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LVII- ...X" 1&714.
_(M v pnrxrj bt boosevEtaT-arr. anrriiaATED
_v_t TBA1 ? ' .?.1'i.iTNr-rrrr PBWBB
-v.- -.i arOBB OP. than UI
?ii, f RBRB CAS1
Ibe Vr'-'''<* r' "lis ' ',v ^ave BBOther nmrrlrr
,.,r\ :'' unravel ? hli h n; i i are .-it th.- . ut- t
. _, .. ? eo.ua! In horrlble detall t> the
. .- butchen. Abcnit 10 o'clot I ? -
__ ?? >rnlng the mutllal '1 and nude body of
'_^,, ,. lf ' ?;? | fl tlng In the Baal Rlvei al
_mt~- t-8t. The entlre front porttoa of Ihe
(Siyta m m ";- Ihe only part of 't left iietr.s:
r and a ai >n of the bach
' - 1.. the lower parl of 11
n ? ' ? .1 -ir< i-. ,\-i red
_. a ? ? h ? ' te ?'. ired halr. The
|- ... '-. m a polnl Jaal above
.f j- rlghl Ii if ivhs cal <>fT at th ?
. aj -v . bb wi ? mtaalna Thej had 1.1
',.', .<* ,,. ? . ->i old< ra The bodp had the ap
, ? 1 been In tha arati r nt '? -1
->, . - ? ? . :?? ""?' an >oth lhal ll pre
ty of tha mlaslna mi mbera
?'?>?, Idle-Wheela Of a
I e out off the poll *e I
,1(>v. 11 the b '.> Ittdl
r . 11 red and batchered. .
the nech \iap ? regular rrark about
. ., ... i. i ??*? h Indleated that the
. . ?-.??,?' ?' t 1 ; ? Th. mark
1 ? . ' ? ?;. !??>? n tarned this
. ?? n of the aater on it.
rjnUaSi f the lefl '??- r.-rriHirrinp 041 the
v ,% ... ? han cuta aboul foui Inchea
. |? ? ? ?' Bhi b of a knlfe, and
ar .y?n b threen irnered wound whleh
aneeara to b ? s;:,b arlth a three-cornered
bkuk TlaBi wer w ?atcbea upon the
^ > , r-sy |avi .? made a th flngera In a
...... or a f arltb
vrecksifre in Ihe wat.r.
:-. .. ..... rrt^n hl Iife wat about
#,. '..-?? - hee tall, with nread thouldert
p. | ., .. He waa ? ntlj a work
? ?, ? fhed ahnut 1<> p-iiinils Frotn
Ibe aatare of the peeullar star. wound on the
]'.e. wai h lhat af a atlletto, it I*
tfeenfbl lhal the man was bb Itallan.
;.... 1.. . ,, t ,1.. khand of tv"* Rooae
v{;t--- ' ? ,- Montana yesterday t- n ng
ntei - adjolnlng the ferrj
fn Iphl ?. >uai of the
Laafli - ? ? \ n any Thps'iplsan in
1 - ' ? ? ? ? R - ? ? It-tl and Jamea Bllp.
Tbe h - ? 11 the altp l rali I
the ferryboata tl rlke bef ?re
reach - ' ' ."- " thi Inaldi ? f thi.i '
h - : ta b:t.\c heen drlven, and ;i
th?m ns 1 b ha
araa ? 1 boul a .1 tlng for hla
kour to 1 He aaa tlng down
:> - - m when hlr? at ten tlon araa at
?? . ? ' ' floattns ln the water
_ . . ? ? Peteraoi illed
I - i, of the 1 haJt-el statlon, bb 1
tae ] report t.> his commander, 1
1 '. P on th>- captaln an.i
!'? ti ?- aad Armatreas erera at th.- I
Word 4 Pollee Head irtere, nw\
'?-!- Creai ? by 1'??;? etlie-Sei
-'.<... R j : ? iptaln ! isky'i ataJX, bur?
rfed'dbwii ?--.. u. As -UyJ, __, ^fif/ffcf/jg Croaa had
t".<ly he w,->s poaltlve th.a* the Man
had i- tnd bla ta -d.y i ai up. it
*a.? rvldent f^--.m the aaaaner iti whirh the
froat portloi ? . had i- <.n eul aw ap
that I rer 01 mui di rera latended to n -
i!r- .. id< ntlflcatl it. it; thla
t: n
n thv elaah 1 ko r-its on tha portton r>f tha
ba ? ? the body, u waa thoughl thal thep
?? 1 waa b.-itiK amp ital d
-? lt the
n . whleh th body rarn?- Into the ? n
?ed .. ipenlnga Into th?.
? 1 f I .- aupjx -?? ! t liar .1
? ? ? ? murdered in m eould
at:v of them
- H ndI and Reap of th ontral
have both ttarted t.. w..rk oa the 1 aae
v rea from tbe Oab Btreel atatlon,
hatever aa pei The
man 1 ? thrown li t.. tbe rtver from
o' 1 part of the U I the tide c-arrlerl the
l .;? H was found.
Ir. tl ? ? at< the i" llce had oil
Cloth ti thlnga upon whl.-h to take up
t.. - 11 thi preaent Inatance there is m>t
t eiru- r on a htch to worb.
a the 1 tj Inhabited by Itallana
j .-anvass.-il on ih-- theory that
Ibe 1 11 ?? waa tbe work of the Ifafla or b itne
r Ita laaaeslna
Deput) roner Donlln went I the H?evelt
al fen ?': o'clock in the afternoon ? I
had ? ? iiilod out nf the arater When
b made e crltlcal examlnatlon he aald
tha* ? ? md . 1 ... . murdered
Th< . ? 1 taken I tbe M rs ?? There
was a ? . f peraona all the arap up thi pier
f 1 -- - .'?, v tty:t:*r t.< K*'t a l.ink at the
enburgh, of the r?ak-Rt sia
. I 'l caae to 1 fl lef M
' . agh yesterday. A deecriptlon of the bodp
v?v k ? tptaln atatlnp ihat "the ampu
tHt;.,r. ' ?? . ,.;:,(4 to have been performed
by Bkllful ? ls "
ui 1v aaJd ihat he thought
tba bod) ? rei) in thi water about ten daya
[twai ?? ? that it mlghl be tt,. body of
?: .. ? - twenty one veara old, "f N ?
*? Kast One-hundr -1 and ??!???. "t.-' I who
nv baa ?? ng Blnce Jai uary ?"? H< a'at re
aarbBaabalnt ?-. hla mother, Mra EHen Kerna
Bl wa? a ., r. r H, ,| _rx>ul Bve feel ?
? '
' jea ? iooblng through the record of
r' M '??? p1? ' und tl at Bdaar W Chlcheater,
'"? t-'" year* < >t N ? 742 Polumbua-ave .
haa keen 1 1 January v to Bome
Btrnt 1 ?. |, .. rlptlon of the body
? ? ? ' rV ,.],, Wllliam .1. Mi Oai %
? ' - .. ? oid, of So 24? Kaal F irtleth
'* aJi ? -? ... ,. .?,.., .1 thi ?'? r Iptlon H>
r.hr Beea mUalna aiinn Vear ? tr*B Day
Dr. Dei . (,, ;?<st Bighi thal he lad thua
far beea 1 ? mahi nlj a Buperflclai < tam
iraMon of the br,dy n- added thal Ihe abeence
r'f '".tade it Impoealble to determlne
aeearately >.?.* eaaae of dealh untll a poat-mor
'?"m exan,1- - made He aald lhal h<
aad eei ? ? ??. eonclnalon, from ? caraory ?c>
that tha maa ariaa ln !if.- al leaal
Ba feel in hetght, and tha' be welghed <-]<??>
'''--" r unda He belleved the body to bavt
'*'?: that of a nian nut leee than f.nty-nve
Btara oM l>r Doalln thouajhl frora thaappear
bbbb '.f the Beab thal the taaa aaaal bave beea
atrown Into the water eoene tlme "r. Moaday
niK.'.' H. aaJd 'hat he na.i beea dead leaa than
Iwi nt) .''.ut bi ?.
"My ....ir.. i> ?? Di Doatta aald, "thal Um
Bbta .... d ( ,,.j ..; 1 to hh b< ad He waa
atrtber ahol uuh a plal J p< bapa ahlli aaleep,
'" waa Btni h an ihe head Bitb a naallel or
aai ney fjui he maal bave atruggled and
. ? | ? ? .1 man
a*lt? that frami ?? ild pui up ? bard u^ui t..r
hih :.'.? ??
vr. : . - 1 that he dld bo! think rh<- nu
? 11| .. r tl bod tai d? ? ? '-?? '?? akllled
aitb the knlfe llki t> > irgeon >'?> :?''1 'bal the
:v v>r had evldi I | - !-' ''"' ,e" ,llp' M
f to s. rer the h dy in twaln, l?ul In hla efforta
. . ,,,"?. the i" ? ' " " ' ? ,i;"1
Bben ap ,, rk al tl ?' I* ?'?' He thourhl tl u
?" v.x.-rr. i.t had I.- .'??"' '" -1" s'' ,!:' ;' '',*'
M thi :;?.-;. : nd lhal th r Idea of amputal -
at thal ?? had 1 indoned for a plare
tv-uf one-tl ? ' '''i '? '" ,: ? K'.r:
1........ . t itatlon -.f the len
?B Dr Donlln 11?c? ?? red ? s/ound ? hl< h he
th .. . ,.._.]. , . made n Ith ;< bulK r
Tl r-.lv mark ' ' ' '
aaaall mote on thi ght 1 lp
On eahlbltlon at KBELLB, ?a Mfth Av.. OM ? I
\v.\v BUHaDINQ.
Winfleld B, McDowell, forty-flYe yeara old, .in
eleetrlclan ..f Flatbuah, loal his l-f"*- yeaterday
" rnooa by n eave-ln of aand nndrr tho alde
w.iik ln fr..fit of S m. I" and 12 Broadaray. Mc
Dowell araa nol In thfl employ of any alectrical
company, bal arorked for hlmeetf, puttlng i-i
wlrea .>r repalrtng braaka whafavar ha could
And B j.li. Wlin was |0 |>ay hlm fop th<' work
upon whlch he araa engagad arhen hi- deatk oc
curred, or wbal ihai work was no one aeema to
know. Tha pollce think li.> was tr> inn ta tap
the telesraph wlrea undei Broadaray for the
beneflt of aoma poolroom or bucket-ahop, arhen
ha n "t hla .u-ath. Th?- hnlldlns nt Noa l'? and
4'.' Broadaray is tha old Commerdal Butldlng.
J'.hn v. it Clarkeon is th.- ap nt. and haa ?n
offloo on the first flin-ir. He aald last nlghl thai
he had nol gtven IfcDoarall parnilaaion to work
there, and aii tht- employee aboui tne hu
declared th<\\ dld nol know he was there.
Nevertheleea, tha man had been workinp ln th->
Bub-cellar whlch abuta on Broadaray i.->nj;
enough to cut a bola two fael aquare ln a re
talnlng arall sixi-.-n Inehea thi.-k, and made of
undraaaed al ine and eatnent it must ha\e
taken hlm eeveraJ houra,
Tbera ara two retainlng watlo batwaaa tha
aub-cellar of Nos, H>and di' and thr str.-t-t. One
is at the outer edge ol the aldewalk This la the
one thal waa pai uj. when the butldlng waa
? i When the Btevena Buildlng nexi door
was pul up aeveral yeara ago, li waa found thal
ihi arch of thla retainlng wall aaa rracked,
eo another . waa bulll near th.. Inner edge of
- dewalk, leavlng a space of aboui three and
? f? - t between the two waiis. Thla apace
wai Blled with cellar sand packed tlght, Tha
Im ? r wi || waa aixtaan ni.-h.-s thick.
The fronl parl nf th.- Bub-ccllar of the build?
lng is empty. ln aome way McDowell galned
ac eaa to thla vacanl aub-cellar the agent, Mr.
('larkaon, thlnka through th.- connlvan.f aome
>f the bulldlngs employea and Bucceeded
in cuttlnga hole in the Inner retainlng wall euf
flclentlj large i.. gel hla body through lie
e> lently knea nothlng ..f thi existenc ?>( u-.r
outer wall, f.-r he was trylng t>. drire n two
li -i :!>.n plpe thrntiKh the aand to what, it is
preaumed, he thoughl w.i^ Ihe condull whlch
.- th? wlrea whlch run under Broadway. Tha
plpe atrui k agalnai th outer wall So knoa -
Ing what tht obstacle waa he derlded to Inves
tlgate, bo maklng a tunnel in the aand large
enough for his body h.. crawled Into the b le
The -ani, looaened hy ih.- tunnel h? had made
and by :hr jar of pedestriana on the aid a k
ame tumbllng down up n hira, ean
eral cubtc feel of it. Caughl as be was ln the
h le, wlib the welghl of ih. aand on his head
and body, he waa unable tn extrlcate hii
and was >-mrthered lo death.
The flral thal ?.?;.? known of his i.-arh waa
Wllllam M Peck, rhe englnaar of l
g, !t la aald. to Inapecl the I
h Buppllei the water ior the < levsto
v, i h Is altuated !n fmnt of the aub-cellar, eaa
ili< kniK oul from rh.- hole in 'he
wall. He called for aaslatance, and tbt b dy
.'. i- pulled oul
The englneer ran upatalra and Informed the
Janltor, John McCaln, rho aumn med an am
bulanci from the Hudeon Btreel Hospltal, Pr.
Holmeg, wha reaponded, pronounced the man
dead, tnit sa-d ne had been dead only n little
Coroner Fltxpatrl -k rlewed thr body
a .! aen II to the liorgue. Flfty-elghl dollara
was In the man'a po keta He leavaa a wldow
and two chlldren.
Vr, Clai?aO"l fhe atr'rlt, Bald last nii'h' th*t
hi n ? iuld ma ke a fui tlon of the i ase,
nmi if he.could find who gnve McDowell per
mfsslon to work ln tha Hurt-rtdlar or through
? negllgence he galned accaaa to lt, ha
would eertalnly dlacharge hlm. All rhe <->n
r>. clared emphatloally they knew nothiii<?
of "hi-- pn eence thi re
The portlon "f the aldewalk imderne-ith
wl I h the aand rared haa been cloeed to ped i
trlana, and workmen win begln aarlj tlii- ?
im: to tear 1' uj. an.l aee if th.- Inner a-all haa
been w.aken^d hy th" hole MrDowrll made it; i;
C. <". Martln, well knoarn aa the englneer of rhe
Brooklyn Biidge, who waa r.ntly appolnti
Englneer of Brldges for th* borougha of Brooklyn
? I Queena, and I.i-fferta L* Buck, englnei r of
i asl Rlaer Brl ii-,<-. ooinpoalng the eommlsalon ip
;.t nt.-d hy Becretary 'if thi- Nmvv l/oriK to li eatl
j.-,.. tne di-fi-? -11v*? work ln Drydock N ? s, rlalted
thi Navj >.irii yeaterdaj and made a earrful in
s].tlon of the dock. They will m.ik. a aealed r.
B etary Long, and l hei refused :? ? Mi r
day t.. expreaa any oplnlon of the work aa ihey
: ? md I
Clty of Mexlco, Fab. * Jease Oraat, aaa afOen
aral Orant, la raaklas a irlp of Inveatlsatlon
throuifh the ooffae ooantry on the Parirle alopi ol
Mexlro wlth a vlew ol purehaaing ;i trael of .-.a.
? f land ^ hl< h ln roj lo onlae wltb
Amerlcana. rte will oblaln i from the
'-,:? \ ,.. ? '?.-.?? rnmenl f. enti rprtse
Oakland, Cal., K-n v Monroe Ballabury haa
bern fortrlally dlacharged from Ineolvency. An
order ab?olvlng hlm from hli debti ? I ei algned
bi ludge Hall and. although the well-known riorai
rnan li I riui .f" ed from and piivate
oblljtatlona hli properts la atlll m thi - I
thi t-ourti ia ieveral aulta agalnat the Plea
Btock Fai rn .ir<- pend ng
Columbua Ohlo, feb I A resolutlaa la to he In?
troduced In Ihe Ohlo LesglBlature to enable a Phl
,;.-., man to lift rh- Btate House and bulld one
under tt
lt v PAIXTIXG8 FOR 150,000.
CUnnea, F> '.. I Taa of Prsgonard'a palntJnga,
whlcb were aold bi mctloi ?
I by an Engllahman for (90,009, af:.-r keen
Monterldlo Feb I Beaeral afflcers have been ar
reated for compilclty ln ??? ml Itary plot, and othera
bar, been eashlered for refualng to pledgi thelr
ai pporl lo thi Prealdenl ad Interim, Sefioi Cuestaa
ro lamatlon of a dlctatoi
i ... -?.,- || loali g poi ularlt) owlng i i hli
nd in in) i ? - pla are li avll g th<
ordei .acape enrolment ln thi Nationai Ouand.
UR. EYAXfTS QIFT TO I'llIl.\url mi \
Phlladelphla, P*eb B. Appll??tlon waa made In
? ? . .:.i'. f..r a ehartar for a i orporatlon to take
,; ii.,' parl ?.f the eatate of Di 1
w Bvana, the Amerlcan dentlal who dled h P rl
-? .. tober, whlcb he lefl to the clty ol Phlladel
,,..,.., -j he corpoi atlon la to b. knoa n i
Thomaa VV Evana Muri inn and Denlal li itltute.'
Mayor Warwlrk hai nacalved from i'Hii> aeveral
? f the win of Dr Evans. and b III
I .- , ontenl - publlc to moi ro ?? Thi i ? w ni b< ..
ti.ting of tr. executora llvlng In I la country,
and appllcatlon for letter. of admlnl iratloi will
I .? madi 'i hli ? Ity will t;ik. all l< gal atent ?
? ??? aei ire Ita shiin- ln the eatate lefl by Dr.
Tampa, l-'.'i.. Feb I ti.* Bouth and Bfa | Cora
n..T. hii -' ...i ??-.- ??? called t.. orda r I ?
for :t* flfth aanual aeasloa by Breedbave Bmlth, ihe
prealdenl nei I Ing wai Im ..i ln thi 1 unpa
Bsi HoteL il Curaming, of the Tampa Board ?
j ? ? , elsry Mai ..i Ml ?
?\ ,. .,, . rldi ? ? ? i ' he n ? ? ? ng after whlch tl
.Ijourned T mo oa II will begln bui I
Mi; Il/.l//'/.'. /\ BIDDLETOWy HOHPITAL
Blddletawa, N I Feh I '- larard rVempl ? ?
Ih r, wai brougtol to thi Bta i 1
in ra on Frldaj
U/f, BOBQ I /''.''' T. u FOR V I'l'i'R
Bjuffsis .. I Thi faneral of Mlchael 8 i, who
... .. n'all ... irdered aarlj laal I rtdaj moi
, i, ,, ifternoaa \r ?> the fui ? rai -Mr..
?? : ,,.,,rne.| to th. bouae of Henrj Bcbelfri
'.,,, ,ni ati tervtd oa bn ? ? rT wlth
'"',,' , ,,. i,,?t flasree m causlng the death "f
hiUrrhu.hand and ari wLa tak.... ... tiie iowa hall .it
,'.";. ", I. r and commltted to j...i to awall tbe aetkafl
,. tha Orand Jury.
?'< iMING M' -im: BBRIOU8.
Waahlagton, Peh s Captaln Leutae, the
rommai di r ??( ihe Alert, haa cabled t-i the Navy
Departmenl thal h- baa landed marlnea al Ban
Juan i ?< I Bur, Nlcaragua, fee thr pret.loa of
the Amerlcari Conaulate, owlng t.> the facl thal
-i n \ olutlon baa bn ki n out
Thla afternoon ani Iher cable dlapatch araa re.
< red al thi Navy Departrceat, telllag ot" the
progreaa of the revolutl nary reovemenl at thal
end of th Nlcaragaa Canal. Captaln Isratae
eald thal be had landed a feeee for the protec
Uon of the Unlted Btal a ConBBlati. an I, aa the
Gcrvernmeni foi ? had glven aotlce of Ihetr
Intentlon ty bombard the toe b, he bad tabea on
Ihe Alerl all of the women and chlldren who
< an I for n fugi 'i h< '.I began yee
terday, and In thi end Ihe rebeli were drleen
oul .f ihe town, whleh v .1; entered and laken
poeeaalon of bj Ihe Governmenl troopa Tbe
rebela i treated toi ir.i thi h terfar of th.- cottn
tl V
The oplnlon tmong Central Amerlcana here ;*
thal ihe Inaurrectlon haa been a mlatabe from
Ihe heginnlng, tnd thal it la doomed to fallure,
owlng to the preparatlona made b) Prealdeat
Zelaya to tne. t the storm The outcome of ihis
uprlalna - awalted with much Intereat, ha iua?
he flrat real leal thal haa been made of tbe
ahillty of the Greater Repuhllc to .any out
that paii "f Ihe trlpartite agreement whleh
pledgea unlted efforta to Buppreaa rebelllon ln
ar.y Bl iti
San Juan del Bur is near the weatem ermlnua
of the Nlearagua Canal, and la a cable atatlon.
The L'nlted state? haa three warahlpa near
the acefli of th. dltturbance, tnd ample m.-as
urea trfu he tak. n t.> guard Amerlcan latere ta
Thi Alerl la at San Juan del sur. the gunboal
Marietta i? bi i Ihertad, Balvador, aml the gun?
boal Newpoii ?n< at GreytOWB, on the east
coaat, at last reporta.
TttK t.is" pmncaATB qet mobe bcpbb
rtj OTBBB I'l.A.'KS
rwvisrr, s v. F?-h H The town electlona in (
Ti. tra I'.-unt' * are 1. rld 10 day. !!? tuina Indl^ato
ti,-it <-ik;!it .- rh.- nlne towna have cboeen Ro
publlcai BupervlBora Tloga baa nol pel mad.>
rompletc returna, but it la thoughl to have fr.me
i,, . .??,?(,-. Th,^ Iaa* Board waa aolidly Re
I uhllcan.
Llttle Palla N T . Pi h 8 \r the town elee
ttona it. Herklmer County to-day the Republl
rana ? li rted rie* rn BurssrviBora and ihe Detno
crata nlne Two Rej ibllcana from thla clty hold
over, maklng the B mrd thirteen Republlcaaa t,i
nitie Demi crata This la i Di moi ratt<- galn mir
l s-. > .-a r of ; a o,
Amaterdam, N. v. Peh. t -Town meetlnga
w. rr in hi in Montgomery County to-day. Tha
Republlcane elected four Bupervlaora and the
Demoorata al& With the Bupervlaora elected In
the clty of Amster.latn last Nov>mher th?- Begsrd
wiil -tatid nlne Republieana to elghl Dei ?oerata,
a Dem< rratlc galn of l i >.
Qouverneur, W. Y.. Feh. BV?Town meetlngt
were held t..-.i-i\ In Bt Lawrence County, In
moet of the towna a llght rote was polled. The
rmi!' Repul ' H Bupervlaora of Ogdenaburg
hold over. of the thirt>--one towna, twenty-elghl
have reporu i and ihoa three Democrata and
twenty-flve Republieana elected Btockholm,
Morrletown and DeKalb are mtaelng. it. the
ii.-' and b.nd Republieana are undoubtedly
elected, bul In DeKalh there is a thr.rnered
ttuht v.ith two Republieana In Ihe Beld. ln two
of the foui dlatrtcta Walber, regular Republl?
can, ls in tbe lead Laal ?? ijr"a Board ata i 28
? ? I and tins ynr's probabl) aill he th>- aaraa
Oneonta N Y. Feh & The town electlona
beld to-day wlll make the Oteego Board of Bu
pervlaora atand 12 Democrata to lfl Republieana
\4i-i, two lowna nol reported Tha laal Board
Btood 18 Republieana to fl Democi al a.
? -
a BPoanan man ii bb tw ronca paybbmt op
London Peh w Mr Oeral, n n.-ii-knuwn spnrt
in, haa brOUgbl v ll! ,n t-1* Q leen'a Bf-nr-h Di
..,-... ,.' ... H .-? of P itlee agalnst M.irtin
Rueker, to n rer I 808 tn i ?"?. D.'a plven ln his
nani.- whlle playlng bac .ira: .it Mewmarket Ruck
. | tho ma oi ne In promotlng blcj a com
, ,, j avho itai I an axtenslve raetng atable,
i tea the Indebtedneas, md Beclarea he was
. i l.
1//<?>'. JABE8 0. WE8T8 W88 OF JEWELS.
oKxta aroBTn ar.ooo btducn ratm raa aorraa ia
ST LOI'IB willlti: BHB U visniN'i
BL Louta, Peb v Tl Ici r--; m thal Mra
. ri n/eet, of New Tork, who la vlaltlng h:
? '.,.. homi of Prank L Norton, baa Buffercd the lo
,f rr.ooo worth o* dlamonds and yewelry, wblch wera
, r.,., D] tneah Ihlerea whlle Ihe famlly m'l thelr
lu, Ri t/< rt il Itn er laal - Bra We I la ?n
,f Mr Norton rVll her huaband, i wealthy
ca| Italltl tbe ttvet at the P/aldorf-Ael * i H ?tal
Bnd i- well known In New-Torb aoctety. Tba
leweui atolen wera eollected duiing yeen of trarel
in all parts of 'he world, and could nol be dunU
cated for many Un aa ? U purchaai prl -
Mrs u/ea and her huaband havi been il th* Nor
,,,'. touae i? ? weebs Bhe I roughl wll
H. ,',..,.. {;?.... . arorth .>f dlamonds 1 - ? wi -
.,', ' , ni ? ? | me poreh-cllmbi ra effecl 1
,'. .. Mi B/eal ipi ? ? ;: ? '? ?' no
... i -,, i.r thi itoli rr gi ,.i all ra*
J ? . ,,?t trcwa to deelera In
S'wcre tboee thal had been
., ' ?-, , , ,i pul off whlle ali ? senl lo
^ M',(l,,, ,,, . K3.UW w..rr ? a ll thi
A l-rni... ?? ' >?. .... M ,,, ; .
\ . ' ''.-" ""!
,,, , ,, .... v under the bed
Mr. w, si i.- thi ertfa 4 a wealthi ri ttred
_ ,,. rhli cltj Untl he -pr tna ef ll ?"
"_. \\-,V.y bad a bouae on Plfth-.tei . whleh wa
_ . _ ___. ! ? .111111 ; .n B
. .', ,i '.ii.'r thelr retum to town in thi tul
' - ' ' '' ,. u , dorf-Astotia, rhleh hotel thi | left
. rbfoW - '"
HAWAira paaatPEKT bxpb bbb BATiarAcnoa
,?,,,: ,ti= visir TO THB LT.IT1 D BT*
. ,.., ,, | rM .1. Bl D 'le .ind hl? p ITtJ
? . ', i :.-.,? StaUon al ?:B o'i leck
. Buffttoovei Ibe Lahe Bhen r.i In
J : ,. ,, waa pla adlaaa
'. pr K ,,, | thi membera of tba perij dld nol
... \t, BBd Mra Dole were drlven
I" [ll n....e ?< M. ??* m,- .r,n..- ...... ln
Bertram-al Bl Dole ta Br. Cati - stoter, a,. l
ihet had not aeen i other foi ??
'Vrfan iBt'-rvlee I.<"<" " ? '' "*>"4
ir, ..,.;.. sattofactary, and feel conn
drni ihti 'i"- Hawi ? arlll al latate >
,;,.. i nlied Btatea ai H >?
. . ? ,. .- rrltl Presl lenl M Klnli i
\ ?- . ,. .:?,.??? I thl'ik :n
. , | aa esatona sbew Ihat bi Is
u.' , ? thi B ?' n B P ipera,
, aa e Haa illa tm ? i
ailon Treati mia' loned foi
,, . i,|| v," |..,i. ,,i.-i thal thte pha? of the m?
}*r bad .iii-'ii Bi.iee he left Waehlngton, and he | ?
bnta nethlng ot it. i I
BAUI r an;. s ;. ij.i.s fi;. >B Bll
Tha counael for the Cubas Junta ls thla cltj
restertlaj made publlc whai be reprcacuied to
ba an Bccvrnte traaalation of ;i letter whlcb
Si-fi. r Dupuy .1. Lftmc tbe Bpanlah Vlinlater
a; rYnabington, is alteged rn bave wrl i<?;? lo b
Spanisfa Journsliat, apeaking ln ;i dlaparaglBg
manner of the Prvaldenl of the I'nltetl Stste*
Tha letter la aald to bsve been wrltten ln tbe
latter parl of Decembei i.r tbe firai u( January,
and tbe Mlniatn la nprxainted, In referring lo
the Prcsklenla aleaaaga u> Congress al the
opeoing of Ihe preaenl aeaalon, a* bariug made
these itatemcniB. "Tba Meaaage haa u;i>l? ?
relvcd the Inaurgenta, who expected iotuethln|[
.I-.-. and bsa parslyied tbe actlon ..f Congreaa,
l.iit i .?mi-iiiiT ii bad. Beaidea tbe Baksral and
[nerttablu coaraeBeaa wlth whi'-li be repeata all
thal the preaa aad publlc oplnlon of Knaln bsa
aald of Weyler, ;t Bbowa nnce more wbal Mc
Kinlej la, weak and rstertng to lha rahbte, nnd.
beaidea, a low polltlclan who deairea to leaTe
a (1.-m,r n|i.'ii to me nnd to Btsod well wlth the
jingoon nf bla party." The original of Ihe kH
ior was ii.it ahown, and Ita BUtbentlelfy tn many
qosrtera waa doubted*: and II wsa ebarsrterlxed
hy Beflor Dupny de f*nme"a frtenda ln Waahlng
ton ;i- malidoualy fnl* ?. and the Mini.ti-r hlm- t
ct-if derrined t<< dlgnlfy tbe rlalm ot ita genulne
neag hy b denlaL
The letter waa glven out hv Roratlo i. Rn
(..-na ronnsel for 'he riihnn .Inntn. He declared
it was ihe coiTect tranalatloti of a communlca
tlon tha! w.is wrltten by Beflor Dupuy da Lome
to Beflor Canalejaa, a Bpanlah Journallat, who.
accordlng to rai rt, was aent by Bpaln to Invee
Ugate the feellng in the Unlted Btatea u to
Cuhan mattera. Beflor Canalejaa epenl Bomi
tlme ln this r'tv and Waahlngton, and fhtn
Ister proceeded to Cuba. Tha latter waa aald to
bave been taken from Beflor Canalejae'a prlvat*
papera wblle he waa In Havana Mr Rubei -
aald the original was non in tha poaaaaalon of
the man who broughl it from Cuba, and would
tio produced if Ita authentlclty was dlaputed In
any m ay
The letter reada aa followa:
Legatlon de Eepana, WasWngtoa
Eximo f. fi..r n<>n Joee Canalejaa
My Dtatingulahed and Dear Frlend: Vou need
not apologlse for not hnvlnir WTttten to nv. 1
ought to hav, wrltten to you, bul have aot done
- , .i, ., .,,.:,? being welghed down wlth work,
and noua aommea qutl tea
Tbe altuatlon ben oontlnuea unchanged. Every
thln? dependa on I >' and mll lar:
ln . iba T ia pr guc of thla aecond m< tl
wiirt.tr. arlll and the da) tl il lha i 'olonlal ?
li ? t win ba :?;.. Inti d. and II n llavea ii i
? f tb ? ? nn try ..f i parl of thi n ipoi alblllt!
of what may bappen ti. re, and they mual
tbe raaponsibUlty upon Ihe Cubans, whoan they
! , ;: -. | to ln B0 Inirrri. nlat".
i;.:i then we will nol be Bbla to <<c? clearly, and
rider II to i>< a loa. of tlme and ai
bj tbe arrong rasd. the aendlns of emlaaa
the r. h.; Beld, the negotlatlng arlth th.
omteta not rei de.dared to he legally eonatltui I,
tbe dlaci v.-rv of the Intentkma ind
thi Oovernnaenl Tne ea e. a I return inf by
? it.d v.). ii thai ratura aill i ome a ?
the aheepfold, and the chlefa arlll gradually n
S'etthei of heei bad the eourage to leavi
maaae, and they arlll not have tbe cou kge to thaa
Th" mr-aaage h;i - llrdeCI Bd tha bl WhO
ispacted aomethlna elae, and baa paraiyaed
tlon of i "ongreea, bul I i onald.r il b id !'?
the natural ind Inevttable coarsem ? wltb whleh
ih? r.-j..-.t *? all thal tbe presa ind publk opli on <>(
Bpaln ha* *aJd of WTeyler, ll al iwi ? i more
B Klnley i?. waali ai d ? ???<-.nn -n tiie ra
and beaidea a w? polltlclan, nho deetrei to leave
i door apea i? rn.- and to itand well wl .
Ilngoi - ol di party.
Severiheleae, :m .i matter of fa.-t. ir will only ne
,.,,.'. ,| .,,'. ,. .? -? i. - .v ii i ? ii arlll i ... ?d and id
'.,.'.'_.. to ui l agrer entlrely ? a
. | j | ........ i |i ; .v " . , ompll.l ed ? ?
,ri i wlthout mtlltai y ?> I i Iea
hi r* alwaya dangei thi thi li iau . en
... ;' ii... bj the (lovernment, al ir-.uit by pan
p ibll ? opli
I .),, ? ?.,? ?? you i i) enough tttentlon to th
- Kngland N< arl) ill thal nea i| ip*x
. twarma In youi n ? n Bngllah, and al rhe
,ii. bal thi f an ?rn ap n lenta of "The
lournal " the) are alao -.-; on lenta ?f I i
iperi and revlewt of London Thua ll
[Innlr.a Po n
. ind Ib I rvai the Inu Icana io il | .
elvea whh ub and leave ber ln peace, and :f
there la i arar ?i aauch th. better; thal a ? .
I,. r remove wbal la threatenlng her- although that
.. . - ippen
[? va .id r.? moBt Important :)iki you ahould agb
tate the queel lon if relal . ven
... ii -v I nlj for effect, md I it you
. , . . .. ? i .-,. ;?? i man of Imp irtai ? ? -
i mlghi ?-? ?? a I > make .i propagand . amo ?
i - and othi rn In oppoal o tl i J inta and
.m-r exllea
Then goea imblarad. I belleve h>. .-.imicm too
leeply t..k.-n up arlth little ; illtlcal ma lera ai i
there mual bi aometblng rer) greai ot are ahall
.\.l?.i;t return. your aalutatlon, and we ?;sh you
up;. year to be a meaaenger ol i a ?? and
;,k,. thli ? a ?? *r'4 preseni to poor Bpaln,
.\:iv..\m your attentlvi frlend and aervant, who
tli aea v...ir banda,
KNTtlQIK MflMV nir; I/1\fK.
In irlvlnir out tbe letter Mr. Rubena m ide the
'ollowins atatement: "We know thut th- letter
a genulne, as it has t.n earefully compared by
igperta with the rtandwrttlng of Beflor Dupuy
le i.i'iin... and n was wrltten on the offlclal letter
tead ?.f the Bpanlah Legatlon al Waahlngton.
rVe tnok un at ean to rerify it before we mad.;
t publlc, aa we belleve thal tha latter is of the
rreatesl Important In the preaenl altuatlon aa
ihowlns hoa Spaln and bar Mlnlaer i>i.'l toward
he Unlted Btatea"
Mr. Rubena dld nol have tbe original letter
n hls poeeeaolon when a Trlbune reporter called
ipon hlm last Dlgbl at his offlce, \ .. 3tJ N'.-w ?
it He aald thal ll had been returned to
'uban "ti.- had broughl II to the Unlted Btatea
,Mt thal it could be produ d ai any timi II waa
,.iiii-1 ne eaaai y to bi Ing I '??' i ard Hi
:,,..,! , ? | to Btate w ha broughl lt to thi
lunta or when they recelved It. He dld, how
i. r, is) . ' d'i.t letl -f ?'? . itoli n fi ora
leflor Canalejaa when he waa ln Havana The
; ? in a hlch be ret elvad th-. letter from
y , | .???.. ?;ls DOt tak-;. as It was lefl empty
I hla papera, ao tbal he would nol mlaa the
etier, The letter u<'4 taken after Januar) I"
,f thla year, and waa evldentlv wi
?m>- heta'een '.ember -'-< and Januan 2."
Other Cubana -it the Junta eoatended thal
.. ui ever) way authentlr, and aald
hal they had Baea M M waa a\.-r..d li> thi-ni
h it the letter would be al the Junta aome time
,.-d.i\ and thal II would then be k.-pt there f--r
napectlnn and eomparla n with ..ther haml
rrltlng of Beflar de Lflrae. Tbe methoda us. .1
,', obtaln the letter were nol gtven oul last
l_hi nelther a ould niemberi nf the Junta dia
? ho hnd broughl N from Cuba.
KATUBB "K r,,r- ai.i.k.;i:i. gPIBTtaS
Waahlngton, Feb B ISaaeiaO! The aton our
.nt in Kaw-Torh tbal tha Bpanlah Mli
ad w/ltten ? kttar referrias dlaparagtngly te
:,i McKlnlej waa eha terli I to nlght
v Beflar Dupu) Sa LAma ta a frlend "ti..
loned It to hlm aa msllokoal) falae, not bavlng
ba allgbteal veaiixr- ol foundatlon i>r. tht con
ran aalde ftrom ih... offlolal reapaet bi had ai
?i\^ aaa rved toward tbe Pragident, tbe Mlnla
.?.- persona! frtenda bave alwaya begrd hlm
peah ii. i h> blgbeal termi of Prealdent McKIn
To i ? (.. rtara who ?> ked hlm if he h,id a or
riftan a letter aaaeaptlble of auch a rendering,
efior de I/inie d". htiej absulutt-ly lo dlgnlfy
he varn by a denlal. I
Berlln, Peh B. ln the Retchatag to-day Herr
Rlchter, the Radlcal leader, retarrtaa te lha
ChfBi qu< Btloi I that he regarded the
acqulalttea of K aa mucb naora uaefal
holttlng r'.'-- In Africa Oarmaay aaajhl
tn :???? a !) nona bul a free-trade rosp^i la ^hina.
formlng a natural communlty of interests
with Oreal Brltala. He aald ba l??Biad, baar
erer, that all tha publlc'a hopea with regard to
i wouid nol i>o reallaed. Japaa araa a
mueh i.ett-r marhet f.ir Baropoan produeta
? FJuropean peoplea need not he anzlout
aboul th-ir rrt'ist aacrcd pceeetelona in eattae
i;n. >!.-. of Japan't developmenl in eonclu
Blon Herr Rlchter Invlted the rjerretWBBil '"
fUll dotPlls of the poaltlon rocrardins; Ger
many*a treaty aitli Ruaalfl negotlatieaa for th.^
loan and collateral ntatters.
Baron voa Bolow, the Porelgn Klalater, reply
Ing, aald th? Governmenl waa net ieelroua of
veillng it* forelgn pojicy, bul it haa Impoaalble
prematurely to dlvul re eonfldentlal B4J8T0tlatlona
though th?- Governmenl waa fully aware of its
reaponaiblllty to the country The dlepatch of
a tquadron to K i i waa not, be declared.
an improvleatloa. bul waa ?n 'expressi.m of
a-ell-eoaaldered, < ?\<i> aml clearljr 6>f*aad poi
k i "
B in.n vm Buloa th<>n procceded to Jaattfy the
acqulaltlon of ? p int of aupport In Baatern
AsU aa an abeolute n.aalty, kooklng to Oer
many't rapidly n>"ivin?r. Intereett In one ?f tbe
richeat marketa of tha wortd for Importa if
sh>> dld :i<,t dealre to become a sooond Of third
rai.- Power in Aata, for every other Power, eeen
Fortugal and the Netberlanda had taarltortal
-t^ns th'-re.
"Furthermore," he contlnued, "for the pro
tectloa of the mlaalonarlee Biehop tnaer de?
clared thn ,,. upatli n "f Klao-Chau a matterof '
Iife nnd death. I COntlder thar th-^ niiuiient
choaen for acqalaltloa marked tha rlght mean
between the Bcylla of ovt-.--h.isrp and the
Charytadla of omtaaloo. Our relattoaa with the
Powera wen ln bo way dlaturbed th reby. We
are In harmony with Ruaala whoae Intereata do
not confltcl with oura anywhere ln Europe an.i
are parallel with oura In Aala Aa ali ?
frlcnda we regard Ruaala'a natural development
ii ith . - -.- path ' and Prance'a
ts to obtaln frear. trade outleta ln Tonquln
are qulte natural, wh'le il la far from ua to op
p e Bngland a just intereata In anj waj or m
any dln ci lon.
? iti contrarj vlewa In Bngllah newe
papers, it ia well known i authorltatlve quar
i : London thal In th i Inl n Bta of peace
and ulturi we dealre to cultlvate relationa of
; ratlon with Oreal Britaln
tRenewed eh era.) Our modeti demanda bave
; the inl grli j of < 'A\\\ i r>or
ralled for juatlftable objectlona on lir-r part."
j:,, . ;. . then gave the di tallfl of I
? | k:iov n. and i t
plained thal a i rerman-Chlneae i omm i
wouid dellmlt the Klao-Chau terrltory to an
area ol froi thlrty to flfl
. thi: lai ? Brltlsl
- it Flong Koni I m ip hi - ild, had
tted to thi Buda ' ' ?? hut
the Borthern I >undarj there Indleati I had been
rhtlj ?' mll tarj ??- ?a
w hlch I.i ne ItnoB ? ntlj Ni thlng
.... . .?! i... n dei ld< d as i i the amounl to be
paid i il they ni ? d po) fe.ar for tha,!
for the rent could nol be large, becauae lt waa ,
- pa? :i . ' ? land, i.ut
a, kno i ledging thi
pontlnuance of theoretlcal poaeeaslon hy the
Emi eror of Chlna.
Regardlng Ihe i illa aj B B II ?w said
the folli wlng had been tgreed upon: Cblna had
[rnmlaed to intruat t-> a German-Chlneae com
v-t to be formed, ti e conatructlon of a
rallway from Klao-Chau, proceedlng flrat north
ward, thi 'i weatward, nli 11 eonneeted with the
greal pmjecti i i 1iln< raj ayatem.
The llne wouid be lald aald Hen ron BOtow,
.., | i io touch the coa fleldi f Welbalen and
Poshan, t.i the north of Klao-4T*hau. Th>> risht
,< ? ii ,), noalta had heen granted rn
Oerman i ntra tora. and Chlna had granted the
? i ? ,-. >oi pans i ? - fai >rable an
to an] thei Buropean i ftlneee
rallway rompany. Negotlatlona detalllng and
,>-. - coneeasinnfl ln a rertaJn dlrec
I favorably.
Barun von Btllow repeated thal Germany de
Blred rh..ntlnued exla?enee "f the fhinf-s*
Emplre, and sau no reaeon why it ahould not
inother three thouaand yeara Nor had
my anj Intentlon of encroachlng ln any
nay ,,..,., the Intereata of Japan, "whoae rapld
development Inaplrea ua with reapect." ln on
ciuBlon, he aald: "EngllBh, Prench ar.d Rub
tian Inl reett are equal far i loved In Kl to
, ,. trhlch b) rellable authorltlea la regarded,
ta emlnently tultable t.i German needa for the
constructlon of rallwayB ard harbor worka
We rety >n the eo-operatlon of German prlvate
,.,. .,, ' w ,. ..... the teed we have eown aill
..!?-? \\. shall proceed atep bi st-p.
it ionnulBtadorefl or caleulatora hut as
-ii.le merchants, llke the Maccabeea of pore a
tt-eapon In one band, bul a trowel it. the other.
I nave T ,>.. i .. . easN s ln the alr Thi t< qul il
tlon "f Klao-Chau wlll be conduelre to the prop
agatlon of th.' Chrlfltlan faith. as well as the
.nomleal '? pmenl ar.d polltleal power of
the German pi ople " (Loud chei ra 1
NM NKi'.i iTl.VIH .\s POR A LOAN.
Baron von Rl< hthofen. ITndi r-Secritary for the
Color.iea, aald thal no negol atlona bad occurred
regardlna ti..- Chln?ee loan. aad eayneequently
there waa no aaagar of Germany partldpatlng
in a guarantee of th ? Intereat
Herr Beh L the Boclallal leader, coadeaiuaed the
Belaure of Klao-Chau as "n.. better than the
Jameeon ratd." He waa aboal te refer to the
famout apeeeh of Prlnce Henn of Pruaala whea
the Prealdenl of th" Chamber Interpoeed and fOr
bade hlm to Introduce th.- toverelgn iBto tha
debate. Beeeral other apeakera partlclpated,
moai of them apiBovtag ?he eoarae af tt* Oov
. n ment.
Baron voa Bfllow, rlelng agaln. aald theeetab- i
llahmenl rt a frae port at Klao-Chau wouid
trobablj bo t correapond to German intereett in
!.,,., but they mgtal nol to pl< dge ;i"--''- ,
.elvea al th<! rery oatael "1 thlnk." be aald, II
, , ,. | .... ...- i . keep ndependenl in thla re
,., . .. i; gland h i H ing K.-ntr." fi- '? i I
t .., to Crete. ba declared: "We wlll ahare in m
? . ajv, pr.'ssure on Ihe rv-. neltber wlll wa ?
tlloa ourtelvea i ??? I 'un tIlto compllcatlona
on aeeaunl of Ci rte If itrl * artaea we Bball |
? ; latde quletly." i
p-ldng I-.-).. ?. Tbe Taung U Tamaa haa Ir- 1
, ,',' | tj. i/icerey of :; inklng to recBlve Prl
, upon the latti il al ,
hai _#_ I
Celombo, ''- '?'?'' K Tb* fleraian erataar i
? ?- tirrlved b re. bul her eeeiaort, the
.... Kaa nol yel been stghted I'm.,.- ,
.? i r i. la ?III la In hla eapa Iti
.,! ii ? .pted the Qovernor'a lmi
? ???-.'? ' -. r.iil
ara nnd l i li ipecl Ihe Mill srstion ot Nu
11 .'. ra, .l> 4 |
gl peteral irg Peh I IxcerdbBg ta tr-i5tworthy |
? nilna ha Bnallj sbandoned the id.a
.: a l?.jn ii. i. . ? taewhere
i ! \l.l. CAU8B& I VBXAT0B8 DEATB, ,
Bi stoa, Pab f Btate Beeater laaaea B Haye*. (
Ml btb, erbo *?* ttben le th* Clty llaapl
tai ''is! Tl.uifdav -venlng gufterlaB from atidomliisl
. eauaed bi t wreesthln falflay ea. B_ataee ,
- h _|ed at the h-.sr.lt ,1 at 8 ? o eleeh this morn
ln_ He was thlrty-two years ot a?e.
t.i ndon, |*eb. B, Oa rhe reaumembltng al tha
House of Lorda to day, nfter the raadttng Of the
Quean'a apcech, the aew Peara wata IntrodueaoT,
and took thelr Beata wlth tba bsbsI cereBionjr.
All tho gallCI 1C0 were filled. Ilenrv White. |ft -
ratarj of tha ITalted Btatea Bmbaaay, md Mra,
\\ hite, and Jarnea R. Csrter, Beootad Becratsrf
of tho Unlted Btataa EmbaaoTi wen in tho dlp*
I. matlc gallery. The Dake of Mo
i.ot-d Danravan araro am-nK tbe ,
on the n. ..r. Tho Princa af Wakaa ind tba Puke
of York W.-4-.' preeent,
Aft.-r rhe addrcea it. ropty to rhe spo.--h ftOSB
the thmr.e had I ean mored aad aecoaded ti.e
i Bjrl of Klmberley, the OppoattBrn leader !n tht
Houae of Lorda, replled rhat he regs seu the
local government of Iraland aa batag oaa of tha
mosi Important BobjectB of tho Queea'a Bpeach,
and white he regarded tha fJovarnrnenl m.-aMire
favorabty ha wag ooaapaltad t.. add that the
I.lhi-rn! party rwmslsed "f th' . pinmn that the
only permanent waj ??! aattafylBg Irelaad was
bj aatabtlahlBg Morae Rule Tha Earl of Klmber?
ley iiiii.iiy crlti laad tho 0 raarnment s po49cj in
the S'lidan. \\'.>st Afti.-a gnd tka far Kast. out
aald that ho aruahed to extrart no t-mhrrriasln*
liif.rniation. Whafl a Csblnel Minist- ?:. bOW*
evor, BPOka Of war h, tbOOgbl lt tiB88 Par'.ia
niont waa t.-id plalnly whai waa aaeaai He
aald he thought than 8'evM be iwmalderabOB
unanlmlty as ta rhe n- aaBtty for laimadlatl re.
lief of th?- dlatraaa m tha WaM Indtea, and he
would aithhold any .rin-ism wtth rafersnce to
the propptng Of a wanmg induatry untll h<- ?aw
exa.-tiy what tho Governmenl'a propaaata wara,
The Marquta af BalBBbury, lookir-.R w u. ross
and. leaalng hla banda on tba tabla whl< h ?>n'a
rat<d him from the Oppoaltfon, bagaa la lear,
coBveraatlonaJ toaea, a.s .( addreaatns l**B
Klmberley alone, Th* tirsi aaaourwearant
whlch provoked "Hearl Hearr waa thal t><?
fore many BlOnthO h- hopad that their OftOTtB ln
Egj pt would result in th- osptura Of Khar
When the Premler reached tht- quaetloa of
Chlna thara was a murmui of egpectan ty, *nd
th.> paclAc asaurai ra he gava a re racatvai
with evidenl approval aad rellaf. u<' aald:
I will not use a. H.ird whlch Beaaaa ta -rate
on tho noble Barl'a ?ar, but l may Bay tbare ia
no effort which th:s country aould not make
ratl er ti, m loe.ir tn a?j rtgl ta Al thi i ? aa
tim\ no one baa abown thi allghtesi lotanttoa
of Infrlnging thoae rlghta.
ln regard to he loaa it la true that we .mig
e--s-.ii .1- ..r.e .if tha condltlona the opening of
Taiien-Waa a.-a treat) port Chlna made aoma
? one, ind flpally, aa i i I. *B
the 17th, auggested thal the matter be lefl ln
abeyani untll the --aii-v ly rea bed Tait?n
Wan, a heti it ahould be opened aa i treat) port,
B?r Claude Mard nald (the Britlah M rtleter a,t
Peking) replled the neit day ti.at Chlna ar
cepted this. at,d Blnce th.-n I ha\-. beard nothlng
to the contrary, Tha old queatloa on tha L.an
la stili negotlatlng
l havi i- -..?'? ?! aprmtanMua aasurance f..->m
the Ruaalan f*ot I that any p-rt iheg
opened In Chlna will be open te fraa i ommerre,
I...[-.! Ballabury aald th, coticeaaloaa rhe <;ov
er-rnent had gflked '.n rrtllin fOT thi I'hlneae
loan were, wtthou ea eptlan, dlracted toward
mcreaatng i td fra itng tha trade arfth Chlna and
ri-nialne<l nothlng Injurloua to Chir.a. He c.>n
tlnu 1:
Regardlng the ite opening of Taiien
\\ an, tl ? ?' foi m'-d ua
that it would - thera rery much.
For reaaona thal It la not ? - y to enter
Into very cloaely, and for thelr own para
mmfotl and well bielng, they expreased the
deslre that we ahould noi Inalal on -his pro
poaal. Whereup n i replled thal the propoaal
.. ta nol eeeentlal. though we tboughl !t ad*
I'sntageoua, and I augg ated a> a compromiaa,
thai tha opening of Tallen-Wan be deferred aa*
tu the rallway reai bed the porl
It is bbvloua t.. everj one knoa'tng Tr!. eoan*
try well rl-.ar rh.- >untr) behlnd Tallen-Wan ia
pra.-ti.atlv worthless. No tradi ould irlae nll
the rallway reai bed the port A fea daya afr.?r
ward Blr Claude Macdonald teported thal the
ompromlae a ia a< capted as a eondltl m of tha
loan. an.' Bln4?e thea 1 have beard no n ?a aboui
Tallen Wan. Bul I am nound to bbi l im imt
vt rj much Intere.ted, aa I re ently recelved
from Ru-si.i :. ?!i".n aasura l ?' n port
they ohtaln leave to employ .i* an outlet f>>r
thelr eommi will h.- a free por! for all rhe
?i mmt-r. ? ' thla country A fraa [".rt B mu. h
? ???:? than a treaty port, an.t thua havlng ti
?ertalned thal Tallen Wan ? ia to bt a fr-? port,
t Interesta us yery little Indaed to know wh^ther
t win be a treaty port oi
l may aay thal almllar aaaurancea bave heen
nade ua b) the (Jerman Q ivi?rnmeni respectlng
I .? terrll iry they recently ? upled Ind.t. the
ierman Oovernmanl went further and were
n..rf flatterins to ua. for the fJaranaa Ambaa a*
i.?r told me they had eoneluded that oar naaa
ier of d.-alinur with ?ii?-h thlnga waa better "han
thelra, and that in thi-i irist.iti.-.-. ar any ra'e.
hej Intended to mltate our methoda Regard.
nir the loan. I hope ln fl fea daya to lay the
ispera on th. table d allnit arlth ir. bul I wara
he noble Earl th.ir the Informatlon aill ba os*
eedlngly -?> anty a bi n It ippeera
Tuminx to imiia. Lord BalBBbury dectarad rhat
he troublaa ?ith tha AfrtdJa wara rmr dua to
he OCCUpatli n Of the ChltraL nor to fanatloiam,
>Ul r,, tsrror ar th" apptoa. h of Ctl illi-iflOB, lt
vas only mtended to oecapy saeh B4dltfcaaal
)ost? on the frontler as eompetent mllltary .-.u
boritlea deawed abaolately aeceaaary
The Adtlrer.s v as ih.-n adopted, after whlrh tha
[onso of Lorda adjosrned
DccnoB of Btuj iia wnxiAM
Ixmdon F*b " Oa the reeWflBPtlSa 8f biatneae
i lou.-.- ..f ? 'iiinni.ii.1 ibl tbe i ew
,,.n.i? r- ao8 ?? r eeai Idmlral lord Cbar ???
\ ark, ", lo.idiy
ii,-, rea, ?:??'.? ?' ;i I ew roember for
Btepben'i < ln ra Dlvtaloa Du aa
,. , was an bad '?> rh* irUh maaabara
? rrtng ba I - 1
i ln tha ? ? :.?-.' naeat
, ..; louae, v .i Balfaur, Flral Lord of
. .,. araa a?adl] beered by tba Conoarvs*
, . kmlats wbn be i| n ia s, and
r y, || rlarvourt, tt.. Uberal leader, ? i< alaa
,;r:(..\ . ? la aupportera
on a aeaalonal motlon thai Paen a ' Lord Uoa*
Intei ? - Jtrnea
,lWt'.... .? membar for thn ia,* of
t ;.,- [ Kenl red an ainei :'???<?< I to
nii th.- wanl Peera," "i'" Sfllfrld Laa aa Bart.
il, membar far the Cackacaaaatk Wvtaaoa of
. ? '.md. aacended tne Baouaa
-,;. Balfi ,i-i :-.,i tbal it was ?ru* th.? Kaaaa
ad no power to eafaraa lha ecder, b al aataaa aa*
Itsd bj rh* Oppaattloa leader i ? tdaaH Baataaa
aurae, be aouM \ote BsahaB thi- aaaeailaaaat
:rentual ? BBaeadaaeal wai BagBtlvad hy 3H
o 100 yot.-a
Osrald Ba four, tho Chkn laaratary lar iretani.
n.. not:- ?? tbal ba araaM hatradaoa on ThviadBg
-,,- Local Ooveraaaeal MU for Irelaad,
\ ., r notlcea a tba tatreduetlen al oth.>r biila
ul baaa gtvaa. -^i aki r Oalrj re*d th* Qaoia'S
whleh bad ptevtoaoli baaa read la imtri
touaee .?? rarllammt !n tbe Raaaa of Laeda hy
he i.ori ChanoaUar Maadtag on ihe atep* af the
hrone The xpee.-h waa then moved and a-v-onded.
ii wrti.itn Hareaarl replled Ho aail the r,o\a*
rnaaenl coaM aai aaaablala ?hat tba Raaaa ani
mi.itrj v*,-.. demaadlai ??xplanaliona upon tnany
latten BTben one hundre.l thoua.iiri men aera
i araaa tn rartaas part*. h* a-tie.i they saaM not
.>nuralu!.-it* tlienitetvea ui 0:1 T'.ix BrBaaaM
in rep'y to sir wr.iiam firaea Raraaaifa aen.
rai atta k on th. i}ov*rnmeni 4 pollcy n the Kitt
lr. Balfour .pok. brtefly and to the aam. .ff.ct aa

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