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V01- LVII ? N?' 18.730.
ABjaay. fab. 24 (Bpeclal).?"Parhapa there
or/t be ativ Prlmary RefoYra laar nftrr all,"
Basa aed Beaator Platfa newepaper orgbn er
afAoatb aga B ? BBfaBaa aort -1 aray, nnd yet
v'th a chuckle ab thouph awara of the Benator'a
evpoall m to any btn for th.. Improremanl of
5a, prlmartea Wlth Benator Platt waltlng to
pub aay gaaulaa Prlmary Reform blll, reform
er? hav had BBed to take r-aro. II ls a BBttefac
.,i r fJiajMlata, t.> know that Mr. Platt h:is baaa
1 " > u K?ot came here a day or ao apo wlth a
aoi from a ootnralttee af the Unlon Leagae Clab
eoBtalBlai rr.any prorBloaa tntended to purtfy
Drlmary electlana a llttle ahead of hlm arrlved
Fdward Uniterbach and John Bablna Bmlth,
Sho wara here etearty ln Mr Platfa tnten ?.
?ItBougto poaiBg a* rapreaentatlvea of the Now
, ?. n anlaatloa of the Republtcaa party. Mr.
Hoot Bubtnltted hla bUI aad bad a long talk
(1; ,. prlmary raforin with Mr. Black. Tben
vr Lautarbaob and Mr. Bmlth had a talk wlth
SbO varn i i l e aame aubject They made
J fiear to blB that Mr Platt nnd the machlne
Ljj v.. .i to th.- Unlon LearB Cluh blll
aolong aa it provldaa for a aecral ballol at prt
Pe.j.ie were nM aurprtaed to hear thla raora
gaj. after Mr. Bmlth and Mi L iterhach had
ufl tawa that the Oorernor had roncluded not
loaooepi the Unlon Leajrue Club'a blll at praa.
?, B m, crltldana ?'. tha measuro have been
-a-d, by Indepeadeni R i ?" ana bul an ?
aa, itlon of lt d ea not iBdlcate that thelr ob
1fC. ,..? t0 || aa a wbols are ho aerloua aa m
r, .ulre Hs rejectlon. Ita reejlBtratlon ayatem and
,.s ? ?. ? - plaa ure certatnly - ?
H provldao thai on any one or the daye of
r. Mra.? eltlee "' rfe^Yea*. Bu
, , ...- Byraeuae, Troy nnd Alban: a roter
a ... have I h name recorded as a member of a
al party There la no eompulnton about
this. a rotei may anrall or not, as he pleaaea
j e blll i iya
r\ ? rlghl of an elector to anroll na ?>. mw.h?r
of a party m provlded, ahall be aubject to
eballenge, ard If rhallenged the elector may, at
bla optlon. Ile with the Roard if Inapi tora a
?. ..... .. .? .-., n ln 'he form given in thla
net[ ? ., ).. ahall anawertbe queetl na hereln
,,. . |. If he ahall flle aueb d
,? r be anawer each of auch queetlona m tho
b, he fhali be Immedlately enrolled, ns
|f he had not r..-<-n Cha '? ng< 1
The deelaratlon refem I to Btatea that It la
...,, preaenl Intentlon" of the voter "to ,upport
,..- ' ?? at the next enfluing Btate or Natlonal
9lfCti .. .v. nomlneaa of bu< h party for Btal
Nil... . ?? ,,- and that he ha, "l ?l ? ' '
;,.... ? partlelpated ln the prlmarlea of any
vtber party sinre the laal day of general elec
T' ?-? seventb Tuaaday befora the day of the
a^aaral *:.. ?..,-- m . ?.. i ' ? *<""'vr M
? ? prlmary day." and th" rr-- an ? ?
tirn of delegatea to convei i l 'nk* ''?a"*'
on thal day. Thaw Ifl to he an addltlonal prl
day thla y-ar. ln June. la eaaaaauanoe of
|| ? ?lectlon of Governor taklng plaoe. and at
thaaa prlmarlea all rotera who were raglatared
IBBI fall are to be parn Itted io rate. Perl
Mr Platt I, dlapleaeed w tl tl - ' ???tnr.-* of the
I Probably he would llke a uew eare ?
Par too many Seth Low Rep? na now have
name? on the poll llatfl iti Kew-Tort <'.;>?
te aatlefy hlm.
The act prortdea tha- addltlonal prlmary ew
tlona aha:i he held ln June of each year when a
Oovernor is to be Ma t? 1 For thlrty daya be
fore tha: electlon namea maj bt ???'?' 1 to l
r by rotera who wi re n |
... . reara, or by rotei i who ha\e eome ot aga
ala a tha refgatratlon daya of ihe prevtoua
Mr. Root'f 1 l tl? provldi i ' l thi
..... ejf electlon - hold a a]
-? .? n on the Tueaday followli g tl flrat i
. ?: Beal Juaa. Thla ?" '? dav'
? ? - ,..-t paaaaa ail I J n a 7 1805 All the
axpenae of thla 'Ttr.i day of reglatratlon for
,., . tion | bti oaaa a ?'? ? aa a county
I ? ..-Ke
Oa? Df the groaada o< tbe ?" poaltloB of aome
h . pgndent Rei ma to 1 i laure la tl it
i not racogn ? ? ? ? - Oold Demo
crata af membera of thi H -Ul-Labor party or
oi i ? bll Itlonbrta ta hold offleUi prlmartea
It sava:
ttrm "party" Bhall apply to an: i " ?
nr.- nlzatl n ahich ai thi ? Ihjg electlon
G vemi r p lled al leaal 3 pei I
r tire i >ta cau I In 'v ? Bti tefori
arlBg nurr.f I ' M BfOra CBSl at thV
1ns: electlon of Oorarnor:
B. Rlaek, Rei i. ~'~ "'"
, ,; ?' ' .
:' -: Smlth.
' .
' ?? ?
Ttree par eaat of 1,424.549 i 42.78ft 11
Bjayj , tbaraf. n . that th.- Ui n Li ag ?? '?
rtaVa out the Oold D ?- ' Prohlbltlon
:.:. md tha I ' '- : "r. v0?era m. membera
.... party." If they hold prlmarlea they
hold them at their owi ?i Doubt
:. . . . .. ? . ? ilna the i I
,.;. aa, w. 11 an J B . ..... It
^ lalse pr ibal ly pleaae th. leadera of Tam
n. .;, who a.. not wteb any 1>
. laatloB to ba eraatad ln Nea fork Clt: ea
.... eontrolled b] U <m A go I i
lenl Rapublkana who favor a coramon
regli ratlon day f< r all ? dara would nol llke it.
Tha T'niou i.-.-ie-u? maaaure pi ??
?? . Dtk Tuesday D4 fOTB tb
,. erj ?? ? ar >:??<?'? ;" K: b*b aa th< annual
; iry Aay, aad la all cltlea to
i? applleable there b to ba 1
(Aj tl prtman ? ' ' '
p ::?: al i an i ntiona axeei (lj ??
ind Nal bi - ? '' '
t< ? Bventiona ?? ? ? ' ': ' ? '
pf a ; lltlcal l artj an to ba
. ? regtl t.:. an not al prl .
gi - ? ? nvei called I et prl to auch
a- i. ial ii mary day io ??- '?' ? ' l??
Jatc, to be vol
tha ay ol | n< i ? ?
? i I
. ?? . ? . . ? it the nen ,
. who, by ?.'...'? ?
? -
prtina electlona and i
i >t all partj A)";
are ?
'?????? ?'' a, ?? ., , ? ,???
Ihe "Pl ,"'?
*t . | |, september 16.
r...... r Pavej bad thla to ^
ii. :? U "1 dld nol atl nd all he
aaaattnga of the Ooaferaaa Comn
:, igue Club. and dld
of i
ullK.er.au tted I
? . iterbach I not ki
gaaaiaaBd on third *?"?
London, F.b. 'J.V A dlnnatoh from Ttom.
"Tha fJoTOrataeat has derld.d upon en.rp.tic
BCttOB tn eompel Ilaytl to make r.r'aration for
tho Megal soqiiestratii.n Of prop.rty Of an
Itallaa Bteamer nt Port au Prlnce."
Italy hia loflg hud oiiilms BaaiBBt KaytL and
lh< i, it la altegrod, sh hns freqaoatly endear
Ored to pr..?? to a r-.ottI.ment. Tho olalm rOfem >1
to in t'.i. foraaotag dtapatCB has heen pemllna
lt Ifl the oiis. of n. merohant at Porl do
I'atx, ?!i.^.. Veaael atol rnrco. worth aw.080, woro,
ll ll alleged lil.Kally BCUted and aold hy the H.iy
tlan Oorernment.
Th. FYeoeh I.lnp stwimer La f'hampagne ha.l
BOl beea Plarht.d at a late hour. Beooral other
ateamera salllnar over the courae whleh ahe took
hav. BJTlred ln port, but they dld not report
Blghtlng her nt any time. The apenta of the llne
ar<j stlll noat BOpofal of her safe arrtval, ar.d
?Pi r.ot BPpear worrlotl over the fact that ahe bj
BOarly flve daya overdue. They wlll, BOWOTOT,
p?nd for the ll?t of pasaengers on the atoamer
p"tm- tltne to-day.
Th. ateam.rs Oermanlc and Trave, whloh
' came ln yeaterday, took the same aouth.rn
courae, and nelther saw anythlng of I>a (,'liam
It 1" t.ar.-iy poafllble, howev.r, that they
paaaed Iur Ib tbe BlghL In this case, there ean
j bt- nothinir aerloualy wrong with the raaoal, aa
j her nlarht aismals of distreHB, had th.re he.n an
BC Ident, would hav. heen even more notlci-ablt
. than thos. uaualljr shown ln the daytime.
The offlclala of the company are now fally aat
lafled that BomethtBg mor. than nn or.llnary
atonn h.is delayed th? reaael, and the atf.nt, lf.
Bocande, s.iiij yosterday afternoon. "It ta not
probable thal the weather, rouph aa lt haa beea,
c >uld delay th. Chainpegna no loner. NHther i*
the hypothealfl that sh. is towtag ln another ves
ael tenable, for the t'hampaarno is a mall ataam
ahlp and muol make tha boal time poealble, and
accordlngly ivorks under the mle, 'oav Hfe, bat
no property.'
"Th. only reaeonabla exenea for her bIow time
ls. fhon. that sh. has rn -t nn aeddent to h.r ma
???.-. -? : v:,. the rjaeeogna In a attnllar ex
pori.noo. is maaing repalra ln mldr o^an I oan
? ? j Bay that wa feel no nppr?h.n?1on for
her ultlmate aafety. In this splrlt we have b.on
I tho* who have fri?nds upon her and
? n ,: |y are woi rled "
Tho offleera "f in Ohampagne ar.: Captaln,
M Polrot; flral offlcer, Da Bfonvel; aecond offlcer,
Montay; thlrd offl er Hjuyvet; fourth offlcer,
i uraer, Phlllppe; chlef englneer, Vai
coi i englneer, Lagnlon; thlrd .npln.er,
:. fourth englneer, Le Plnlee; ateward, La.
n< re, and lurgeon, Julltaa.
<>n board the overdua veaael ?r.? forty-eicht
; flral cabln, ftfty-three aecond rabin and 208
. .- agi paasengei Among tha flret-claaa ras
B-.-nsrera la bllaa Oraca Bpencer daugbter ot
? Oeneral Blrd W. Bpencer, Inapeetor of
? fle practlce for New-Jeraey, whi has been
s in Parta
The veaBel'a erew numbera l~r> ph. has L'3i
mall ;? uchea and a raluable cargo Bha '-va*
bulll at Bt Nazatre, Pranee, ln lvv>o\ atid is of
gteel. Bhe a*aa Btted wlth now englnoa and thor>
oughly overhauled thr.? y.ars aaro.
ports aajLTlBgrj RY hfr m CRDfi WTLL BP
orara to thk wokld thi UHiwaaa loam
LOBdOB, F.-b 24. Th. Parltam.ntary BOCTa
tary for the Firiem Offlce, Oeorga M, rurzon,
replylng in the Houae of CVimmons to-day to
; a queatlon, aald Russia's pl.-de^ r.sr.(,tinaT fr..
p irtfl In North rhina was eonreyed in the fol
? lowlng aote:
"Count Muravl.fT ttho P.uastan Mlnist.r for
Forflcn Affalrsi hns .xpr.ss.d RT<-at auiprlse
nt tho agltatlon wbleb app,>ar?d to rr.vall ln
England, both Ib tha praaa and ln offlMai cir
Ciei on tho BUbjecl r,f t.^ent .vf-nt.-. In chlna,
where Enfillsh and Russian lntor>-sts ronid not
be aerloualy antagonlatlc, Count Murarleff ob
aerved tha' vatioua Engllah atateamen of posl
tion had reeognlaed that it was perfectly naturai
Rua .i Bhould aiah f..: an outlet for h--r com
. . : the i oasl of the N> i th f aclfl i Ai.y
porta wlll i- open f": th- commerce of
i!:. and ESngland, whoae trade lnt<
- . importanl In thla reglon, would share the
;..i' a:,':.!;.
Half the ("hln-s. loan. amotintlnR to fS.fWl.fioO,
fullj underwritten this afternoon. Some
,,' thi na had to be n j icted. The leaue
'?. ai I the latereal from tha loar is
-I'. per cent lt wlll be offered publlcly a week
I gapore, a*ah, 24 The Oernaa ?-nrsh;p Deutach
. | ??: ?>. laj Prlaea Hanry of Pr ibbI >
? 1 aad araa reeelred hy the Oovem .r. whos.?
luiing hU atay h.r. The f;.rm-m
I ?. . ?' a ftMo ln h'.r.or al tha
prln '0 to-nlght.
Rl 1 ': -f VTIMFNT
London, Peb --' Tha Baerotary ot Btate for th.
? aln, as boi fortb ln a
par juat ii bui l, propoa - thal ln
?? encea I etween the Brltli:. Bouth
.. Compani and :.?' natlrea mual t..- lubmlt
? . :!:? Becrotary uf Btate, wboee di . :-.. a :;
li- blndlng. ln addltlon, thi Admlnlatratlre C ua
. !i r.r s. uthem i: i di ila la to niented
: . . . the Com ind i ???:.
,.' ? ... .?...'? ? ? Ineure tba
ma rltj Purthi i ???:.? the n ,
,.- ihi ? omn .. idani of the forcea
v. ? ?'.. w n. : . . ? , i., ,i
:.. . . . r and tho i ontrol of th
1 ? ? : wili ln- Im:-' '1 On li,f.irin.it:? ?!.
from enl i i ner
Mr. i alao agrei tha hen
t?- aeparate Adminlsiraton for Matabeleland and
i. and ;.'iat there ahall !??? only oaa
... il.
rhe ? of Cape Colony has approi '
Mr. Than i ? gardlng them ifl
for i ? ? ? ? .' ':. pi ? b
? :. ral i tii..ii of the ?tapa
London, Peb. i'i ln reply to a queatlon n? to thi
'. latlon, Mr ' '.' .!.? ,: . : , lln a;ild ln
? . ' iiiiiiui.r. to-daj thal ? ;?? ?
and ' ' tory aettlenent, hut, ur..i>'r
greemei li:. Pram t '?.ild nol glre de
,' .-.???
? ? . ? had !."? arlai n n
:, uf the Say-Borua llne, hut
. (k-llmltatlon w- il ..t ;.'i" Nlger. Bpeakl ?
I .:? ? ba impi ill ..ii of
? ed < Ireal Brll iln to ?< l";.t
pollcj ln tbe Hlnti i landa ..: hei
? r .a t h ? Fren '. polnt of rlow.
. . mly Bdmlra Pren h poltcy, which bad
foi Pranee an onormoui amplre, from
p/ould .!. tha future d.iiv.- wen-deaerred
i,..:.. f .1 Quea n Vletorta arrrred in lown
i win hold I. drawlng-room te-aaerrow.
? . ? i >m ? ba ralli - id atatton to tha
, ? ind Wai to .ir'.. to .r.ii .ti
,, vs ihen by the crowda la the atreeta
{ ll. 80THERA IN I v/.n /?/. il.
i , . , ? i ?: . i i: ii Boi bera prodaoed his
... , ,.. . ,,. "Thi Haad -.f tha Houaa,'1 by
j ., . : an and Olen M Donough. ?t tho
i,,.,,. thi ere Ing Thi plaj la baaed m
- ? i i. -. rj Baraood" >? n I followa n.e
a f.i t llmlteti irala ta nt. Louti and CtaclnoaU
_ , , txewt fara, rla Mew-Torb Ceniral,
i ,i, Bhore and Blg Pour roou Moal comfort
Oran i Cantral Blatl n caatra ?f
botal dlaulat-eran Uay at l v. m.-Advu
offktrb fntkhtainrp pv ntE
The ertil?set- Vlzeaya will 11ft h<r anehor thls
BXternoofl and ftart ..n h>-r roygga foT Ha?
vana. At leaal thls was -he stat-ment made
by Baftor PBldaaanft. tha BpanlBb Conaul-Gen
araJ, when he waa aeen at his bome late laat
evenlna;. The stay of the Bpanlard at thta port
was unexpectedly lengthened by reaaoa of ihe
dlaeorery of eevi ra; siivht damagea t.. h~r n:a
ehlnery. The orlglBa] IntantlOB was fof her to
remaln here one week, hut the rartoufl InctdaBtB
arlslng tn the last few days cauaed thls order
to he eountermanded, an.i ahe waa ordered to
aaii on Wedneaday, Bha araB t<* take on board
roai enough to laal h?r for her trlp to Havana,
and this pr igramme waa about to be carrted out
when Captaln Bulate. in bavlng all made ehlp
ehape fi.r her aalllng, dlaeovered that
parta of her ma. hln.-ry were defe. tlVB.
Whlle the defecta dlaeovered would r...t have
pravented her aalllng, as they could ali have
heen repalred on i...ard the feaaai by his own
men, wlule Bha waa at ?? a. the captaln f-'.t that
the utini.fit care ahould be taken nnd averythlng
put into the beal ol order befora ha attempted
to r.Hin.l I'aj.e Hatteraa, wblcb be bellevea to
be a moet dangei >ua locallty. Accordingly, he
arranged to have the parta repalred here. At
the saiiii' tlme he ? !?? tlded Io hav, tha c nl bunk
era fllled to thelr utmoal i ipa ty, aa n
to tak.- a larxv quantlty of provlalons ..n board
The repalra aill ba by noon to-day,
and if nii the coal arranged foi la on board at
that tlme, the rruls-T will lall Bome tlme in ?he
in apeaklng of the repalra last nlght, Conaul
(ien.-j.i; Baldaaano Baid to .1 Trlbune reporter;
"It la BOt true thal the st'?ritu; gaar of tlie
Vlscaya waa aerloual) lai d Rvan i'- il had
i?-eti damaged, the ahlp has botfa tbe nrdinary
an.i s'.,'iin Bteertng apparatua, and could hava
proceeded t<> a.-h. and thare had the parta of u.?
m< am ge u rep 1 ed by her own mi n. The whola
deiay was cauaed by tbe careful attention .f
< aptain Bulate, nh.i dealred to have everythlng
in the moai perfeel worklng order before he left
this port. aad tberefor* I.." t.."k extraordii
pracautiona. I thlnl thal tha \ 1 wUI aall
1 .me tlme between 2 and -1 o'clock
Ooaaul-Oeneral Baldaaano aaa ei terta nlng ?
Bumber of I he offlcera nt 1!..
dlnner ai bla bome wben aeen bj the reporter
laal nlght 'i bi --? offli ara all ? ??;
mlration for Nea fork l ;> ai I Ita
bulldlnga They bad oome on abora eau .. In the
mornlng and bad apeni tha daj in >...
Whlla they pralsed everytblng, th"> ahowed botb
by thelr ai llona and * irda thal they were really
glad to leave thla port, owlng to the man) re?
Btrictlona thal had been pla l upon there, in
cluding tbe pollce guard for thelr veaael aa
aa for themaelvea, whenever tbey cami
ln regard t., thi, pollce and na al guard, it
h.ts been sai.-i that man) , have been
able to evade 11 and g< 1 on bo u d the V
wlthout the ? ned by the Conaul-General
and t'aptain Eulate. A number aaaerted yeater?
day thal they had been aboai 1 l on
Wedneaday and had talked ui:h Captaln Bu?
late going even bo far aa to quote blm in re?
gard to tb ' ? l len. ral Ba la
aano aaid laal nlght: 1 la abaolutely uatrue
tbal any peraon wa able to get on board the
Vlacaya wlthout 1 pai ;. and tb. who aaj they
did. are almply maklag that etatement for tho
a ike <<r notorlety, It is alao untrue tbal Cap
tn:n Bulate gave any publlc Intervlewa on
Wedneaday, an i l have everj reaa n to belleve
that the only nea spai er repreaentatli i on board
the veaael on thal daj u.is the reporter of The
BeBor Baldaaano, n mpanled hy Beflor r>on
Barlano 1 ? - ? \ .-?? 1 'onaul-i leneral;
Pefior Eapa, paymaater of the Bp, ilari Naval
CommiaBlon In Nea Fork, and 1 1 porter vl ted
the Vlxcas a yeati rarahlp'i
Bteam cutter awalted the part] nea tbe pler a:
Tompklnaville, Btaten Laland In charge of a
midahlpm in A guard of I draa n up
on the deca of the Bpanlai tl Conaul
. ;? ?',? ?.:! and 1 11 ty a ? re a .-.r:- n ed by
? ?; BuUtte and his si.-iff. WBen thi party
1? ft th ihlp, :. gu, ! of bonor wa, agaln d
up near thi bi irboard gangway tl utti r 1 ir
. k 10 Tompklnaville.
Bevi r.ii other vlaitora were on t'.'nrd yeBti rday,
hut th" matlne palro! COntlnued as BCtll
over, cli illng around the btg ? . ?? bi I keep
Ing back all thoae who bad BOt the req
; aa to vbiH the ship.
faptain Eulate expreaaed htmaelf aj greatly
pleaaed wlth h!s vlalt, ir. company wlth the
? ?? ? il-General, to Admlral Bunce ind Major
General Weeley Men II and C : ? ' tVorth, on
Covernoi I 11 : ind warre 1
tion accorded hlm, h" aald aa I |
11.. expreaaed 1 w, hli regn ta thal th,.
a hlch he and hla ol id made to '?
Tork had l idowed by thi aa ful d -
bj ter to the Malne.
a RauaauRtB . BraaaAcn pror aikf.v bsceiveo
m rma crrt
Alken. S. C., PeB M (Bpt I) tt lt CBB b?
tl .? there la any change ln 1
? ti .? :-.-?.. ? ? r Dr.
i>,-iiih -irr.\-^.i thla mornlng - 1 1 I
held a eonault-itlon with the other ph\
tha reaull of I ....
it w.-is annoui ?d 1 ? ? 1 ?8 thai '?'
araa restlai '
houaebold ara mn sh n
tbe .?.::.?
Dr. Wllllam T Bull lefl bare for New forh to.
? ? ? ? Dr Dana a II n maln a Ith Di M ?? I
Ti... wo ind in Mra vVhltney' forel 1
1 up by Dr. at. Oahaa an I
At raldnlght it waa ? ? bltm y
? ed on tbe lefl alde, bul I
bopad ?? - v ? . arear off wl I from
thi nen al ?
At Ro. 2\ Wi H tbe h..m? of
\\ iiliam C Whlti
,. ? ?
.. elved ?' '? ? * raaterday aften
? . . : .Ml
AV 1 :?;.. i.-.- TO r.i.i.n.vi: THi. AOBTJ I | B8MAN
KI."M 1'AiN
my he l, 1 ?
Bdwmrd ''. Cor .?. the r of 1 Rayi
ket. at Biatvai
r a eharti 1
estad ? t ? I ta,
t? tbe Wi al T.'iifi. '? ai M iti m ? a
a, . j. ipon avl: ?? ? -? ured by - -
^,,1 ?^,.ti a warraat bai
lau ati Im-.i. 1 ln the Jefferi Markct Coun fb,
U kMptnc 1 ? ' ' a ?/: ?
? ???
i ? ? Haymai h ' wa
montba aa lha Oranii
...... 1 :
and after a ?onaldei
irt? r < ?-. ? orey
proniptn apolied foi and n Ived a ertlflcai, for
th, Balden t-'iub.
iajaraaju>AT Dnraaa et/)twut hubbhobbii
?arnucr aruneca iriUi m.un
T\i\nt. nr THB BOAKD.
Havana, F-b. -? Tho O urt of iBOJUtry hold
Itg uaual Beaatona to-day. Captaln BaatpeoB
r.ports thal ChaplalB Chldwle* waa aaamlned
as to nis peraonal aaperleBcea al th. tlma of th.
dlaaater to tho Malne, and that the toatlmoor1
waa taken of tha <;tnta!n of a Brttlah barh tn
the harbor an.l th. Buperlatendenl of the Weat
iBdlaa Oll Worka. acrooatba bay at R.Ria. both
of whom wttneaaed th. Baploaioa. Itr. Rolf.
tha Brttlab englneer of the fioatinK dock in the
harbor. wrote a lattor to the court, but. It Is
aald dld not sav anytblng materlal to what
waa koon n
At the afternoon aeaaton th. dlrera arora ex
amlned more fully than before, Th.ir toatlmony
ls taken from day tO day The COUrt has now
ai out flniahed it;: work h.r. and is alroost roady
to aall on tha Uangrora for K.y West. whore
th. other offleera and men arltl b. BnuJnlaed.
Tha aeaalon of th. court thla attoraooa araa
devoted to takinp tho teatlmony "f two ou-iiians,
AmeiiCBBB, who saw the exploslon from the d.ok
. f tha Ward Llna Bteamer Clty of Washinpton.
that waa moor.d a few hundred vards from the
Malne, und <.f two divrs, who hare boea at
work on th. wreck for s.v.ral days.
I; |, belli >"1 th- r.oirt will r.ttirn to Ha?
vana r\tur h.nr!n:r tha Key WtmA aitnaBBBB. but
no offlcial conflrmatlon of this ean b. ohtaln.d.
Tho BXploaton 1" tio P.np.r th. sole 'oplc of
ri.nvrs.itlon. thouph oftOB r.f.rred to. Th.
pui lio here appeara to be ront-nt to awalt th.
report of tho Court of In-piiry and to h. well
Baaured thnt nothlng .xo.pt surmls. la posslble
untll th. roport Is tnad.. Havana s..ms n.-r
rnally busy. and th. stores f*re aroll Blled wlth
i uBtomera
Tha roaat Burvey st.am.r a. rv n.ioh.. aft.r
mnny delaya, left h.r- for the r>ry Tortugaa this
afternoon, arlth threa wound.d men, aii doina;
well. owins to th. Amerlcan ouarantlne r.?u
lations th? WOUnded, having bOOB ln hos
p|< ,1s bera and expooed to fover. must 1..
to hoepltala lr th. Tortujras for quaran
tlne, Tha oamei of th. wounded on the Bache
ar. John HelTroa, of Preemanatown, hT. hi
Thomaa J ?Patera. of phtladelphla, and Jere
mlah sh. a. <>f Harerhtll, llaaa Th. other
wrouadi l at. df.ipir well lat.- this evenlng. Bveo
H Itxer, thougb aorely wounded, ls better, and
i< makli g a gallant flpht for lif..
\fp (,, ;r < .\.r i-. tovored to-daj from the
wr.-'k. Receat ordera from Captala Biga ?
tly forbld aii offleera of th. M.iino to gtra
. .t aay Inf rmatlon .xo.pt to tho?. ornr*,iiiy
empow-r-d to ask lt. Th. ord?r ls genorally
BBderatood to apply to all ofBclal matt.rs,
th.oiirh BOraa Silnk It aff.rts only matt.ra oon
nected ?"h th. dlaaater.
Th" wr.okinR nisr Right Arm dld not ao
North, as waa expected yeaterday. Bbe is now
n^oorod beOada th- POOp of th. wr.rk. and ? ll
Balvaga th. Biaaller portions as far as posatbla
Ivanca of th" nrrival of other tucs wlth
better facllltlca for h?nvy w..rk. Th- holatlng
at.paratns must ba capable of ralstni? soores of
? .;.s in tha effocttvB work to b. Becompllaaed
Th. wrerk has sutik BOveral f.ct ln th. niud al
raady, and wlll awbabiy oontinu. to ?
AddltJonal n.wsprpor men arrlve wltb rvery
Bteamer. Th" par.ors of all tho large riti.-a In
th. rjaltod Btatea are repreeented, and th.
prlBclpal hotela nsp wall Blled Th. sko-s are
brlght to-day. and flecked wlth H?ht clouda
There ls a stn>n>7 breese blowlog, an.l the tem
perature i- bi loa aeventy.
Neltber tha ofBcera of tbe Court of Inqulry nor
th. wltneaaefl wlll gtra tha alightest lodlcatlon
of th. tfstlmony or th. conclualona deduclbla
from tt and all aay 'haf th. men amployed on
th. wreck hav. been warned to oboerve an
aqually atrlcl retli enco. This .ours. ls rosrnrd.d
i. emlnentl) wlae by th. Ajnertcan and all In
telllgent Bpanlab ofHclala, a* there is no telllng
what paaalona mlght b. arnis.d or what evil
reaulta mlghl be br .ui-'ht about by taiking freely
n attors In th. pros-nt Btate Of ptihll.
? .- in Havana. Thaa far Amerlcana ar.
? i wlth tha Btrnoot courteey and klndneaa,
ai i it Beema tha Bpeetal ?'ar. of th. reatdenta of
Havana to ahow Meadllneea Bacb a Btate of
thlnps Is r.rtalnly desirnhle; but It m'.Rht easily
be changed If offleera, only partiy Informed of
the tmth. talked for publlcatlon.
Conaul Oeneral Lea aaya thero bj no tmth tn
.. . r,.,. iri that be had aaked Captala-Oeneral
Blaneo to dlBmlaa froia f'uba certaln newapaper
men for aendlng Benaatlonal atorlea to the Unlted
Statea On the eoBtrary, <;<m.rai Laa ha? never
Interfered arlth th. Amerlcaa newapaper m.n
in aay way whatever.
To-day tha prlnclpal atroota and buildita;" ar.
gayly decorati a a Itb naga ar.d buntlng ln honor j
of the Bpanlab eoldli ra, 2,029 lafantry naen, ander
immapd of Jooe" Amador, who arriv.d thla
mornlng by the Bteamer Montevtdeo, from Bar
? . i,i
G neral B ilaao. 'h. Becond rhi.f of th. Ptaff, j
to-day returned on board tha afaagrova tha rlaH
of the Court of toqalry, a<-tinfr aa rh" repre
aenta'.lve ?t tha OoverBor-Ooneral Admlral
Manterola peraenally returaed tha visit pald to
the Court
Tha Thuraday receptlona of Oeneral R'.anoo
.... n BUtnt d thla evenlng,
T!i- maurgenta hav. ralded th. Pmith and
Fis.-hor planl itlon on th. r.inamaho. ln tha
Trinldad dlatrlct, and klll.1 on. and wounded
* th- defendera who numbered only aeven.
Tht-y burned aii the bulldlnga bul the dwelllng
of Mr. Bmlth. and. BCCordlBg to the Bpanlab
mt of tha affair. took away or deetroyed
<_'ihi.immi arorth of provlaloaa and merchandlae
and ? il .<l<"?> m ? i ib
On Baturdaj lag' a party of about forty
gUt rill.is 1 fl i fort .'ti B farm n.ar AgUBcal ?
ll forty mllea from th.s oity. "as was th-ir
,,." to dlaa al a nelghborlng place. In
f the guerillaa a detachment of
ii flfteen Inaui ienta occupled th. fort. and
when the garrlaon returned fr.'in dlnner th. in
MM.,.nts fell upon th-m wlth machotea and
;..... i twenty-flve out of tha fortj guarluaa.
The remalnlng flfteen membera of thi Oovern
menl t ?i a au< ? sded la aaraplng.
i v rALI0.4 OOKB TO wasmjv,
Kew'Harea, ('."in.. Peb N. in reaponaa :o aa
,,r,i..r from thi B i lary of th. Navy, B Q Buck
oauaanda thi Naval Battallon af Con
utrted for rVaahlogtoa to-day. Tba or
i ; : ? . . ie foUowi
Daaader Buckland ..' the Wyandotte arttj n>
... tbe Navy Departmenl al Waahlngton on
Altliough nothlnc deflnlte as to th. bnport if Mr.
, ? Unn te M'aehlngton Ib kt,r.v\... ||
..-:.* tba '? - ' ? recelre Inatru . i.. aboul
l ttli . - raan raaU) f ir aervlea al ahori netlci if
f : lolng artaea
P/?B FRiBDBJCH /?/./.' <,rtt>.<xrJ 8IOUTBD.
Tha Btaafaet Prlodrleh der Oroaa, Captaln Ei.-h.i.
. lalled fr .m Breaaen aa rebruary lt, arlth
ii i i ' -? >. tera. n..r.. ha <v Oa,
v.m -:. ' I in laiatid this inoriiliiK, or
toa n.l:. ... ., ul'.er ii..J:.;b:.t.
Kadrtd Feh. 21 The rjalted Btatea MlalBter,
r.enerai Btowari L. Woodford. gava a baaquet
to-dav m bonor of the now Bpaateb Mlnlater to
Waahlngton, Bafl a Polo y Raraaba. Ib addltlon
to the latter the gueeta tocluded tba Auetrlan,
Ruaalan, Prench. Oannan, Itall n, TarkBh,
Dutrh and Rrltish Mlalatera or Chargea d'Af
falree and their wtvee; the Duke oi Veragna,
the llneal deeeendaat of Columbua, who was the
gueel of the Dnlted BUtea at the tlme of the
ChlcagO Falr. and th.' Piamler, Beflof SaRasta.
There ware alao rresent Beflor M arot t Pren
dergaat, tho MlnBter for the Coloalea, and his
wife; Beflor Oullon, rh? Mlnlater for Foreigm Af
falrs. and BeflOia Oullon; the M.inuls Zarro,
the Ir.troducar of AmbBBBBdnra: the Cooateaa
Bastago, First Lady in Waltlng to the Queen
Regent; the Ducheaa of Baa Carfoa, tha MarquB
Valdo iK'.osias. and the staff Ol the Ualtad BtabB
Mucb polltlcal Importan'-e was attaehert here
to the Ineldent. and the hano.uet. "COUpled wlth
the peaceful otteraacea of Praa4daat MeKlalay,
BCCOrdlBg to a seml-.illl'ial report. was ""P11"
mBtkally utflteed hy the MtaBtarlal press."
But the ?'Imparcfa!" to-day takes the Span
Ish Government to task for Ita "apathy. con
traatad wlth the patrlotlc foelini? of the coun?
try." and warns the natlon axalnst the "hypo
crltleal Tankee pollcy, whloh raatty alma at tho
Independence of Cuba."
Contlnulng. the "Imparelar remarks:
"Prealdent MeKlalay may make and reiterate
protestatl ma of frlend->htp and pae-.flc iBtantlOBS,
hut his artions oonfradlet his words Whlle
the Prealdent Of the Fnlted Stafe* la cajoling
ua wlth words he Bharpena his daprfcer to stah
us behlnd. Whlle talkimr concord he utii./e*
his Bundaya !n unusual war pr-paratlon at the
docka and canoala the fuiiOUgha of the rr.irlnes
Can we trust thOBS who ar.> preventins: the
paclflcatlOB of Cuba and fomenttng rabalHoB
and nilbustertng expedtttOBS, s.-ndinK warships
under the prati Bt of frlendahlp and prearhine;
p. ace? We mast prepare for war. There is no
tlme to arqulre new w.ir?hips, but we BhOUld f 11
out Immedlate!) whal we hive ?endin<r the
Pel iyo, Colon, <'arlo? V. and Maria Tareaa B
follow rhe Almlrente Oojuendo and Vlacaya to
Cuban watera, ard the reat of the nvet to goard
tne Pealaaula. Other potlcy than preparedneee
is only to play the Amerlcaa'a garea, whlcb is to
exhaust our reaoureea and K.'in the Independ
ei ?? of Cuba wlthout rlaklng anythinm. How
long d< ea the Oovernment mean to favor the
I rlcan plana? n.."- long arlll the agonlalng
nati.m tolerate the apathy or the OovernmantT'
Thls languaga, from a aeml-otfl.'lal oraan. ls
BlUCh ecrnmented IIPOB
The "Pa!s" frankly daetaiaa that Cuban in?
dependence ls itr.niinent .
? . av ?
hfadrld, Feh 24 The Queen R"c"nt preslded
to-day at a CaMnet Councll whlcb dtocuBaed the
relatlons between Spaln and the t'litfed Stat.-s.
? -
Queenstown. Feb. 24. -flaflOF Pupuy d? I/ma,
form^r ?nani-h MlnBter at Waabtngt >n. who
was B paaaenger on the White Star steamer
Brltannlc, from New-Tork, whl.h touched here
at 7 ..'. lock 'his avenlng on her way to Llver
pool, wis totervlewed with refereace to the dbi
aster to tbe Unlted Btate, warahlp Malne in Ha?
vana Harbor.
B. II r Pe I.orne ?ald he could only repeat h!s
azpreaalona of deep regret, and thal he knew lt
?,\as qulte Impoaalble for Bpanlarda to vlaw it
tn any other llfht Bpanlarda, he dectared,
wanted peace and not war. He had many
frlends amonc the offlcera of the Malne, and he
loved them and Amerlca "Whatever the cauae
or the accldent," s:n i Beflor De Lome, "it could
n,.v, t | ? ..? agency of the Bpaa
lah i ?? ; l< "
it bouu) axpoaa thi honarcht to bm ir
LondOB, l-'eb 28, The Madrld rorreypondem
Of "Th.- standard" aaya:
"Spai lah itateamen of ?v^ry ahade of opinion
ar- elmply amaaed aad Indlgnant at the :dea
that Bpaln w< uld ever conaeat to seii Cuba The
BUggl BtlOH '?' . : ! ? \: B the monar.-hy to BB Ir
reaiatlble movement of popular f-eiine:. st in I
m the army aud navy
"Pr -i rli ler'a polal of view it ls equally
. becauae the prioe BUggeated wojld
nol half cover the Cuban d?-bt. whl ib is aim..jf
? held by Bpanlarda "
Waahlngton, Peb -i (Bp elal). The AdmtnlBtra
t|0n i tepa to dlacover and I
to Juatlce tha p rpetratora of 'he cowardly nurder
of Praaler B. Bakei the f..;irtii-eia?.? colored
maater il Lake i tj ! C. Altbougfa bi ler tl iw
the murderera ire prlmarlly reaponatble to tbe
gouth Carolina a ithorll ?? ? :hr addltlonal .-rtme
of bumlna the poatofno ... punlah
ahle |n the F"i I ' PoBtOfBce infpei-tors
?rlll >.ni to tl ' the murder to nake an
?. ? taln aay avt
? ?? -,n whlch ad "?! ?? ? .]-... ro*, ea.
tion of ii"- offend r, alll b, undertaken by tba I ?? -
f Jual ?
A reward haa been offered by thi Po tofBoi '. ??
nl for Informatlon leadlng to tbe dlacovery
par, mi la a the murder of I
? in'.ly. and th
PostmasU-i ?
? at Lake C llrectii
The ruafofriee Departmenl has dlrerted Inspi
I another
.....?:? . i t . Lake Clty, B C, to
%(.- m .... v. fi ? in ??? ' ?? re i il nli ht to eoi
ler ol P
j ?? and the i un it a of I tofl ? \
|.,r ',,,., ?.:??? f B ? n Peb
J.. ,. ? ihe day before he wa murdered h wi te
the Poatofflce !?? irtmei Bavlng | ,
I t... r thr. ' iklna thal he
Oovei ??????? ' o hlm
letter waa i ....
tor MeLaurln, >/ -;- ? irol i -.\ ia ai
I . .,,,.., | ?. ,
arhlch Bakei
ht, nfe Ke aaked that the 1 t uae every
? .- ? ?
ed Mr. Oary that be
arould di ' ?""'' "" a ? n
\ ,.1-t.,: ? ??;.... Uoyi. at
j.^'k. na thal he m ia pur
Oenai -in. ni
tho murderei
riy h id been re overed Th,
i ? ? .- the caae had
tll Ii Ba irday
Phll '?'? - ? mn aad ..ni.r s^ive
emonlea and In the l em
I CatbolB cleray, th, u- r.
Dr, John E. Piti n of the .
rrom, i ai i rrerbrook,
ihop ?'.. idjutoi of the !
, ... ,,f Bi .? i :.?? ?? t . ? - war, held la tne. ,
I, .. of Bi !'? ' r ind Bl Paul Among th a,
? ? ndam < aaa M n M tlm II th, Papal .
1 ,.i ?.- i-, /.r. ii..-:. . ::..:i prealded, aaalated .?>? :
|....: .,. , ii cf Pl lladelphl i H...1 Blabob
Horatmann, of Clevelai d Th< aei mon ?:ia praaehaa
pj coadjutor Blabop Hol in, of Boraataa.
Ita e.ju^l ln .i niu.i. hox pla.vii.aT any tune.
KKtXL. 174 Plftb Av. (BM St.) l'lanoa. *ta-Adv. I
BJjapajMU .ttTxIMKN'T t'NTII. THE ryifRT r>P
rjaaejjajv BaWOarTI aroBS or pivfr*
ajoaaaajra ri:. oamaBfD*v
TtON'S tPPB .'
TnT raaVaaaara to rur. rmm vr. )
apaahlrigton, n 24 Rutaora <>f BtatftJaat
I dlacoveiiea in th. arroch >.f tn. Ifaiaa arara leaa
frequenl to-day, bat there arora Baoauaji ?f thero
'? r-till atloat to watrant Bacretary T.ona; In mak
Ing thla BtatenteaH to Th. Tiibano'a lapraaaala
? trve whoa tha Navy Deaaftaaeat eJoaad:
"Th. Departflaeat kaowfl nothimr aaara at thtj
BilButa than ll dld Bva atfnataa after N r..eived
. Captaln Blgaboe'a flrst dlspatoh. Nothlna; ha*
: cnme In to-day ex^.pt th. dlspatr-h that haa
beea post.d this aftorao aa. Captaln CrowBBB*
Bhleld has not b.-n t.> CutaV Ho has been off
with hls b< y on BBBttera ln nowlse conm-oted
with th. Navy "
Karll.r In th" day. whea tha Been tary l.arn?d
that an Impreaaloa wa** belhg ereated that the
Department araa Buppreaalng iBforaaattea oaav
crnlne; tho duBaBter, h" wrotfl th. fo'.iowlng:
Navy Departnaent, \Va.sh!n.'t"n. I> <'.
Pi braary 2i. l*Ofl.
No t.l.Rram has beea n.Ived from .ithof
Admirai Btcard or Captalaa Bampai n or Httra
boa bIbco yeaterday, and th" Departmenl haa
recelved no Infortnatlon wlth regard t" the
1 dlaaater that has n..t already h n made publle
; Th- Departmenl !.-- waltini the reeull of tba ln
. Qulry, and publle oplnlon inould oo BuapoBBaai
i until s.ime nttVial lnformatl< n la recelved
JOHN I? l.i'NO.
The dlspat.h to whloh Sorr.tary LOBg re?
: f.rred as having beea post.j waa recelved at 3
o'rlork, as follOB ?
Havana, Pebruary H laM
S.or.tary of th. Navy, v. i '? li l i
Wreeklng tug lllghl Arra an I ???-??? -day,
r-mr.s work to-day M ,-tal
muat t.o blaated away lo detall tfavj d rera
down aft aeren laye, forward f irdaya Bodlea
of Jenkina and Iferrltt boi found, Two un
Identlfled bodl< a of orew found j lay? vf'.r
compartmentB fllled wlth ?! a? . I i kea and
buoyanl furnltun and I nud and coafa>
Blon, Bpanlab authorltlea contlnue offera af BA>
Blatance and ean for^a'oundi I and I id I roiT"
thiriK that goea from ??:??! Btatea
Bhould be dlBlnfei ted Wrei klng e >mi any ahould
I>r .\ ide for thla S n ..- r. Mal ?? afU r
conaultatlon wi:h othera, n ended that a'l
bedding and i lothlng Bhould be al a i i ?ned.
Mlghl so '" ai ellmated p< ' leai Attlnga
a. .i equl| ? ? i ? ml| l red to aaa and
thn wn overboard. W III tal .I ata ra?
aponalblllty, but Invlte Department'a al
Bhall old metal of Buperati and the hko
? id? Ptii nda of dead ' rataBd
that - Chai latn Chldwtak
.-? d arlth aii mattera rela the d wl
Hla conducl .s beyood praiae. D.arhat
reporta are belng prlnted. bul tl aely ne?
tlve repreoentatlvea of the preaa here hava baajj
very eonsid.tato of me und my p iflltl m
Beeretary I.ons; Inamodlatel) at - ??? I Cai tala
, siirsbp., Bpprovtag all hls rei^ommendatl aaa Ha
araa dlrected to have Lleuteaanl rPalawrtgatta
the executlve ofBcer of tba Malne, m aka ?r
r4Uageraenta with th. wreckera for th. dlatafae*
tlon ot BviMTthlBg aeat to tho Caltod stat.a.
| Th. recomniffnlation that all bedding and cloth
j inj? ba abanilonaal und if aeed ba gtvaa to tho
' arollmat.d po<>r, .as BOfMrOVed vsi'hout rom
j m.nt. Th. sart . BPBfOval ^, as flVOB to th. sur
i gaatJoB that aaaleaa Bttlnga and acjuipaaaajl ba
1 towed to sea and tbrowB overboard, it balaaj htfl
i to r.-iptain Bagal.'s Jud-vi:-nt :o d-t"rmlno
how far this BOBtiartliWI BBOUld be oarrl.-d on.
t.i tbe Captala'a inquiry as t.i tha aavtaaj af
! oid metal and pans of th- Mperatracture tha
aaswer araa flvea that ?u.h mat-riai w;l? of
r.o ns. to thfl Bui.au of !? qBlpmOBt It ?m
?? to Captaln nigahee ta aay what of thla
Bhatterod materlal was arortb pieaoielng Hio
Btatement that maeh blaettng erttl ba r-auired
to oioar away ancumbei i materlal iBdicalaa
th.it it |g eaaenl al furtber to deatroy tha upper
porrlons of th" arrech iti order to ?<et at what
Ifl in..re VB lUB '.!?' l-'n-ith.
Captaln Blgai e'a itaterneat that th. divera
have b?n d..wn Bft BOVI B daya and forward
four days ara\- the Navy Departaaoat tha ftrat
ir.f. rmatlon of th. tlma that the dlvora had h.en
ln th,- vi.-inity of the "Boae Of .xiiloslon."
as he has termed it This BOna is o,, iBaod ta tha
forward part Of tbe BBip, fl:.d WhllO UM dlv.ra
hav. boea d-.'.vn aft for the laal araei th.tr
wrk aear th. forward BfUagaaiaa has t.f-n ln
progreaa OBly foui daya, wl eh preoamabty aa>
gan "ti Monday and Induded to-day
Th. atatement In Capta - - laapalaai
thal "friends of tn. d< I Bl d BBl tt.d w?
ar- in tbe tropli BM ls UBdi ratood a' th^ Navy
11.1 artm*nl to refor to tha argenl pteaa of r.ia
tiv-s of tbe dead that tho I dloa ba br. uKht
to the Ualti d Bi iti i Tbeae ai i ? ila <? .n'lntie
to ii. t- ? d hei ind wl ? ,-. ra lta the
? - no nopa i aa be
held out that the bod tBrOBght hark.
rini- of thi B i; 1- '; - r....k | B Pltlfal p.-H aualnat
the barytag of thi dead "i> alloa baada in an
aii-n countr)
Thera an - whleh, If they .ouid
I ? gde knowa, aotild aad aucb appeahi and
... thal tbe Depai -.t has m.t b.en
arantlng in ? dealre to brtag tbe bodlaa ta thla
'i\. ireumatancea bava boea arttaV
)...,). nalali tbrougb a d -ire to aava fri.nda
and relatlvea fi rhlel weajM be
i by a fall I f the effeet "f the
? \; The | have ( i a part
the terrlble mutllatton of the bodlea, bul it la
fear<*d ii;.- baa aot been fu::>- reallzed hy fn.nds
and relatl rhe mei il plng oa th-i
berth deck alth m tal flo ra and ci llnga, which.
by tbe :.I ! ''? exploel :?., wm
ground Inl ? a conl i'-1 Knowlag thla,
, ? thal man) of the b llea still
mlaalng wll ?' lf found, that th.y
i ? ndi'.i >:-, t.i be : ttgtlt tO the
Cnlti d Btal -
'I referenci I Ohlef
nf the Bui au of Na Bght out
: '. ?. a lir'n were
BB of laat W.lnea
day. Captaln Ci iwalnahli i b ui ln com
i.,.i. l ' tbe Mall unl I laat Aprll. when
.i -l Cepta Blgabeo, ard
1 tha r-.iik of i ..tnniodora)
-.. 11 t the it I ni ? aai aai al baaaaui
aad pn the B W :ut y h ataff.
n- a ni .i . tva, afa
talra belng i al tha tl na Taa*
terda) he ????. I at Ta tbe i rataar
.s.th tae
-.:.... I by naval
... qul kl) gave rlae
tor ? Im, la Boma
lignlty ol ol tha high
, -t chai ;' ? ?? ra i f tha l j -in ln
aurgi i '
S'o :. :. ? '' ii ' a ; ? ? l to aay
u ben Captali I haa b< an i-ut that
1... Baa nol ?? en - : ival bual teaa .>r ln Cuba
\n uni ? ln fr >m .-'- cretary La04ag*a
Btatemenl Hlaboy, ? i ferred ?>'. ia aald
tobe aboul iwen raofaga Thelfaat
g :,,,;> .'? K?? we I m Pebruan 2 Bha waa
ai Matantafl thlrt) mllea by rall from Havana,
ftom Februar) ?? to '1 Incluali i and froai Feb
ruary s lo l" aaa ai i int a ; de Cuba, where
ii board of three <'f hei offl era weal mt-a the
adjacenl countr) and Inveetlgated th<.r.-litlon
of recoac ntradoa aad other atattera Th.-n the
ship remalned at Porl Antonlo. Jamaka. two
jjys Knd at ^a" Domlnato on. <tay laeavlag the
latter porl oa Pebruary lo, an.l arrlvlog at Port
Tampa yeaterday Captaln Crownlnahleld could
bava J->i:ie.l her only at POTI Antonlo or San
Domlngo. Ha haa probably been away onpur*.
ly Daraonal mattera not unconnected wlth haa

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