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of aome very dleatrreeable thlnga. euch aa trav
ellena usually look for ln all rountries where
they ha\e only time for a Biiperflrlal earvey and
are dtapceed to put down nli they haarwltaoai
the opportunlty for thorough Investlgatlon. In
187.r> he went as Scoond Secretary to BIU8BJ8M,
thence two years lntcr to Bueros Ayres. and
afterwnrd a*. Flrst Becretary at Mentevldeo.
A hrlef stav In Farla. proceded his transfer to
vVasnlngtnn 'ln 1NK2 ae Flrst Becretary. The
Minlitter dled at hla post. and r?upuy de LSBIt
became Oharare d'Affalrea ad Interlm, eonduct
1ns himself with sreat c.redit, Cuha nt that tlme
helnc ln reb*rlllop and the responsibi'.ity helnc;
equal almost to that exlstlng tc-dfly. AlteTtoure
at FWlin nnd Madrld. foilowed hy fhe necotla
tlon "f commeriMal treafles ln Rome nnd I.on
don. h" was elected to the Cortes. where be
r-erved untll aenl na Minlster lo the Vnlted
States In 1*01'.
Soon nfter his arrlval the Llheral Govornment
cnme Into power, and he waa relleved ns Minls?
ter and at the eame tlme appolnted Royal
Conimissloner to the CnltimMan Exposltion. In
Wblcb enterprlse he had sucecoded ln Interest
haf Spain after that country had falled to pro
Vlde for partlclpation. Hy his aaTjrressi4e ln
Btatence he seoured spac which had he.-n re
Fcr\.-.1 for othr-r countrtes. Tbe enthualaatlc re
j.or'.s he aenl home. appenllna; to Spain's prlde
to make a credltaMc shcwinK at the celcbratton
of the aohievements of h"r moal eelebrat'-d navi
gator, ar.d th" peraonal letters fleat to publlc
men and oth<-rs <>t lnfluence. flnaKy reoulted In
a memorable di^p'ay, Includlnpr. the mont valna
ble loans.
He In.luced th" Infanta F.u'.alle to vla't Ann>r
Ica as the r"pre.?entatlve of Spanish r\alty.
and left nothinp undone tn draw the I'nited
Ftates and Spain closer together by glvlng
Amerlcans nn opportunlty to learn as much ns
poaalble "f that country and its people. V r
a year hefore the openlnrc "f the Bxpoflltlon, and
untll well Into the followlng Wlnter, when th"
prlceles* exhlhlts for wboea safety he was per
Bonally reeponalble arere packed hy his own
hands and returmd to t1 "ir owners, h" wns
lnd"fatljrab!e. and freiuent.y for succ. ssiv- daj'fl
and niphts he never nlept. Subseuuently for
ovr a venr. 4vhi!e on leave. he traveU'.l all
over the I'nited States, studylnaf economlc t..p
Icp. and then. afrrr a few months ln Cuha. he
returned tn Madrld. arrlvlriir there the day he
Was apa'.n ajpolnted Mlnister to the Unlted
Ptates. He returned at on"<- to Havana. where
he spent a shore tlme in consultatinn with
General CBmnoa, and theacc haflteaed to Wnsh
1npt.>n, where he presented his .-ra'dentinls to
President Cleveland on May 8, 1895.
The recall of the Minlster has left the I.ejra
tlon ln char*Te of refior Don Juan du Bosc. the
ranking F.rst Secretary, who wlll probably
B"n e ln the rapaelty of Charga'-d'Affalri s un?
tll Dupuy de I^5me'8 suocessor rearh"9 Wash
Ington. He ls a younp mai. who has achleved
cnskWable personal popularlty here. He !? an
Oxford atradunt", and, helnc; a Uberal ln poli
tlcs. is thought to be ln thorcuprh accord with
the pollcy "f the Satrasta Mlnlstry. His father
was a Spnnlard and his mother an Engllsh
womaa. Ha Bpealu Engllah as fluently as
Ppnnlsh. He came here from Havana. replectBg
BeBor Boler as Secretary of Legati oa, who re?
turned to Madrld and w.is confldentleJ Becre?
tary to Premler CBaovai many montha befora
the !att"r's nssasslnatlon. wh"n he return".! h.-re
at the Mlnlsrer's request He has be?n proml
Tient ln th" dlplomatlc servlce of Spain f"r a
lonar tlme, and ls r"irarded aa an abk- and dls
cr-i t man.
WashlnRton, Feh. 10 (Special) ?The prompt
ncss with which the Adnir istratlnn se.-ured the
terminatlon of the Spanlsh Minlster's offlclal
care^r ln Washlngtin was ln stronp contrast
to that which marked the hesltat'.ng policy pur
flajod by Mr Clevaktad ln the SackvilU-West
taddent Two daya after the latter's letter to
Mu:< hlson waa published in The Trlbune, and
Bfter The Trlbune had published an lnterview
with him acknowl"dglna7 th-? letter and Intensl
fyini: the alleixed offence. Secretary' Hayard
ask- d for his pcj.11. This WM refused, and not
untll a week later was he finally dlamlaaed.
Wlthla e!x hours after the letter of the Span
Iflh lllalater was publlsh"d Mlnister Wimdford
'?wns int>tructe1 to aay at once to the Minlster
of Btata that. the immedlate recall of Mr. Dupuy
ti.- LAme is expected by the Prealdalnt." In the
m-iiii tlme, however, the Minlst"r had resign'd,
BlgViatlon had been acc. pted, and his re?
call had been ettected almost slmultaneously
Wltb tv,4.- prompt d.-mand.
I.i .rd Sa^kvllle-West was allowcd to continue
ln an offlclal capaclty a week, embarrasslng the
Admlnlatratlon by repa-ated Btatementa Just
prior ti a Natlonal olectloB, before he was
nnally dismiss"d. In the latest case th" dia*
mlssal wouid have cnme wlthla twenty-four
hours had Spain delayed actlon.
prni.ic OPDflON IN MADRIP.
pj:rMn:R pagasta on CTTBAM ^^ATTERS.
Madrld, Jan 20.?In an artlcle h"nda?d "Herter
Impreearana" "Fi i.iherai." whiie admlttlng thnt
of late th'T" hns heen poo.l cause for anxlety. and
that "more lisrht ls requlred on cerraln arrlons of
the OadtOd Btatea," ls of the Optaloa thnt matters
art mi.Klns; pr,,?;ress fnvornhly f..r Spain in t'uba.
It calla atteiirlon to the fa"t that. what"4?-r niuy
have beea or nre the secret mtenttoni ot Ihe I'nited
Btatea Oovernment, all the comnninl'-arlians pass
lnK between it and the Ppnnlsh Mtoiatry arlth
r..'>iM.ee to the vlatl of the battle-ahlp Maln? lo
Havana are of a frlendiy nature. and that In
dlplomacy ...I Kr.-4-ernments muat pay attentloa to
the form in whleh comnnuntcatlons are mado. Wh.Ie
the fc?rm is fr.tndly lt must be BBOt ln a frlendiy
manr.tr, IhOUgh at th" same tlme lt Is the duty of
lha Oovernmenl to rr"pare for "hldden aventuall
tl' - ' It conslders fortune has at last glven Spain
a good tnrn by brtagaag to Unvnna, at the same
tlme as Ibfl Maine. warships of otr.er nations, and
If the polltl-iana at Washltig-ton thlnk Of al"slre
to maka other .-?..;.'.-'r-s thlnk that ,','.s..r.',..r !? p\t
ln ir." capltal of Cuba, tha crulaera of Germany,
France . '..l Kngland are th<re t.. bear arltni -
Ih. ? ?:,' charge If they conslder thnt
th> j have . i ;k:.? to atudy cloae at hand the r<
of tbe ree tlon, they have rmw aiready laarned
thai nelther Bpaln nor Europe ooncedea them any
auel -r.-.i;,*:- if they have aeted, however, trlth
frier.i'.... Intent, th"n -ue preeence of tbe other shn>s
wlll cc nflrra them in thoae t,-.,;.) Inten
t;. nt i > Bhowlns them th" Impoaalbiltty of pr * ea i
Iiik in aay other manner In short. a false move
hns l.r'ii mnde. lut BOt ihls uni<a by UB
in sj Ita of popular nuaora to the eontrary, tha
Bpaalah Ooveraaaflai assures the country thal It is
eatif.flt-4 no comoilc atlons wld arlae frcm th" v!-.|'
of the MatBa te Hevaaa. Havlag axptalaed away
the pra-senee of the I'nited ?4 aies w.uship, the
orfi^...:-. pro ??? i te cny t.'ra: rh<- preaeatoa of war
\- ? Imih otl.tr i-vuntrlcfl ia ir. aa wny ni
as u i:< fraquently Ibe . usiom for forelgn s)iij,.s to
"put In ar Havana for provl-dons" Bucb is the
kagaaae sanployed hy the chier Mlnlaacra. Fur
thertniTe, vm h reapecl to the report that ripaln wns
BtndihK u aajua Uaa af aerebftae to the Unlted
Btates, th* I'laiiner. BeBor s..K;.st,.. reaaarked;
"Tbla atateaaenl laabeolutely arltboul foundattoa.
The Oovernmenl baa i.'.ir entertalaed suth na
Ida-n. tik- Vtacaya aloaa wlll ga to repay thi
of the Man..-, r j; she wlll nor h? a.-LO.'i.'paiiiea by
fcn>- other veeeel, .-.r, tna crula< r haa no need ut an
la far aa the rappeeed aanaUnma ls eeaeamed
rjtr,...j; ,., mor? ... orreci Tba Oovernment haa
been occupled arlth aendlng io Cuba aeveral de
fltroyera, ?hlc?i were reauealed by Oeneral B
for ir,..- objeci of patrolllng and defendlna th. i auto
auver. bui thla occurrefl befori the North Amerl
2ff,,r/>n ?'?, ?????' ?"' m Cuba, aad even now the"
? ;*'? -l ,?-"?? iri aendli.*; tht-ac- 'deatroyera,' as
Pvrtherm r. li ls Incorreet to ?ay these rflBBflll
tne ..ir.ii.- to Havana ro dellver aa attai h on u,?
Bpamsh Oovernment In the intarest of the Carllat
party. It rldlcuiea the afforu of the Mlnlatry to
niKki. lt Kppeiii- tliat (he vlall la one i,f curtesv
, ? . " . -? ??*?- -^.>?.. ?'. u y...i. iaj.Ji.4 (-01.
ceiv. ! an , hypocrltlcanr unn li.-j by n.ia aatlon of
pork-te.lers, the hrutal enemlea of bur raee ar.d of i
our rule ln Amerlea."
It further warna rhe Oovarnmaail to preoare f^r
all contlngem le :..:']lna:
"i-"'..- tba damrer Ir.rreasea. nnd the momcrits are
dec. Ivo Ir. our hlatory. 'El Jrni.ar.-la:' -als f.,r
ca.miira.a f<,re?:c'.' nr-d en?r?;y Ir: face of lha eventa
that nr.- belng ir.roj e.i Bul we bave aiready ex
haus'e'i our c&lmneaa in valn; foresiunt bat i el! ?? r
exlt'ed in the pn.st nor docs it exltt ln the pri et.i
Uftrarl'" Att caiefuily prej nr. d from
aa vra. v* o Ju,( |, regata! le Ingi
Pillo mlld yei eertain ln
w.? Th'y r'"'-' a!' 1;v<'1 troublea,
blllouDiiess, headache, Indigestlon. l'5c
on the port of our ruWs. Energy alone ls th?
thlnn we enn nse "
i- endi by auggcatlng thnt this energy shon d be
??,, ,. , nly Rgalnai a hoatlle nmion. hut agaIne the
m. n wh ? have i aai al ihe feettof the i nlted BUtea
tbe nnma- and honor ?>f Ipaln.'
nq prog1umm by thf. new policy in
?KANTASTi.r BITIBMB or a rauical,
BABDVflBBfl FX'R spain.
[av Tr.nBDRAPn to the Tniatme.]
Havana. Feh. !'. vla Tampa. Feh. W?Experl
merital gatonomy ln Cuba has rea-'hed the ex
planatlon siage. This week has been glven over
ta explanatlona froaa MadiM that the Sagasta
Mlnlatry ls not bent on reeonstttuting the Aa
tonotnlel Cabloet. that the bad Impreoalonfl ??*?
ated bave no real basls, and that the Mlnlstry
Is flBttefled arlth the progress which the new
reglmen is maklng. The Autoiiomlet rabinet
membere expleln, on their part, that they are
nol divided among theinaelveB, They edd that,
whilo th"y have exerted themselves lndlvldually
to persuad* the Inevrgenta to y1"ld. lt 1b not
thelr function Bfl a Cablnet to treat with OomCS;
that. they say. and In naylng !t. relleve them
eelves of a h.-avy burden of rosponslblllty, he
longa to ibe mllltary aathorltlea. They farther
eaplata thal thelr time bj taken up with 1m
portant civll affalrs. such as arranglng the
baelfl tor the redprodty treaty with the Unlted
Stat.s. which, If ronsummated, may have an
Important effect ln dlsintegratlng the 'nsurree
Naturally. lt wlll be accepted everywhere that
the explanatlona wouid not he so rrofuse If
there were nnthlng to explaln Th* truth ls that
the Befljaata Minlstry has ehOWB difiappolntment
over the fallure of the Autonomists who have
heen put in offlce to exerolse a more pronnunoed
Inflaence on the insurrectlon. The memhers of
the Cablnet BUSpected that they were to be the
scapegoats befoce tha people of Spain. They
hastened to protest, and to make clear that In
their vlew Captaln-Oeneral Blanco and General
Pando were the persons to hold responslble, for
with them has been lodged ln reallty the su
preme power for cnrrylng Into effect the pollcy
of autonomy. The arrlval of thelr Reforrnista
colloague, Mr. Dolz, who has been heralded from
Madrld as the personal representatlve of the
Queen Regent and the Mlnlstry- ln the Cuban
Cablnet. dld not lncrease thelr wllltngness to bfl
beld reaponalbla Mr. Poiz, ln the short tlme he
haj? be.n ln Havana. haa lenrned many things
that It was Impoeelblfl f?>r hlm to understand ln
Madrld. His lrnpressions of the sltuatlon wlll
be of decp intereat to Sagasta and Moret. It all
comes back to the maln questlon thnt tf any
chance remalns to Fpaln for the re-establlsh
ment of ber s<>\ereignty by means of autonomy,
autonomy must flrst he establlshed by the army.
IfOial suaslon wiil not do It. Blano. nnd Pando
are at the head of the army. and the Autonomlst
Cablnet once more leavi-s the task to them.
In the confut-lon some plana are dlscuflsed.
One Is the foimatlon of a new Radlcal party
which shall have negotiatlons with the lnsur
gents as the baso of lttt programme. M. Olberga.
who returne.l with Dola. has been auggested
aa the leader of the new movement. Whlle he
was ln Europe Olberga thcught that. slnce au?
tonomy had been granted to Caba she could
want ni'thlng more. Buck on the lsland he may
thlnk sorneihing else 1b needed. The vlolent In
translgente press seema to thlnk there may bfl
?ometblng In the pian. for it lnsinuates attacks
agalnat iJil-rga, holdlng hlm lndlrectly re?
sponslble for the death of Canovas. If a pros
pec? existed that a Radioal party could really
bling 'h" Insurgtnts to treat for peace on a
basis short of indep'-ndence, the Government
whlle 1t ostenslbly discouraged the movement.
mlghl aecretly enroura+re lt. But the scheme ls
too fantastlc to flnd any supporters. The ln
?Urgenta Wlll not treat with polltlcal partles
any more than they wiil treat with the Autono?
mlst Cablnet They are having a hard tlme ln
the held. j"t they are no mure dlsposed to com
prombM now than at any p"riod since tho ln
surreotion began.
lt is a barren prospect for Captaln-Oeneral
Blanco. The authotitlefl are exerclsing the poliev
of reprecsion so rlgldly that they may prevent
boatllfl d.-rmnstrations In Hnvana. The muzzl"d
ne4vspaper press has been subjectrd to a fresh
censorship in order to prevent suggestlons that
autonomy ls not a sueeess But measures of
this kind cannot change the fe.-ling or decelve
th" Havana publlc Into bellcvlng that progress
is made when the Oovernmeal is Btattonary.
The aathOaitlee now have fresh cause for un
easlness in the restiven^ss nf the Spanlsh prop
erty-holdlng claaaea ln the ir.t"rior towns of th
island. Th"y are agriin hol'Hng secret meetlngs
and trylrg to devlse a p'an whleh wlll enabl
them io ask th" protactlon of the I'nited Stat"s.
They are nmst actlve ln S.-.nta t'lara Province,
44h'i" atrenuoufl eff..ns have been made to Im
; auti iiuniy. They hesltate at open rebell
lon flagadnfll .Spain, yet they talk of sendlng a
repreaentatlva to vTaablngton to lay their case
unofllclally before the State Department.
Havana, Pab 10 The Qovernaneal hns off*red le
renilt th" llne of |Mfl Inijiosed ujaon tho Ameri"nn
rachi Buecaneer for "breakmg the Naval UepArt
men: r >.n condltlon that she wll! r.f-r r?
lum r,> Cuba Her owner haa Inatrueted his csp
I for th? fln" under protest, and
."t r-> .i ';,r tha eondltloaa offered Patrola from
Ipaalah warahlpa watched the yar-nt at nlght. It
iv..? rumored that Oeneral Juiio Sanguiiiy and
; Palma .'?'. i ?? on board
Th" Admlral ard Otber iir?!.-?rs of the French
rulaer Dul irdleu, accompanled hy the Krench
'Oni .! hava VlBlted and wl romed ''apraln-Oeneral
"IflB Lueha," conimentlng upon tho De I/lme
llTair. -
"Ai VariOUa tlmes during pael yenrs we have
arill lhal ra.-r. r l?ii[>i,y .1.- I,,1me |.s not themsn
:t..-.t Bpaln needa ?t bla moaneat in ITaahlnglon
ir. ??;,.!" if ihlB, ii,- BBoal prommeal Madrld poii
bava not tlioiigh! ao." "I.a LaUCba" adds.
"W< bave r. Habte Information to ihe effeol thal
ri..- letter attrlbuied t.. BeAor da Loaaa 4vhi. tmer
?;.t..i befora it was AaUverad t.. p.nor Caaalejaa
It w.is r lllnfl flboal tba World hr-t^r* arrlvlng at
Tha Journal aad Advertlaer1 aflBee. cther unn**
ara aald trhl h wUI u.. eleared up m Uaaa and cauaa
conBiaerabia aaionlahmant." ?..,.?u*a.
i. i Teai hou, ... prtaiMem of the Home Hav
Inga Bank, ol !>.?? Molnea, lovaa. Jamea \v liiii
preaidcut <.f tht Commerclal Hank. j Beiei a
i. ?. ir..,;. and 1. K Koss, of Llvlngaton lfl ar
';,'irL-,'ilr '"unM154 >,'M':ii''i>- fur "'? PUlpiaae ,,f
r1*^ ] II ls l/i( 4 ( *LJ II l I j
* ?'? Bduardo l.olt, Her-re.nry of Cnmmun|ri
tlona, I'.*:* ni i Tetflarrapaa, took thn ?ati. of nui'i
11m preaanoa >.f Cagaato-Cleneral Blaneo io
S. r Dolz had hlmself pbOtearapbed whlle In
Bpaln as a MlnKter, and tneu t.? land with the uni
f rin on, bul he ?-i. compellad to aia-Himt a.n,i HUs
cautli ned that ho. bad no nxl.t lo ust- the unlform
lt lt reported lhal the Maraula Itabel hua tol.i
hla clgarette facl >r>, La Legitlmldad Bualnl to an
Aic ri .,n iyndl Bte f. i rj OOfl000
i ordei of tba Oovernment, the ruh-majorM of
tbb provlnca m- aeeurlng algaaturea aaaeng
a/omeri of lha beat f4inllii-?>. petltlonlng tfie New
York Jur.ta to BOCBpt uutononiy. The petltlon al
legee that Ciitat dealres peace. and that all are au
tonomlata. even the women _ .
I'aptaln-Oeneral Blanco, K Ia reported. la aerl
oualy VllaKti.ated because of hla fallure to eeoure h?
i__ml_.t_rl of the lnnurirents ln the east <Bf Ibo
island. and It ls nlso reported that hefore Mn n
will return to Snain. Whlle on ahlp tha CeoUln
Genoral'a "cane of command" foll overlioBrd. and
tho occurrence ls considered one of lll-omen and an
lndlcation that he will aoon loan hla command ln
Wa-xhlnitton. Eeb. 10.?The De Mme letter haa
already attracted the attentlon of forclirn 0_T?
ernmentn, aad appeara to he reKnnled by them
as an Important factor In the Cuban qOOBtkm.
Home of th.* forelun Mlnlsters nt WashltiRton
have ndxis-d thelr r.r.vernments fully on the oc?
currence. Th'lr dlspatches were mtsleadln* at th"
ontset, for members of the I Upl.uiiatlc Torps
assumed that the letter waa a forgery, and some
adxi.-es cnveyed this vi.-w of the caaa. KOW
that its Kenulneness haa Iren establlshe.l. the
facts have heen sent to most of the fOf-tga
No iruident ln recent days has caused such a
sensatlon ln the Dlplomatlc Pnrps. There Is
utilversal resret am-'ng the Ambassadors and
Mlnlsters who have been brmight IntO close
sodai relatkma with ScrVir .le LOme, it has niso
BTOUaed a keen dteCU-BlOfl as to the rlfhl of
crlti.ism which a Mmlster can linlu;?" In under
the aeal of a prlvate letter. Whlle thera is no
general conaenaua .>f oplnlon bbiobb dlplomatlc
BUthorltlea, yat many of them tak<* the vlew that
it Is not only a risht. but a duty. for a Minlater
to pr..-. ni every detall, even of a peraonal
natura, xvhich Iii hls Juilirment may ald In a
correct understatidinK of a .ase. A dlatlnctlon
Is made by them between oftlclal and paiaOBBl
Waehlnrton. Feb 10 The De I/ma ir.cldent was
th? ptipcliial sut.Jert of commont ln all .inies nt
the I'apltol to-day, and the uniform ren-.ark was
that the Mlnlster hnd ln rO-tgnlng pUI-UOd Ibe mily
course left open to hlm after the nutbentictty of hls
letter had l>e?n publlabed ln the Senale there
were occaslonal expresslona of surprlse that a dip?
lomat of the experien-e of the Spanish Mlnlster
should have lntiusted a doeimient of the chara'ter
of hls letter to Poflor I'nnalejas to the malls. an.l
one or two Senatots expressed personal sympathy
for SeOr Da l/.me. POBowlng are some of the e.x
prosstons heard on the flour of the BenatOl
Senr.tor Alllson- Havlne; confessed, I should aay
that there was nothine; left fOT Mr. De I/.me. to do
but tn get out of th* oountry. and, ln my oplnlon,
the sooner ho fpies tha l*etter.
Benator Platt, of New-Vork The, tncldent la very
unfortunnte at this tlme, but, now that Mr. D?
LOflM Is ftoltiR BWay, perhapa the lesa enld the bet
S*nator Jones, of Arkansas -In vlow of Mr. De
Lome's uaJUBtlflable attack upon the personal char
ncter of th.* Praaidant of th.* mited states, i
should hav Kix.-n hlm his passports at nn.-a, in
stend of flskitiK fur his recall
Beaator Davla, ehalrmaa of the Commlttee. on
Poretgn Rotattoaa There was nothlng left for Mr
ii- Lome to do but resi-n, gfter acknowledglng the
authorshlp of the letter. \io has taken that Mep.
and 1 presutne the mntter may be roneldered ended
Senator Turple, also of tho i 'ommlttre. on Poretgn
Relatlona Notaithatandlng Mr. Vn jjObhYm rastg
natlon, It will stlll r. st with th.* Praotdent to say
wbether he shall attll !?** dbrmtoaed. i ahouM say
that he ahould t>.-. ln cane tbere la any great d-!n>
in hls departure from the country.
Benator Hale There \xas nothlng lefl for Mr. I>?
LOme to do bul realgn after acknowledglng th"
genulnenena of the letter. Btlll, tha I.lent ls i
melnnoholy Inatance of a man'a Injuring his own
fortunea and pnaothly deatioylng a brilllat careei
?.unfortunate mlaatep. wlth thla exceptlon.
Mr, l >.< i/.me s r.ir.-er hereaa the repreei ntatlve of
bla country nt a crttlcal tlme has been entlrely
credltable, and he has done much t" malntaln
amlrahle relatlona between the two nattona He
has heen wi-.. prudenl and conaervattve, and has
,1 ne much lo preoerve peace ahen many a leaa
cautloua man wouM have been apt to commll an
offence lhat would have reaulted ln hoetllltlei ll
X-..-1S certalnly Indtecreel on hls p.irt to wrtte su.-h a
letter and commll it tO the malls, nnd he ahould
have known bettar. I hav- not oonferrod aitb Mr,
De l.ome alnce the letter waa made publlc, but I
feel confldenl that th.* translatlon given ..ut _lv*s
li the haraheal poaalble tone, and I belleve thal a
proper tranalatlon would aoften II tery mucli Pei
aonally, l f--el tbe deepeat sympathy in tbe matter.
nnd I am aorry ihnt Mr De l.Ame, is to retlr.-. but
I do n?.t allow myaelf to thlnk for a moment lhat
the lncldeni will be the enusc pf atralnlng tbe rela?
tlona between this country and Bpaln, The lAberai
Mlnlatry will. "f cour?e, send tis as Mlntoter a mnn
,if \x* om pnrtv. and I have no donht we shall
aecure an accaptabla and oompatent man as Mr.
Da LOme'a Bucceeaor.
Thera was greai rejolclag at the Cuban Junta
yaaterday aaar lha fact that Dupuy de um? hnd
ii.imitt.d that Ihe letter gtven out by the Jnetawaa
genulne. Tbe B-oat -onaervatlra of the C__ana
COUM aee nothlng but good for thelr cnuse In the
IBahlPg publlc Of this letter. The wh'.le trnnine
ti.m was aonduet-d by " 'rv!" s Bu_a_B, eo-nael
for the Junta, nnd he waa tha only person author
ized to spe.ik offlcially on the aubjeet of the latter.
Be made the followlng Btateaaaat to n _rlh_B0 re
porter yeaterday aftern?-Oi
"Th<re haa I"-:. aoma CrttlClam Of the translatlon
?f ihe letter, in whlch 11 bi sald that the Bngtlah
terma uaed wera entlrely too stronp and dld nor
accurately repreaenl tha Spanish rr,enning. Th<
boal Engllah-Bpaalah dlctlonartea ahow that tb.
BBlldeat pooalbla lerma wara uaed m the traaala
tlon Tak- the word "gTooerla.' whlcb wa trana
latn 'eoaroeneaa*; the beat autiioritles Kive lt as
meanlng "groaeneaB, or shnnieb ssness ln word or
ICtlon.1 The w..rl ?pollll-r.istro' ls K'.x.-n as mean
lag _ petty polltlclan' or 'a pretender to poUUea.'
r.-pnlachero' is irlven by ihe same atithorltlui as
meanlng 'one who Influeneoa tiie mob or rabt.'.e.' i
thlnk from tboae facta that we have abown the
moit cooaorvatlva action In tranalatlng the refer
aacaa Beflor da LOme made to Prealdent McKlnley
if ihe Bpanlah Oavernment alkrwa Beflor da i/im ?
to realgn Inatead of recalllng him, it is nn almis
Mon an iis part thal II practlcally atanda by tha
Minlater, and to all intents and purpooea ladaraaa
?.is actlona and aentlmenta The letter is Borety
mtalda ol a peraonal eommunlcatloa, ns lt refers
to atrlctly Qovernmenl mattero, aucb as the aendlng
if a man her.- io repreaenl Bpaln pra tieaiiy as a
iobbylat' and then touches on the commerclal re!a
iions of the governmenla
"i beHova taat it aill ba a dlflkull ihinr; for Spain
lo flnd a ma-i to represi-nt her at Wasdinirion wh.>
haa ooi at some tlme crttlctee. tha Unlted Stat's
idveraely, BTho Do LOme'a aucceaaor aill be we
have no ldea, bui w.r do belleve that It will take
KMBa tlme fur S| iln to pet a man who inn come
in th.- Unlted Btatea aad properly repreacnt his
?ountry. Wa belleve thal Beflar da I/lma only ex
areaaed 'he aentlmenl "f the majorlty af aii Bpaa
arda xxho ar<x ln p. iltleal ||fe ln their own country.
"in .onneotioi aitb tha letter, i beBera that tha
people of tha Unlted Btatea si...uid conatder other
loiiloiis ln addltlon to thoae whlch .-ast reflactlona
?a un- l'n-s.deiit. They Mi uld underatand thai lha
eller ..- a refl tlon ? rerj Amerl .ir. "
Th* his-or\ ol how tha letter was obtalned by
:ho Cubaaa is. a.. far as th<- ol!) lala Of tne Junta
ira conci nofed, a ? ile l I .k. bui tha fa ta af how
i xs.is obtalned are belna dla loaed aradualii by
ndlvlduala wtio are latereated in the cause ^'rum
he Btatementa obtalned from vartoua i.pla yea
arday the facta appaar io be theae a str..nk;
uban Bympatblaer entered the aervlce of Canel. |aa
ii.d obtalned tha letter from his empioyer'a ri'-sk at
.?? hotel ? ; x\ hi ii :.i- was atopplng In HLavana Tha
Hitrr was tahaa from a buoala >>: other papera,
md ln ..rd.-r tha- li would nol be missed a- mce
h? eavO-ope waa lefl tn tbe bundle. Aa aoon .i?
he letter araa obtalned lt wai taken loConau Qen
?ral Lee, arho atudled lt carefully and Ihen cab:ed
t* contenta n. ctpher t.. Waahlngton, _a soun as
hn letter bad beea ahown t.< the Conaul-Genera] 11
\.is broughl t" lha Unlti I Btatea l>> the man who
.htait,..i it He at once ihowed lt lo the Junta.
rblcb proceeded to vertfy it by comparlaoa wltb
iiher letiera of Da LOme. al laa aame tlme suii
riittitiK it, wltb other lettera known t., be In hla
landwiitlng. to eaperta After this was done l
tatrada Palma and Colonel Nunea, of Ihe Junta,
?. the lei tei to Waehlnglon and aubmltted lt i<i
be Btate Departmenl arhlch carefull) Inveatlgated
> before aeiinic in t.re matter The proofa, acrord
ng ia the Cubana, wera In the iiniuis nf xt,e Btate
" i .a imenl long before tha letti r was made publlc.
"(.?? ..ttrr. accordlne lo the aame authorltlea, \x.is
ecelved in Mew-Tora abortla after January 10 and
raa p'acod at ihe dlapoaal of the State Departmenl
a aoon aa it aaa proved authenUc
Ti,.. man wbo broughl the letter bora la conald
re.i by tbe Cubana a-. n greai h-rii Thev conelder
bal im baa <i ma one of the greaieai of servie..a t..
he ''uban cauae Ir. ,iis loslng ihe oplnlona ol the
ii.uni.ii Minlater on tbe iltuatlon. wi,.. this man
a an.i where he i? they refoae to make publlc but
nei do iay hi ? aa be produeod nt any !___.
in. Bpanlah i onaul, Arturo Baldaaano y Tooete
raa not al home to callera r-alerdai nt hla ..m. .?'.
?o 4 ston.-st TO all Inqulreri for Ihe Conau' hU
acretary made the atereotypo- reply: "No aee; too
The Do LOme lettar was tha Brtaetpal ti.i.i- of
onveraatlon ln lha bualneaa clrclea of ihe rliV ,
erl.iy. Whlle the pub leation of Ihe letter an
?onsor,,?.p,.o., erouaed tha Krentesi Intereat everv
<rhere. Ihere we.enot,^ l,ut favoCBl.rOBIBK ts wlth
e?ard i?. the pontllon taken by the Adn.lnli raMo
n regard to Cho affalr. and the bcllef waa aveay"
Broadway & f?th St.
23 MaiJen Lanc?
where express*d ihat the Ineldent wouid l*ad to no
further unpleaeaal or graver reealtfl
? ?
how it ia aiiwiil im r.nvt.oN.
I.ondon. Eeb. 10. "Th" St .lames's flazelt." this
afrernoon nlone rnmmcnts upon the Da V>nie lnc|
Oenl lt says:
".Sefior de l.flma has resli;n*d. nnd It ?hh rhe
rlghl course, whether he wrote or dld not wrlt" the
letter; but the Ineldent bj hound to mnk" unpleaa
iintness between rhe two Oovernmenta and add to
the cbancea of troubla aboul Cuba, arhlch nr* by
no me.-.ns so few .is certain authoiitlea profeaa tn
Kmory \V Kmn, a mnjor of artill*ry ln th"
Cabaa army, araa nmons th* paaaengara wh<? ..r
riv"d on the ateamer rucatan yeaterday from Ha?
vana. He visitert the Junta yeaterday nnd denled
the rumor thnt h" had Burrendered lo th" Bpanlah
aml had recelved 18,000 fnr ao dolng.
an att.vk OM BPKAKBB nrr.ri mape BT IBNA*
aPaebhagtOn, Peh W For almost the entlrc ses
slon of tba Benate to-day the Indian Approprlatlon
hi!i was under dlacuaalon. The readlng ot ihe hiii
4v.:s completed and all th" oornmltree nm"iiilm"nts
were adopted. 1 ibaequently Beveral ameti imenis of
n minor character arere attached ro th" meaaura
Mr. Allen enlivened the proceedlnga a few minutes
befor" adjournmenl t.y maklngan attack on Bpaak
er Reed fnr preventlng th" enaetment, aa rh" Ne*
braaka Benator declared, of merltorioua leglatatlon
sent to th>- Houaa ?<{ Repreaentatlvea by rh" Ben?
ate, Ha denoUBCed the Speaker's actlon as a "Ils
pri-.. ro Conuress nnd to the AmeiiCatl people."
When n poinr of ord.-r araa made acainst hlm f.>r
t.i" ns" of Improper language concernlng th" other
branch "f Congreaa, Mr. Allen sald he wns oniy
lelllng th" truth. nnd he araa responslhle her* or
elsewnere at any tlme for >mentB.
It w.is expected thal consldemtlon of rhe indian
Mll arould b" flnished to-,,'av. b ,t when an appeal waa
tak>-n by Mr. Allen fr-.m a rillns of the Vlce-Preal
d. nr t:>ut an amendment o(Ter>d by Mr Thnraton
wns not ln or.ler. rhe r.oinf of order 4vis m.i le by
Mr Allen tbal a quorum wns n. present. A i ill
eall dlacloalng the abeence of a qaerum, th? Ben
1.1" adjourned.
AVashlngJon. Feb. 10 fflpeclal).?fli more almless
nnd unne.-easary nnd altogethef feoiish exhlbltion
of BNbuetertng araa never arltneaa .1 m th" ifr.nsn
of Repreaentatlvea than tbal whleh wns exhlbtted
hy th" Demo-papa to-day under rh<> brininnt lead
ershlp of Mr Balley, of Texaa I.ess th in fl week
ago another leader of tha mlnority. Mr. Itlehnrd
son. of Tennessee, antered nn "l?|iient "omplnlnt
on tho ground thnt the conimlttees were not called
ofter.er so that they mlght Bubmll buslneaa for rhe
constderatton of tae House. Tbat wns to?day*a
proitramm*. .-inl Ir vvonll have been cnrrled out If
tr." fllwaya brMii.mt nnd Bometlmea verdant le.vier
fr.?m Texns had not laterfered. ll" dld not even
hnve the wit to diSCOVer thnt in Obotructlng th*
nt- ilar order of hiisiness iie wns plnylng Into fh*
handfl of the majorlty, who w"r? njutte indifferent.
becauaa tbe blUa to ba called up were ..f mlnnr im
portane". Th. y enrt bn Bwally iHapOOCd of h"T"
afrer. nnd If not the rnnaenuenee wlll not be
Tlm troubla -tII grew out of n slniple matter. A
bill had been proposed provldlng for the tsaue of
\ dupllcate cbeck, the orlglnal of whleh hnd been
lost ordeatroyed. Mr. Handy, ot Delaware, under
took ro aaa this bill ?s a peer nn whleh to hnng a
apeeeh in reply to some r-eent statements of
Thomas K Ir.iynrd on the money queatlon. How
?ver laudable Mr. Handy*8 deslre or intentlon may
navc been, it area elearly hteonalatent w-itt. the
?ules of the House. of Re|,re?enf.'itlve9. and he was
riromptly called to order. This was res.-nted by
Hr. Balley, whoso equanlmity had alrendjr been
llaturbed by an obeervatloB whleh had f.-.llen from
tba llpa .-f Mr Tnw-ney. of Mlnnesota, (it!.l he
oudly malated ihat tbal 44.4s m or.i-r wblcb un
lueatlonably was out of onier 11.. grew hot and
lotter, and demanded rnii.-nii nf<r rollcall on the
moal triviai and Inconsequentlal motlona an.i thua
? --'I hour after hour. Wh.-n aaked hy a Trlbune
rorreapondent, after aeveral houra of this aoti of
:hlng. what he was .lrlvlng at and what Iie hoped
? > accompllah, Mr. Balley replied: "I propoae to
Ind oul wh'-ther a member ..f rhls House has nol
1 ritht to reply ln a iiikriiiiie.) jind proper manner
o a crltlcism nf himself and his assodstes nnd
hey may a- 44.11 underatand flrst .1- laal that I
a'III Hnd om if it taka-s a humlr.-.I haif houra to .1..
? " After thla explanatlon Mr Balley wenl away
?ro recover hla volce," whleh had been aubjected
1. a aevere straln 'lurlng th.. .114 .
ll" and his foi lo wera bucc.led ln thelr pumoae
f ir wai to bloch the publlc t.u?in.'?s to-day an.i
hev Bccompllahed even nmr". perhapa thnn they
lad Intended, for rh" Houee .11 Ita wearlneaa and
llagusl resolved to adjourn untll Monday in order
o atlve thai mlnority nn opportunlty ro recover Its
-. ? ?v
Prom The Phlladelphla Press.
Beftor Da Ldme haa taken rh* only course open
to a Minlster who ha* d. itroyed hla uaefulneaa bv
ila .un personal Indlscr tion in ihe face of hla
etter to Seflor Canalejaa only two i-onr?.H arere
[KtsBlhle, denlal or realgnatlon, Blnce he could not
taka Ihe one he has !?...? forced ta taka tha other
Hla gratultoua Inaulta to Prealdenl McKlnlev
nada Imposslble his stny ln the .-npirnl r.f 441,,,.'..
ruler ba haa tpoken In terma whleh admlt nf
i.ither apotogy m.r explanatlon.
DIlaaUH HIM AT ovcr.
From The Wllm'igtnn Hewfl
Advlcea ri rclved fron Waahlngton at mldnlght
?eported tha! Minlster De IJimt hnd idtnlttrd
? rh'. outrageoua crltlclam of Prealdenl Me
(Clnley, and that be bed aaked his own rjovern
n<ni *o call l.lm home befora he eoiild le .lis
i:is*"d by Prealdenl McKlnley Di?miss hlm at
NBCe! II* is an tlt led tO r.o further eunsl.lernrlon'
"rom The Roaton Poat
Th" Bpaalah Mlnlater, arrltlna to his frlend ln
Madrld, called Prealdenl McKlnley n "polltlcaatro"
ind aeveral other thlnn, arhlch aound even woraa
vben tranalated Into plaln Amerlcan than they do
n the orlglnal melllfluoui Bpanlah tongue. This ls
om. thlnj of whli h lha Amerlcan people do not ap
*rova Tbey ar.- Jealoua of th* prlvllege of abua
:.k their '44ii ofllcials, and they do not toi*i?t..
my en. roachmenl upon, this right of Amerlcan
itlsen ??;;;. 1,4 f,.r. h:ri"rs.
?rnm Tha Provldence JournaL
it certalnly look* aa if the arlly s.-rtor Dupuy ,i*
/im?- hnd I.. en raught nt laat. and arould be re
urned to tha Couri of Caatl t tnd Arragon which
... haa terved ao arell If the vouchera for tha
noney be baa expended could be made publlc
here w-oiii.i Indeed be .-. senaatlon In tl'aBhlngton,
>.it tl is wiii never happen The aecret aervlce
und i.? acco inted for r.a "addition, dlvlaton an.i
Uai ?? " aa Benator Quay <-ne? remarked
"rom The BTaahlngton Po^t.
Tno ineldent, therefore, la elooed Sefior Do
.'?.i.e 4viii deparl an 1 another rcpreaentative of
Ipaln "ill mk" hm plaee The Presidenl e.-u:
afely ba truated ta take care of tha dlgnlty .ind
lonor "f th" ITnlted Btatea Nelther lt- menaced
in4v Nia pertl confronta our peaea No affront
iaa been 1 ui upon "? aa a 1.ple. The Ineldent is
*rofl> Thfl Pittshuik' Dhtpetch
lt ls aelf-avldena that a Mlnlater arbo haa put
own In blach and whlte his bellef lhal tbe Presl
ent of the Unlted H:..t*s is "a Iow polltlclan" and
'wink nnd raterlng te rh" rabble. is no innirer
iicii.i. 10 conduct Importanl negotlationa win.
hai Executlve. It aaay r.* remarked thal there
iiiKiit ba reasons more elearly 1 ra*?ii on Natlonal
aitv than thla letter f,,i presentlng tbe BpanUh
tlntster with his paaaporta
MAY l"> IMMi:\Si: MlSi'IIIKF.
r .111 Tr,.- Patl rs.in Press.
Hut our relatlont with Bpaln ira now in *uch a
riti.ni Mnte thal Befior 1 >.- Lome'a letter may do
mmenaa mlschlef, and 11 certalnly win ba worked
or aii ihal 11 1 44..1H1 ha thoaa who ar.- trylni
0 pra Ipltat! 1 44,.! 441th spain De LAme'a oui
re,(k 44i;i undoubtadly nr. a11> lacreaaa tlw- irriiu
l>Ji. ?u 4vldely full lu thU country tuvvurj Bpaln.
Waahlnglon. Feb. 10 Tbe 18818tary Of State, In
ansxver to a Baaati laaotallOB, to-day aubaMtted
tha corri-pondenca arltb the Oaruian Ooverameai
lelatlva to tba a_cla_l_a af fliarlcan fruit. The
oorreepoadenca begtna wltb a eaMa dbapatcb from
Ambass.idor Whlle. on February 1. aiinnun.inif
thal ihe aaduBlOB daaraa ha.i baaa aat taita aaTaal
on the preeedlrag day. Baaai >i oabla dtepetehee
pnssed to deflna the acopa of tba fleeree, and on
February .1 ActlBg Secretary Day cabled lo Mr.
White to protest aaalnsr the dOOf-Oi tO Blfja tha
apeclal Injustlce of Ita appM-atton to tha laraa
amounl af froll Ib tranatt, and ta aota thal dam
n?-cs to a lar?;. amount wre Imp. Itdlng, Ib' was
to Inform the tiermnn ibnernmeni that lt was
lloble for Indemnlty i" ahlppera altboul notloa
.and for breach of cootracts for deUverj 'r ""'
wholly reroked, the dei r<-.., he aald, ahould at leaoi
Ba auapeadad la aroM 'he deatroctlon of fruH
ablpped wlthoui Botke of the prohlNl oa
\ir. B/blte n ntled o i Februaty i tbat ba had
antlclpated the iaatructloaa an-l had aaada aaraeat
repreaentatkma al Iba Forelgn Ofllce Tha nrln
Inal or.br had been mltlgated, .irled rrull had be.n
rei.d. freab frull In atoch waa etlewed to be
aoM nnain. ind he hOped f'.r the s.dy r.-l-ase of
fr. ih fruit The eustoma BUthortUea had Betad
aitb loa mti.-h aeal. The Forelgn OBaca laalated
on th.. good falth of tiie regutettoaa, and dealn I
only io keep out Inaecl p jis. aot to prevenl eoaa
petitlon. They clted Agrlcultural Departaaent
bulletlna nnd lawa <.f Oregon aad Brltlab Ca
lumbla agalnai tba same pi -t.
The day followlng, Dr. Von HoBebea, tha Oer?
man Minlater here, aubmltted a memorandum to
ih.. Btate i?? partment aitb th- reqw t thal the In
fi.rtn tti'iri th.t.ln contalned be furni bed to m<rn
her? of nongreea it aaya thal no meaaurea bara
been adopted that wera nol Beceaaarj f"r M"; ' .""
tei tlon ff imt?iri..r,t Oerman Intereal i, and tne
Imp. .".. i Oovernmenl has Im ? n far from ? i '? rl ..r, ?
mg'a Uioughl of golng beyond thla deflnltely drawn
l,ril. -n,.. memorandum deacrlbea th.- dlseoyerj
bj , hlgh tu hool professor rtl Berlln B fea daya
before ??! tl,.. Ban .'? ??'? ahleM louae ln n hUiment
?t Amerlcan frult. The frult ? ia * ? -; * - ?? -";;!
the ruatoma a tl orll ? - r? ml ?!? d ol Ihe i?"-.'l)' ?
Ity of th- introductlon of the Inaeei Mr White,
??who .11.1 nol eeem to be Informed wlth regard to
the d< uructlon caused by the shleld louee ln
Amerli i " wna told thal the rej. i I '??<?? d? i ree
m the nrwaitapcra were parlly Incorrec and
nremature, ro that Ihe stfltemenl arai unfoundi l
tbat ib- Oerman ilovernment had adopted a meaa
ure affectlng the Unlted Btatea wlthoui Informlng
"he A.nertcan Ambaaaador Th- fact xv. -
the Federal founcll was aboui to I iue an orai
nanrcexeludlng fre.h plante and thelr t?cltagee
nnd reaulrtng the exnmli itlon of frejh frult, v
,.. rt?ncouli be made .. the Unlted Btal
',. . mensure waa nol lusi (led mae <.great
dev__tatlon raua, I b, aaolr ? Ko
s- r? tary Bherman con ludi i the? n ???? a or im
Departmenf a tlon by aaylng "I rom ???'?*?
a-olnr report 11 will be iea thal Ihe actlon of hla
.??v.nimVnt and of Ita dlplomatlc represe
.-,. Berlln for the prote tlon of al laaltlma
m. f :.I an.l eXDOrtlng ll ' nn"V\,?f>
by the Oerman proMbttlon araa prompl m ? m -
tlve and that ss the matter now atanda the aa
mbtalonof amerlcan freeh frull httoOern my ha.
bren aecured In al caaea aavo where the actual
whJtence of rhe Ban JoM i il< " - ,";"", l?
fruit or in tha packlnga ihereof is bi ertaiaea.
? ?
v7aahlngton, Feb. N.-The followlng BUtaaaant
was aaade to-day ro tho Becretary of Btate by th"
Oerman Ambaaaador: "Certaln deel i M na ot the
Royai pruaotaa Mlnlster of agrlcultun have eat
dently been dlatorted. The Minlater anawered to
nn Itvjulry made -o hlm ln tha Pruaatan Dtel thal
we had to wnit if any evldence mlght ba furnlahed
of reterlnary dangera from the importatl n of
Amerlcan horaea Only then ln caae nueh di ngera
should hav been proved would thera be reai.
tiki energetlc meaaurea, or Impose a quamntine,
as far a^ W" ar.- entllled 10 do BO."
Thla .xplanatlon ? ia called forth by the cabled
atatemenl thal rhe Prueslan Minlater ol AeTncuit.
,;,,. had aald that Am.rlean horaea Infected wlth
Influenaa were b.-ln* Imported. and u m:?ht be
comer^necaaaar. to forbld tho rortber Importatl n
of horaea_
taptain urtrrza itrr?-*RTs fp."M thr _c_bi_ or
Waahlagt-B, Feb. 10.?Captaln Leutaa, command
Inic the Alert. at San .Inan del Sur. NiearaRua. has
cabled to the Navy Departmenl that he has re?
! to the shlp th" forca of nn-" l I 81 d BBllora
lan.ied two daya .tro at that place to protect the
Amerlcan Conaulnle durlng the ,-,,nf1l.-t betwei n tba
li.iv.-mmei.t forcea and tbe Ineurg-ata Mattereare
reported lo be stui in an uaoettled condttlon ai .S.in
Juan del Stir.
- ?
TPivt^ri) PBOM rovn to ki'iht YKXitf.
Washirictnn. Feb K? The sub-oommltteo on ln
ternal revenua of th.x Commlttee on V/aya and
ICi ma gara a hearinu to-d.iy to Oeorga W. Elarrla,
repreaenttng tba Kentucky -latillera; J. K M -
Narnara. of W. W. .OhB-On tk *'?>-. < iiiiinruiti; J.
H Holraeo, of Cleveland; r. i: Pontefrleet, of
I'lttsbur-. and S ?' Lanahan, of Baltlmore, who
appeared to mi-.o-ate tha paooago of the Brom
well bill astendlng the peiiod In whlch wblakey In
bond can be rcKiniKed from f"tir to i Igl ' yeara.
Tho contentlon of the delegatlon an.l Ita prln ,
-pokesmnti, Mr Hania, wna t1 iat both tha Gor?
ernmenl nnd the rltatlllera would be bei '
thla extenalon. Mr Harrta aaaerted thal the Oov?
ernmenl had loat 8tO8.O0O.OO0 iu revenui In ti.-- uil
four yeara from the Kentucky dlatlllera alone, ow
Irg to reduced productlon. t'.ider thi old law,
from 1891 to IBM, I51.000.00fl galloni had been pro
dueed ln Kentucky. whlle from 1BB to UB1
gt i.-. eallona had been produced, a loaa of JO.
,.;,,.sllona The dnr.ger from n bondeil perlod
oi ei'ht yeara, with a perlod for regauglng llmlted
to four yeara, waa, he aald, thal the loaa by evap
,,. ition after the four yeara for whl :h the Oov?
ernmenl allowed nothtng was so greai thal ll
pr', tl ally conflacated tbe whlekey. The fhlekey
wa< obandoned by its ownera to aecapa taa _eO
clency tax.
?/aahlngton, K.-t.. io. The conteat whlch has heen
wagad tn the Houaa Commlttea on Invalld !'? i
tver atnea the aeaembllng of Congreaa over the
queatlon of barrlag fr..m the penalon roile the
wldowa and chlldren of aotdlera arho aaarry here
after came to an end tO da) by tha dofeat of the
proposition. A meaoure w:-h this end In rlaw waa
Introduced by Rapreaentatlva Bamuel Bmlth, af
Mtchlgaa, and It bad th.* indoi-emenl af ComnUa
aioier Brana Tha queatlon haa been agltatlng the
coaimlttaa at all its meetlnga, and ta Iay aft.-r a
spirited dtocuaalon Repreoantatlra Nortoa broughl
lt to a audden cloaa by demandUag a rate oa tha
qoesttoa of favorably roportlng the Mll to tha
Houae The vote ahowed Ba*e membera af tba .?.un
mltte.. ln favor of || an 1 BOVOB nir.iiiist lt. tiie Itvl
si m not betng .>n party Unes. The rote xv is aa foi
I iws:
y.ms ltay <N. V). Wani-r (lll.l, Henry (Conn.),
isiii'.tii (Mlch.), Republlcana, and Drlgaja (Dem.,
Nayii Bulloway (N. IH, K.-rr (Ohlo), ilibson
(Tenn.), Bturtevanl i r??iin ?. Bepubllcana; Korton
(Dem . Ohlo), an.l Botkln iKan i an.l Caatla (Cal i,
Tnla probably enda the .ffort to secure ihe ana.-i
meni of a general meaeure along these iim-s ot this
Cbalrman Ray, wbo waa instrueta.i at the last
meetlng to appotnl n Bub-commlttea to draft a aor
rlce penalon Mll, Informed the commlttee to-day
tbat in- would appolni tha aubHeommlttea ln a faw
la] 8.
aa/aahlngton, l**-b. IB Tba Preatdeat sent the
followlng nommatlona t.> tho Beaate ta daj i
john T. Bltw . i le ioi of i lm bu tor ibe Ddartel af
Deti lt, Mi'-ii
Poetmaatera .i.xmi.s ii BOBBBTB, Bhaghomtoa, N
I . I'.x ie i\ s HATTON, xi:;: | ,i .. .\ v.
-? ?
Waahlngton, l-'-h. W Lleutenanl 99 Bfhlttehmy
Inatructed lo obei "i lera ..f Jaauary M ta he m
ipoi ;nr of ordnonce tt Hartford, Conn
Enalgn i-' 11 BchoBeld ordered to make traaafOr
An laapector to Lleutenanl Bfhlttalaay al aaaa; __?
ta.i.i .1 February -> Bnd aa lha aaaaa day to tha
__aal Burrey,
ihief Btegtaaar k. Paraaar is ordered on the re
tire.i llal Marck L
Carpantar n M. lirith'hs retlred March 17.
Ile.-tisu aln \\ Maiinlni; retlred M.iri-li 17.
Mato W. Bayd retlred March l
Ooed-eonducl medala bava been laoaod pa tha Bal"
lowlng maa of the iiartne x'? >i pr?. Plrai Bergaaal
aii.ui Dane, Unlted Btatea roventte cutter Vermont;
Ptrnt Borgoant Thomaa i'. Lyoaa, Cnlted Btatea
it. imahlp Helena; Flrat Bergeant Hugh M'llllama,
Unlted St.it.-s ateamshlp Monocacy; .s. .'x,..mt Dan?
lel F. Btephena, Annapolla, Md . Prtvata Wllllam
K White, Annapolla. Ml. Prlvote Mlchael i.
i.ukIi innappjla Md.; Prlvnte Oeorge Delaney,
Rrooblyn, N Y \ Prlvato Jooeph ll Conklln, Waah
naion, l> C.
Sergeani John Rader placed an retlred im traaa
uiU uiui X-cbruury 10.
Mepidcn Bpitannia Gx
203 Flfth Avenoe- Madboo Squara
MtaietN. coarn.
Canaoa taoroear
Hamilton. Omt
lot lha "i.r* ..' Al".li .l?m. Iirua; All -taonfl aafl N*,.
raathenla (Tsvlag '?'".' |n ',n* 4t\t l*a? rt ;-.??
dtreoatlnuefl *t "n~<> nrimout hjataeatialca *:.?-.<??? \h>.
;???- ?.ifr^r..K ',r interruptlon ?.f p?' ?ni t ,..;?? -,
I'rl.a. >? flflflirad. Ir,,| r*?.| l?y many <,f !'.* -.?rt, |ag
.; pn>r**tMoa, B'rlt* -ill c/r t*l?;>r.',n? for book!?|,
11! 4\>?t 4.VM *t.. N?w Tflflfl
laws PAaaBEO nr the BaBtaTC
vTaablngtOB, Bhh 10 Senafor Fry*. fr'.rn tha
fommlttee on COmaaerea, to-.iny reported to ?ne
Benate nnd Becered tbe paaaege r.f a 1,111 aaaanflBBgj
rt ia aavlgatloa Iawa in UaaMtvtaal partlculara aff*'-t.
. U.g the eoaetlng trade of this country. Th* bill bt
r,f general appllcatton, but tt ls mten<led **(,? lattf
t.. prevent Caaadlan raeaela fr.,rn ?"< .rw k bb in*
; due share of the earrylr.tr huslr;.-** betweei Abtfla
1 kan aml oth"r Amerl .-.:. portt Comi ?? i.ia.
1 beea mada tbal Canadlaa veeaala arera itl ???? tlng
i ? partlctpate ln the trada by "'ar'inr from tn?'r
: own pons, and then Btopplng aucceaaflvaly ar rr..,r?
' than <>n" Amerlcan port. and r.ikinr >,n paaai | -1
! and freight from one Ami-rlinn polnt t . flaathflflL
1 on rhe rhe,>r>- thal all w*re aaabraoad ln on* taa>
1 uk". Th" biii paaaad bf the Baaaaa t.. day pr.,.
rldea for tha. fortettureof nr.y Bflorchandlaa tblaaed
. from on ? Amerleaa port to another, ""ith-r Iii r
j or vla 11 forelgn port," ln ..ny other than n- A.-i.?ri.
ean v*as"i. a iik>? pawetaaOa is atae Baada bb tt.
', gard to tbe traaaawrtaatlea of pr.s?"nar<-r 1 -. a for
B ..': vest'-l from one Arn'-rlcan port to >-. I ? r,
? \ ? yt that the penalty aa this ca** ?.?> ptaaad at
J,.?> eaelB, The peialty under tho BXlaUSt] iaw
, is 12.
The bill authorlzea th" Becretary of thfl Tr-?nury
I to preacrlba reajulattnna for the tranaahlpmeal nr.d
transportatlon of merchai ? laported late rat
. ['nlted Btatea by s.-a for Immedlate e?| irtalloa 10
a forelgn port by aea ..r by rlver, tnd ,
the present law found ln s- tlon 1.108 of
4i-.-i Btalutea :" read aa follown
of an) forelgn rcaeel, laden or ln ballasi .m..-.^.
whether by .-?? a or orh"rwtse. la the aratera of tba
'.'ni?"?l Btatea from any fortign terrltorj adjaceat
to th?. norrhern. northeaatern or r..jrrr.44.*t-rn
fr'.ntlers of the Unlted Srnre?, shall report at tha
offlce r.i any collector or deputy-coll. -.r.f ?.-.(
customs arhlch shall be neareet t.> th.- polnt aaatfe
su.-h resael m.-.y anter flasch aratera; and Baal
M'ss.'i ahall r.ot tranafer h.-r cargo -jr passeagar8
to another resael, or proceed further Inland. *if.?r
t> unload <>r '..k.- ln .i:---<.. arlihout a ?pi Ial j?r
mlt from aueh collector <.r deputy-coite. tor isr.j<*t,
under and ln aOCOTdance vvi h BUCh K-'i.*-rai <>r
Bpeclal regulatlona aa tha Becretary ..f tha 1 - ?
ury may, tn his dlacretlon. from tlm* to t|rr,?
prescrflbe. This aectlon ahaJI alao appl) to trada
v.lin or through Alaaka. Por any vloiatlon of thla
- tion Bucb veaeel ahall be aelsed an.i f. .-f*:t?>d ??
The bill Is made to take effeet one month af:?r
trs paaoaga,
VTeabingtOtt, Feb. io Th* ffavy Is lenrr.'r.ir that
llttle torpedo-boetfl aro dangeroua cr..ft for eruit
lnir alOOg th* Atl intie coast ln the atorm> wlr.ter
s-.-,.ii Th- last sufTa-rer is the J'.Hite. flrbleh t.ria
arrivd at Norfelk to repalr her shnft. lha e.irae
nortb from Port Royal, H. c. usina- aaty or.* pro
peller, tbe otber abafl b.-inc Bceaea, te m.ik* re
palrs l.y taklriij one of th- Bbaftfl belor.arlrc r , tha
lto'liT' rs. r.i.w- under con*.trn--tlon at BaltUBMBre,
l.leutenant H...lK'-rs, conimnrrllng the F'"'.. re
porta to the Nevy Depertmanl that i* bed tbfl
llvelleat ktad a>f a tlme on rhe wny up Bje made
the raa ln sixty hours. and ln nli that tlme r. b :y
gOt any aleap Bboard, whlle nearly every ?.?-,.. waa
aeaatck ?nd exhauoted, awtog te tbe m aa b ?.t tha
Iittle toat end thfl freat vlbratlon CflUflOd bf the
Tbe boat mlarht have come north through t;,?
carri'is and sounds. accordlag to th* Department'i
instrii. uon*. but j.i.-.u. i.^rit ataaleaea, Uka UflB*
t"nnnt lWiinlnn. iivii.) e,.rrt?al t'l" W'ti.-. .4*
through su"h a atale. deeldai to save tlme by tuk
Ing th.. orit-iii" route. His aaetata was thal lt
arould be dllB. ilt, with only one acrew. t>. .rry
tl:? hoat through th" erinnls. and as tl ? ? -' f
Beemed pleaaaaat nnd Btable, h* Aedded te t
the ran paai Hatteraa wblla it heid Ka area r.ot
DJBOri than thlrry or forty nillas jr.st the ll
for" the breer" b>-k-,in tn freshen, tbe -? a t . j-imp
aml th" P'.ot" was aoon rotBng al fl gr? tt -
Mv the tln.e slie w.is off llatt r is fl fala B lfl ??
ln'u from the north-northeeet Tha* Pootfl flBafl
v.r\ ,i4.;v. w-irii mtich ra, Ing of th. acn .4 ? 1
t-1 int Rodgera says the boat behaved vrery well
n-a a seaboat. bul he had to r.mm?' .1 .. few
changea r,. make ber aafe and comfortable Bu h
a .-ixiy boura' trip. ba aaya, ahould not be made
except ui .1 grave em*rgency, and, In his , n,
n0 torpedo-boat Bhould ba kepl et aaa for nrora
than or." nlghl Bt ? tlm*
TWENTY -SIX rr."l'IE. INi'l.l-l'INi; TWO CO.H*
Washlmtton, F?b 10 The boardOCB Bad BtrvaBli
Bt No. 215 Baal CapltOl-el . n lar^e t ir ii-f-houte
Beveral blo.-ks from tho Capiatt, artre bad .? frlgbt*
tened laat nlghl as th?- resuit of potaoalagfoi ?-irrfl;
dlnner Twaiuy-'lx of the L..ar?: 'a BBrvaatO
were maale ill. but. whlle aome of them ar- -'M
Bufferlng aevcrely from the attack, u r? t ? leved
tbat tbe recovery ef en of them la aaa ired Bepra/
aentatlvea Bodtne and Laoyd, of bOaaouri aeflB
antoag tnoea attackad, bal irare aUfl to ba aet to
day. lUae Bodtne nnd Mrs i..a>,i aad tba uttAf$
two chlldren arera n 4 ao fortunate, aad arere aaaflj
pelled to remaln ln bed to lay A M Shelt n ar.j
T s O'Kerrela, prlvate eecretarlee to tbe taro can*
gr. tamen, nnai Captaln aVIIllama, a ai-a,.rkeeper at
the Houaa <>f RepreBentatlvea, arere alao I ulll ?.??
f, ted The phj slclana aummom <l have b taa unio,e
to tell tbe eauee of tbe polaoalag
? - - -
\\ ashlmrton. I>b. m Th" House 1' .nimir'ee on
Labor to-day tinenleaenalT or.i.r.-d .4 fevorebaa re
porl en tbe Oroavea*or Arbttratloa Mll, arblei lae
moduVatlon >'f tbe Pbllltpfl 1 I peaatd hy Hl
11,. ... ,,t the ' ist aeeelon. There a tt c 1 adderebla
onpcsltlon to the meaaura ea rh? p.irt of the ?"'?
. ral offlcera ot th- Amerlcan Federttlon of _**_
bul at the meetlng to-.iay the eppoaltloa ?'??? *1[a'
vTaebaaftoa, reb rk ?Oaaarel aTttaBBBB i,?,,th'
romaaandrr In rhlef of tbe Belvatlon Anny. and ' 1
s..nln-law, I'ummander Pr.-.l-ri k D Boeth-Teck.
ar Of the dBBflrtCBn army, arnveal hero v lef, flM
tbtfl afternoon called on PteflBaeal MeKii-.i.-y ?t th-j
IVhlte Houaa Tbey arere a.-e.>inpanie.i by H. 1?.
F MaeFar.anl. . ..rr.-apamalent of "The BOBtOfl H'r
ald," aml member of tbe Baoal aatartalnmaal flaea*
mRtee, who Baada tae totwsflaetloofl Tbe Prajfl
denl recelved hla callera cordlally. snd m tna
ei.il.se of the Int.rview. Wblcb I'-sl. I "'?' rt I.f."'n
i.iiniii.s he ezpreeaed to Oeneral Booth hla iflraai
adm rutlon for hlm, an.i for rh.? work ot tne awrtw'
tlon Ai my. espi-i ially ln th" Unlted Itataa
? ? -
Hettry de Moawaa read a paper an '?PreaaaiaflB
Barypt" 1 aat nlght b??f<'ro tha. aiaaeraaaa KeaelaBeBW
and Ar.h.ilOaOglCtJal Bfletflty, at their rOOflH I" lh*
Aeademy of MedBeaee nuiuitng. No. l. aTaet T*t&_
tblrd-at Tbe paper w.-ut llbaatratei by !4ntern
Vtewa II" Ml.l a?f the .xeavali..|i? a. Kegadflb I**1
wint.-r for hla broth.r Jacq,uea do aforgaa
A C Zabriakte, prealdenl >.f the. aoclety, anifl ?
the ehalr laal nbibt, and Bfty membera were i1"*.
.nr among ??th?r* tbo Chevaller lvts.-i.. Bf ??
Itaflan Embaaay
r^^^^^Vtt^t**t*tr*tr*tf***t*t*r*r*t*?***t*t*******rnr*^'***'*t*t I
Beiisou's Plaster
i?l!*4*a Ina.antlr *r>A eur** qul.-k*r than aray <r>?h*r
Baaaaa l'la*r*r, llnlni*nt or m*,1l.-lnfl *mpl"y*<1 I? ??
prttciibtd by all arhoolt of n.?.llcln* ?'!?an. aaf*
.a.ai aata ?rl the ?enutn? IIK\S4?\'J?. laBB
'jb aaaaa ah l'marKittt.
A Unlvcrsal Remedy.
MIl.I.IONS ?44>l.l) MBaflfflbMaaTi
KKAIU'RY A JOHNSi'N. M f? l'h*ml*t*. N*w Tort |
BflalaflBlafllfleflealalaflBaae mt

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