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There waa a large audler.re baOt Blfttl ln Muslr
Hall. when tha flnit of two perfermaacea of the
comlo opera ' Pinafore" wns glTaB by l'1?' eata
loare m aid of st. john'a r;\. ; aaa HoapltaL C. B
M.".coumt>er ditvcted the ereheetra, aad AaOTew
Daga ?a? Uoaaiitet and Baaaagrer. Th* opt ra arW
be ropeatcd thla evontng. and th* advaaOB BBJ6 of
eeats indlaitt-s another la:a;e aodleaoa 11 Is ?
paotcd thnt a neet aum wlll ba 8*0008*1 for the
There waa a ntimbor of eo- lai affnlra la Yonk.ra
on Thtirsday. Mrs. W W. JoRnaOO gOT. a reoep
tlon at BOf home. In North Broadaray, ta th* aft*r.
noon. whloh was largely attended. She was BgagOtOg
l-i leuBllBg l'v Mra. Morton and Ml. CmndatL
Mra Mflaanh aad Mra. Hiake aanrad the refreatv
nun-s On tho eame aftenioon Mrs W A. t'ole
nnd MBa COle gave one of tbatr rabruarg iweap
tlOBa at their home, No. 64 Haartlbaraa ave. In the
.Tonlng the laat of a aartoa of danooa was gtvea at
tha ajnanhaeaaa Ctabhooaa. ln ^JEW^SeTo
rxtenaloi Mra. J. Q. a. Johnaon. Mra. Waiao tt
Morae Mrs Henry M. Balrd, Jr., and Mra Wll ara
M Wllliama r. colved. pa Tueaday eTanlng of next
w< ek MlaaH .tri.t Btanton wlll five a receptmn at
her iioniu l.ak. and Pa.ll.ade a.-;1
Th" Pebruary mootlng ol the JenkinaMedlcal
: ly wai hafd "n Thuradaj evenlng at the home
of Dr J W BowOan.No B? N^rth Broadway. No
, per* war. read, but tha tnambara dlacuaaadIgen
Ml m*dlcal toploa Thara wera P_reeent Dw. Oood.
win Howe Knapp, Campbell and Bruah. rrom
Mount Vernoh! and Dra H-rrlnnton WO^rren,
Portaona Olbaon, Moffat, Benedlct, Hotaaaaea at.d
C^l*Vne? 'il" Boaarl on InrlUttoa addgaond
tho Kiio Club, ? aroman'a atajanlavtkmi. on '??"?.:
dav on "Th. Valua of roilegj Bettlejpeui a\ orR.
The riub la .todrlng the arl 1H rniura and gen
eraJ hlatory of Oenaaay. and Inddantally intro
Uuces toplc. Of the day invt'Htlon
The thlrd aertee Ol ratnee ln the InUtation
toarnajaant of tha Pallaade Boat Club^araa rolled
on that club'a alleya on Tbuiaday nfrht. ihe Btar
Bowllna Club of v. uite Plalna, won both of it*
game* th* flr-t. with the Yonkera No. 1 by a
score of 7* to lt*. and tha ae ond. ertthtb4Oer
rtaila of M7?unt Vernon. by a BCOia of .41 to ,14
ThaGornanla teatn defeatad ToaBara No. 2 t.y a
8CThe?.ln'^>l!"l'.eKlon oelebrafd Uncoin'8 BWhday
wlth * dlnner laat nlght Wllllam Weleh prealded.
?nd aovera ware lald for about one hundn
flfty paraona Thaaa arore the toaate. LMcpin.
by tha Kev Chariee Elmer Alllaon; Thj Natlon
Ban I.. PaJrchlld: "The Btate." ?"????*????.
l-ying Burna; "OW Qlory." Jaraa. M. Munt; uur
City." Mayor I-es-lle Ptitherland
The Weetrhester Womans Club haa aorepted an !
tnvitation to attaai a atndJa Hbtrtara thi^ aftaraooa
bg Mr? J WelB Chanxpnay, la No. % Fifth-ave..
Nfw-York CBjT. Mr ChaBtgawry wlU a.P,> enter
taln the women with a "ciialk talk "
Mr? R. P TaantRfJl gna* a aecoad whlat mattnee
M Wadavaaday ba a.d of ohaHty. Kive prizes w?r?
alvaa t^ Bucceaaful plajrera
*A roprodueUoo of 'lady Baaa" wll b* gtraa
undf-r tho 'iirectlor of the wnpobtr, fnhan^Jor
dan In the (?pera Rouaa on Moodag and ruMday
i la-hu in ?i.l of charlty. Among thaaa who wi..
take ihe prlnclpal pwrta are MJM BaaUrloa WUI
Ihhh, Mlaa Ida Pflal. QaorgaiRoblniion, Edward
Chati I- r.alt. I?avln (Jourlay, Thomas Hunt. Wlli
ItLm Hi.ff. John Avery and Bdward Roblnaon.
Th- city alactlon thla vear wlU be hald oa May
17. and the coaTanUona about Aprll B The offl
c*n whoaa i-rrm- aaplra un. tha Mayor. n.- -iver
of Taxea f*lt) Tr-as.irer. Aaaaaooc, Juattoa of the
pea Bve AMermen, Buperrlsora ln the Flrat,
Ser-ond. Thlrd and Flfth ward?, ?,nd eevernJ mojn
b<.T6 of tho lioiisd of EducatlOD.
An entertalnment for the ganaflt of Court Whtta
PlgJaa, f. ef A.. wlll be h'ld ia Bi Jomi 6 Hall on
Mondaj aranlng. February 21. when "Tho ldplo
mat" wlll be pre.?">nted.
Thfi Henry Crattan Club haa aj.polntod a cora
niiit.?. oonalattni of Jama. Reldy, John T. ftahlU,
Theanaa Cartv, Chifatagbhor Hanaon, Cornallua
Donornn, i> i' Baraeay, \\'UUam Cnllanaa iinJ M.
Bulllran, to makfi ariunK<rrn?nt8 for the observanco
of tha lioth annrraraary of the binh of Robart Era
n.11 la ?t John's liaii, on Kri.i.i.. av? ali g, Marcfa L
Tne I.adlaa' Aid Kocjety of st. John'a < t:urch wlll
a BOctahle in 8t. John'a Hall lu-xt Thtiraday
a iri party lf. aaaonnced for n.xi Mondny evan
? tha home of M;?.? Halen Scott, In Grand-at.
.: ^ Annla Woodnforth entartalned a niunber of
fiienda ..t har horm. in Broadway, on Thuraday
avt ning
Mr.-. Annla COO and Mra. Th.im.ie W* ler and
. tar, ol Wavtertown, iia.ve b?-eti the fueata <>f
Mlnoti M Bllllmaa at hla home_iji i!...- Poal Rond
i;. i: u ng, Bacratary or the weetcheetar County
Agrlcultural Boclety, ha.s b<:en ln communl atlon
wlth a flnn whlch dealrea to Ktart a celluloaa and
: ..i. fai tof>' lii llils county Io ^le of th*
rlver t< wn*. Th. subjf-"t of th. c irreei ndcnoa ba^
>r thlrty thou.-a:... (ooa ol corn.talka.
orn foddar," a? lt la called, oouiii h^ produoed
.. irlj :> the farrnera of any agctlon ol the county
wll :. hatiling dimance ol! fcoin*. one of th.. riVOT
? \. ? Mr. i.oiik ln raply ;..u .^.ud that he
. :,t 17 the farmers were convlnced that the
.\ ild be takun tht- amouiu regulred iou,J
lu ed '!':.?? prl ?? the company ooatemplataa
. la t4 a tun, <l> llt ered
i hai ea M. BnlfTen haa pun-haaed the property at
?..? at corner "f Rallroad-ave and wl . m
. .. :?? buUdlng theraoo wiil ba ramodolled for
, '.
In the Bupreme t'ourt yaatarday the jur.- ln the
? 'i. t. .? a T.v'...nii.> ? againat John T. Rehlll,
f.ir monei ,u;"K?-ii to b<-. duc ua contract f'?r .n-vt
l-.s- a hulldlngr in Rallroad-ave.. broutcht in a vir
>r the ^i.alntlff for fX tO.
HeiiO' Mlller, of thls Vlllage, died on BTadnoadag
ln thi- Pouchkaepala Inaan. A.j ua, ?:.?;<.? h. had
ln ".'i for about a vear. On the sarno i!a> his all'
mon;h-o:d chlld di-td at the home of Ita atiat, ln
A!* iny, ar.d Mrs. MUkr la now ln one. of the New*
York City hodpitj:s and ls not exBectad t" llve.
The Yourm Men'a Praylng Band of Port Chaatar
wlll unlte wlth the voung mti.'s Land of thl^ vil
laire In conductl.ig the MeiAicos in tha l^ikt- Btreet
Cbai el to-morrjw afternoon.
The Fort "'heMer Str'-.-i Rallway Company flbxl
raaterday with the County t'lerk a oortlflcat. of it.s
lntantlon to extend ita line from the t-rminus ln
AW-Mchester-ave. of the peaaant line, along B/aal
chaater-ave , through the vlllaga of HarFlaon. to
Uroadway, tn Whlte Palns, t.'ience thiouk'h Rall
ro.i.l .v.-. to the < rosslng of fh- tracka of the. Har
jao Rlvar Ballroad, The length of the propoaed
bran<h or exienslon wl.l be aboul flve tnil't,.
The jroura; people of tha Mamaronerk Hlgh Rchool
AlumnJ. enertalned a ,at|re numbtr of friwids al a
receptlon an.1 danre ln the Hljrh Prhorii hiill/.ir.R
last nlKht. Th* rooms were taatlly devorated and
refreehment.'- weie servel at BBdaifht A number
of weii-kn)wn women. )nf!i.dl::? Mr> Tiiomas L
Ruahmore. prealdent of the K:n'i?"rK,i r:^n gaaorla
tlon: Mrs Cbarlaj M. Haxtei, Mri. Thoeng. T
Melghan, Mra F. F. Oarman. Mrs Bamuel A I'roa
ton. Mrs. LawroBoe Moffat, iirs Ralaton Coloa aj.J
edhora, wert- aaaongl th<? ^atror.essoa.
A commlttee of TOUXig peopl. I* arrangliig for a
rubafr!;:: m dano. !n At>anum llajj i,n tae ?\?-nln?
of Monnav. l-'ebmaxy 21.
Th-- fol'-y h?4a.ring on tbe nlght of Wedneaday
FeLiruaiy 13, ls expected to be BUCh a large affair
that tha tiusteea have declded to holl the meetln.
In the Town Hall. The aentlnnent of the vlllagera
la decldediy In favor of trolley connei-tinns arlth
\Vhit?i Plalna. Laipehnnont, Near-Rocbelle and P rl
Chesiej, ar-.d tbe orUy queatloa la aa to tho atlpula
tlona for a good pervlce ar,,l favorabl* routa
(.'hrlatUn iJlnaon, angtnoai of th. [.nr.'hmont
Kloctrl' Company, haa o:xanlre.i an expedltion to
the Klandikt- cold fleldg ai.d wlll >tar' Kciiraarv L'l
A vesae. : aa r.eea chartered and loaded arlth pro
vlalon,, whloh will be ?ioId to the mlnern.
An enJo>able concert waa glven in the Trvlngton
rTeebyterln-n '"hurch on Thurtday evening uivler
the aaataicoa of u.e Chrletlaa Endonvor Boelaty
Tne prr^tfunme lnnluded many eelnrtionst by the
Vaonna h.-uj^o and Maadolla Club, aaalatad hy Mlaa
Inea OraavlJJa, Mlaa Fiorenu* Fa: ? her, M. La I'nric
Bahaatlnn, Joha H. FlsJ-.or and Daiid A. Gott?-r of
New> York.
The fourth anuuaJ "amoker" of the lrUngton
Pnatlma Cub wU be held on Baturday eventjt
An enfertalnment wlll be glv*n tn th* Pocantlco
Ullls Lyccutn thla evenlng.
The matrl-gH of Mlaa Mumle AVail to J 1^ DnBOB
wnl; tak* glaea in tha Charch of tiio Magdalene r>n
Wadaaaday *veol__g
talnrnr ^ud danc. lc Uhrary Hall on Baturday
a-..: Monday i-venrng,, Fehn_ar> 13 un.l B Tb*
(..rr.'ly An ObaUnaie Fhrnllv- i* u.,v. l,T';,lL. r'r
? i wlll b* given by a oocopeny of ajaa
traataea of tbe Port Chester Savings Pank
I ? elactad bajimei k. Satt*rie* gaaaldont, vo nn
?ancy cajiaed by the rteath of WUlUUB P.
Mr Safttrlce i.aj. bOOa a tmatoa of ilw
. Bla ? Ita fouudatlon. aaarly fony years ago.
? .- aaaay yeart. onahlar "f a baah In New
Itj John F. M.l.a waj electad flrat v4co
!?!? <<U::.t and Thomaa B. Pooh m-^rA vtce-oreal
Th- forroal preaentati.jti of a new BChOO) bu' d
Ing 10 the town or Harrleor, wll! tak-j l.larH thla
afteruoon .1 . o'clock Tha buiidiiig !.-< tbe g'f' of
John 1. 1'ariona, aa a BBatnorlal to a numbor of
!? hlldren who dled ln Infaaci .nd ??? ??? aboul
330,0Oii The ej-erclkee wlll be publlc a: .' wn eon
alat "f a^jdrua*'.', by Mr Paraona, WlUlam it' Bull
oreeident of the Board of Educatlon, ?.nd <'harlea
R .Sk::..'.w. Staue Bngertntendent of Publl h?
At the euaneiiy cou/?5ivnng of the Methi^iBt
EplaoopaJ Church lii Rye. the p.u,tor, tha Kev W
T Prgy, a/v ?vt^d an ggaltatloa to ramaln In i hkraa
of the churoh another yixir
The Bgoaaheeg of the Hua-ueno* Ya. ht Okah tn
tat'alne.i a large audlfonce. at lu amat'-:r mlr..s':<;
Berfertaaa a on Thuraday nlght. Ig th<? csraig
agora BTaltor at Water and Charlea M Rejyea,
playlr.g the bor.ea; Herbert C. De Can;p ar.d Georg*
O Murray. tnmhourlnee. and Hemsen J?"1'"?- '?"
terlocutor. aealeted by J. X CNmiM, J. E...5,fl',li' x?'
Oeorge tl. BelL K l.. wnkio Joha T. J eoda. H.
Baell Meaor. Robwrl .1 Webb. Davld V MaaaB.
Oeorge A.Ihihs. Hugh H Kennedy,B. B. Yotmg.
Chariee \v. FranHs aad B. P. B Wrlgal
IB Ihg r.ise of Mrs Ann AugBBte Skeel agalnet
th.- rBlaga asBiaim. JiratJea htartla J K*ogh hn.
uppo'.nte.l Joha W. EtoOthbP, a prominent laxvyer
of Nexv-Votk. referee, to taha ihe eJaea af raraaor
judge NathanJe* H. Cktaeat af BraohUra. who de
ehaed t?> genra
Al the annual moetlng of the plot owners of
Bleepy Hottow Oaaaeterp AaaocllattBa held ba the
Argua bulMtag oa Tbareday, Captaln Pamnei
BeqiM, Wllllam T lxv-kxxood and Neleon Mo
Cutchen xvere ehosen trusiees an.l the followlng
ofBcera were eleeted: Captaln Bamaal Beoua, praal
rlent: Wllllam ll Hort. rice-preMdeBtj Marclua n
Baymond, treaaurer, aad Wllllam T. UMatanMfd,
auperlntendenl and aeeretary.
\ ehurcb aupp. r wlll be glven ln the A. at f..
Zl.-n Church on Monday evenlBg.
Tlie Rev. WlUlarn P. Compton. paetoi of the as
bury Methodlai Chureh, and the Rot. B B. Count,
of frvlngton, wlll exchange pulpltete^fjrr^ar.
The Young Men'a Lyceum team wlll ko to lonkers
... Monday evening lo bowl ii"- aecoad cam' M tne
Wi .ter toui n m, 1 1 ... _
The menhera of Kyk-Ull connell No. i>.<. Boyal
Arcanum held an enloyable "araoker" ln the \?n
derhii- Bulldlng on Tue day evening.
Owlng to the .l<-.i:h >>f 1>i Charlea W. Meloney,
the aaelatant auperlntendenl of the Eparortn Vr*?g_a
of the sabur) Metbodirl Eplacopal Charch, the
bualneea n.r'n4t and entertalnmenl of thal ohaptar
have hr-en poatponed untll Kebruary lt _ _
Pr X H Freeland, Henry Placher and J??b Q.
Mlller Bchool Commlaalonen foi thia dletrlct, ai
tended the annual receptlon of Paleatlae Command
ery. Kfllghta T.-nip..4f, ln M..:ih..?tan. on Thursday
avenli $ . x?,.?
A pl-a?nn? lUrprlae party w.is ptx-en for M.s*
rjrn-e gpencer Whlte at he- home. in Maln-al on
Mom ly evening. Ahoul thlrty guests were praaent.
Il araa learned thla weeb thal Bdward A. H""0
w.tv the proprletor of the Perry Houae, in Malti
Bt "ani mIbb Marguerlte Oarnetl arere marned ln
Manhattan n June 10 ; lat The annotinceraeni
cauaed b aurprlse amona thelr frlende.
captaln Pamuei Betjua uu re eored trom hla re
cent 11): ? . ., ?,
An enjoyable eoncert waa glven In the oienviue
Meil >dlet Ep -? pal Chureh on Tueeday evening.
The Rev K P Bouthwell reetor of the Church af
the Tranaflguratioa, aalled for Buropa thu week.
? ?
Th* Rev \v b, Clarke, paator of Pt. PauVe
hfethodlal Bplacopal Charch, arlll exrhaaga pui
pits tAvaaorroa wMk th ? Boi Lincoln a Parrta,
paator of the BumBierfleld MetbfjrJlal F.pi?copai
church. of DoM.s Perry
Th* auit of John Waltere, aajataat the rorporation
of Bt afarh'a EpuicopaJ Charch, araa gggjafaolorlaf
.. oui of court thla weeh.
Oeorge W Horton aad John Deeley hava been
appolnted to Bll the vacandea In the Board of
ition of Bleep) Hollow. Henry Flelden baa
been eleeted preeldent and .lohn \\ Bealty col
lector. The tax roll whleh haa b.-en delayed bf
the death of Jamea Deeley, haa beea rlnally rom
pleted ai alftned . ..
The H-v M H Bpurr, of Moundvllle, x\ \a...
wave an latereatlng addreaa In Pt afarh'a Epls
? ipa] Church on TueBday evening tn the intere^t
ef thi Eplecopal Orphanage s.-hnol.
The Rev Henry Kvertson Cohh. pastor of the
Weet l.-'.vi CollegiaU Church, Manhattan wlll
preach ln the Plral Reformed Churcn to-momow
noralng and evening _
a Biualcal and Uterary ex.-rcis* wul he greea at
th'. Home Inatltute on Tueeday erealBg next.
a conundnim aupper wlll be ijiven in st Paul a
Methodlai Eplaoopal Churcb on Ttwaday /venlng
!! :.:-. Aostln Adama wlll lecture In Mtialr Hnll
to-morrow evenlnc for tha benefll of Bt. Tereoaa
Churr-h Hls suhje.-t wlll be "The Btory of My
The Pre.obyterl.in VlaltaltOa C4MBBtlttOB of thls
.liKtrirt held ae4rvlcee in th? <'hai>.>i reeeotly erected
at Bedford Oreea ^n?i Valley Road on Wi ,ip---iay,
Tharaday aad Frlday. The aerrlcea ware In r-harite
of the Bea l?r. (.iiver s Dean, aaakatod hy the
Rer. .lain.-s H. Rankin. of BedfOTfJ Vlllage, and
.;....r.'e Banha, of New-Torh. Berrleea xx-ns ba held
to-tnorrow in the htethodlat Epbw?pal Church as
uaual The Bev. Mr Hanaburgfa wlll preach ln
the moriilnn a;:d evening, and tlie Epworth League
meetlng ;it f.-xo o'edock, wlll be In charge of M'J
Roberi l>xvii;ht Knapp The Preabyterlan Chureh
haa been abandoncd, and aeevlcee for the pr.-^ent
vx-ill l"- held ln the new hapel
..ti Tueaday evening ihe Epworth League of the
rinM..n'? Brldge Me-hodist Eplscopaj Church wlll
i.-H-e g \Taahhtgton and Llnociln Uterary entartala
m< nl In the church.
The- dance ln the old hallroom ln the Elephanl
Hot?l laat evening waa attended by a large 1 wnber
ot inx-itM nieeta The coraaiittee in charge wfcre
Wllson G Todd Jantrw B Crane, Cllnton 8 Wrlghl
and Chariee Brown, of Soaiera.
Mr. and Mr? .lohn \V Tnieadell, Mls? Charlotte
Trueedell and Mr. and Mr- Wllllaai Ti Tlmber
mnn. of Katonah, and Mr aad afra Allen and
Wllllam H Lynn. of Bedford, will .-'?rt to-da.y for
r.;d Polnt Con.fort, Va.
Th* thlrd and lt;st Ictur* of tlie pogrulai eours*,
ln th* Bnptint churoh will take plnce next Tu<sday
evenlnp. xvhen Mre Rtith Warri Kahn wlll dagtlfbe
"The Haarallaa Is!aad -A Strnntro People In a
Btraaga LaBd.** Tlie u.su_l organ recital i.rior to
the lt-r-ture xx 111 he glven by Clareoco B. I'.< yriol.ls.
organlat of th" aaeraortal Methocllst Church, Whlte
Prealdtng >:ider Oabon, of tho New-Tor. conf.r
enee of the ilethrnii^t Eplaoopal ch'irrh wlll lect?
ure in Ollve Opera Houae neatl Tburedar evening
on "The Oberammergau Paaalon Play" for the.
enefli of 81 Paul'a Eplecopal Church
Plerre Cortlandt \ an Wych: Camp, Wo. 104. 8onK
? if Vcterana. held iis annual obeervance of I.in
coln'a Blrtbday in ita rooma, In Oraad Anny Hall,
last nlpht. Kollowinc tha exercjaea a .llnner was
aerved al the Croaler 11 luee
The new factory hnllding of the Bajr Htate fiho*
nnd Leatber Coropany, north of the prtaon, ls
nearly ready for occupaacr, 'Phe eeoployee expeci
to celebrata th.- openlnj; of the new fartory with h
Frlends of Mr?. Paul M. PleraOB, from thls vll
Ui.-.- aad TatTytoarn k.iv. a aurprtae part] for her
one 1 venlng this weea at her home. In Maiirl..
Mrs. Tbibbb II Cocherofl and the Mlaaaa BTenacb
elwood, of thla vlllage, are ^p.-nding thf- remalader
of the wlnter in Jacicaonvllle, Fia.
Mrs. M I. York. of Hamilton-ave., Is vlsttlng In
YVaahlngtOB, l>. C.
Ml^-s Ploreoca Leary Is xinltlng frlends ln Xew
Vv.ik. Clty.
Roberi <'?? M'a'l who la travelllng in the Weet,
has been 111 1n Baa Franil^.o. I.ate BCCOUBtB tn
>t: ate ?n Improvenient in hls COOdltloa, wlth gr.-at
hopes of a apeedy recoeery
Mr and Mr? DavM Halght Wfll entertaln the
Llterarj Clob on Monday evealag.
An antertalruoenl araa glven inst evening in th?
iriral afethodlat Bplacopal Churcb uadar th? au
aplcea of the Epworth ueagi ??
Plfte, L :,t-w ixioks have been added to tbe Pleaa
antvlUe Llbrary r, ? ently.
Miss Lottle K. I>>-;i vx 11, giv.. a mualce! at h?r
home on Thurodaj evening for the benefll "f the
Uttle Mothera' Boclety, A ahorl addreae wlll be
dellvered h> afra Whlte, the vicf-pre^ideiu, of
An iBtereatlag m.->-t!nK ot tha ite,if.ir,| Parmere'
Club. In connectlon wlth a poultry ahow, xvas beld
?,ii Wedneaday In the Mounl Klaeo Opera Houae
Tho meetlng waa addreaaed 1.5 Wllllam C Casey,
and a largo nttBtber ol Invlted nu'>?ts were preeent.
The Rev. i?r. Jamea Demareal arlll preach to
morrow morninp an.i evealng in the BrlgbtOB
IIel^;ht^ Rl fOTBK d ChBTCh
Mrs. Blchard Blood, tha arlfe of a tb-ket a?rent on
tha staten lalaod Rapld Traaall EtaJtroad, on duty
at the BtapJeton atatloa, had 1 1 arrow aa a;n fr..,n
death yesterda] aaoralng whlle gotng to the atatlon
to see her huaband. M: s. HI.kkI attempted to eroaa
ln frotit of the Vi.il o', locb irain Bha xx.n -een hy
Pollceman John M....re a.".d tha gate-teader, T?iomi.?
O'H.ir.i. Botb n:-.i rat to the woman's reecua
They became i onfuaed, and ? it-^,>: al tl ? woman In
te dJrectlona. ln the mean tlme i^..i:i ii? men
and tha \xom;.n were in danger of betng mai . I. , bj
the train. The anglaeer, bowevor, aucceeded -ii
brtngl ig the tinin t.. a Btandatill.
Bteera, -uld to be the oldeet undertafcer In
tbe Borougb of Rlchmond, vJ .? ci auddenly yeeterday
mornlng . I hif home. in Weai Nee Bnghton He
had been in bualaeea ilnce \M\l. Mr Bteera waa
.. .-;i- ^.-veri years Old. 11. i.-.uv,.-, k. w lil >vx -J.-I
Wllllam i:-- irwood. sixty-five yean, old of Plinc?/a
Bay, Rlchmond, failed to r< port a' Ihe \v B \\'hlte
Dental Worka yeeterday for work. Al aeon a
frlend wcni to his houae aad k.k.-d al th, ii.,,>r
There aa no reepoaae, aad, I. iklng In al a wIb
dOW, Bo 'kw",jd wa* ?e.?n elltlrik in a 1 tiair with a
newapaper In bta haad Tl.. nouae waa entered
and it wiiH found that tha ohi man ha/i been deaoi
for aevej .<i boura.
TliF. Y. y. v. ALVM1TI DIWNBB,
At the ualted alnnini d.nue.r of the New-Torh
Datveratty n.-xt Prlday algbt m tha Uo -. Bavay
tha apeaker an "Mew Torh Clty and Llteral ire" ta
to ba Qoaraja Havan Pataata, lh? tnibUaher aad ,?,
"Naw-Tarh at* and Art." rradeilcb s Lamb uxe
' known urtist.
11 araa rapartal raataaalap that vietr.r Baraaai
had been BlaOtOd I .iidurtor of ihb I'lttslrurg Oi
abeatra -md wotii.i aoan laaaa Naar-Terh to M.x
auni- Ihe dUtlea of tl?; ,,IIi, e Col,.n..| I-" 1 iir,k! 1 f,
Bartlett of tha tOd Beglaaaal sai.i thal ba had
haard aothlag ahoat Mr Berhart'a tataatloa ta
leava tha < Ity, and that he had i?'t t< i?-ned hls
uoaltloa u [aaOer of the *M Raftaaaai Baael >te
aald thal taa aame run.vn- ha'1 b.f?n otrcalated
s.jine tlme a*r<>, and he boUavod that there xx,,.- .lti
llttlo fouadatlon f-.?r lt now aa toora ?ub u! that
that mako* the
Delicious Biscuit,
Griddle Cake
and Doughnut
1 ji'STi'-K nis.TtoFT BAY1 he BUBT aBaTfTBR QWBBV
.Tohn S Flh-er, whos* dr.il'.naa wlth W. .1.
Qiilnliift. rnkhler of the fhemiral Nationai Bank,
W?a one nf the ennaa* of the latter'a re?.|gnation
! from the bank. waa t.efor* .luntoe BtachOff, In
i th'- Plipraaaa Court. yesierday. Mr. Qulnlan. BO>
! oordlng to hi* eara atatamanta, accepted aeeurt*
tiev from Mr. Silver and loaned hlm large sums
of inon*y on them, arltbool conaoHIng either the
prealdanl or the dlrectora of tha bank.
S.Tiuel H. P.mlth. r..pr*f*nting the Thlrd Na
tional Bank, holda ? Judgmant agiinat Bftver fr>r
**ii uoo. Ha ha.? eauaad 'he examlaatJoa of th* lat
ter In aupplenienMry prOCOedlnga to *? ertaln
wh-th.r or noi Silver haa any property wlth
whlrh to aatli.fy the rlalrn. Soyeral w ? rk* Hto Mr.
Pmlth lecured an order from Juetlce I 'oh?n r*
stralnliiK Btlver from dJapoalng of ang ef bis prop?
erty pen.lltrg th? settUment of the artlon
When thn Cheentcal Baaa aftalr ea*B6 lt waa
said thnt siivor piaoed addltjonal Bocorltlea with
the bank to aoenre the kaaaa aaade bg Mr Qnbv
lan. No iiKinK had th?> aM.ge^ addlUonal Beeurl
ties been put up wlih th* Ctwatleul Natlonal BaBk
than Mr smith began to preaa hla eleho against
Bllver. He eJleged that In givlng the addltlonal
eerurltle* Silver had vl.-lated the intun.-tlon bJOOOd
5VVh*n Bllvai waa auaamonod bafora the refaree
for an e?amln.tlon a. io th. aecurltlea and hla
ownarahlp of them. hla laaryar objacted to cer ....
ouesUona Th* refuaal to nn-wr caueed tbe ap
pearanc. of .11 hand. hefor* Jaatioa Blachoff roa
'7n".lVcldlna w'hether Bllver waa for. *d to aaewer
the oblectlonabl* gueetlona the Juatlca aala:
"Iiviu'.rles an o wheiher the r-ertllloatea of atook
plv.i, to ihe bank a.- eecurltv by Blhrer are awned
by hlm. or are held ln tniat for hlm. may bo mado.
The In.ulry may prooeed OB thal IhOOty.
Captaln MeClOeky, the rhiof of detortlvee, be
Hove* he has In DUStOdy four desiwrado-'s who BB
the nlght of i '?? amber :t last h*id u;> a trolley-oar at
Norrlatown, Pona . shot ami klllod thaeonduetor and
tenafifd th* paaaengora and robb.-d tlw.m The
ptlnonora ar* BJ k Harria Joeepe roetar, Bdward
?; lyne ar.d Andraw Oravaa Thca* rrwr, wre
found bi Detactlvea Cronln and Broam, of the l en
tral Offloo, ln a Boarary lodglng-houae, and Y*atar_
da? mornlng they were arraianadl !ni the i entre
Btreei PolU-e Court, aecurely handcuffed to *a.'h
otber The deteotlvea learned that ihe men arrtved
In New-Yorh the day itt'-r Ihe murder and hola-up
in Norrietoera.
TBM glTPBBBI fXRJRT H'U.ns that an ttttVOW
BBBT BTJSI BB ai>ministp:rei> AOOOBD
fTBICfl rr wa3 BBUBIfBIX
Tbe AppeHate P1vl?non of fhe Supn-me Conrt y*a
torday baadad down a der-ision ln the ras* of tbe
Aaaootate Alumnl of tho Oonaral Theologlcal s.'m
inary aamlaal the aomlnary, In Ninth-av*. ami \Ve5t
Twantlath-at The controvaraf waa aubmitt.'d or.
an aicreed "tatement of taots It had rgfhfOOOa to a
fund of ?2f,.47<% 25. whUh the Alun.nl AgOOClatlon
transf.-rr-il tO the ?t..ininarv ln l^v, lo gadOW tbe
Alumnl PTofaaaorahlp of th* h>rldaaoaag| Rotaalod
Rellglon, the profeaaor to ba appointed for a t.;rm
of threa paat*, to looture for thre? montha earh
ytar and to t# IncHgtbl* for re-eler>tlon.
After the establlahment of the rhalr tha aemtnary
nnthorttlea daelded that II would ba hetter to ln
i roaae tbe endowmant lo BO.OOOand make lt a refru
i.ir paofaaaorahlp Th. aaaoelatlon dld not rala*
?h* : ddltlona] monay, and eandldatea nomtnatad bj
the ? lumnl for th? chalr were not choOfn by the
semlnary .uthorities. arho d< rldwl to l*t the pla ??
r-irain vacant untii the .'ndownu-nt sh<mid Increaae
to 150,000 Tha aaaoelatlon aaked the Coarl to d<
rlar- the semlnary gnllty of a broa.-h of iniBt and
to dlreci th^ aaaalnari either io tak.' actlon on .
nomlnatlon now pendlng or *la* 10 return the
mone) Th* defendanl aald thm under a aubi
auent agreemenl the condltlona of the endnwm*nt
were changed and that th<- plalntlff, whlch waa
, ,,|y reoently Incorporated, had no int*rest in the
fu.tlee M^T.atixh'tn. who w-nto the OptnlOB of the
rourt aav* tha! honeot and falr deallng requlre
lhal whea fl peraoo ra. elv? monay under an airree
ment h.- ahall <b> aa he agreed or ela* return tne
ni'.r.ny at.d the <"ourt dlro.'te the aemlnarj to re.
tura 10 Ihe Alumnl As?..riaiion the orlginal fund
and aii noottBaalated Intereet
A lalagram fartatOd yeaterday from Ame.ahury
Maaa., aaamed to ind'.oate thal a haraj* <">rnhinatioti
.,f iHirtac.' manufactunen aaa belni f"rm-d. Oaa
Of th* inttnbors of the firm of Klandrut A I 'n , of
NO 171 Broomeet., thi.4 dt7, ^aid. howovar, .sh.-n
.^?>-n In relatloa to th^ r'-porf:
?The Ameabury eombine only tntereata whatavar
anents of the AmesbtiO' man'ifa.lurers lh*re arf
ln thla olty For sonie yenr> any on?> in BoatOO
who arantad to bny a earrtaga wenl :?> Amesi.ury.
whlch is aboul an hour diftan: from Boaton, and
i,v Mdding one aaaanfaeturer agaln.1 another oh
talned H at aheleaala ratea Thta aail aeeame
im rreat BhaJty thai th* re-aii denlata of Boaton
banded Ihemaelvea together and aerved BOtle* on
th. Ameabury people that they muei atop th-ir
practlce of --eiii.'iK to private partloa at uhoteaalc
r..'> -
"It'ft th'- old queatlon of manufacturera beinir
aaked to protad retall i^aier*. There uacd to i"
s'jrh an i.aoclatlon in thli city, bul are were never
Intereated ln lt. and I don't know whHther it \* itili
in axlatenee or not."
An lntere?ttnp ff?tnre of the annual dltinf-rs af
th* Arehltectural Leaga* ef Bew-Teth i. the
BWard in wh.t te known nx fhe Qold and Silver
C'ompotlrtoir Medals are .lv*n to gOUBg BtUdenta
and drnuirht.m'-r tind'-r twenty-flv. yeara, em
ployed in arihiteotx* offioea. f->r the haat drawinga
of a ?tiVije. t maile In ronformity wlth a Btated Bro
gramma Al tbe annunl ?! nnar of the Leagne on
Thuradag evenlng;, in th FV** An* sori-tv Bulld
ln., the praaidant, Bruce Prtea, awarded tha goM
aaodal Ib the eleventh atuiu.il eoatpetltlon to Chrla
rmr !?" Roaborg. The aubjeol ?w .. pobHe bath
lr. a tenement dlatrtet, on ?? loi faring an avaona
i ii nina from siro-i to atreet, RWxJOO faat,
M? pi?:.:d reatarday thal tbe work of youni;
Ro who li aboul elghteen yeara old, *a*
ramarkablc ar.d araa '?? n. aa ik lt illy ..? an <\
perlenred arcbltect could have done II. it w..s jn
admlrahle I'lar. i.>r a publlc hath ln a crowded
lenemeni dl.trict, wlth apacea f<n batha and dr< i
ir. ? .'.m. in mged tn to,. beai advantaga
The Laagua medi ? are eagarrly rompated for
a "Leagu. n.idr.i boy" i* alwaya ;ur* of gettlng
a pia'?? .n *n archltect'a ofBce Roahorg'a enly
trainlng haa baan In tbe of?ir<- of th* ar*
rhltacts, Haygel A- Bh. ard, In Baat Nlnateenth'.t,
T.n-t \ear h-r ranked foUftll in the Laagua COtapa
-e ? ?
Aaaeng ihoa* who are pooked to saii to-day on th*
Moraaaania, foi aJcxaadrla, vta OtlHraJtar, Oonoa
i-.ni ffanlaa. am tha Ree ai-.d Mi* iam*u P, Ah
bott, of M.dford. MagB . Mr? | M Utifh. Mr and
Mi* li.ntK* Blamentbal, A .1. Caaaaaoyer, mi*<
j.ffem?.ti liavi, Mr aad Mr-. Peaabrott* Jenaa and
f.imiiy fjhafaah Bay, Turktoh Oeaaul; BTnltar W
LOW, Mr .uid Mra. KiW^ri H M"'uMy Mr at.d
Mra f k Baaraea and fami>, Mr*. Joaeph
l*ullfji?,r an.l R.ilpli Pulltzer. M- and Mrs Cb.iibr.
Hunyniiui,, Hagjo aad Mi.a TTnarnaontik. all of :hi*
elty; Uie Rev. and Mris RttaOatl H. I onwell and
Mlaa Amina .'onwell, and .olonel and Mrs A J.
Jm.?..| and fanilly, uf IMillad. Iphla; Krank .1 and
Mrs i uroun, of Sai, Prnaclaco; Marahall Pleld .nd
.r*? H Whaadar, of Cbloago: Vlacounl and Vto
pounteaa d<- rtay\.- and Ltautenant-Colonal l> i
Huntlngnon. af Waablngton; J H Qrout. jr Unltad
Btata. 'onaul at Malt.t. ? 0.41,1 and t'ounte,, Henrl
de irai.k.i.Btoli., af Rom*. Italy. A K Pny Unllad
Htalee ..onaul at r>nle. rtpa.n, MaJ/.r E. I) Ju.ll
t S A of Hartford, Conn.: Marlon and Mra'
itory, of Port Cheater, and J. L. Thonidlke. of
Boa.in, klaaa, ^
Mud, rain, slush, or snow deal
death blows to trousers, no matter
how carelully you may nurse them.
Are yours sick ?
Trousers that will blend with al
most any coat and waistcoat; $4 to
IYIn-? ard Bm.dway.
Vatr*n anrl Broadway.
Tr.lrty-.?,-r,n1 ?n,l Broedwa*.
A'.HF.MAKI.K--Ex-congre*-iman I. D Apsley. of
Maaaachoaetta CAMBRIDOE Morrla Btory, of
Port Cheater, N. f. riPTH AVBNUB *******
Jo-eph M. Foraker, of Ohio; ex-Uovernor \\. A
McCorkle of Weai Vlrgtnla and Jn<i?e Celora B.
Martln, of :he tfew-York Btate Court of Appeala.
liOLLAND- Frsklne M. Phelpa, of Cblcago MAN
HATTAN Beaator John L MltcbeU, of WIbcobbIb;
Se.-omi Aaalauni PoattBaater-CMBeral W s Bhal
lenberger; Publlc Print.r K. w Palmer aad Hamu-i
H. Cramp, of PblladHpbla. nkthf.iu.ani>-Bx
Caagreaamaa Her.ry O, Burlelgh, of WhltehaB, N
Y nop.mandif. J. Howard Klag, of AJbany.
WALDORP Di i. 6. RobertaoB, of Cambrldge,
Mass. WINDSOR-Norman \Y. Cramp, of Phtla
Mnroln's Rlrthday ol,?etvan ?<*
H.-piil.||,an ClBb .llnner. Delmonleo's, 8:30 p m.
Freneh Bulldog Show. UV.M'.rf-Astorla.
Baeket-bail gaaae, Aaa, ? latloa Hafl, I p- m.
N.sro laduattial BdOCatlon fonferen.-e, Madlson
Bquare G irth n l v,n..ri l la II.
UBderhlll BO, atp, Prleadg' S. mlnary. 2:30 p. m.
Brooklyn I'nlon League ciub dlnner, evening.
a pahlte rnertir^- ln the intoraal of th* ladaatrlal
eduentlon of the gjegrooa of Ihe South will be beld
;ti |:ii rVclock thla evening in Madlaou Bqaara <;.r
di?n Coaearl Hall. BriUlaaa B Dodge arlll prealde,
.-.nd there will he addreeaeo hy Tresident Charlea
Cutlihert Hall. Booker T. WaetllngtOB, Kohert C.
Ogden aad tha Bev, Dr H. B. PrlaaeU,
There wili ba a Baaaa-Bieetlng of the Buadap
eehool toaehera and woikeri of the W'est Cent ral
Dletrlct ? ?. Monday evening at 8 o'elock in the
rjnlted Preabyterlan Church, in Thlrtp-fotrrth-et,
near Blghth-ave The Hev Dr A I*. s-iiauffler
wlll Kiv.- i Bt, r.-opileon le,'tiir? on the plar-es men
tJoaed la th* leeerme of IfOO, and there arlll he a
general dlecuaelon of Burtday-acheol work.
Tho Beetal Beform Clab on Tueaday appetated a
r-r- m.ittee to BOllctl ald for the strlklng- mill op-r
atlvea m lftBeea/?hoaetta The coeunltt4M ha-. can
raaaed tlie memberablp of :he club, and ha* is*u<--d
an appeal for coatrlbuUOBa, whleb may bo sent to
Charlea Realay, No. M Fast Fourth-st
The New-Yo.k BraflCh of tbe Asxo<-latlon of Col
legtate Alumrue will meet at Barnard Coflego, Obo
fiundred-and-nlneterr,tli-st_ and the Builevard, Olia
aftoraoon at 3 o'eloek.
The St. NlchOlaa Jskatln* Clttb hoekey team wlll
play a champlonshlp gatne to-nlght wlth the Mont
olalr Athietio Club aevoB at tha Bt Nlchelaa skai
Ing Rink. At the ClertBOBt Avenue P.lnk. Brooklyn.
there wlll be a game betweaa the Brown nnd
Colu.nbla I'nlx-erslty teams. Now that Ysle ha*
defeated CoixfrAbta and Urown has defeated Yale, a
Itvely pame ts eipect'd at the lutter meetlng.
ln a re<ent i*port In regard to lihel proceedlngs
brougiit hy Coloaal W. D. Maaa, u w.us atated that
Harold li PjrBBg was aaparated from hi> wife. The
fart Is that Mrs. Vynne ohtalBOd an ahaoltttO 11
varca from Mr Vynne in the Hiiiirem* Court ln thls
St.it. inst y.-..r.
The new butldtng of the O-rman Evatigellr-at
Latheraa Church of St. Faui, No. n3 West Twenty
se.ond-st., th? Kev l.eo Koenlg, paaior. will be
leill.-atei to-morrow nt UV.'io a m. Th.re wlll aJso
he sperial aervi.-es at 4 o'rlock fo-morrow afternoon,
Bt 7:30 p. tn M nday. and on the followlng Sunday
ev.-nlng. For tlie laai flve momha the i-.oiigr.'gaUon
has ITOrahlpped ln the parlsh-house of tho Chureh
of the Holy Communlon.
The Rev. Oeorge P. F.rkman. pastor of St. Fatil's
Methodlai Bplacopal Charoh, has raoetvad into the
raemberarrlp ol thal hody 101 p.-rsons arlthla the
brfef pertod of the ehurch'a actlvltp at tha new site.
ln Weai Fti'i-ave. and F.ighty-sixth-at. The rhtir.-h
waa dadlcated in Oetoher. The variaua dapartmeata
?>f r-hiin-h llfe have beea orgatahBra, and the chur<:h
glvea exi'.en"e of vlgor.
The meeiing of th?- Schoolmasters' A.vortatton
;:t No 17 Weai Forty-fDiirt h-st. will tuke place on
F"ebriiHr>' 19. ?"<! not io-day.
a eeeapetlUve eaamlrtatVrB for a srhoiarship at
West I'olnt from the IXth Congress DiatrlOt wlll he
held at iJramm.tr S,-hool No. 34. Hroume and Sheiiff
^t>,., ,.n lVl.ruary \> at tf a. m. i'0114,-1 essinan Mra.l
ley aBBoaocea ihat all airpllcaata must ba not ander
si-v. nteen or ,jv.-r twenty-two years old Tho Fx
aralnlag Coaaialttaa i^ onaapaaed of Dr. Jaine? i^>-.
<>, 11 a Kl.Id. Wllllam J. u'Shea and Dr. Loxils J.
I adlnabl
The Uterary Boclotg of the F^ist Slde Branoh of
the Young afea'B '"hrlstlan Aseodatton It> to lu>JJ
lis anntial .llnner to-nlKht at the hianch bulldlag.
Amotig iii^ apeakarg aiO ba H. 'J P. Nerge, Heary
Kefl, F IV Balchlar, Dr. A T Moggy and DOB 0.
Bbeltoa. Wllllam B. labaiB, Jr , Is tO speak at the
4 o>lo< k meetlng for men to 'BBOfTOW at tha btaach.
Mr and Mrs J Wllllams Ma.-y wlll appear 011 Mon
.:a\ rveatag in the naoathly inaniheia' entertain
ment oouraa,
Mrs Margaret Hottome. praaaaent Of the Interna
tion.ii Clrela ?f Klag'a Daughtara, \xiii a.idress g
meetlng f..r men al the Harleea Braach of the
v*. ,'iiin Ifen'a Chrlattaa AaaoeuUoat, No. s Weat
I ine-hiindi.-.l-atiil-iwfiity-ilfih-st., lu-morrow at
4:;io p. m.
Among the passengers who arrlved yest.rday on
th- ateamar Advaaaa from Oolon xxere Mrs 1 iar?
Aahby aad daughtar. Mts. Asiihy ia ihe widow of
coIoim-i Aahby, late Ualtad Btatea Coaaul al Coloai,
who 1 >st hls llfe wJiIIh salllng in a snmll hoat n.ar
Colon. The COBBBl'B hody had not heen rBCOVarod
up to the time the AdvaBOB left Colon.
Tho Bareau of Lleanaea. winoh takea tho ptaea of
th^ Ma. r's MaiBhaPg r>m<e, was orfc-.tilzed by
afajror \ aa Wx.'k paatatalap, Davld J. Koeh* was
appofated chtef of the Baraaa. aitb a s.tiary of
IXOM 'ii.iu'.' W Braara, of Na lOf West Btghty
l-iMtli-at . w.is made depnty-chief. at a .alary of
}."" aad Joeeph Itelaar af Bo. UI Baat Nlaetp
BevOBth-at., aas made i-asliler. at a ealary of $1,700.
Th.-ie. j?re 10 i.e four haepaetara In tha new Biiroau.
arhaOa feUrles are to U- ll.aw) e?oh. The pivsent
kaouaiheeta ?.'?? taaaraaa, ai,.j wtii hoid on.
Among the paa.enger. who wlll anll to-day on th.'
I.ii,-ii,.l.i f,?r l.lxerpool ar,v Mr. PalOatlaa AlleB, ,f
N'.-w-Yoik. Mr. and Mr. C I. Fair. ?>( Shu l-'rnn
risr-o, and Illshop H. M. Tunier, of At.aiita, (ia.
The B-v S lU'wltt Fullerion, of Lo$BBBB, arrlv-,1
yesterday on the Brltannii', and l?ft at onoe for
San Fran.".s. o. wh>re h<- will take chhrge of the
MlaBaOB for BeBBMB for th? nuxt ali niotiths He
ba. b.-en aitlve ln nilsslon wnrk aatOBg aattorg Bt
Ixndun sn.l I.lverpool for a BUfllher of yrars. and
has ? oni? to the l/alted Hlatea t,i relluvc tha Rev
j. CUva BaU, <?f tho Baa frraacBaaa mlaaaoa, who is
111 fr-.m ov. rworOx
Ih. Brlilsh sieamer Hr..n\lar. ov.-r btIBbBI non-?r
rlv.il mtu li aiixloty waa foit, arrlviiil rtatarOaiJ from
Jimilia. TIim llttl" st.amer, aiil.-h r.-Klsti-rs oel)
BJI ioi.k, tniouiiture.l u-rrlih x*,'uth<-r, but DfOvad
baiaelf a ataaek eraft. and weathered thr galea
The Park Avenue in.i-.iv .-mi. .it Btagrd held a
?BBtlBfJ yesi.tilny tn th- ofTlee at Uroa.iway and
Pjrty-seeond-.t ,{ I., Htoddayd praald. d, nn.l u
waa decaded that the Board would put ln the eound
deadenlng inat.-rlal for the Park-uve, vtaduct aUivo
One-hundred and-tonth-ai.
West 14* St
Fnr thrlftv folk, w* have a fenat of gentilna
?COtkOBtJ. r-'loor spaoe for BBW atork ? an gb>
Kt.luto upreaalty. and redurtlom. sik'nnl tiie? g*
?emblfBg of r)|4> d.ln<>rs. Our roenu ia long. wlth
many gtJCh attractloua.
Bagdad Couch Covers
(all WOOit beautifully embroidered)
S3.25 each.
Aho at IfJM than "low tarllT" prlroa now are
\A irr y-g> 17 nt T* PW?',M yon witt
?LONG CREDI1 ; ri(*,t of gafraM
alon to the fostlvitlea.
104 106 and 108 West 14* St
DrooKMt Swnes: flatbush Av. near ftilton St.
A thltrh that had been amputated from the rnnn'i
bedy fOUttd flonttnK ln the tnolosur* bOtJtiaafl th*
ferryhrvat sllpa at Roosevelt-st. and tho East Rtve
on Tuesdnv wa? pl'ked up ln the Eaat Rlver off
PaotftO-Ot . Brooklyn. early y*M*rday morning by
Jaaaaa MOfOjaa, a txiatmr.n. llvlna; at No. 76 racinv
at Morgnn had i*ft the pter al raefBe-et, at 7:M
o'rlnrk In the mornln.. .nd waa about flfty feet
from the boat landlng, when h* saw a whlte objert
bobbtng up and down in th* water He pirked the
thln-r up. nnd at onee *nw that It was part of a
Buaaaa body. Il was not araaaad up. Mergaw
row. 1 haok to the landln* nnd arave the B^eareMB*
objef-t to PoUooman H<>**. who waa on duty near
the pler The orfl *r to.,k th* thljrh to the Ami'y
Bt. pollce utaMnn, wh*re It w.ia pla'-ed In a plne hox
and lat*r hr.-.tiprt to the Manhatfan MorgTU*.
Roon nfter tr wa* found word waa BSRl to t'aptaln
McChieaTi the chief of deieetfvee, and h* aent bot
orai deteettvaa to the Aadty st. pollce atattda. Aa
soon aa the llmb re.irh.ed th* MorajU* Peputy-Cor
oner nonlln wa* Otnl for to seo lf it Bttad to the
mntllated trunk He found that It fltteil exaofly on
tho rljtht sld?. and that there rould be no doubt
that I' had been amputated from fhe body ln th?
Metgru* Both enda of he feanur areta ln a state of
romplete filsartlriiln |ion There were gto8 numer
ous dtacolorattona on fhe thlsrh. whUh mlKht have
tw-n oaused aernrdlrtB; to Pr. Donlln. by the nalls
of a shoo before the vlrtlm was dead.
When the thla;h waa pressed in plaee airalnst fhe
trunk Ir waa found that fhe murderer ln severlna;
the llmb from fhe trunk had made two InriMons In
the fleah before h? had oompl*ted the emp'ifatlon.
At th? flrst Inr'slon the Instrurmnt aaed Btruefe rhe
pelvls. The Inatrumont was then wlthdrawn and a
aecoud ' ut was made. whl^h aevred the rhlnh from
the trunk.
Mra t'harle, Starble, who llvea ln Flfth-ave..
ralled at the Morirue Bw*t*rday mornlng to look ?*
the mutllafed body. Her BUaband, from whom ehe
ls soparatod, disappoarel ahouf fhr*e wreks flifO.
and sh^ wanted fo *e* |f |t was hls body
that araa futtnd in th* riv*r at Rooeevelt>*t. Tho
man aooompnnylnK hor. who knew her husband,
lo k-d at the dlsmemberrd trunk and aald lt wa*
not that of Staible.
The ?ntrle, for tbe b*noh show of th* Westmln
ster Kenn*'. Club, fo be held In MadUon 8guarr
Onrdaa Pwbfuary 21 to 34, aagreg-are 1700, aa rom
par*d wlth l.gniS a vear a<ot the larpertf oI.-uif
b.-lnir tho Oreat Pi.nee The ll?ts show many new
eihlbltora, and th*re wlll be a larpn proportlon ot
yotiPK dogs wlil'h have not been azlUblted herc
Henry A. Dantels. M. D.. 80 West 91st St.
All Dlaea**, if UM Nervou* .v,t*m. Paraiy,.,, filaeaa*,
of M?mury ind wlll, Inm.nrm?ni of Ilandwrltlnf,
Impoteiic and EiarlUty. Hojra 8 to 1, 6 to *
Keep lnokine; young and sav* your halr, lts
oMor and heant' wlth ParV'r'^ Halr riaj?..m.
lUixtercorrs, the b**f c\ir? for C rru?. IS cts.
E. ft W. "Topeka " E. a% W.
A rotind *nd hlfl ban.e. eollar.
Her* la an example of the "news" that Is prlnted
In some New-York Maragapatai A report wns
publlahad yosterday to tbe effeof that one
Jo?eph Hlnes, who a week agn was a atreet
sweeper In the employ of tlv> Street Clean
InK T>epartmenf. had laat Saturd.iy h?en suddenly
etevated by I'ommlsHlonor McC0lta*g to a s?i-rt'
tnryshlp ln the O0BCO of ihe Dopartmont. at u
salary of llOiO a yenr. A graphle ploture waa
drawn of th* contraat betwe.n llin^s'f jif,? a., a
Bweeper on $1 30 a day. and hls preser.t DOat, with
po**|hllir|?.s of llfe at tho gfaldOff, "hol blrds" nnii
TVold bottles.'' th'>se thlnjts. It Is h.rdly noreesary
to add. bi'ittc: lovartabl) naentlonad by some pt-^s
ont day tournallsta when they wi5h ?o eanraaa a
oondltlOB of the Krott*st pos?t*ble earthlv fellclty.
It w?h a pretty atory, hut it Is unfortunately not
true. It ls a foet that Jos..ph Hynee -not Hlne*
..ia baan appotnted a elera ln ihe offlre of the
Comniiaaloner. But Mr Bynaa was not a sweeper,
he was a atahl* olerk, at a Mlary of W> n anonth.
Hls preaent KaJary Is not $4,000 a year; lt ln tl.Mo!
The Oharity Or^ani/atlon Soclety apjieola for *1iV>
towaxd tho Btipport of an aajOd ootiple tlll they can
p.iln adaitttanc* to a Ivme They are worthy |>eo
v\", ln yroat no??d. have no relatlves ari]n |0 help
them sufflrrlently. and thelr worklnjr days are over.
Any money for thls oase aent to tho .'harlty Or.an
taatkOn Soolety, No. M6 F;ast Twenty-.sooond-?t ,
will be publl.ly aoknowledged
Th* Oharity Orraniz iflon Soolety aoknowledgea
fhe (Ollowlag i-ontrlbutlons In raaaaono* to Ita reoent
appeal ln Ivhalf of a paralyze.i woman: K. L M.,
BI; W and Mrs H R. Kunhardt. J10 eaoh; Mn..
F. P. Furna'd. J H C, J T W.. P J Steward.
H. R. W and A. H F.. B eaoh. J. T Punnell $2 K
otanl and J OouM'a awtta * ?'?'.. $1 ea^h Alao the
foiiowing for an tnoipient conauntpttvoi M W P
JX. Mrs. ."Iiarles Insleo Pardee. H U B.. C H and
Mrs C. l.lt*ltis. lo each; J, H. Jones, y |g; a, w
nnd "Truly a Sympathlz-er." BJ eachj "i asri," Ber
tha T.. L H.. O b A <i i< and F \V Trow fl
??aoh; I. H . 50 oenta. 9ufiVI"nt money for thc.^e
two oaaea ha* now bHen reooived.
Runiia* ?a*g|BBB8M IsM Nt-<>n s*t, M^n'i *gm *>
a B aaady Beoh iost riiv i*i*nd na> h?ii tjaga i 23
g.B gaadg H?k 11 2-s ,j?v Uian.l 14^11 Data 1 88
T<> I>AV.
VaaaaL graa Lin,
Htratlu'lwl*. namhur, l?n 38.Ptrnffi
Capua.Hamburg, Jan 2<1 . ...IJ h * llraill !
BI i.'Uta.BeuthamM n, l*b fi. Am*ii.'*n I
Etrurta.Ulveipool, ^'b ^.Cumiril
Ktiil- af N>r>raaka iil*?,.i?. laa 31.All.nHt.ita'
ftraarCUj gw.naaa Jan io.nriatii oity I
St'NliAY. KKM'.IARV 13.
Im Noniian.ll, .ll??r. V*U A.fTrnoh
Crofl .r>unde*. -lati 30 .Air.w
B Rto .N*w orlean*. K*t> 8. Borsan
I'rlna Maurlta .. l'urt aa I'Hn *. Keb 7. DtttOb
n*riin. Aatwaaa, fabl .i:*.i s.?r
ort/rtl'a.Ha\aiia. !?>!. 10.N y 4 . Mtj*
harat..g? .Na?a.u. ga* 10 .N Y 4 , Mba
Ta.iin'. .ueernoet, ge* 4.Whit* Star
gaata Daaahaga. ? ? Baaaaav i>"at> ? .jjpanuii
Va*i*l. K-'i Ui.- Malla cloa* \',aa*l aalla.
Afltl?ilBTt, goftaiaa lataaa. *to. Atlaa 7:<10ani 8:00ara
Ancborla. OaMaow, Anch^r.lo;??>am u.uont
La Oaawegne, tia%i*. graaab . 7..v.am 10.00 a m i
LueaaU, Uvarpea:, ^.*unard . 6 txi a ni 8 .ai a m 1
S tn.di.i.'u i)*noa. *te, Harnb-Ain,r . SWim 10.00 a ni i
rurtia Rawfoundland, Kfl Qaa6ae.ll.-60a aa lajDgBB
Kpaarndam. R.tt*n1am. RollAnier 4:t? a m 10:00 am
V.ri*niKa, La 'luayra *lr. Hed V . trnoam 1.00pm
TtKM'AY. fraVBUJaVI l?
Iroquola, Gbarlvaton, Clyde.-^? 800pm
6th Ave., 20th to 2lKt St.
A Bargain in
Misses' Jackets
for to-day.
Misses' Kersey Jackets,
Shicld front, in high pointcd collars, f_j|
lincd with S.itin Rhadame.
Si/es 11 ?16?18 yt'ars.
Formerly $5.75.
Misses* Raugh Finished Cheviot Jackets,
French scams, fly front, buttonmg to
the neck?full lined wuh Min Rhj.
Formerly k''>."t'>.
Sizes 14?10?is vears
Not a dopartnu'iit without ita
attraction in gooris aiul pricp*.
45 West fJfJd Strfot.
And, with thesubdivision of topics,
more than a Million Facts.
Order from any news stand, or
directly from
PORT OF NKW YOUK. faUPAT, fBBROAatf 11. !?<??
8tr.xn:.r ! ? ' ? H.i 1 I- ,. I ?? ? fBBBBBB.J
airl QtienMtown <. a * '??-' B*aragj
peaarnjrn co 'he I i Uae, arrtvai *' ?$ Ba
Bt l? M B m
Bt. im r Wa?hlnrfr.n ni-r>. I - :? I lle. BBaBBf
28. in ballaa to Quai Heye. A>rrH 4 M taa ? ar " U
I> m. I>bf . i ? 1"
Bteaai.r Kllaa Man. iCkr), .:? rtari R ttrrr! .m Jaatafl
2* in t-.llast !.? Onat K.jre, af vvl nt [fee Bal M BfgJ
a m. -
Hteamer Munrh.n ?Jer) Kuhlmann, Br4rni?t leMaaj
20. with Baeae, .'.i eebtn ar. l 4T* y.^ni wrwn a
Oelrlrhs A Ox>. Arrivl at tho llar .,??-.
Btaeiir Doaa m i -: * "flfl
I,lao.>n 2j, Bl Mlchaeri P?*bru*rj ? " r - 'J:
g, with n>ia. aad i" atotiage paaaingfri te Hi??ra?re
A Btiian. lurrB -i ai the B< ai I ?<? i
Pt.artier B'hlCkham iBt), I ':->( I ? ?* auaga
Pajenno II and OH Jtar -?> i .
m.inn 4 Co; veaoal sirnjxn. Bgfae 4 Teaag Arriwa
at th. F.ar it I a av ? ___
gteaaatr R - Brl Btsb.IL Taloaheaao \-*??
bar 12. Va4parahKj IB >*::..?> I.ovarr.b..- 1 ?'????*'? *?<r"?
11, Iquiqu- i". I'oronol 28, \'.. ..?-? ? Ia :Ar' \*-\*
Laela i-vi.ru.ir> l. arlth n P1M awa> ^ H *?
rlvwl At tn' IVir *i 10 ? ' l m. _,fc
Otaeaaer AOvanee Bukeforth Ootaa, alraraanr 4 *?a
rmlit. and 21 paa.fig.ra t the ruuiraa aBBBBBi BB BB
Arrlverl at th..' !'. ..t 10 BO a m. _- -.?
8l?atn?r Pivml.i (Hr>. I'r-wi. V r.t*nr#T.> B*>. -*? ?? -J?r
Pabtuar* I ai d Si Anoj'a Pr. 4. MtJi ?i?? aa lB* y' ?"
Trarlr.g Co; reee?l t Bennotl WaOOi * ? *r'4*? ?
th. mr at 10 ;? ii. l4Xh. ind a-.-hjrad ^ wlt.
Btoaaa?r Coa. Bvaaa Oalraaaaa iff***
mri.. .nri paaaena*ra to i H ICUof? *. ';. k.,fr,_ry 84
Bteeawf B ' ?- Oaronof laew-^rfaaae ffaaaaaj a
wlth nirli* t . J T Van B ll ... ,,,.., . aag
Btaemtr Iroqu I*. K.mble, Ja.-??^nv ??' ') '?^'??^n T
r.iar:t>xt.>r. 0, arllti m1?. .n.i i,a?^r..*r? a
Clrae a ..? . . s ?: .*,
Oleeaaor l >rki rn, I .... Bea l ??* R ..
with mdac and paw-engen. to . . n;4ii
"tk? BhT i8'" f B.rm.na. im. ?urg -avianah Pelnuff
B. Bfttl tDda. and pdai-.ng^ra t<> >'<'*?? w'"j a..a''4aJ?i
s..t... M .... s .? ?? 11. 9:SO p in-Wiad *m.4?"i
n> .l.rat. br>... '? Bae ' *
Bjteaater carreBaa (Brl aaalt, a>aaOalaa aal faaaaaa
Str.m.r l..i G^i Pi. rr\. Bau.l*..n. Havr. <
Oteemer Lucania iBri. MeKar, UvaBJBBl $ * ^
*3-.am.-r aggraaaa Baaaai Kirmaton. laaaaaaa
"<.,';v'r pb7 ^w^hSj:.; ?**-, n,,*,* - ?
kgi$jariT A.V..* '. .'' K If*-1 .r< -h?**???
Aritr.,.: 'V;:. lah Q ?? - f* aaataa, UilBiil -a**1'*'
"fc??? Praaalar {?, Creag, Btetaga Oar. * ???
^,..;:;rr;. 2J^b? \\n*m **? ?-^
"Xanifr S. maimla .<i*r), Barand*. Na;,.. J*** *
^Meaaaer' B/m ilb-?'?? *a' tOer). DaBafaraga, 0?4ffaaa? -<**
HVt?^i?r kl.^x* Ctta <i?r'. J'>???. Btraaai J?" ?"
Aftaaaaa? Pertla (Oar), rartatf, H.iifa. ^nJ ? J(,>>1*
N V H..-*rlr< .* V llhald . ,r1,r?
gteemei Bpaerndaa (Duieak, ^?a ^'r '?** ?
ataamor aUthlkla Beei Taarvia. KetOata a 1
Txoeaaer Oe ra * (Oer?. Itaaa Karela aal LaiiiMa*
Uaml irg am.n an lan..-? Kxab"*
.??t..n.'r r..:.tt.^ <<?er>. Kari-.wa. Haaaarg aaa.
gtaamar V.i ?? i#U 11 ^klna. I* >.ua>r?. I aw
?%,^-;\"rv..-,:;?-:. mu-:>. n-?-^
giramar .11 im lP rtl J?n.*ti. Ua$Jtai BBB w
"'vr'," :a-.:7!;:.\:,.,rH -...,-? 5 '^-tf*
tiiaamar M.^awg (Brl, Caaaoaa laaaoa
Shit'i in< t'ompan? ? ._ ^__ ???*? ?? aaaa
Bltatuer Bftulmle. Beerae Caarteetoa ?* Bl B? r
*rl'..in..r Mrn.. Ilatt. fhariaeion anJ Ja.-kf"
VA P .l.vir .v ' v. v?.??? r . 4l'?n ?
Iteawor R ataon. Halaaj Wea 'V^* ,ru r n ?a ?
st...n.^r aUttxtavae i^-?ia. oaleaarea 1
^Bteaaare rttiecoe. Rlafe ><ry B>.t aaal .ix.v.atoo OJ
MS,l.ann.r 'lUrtnan Wi.r.r. MfJaBfaa, ??* .-?
Dgi*;BV.r O. f ui s.,..- u laaaagaaa n -? aal Oa***
Man, s r -W1 llietn P ni l.a; ? S)1_..,^ .v??? ??
siMnnr <-4t) of aagaafg, naa^BOli s.^4vrt..n
?M.xm*r leateateare, laaa. ftagfa* aal ftaanjari n"^
OH 1' mlnl n Ma "i ,. .. ?r> | ca
Itremar Colorado, BUIt, nnin.w.-k - 11 ??? ,'T va
Piwm.r ? Korte. Hawtaaiaa N.? Oil.?
lUrk ARMUtr PBee). I>.hmo:in. WMItagl "'? ????
rur-h. r.ivr .* r . ? iBaQal "*
Bark WKlia Wlngi ?Hr>. l*n?.U.r. lurimi
l'Zl tMm t?M. ga?aTelljB?$?fc^ f^lj*
Baxk M*r? A L*w 'Pr). Harfl.'..1. Daaeata ?'
lan- k w Qaaiarea * Oa _ A v j w-Af***
n.rk rhirrTkyi. (Br), wn^i. flydney. * s w
B Douglaa.

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