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remnrkable- for vlvldneaa. freahneaa and auhtle
rharm The caBl is good thrmghout. the T.aunce
M Qobbo Of Mr Norman Forboa belng espe
eiaiiy effectlre. Th- Merchant ef Venke' waa
the moat popular progtammc offered hy the
Ivceum company durlng IU recent provltn-mi
,our. nnd lt promises to b .oually BttracUv |
Ir, l^uidon
\t the S' James's Theatr "Much Ado About
Nothing" has ?.n produeeu this week wlth rlch
eoatumea, gorgeoua eccnerj and well balaneed
gctlng whlch brings out th. aymmetry aa well
n? the free movement of the eomedy Mr. Oeorge
ajezander waa an Ideal Orlando In "Aa You Llke :
it" and hc is nimost equally good -i" Benedlck,
the part aith Bne varlety, revealln'g ai- \
'. -*'e'v the rbeerlneaa, Ironj. i ouri lerllRe ::race
ftnd nuvily earnestn.ss ..f the character, and at
pnce (,X;.lainlng and Justlfylng the transforma
tton "' tB* c'nin; ''v:';' ,n,? ln" Impaaaloned
lover. **r v v' ' r 's m,,n,n* ateadllj In
aower and vereatlllty, and hto work is alwaya
mumlnated wlth a keen intelllgence whlcb seeks
lo render character reaeonable. Mtss Kellaon'a
Reatrice ls radianf ln hcauiy and wtnnon* m
,,. i 111 it is lacklng in apontanelty nnd dto
,.,ie ta neldom at her beat on an openlng
.-.??? bul invnrtahiy reflnea her methoda and
unprovee h >r work ns tlme goaa on. Mis* Pay
? ? ? has mly a Blender pj-.rt as Hero, out her
atumea are exqulelte ln lovellneaa, and her
;,,.?%? and oh*rm fairly fill the atage wttb
vouthfurneaa and .ence. with Mr. Fred ;
Mr w H Varnon, Mr. H B Irvlng and
i ng membera 4 tbe company In con
iarts th. performanec is .uic of htnb ea
., lence. The Lallioom and church s. * n.-s are
grnulne spectacular trlumprs. and the comedy |
fcirly pulaatea wltb movement and llfe.
I N F.
Uthougn i fea of the pacturea aoM at the Fifth
, x ??.,. Ba imi No. M rifth-av< . last
; ... -. ? . good prtcea, the naajortty of
went for mmlnnl amounU. whlle for BOBM
;s at aJ) were ofterad it wae tha aecond
. iaie of number of work* by old >nd
? artlsta. brought from rartoua Boureaa
atn B Sorman * -- tbe aucttoneer, and, con
I the mlaerabla weather. there waa i good
itte idanca
Tbe l!?t of polnters ln the catalogue includeo tn*
ramea of Rembrandt, J M. W. Turnar. Slr Davtd
avilkla Van Dyck. Dnnte Qabrlel Roaaettl, < or
a-aMe." P.r Oodfrey Kneiier. Morelan.). Oataabor
? ? famoua maatera. The beal prlce
aaa n 300 for a large palnHna Wi ted to Wtlkie.
j. wU rall d 'Tamlly Sorrowe," and rn.-asr.reo
?4 b> ? lnchas There waa aome brtah blddlng roi
.,!:??. whlch v.-..- atarted at J 00
\ ? it, tlng whlch formerly belonged to the well
? ,. . .. . .... ?t Baltlmore. waa a por
; ai. Bogei Coke by Kneller lt brought
r i When e "Portrall of John Ulburn.
Kxupted ov.r a page ln th<
Sga?riM?iel aacrlbad ta Turner a ?*ff%l
S'maatei wi
.. ? ill ol
\ enormo nude, i ...<?-? hile
fid, Hai ?.. ?d^mwllS
; ? '?X^^-^^ K^r6rMorln and W.
. 'nrce la: - ; '? J- H B^*?, ' .,
. ,? . ; tti ?? 11 ?'
;-. .i| rjsj ??.. ? ? .- ogu?J ?"
buyer at 5: ift< r
; from the auctloneer Ai
. ' lated "Albany. 1861." by Bous i a arw
? . :. ;!n0 a landacape ar.d Bgurea aacrlb. 1 to
ttVtSfi a ftgura pleca by Frappa belng aold at $So0.
ON HI8 I.18T
BJoatea. Mareh 4 (Bpeclal).-M J Hanley. alias
J aeph FltzOerald. wna arrest^d at the Hotel
? ? nawlck to-day. He had just sent a long lettar
?o Mme. Modjeaka. recltlng a pttlful atory and
bea:?r-.t.r for aaKlstance. t'ount Bozenta and the
hotai eJerk called an offlcer. When aearched a llat
of about flfty of the wealthleat and moat promlnent
peop.e ln Hoston. tnoludlng Oovemor Woleott and
Mra Woleott. waa found upon hlm, wlth the
- of money he had aecured from each. In
aevaral of thaaa paraona appeared agalnal
hua He was sentenced to a year aj the 3t ite
H-re la a partlal llat or hla vtetlma: Mra. C. F.
Aderr.s. Mrs F. H Prlnce. Colonel H H. Hanley.
lnuir Iilcli. Mra John Sliepard. Mrs B F Keith.
J M Beara E R Morae. C. H. Crurr.p, <>. D. letrw.
F E Peabi dy, Mr' Koger Woleott. Mrs Ollver
Amea F P Amas. Mr. Podman. Mra. Wyman Ab
V?>tt 6ordor. W. 6. Tay.or. M I. Adama, Pran la
Mra John S^hoeffel T. E. Warden, W O.
flaflln C. F A.iaiiia. M O. Adama, S M.
Aldrlch Mrs Charioa Amory Frederick Aniory'.
3 \ Andrews, O. T Angeil, E D Banka ?!? A.
iw rs Prancla Bateheller. Alanaon Blgelow, Mrn.
J B. Bchoeffel. W. E. i laflin, C. H Al'.en. preal
deni f the Home Bavlnaa it.t.k; Ludua Tu*t.*, H.
A Tu k< r C. P. Torrey, Bugene Tompklna, L. S.
Thayer Lawranoa Kdwarda and W. D. Sohi*r.
Dr John Chlpman Bherman. of Ogdenaburg. N*.
T. dled on Wertnesday nlght from pneurn.nla. at
th.e home of Char'.es Parsons. Jr., No. 27 W**t
Forty-flfth-et. He waa forty-elght yeaj-a old, and
waa \n eharge of the Fnlted Btatea Marlne Hoapltal
at Ogdenat.urg.
Tha death ls announeed of Mra Parah Ellrab-th
Oray, of Berwlefe, Me.. formerly of thla clty. Mra
Oray had been llvlng of late years wlth her daugh
tei Mra Hufua Hatch. at whose hou-e ln Malae
she di.-o1 Rh* had one aen. llvlng ln the Weat,
' ? ral wlll teke plaee <..i Sur.day. at 2 o*clock,
at Phrltl Church Beventy-flrat-al and th* Boule
vard. wlth whlch 'he hnd long been connected. The
i ii -l wlll be at Or*enwood
Brttor. RlehardBOO dled on Thursday at hla home,
Nv ?4 Walnut-al Eaat Orange, N J. He was a
proaalnenl Rgura In the aill) trada in tbe Unlted
t'h'f Me had been Identlfle.i wlth the raw rllk
| . .;,, IBBB, and for tbe last ten years hnd
. aecretary of the, Silk Aaaoclatton of
aaaarlca H* waa an aathartty on tarirr mattera
pwtaltdng to the trade. at.d was fraquently al
? tectlni the allk Intereata He waa
Manobeatei England, In 1?1? and came to
lh5fl He v ai a nv mb< i of the
ai Club, Bt. Qeorae ? Bocl -y. and the
:.'. Central Club. and had b< >? pr< ddent ...
,v? two toat-named organtoatlona for two terma.
? .. wldow, two aona and one daugnter,
'.-.ral wlll -ake plaee at Eaat <>ranpe
i gementa by whlch Rlcbard Mai
haa acqulred lh< Amerlcan rtghta to '
I lay, '?'"?yrano de Bergi rac." B bi ? -
el ??.. preaent Parla aeaaon, ara now complete,
u havlng baea signea yeeterday,, Mr. W ??..? -
aald's tnanaaer. A M Palmer. 1b ir^.tbe^cltj.and
...... be| ui pr. paratlona for Ihe : n I i< "on
weather aept man- pe Bb awaj from tba
..Mt.t.iav afternoon, a.. -hat
h luttened to tha concerl whlch
Klven wai in Her than tl,. proaramnje de
>? ? . ftrai pari of the pragramme onalated
Mr- orenvl ? Bi Ing and
.... r.;,.? wlll be glven on
,nd wlll Include the pai torolme
The .. d - ,i | -a.'.j, rh.- actor, aho dled near
li .-.. ..,, v ili arrlve In New Vork bi
Ti i. to da) i wfll be mel bj b comn "?? fmrn
it.. I .. . ..,!?. t in be ? eoorted bj l< to mm
kaaga-reama, ai Twenty-aeventh al and Brn iway,
:??' ? ? ! ? ? ? ; auta 4BlU H 4 ' ;\ ?.,"|.(1!J,.
"""?? ??? s. vlcea wlll tx h^ji there ai :..a l'ou*,
,, aill he formed ard the body- wiii
....',??''..:.' SrHoa
ai.u a volunteei cbotr wlU aUig.
Wurks IN 1APAN.
Tlie most Int^reatiuc exhlhltlon of the mom.-nt la
thi't of Mr H. B7. Ranger'a lafldacapea al tha
Tooth Oallery. Hla work has Improved ateadiiv
ln quallty it la trae 'hnt he has not yet wholly
shnk..- off rertaln Indtcatloaa of undoe aueceptl
blllty to the exnmplf of ot'ier BMII, nOtably the
Rarblaon and mo.iem i>u?.-h palntera But th<-??
BUggeatlona of outalde Influence are fewer thaa
"ii" before, aml ihe work. on the whole, la dona
wlth ao masterful .1 hand thal the obaenrer la
qulte arllllng to forgtve the ahortromlng to whlch
we havi referred Mr Ranger haa ararm, rieh
color, which he handlaa with dlractneaa nnd force.
Al 'on- Intervala he would seem to have baan nt
tracted by a aubject In a llght, vlvacloua kay, aa
erltneaa N'o. 10, "Bprlag." bal hla uaaal kay la
dceper and al the aame tim<. more fervld. The
Irldeareni vlew of "Hlglt Brktge." In whlch the
dty to thr snuth la repreaented ln a Turaereeque
v ln of ~oi.ien myatery, is falrly aumptiio'i= ln
coior. The delirary of tonnl gradatlon lllustrated
h; thla pleture r* flner than haa been notlced ln
moal of th.. artlat'a landscapca. Bnl it la for hu
boldness nnd aolld strength that he ls most to he
admlred In this exhlhltlon. The 're.. forma ln
"Golden Autumn" and ln "Roeka and onic" irre
modell. d wlth a vi-~r nnd an accHrncy whlch may
h vi been foetered hy atadj of Rouaaeau nnd
Dupre, but whh-h apeak of nothlng more eon
elualvaly thnn of apontanaoua, Indlvlduallaed pow
er The Blxteen plcturea are fuli of the charm of
landscape, they are characterlaed by excellent
q'lalltlcs ol desf-n. ;.nl thi leave, ln ahort, Iha
Impremlon of a lympathetic and rapable palnter,
Moal of iil. Ihej dlacioae n atrong, healthy tem
perament, expreaalw; Itaelf wlth ease. It la h de
Oldedly ~??hi1:w arl lhat these pleturea repre
Mt Pti eua I'hock has placad on exhlhltlon at the
American \rt Oa eollectlon of more thnn
three hundred nalntlnga, whleh wlll be BOld al
aurtlon nexl week, the dtapersal of the plcturea
beglnnlng on Wednesday nlght. Am. nran nrrista
excluslvely are repreaented in the colleetloa, some
of them by as many ss ten or flftern plcturea each.
It Is a llttle dlaappolntlne. to have to say that,
wlth all thla array of natlve accompltshment. lt ls
atlll impoas.hie to nnd Bnythlng of really memo
rable eharacter on the walla; but, on the other
hand. this eollectlon Ifl exactly the thlng In whlch
dlacarnlna rollactora ahould take an actlva inter
est. It la ninde up of mlnor plcturea ohlefiy- there
nre panela hy H Slddona Mowbray. Chuaa Has
aam, E B. Hamllton, Oeorge w. Maynard and
a doaen othera whlch would escape notlce ln a
.. ,,v of the Boclety of American Artlata, for ex
ample, m belng of merely peraonal Intereel yet
:- 1 |uat .n their rasual, peraonal atgnlflcanaa that
they have value Many collectora flnd lt laeoaven
? to huy Important palntlngs by Amerlcans or
forelgners Thej an too coatly Well here nre
unlmportent bul \ery rhnrarterhitlr thlnga. ran
vaaea ama ? ? ,: npretentloua In treat
ment, bul apontaneous artlstlc, nnd very Inter
eatlng to poaBeai aa examplea of some of our clev
eregt mr:, Take the nlni BOmewhal fantastlc
sketches bj Gustavi Verbeek. They are oiiglnal,
pj iuani llttle productlons. Boma day they wlll he
of greater valui to collectorB, we Imaglna, than
re now. Mr. Chock showa a varled taste ln
hla eollectlon Lands. apea and flgure Bubjecta ap
near in ahout the aame proportlon. Bmll Carlaon
baa some attractlve Btlll llfe |>ainttr:~- ln the show.
and Mr. Langle] 1 capltal coaai Bcene In the flnit
gallery la one of several good marlnea. To name
all the artlata who-. work haa been collected by
-,!? choch wot Id be a ng task. It n bj
to a.ld that any number of well-known palntera ara
enumerated In the c.a alogue, ao that the aale
offers a ronslderable range to the amateur.
At the Avery Oallery nre aoma water-colora hy
Wlillam T. Rlchards and hli daughter, Mlss ?nna
M. Rlcharda. The Arat of these artlata haa long
j.,, 1,1 ,i cona| ? honored posltton In the
water-color exhibltlona, hli Btudlea of tha aaa
havlng a naturalneaa In composition and a tinlsh
ln exeeutton plaaalng to many lovara of our coaat
a.-enery and of thost wtld baya nnd cllffa whlch
mark the ah rei of Cornwall and the Hebrldee.
Mr. Rlchards deptivea hlmaelf of effects whlch
are perhaps wlthin his reacn hy oonflnlng hlmaelf
paralataatly to a oertaln d.licate scale of color, ao
deiicste at tlmea oa to lend waakaeea to otherwlse
forctble productlons, but wltl In hts rhosen llmlts he
ls usually sure of blmaalf, and usually secures his
scheros of atmoaphere nnd llfrht wlth a preetaton
n Itaelf hlghly oredltable. Of the ultlmate atyla
of t - a-ork lt ls ImposBlb e to apeak so eonfldently.
It la larklnp ln power lacklng ln dlstlnrtlon Mr.
Rlchard* has found much of his h?st msterlal ln
the shnllowa aions the shore. where the water Hes
pale green and sometimes llfelees. Somethlng of
that narvaleBa quallty haa go- lnto h!s atyle. He ts
rarai lous, and hla workmanshlp 1? thnt of an ad
mlrably tralned artlal Bul In theae watar-colora
we have nalther the dellghl and beauty of truth
nor the faaelnatlon of the artlal whoaa workman?
shlp ta Inatlnct wlth artless strength and a freah,
OTlginal iBeplratlOB.
Mlaa Rlcharda has not prevlouslj we belleva,
held an exhlhltlon llke that whlcb aharei 'he gal?
lery wlth her father, Her work, though not un
famlllar In the annual ezhibltlona, la In the rnaln
new. lt deaervea to heoome b-tter known, and es
peelally when lt is concerned wlth old F.ngllsh ar
chltectnre. F*or the landacape nnd flg-.ires ln these
water-colora are have seani admlratton The arehl
tecture, aa ln Trinltj Collega, Cambrtdge," ls
thoroughly artlatlc. Mlaa Rlcharda hns some
breadth of etyle and some dapth of tona. Har
bulldlngB are plctureaque. but not at the expense
of truth. <>n the oontrary, ahe would seem to
have used the utmosl care In preserving the de
talis of her BUbjecU. Her method ls avldently
that of her father, looaened, and to thal
improved by Indlvidual taste. By dlnl of atrlvlng
for even graater breadth nnd flexlblllty, ai
ralalBg tbe kay ot her color allghtly, Mias Hi
would win a good plaee for her^elf aroong the
vtiter-color'sts of the day.
It la now about three years slnce a wetcome was
ofTf-red ln this place U) the work of Mias Mnry
Cussatt whoaa ar; al thal tJrae waa Introduoed
to the American pubMc as aomathlng more or leaa
new nnd Btranga. We cannot say that in the In
terlm MUi Caaaatl has percaptlbly wtdened her
audlei.ee on thla side of the ocean la Parla ahe
haa been known and admlred as one of the atrong
aai of th- followera of Manet ln Amerlea where
Manai hlmaelf is nol unanlraoualy accUimed on<
of the immortala. the bold atudlea ln oll and tha
biiU more orlglnal drypolnta whareln Mlaa I as
Batl haa advanced her peeullar Ideaa have been
examlned wlth Intereai and then. we fear, bjnored.
0| mtereal ln th 1 '- roughi
about bj tha exhll Itloi noa open al the Durand
Rtll i -alleries II conl ilna aome If nol all ol th
. ,,. | ,,.., .... . .,, aa md a number of
,.,-. fudaing h ?". th.- latter Mlai - m tl
.,.,. not advanced very far. the only Improv.
.. , ,,. :. m the dlrectlon of an Increaaed len
,', .,?. . ? ... vltj of feellng Thi latui por
., . .,,....,, huroan than their predacea
,. u.. ,; ,. .. ,.. thal Ihe earlli r portralta are
., . , ,. .? referrlng to Mlaa Caaaatt'a Ideas
ti ,?., ,,]!,, we have hlnted al the eallaBt aleroenl
l? her work an elemenl of peraonal atyle so de
,,.!,,, bo unoonventlcnal. thnt often one thmks
. . ,nt. nitter than ol the partlcular daeoratlva
effeel whlch the artlsl haa made her chlef concern
t? other worda the 1 hlldren ar.- some tlmea Btranga
thIMrefl the women palBtad ln gardeaa and ln
their badrooma ar.- sometimes almost fantasUc of
viaage nnd flgure. Bal at this potal the accentrlc
,?,,, || -ccentrlc li may ba ealled eaaaaa to rount
heavlly The eharacter af the alttar ls forgotten
a,,d Mlss Caaaatt'a Intereatlng drawlng ls remem
bered it la drawtag thal aJwaya has chsrm. even
v,,, . fnitrra Manei was an tn?plration to Mlss
Caaaatl and ln har amulatlon of hla opa<ius tonaa
ui found hlm we thlnk. n burden. but the
B-h t Of Blmpllclty Whlch domlnaled hlm Is potrnt
wlth her. aha producea portralta whlch. for all
,heir ec-.-ntrbllies. are abOUl Ung ln eharacter. ln
Btrengtb ln atyle Hmta of Manel aurvlva ln the
Work and- hlnta of the art of Japan. For the rest
Mlaa Caei tl haa merlts en-ugh of her own 10
;'<?',.,. petman.ntly the blgh r.ink she hua for some
Th? Knoedler Oallery m haag wlth a raltoctton
? twanti palntlnga of Japanaaa aubjecta by
Mr Theodore Worea Plret la the ahow 1 omaa su
," ,r ,., , ,,,,. ..., bratlng the flower aaaaoiia of tha
. ttal ?,.,? waav. latadaoo
raUve dealgn. Ihe plum and the eMrry. the wl
tarta and Irls the lotoa and chr>anr.therr.um Maaj
S th- remalnlng pk-tura. ampllfj tBM arai IdaB.
?? typlcal of one or the other of tha
B Ur. p-araa baa wrtilaa a Um Itaaaj to
further deacrlhe th* facta of .Iapan*ae flower-land.
notlng, for lnatanee. that th* eherry trres never
bear frult. batng planted aolely for thelr bloaaoms.
;i. ralla the Jaaaneae a Bowar-lovmg peopie, Hla
plcturea rnforc thls. for they fhOB B v.rltable
tiorai falrylaad, through whlch the eualntty "ae
tumad urlentals move llke hnppy betnga Ml
Wor*? appreclatea tbe datntlneea of hla tberae and
it wlth ;i deft band His wrtor, anfortunate
ly. lacka tranaparency and hla draaing whlle dell>
ite la ofteu a trtfh too hard ind mechanlcal.
Hla Impreaalon la akllfull] conveyed, however, and
alnee lt ls very plcturerqu* h. absence from ih>
plcturea of an Indrvldual atyle and of v.nrtn. per
raahre Itghl rr;iv be regarded wlth the l*as Im
pa lience.
At th. Ptfth Avenue Arl Qallerlea there wlll be
soul next Monday, Tueaday and Wedneaday even
in^a th. rollectlon of Chlneaa porrelalna and othei
f?rientnl rurlo* whlcl '? now on exhlbltlon Sorr.<
'monot\pev hv Mr Bruce Horafall may b* s**n b!
the Keppel ttallery. Al tbe Wunderllch Ballerj
,a eopy ot Charlea Waltner'a etchlng, after "Tl ?
Lord'a Bupper." L> Dagnan-Bouveret, ln vlalble.
Thla lawt productlon ls Impreaalve ln Ita liKht and
fch de. iind aome of the ijrpe aeated al the tabh
are itroaaly handled. The central tu-ur ? i? dl?
nppolnting Prom the Aradera of Deatgn w?
have i "i\-ei! an announ. ment of lh< aeventy
third annual exhlbltlon. Varnlahtng Daj wlll b<
Thur>day, March 21 The exhlbltlon opena to the
publlc Monday. March 38, and cloeea Baturday,
Maj li.
A BA\KER mrs \ \i:w york home
Jame.s W. Ellsworth. one of the mo*t promlnen
b.-inkers ln Chlcago, who is ^lao conaplcuoua In
rallroad clrclea ln tha Weat, has purcbaeed
houae al N'o ! Weat Blxteenth-at, thla clty, and
in future, lt I- belleved, wlll s-pend a grea: pari
of his tlme here. Mr Bilaworth la already b
memi.er of aeveral New-York cluba, nnrl haw been
In the hauit f.?r aoveral years of paylng frequeni
viait? to thla clty. Hla motive ln purchaelng i
houao here, however, la prlneipally to move to i'
his va'uabi* oollectlon of pnintinga, tapeatrlea and
Mr Bilaworth ls one of :he beet-knowH and th.
moat llberal of arts collectora In th* \Ve*f. and ha
apnrM n*lther tlme nor money ln hia devotlOfl to
hla bobby. When aaked by telegram yeaterda;.
al>out hla rumorad Intentlon to move to Neu
York. Mr. Bilaworth telegraphcd ln reply: "It i?
not the Intentlon to glve up my cltl*<>nshtp hep .
but my eolleetlon wlll be moved to New-Yor^
where, owlng to buslneas lntereata, a portlon of
my tlme la requlred, but prlneipally for the reasot
that manufacturlr.g haa lncreaaed ln Cblcaga to
auch an axtent that the atmoaphara la not con
duclva to the preservatlon of worka of thla natut* '
The houae Mr Kllsworth haa pUTChaaed la th>
three-atory brownstone dwelllng at No. 2 We.t
Blxteenth-at. lf covera a lol K feet by BS, ai
ha* a stnMe on an Irrejjular plot in the r.>ai !!?
bought the dweillng laat January, paylng W>,0<
cash for li, and g.vlng a mortgage for the airn.
amount, but lt was not reeognlted at the tltn* thH'
the purchaaer was the Chleago bank.r. Extenslv*
alteratlor.s wlll be mad. ln the lwe|!|ng befon
It is occupted. lt la al?n underatood th.it Mr. Blla
worth h.<? purchaaed a country houae al Hud
aon, S. Y.
Mr. Ellaworth'a ar1 eollectton l* valued I
nolaaeura at over tl.000,000. i'...sl<l*s a number of
well-known Amerlcan plcturea. includlng aeveral
landacapea by the lata Oorxe Inneaa. it ln tl id
aeveral oiri master*. among them Rembn
"Portralt of a Man." at n palntlnga bougbi "t th<
recent Stewart aale The moat recent addltloi
how*v*r is tlie Troyoi Cowa In the Paature,"
bought by Mr. Bilaworth a weefc ago at tbe aale
of the wllllam n Puller plcturea ln Chlckerlna
Hall, for $--?.?? 'i.i wai na of th* moat lm
portai.i *a offered at thal aale
Cntil recently Mr Bilaworth waa th- preaMerr
of the Unlon Natloi I tgo Ha Ir
a member of the Metropolltan, Manhattan, On
turv Uroller Aldlne ano Playera luba, and th
? ' Ntimlamatl al an N itlonal B< u | I
? - : ? ? l.eagu< , Chl ago,
ngton Park Caxtor Fnlveralty Mterattire.
Polklore and ther Cl " ? Am? rl i i
Instltut* if Archaeology, thi Americai Aeade.m>
..f Polltlcal Bclence an.l of aeveral aodettea and
cluba in London
- ? ?
THH Tit'.fr.r.;: in rttFi kino PHiur mii.'.
Fal R!v*r. Maaa, Mareh 4 The aftuatlon at the
King I'hillp Mllls. where th* frame aplnnera have
b*"n hoidlng out agalnat the reductlon of wagea,
assumed a new phaaa to-dea> and it la now prob?
able that all trouble wlll ba aettled by Monday.
The rrame aplnnera have ... m-i tbai thej ca
longer remairi OUt to thelr advantage The threat
ened trouble wlth the carders wlll not dev-lop,
I*on Cote, 'h* <11?rharr-d employe, havlrr been
tnken bafk by the mlll authoritlea The strlkern
have. been promlaed that th*r- wlll b* no dla
crlml-iatlon agalnai them and thal work will ra
found r?r them Tl ?? : h n a ho h -'? I ?
work will not he dlacharged. aa tne new fran
place of th* mu'e.-, have created opportunlty foi the
employment of u greater number of fran.- apln
P?rs that. wns the caae when the glrla first wer.t
out on atrlke. Th* majorlty ot 'he strlkers wer<
lak.-, bach Into the milla to-day. nnd the Other
clnaaea of iperatlvea forced oui b> the atriki
all be baek by Mondaj The icttlemenl ef th.
trouble wlll clear the aimoaphere ln thla clty on e
Justlee Fr*d*rlek Smyth. who hoa b**n conflced
to hla home, at No IS Weat Fortv--lxfh-st . for
a month by rheumatlam. had another aetback yea
terday. The Juatlce'a health had been Improvlng
f,,r a week. and he had been abie to be about
the houae. The damp weather of yeaterdar how
e\er brougbl on a allght raJapae. and he waa
agaln t'orced to hia bad The attendlng phyalclan
aaya h* does not eonalder the relapae aertoua
,,,.nrv W Cannoi pr. ?ldenl of the Chaae Ma
tlonal Bank, hat " ? " treaaurer
,t .v,? rhartar Dav Celebratlon t'mnmlii'x afr.
Cannon's heaftb la no4 g.I juat nowv and he ln
??'a few daya to take a trip Bouth. whlch
may last for aeveral we-ks. _
Charle. Page Bryan. Unlted State- Mlnlater to
Braall accompanlad by W. I- Uyarrle. m - tary of
the Leaatlon. and Uautanaat J. a. Bhlpton. mlll
!!;,., atlacV.e. wlll aall for Oibraltor tO-day on the
ste..mer Saaie.
A!.,,-:k:.i xn POWER8. <>? CHirAOO, BATB (W WILL
,,un R n rrtoM Hia wabd
Chlcago correBponden.f The Boa. J?***^
, th- leadlng feature.rOf(
patl , '- "...?'. ? ? ?
' ro?emH
..???'? S'lneteeni
? ward ?;'"',f' l . .- ?n of -1"- ^"1,','1
; , ? ?. auch ?. flne run
8 ?'"''"'? ,, m . , mI Letigue llcket laat
for Mayor on th* M ??'?' i'?'' '? *;,.,, ,?? ,i... , am- ?
,Pr.ng Th. ? .' ,r.,, . a-ere
i 'i*-'- ,A, ' v;i ., to break up th* m-*t
[? l"; ';al. ?? dc?man k? ?. t i ghi i
ln/ '";' ,tf'\ ,i onpoaltlon ln hla apea
';?;,;;: ? . '.'.. , .,,? . - Hull Houae
'" p?? ara ?l!1. ";: "la mlKht.
aT w'0,^ Jve? the attack x
1 ''"" " ... ) Bunday Powera yw ai
^^war on Ja ? "'?" her .'o-wot^ers in
, iin...i wur on j. .' In tne outer ofBc* ot
Hull Houae Bettlement in ? ,,,,.,?,. Con m ?
M.'>'^,' ;" t\- ?."'i.e< Mtv iouii.il ...,?.l...
,':,.;' rVatVli of tha llahi agalnat h;m
.'Ivo, lt ?e will be drlven from the ward ai
"JfiLwnTb? forced to doae up ahop." To thla
l?d5I . ,,i onfl whlch he th iughl i
InfeVe^fthebirAlderman from the Twenty-a.nd
^Vd.nhnothbeMreaponalbla for what napaaoe to
Aiderman HarUn ifl>.* kocs into ?h* ward agaln.
oDMnenrn'of Alderaaaa Powera aay thal '
''" ''-., 'ii- rrlenda have been workina li ??
two montha . ' ^ d ,)f .h? W;U,,.
I ,'S methoda are leaat known
'?? ' ' '.',,. i ,' aprea Ilng th< rei wt thal Mlaa
V," vM-ii- aiid ..ihers at Hull Houae have
... red Ita bualneBa Many
? jsnss
heard< | on Monda) bj A derman
, nueatloned have admltted hey
PfW"' . ,.. 'huII Houae. never mel Ml i
I**." ird bei aaj i word agalnal th<
w:!. i'"P Ita pe-l'le , bUt thevhn.1 Bll be.n ,04d the
--[?'!?'u.':ir vldermar Powera reaterday "I ?d
,",. II. H( lae ? d be dl
.he nc-oole o* the wai I de larlna them to be lg
' , miniland degraded He ?venlntlmi
tha Hull Houae w * reaponalble for artlclea that
haVe baaa publlah. I ahowlng ibal I" certahi i
itrieted ..r. ?- ?' Miieteenth W^rd crlme
abour.da to ..I. ..iiiieual dfgl aa
iif, aiimits BOMI THINOf wiinii PLBABI
Taarr HBAitnra
BjarroBBte PltBgeraM contlnued the bearlng of 11-~
.onteat over the wMI of Henry A. Marlbal y.stcr
day, U'llli.im H. Hurlbut, his son, occupyin*: tha
arltneea ebalr all day. This is the .-onteat brought
b) Henry A Hurlbut, Jr., nnd Buaan Hall, a son
sr.d granddaughter of the taatator, to have the
trusr of th. whole .state to Wlillam II. nnd Henry
A Hnrlbul broken and th.. eatate dlvided. Mra.
Hall eraau th.- wlll laelared v >i l altogether.
i'n<ier th>. guldaace of .loseph H. Choata, couneel
for the eont. st.ints. Wlillam II Hurlbut on Thurs
? lav reiiteii hla varlous bnalneas ventures, all ??(
which. accordlng to the wltness, w.-re fallures, ~n 1
coat the senlor Hurlbut thouaan ls of dollnrs.
Yeaterday Mr Choati reaumed M? queettona to
ehow that the a< n'l power over tha etdai Hurlbut
waa rr?at, and thal h<- apparently had coetrol of
thi ' itaii .lurlni? the latter yeara of Mr. Harlbat'a
Now Mr Hurlbut," bepan Mr <'hoate ln his
most perauaelva tone. "let us agaln Ket down to the
value of your father'a real tsrate. Whal wlll it
. to .'"
After soui.. m-nt.il (lKurln- Mr. Hurlbul aaM that
13,000 waa about rlk'ht
"But," aaM Mr Choata, "ln the pe'.ltloa Blod
uith the wiii the value of rhe real property ls BBl
Bl Ifi.OoO. You gave your lawyers rhe Informatlon
iipon whlch this amount was baaed, <lldn't you'.'"
"Taa," raplled tne amlllng witnaaa
Am! I als., n-r thal ln 'he petitlon the value of
the peraonal .state is placad at O00.000."
"Yr-6," BgBln raplled Mr Hurlbut.
"And you also BUPpUed tiie informatlon upon
which this amount ls baaed, an-i taatlfled at a
;.re/ious hrarlng thal the value of th. peraonal
property whli h your father lefl was BBO.000, dld
you not?"
i h.- arltneaa replled in the afflrmatlva.
"Now, wlll you kiniiy explaln to th.- Burrogate
wny you nave false informatlon in respe.-t tO th.'
valuatton of the estate'.' You were, of courae,
awara thnt this matter would be pia. ed before the
Burrogate, and you admll iimt you havi falatfledr"
? l simpl.v thoughl thal II waa euatomary. '
knew thal it w.is neceasary to pul In some
am.t." replled Mr. Hurlbul
And because y.u thoughl that it was cua omary
to fnl?if> aceoonta to ba preaented l i thi Burrogate
.. ou did so?"
"Wall," replled Mr Hurlbut. "I didn't know that
? waa neeeaaar] to pul In ihe (ull amouni I waa
ignornni of ihe requlrementa. I thoughl it was
imary nol to pul ln tn.. full value of the ea?
tate. "
And you tolrj the Surrogatc a falsehood elmply
because you thnught it was cuatomar) ""
??uh," aald the wltneas, "If you keep forolng me I
wiii aimply have to k>ep kroing around a clrele to
John E. Paraona. who appeara for the proponents
of the wlll, objected, n the ground thal Mr i.'hoati
- aa r> i??? ulng qu. tlons need
"Taa, retorted Mr Choate, "that mai be so.
but every tlme I do i inv.- another r.all In the
offln "
Mr Paraons he. an.- angry, and aald th.t Mr.
I'hoate was aaaumlng Incorrectly, that Wlillam
H Hurlbut hnd aauandered his father'fl money
?As a matter of fact," aald Mt Pnrrona "ihla
u ia Inveated in buslni a by the old gentle
, . . ired th proflta whi n their. were
anj He dld nol glve vnai suma to hla aon They
w.Ve mrrely bualness Investments."
Mr. Hurlbul atreiiuoualy denled thal Inrmedlatelj
ifr?r his father'a death hi had pone ro his father'a
clothea and taken hla pocketbook He aald thal he
had found tha po. kethook ... d< k He also de?
nled thal he had lold Mr Baker lhal he had de
itroy.-d no lettera or papera aft.-r h:<. father'a
li ath
Mr. i'hoate flnlshed his examlnatlon of Mr Hurl
?.and Mr Paraona began tn
:i\ to unravel ihe masa of nontradlctory teatlmon)
that Mr. Choate had broughi out. Mr. Hurlbut
ild thal accordlng io his memory nearly al! of hla
buslness ventures had made money al some tlme
thi r ?' ?? > He Jenled that he had ever
roprlated or ?vi r b. .>n accuaed ot mlsap
proprlatlng, MO.OuO from thi funda of any of the
? . ? |n whi. h he was eng igi d
The bearlng was then adjourned untll tn-morn.w
? - ?
Phlladelpbla, March l. i.etteri of admlnla
iratlon oi ??? ? itate of Wlillam M Blngerly, wiio
:... itate, were kt?r*. 1 by th. Reglater of
to-day I Ja n .-' M ?( "ai i ni y, the .-? n-ln
,w of Mr Slngerlj The eslate, ucc. rdli g to I ic
itlilon flled r the edmlnlatrator, is valued at
j." ""? and cons'lsts entlrely of peraonal affecta
rrbi i.T or thb iaaa poil. and hi ti.i.ino bwobjj
The lg>* Foll and Dueiling Bword Handlcap con
tsat of the Amateur Feneera' League of Amerlea be
*an last nljrhf at the rencera' f'lub, No. 37 W.-st
Twenty-aecond at . the foiia he'rrs ised laal nlght
.md the Bwordfl ;o bo uaed to-nlght. T. <?
anta laat nlght were Newbold Morrla, A. Van z.
Poai and J. Langdon Brvlng, Feneera' Club; W, D.
Lyon and John Allalre, New-York Athletlc Club;
U T Contl and Paclflc Adda, Internatlonal Fenclng
('luh, and Blltl Hoffman. New-York Turn Vereln
Th? offlclala ?ere. Judgao?Charlea de Kay,
Feneera'Club; W \v Pairlck and Charlea O. Both
? ar, New-Tork Athletlc Club; acorer, Clarence Sack
.?t;. Peacara' Club; ilmer, Charlaa de Kay
Sl MilAKY.
PotOtB Handlrap. ??? r^
Lyoa .4TB.B3 tUO .'>>4 KJ
Br\-ine .aaa.au ii?> ...;>..to
HofTman .434.03 lli'. tMl.OI
P.iai ..'. in '..'.. Scrateh &40.1KI
Alialra . t.v, ;,s ;,-, SHL.Vi
Morrla .8SO.&1 1+0 4u>'. .:
Adda .:;:ii: .,-, !.\.', f... ..-,
.2>". :,.? iao 4Wi .'ai
The wliui.ir. W. D. Ly.m. recelved -a anid madal
Tha handi apa held laal nisnt and to-nlght are
U10 tlrst conteati uf tbe year under tho a. F. 1.. a.
On Mar.-h 26 and x, al the i'. ere' Club, win be
i .. prellmlnarlts i'..r the N'atloi tl chainrH n
ahlp, wl:n folls, aworda and aabres, on A;.ril 1 and
i wlll be held, also al the Pencera' Club, the Junlor
chimplonshlpa, In whlch the uetlege t?ama take
part, .md on A^.r;; :>. at tne tfew-York Athletlc
club, ihe team compedtlon for th. Shaw Cup riia
Natiotial championahip me..; atll lude ihe
b>.;tr-. and wlll be held at Boaton on Aj.rii jy an.i 20,
ln conjun tiun wlth tha Amateur Athletlc L'nlon,
and uij.ier the management of the N'ew-Bngland
divi.si^n of ihe Amateur Fencera' Laague of
Phihwleiphln March 4.?The annu.il two days'
ai.rin- Fhoot of the RlvertOn (Jiin Olub b?gon to
Uuy on the club K'"1 mda al Taylor'a Station, N J.
Tho prlactpal contaat of tho duy was the thlrty
blrd handlcap, ln wiuch ther? were tweive antriaa
The day was unfavorable for BhootlBg, A plerclng
north arlnd awept through tiie grounda, and r.Un ln
th.: morning and mijw in tbe aftarnooa added to
the dlBoomfort. The coBtaataata and their bandi
, apa were a? fotloara:
V glllott, Blrertoa .10 j%rt\ ktled g#, ralas?t l.
T. r.Jisa. RlvertOn, B* r.arda, Ulled ia>. mla??d 1
.1, barker, Blvertoa, M nr-ii. klllad >>. i:ii!???.j z
11. \s..|.-h Philadalphla .." rarda kllled -T un-^ad a.
j Tryon Rirarton, ^ rarda, kllled X mi???.| *.
J Deon) .'.ir.r;.-r nub, J7 rarda, k,..oi 3B, :ir.a-?e<l ?.
? hspln, ''Hrt.r?t .'Tul. /T ynnla. kllle,| M, Bllaaad +
J. li I'.nls. Ilivert 11, 'Z', yai -'?'. inis?-d i.
s. Prlea, Phllsdelphia JT rarda, ItlUed .4, m;?r<ed 0.
it. .'. Kua.?. rrenton, >. !jc1?. k::>.i 'ii, mlaaed 7.
I H t"T. Rlv*non. L*T >arda. kt;>d 17. ->:v?-1 7, and
la tho shoot-off Stokes killed his flrst blrd and
Klllott nrUBeed. Flrst money to Stokes, se.-ond to
F.iliott. thlrd to Barker and fourtb lo Welch
TV>-morrow there wUl t>e a 100-btrd aboot, at
whi.-n a larga number af h.? .ra.rk siu.ts ar? ex
The fourtb series of lndoor gamea of the 8th
It.-glme.it waa held Inst evenlng .11 the armory.
N'lnety-fourth-at. and Park*ave. The refere* w^is
Jaaaa B. Bullivan, of the New-J^rsey Athletio t.Mub,
and the other ofU era were from varlous mllltary
and siM->ning organlaatlona
The wlnr.ers were .u. followa:
Four-hundrr.l-aml-forty-yard run for membera?
E. K. Kr.ight. Company B. Tl-ie?1:02.
Mlle handlcap r.ni Jaru.s .S;mpaon. H. B. Y. M.
C. A. (BJ yarda) Ttme AM *??
TWO-tnlle purault race T i^ocslwln overtook F.
K Lefferaon on tha Bfth iap of the ae.-omi mlle.
Elght-hundred-and-elghty-yard run for membera
E K Kntg>it. Tlme i:XJ2-4
Two-mlle hlcycle handlcap \V Frank, Tranalt
Wh.-eimen (Vwvardsi. Tlme ItfH
one-mlle blcycle handlcap W Frank fft yarda)
Tlme taa 4-6. m , _
One-mlle blcycle, novlce?Oeorge < ameron. Tlme
SlX-hundrad-yard run, handl-ap. entries i.mited
? 1 membera of the Mllltary Athletlc Laague- O 0.
Hollen.ler 2M Heglnienl tacratch) Tlme I II
- \ i v.rd mn. handlcap, open -F .'owperthwalt,
Col imblan L'nlraraltj Athletlc ?'lub no feet. Tlme
-.;.'. , _
Blxty-yard run. membera P. I m ta Iter, i om
pao] H Tlme 4 u~ lo
Among the pnas'-naers who wlll aall to-day .n the
er Baala for Alexandrla la ea Beaator iieor~e
l< Bloaa prealdenl of the Becond Katlonal Bank ol
Oawago Ha arlll ba ircompanled bj Mra rtioan
and Wlll mske a th: ee-BMBl ba tour of Medlter
ranaaa i>orU. Mr. a.^an waa opeaker of ihe Aa
semhly ln 1*77. and later he served aeveral terma
In the State Sonnte. where he made an envlable
reputat.lon for hla nhlllty and conservatlsm aa chair?
man of the Ftnance Commlttee of that hody.
thk M'^rr bmbbsJETIC MBAapaga btbtb aJatrara
in BfCM a . asf aDOPTSD a statfmknt
Wnshin-ton. Mareh 4 -An hour or more of tha
tlme Of to-day's CaMnet aeaalon waa oceupled In the
rendlna Of a Inn- repor* from the spr.-lal igen* of
the PoatOfllce r>epartment on the klll'ng of I'.aker.
the oelorad i>. atawater at i.ake rity. s. C. ln rlaw
of the pecullar drenaaetaBeea eoBnaetai wlth the
n rder aad the anormlty of the crime, lt was de
etded to inerease the Oovernmenr's raward to II.W)
In eaeh caae Kvery effort wlll be made hy the
Federal authnrltlea to hrln- the m irderera to |a?
The report on the <-nae waa nresented hy Poa
maatar-Oeneral Oary, aad tha ectton taken by
the Cabtnet in ihe off*ring of rewarda for the
apprenoiialon nn.l convlctlin of -he gutlty DeraOBfl
la sald to be the moat ener~et|r ever nareed cn
hy any Adtnlnl?trntlon ln a almllnr caae lt la
pn bable that the Poatofflec Pepartment wlll de
tall other Inepectore io aaaaat those now on the
fteid ln ferrettnif out th- murderera. aad the inr*-e
amouni ot raward offered lt \r thonght wlll Induce
prlvate letectlvea to work on the eaaa. M ls mM
Attomey-Oeneral Orlrgs holda rhe opinion that
the Frderai Oovernmenl wlll have Jurtadlctlon over
the murderera whet, captorad, unleaa they nre
nrai taken by the State BUthorttlea Baker. it la
heid w.s an offlccr of the Oovernmeot in Ihe db>
rharge of his duty and the Bttack on hlm was
almllar to an attaek on a deputy marahal or other
Poetmaater-OeBeral Oary expreeaed the deter
mlnft?on to do everythlag m his power to aacer.
,am th- Identtty of the gutlty peraoaa. ln reanoBBg
to inqulrlea he made pobllc tbe followlng atata
ment in regard to the ca ta;
?The Departmenl ls ln poaaaaalon of a nrei mi
n.,rv report from ba re,,-. sent.tlves Ir, regard to
thla sad tragedy. from whlch b few letal a maj
be glven The widow of the murdered poBtmaater
haa been Intervlewed. nnd her atory. ln brlef
,,,iin; ? f0,|owB' rhey were iwab ned eome tlme
? n the early morning by theamell ol Bre and amoke.
a?d upon rialng found thal the bouae was in
(i imes Baker attemptad io cxtlngulsh the Are. but
-?,.?, dlacovered that thla wou.d be impoaalble. He
then told hla wlfe 'har he would ko to the door
nnd ??<'.' for he:p. Aa aoon aa he opened ih? door
the nrir-u began. and a atorm of bulleta atrucb tle
door nnd house Mr?. Baker aald thnt her huaband
feii on hla kneea nnd prayed fo- pratectlon The
beai and smoke became ... unbearable it length
thal thej COUld no '.on-er remntn In the house
On agatn appearlng at the door they were -reeted
Wl h another volley of bulleta. The flrst one of
the famll) to be kll ed waa the bab) ln Ita mothi r*a
,,rrn- i bullei atrlklng II ln the alde Mrs Baker
iw the wound and to:.'. her huaband 'hat the baby
waa kiiicd. a second inter h.. fell back agatnet her
d. Bd.
'She and ihe other chlldren were struck by the
bulleta at thla tlme. or Just aa they eacaped from
the bulldlng Mra r...ke, had th.- younger ~irla
Wlth her When they ?ot out, and they mn untll
they were exhauated and fell down The older
jrlrla weni lnto a nelghborlng fleM and remalned
there untll they heard no more aounda from th<
i-lrli tj of ihclr old dwelllng. !?:"'? al nlght all
found ahelter al th? houae ot some of their colored
frlenda The mother and chlldren aay they aaw
men atandlng aboui the treea and buahea near the
houae, bul were unable to recognlxe one.
Mrv Baker L* reported to be n rmall. frall
woman i bout thlrty-flve years <>f a~e. she haa a
-unahOI wound In 'he lefl forenrm and the boi ? ?
are fractured Roaa, th- oldeai daughter, aged
nbout slxteen year?. recelved a gunahot wound
whlch brok.. the bonea above the l.ft elbow. Cora,
the noxl glrl, ?-aa ahot in the rl~lit hand nnd wrUt.
A son ubout eleven years of age has one BeHoUB
wound In the abdomen and another wound ln the
rlght forenrm. both hones of the arm belng broken
and badly shattered. His conditlon is serioua. nnd
| ,. i. not expected to llve. Two very yOUBg glrla.
t-tlng the famlly. eacaped unhurt.
??fl . needleaa for me to add that the Admlnlatra
tlon together wlth all good eltlzens of the country
|- ? al.r aectlon they may reside. ful'.y ap
preclntea the anormlty of the rrime whleh has heen
.-onimbted. not onlv ngnlnst this ur.offendin- man
and h:s famlly, but agalaal the Government. aa
repre-ented bv the postmaster, and I assure you
.i t. ... Postofflce pep.irrment. ln -o-operarlon
wlth the Departmenl of Juattce, will do everythlng
ln |t? power to apprehond and conviot the men Who
cornmlite.l thla terribla outrage. Roth of the d.
partm.nta mentioned are ii'ini everj n-.rana ln
their power to the errd that fuatlce mnv I* mered
out to the erlmlnals."
San FranclBCO. March 4 fSpeelali A report comes
to-nlght from l.oa Angelea that General W. B. Roa>
erana la near death al his ranch home. between
th- Palma .nd Hedondo. near the Pactflc Ocean.
A prleal waa BUmmoned to-day. and the last rltes
of the Roman Cathollc Church were admlnistered
lt was reported a few daya ago that he had i.e*
aerloualy 111. but had ln nnr; reovered and hla
rondltlon had materlally Imnroved. Blnci then
there haa been a audden change for the woraa He
lov to-day. unaware of th.- a tentlona ... n*eiiibeta
<'"h;- famll) and unconacloua of the mlnistrntlons
of Blshop Mont-om.-ry. The veteran aeema io be
aufferlng from nervoua proatratlon. whlch. In his
trenkened rondltlon. holda hlm In Its stron* graap.
General Roeecnana not r--.ilnln~ eonaclouaneaa
lt waa thou-ht beal to ndmlnlater .-xrrome un.'tlon
Bhould the paflent rally aufflctently, holy com
munlon wlll be admlnlatered.
Hia ?on Carl F Roae.-rans. nnd hla famlly are
wlth hlm! nnd hla daughter, Mrs. Toole. wlfe of
sx-Oovernor J, H Toole of Montaaa, ls wltnln
convenlent reach.
Watervllle. Me.. March 4-The funeral of Pr.
Wlillam A Rogers, of Colby I.'nlversity, occurred
here to-day The se-vl"e was held In the Flm
Street Raptlat Church at 10 oVIoek. Prealdent
Nnthanlel Butler. Of Colby. dellvered the '.nvoea
tlon followe.l hv brlef addreaaea by th* Rav. Dr.
Vllllam F Bpencer, the IUv. I>r. Butler and the
Ke\ r>r Davlfl, precidenf of the Alfred Fnb.erslty.
of New-York _
ntarrBBDAra bbcobd ksd to mvs pobccabt.
Waeatogtea, atareli 4 Th- n <m whle* !'??" h"" aaer
lnr alon? the Aflnntlc cenat for th* l*sl twe <!?va. ta n-iw
esetral oit New-J-raev nnd n Beftkweai gale la Mowfcag
?n r^e Bovtherfl Mew Kn-iand eaaal The ratafaH, -nrri
ha. heen hp.vv nlonB th- ODBBl llne haa r,.< ex'anded
Inland raor? rl^an one hundr?d mllea. Ri-ept t r t.us
at'.rm on the Atlartte coaat. ihe weather Is falr thn.uati
out the eoOBtry. and t'.ere la l-it llttle elOU llneaa A
-re.it sr-a af hlRh pres?ura rorars the eentrsl vrU!e>a
n,, Morthweal LUtla rtiaag* tn tomperanire haa oe
.urred ?ceOl ln the Ottlf far... where It I. .awaewkal
wanner F-r ?aturda>. an. w ?r rnln la mdlrated ln
NewEp-land probsbly elearina asturdaj nlrht; further
louth :;>? weather win cleef on the eoaai earir aatwrda
^"rning Falr weather arltl eortlnue la other ,1lstrlcta,
-lth rla.n* temperature In the Routhwast.
Kor BtebM an<l New Hampahlre seow or raln. north -
casterly wlnda.
ror Veraaoat. fair. aBUhBeetirty wtnd..
F.r MaaaaehtiaetU, Rho.1. laland ?nd Conne^tleut. .now
or raln clenrln* hy Ssf.irday nl?ht; northeasterly ahlf'nf
to n rthweeterty winda.
F - Ksarern New-York. BUT ln northern portlon. rlear
Inr !n aBBtkera portlon during the day: wlnde becomln?
For E.atem Pann.ylvsnla. N*-w-J?ns?7 aad Deiawara,
ataarlna la the aaatv mornlnc: falr: northwestsrly winda
Fo- tha IU.trtot of CWumbla uid Vlrjlnla. f.tr. north
^WWeeterf "aaw Tork and Weaten, riBBIjl.aaaa,
fair llg.'.i n..rth.rl>- wln.la. be^omlrB varl?bl#
_ ttar.
H.'t'RS: Momlnf. Nlght
t i i i l ? in illlSit*7(*iill
|f? '-r?*?;?.rri?"t-;%t,H ft8}tV^
In thi. 'llasrnm s eontlmioua ntiltt llne ahows th.
chn-g-s ln prea-.re oa tndl^a.ed by Th* Trthune'a aatt
1 n* barometer Th* eotted nn* ?ho?? "i* i?m
p*r*tur- ?a reeerted at perry'a Ptaiaaaa;
Trll...n? offlrr Mar-h ^ 1 a m. Y*a?*rrtav was a
typtrel Uai h saj rt>r*nt*ntn- fktea ln the tofswwa and
mlnglrd raln r.nd laoa la'*r Owlns W ihe mtldr*as the
,?o? qalekl) turned to aluah Th* temparaiur* rsng*d
t*iwe*n M? and .1? d?|r**? th* BVaragB i.V. belng iS
V.war than on Thura-lay and V? d*gr*e .u?h*r than oa th?
eornaawaaBB^aa- ^oJTm** ?~* ?'" r-^aMBBj b.
cleailng w-?th?r.
pouwr. CAPTAIM Htrcy may BUOCMD captaiM
Th*r* wa? n report In th* T"nd*r|nln dlatrlct laat
*venlnr that ('nptnln Bheehan waa to h* dl- ptaced
by f'aptaln Jaaaee K. Priee in . ommnnd of the
poll*e In the fllatrlct. and that Ilveller tlmee In that
pnrt of the ettg mltrht be exp< ? t.-.-l aa th* r*aulf of
th* . hange of | reeinrt eommanders Cnptaln Prlce
waa the pr*cln<t dotCCtlVB t.ier* In th* palmy daya
wheti Al*xnrder 8. Wllllnma was the pollc* cap
tain. when th* TenderlefP got Ita nnrrte from hla
bOBBtlng, and when the ".llvra" ? ere "wlde open"
there. Many prowlers ln the T*nd*rloln ! nv* been
? li-nppo.nt. >i becauee there ??s not * more open
flauntlne of vlo- after :he adrent of th* n*w Trnn
many admlnlstratiin
? ?
In th* worat coMa, wh*r* there ia riff*. con
?uictiea of th* Bronchlal tabea, .iid trpaaaafl of
th* musclea of the cheat. Jayue'a Bxpeet gBBl wlll
afford aimost Imaaedlate retlef, and soon aflaat a
p*rman*nt rur*. ???
i; \ur:rrr>.
Dl'KXfWa BINNEl Oa Tharedar, Btareh I pBM at
?"huren f zien and BI Tlmotb.' N'?w >*??>-*. Martha
Orar Btimey, ?'. ? w ter r .-. te r".<-rge
a Danr.lne ef Pl llederphte
Kotlcea of manlagea and deatha must b? m
dorsed with fuli name at I addreas.
AIKMAN Oa Mar h I, l?r?? .farr-. ;t Alkmm <n hla
TBtti year
Puneral aarvtee* wlll ba h?.l Bati 1 | -v. ninr. at T:*?
it hi* late -e?|.|?n.? Xa 10 : i ??? a- ? rtr-.iclyn.
j RAIten.'- , ,. w. ;...... |a ?:, ] ; ?-??, I. IJibonck.
Puneral an Batunla m rnlng al M -u,. fc frem N->. MB
''??-' imth ft
j Ini?rrr.?n' al eonvenlenx* ef th' fam:,.
PHAMBERLAIN Ai - .*- ?'? a ? '?.-.. V T.. ea
Truredai Marrl : : f the late
Ephralm t'hamherlaln la hla lOth v-ir
Puneral ? ... v it * n ra
CRAOIN i n Wedneade* ra -? U ! IBJB, at the
m dence <1 hl? ?.n 'n t1,? r \\ fh rga p Cregta la
th* ?>:,<i rear ? ' a aa*
l Interrrent at ronv*n *ne* ef rh* farally
1 DOt'OLABX ir loronade, ral P*bnM ? M M arr?adV?
rltlt. EUaa K'ngm.-.n ? '?? ' VI .n, A IV-jgUaa. ol
i "h <-n*., ,ig<> : v.
: iiastiv.;- v :, raaldeaea * IM Bouth 4th st. aa
Priday, Mareh 4. Famuel w tfaai r(.
Intermtnt an >ui\\r ,,? Pittaf. -l. \ 1
, JAtrrr -At Ba rtand r*bruan M, IBBB, Matt'da,
arldew nt Wllllam ln ?. ? ..no dautcf'-r of Henry aad
El 71 Eaal* lara r %<-?. rvtrh t'- aaeaaaaa
LTVTNOBTON M .r- Uwrenea Uughtet M Htiry a\
ind rrencaa Etelmoitd Uvlnaaton. ln h?r lflth y?ar.
Kun?r.il or her at* iom* .n Pnturdav, Mar-h S, ?t 10:14,
r.*latlr*a ir* ?? t*d te ?,t/-n.! intermeal al H>-d* Paila
i .in-i *aa ? Vrtinl
> ar artll be atta hed te I1J0 trala Hedase Riv?r
T' I'l
Rlt'HARDBON >?. r.v Otanga N J . M*rcb 1.
Rlehardaet), ln th* -"th year ef hla ag*
<r<\lr nt Oirlat .?hu-h t'.urt Orar.g*. N. J.. a? 11
O'elorh Meada) Mnr^h 7. an 1 b' ?poe|?l r?aaeet af
s. Paul ? ? I . - ? -i aad Carn II ?'? nroekiyn. m
j r tn aanw U^
r ?; \ j?t?> intermtnt ai Qraenwoad C*m*ietr
Klndly nrall rV?w*n
STBPHENKON?On Mhit .< al t:i:?r.vllle. N. T.. *?t?
d*r.l>. nf r*rah?in. Priinei* W .-'?ph*n?T. of Moa*?
el.nr N J
runeral aenteea ->' Ellenvtll* Ktl^av #.?r. na
Iti'^rtren' nt \\ rdlawi Balurda)
BWARTWOIT At Btaaaford, l nn. Murch 4, UBB>
r'athaiin* How* -.<.. ta m daughter ef tha lit* Oaaa*
*ral !(? - ? I S A
rturi.-.i aervioa n -? Luk*'a Chapel Mepdai Ibe "fh inav?
"'-??". _
CWrrlaatea wlll b*. In ?ait'ng .n #ne arr^?l af 'ha iaa
from v a v ru
TORRET On M. h 4 i?t?a. after ? long i:in??a. wuUaea
B. rrrey. M D.. af Bmoh m, ln th- .V.ih y?*r of hta
gun*ral aarvtea and int>.rm?nt ai hts ferm?r h^na*. H?jn?a
lal*. Penn
wn.i.is- Al Mempataad Um a lataad. Marrr 3. IBBa.
K'.izabe-h Euxenia rOane), wl4>w of Warran wniia and
daughb . if Tl r.aa II flowet
Puneral -? :.*r late*r*ald*nea. ."tlnror. ?n1 Jaahv
? ? rta., Ifempai id Monday Ma li Is;'1" ai S p. m?
TYaii s jeava I.- Island Cltj J OB PlathMah m? . Broohe
lyn. 1 .^4 p tn
A.?Tlie Kaaalew < enielery.?I'rtvat* atatlAr.. Har
>m ro>ilr n ; -?'. n. me nd.m ih? Orand '>"itral
p?n<tl Ci*t .. '^ Pi .t l. i al
Sprtial Xoture.
Trlhnne T?-rm* t?? Mnll <*i?h?erll?er?.
Pally fl"> i o?r. tl p.-r min-h
Dally, witheu' Bunday, ?<* a rair, B0 *ati p?r .n^nth
Bunday Trlbune. B2 a y*ai W**h 11 F*ml ' -*?*? ?*
POSTAOE t:\rn. , tataa* i" ? ^ ' ?? : '? f r,',L"' 'i!'trl*a
exoapi Mealeo nn.i i anada, aad ..n th* daii? in New
RBMITTAMCEB. If aent ln caah. iinreg-l?t?T?d, ?tll b? al
tho owaer'a tiak.
MAIN OrrtCB IB4 Na^cati at
ITPTOWN ori'i.'K 1,842 't adway.
AMERICANH ABROAD wlll Bnd Th? Trtb-in* at:
I^tvl t <>tr.? of Th* Trrtmne, 14B i i**t *?
M rt n B< ?? g <v??. Hartl. 4 m*w Koaea, E. C.
Brown, Oould * Oa, M Sew <nt<-rd -at.
Thoaiaa <".?>k a ?"n t.ada-ate ??ir.-ia.
Parla?-J. Munree A <'?>.. 7 Ku* BorUM
Hjfttngir * 0>., 3* Ru* <1? Provanoe
Meraiin. H?r)?a A ra, 31 Beulaiard M.iuaamaam.
.Yetit r.voiin.,.? Rureau dea giranaert
Th .ma* Oouk & H. n, 1 Pta t de p*ra
H .n rer, 0) Borth fJermai !.'? ra r?a/img
w> 0*org?-at., rorner Anlrea-at
Q*n*ra \. mrard, iMler ?? <"? ? . *nd l*a ? Rink.
Plerenoe -Whitb) * >'?.
Vl?nna Atn! ? A'Ht-lan Ponk
tf. l>.?ral>:irK -<Y*ii' L>..r.nn!?
Tf* London efBee of Th? Trlbvae .* a wiiantaai pl
:o >av? ndv?rO!>emen'? atvl ?ul?*.-nr<lon?
A.? Klflh tvrnac 4rl (inllerl*.*.
.?wi pnrrri avkkitb, nkab B4TH street.
Bl . VI'TIFI.'l,
A. K*mnr.iHhl? < iatl?.?riu? o?
ArtiHtio Atitifputi.-*). Blob la
aingl*> 4?olor l'oiv*l:i'.n.i, 1hk?
tr*.lca? ol<l PoBtawy, ?"<i
Monday. Tueaday ?i"l \\ ?-<l?>o..|?jr#
Mareh rtk, Bta * Bta a: 2 V> e'efcB
noiiKRT BOMERViLUt, oRT<i;r:8 a oa,
Au,.,. ...... . M?na??.na.
Caawalli afaaaay 41 lo.'a,
Kjiri.SlO.N (?!?' ? 0> L.IVICR Olla
l. the bcst Cod Urer Oil i-*i*ratl..n in tha *?rlJ. " ??
th* only Emulsi ? ureecrtbad f>y tha M*dl--?. Ta<aaltir
(>rd*r troan yeui Iruggtav._|
PoMtomoe >otlee.
(Should be read DAJLI b> all lnterested aa changaa mae
uo. ur al ar.> tin.? i
KoretgTt mat:.. for th* week enl Bfl M.fch 3 li"**.,.w"?
BtoaatDromPtlr m aU cai-ea) at the ..enerai PeatogkM *M
fot"?a l"ar.-e'la Poat Muiia cl ..* cne h.ur earl'.er tbaa
cicina ??"'? ""-f^jJJaTUAKTIC MAILS.
? xn-RPAY A- - i m- f"; N*th*rlanda dlreet. r-r e. a
Koiierdam ?,? R..tt*idam .l*tieia muet be direeted ,pee
Rotterdam'i; U - ? " ; r ?*" ?' >"r *? ' s?*'' ''T1"
terarr.at bi llreeted 'p*i Baale"); ai B a ea (aaaata
menary 10JB a ? I to* BarOPf. I" ?? ? ' ">br.a. vle
uueenl-ewn ai 11 a. m for .Ne-way ewect. P^r a. a
ThUagraUa ???"? n?J? ?? J'f'^*d "^r Thin?valla">.
BWaUirrBD MATTER. BTC 'iertiun ateamera aalllAf ea
Tue'adaia ta*e pt.n.ed aaatMr. ?? loi Clirwaae. ???
aeaStanr aadreaaed prtated watter. e?e.. for ther parta
of Kareae Aiaerteaa and Whlta *tar ?t*am?rt on
wJ^LdKa Oerman ateaniera a Tnuradaya aad
S.? ^ r'enr! J and Oerman ateam-fl n S.t .rdara
Tak* rrlnied matter. .f, for aU eountrl.a for wMoh
ihe" ire advarttaad to earr> mall.
Aftar the closlng af th? auppl-mentat > tranaatlantlc -naala
-nmed ahove add.tional aupplemeatar) maila ara p'oad
cn?h? P>?ra of the Anieti.an. Eagliah. rtaach ar.d d#
fran iteaniets and ramaiii pen uatll aithta ten minuwa
t .h. h ,ur of nalllna nt ateim-r
maiijj i?j? tKDiea kt.'
BiTiRHAV At 9 M a m f I BraatL p?r a a. tfarBB"
Verth Vi petnamuuco. Bahu aad Ki iai iro (letieaa
for North Rrai'l and L* Plau MWairtaa n.u.t h* dl
reotp.1 "per Wofdaworth"!; at 10 a t awatMaaiaataaf
10 30a m. for r ttune t.land. jamal - ? :.a and
brtaama per a ? ARai (lattara for Coau Rlca aaaat
l? dre"t*d "P*r Altal'l; at io * m. laupi epiaicary
0 3o a. m.) for HWI au Prtacj and Petli ?. ara oer
. ? Alna at M?:B0 * ? '- ?' ? <':'P'' ?' ? .w..p*?. Ta
baace and'yucatan. per * a. VlglUnela (iettere frr otttee
zSSmat afealce md foi Cuba mual - d *-tad per
viailanca i. BtlOtBOa m. fo- lla:tl. .. r ? ? Prlna Wtt
lem v ilettera for Venaiuala. (uraca. rnnldad U.-uleh
md Putcti Ottlaaa mual ba dlrocied "pef Prlna Wi.iam
V') at 1 p m f'r .v"r'h Braall, per ? e rnraena*.
vla Para Maranham ar'. I'aara. at I M p BI f - New
foundimd. per iteamer from Korth Bydne) at IdM p.
m t<>- Bt Pterra Mio,uei,n. per iteaaaer tron H.urai.
BTNDaY At t7 p ? for Naaatu. N P.. p*r a a M.amt.
from HfcUBt. Ela __^_
Ifalla for Newfcintland. hy rall te It.ilifai and t' enoe
t,v ate.tmer. etoaa at tii.a efllca :.?'? tl ? '? i t- Malla
f,,r Mlotielon h> rail to R .?ion nn I l ? v i'?mir,
I,,,,, 3 thla efflca da;iy at ^ '!?> P m Mnll f.r Cuba
etoaa at ihta offl.. d.u!\ ?-;?.? m f ? r .rwaMtng
\,\ ,.am>;< aalllaa iMoadaya -.id Thuradaya) fi. m Port
Tamra Fla Maila f>r afealco ttj '.-.1 ..n'.aaa
aoeelany addraaaad foi di?pa;. -i bj ate.mi.r. eio?? at
thla offl.-* dally a- 2 so a m aad - ?'?. p m ir>h
tar*d mall doaea at ? p nv prei n da>.
w.iv. for <Tilra .tapm and llawail. p?r a a Dnvio
ifrom San l"ranal.o? dose here dalls up to
Mareh o a- *."??? B, m Malla f - KaWaM, p*r
. ? a iBtralia .from San P an- ?? | eloaa hara dally
ud 10 Marrt. B at H-*i p m Maila fOf < hlna an.l Japan.
o,r a a Ta.vma ifr?m Ta tr.al. eloae ii.-? dally jp
tn Marrh ta at a.k) p m Maila for Auairaila (taeapt
twi* f.r ?>ti A.i-tra.iai. whlch are for- ardad ???
Kurooa N>" 7.ea.an1 Hawatl FIJI an1 Snme.n talanda.
o"r , . Muai>a ifroaa San Kranclao.?. rloa i'l. dally
!,, Mar.h tis ?, 7 a. m. tl a. ? tad ?J*aVBa
,o> 'n arnva: bi Kew-Ter* ef t. e Campaata wth Brit
,h maii. for AuatraJUO. Malla foi duna aad Jaaaa
,.ii, ?,i,li??.e.? cr'\? D*r a a. Kmpre-i of Ii.dla
ffl vam'u *r. cLa* hira'aaUj up to *Zc* jfi at
? ai p m Maila for Boclety lalanda r>?r ?h.n> Troplo
MH Ifraw Baa FiagilaiaT ciore her* dally up to March
rJfnJlLrta? MM ?'* for?*rd*d to port ot aalllna dally.
Tr.r.-pa.in. "?'? , ar.,nFad on tha praaump
Saa :.r,h.?rdumnt..r'Jp.*d,overUnd tran.lt. .Reg-terat
m.ll eioa*. at Bja^jrertaga ata
roatoBVa, Now-Torai
roRStefira m ^ott ^na-t-r?
Tora, M. T.. Pahnaary B?. lBaa

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