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MMKttflaal flafanrrl Blflh ?TF4Vsmr laatl
aui.n'ts ~ ooatMirina arrvininoTO
or? to ItOBrTltSAlj TO UBfltCBI
r?r vttF TaWJtUk
A flerce rate war bfltwaan tho C'anfidlaji Pa?
clflc and tha Amerlcan trut k Ifnai to the Pacin>
roa.t haa falrly begua. ipeculatlon ks to Iti
end cau.es tha gharahalderfl of the lines to the
Paclflc Coa.t on thla .Ide of the Canadlan boun
dary to ?ay h.rah thing. flhOUl the availcloUfl
and graaplngpropensiti-. of tho wily 'VanuokB."
The latter hava heen r''?>i"K fhtM and loo.o
wlih tiie Amorican matiager. of the We.torn
lines Th- ag-itt? of lha Nartherfl Padnc,
Atchlaon. Topeka and Santa F?V Ctucago, Roch
Island and PavelfM, tht- MlaflOBTl Pafl Ifl ?nd ihe
ChJcagO, Hurlington Bfld Qulney raUroadl have
been florely b aal by tha efl arta of the Canadlan
pacific i aflaauP*raaail ta aMrart Baaaengar ani
freigh- trafflc to th* flubsldhted pel of the Po
mir.i >r. Oov rnn aal
The ,"anad:an Pfl Ifk was buftl by tho Cn
ra-.ian Government, and BUbaldlaed by botb tha
Oanadian and lmp*rin'. governnu-i tl as a n.r.!
tary h'ghway, Aimost from it. ooraaJetlon, tha
Canadian li": haa baaii a thorn Ifl tne pide
of Amerlcan raltwaya, owtag to it. eonatani
abvmor for tUffarentlal rataa and lu Bafltru 10 cut
th- flaaabllahad rataa ta tha Paeiflc Coaat Wlth?
in tha laal fe. m mthi an rgaa le I Bfl I
aalned affort ha. been nuMk t.y it botb al bame
ar.d Bflflroad to .*cur- lha IhnVfl share *'f ,n''
yaralgi.tngTatlon ffom Arnerteaa seaports.
.\. ? ... a we'.. it ha? bii caadal tha ?>ga?tfl of
the itaamahlp llaafl to thla port caa giva deiimte
hM rmatl o
Several Iflflgmlant flaaatlflfljfl wara held ln thi.
city yaatarday betweeB tha Ifaatern paaeenger
agents a:.d the agenta of important eteam.h'.p
line. ro thla 9 rt Tha agaaia of the .team.hip
ttaaa inbealtaUnglj aMad arlth tho Aflaarlaaa rep
raaantal ?? ea, and agn ad to aid them ln the battle
for exlatence. Tha Waatern paaaenger agents
nho wa-rc in thi. city, nnd who attendod the
me-tinas yesterday. woro tho following' B IX
Caldwel), ihairman of tha Waatern Paaaenger
Am latlon: c. B. Paa, pajnaral BNaaaenger Bajani
Northem Pacific Railway; W. F. WbRfl, pas
eeng. :? trafllc inaaaLgar Atehlaon, Topeka and
Fanto If Baliway; John Bebaatlan, gam ial i-as
Benger a^ent Catfcflg0, ftOCh laland and Pa-i'i
Railway; B C Towaaend, Mlaaourl Paclflc
Mllway. and P. B. Kiistis. ceneral pftflflBTlger
?flBflai Chlaa iiiir.ington and Qutncy Railroad.
In th* nftern. on a meetlng waa h. Id with the
rep:.*ent?tive? of the in ? i ruanlag out of MeW
York to the Wert and Norih. The .Ituatlon was,
thoroug/.ly BaaCflflflBrd, and at timag thfl debate
arming tha repreoi ntattvea of the vatioua lines
?waa extremely llvely. The rosult of the meet?
lng was that D. l. Roberta, ganeral pa lenger
agent of the trie Kallroad; Georajfl H. DanleiB,
?anaaraJ pa?mar agent of the New-Tort Cen
t>a! and Hudaou Rlver Railroad, and E. O.
McCeranlch, Baaaeogef trafflc manager of the
i".evc!and. Cln-innati, ChlcagC and St. Loulfl
Railway, wara appolnted by CeflflanlBfllflaiar
rar:;-:. of the Trunk l.lne Aaaoclatlon, as .i
eommlttea to go to Montraal to dlacuaa with
the f!,c:al. of the r.-inudian Paclflc Railway the
demorali?at!on ln paaaaagflt r.ites on Norih
Paclflc Coast transcont'.nental liiiainesa.
The outlook for the future Ib anythlng bu?
choerful for tho Arm-rloan llaaa The intense
do^ir- of ?>oth the Dominlon and the ImpeiiflJ
govtjrnraenta to open up tho Morthweat ajid
Paclflc coaat terrltary ?u.d to Indaoa Immlgrav
t-.n to that .ection, togathar With fhe de.lre of
r-ris of thou.andH Ifl r*a~h the ^.'o^rffite jjom
flaldB, has ovldently caused the dlre.itora of the
I'ai.adian lln.- to take this ?tep tat the purpose
of Ograorailfllai their Amerlcan rlvalf. The Ca
nodian Paclfk flnjayi many ptivilaajaa under
the t.ondlng flyfltaflfl through which tiie C'anadian
Haea raearri tbrahr tarajeai ravanua. An effoii
Win ba malo l,y the sharoholder. Ili the Amerl
cun linea to have the boflding privii-ge cur
tailod or di.--;.trst-d with flltogethar, as this
Jate.t attack upon thelr revenues 1. look-d upon
a. an inva.ton that in vmient ln Its m-a.ures
and dernora'.lzlng ln Us tendeaclea.
The followlng is a Bynopalfl Of the situatton
made hy one of the conferroo. yeaterday:
SevaraJ year. aa,fi. '.he Canadlan Paclflc de
rrnnd-'i of thi Amerlcan railwaj llnai a dlffer
entlal. or lower rate of fare ?>! Ban Frai - ?
trafflc on ?coi ubI of ? bai thi y claimed l i he the
dlaabllltlea of thoir llr.e. This wa^ prlor to the
rompietion of their throBgb lino from adean to
ocaan. Th,- Canadlan Paelflc'fl eonnectlon at
that tlmo was hy hoat across the grreat lakes
io Port Arthur and through tho ManttOba or
Oreat Northem Railway from St. Paul to Win
nlpeg There was then no throuirn ear Bervlca
from th.o E??t; boat eoanactloni only twi'-e a
week from Var.. ouver, thelr we.torn terrr.tnua.
to F-attle and lawat Puget Bound potnti; Bfl
connerti.in flrftb Sa.i francleco except by oeeafl
from VflUlOOUVer. No demand waa mada- for
dlffereatlala fo North Pacific Coaat poit.tp. bul
rates from th< ffiaat to CflllfornlB and the North
Pa.ific Coaet. being pra il y tha Bama as the
diffennt!., ratc naoaaaarlly applled io Port
:ar.d, Taeorr.a, Boattlfl Blld lutennediate polnta,
the effect being to give thfl Canadlan Paclflc
lower rates to that terrltory as well. There
v.o.-p poveral .iher MUflacontinantal Hr.f-s physl
cally In llttla if any b-tter poaltlon to compete
for thi. CaiUorala trafflc thaa tho t'anad.an
I'acinc Railway, hut ln order to avokj tha com
j lei ? den i rallaatl, n ol rat-1 nnd raveouaa of the
Amerlcan llnaa whleb tha ectton of ihe cana
rllar. Paclflc at that tlme threatenad, anii ln
eonaidaratlofl of tha tb a axletiag dlaabillttai
of thf. Bxajrajg nisrovr.ity i\ Mnnirixr..
A Ri-niai U?al?l> Su,-,'i-??lul Heni.'dy for Ilr*
pa-palu, Inilln -.lloia nnal Momnolt Troublea.
i>r WflnTth, ln c nunentlng on rccent dlaoov
erieB in medicine, Mid: Thara i? nono which la
certain Ifl bfl Bfl vnlnahM and far-rea< hing in
i.ciii-t.i ai Btuart'B DyBpapala Tablats, th. new
?aaaaacb remedy; i aay far-reaehlna;i bacauaa
t-eopit- llttle i flllaa ho. Important a iound
BtoniK'ti .ir..; i ? n dlgaatloa i. ta avary maa,
woman ?anr1 < hild.
IndigeMicr. bl thfl flta'ting polnt of ccnBuinp
t:or.. heart dlfleflflB, Blight'fl disra.e. dm'.. - -
aarvoua proatrntlan, Uvei troublaa; why :? thi.
ao? Blmply berauae every m.... muaole ami
tlaaue in Ul I dlea la ci ? i n irli bed
i i :h-- :? od we eal if ?.. 1 ia, i... irai m
of a v. Ita for houra. a
- ii ?? bb of ha f-dig, Bt, d f?d. II
; ia th I and n,
t. .-. tha Btomacfa an.i bowela,
.. laini . flaure on thi t- ;?: l lunga ar. i oi h, r
oittca.-..-. and a, eding thelr actloa.
Hi aayi fuith-r. the i ii to dlreci attentlon
|a noi .-? oervefl n i ;. irt, nor luaga, i i g .
i. flCatj lae of all ?? ne
miflchi '
The remedy to ti?e foi g.fltlon nnd we.k
gtomachi li noi flotrifl trflrtha lo, bul i remedy
whleb will dtageel tbe I "aaae tn- tlow
cf |;as.i. Kfl*aa, anti BtUBIt'l
I?:-s;-,. . Tableta .... ?> , -i. asactly t....
raault ln any caae of itojna .. ironhla, beoaaaa
th.-- ? - - ; -? compoaed of tht- dlgeeilve
acldB. as- jj'.i,- p-i bi.'i. OoM Beal aod Hifliinith.
pleaaant I I KM Bfld not btlio-- ;a ; iteflt medi?
cine, can ba irald '- Bflj on* with parfaet
Baf,i> 1 > Tlbletfl
wui cut, aa) . u n. if in I ?toma, b
trouble eacepi ? in, r f atonacl
Fu:i *ii< packai - ' Ituart'i D ipep.ia Tab
lets a; toM bj drugglfltfl ai ?'.ita a boah
eyx\ a\ imach flllaea.efl t- getl -r aith thoaaaad >f
teatlmoitlalfl will he eent tay flddreaalng Htuart
CoH MarshaH, M-L
has the dclicatc
and naturai fragrancc
of Spring Violcts
of the Canadian Padflc the Aroericea llnea re- j
hirtantly c<>r.oedod to a niodill.-atlon of th" ?'a
nadtan Pa.-ifiv o>niand* and praii'.ed tliem the
dlfferantlnl rates to and from San Fruncteco
aad a reetrleted ea*t*rn terrltorj
"When tho laat Tranaeontlnantnl A**oelatlofl
waa. formed, in ivc. the*e dlfferantlnl* wore
perpetuated by an easo. tatlon agreetnent, al
though the llnea from Bt. Paul areal ob
lected auec*a*fu1ty to any liffefentlal bo- |
Ing granted from st Pnn! becauae* of the
recent opening of 'bo 800 Pnclflc, a branch
lino of the Canadian Pncllle, runnlng dlrect
from Bt Paul to ? lunetloa wlth the Cnnndlnn
Paclflc aeveral hundred mlle* wesl <>f Wlnnlpeg.
Praejuent objectloa 44?s mH.ie even befora thta
tlme to the Canadian Paclfii 1io.uk alimvod to 1
have a dlfferanttal even by tho way nf Porl
Arthur, but aom* of th* Am*rlc*n llne* thought
it vrise t>. aceepl a Bltuatlon not ait.mother sat
tafnetory rat her lhan mnkea bad matter arorae.
Tho dlfferentlala raferrei to did n..t apply on ??
Transatlanti.'. Tranapa. It'.r nr Alaak^n bnat- I
Bl N
"Immedlately foiionitiaT tho dectaSon of the
Bupretne Conn in tho Trans-lflasouil cuaft,
Miirrh. 1 *^r?7. tho Transcontlnental Hnes wlth
draw meberahlp nnd th* aaaoctatlon paaaeu out
of oxlatenoe. The Cnnndlnn PnoWc, however,
held on to ita dlfferanttal*
? uiien the Alaakaa or Ktondlke baalaaa* t*>
gan to move, b few montha back. the canadian
Paclflc Immediatcl) applled Ita dlfferanttal* on
thla trnfllc, but aa the chalrman of tha old
TranscoBtlnental A**oclatlon had formally
ruied that tha Canadian Pa. iflc'a dlfferanttal dld
not apply in coonectloB wlth thta traffle, th*
Ai erlcati llnea Immedlately adoted ihe aame
ratea, ar.d to thla actlon th* Canadlnn Paclflc
took vlotant ezceptlon. Not only .tid the Amerl?
can Upos adopl th* Canad ilan Pa. Iflc'a ra aa ..n
Alaakan traffle, bul they uu- 1 theli connectlona
rast of Chlcag ? to gpplj rBt? equal wlth th*
Canadian Paclflc ;n thelr Jolnl Interaat ?n this
Alaakan bualneaa Aa araa ngtural, tber* arere
atancea made farea ao tow aj tn actually drlv.
the Amerlcan llnea oul of th* bu*ln*s?. Prac
tlcally aii th* dlaadvantagea *dvanced by the
Canadian Pacll ? ia a baal for Ita demand for
dlfferentlala have beei ny advantage*
?h. proRounced In some ca*ea aa to entltta th*m
tn th* clalm bo fluentl) exp.-e**ed In :neir ad
verttaing- tha: ta, thai of auperlorlty ae n trann
portatlon llne over all < omp. !;'..i-:.
''However, In 1 rder tn tr: ?'" & bitJv* al a falr
adjuatment of th* differencc between the 1 a
nadfan Paetflc and thi ' n. an 1 nea th* llnea
M-ofit ni Chlcago me? in thal clty some thra*
weeka ngo and Invlted th* Canadian f'a. ifio
and Um Boe Pa. Ita rallway* to bo preaent
This poiite requeal ?as de. lino 1 TCry emphat
Ically. but the tmei an llw . deplorlng tbe
thrantened demorallaatlor of ratea and eonat
quent greal i"v<: ln ravenuee, perateted f..r ten
da.-3 or mora in thelr attempta to at lo/n1 aeeure
1 conference wlth tha Canadian Paclflo, .-von
golng sn far as 1 pro] e aendlng a ? immlt
tee to Ifontraal to ponfer wlth that company**
"All ovarturea n*er* decllned t>y the Canadian
Ta. Ifl.i penple on llie ground '.hat pafaon^er
ratea to Aiuska were already more or less de
aioraltaed, and. as thoy otatmed, by the act'.n
of the Amoi i an iii o? ,n meetlag tb*4* fUiiee, al
though it B'aa ? learly eetablli I ad even befora
tlie old Trnnacontlnental Aei latlon dlsbanded
tt-at the Canadian Paclfli tself wa* wltbout
pravocntloh cuttlng ratea polnta ln the Unlted
States, thup do]niving Amerlcan llres of ro-.o
nueR in whlch ihey miitht falrly have expected
under aonnal condittona ta have abarad. The
general pa**. nger agenta of the Ameii^an iines
flnally referred the matter t.. tb. Ir eaecutlv*
offlcoi-s, in the hope that Ihey mlgbt at Icai ?
run- a conference wlth tlie hlgber offlclal* of
tho Caaadlan i'arin> Rallway. A requeat nn
the Cnnadiaa Paclfl for ? conference, made by
tho chlef .-.<o. utlve offleer* of al teeuv ata 01
mor* of th* le* lini Iranacontlnertal llnea and
t!-..>ir ? 01 tiona a'*at of Chlcago, mei 4\i;h
the same per. mpi fer untll ti.e
Amerlcan Mn< had eatabllired ratea tvblch oon
reded th* Canadian Paclfl. lowei ratea on Alaa?
kaa traffle lhan tho*. ueed by the Amerlcan
roada, whlle at tho aamc tlme clalmlnir t. ha
tho beat routa for ih -
"The Canad ai Pa 'lfl< haa publ ihed tai Iffa ot.
both tlomeatl. bui neaa ami tranaatlantlc Immi
grant bnaineaa, cuttlng the ratea >f th Amerl
ran Mnea and thelr *team*hli.nnectiona al
leaat M por eent, thua forclng on ihr i:r.e?
in the Unlted Btate* ? loaa <f ravenuee that lf
1 continued *ven thtrty daya 44 ll reeuil In th*
lnas of mllllona ol d illar* to th. Amerlcan rall?
"An llluatratloti of tho charactvr of the at
ta?k made upon the revenue* of th* llnea ln th
Unlted Btata* can ha *hown by atatlng thai the
pa.c r ratea from New Tork to s
'..:d. h under the regutar mrlff hio, tirst rlaaa,
$78 .Vi, aecond cloaa, M7 W), have been eul by
t'ne Canadian Paclflc from New-Tork tr-. flr^t
riass. 5).i. second claaa, R80
"Tho ranndian Paclflc <t ea not reaoh New
Tnrk 4i.ith i-= own mlle, but has osurped th*
right* of lh? Inltlal Amerlcan I lee by li
this lerrltory and ims ha.i the effrontery to re
quest the tmnk llnea to use thi rat. ln the
aa;. ol ti. k. ta vl* tha Cara Ilan Paclflc aa
agalnal the llnea ln the Dnlted Btate* lf ?^?>
Amerlcan roada mei lha Canad an Paclflc ratea
wlthoul ar. etempi 1 fl m lha long and ahort
hatii ctauM of the lnter*tat* Commerc* la
ivnviid practlcal ly d**tn > th. r*v*i ica on i.n or i
thelr Intermediata buelne**, and H 11 aomewhal
doubtful whether, wlth the aaemptton d
the Amerlcan llnea can praveni the breaklni
down of the'r ratea on the Intennedlat* bualneaa
referr. 1 to
"Th? gauntlel ha4'lr.ff l.oon ihr.iivn dow.i by
the Canadian Pa. Bc 'ho Amerlcan llnee, al
least those west of Chlcago, are proceedlng as
rapldly as poasihle in su.ii eoun* Of BCtlOH as
wlll b**t proteel iiiom agalnal th* aasau l ol
the Onnndlnn Pnclflc."
Montreai Peh 11 A a ml Rl ita ?? nt wn*
hanied by the Canadian Paclfl* Rallroad offlelala
i to-day rogardtng thi r*t*-cuttli / war now being
oarrted on 10 Ktondlke ar.d 1' | I1:.- Co**1 prlnts.
The itatettenl ta part la aa folkrwa:
??F.ir yeara i ' bj ent wlth its rom
petltor* tor Paelflc ' o ? ? i 4--. r bualneaa, t'io
4'ana'M.ui Paclfle R* Iroad hsa been aatborlaed t<>
quol tawer ratea i :? Ita main llne, vla Port Ar
thur, thaa those ta force by aray nr tha ..ther
tranaeonttnental llnea. th. dlfference betag ITM nn
nt'i- lasa Ucketa and *"? *n secood-ctaM tleketa
"Bama weeka ago, iii.n tho Ktondlke bualneaa
ceaanaenced to move, th* vYeetern llnea In tho
L'ntted Btaten, nith the co-opsratlon of :ho Orand
Trunk road at Cbi ida rd other Baatera llnee, and
?rttBoat iBe eon*nrr*n a of tha Canadian i
disregard.-.l the dlfferentlala that li.id l.e<n In foroa,
and opaaly OjUOted tha -ame tx"-* to .-ind from
Pa Iflc Coasi poli ti . ? ned bv the Cana
glan llne. Tarlffa wera Lgnor d, aad tleketa aol.i
? Blly at any ? ? ght ? ? neci aasrj to
r '? :i ?- 11.- , ... i . , i h it; ? ngon: *
Ii.i4-:iiK lioiiB-il : . ?!?"''.?'?' > ???'?' ? a-i K
from Eastern I'nlted Btatea polnta to tha P
..! i..'m ranglng from HIH te t.'i? kiiw taria
"A < .infer. :i e ol Hio Western roada waa ra ed
nnd ihe . ..-.(. ::..? Pa Ifl Invlted to aend a repre
arntatlve, hul the lal ler ? i.- ? -11..- - -1 t-> d.i ho unl
regular raiea were resiored ?>y ths Amerlcsn llnea
! i Iln| lhal tba ra a alliuatlon of tha IVeetern
i.iiok w.<* aro* . a ii '? day by .lay, the .'anadian
Ps. n. llle?l ,i - . . ... ol paaaengsr rato* t.i take
env t r.f i larj /.'. i.iKit.t; it- ptibTlshsd tarlff ratea
aa iow. i- : i *? It I.n. ,\ | ,., lowesl lhal I'^d
B**n BBtretly Riven by any ot tha oihet i
im lt oonieiaplalea a contti ... .? of thi* i.rarii ???
uf dlltiK ai.l pilblUlil: g us Its np?n tarlfT tli* 4?r\
tawsst rn ii,.it msj t.e lustlfleit i.y the aoi|r>n o|
the ether IIneB '"' *??y of tiioni
? - -
OMeaao, l.-1 li -Saathoaaa sa well as woat
bound l>ueia.-?s naa now b??Ji:io ln-,?Ked Ir. th?
rale war Btsrtad j.^'eruay tr, lh< Psnadlag l'a
clfl> llne The rtul1.- . ,<uiitiv Phure and Atlnntio.
a fstiail'iii. I'solfl l;i:l?^*rui<r'.i ed that fiom L?u
?:h atn other I.i ."? ^T*rf/r ;-o|nn on Ita llne '.'.
w eul* Baak* aa ' - ftrst-ctaa and a QT *ec .iid-.iaaa
rat'- tn Naw-Ynrk i-ioiii tba ?un- p*tBl* tn Tort
l.i-... and Ilh.lfrf*. Ita i?t- , wlll .'?? t'M llrat claaa
and W se^ond rlaea. Theae ratea are praetleally
the aame aa tho?e put Intn efTert t.v th? .'anadlan
rarlflo weatl.o.tnd to St. T'aol IdttH doubt la en
tortalned that the Bt. Pnnl ltn?s wlll tnee- the rates
from tho tw.n cltlea.
BtalhlBg Of ratra wna not OOBflned tn tho Puluth.
Rou'h Hhore and BttaWtlf Th* N.-rthern PaetflC
and ihe .ireat Nortn-rn loat no llm* in meeil-iR
the Canadian rnnnv ratea lo North Paclflc i oaat
pelnts, and have aawioanesd thelr intentlon or
Imaklng reductlona o.;?t snd aresi Becomlna; sr
feeilve to-dsy, ihe rata from Taeomn to ft raoi.
Dul'ith and potnfa ln MiTino?.its. North Dskota an.l
Manltoba arfll be eul m tw.? llorrmfire tbe rai.-s
hnve l,oo? (SO flrst claaa and II" B. 'd < ! !?? rrw"
Bay ihey aie aa flrat olaas and tw aecond claaa.
rreauminK thal ths Cbleaga ioada wlll Join '/"'"j
ln tho euta Ihe r*t*a ihey h?vi announ ed from
T.i.oma tn rhiraao are gflaj firel etaas and mm
sorund elass. They hav* not atopped there, mu
havo carrled the w*r mto tho heari of ' anadian
Pacrflo tetntorv. maklng a MO nrat ?ta?a rat*.and a
888 sernnd-.'lnsa rulo tn pnliits in OatsrlO *""
Quehec a? f.ir sasl aa Montreal. and south pr ine .
llne of tho (ira...i Trurnt rend, fPata '",rt Huron
te Montreal
ronferenoea Intendrd le promote tagtalatloa for
reforau I" prlmnr;. electtoM were hold ln thla
Olty ye.terdar afternoon by -ortaln Republlcana
whn belleve that a basla of h.-irmnny ln th*
part* may h* BBtnlaod by a fual and falr prl
mary eteetlOU law One -onferenre was held In tho
law ofrVe of 5?>afo BeBBtOf L**BW, M No. ,9 lAh~ ?
rrtr-st . and another was held al the fnlon l/oagi""
riuh The Repiihllr.in 0*aut* C**BBBltt** was not
reproaeated at e:rher ia*af**anca No Beflnli
etatoaa wer* HBehed bni there ar*** lat?reh*nge*
of vtaw* whinh taoe* whe entde th*** thouaht
mtirM brinit Bbout baraioatoaa B?tto? ?* prlntary
hegislatton bv th.- Repubnenna ta tb< LagUtatur*.
Penatnr I/4(iw wa- Bl*l bl hls nfli - BB h*ur bo
fnro nnon yeaterday by Bllhe Root, el th* Unlon
Latagt* cinb's eeaiaiHt**: Beaator Pav*y ?nd aa
semhlyman I.nlmbeer repf. ?? I Bg Itapubll I
aoeed lo th* RepuWloa* County Cotnmltt**; Benja
Bltfl F. B!Hlr. nf Hro.i.4 vi anl A-^nWymn 11.11.
leba Haxei and w F.'H aebktas af i; iffalo. Thoir
eenferaae* l.isted abeat BV8 hoin. nnJ when :'.:oy
aeparatod they were no; ready <o aive to aewapap*r ;
mo:, Biaah lnfotmntlor, ..? t* th* l**nlt* of the
oonferenoe Benator taenaw bad atated ta ai* ma*
that he was not BUthOftS*d to rajBajaeenl tha Repub
Hoan BMaChhM In thla rountv or BeaatOT Ptatt, but
he had bCOB *Ma to make kBOWfl what tha Be*lW*
of tha I- -ii BUtehla* in regard t* prttaarj ? ?
..,,n, najta, ?nd ho had Wltb him 8 copj ??'
Prtmarj WH tolradaced by Benator Foid. whl. 1 *ra*
erawn by -Tnhn Babin* Bailth and am*i h I
ward Laoterbaeh aad Congraasnaan Qulgl l '?? '
th? Buppoeed legulretneuta for pnrty harai
Now-Tork Th* provtalona of Ih* bul whlch Mr
Qulgg aad nthor leadera ef the ;,> ai aaachln* *re
bem Bpo* havtag at aay aeat are tt, mt whlch pra
rtde re* tba conduel nr prbaary atocttoa* hy tho
rriciiUr taapector* oi ataetloa, whe ir* iwara on
.-or. nf tha law. nnd for miln'ainlr:,: BBBjortty ru.e
|. tb* pvlmai l. a ,
AaaeBibtiman Hlll and the other mrr. from BUP
falo wnn- tn havo tho pr!:?.:.v 8tocUoOB COOd '?
by the (all BOSrd* o| o,.,-i i,,:i officors, B*ttln| Bpari
dtwerem daya for ihe RepuUlcai aad D
i.r.mu. I ...vi . " .
have .:?.??? prlmarlei wlthoui cnro.meni nr ngu
nblyman l.al
f?vor of the Kestuckj
enrolnent for bot pa ?- il tj " ,!r,i'
j .... ??, ng the prelimlnary rolla o d. ?
Jonven lona prep*r*d ie 1 ? ? of
and allowtn* rept.ntatlon In conventiona on in*
. , .."' Jhevote ?ai I reatdenl or Ooverno
Benator l/xo, aeemed to thlnli lhat he could
frame a MU lhal * >uld contaln all ?h* proilstona
demsnded and ' " ,in,
wi?e" he 'atsried foi home. In Nyach he Intt
n ti 1 tha. h- intended ro d*i <o |
awaar ???? s .
'.'? , .. _ ,, ,. .... mnrniiLi nf S' I ?? <
irtasr .' ?. ?
? :.- :..-k lt would meetl -
and th" io a! Rep il can machlna. Ba
bMbkbBvi any confere-cea srlth poll ?
Fifih Avanue 11 el la ln? and f'<
WR*pubtlcana wb< are promli en ln he >m
SWIISanM a" ia. i".'
'"^.""fS"' im. - ?-?;?? -
s^ridSv.- grsffw
. , lr(,tV' The Demo TSta - .\
- | .. v. I. .:..'? "^''v
B- ato, Cantai ? ired '": " ' |
.,':',:m,- piaVt'a machlne fr. a cheattag other
Rl publtoane at the prin.
wsQVtRrrioR for iorby sext bace.
ttan MO N"T makk OITT THI H4t.4nv
Ccertraner Cotor ??? .. ''V?'1
.hI1 hehad aenl back to tbe B ird Bdw* "n -
^uWtlSforthemoni .
Board of FM\mn? *Bd App ?*? " v'
^hiaatary m noi betag ln accordanc* WHh th*
JJ ,,n Jan-iary 1 th* B*W Ital Of -talja
Z^chen weol Into effeel. ai I th? Coatroll i
hst lt was beeauea of Boa-oomplUinca wlth th. i
b%.Kns^W?*.U*nlnlur^uWtlonf r th.
aal.irle, thal he had eer.t back lha I , Itan. II
., t0 ,ny Buythtns tnriht. ^^**
Boardof ,:.,-,-vion wi iM tawtoexpWattafi?
;,ir tha detay I* pBylng tha BBtarh.' ths teachee*
foi Jonuary. ,, ,. .
Th* adBctpBl tr.ouhia aboul .he salary tat llea m
lh< ronowtng paragr*** ef tho law, aoeordlag to
Commlsaloner Uttta:
Kor all women teachlaB bmr** cta*a*a or teachlng
la ai.Z of the fo irtl flft - Btb ?nd aeventh
"sS Yn*T annmnt* be addol lo th* ael.ata
l*"laTa eaaea thla pravtoloB of the law haa aat
..,.,.., ,?nil,t..d erlth." Mr. Uttta aald y?*terday.
?Th* troul Ie ls. lt** * easo of freeaj m*a at -ne bel
Iowa II rnaktag ou: th* pagrolta the Judgmeai of
? .<e men ha* been ex.taod, srhlch. however, re
. Ti^a'vtotatton of ihela* Th* ttlarl*. of th.
? , .en and other employea oughi not to ba tasg
. . , i bv :he alterattona whlcl II nlll b* nec*M*rj
f, ir, tho roila a few daya oughl te i iffl -
rn maaa the ehnag**, '
The t?x OoBMBtarton?g b*U b m??:iiiK y**t*rday
and rrtf"^ a reanl.nion gradlng th* BBtartaa ef the
Dep.jtj Taa Commtaaloni i fi n ! ' and over to
atooo and BBder, aeeerdlag to sfflctaacy, leagth of
'., ??. iea aad hnpertanea of ?-H't- ; T'" Conunto
BtonavB a:;o made tiie followlBg temporary eppotnt
moirs af Depatj Tix Commlaelonera ta the rior
0 ,a ot Brooklyn)
it..left K. U Haw*. No. f-'. Atlaatl -a\?, V vc a
ri ii jnh-i Behtatasaaa, No Mi Fraaklta ive, i "? ,
Mlehael Rpen. No " Wl :"v'' '"'''? ^""n' ''' '-'
ii l ladaa* No IM BUBhwl h Place. I 000; Joaenti
i ilcOowan No III Elghi i i , *-"?' Thomaa r
1 irkln No IM Dccati I i; laaac 8. I oater,
Nn ssi' Hsfsey-at, H.7W; Jamea i' Farrell, Nlnety
flfth-ai and s... rs Road, f Phlllp Rlnkel, No.
., paclflc-sl 12.5 Cllnton Dewttt, No. 171 Ver
,,.. |2.3ob, tteorg. I Cralgln So M Butler-at.,
, , , ,,. rj sewmann. No ll Ashford-st., I2.SO0,
and Wllliatn B lM.-k.iid, No 7.1 .;ra:,l-st., fUBk
- e
jamea MeOartaejr, the Ceamtasloaer of S'reet
rieanin^. y**l*rd*.y reeelved a tatte* fmrn C
wariiiaT. tha fonner Comml loner, Baaktag th<- fni
io4.ina Btat*BB*nt*i
You Iihm- . ... n aeveraljr erltl. .-" I for th* eondttton
Of the Btre*t*. and I have thouxht lli.it th'-re wua
aome foundation f"t the crltlclam, du* largely to
vnur very mem.ient an.iw eoBtractor. To-day i
hava gone on my erhe*l ov*r i >m. mi.o.- 0( atreeta
'?'.|,ir- -? i > . ? ? ? .mi sbove ? , as far ?
, aat a." Flrai-ai. . and i can ? thal if i
u?..e Commlasl nei to-day I ahould b* i'..:i of
them lf you oan keo() ? .a i,i ... i al all .. ??..- ., nn i
wnat remfori i ran In th. fact thai I I. l th" way \
,, ;i. rou ar* foltoaing, aad i ahall he mnr.i than ,
Mtlaned _
By ord*r *f Preaident Rotahaa ol th* Raard nf
p.ilillo ln.|.na emenfa. the aalnrlos .,? oi.e |- ,
nnd ten nion In ths Top igraphl. .11 Hetarttront of
the Basraagh of The Ili.inx wira rcdlioed Of alx
teen m. n Wb**8 salari'-a leinaln the t.ame, fourieen
ara lahorers Tiie othera are 1^, ug A Hlan.. Chlef
ropograi ? ?r and Engli set af th* Can
courae, and bla chlef lastataat, f Ortoffenberg
who*. aatarlee are ?.oo* aad H,M, reepecttverj u
Rli ae ha I aske I Ihe Bi ai I of Eai Imati '??:>?
io i un bla buresu foi Ih. ? ? <r Ha r. ?.-. ? .| j,
lt 4iaa Beeldad nol n dlsmlBa any empl \eB ... i ,.
bureau, I i to reduee aalarlaa ? ... t\nt
f. i. rsl a . he a.i'ari. - of -i.?- men ln ihe To| ?-.-: .?.',
loal Dapamneat, and tne> aro n<m- put back to
wlmt lue> f ,rmrr!> were.
?Jharlss BrOadWBl Roaaa has wrften s latisr la
M.>or Van Bfyeh adtafMl to H-? to ih.la , ity a du
pllrste of th- atatue mt Waahington nnd La.'ayettn
whlch vras g\*?n to Ui* ctl* of Parto by iosspb
Ppednl atlentlon glven to famlly w.-i.hfng.
Large wa.ha-. ial.en at rclucrd rataa K0 CbeflB*
Icl. are ufled. The I.aundry Ifl CondUCtad
prtmarlly ft? & fllflflnl of fralnlng. and work Bent
to Ihe I.aiindry enabl** tho Boclety to extend
thi. tralnlng- to a larger nflflflihar of women.
PoHteei Tha *ork I. hy Harthnldi Mr Houa.s
offer Bill ta raferrad ro th* Muaielpal Art ooromi.
-_-at - -
MAY RiY fir XTix<rro\s R0U8E.
Tf negotlatlons p-ndlng tatwatjn John W.
Mackay and miiia P. Huntlngton closo aatlfl
ractorfly, Clarertce H. Mackay and bhi brldi
will mak- thelr home. after thelr mai rtage. In
the rnan.lon at th* .outho.i.t rnrtiT of Flffh
avo. and Ftfiy-seventh-st.. built by Mr. Hunt?
lngton for hls own reflldance Beveffll fearf IflTO,
Thla is on* of tho most eantly bouaaa In New
Mi Hiinthigton. who, when ln this refion,
live. prindpally la his country houae at
Throgfl/fl Neck, ha. artehad to gell his flfth-avfl.
h-ni- for lotnl tlme, and many proapectlve pur*
. liMsa-ra have kWflBfll at It. l.ut no ono hns l>-< n
wiiiing up ta <iHt?- t.a pay'tha prioa a^t by the
owner on tba place. When tha marrlage waa
arranged between Mis. Kathertne Duer flnd
Clarence li. Mackay, bawaver, and It bacame
neceaaary to aelecl a eultable towa houae for
the eOuple, Mr. Huntlngloti'i was BUggeated to
the proapectlve brldegroonVa father aad Bago
HatioBfl wara apenad ?hlch ma) aad m its par
r-haae. n waa aald last night thal the aale bad
been made, bai this reporl could boi ta con
lirmeai. rha hniso ia ralnad at aonalderahl/
aava-r a million dollara.
The engagem, ni i f Mlaa Duer to Mr. Mackay.
tr., waa announced on Frlday
nrncHAfli tmb island
Th<- fflnowtag atata-mcnt waa gtvefl aul laal night
i,\ rloratlo fl Ru tna, couflael of tha Cubaa Junta,
;..'. to i> reporl in one of tbe evenlng paperi
? | ro1 McKlnley propoaed to - igg. it I i
tbe Cfllted Btate* -? ure boi la Iflflued bj Cubflflfl
and thofl n'.iow then to purchaae tha Iflland from
Thlfl reporl I* nothliir* In tho natnre of n.-w=. na
often appeared I i \ irtoua forir. -. Thfl J '
,v aiwayi iald tl tl Ihe] *r< i 1
? rnoney indemnir-.- foi -
from th< : '' .' ": ; ?
ertr ui - ' ? -; ?" ''?' ' ?
? hed We knoar n, thing ol Pr
,, t McKlnl, plaBfl ln th ? matter. bul an i. ive
. . . ai a/ere trong ei
to warrant the auppOBlllon of our ultlmal -
a .f pouree aa th, itrength of the
,-, aaed ihe amounl propo., l io he i ald a*
demnlty became materlally lea?
?i ,e propoflliion il"' th?? G ivernmenl .I ei ?
. .. . arould b, .ptable to 1
Fubana provlded a ?nm rould he agreed upon. Th,
propo.li oi . how, ver. re? arltl
tl,.. a;,.- .?? ii ii nl of -I,. Cubai R, |
?', .. pianneem. to be a logleal - - for ifl
...,,, .? ,,,;, ., ,r-.-r n-..- ararnlng ol Mr. ( li ve and
'..-.,? M, i and th,
by " Praeldenl McKlnley m urglng pi n
l .. tlme for Am, i. an Int. i
tion ? no. iBd _
h.f '' iba frofli BpalB, i arould
aay thal th, 8 n, iry would be at
... .ti Renubllc. The uba
v. would then be pald "ff nnd di.h inde,
,.,.. mM1 troul i return to thelr i - b< ? ul pui i ti
? ?? ... ?,?-,! Pui onalderable mpi ?
' would alao tupnly lt? eltl?en. with
;,.'?,. and implementi I i enable them i
Ihelr ii.unl oe, i patlona Of coui - I
thai Snalri ml?rhl refu?a to ron Ider anj ?ueh
nronoBltlon bul m Buch a caaa tbe Prealdent fl
., ,-..:.? evei luatlfled ln for, I le Inl rventlon
if neceat iry
PeCBBae 'here irafl a rco'-lr-g of the Armory Roard
ln tho MayoVi om-e yeatentay a prael nal lokar
stnrted ? ?tory thflt Ita Baard w,i. galag to rake
Btepa tO dafani tba aUy IB case of war, and that
Malor-OeBeral Roi wai Ln lonaultatlon wi
Hayor for that purpoie Beveral -x-li*J peraoni
the M ijor-,;. i . rai II thi I ai ti
,;,.,.,.,.-. i md k.'ii n- ?n- thara to get
.. Board to Purni.n ar ofnce for him li he Stew
., , piilldlng The Baard approprlated f5,S87 for re
palra ??? arraorkm and 88.841 tot llghUng don* under
contracl ? *ady lei
Thi BegaraBca, of tha Kew-Torb and Cuba Mall
Bteam.hlp Company, v. 11; arrlva al thla porl from
i ro-niorr---.-. mornlng Bhe arlll brlng
tlrM rlir.-t iifw- of th* Mi.i- .1.-.i--'t a ? th
,. hip a.fii. ?? li . - ild yaa ? rday that thi
? ... . \;,..-:...] ro r- ? ? Ive b) tl ; iteam, - the
r?port of the . aptnln of thfl Rteamer Clty of Wrtsh
Innton, whiin -.-..a?, anchored ? flborl dlatanee from
ihe Malne when she aaa hiown up
At tba oftic* of the Merriu Az Chapmafl Darrlch
and wre.-king Company it wa. aald yeaterday tbai
.napany had noi yel i.*en n>iM-.e(i from Vfaah
ingroii aa to Whethar or not they would bfl Ifll
ployed to ralae the Malne, A number of nrecklng
eompanlea are biddlng for the eontract. [|
Merritt A Chapman company obtaui rh. ord.r
Ibey will prebabl] aead tha neoeaaary boata to do
?hc n-nik from ilil" i.ort.
. .->
HOLD TXO SFrVtlCISS TO rvvvaitrvpR
rn< iPCMtatn CHANOM
naflfleaflalalllflfl from the athletlc a.sor'a'lon. of
promlnent Baatern footbail collagaflt, forming tho
Footimii Ruio. . lommlttaa, rn*i yeaterday at tbe
Ufllverfltty Athletle Club, No. in w-s: Thlrty.
fOurtb?Ol . fo con.Ider the proposed revtfltOfl of th.
rul.s go\?rn1ng tl ifl game. Tho.a, pr.aon* at tha
?aeatlng wor. \\'alter ,'amp. Ynle. chalrm.in, Poh
ert L>. Wrenn, Harvard. ProfeeaOl L M. DeflBifl,
Coraelli Alexander Moatat, Prtacaiaa; John c. Heii,
i nlveralty of Paanaylvanla, and Paul J. Daahlal,
Tiia- eommlttea ?a. ir. ?es-ilon from .1 untll 7 p. m.,
nnd from I untll 11 p. BB., and snr bflMnd tdoaed
? The m*eilng w.is merely prellmlnary. and
? ??' Ing defli Ite arafl done, The committe. ad*
Journed to ir.-*r OA call. prol.ahly ln a wook or two
and eew-riil w**k. will i.rol.ilaly -lapse b?fore the
Work of r*vi?ion |. comoleted.
The a-i.mmlttoe laal nlcht eoofllderad chinges ln
th* deflnitlona thnt wltl rnak-- them claarar ?n.l
laettle dlflDUted 1'i.lnt..
lt | siild riiat tlio commlfteo will b. con.ervn
tlvi In the revislon of th- foofaall rulea, .lolng
more In tlio way of Interpretatlon md expianaiion
than ln the way of radlcal changes.
Top'kn. Kan . F*h. 19. -Tho fin.il .t*p in the pro
gramme f-r the F.ile of ihe Kiin.as Padfle road nii.
tflhefl tO-day aben tho enllro llno from Knn-'im
Clty to Denver waa aotd under
mortgaga for M.88B.8M Judge W. \>. Comlah read
the iflaaaa and r.(T?r*,i iho pr-pertv for afld* arvl
Aivtn \V Kr*a k Md It ln for JH.iT"! ok. K?w p*npl*
i.ii-M|aie a.f th* iniiroad m*n aod attorneya int.-r
e.ted in thfl in;it,or woro j>re?erit at rh- aale tO.
day. Thla eompl.a tha aal* ..f th* k..
PaiHfl, road, and nii lien. agatnai the propei
Oovernaaeel or o'i..-rwiae. ar?- now wtprai om Tha
attorney. and railroad men lef! Topeka for ti-ar
homo. this nfi-rn.ion.
\V*.t P-lnt. N T . F*h 19 ,?noc|a|i Th* cadatfl
h?ld thelr Raadredth Night entertalnment |n fjrafll
HhII tO-fllghl Tbaia ??? rwme tnlk of 'h* enter
talnmeot'a i-ing paatponad on aoeouni of the
. iliimlty which taffltl lha- Malr.e Tflfl :\ li-rln.>
laought lactt. bawaver, to iet th>, caiet* imvo their
fiin ai thfl poatponamenl of aueh aventa la cadel
llfe is attaadad arltb much expeBM and great di..
?l.i .liitmenf.
Pefore fhe a^lnklng of Ih* M'llne huudred. of Invl
tatlf.n. had l.**n .ent out t<> ali.r.mi citle,., and
mo.t of tlio fljaaatfl had arrlved a ???k Bga "iiant
Hall waa orewdOd wh-i. 4 It? -iirtaln waal up at s
o'cloek Th- UMiaii flpeecb? Ir-i la-ni t. > Huti.lre.lt n
Nlghi open*d the entertalnment, nnd th.-n t.cjc?*n
a two-ad farce, entltted "Mara II."
jai.m tepi'iaantad a aeci nd Ueajtenafll ol four
thoQBand ireara ago, arho arhen on 'urlougb mei
V'enua and aon her- iov* 'i ne eharaeiern ??' the
plaj Rrara < ..i?i Krotnar, Mar., ? ...i?-t 'i.iiin,
Achlllra; Cadel Renchley, Bainljan VI: ( ...i-? M i
rl.Mlt, l/orenal d* Mealici. fj*ade1 netti*.>n Prln-e
Mi'ig , uplal I'adet l'ea-k \ enua; t'.alel (alvert
P*>a'he Cadet. liaden, Naylor and Itolh j.layeii
tha alaphant. Cad*t ttanohlay wrota tha faro*.
Allanile OtP. N J- *>??? ? (BpeelaD.-Tho
! Bpnng seaaon at thla roaort ha. opened MUlb
i earlv IM* vear. nnd the hoteJa BM slready MM
with gn****. atthnnga the Lanten s**son aa* a**
i yef hegtin. For MvWtBl weeka the town haa been
! BIHng ap, md to-day tbere ar* more people in
Ih* ..iv than ever before so early tu tb* year.
I j, is notlceebta thal ma.-.y of thr vtalton irt hera
for tho nrst Ura*, and equslly noUceabta thei
i rvery one *f them I* w*ll pl****d wlth tha i ?< ??
Atiantie fity's BBtnral BdonaHgnde ?* ? ?""?'
and sprlng resor. are becomln* better kaoorr,? ea. rt
voar raualne a large Inrreaae In the n itnber or
v.attors. who rome here tn piBllMBlS to golng W
potata further Roiith. where the atlght ??? ea
| , temper.it.ire Is more than offaet hy MtUI
t coaauaaed m naiktag them. The p**nt* of fbub
delphla New-York and other large cltlea ai ? b
i glanlng te renllze thaf they have ?? tholr door*
' a re?ort where both health and pleaaure may M '
.. ?i m an almoat lllim-..ible degree. There i*
overy taaarntHn 'h?l the r<>mln? *',*!'on *'"' .
' ecUDM anvthlng AttanM- Clty haa ever known
N'.arly all the taadtBg hote.la nre now open and i
.?.r-rialnlng guests. BgVOfUl havlng I* IMMd "?
I day Tho hotela that hBV* beer. rloaed during th*
: parltar pnrt of tb* Wlbtar have B*arly all Wder.
ron' eatenslve alteratlons and improvemenis. and
many ef thnaa -hat hav* haa* aana M ?
hav* also been improved. The rhalfoiu*. whlch re
opened to-day. haa .-hange.1 hand* sln-e last year,
.ne Meaara atotert* havtog soid the en-iro
erty te Leeda i luBhv, who arlll Btv* their p*n ?
Btuattoa to oaaBacttag tb* betet The **w ea era
IV* had the whole houso lenovated, and a lara*
amoual of money haa bO*U BBWUt for new hwalture.
irpsta and iaearntlBB* They hegin lha Beaaon
arlll) *zeeltaal prefliti ahead.
Charlea R. Myers. owner of the P.udolf. wlll
maaag* tha-. popular Betol himsoif thta year. ....
ha* b**a buaiiy *ngag*d for Baveral *r**l
maJdag praparaUaaa for opening. ao that wa*
doora were thrnwa open to-.iay. and ihe atraam ? l
. who had ?agagad apartaaeota ta advai a
poured m. the hou e waa ready for their r*c*
:. .: rthlng preacoti * trash aad etaan appearai i
l ,. .,,.,..,,..,,. a* ii Cochran remaln* with ,
Mr Myera ?? the Rudetfa ehlef eaerh, and Ma j
:... t a larire BUBBbef of gue*t" tor both ,
uprtngand - immer. Th-ntght Mr Myera marks the |
opening of his hotel by gtviag a reeeptlon and danee i
,?.,i,r the dlreetton of r^fawrar W. H. Carvoll, i
?;.., ? harg. or :.n th* eat*rt*lBiBenl*
:- tha ii itel during th* aeaaon. lavtuttoBB
for to-nlfht'i affalr had been eagerty eought,
and a large number hnve been leBued. The rj *d?n
Hotel aled opena to-day wlth a large rrambef of ,
? and tho De Vlii-, gveatly orilargcd and Im
p, .,.. ia alsfi ready to reeelvi gneeta
bly tho laeat eatenslve l?pvov*B*ant* havo
bten ? a* effeeted nt tho Lorey. on the oe*an
fr?nt ?>,.. root Of K-ntin-ky-av*. The rap
Mly increaalni onalnea* of th* hotel eenvtnead
the propHetor*. loatah Whlte ? ian, thnl
,.,?,,.-. : hBV* to be dnne to meet
the demand for aceominodatlon*, and ihey de
,.,!.., to double tho eapadty *f ih* houra. v. itn
thla end ta vtaw oearry the wheta ol the Kea
tucky-av*. wlng waa removed to th- rear of the
: a new wlng ereeted in its ptaee. the facede
I , . ? ?? tba 'id bulldlng todng on
Kentucky-ave tha. waa p*vailtted to reeaaln b*tag
aitered to eonform wlth th* n*w atruetore. H*ad
Boma ..- i- tbe eaterloi of thi Lurap. th* mterior
? pOMlbta, Btlll BBOr* BttradlV*. Tho r.ew ex
i . f the targeet m the clty. an<i ta
provlded wlth a number ef aovel and attraeUve
... one of ih. mo*l Bettceable of theae
ia .-, inrre four-Blded Coloalal Breptac* in the rentro
? ? ra, wlth hlgh-back*d oak*a benehe* Bt
,,,r,,?r opposlts th* eatraao* a bread. eaejr
BUlrcsse wlnda Ita way to the upper f.oors. 4vh.io
to ih* right ot ita loor* .. I* located th* offlce. ln
full Vl?W of the entire rotunda. A' the ocean end
of the m.iin floor there are haadaoately turatabed
,,.,!?;,r. lepsrated from the axebange by arcbea
?aperlea B*ck of th* ofBc* aro aaaaltar
onversatton-room*. rttted uP ln the mo,t
,ottl ,,v..-. and at th* end ol th* hallway .a
tb* dlnlng-room. This la aa ImnaeBaa apart
?,.,.: Btretchlng acraa* tho boUM from wlng to
wii b a ..i havlm at th* K*ntucky-*v* eBd a targ*
\a ,v thai gtve* a Btrlklag effect
..? ?taKa ?. . : th. bbum tevel bs th. boaro
' ' tly \0 a^r^nXrotaaxa
? , floor anotber p.azza
,, . and :-vt- to ? tam
. ,!.? i sun-parlor tha' oi rlo ka tne . ?
amfthe i ttre i - n from . Th* b*w bed-.-han.. *ra
.its, furnlshed and fl< '"?'- ,'
, . .. e/aeh Bult* i- Prcvtocdwlih
. ith. :??? li ? ?ol an I ? old, aali and e ?:
eonrentance* ?n.i eom .rt*.
.....,., . ,n newly furnlshed
-.,! Hnd the whota hoo ? haa been pro
?.I...-.1 velv. snd Bruaaeu carpeta.
\.V : ? elevators. j rovlded Wlth he Bjost
? . ea! hav.- been ereeted. The
i ,,,'.,? ? , i..iv with nuite inunku of
. . and wlth i isrge p*rcent*| of its rooma
. ; for the aprli | and aummer aeaaons.
rne ha* all be n graatly entarged
durl'na the wlnter, bui tho work haa beea so eon
,,., ';..,, ? .,- ii bb noi b**n n*< a*arj to clos*
.,., . ,| ,,- for .. atngl. hour, ind the jjueflti havo
..,! m tho leaat. Tho *rork h
. ,,,, 8ted l t tha ew dlnlng-room la now
? n .-? ip?rtmi nt, that wlll
? " ? ???; ?? ?' '? '~ a.h,:;, nAih !
ent \:< yav ? i louth, ln wmen h
? ,,. ,.,,.u- and lumps ln rool w.ather '1 ho
i ,.f bedi oniB ata i ha* been greatly n
,, ,ae?l The Hotel Deni Is, on the oppoalte ,da
, j|| ., ,.,. from tho Bhelburne has alre
all wlnter and haa b?*n red*cor*t*d
throuahoui The n*w decorattoaa were made fiom
Bpeclal deslgns. and ar. i ? nov - bb tb*) are at
.1, ;. Th. beauty of th? exehange ?nd public
rYari ra haa been greatly enhaneed by the improve
menta m*de. N*arly all tha bedrooma ind hall
. Upper rioora ? oeen re| iperedl and
,. ..... \n improvemeni haa a ? b. en ma le
ln the method of iieathip and llghting the hotel.
tral Ptant haa ' > - ? t*d, whlch auppltoa
Bteam heal to tho wh-io houae, and *n electrlc
Hai th g . item haa b*< n Intr. I i >ed, for whlch tne
power i- gen*rat*d bj th* aaaa* ptoat.
A ?tri\ina Improvemenl has b*en ma.io at the
Tn.i ??? d ol the mei wlng has
had ar. addltlon t.uiit to it that provldes some
tnlrty now bsdrooms an.i a numbei ol sddltlonai
prlvata I itha Th* addltlon atao glve* a moro
ftnlahed effect to tho hotel an seen fr..m the board
WlK \ iimllar improvemeot, although not ^uiie
bo eatenslve Has been m....e ?? tho se.mi.lo Houm
h.. 9ral n*w prlvata batha havo been add*d oa
the ocean end and th* whota hou** haa b**B *v*r
hauled an.i renovated, Th* steam-hoatlngapparatua
. . been extended to every pan of tho hotel
At the St. Charles the caf* has hoon greatly en
lar ed and a new sntranc io ll haa be*n ma le in
tho corner of the bulldlng n*ar**t tho boardwalk.
.. [alesworth haa also been Improved by th.- ?< dl
ti..n o' ? large aun-p*rtor nnd danclng pavtllon,
undar whlch la a dn< afl wlth an entrunee Ica llng
diro.-t to the boardwalk Wlth all ihesa addlllona
;,nt lmprov*ment8, togel a wlth the many others
thal i' wouM be Impoaslbl. to enumerate, tne hoto.s
,.' Mlanl Clty wiii ba abta to cara foi- their
Baaier guesta In .? credll ible msnner. ov^n though
the sesson may be, as now aeema certaln, the
groatost ln tho hlstory of tho rounrt
y.\> bl THI ROVBB
Wanhlngton. F*b ll (Bpeclal) Tho Jlouae of Rep
r**satatlvsa lato tbla aftaeaoon paaae.i h>- a vote of
Ul BVe* t.i U's BOCg th* aubstttut* pop..rted by the
i . >rv Commlttea for tha Rankruptei htli whi.'h
paaai i tb* Bcaat* at tho apartal bobsIi i The aub- i
BtttUt* add* m.iterlally to the .nvolunti.ry featuros
of the So-nte i,lll. and pr.nlde, mi^hlnen- for the I
? \ itl n Of th* law whleh ls l,i"king in thal hl!
Th.. dObate Whleh afacaded the vote to-day was
eomowli ll B88V8 .mlmaio.l than that ..f tho last thr.-o I
daya. and BXCtted much tatereet, bUl the frlends af |
i u n.. .i ire seemed so eonflBeat, not oaly of ita I
justaess, but of ti.o teeaaer of the Henea, thal thoy
put lortk BO uniHiial effnns. Tiio flnal vote sh.moi
that ti.'ii aenndenee was nnt mlsplacad, an', ys
ther* waraa f*a nUaut** ta *htoh the aafoty of the I
bui was lertouely *ndans*r*d Th.. aaaeadaieBl ef
Itr afBhaay, or Nsw-Tork, to iimit tho eparathui '
of the law to two years was carrled hy * narrow
Biajortty oa a Alvtatoa by tellers, but on a aye and
ae vota tha Baotlea te tabie th* mnttaa le reeea
aidor it was d*f*eted b4- a majnrltv of ten vu!a?.
By thai tbna tiie rpeetal orner for taking a vote
on tha L'nderw ed unendmeat and .>n tha Buhltltut*
raportod i thi Jedlelary Conunlttee beeanaa op-r*
ti4e. snd the Mlhany atnondment waa lef( |a mld
alr. Th* I'nderwood BTOBnaltlOB waa lo atrlke out
, e| the blll ad the lavolUBtary prov.slons. Hnd Bla* '
t all thoee Whleh gnve aeeparatlea* the ?ame raghta
a. ladivMuala ta tatninrantoy proceedirtga This wis
a vote of m araa t* BR p*m On a
di'. >i..i: e H.H.I.. aui.atltute for the Senatn hii
I ed b) a rota of LU t., H4 "'n*,e hl"
Mr Terry, ot Arkaaaaa. who waa the lt***r nf
the mlnorlt* on thla oecasloa. then moved to reeam
mu the blll wlth instruottons to ths commlttea t?
repori H ba k wtthoul the Involuntary reatura* *ri!i
al i * provlalon llmitli.* Iis llfe to t4vo y?ara Thi.
i. n W8? i.I I I I VOtS Ot 13.) aye, ,? ? -
and th* MU waa then pasaed hy the majorliv
befora mentl >i I ? ,
n.i in..u..ii of Mr lloii.taisoii. chalrman of the
Judlolary Commltts* i ronferenc* was thei n> !
quested, and Mea.rs Henderson, R?y. of Nsw-Torh
and loriv, of Arkanaaa were appointsd Oonfsrrasa
on the psrt of ths Houss. ""
finannal. {
The Financial World.
Tt l? not rl.klng mn^h to v.nture th* ga_
thflt rh* market wonld nr>t have cioaed Bflaaaaaflai
much alvn-o thfl hflflfll lt dld. ev-n if there |?
taea^n no Maine aliBaster. In other IrOgfla, i?%i^.
the wh le w.?k rhn.-ig-h. tl.< n< t datflaBUfl waa^J!
much grroator than lt BflBflan h^.t- taaa had iw.
hoen no nev.fl from HavflUBfl flVflflfl hurt ti*.
market mo.t y,.r-rday. when rh* d-.Un* ?.?.
.h.irpe.t. waa th* seiiing flrOflfl Ltflrdflfla, ttaxt
which point there had BBBvhiaBjhj '-on g-a-^ a^
lr.g; and the cau^e ..f ihist yl.ng wa. Europtaj,
a f.mplli-atlon*. That ihe hafll kot tvafl g'-ttliyp
into flBBflaaaai bri rea. tian wai plaia a w*ek ,,.
if-ii oVtyfl ago. for tha evldence of l.irge rafajab
Irag had l.a-cnmo pateut; .nd 'h* i,,r>?i?.ur* t0 ggj
?md g-tting bay nd H cflafBMtty to ai.aor.
This alwaya forcea .-ho m.nv - i ,r., at leaat %.
waltlng pTicd. ro gflgaa Ir to dlg-at rhe .toajkj
gold T-a- ratttni pBrieda ira iiaimiy tnjixj
of BBgffl or le.. decllnc tflflflflM ir 4,.> r. mated
ln thi. .oltimn Irr^t we.-k rhflvl the BMarlaH wouat
mo.t lilariy vork off it arttl n A ?*> forgaxtta
fhaf if leanurd no CfldBBB ;ifT-.,t gfag r.o na
?ionai gBflflaflflar, !? ajrve aa * aaaa att-ced rejir-i-^
Mflt iicto'-.-. nfrer t h 'i |h i -'. Of prtraa marj.
ln Septemher.
Thi. ia a Bflfll >'-a: ll ifl -i BUll >--ar. g| ui
fljaggg fa-i Th- BBarhai . - ia | ,
i flrUJ exea-i Ita I ? - Ufl year
Tr.-r?- flrlN bfl as .i.: ... ? ,_:k i l doaa B)
ti..- i.\. baagc than ?? aI -- ?? Bat than
ir- baar .->? g ia i i t* ??.
twaafl Jaauai] i??? a-*
lt comn 'nrnt.
. i. tha '" ? *aaflflfh
la tha Bprlng. 1 ? rvitta
CM lt >' .......... j aajjaj
f* Cuba. Perhai Bul ' * f* 4?.
Bli -I tbai thfl '?'??! Y hfll Itfl fl cg .-.a.,
recentl) been cowrert i from pu;-." B8a ijgg.
may fllab be ? contr toilng raaafl H MtahflggBj
wi Bhoald hava i latl Bperl ' | leciia*.
.-. hi< h ts bad Par tha cbbbbi ? ? an tg
bava to aceepi the inevlrnhia, hafl -r at.i
rn-.-o raiKir.i don't chaagfl fael rhe Pflflgj ;f
flrheat, not talk. Bjavfl Ita MM - fll ifl baii
market Thi* bflfll t ? I bl good
I'rohahly IhaiB wBI aot e aaai h bv re dsegaa
in the mark.-r g * fl ? n. I BdataBj
ara at alnet lt (a bbbjB.
.ntton.i: hut thaaa i ... ? trragn.
larity. The ?? ,-. n tba ba*
-Ae-k is i go d forecnJi Lai I adi ? v*h?i
a ajentla mrpr fl i Mr Kemea mo.- .p.
proved fltyla, In i faurteea potm fli p la M?tro.
polltan. whleb fall all h a baap .. M a-<t.. uu\
gava tha general Hat a si.aking On Tu?a4ay
thara waa a bracing up, and I ? ;>*r?
ttoaa to utlllse to th- Btm M the baH tnfi>j*r.'-e
of the Iflanaflaflfl hl H'ir!m?Tt"r.'s dl. iaad ran,
fixod for early tha BBBt rr. .inlr.-r Ovag nigbt
cama fhe frtghtful aewfl from riavaaa, which
Of .orirs- kn." bad ? ll flll l Bb "? '?' ~? prt
rani a i.ad Lwaak, tha btg eapttaJ ? - ir.vi djg
repreaentattvaa of tho latflnflfltaoaa iyi? ii-'at*a.
came tn and flfljatportad thelr Bpa i flflflpaal
the iii.irk-t s: ady throuajb tVedn, '.ay and
Thuffldny: baH lata oa Fri aay H ?":? tfl gro*
hravy again. ard paaterday cama BuatajaBal
neu-s from LflaatOfl w.rh ktlflM fflBBB
whi-h knocked Bflvay au uttarnntlanal ^ipport,
and the vhole Ust foil(off.
Previous tfl this. thara iiad been mu u. '..-ref-u.
larity ln pricoji, >>u' Bfl pfOflVauncad flnd gTteral
dc-llno. Stoaks iike Bt Paul, R ll Wflfltf,
i'n:on Paciii-. Northora Pfl^lftc, [daka Bb ra, ial
N*ew-Tork Central had been well lupporunli
Bt Paul ha i riaan ibarply When baafliaa,
thoro was BO Inalde lupport, as Ifl ahagnr ar.d
aome Other rtOCkfl, ptioaa broka away on eellir.g
for bofh long and short flcflBBflnt At ..>n? tlm.
when tho goiioral 11.t was woiikentng. Or?|oti
?hort I.ir.e sroofc roaa Betflfl or aight polnta,
becfluaa cartaln lataraata had to buy u tor con
traii ar.d Hro..k!yn Tra. tion waa bought aa 1?
the buyers wanted to get BtflBa. without unduly
advanclr.g the prlce. The general re.ult wtva to
give the llst a Bpotty look. and this waa U
aspect untll ye.i?rday. when I/>ndon turne,!
?eller, and then neariy ev-rythlng went. -'ugav
wa. the leader on thfl way .1 .v n, .n llciting
that baflktagfl lhata are wi.llng It shcaU.d go.
it ihawfl how Btroag has taaa th* Bapportfld
the mark-t when lt cOflUd BUUBd aa lt d:d thfl
Bhock Of the Havana BflWd. ln Itflfllf thli newi
was terrli'lo a-n-'Unh. Wltb flll thfl puflfllblttllH
it RUaflahad "n tha n"1"' ad avery -.hinking -r.aa.
Add t-. it that Wall Btreet and tha pubUa wtw
bornl-arded hour after h"ur wltb d ItrtUII tr?
mens flxtraa, Ib which tba -utg'.vings of thi
most Inflnmfld Imafftnatlon waia Brt rartl ai
aaoartainad fa-ts, and you havo enougb ta upm
any ..rdinaiy mark-v Nfl^ertbeleafl, as stated
above, it la not raah to aasuma that 'he nar
l.et did not clooa mucii lower raati>rday than
i, would have flone if Bona of tr.ose thlnp had
happ- ::ad.
Th- rc:nark BUtdfl ln this coiumn la.r week
that whil.- Cuba di.turhe.i the .r.-cula'-rs. them
would he opportunities to p;ok up bargaJfll !-i
the bond llst. h-lds good, and his flVflfl mor.
force now. Th- Baeond rlflflg bonds, or bonds
which must stiil bfl clflflflfld in tha fll ? -culatlve
liBt. iike Atehlaon adjuatmenta, Texaa aaoaadi
and others, may ba plckad up i laiBaaaf
n.arkcf. with lurety th.it thera a ??? *
BMrtMat an tham before tba Bumn i me* Thara
is bo noed to jump for thera, ta raui i thara w"
ba anougb late buyen getl i u nj al tf,-f
i raaanl flapa, l of thlnga to d op th, Ir purcbafln
at flaaall con eaal - aad that make. the op
portunlty (or other people with m r tuoiflfi
The Atehlaon adjuatmenta ara ta p la w?*
latlva pun baaa aa aa:. i a thej -rr.inly
pay bi t iess t h iti three per cent, .ind th* loflfe*
th-y are hoi.i ihe Boarer they eorne to '^ t!aM
when the 4 | --r Cenl hocoiiKS co"i|-i'?^rv
in the Inveetmeni claag of bandfl lha buU
card will be the CnlOfl Padflc 4s. Th-y all Bflfl
par bayond d >ubt. Thfl iaal Rtep bflfl bier.
taka-n. in thfl Balllng flf tho KflBBBI Pi'.rte. and
the Oovernmeni a lll nei i ppoaa taa aoa:.-mation
Of the sale tO which if had I'-rma'.'.v -? msented.
Any bayer of these bondi around praaint price*
may fcel easy on hls lnv-.tm--nt. ?ar* with
Spaln or d. t. extra. to the contrary notwltb
After BUCh a rattllng as that of ...-'erlay ?
tally shou'.d not b* faroff, bttl an ur..e--.-d mtr*
ket must he pgpected fof a Wanaa. The blg 88flt*
tallsts and the inteinational flyadicataa arlll glva
th-ir spavialtl-s a >lira- t flttpport flnd I i an In
dlrect suppairt tO thfl Bjegfliral Ust. On the other
hand, some large and aetlve aiperatorfl han
ahandoned thfl ball sldo. and a-e s- arohlnf eut
the weak flpotfl flf the inarket.
Tho ia.t peifelflBBBBa cf tho Maw-1 "rk *ear>in *l
th? rtamraarh fltllhi Oaira cempaay wa* Breea fll
tha Matrapalltan upera Hou.o *taitardflp afii-rnooa.
"Dle liotf-ril immeriing'- wa. t-.ng by a ca?t bBBBBB
hv Mme Nordic.i afl BraaablMa, Kerr Kraa. ?*
Biayfrtad, and Rerr Plachar ns Hagaa The h'->u*a
w.is good. hut not erowded, ?nd tu* BudtoaflB,
though flflrlflflBtly impnaeid wltb in raaporifllblalha
HB Ihe last UUdlrtll.a- a?f ih* .-??Ol!. dld BOt dltplaX
the .xtianilty af BflflfldMntflfll flflNflaUfllaflfll thfll ha*
...metini*. b.-en Feen ain . i 'i flOflflfll flflB. "^^
wera aavaral eurtaln ealhi aa tha partoiaBaBafl w?j
on. ar.d ai tha Bflfll Mflft. NoiH a ixc-ptcl ,*" ^
them. nn.I mlght hav.. bfld ni-i* Mr Panroec
a^o affljflfllld "n.-a- and refu..<-.l to api'-ar ?'**'?'
whlla calta lor ii.rr Kraua w-r.- aiuite fiaitie**. ??
bavtag flrriimrl moflflra in i aad a aaa aiaanfl ?
th. front of the houae, ?vi-n ahlle hiB adBdraia
w*r* bagglBfl hla preaen, - on :h* -' if* JBaaejar
a.f half an hour, Ih* ulio.-ll.l-- ' ', ",',
. rowd by putttng oul th, liglit* ?nd "- ,", v .?.
agony thal c..1 not t<? . .-n.r..i:..i ??*? 'V '?,,?
.. h.-i Bong hv Ihe priina .l-.nna. all ?';1.r?'^
I......1 ,.,--i.rr inoefl of oihei ,- ira. dld iw ' ll*'/(or
Neiu.ar w.-i- vioiet. .trewn over th* aiaa**. ?; fc#
e. L>,- Ue.zke ur a Pa ll r, flf*kl ?'??'> ? ? '"..ninf
i-.ntliiee audlt-nce al Ihe M. iropolitan ia i?k
i? aoa :h it ?urh aahlblllonfl do not r'i>r';' ,' t<K
enthualaaMn or appraclaiiefli? Perhiafl 'n*'
mu h I- ii. pe
Ihieaaagara aa ihe Hanaiylvaata Wg*%\JE5:
oiioiiitioii. i*4*?vi..? *i?t.#" ^\ranaaaP>
pher'fl Bervlcea frea L-av*. NaW'Tark avarr**m
Ing for Chlcago. ClncinoaU and 8u l^oitkt, -tj

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