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Rose of Arden
has the Fragrance
of freshly
Cut Roscs.
ERR-Hrvr-'RF.r>3 or i.etters r.E
The serles of meet'.nga whlch 1* **'"K con
ducted thls weeh by Dwb?ht L. Mood* at the
Grand Central Palaoe. LexlnKton-ave. and
Forty-thlrd-at.. ha? bo far been ai;:ong the
most auccessful of all the mlsalona held by the
?vangellst ln thia clty. Great numtn-rs of peo
ple have attendrd every meotlng jret held. those
preeent yeaterday afremoon and evenlng helng
r.early aa many aa at the two raeetlnge on
fiunday, the openlng day of the mlaslon.
The meetingfl hove alao been remarkabiy anc
eeasful from the polnt of vlew whivh Mr. Moody
hlmaelf declaree to be f*r inoro lmportant than
that of the attendanoe. Both on Bunday and
last niirht numl*-rs of persons testlfled to the
power of tha preacher'a words on ttifniflvos
by rlslng to ask for the speolal prayers of those
present for thelr ocnverslon. Thls was ln re
eponse to the eppeaM of Mr. Moody. who at the
close of hla nermons deslred those who wtahed
for help ln a new llfe through the prayerB of the
audience to rlse Whlle they were dottg BO
those present knelt ln sll^nt prayer. and, aJter
the meetings Mr. Moody m<>t thoae who had
risen. and apoke to each on the means by whlch
be or she could lead a dlfferent life.
It la trn?se res.ilta that Mr. Moody haa de
clared over and over atcain to be the objeet
of the meetlnffs. a'id, Judgcd by thls etand
ard, be said yeaterday that he wae deltprhted
?wlth the mlsslon up to the pireent tlme.
ivo BiM?f?Ba1 i.v.
From M o'clock yeaterday mornlng untll 3 o'clock
yesterdny afternoon meetlngs follOWed one nnother
at the Ornnd f>ntrn] Palace. wlth only Intervnls of
a faW nlnntea hetween. Tbe foll cbolr was not
present untll the I o'clock meetlng. but Profossors
Rurke and To-a-ner and the Mount Hcrmon Qiiur
tet sane. and there were many hyrnns, in Wblch
the BOdlence h<-art!!y Jolned. The attendance nt
tbeae Bttt ceaatve meetlnfrs waa falrly Hrpv. con?Jd
erh.p tbe dlffleulty whlch BBtal people find ln oh
talnlns tlme ln tho mornlng to attrnd religlou?
g-athr rlngn.
Partlcularly notoworthy wm the nunil'r of r*r
eonB. men and women alike, who were present at
the 10 o'clock praver nnd pralee mreting. whlch
Mr. Moody on the prevlous day had earncstly
aaked as many as were able to attend. Thls
3>rayer-m?>'-tlnq; wns led hy Mr. Moody, who. ln a
few prellmlnnry WOrda, Wferrert to the bundl
lettera recoived from al! ov?r the T'nlted State-j
aaHIng for apeclaj prayer. and reQuc?ted tboat
preaent to pray ^arno^ily for all tho?e who wWhi ?!
that God would llft thelr burdoaa from them. Bo
fore aaklr.g for the firct piav.-r Mr. Moody rea
from the HiNe tbe veraea rwlatlng to bim arb i
asked for bread and raoerred a atana, After read
Ing; ho tald: "It wa ask for bread, we wll! t. I n -
celve a atone. If we ask for graoe, He is not goinjr
to glve us a counterfcit. Thls werl; of prayi r wlll
result in gTeat rt-turna to Cbftat for tlio ptoplo of
After a du*-t had be<-n sung Mr. Moody aaid: "1
am glad thit ao many hav? com<? ont so early t"
pray. Let ua only keep on ln prayer, and there
wlll be no dlfappolntment. I had rnther ba powrr
ful ln prayer. llke Danlel. than graat ln preach
Ing. Uko Oahrl"l. It Is not ln urent prcavhers tha:
Chrlsttana are made, as ln prayer. The Church I i
ChHat 1s made up of men and women who know
how to pray. It Is ahown 1n ths Blhla that th<?
graca of Ood came not -whlle aoma of Hls fol
lowers were proachlng most wondroua eormnns,
l-jt tha graf? had ccme whlle men and tmmi'ii
were engaged ln prayer."
Mr. Moody then read the 11st of fhoge who ha>l
eent to h'm requests that prayers he sald for them.
Tha reque*ta oamo fr< m twf>nty-r.- , .?-atr?. Thert
were twenty-flve for Bons who had c.me u-rong, ano
elght for dau^hters. nlneteen fnr rhlMrrn. nlni
from grandparenta for thelr graadchlldren, aevon
for brothera. slx for "baek?alldera." th'.rteen for
persons who had a^qjlred the liijuor hahlt. nLne for
pastors WbO wera not walk.ng In the corr<-ct path.
two for labbatb-aebool tpacbi-rs for whom motc
grace wa? a.?kcd. As weii as tbeae, tbara wexi
lilnety-elght o;her re^ueste for prayers for Ood'a
help In alrnost avarjr d<-sorlption o" unhappfi-r.s an i
All those present th?-n kne'.t ln fllent pray
afterwa.-d varlo.is persons l.i t;;e audlance aro?<- and
asked that sllent prayers he gtvea for tbblr frienda.
One old mm a?kf i pravari for hls ag?>d wlfe, wh
waa HI and like.y to dle at nny mement A prayei
was osk'-d for a luther who had heen er .
miniater e?kad for h*lp for the foreign mleal :.
The hymn, "More Eove to Thee. ? was then BOng,
and a most lmprpssivc aaeetlng, durlng wblcb many
were moved to tears, wai eloaed
At ii o'clock, tbe Bei Dr. J Vfltbur Cbapman, of
the Bethany PreebyteruU) Chtirrh. Philad
Penn.. preached. L">r. Cbapman took for bla texl
"P!!ato >ai.l un-o them. 'wbat ahall I Ao then wlth
Jeaus, whlch is ml'.ed Cbrbjt. Matthew x.-.
In the eourse of an eloQueal addreaa he BBld thal
one r.ever thoti^ht of Pllnto wJlhout a ahudder.
"The reason." he went on.
thr men yho cam? so \.>ry near u ? i. ? Ing thi
Ki: <1om of God. anl yat, tifi.-r all, mlaerabl)
failcd. He cntiu- rarjr near ;. na la ;?!. ?? a-lth
?'oaapkiof Arbaathaaa and wlth Nlcodemua ;r. when
he knew that Je.;iis wns the Ht> of -, .;
bared hla own hock to tha analtara, r w I
bfaaaelf to he erudfled, :her.- would I
naire ln tbe earty hl;-tor>' of tho Cbureb to cut
ahir.e hls. But :: . . praaenei ??'
Go i ta-day ha la m : ? ihe |.>at woi
"Wher, j. tm ' aad by the ? ?,? - ?
Caroogh t.ne tomb of Joaepb of Ari.Tathcea. and
msrle His way to tho ;.... . ilon, not f..i
from Bc:han\. nn.l lefl Hlfl woadi ? ,.? He
took watb Him lajto the skle? Hla ? ? , tt had
bee:, Bearead, Uti faet,
bad tora tkaaf way: Hk Blde, thnii -
the apear. anl ak.'a.ii?f w.vj; .
had leaned I? B v, r 1. He loofe ., th Hlm Hla
body But theie was cn. ihlng H., i. , When
hanEin? cn the eroee, from Hla
Hls feet, anj nt, hroken heart ?
trlckllng down. nnd nor only .uined tb I Ica ipon
Cai.ary. bat left It. mark upon tbe world aa rell
and taavaag Hla Mood here. the world i. .o.,,av r
aponstsie for tt That aame Mood i. upon bath tha
gggt\SL tnT !h"f -??-*? ? to
JZLTT.^."-" ?-*?? or rayaet H.m."
H m L?w, n,''0S: K "W< mUSt l"^l."
Him oeaae tato our hearta or -,. u, ;h(?
daeeand haap Hla. ,.-. w? ,, ?? ,r... ,onfen9*
Him or ieny Hln Tbera ,, ,-.., ?;,!;;? ,.r.,,n,3 God
pl'y us U to-day we tvrn .-.way from 1?!m for It
may re the last tlnae."
The Rav. Dr. A (' t> lon ' rwi I Bl Cbapman
preacliinr fr.-.m thr- texl ' B? of g
In tha - ;rse of hls .
cheer adtared bj i ? ?
for BtlU gr??;^r w-,.-k and aacii t for Hfra kfoai
of tu." aaM Nr Dixon. Mara boi r.-? B aiter th^
arood cheer of ai but tl - good ebaer of hav?
lng averytbb ?; ^. want In ? ,>
There w u an iBaannaa uuJ..-n e. alrnost aa tatga
aa t.v.a: of Bunday evenlng, at the mee:ir!ff f.t 3
Wilocb. Befon Mr, Meadj v.-.aclied, hymr.s were
Bung by the cholr. led by Profeasor Burke, and by
the Hev. Dr. IX H. M. Wharton. the Mount Her
mon Quartit. Mr. and Mra. P. W. Bush. of BaHl
more. and Profeasor Towner. Among thoae wno
offered praver. were the Rev Dr. I>avld Ore?g BAd
the Rev. Dr Davld .1 BurtilL .
Mr Moody bagaa by saying that be wantedlevery
man and woman In the nudiene? to go ?"*?"? "*eir
frienda and acqualntaneea and perBuada them to
fpmd to the meetlaaTi- ? k ,.,
It ls m sn-.ali multcr to get thoueands wno are
no: fhrlatlans here every day." "'j\ ''" *,.
Moody. ' 1-ast nlght'l after-mcetlna waa one t
the beat I ever had, and many were bronghl to
Chrtst. Hut If one can b? aa\ed. why not a thOU
Bind? Whan I was ln Bngland, once, tht meetlnga
had been advertlaed montha berorehand. There
was a father in Indta whoM aan was on "j down
ward path ln London. Tha father read the ad
verttoement. ind ippltod for furiough. He carna
to London and brought hls son to the Brat mee.
Irig whteh Mr. Bankey and I held In AfTletMtural
Hall. Th" ?on Wns caoverted that nlght. and tbe
father went back to Indta a fenrdaya aittte%ard.
after fk.liip what he cr.me thOBC thon.~an.le 01 milea
to do Ut ua all do whai wa can; tol na bai co
workera with <iod. Ort thoae wha.ara not Cbria
tb'.ns here.. and i.ray to Ood for thelr ronvcrslon.
"Last nlght," proeeeded Mr. Moody. aftrr he had
offer.d anoth' t pray. r for Ihe Bucceae of the ml
sion, "I aald that the kapaote of this week'a work
was the text ir. the nlnataanth chaptir of st. Luke;
?Kor the Son of .Man Is come to aeek and to aiva
thnt Whteh was losi ' To-day I wus very BlUch
cait down. beeauaa I haard tha: a llfelong frlend
had loat bia healtb. and would orobibly never get
v . agaln. Yet ba haa Ihe brlght ho| ? of im
mortalfty. Oppoilte the hot.-i where l am atayini
there la an eye Inflrmnry, nnd I am told thal
are many llttla cin.dren thera who wlll never he,
.. to "?? v-t th-re la the bl-1 hopi tl
another world thobe chlldren wlll have g
i |i_i b hoepltal for crlpplea or
way here, and felt sud beciauBe of the poor peop.e
there Yet ln all their mtofortune they have the
hope of a h.vter day. Wi- all pity the slck and tbe
. and the unfortunate here, nnd yet it ia i
hird to niake people underatand what it meana
for i anan'a aoul to ba toat. A whole town wm
on e atlrred uj> beeauaa two llttla chlldren had
goi - into a forest and had not returned. For two
daya i thousand men dld not w<>rk. but formed a
llm and walked through tbe foraal to Bnd the
chlldren. They were found on the aecond diy, and
that town was rtimd up as it never had been be?
"Thlnk of the hundreda of thousanda of young
men (;oinir down every day ln all ktnda of vlce.
Nu one scems to he atlrred up nhout them. Isn't
It far worie for them to dle i:i their slna than for
them to dli ns chlldren? if a man la loat, he can't
iven m i tha Clty of Ood, much leaa Inhertl H
Ifou may ;-'.> lo Europe and aee Ihe Prlnce "f
Walea and thi Ruaelan Crown Prlnce, but the
Prlnce of Peaca you never sha.il aee unleaa yon ara
born igiln.
"My fr.ends it li- in nwful thlns: for I man to
mli-s cternal llfe Would to Ood we :is Chrlal
ioui.1 realtoe what it meana to i>e loat i ?m g.t
tlng a atick of lettera .very day from every part
of tiiis country fn.m mothera ind fathera .and
frienda of young men and women lirlng ln New
Tork I bellevi more prayer : aa been offered for
thi BUCCeaa o{ this mllllOn than Wll ever offered
for g mlaalon before, here or anywhere eles. I
hava seen bundre.ls and thouiaada who havi crted,
'Lord, iieip me!' and the Lord haa anawered them.
It is one ot the eulest thlnga In the worl! for a
inau to baeome a '"hristlan. and one of the hardest.
It is one of th? bardeat beeauaa pe >ple don't want
to t.o Chiiatlana, or won'l maka up thelr minds."
Mr. .Moody rimilly offered a prayer that every one
ln the hali mlght be aaved.
There was aguin a great attendano/s ln the even
Ing, the body of the hall !>eln^ full, whlle there
were many ln the galleriea The uaual proir.-.imtnn
of muaic aaternated wlth prayer waa followed, The
four young men from Yale, whaaa Blnglng waa
muoh ndaahred on Bunday, were obllged to return to
the Unlveralty on Sunday nlght, hi: the Mount
Heraaon Quartet wlll sing durtng tha whola mto
slon. The hymr.s ? :nir by Prafessor? Towner ar.d
Hurke nre al?o .1 pr-.it fe.itur* of theaa servires
Just be.'ore ..Mr. Moody ipokl last nlcrht Professor
Towner ean^ 'The Home Lattd" ln a manner that
?vldently oeepiy affei-te i many preaent
"Ali meerlngs yit held durmg thls mlaston have
been very srood." snt 1 Mr. Moody in hls address,
tha ntoat encouraglng of all was rhe prayer
meeting at 10 o'cloek thts mornlr.g. To-morrow, at
?he same hiur, we shal! hold anothar prav. r-me.'
Ing. R< jueata hav? been comlnp to me all day for
speclal prayers from people who want the help of
the Lord ln thelr affli.'tions. I hope ae many na
po = siblo will come to ''?mirrow's prnyer-mectlnif,
04 .'iso If any K''Od is golnp to be done ln thls
mtoelon It is goinK to be tbrough prayer
"A very encouraginR thlng happened to m? this
afl rnoon. A man sixty-slx yaara old, who had
sjient hls llfe ln gambllng, camo to me and sud
tiiiit h? had heard m> sermon, that he was lick
and tlrtd of sin. and wanted to work for Ood
Ood blesa hlm! I see h? la here to-nitfh?. A good
many people have wrltten to say that they have
not come to the meetlnga booauea they OOUM r "
pet any tlcketa. I want to e;ty again that no tickcts
are necessary- Evcrybody Is weh ome. If you can't
s;-'t a Brood peat anywhere els? take mine on tlio
platform. All I ?sk you to do ls to oomo. The
objact of tho meetings ls that we may tell you what
you must do to be saved.
"I believ? ln my hrart that the best thlng on
thls earth ia the Ooepel of the Son of Ood. I sald
last nlght that the. keynote of thla mis^ion is the
?aylng of I'hrist, ?The Son of Man Is rome to ae, k
ar.d to aave that Whlch was loat.' Tn-rlpht I wll)
take another text to foliow it. And I want you to
remember that the object of th? scrmon la to drive
);om? the text. I would rath. r have r>y,r text. of
the Blble than all th? sermona ln the world. Tl^re
are enough of them preached in New-York every
w.?k to eave the elty t.n tlines ov.r. In John I,
29. are the firat wordu recorded by the evangellll
aa havlng been apoken to him by .irsis Chrtot
..re. 'What seek ^?e'>? H may have been alxty
>,.irs after .lohn heard theaa words ths: h? wrote
them down. bul they had made BUCh an Impresaion
on hlm that he remember.-d the tlme and the pto
?\Vith another who afterward be ame a ?
had Rone to look at Christ, and llked Him tlie
Qtiestion. "Where dwelleit T^|ou',? 'Come and Bee,'
inawered thi Bavlour, and the two d:s, ipies went,
and never left Hlm.
It is very atrident that these two m^n fotmd more
rn Chrlal than dld a food many othera of their
tur.e At.d <io you know thal thera ara a k >d
many in New-York the sam? wav. u is recorded
In th? gosi>eis that many ot tboaa who followed
tbe Bavkmr left Hlm. and there are man; who foi
loa hlm to-day who aay they are dlaappolnted.
Why? i thlnk i can tell yoa When tha en ??
followed Chrlal ln tha Holy Land they dld r-.. from
various motlvea. Bome of them wanted to see nim
perform'mlraele*. They wanted to n-a the devlb
oaat out ami the i>;. i - rad, i nd ao they wer.
alwara aaying to Him, "Maiter, ahow ua a algn."
Othera thought Ha waa golni to found an earthly
kingdom. and wanted to gel Into offl ?? wi n ii
founded It. Otbera thoughl ihat they mighl ?
gll H:m .nto h:,yir;i.' aometblitg again ? th. M. .,!
oi Roman lawa whlch would lead lo i;i^ condemna
'.?'?? .,- d death Othen followed ? from m irbld
. , to aee thi crowd and hearaomething new.
Othen He hlmaelf aocuaed of belng aftei th.? t.
.-.<?.- Tii, y di l nol il Hta ut.- -
"All theaa oeople ioon Kot tlred I
Chrtot: bul I can voueb for one thlng?thal n
man for tightecn hundred yaara who haa foU
Jeaua <"iirist for wha: ii- to hai ever been
pointed. He ls all tiiat you make H:m tO bl
Boine mii'.n a llttle Bivioua, beeauaa :!??. thlnk
Uttle f Hlm.
Whal ai ek ye, rou tha' are hore to-nlght? Comi
tell n" i i o ilo i i throui h tha r< wd and flnd1
lual t):e aama motlvea actuatlng you oa thoae who
followed the Lord it. Paleatlne. There are aome
men back there ah i i ime to aee thi crowd A
other hn .-ome beea n hli wlfa hai been nagglng
al :i.m f r tbe toat three weeka.d he ;; .
to ? omi Ai ol hi:" ma n ls here beca
where eite t,, a;o He aaya thal If )..? had gr -
comfortable h.>-ne you woul
r om comee to hear the elnglng i m
he winted to b.ur aomethlng, anyway Altl
aome of you have come wltn low motlvea thar.k
? io.i you h..\<- come al all, and
your mlnd before you'i through. 1'm i
a ehanre at yon. whatever your motlvea for beine
! ? i ? may I ?
? iirre is anatber text i want to n 11 ??*- ,,
: ia Kingdom of Ood and Hla i
ind all there thlnga ahall b.
mnny people think that thoy wlll attend lo t. n'noral
thlnga Orat. ant? after l .., ;, .. , ?f??l
foruine and aettled down ;.... Wlll a--, Zi ,
il thlnga. Ood i iva No ?> , . ? V . ui '2
the Kln?donVofO(Kl.'7,thmkH0" r^'lv
done you aTOUld Bevar come to want. *
"I have be.n oaaaught r.n aU aldaa to praaob
aerrn na on capltaJ ind labor m i aimllar an
rtoada, i betteva as longaa you atan , .
foliow l ...? text you win tura out riKht ta tha
re mj m.my don't ?M on hoc.inse, th- Klnr
dom of Ood eoraea laat, noi Rrat. wlth them v*.
cai 't tell wbil .-. .,?.?: re the aaorali ?
aa ,. ... who fouSw'd
Hlm i bury hla di I father befon m , ,i .,? ?
the Kingdom ol G ... ..... ,,.:. .,,..'}.,,
'? ?/? , ?,-? who have
wi. ten oii the ?).-,.v?s of theli Bl lae by
iovlng fifber or motbar t.i? text I have auoted
from Al.itti.6w vl.gl *
"if Moeee ahould auddcnly appear bare what do
y..u auppoae would be ihe flrat words he would
say to ,ou'.' If yo . :., tha piat
860 Eroa'Jw-ay, Union Sq. & 18tli St.
wrougni jN BRASs & ir?n?
mBtSl FbR Interiors, Open
Our Otrn Fo-.m?Irl?'? mil Miodb.
I '*A
Invite attention to thcir
$pri?ig Opem'ng
Of Imported and Domcstic
Also, everything icquircd for Childrcn'j C.ompitte
TJuesday a> d 'Wodnosday,
WureA JSth d J6th.
60-62 West 23d St.
form an.i t.-ik" my place in* would aay; 'The cholce
l? hetween ? i i?l deat i. Cb >o*e llfe." if Heae
kiah a. lo >me hen wbal arould he aay? I
think he wo you. "How lora halt ye he?
tween two opl..!?>:.-'." If Bolomon lould appeai
he would Baj '\\ hatever thy hand flndeth to ?
? " Bupp. tii.r ir'l- tfit imiii'-r.
Paul of TarBiia, arere here. He would ahout, 'Now
? ? t. i tlme, now ii ? ? : alvallon
And I Ji ? ? ? i .-ii were io appe n amona ?
would -i,\. 'gei * ye flrat the klngdom of Ood ann
Hla rlghteouflneaa and all tbeae thinga shnll he
l:. | ? 1 ? ? 1 into
"Now, my frienda," aaid Mr Moody ln closlng,
"Wbal are you golng to ?! ? to nlght? Can you '<>n
i ? '. anj great er mlatake iban lo c> away wlth
oai aeeklna t he klngdom of i ?
Mr. Mood) ked all those preeent to kneci
Mv. M.i> i.i'-i: ..-it'-n ,i.i iiiusc I'n .^.-:ii io Knecj
ln silei,t prayer and. ;is on the prevloua nlght, toiri
all thoae whi a for the apeclal prayera of th<>
T!!\n-kt,t:ss nt:s;.;ES8.
John Jerolonin. frrmerly Presldent of the. Roard
of AMerrr.en of tho old clty of New-York. hadp a
formal farowr-'l 'o polltleal llfe at tho dinner of
the lawyerV eectlon of tho Phl Delta Phl. whlch
was held at the Marlhorough Hotcl lnst nlght. He
"I found that money counta for more than merlt.
I thotight that I waa rld of polltlOB when my term
as thi! Justlce had explred, bnt when the eood
peoi'lo began thelr reform campalgn they Inslated
that I nccept the nomlnallon for the presldency of
the I?oard of Aldarnan. They would not take no
for ;m answer. Poollehly, I accepted. I nev?r
tnade a btgger mlstako ln my llfe. If I had not
tnk' :i the offl ?<;, 1 iplgbt have eome ln for pome, of
the plunis that were lylr.jsr around.
'X > rno.-j polltics for mel I am done wlth It.
Like every oitirr good Amerlcan dtiaen who haa
had anythrag to <!o wlth It, I nm thornughly dJa*
guated wi:h it. Ir Is ut.profltahle. It Is thank
le.?s. It'a the old eaae of "l"h.- Klng ls daadl Lonij
Ilve the Klng!' WThen I waa la offloo the* all rara*
to me fi r favore, Now, they po to th.* oth-.-r fel'ow.
I nm nobody.
"Tou hava all embraeed an honarahla r.areer, and
e you to atick to It eloaely. four beat frund
II your cllent 'ilve h!m your h.-^t advlce and
avold polltlca. fif couraa, lt may hHp you If you
bave aome frl?nd who hos reci-herships and ref^ree
nunenta ro glve away; hut otherwlse there Is
nothlng ln lt."
The announcement that the rallroad delepates to
tv.P rer-ent eonventlon at Rocheetar were to pive
thelr reports of the Ktate eonventlon at tho mem
hers' reunlon drew ,v large number of rallroad men
to the Hallroad Branofa Of the Voung Men's Chrls
tian Aaaodatlon, Ko BM Madlaon-ave,, hi^t even?
lng. George A. T\'nrl)urton, secretary of the
hraneh. prrslded. The exerclses opened wlth the
slnglng of the hvmn. "My Coontry. 'Tla of Thee,"
and. after ? brlef prayer, Mr. Warbtrrton tatro
du< -1 tho di legataa Tl a Brai d.iecate introdnoad
waa Jamea H. Dawa n, who apoke on "Receptten
n,,.| Bntertalnment by tbe Woman'a Auxlllnry";
Wllllam Buah epoke on "Tha Oeneral Irapreaalona
0( ,h? Coni '?? ?? E McNelll, on "rer
genal Work " and Henry B. Rhodea on "The Riiil
road Conference." After the reporta of tha daie*
gatea Mum i- B i - ?' ? rhnlk l;i,k ?? thfi
^ ??!?.... people We Meet." Mlaa Colby
,.'i a number of mnj i aopbi on ? la | ?
bl ekboard, and" at tbe aarae tlme i omm.I upon
them. H- fr ?bnn a ? rvi a. Tha Re ep
t)on , ? .. . ...i ,,r Wllllam Van Thoir
and Charlei Dennj Among tho rallroad men pree
,.,;, w',.r.. Prederlek 1 ? |ek t ? ijm??..-'-- of tno
I, of th?
II . - ii l'.n.-i
tr ilnmnati r ol ihe S
E Rl
Orand Central ^,
Sew- V'oi k i '? ntr;\l
i 'harli a L Fra nclaeo,
'v-Vnik .ir..i Putnam Rall
ird. i rdma ? ? it t he
rd Van Taesell,
traln di i :.i her m D lai. and G H
\Vilaon hli 1 traln '? ,:'" New-York.
...... and Hartl ird Ri llroad,
Joseph i. intron ta, for three yeara the pre Idei :
(,t the B'nal B'rlth. I i ? Ired i allrer aer
vtee oi I ? pli ?? ;'- r' ognltli n of hh m r,
head of the ordei The Executlvi Commtttee waa
H>- made
, Huizhera. r tl "? - irer
, r .gral ilatlon, ai ?! wa followed by
'.,',?., mrsh Ih ? Mr. Kantrov itl m idi
hHi r whli ii .v dinni r was
.: . l at the clubl uae.
.1 jam ? A. J ?*??'?''?? ? :-' i ' ' ' '? Btatea
ra, |b ali k wlth the | rlp tl M
forty-1 rth I Ha
taki :i IH ??' ?' ? '' aterday
fflce. al No IS i
-.?. ? k Hla
? ,.t oi the Glo
vannl I '" ' l
? ' . by the
'? m ,iu
at'.i k of pr.eumoi rla.
\ :.: r tabetb Emmerlch
!.. ln the Bupreme < !ourt, yt?
obtaln 1".'."" damagea from her al
iley. for harli ^;
i a Aq lum.
Thorleya ealled
t No nd al . abo il
iWI1 \, .. . . .- her to enter a earrtage, In
? m u'n.>n ealled
... ? atai I yeatei ay Un Bmmerleh teatMad that
.? >arrlagi were Mr and Mr? Tberley, a Dr
Reed and h< d I ter, Adele Bmmertcb,
i pre had drtven .-ihout an bonr," ahe con
ttnued i tbink, la Rlvcratdc Drtva, nenr
General Grant'a tomb, l?r. Reed took a hottie out
of hls pocket and told ma to bold lt to my lips.
ld .i bandkerchlef l ? my noatrlla, nnd i loat
,i tr r.- was ct.ioroform on
' w... ti i rtaralm i.<n'iu
n. \, Ir ^ I wah .i^ k< d .;. ifle:
s i araa kept ln th i
l >\.i- |n in.
? .. l-'or i w
? viol.nt p.?:?? ?
Hei . i hy her daugh
*?" ? ' - ?? thi ti .| poaltlvaly de
roform part of I ? ?
ma to thi ir
' i ? '. ... i . . ., . .
? I to throw herae f frnwi the wln
uoctora were Bummoaed a:nl iie,ur.-d h?r
i;.- *
Dr Behmldt teatlftod thal he ha.i paado a
amli.atlon of th* pUlntlff, ind fouml thal ahe
fc',I ' '' r '? ? :.i?-T?l
riit trtal wlll . ? contlnued i<j-<iuy.
TkM^r (fflw
An Unequalled Exhibit of Cotton Fabrics
\ rn\ I nnnnt i.n-W i store bv anv one llfiC o! goods it carries, any more man yuu can saiciy juugc a man
Y ?hv a,v on'eImnvarSom But if you take any single a&rtrnent as a te$t,let it be the collection of
Printrd Otnbre Stripcd l.awns, at <?c.
Printed Spiral Striped l.awns, at 8c.
Printed Enmittea, at 12;,c.
Printed Madr.is Cloth, 15c.
Scotch Chevioti, !!5c.
Scotch MaJras, 35c.
Scotch Grnttriama, 18c to 31c.
Ameik.in Grnghaim, Cj^c. to 25c.
Silk and Cotton I'laid Madnts, 45c.
Cievioti, 10c. to 25c.
one line of goods it carries, any more than you can safely iudfifC
if you *..
Cotton Dress Fabrics shovvn by the store in questionat this time of year.
The goods do not cost much, and large varieties are comparatively ensily
carried. Consequently the test narrows down to questions ot styles, quali
ties and prices.
We ask nothing better ttan that you judge us by our Cottons. (Wc*d
sav the saine thing Of Silks, but its Cottons this morning.) We placc no
especial slress on the mere size of the collection, although we doubt if you
have ever seen one as extensive. We'll pin our reputation tor leadcrship on
just those three points:?
Style,?Quality, Price
ln sucli a vast immcnsity of weave and pattern and shade. and arade,
its quite impossible to give any descriptiotls. Here are some price hints,
and we can keep you busy a full day lookihgover styles, and never show
the same style twice.
Ma.lr.is, 12/,c to 25c.
Calatea. itriped or plam, 35c.
French Printed Organdie Usae, 35c
French Printed Monsselme (larreaux, 85c
French Printed Organdie Kaye, &7J4JC.
French Printed Cireiiacim- Orreaux, 87)?jc
French Pl nted < ,rgandie Caneaux, 37^c
French Printed Plumetia, 45c.
French Printed Piques, Mc
Printed lri-.fi Dimities, 25c.
Printed ln>h I.incn Lawna, 25:
hmtei Btlk .m.i cotton Mousse'ine d: Si:c, 50:.
[?'me Printed Ortandin, 15c, 17. , 25c
Printed Dotted Swill, 15c.
Printed Striped Organdie, 10c.
Printed I frgai be Raye, 18c.
Printed BattatC, LSjftC
Printed Lawna, 10c.
Printed Cotton Cheviot, 25c.
Women's Organdie Dresses
The Organdie Urcss wil! this seaton increase its hold on feminjnc fancy. No
wonder?is there anvthmg more stylish and appropriate for summer wcar.:
For weeks and weeks past, we have been gathering the prettieat organdie gou-ns
that have blossomcd in the style-market, and getting them together lor you. I he result
is a perfect bouquet ol models and styles,? and each of them IS txclitsrtcly OttfS. Don t
forget that point,?we never do. ?
Somc of these exqmsite gowns are costly,? necessanly so. As a rule, however.
you'll be as pleased with the price as with the stvle. Somc are plam, somc are daintily
tintcd, with summerv floral patterns ovcr white grounds. You can't lind one that isfl t
prettv. nor one that isn't reasonably priced.
you'll find one of the Rov.il Salons on the second floor devoted to a showing of these
costumes to-day. Just as a hint:
At tU M?Hotise tront w.im and ileevea eiaboratclv trimmed with lace btaartjoni and tiny rurflea o( tame
material; skhi with 2-inch ruffle at hem, headed with S rowi of lace mscrtion, with tiny rufflei Inter
Vening; drop *-ktrt ofwtute lawn.
At $.'10?uf pure white; Nouie tront wnist haa clusten of horizontal plaita; yoke effectively trimmed wrth
rows ofblack ribbon velvet; Ueeves with nlaits; black ribbon-edged rufflei intervemng; akirt hai 2-mch
ruffle al hem, c<\p.-A with ribbon veh/et; drop tinmg oflawn.
At 117.80- Of pink; Wousefront waistlrom yoke haa CToas-barsoftJny plaita, over which again aie cros-.
bars of narrow gathered pink aatin ribbon; yoke and sWves with white lace z>u\ rmertion; skirt hai
10-incli naring ruffle, trimmed with cross-W plaits and ribbon to correspond with waitt; droplrning
Qirls' Dresses and Reefers.
Small garments for small girls and small prices, too : but just as
carefully thought out and criticallv chosen as it they were ever ^o elab
orate and costly. Its easy to hnd stylishness at high prices:?its
harder to find such dash and [auntiness and newness, as these little
figured garments offer. It's all in the selection. These are for ages
from -4 to 14,
At f2.75?Of ladv's doth, ln red or blue; double
breasted; trimmed with 3 rows of narrow white
At ?4 73_Of lady'j doth, in blue or red; doubla
bre.iited; uniquely shaped sailcr collar, cut to form
epau'et efTecti; tr'immed with (ancy braid and gold
At $15.50?Of royal blue!ady'< cloth; double-breasted;
deep sailar collar with epauleti ol military red;
belted withsaroe; trimmed with white braid.
At |8 25?A handsoma little teefer of royal blue
broaddoth; deep ?a:lor collar of t.in with applicjue
of royal blue, in fancy design, linished with l.incy
braiding; all seams bour.d.
Second floor. _
At .fi?Of fancy woo!?n platds. in a vanelv of color
ingi; Moajte effecl on waist ofphtn material; ileevei
eapped wi'h same; trimming ol fancy braid; me of
.">0c. ou each increaiing lize.
At 18.26?Ol noveity goods, brnwn, green or tan;
waist is made witn Eton jacket effect; Irirnrned
with rufflei ol lilk at:.! ftney braid; idvance of 50c.
on each lncreasmg &ize.
At $)0? Of noveity p'ods; in tan ot blue; w.iist
rlaited in fror.t nnd made with scalloped fcton
jacket, and deep revers; shield in (ront and epauleti
nf changeable taffeta, covered with whHe embroi
dery; entire waist trimmed with taffeta rut'tles and
(ancy braid; 50c .uid tional on each increasing sue
A Tale of Onyx Tables
A firm that makes a specialty of Onyx Tablei has parted with a!! it had left of las:
season's output, and parted also wilh a full third of the price it had reasonablv hoped
to obtain.
There are 114 of the tables, and we had about fiftv others in our own stock at the
regular prices, which latter the new-comers caused tolook high. So the fifty have been
placcd with the 114, and there's a third saved on the whole lot.
They're good goods. All the brass is solid brass, and the go!d finish is a heavy
?3 f;om $4 50 $5 50, from $7.50 88. from $12 $9. from $13.50
$10, from $15 $15, from IfQ $27, trom $45
SomcNewldcas ^Vg^tJ.
in Jev\elr\. ti;u| though inexptf>
sive rrniments just arrlved irom the skillful
French makers. Very desirahle lor haster
favors. Bnef mention ol a tcvv:
Jeweled H.n Plns, ~">c to $2 r/).
Ha;r Pfcw, with rhineitonea, -$l to ?'W,
Scarl Pms, 14 kjr.it gold, $1 28 Bl 1 ur
Side Conubs, wtth rhinestones, .?2 50 an,4. $3 N 1
14 k1r.1t BrOOCh, Wtth two er.arr.el c!over leav?, corw
nfcte.l by wUhbone set with pcarls, 11,75.
14 kir.it Shfal Waist Set3; slceve links md fowetane;
?7 75 to $21.50.
r?-^ e___ Ab ante-new-tariff pur
F.ne Sponges hj.e at , priM lou. ?,
at binall Cost. forthattitne. Gurtigures
on tlicm will be onlv a ilight aJvjnce.
Thesc are of the finest texture, and com
I pnse everv size. both in natural state and in
the bleached sort. Perfect sponges, every
j cne. (rom a dealer who handles only that
1 kind. Some small ones for a nickel each,
I and from that up to *5. We think no bet
; ter stock has ever been shown at such rea
sonable pnces.
j In tha Toilei 0 ? ln Btore, Tenrr. srreet.
1 0^0 ~ -'-?-- HtMM are three lots of
' JT? ,"r. , ?S belutiful Irish Poiflt Lace
; To Qo Quickly. Curtaira that have been
??. ordered todepart. The quantities are small,
I so we changc the pnces thas:
3 pittern<, 53 25: now $3.90.
8 pattcrns, were $5 5^; now *4 99.
3 pettatna, were $o.7o, now $4 90
I Send your lace curtains here when tney
1 need cieaning. \V'c do that sort of work
well, and don't charge mueh.
Thir.U Ti-ir.
What Sort of We know of 1?coat t0
c ' n ~~~* equal ours at that pnee.
S.?!,,ni^orC?St T%? ? of the popular
Will $12 Buy t ijght jll-wool Covert
cloths. silk lined throughout. well made
and carefully finished; withal it is in tha
latest correct ttyk?a Sprirtg Ovcrsack that
will give entire satisfaction in every pomt,
and the sort you can buy here for Twdvt
. floor, Fourth avenut.
Formerlv A. T. Stewart & Co.. Broadwav, 4th ave.. 9th and 10th sts.
Ohieego. March 14 -The tnUIBCOntlnanta] rate
war ha* had one fOOd afteot and that Is thnt tbe
tranaoontlnantal Bnee have been eompelled to
,-n their eacaaalva oomraUaiona For a long
llma ? iaj hava haea pajrlna al b tlckat, bul at the
n. , ai arbl i they "e now sarrytna the bualneaa
ihjM cannot alflTord to pa>- thi* amount, and they
have dedded that upon ?!i March bualnaaa they aill
paj ' ie normal commlsalon, and nothlng more.
Per .-iotne tlme thr- Weatera roada have heen ha>
urlna upon the ratea to he made for tha Trana*
wiaalaalppi Expooltli n to he held la ?">maha. They
have r. fi rre.i the matter to the om.itia roada, with
the reauaat that they take It up and dlepoee of lt
at tbe earlli il "is ?' unlty. The iii tatlon ln Baet
ern frehrht ratea la beglnlna to ahow atama of im
provement. For d tln* Lelter arbeal kepl tha mar
ket n .1 atate of daatoraUaatlon, u all ol tbe roada
rera ansloua to aaeura lt, hu: tbe ratea offered
w..r,. |ew and were offerad to m many llnea 1 u
tha eompi titton for thla Bpedal lot of arhaat bec tma
leea keen, partleularly arben II beeame avldent
; ,.|-.-r B IB not K"'"* f? ni^ " a!1 ,'1 ,h' "'"
... . .,,,,. , ..... ti.vldence of eul ratea haa
i^nVeaaVTh. 1'- .*. altho b tha
fhe uaual n im ?i ol rumora aolng arou a to
'V-,- h ? or ? lal road la dolng rhe fa.-ts are,
,?:;;.,., ? ratea are belng leaa eul al I ??
preaent tlme tban for leveral montha paal
Chl.ago. Marrh H.-'The Post" t.v.l.iy aajre: "A
new Une from Detroit to Toledo Is to ba bulli.
Work ?>n Ita conatructlon baa already heen bea ?
and it la expected to he linished not later tl
Beptenber 1 neai WTUle the road la to ba bulll
after the noat aaproved pattern of ateam road .
the ,.. -ullar feature of it t? that lt wlll be operatea
by electrtctty. In thla reepect II arlM ba reniarkabla
aa bi-tiig the nr.-t rallroad of any coneequence in
thti ? ountry -o be operated by thla mollve power
??;,,.!.;, ,- Bhaffer of thla elty la tbeomntaer of
the new uHnpani II- haa aaaoclated wlth him a
,;,.... ate bf eapltallata of Chlcago, Plttabura and
Detroti A rtghi ' wa) for the entlra dtetanee
tween the two cltlee namedhae becnaurveyed and
aaeored. and part or the ronta haa been araaad '
phlUdetphta, March 14?Tbe Fhiladelphla, Read
Ing and New-Bnaland RaUroad Caaapani nrai ntort?
aaaa iHBBdbotdere' eommlttee baa preparad foc
mlaeton to tha baMera uf tbe aecurltlea a plan and
acreeaaeni fot raorajanlai lon of thi preparty it
is propoeed to feeeel 1 ? tbe preeeni Brat Baart
and te ereale and laaua aaa aaeurltlaa The leaan
of ihe Hartford and 1 tlcut Weatern Rallroad
i? to reaaain undtaturbed The leaee of tha Duti beaa
County Rallroad la 10 ba retalned onl) on thi
du tlon of tbe rate of Intereai on the bonda >.f that
company to 4'. per eent. I'rovMon Is made for tha
ronetructlon of a hranch llne to or r.aar Bprtngflald
M?s?. Ar?fMmi>iiiii u-i:i t,? requtred ? ? bi pald aa
fo! owa On thi Berlea A boada ie per eeat; on the
Serlei b t>oiii]?, a BOI cetit, and on the COmmoo
ptock, IU pt <cnt. For tli?-.-.c piymenta the new
1 flrat-mortgage bonda wlll !).? glvin nt par
toga. W. v, March h sipreme Courl Jus
: ti ? KillogVi of Plittibura, haa gnnted th.' a.ii
? rondick Rillwiy Corapmj b ippllcittoa to con
l demn linda and extead ln righi of wiy from
North Creek, Wirren County, through the landa
'''?...I >>>? thf in.iiiin Rlver Company ..t Indiah
Loke, Hamllton County, The Adlrondack Rillii ty
| controlied by the Deliwire ind Hud
aon Company.
The bondhoijors' commlttco of the Phlladelpbte,
Reidlng ind New-England Riilroid <ompany haa
aubmlttad to th. lecurlty-holdera "t th.it company
a Btitemenl ind pUui -f reorganlaatlon, tuHcr
u'hl'h the Reorginlsatiofl Committee recelvea
power to nroeeed wlth the forecloaure and ule ..
th.- propert; ind the orirtinlratlon of .1 new eom
roi?**'- ? bondholdera' commlttce i* eempeeed ia
OKOUOB A 1-I.I.H lli;H rOHN W HA.MKK S*^r*
1 nali man, r ,1
A^.-.;,m,.,K %SWx&&"m'
A rn.M.-.-iS,. ;Kss v,,, .. r eeiyed from kfajor John M.
Burke, to the effect thal be ttaa arrived al Key
weai from Cubi wlth a party of at>nut twenty-ftve
Cubin ina irgeni offl ?? ra ind men, who 1 reaaon
of lonjr aervl e, wounde, atc., have airned a for.
lougti through the eomlni ilny aeiaon. They
wlll Bpend the tarra of th Ir furlough wlth Buffalo
Blll'i W-Ild Weit, and wUI appear aa ,t parl of hla
latlonal mllltary tourmm. ni ind congr.
'V'r1;"'11^ ot th. a/orld The rinK antTrVcord
? oyery one of theae men l. itteated, ll la aald ba
]'-\ ? '?? |Mt Cubon a ithorltlei, and their ac
from olonel Codj wlll go to (urther the fro.-.i?,n
n h- Man ryr""v" ?lI:-"1'- *??'? I fnr New-York
on tn.- Mallory I,ui? stc im*-r
A number of leadlng clirarymm of thta elty hava ,
''??: red nd atgned .1 itatamenl commandlng tha !
airn and h,-oP,. 0f tha propoMd InUrnitlonal In- I
?.Him.. .,, b? latabluhed ln Pektng. Chlna by for
")tn '>-i'!'t'tM ot that elty, Tbe Inatltttte ia ,1... I
m 1 ? > ii.-ip dlrect the Chlneaa authorltln in '
idoptini mtiaurei thal wlll open up the country t
commerce, edu. ition ,:;.i mlaal.1 The Rev (111.
1- rt Keld, wha aecured the aanctlon of the Crilneaa
Uovti-nmeni ta tha Inatltute, and who ralaed ftSuM
enterprl 1 ln Chlna. la now ln thla country
ommerelai ind rellgloua orK.miz.nions
in tn<? ?.lii.'mo.
Taunton, Man . Mur.-h 11 ti..? ei^n buadred
oporntlvea of the VVhlttenton cotton mli|:< returned
1,1 k thla moralng after .1 atrlka whlch liated
dve w.. Ks rcn of tha |oom*nxera wiu noi be t-.k..,
? ?<???? of ihi Ir promjn. n c ln the affalr.
< OVBT < ALEXDAB8 /'<'/.' lo i> n.
AaatUata 0 . me i ain ?gnfore \'an iirurt
f J ' 0 Irttn, Ina kti im and M -L*u?n' a .'.'
. p.'..? .<i 1 p. m \. < 4: 4? ia aa v -1 41
M ?.'-? M 11 :?? M U ' ?
Sl'!,""- ? ' . al Ttn 1 rart i-ticr.ira i.ir??rich
J - UoU 11 lalrrdar eallad al 10 *> a. m.
lupraane Cnwrt apaciii Tarm r.in 11 ^t?>r^r? m^hotr
'? . '?-.<.? ... ?,^;
tapraraa cuaii tptcial t?rn i?.i :.i i.?:^4# ??
i v i: -? Denwrrar K* aal Praawiad aaaaai no.
romo Cowrt Bpaelal Tena?Part iv?B-for? Baa
?all, J.?Law and fact N*i '?''??' >" 8**9 ?"?- J3!?
-. - aOT3 60*2 ??'??-' '!-'? 8"M nOSB . ? - 813 B4BB,
610 8224 822.i 623S ? . ?
Buprtnw .'(.in - ii ? v !i*: rt k?h ?a.
J ? a;is#? to ba aeni Crom Part IV ( i trtal, taa a>
ti:-.!-1.- d ., ,.
Buprama ' urt Bpa il Term?Pael U H??>r- Fr. MV
man. J - M'-ti'.ni I I - ' "?*?,*
Buprea . -. ? ' ! r-",r'
;?!-?: rai ad .?-? I ? ,
Buprama C< uri Tttal 1 m Pirt II fi i? J
. p fMTad . .. . n uMM 1524T I **.?>. ?}??
14*02, IS244. I530O, 1541! 15211 1*1*3 H'-'"? \'*2* }:"?'
12810 12811 14522, 14M3. 111*6, 1416*. 180*3, 16301 Ui**.
15X40. Ii2?? 151M I _ .
Buprama Cowrt?TrUl Term Part 111 ? - ' A
-JToa 1301, 8701, 8240, Kl*l T60N 43?1 M82 Ol ' \
?aio. MIB, '.'*"". Btaj B*63 r046, ?????> It )???' a ? ???
Buprama Cocrt?Trlal Tera Part IV Bafora Beebr
Kaver, J.?Oauaea lo ba wni ',r ,-M
BupreaM Court Trlal Teraa?Pan \ 8*l?
..?a ta b? ??nt fr.m Pan III f t tl al >>'* n
Fuprt'ma Cotirt?Trlal Tara*?Pan VI ?" ra M/ '"'*_?
i Cauaaa te b? *?nt rrata Part III I " ?
Buprama Omui -TrUl T?rm Pan baaca.
.t n-,? 6301 ri'.t- BBTa 6421 8861 ?? fje, *'?
I..-.II B4JJM BBBB, BBIO, 8607, -.'?'-? BB71 10*21 '':*? tr"
untlnta ?:. ?,,?.
B prema Oourt?Trlal Term Part vm '?? fjf 'rTr,
mnn. .i Oanaee to ba aaat fr. ? Pan VII ' - !''?- w*"
untlnlahed. ?im??
BupreaM Oaart?Tnal Term Pan IX?B. ? ?? ?? .
Bteeva. J Cauaaa to ba sent froea rart \:: B? aaaai
Bupreau Oaan ?Trlal Term?Pan X ' trora ?"'>?*'.
Cauaaa to be Beat from Pan VII for trlal ' ??*
I n f ed ., ...
Buprame Caun?THal Term H?r: XI Ji-"""
J i-.uaei to ba ?er.t frem P?rt VII I ?-" ?
ttnlohed ,,. ?-.
Buprama Coun?Trtal Term- Part mi
.i Cauae* i. be aeni from preferrod sali ,r : ; ir
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Moi n ealendar called ai WJ. S *v?i,w"L2
i, naa A ralt. *t 3*> P at, N IS60 - . i ^"5!?
? .-? ith ai - M i m Willi for pi ;S?,L
aaaa Della i O'llara. Catherlne Rlpi i '', "r
trlngham, Marla ToWe OirlaUaa Bt?ij ? '"
iv 1" 80 i m Joh ? r !'? -' v>
?ata ?? Poun rrlal Term Bet re An . - - -
day daadar , _
rity i-.-ir-- Sp?i lai Ti ? -i D ?'. ? ' ?'
rourt or>?n? ?. io a. m Mottona tt 10:?? a.
. iti ?? nr-- Trini Term- Pan I?A-1 ' At1m,
i itv i- tirt Trlal Term v*i- II?I - " Ji?
v... '..!>.;', :?::. 241 :'''" !T3, thi b.w a?. W ~?
aen V,-,, ?,-.. ma aa*. aa - na ?>*
st;1 *T3 BT* 878 87<1 BT7, 178 .-.
ritj hnirt?Trtal Teri- P?r( III IX ' ": ;'v -.4
X?, 827 683, l?, aiS. 47 :? !MI 1083 [41 WB. W?
nn 7?w rea wa aoi am --'.?. ai ' an atl ,,?,? aaa
,-,,?. c\,uri -Trlal Term Pai IV l l ra "TJ if.
Bhi-rt eauaae: Xoa IBM KW1 *502 I1I\4I;W ' ?'?'* ?B
1410 BOM. 1543 ^ ?MV, 1311 8*51 8081 f*t gg
nrriH k.umI 8803 aaaa, 4046 UBM 44M ???>? I B am
44 4l! CWar
?ap ? aaa irt
?\ Olaearleh. '?
Potter tigt Btenaafetd Ben ?; v Urtmburaer
Adami aat. Bhaw i2 oaaaal Beon Kr p(
Smiih aat Plaharw-Warren W '". -???* ?
Btaauaai Mulhodand (8 eee?a I ?ard I M can.
Ouatrml iial llart - Jamen T Nl ?
s?i?rr. rd ??t MeTooa Maur ?? B Blumeni 1 ?*^t
Ke? Torb Ufa laauran i 1 mpaai aat BTai - -e~?w"
Bnrlth agt. I'l'*- Otdxe ?' r.i-k?r
Uexter ait r*arrta lo4w N lt-?nn.
iiv Traaa, I
Baaapaa ?a' BTaaBaak DaeM Ta*aaaajB>
i*y BYaedaaaa ;
Baakta aat Taaaee ('*<?***? ^^ C taerltl
Kernochun agt. Hml-.e? Adrtan K. l^rkln.
My r.ln.wt, ?:? . I
Fnrr*li aat. Lars.ni? 1'enuLI MLmh.
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