. Bacon. Bate, llerry. Butler.
c .,;,?. carter iTmndler. CMIton. CTark. nay,
,',,'kr,ll. lianlel. Harrla. Heltfeld. Jonea. iArk...
Kennei Kyle, McEnery, MeLaurtn. Mallon. Mar
l.\ M . Mitchel Money, Morgan, .Murphy.
,. p ...i:1,w ,.,., b Roach, Bhoip.
Bmlth! Stewart, Teller, Ttllman, Turner. Turple,
Veal Wh ;? ai 'i W i leott- 42
Naya ^aai A ... Alllaon. Baker. Burrowe,
Caffery, Cullom. Davla, Palrbanka. Poraker, Oal
llnaer Gear Hale, Ilanna, Hanabrough, Hawle.
H,ar I.iii.Uv. |,,;1K.-. M r.ril. McMlTlan. Muaon
Mo-rl'l N'elaon, Penroae, Perkina. I'intt j| onn >.
Platt (N v.i, 6uay, Bewell, Tburaton, Welllngton
and Wetrcoro 32.
Mr. Foraker propo-ed an nmen Iment formerly aug
g< ated i-y Mr. Bpooner, who waa abaent, as followa:
"That lt la d. -i.tn-d 10 be the flnanclal pollcy of
the Tnlted Btataa 'hat untll there ehall have I. en
obtalned an Internatlonal agreement wlth tho lead
Ing commei lal natlona of the world for the free
eolnage ol allver, which agreement tha Cnlted
states la hereby further pledged to promote, the
falth. bonor and credlt of the Cnlted Btatea are
.;>? pledged to preoerve the exlattng gold
... . ?,: ,.;: allv. r and paper currency ahall
he malntained al a parlty wlth tcold. and all ob
llgatlona of tbe Cnlted BUtea ahall t.e malntained
Invtolably at the preaent atandard."
Tha amendmenl aurfered the fate of those golng
bef-.r.. belng tabled bj R to t_. aa followa:
Teaa Meaara Allen Bacon, Hme, Berry, Butior.
Cannoa, Cortei Chandler, Chilton, Clay, Cockrall,
Danlel, Oray, llarrto. Heltfeld, Jonea .Ark.i, Ken
My K\.. i....,: iy, McEnery, Mel-Burtn, Mallory,
..' M irtln, Mllta. Mli II. Money. Morgan,
MnrDhy 1 a ?_ P? ttlgi * '' ? 'a, Rawllna, Roach.
Bhcup, Smlth, Bt. eller, Ttllman, Turner,
Turnle Veat Whlte nnd Wolrott *i
N,v.' Meaara Allrlch. Allhton, Baker, Burrowa,
t'affery Clark, Cullom, Davla, Falrbank*', i-oraker,
,;vi ,,,',r uear Hale Hanna, Hanabrough, Haw
|I" Hoai I ?' ' McRrlde McMlllan.Maaon.Mo*>
...n' \, ;..',.. peni '-? P< 'ki'.i, Plall "'"tm >. Platt
iX.'_ ?. Qu'ay, Bewell, Tburaton, Welllngton, Wet
iin r.- and Wilaon 33
Mr Hoar ii.r-'iit..l the aame amendment .
',-t propoalng lt aa an addltlonal r?ectlon li I
,,'f _, a"_j.iiate declaratloa Thla waa t-.t-l.-i. the
vote belng the eami as on tbe Poraker amend
Mr t'affery propoaed an amendment, as follows:
"Provlded that i' at the tlme of payment of the
prlnclpal or Int. reai of ihe bond market value
of allver t- noi ai par wlth gold at the ratlo of ;.
to l the prlnclpal and lt.ter.-at ahall ba pald ln gold
,.... el the optlon of the i n dltor
The amendment was tabled wltboul a aya and no
Thia dtapoeed of nil nmendmetita, anl the decka
w,,,. cleare i for :l.e i.nai vote on the Teller ??-..
, ..,:;, r vot. - had Bhown thnt Ita pia
aaa- araa r foregone conelu - m, yet there waa tha
keeneat Intereal at thla eulmlnatlng polnt of the
?On thta vote," announced the Vlce-Prealdent,
"the yeaa ar- .7 nnd th.- naya tt, and tha reaolutlon
la aar.-ed to."
The roti ln detall w.s aa followa:
Yon? Me -i A ?? n, Bacon. Bate, Barry, Butler.
? ? Car tei Chandler, rhllton, Clark, Clay
.. . ii liaiitei, riray, Harrla, li- ltf< 11, Jom i
lAi ' Kenni y, Kyle, Lln l?ay. M -Ei ery, M
l_ ....'. -.j ? m.i- tle, Mat Un Mli Mlt
Mori.-v' Moraan Murphy, Paaco, Pettlgrua*, !'
Prltchard Rawllna. Roach Bhoup, Bmlth. Ht-wan.
Teller Tlllman, T irnle, Turner, Vest, Wam n,
\.j. Meaera Aldrich, Alllaon, Haker, Burrowa,
<'.,it. r . I'ul! to. 1 ?? . all I atika, l rak. r, -lal
.. r , -,,. r Kali ' I inn i, Han br - igh, n iwley,
ll.'.r ' I." j ??'? M.-Hrlde, McMlllan, Ma on. Morrlll,
s, . . i- i-. -i- Platt ?'onn ?, P .tt (X.
V , i. ,, ,- well, Tburaton, Welllngton, w.-tmore
ai i Wl on -32
The palra throughout the votlng were a l.\
Turli ? rrlth >'??' "? Paulkner wlth Klklna, <:
wlth Krye, Jonea (Xev.j wlth Proctor, \\
wlth Sp ioner, Thi Hr. I nami d wo ild n ? a <-?
h t\o vot* i ?'i'h ? ff the reaolutlon nnd
agali it all amendmi '- e laai named arould have
voti I agalnal the reaolutlon and for amendment
-| , r, ., ., i, ot '-r the announce
ment and al " i- tn ?? motlon of Mr Mltaon, tbe
> -. adjoui ne i tantll Mond ij
? -
).v..!ir i'...". nir BOPTHBRN METHODUT BOOK
I'l-ft.'-Ht?''?. prmPAKT v..tf:ii \t i.\r-'."
w.i- gton, m. 21 Tbe blll to pay the r.ook
Publlahlns Company <>f lha Methodtat Epia
Church Bouth Btf.000 for damagea auatalned by
thal rorporatlon durlng the war, after encountar
i:.i; obatinat. Allbuotertng, which prevented .. vote
..... ,.,.- , blll daya, waa pttoti d to
. .... th.- Hi Mi Cooper. of
Texaa * h? waa In chnrg. ?.( the meaaure. Th<
frlenda "t the meaaure proved themaelvea li an
overwhelnilnn m irlt. and the opposltlon to
;? oul.l hoid "ui no lon ?? i. rrl irtantly
yleld -i Th- vole on th- blll mem 'Bt tr. ?
? ?>
Waahlngton, Jan. H Tba following wi ra am n|
ti.- fourth-daaa poatma tera appobitad to-day:
.ahwtll. it, ii. ..rv !?: RandalL
New- !-i ??> \. ni. rloo, A l. < 'aastd. .
Now- v... n Bui nt ii ; Kmm< n .'\r- .Id i ?
r.i-lly, I.i y .1 11 .mlli. r,, Trtotatea, S.i.ivne n?-n
neti; w. " l'ark, Elli ...i V Bmltli
Waahlngtei-, j.n :<. .Tba lantatgratloa lata the
t Btted Klutes durlnj; lha l??t *? n,..n:l,, ls akOWn
ta havi aggreaated M.11S, u faiiina off aa .oinp?re.t
Villh tl.b ittJl half ?f I -,. of ,.:? ,i _..?.
?_Tl*-*TIONAI_ITT "!?- Tlli: ii.i.IN >M IM
Waahlngton, Jaa 27. The argument In the Su
preme ''ourt of the Unlted Btatee ln thc lllinoia
Inheritance taa caaea waa hri.nl t i-day. Ther. nre
three of thi _a_ee, .11 Involvlng th. eonetltutlon
allt) of the lllinoia law, bul they were eoneolldated
and itiu,"-\ ns one i aae Th. Btat. wae repreaented
hy Attorm Oeneral Akin of Ilitnola and Meaara
T. A. Moran, Robert 8. Ilea un-l Krank 1.. Ihepard,
and the oppoelllon to tho lu*. hy ex-l'restdent
Benjamln Hatrt-on, William E. Outhrl. and
Cugene E. Pru-wlng.
Oeneral Harrlaon begnn hla argument at 3:06
p tn . apeaklng In a dUtlncl role. and recelvtni
from the beglnnlng the careful attentlon of the
membera ?i the court nnd the audlenee He _on
tended thal therq eould be no m?ro llmltatlon pul
npon the rlght "f ? man to ..ispose of hla property
_fter ; bef ira Are men. he aaked, to be
reatrained from glvlng due eaerclee 'o tha affe. tlon
of ti a heart? Thle dlepoaltlon he eharacterlaed aa
"moi Itroua " There are thinga liih.-rer.t ln our
free Inatltutlona he aald, that do not need to Und
exprea lon In the Conatltutlon or blll of rlght., md
auch la the rlght to 'tie protectlon of Bueh Indl
vi I ni tighta aa w>c attacked by thhi law. "ur
ayatem of Oovernment waa nol conatructed, he
aald, upon a prlndple that would permlt a eom
munlatlc leglalature of lllinoia to Interfere wlth
the rlghta "f tho Individual to devtee his own
jib.;,-? I!r,.aaii Mked how ln case of the death
,,' a man hH pto;?r'y waa to be dl-trlbut-d be
: .a.,. i.i thlldren Ln lhe abeen ?? of .i
atutute for auldance.
I,. thla -. ? i, ? r.i l Harrlaon feplled that he waa not
contendln. i"..' the natural laa ahould t-"t h,
.a;.' .ii ,,,it, . ut tiiat il BboUld be In l lan
atea ol ifl nd preci .-:.t. A
doctrina -.u.-ti aa that contended for would paralyaa
I and forealght. Why, he aake.i, iliould
a rn-.r: tol .. r. -1 eave wlthOUl the atlmulus "t tha
though thal he ran trar.smlt hia property to his
, : '
' Thnt ls not the law you are .ttacklng now."
Intei lected Mr Moran.
"Nol th.- i i v. i admlt," replled Oeneral Harrlaon.
"bni th<- prtnclpl. you have defended that the
.s:.'.- may lake all u man'a property upon I la
death, .'hich haa been defended here to-day wlth a
in.dneai i h. never aeen or heard before ln
apeech or publlcal
Contlnulng, Oeneral Harrlaon rldl.-uied the idea
that a Leglalature .-ou; ; diapoae of tho estate ?.:'
tt,.. cltlxcna of Ita State, Tha home waa, h>. aold,
lala ? letj. an i ah tuld nol be Invaded
.,? wai hera Intended lle dld r,,,t believe In <i",,.
uggregatlona ol aealth, : it to preaent thls he ?! ?:
no thlnk lt wise to de.troy tt..' very foundatlona
... :.i -t: oui inatll ona ? ? at. Le.at of all
?'?.,,--,? who have no weaith afford to enoour
age ihis lend ? .
-a -?
Waahlngton, .Ian. 28.---The fallure of Oonirreea tO
a.'t promptly on the recommendation of I'ortmae
ter-Oeneral Oary for an approprlatlon of H-t.000 tu
meet the threatened deflcli In the approprlatlon for
letter-carrler aervlce for the remalndei o( tha (la
cal y.-ar la rauelng conatderabl. ambarraaamenl to
poatal ofBclala ir wae no orlginal Intentlon of
thi Department to m,.k,- the re. etl ina In the num
dellvei i ln th* lai Itlea In the Eaat on
Pebi .ary 1, but the apparent unanlmlty of Con
' grir.am.n ln favor of immedlate actlon on Mr.
? , .. recommendation mad li healtate about i.,k
Ing such actlon, _s it uu-a thought likely thal a
apeclal approprlatlon would be aecured for th. aer?
vlce, Sow thal thla baa nol been granted, offlclala
are undeclded aa to what c.iiirs. to puraue.
Waahlngton, Jan. ? Offlclala nt tho Navy l>e.
partment breathed eaaler thla morning whi n n tele
1 gram came to the Departmenl frcm Lleutenanl
' Bernodou announclng thal lhe t. ? it Win
j alow h,.,i :.rr.\",i at Dalaware Breakwater. 'i..
little boat aalled (tom Newport on the m,.r-r.i* r
the _Taih, bound for !'">' Weat, where ah
jo'.n the fli'tllla. Her oommandi r hn.l the choice of
hl. courae and mii'i.t havo t.-.k.-t. * ? la i. iwn ..
th, Inland wati r roule almoet all the way ro i'
ii ? ?? had cared to. As ttie Wln.low I. h new an.i
almoat untrled boat, he would have been jiwined ln
?? even In the beat of aummer weather, Hut
the boat w.is polnted atralght out to aea, laylng a
for t!>. Plorlda eoa.1 <lir.-,??, h,-r commander
taklng the chaneea "t rough weather to eecertaln
Of his ho ,t.
II,. ha I the beat ..i opportunltiea, for before th"
daj paaat ,t tho Weather Huri-.au Informed the Nav)
Departmenl that t I i aa ai ?? t.? blow, and, Ih ?ln
nlng thal ? Ight, they dld blon wlth gi il vlol?*nce.
'i'i., wlnd kept up on thi eoaat for tn'o d
: ? ;..? ;? --. of - . r.,(
tuga the offlclal. were con erned foi the llttl \'. In
alow. However, when I.leutenant Herntdou report
.-?1 thi- morning thal he : ..?! arrlva.il ai l>
Breakwater he :i I.t- I ll I brougl I Iti \-. Ith
hlm two men M A Mal i >i ,"1 K Hen?irlh
whom he h ?! rei ii.-I from a drtftlng acou
mllea off Now-York Thi naval oflleer. aro won.hr
inir boa ll peopie on ti \\ nalow mannged to
plck rr..- men up ln th.- .mrin whlle the wavea
running elear .n.r thelr own llttle boat an.l
ah,- wua rldlng oul tt." gale
Lleutenanl Bernodou reported that he would take
coul iit tii" Hre lewater and report n.-xt at Norfolk.
'rt'. 'MI'" TII*. CONOnESSlOriAL r*AVTAtr,S*
Waahlngton, Jan. M?A .'*u,'_i of RepubUcan
membera of tbe Houae, to be held al the CApltol
next Thuradav evening, wae ealled to-day. Tlie
ol.jert i? tbe trganlaatloa ?.f tb. RepubUcan Con
;?. ? ? tl CommlttM for the campalgn. Conald
, ral le Inten it la tell In the meeting, us the Rei ub
Hcan managera I it ih.ro ts mu. i work
r ,i :?, dOM A l-i ? ?'' : in . la ?'?;;,? ' |
When a man g.-ta down flat on
his back. _.. tli.it hc ha. to I>e
carried aboul like ababy, h<- tin
nllv rcalurs that he ia a m.k man. \'< ry frequently
hr ba. been a ick man foi yeara, bnl baa recklesslv
rrtuM.l to ?...'i:'7. nature'a warning Severe ill
tttta i- something lhat doea nol atrike a man Hke a
fiaah of lightnitiR II creej upon him hy degree,
and at every atep warna blm ulth a new .'arnjer
When a maa nr!. "oul "f aort." or ' ku<>cke<l
out/'or whatevei hr may call n. b< i1- ;. alck maa.
It ia time t., t.i.. h iming Headacbea drowainen,
loaa .?: aleep .t niglit, loaa of appetite, pervonaneaa
b:a.l t;.-r.- m i'.i nioutfa m the morning .nd frightral
dreama ,i!l iheai ire warninga .,( rncroacbini ill
nr . in. Pii m 'a Goldan Mi dii al Diacovery createa
appetite carea <l\ ipepela atimul.tr. the liver, puti
fi. s tbe blood, quickea. tbe rirculntioti .md tmica thc
nervea It makea rich, red tUeue building blood It
builda tirm fleah, bul <1... - ncH m.ki corpnlrat pro
pi> more corpnlcnt. fnlike cod liver oil, it doee not
mak. il iM>v fleah, On th. contrar. il teara doa*n
and eacretea Ihe nnbealtby tiaeui i lhat constitute
corpalency, ai d rrnlw ea them ?ith lhe hrm. muai u
lai ttaenra ..: k;,M,,l health, It < nn i ofl pei i <-nt >.i ,il!
caaei ?: . m implion Ml bronchi.l, throal nnd
kindred ailmenta aa lingerini cougha, auitting ol
hl,?.<] ui l <A.-,ik liiityv ar< rutvd b) ii Tbouaanda
bavi tratified to ita merib At .11 medicine at. tea,
II i- i de.li : ? bueim t.. ywi you aah.a you eak
i"i r '' t.. t. ll vou av ini rou want
i'r Pierce'a li .i-.uu Pelleta cure coaatipation
Conatipatioa ia th. can e ot many di-eeaee Cnre
thr cauae .m.l v,,u care tlu diteaat I>ru_^iata *< II
tiieiu. and aolluai ia ju t a. ????.??: "
OROBI r:i,K'TI"N I'PAl'l'r. IS THK IVTlf AI,\H_Jt.
Waahlngton, .lan. Sl?An unuaually B':vere ar
raignmenl of electlon fraud- ia a_ada in the report
Otad by Houaa Electlom* ComnMtteo N<>. 1. In Ihe
.a-.. of u'liiiim Aldrich agalnat TfeMMa B. Plow
man. from the ivth I .strl-t of Alaham... Mr
Plowma - ia the aittlng member, hut the commltta
rrubmlta -i re. ounl "f the vote. gtvtng Aldrich, the
Republlcan aml Popullot landldate, th" a.-nt. Th.
reporl aaya ln part:
\\'e ahall endeavor to demonatrate bf what
method- the win of the people was thwarted. ln
doitiir ?o not all of th.- fraud- perpetrated arlll l_
referred to; only aallenl featurea can be toucned
ui -I repreaentatlve Inatancea clted. If tt.leetlon
lawa of Alabama bad been dealgned to ancourage
fraud ar.d thwarl thi people'a wlll ihey oould nol
have been In aome reapecta more happlly fram-.i lo
rn. ei that purpoai,
After crltlctalng tho Alahama electlon laai aa
puttlng tho honeat vote ut the m-rc-y of dtahoneet
iiiniki ra, the report say i:
When it ia known that the .-ondition fer auch -
nf fai ta exlata, lt is not atrange that iiiiterote
hould remaln away from the i.olla. ln the
thal they would at leaat not furnlah ira
in mltlon f-T thelr polltlcal opponenta. But tn.a
made llttle dlfferenca to the Deraocratic tnanagei i
ln Dullua County. They voted the Mtti-rati nol
ore'l men, pre-ent or ab-.rU The maehlnerj n u
Klmpli md effei tlve. Portui__.ieiy. lt haa I ienmIP*
,.\, i .1 and Ihe detail- of ita operatloiis ..:i bar.-.
.'r.,'1,1 is everywhere; not lurklng or "?"",' but
.,,..,,t n ls ehlefly of live k.nda.
Plral Praudulently pnd.ili.rr the poll llat wifh
,.,,?, ,, ;. ..-.ns not regtatered; aometim
... .|i, ... p?.r ona. and acmetlinei of paraona who
,,,l;.,o:;.::,V"M.MIn?,t,ir: l-ollllat wlth .a... of
peraona nn th- regl-tratlon llat who did no: vot-.
Thlrd Uy impoalng on illltcrat. votena.
Pou'th By the old-fashtonad method of falselj
rep?fth-By r-fiialng to ho'd any alectlofl at ?n 'n
cirtnln atrong Republlcan preclncta
\ft.i gotni Into detalla of the fraud-. lha mem?
bera of the commlttee aay they have revlaed the
vote on the moat conaervatlve llnea ?)??fA?,"' _
. ulUrallty Of 5-1, wherens the ele,-tion 01 1 K.W
man was claimed hy -.JtJ plurallty.
AH M V.l"ll PtOWB 0t*OC|?__K>R IN '..*-?:
i. rn mbera of Bquadron a aeem t<? have ao
? lout.t ..? '... wht. wlll be the Major-Oeneral ..f the
,. ? nised Nation,.! Ouard, and although \\> body
..f men eould he more u.\ai to a commander tha ?
tho tquadron la to Major Roe. th.*> hare agreed
up, ii hla -vii-.----.or a canvaee at *n tnfornaad moet
ime of tha ofllcera developed th? fa-t thHt if Major
K,..- leavei the command t.> t..k.- .-hurge of the
?t... ps. he wiii b>- Buccaeded by Captaln Ollver
Benedlct Mrtdgn u
i ,j. _in Urldgman war. tha -.nd Ueutenanl of
i . arheii it araa aauatered Into tb. aervtce, on
Aprll 1. I8W He wa- eleeti I flral lleutenant June 21,
.I when the troop waa dlvlded Into two troopa
I,, :, Kin.wn a* Troopa Noa i and t, and theae
organlaattona be ame Bquadron A, on Pebruary
t?. isvs ha waa made th- captaln of Troop No I.
which piaee he n-w h?iii* Captaln Brldgman ha*
I rr onrn ovwb twcntt mi_uon acbba op ;
PCBUC LAKPa TO sF.TTi.t'.its
Waahlngton, Jan. _a.-The Pree Hoaaeatead blll.
givlng over twenty mllllon o.-re. of tha publlc
landa aa free bomea tor settlera, waa order. I fav
orably reported to the Houaa to-day iy the Public
Landa Commlttee. Tha rota was lt to i
Item extendlng tha provlaiona of the blll i
. ... reaervatlon- wlrich have been pp?ned to
. nt waa Btrlcken out. wblle the lr-m liv-ludlng
landa whleh the Oovernment aelta t ir th< Indlana,
. t. th. pur. haae prlca and para th
,,,?,- to the Indlana, wns retalned. t hnlrman
i., tr appo?d i...th of theaa Imp .rtant lt< ma. an.l
wlll make b mlnorlty report b ?ed on tba Indlan
iru t land teatui ?
Waahlngton, Jan. 38 (Bpeclal). Tba lumbermen
,.f this eountry have h.-eM conaiderably dlaturbed
frora Uma to time ln tha laat three montha by re?
porta eaaanatlng from Waahlngton to the effect
tbat negotlatlona had been r wera about to i.e
begun for n reclproclty treaty wlth Canada. and
? one of the provlaiona ?f the treaty, if tb. ne
gotlatlona should he aucceeaful, would ba a reduc?
tlon of 30 per cent In the dutlen o-i lumber Import?
ed Into ?v'... Cnlted Btatea from Canada Bo fre
?nd Ircumatanttal were theaa reporta that
peraona engaged In the lumber Induatry, wblch had
: under the new Tariff law, beeame aerfoualy
ejarmed, and a number of them cam- to Waahlng
.,,.. ,., |nvi ittgat- 'he matter and if neca-eary to
do whal they could to avert a threatened dlaaater,
After a pleaaant and eattafaetory Intervlow wltb
Prealdent McKlnley and a conference wlth Mr,
Kaaaon, who has aupervtalon of all reclproclty
negotlatlona and arrangemenU, ar.d to wbom they
were referred by th- Prealdent, the lumbermen be?
eame Battafted that thelr fears were jrrour.dleaa.
. wera aolo to dlecover that no auch negotia
;- had been reported had heen begun or were
.- ? *? mplated.
Th- lumbermen reported a general and aattafac
tory re.lv.il of bu'ine? ln thelr llne nnder tne
ratl ina Of the r.ew tariff. T.ie wagea of WOOde
?.; era, loggera, i tc, whlcb wera $i: to IU a
month last wlnter, at which tlme many of them
wera .nable to flnd employment aven a: thoae
ratea bow ran.e fr.)in IM to HM a month. and the
demand for labor conaiderably exceeda th- aupply.
that w.re I!!- n year Ago nr- now runnlng
ni aoma of ih-m day and night?and new
or.l.ra and old Btocka unflaiabta then ar.- i
? . . . in many caae- wagea of min banda have
heen voluntarlly advaneed W p-r tent above th.
ratea of a year ago. ind the tendency ta atill up
.v . Price- of 1'itniier have advaneed Bomewhat.
,..,. ng to ? hriaker demarvl and general revlval pf
hualn-aa. but not ln proportion to the advan ??
The lulvai ? on i ? ' ?- radea ol i
n ;: ?;_ i th ? :? in : f. et, hai
... cent- a thouaand feet, or leaa than .-.per cent.
The lumbermen say thal oi.' the chtel benetlt
.- i ',..ii the new ratea ol duty ls that they
. ? ?, ;,, Buc^eaafutly to >mp< te wlth the < an
ommon and cheaper gradea of lum
.\ aalve Importatlon- of whlcb, under tne
Wilson-Oorman tar:iY, paralyaed the aomaatic in
Waahlngton, Jan. 2?. -Th- Waya and Meana Com
r ibly reported to the Houae to-day tbe
entry free <>f duty of tho Barnura _.
Balley ahow on Ita return from Europe
Waahlngton, Jan. U (Bpedal).-The gunboat
\ .-ii-.ii.,-. now nt Port Royal, B. C, wlll a:art for
I ln about ten daya. ln accordance with the
il piar, of tha Navy Department, which, lt
haa never baan modlfled, although lt w-^
deemed wiaa not to aend her away wblle thera
waa rtotlng ln Havana. Sl.- waa t. hav- Bl
for atbraltar on January !">, hut waa delayed ln
order to have target practice at Port Royal. which
, . enabled the men to ?et accuatomed to th
. :. t,ome * itera bi d levelop an I d? - t
mlgl ? .- rep Ired ... a riavj yardI befor
d.partlng on an ext-n.u-d forelgn erulae The de
r-t-lon of tha Department to make no i hange lu
her deatlnatlon i*- taken lo Indlcate that ar?> dan
i ,, _omp i atlon- la nol aerloualy con
l at thta tlme. Thta Ia further emphaalaed
bi the determlnatlon announced to put the [error
, reaerve at League Island. Penn., for which
ordera hav- heen laaued,
Waahlngton, Jan. H (Bpeclal). Th- retlrement
from actlva aervlce ot Captaln Maoon .'arter. 6th
ii fantry, la annoui ? I
Flrat Ueutenant James T. Kerr, 17th Infantry, la
detalled a i . feaaor or ml Itary a. lence and ta.-t|.-_
nt Hak'-r I'nlveralty, Baldwln Kan., March a). to
relleve Plrat Lleutenant En i V Bmtth, ith In
fariti v.
Captaln Henry A Bhaw, a-atatant sur^eon. wt'.l
reporl hi Port Crook. N hrn-ka for temporary
dut-.', ai i upon the arrl of Plral Ueuten?
ant Deane C Howard, aaalatunt aurgeon, wi;i re?
turn to hia proper atatlon, Porl Bnelllng, Mlnne
Ueutenant-Commander Bn ? tuu b en ordered to
flutj aa ordnance tn i tor at P rtamouth N. H.
Ueutenant Cottman haa been tran-ferred from
th.' Moi.:.i-y to tl.e Alert as . x.-.utlve ottleer. ln
pla ..I Lleutenant Luclt-n Ifoung, wio. has broken
down and been Invalldi-d homi from Acapulco.
Miijor Heorga <'. li.-ai. .. 11 ii._.-11 and Inapector,
ordered to proeeed lo Marlne Barracka, Brooklyn,
N. Jf., f-.i apeclal duty.
v ,i r i\ i.. Denny, quartermaater, ordered to
proeeed lo Man:." Barracka, Brooklyn, N Y.. for
Inapectlon of w..rk imw ln ennt.,- . r conatructlon al
tl r atatlon
Becond Lieutenanl Ueorge Richard- recelvea two
daj i ' Ktenaton of le i -
Qood-conducc m. lata wlll he t?su.-_ to Plral Ber
i i r.i.n,.. r i.,..:is. ,>n board the Helena, an.l
.-?'?:;.? ,i,i n l' Btephen- and Private- wiiitum i-:.
Wtiite and Mlchael J. Lynch, at the Marlne Bar
i-i. k-, Anmipolta Md.
iv ?..-. Rli-h-rd J .ira..-. M.irlno Elarra ?
Portamouth, N II., haa quallfled aa "aharp-hooter
Mujor Oeorge <v Reld, adjutant and Inapector,
.i.i.I i" make annual Inapectlon ot' thi Marlne
i. racki Wi -ij-'ton.
860 Broadway, Union Sq. & 18th u
m3nl6lS, F:IXTLRRS & TileI
Klrgant Mfork. neat ?.??rvlee. Mnker'e prt
Broadway and I7tn Slreet, N. y
8 Maiden Lane, N. Y.
I'jr'.y \<Ktia.i.. a : wttho.1 pain ,,r nte_a. i ."
-r- mud, bul effect!ve, ?i,,?.l am ?__> te r?k. ri_n
1'if- i .iif.itt.n. cvmplete -.*._,:.; i . l -_.- f?T___*
larttjr. ?*?*?
i- r the eera if all .i-or.i?-? r,f tht BtaaMefe _.??__
Bowele Ktlnry. Iilad4er Ul uaneai f \ ? Ski J?___t
ache female lrre_ruler.il*- eonei """*?
?r.'? n boa. At Drujncl ii r ? ? >v ?\an
-' ??*? ? VEW fl HK.
Bmtable all I itldinga tiamaeroee De___a
H. S. NOBTHBOP, ?""<?'...:, :g^agg
IA Went -..rt Btreet,
tor tbe mata .' AlcohotUea, Dnig Add ni _-._ n??
raeihen i. Cre Ine r?a_ vea n n? ,:?y i >? ef _r___
? ?. .- 1 al nce wltl /. I, - -. _ ???-. __-..
e - lufferlag .r Internu I f . ? . . ijauoa.
l'rive.y awured. Indoraed i ?? raa.) I ? .. ...rjr i.-._
I ;'..- r Write. . _.l er i< ne fee _?__.t,
1 .1 V* nt 4-th V . Sm Y.rk
ona ef Major Roe'a ?.. iai ? "' nt .,'. .tanta
..nd dld rn ? . of the ???? ,ria a ted la tfi
furtl r enlargemenl of the iq ahlch noe
I. ia tlire-' tr pl
TAIIT r*F THF*. rt.ynr PR
Ni-,,'. I.., . in ItatU. laborer ef No. '.* _.?.
,r>. .vi'.s dtacharged yeeterdaj ".".iJoaa
a i . I.-- M 'M.hon on .1 el irge if aaaault ln _?.?
flrat degree beeaua. th* ? ? ra aat aaa
... eould not Bnd tbe complalnant, Pt-tr.
Gtovlno, i h:irh<r, ef N' -' M Ibenrj-Jt,
wi.o, however, ?.t:, ln tbe ? rtr foataa
wae mu i i r;.r.- I to eee l - ner waJk ov..
hut thought It was all ia ' 1 cot under
atand Engllah or the prooeed
I_aptea .!? oaee went t,, .; - - p. Re toll
? ? >,.. tealet.nta I are thai '..'- bad r,_.n dl.
charged, aa hn hml a pull ??? I I '. MC do
ng to I ln I --'-' int 1 ? t-Atti raa <V>r
don, however, lear l ? I *? before
Julge M^Mahon, v.*-.,. laaued ,1 I :. -. n .rrent for
r.uploa'a arreat. Tho lattei ... -. ?1i?re
, i been re tel ? ? l ir. rr lui I a ecore
of bla frlen la, Thej aei -?.?eivea
vh. i i >.--.- ? ?? MoNaughton and p'-tntA
L>upica under arreat. He waa l ? . .-ourt,
Hnd Judge M Mahon eommltted I tn t _ tbe Tombe
The litrue hall of tbe Qraad .'e-ri'ral ralace wu
vrowdfd a!mo?t to auftocatl .:!rif wben
the emr'lo>v? of it. H Ma y A Co, hnd thelr eiav
anth annual entertaloment ..r:l reeepUoa. Tha
..;.'.,:.? conalated airr it entlrel) of t!.e employea
and thelr frlend '? kete wrre on
aale, tbe proceeda gotag to the Haey Mutntl Ald
Fund, and If anj outald rs I iveati ! th. small mm
the idmlaalon coal they n relved thelr fbll rr. ney'B
worth ir. thi capital prograauaa provlded Thera
w.?- mualc by thi fth Begliaeai Band, well-fenoart
rau li ville to k part in tb. pri.'grn?ma, whlch
i .,.'. m ?..' the bl graph, ?rri
when lhe er.i.-rtninment wa- ov.-r there **'_- dan
otnir until the early houra of th' mornlng Aan t
thoae who t ???:. -**ro naxVa
Fi.\ S..in Klttlw ?: I i lara Loulae ?'? rton; I'an
M,-'< !arthy the I ; V*. :omlo
aerobate; Preae Kidrldge and J?->?ie Couthool A
farce "A Supper For Two," waa ;*r.,.rm-a br
lulle Klngalej Bei ' . Alfr. I Burnhani and
H.idle Thon - ' M ' _riU
founded to provlde Bnanelal help lo Ita m, ir.b?r?
.., .. ....... . ity f. i i ? P?P m ia*
auranc. in caa. of death
. //tr IX CABP.
a novel and InterMtlng entertalnment was elvee
la the 8rh Regtment Armory, Park-av. er.d Nlnety
fourth-er . laal evenlng "A Day '.n tha Stare
''amp. Peekaklll N Y ." ? i- re] -y the
-". Reglment, wltB tbe td Baltery aad BgeaeV
ron A eadeta The larga dnllroom of the armory
waa well Blled, and th.* vi-ttors w,.; ned theegH*
oua evolutlon. arlth much Intereet a npletedW
,t; tt.- camp waa reproduced, t.nti. can ? ?' ?
addlng to the Bdellty ef the ImltaUoa. n.'i?:nn:Br
Wlth ri.. n ??? .11 and drlll al ' '? >r?
aaaembled t- t roll all aad form, romptay
B, ?th K.'Klm.nt. In elooe order, aad .'"mpany F
!u extn. led "id' r. Recall from drtll. ni- s.^ call t<*
(.r.-akf.-r*:, and a^s.-mhly fotlowed, :ir.,l a Aafi
w.rk waa K?ne tbrough ln sim'.lnr f.i?hlon. A
camp entertalnment wae preaided for tbe repn*
ductlon of ?-\^r:i:u ia camp, ii ' ft BW
,-.-n by the Ith Ri gim nl '?' ?'Jt'"
the la_l or_er of the d ? loa. '. th. -.mrr.i.
which waa followed by i rec ptlon Th< r.-mteri
of thr reglment and bat ter j ta__
aa, nl tl rough the vai .-??-??'?
with preclaion, and were frequeni lea af
the onlookara.
? -
ILI ICIT sTII.I.s /?/.-' OYERl 0
Two illlrlt ?rll!? \a . 1.- ?'. BCOVCTI d jreati r : -.y ar.d ?A
Thurad.y nlghl la tho lower part ef the E**
Hde, end the ni.-n operatlng ii/m were m-d*
r.ririonara in raidr h> Internal revenue efllcereaal
letecttvee from the Bldrldge-ei poMea rratioa
rhe Br.t Btlll rr.** ,ir N N N uf lk Bl . ar: 1 h*J ?
?apaclty of eevi - ' Brh_Bkej "? day.
rhe alleged propi in 01 katetn t''.vttt
,vho la aald to be an accompHahed moon?hlr.?r.
v.a arreated and beld for trlal yeaterAny bf
Unlted Su'.c Commlaal nei Bhielda, li BM aaa
fhe ai ond attll ? u tha haaemenl of -*-'0.*
itie-at, and ll wa In 1 ill I it wl i tnojf
botIve* dlacoverrd It l la; iftei n. A*""*
lam Ooldatelr and I. ?? Harria wera arreatae eaai
vera h^ld by Commlaaloner Bhielda for ti
The .-oid rnnp har- encouraged thi local ate ?_?
i.anies whleh look to the Hud-oa Rivat tot a lar**
?ut of tiuir <-r..j. ***kUa th. .-o:d haa not btar.
; ifll lently Mtter il baa glven the I ? i ***_*, ?'
there aro hopee thal It aill eoatlnu' Tbe e*oc_??
arveatlng kre la belng contlnued ae rai Uy ra tf*
nble wherever harveirtable lee la ta be foaad, *>ot
tu:,..< there ta a heavy freeie the croi arffl '**
ihort up the lludeon I - w"rry '.
'ti'..-!. la of l however, -?>**
.. m I to be ci :? and win
lunuly the dertcll. , ,.?_
rhe ? " ' w _5
v ,i.v. i. n.l. whlch, Ihe -ii. ? ? ?- ' ?? ,: ' ?.:",
iomi h.id IiojhhI for. bul It w?? en ? '"'?
, l,'. that rt. re will be no adyai "I"
lummer. The companj recently i ; y"?
.... ir- ra u aa<: .aommt
The name ol Colton, I i I ? lar aa ? buaeili"
vord to atudenta of ge grapl totn ot mape.
? no., antering upon a n. * chapter it Ita nmm
|,tory. rr.. ?? ? * C ?_ l olt*
k Co.. ahlch ia,-. eatabllHh. I ln ": ('! ?; ^fS
? ?rl w.ll. .... and v . , ..'I'nee
tahlng aith all I ^_T_8
.. ,r- . -perl. :? i ? ' ' '
oodera end Improved appllan ?
til.lss DEUERs- oEEI'ls WRECKED.
Th- MRce of Bl un. Tech & ?'o, i_?J,JfiJJ
hl. n>, .ton brt k bnlldhtg Maa a ^ wrf ? "?
PWelyw. ^_?____J_*
'?tor Th. papera and th, ^^^-3*2
_lde from lh, more a .. iai one. h??"J abaUt
;,.. ou lhe ti ?
nel |. ntally, perh .i a, l<
nate . of lh
oiiiim-1 to the . rth-.v
i, la aald (??*
;. tinknown. it aaa
i. v-a. nu> MU rirWtaA?9rtmt?_?
"' ,'T ',' 'imi".;1-'^ ft J AdJ--a* ??? iNNl*S' T*W"
,'-?.' k.?* _.u_?ii ,.u_'.t u? aaa*. aaa,

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