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_?.,*. **_a not before beea preaented tn New
JT na preaenl Utk Ib "Joaa.- This la tha
,-. r-me whlch it haa b-ortw alnoa the begln*
jrE-eaac, Th. other. w?*^8oldler
L whatever aame II gooa II h. a drama deallng
,h j .au af Ai-, vsl'? 'lfls lm'vli,us'-v 1,,','n
_j_---r a favortte Iraxnath aabjeet Thla play
^V repeated * Tueaday and Wedneaday
Jwrings. 0:' Thuraday mrenlng aad Baturday
H \ s CEt I >l_?CO_T.
?li -1 :-..-'? --a." Jourteenth Street I*hi are.
_ft.rn...->n Mtaa Davenirort wtll iwvlve "Pedor*.*'
On Friday evenlng "Cleopatra" will bc acted
aga.r. ar.d ol Batur ta) avi ning the engaf menl
wiil a-nd with "I.a '!'? i ._"
Franklln Fylea'a m-lodrama "Cumbvrland
-*1" ?*... i ai '. d rrow nlghl and
aill be aeen at :>.?. .;r._:,d Opera Hou.se. It wlll
be praaaated b_ the .-ame ma: ner aa at the Kour
teerith Street Th-atre earlur ln the s-ason,
aith the s.. ? ? - ???? rj and nearl] th- aame eaat,
vhich ::. . . :? j ' EI Kellard, KJgaj- L. Luv
?port, Frixi.k I. I U ? - Cralg VV. J. K.T
f_?. :_. I.i ? ' II Murie Ih S!,>t
waO, Mk. Ai rvllle, 1- a i- *ulae tial
_0W_,:. V J '.' ? tt '?".. : ;
h f r two a at thla '.. i
.-..._. t 1 bl annual enga
Bt: r tr. ll.. I '? TI I itTB tO-moi*
rou r . -. pee* ln "Sweet Ln
_ . icted at tl thea
he for rlnter. II wlll ba ; re
p borate manner a. to acen
**,' ?? Ol 1-1
. .
Btmova e r ?? la I b< Tr- aaur. l; ill 1
tng : ? ' I';?? Bag a trtpi
Viikei ? I ? a_.-. -J b to fa md 1 reak
jjh ;... : a ih -i Abraham Llm In haa
ra_-. d tbi n as tt. thi proper d
rg thal fai t of buntlng. Orand Arm) of
{_? Repu A.tr.t lt aenl to the Natl nai
Hnaeui , whei l bj ? ?? pi perlj taken cara
at :t _ t inten .-.?.? tork rc-i
Ics tn U an! Bhould bi an .- pre
Bjrved .'?'.; to be ln thi Trea ary
!>.; arti It waa pn ted to the
tteaaur. L_t.ht 'iuard alon_r wlth another in
I_j-} |., ?- a of thi : ?? , _rtn ? nt This
mnner guard ? fgood iae wbenJubaJ Early
?#_,- tbi apltal, t.ut it did n.,t bava
A;r.. :..-'" ? ?.-> before tbe aaaaaat
aat: .. ofl ? .'. the Tn . urj Guard
faaa ...? entertalnment al -* -rd'a T*heatre for
_t__rKat_ . ? -i The theatre wm beautl
f_ .. ... ipled two
Rlghts latei - :. n and tb. W blta
Y. . ? ^ Baga ment l
Ihey g ? luch a prett. >.,
that _b | ?! it
lhe thu to remali until tbe i
tt tba .1 the Pi ' -a ?? i
6 '? t a pla. The requeat waa
Fa- ted, a -"?- i -f tbe Pr l< nt at
ll. mented with
l-MBUI ? i ad
Rbal _ hanga In tb Treaa
_ry. In the box after tl tootlng
Ib* Pr__idei Btag tx low, one of thi
?ara i i aucrht ir. rbe folda of the
?"?<??_, ean li ? ? loaa hla heJance and fall,
Qw*;.;. breal ' )eft. The nr.t ln the Qag
? tirj-.,? ? . r. __nij ^aj hecn on exl.l
bI-oe fbi yea
Fron The Chlcago Record.
Thla aurt-ori ahxip deaJer waat not thtnkln.-. of
tte _ltb~ __,.' ;_:...:,t, when be painted the sikii
?ti'ja fr ber* Hven:
W_t b>.;i_l RBOO-fXVBi-lfD UOUBBJ
HOL_) ooi-a
Re bvl -1/riiJy i*-*,;*.,^ tbe ttrnltat-OD of hls
>0--<J flhVan ba gT.t to Lhe word "_;<ju?J-_." arul
?*ovt--_ __t tba "o" for that re-UtOD. TLe glgii
B Qt, % ?taBa-at, __rt-.UJ_lir;,ent.
B-BR T Trlh-ne.
^"J* ' t," Bal.1 the BdUor nt "The
Zr* ?' i ' i ;_.:; ral< -Uctorp, "hi t{-'**
PJ ' -ai .a. lidnl ntivrt a aewing
J if a newapaper. lt ?? ?.
r-., ? town wlth aU the
gjutlea f- ? ? . . ;_-v,t o| pewa they ap
tjftt '.- ,. ,.ij ;?; _yv _ave-J ua utx WeelB
w __.-. w m| aa ' t327 Wj Ili Lord oeflh.
Mme. Duae aeema t<> have undergone a de..p
revulslon Of feellng in regard tO BOUM Of her
prtodpal rOlea Al leaal thal is the Impreaalon
galned fr.im an Intervlew with her prlnted in
the "Tribuna," of Rome, Bald Mme, ims.*:
**I feel tiu- need of l< oking ?>ut for somethlng
new. W'lnit I hav. done, and what I am dolnp
at present, does nol satiBfy ms I feel the sle
mental falsity <>f h.- plecefl ln which I bave
hithert" acted, and at the sam.- tlme I feel S
certaln Impulfl . B ) i arrsiin. for an artistic form
that Wlll more nearly and dtrectly meel my pr.s
em Ideaa What ar, 'Magda,' Th.- Ideal Wom?
an,' 'Th.* Wlf. if Claude,' and Vamiil.". Well
no; Vamllle' isn't quite SO bad It has at leaat
a thn iid nf gold on whi.h its falae pearlfl are
?trung; but the othera! it bumlllates me te t?
obttged to portra) such people; often my raK" is
?o great, and th<- proteat >f my conaclence bo
Btroni*, thal lt seems bs if my pbyslcal strength
w.-re leaving me, nnd that suddenly I should
loaa the power of m ivlng my arm- and llpa or
of retalning my sensea I am almost overcome,
as by a falntlng nu"
Mme. I ms.* iiw-ks fur th. salvatlon "f the stage
only In the return to the id-nls of beauty Bfl In
terpreted by antlque tragedy. "The dramatlc
art of to-day," she says, "is Ln t reat ment, Color
and tendency an art "f corruption Even the
langlWgS we speak is ruined. Th.- eti inal wi I.
the word of truth, Ifl f.iund only In thfl nntlque.
Now, only by taklnp our polnt of d'-parture fr..m
thls field can we hope to educatfl tln- public up
to the appredattoa of a new and sound form of
"My dau._rit.-r writeg me from Berlln wlth
preat enthusiasm that she and her BebOOtmates
pave a performanos of 'Antlgone* on tbe princi
p__l*s btrth-lay. My daughter knowe nothlng of
my vlewB, aa llttle do her __ch<x.lmates ksour,
but tt la tn the air, and win aoon be felt by
U-ymjlBldP llltf lorigiiig for a noble and purv
form of art."
Aeeordtng to Mme. nur-e, the tmpulss of thls
ncwement ts c-minp from it.-uy. wbleb poew
tn Ilna di I_?reiizo an Ideol AntlgOOO
~"Why should not thls youriK and already
famoui. arttft." rrK? esks. "pr.-fer the works of
Bopt telea to tboss ofSardou, thoas tf JCschylus
to thoas of Budermannf Why ahould shs not
geeh to Joln hands wlth BS for a JrnmallC ro
iistosnnrs ln theos Vofty works****
This tnterrlSV eJiowa the not<.-_l Itallan Bt
tj_ a (.ult-e new 11 tfht. H?*r utb-rruiref. wlll at
once r"~lh. the prvAje-ta ot rrAniiuuxlo for au
antlqus theatre ln Albano, as reontly outllned
In The Trlbune, though Bhe makss no dlrect al
ltislon to it
An Inst.in.- .,f what It calls "transatl.intic
, courteay*1 ls related by the "GaulouT of Paris
<)ne of th<* greateal Btngera of Ffcwnee, a woman
whom lt says everybody wlll at one- Id.-ntlfy on
. moment's conaideration was returnlng from
New-Tork on ons of the Oerman llners. One
evening, gtanclng at tbs programme of the con
I cert that was t,. t.e played at .Mnner, she saw
tbe annoum emenl of a triumphal march eele
bratlng tbe <;? rman victory of 1**-71.
"i am Bure," Bhe buM to a Mlow-eountryman
Blttlng near, "that this is nol Intended a? a'
dlscourteay t.. ns, bul I don't carel i'm t.H.
much of a patri >t nol toexpresi my dlaapproval
of it ta my own waa when they begin te play
thia po-. >. w iit and -? ??:"
Tbs captaln, having caught ths nist of th. ?
remarka, and notlclng the greal .-irtist's i
ti.in, glanced al th.- programme to ?.anal
eauaed it. Then, witboul ehowlng an) s-n,
he apoke t. f th-- waitera In a low tuiie.
At ths moment when the Oerman triumphal
ich h arai due lo I ? ?? n, th. Prench alnger, who
c "iii hardl) ?? mtrol h.-r .... : epan d l i
leave th" table The flral eb * I ?-? .- played, th.
art iat aroae and st.I, pale, agltated, amazed,
whlle the offl eri u l other paaaengers also got
up and sroll. l Bymi ithetl ? ? al her. And
the band played "The Maraelllalse!"
?.- e -
Sir Walter Beeant in Th.- Pall Mall Magaxine
When was the Brldge bullt? lt la Impoealblf
to say. It was nol there A. I>. 61, whi n Queen
Boadlcea'a troopi larked the clty and murdered
tbe people It araa Ibere when Allectua led hia
tr'^'i'S out to Bgbt the li.iman lepi.>ns It k.is
there very . arlv In the Bomai.-upatlotl, U
l> proved by the qu.-ntities of Roman oolna "f
the four oenturiea of th.-tr tenure found In thi
t?,] of tba rlvi r on the mt. of ti.Id Bi I
lt ir- alao proved bj the fact that Bouthwarfc *-u?
a aettlemenl of the wealthler rlaaa wh.uld
r I have '.I . ed la a plne- ab lutely Wlthoui
hui pliea. had there been no brtdgi Wa n a.
,.y , ._,., tlm, .a- pteaae for the c m-tru I
of the Brtd ?. ac >? ng aa II la lulte early ?
aay, L- fore the ai cond century,
i ?',,. :,,,, ; thi ????' Ivi b wi n iu !? unal li t
coi irui t o ' ?' ?*J !"! : n ""
priminv. mi thi da obai rved al 1 oai Brtdgi
Two Brtdgi "ti Partmoor. h> a slab of atone
lnl,! aci iwldei "*h< r i :',? i
wm, certalnly ur. lerUken b| R n in i i
,,.. n We bava ta tbe i
what klnd of bridge waa bu It at tl tl
Qm Roman. Tlu > buUt brtd toa ot o I
?tn-. ma . of theai ttom brtd i
ln other ca.-:- tha paaoaa -** b.... - ie b-m n
maln. The T.ri'li'--* over th" Thamea, however,
was of srood. This is proved by the fact thnt,
had It been of sohd Roman constructlon, ln
Btone, tln- plen would bs stlll remalnlng. also
by the fact that London had to I.ntented
with a w.."i!"ti brldge tlll the y,.;lr 117(1. when the
flrst brldge of st'iiie was begun. Consld
Brationa aa t?> the comparatlve Inalgnlflc-uice
of London ln tbs Urst century, .us to the ab
of otone ni the neighhorhood, and as to thei
plentlful flUpply Of the beet w-.I ln the world
fr..in th?- foreaita north of the dty, eonflrm the
theory that th.- Brldge w.us bullt of srood. We
have only, therefore, t.> learn bow Roman engf*
n.-.-rs bullt bridgea "f a od stoewhere in order
ti. know bow tbey bullt a brldge of wood ovof
tii" Th imea
J. H. Learned, in Th" S.initari.in
Bow ean are eztemporiae th" normal <??-??
dltlona of flleep when the abnormal prevall md
?leepleaaneaa la upon us? Cerebral actlvlty, an
automatli eellular commotlon In one eorner of
ih" graj Bubatance, preaumably without my
..rd. r ..i i "i -.nt. s... ii.. d t > run "i, fon VBt like
th. babbl ng brook.
ll.. m It be atopped? Turn tr the '- Ita is
th.- flral reply that Itaelf when you
t.ik. "i ti.. facl thal srn) matter cannot keep
up tl.. - rattle ?Itl out rital power,
l s. t about ii. I rdercd the brain
to taki chai - >? of thi re plrator) funi ti ?n In
place "f th. itlona, ala or elght
.:. ? ? dlri ? ;? i , ? ? . made full, deep and
r ? ' Th -1 -- lirJt
dut) f the 1 raln Vd '? d to ll I ' ?? ted
chai ? .1 ?? -iii"ti- nf !? .!.., ar.d contractl *
varl.iu roup to be in
uae for a d Unlt. lengi h of tlm i by the
...,ii;,i ,,f r.-i iral i"i:-.
Th. doi -:?: poaltlon, i ? headbc ird a nd
foot boa
,\ ating tl ? : hall an inch l.rlnps inl i u ? an
oth. r flel of muai ra ? -... t Immi dl > ely
..ii the hi ad ??? ? ng back to th | lllo a and holdlng
it the Mtn. length of tlm. thei -i.. nexl i' >t
golng up In liki manner, to go down al tbe dlrec?
tlon of the brain; all theae contractiona and
relaxal - pn I i.-.l over bj the brain without
permitt ns any resta or vaca tlona tend to equal
izc rirculatlon,
A fea mlnutea' experien ? of work ? 1 ? <ti*? by
the brain fln tblfl way) under thi dlrectlon and
control of tne wlll is ver) ui like the work d"iie
by the h.'iui" brain ri"t nnder dlrectlon and con**
trci In tbe ni caae :? .u may Ui an hour, two
houra or n.r- houra may hai thinking, or <"*n
b loua tbat thtnklr.g la beln ind nol bavu
the tir. d .-? i at:. : come to yoo aucli ir pre
cedea aleej. lr, the other ca ie bul a ? ? mln
otea have ? ' ?? I wltl all "?? ? hai '?? he
executi I befoi Iroway I ng beglna ti
01 .r you.
IT8 /"// V l'l RP08BX
From Thi ?" r
??Wlll you ? ??? d the r< i irter, who
ur. untll hl ? ?**?
building th
"ln -*
. .
. tha li al . | i u f tb a.aa wenl

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