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rraeon. everv houaeholder la bound to plve aome at
lantlon to the exhlbitlon. The aalletlea remaln open
the public untll Manh I They BT0 ogjen on Si:n
dflys aa w<tl aa week d.-.va
The art 80BOOU s BOW nt Ita bOlghl. At tne .\iii?t
ican Art OeUertee tbara wlll be a preaa vtew Beal
Wedneada) of tbe collectlon of Bngltah and P*i I
nalntlngi '? nglna to Ml vV H PuUer and of the
follectton ol BarblBOi patatlraga and Orlental por
celalne formed by the lata Charlea A Dana Not
one of thi '? iptown la nithoul a apa lal exhi
f aonv aert, as naa t-o.-n 't, awn t.\
brlef rovtows in The Trllaine, and two nf the r? ru
lar large n ; aa of th< wlnter an ' a
the ajchltectural Leagw at 'he r: ? Aria Bulldlng
and the Amertcau Water P loi Bo <? j it th
Boadeafy *' Dealgn.
T):? ontraorOlnary developmenl of <hr eraaa
ajaoag ''r,:;' rteea for the coior >l prlnta of tha
aarlk r 1 al nlehlng con
grvatlon ta tha Bguree if aa aoctkm atatogue re
aaatly reeelved from Loadon. T.art montb h: Chrts
. -. ?? i b M b ? laaber ? f -. rtnta by s -
Dnterrau, Tomklras i R Pmlth and othen M r ly
?< ttrai - . I ? ? n> nal ;'??-? I onm s< ? -
gntr. we append a '? a b) letanen
??Wbal Tou " :: |
?a?uree Plelda > ?
Keatlng aftrr Oeorg Morland kjj
' ?.- - ?: ' by G Keatlng. aftei fl
M ?-. ? I UB ."?
"The Bqulre'a P or" and "Thf Fmmer's
p - I '?rr?u. after George M r
, ' ISO II
md ".\ T Oardeti." by
P rj Bolf i after Oeorge Morland BB u
? *? ? : ? ? r he ej
aon e ? '?'?' ttOim POf yeara the h. ? ? ?
for prtata ave been in the realm of a p. I
g for aa a I l -? | ?
fR- H :- -v kenl thi: the now faahloti haa
adopte.: with a ieageai -e
DR. gBAMAM heWTTBO a i.arof BBMBBM t>P
Bv LooB LOvlugaioe Baaman gave .i dettghtful
raeeptlon froan 4 >*elo k untll 7 o'cio-k yeel
tf-rv ? ' " r Of Mase ModjBBha Chlap n
7 1 r ? n - ' I Bean an's bouai. it Mo U W al
- rty-flrat-ai were beautlfulry decorated aith
; tls i-nd brtgbt-colored r tea In
t?.? Irawlng-room, whera Mme ModJ -kn re-et\e,i
?s? .- -?- ? . ? ? w ? - - . f? ?:?..? ????
n'.K-rr'-' ^f Atnerl in Beauty rooea and I
,: - i ?? ~ludtn?f lllies hyachatha nnd tu
?j;s ? ' ?...- * w ? aealeted in raa 1 1
v^ urs ?' - a? nalow Mrs John a Mltohell,
jjrs Oeorgi W Bramw^u. Mra Adolph de Bary,
y.. ; ? - ?? ? Preaanan and Mis? y. Van
I - . r Th.- t.a tabte -vs? preelded over
.. ? . :: -^ Pai -- ad by Mlaa
Mlaa ] ! Mlaa Da Bary. Amon*
l . , . the honor of meetlng Mme
? I Mra. I'nr.ald Mcl.e.T Bdl
s Metcatte, Mr and Mra Pres
IthMT, Mr and Mr.. 1'.; >.;Ty\ VTataOfl
Mr- Henrj A l*rlme, Mr and
and Baroneae Bar<
Mr ?n \ Mra Ea ?.? I ? troaa, Mlaa Jui a
ber. Dr. and Mra Knlgl t Mr
, -. .-? : >i? ?or "vans, Mr and Mr- I
?j - Ki rr, Mr. and Mrs
I ?? ? Lasrrenoa, Mr and Mr? jenn Acbella
I }| .... B naonfl tfra. < rer Uv
.._,.. nea ??' as V ilt a, Ml ind Mr.
. l. j|oti y- ? | mis john Hutchlnaon,
Mlaa 1 vPhltney, Mr. and Mrs.
? - . . the M - - ?
Mrs V71 II nv T I -
nd Mrs
?- ?.'. ntei Mr and Mrs !
? . ? Frederick Wood
., ( I H'.. - ,! a -? Iruff, jr
?r and Mrs B ifus P
v - ? I>r
?r r-arl Boch. Mr ind Mra
. \ . \,. ihe Mls ?- Zlalnla,
i ??.-: rjalnee, Mr and Mrs
? ? na M I Mra
? - ->n It and Mra Bkeel, I" nd
- ? :. Mlaa Plaher the M
? l : Haaki Mrs E Uth K
. ...... hofl Jr . Mr and Mn
nd Mrs F W Jacks n, Mr and
Warner Ml and Mr^ Al i ? ?
:? . Vlola AUen, Miss Maude Adama,
? - - ;:- v Dr and Mra Prank
? -.? Mi-^fs Wats >ri Mra Haary
- . J Mra E. A. I.'Roy.
. F?>b S. \da Ban Francleoo. Feh. 11.?It la
nat a marr!H>re naa beaa ^rrxr^'ed be- j
MBOen Pr:n--e I>av,d Kaw uianakoa and PrUSOaBB
Katu.an: The formal betrohal m'n-ly awalta th?
nre to ^-rTaln daeda of fam'.:y aettiement of
. -: Q ? ? ? Kaaee ml
eaa 1 b! la the Oatughter of ex-<v>vernor
?. .- CJaghorn and the ute Prhv -^s M i u
tha monar^h'.^al rfelrce wouid
. ? ..- ii ai LUIuoaalanl to the thron* '
? "? vM 1a d BOB of Kaha e PoU |, a ,'a - -
ar, 1 KlnolKl K*kh-:'ikf. the j
? . ... ? k . anl H haa been well edu
- Eng ib -. ?? forii ? and Bngland and
v .. leetlned ?? ler the m^narchy for a dlptomatlc
- -.
v ? 0 > TO A ?OgfTPAL NEXT OTBUNgalOAT Pt 0
r--.. vvv, fj ._Mrr.e Sarah P.ernhirdt haa lonar
. .., |, ?. -- patna Bee? ntrj tl aae I
sggTavatad II araa Intended thal the
;. ? |] | p^r'orm a rteceeaary onera
? K | A ? .- alled ber irg>tp?mtri'.*.
??, ahardl wlU go to a boapttal wv.t.- Dr
?t neai vVedneada) aill i-o,-'^rrr. bji operatlon
f e Obrold growl h, whlch haa I
--?. - :.-,- IrreaTUlar meala and the atraln of
- ? :.' ? ? Bernl irdt is in capltal
? lr/.zi ls cenfldent 4 the ra ess af
B J Feh n ..-;. The annual
?? ?... ? i" - ator tTnlverattjr waa held
M ? ? ? v and lt j rot c. one of
aaeful ? functl er adven
rowd of vlattors s -h?re
? ? .? . aatfl freea Bew-Tork, '? ?. Boa
.n, Baltimore, Plttal irg Tronton and
l ? ? ?
rtei a 0 tea was jjp. en at the
? ???:?- ' ? t| or
gai n. The promi aii pened
Bi . k wlth the largeet attendance h rw ? s.
were -a. r of pnvate boa-1
? ? ted aa patreneaaae: Mra
I li Orovei
Mra. T. J ? ? ' eorga Ara ?'?>? Mn W.
? . . v | .... Mra. W. 1
( ? :.;.?- ?. .1 (Jeer. .Mr?.
... .
k - I B : ??. Hi I
Y-S'^ ? ? ' ? s 8. Morga Mra J O.
D. .-::,' Mrs. B M M;u
ant wa .? ? y""r lay that M i
... ? Mn.- Ma
? ?
B .? tru?- BXpl ?
Orau ?? ? ? 'I
f hU vlap
.?? ?
and that atatement a
.iraits had rioi ^?
i ,...?..??
i |. II lever. thal IB<
gned '? i ? ? ?
.,-,1 al ;h<- ; i apa ? of the
I ? ? baa Btroducod al
io protad
. .. Vl^ oaly ? i *? ???? ?
eet aetora to tl
I II ? -
? ???????
i ? ' '
' ??? ? ? ? ? . I te law
?r -? ' .. '??' "'r'- ,h< "?'" ''", itm*y
? ? ?
.... ..: tetegi pned from :? i
.1 Blgned th,
. '?'?'? " A,n
Thi iral af tba TBuraday :".?;? itofoi tt*
wth ,,....,,, at the aeeaaef Mr. Pranl ?
. ? n, m we^, nfty-eaghtb al rhurad.y
. , K ad? Mlaa Lj ? bse OBrtnar
and Mrs. Bildwln art to be the aeloiata
m rsic.
Tho baaf of tho throo Nlhelung dramas was per
fori ..1 al tho Metropolitan O..ora House last night
by tho Damroseh-Kllls for< aa Parhagfl lt would
'?'?' ""iin-r tha truth lo aay th,- Dnmrrwch forcoa.
r ... .,r.. in,|in,.,| fo t,0|.,,v.. -ha! th" ond of tho
? '? tlae bi which Mr Damroach i? chtefly lnt?r
eated '? the fiiiman and, whleb is bavlng its in
riin*:* in New-York, tbe a-Tanco-ItaBan .-ontin?'nt
? domlngted tho Philadelphla ?n?nn "Wni
aiegfiied" and "Dle Qottirditamfrung"
hai i ,. been siv-n. it is poaalbJi to aay some
thlng aboul 'h. r"r.rov?>ntatlons a* I Whobl It
would be moal Bgreeable lo aei the pegs hich ln
suoh a dlatuaaloa. for Ii wa- n taudaMa undertak
Ing ta produc, the draauu whleb hava had bo rn'ioh
to do aa ? .- arlth tho formatlon of tho preaem
taate i nd underatandlng ot thi patrona of the Mei
tfoua bat, unhapptty, the repre
sontatlons ha. not n-.nrkod piugien. hut the re
in tij. acenlc depa/taaeni lh? retrogreailon
.- been ao greal that the greateal htodneaa l? dla
ihe rompletesl allence on thal p..int. The
Indi ought 1 be hk,- thal Bgyptlan
.. i ? ??!-. \ bi noi only Been bai felt. f?n
thi othei . there have been some extremely
-? | featurea in tho rapreaentatlona Mm>.
Nordlca, v. iir. haa beei the Brunhlld, of tho throo
? ? - irttotlc Btature m?:
?h.- eatlmal on of the knowlnc. She
? ?? ? ? ndlcapped ai tho oataet by h<tng
aaaj thi h n In, In thi Bni drama for
the flrM fimo l.ofore nn audlence to \ hnm tho baal
. na "f th>- pan wen i" famlllar aa ? auraary
?al. Had - ." t ?-. v ).-s? of an artlst ?h" WOUM
Ij l avu Bchlered I ? ??? r re?ults. for sho would
have t.eon i<?s amr-an-aaeed ln contemptatli g her
taak nd would thegefor, hava traated more -o her
taatlncta, whl.-h ar,- Bplendldly aour.d, as ih, m , -."i
ptov -1 lo tho aattaulactlon of tha moal conflrmed
fault-flnder Th<- conBdence *t: her own powera, ln
^r.lred l.v greater famlllarlty with the part, ms.de
hor aecoad Brtlrmhllde m inst vyednoaday aighl a
notahla ereatlon. !r. !t th"re was nothing la.-kinc
U.?; I 1 . intelloct and fe.-llng, Ita
oniv ahorteomlng belag -h" phyaical nn?. for w-hich
cht not t>. ho faulted ln polnt of fact, hor
tmpf rsf n.itlon ralsed ,n -xiremely tntoresfln;:
queatlon, Muel BrunnhUde bo the Ani.iznnlan glar.t
tl - )?' I, pepularly mncelved to bo" i? lt no'-es
ss'\ that she shouM ttaaacond all our imlil.l"
na Of won Bl B. nd? Is sho any tho levs human
? - auppoaad to be dlvlne, or any tho
lea* d!\ ne i fter -' ? la auppow I tn have been de
prlved "f hor divinity by a ohiistisement which ls
cft"r all :ho rhastisemor.t of tove? Of oourse. so
..-c ,- then an people who th:nk that the stard
nrd of Wagnerlan Mnging ls purely a queatlon af
nd ronductora who think that tho
Ro >dgatei of tho orcheatra must be opened to. their
fuliost oxtonr al all timea some cri-.ioism. profeo.
? ' ifl well as lay. will demand that BrttanbUde
he an emntinnallzed fnghorn. But lt doe? not fOllOW
that tholr concoptlon ls corroct. ImagtaO every
thlrig hrought Into tho propar perspe.-Hve. nnd tho
Maal Bnlnnhllde will be a woman arlth womnn
ly attiibutea, raiaed tn their high'st powor by
dramati.- s?ress. Ir Is tnie hut dtvlnelv femlnlne
? vertheleaa Mme Xordl a's only shorto<-?mlng
prew o ir of her aaaumptlon tha; tv,e lmpersona:ion
had t" ba of -K" herole etatura glvua to it hy
some of .er pheBOmenally gi*red preflaoeaaora Sho 1
stro\o -o pilnt nn broed llltaa, aa. indeed. she had
Ifl d~> ir, or !er tO preoerve harmnny in the plcture, .
Bi I ? erefora sho dtarloeed. ov^r and anon, the i
' ? -v it nar.ire hid no* given her an en.uip.menT
for aocb h parformanea Tal la "BJegfrted,"' and
.--?? la ly laal nlgrit ln "T>1e Ofytferdn-nmerurg-"
. .', BCted 'n a stvle that was -hrMltng.
and creatad i wish that sho might no -leard ln a
idjual 1. eymmerrejii and harmoaloualy
B ? '? 1 pe-formanre
Voeally, HaiT Krn :a wu rast 1-n the old-tlme
\o--al rroi;ld. So fnr xa mor- Rstlgbl nnd p trify of
votce are ouaoaiIIBd he has had nn tejual here ln
the ohara^.-r of Slo?fr1e-d T;ie part. morwv.r.
called oui tho Mnest qaalttlaa that ho has dtaplayad
M an actor He was n dellght ta 'hoso who love
a "ound. pura tone produ"e<l w\':, that oase which
tallfl of irdhaltad rt^rrM* for e Thore \r a want of
romantle feel ~g arvd ploturosq-ieness in hls Im
lUoa but ln sonK and aorlon hls Siearfrled la
so much better than anythlng eise thnt he has dona
That we caa easiiy fa.ncy' him havlnir everyfhir.jr
his own way on the ClVerman-Wagnerlan f?c?
within flve years. In "Slefrfrled" Herr Hans
I'.Tf-.tr dlatJnjrutHhed hlmsetf in declanvatory slng
lrix and ln characrer actlng an Mime. In last
nifrir's pe.rformanoe besidea Mmo Nordlca ar.d
Herr Kraua. the porformanee rrnet entif ed tr. pralse
was thAt of Mr. Flaoher ae Hwn. The caa'. waa
ai Pol ws:
nruni.hiiie. Korllea
- .-Baraa
,e.T" r-s
W . ri'le. Mattfell
;- . .sfnidlrl
(tlogfrted ... Kraim
Hacea. r'* h"
r, .r-T .SLa-jJlfl
Stonatnr Thom -a C Platt came to this clty from
TVashlng-tor la?( evenlng. and whon he w.-us seen at
tha Flfth Avenue Ho-e'. he aald ho had eome to ai
Tord to priveto buatoaaa, and dld not expoct fo
rr.eo- any niomt.ore of the Lefrtsla'.ure or taik ah^iut
potMlea Lonnal B Qulgg the presidon: of tha
Rapubll an County <"ommlttee. was sald to be stlli
ln W'.xFhlnirtOTi and none of The poiltlclans about
The horoi could explaln why he had faiiod to ^c. to
Albam Hnri talk wltb Governor Blaok ahout pri
man bllbj ?? w l-'foro the Leatrialal :r ?
genati r gtewart, of Sevada cama to tho city iaat
evenlni aleo and wa- Bt th" Flfth Avenue Hot"i
for a ttn.e lle aald thal the De I.nme Incldem ro
.,../. >:. ' a amall lerriei trytng to worry ?
itlfl De I.'fe waa too ?ma',i to inauli tbe
prp, .. ?' .' the L'nited Btatea, he sald, and -ho
only lnteraat in the perfonnanee of tho B|
^l nister wa^ centred in th" poaolble effeot which
performanca mi*:ht have ur^.-. tho Cuban
C a.US"
i M F.h'ir.x V OFBRBTTA .1 HRo 4 D.
\ .ontract was ertere.1 Into yesterday betwean
llaasra Do Kovan and Smith and Ouatav Amberg
who repros-nts a ayndlcate nf foretgn managora,
for 'ho productlon of "Tho Faadng Maataf." ln
London. Barlla and Vlenna n<xt autumn Mr
Amberg ha> also aacured the Conttaental tiKhts to
_,.,..,' other of Menn De Koven and Bmlth'i
, .. pI | being the ntenl ?? ?' 'ho ayndlcate to
ice rhem'ln rapid lucceaaion It li
r-Kh I'a'miy w-Hn rn.ide a auccess ln l,on
ii the Savoy Theatre ln "The r.rand Duke."
..'[,"? \. ?? .,: Bull van, haa r.oe-i aelected for the
. p-raj >eacfl whlek wa.- playad in thla
, M|H Uaria Tempaat, In the Buropean pro
I Fenelng Mi iter." wh) i for the
..,:-..... v De K .-ii nnd Bmlth have
reoiWted Mr Amberg to angagfl laMaa Piee-r,
all ? a ig latln l^iy
rr iin^art Hara, Mlaaionary Blshop of
Bouth Dakota, and Jamea i; Beynolda of tho Cnl
. .. ? gettlemenl ' ed the Brotherb.1 ol
i in Bl Matthew"! Eplaeopal rhurch.
[ . Rtghty-fourth-Bt., laal n ghi r.oth
, " . | ? duonce Of onvironmen'
? ? ? _
Prom Th, Baltlrn ira a.- ?.-. ar
. of thi lottar. bowever, conalata la
.. ? rather than Ita peraonal a* :?? it
w ?- ?-. . bery to the Fnlted ftatos
hlngi have been doni noi i
.-.,,? |hem, bAJ' I ? tua, wl
nk the Unlted BUtea 'A^ tat< the queal
r, latlom 11 onlj ro efri I and eend
- ? . ? . .... to j, aba b propagai da anu ng
. . ! ? ideiphl Bn |ulrar
]-,? ?. are all gathar oleaj ir. aocb caaaa
? trt noi ? hether he ap. ko . ffl i In hla
?,,,;. ? ? ? ili .- an ini ili
h. la r illty of ? icb a hr.-e'-h of dlptomatlc conduet,
with thi .? dn talBtratlon must ?
Hla offoi I reallv rommltted a far worae tl
thal of Lord Backvillo-Waat, the Biitlah Mlnlstar,
? ?:-,. idi ?? Cevi land
I :-. n. Tha Deti ' Pm P ? M
But then no ai on for the i auntrj ' ? gel
?xrlted about this foretgner'* bad mannera v> dld
,,,. ..... into ?ubl, with Bngland ovai n aimllar
.j . .,-, nor li ther. . nj g od rcaaoa why
v", hould bi ma Involaod ta war with gpaln aaw
PIfl> iir.i.rrs DB LOMB, KOT MKlNi.FV
Kron. The B rtfa e Commaretal
ll , |, i,.. i/.n,oh aad noi lo Mr McMlnley'a,
thai thi Bpanlah Mi ..-'or regardi tha
... . . ? w. lt." ' low* politlclan,
,. ,.,, | trytng ai on, o to "pander to th rabble and
? open for Bpaln i he Amarl en
. ? . ' thelr l're-.ld'-nt. and are
,,:,,', indlffere i to ihla PJoarbon gertlaiaaaa pn
? ., o pi esaiona
} ., -,. i ,,. a banj Bapn aa
Bui wi... Bpaln i? BOBBtaaJlr frlandlj to tha
t!.;;i Btatea, tba hacl la that Ita toaUng joward
thla countn a Intanaa y Wttar and Da Lema is ,
likoiv io \.o beld up aa a comblnattoo of hero and ,
nittiiyr when ha r*tuma to Mudrtd. 1
<< ontlntifMl frnm Piret Paar.l
and It al.eo ahowed hlm to have been the vlctlm
of peraecutloa sin.? he begnn hla hooeet *n
deavor t., probe th- truth
At the conciualon of hla evldence CJplonel Blc
ouart mei with an enthualaatlr reeeptli n, finrn
the pnbiic. Thero arereerlea of "Vajre iv-ipumt''
nnd "Vive I'Arrnfe!" m whlch narvp' "' 'he lnw
yera Joine.l The hltrb mtlltnra, ..flV?j-a WOTB
Vlatbly annoyori' at the offo.-r of I'olonel Plc
ojuart a teetlmonr. <
Colonel Plcquarfa evldence wns o< tbe hisheat
Importance, and tbba far is tho ennct event ?f
fbe trlal. He gave !; wlth ivl*'* mleae, p>itilesa
completeneaa, covertng the uh<.ie saaound rnorn
the tcoment he ? aa authoriaad to Inveetlggte tho
rlshiir auaplclon airaln<>t c-into Eatertuuy untll
he f..und hlmself a prlaon-' at M nl Va^rrifn
Thf Impreealon it lefi waa that over\ tha-ic ha.'.
been done by Qeneral P lllena and Major Be>
rarj to bIh Iter Comte Katerharv from 'he
ronaequencea of glarlnr, breaehea of d'$cipUne
and honor. whlli C< I mei Plecjuart mi. dleowned,
PBCked off to Tunlc ,,:id eventUgBy arar>stod.
M Zoia'a carrlage on leavlqaj the Pnlata de
Juatire waa followed by a knot of people "hout
inr "Death t.. SEola!" who onuld bo be-ird
thr mth the rarrlage wlndowa rTu-)H\r.i\ntz "The
rowarda!" The poiioe disp<r?w<d n thwueand
penpio wy,,, woro burntng pro-Zola Journala ..n
the Ouai de la Megtnaerle Mjiny arrostj -.vere
made. bul 'bo peraona arreatf.l ivt? BjtuVkty
TVh"n the rourt had adjourr.fd a young bar
rlater narnod Conmnt, in tb" oxcjtfirient In the
lobblea, abouted: "DoWfl wlth the oornnjand
!np oflHeerar' Mator Blvale, a membor of the
F.sterhnzy court-mnrtlai. aolze^l hlm. nnd the
barrNter declarod he had aald m^re than ho |n?
tend< 1 and would arlllfngty apologtae A? h"
unr speak:nir a apectntOf CUt hi'Q OB ihe heaH
with a walklne s::ck. ar.d a c'j'"ni Bflpctator
pnrohe.i hitn in the face Cotjyant, hls face
streamlng wlth bi..od. waa art?e.sted.
I.ondon. F"h 11 Tho Fronoh <To\ ernjT'on*. no
rordln? to a tpeclal dlapatch froflB Pnr!s. has ask-d
the cr.noap.->nd?-.t of ti-,o it-iv|e "Vacbrjcl ten" to
leave rrance, owins to hla attttnde loward tho
Bole trtai
EIYE LE880N8 IX r\TK10TI*\l.
wki,!,KN'o\vn MBB DIBCUBB T\ry^ AT
Ahont one hundrod and <\fy mejnbor* of the
Patrla <"luh aa?r.ml-led laet evonlnjr ot D-lrponiana
for Ita re?:ular monrh'v meetlng and <o hear a-.verai
weii-known men talk aboul "Leaaona of Patrot
tam from tho HUftOT) ft our Country." ProMdfnt
Wllllam Ivea Waahbura ralled 'b" meetjng to
ordej- wlth a khvoI made fr..m a "LlncOlfl I ll
by the puplls of the Rhlnelander Behool Cblldren'B
Atd Borifiy
Thf aecretary roportei. and then the preatdenl
beran a ]on* aerlea of hnnterlrur* hj in.vilrina If
thero woro an> eommlfeeg rasb. enough to d?
alre to report Portunately 'here wa?re n^? wher.
uprn Mr W'.-hhurn ralled UBOfl. g/altei B U'R:tn.
of the Society of Colontal fTara, to talk aboat the
?ald wnra
Mr i^itan anid thal i' waa in tba Colonlal waro
that th.- or,i.,:;t.-^ laaraed to gghl bo well thel they
were later abte to whip Bagland Jo commemorale
- waretheBoctotj of <-.'..?iaj war- bad
fo-mod. nnd he thourht that it? Bjembfro deaerved
at leaat aa Kood a crown aa was pUced on thf bead
of ? I>ut-h .lu.en at the vTaMoif-Aaterla 'h;- othei
aiir^t vPberoai l lere ?* <- i roai ef la ighjpi -
w ia t-mi.er.d only by tha aarkaorae aoowl .?f one
of the sir Krr.Khi, ..f Wedaeeday, who oceupled a
roar aeai
i;t-nerai Jamoa M Yarnum loM ho?j I nt i - ??
of lha <'!nrlnna>! tri^^ to perpft^n:o 'h? s-piro ot
th- Revolu-lon. the af<trlt of ih. patrlol *ho '
llke a fier.d ln tlme of war and return-i te 088 ?
ful purs'ilt- When w-ar was ov-r ?itfl - . ??
ihualeam. Il wa? Dlatrlct-Ai irns ? ?? '?'
mra to talk noxt. r.ut tho praeldaai ..-^- ?:? ed that
ha would v* ia'e and a telepl BK meaaaga an
nounce.^ that he WBB "Bll rU T ' ": ,n:?'!?, "r
?:.o club nj.oeared to be gratlOed it' :ni? ? BI
".', nei - Egbert L Vieia i mtraaaed ihe pai !
? . Mexlcan War, deacrlbtng IW battlea
ar.d Juatl - Wllllam i.uot^) -,- ? ? f the
^rtod of Ihe Clvtl w ir de jr-i 0 it before
s mter waa nr.-d or. there ehTa.fr mei who
Heved the Oovernment I .?.i the'i wer i i pui down
the rhreatened Rel ' ? :.. a U II waa I gei
bellef thai If the Bouth had rem. - the de
(e, aive before the eummer of 1001 ba ?? ? ar.ee
mai la would Mv? t.I ;' ' "i
nar Oardlnei came ln la Uraa l ta - abi il I ?
war of itij for hia allotted ten mJnutea.
T>--ee boys from thi lara ' ? - ndrad r
mofe -n elemantan clvOM thal ' ul 9P?
? a Ihe Boys R. iding, Roona n
pla-e apoko wlth ,[?? '?>- *
.. . ,f thanka lo tfie ctub ta
pollte language another ?-? '- ;? J
,, MeKlnley ? and a rblrd Lli ? / ?'
,,: " addreas Thoir efferts wi ? bj lejj of eloeu.
tlon and made th* hlt ol I ? evenhm.
a rr.n.T.TAVT ggt-TPTlOW ^I^"r:^? AT THB -vh:tf
Waahtngton, Feh. U fBpeckUl a*h? ?Jtrhlta Honaej
pover preaentad a more brllManl plcturo 'h,nn at
tbe reoeptior. glven bj the Prealdenl and Nro- Me
K'nley thla aventag ll ?'"?" af the Army ?nd
Kavy The ap!end.?r of coior waa evnfcwhere, wlth
ihe Amerlcan fla^ aa tho rr,:*f featur* of tha
decoratlonfl Probably thi itars and Itrlpes Bejper
h id auch a ahow tn the Whlte M giae b fore Th
departure from the iiaual Boral decoratloa gave a
heauty and eemiment lhai pleaaed tae aga-rnd
touchM tho haart, addlng - m ag ?' i fourth
of July atmeephere that maOa eaerybody .ook **
happy'aa poaatMa At the sama tlnsg the skUl of
tho Sorlal reaehed Ita perfectloii ta tbe arjange
.. . ? oi Aecestetou linea, we and other rare bloa
soms uaed m profoalon. with the rlek graatn ef1
?r ?;il al foliatc.
In the big Bhat Room the BUn and Ftr1po??^?ere
huBg ia wlndow -urtalna, and la gracaful foldfl
fron the celMnga ani above doorwa.ve arjd ptcfurea
There arera Boral anrhora of aoild roaebuda for
ihe Havy, and atara of roeea for tha Arnsy. whlje
banka of Aaoaaalon UBea Blled 'he mtrror ahelxee
? , hag of the Becretan ?: 'he Na?> ?w
itretched abova '.no doorwaj al "ne ejid of th*
Mirldor leadlng from the Kaet Root0 to the con
?eavatory and u oppoelte end whj the Bag
9t ma Becraurv ef war. All aioa* tho eorrldor
,1,8 xalki em huag wlth Raga |nd Boral gar.
laaaaPT ?? Marlne Bai I ayad la tfca opea eoa
orj alternating aith the 4th Aatlllen Band
., tha mam hall. The arrangenaeau for the com
rort and pleas ire of the gueeta evon -o tha
... . -^j-g
,???' l"-, nSked eVtremei) well and had * i .
b\v?s3Sp& > ???'??
?. - ?
:;. pys
:;::%:;,-. I t '? ? ":"
ihl|?n gueats excapl tne Mli lateye ai "**&Z
,' ,?,.; t'orea There waa ? 11 - ran a rtbbon
. order to relleve the bla k oata of
'kr .,!,,' -s af ' ?rmer oecaalona The
rm.nisv .'f"?--r" e wai repaeaented by tha miU
mmandani de OraBprey, accotn
iin ? de On npres and the C! aree
,,'?'?',,.Js Biufv? Th? OMentala, however were
?? -,' ..:. . ,., hrocadea of m nj ? ???'- ihe Mlfl
',. ' ' China wearlng auperb pale blae brtx^des
nis rai Th< MlnUtei f ? erea araa
,? hla wlfe?a |.aque and -jualni
/.? . ,; -, ? . ?d redbn .de WthOir
? ..;,-. ? In the f.i! Ireaa of "Tourag Araertea
rk. memliera of th< B I tarj nnd Naval rammlt
,V of the genaie nnd Houae, and A?ai-..nr.r Ke.-re
F ? ' f .,.,,.;? nenti were among Ihe gt eata
?; ?,,,, ,.-... atira Uve young arometj aaked l? 3'",^'
^??l'?;f. ,. I no ln the Blue K-om w?a^ -he .\T .?
... tlaa AU ' ? Mlaaee Oarj Mlaa Rlle
k ,\ ... j,. . Loni Mlaa L nj aa lv? | In thA
' , v.kina tlM ;?' ?? ?' Bra Loag, ahe bbu ,n
.'..*.....?? M - Ortggs tbe *?v of the
'.';. sitornev Oeneral, appeared far tV Brai tlaae aa
?lernbVrofthera nei e aj the Whlte Houee
Jr brlahi andim?r fa ? ind srm^f manner an n
,.' , I ?? ? ? - ? ' t -.. ?? .-?.' lf ?:..
Ir the voungei women ln t! sl uel chac|a and her
'iiw'n of ,r '?''*? "'n "*" ewrenw-lj beeomtng
The fwaeral of fernaev Juatlee tnaper W <;!:t.er?
?lll be held at 2 e'eeBCh thi- af'ornoj,- bj < ira'-o
hurrh, Brooklyn, and tho .er<i.-. win ba naa
? ,,.,] bj Blahop Uttl foha, aaeleted n> the Re\
>r Chauncey R Breweter, Blahop Coadluiof of
?,r?,.....j,.,,! and the Bev Ml BtoddaaJ Orace
?hurrh'a tetnporary reetoi
The pallt.earor- wll be P.oi:)amin D SI"uJpao.
oaeoh P Barnard Btephen P Bagh Ju^i^Kdr
,. \\ Cullen Aleaandai K < >rr Alexajvior M
^ h!te Juatire A Van \\ . ck ard Prr.feaaor CJiirlgp
D Weet The burial will be In Oreenwood.
.\D =
. Tho Charltf Hall laal night. ln ald of th" Nurseiy
an-i ,'hii.rv Hoapltal, ainld its aaw and beautlful
snrrnundlngs ln th- W.ildorf-Asto^a Hotel. w.is
a groar BlirrtBB. As in ynrs pnsr. lt did not fall
to attrad the lo.-Hiing repreaantatrtaa of all the
VaffOUa rirolea of New-Ynrk icn-idy Tho young
im';. ai.?! aama af th" gtrta who attead 'ho A??>m
rhll'-e aad c.rh-r pftvata sut^.-r'i.tlon halls of tse
?aaaan were praaeal ln greal faroi Tha ontire
se-nnd or bflJIrOOfln, BOOT Of tho Waldorf-A-iorla
wn- raaaind for tho ball, and thera was an nttor
absonro ,,f . riwdlng or COttfualOfl
There araa abSOtOtely no .vempr at docoratlrg
the sulto of rooms In w.il"h th* rnfortalnmont w?.a
pi\.-n At the weal erd of :ho ballroom thera waa
i ratoed daJa furnblhad with .hairs and sofas. ar
raaged for the Board of Managen of tho hospit.i'.,
who tiok th-lr placee there aftor the op?-nlng
march .(ust over the dnls. In brlillant electrlc
Bulbo, wa? f'.rmed In .itige oapitali the word
"Charlty "
Whlla tho zu"srs w-.-ro assomhllng Landor's Or
cheatra gava a eoncart ln the ballroom of the
r> wns nftor 11 o>lo.-k wh"n tbe grand march.
which formed In fhe Fast Room. w?. bagua The
!ine of BWrch waa through rhe Myrtle Room, Into
the A"tor iJallery ir.d fover, to th" ballroom.
Aftor maklng a circulr of the room tba sers
'were foi mo.i for the opfnlng lanclors and the
.j jh iriito d'honneur.
The pcoceaaton was le.i hy Horhert L. Batterlee,
eb Tmsa of the PloOT ,'nmmptee. who w., |
lowed hy hls large cnrp? of aa latanta Th":. " irne
ElbrMge T Oerry wi-h Mrs Levl F'. Morton, Ma or
Qoneral j P/ealey Merrlti arltb Mn Poai Ad
>adml Bunca, U s. n . with Mrs. A J P rbea
Lefth; .lohn Jaoob Astnr wlrh Mr-c Btoane, 1 V. R.
Cruger with Mrs. Bdmund L Bayllea, Lloyd 8.
Itryco with Mrs. tjoorge h De Poreet, Mr
s;..Hne with Mrs Btreet, <;oorgo b r>< For
am wltl! Mr*. PhlHp Rbtaatender, lt
^r-hs.-r with Mrs Jamea L Braeae, Bdmund
i. Bayllea arlth Mra I J Oahley Bhlnelander,
.Tames L Braeae wltn Mrs. H Flah Webater, T.
?T o.-iklev Rhir.elander wlrh Mlaa Morton, and Mr.
rttr?et wi*h Mrs Landon Then followed tba
mknagere of the Nttraery and Chlld'fl H -:
Mra. Barwind and Mn MacLean, Mra Burdeti
and Mrs Bttckney, Mr- Cheater Orl vc,.'. and Mra
Algan i 1 Bullivan, the pn Ident; Mr- Qo, lard
nnd Mrs M.lbar.k, Mra Hlcka and Mra Day, Mra
Krowor and Mrs R.irhour and Mrs Nlcol and Mre
.r p vTood.
When fhe managen an.i Kuests had rak"r
S".,rs on the dnls th" lar-ie-s w.-r" h<-gun.
Tna rappar waa aerved a i-i rarta ln tha
re<-?,i Q| i ? ?
The occuonnta of fhe hnx? w-.-r.> Bo t.
rionry m Day and Mr?. Benjamln Knower; Bo .J.
Bfra <;oorgo nnrk and Ifrfl I. C < iark N 4
Mrs .1 Howard Wrighr. No -.. Clarence M Hyde;
No f, Mrs Mllea Carpenter; Bo T, Wa ???r H
Peekham; No V .losoph Mllbank; No. I, Mn J, N
Ceballoa; No MX M H P Frothlngham; No. n,
M'? Joaepb Stlckney; No 12. Mrs. Franclfl
s hroeder; No tt,?Mn .1 H Archbold; N
Mra Jamea V' Ptachoi and Mra vTllllam P Bno
No li, Mra J H Ha':. No K, H P Dianocb: No
17. Mrs IThartea tt'ood. No IS. Mrs c'liertor
Chapta; Na It, Mra A D Jullllard No B, Dr
i ?? ? ? li Culver; No B, Mra J L Adama; No
9 bfra N a bfoae; No 8, Neleor 0 Oreen; No
M. Mrs F 0 Matthleeaen; No B, Mr- Bdwln
ln the socnpd f|er bOZCI NO M Mn ? C '"no;
No rr Mlaa s .-an Do For"-' Day: No M. r< B.
Hurd; No ta Mlaa Orace B7att; N ?'?'.. Mn Al
fred a fowlea No B ,-> I Coddlngton; n U,
*Mr? Bwtta Condd; No m. Mr- C 1. Kudeon: N-J
Ifra a j Adama; No M .1 C Bannard and
Mlaa Blllotl bjo, B, Mr Paul Thebaod; No -.
Mr and \i - Btrong; Ne B Mn F M Brown;
No ?i. 'J de Almag-o. N.. II, Mrs A da I;
No. 42. M-s H.'B Moora, Jr., Bad No B, Mrs John
'l"hec tattarad boxes on the flOOT of the larga ball?
room: Mr* I J Barwind. in Boi B Mn Laal P.
Morton. .vtrs. Chojt.-r OrtawoM and Mr- Algernon
a Bullivan, ta Hox D, and Mrs H B Moora, Jr..
Ir- Hox |
The patron, of The Charlty Rail are Wlddy
baawn simo of fhe many prasent w-oro Mr and
Mr* Beajaaata I Cbureh, Mtoa AngaUca Church,
Mr^-yid Mrs W,;::am Bdgaf Bbaphard, Mr and
MraaW Thayar Rabh, Mf ard Mra. John D. Arch
i...d OonersJ and Mn J. Predertck riorson, the
M!-fes Ploraea Mr ar.d Mrs j Predertck Pteraon.
f . Mra B/uiIaa B Oraea, the Mlaaee Oraca, Mr.
nr. 1 Mn John H V Arnold, Mr and Mrs K A
Outarbrtdge Mr an.i Mr Vernon H Brown, Mlaa
Rr-.wn. Mr and Mr- Vt'tllard Brown Mr and Mn
.i ghegmaa Hoyt, Mr u I Mr- -; P Baker Ml
? a Baker, Mr and Mr- Peter Coopar Hewitt,
Mr. ..nd Mrs J. J Emerj Harria Pabneatock, Mn
v ? caraenter, Mr ai Mn C A Dltaon, Mn
ntram Ctaavar Broh, tha Mtaaaa Btewart, Mi?s
Porter, Mi u ' Mrs C W. Hlllyar, Mlaa Wether
beo, m and M>-> Arthur L Boot, tho Mtaaea Nui
nng tba M aaea Thorlay, Mr. and Mrs Oeorge
?. h>r.-. Mlaa L \'an Zandl it John, R. W Butler,
Mr- P/llllaai Oerry Blade, Mlaa Btade, Mr and
\i ' \\ t< vWaon tha Mlaaee W laon Mrs Henry
l i ... v? Alfred M ludaon Arcnie buarrier,
Mr Bnd Mn John Burllng Lawrem --. Mr ar-i
\l" VVilliam L Trenhoim. Mi and Mn Bamual
Sn.-ri ei Mra Oeorge H Marvln, Dr. Ruaaell Boi
lamy K A Brlnckarhoff, Jr., Mr- VVilliam H
llarrlaon Mr and Mrs T H Dimond. M-s
She?d7 the Mlsaea MacAdam, M:?.? Oood, Mr. and
Mn w E D Btokea, Mra H VI tor Neweomb,
,r,. jfisaei Banda Mr and Mra. Frod"ri^ F.:^
M'e-- Helen Beaman, Mr ar,.: M--s .( Alexandre,
Mias Oertnide Aiexm-ir. Mr- Oeorge Boldt. Mlsa
joeephlne Drexel, Mr and M:s Kohert Otlleaple,
\1 na gtokea, the Mlaa, - Lauterbach Julea Vata
Mr ard Mr- Bdwln Oould, Ollbert Franklyn,
.. iral and Mr-, Bamual Thomaa, Mlaa Eli
Thomai Mr and Mn Charlea C Worthlngton,
c ifford Coddlngton, clifford Coddlngton Ooodwln
luattre and Mrs. Charlea H Truax, Mr and
llaa Aahbal P. FH' h, -he Miaaea Fltch,
Mr- D Phcenlfl Ingrahim. Mr and Mra Reglnald
Arnold Mr ar.d Mrs <;o.>rgo Crocker, Mlaa
Crockar Mr and M-? wmtam Faleoner, Mr and
}Ctr- Charlea J Oould, the Miaaea Oould Mr and
Mn a D Jutlllard, Mlaa Dodge, Mr. and Mn
... . -? Mr, and Mn Arthur Francli
f'olonol and Mrs P. D Orant, Dr J Harbert
rjlaibome, Mlsa Julla Orant, Mr ar.d Mrs. Stan
ford VVhlte Thomaa Btokea, Mr and Mrs Henry
i - [r Mr ard Mr- R.-r;jan:lr, Wellea, the
M ) - Kernorhan MIbb Wb I na ^Trs Orenvllle
B vVlnthrop, Mr and Mn Orenvllle Bay ard
tVlnthrop Mr and Mrs Gforicr- A MoiTtBOn,
f,o .re-" \ M irriaon Jr Charlea K Morrison. Mr.
and Mn I <???? W Pln, hoi M u Maiion Orovei
H'iKii N Camn vVllllam B Grace, Jr., J l.angdon
Rrving Ml?a Eleanor Keyea, i'om<>lius Ri.s-* Ir.,
M i? S>hwnb Mr and Mn Piui D Cravath Mlaa
Vander] ?' Mr and Mrs F P Karle Mr and
V-. c, B \ ?'.'.? " Mi . Jamea Boutter, Mlaa
3o itter an 1 L mlf F H !'?? "
The twenty ?thlrd annual -harity ball for the
banarll of tv'" H R BBBlth Intlrmarj' wras heid at
lha }fo-e! Caatletao, -,;' Oeorge. Ust night The
dancing ama li I w l taa allroom which wa? gao*
orated li arhl ?? rellaved by palrns and othor plan*s
Waabloal r- r^-. ll - T\r f-rra rmrrn; ln W:so, n.ln
; aa movej t ''ntarl . eaaataf m'n? ln :h? Mlaalaalpf
V?:>y nnl l.i^e regr-nf It kaa grown warrr.er la th?
?er :??? rea ? ?ni c.M?r m th* Mlaalaalppl VaBay
ra* < ?? - - ? .-? ? rtheaal '?u?Ing r?',n la Ne?
Cr('.?n.l and Beeteri Xew !*? rk, an! ratn. fo!lo??,; |
Bad w??'>er Ii lha Kiddla ,r.' Bootli AUantlc Btataa
| - rr v. ? .1 r la Ihe I .?*r lake re<l^.r, tr.e r>b\n Val -
Sy ar.! the Mtddla and BoaOH Atlantlr Si?-e?
r r New Rnaland, r?r. ar lartag Bataraay
>v?ning in ? athaafl i rtlee aaiaitf Bai ir-ia> avaang;
Mai Baaflayj aaataerly w n'.t ba ? -r:n* anrthwaatai
r'.r F.??t?rn N?w? V"rk. raln !n the e?r?y mornlng. ? ;
r?e.i by B?W; aaalbafly wflada beeeaaag aarlhvaalirly;
?ri^er Sa-'irdav nlaht
l>r" tr-... Plairl,i of PelaiaBfla, K?sr?m Pmaaylvaala,
v,? i---oi Delawara, Harrlaal ?r l \'!r^.:-.i?, r.chi ram
n lha i-arlr BMeaUWJ BglOWBl by f?lr ^.l-lor. BOOtbW
. V ba BUAa r...r--.??-,'r;-.
V' r Nortb c"ar lir.s itM BovU ''arojina. ralr.. f.ll.wd
iv r?K aaMar aaalbafly vrtada t*?m!ti| nnnhw.-r- i
f.r \V#?- V'.rglnla. BflBI r?ii la the earl> m.rr.'.rig. fn|
,^: #..- |er c ithertj ??:-.-!* f>?^. mmg n-r-h
f r Wtalern
?ia ' il "?1
r.r r..r-.'.i?''rl}
F*.r Ohi ? f>r?rn::v falr, precaded by ratn on the lakes
?Bdar: fresh aaatbwaal t n rtl *??? ataaa,
\r? ^ rk ini w#??m Panaarlvanla,
v . | !.-- freal i> ithertj w- -.-. serorr
HOortfl: Mnrr.ira. Kltlit
iiiaiirii ? n 11 ni i t HBii
^ vii^gi7Bi5'y"V! ^??'w" I
... UUI i.tfj... l . . . ,- ? .. r . llH>?t UH
rhsng^e la araa i.-? a- ladl . ? ? Tha Trir.un* ielf
-?. .r.iti.f bai ?:.*?-.- Tha I iti : tlne -? ?*? ti.- t*m
;.?rafvir* a? naaoedH it t-rr> j PhanBaei
?/fl HM IMBea PW B. l a rr. : ? waataef yaanrflaj
\m? Sn.r Trr i?r f?nrur? ran??^ t~-rtrrn tl a- | iw
lagraei tn ner,a? m\ ?;??r?fi> -?mg '? at a .>gre?
-?rr ii.?r. r. T.-..-j.;?> ar.1 MS d-greea hlg--.?r than on
h* -<-!-r??r n llng t? la*. >??:
Tba me^taar la ?r. 1 i.aar Ukta cltj
vfli, ? ..1 :m fair.
oeorge R BBfrTOM.
Oeorae R Newton, a wealthv r??ldent of Tnrry
town-on-tho-Hudaon. dlen: -uddeply early yeaterdav
mornlnit at Braem?r, hla home ln that vlllaae. Hla
denth waa d ie to heart trouble He had been III
only ahout a weok. ard ?hlle hla d-a!h waa er
pected, lt waa a Krent aho-k to hla famtly.
OeorgeBeaterMewtee araa theeen ef B.B No?ton,
and araa horn in vv.st HJartfOrd vr. on ?fp'?xb?r i>.
1'33. Two vears Inter hia fatbef r-movd to Nor
wlrh. ln tho aamo State lt waa there that youn*
N'ewton racotved hls early BWBOBfrirn and beran
Ufe'a work When eijhteen yeara old he left horr.e
and atarted out to aeek hla fort.ine. In |gfl ha
located ln Mauek Ohunk. Penn . whlch waa then
a amall pla-e. where he enKn*ed In mlnln* nr.thra
??!'?? ooni ;n pBJ he fetaoved te Phlladelphla. and
aoon a.'terward marrled Ml?a 3 Amanda Knowiea.
of Maach I'hunk In Philndeiphla he was actlvely
enKaco.I In the anthraetta .'oa! bu?lnes? .'or thirty
sis yeara,nnd ronroi ^n p^-smt-rj; ;>=?? Ha wia
flosoiv aasoclated wlth and a llfelona irlend of tho
laro Aaa Packer, *ho founler and prlncipal o?r<r
of the Lehlgh Valley Rallroad Coeapan)
Mr Newton waa for yeara m ofllcer in that 'om
pany, a tmsteo )r, tho Weetcbeater Count) Bavtnga
H.ink. a dlrector in a number of Bnandal Inatl
, t itlona and waa largelj Intereated in the Tarr- i i ?
' Natlonal ii. ink .'. :.? . tereated hlm moat. how
ev.-r and occupled much of h!? tlmo. waa the
Tarryti ? le Hoepttal whlch he 'ounded aev
: eral voars i?o. and of whl.-n i.. W8B presider.t
<] i] !?,.? arenl I i the hoapltal and vlalted eaeh
ward Ha waa loved by the poor poopie of Tarry
I ?< to whom ho had endeared himaflf by hla
n in .: ?? nnd nhllanthroplc doo,t?
Mr Newton la Burvtved by hla arlfe and thr?e
: ightera, Mrs Pranh T Patierson, of Phl ideb
phla Mra Lewla Oregery, of New-York. and Mtaa
A ?; Vewton, of Tarrytown.
j Hl? funeral ?ll! ho held a* Chrlat Ep'.acopal
i'h ireh. Tirrytown, of whlch ho waa a ararden for
j :nanj v. rs on Mondaj al '.'. W o'dock. Burial
' wiii bo ir. Bleepy Hollow Cemetery.
BAMUEL I. novp
Samuel T, Ho>d. a weii-kr.own WBOleaele drv
aooria mT'-hant. dled yeaterdaj at hts home. No
tn Decatur-at., Brooklyn In hla aevontieth yeir
He was born in Wlacaaaet, Me? and whon a young
man caflte to N'ow-York to heftln hia bualness
. aroor. After workin^ for varloua firms ho heenn
bualneaa for hlmaelf nnd w^nt to New-OrWna for
a number of yeara, achtevlng zrr-n\ succoaa there
When ho re turned to N'ow-Vork he open?d a
-do ovfahKahmont for hlmself. and for ?ome
yeara waa thf New-York agent of lonn Wan.v
makei Hla lial bualneaa addreea was al No M
Pranklln-al Mr P lyd li ives ? sor nrd a dauRh
?. - Th ? ?n Charlea Boyd la the preaident of
th- Boyd Bleycle Companj
F!ia? Mann, "n* of the oldeet and beat-known
realdenta of Tarrytoarn-on-the-HudaoB, dted a1 I
o'clock yeaterday mornlng at hia home. in Weel
Meln-at, ir, tha* vlllags Mr Maan waa neariy
elghty-eeven yeara old, havir.K hopn born ln Irv
lngton on July B. 1*11 Hla fnther, Mtchael Mann.
?*?><? a promlnenl re ident of ."r-ophurfr Toamshlp
Ir. 10M Mr Mann niarrlod M:-a Fliza Dean. tbe
daughter f Sers-ennt .lohr iioi;n a Bevolutlonory
Th? oeremony was performed hy the
Bev. Thoaaaa 0. Bmlth, who wia paator of the
hlstor'.^ r>iif.-h CbUKB of Bleepy Hollow. Two
daugl ters were l.orn to them. BUl both dled in
?d Mr." Mann dled in June. MB1.
| x yeara later Mr Mann marrled M'.aa A'.lda
Wood. who survlves htm He was tuice eleeted
ojork of 'Jreenhura T^.wnahlp. aer\o.l ;V.e yeara aa
j Town Aaeeasor, throo t.Tms aa Pollce Juatlce
and twenty-one yeara aa Ju?tlce of the Toaoe Ho
waa for many yeara a truatee of the We?tche?ter
County S-ivings F'.ank.
Mr Mann H d |U8I 'hree hours eftor Ooorire R
Nesvtoi who waa alee ? truatee of the bank. and
wlth whom he wai Intlmately aequalnted Tho
funeral wlll be held on Monday afternoon at ; v*
? k ih. !?:? ? Dr John A Todd nnd tho Bev.
W. F C'ompton wlll oflb-latr.
tohn Lata a ?tlk Importar, a* No SBJ Prwm'
H dled on Tburaday al his homo. \o ajj Boath
Pifth-ai Brooklyn Mr Luta was *<venty-three
yeara Old He was born ln Swltzerland. and came
te this country forty-twe years bco Ho ]\-,*<\ in
thla Ity untll thlrtem years aco. when he movoi
to Brooklyn He waa s deacon of 'he Graham
avenue Oerman Beformed Ch rch, Brooklyn Two
Mna on, |vtn| ln Manhattan and the other ln
Orarige N J , eurvive hlm The funeral aill be
held to-m utow ar.d tho burial aill ba ln Gre-.i
wood Cemeterv.
JAMBB R TayI.or.
Jam?a R Taylor d!e<1 on Thuraday at hla home.
No H,-, ,I^frer?or,-a^ o Brooklyn. Mr. Taylor waa
or.e of tho ptoneera :n eleetrleal enKtnoorlna; He
waa horn In tba Nlnth Ward. Manhattan. ln l^W.
He went to Tentral Amorlea when a young man.
nnd for four yeara operated a atenmboat on I.aka
NIoaraRiia In IBM hla parenta aettled ln the Fast
ern Dlatrlct, where he took an activa part ln
poiit'.o* He was a -tanch Repuhllran. In the Har
rtaon Admlnlatratlon he hor-amo attarhed to the
Bureau of Anlmal Industry. under the Depnrtmont
of Agrl' iltura. nnd eonttnued there untll a chanara
v. fi< rr.ade under Presidont ClevelBBd. The fttBeral
? ?? h?ld to-morrow af'ernoon. the R?t. C I..
Twing pastor of Cahrary Proteafant Eplacopal
Church, Brooklrn, ofTloiat.na. The burial wlll be ln
cvp'm. H';> Ceaaetery
Klnjrafon. N. T . Feh. 11 (Spec.lal).?Tarollne Hone
Hashrou-k. wlfo of General f}eorg;e H. Sharpe.
dled at her home In thia o|ty early thla mornlng
after a protra.ted lllness. She waa the daughter
of the late A. Bmyn Haabrourk. preaident of Rut
(rora I'ollesre and alater of Mra. Harnard. of Pouith
i,^rpSi^ Mra Theodote Thnpeen, of Red Hook.
nnd Mra. John I.llly. of New-York. Hor marrlage
to Oenaral Bharpa oeeurred in Decemhar, IBM
Mra Bharpa w-aa a woman of .-ourtoois hoapltall
ty and kir.dly ropo-o ,,( mannor Tho oxtenalva
aeaualntance of fiei huaband with emlnenl men
^i'.^ ti-r Rmpio oreaalon to eaerelae tbeea rare
ftfta At tho famlly manaton in Albanr-ave..
k'nn?n aa Tho Orehard -ho entfr-aino^ General
Grnnt Preaident Arthur and iJon^r.il Shorman
Bhe waa lha mother of Count) Judga Bavarya B.
Bharpe Major H-nr> <; Bharpe l I A . and
Mra Ma Devonport, of Bew-Tork
PhllRdelphla. Feh 11.-The Rev r>r Wllllam C
rattoii. for twenty yeara preeOdeat of Lafayette
Collaga li.d early thla mornlnif at hl? home m
thla clty. Dr CatteB Bnta ono of tho hoatknown
Preabytertafl eleigysaea In Ihe country. He was
born in Halom. N J . ln IBgT, waa Krndua'e.1 from
prlncoton COttege ln MaB, and from the Theoioatoal
Bemlnary m UM For five years he oroupied the
cbalr of I.atln and Oreok ln Lafayette ''olleKo.
Br(1 f[,r threa reare waa paator of me rtno 8tre?t
Pn ?' :.rlan <'h'ir.-h. In HaiTIBberg. In ls<*..'l he
waa ebeaea pfeaaaaat of Lafayette CeUaaja, and
heM Ihe plaee ontll 1080, ?h?n ho roat(rnofi fn
isi.i h>. ??- aent by the Oeneral Aaaembly of tho
preabyterlai Church in the Cnlted Stmea aa a
rommlf loner to the Praabyterlan Church ln Brot
lai .1 nnd ln IBB1 wf.a Beni aa a rommlaaloner to
>, Beformed Chureh In Roh-nvi I>r <'aitoii pub
n edui it:onal and theo
Wldon and two aona.
Ilahed numorous artli ? i
logli al loplea Ho leavee
Jamea MeKeen Cattell, profeaaor of paychology :n
imbta L'nlveralty, ar.d Henrj W. Cattell dem
onatrator of Bsorbaa anafomy at the Cnlverally of
- ?
Captaln Charlea H 'Jallaghor. a memb.-r of tha
Board of Spoclal IflOUhry of 'he Immlaratlon Ser
vlce \t th;s port. diod late Thuradav n;ght a' hla
home. No H Grand-at. CBBtaUl Gallacher was a
natlva r<f Delaware Be waa a member of the
Qrand Army of the Republlc, and waa aeventy
\ .',irs .>ld.
Pnria, F<b. II - M Pefdlnaad Fahre, the noveilat.
ls deaj
The U'e M Fahre. who waa the aon of an archl
teet waa horn nt Uedarleux iHeraulti In IS*1 He
begaa hia studlea at a achool In hla natlve town,
nnd waa then BleCOd ?"lth one of hls uncles. the
|N >'? .'amplona After several yeara In the aem
lnary of 8alnt-Pona he entored the aemtnary of
MontpeUter, but aoon after renounced a rellfioue
career and wer.t to Parls For a tlme he occupled
a c'.erlcal i-.alii.Mi In 1HJ he publlehed a voiume
of verae. "FeuUlee de Llerre." but thla attracted
Uttla attenrlon Hls r.ext v, nture atpeared under
the eoUectlve lltle of "gcaaea de la \ le CMdeata.
two romancea 'Le* rourh.zon" and Jullan BavI
anac" Tho rormer aaa dlatlngulahed hy ? apint
o' panatrattag analyata wblcb kd Salnte-Beuve to
oiiif ita luthor "a brare dlarlpk of Balaac For
some tlme afterward, arlth tne exreptloa of hla
"Chevrler" (aoeaea a( rurai Hf*. wrirten m tne
tongno of Aimoni. ht? work was d< VOted fo the por
traval of the mann.-rs of tho -lorgv of hla day,
Am.mg the better known aro Mon Onel* < Biemia.
"t/Abhe Rol-flot" and t'n Ntumlne In UBB ne
wa? aprnlr.fcd Conaervator af the MiWiotheque
Maaarlne :n auereealon 10 M !u'-? P.-.nieau M
Fahro reeelved the Qecacatlon of rr.o I^glon of
campbbLL h rotJKO.
Goneson n v Feh '?'- CanpbaW H Toung. aon
o' ea-Oavomoe Joha Tooag, lled al his home in
r>n*?*o n-day gftar i iin^orirg Btaeea He was
flffy-nlne yf.irs old Al ot-.o ttBM Mr Voung waa
one of tho !"*dlng law?!?< or Livinnton County,
hut duritiK hla UHt*r ?e.irs ho rn.\" llllle Hftor.t'.on
to -h.- practlcc of h.s j.ro,'-:?-:.. i ..r.d lad B Baaaa*
wMt aecluded llfo
- ? - - ?
fast akd wgarr uvai imi bailboab
Rlrmlnghan- Ala Pab H PJ| ll) -Tha F ;cen?
Kellv e?.;,re, of .Now-York. won M bapafftBBJl !*W
raae |n the < ha i- "ry fourt | I |1 Cl <?' ?' flBBtf to
gay when J i bje D wdi I deeid, : thal tba l^.ioo
of raatfaata* rafitteatn fl I BTi;' Ala
bama Rallroad heai nv tne tatatfl arara a ll?n on
tho proporty of Ibfl nad BftOf I B.l OtheT c'..;mt.
Judge Dowdetl atoo heM Ibai W B ftrowning and
tho ezecutora of \ ? Weal who .?!? . for a
prlor llen on a r< ... -. agreemeai with the
la-o Euaene Kelly would I ?? l pay tho full
vaiuo and Inter >al'of the reoeiver* ?? gcatee and
o'hor ~han.-e- amnuntlra ? ? W 10 Mr
Ke'ly'i >\ utora In order ta obtaln r,r in'eres* ta
the ro.id Tho d<- ? iloi puti I ? Kelly eetnU ln
aheo!ute poaaeaalor of ihe Baal ind Weal Ala
bama Railroad, w.rich oxtends froaa CartarvtUa.
Oa., to Bell Clty Ala . i llatance cf :3" mlle*.
.T.iyne'? Fxpe-foranf will cure the wirst colda:
bur 'har ls no reaeon for leffin* 'a sllcht cold" run
' n The .,-ifost plnn Is to uee rhe reme.ly now ? Advt.
? orn-Fed Pla] Pork. ?.'-jna tender and d?l.otoua
is the -,- ? kind laed r. I ECTFOOT FABM fAFflUOEA
Cn-\nr. ...-?. ? r wai r'nc lewara .mitationa.
BOTD- On Frtday F-l :ucr II *< hls resldene* !???
?Hl Peeatur H Hr- :r BaRIMel '.. t'^d. ir. the 70U
? es- -? ba ?f
F.ir.?'s! prbmte
rio'-. r - -' v ? Orleaaa rT'"' pleaai
Dt: BpaT -Ai ? ... : - Bbwa statea
tBtaad on rrldai rebraa i '.i i^"1- i> ? Dagaaaa DB
Nofl^e of fiinor-el in ^?.lrda^ BWralBg papen
DOt'QHCBTT on Th-,-1,- F<r -,in 10. WMllaaa
i.? :-? f I ,??
Panei il aerrleea ?? ? >? e?ldenc# S? ai Jar.a-ac,
Raiarda) ?- -r.:n? ai l <
h-'rr..-n!?nc? ?f f
;.f BOI8 \' I ; Cal ?? U ? ?" ? Fshra
nr\ ;.i i?:.- i hn DeiarteM >. Be ? forawely o<
f-harleatoii K Va in.i ? -r. ..f the !4t? ? . r leliue
Pu Be ? r M > I
OILBBRT Oa Thun r raarr 10 ?- h:? resHence.
n na guiaaiB -? Bi ?? - ' ??'' an ??? c; ihert,
in th? *>7th year Of hta i?
rua ral from Orace .? ?- B ? i Ni ?"* ea s?tur
!n. f". >l r:iri 1J *? 2
I'!?,i?e m- ll '? --
OOUHSN r,n Wadaaaday ?voaaaa Pabrnflri * r-rald
Kor.-"- :? ler inaer l f rjoora* H nr\ T.
jeaephin* ?; Idea In the vh rear f hla ita
Fu-ieinl for-. !--?? st ttl* re>ll?r. ? f hla pa Mlli Bo (1
Weal Orai labeth. N. J., Bainrdai Fehruary
i: ai -i ? - rti
l<v<-rr?"?iT prlvata
HITCHCOTK \> Me ll Weal Ml), ?l ?e Fe - .*ry 10.
ln ?* .v.-r. ?.',- of - ? aa*. the Be' Wl w A.
Httrl ? ! D B. T. th
funeral rerrl *? .t Bi Tl nriae'B Cburefl 11 ' Ma B
.,....... -, ... ,.,..... -.
IONRI \- ? ? ? ? S "" *?! '? aoklyab
x y Fi ?-.-.. f. |?M DaaM u
lonaa tn fhe '.?!?? year ef hla aa*
S ? - e4
BAU/)kY BnterH ? -.-? .".: ver Ms'.'.ory.
,.n;, .... -.1 . ra ind ""l ir'.-itfe
,,..%< n ? ? t I ? -? ? -?--e of
Vr- ? ' M l . ? ' . tg*
i . afieraeaa PaBafle
an ti
m.wn ai ?:,--? ?>? b. i- ????? ii ma, Baaa
Mir-n m the *wh vear '?
Funeral ;"' '' aa M-nday,
Pebraary 14 s-- i - ?? ? m
vu ej ? . . :? - Eliaabeta Oiarry.
a-ldoa ?' I- ..?>-- ih* Mth y*ar af baf
I-'-inoral fr.^m the :?.- -.-..,- F rdha n C al .*?,
N. '(?'. ?;:??? n? i- ' Bl ?1j ?- I T ? .-MTf 1.*. ta
'? r m
I-hn-t ar^ aeeheeter P*?*ri ; , a- , ;
NEWTON?Oa Frldnv F'hr-;ar 11 al MB raaMenra,
"Brsemar Tctrrylowa l H M flwt ' .*ar|? B. rUm a.
In th? BBth iwr ?'. hla .??
R?!?'iiM .inl (rl?- '.? ' f-**' gf ?r? !r . '?' 1 '.. afenl
the f-ir.-'^; Mrvleea ? I tei: re h?: 1 ?? Oiriit
rjaarch. Tarrytawn ?a M n4?r. F*i'uir;, u. ar :jjo
a'elock art ral ? 4 11 " " ' ? ': ' N*A -Ynrk
Interm-r.' r/rn..-"-1
OWENg - r|r. Thuraday Ftaraary M of r".*irr.rnia,
'.vnii.im Wmterten Oweiw la lha Ts-r v?Ar t \ ? ag?.
F-:nT?: aer a-ea will be held at hli ?'? rea I n -?. Na.
Mg .'.'!?. .ii. BatartBr aiaralaa, ?? ?o ..c;ock.
In'ermenr pr-.vate.
Kmdly . ml. flow-?rs
p, RTEB B?44enlr, oa Wedaeadai Ff'-..ir\ 8. Mra
llatt;. ?' P ? , .
F'irerj wn/t ?' hj*f tat* r'-.1" ? V 1 / ? *?
4i-^. ., . ne rtatardar. ai IBJfl ?. rr..
POTT v Kuma V. J ? I la ? raari 11 UBB,
julia M ? ' I Th rr^? Poti ->- . laagbtei ' Ba
;..., , tirtataf I er Heai ?? ?f Tl
Kottee ->f funeral he ?
BHRRMAN Af--- . brlef ". n?-? ar ihe MetrepolUaa
f'.ub Arthar a'hli na Bherm*n. eaahler ?.' ih* 0*r,%tia
Natl na: I'.ank t il .. it) ln th* ?'? tl rear >t r.:% nfa
j-:?,.-.,? ? ? -.t Aj:n?? ? ' '.-.ipei. W*M 824 ?t . Fa-jrday.
?r 1" ,1<i i m
Inr?rm?nt .-t New-Havea
Vetorans 4 th* Tth Beatonem \ Q S N T ar*
r?q io?- ~<\ to attend the runeral ser- '<?** af Ar-h.ir w.
Sh?-rrnn ffleventl ' ? -v ,- Bl Agnea'i .'v. .>?; Waat
P2\ -? a -. ? ? ?'? mlna. PaBraan 12 af to 80
BHARPB -Ai Klnaai ? B Y. ? r. the Itth baal Cflaae
|la* Hr.e H**br . k mfe of r.oneral Oaofga H.
s ?... a- | laughl ?' the Ir.fo A rinjyn Haabroutl
an1 Jvlta Kr?n m LudlUBI _
5erv|rP, al r?r ?" h -n-.e. la K'n??* n. M-rlnv. FVbniar?
u. ?? .1 e'eteefe p ?
PL?->aT A! h?r r-sien-e. \o 2M V.est 724-at , Barrlet
B si^at
Kotla* of funera. baf*aR*r.
TYLCM At her r**kl*ne* N' I.BH Madtaae iva., Newe.
y'rk Clty on Thur?<1a\ Fabraary II tfr a brtal
lllnaaa UaaB a artr* "' Cbarl** Cartka Tyi?r, aad
mother of Mrs. Le Roj V\ HubbaH
rur.*ral aenle** will he heM a- H .* Trinlty CSiurch,
Laaoa an and i22d at.. on Baaday, BVAaaaty ll. al
i 10 f m
Klndl> aall fl.-wer.
WKSTEJIVFI.T- on th* Ifnh :nar . Martrta Weatervali,
*?ed s2 raara
Relativa* uni frten^s ?:???> th* memi-era N th? FYaakltii
Strcjel '"hur^-h n-i tr.e Bogfd f i2?na??ri ot tim
Methodlat Eplaeopal Churrh Home ?ri- r*ip--tfu.ir la
vited to att?r.4 the funeral aarrto* at rr.cr Me'hodiat
Epl*oop*U CbanB H.ma. 92d st arvl Amjtrrtfanv-*v*^
to-aay. ?? II a'aaaafc.
A^-The KtBiIro Ceaaelery.? Prlvata atatloa. Haa
Um Railroad IH m'nutea -:'.? t'om th* Oranl Cmtrwl
D*pot Offl-* 1* Fa?t 421 -I_
Spfcial XfltlCfS.
Trlbane Terma to Mall BahaorlhevB.
Daily |l<) ? y?*r B Pr BbaalB
Dally w;thout Suralay. iH ? >??t, 80 <-*nu p*r mootk.
9jn.ia> Tribune. 12 a >*ar Waefcty, $1 BaaU-WaaBly, tX
POSTAaK Kxtra po?t.-a? B lhargal to for* <n c-untrlaa,
?xr*pt Mexloo *nd Canada, and >.n th* da.ly in NcH??
Yirli CKy
REMITTAN' KS. If aoni In ca*h. ur.r*? f.?rad. wtli Beal
th* o?-n*r'a rlaa
IIAIN OFFICT^ 1f,4 N?*M? *t
PPTOWM OFTICB 1 212 Br.?dway.
AjfERICANB AHRfAl. arlll fnd Th* Trtbua* all
Londoa?Oflka el Th* TtlhtiM 14ft Fl?I at.
Martoo B?a* * O Bartl m*? ii oaa, E. C.
Prowr.' OoaM A Cfl M N-? Oaford ?t.
Th..ma? Ceob g Baa, Ludjate Clreaa
Paria?J Munr-e A Ca.. 7 itue Bciib*
Hn"!nr?r * r'? , 3< Baa d? Pr-v*r. ??
Bforcan, Harj** a fn V, ll-,-.'exard llauaamajin.
<"r?dtt Lv.nnftla Ri.r*?u d^? Kfran?*r?
Thoma* Ooeb A B 1, 1 PlB*B d* . QBarfl
rj?n*va-I?mt'?r'1 OdWt A C*.. ?nd Lnlori Darcc
yioreae* Wliriar * Ch
Vlenna ? Aral^ Aus'r'ar Park.
Ff Patarabura Credll I.jneals.
Th* lyn l r. rr ? f Th* Ti b m* l* a aaavaaBMBl
tn !*av? adverttpemenr* ar, ! ?..?
A^. Flfth lienn* *rl finllerlea.
I,A\I)1''4PKS ,,K M \VV I.AND9,
-? BNEB in
AmeiTicT, BSlflgtlwaMt, Pranoaand 1 lo'.lr.ml,
P0 Bl I ?J Bt ? ' '
Tuesdav :.:i I W .I-m-- I .\ 1 . WnlllgBBj
fl !ii;i \rv UrTN AMI . . 11
? Tll.l. M P M
A c ??:' ? ?-*? MtnA/'r,
liana* a l ?.. <?l nnd M Flftli ?,c.
araj mII at aanioa. BOMI . . . . r .-. w aPTBB*
bWOMS, '.' ;
A eoUoetlOfl of Standard. Cholce. and Pcaroa
AVTHOni 0OOD BaMTIoata i.v OOOO PiMilN'H.
WKDNKSDAV and two fllowlnif afternoona
at 3
tiprrtaloa reatorad b> artlfldal tawth Dr PEAN'F..
Penilat- World a Falr Awarl?4*4 Ixxlnatan ara. oor
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