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Oimbrldpe. Mn.*.. Jan. S*. -Sinoe the maaa-meet
. _ -. > .,-a. ay".- held to deterrrlne t'ne acntlmetit
-10111 thi* undergrB-duaiea ln favor of a unlveralty
club the work of orgnnlzation hns heen n.lvanolng
Pr.sident I'rrklna. of the aentor r-laaa. hns np
polnted the fOIlowlog oomwaltt?, whoaa duty ?h?i!
_.e "firat. 10 C88T8II the 1'niveralty to flnd how
ragH9 ni"'1 8rouM -1n''' 5,"'h n elnb, .ind. aecond. tc
tarry Infate the Qraduate Cotnanlttee the reootu.
ilOfia espreaslve of th? feellng of Il**rv**.rd atudenta
._ r.gari to the proJt'Ct." The commlttee conriatr
yt t*i<* foUowlng: BenJora, C B. Morgan and J, it.
j_vOe. JU-Jora M. IV>nald and T. M. Alger; aopl.o
pore. W Phlllipa. rv-idea. the undergradute. irhe
favor ih>* project have heen requwled to esgn the
yH hooka. whirh have been phacod n eonwntenl
Laat Tl'eilneailaj .vmin*. a meeting araa held in
?endera It-ente. to orgmntM the Qraduateo* Ath
... sooiatlon. Ga^neral W. A. Taancroft. "IS,
.,.,-:. and oxplalroal the pian proposed. Th?...
|or ' !;(r,?i.\o'i followed Oeneral Bancroft. The
eonatltutlon, whlch was prepared by a commltt.e
)-' x-r . i ? 'i- *-. cor.raina thirteen artlclea. and pro
hat .iii per?<oiin who have ever beon membera
of anv department of the Unlveralty -hall be
to memberahip. l* al.o provldea tor an
?.',- .... meeting, al whlch twenty-flvi memb<m
? inatltute a qucrum, nnd for apeclal meetlnaa,
W'-i-h can be ealled nt the requeat .>f twenty-flve
'. he ofTlcers ahnll conatat of an Executlve
,'? . ? twenty-four membera, eighl lo retlra
, Thls commlttee ahall aelect a chalrman,
, ecretary and treaaurer. The EExecu>
mmlttee haa power to act for thr anaocla
\ ->s an oplnlon on all athletic aub
,, . .,- ? >. rhe coniitiit;.-" mual aubmll . report.
Tha Boaton Cheaa Club tendered a receptlon to
r !?' Bouthard the Harvard cbeea champlon. nt
IU clubrooma Prealdent Podon. ln the name of
t'ne cluh, preaented hlm wlth a handaorm- allver
. aouvenlr of bla aucceaa. 'I'he me.i.l
acrlptlon: "To Elmer E, Bouthard, who
n.roken record in three Intercolleglate
C?Harvard haa declded to glve thc cleRr.-e of Maater
0t \-- io tiK.ae pursulng graduate vork In the
_ School. The condltlona of admiaalon to
_t v ia 111 be announci fl ; ?? r
- for the Uene 1'oumlc le-tnres. to
he ci. uuder thi , of the I'ei le Fran.al*.
? flnltt ly flxed aa >et. bul It ii
al the flrai Iwo ln the c-ourae wlll
... ...i i rtday, lhe flrai wi .'k ln
\th- - n there are eic.r lecturea the othera wlll
? Mondaya and Frldaya of the following
i ? pks
Harvard College has recently eonceded io the
?,-. ? i rk Comm.-sion forty-alx .u-res of
f tho > t. irlea Rlver, to the wi -
I 0f 5 ?,.,*? Fi^ld Thc I'ommia'ion haa de
-- llie I.OI1K
ong rhe rlver tl,- clty
0{"y . m N rth Harvarfl-nt.
V - .a ?; :., ,: ru -.? .- imm. r and com
*.,,... ; nat r? . ea : - Tl eae !m
provem - ?*- I areatlj I*"? Mt fi ":' Field and
t . . ! 1 a
? . the Athletlc Commlttee lt
.... mmlttee to be compoaed
(. - the faculty. a graduate ari,. an
? d the < onventlon of <
"lder ha al
? ? wnioh will be mada
: ? . niativei from l.rown 1 i -. P<
Cornell ond Harvard. Captain
, rlzed to appoint the Har
,. \. -.- York on February 19.
,..--..! |ti aeventh annl
a. . Th< " on !:? nn
... u no leaa lhan
. - ... Tlie inemlx-rahip ls about four
L ? . ? .--. ?? ol Inatructora from
Hai U a.xty. Attendance al claaaea haa
>' i.ua), and the quality of the ln
. ? ? ? ? _
..-?Inn the followlnc- rfRcrra
- D Falrbank. JW; vlce
..... A ?--??.'. ?; treaaurer. J. F. Bacon.
? ?.. /.; librarlan. 0 R
B. Dem laon, 'W; accom
? the Mandolin Club the following
Prealdent. O. F. Richard*.
!?,.,-. Purl igton, ;?'.'. leader, A. ( ,
Bl - I_
.??-,.ca tt. T.. Jan. 28.?Preeldent Kendall. of the
.. .. |Mf haa appolnted tbe followtng Plpe
:,?-.:-, chalrman; R. 8 Peraona,
Oa-' D Flehei H. M, Uttle, F. L. Btratton, R. N.
. L. J. Uihli U. C. Short.
r.r.cers' Club has accepted a . halleng-e from
'rxtrt of tha T'r.ited StRtea Naval Academy
at Atrnapolis. The date cf the meeting wlll be ar
r?n/-e_l later
.*. ebeaa club has been ori.ar.lzrd with the fol
learli :? offlcera: Preaident. J. 8. Hills. mW, aecretary.
/ .:r/c,rd, '99: Ex.cut'.ve Commlttro, X. E. Ot
1)0, and C. L R'.'.ey. '99. Tlans ara belng
_.- jeeed for a match with local talent.
The Glee. Banjo and Mandolin cluba wlll alve a
concert ln Elmira on February s. UBder the aus
pl.es of the Chautau.ua Literary an/1 Sclenrlflc
At 'he meetlnp of the Athletlc t'oundl on Mon
dav Frank l- irlch, *9-, waa ele< ted aaalatant rr.an
ag.-- of tie navy. and Edmund S. Smlrh. '99. as
B_a_ant manager of ihe ? team From now
or. there Wlll be two aaalatant inanajr'-ra for each
athieti.j t?arn. and from theaa the manager for the
1 , ?. ng .. ason will be chosen. lt \s belleved
ttia: auch competltlon wlll help to eecura more efB
:- .: -_? :- , . , ,
enlor rhetori^a! in oratory was heiu
ln tha botanical lecture-room Monday evenlng.
! - wi ?? di!.red
r of eandldatea for -ho freahman ore
y .. ..:. cui down to forty-flve. Mr. Courtney
v, -,.- ?eai reaerve both beavy and llgn
Inatead of retainlng ? x. ...mv,-.; tlthei out- or the
A number of old ?? '??' " ren
f. . to -Mr Courtney and
g the l ew m. n. 'i he call
?? . for tr.' 'Varalty erew u.:: be >- iod
ir_ 7. The pro; ? u nat tho
The li ? ?'? drama, w ? I. :, '.va;. ;<>
be dellver. . by Profeabor Ueorga P. Baker Frlday
i ? ? - beei poai poned.
. r.c progTamme for the 5'immer trips of thc metn
b?rs bf rho department of paleontology haa been
at.r.ou: -- ? ? r wlll b dei > work
.;?.. the rc ka ol ? period Aa aopn as
B :. k< re impli ti d, the
.-:.? y i-.--.ri tl ? laum h Ien
? . 'an il Hudaon Riv. r and New
i ? .... tapeake Bay. After a pernd
.- tha Rapi ih innoi k hc p irty wlll
._r, rl,- Diamal Bwamp Canal '.. A.^
:. ? ; where they wlll apend about two
u...?,.- thla perlod a parl of the membera
p] by rall. The party will
.-? rl ,." it June 10, and will return the .nat of
profeu r H Mone Stephena ia to d?:iv?r a I. t
_rfe ;:. :? tlon Ha 8 January
. . ro Klpling and Imperial r ? deratlon."
Thi ;. of the oecaaion wlll be Mra M
A Kanni Mra Wllli-n. Leonanl. .Mr*.. J. V. Patnt
?r aad Mra .' ii. Wade.
Ar.. IH on to the equlpmer.t of the \ eter
Inai ? ?.. :- a aeparate houae for the experl
m< tal anlmala Heretofore they hav.- been V-pt
... hut *his has roav become too
ere. ,t! Tl new bulli ng adlolna the rear end
of tha dra*',mic,ii laboratory. nai a com. nt floor
and hot and cold water, and is heated by Mearr..
Next week ;s Junlor ball week ai ' the ur-ual
feetlvltiea wlll tak- place. On Tueaday ayerilng
*-' ' :.i"urn the Maaque w.ll preaenl The Prln
ctsa Forret " Oi Wedneaday evenlng the sopho
rr..r,- wlU he held at the Lyceum. On
-? ? ? . ? . rx-ciH the concert of ihe <.lee.
ln rluba at the Lyceum. and the.
j ? taki nlng at tha
Armor-- There wlll alao be aeveral prtvate dancea
ar.d reeeprlona durtng the week. among other|
D.:ra Kanpa Epallon wlll rlve a d*n<*e Thura.lay
i ? . - - ,.;,. concert. a id P?l i pallon wlll en
eatrlcala and a dance i ire
?y- ?f'emoon and evei
DurinK ? inlor ball werk the College of AreWtect
Jhold an exhlblUon ot dr-%??,*? whi.-h
. ? be of Intereal In addltion lo --olui.ona
ef ta ?? In a-chltectura! deaHrn. the work
lr. fr... and drawlng H I ' M laeum of Caata w..l
ba exhibited ror the flrai ? ?? The exhlbltlon wlll
;*:''- ':""" on T*__.r_?*%'_ #__?.____??
. - , v ? ... elected the follow I'.f.
omrert- Prealdenl G 8. Dreeaer 01; -rlce-pre.ldent.
m MeNary '00 aecretarr and treaaurtr,
**.'. c Rtchardae M
Haverford Penn.. Jn" 38. The annual report a of
th.. prealdent ar.d corporatlon for 18M-*VT, wM-h
have hjat been publtohed. ehow thal dlurlng the
:?a- yaar the endowmenl of 'he college haa batrn
taa by nearly 11 """" The V'''7rJ*r,,.?.
. -Hli lhe
Jacob P. Jonea. of Phi!tdelphla. ln whoae wlU the
poratlon rat namerl aa realduary JWHree-. ?"?
productlve endowmenl la *"'?< ?'*' w,'.[,l
; .. of conelderabla lncrea_e to o. ? ?;??0l,1?^!, ,
a .- gtate. bow yleldlng llttli or no ?
:... r. eonverted Into Intemat-b^lng
. ?re ni atudenta la ?l??^/lt___i_ltotnrThe
w.ti ia inatructora Tl number i . J?o??-Jjn ^f
? m .",4 P-? T rough tha .ffort^ ot im
an Thomaa* B 11...ler the ibrniv haa l. ->
eaimated aa a publle depooltorj ror umm
I ibllcatior.e.
matown, Maaa.. Jan. ?-An attempt ia be
, to eelUot and pnbltah al! wiiiiarr.. -onga ;
-n.mii,ae la ly.nard. ITi H. ft Taylor. H
ar,d Whelan, 'W ,. .
Profeaaor Rlc. inv. the fourth lecture m th
..... An A8W>datloa laat Monday. His
BUbJei ' - "K.man Art."
Th, <!-:?. preltmlnary Dartmouth debate wi.i tuu
? xt areek Thuraday. on thi eubject, He
ecived, 'lhat ibe BUfTrage Bhould l>- grantod to
ra or. ??.. itRtmjAlveittt .
.i ft'alah, Iti on the> negatt**.. Baeon.
?W and Shlpbard 88. Th .i ??" :; ?';"> ^,.
Ut* occura oii the aucveedli.g nlght. and roa tne
eubJect, "Reaolved, That i|il!'v"v'-'' ".'??_
i.r<-ftra-le to adheiei.ee to Natlonal partlea ln mu
? 1 _-_f ? V
nlctpal electlona." Branch. '?, and Burr, '96. wlll
aupport the afll, matlve. while Roweli, '98. nnd Leh
man. '?.. wlll speek for the nejrntlv*.
The I'heea I'.uu la holdlng a tournament for n
cup preae-itrd -bv a frlend.
Hoh.rt II. f.nilcy. r>f I'rinceton, spent Sundav and
?Monday here ln thc intcreats of the Student VOtun
t-.-r Moveaaent, under who*- nuspicea he aoon
BtartB for Chlna. He addreeaed thc Toung Man'!
Chrlatlan Aaaociatlon on Bunday evening.
The Re*-, Dr. l_ym..n. of Brooklyn, Bpeitl aeveral
days h*re thla week. nrcaohlng befor* the stud*nt?i
eaeh evenlni: On Thursdav he pre.ched the aer?
mon for th* Dav of Prayer.
The ofllcera of the PhtlOtechntan 8oc|etv for thls
term are: Prealdent, Walah, '9S; vlco-nre-.ident,
Rowell, 'Hi aecretary, Mu'on, ?_?; crltlc, Pratt, '!*;
Quarterly crator. Sherry. 99.
The oommlttr.- for elaaa day haa organlzed aa
Followa: Chalrman, Denman; treaaurer, Harreii.
A! nn H.-.mllton takes the place of I\ |f, Brown, re
f*..mhrld-;e. Maaa., Jan. 28?On Mmday nfterr.oon
Mlaa Ruth Ruae. of (.Irton Colleare. Cnmhrldxe,
t?pok* on the "Recent Rellgloua Meveeaent in the
-.iiKll.h Collef-ee."
At the laM meetinir of the ..erman Club Dr.
Blerwirth gmr* a taik on the "i.ife nnd Worka of
tbe Oerman Wrlter, Bodenatadt." nnd read from
htfl worka. Pr. Mu Toll wlll speak to the club
at Its :-,. \i meetlnc.
Owlng to ih* crowilro! cnndlllon of th* llhrnry the
hlatory hooks havo heen moved to the old Fine
Art. Room, which haa heen recently fitted up as an
atiriex to the llbrary nn.l an attractlve atudy.
The twonty-nintli ode of the thlrj hook of
Horace is ti-e cr.e declded ou for the translatlon
for the Barwenl Prlz.- Thls prize war. Inatltuted
hy .lohn Oshnrno ^irr*':t. of tt.e cla?i of '10, nnd
endowed In hia tnemory by hls dausrhter. Qeorglana
W. Bargent, in 1 .... The prl rr la ot *1 " for the
hc-t metrical trans atlon ot a lyrlc poem of Horace,
and the undergraduatea of Harvard ard Radcliffa
rompete for It.
A play has Juat he?r. wrltten by one of 'he jrrad
nn'e atudenta, and it will he presented hy thc Km
m.inuel Club, dlreetly af'er mlrly.-nr examlti.-ition?,
for the h-neflt of the Radcllffa college Bcholar
ahlp Fund.
. e
Mlddletown, ''onn.. Jar. O.?Thtfl heinr_ the week
of prayer for collegea. tl.e Young Men'a Chrlatlan
Aaaociatlon of the colles-e haa been having mee;
ir.RS every evening. Yeaterday waa th* apeclal
day of prayer for collCKec. nnd in addltlon to the
evening n-.eetino- there wae an early one at 1
3'rlock in the mornins. md al 10-M o'elock the Rev.
Dr. Wallace MacMullcn. of Qracc Mr-ihodist Bpta
copal Church, Phlladelphla., preached In Mc_.iori.-l
ChapeL Al. .-ollepe exerclaea were omltted yester?
On Tnetatfay evening Prof<-aaor L. o.car Kuhns
gave ?he thlr.l lecture of tho faculty courae ln
Memorlal Chapel. Hla toplc waa "The Story of
the Troubadoura."
President O'NelU of th* ser.lor claaa appointed
thc following commlttee on the Waahlngton'e Birth?
day banquet: Mllla, '9S. chalrman; MacComber
ard North 'IS: T'i-kard and ..rlHltha. '99; Johnston.
'00, and Oarman, '01 ___a____
Th* Kotu's Hlll Peminnry Club met Saturdav
nlghl an-l elected the 'ollowing offlcera: Preal?
dent, R. C. Stonc; aecretars'-treajiurer. J. E. ?????
At fl college meetlng h.-lii laat week >>?... au
formally accepted th- challenge of New-Tork i ni
veralty for an Indoor gymnaaium conteat. to oe
li New-Tork th* latter part of March. Binca
meel haa been arranged the tnmul g>m
.x. ibltlon will be omitted thla aprlng.
North M wns cho?en temporary captaln, ana ne,
wlth Inatructor Marvel, wlil ehooee a tezrnot nin'!
men to repreaent the college. The team wlll tn.n
eleel iis permaneni captaln bv?__*i__..i
arthur H. Burdlck. treosurer of the Footuaii
*_.-,.,,.,tlon. has pubttalied hla report for last aaa
g(.n. It Bhowa a deflc!" of _? > ro
: i S Judd '?-. haa realgned aa member ofthe
Oriduate Advl?ry Athletlc Commlttee. and at a
'W^pealte?; hToreth-'lunil-l Club jjr..heen
D. 'i;r nn! FehrllJry 19. Lr. Norrl-, and Kehruary
M, Dr. Towar.
Rcch*_ter. N. T.. Jaa 2?.-The T-niversIty II
,V... "l^reaalng ln the numfr of lt. voiumei,
a, the average rate o? l? volumea b month. The
fota enrolment now on the Bhelrea is orer forty
housand. The llbrary ls aupportod by th. ncome
tTOm th. endowmem made by Oenaral John K
?;':-"'7 .?:*.'?wJaSSS
.'.' .nocl-il dlvlalonfl Ib almost unllmlted.
Amher-t. Maaa., Jatl. 28.-The Commlttee on Dra
mat7rVof the aenior class has eleeted W. B. Ua
::im.. maiugw. The play ae.emoi suh
ea to the approval of the faculty commlttee, a
- am Qlllette'B "All the Comforu of Home. lt
is planned to glve at leaat atx perforaanw ln ad?
dltlon to thoae glven on the Eaater trip. Work for
; ? ona ln the eaat. under the dlrectlon of Mr.
Hurley erlll commenee nt once.
Dr and Mrs HltchCOCk sailed on Thuraday for
a atay of aeveral month- ln thc South of Prance.
expecting to return to Amherst by eommencemenl
tlm- The entire college K'iv? noiay evI.MHC of
thelr good wlahea as their traln left the atatlon.
The pteshl'..: .'.art.d i ? la week for the South.
His health has not been good for BOme weeks. and
. ; Un advlse J hlm io take ri short and ah
. rei. from roilea dutiea lt ls expected that
r' ':' ,:,I" "!. r''!,r;.''L,. .ni nke olace
Tha !', A . annua Indoor nieet 1\H1 taKe , ,i .
-uary*: Amherat wlll be rtpreaented n he
mlle relay race an.l by a half-doaen enl
handlcap eventa They have Swi tralnl g ... rd
for three w. i.- under Captaln Moaaman and Mr.
KeldglV The relay team wlll be oompoaed en
:[in'iy of new men. ail of laat yeara team having
'"..?/!_?? ??:?'-.'.Vs.-i'^v of inqirtry. which has been
ir: /. foi- coupleofyeer*. haa taken Btepatow
. friSnitatton. OflfcerB havo beea elected and
D7hemr_^u"yrCommrttee on Inveatlgatlo. has ,?
SfSlVpetlUonof PhlBcta towrBg;
n- ,. aubetltutlon of an addreaa ". .?'',," "',c.
lI_\,.\ .,;.... for ihe cuatomary apeaklng upon the
, immencement stnge.
W<'le?lev. Mass.. Jan. IS. Hy l.-v.tatlcn of the
newly organixed rtrt department Kdwln How.anl
Blashfleld of New-Tork. epoka at the college laat
Monday evening on "The Charaetertetlefl of the Art
of tho Renaiasance." Another lecture ln thc |n
tereatfl of this depnrtment will be Blven aoon by
Kenyon Cox, on "Mkhael Angela" and C. Howard
Walker*a course of lecturea on the "Ilistory of ,
Ornament" wlll open In Febnuurjr.
Trofeaaor Helen 1-. Webater entertalned th* rirad
uate (Tub at hei home. in Weli-sl-y Vlllage, last
m - lay evening. A receptlon followed the preaen?
tatlon of the rcpon of Mlaa -Mary K. Conygnton,
W.iiealoy delegate to the Federatlon of Graduate
Cluba. recently held m chicapo. The offlcera r i
the Wellealey liraduate Club thls year are Miss
rir.-ce B. Townaend prealdent; Mlss E. E. Hatha
way, BOCreUry. anl Mif.s HaiTtot W. Carter. treas
At the regular meetlng of the Bclence C llb, h*M
on Tueaday evenlnj.. Mlss Ellxabeth F. Flaher, ln- j
etructor In min.-ralogy an.l geologv, rm-.- a deacTlp- i
tlon of her vialt io tne Ruaalan oil welle laai Btim
Tiie membcrs of the KnullFh, Frencb nnd Oer?
man departtnenta of Inatructlon are consldeilng the
organisatlon of a :nod-rn language club, and have
n ready mei for thla purpoae.
Profeaaor Van Dael, of Ihe Ma ifl hu ?"- InBtl
tm. of Te.-hnoiogy. leclured here Tui iday -.n 'The i
French Norel of tn< Beventeenth Century.'
The meml.ers of the n?rii Bwallowa' Boclety en
tertalned thelr frlend-. laat Baturday evening wlth
nlr< ady mei for (hla purpoi i,
and poatuiing beim: admfrablj. elfectlve.
Kever s barwenka, the planlat, arlll Kive a re?
cltal at the . ,,ll?pe rhls Saturday evening.
A larpe i?,,)v ,,f the faiiiltr and afident* and
aeveral membera "f the Hoard of Trueteee attended
the aervl ea on the niornlr.i? of Thuraday, the da)
of prayer f.'r oii-i.es The preacher for the day
was the Rev, u.li.im R Hicharda. of Plalnfleld,
N. J. The Chrlatlan Aaaociatlon held a aervlre
earller in fhe day Mv Btcharda wll. preach ln
..'tesre ? hapol on S 11,day.
New-Haven, ''"nn., Jan. 28.?The only thlnjc of
lrr.p..rtatj.vo thnt has happened herr durlng the j
we, k -.Mis Ihe annual Junlor |>rom*nn<i.' "Protn j
v.*ek" began a wer-k a>;o. and slnce th?n the whola
i >, ?. _??? haa beea glven over to the diffcr.-nt festivi
tlea 'i hls wt,r'? promenade wns a tucceao, as
uaual, and the eatent of the eayely was pro ..ihly
?V?n Kteater than that of la- I y*"r Tho .'.rnnii!;. a
w...^ compoeed of W. B. B. Ortewold. F. H. Brooke.
H. T. itowi. s. J. McD. Magee, C. F. Bweet, a. <;
Vanda-Mlt, W. F. Whltehonao. Jr. C H w*ll*a.
Jr., and H C. fheney
lr re>,p,,n!.e to .'aptaln W'hltney's call for candl
dnt'-s f.,r the 'varsity <-rew ghoal tW-ntyflve men
turned out yesterday. The y<-ar*s wotk waa Btarted
..ff with iiii OCftdOOr run. followed ly t'Wlr.- la the
lank Captaln Wliltney did the Ogchlng Mr.
.'ook Wlll tr.ke hoid lr. a 'la> or IWO an.l be Wlth
tbe rew contlnuouaty untll after th.- race Two ln
novatlona morke.i ihe praettee "f the flral day, of
which the most importanl ia the introductlon of
fixed aeata. Theae wlll, of course. not he uaed
when th* m*n g*t on the water. Bilt at pt*sent
th-> ara nioat aesuatil- io davcloping tfta body
awlng, which the alldlng aeata Interfere wlth *o
muh at the b?vlnnli.g <>f tralnina. 'Ihe oth<-i mn<>
vatlon is the pladng of mtrrora along the sldes of
the tank. so thnt each man cai aee hla indivldual
fnul's ns he rowa. The work of the crew will con?
tinue In the tank untll the Ice hrer.ks up "ti the
The freshm^n crew cnndi.'ntes who tnrn*d cut
to tiie number of aevonty-odd, hnve proved good na
well aa heavy material, an.l thla y?nr'? freshmen
orew hlds falr to bold its own wlth the e-treptlonal
one of laai year Mr .'.xik will probably cntlnue
hls pollcy of givlng n good sharc of hla attentlon
to tba freahmen.
<>:-.<? hundr-d and forty-Bve men came out for tbe
tra-k t-a-n VMterriay, nnd the long-dlstance mr
ner* wlll log'tn their out-of-door work at one* 1 he
other men will do gyn.na?:um work for Ih* present.
A doai ii men or so have been tralnlng for the
P A. A. gamea, which com- off on Kehruary _-.
The relav team which will r.-present Yale ln these
confests has heen worklng alnce the openlng of tho
Hamllton. N. Y . .Inn. ?S -Patrnns' day wlll be ob
Berved thls year. Th* senlor commlttee consists of
F. V. Emerson. chnlrman; H. L Kaaaett. J. K.
Rullock, W. W. Barker nnd F. W. Tomllnson. It
la expe-ted that i ..ted spcak-rs wl.l he present.
Tln- annuni addreaa before thc colgate Preaa
r;i:b wll] he dellvered on Thursdav evening, F'-hru
ary 17. by Alben L Blalr, of "The Boaton Journal."
Bubject, "The Whlrr of the Prlnttng Preaa Whnt
Doea lt Mean*"
On the evening of th* day of prayer for collegea.
January 17, Robert R. QaOey, of Prlnceton. ad?
dreeaed thc atudent body. Hla address was one of
gr-.-it |nt< t'csl.
I"- W. N. Clarke preached at Vassar College last
A baaket-ball team has been organizrd In the col?
lege. with k. W. smlth. '98, manager, and F. W,
Trmllnsnn, '9S. captaln.
S-henectady. Jan. __.?It has been declded by the
1 collcgo auth'.ritles heren.fter to celehrate F'.under'a
j Day on tho day suc-eeding Washlngton'a Birthday,
I lnatead of on February 17, aa heretofor*. thua
' hrlnging the two holld.iya together. At thla tlme
wlll ocinr thc mldv.intcr .ithlctlc meet and an
nndergraduat* hanquet, at which ail the classes nf
the entire unlveralty wlll I.e present. On F'.under'a
Day tho annual Alll.on-Koo.e inter-soctety debate
wlll be held by teama from the Adelphlc and the
Philomathean llterary socletles.
One cf the pleaaanteat d.mces of the college eoctnl
aeaaon wns that glven last Frld.v evening by tho
memh'-rs of the Chl Ps! fraternlty at the Tatefl
boathouae. Thls evening the srcor.d Junlor hop of
tho \rnr was h--!a. an. was . su-ress in everj- .-?.
BPect, The annual sophomore aol.-ce, to he glven nn
ti.renlna ot February IS ln the Van Curler
Opera-hou*e, promtaea to be one of the laurg-st
nt. iai ??',? nta "f the aeaaon.
N'o recltatlom were held laat Thursday. the dny
of prayer for collegea. The termon of ihe day -_ns
?-.i by President Raymond ln the college
.\t the regular meetlng of the Bhakeenoarc Cluh,
held laai Monday evening. the following offlcers
w.'t? ele led Prealde.it, walter M Bwann, 'W;
vlce-prealdent, H. IC. Wrlght. '_?; secretary. chrls
topher N llartr.agel. ''.ti. tieasur*r, John II. Gut
m.ui. '?; Executlve Commlttee -W, K. Merrlman,
IB; Peter Nelaon, 'M; john C. Mercbant, II; H. K.
Wrlght, '94
At ;_ meetlng of th* haseh.iii men last Wedneaday
W. J Smlth. '_*_*. nf Warerford, was nnan'.moualy
chosen captaln, Mr. Smlth ls captaln eleet of n-xt
year's 'Vars'.ty cleven.
Provldence. ,7an. 2* In the Lecture Asaor-latlon'e
course on Monday evening President AnUrewa
apoke upon the aubject of "Kant and K0nlgaborg.H
Miss Ruth Rc.use, r,f Qlrton c.diege. Camhrldg*,
rpr.V.e In !'? mbroko Hall on Tueaday evening In the
'< Interests nf thc atudent volunteer movement.
The Rev Walter Oardner Webater, Brown, '71,
J formerly n teacher In the Provldence High School,
has just glven to the corporation of Hrown I'niver
I sily B.O0O, t" Le uaod for foundlng a schol.irshlp.
Tiie income ls to bo glven e.-.-li year to a member
of the freahmaa i luss, who sliall he a graduate of
the .-lassicfl', department of the Provldence High
Bchool and a candldate for the degree of P.nch*lor
of Arte, Tn* rociptent la to l>e appointed by the
prlnclpal of th* aehool.
The Glee, BauiJO and Mandnlin cluba of the Wom?
en's College have organlaed, wlth Misa .'arol'.ne I..
Bi '9a, aa bualneaa manager. Miss Adeiaido A.
Kstcn. VB, ls leader both of tho Panjo and of the
Mar dolln Club. Dr. Julea Jordan Is director of the
.;,.- Cluh.
Brown'a relay team. which wlll race Dartmouth
at thc Boaton Athletlc Aaaociatlon meel on Batur?
day of nexl week, wlll be conatltuted as followa:
i' r O'Brlen, '98, captaln; F. K. Taft. 'at; B. a.
Btockwell, 'N; J. A Gammona, IB; J. M Kent, 'W.
Much lt tereat has he<-r. nmueed hy the nnnounce
ment of the athletlc conference which ls to be h*!d
at Brown >n the 19th of next month. It now seems
probable thal every promlnenl Baatern college will
t,n reprcaentexl. Prlncaton at flrst hesitate.l, bnt
haa now conaented to send delegatea The chlef
wh) Brown has proposcd thls conference 1..
thal both the Athletlc Aaaociatlon nnd the Athletlc
Commlttee of the faculty feal that unjust chargea
,,. , rofeaalonallam hav- be n broughl agalnat
Brown in the paat, and It Ib now propoaed that a
i ? ?.'. unlform ellgiblllty rulea ahall he drawn up
for Ite guld.'incr- "f all oolleges.
I.e Baron C COlt. "II, has heen elected to fl 11 a
vacancy on the Edltorlal Board of "The Brown
Dally Herald."
_____ e
N'orth.ampron. Mass , Jan. .. ? The P*nl Kappa Pai
Mocl ??-.- -1 Ita ragular meetlng oa Saturday night.
The flrst electtons were made from the aopfiomor.
Ar prayera on Sunday Blshop Hare. o. South
Dakota, made a ahort ndlress roncernlng the mls
alonary work among ihe Indlana.
Coiloquim met on Tueaday night at Profeaaor
The mldyear eaamtnatlona hegan to-day. Thurs?
dav was a hollday, aa the day bo! asiie for the nay
of Prayer for eehoola and oolleges.
Bryn Mawr Penn., Jan. ML?For th* a*conl s?m?
ter thcr^ h_.s heen Introduced a new feature ln the
first >e,.r's essny work. Inatead tf on* of th* lo.tg
eaaaya hltherto requlred the Btudmta arlP prcpar.
elghl papera on aeventemtb -nd tvgiit.-en century
taking from readinge ln I.ord Clarend>n, sir
Thomaa Brwwne, the llfe of tha Duches.< of New- j
caatle. Lor! CheaterileM Addlaon and othera. The
aecond year eaaay arort haa also been change.i. ;
Heretofore there hava always heen rerpire.i four i
lona eeeayfl In addltlon to rhetorlc work. In the
future for one of theae long eeeajra t.iere will be
tuted two sli'iii papera on one suhject. for j
arhleh the cholce p/IH be reatrtcted to six Bnglla'n
writeri Landor, Keata, Thackeray, Brownlng,
Hei ry Jamea and Blr Thomas Iironn?.
r e ..iitnii.- Aaaociatlon haa recently obtalned a
ehaVter in nrdei iat It may foraully hoi i property
aa ,, , . ,i\ 'j'h- atep araa tak-n at the
p,,..,.,,, time foi the purpoaa of bandtng over to the
ti mteej "' f ??? oll**ae, elgned and se.ilei aa a deed
... .i ollacted hy i.-i- aaao.
tot , fnemorial i holarahlp fund io the first preal
,1,.,,' ,,' ;?... ijlege, th* late I?r Jamea V. Rhoada.
The forma! ceremony o'. hanling ihe papera over
took place laBt Thuraday, Th* Bcholarahlpe. for
w.,a- ,),.. andidatea are nominatel by ihe alumnaa
and contl-med bj the truateea, ar* two in number,
. awarded annually in tha j.mior and aopbo
T e <:'... luat* Club held an Informa! meetlng last
gj ..',. evening, at whleh Miss I.ord apoke on
tn .? rn prinllr.g.
Hanover, N. H.. Jan. 3B reaterday heirtg the
Day of Prayer for Collegea, the Rev. H. P. Dewey,
ncord, N. H-. held Bervtcea al Bartlett Hall
in the afternoon and al Rollena chapri in tho
avenlng. Afternoon meetings hy thc Rov. Mr. Dewi y
v,.r- held for the rest of the week. The Rev.
i- irlea K. Jefferaon, Chelaea, Mass., occupled th*
pulpit last Bunday.
The Dartmouth Stnr Cour?* has engaged O?orpe
A Bruce, e?-Mayor of Bomervllle, Mass.. to lecture
on ihe "Fall of Rlchmond" to-morrow night.
The Annual I'artmni.ih CaUlOgUe, juat Issued.
preaenta many new eloctlvea an.l offers Inereaaed
' utlea In the old '.nea.
Medlcal College haa opened Ita term wlth
?? in Iti blBtory. A four
s' , r ,,,,!-,. p requlred nnd ihe increaae <>f m*m
,.,k- wcii for auch a rul#.
\V llla ti Hodgklna, .f Bomervlllo, Maaa, wa?
reaicrday elected football manager for n-xt aea
. . rederlck I Crollnfl wa? unanimously
, , ., . captaln of the football t*am.
.,,-, irhera f'.r the remalnd-r of fhe present
term ar.- th* Rev Charlea A. Pi.-klnso.i ..Berkler
. rtoaton M?- the Itev l>r V. :111am H.
? Sewton. Maaa ihe Rev Pr Oeor_ra Hodgea.
,f the rambrldge (Maaa . Eplacopal ?v1niiv
Profeaaor Prancla Brown, I "lon Th'-oi.ti- i
? Beminary. Sew-Tork; Prof.-saor -I W. chnr.-h
!?? Andover Tl e. logtcal Beminary.
- ?
Prlr eton, N J., J.n 21-The ur. .ergrsd-iates ar*
HOW ln the mldst of the annual mldyear er.amln.-i
n on Thuraday of tbis wefk and
mtlnue untll Kehruary !0 The BOCOnd term
of thc preaenl college ><-..r wlll open on Thuraday.
February 11, nnd wlll cloae on June lf>.
Immediately following th* Junlor "prom" exam
Inationa 'he junlor "prrtm" win mk" place ln th<?
eealrto on the evening of Friday. Kehruary IL ThU
yeiir's 'pr-m'' wlll prohnbly be the most hrllli.nt
ln Ident Ihal has tak*n place In Prln-eton
f,.r - .mc yeara Th* following women wlll act as '
-..- Mrs. lr.mls I. I'atton, Mrs Crover
Cleveland, Mra Q J. Ooer, Mra M. l. DelaBeld.
Mn Ji.hn <;. Hlbben Mra Jaaaaa 0 Murray. Mrs
_ \ Lewla, Mrs Allaa Marqaand, Mrs Arthur | |
Frothrnghara, Mrs W, F. DooaMean, Mra Cheater
Ortawold, Mrs T K. Baltfd, Mrs r;?.,.rge Armonr,
Mr- Joba Da Wltt, Mis. c. D. Haapaon and Mrs
W J < urils
The Triangle Cluh wlll thla }?ar produce the i
i", .i_i axtravangaaa "Pucahontaa. ' Jamea Barnea,
'91. wlll rewrlte a portlon of the llbretto, and J M
Mayhew. '92. wlll rewrlt* B portlon of tlie mualr
The cant needed fnr thla play la iipnanaliy large
and It la tbe Intentlon of the Trlnngl- Club to pr,'
aent thr pleee on \ ap:.ndld acale. The aardgn'.p
of the porta wlll aoon be made and rebearggta be
At a recent meeting of the nophomore clnaa i
no.-.rd of Ililltor- was aelected to publlah the nex
volume of ".'rlc-ft-Hrne." C. Yeomana waa t?
lected aa mnnnglng edlior. and O. O. Brown buslncs
managor. Tha fotir.wiMR j* the mnkeup of th
Board; ft Teoaana, o. o. rrown, Cnri Burr, Uarot.
Imt.rle, O. 1>. OberteufTer and Thomaa i over.
An oceaalon of gen.ra intctest to the L'nlvralt
waa the thlrd Knelsel Quartet concert. glven Mon
day evenlng ln I'nlvraitv Hall. There was ..n u
u.Hiially .krge audi.nce present. and the rjuarte
im.de an excellent Impreaalon. The hlatorlcal lecr
uie on mualc, by W. J. Henderson, '76. whleh pr
ceded, added greatly to th.- affair.
The i-.a.-!f!u annual dlnner of tho Newark Alumr.
..-.aorlatlon will he held Frlday evenlng, Februar;
11. ln Xewark. A number of undergraduate.. fron
the above-named acnool wlll attend. I'rofesao
Wlnthrop More Danlel* wli: make an addreaa, rep
rcentlng tbe Princeton faculty.
At the aophomore prlz>- det.ate, held recently It
Whig Hall. J.iim B. Kelly won flrst prtze ar.d W
C. McKee aecond prtie.
On Monday of ihi* week the drawlng for room
ln Hlalr Hall took place ln Alexan.ier Hall. Th
new dormltory wi.i be open for occupuney on Feh
ruary .*,.
The nev. Wllllam Mercer Oroavenor, of th
Chureh of the Incarnatlon, New-York, addresae.
ihe Bt Paul'a Boclet) laat Bunday evenlng in Trln
Ity 1 'liurch. Princeton.
Trofeseor Charlea 1 oung. r>f Princeton, hns heei
elected an honorary member of the Phllosophlca
Boclety of Cambrldge Unlveralty.
Tl... college Inlllard tournament, whlch l?> now I.
nrocrcs>. is liotlv contested. Jarvia, '0.1. an.i Rt< key
88, belng tha leadera.
The Day of Prayer for Collcgcs. Jiinuarv 2.
was observed at the Princeton Theologlcal s.-rni
nary, where Dr. Warfleid ma.e an Intr-restinp; nd
At a recent meeting of th" Monday Nlght Clul
Scott Bu'lltt waa e>ctcd presirient nnd Matthev
l,owrle vlce-presldent for the ensulng term.
Eaaton, Penn.. Jan. IT.?The Day of Prayer for Co!
leges was obaerved yeaterday wlth appropriata aer
vleea at Laiayette ''oiic:,... Recltatlona were ius
pendeii. in the mornlna ai 11 o'clock a w rmon wai
prea,-ned in the chapel by tba Rev, Dr. Davli
Jamea Burrell, paator r.r the Colleglata Reforme.
Church of New-Tork In the evenlng the Rev. Lr
John R. Davlaa, of New-Tork, who waa grra.
ai lh. college tn Ittl, preached In the Bralnerd 1 iloi
l resbyterlan Chun h. 'I ru i 'hrlatl ir. A
the college hc..i meeting* during the day.
Tne aeniora h.iae elected tbe following claee-da*
omcera durlng com rei m r.r wei i. th.
Ing conaldered aa Important ln thelr -.a.a ... tho*.
awarded for eommencemeni ,;..a : M..<.<.? of ,,|.
rnonlva, Henry Cunnlngham; elaaa orator Edwln '
1 llftonj aalutat. rlan, Wl] ,:n ;: Davl* n; preaen
-..ii..n orator. Willian s. IfcLean; poel Franl M
Bch.__.ey; raledlctorlan, T. B B toaal
na r.r at aenlor banquet, Bvan C. Jonea chalrmai
of thc s.-nior Asacmbl. Commlttee >; A W'clden
meyer; chalrman of Decorattng Commlttee, Harrj
tt.et.oard; chai.rma,;i cf Invllatlon I'ommlrte.- I* J
Murphy, .-halrm.-in of Muaic Commil., John H
? ?
T-lmlra, _f. T.. Jan 2S.-Thursdny waa ebeerve.
aa a day of prayer at the rol>ge by a aervlce lr
the mornlng and voluntary prayer-meerings by th'
anrdenta. Recltatlona were omltted.
Some cf tha aenl .rs wlll attend the featlvltlea ol
Junlor "prom" week at ''ornei: this coming week.
Mlsa Oertrud. Buck, '8B, . iector of the Elmlrri
Bettlemeni Associatlon, wlll attend the sprlng meet?
ing of the electora of the College Aaaoclatlon at thl
RJvlngton Btreel Bettlement, In New-Tork
lhe i*'u Mu Boclety gava a banquet <-n last rn
nny evenlna in honor of miss Pannle 01 rer Henry
a recent pri aldeni of the aoclety. whoae i
haa lately been ?? in i ineed. A piaa. "The Letter oi
Introductlon, was jlven :ater. end danclng wai
enjoyed in the aymnaalum
The. comln? \aeei_ a.1 rhe student. wi'.l be bua.
wlth examlnatlona. The lecond aemeater ? pena o
I ei.ru.ity ,. and a number of new atudenta
The revie.- rx.iminations ended yeaterday end
the atudenta will have a vacatlon ou Monday and
Tueoday Regular work win be reeumad on
Tbe LacrosM Aaaoclatlon laaued a all for eandl?
datea for a college team. an.l eome forty men
responded. \v.,rk wlll be begun ahortly under tha
dire.-tion ..f j. p, curry and J. Oarvln, ol
Creacenl Athl. tlc CI ib. Oreal Intereat in lacroa <e
on :-.. prcb iblj owlng to tbe Intei
laal fall and to the proapeci of go<,,] tralnlng
The City I'oii.gc has unlted wlth Btevei i and Co?
lumbla in tbe formation of a Metropolltan College
The Hub-frevhrnan rinf* win hold Ita flrat annual
dlnner on Monday evenlng, ir Hotel Metropole.
Tho toaatmoater wlll be C n. Scbwarta
The ReV. Cbarlea H. Young, nt the Aaaodat.
Mlaaion at Omaha, addreaaed the Mlaalonary Bo?
clety on Tueeday evenlng on the mlaalonary efforta
in the town* aboi.t Omaha. and the Bpeaker por
traa.-d the Kfe of the ,>r?v |n tiie mlssion, whl. ii
la aomewhai like ihai ol monks, He la a ?o ln
tereste.l tho~? preaenl by an account of the itit.er
nnl preaching done i.a- the cler_ '.
The i!..,.rd of EEdltora of "Th,. Semlnarlan" has
po'tponerl the ilatf bv w!ij,h artlclea for publt. 1
l tlon tnusr be banded in until February I, lr li
j hoped thal ihl extenalon aa-.n Induce more nf :(-...
! rrun to eompete ir. lh. prlre-atory r-ontesl
! Semlnarlan" wlll probably i.e laaued about the
nilddl. of March.
Dr. R.,;,ei addreaaed the devotlonal meeting on
Wi.ln.s.lay evenlng on "Kervi<e of Mind and
Subje,-.* for esaaya i>v the membera of the lunior
claa^ ar?: "Is Logle an Ar'. ? Bclence, or Both?"
..;. | "ia tbe Sylloglam of Aiiatotle a Beggtng of the
The edltcra of "Thn Tary im." the coileirc weekly.
are .a f..:;ow.: ESdltor-In- hlef, Henry R. De Wltt,
Wi edltorlala, Auguatui >'! Bhearer, "W; Uterary
editora, Bdward Dawson, 'W, and Jaenh r> Llpman,
'88; aluir.nlana, Fn ? :? 11 -K 11, lYlnn, '__.; Rutgerscn
sia. l.vmnn M. Bmlth, '88; Corydon Motl Ryno, 'pn,
and Ker.ry W Banta, '88 The reporters are Oeorge
W. Keker, '.;<; Jamea M. Martin, "_?, ani F >: m
(leiiren, W, Wayne H. Thompeon, '88, is ,
mai i. f
Leonor F. I. .re... general Bupeiintendent of the
Penr.ylvania Rallroad liries-we.st of Plttaburg, ind
u member of rhe elaaa of '77. haa establisned a
lu;;i-il prise of .'?", r.pen ro all aclc-ntlflc aeniora
Jevon'a "Prlnclplen of Aclence" wil b. uaed. Dr
Jacob Cooper wlll m.-e; all compedtcra one bour
each aa'"k
Th? Qlee Club Quartet aana at th.- v M. c. A.
meeting ln Rabway on Bunday afternoon
.\ plctura of rhe ! inlur , 1 asa was tik.-n thl? week
for Ina.-rtlon ln "The .Scnrlet Letter," (!)?? oilege
Tbe aenlor clasa banquet wns beld at the Manalon
Houae on Wedneaday evenlng.
The day of prayer for <-o:ier.es waa oheerved -t
Rutgera ..n Thuraaaj wlth a aervlce In Klrkpatrlck
Chapel. A aermon waa preached by the Rev, Will
Ijih Iiemarest, of Cataklu-on-the-Hudson.
The Very Rev. Parher Itaoe, B. J. the prefect
apos-nli- of Alaaka. wlll lecture on "Al.iaka" In
Armory Hall 0. Monday evenlng.
Boane tWO hundred new booka have been ,1,11c. tn
Ihe atudenta' lli.rnry l.y the Hea- .tnhn D. Whltney,
S J . Ifl the laat month. Fatner Whltney la aaalat?
ed ln the lihrnry hy Peter A Me.gher, '98; Pa ll
Dolan, . ?. Charlea vion. il: Mlquel Zurlcalde:
?9fi, and Ambroae P. Dunnlgan, 'oo.
Kidney Woollett wlll recite "The Tempeat" In
Armory Hall Ofl W_dn_eda_ afternoon. February 16.
The Feaat of the Purtflcatlon av! 1 i.e eelebrated at
the college on Tue la: a. Bod It; Day. The Re-.-.
Hema Cssten, B i . dlrector of the Parthenlan
f,,l..iira. ha? arranged for a llterarj acaden
honor ol l > ,r La U ln Ann, ry Hall In i ?? aftei noon,
Ina of the fnltowlng numbera: "Oreetlng," by
R. erl Emmel Bhielda, '88: "Bernadetter," Paul
Poian 'ft**: "Clleni of Mary." Charlea i. arnaa
"Lourdea." Thomas J, A. McCormlck, '01; "The Pll
griina." John W. Corbett, "88; "The S'ature of t
Sllracie." i.eo J O'Donovan, 'i": The Mlraclea of
Lourdea." Je-e V Dunla W The receptlon of
poat ilanta Into the Parthenlan. th,- Immaculate
cnrcep'ton ?nd the Annunelatl n lodalltlei wlll
take j.l-i-e ln the *ollege chape] ln rh" evenlng.
The i;.a-. Wllllam Murphy wlll preacb the aermon, .
lowed i.y solemn benedlctlon of the ,
Riesaed Bacrament.
A new hnndb.il Blley haa been crertei ln the I
aenlor building, t? he uaed In atormy weather b)
the baaeball eandldatea
Tl.e Monday lecturea for February wlll be glven
I a Profeaaor T. A. Kenneson, of the New-York
Bl .ravlnga are be'.rf. hung In the muaetim Four
maln rooma hav. been flnlah.d and are ro be known
.,? tha elaaalc.I. the medlieval, the renaiasan<e and
the modi rn rooma Fach of the four pertod. ia
to have four alcove. ar.d a apeclal Hovable Btoraga
caae. The collectlon Includee over thr.-e thouaand :
l'nlv.-ralty Helghla !s hrought Into cloaer correc- .
tir.'i wlth tha Ii.'roiiL'h .<f The pronx by tho run- |
r.lng of electric cura wlthln a tem hundred feet of
lhe eait stde of the eamplM, north nnd BOUtl i "
Jerome-ave end ea.t Bnd We.1 OH Hurnslde-ave.
The latter <''irr wiii take pcoftaeora and atudenta
t., rn- m w Zootogl al Qarden at tne aoutb end of
Brona i'ark in ;en to Itfteen mlnutea, und by i
rhanice of cara wlll take them to the p,,
Qarden at the north end of Pronx Paru in ...
:aa ? ..'a mlnUtOB
Al tb unl ?'! alumni dlnner there wlll bc
for women who bava r.Ived legreea fr ?:-.,
i rtlveralt) ln 'he Qraduati s hool Ifl 'he i.aw
Bchool oi tba Sch...l r.f pedogogy. The
three achoola of the LTalveralty have never enrolUd
ani women -tu.ienta
Wililaiu Aileu Ilutlnr, prealdent of iba Unlveralty
councll. and Mise Emlly O. Butler, e-*-preatdent of
the Woman's Advlsory Commlttee, snlled for It*1"
upon lha Augustn Vlctorla on Thursdav. Miss Mut
ll r has he-,, .. member of the Woman'a Advlaory
CommlMee from the orgnn(-.atlon In 1W>
Captaln Il.'.tch. ".*>. has asked all candldate* for
has. ball to meet hlm ln the gymnaslum oti Monday.
February 7. at 3 p. m.
a CO._T'MP.IA.
1 Th* work of weedlng out -he unftt crew candiditca
_ hns been go'ng on under the supervlslon of t'oach
" f'w!"?. Captaln I_ongncre ond <i. F.. Webb. They
_ havo cut the numh?r of candldates for the Varslty
to about twenty-flve nnd the freshmen to thirty
The men ahow much Improvement The membera
of the flrat 'Varslty e.uad are much advaneed lr.
- the technlcalltles of the reach. eafch. awlng and
1 re-ov-ry. B. B. Tllt is atroklng them. The flrat
'Varslty squad ls rowlng as followa: Tllt (atroke).
Krdal, Bhattuck. Loagacva (captalni, Maekay, Ue
A I.lntock. .tn_.es and Oddle ihowi Tne aecond la in
J the following ordat: C. C. Macheu (stroke), water
r man, Betts. Birckhead. Boy*sen. Oardlner, Flnnl
- gan anl Thomaa .bowi. The freshmen are atill a
llttle Btlff, bUt the material ls good Thelr flrst
boat la composed of Lawrence (atr-ke). Falconer.
Meyer, Nish. Ha?brouck. Le Prlm-*. Stevenaon and
* vYIIlla (bow). The second la made up of DIxon
. istrokci. W. I s, Manes. OShea. MlteheU, Hender
I son. S-hnrff and Brnlfh (how). Cornellua Fred
2 ; Kox haa he.-n elected manager of fhe freshman
. I crew and W. F. Mltchell assistant manager.
Columbia'b most Bucceaaful athletlc nssoeiatton.
*j thc cycle team. le in better ahape thls season than
ev, r befnre I.ast vear ll captured thlrty-four out
i | of the fnrtv pnlnt? in the Intercolicglate eye'e races.
All of the eompetltora ln those events. wtth the -x
ceptlon ef Feartng, are again at ColumMa, and
will rlde. Kearlng's place wlll he tnken hy C. C. F
Schwarr, who has won dlstlnction In the mlle and
r.ve-mllc racea Tiie team boaeta of such rtders as
Pcw.ii. quarter-mlle, atandlng Btart. arerldfa cham?
pion: Rav Dawaon, Captaln J T Wllllam*. Jr.. il.
N Hall an! II. K. Blrd. Peter McOtM wlll again
traln the men. He expressed the opinion Thursdav
that hls men would enpture every one of the
polnts In the InterOOllegtate cycle races thls yenr.
Th* famous chap*l bell. which flrst aaw aerv.ee
when Columbia was altuated .lust west of the city
Hall. win be removed ahortly to th* new slte. It
w.,s taken to the Forty-ntnth-at. place when ihe
encr achmenta of bualneaa booaea foeood Columbia
to leave ''olege Place. In Its aecond home the bell
waa the object of many mldnlght adventurea, the
moat famoua of which was its u?* as a punchbowl
by tho member- of 't? when thoy gave th-ir sentor
It waa cut down by aome members of -ha'
class and carrle. ,o th* hnnquet hall. Karly rhe
nexi mornlng II ?ns carefully brought back and
pui in the ehapel Btepa
Laat : Ight nn uthors' readlng, fer th* heneflt of
the 'Vareltj crew, w_.b glven In Mendeissohn Olee
'"ii.ih i under the dlrectlon "f President Franeta s
Banga of thc l'nlon. and .lohn Kendrh-k Banga, 'M.
Profeaaor Brander Matthewa preetded. Among
Who rea i from thelr works were the Rev. Dr.
van Dyke, Edward Townaend, Jchn Kendrleh
Banga, Paul Lei ?> st*r Ford, Henry Gallup Palne
and James Biirnea.
The s'nlors have elected the fo'lowlng speakTS
for th- claaa day eaercleee: Valedlctorlaa, Froder
Ick Paul Kcppcl; Ivj orator, Ralph Browor Pome
-1 r .-., pro- h. '. Oerard Roberta; hlatortan, John K. B.
Mltchell, Jr.; po-t. Jacob Smlth Bchlu?el; presen
tatlon orator, Randolph Hoyl Btorn; commi.iee.
Bamuel Copp Worthen. Edwtn Ta>ior tglehart,
ea Cllnton Burke, jr.. Erneet laelln, william
Bymmea, Jr.. lease Wataon, Btuyveaam Flsh
Morrla. |r., nnd William Rodgera W.-stfieid; Dance
Commlttee, Messrs. Depew, Averlii, Detn-reat,
i urry and Parr,
. - Baturday nlcht ln the St. Ntchotaa Rir.k.
Columl la arlll llne up agalnal Yale a' hock*- Th*
, .?-,? both In ..""l ahape and even.y matched
For ''? imbla the i lyera wll be: Gtoa., Roherts;
poi ? Robb; coverpolnt, Belden; forwarda, Peil,
,. . on, Vnn V'oorhla, Henderaon or Elllott
The dancea In "Vanlty Falr" wlll he arranged
an.l taughl by Beeale Clay ton, a profeaalonal skirt
,i , ... Rehearaala are golng amoothly, nnd every
polnta to mother theatrlcal aucceaa. W, N.
M .1 and H.rry N. Hall have retlred from the
Jamea Rlntoul Knapp has fleen elected an edltor
of "Morntnga.de."
Tl ? - rond "f th* prel'.mlnary deb.tes to choose
Columbla'a repreaantatlvea ln ner debat.- wlth the
K Iverelty of Chlcago was held on Tueaday niglit
loom No '--'. Llbrary. Eaeh of the ten men
?en a fortnlght ago spok" on "Reaolved, Thai
ihe pollcy of Increaalng tne Cnlted Btatea Navy ls
wlae and ahould be continued." The judges wera
li immond Odell. '?.; A. M. Day, of the ...partm-nt
of economlce. md Ralph Curtla Rlngwalt, who has
o| debattng ai Columbia They selected
,i h Wai brldge Joaeph M. Proakauer, C. F.
Wheaton. B, L. M. Erneat, o. W. Fh'horn nnd K.
IV Cusl Ing aa the M>: who are to ecmpoee the two
teama. which wlll debat- i_..inst each other until
. ? ave been choaon.
Manager Belden haa arranged the following
gami ror the hockev t?..ms: February l, wlth the
Naval Reaervea; February 5, with Vale; Marcli 2,
wtth M tel r a. ?'. a.; will be played at thc St.
N'lcholas lii-.k.
On and nfter February 14 ehapel aervlcea wlll h*
hei.i n ? a. m. Instead of at 12:10 p. m. It waa
ll o ;. that by uslng thc later hour a lerirer at
tendance wou'.d be aecured, but such did noi prove
tho case
The ..r.'.-iuai report of fhe Alumnl A?socl..t|on hns
? .. I For the flrst time Montana, Col
oi ..I.. Waahlngton, Illinols and Conr.eotloui nre
ropreaented. The i ommiite- which is to ral-ie |_S0.
!?? tlon of ih* alumnl m*morial hall r*
; . i ? ii tofi 00 had been eubacribed. of which
j-. ..-, .. been pald In. lr waa nrrnng.' to glve __
dlnni r ln honor of Profeaaor Wl liam Miillgnn
who, after ?< long aervlce u* Prlnceton. has
; ? ed to hla own Alma Mater. The dlnner win
h- held on February 9, under ihe managemenl of
:? T Lawaon, fW; Nlcholna Flsh, '07; Juatua
A B. c.nvies, '83; Chartea H. Mapee, 'W. and Ouy
Rlcl ird* '87 Tl ketS -an be had from Wllllam T.
\ vi Sa *e iu-at_, at $12 each.
The l.'nlveralty lecturea m eo-operatlon
An . rl an Museum of Natural Hlatory. f..r
]-. ? . ? .vill he he'd at the mu-eum Central
gcventv-aeventh-ar. and Elghth-ave.). on
? -.??-,: entnga at s o'elock, The leeturea wlll bc
-ectrlcal Englneerlng." aa followa: February
c, ??%., . g nn-.-, -? i f Energy." by Prof.ssor
?, -k r Hutton; February 12. "Oeneratlon of
i . Bner_ry." by Profeaaor Fran*laB.Crocker:
Fehi inn ;:<. "Tranamlaalon of Kl- tri-al K'-igy."
I,, nr r ..\ Kennelly; February '-'''? "Utlllaatlon of
Klctrii il Energy." bv Profeaaor wi'llam A. An
thony. The lecturea wi 1 he niustrated by sli-Ies
i.i .1 ex| < rlmi t.ts. Tl k. ta of uilmi.-sion can be pro
irge by appllcatlon tO tho secre
? ...-? ,i nlveratty.
Tbe Columbia LTntveralty le.-t.ires ;n co-operatlon
with the Metrooolltan Museum ..r Art for Febru?
ary wll! be glven at the Mueeuta on Baturday
mornlnga al tl o'elock. The lecturea wlll be on
o Maklnst and Plcture Judglng." at-d wlll be
j, ;,..;. l b' Profeaaor J"hn C \'an Dvke, of
_>r* College, is fol'nwe: February ,'.. "The
p i rntlon" February 12. "Th* Plcture
-^ | ? iu ? ? nlon"; PV bruary \p. "Tbe Plcture aa R*p
r, -,.?_.,? .! ". February -'?? "Th* Pictur* .i< Bxprea
Th- lecturea will be llluatrated hy alldea of
? ? No tlcketa of admlaaton ar* re
Col'imbls t'nlveraPy lecturea In co-operatlon
wlth the Cooner l'nlon for February vi l t.e glven
ln ihe greal hall al ' o'elock on Tu*sday evenlnga,
. ,... v.?;' be .ir- "Blr Walter Bcott," end -aih
be dellvered hv Jamea E. I.*nrne|. No rlckets of
?|nn nre r*qulr*d. The do..rs wlll he open
7 |S n'clock untll S O'elock, after which no per
tont ^ lll !"? admltted.
TJlC fourth lecture ot the course under the au
?plcea of the Chlld Btudy and Klr-.dergarten Com
.* of 'ho Aaaoclata Alumnaa wlll be glven ln
S rmal College lecture-roe-a on Thuraday after
noon by Tt. Kr.inz Poas on "Orowth." A gen*:al
islon wi'i follow the addreaa if Dr. P.oas
\ dramatlc entertalnmenl for the heneflt of fhe
i Alujnnre Bettlement, No. M Eaat Beventy-eecand
i st wlll he glven by tne Alumna? H v.ise En'.crtaln
: ment commlttee cn Friday, at I p. m.. ta the {for
; mai College Chapel. The programme wlll conilst of
? i entlrled "Who Kllled Cock Roblnr'
;..: ... -a Boa cf Monkeya," arlth mualcal
T ie programme of the Alpba Bata ri.imms Boelety
I l .v
yinrtei ible ^nart
thean Llt. rary Boclety wlll ho!., a
.. on Friday afternoon oi u- olvi I Thai the
. i sr.-.- uarhi t> eonatruei anl ..perate the
rhe ap. ikera an . M;ss Bellna
: , -. ,- ,, r.i Mlaa BetelU Frankltn,
?r*,,. inatallatlon of Dr. I hartea Cuthbert Hai; as
- the iemlnary has beea postponed until
i lay February \ and will h?> heit in the Adama
ci-.-p?l al 1:11 o'.-lock ln the evening. Dr Thomas
.?. Haatinga, tn* t-x-preeldent, h_? be?n appolnt..l
by th- Boai I of Directora io deltver the charge t<
ti - nea preel lenl
Thuraday *.<* obeerved la *he Betnlnary .is the
.lay * collegea. A apedal aervke wa..
held tn the A lama Chapel at il o'deck, an.i was
."? : -.! by botn students nnd faculty. The
aermon araa preiehed by the Rev. Dr. Bfllton Meria
: of lha Bemlnan aad pastur of th.
n Preabyterlan Church. The regular exerctses
.-; ? v i'-d for thv day,
? .ftimnii :.-r an.l Conottl Mooth-Tu ker of the Sal
m Army addreeaed the atudenta on Tueaday.
a large gift of mooey ima beea msde to the Biml
n.irv by i' H. McAlpIn fT the purahaaa of ho..ks
... a. u.
. .:? ls telnj: formed_amonx the atudenta. | t
The mml tei .nsiau if Pavld I. Wllson. *M,
chalrman; Bydney P. Croaa, '^9, im.bi.ai director.
Mr. il ?ir. II, i.i: l> of Edlnburgh, pinnist. .md Ca.vln
W l.,*t.r. 'gb.
I'i-. aubjecl for Informal dli.-uailcn ut the neat
conferrn -.- of ti* aealor .':tt?e "t: ' Tne Bplrltual LMe
of the Minister.' conduetod by Dr. H-II. wlll h.
"What II *>ur Indivldual opinion iu Regard to tba
Fera-nality of Ood7"
"The Phlladelphla Iriqulrer" lately descrtbed
a eraa-englne whlch haa |u-t been bullt at Pltta?
burg. .it ia of l.i'iNi faoraa gowar. Thia ia bo>
lleved to be the moat pgarofff-U gaa-engine yet
conatructed But It <mly marks one aiep more
In the Induatrlal rcvolutioi whieh the uae of gag
In manufacturing la worklng. Kor fu?l and for
power. aa well aa for Ilght. coal gaa haa a great
future. And what la true of ga? on a large traln
la ,true of || alao on a srr.all acale In houae aa
well aa in factory, ln kltchen aa well aa ln en
glne-room. for heatlng aml eooklng aa well aa
furnlahing power. gaa la rfTeetlve. convenlent,
A serles of Paaalon Play plcturea waa preaented
at the Eden Mueee yeaterday by the clnematograph
Tt waa Intended aa a pre?* vlew. though auch vltlt
ora as happened to be lr. t:.e Mua'e ?t the tlme
alao naw i?. The plctures wlll he regularly pre?
aented to the public for the flrat tlme ?;i Monday.
Twenty-three aaonea are ifcewn beglnnlng wlth the
ahepherda watchlng tnelr flocka and endtr.g wltb
the ascenslon It would thua !,.? 8808*8 BCCtmtt to
dcacribe the aerlea almply aa 8crlp'ura: play, alnoe
it la not confined to the scenes ,,f rh? Paaalon.
A lowances belng made f.r tbe la< k ot prtpara
tlon. whi.h wlll be rem>-!|cri before the plrurea are
publleiy ahown. they were preaented. for the moat
part. wlth good effect. A mlst..ke waa made In an
nounclng them as representlr.g the P .sai >n P.ay
of Oberammergau Pteturee of the ce.ebrated play
of that place eannot have heet1 taken for uae In
the einematograpb. for rhe obvioua reaaon that
that marvellouK mnchlne had not heen Inventad at
th. tlme when the play via* le_t given. In lSyn. Nor
do theae pteturee even approach a close Imltatloa
of the Oberammerga. pi*a- Of the twenty-threa
acenes ahown yeeterday .ieven do not occur at all
in the play of Oberammergau. which begina wltb
tbe entry of Christ Into Jeruaalem
Thi ae plcture. ha.-.- ihelr own exce.lenclea. ani
rhe.. ,,r. .4,.pable o. j , idli | :. tnelr own
bortom. and StlOUld ba ai.,vae,: ;.? 4,, ,,0. Tr.e beat
K ihen. were rh<- fli-rht Into Bgypt, tne ralslng of
Laaarua, the emciflxion an.i th.- deacent from the
while the Orai two of theae ..re not gi\>n
ln the <>berammerg..u play, th..- other two mora
nvarly resemiiled rhat repreaentatl. n man anythmg
el-e thar waa ahown. That Whlch rt.k.a l.alf an
hour .>r so on the .tagc had to te eompreaaed Into
a few mlnutea on the acreen bui the actlon had
' ?? '.' ? rance of belng mod-tled after the famoua
Bavarian plaj Perhapa theaa tcenat wer. done
better than the othera ,'or the very reaaon that
thev were harder to du The exhlbitlon aeemed to
make .1 favorable Impreaalon or, ?:_ whj >_w it,
Ani Ir is likely 10 Intereat ti.. fre-_ jentera of the
icivo or .'."_> ;rr..i
The jitatemen: pabllahed reeterdey by two clty
papera thal the yaehi Ifayflowor bad i.een aold _o
Leopold, King cf the R..I_iar5 waa nor cor.flrmed
at the oflice of the ya.-ht Bgeney which has at?
tended to the ilisposal of thl-. r rnft. It waa riirough
th.- t.ondon sgenta of Tama A i. Uotn., >.f No 44
Plne-si . New-Tork, that the real s;.;e waa aflbefi.
I, Fre.ieri.-k Tama and hla partner, Mr Ls M.?tne,
wire horh WOtn f-Otarday Mr. Le Molne sald:
Wt do not know anythlng aboul the K'r.g of the
Belgtana in this nu tter. Our London tgenta .on
tractad for the eale wnh _ Henrj t^hirpe who waa
ref. ired ro our ..uents hy Ge, rge I. vVatMU, de
aigner o'. the yachl Prom the advlme r.-ce.ved
from our London peopie we bavi !,??:: ,,f the opln?
lon that Mr. Sh-.r-ie w.,a purchaeing rhe y__e_.t for
hlmaelf. Still. lt i.? r.o, *. i v\ .s;. - poaalble tO be 60**
taln aa to tha real purcha.tr Wben we recently
sold the schoon. r Yampa to the German Krr.p-ror
tha piir.-hase ara. made through an agent, and. al
thougii we pereonally kn?w rh>- r.a! ;..-!ination of
lhe aaeh'. we were requeated to arlth hold inforrr.a
tion on ihia polnt. You may aay, however, that tn
thla >a*e we kr.uav Of '" ...".'er ei
ce^t Ki Bharpe. and thal '-a- . buy. for
At the Erle Raa 13 a lol f men were at
work "n tba Mayflower, putting the yachi lu n ll?
n.-ss for her Journey to So ithampton. Tl.e John N.
Roblna .'ompany Ia attendlng to thls ui lei ordera
fron. Tama _. Le Molne.
The prl'-e to I.e pald la MM.M. Tne Mayflower la
one of the largest stram yaehta th. . r 1 .me ta
thls .-ouniry. Her de.k length la KI feet. a..d a:
tbe water line ahe meaaurea 1*73 feel Her team tr
...i, feet. nnd. although ahe han r.- er been puahetl
for n t.m.' ?.ird, ber model :-::; tbat ahe h_i_ i..?a
bullt for n high apeed at eaay preasure.
? -
Xagtstrate Deuel, In rh" Centre Prreet Potiee
Court. > --.terday afternoon eornmitted to the penL
tentlary Maggte Hanson, of No. n fTaat-at. who
wns found gullty Bf throwir.g ar. .'?! bOtl 8 through
th.- plaw-glasa arlndow or Coughlaa'a r?:..uraru
and aaioo.i ar N'o :c _*Ulton-.l
It has been under?tood that elty Msclatratee
could commlt prlaoners to the Tombe nrid the work
houaM only, r.ui tn<>r i- 11 "'.i. unrepealed law, en
aeted Pebruary ?'" :":'. ' make more etTectual
rhe punlshmenl ol peraona who ahall h? found
gullty of .ny of the erimea berelnafter mentioncd
'.aithln ihe corporate lim!'.-< of Nea'-Torh Clty AI
b;.n> and th" townabip of Bchenectadj " Thl. iaw
ipeclAea . number of m'.r.,r erimea Ineludlng th.
"breaklng, deatrojlng or extlngulahlng a r-*, street
hunp, port or kno'.ker," or "breaklng or .!.mi<lng
any wlndow," and m..ke> thi pei iltj . II ae .iot
exceedlng }.."? or two mon ha I 1 , 1 tentlan
li caae of non-payment. Thla law aaa Incorporaui
1:: the , haii.-r ,..' Oreater >tew-Tork Ha a portlon
ol Be stlon '.J'".
Th.- pra tl ? ..' endl ij - aae ro the jipeMaJ
or Oeneral Sesslona Involvi 1 the . ua ln the rott
ot au Indlctmenl by the Qrand J ur. . trlal by
,, petty Jury. and oecup n of the time of
ludai and hla eni ln ouri for * v> ral ii ira
Maglatrate l >euel ..'?;. ? ari 1.1 ha
, ou ?: .-..<?" . needlesa ? aendlng of
fendera ulr. " 10 t.ie penitentlary under thia oM
1-1 w
Clerk Oavlgan waa much perplexed when tt came
to maklng oul th" commltmn the hunks
ln the Pollca .'ourt were .:;r< ;..| t., t. keepera of
the w 11 >ioua and ot the Cltj Prlaon and In order
thal the Warden of the penltentlan would under
aiand the eommltme ? imlng .rom t.ie v
.'ouit. tii" antli. ?? ??' ' ? irter. '..'horiEing
r ,it\ Mi-i-ri ite 10 commli 10 I ara.
vi a; fully Bet forth. nnd MaglBtr ?- r.e.jel .:a:?d
thar he airalted tl ' tbe \\..rV n o.' that
Inatltution ai'.h much cunoslt...
TEX-MEXT-Hiil igg
Mrs. Fann.e J'iper. enrerlng iier apartmenta ac
No. M FMlIda* a> aoon after fi o'rio.'k laal eaen
ing, waa a:rp::;..; to see a colored man ranaacktng
the rooma wltb the ald of .1 Ugb ? 1 ? 1 n 11.- he r.aJX
n bla band. He wa- looklng ? tn ? r, tbe inat
tre?_rs of her heJ wben ahe entered the room.
md on .< .ir.*.' ber trled to aeize ner .?>? the throat.
She fought him off. and shouted luatlbr for helu.
rhe tenanta m the bouae ran te ber aaaMtanee. fn
he mean -irne tlie burglar hrld hei..?r:::s s? tirmly
is 10 iorce her tu .-.?.et . I lt, .... Ina foo:?t.ps
ng, ne re.,?arJ h. 1 and tn-1 to e...ape.
ie ran ir,'.> the arma of Detectlve F-.f. wbo had
Ifll r,-d the hr.u?e ln anSW-T to | -..? criea for aaa'.at
in,... The iiurglar deacrlbed hlmai I hr Arthur
_r>.wn. twenty yean old, of So, I Bowery Magla
tj.-e crane, in the Beeei Marke Court, he.d hla
or trial at Oeneral MM >:i"
While one of the ^entral Park gardenera waa at
a-ork on the west ald.. of th. Park yeeterday mora.
ng. he came upon n large baaket, not inllke a mar
;ef 1-aaket. h'.dden ln 8 thlekef near tbe 8t0_g wall
?tween BlgbUnth and Elgbty-flr.t-.ta Tbe garden
r took the baaket to the A:.-.-".a! ln hla wheelharrow.
rhere thi contenta were examlnad Th-re were
n all seventy-nlne pl<.? <.f allverware, imiuding
;i..iv^a. f"ik- apoons, l.i't ? a. agg. ipa Mahknlve-,
rars. eic. aaoat of them marked arlth varioua
nltlala Theli total value waa 1 .
r H Hannon, of tha Plaxa Hotel, ealled at the
-raeaal a few houra aft< r tne silver h.id been
..un.l. an.l Identtfled it a-; , arty of hia
ileoe, Mrs R. II Olbson. of Ko I K ist fieaenty
eaenth st He anld tlmt lt *a.is BtolOfl from har
lOUM on Wedneaday night. There Is r.o clew to
he thleves
Mra. Mary Path. Btaty yaara oM, > f Bo i"i Eaat
leventy-fourth-at.. waa burned to death yeaterday
ifternoon Bt h.-r home by h. r anaarl -atchlng flre
rbil. ahe ?as warming ii.-i-.elf bg a atove In the
itehen, Kv. rv n > t ik'* of the woman'a clothh-g
raa burned befoi ahe waa bacovered Mra Roth
,,,l th,- houaekceper yeeterd .-? tha. she fell cold
nd n.i- go ig 10 .11 iK. 1 b it Bre Tben ahe Marted
n unuaualii Larga nre ln ihe k'.t.-lien aiove. A
?tie while afterward a weaaan wl 1 :ive,i m the
al on th.- <>pi>rslte alde of th>- hail >mellerl ?moKS
he eould no* find out wheie it .ame from and
ecelvlng no ar.awer an.n ..he kn ckrd 011 tne da?or
f llra Both'a rooma ahe got out on the flm?
icape, and saw through ibe window har naigbbor
rlng dead.

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