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and growt* ri. h at hla ear-e mti-t mn'ribute dl
re.tiv to London- tntdgel of taxatlaR.
Th;s munlclpal iighi wlll be he?y ewtteated.
and the Oovernmenl wUl bardly ven*-i* ta per
?crere In thc dtetneinbenneni ot Unadon if thc
PreffreaalvM eaiTy the electtonai Tha Moderatei
have the ground landlord* the monopollea and
ajM vaated Intereata behtad them nnd alao the
true r..n-*rv..tne feettag thii! Lob40B is I * Mg
?. L goveme.-i bf a rontrallaed edtnlnletrot-on.
The flnal collapao of the e?gtaec*tng etrike.
Ilr. john Morleya drolamatory apeech. Ihe dea -
;nF, 0f nrmlngham manuf- turem ln urmi tot
Z .uppiy of M-e-ffa -8WBrte. o*. tha Indian
totSm and a gerle. of by-electlon. are mlnot
.?,,,? whlch flii the gar hefore the openlng ol
MltM-l To thee- i, added the BMM
whlch m provalllng to auch an exl *ni thal at ?
eoMert thla *a ik ap I glea on thla account were
iradafortheahaencenfl ' n er*
Mr. Maarten Maartena has dntahed l novel en
Ut" .... "Her Memo-y. ' Aealtng. IU?? ???? W. E.
Son *?? new itory. wlth the fortunei of a
vi.nvrr. _-.r Squlre Bancroft wlll Mll next
. . a., . , repeal in Baeferr. Canada the read
I, .. ?? -a Chrhwmaa CaroT bj whlch he
.. a worthy charltlea In London.
M. . ..... ? .,;, Kohlna is plannlng n Journey to
\r .,-'.. for the production ol Ib en'a drama*
Mr Savage Lan d rs rtoitM- booh on Thlhel will
MM ba in the market. w|tb Mr. Fltagera I **
ap'.endlgly nioetrated booh on the aacent ol
AdMcagua. Mr, Awn*itt?e Wrreil ?> **; >""? ,h?
biography of Blr Frart Lochwood, wblcb wlll
mnined wlth ruiecdotaa and carlr-atu.ee.
The Ducheaa of Tecb haa wwnd a blographer.
llr.H?ni7_f.?Unl-,'g vlalt ta Bouth Afrlca wlll
y,.i thc tnevltaWe hook. Dr Jameeon who haa
rot?n_edto Rngl*_ndl?Wt_8dheart**.la the only
Bcuth AfrlOBB who d te nol write ? boob Mra.
Henry Sorniaw bM Bnlahed a nea novel deallng
arlth acenea In the Balkana and Conatantlnop.e.
with Interludea In Londoa Blr O. rge Baden
_**cwel1 comea -..rhe reacue of the BrltlBh IVeat
mdlealB'The Fortnlghtly Revlew" and ai
wrtter txpounda lhe new Monroe Doctrln
Cblna Two artli lea ..n Haudft ln the Fi bruaxy
??XJoamopolla** a.e wrltten by an Engliahman and
?.Oerman and Mr. Za?_rwlH ha* a ctaraetertotlc
mfudi , . , Hla "Dfeamera ifthaObetto
T\-n\ noon be pul llahed
TClntec ln Bngland la ae mHd that II l> hardly
n-cetean even for Invallda to g< away hut the
?odu8 tot the RI*i*ra. Kaly, I rPt Madelrn
._,,, - ter than naual. Thejoetety
Kurnala are 1 I ? ^ deaerlptlona of faahlon
_,,... ,....,. . thoea favored winter reoort*
The Weal Bnd la fllllng ap, Rotten Ron pre
...,-?* nn anlmated spectacle. and the akatlng
,.,, , . _T< .rov. led wlth weaith and faahlon,
Tfce.-e la much talk al out tho approa* hlng draw
Ing-room and the d#butantea nf the aeaaon.
among whom wlll be Udy SyW1 Prttnro-e, Mrs.
Charlea Wlleon'i two young daughtera, Lady
Beatrlce Villler* and many more. The most In?
tereating Buhjecl r.' club talk la L* rd Wllllam
Xevllle's probable defence next weeb tn court.
whlch can onlj be ronjectured fanclfully. R?
icmi eventa have eauaed ? panle among money
Undera wboae bualneaa ri?ks hav- been greatly
hrcreaaed bj the actlon of London Jurlee. Pre
ra.itlona are now taken in maklng advaneea to
faahlonable cllenta which hav- hltherto been nn
kl,,.A,, T: ho an Increaelng public de
mi nd f r lawi agalnst uaun baaed on the Amer
ican i ractlce _ "?
fnr caat-a *ro thf Taiat-jm '.
Prrla. J .;.. 29 - The rec. nl thunderetormalnthe
r'ha*.ih*>r of DepUtlea at last have .-leared the
at:no?rhere. The _?ittln_r*- have becoma aa mlld
aivl drniure a? ihose of a young ladlea' Bunday- j
achool. Even th?* moat obeteeperoua soeia!is;a.
and Reyallate are maklng nr tor loal time by
ifevotlng two geaalona .laily to the Budget, whi.-h
nughl to have beea ftnlahed ln De ember Tl *
h ii noa '?" fore the Chamber to make t!.- ??-.? n d
Bunday In Mn*'. whlcb is the nnnlveraary of the
tlalng of tne glege of OiU*ne, a perpetual na- j
tlonal holl lay, ealle*d Jeanne d Are Day, i? con
. ..,,..-,': to I ? ? ded, eape lally a* lt ia
aupported by a moneter petltlon of n hundred
anrl flfty th naand aromen inali parta ol France,
Tbe lew hnllday **? H not Interfere wltb ihe na?
tional Wte of the Fovrteantb of July.
n," -.??.??? , , ? ? ral of the
Kxhibltl ' IflOfl, at a dlnner laal nlght glven
hy M Ballllf, prealdent of tbe Touring Club of
Franre, Ihe natlonal aasoclall n "t French
>d that the beel porl m of the
p ,). _?. vin ennea, wlth two tra V.? for Interna- ?
tlonal racea, would bi resen _ islvelj for
Mcyclea anc motor rarrlagea ?? the wor'.d'a
falr. The annoui !,! re ? Iv ?! wlth en
ise it t- vokea ihi pre? loua de
ris.'.n grouplng cyclea and moi i carr igea with
erhihits of ordlnary vehlcle*
Thc- poclai atir.-r tlona if Pau le, notwlthatandlng
th" fact that the chftteau c aaon ls acarcely yet
?nded, ui d In bi I e ol thi faabl mable exodua to
Cannes, Nlce an,i M..nt<- Carlo, have never been
mor- brllllant and < ral ,;.- la a d dai ea
are no longer la fav r, I ul coaey llttle dli
followed by prtvate tbeatrlcala and mualcal cn
tertalnment* are In great . >gue. The Vlacom
te_.i de Tredern baa al andoned the Idea of a. -
, on pan. Ing hi r alsl r the Prln ? aa d Bi glle,
on i yachtlag crulre to Greece and Egypt, und
has reaumed her Tueeday dlnnera ard clianning
mualcal receptlona ln the Place Venddme Mme. :
Benjamln Conatant, whoae huaband has Juat I
cornriet?d n port rall of M. Hanotaux, M nlater
of F r.:trn Affalra, and is now har.. at work "ii
a portralt of Mme, Emma Calv^, li glvlng a de
Kgbtful aerlea of Bunday recej tlona ir. the -?
ln the Place Plgali. Mme Btplere ? mualcal j
aoir^-eji at her hbitcrlcal reeldence in lhe Rue
Moncey, where Rosalnl comj.I'TheBarl '
Ba ville," ar^ largel) attended by membera of tha
American eolony .Mme Aubernon deNervllle in
preparing the Loula ?_|iir.7- Theatre In her hoti 1
:n the Rue Montrhantn f r Ihe performance of
"Rahaga-." wltb a hixnry >,f staplnir. Bcenery
nn.l coatumea whlch la thought to become the
ruoft important mundane event of th?* aeaaon.
The maie parts of the raal wlll be taken by M.
Rore). Comte Marre; Germlny and Comti Ro
bert <ie fTere. all amatear n ten i f rt ognlzi l
talent The only fernale r(;.. ]? i - flded t?, Mlle.
Koae Svrt.a. of the ( HU ?
Mr. and Mra 1-a.B.." '', 7 ',n. ?? .... a: ?? tuk.-t. ar.
ayattrrout '.r, the Rue de Lille, ari k.\ ,. ?,- a aei k -
of f-n-...i' dlnnera Mr. and Mr.-. Auffm. rdt, who
no-.- Inatalled In lh? a_>artment f"i.rl
cuj "i by Mrs. Heath, In ... Rue de Presl lurg,
;.r' glvlng dlnn ira nr_ amall dancea Mr* Henry
'? Tueeday receptlona an largely utr.?.',<!
e.i, as- are alao the Frldaj dlnneri of M..
Bophla Robblna, In ti.v Rue de Tremollle, tlie
cne la.?. e\enlng beiiij: ,'n honor of Mr. ar:.l Mra
Kairiei; lilgg. Mim. Wnidi -?, Pell, wbo haa
beei iu'.ie :n with Influenaa ot h-r apartment ln
ii-' Hu.- Montalgne, ls now fuiiy convaleacent.
riM wlll ?f th' late Comteaai :?? Cbabol v.*.*
a-lmiited to probate rn Wedneaday, nnd. t<> the
,; -.'.? . .ii _ar;9fact: >i: of thi An -. eolony, tha
"1 was run down, could
Not eat, could not sleep.
My back aclied and I
Was dizzy, ncrvous
And easily exhausted.
I began taktng Hood'i
Sarsapariiix Now i
Can tat v.eii, sleco
Soufldly and a:n rtroi :
Mrs, Angeline Ma
( estail Ctnter, New _ ork.
Taken Mttterttally.
.tppltetl F.xtrrttalttf.
Cured by
%a .... alr*** J
**_caln>l!e of Boltia
-Ith liuiT Wrappa.
tntftluttblt ror all .fr/tea, I-af???, innamntatiottt,
latarrhal Troublr and IHUn.
POND'S EXTRACT CO., NewYork and London.
prin. ipal tegateea ?'-e Mlaa Jenny Maclane,
daughter >' Roberl Ma lane formerly Amerlcan
Minister ln Parla, and Mn Davld Klng, slster
of Mr. Oeorga L. Rlvea The property is eatl
mated al a ailUlon fraaica, which is equally dl
rlded between Mlaa Maclane and Mra. Ktrg.
Th" nip?rh double boa at ihe Opera for ao
many years rent****l to the late Mrs .wer ls now
?_ -? Mm. i ? *n irdaky. who is givlng a
number of opera partlea, whleh'are hlghly ap
preoteted. Mr. Edgar Bcott the aecond aecre
?.," of the .merlcan Embaaay, whoae engage
? ? , Min Bturgia has already I.n en
noun. i. Intenda to return in about a fortnlgat
irisit to Phlladelphla Encouraged by the
Bucceaa of the "Fnonde," two new newepapera,
>_ .-i an. pnnted exeiualvely by women, nre
,,, i i on ? aalled "R4gren_ratlon," an
organ of Protestan! women, the "'her called
"La Prancalee," an orgam of Cathollc women.
Th.* Duchesa dTtea has accepted the manage
menl of the latter, the offlcea of which, In the
Paubourg Balni Oermaln, have become a aort
of lulles' < llll..
A number of aumptaoua llttle d'nners have
i-^n announced ai Oannea, araona whl. h are
th v- of Mr. and Mrs. Livlngaton, Mr. and Mrs
Falrman Rogera. Mr and Mrs George Beotl
and Mr. and Mrs Douglaa-Great Among the
paaaengera who aalled on the Oaaoogno are Mr.
and Mrs Edward B. BlltOO and Mr. and Mrs.
Roberl J. Thompeon.
"Agenoe Crook and Company." a new four-ad
operetta by Maurlce Ordonneru, produced at the
Folles Dramatl .ues last nl^ht. ln splte of one or
two harming aire. la a declded fallure "Apen-e
Took" la a feeble productlon on the model of
Lablehe'i "Cagnotte." arhleh, ln its day. made a
,.,.;,, a hlt Salexa, the tenor of the < >p'ra. has
,lgned an engagament wlth Maurlce <.rau to
ilng ln England and Amerlca.
Wllllam R. POrater, the forger whose extradl
Uon has been applled f-r by the Unlted Btatea
ai the Inatance of the New-Tork Produce Ex?
change aml him l.een granted by the Prench
Oovernment wlll be sent to New-Tork next
?U pei. _ _
Conetantlnople. Jan. 9 The Buiun la much aa
.rcised m regard to the Oovernorahlp ol I is i lat. I
,-t cret* and has repeatedly lelegraphed to tho
.-_,r on the aubject to whleh ihe Caar yesterday
replled through the Rusatan Embassy here, ad
herlng' posltlvely to the nomlnatlon of Pi ?
Oeorge >f Oreece. which, 11 la sald, Ifl aoeordlna
io a nroml* whlel Hls MaJeaty mada to the
,?.."?'- zailna. Ital. - Ind ..raed lha
e of ITln ??? (.eorg. .1 ?? Pa ??? \
. rtepres". I but lt li belleved i ?? Bultan wlll
evei ' ? ? i: .
tm-D-nrra ehoaob im av ther Aim-aot-A
Parla .lan ? - The Commlttee of ths Chamber
r. *',r,,'...">_, ..... reported agalnat *he demand for
.. o prom.lon ot C >unl Bernli and M 0.
Richard for taktng promlnenl P'r'- ln -be dla
turban te whi.-h took plaee In the Chamber of Depu
? . - m Bal irda v
,i . , . . of stndenta from the blgh a. b la aa
aemh>d lo-day ai tho M?.lei.ii ?? upon ths occa?
sion of the f'harlemaene f?te, and engaged ln an
antl-/.ola demonatrallon. They were disperseo: by
the | v. . rr. -l thirty of lbo? ? who re
THI ?' ?' KTRT.
Llma, Peru vla Oalveston, Tex., Jan 9 -Ac
cordlng to a dispatch from La Paa, ths n
capital of Boilvla, 'hat clty has beei declan l In n
Btate of Blege Zo ? . P ire* and other pi aoi igea
.??rg to the ""i osltlcn havo been I inlshi ?
Bombay. Jan S> Berloui rlota have taken plaee
st Blnnar, In the Sasslck dlstrlct of thls provlnce,
? || ; igue measurea. The rioters have
v ed a hospltal assistant, "ave burned tha pegre
? camp, have wreoked Ihe p Btofll ?- and have
,.,,. ,i... telegraph *?>? res, The po'.l' <? opened flr* cn
the moh an.l wounded mai ) people,
? - ?
AT-.r.Mi'T m ruT oi r a iLi.i.ii.r BxrrornoN
-toatbay, Jan 9. DUipatehes Just recelved from
Ormara, Belooehiatan, ray that the N'aslm ls |g
? ,f rhe facl thnt Colonel Mayne, wlth two
Imi i. of the Bombay Infanti y. who landed
at orir.ara on Tuesd lt ago, ia mar | I
.. .,. and Ihat hls poaltlon la i ritli I Bal ich
., /ing ? ? '.. - onel Mayne'a advance
aud llghtlng .* Immlr.. nt
I in TB KTAlAl _R ! .' -RE.
; i in..- itloi if the annlver
of the exeeutlon of Klng i h rlea I, wa.. wai
? _. in front of Ihe i ? ? .
Whltehall, London, o January 3: WA, l
T; ?? varlou Ja - and Lei
decorated the statu. In Trafalgar Bquars *..- ,
is . , . ? eai Ing - ? ial ln rlpjlons, -,.
_ -., ?:,. dlsloya . ? - ' ls". ha
5, .,.? ., - nr-' ? ibn Hli i - tl ?? Board of W ,.rk*.
KIXO 08CAR ; FE IE8 1'ou ri {cf.
Btockholm, Jar Bt?The memben of tha Pa
meniary Commlttee appointed :.. .ir...v -aji pro
po ...-> for the i mon of ths re lat tom
between Korwaj and Bweden characterlaa -?< mla
1 icn.ii.'.K the Btatemenl lelegraphed from Chrl ?
ilanla givlng thi groundi upon ?v b, ll ?_-.
. . ihey )....! been i;:*..iiie to reach -.tr agreement,
I Tl.e ia aesfl ol lh. commlttee arai beld t>>
d.. ? and Klng < isear In n ti.h sald
? io Incur ih* blams foi Ihe fallure lo
,-ir.. .? al an undei indlng have :.ii-.<-n .i gr*\,
rseponsibillty before hlatory, May the Ainiii_hi>
atr. '. Kl* band* ovei the future of my beloved
people* and *<? ?? securlij io he brotnei king
*?m_ an l hapi Ine*. i ' eli Inbi
:.. .'? Tha ' '.in...! of Pori Ign Bond<
been unable I i obtain
neauela tor ti.e
acrvl - wi ia*. aaieiual debt .. .**i.
?1ltrayn Vttrr
atttl Hrlloihl*.
London, January W UW.
WAR ri.prns DIBAPPEARINO. After nn uti
;,r. ; mged pi rlod o! ext.*ema tene*
;. . ? ? , ni: early Improvement, if nol lo a
, . . ittoi . of l rartoua Internatlonal
..i problemi agitatlng the nervea ot i
The Fon Ign an I rolon I offl
beglnnlng to aee dayllghl through the darkneaa
haa long I ?? n envi loptng the far Eaal.
We..: Afrlc* iha t'pper >*ile and India, ann. nnleaa
algna fall and Informailon from tba beat-lnformed
clrcle. li faulty, lhe Marqula ol Ballabury and
Chaml rlaln, Bt retory of Sii.se for i "???
. ... , .... ora and Oreai Britaln
w) ,c_r. about aii sh- aaha, Bo far aa Chlna la
rned. thla vlew. lr, connectlon wlth ihe apeech
of Oeorga N. Curaon, the Parliamentary Beci
for tha Foreign Offlce, _t Bolton on Tueeday. and
tha reported acceptance of the Brltl hl
:::^:r ?? ?
a? li'.-it Britaln ?,.? not laU-n aeriuu '-'.,.,
i ,i . _: ? i, ? not tl.'1 mone) nersei.
a ' dr-wl gnponl ?"-?-i-V'.l",'i^'! '?'.?'.
Ik dallj ahowlng I -- I ' ?' ? ,
'? 'r.y1,._i?eVewhn."?>e,m?n'.l
. .- Lvv,v_/!i;1^;r;;;v.-;11w^;\.;,...;.. <!!;-^ ?;
...n,i,..,s wlth Ru. la were en Irel. aatl.
, a II ?-"? ha* i Biin :.-?;? ?*? - ? roloni?i
o_s._-_s? : g rtiS-JSi
*_?-$&, 5*UJ-?2"
I ,. ne, itlatlona. Bome ? tne ?no?i i?_ ^
,:::,- .- irrlved only aeeg
..'"",mXi i ha the Brltl. i
??ri.M'i lt perfectly -'' ' ? : .. . ?
. . i from the
fiZ^mi ? ?? ??? j*n_ffi
?i ?"?'I,'N,/:v..,''?";-ulu.';;
"?"?"? tlme. /"? ;'"'??* ",._.,. ? rleclalon ol
i sssa 3
detaehmenu wl l '"' ?enl io lhe front aa eoon
/.V .?,i.','N.le.,he,nre,,-?? '
. . . ??? .-?-?.'? ? '..'.??????-??
,,,... ? repreeentatlve ai
the Atryaainlan eourt. haa glven tha greatea
aa helplng to - ilva the Queatlon of ?
i ..;..- Nll, rhe term. ol the trea J *a -i ';'; . '
... .i nn ii pre -???'? i to Par lament, bul n
hnta r,v ? ?, nt the Colonlal Offlce Indleate thal
Ili, aareemen la baaed on lhe arlnclple thai l
j! flj ... ., :,,? fnper Slla . preferal ?
h'oatlle r'rai - Ther. I *?*??* *
alloa-ed io gratlfy bli ^ih thi
,, ... . . ,,..,. crfering a
. Aa Klna Mcnelek la atroder
as Well -.-I i. warrlor. th. Bgre,-mei.??con iem
...... ,,,,,- .:. openlng up thi ountrj and II
I thal ihe Brltlah aa -. .:??? I ?
rial tr. iraverae \h> aalnla, and oi er ad ini ge_
. me ipparenl aa aoon ia Khartoum
i. recaptured.
whlle, young Henrj Cavendlab, n dlatanl relatlva
. |,;].. ..' Devonahlre, la preparlng tn start
ngaln for Bquatori I Afrl a, ac ompanled by Lleu
-. n , ii Vndrewa, elghl iffl rri ind Mr .I
aon arho aan the companlon ot Ur. Dona
... Mi ivend
take iai-1- hlm lour hundred armed men ai I .
guna i ona. . lentlj, a ? n
?: of the Wl Ite Mle ai I I .'?
? ; al Bobat, thi pui poae ol I tie t ?ped -
lion, ii will readllj be -? ? 11, la ... ?' off thc i rench
from n Ing Kn hoda . hl
tance north of Bobat Poaalbly Mr. Cavendlab may
be able to taki _ ? th>- nea trea > with
... g M. n< lek and gei n nhort cul through Al a ?
alnla Whlle Mr ndlah li peraoi illy defn ylus
lt In know n thal rn h_a
itlon wl t i-- \1 irquia
.. ihurj through Ihe Duke ol Devonahlre. -?.
lt ,-, aal io aay tn- expedltlon la under Hovern
meni au ipl ? '?' '?'" and enterpi
the yo ? ? ? ? 'ie 1- s'lli to be apendlng
? ,., . ,a : mone; In ti.e venture, besldea
? ? . ort from otl.a) hai _
e.ille.i forth congratulatlona from the t>re_a.
KINO Hl'MRRRTfl HEALTH The health of
Ki;..- Humbert of I'.-.iy la agaln caualng uneaalneaa,
;iii> falntlng (lt. having re*rurred
y prealdenl l ? I i Ited Btatea Ea hange,
has ii" :i appolnted Amerlcan general pai enger
' :. ifl nitheaatern Itatlroad.
I'Nni.s'!' IN FRANCE Whlle rhe altuatton ln
the f-r iii ? contlnuea to raa'ie progreaa peace
' . v, and : ?????? la ???.er;. Indlcai
:: '? twi en tha Powi n the sltuatlon
ln prance, n he plnion ..r well-lnform I pei
, ... in. ....???? lo i" . e, and, ln Um pn.mt ex
. ito ol 'v ? natlon and ahakj rondltlon ol
the Min ilr. aomething la llkel* lo occur to dlatui
. i peace A note ol wai nlnn h ih even .
ome of tl." Prench nre. ipaper., ?
urgi ., ol lhe prt-aeni agltatlon In France,
the countr>' ahould nol play Into
la of Oerman) The ' Petll Jotirnal" i )
. i.ovornmenl may aoon i"* unabie to prevent
uon.??? In aui fi n maklng a atatemenl
,., hich la llnl ii n h ro tn-- U'.' hav. ei
lain proofa thal Oermanv I ?? ??? .lllty of
av.,1. and i? maklng arrangenientu . ci llngly Bhe
T. . , ? to be In Iha rlghl nnd aecuae m of creatlng
tro lh f "
?? rthd (Thun daj l Poulti ney
.'.'.- recelved the following meaa.ge frnm Ber
II ....... . . >hlef Alde-de-Camp
"Tho Emperor haa i harged me to thanb you rery
much for Whlte Man'a ktricn.' ll" la qulte de
i ghtcd wlth It, an I amuaea hln aeif a- > much read
t ? Y-.'.r deacrlptlon of Bo lh Afrlca ...,,1 the
r ln whlch It i* waatlng la Iha beat he haa
ta.-r i > I .1."
lonabla the itrlcal au ci aa al pr - nl la
: Arthur W. Plnaro'a new comedy, "Trelawnoy of
. -,'.?, |a," and all i o I ?" la Bo klng i
? ? By to * Lord i who ler tha
nome de thtatri ol "Jamea ISrabine," haa . parl ln
roduci gh th play i lom wo ild BU
ng tlme
Heerbohm Tree'a produ llon nf "J ill 'a -ar" |?
? i , ,: |,r i ? >n all i blei bi i ir
... , a of
, ? tf ul howevei. if ll
-. ,, :? to be a Bnan lal au
are bec >mlng mo i li I to lighter
aa . vi i.-n-. I by tha Impendlng wlih
I of BU Heni y lr\ Ing "? ? Ihe Oi at" ln |
lhe mld lle of Febi ... . ire flnda 8li Heni ?
| wlth ? .ii ? - - ?' and hi wlll Jepen.l
"Mmi .-..-.;?? , i rhe
M, r.-han i ' '< enl e" to n-fl l i. ? im aa hlle re
Ti I Hlcl
ITALT FOR FREE PORTfl Boraa of tho Lon
ita of Iba i'i ?vln ' ,?? i i
Ing ,_,? aaa iu Oovernmenl drelee polnl oul i iai for
,...i., . inga reaaon the actlon of Italy baa t.een
:. ii i - ? ? i th< fei Eaatern alt ua tlon,
, g a by no mea inlmpoi lanl
pan In l< Bhe li llplomatlcall) ba klng up Oreai
. . in hei demand for fr.-? porta, and I
pan i ln certaln eventualltlaa to ?. . Further, Tha
itallan aa.ii ? Ipa arlll act In con,*erl wlth the Hr.;
,x i in in" Medlterranean and alaawhere.
l MOSTBBAL CJfl Bl il in BSBD.
Montreal, Jnn. _** Fhe laal nlgh daatroyed S
Ji ii, Baptlate Chureh and .. chapel at the back >.f
ii a owned by CuN Auetalr Tha total loaa
lt I-. -
_r? you buntlng foi Klondlka outfltteraT Tov
wlll Bnd _ libi ln th. naiiuw aoliwuM u( i,j ii.j i
Rerlln. Jun ??
AN IPPOBITB TEXT.?fhe peeallar appoatte
nesa of tha text of t .0 apeelal aermon on Kmperor
millsm'i Mrthday, aamaly, "Ba aUII and knowthaj
i om Ood. i wW N aaalted among the heathea.
L^.HScted fl greal deal off?"?""jy^j?
now explalned lh il the Emperor hlmxeU eeiei won.
a aoteworl iy in ? ln the "Hamburget Nach
rtehten" on Ihe oecaaloa ef the Km,..*r..r-s Wrth
,i,v i-ars unmlatakably tha earmarh of Prledrtcna
ruli. aad aspre>aM Prtnea Blamarck'a rlewa II
"?Tne monareh haa rrtepped Into the foregroundol
llie ? ii more than hls anci tors did rne
pollcy ofthe Bmpireandof I ?"? *****
Imperial orlgln. and lu,,WL_3 "".
Kverelgn la evtr pereeptlhle in the most dlfferenl
apherea IIs not i nlj r iverna, bu ' 1; '"
reallty the actual leader of ri." natloi and dlap ier
?f the deatlnles of Oermany. If Oermai y ls now
ted by a higher snlrll than a ihorl tlma ago
lf the .-...-iti... ?: a of ihe __ ats rtoyernmeni vlsl .- m
, lf ..,,. ,., . rprlse I-. In . - - ????'
attrtbute It matnl> to the faci thal the Emperor
has known h..? lo (Ind waya whereby deelred enaa
ai" attalnaWU ." , , ,
Tl artl .i >ludea: "The gloom) vlslon* whl. h
form. rly tr. ibled 11 on the Km, roi ? Mrthday
ive begun to dleappear. a: ...
thai the ful ire v.11: nol brtng '-'"'?
auch aa ac iln tn make aeute old ms in
public llfe 10 Ihe g< icral letrlment. hr.'**;***** "?
a' Ich an no' made i ae. ond tlme ?*??? nt on
Intelli tunl n nll I. ? of tl ?? m n ai *h. and t ie
la .;-.. ful .ni l * hai Ifl iarm ul to
,;, rm ..iv on the psychol >gl al momenta
vvht.-.i Influenced hlm."
aevera crltlcism hsa been ai.-l throughout the
eountry al the ienti n ? of two months' Imprlsonment
ln a f irtri ia Impi ed pon II rr Trojan, Edlb i of
the "Kladderada i," oi Ti e*da} lasl for a rar
toon of ihe Emperor ln Decem ? r last, repreaentlng
Prederleh - a Qreal N .??>? n. Alexander the Oreat
in I I_eonld -<. readlng tl ' r Wlll?
lam l' Itven 1 on N . whei ? ? In the
gu irda' ? wl ?n Hls M ije y
remarked thal lt tr_ neee* ary lo be roo-i Chrls
:?: oi i ?r I. goo?l lol II. r? E' i n th.
?ervatl' e i tclotxa een
ence, and lt ls sa e to the Rm
peror's Influence, .i^ Hla Majesty v. ? .: tha
ai ha* glven atrl I InJ netiom thal Herr
I rojan be conflned at We! . In a fever
I , Ln dl trlc where Her Wrede an )ther crl Ic,
...'?; '
... ii- of to-day waa
?? |, .I'.. ng io tlon of a cartoon In
lh . ?
. nn i "? ?!.- to -a * im?* ' ' ?
. - "Kladdei sdslaeh '
il.rr ?- S :.i. ..> uii.i VValther two Alsatlan edl
? ?[ wen a i Impi n.d dui isi week, on
harge of le_t --iua ?? i .. I g an Iron
Ical ii'. ' he Kmpi roi's hlrthda. Herr Btad
._.-? ? . Bl ii einber of ths Itelchstag, has
ulao been .??-n. to prlsm foi *li areeka foi lea* maj?
fn the gai- and anowetorm of yesterday mornlng
two men, one ot' whom was froaen stlff from flve
hours' eaposure to the elemen s, were found drlft
ing ln the Klll von Kull, "*f Wllaon'a wharf, Mar
Inefs Hari'T Btaten Island The men were out
for drlftwood and bocaux losl In the gnle. Thelr
namea aro Alfred D Dlxon, fortj years old, of n ..
ti Oeneva-st., Bllaabethport snd Joseph Blai
thlrty-flvi ???'? "hl. of N" I ond-st., In th.
same elty. Dlxon waa taken t" the Bmlth i
ary. snd wlll prohabl) recover. Blanl's L.?dy was
to thfl morgue li P .rl Ftl m. nd,
Vesterday m irnlng at 5 o'clo. k Pollceman W. H.
Meaaengei aras on Rlchmond Terrace, and heard
?;hoiits eom ? . from the Klll tor h.-ip. Jacoh Olaas,
ihe watchman m tha Btandard V'arnlsh Pa tor>',
alao heard th" crfes, an I the pollceman snd watch?
man i"it "ff ln a boat ind rea hed the luckless
men. Over th-* slde, with Mn bod| half In the
water. lay the corpse "f Hlnnk, whlle hall re)
mi the bottom >>t the boal reated Dlxon, almost
:. id fr'.m r ..- "i.i. Blank hnd evidently been dead
i"r hours,
Dlxon waa in a atupor unt.i yeaterday afternoon.
Lata ln the flfternoon he r.>\* r>-<l enough to
say 1 ii.it hr and hLs ...-.-.a :i \\-r.- oystar
mei and elammers. He sald th.-y had Btarted
out fr.'m Ellaabethport ln thelr oyster skiff
t.i ge. drlftwood They hn.i some a ood bld
iway, he said, on an old pile-drlver on
the New-Jersey ? "?'?? golng after lt.
Thev i . , .. ? . .j losl thelr
bjMirlnga nn i beeame exhaua ? i from the cold The
, to return. "A h>*n
,: , .. i ..,,(.... ba. k thej foun I thal th?-y eould not
make ai ? ; rogres3. Tne waves were h nl\ and thu
low g.-.w.t.: th aklfl a water untll they
wer- Imth dreiu hed lo iii- walat.
Bla k fell over. aml Dlxoi says he plcked hlm up
and encouraged hlm to r..w. aa his llfe depend-d
upon II 'i .'.?"? rowed In ? llence for n loi - l m
? m lona thi y wer- . ut he de -1 irej he do
know. II.- does nol remember Blank falllng the
- tlm. . and hi mu t have I
n. .1 by the cold. Whlle they were rowlng they kept
ahoutlng for hi Ip.
inx.ui ..An- t? . ?. Bllaabethport, whero
es, wlth hia wlfe, Last aummei Dlxon aaved
ihe llvea of thre? New-Yorkem arho wer. upH
a yawl In Newark liuy. H. mt and
sw'.uii out i" th. m with life-preaervera.
AN .ri-NIN'l ORADI'ALLT FlI.l.IN''- wr; il WATF :
Bt. Paul Mlnn., Jan. rr> fBpe lal) s.me ?
I.='.and. ln tbe Mlaaourl Rlver, op| '? ' ham
s. D., whleh waa gi i.ie.i to tha elty by the Oo.'
ernmciit for park purpoaes, la diaappearlng In a
rery i.illar manner. The dlseoverj of th<
Ing of tl ? - .r'i was made bj V\ llll im i
-,', irka, ai I Pranklln
Plckler, Por a k;'... ?? ol about H"\ ij I ??? feei ln
..! imi tar th. earth has sunli to such an exti nl that
tne topa of aome of lha i rg. "???? h were
carried away :if . ile, whlle hei have ? n
? :?, ly dlsapj ? ige opei Ing, a hlch la
ilowly Blllng wlth wat. r A roa Iwai -?
near Ihe s| ot nn I ha* i.i n iv.*ll?d for yea i
partly d appeared, The dtscoverers had u narrow
from belng pre Ipitated Into the opi nlng
Whll. .. ?'?'? 'ho
f-il^'.' th. '? suddi nlj i- '? thi .^im; und. r
-. ? V . . j I,- i hed ? plai ? of aafety |usl ns ,
tl,,. ground upon whleh they had lieen .i.'iii.lltig a
ii "in. ii' before dlsappeared wlth s loud aplaah Into
Boaton, .la*1 !1 Kxtreme temperatiirea ln North- |
ern Nea England srcra reported ngaln to-day. In
Bangor a nea record tor tha aeaaon waa mada t>y '
the thermometer thls mornlng, the mercury drop
ping to S9 helow xero. Al Lewl ti .pera
?.. ?. iv ,, , n '.s .- 1 i i.w, al L'onrord, N. II.,
???? i.rinu and a' Nashua H beloa \: l_an
.\ ii , the men irj hroke all records < f twenty-flve
.??..ra Forty beloa xero wai report.-.l from a num
ber of pli.? i'i Man.--. New-Hampshlra and V'er
rn il '
"Save tha babj !
Nevei mind the house
or il-..* fi rniture oi
anythin| i la* . onlj
savi '.lu- baby ! " Thi
is the in tru. t of I .
< ry niothi r'i ln ai t
Rvery woman who
hnj . l '? ime '! iv '." \>e
a motltr: .-i^Iit to
realize tb it Ihe health
tlir VI I \
life of hn prospectiva Iittle om
]-. DBt i'i |.'-til hy rvrrviliin.
v. i-.u h wi ik. na oi impairs he
own nhj i ... > ? ndili. n
it i- ,i pro .pective m..tlir!'
duty t" l eep bei < li aa well an.
strong aa possible and avoid a'
over? exertion md t.it:v:ii<' dui
ihr the '-xi)' i tant tiv.ir- Ni vi ?
miiul ii ihr bouaework oi anj
otbei work i** acglected Sai
ihr baby '
Ri ?: v mother should obl iin
the Btrengtbenina bralth-givina
s.i;>i><>ii ol i >i Pn I.' -v Pai ? ni.
I'I",. itr.itii.il It |_1\.--. il.,-'
enduran. a t.. tbe apeeial mi;
.unl t-.-ivr centera in\..',\? l
lt make* the comimj ol baby perlcctlj air mnl
com pai :i\"lv painles* [t fortifir tii *>yatem againnt
-, promoti abundant nourishtneat foi tln
i li il ?1 .ii.'l incteases its natural conatittitional \iK"i
lt i- thr only medicinr drvised expresslj bj an
educated expt-rienced physician to cure the weak
nea* and diaease* "f tne feminine organism, No
other preparation i impll b. th purj. with
snrii Bcientifii thoroughnrss and permanence,
.complet. account i ll extraordinaryrestorative
rffr. t*. nt the moal nbatinate dilficulties, i- k'^'O ln
.?nr < baptei <n I?i Pier. i ? Ihousand page illustrated
I ? Thr People'* Com mon Ren** Medical Arl
visei " which will l? seni free on rei i| ol n om
? ? i.t lamp tn pay the cott of ma VI
dreas Wnt.d'i Di*p<-n*ary Medical \.iation Dui
f_io. N \ I-.u .. li unl ome cloth b .und un<
|i atampa li ii .. complete medical libran in one
solutne lt - ? a i iti ra in plain Rnglisb audlaeaaily
aaaaiataad bj tha u..u profesaional,
Spring Dress Goods.
Fancv Plaids, Scotch and Englith Mixtures,
Camaieux Poplina and Vclours,
Plain Poplins, Drap d'l.tc, Nun's Vcilingt,
Embroidered and Appliquc Robcs.
Waahlngton, Jnn. 29. ii tbe preaence of the
' eptlre Callfom i C ' delegatton, Juetlce
Mi Kenna. nf the Bupreme Court, and Mr* Le?
land Btanford and other ladlea, PrMldent Mc?
Klnley nt 11:08 to-nlght touched a telegraph
key ar tlie Whlte Houae Hn.'. opened the Call?
fornla OolJen Jni.iiee gi san Franclaco. Foll ??? -
Ing nr.- th" meaaagea exchanged:
iv, iti. . Manalon Waahlngton. Januar) 21 18 -
T .1 Paroona, Chalrman Kxerutlvi Commlttee,
r'allfornla'a Oolden Jubllee, Ban Pranclaco Cal.
l di eplj iippre. lale Ihe ? ordlal I) ol
extende.l to m md i mtiodied In ao
land valuable - aouvenli The event whirh the
? of ' '.tllfoi niii an noa i elebi ntlng n i
I . h ln I!"- hlatoi ?. of ? I Sl li and ol
.untry, Thelr aplendld .rd for pati i
und publli enterprl . ln ? hrlghi augur*, f,.r iha
nnd 1 .rn glad lo aenil greeting and beat
wlahea up.>n this memorabie oceaalon May every
. r-omi to youi gi eal Bl ite and ma) 11
n>. mory of your i il ? i
.ir your Oolden Jubllee! WILLIAM M'KIXI.KY.
B ni i'r uv ? ico, J inu .' > '.'.'.
To ihe Prealdei i
The |,e iple of Ban Fr n. laco, rejol rlng at their
jubllee, thank aon tor your Intereat ln thelr wel
fare an.l for your fellcll illona on thN happy occa
.I....II..S l.. i iii.l.AN. Mayor.
Ban i'i . ?? ? i ? ? . J mu u 19, lf rs.
To the Prealdent:
We th ink you ln thc name of the peopie i r Call
'. ? da ' rour partl ipa . i lu our Oolden Jubllee.
J, ll .1KWETT, Pn Ideni P neera.
.1 ii m:i'!', I'r, -'?!,. r.* Ploneei ' A - oe lat lon.
T. J. PARSOXS, Chalrman Executlve committee.
\\:> l.X 1TT II \MiiiiiI.AlX C-UIN'i
Tha Jnr: empanelled by Coroner Pltapatrlck la
tha ? of Chrlatopher F Robert, who on January
_ aa ,s f md dead ln his apartmenta on the aecond
fl ior of No. 67 Weal Beventy-flfth-at. wlth a
hole in hla temple and a platol lylng on the floor.
ight In on Prlday a verdlct to the effect thal
m. Roberl came t-> hla death "by ihock, from i
wo . d of th- head, -elf-lnfllcted, arhlle
temporarlly Inaane, ' Tl la verdlct, whlch waa
upon tt-." teatlmony of ai reral n iae* n ot
prlnted ln- yeaterday raornlng"a papera, one of
whlch had. In addl lon. a rather ? ur! >ua Inter vlew
on the lubject wlth ex-Clty Chamberlaln Craln, of
the law lirm of Kenneeon, Crali tt Alltng, repre
aentlng Frederlck Robert, brother of the dead man.
Mr Craln aald thal Prederl k Robert dcalred the
tirtn ro call attentlon to the facl of the holdlng of
thelnqueet. and lo aay that thelr cltent bad re?
queated the Coroner to examIne aa ?-a"taUyaa
poaalble into the manner in whlch hla I.r. her ca .
,, iu. death. un the reporter aeking it thly Btate
n,. had been laaued becauae ol my 8uaplclon ln
Mr Roberta mind thal lhe i iae waa nol on** of
, i l.e. MrliT',i? mentloned aeveral clrcumatance.
-on informatlon and bellef" ^^BtoAlmreAlt
the Idea that Mr. Roberl had dled h) hia oai
oni. of th* polnta dwelt on l.y Mr i raln waa the
Improbablltty of Mr Robert having uaed th. platol
m^V2tnAUtT^wt ?-".?. Ifha
? :,rw;v;;;;s;.... sn *{?
. _r -_. \! ?? i V i ? - .'V l? .1 M ?' ' - ?'' I K* ?
r'-_XV_r_K.. -;-;!;;
SKi -JlNil.. -:?.",.":??-:?;,?_?.
vf?_r_-r_r._5__ ,
OUI Town Me., Jan M 8t John traln No A
I the Provlnclal Expreea, ?* ?
. ad in the cul at Orono Baaln Mllla at 1:45
afternoon. and t\x cara were I
topay-turv) Into rhe dtl I On. of the paaa.
., which wer. a large number of peraona, waa
. ,,,,,.,,._,, ,i. Taa? women were kllled. an*
^^^?J^_^,^Wnnfti J} r
rZl*ol*?? Btephen, N. B., and Sfre. D. Cunnlng
?' Tro). Me,
U.OOO.mw "IT OF TIIE i:\knin.;s
Baltimore. Jan. ? (8p< : elvera of tha
... .... ;,.?i ohlo Rallroad Company hav.- made
arrangementa for the purchaaa of B.1S0 nea car*
to bi pald for out <.f - ? ' mlleage baal*
an.l they v.ill petltlon the L'nlted Btatea Court next
week for au.rlty to cloa. the deal. lt ls nol pro
I.i to laaue an) addltloi al rrcelvers' certl
nor to Increaae lhe preaent .Ivera" li
n ^ undei itood thal Ihi plan val! nol be i ;
by elther the Baltimore Ib organlaatlon C n i
cr Morgan .< Co, The latter, however, Intlmated
atrongly n fea week* ago thal they would oi -?
nn. attempt to hurden lh. property further aai :.
recelvera' obllgatlona, av. ured by certltlcat. - ?
? re.-elvera now hava outatandlng certll
of mdebtixlneaa and not. - iiggngattug 114 ;""**?
?r oni) ll.i "."??' ? gdebt < ontiac -
., . ;,.,. .,.,; :-.. .',.._? ment. I hi ?r ci rtlfleii ? I |
R,,d notea mual I* i-ald . 11 or provlded I r liefore ,
? he i..erl) an hi r.'ganlzed Heretofore lt li.?
*?.. . [he uoll< y ot the re ? her-. to i a)
\t ihey had the mom y, and equlp tne
. .... _>onti u na li ?!? '?? dneaj. li \a call
i aliout $1 00O.U-0 ln f-ur ;
: owlng to ',..? K of . ii Th.tl of thi n v>
| ..?:;,',! at I - ?'
_ -
I t t, nl'l R\ r/l K f.VI'-.Kl VI \ /' l'l I \
? . ? ivttll Iti ilt) l 'ompany, of N'o i I
Twent) ? Ird I la offerlng a plan for co-operatlve
me inveaiment. The corporatlon haa aper
eharter from tba Btate ol New-Jerae) and
, ,,...( 1 ,,f f ? ... ., illl,l , aa i.s ..: ? - "i - ?
Improved Income propert) ot value equal to
pltal Tne aharaa i -! HM ? ich and r-ia I
,?., eent, buylng parl ownerahlp in the Bennett
Building, ? '? N .-? . . an l i il on at* . an l ... Beek
man Building, al Reektnan and Pearl ita
Mr Pettit haa beeo angaged i r iw.nt) ila.- ar.iri
in |. . inei ? ilmilai to thui ol ih ? corporatlon, and
. . | r,.,i ,,a. i one ii indred and flfty bulldlnga In
lhe bualneai dlatrlcl of Nea Wria, moal ..f whlch
havo been purchaacd bj Inveatora, and where ihe
loeall. ii. plan, building ind managwmenl w.-r.- hla
haa followed. Mr Pi ttll ln de
otlng tha -ia ll '. i experlei
uaed In hla prlvatr nffalra lo lhe bualneaa Intereata
,.r ihe John Pei ll Realtj Compan) of ahlch he la
nnd. r ond i He haa idopted Ihl i
,,,, ,i,,,i he .u- Bi t-clan properl a In N. aa ,ork i
it ll reajulrea th. m laalng
,.,i ?,i,i fin.-lency ol d?-partmein organlsu
..,.., .,. ired i. i co-operatlve corporatlon,
"xbe'cnp'tal el J-,0a?.'A*00 _a dlvlded Into lo.oy. vr^'
flr?. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
haa been uaed roi over FIFTV TEARI byMHa.
WHILE TEETHING wlth p< rfe.l RUCCE8& It
Kol.l by drugglata la every part of the w<_rl_,
Twenty-five CenU a Bottle.
tot tbe sars f Al - Drug Add iti aad N?.?
, .. . - . " ? tr.a
? .. | ,? - ? :?:.
g?r . .rTV' .n* '.I a-.-p- .:.-. ?
: I I' I
?i Wrll* '.'? o* ? -. ? ' r _.".iL?t
l?l A p?i Af.-r-. 't H*m Y rk.
ferred shares and ? ' n on **<?<*.
The .! vl :.-.. .1 ..( ?'. .????'? *?!__?_
?.!.-.-. .i. ai ?? ? a
t.-r are made in t of the Ira
m t < .: fore ths p*T
? of my flvl lend ? atock.
Only the pr.ferr.id -!r. TatXB
g the ...mrnoii sl r.
Ited amount of the | efon **? ??? J?' psr.
The 1 lety t - tha Preve tion of Cruelty ta Art
mala has recently taken | I t* T.??i.i*k?ot
Idlng, Madla m-1 ty-ataH R,
and lJ dally tra i? i itli - ,??>'? ?- B
.... | , , - -ue beto
many ill the -.Uy ?
elety moved in, and tbe | ? ?ratiae__.
, ? , . ? ???
l.een genei omn i?? I I ?' '?>r*; '* *W
rlrtui In Bumptu b and prln
affairi of Nea -v rk's d I ?'- ,J r?
,-eive the beSl Of Stt" ' ' ? n .': ' I
roclety arlth the long i Its nea I t
li :. ? i most ? - ' - " ' "
Bquare, Tl e structun ';
ii. autif il one, and ' '?*'?-*
in its '
fitte.j anl :urnlsh. ':?'. ?n 1 the tp.
polntment* ? a perfeel - - The exeellent
', .K .. .'.? (o lety wlll : ? taare saari*
lently accompllshed than ever from auch Im_io?tn_.
hi . Iq .arters.
Tne annual report of the Mperlatendent, Joha t
? ? ? ? . r ..... ? ff
r? the work of I n
! lt* IU
M r. r ?
t new | - ? i
? -?
.. / . )
' ?'
ii,.: ires that t ?
made ?*? u ____?_
.. ... ? ? He admlia that ? ?? noa
\g f. r Ita use*, b it he think* i " ***?*
I. : ?
In a communlcatlon to -":'i" Medlcal T:-i .,"
I | y.?-?? rday, Dr J Mounl Bleyer, -f Nv ?**
I.exi.",-- n-ave., glve* '? ????_
for ir. ? : " ????*?
says : . ' '- *B*M
aufferlng from consui - -?? viay**
paper* ;??? I* ied loi g s ' ':''
tem, under the apparent Imi re <' II '* M*
for the flrsl tlme ma le publl Tr: M re
. gave an ea : I ;n _a
mt of a ? ? araa llraa by Dr
? ln whl -h h< ?? ted s
- i. 1 _>?
? 17 ?^1
i; ? tro-Ohemlstry I ilve the I
a Ratl inal Tream. nt for the C ' (
The sdltorl il i ntalna the ?? - i ? ' '"?'>:l fl(
From whai lu authoi ? II ive* .-.?-?- >- '?? M
t ie ilm - ..
? ? '
. lona cn thi
i'" Han all vltal l I '?> ' ?*???;
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