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?(TMe OantlaauuiHi
"WllMnm UottW waa the BObJed of John ?ira
nam Brooka'a lecture to th* l.eaem* for Polltlcnl
Educitlun yeaterday mcrning. and h* began by
atatlng thal the poet was not ? Boctallat, as he
ca>.i hlmaelf, bul rather an Anarehlat.
?"The, Boctallat," h* aald, "wanta na mu*h exten
eion as poeetbla of atete fuactloaa, and the An
arohtol aa little aa poaalbla Morrla wished to aee
Eovcmm-ntal functi.ina fall awny more and more
tll) aoctety wa.i deK-ent cnou*h to h*hav* wlthOUt a
Morris spent hls llfe. th- leotarer ceatlnued. In
flghtlng asrainet ugHnaaa He wanted to teach peo
pkt to have nothrng ln honor that ?^ noi beautlful
ud iteefuJ ind h^ trted tn every way to pereuade
peopi* that hla idealwaa not onlybeautlful. bul prac
tical He ippUed hli own prlaelplaa ir. h's decoratlve
art factory, and concluatvely proved that they arere
pra^ti-^i hjr makinc i great deal of money oul oi
lt. alth.UKh he was r.ot ilmtng at anythlng of th*
klnd ln ? fictoi oftei worked wlth hla
?v ? haada for fourti ? I Afteen ho.:rs n day,
bul ba aevar wouM ? employea wOril more
thnn e.'srhf Ry thls at .1 by every '?her rn?ans in
hls DOWee ke tltefl ta eraatl n huriR*r for heauty
la the hearts of the Engllia. people. but hla greal
ramedy for exlattng condltlona was ln c<ui*oti n.
He ftialnraln*<1 that th* country would never make
any pr<i*T*ss toward 18 kdeil soc'.ety except by
crcatliiR new eravtnga !n the new srcneratlon
Aa an llhtatratlon of Morrta'a Idea, Mr nrooks
told of a boy wh" ha*1 leirned to do lronwork in a
manual tratnlns BChOOl and In .-r,np*q\ *n.'* eould
not endur? a ple^e of lt Whlch hls mothef brought
hom* fr"rn ? Btora one dl) 1!" told her at iar-t
that lt wouM be qulte Impoiaible for hlm to llve
ln th* sam* houaa wlth tha arttcle, and, though sh*.
oould not c hla feellng, tha had i - I
erablc reepecl for hla oplnlon, ar.<l was flr.ally pre
valle'l r,n to return the purehlie.
Although Morrla profemed htmseif ? pupil of
Ruakln. h* waa "a Utt!* more of n r*h*l." tha 1*<-:
ur*r aald Aaaong other thinjrs, he was ixtremely
uneonventlonal m his dreea Ha wor* a dress ooat
. ? ly Mtea ln hla llf-. nn-1 at hom* mlph* often be
r?*n dlntnc ln ;. flannel ahlrl and no necktle, wlth
bJa erlro il tl other end of th* tible dreeaed likn
h ';.-'-*k j !'???:
Aa proj.h. rs of thi grcap#1 of work, Mr Rrooks
aaild thal Carlyl. R Sdlll ind Morris m!n)it
ba liaird l getheT n twlthatnndlng Mlll'a ireit
unlikeneai ':: temperamenl i i th* othei three
In concludtng hla li ture Mr lii.?? .ks aald that
tha atruggle fi r ealitenci wia r." longer a Btruggle
for llf.-, bul for auperflultlii, whlch nr< In no way
.'.?!itt-i to a l.argfr nnl mora h*aut!fu! llfe.
A meetrng of th* Boelety for roiitimi Study wlll
b* v.e>' ln 'h* clubrooma, tha Tuxedo, F.fty-nlnth
*t and MldllOn-IVC, a* Z o'f'o-k thls afrcrnoon.
Mra i-.miv l Wnkeman win reni-i a paper on
"Wllllam II Rewird "
Th* Woman's Baard of Home Mtaalona wlll hoid
a mectlnp tht* mnrn'np at IOJ0 o'clock. at No IM
A ;?-t?r? on -I-on^on Its Hlstory. and How to
s** It." Illuitrated by atereoptleen vtawa, win h*
.: nint before th* Oood Cltlaenahlp
' Fluahlng, I^ong Iilind., lo-diy
Th* aocor.d l*.-tur* In the couma on "The Mlklng
*f Modern Hlitory" wlll ba plven hy M!?? Ana
Webater WarJ ll th* home of Mrs. Jam?? W.
;? ? ? . .\o i oramercj Park, thls ifternooa nt
s c :.. k
n.w vnrk -\" tli Matlonal Capttal" wlll h* tha
aubjeet of Mlaa Lalla Baldwln Mortoa'; leejure at
th* Wildorf-ABtorli :hln mornlng al n oeloca
U:-s s c. ViiaVlatturaa on "MueJe'a Baglnnlnga"
Mlo'cio k thfa afternpon a* No. 11 Eaat Flfty
fonrt I
Wm \: ?> D .Aeyv ?*'? dellver a fceture or. "Th*
^.., . \r. ? K< (he home of Mra Alli
wij ind Plfty iev
? ? tl.- .-. .!.. it I o'c oek
a gffaaaatle readlng wlll h? piven by Mlaa laidee
V*r* Mi'na at Ihe Waldorf-Aitorla, at s p n*
it lij
The Rev s B. Roislter wlll lecture on "Pirla
The Beautlful ? at th'- Ceatral Preebyti
''fcurr-h, Mirry a d Jefferaon ivei., BroaJtlyn, thla
xi;..;. .. -?- . turea on tha "Bltnatlon
ln ihe rar r.-t" ;?? Bberrjr'a, thla morninf at
:: ?>.. o'clock
An oaen mectinK of the '"ontemrorary. of Tr*n
tr"- N ! . wlll I.* held to-day at th* Trer.ton
Houa*. ProfeaaoT T.'-u.s C. Rlion wlll addreia th*
? ib or. "Seren Canturlea if KngHs'i fionic." whlch
?111 be I utrited by ?onpe
"Wita and Beaua" ls the suhj*-; of Mlaa Mirlon
K CeaaeruoU'a lecture, le be glven at ti-.n h..m* <>f
Mn Wlliiia Knlghi Ma IM Keep-et.. Brooklyn,
tt.ls rr..,rr,.fl?' at 11 o'clock
Mlaa Jine Meade tYeleh wtll begla a m*;!*s of
?a m on AaaerlcM hlitory this aften
th rc of Birnird Coltegi Then lactuna ire
ti of tha Daughtera of tha
Aaaerti;?? Rcvolui 01
a aaeetlag of ihe Chureb f tha MeeMal branch
ot baa Kitlonal Alllance wlll ba h. I 1 thla mornlng |
ln Iha l in h pirli ; ? ? 11 alvi n
to buaiimaj At ll I'elo v Tn ?avaga wl I <.'.^r*-*^ I
fbai mtftlng oi 'Wtiai IVe Belleva ^boul Denth."
rnn pirt of thi all e >men
"Conncritton: Brloa Them Hither to Me." ut ;
tta luhject of a U)k to oe gtvaa '?)> Ml^a Ellsabath |
W. fJreenwoo.-i. tn the chapel of the Clinton Aye
nuc Congregational Churrh, riinton and Lafayetta
nv< Bi k i yn, ihla afternoon at ' oeloea
Chlropean wlll hold Ita Marrh aoclal on Thure
day nfternoon at th" Knnpp Manalon. nnder the
dlrectlon of the rommlttre on Homa ar.d rnuntry.
Mr> Danlel T. Wllson. chalrmar. The suhject for
eonalderatlon wlll te "Tha Art of Uvlng with
A buslne-w and Btudy Beaalon of the Fenelon
Readlna < 'rclo will he held thi? afternoon nt tho
Pouefa Manalon. Th.- followlna paperi arlll be rrad
by tbe dlrector and two ol 'he membera: "Bonl
f.-ice vill nnd Phllip the Fatr." ihe Rev. Joaepn r.
MeGlnley; "Llterary. Renalaaanee. Petrareh and
Boccacclo." Mlaa B. Reed, and "Chaueer, Father
. ' Engllah Llterature," Mlss Devlne.
A mectlr.g of the PurTraKe Asso-latlon Wlll he
heid thls afternoon nt Wllaon'a Parlora No. isa
Pterrepont-et., Brooklyn. The rabjed to he dis
cueeed ts "Frienda of Work for Women.'^ Mra
Kate M BOBtWlck preslden* of the Womar. s He;
pnhllcan Vnton Ixrague. wlll speak on ",I'c",1i>"'
nnd I'r. I'hoehe .1. B. Walte on "Polltlcal Stud>.
The monthly ronference held under the auaplcaa
of the Charlty Organlzatlon So^iety. In the ns'em
bly hall of the Unlted ChaHtlea Rulldlr.c. wlll he
addreaaed thls mornlng nt n oviock by the nipht
Rev Dr Henry C. Potter, Blshop of Kew-Yerk,
and by three of Ihe headworkera of soei.il settie
rr.rv.'n of the clty. BlshOp Potter wlll *penk Of
? tflement Idea; Jamea B. Reynolde. of the
fnlveralty Bettlement, wlll dlaeuai the Bettlement
ln Its nelghborhood Inlluenre; Mlaa Kbiaabury, of
the roiu-pe Bettlement, wn apeak of tbe Fetfie.
? ... ? |n [ia relatlon lo women and chlldren. an.l
Clarence OordOIl, of the Baal Pide Houae, wlll tn.k
nf the Settlement ln Iti relatlon to men and chll?
dren. The general toph- for eonalderatlon at the
monthly conferencea of whl"h thls is the fourth
for the preaenl s^nson. Is "The Evlla of Pauper
l = m " .md ihe poaalbllltlea of rellgioua nnd eharlta
? ;.- organlaatl na In orer omlng them The ron
ferenrea are held on the tl rd Tueaday of each
month and ar.. under tha dlrectlon of n speclal
commlttee, of -whlch Mlaa K tte Bond ii ehnlrmnn.
Mlaa Mary Percy Haakell la an Amerlcan nrttst
ho la reeelvlng apeclal honor ln Taris She ha*
?eently been deeorated wi*h the grand eross of
I the Order rf the Melualne by Prlnee Ouy de Lu
i algnan as a token of appreclatlon of her tnient ln
? tli g an exquUlte mli lature on porcelaln of
; .1,. prlnceaa di Lualgnan The Jewel l? ln dark
enamel nnd gold, with the nrtns of 'he royal
i. ... tt ne Lualgnan In the ccn*re, and Bur?
-..- by 'i k lo crown It Ii attached to the
roraage i y a blue and whlte rfbbon.
Afsemhlvrran Oale explalna why no speriflc ?p
proprlatlon wlll be made for ihe Jamv."a Stnte
Normal B hool thli year Buch a deluga of re
qnc*'* for money eame from all tho normal achi ola
of thi Btati ? . itlve commlttee declded
? ? ,. ?? ppropriailon, leavlna the apend
It.rr ol lt for arjeelfli purpoeei to the Btate aehool
ofllHalx Mr '? ' aaj : Jamalen arlll aecureenough
,,' ? |i ,-.;.i , ' ? ' io flnlah the work of RradltiK
th.e c^hooi grounda nnd approachea to the hulidlng
Mlss Arna A Gordon wlll Bl once prepnre a
btography of Mlaa Francea Wlllard, by reque*r of
the offi^ers of the Natlonal Woman'B I'hrlstinn
Ti ?? ' ? ranca Union. No one Hse pan he nn well
fltti I to .! ? ?' as .Vis.- Wiilnrd's '-"nstent companloti
for the laal twenty yeara Thla arlll be the only
authorlaed :;'.- ?' Mlan Wlllar-i, and all peraone
havlng letters or oth?-r materlal of Intereet for It
are Invlted to communlcate wlth Mlai <;ori)*n. Her
? b la H ??' Wlndaor, i 'hlcago, I1L
Mn Mary A. Llvermere leclured in.?t evenlng
r.pforf? the iVoodward Inatltnte, at Qulncy, M.is^ .
on "Earthly Immortallty." The occasion was the
reiei.ratiin of Founder*! Daj
Mlss Heater Alway, who waa at one tlme a mls
Blonary ln nr-tlve forelgn aarvlee, nnd Is now v|e?>.
princip.il of ;he I'nlon Mlaalonary Inatltute, wii;
glva .. talk on "Indla" thla evenlng at the Bed
ford Av.nne Baptlst Church, Brocklyn
A re; r.rt hns )U8l heen publlahed Of the Alumnin
Bettlement at No. tH BaBt BeventT'Becond*at, Thls
wa? founded by the Aaaoelate Alumnaa of the
Normal College .ind has proareeaaed >.o fnr in ita
work in klndeigarten afternoon and evenlng claaaea
tnnt an eir:: .- i-.- report wa; fotind neceaaary.
Duiing i.et.t a number of promlnenl worpen, i
among whom are Mrs. John .Tn'-oVi Astor, Mrs.
Llvlngaton, Mrs. Bloane and Mr- L'llrlch, ara
g on Th : adaj ? ? ? s.-w for an !
. -.:? be. lunch, f->r Bellevue Hoepltal, Laal
1 liuradai ihi mpai tl ??-. . t Mlaa
Leaiy, No, :< Flfth-avi and wen entertained by
aoi t.-. rei ????-? : b) Barl Qullck, a llttle lad
ten ..-ars of an<- one of ii:'- chlld wondera of ihe
Thr- boya of lo-day, wlth thelr never-endtng round '
rd outdoor amuaementa and aporta, ara tometlmea
it Bore trlal to thelr long-aulterlng motheri when j
etormy weathrr ir.-vini.-. thelr golng DUidoora to '
p.'o.- a | ? .1 way lo amuae a boj in th>-?e rrnor
genctea la lo lei him make a barometer 'I ?.'..-? ?..i
T.ot or.ly Iniereai him fot ihi tlme belna i
i -. provi uaeful wi.eti he Ii plai tig hla blrycla
trip ' r tramp abroad oii ? hollda) i^..i him t',,k?
a ptit of aleohol, and pui Into II a quarter of an
ounce each of amphoi raltpetn and ammonla
?aitB. ,.,.:.fn .-.'I Ii thoroughl) dlaeolved lei it i.<
poured Into a rather long botl e, ilght y corked
and aealed with wax. to ea lud tll air Pui lt
oinsiiie of tha wlndow, on the n ?; h alde of t; '?
houae !.' poaalble, and teaeh the young man t.,
h...k for the itigna of change ln ih? weat her In ife '
ci rstalllsail * i whl .. are pi d
ff the llquld la pi ' -tl) lear falr weather may
ba looked for If II - dleturbed or cl.ly, it I- n
?lgn rf ra n if lownj r..?.-??? ? form ln thi bottom,
? ? ? r at ' ? I ler ??. ather, la lo bi i gpi ??
;. : if ? ? . maeeea rlae loward the top II arlll
i-.- ? ??'?? Btlll Thi formailon >f llttle s:irs ln
luld !a n algt f a hea atorn
'ii . of the lateet addltlona to the varloaa paro- '
phornalla lhal go to maka up a popular pink tea
are luanpa of pink and whlta r<>- k candy, aareed
with the beveraga 'h?t "cheera." Thla li an Rna
I ah notlon, and n is rlalmed tt tl idy la
n.-.-:-. j rer than that whlch la found ln other forma
of augi . and thi-??? fora it I. i ? be ? omtnt nded At
i :, ni tea of :'i>- popular tlnl there ?'-r?- piatea
. ' r...i roui i i tea overi -i wlth thli h
. ? - ln whli h were atui k polnti il a ? ?-'?? n tooth
i ii nuttci na '? tlni pennant ofroaeate hua,
Th? effecl it. i ? >m1 Inatl n wfth the polUbed oM oab
t, ??;.. upon Whlch 'he r. frc...'?u.clit!? ?tie afcl ujl |
wa?> axuaaaolji plaaalnti
A Fnw or tittt, MANY B00X1 OP ic''" RaV
TTON U5AD9 THE i.ist
Pev*mi "topir? of spe-'ni intereai :o tha orgentaa*
tion vrrrr dlacisieed nt tl-" m?ettng ot ihe AhllfWW
Aasonlntlon of Rut**r-< IMatltUta nn.l C SltHre. h*lrl
yeaterday -f-r-nion u* No, 89 W< n Twcnty-ntnth
at TN prlndaal petnta deelded upoa al the bnat*
ncaa meetlng w*r* the advtiaMUty of laaulng new
copics of th* conatttutlon and bylawa, and the ap
polntmenl c ?*v*rai commltteea pro um
Mra, Jennle da la M i nsler reeommended that
th* Itot nf namea of offlcera be printed *n ?.-rnra'*
lcnflca. whleh may he earilly Inserted In the
pamphlei of the eonetlttulon, but are nh*o eaally
extra*t*d. -o m.-k* r<^m for new onea n< '
npon th* ehange of offlcera Sueh lenfleti are !ri
us* al Boroate, ah? iaId, hnving been ndopted rr,r
thiny y*nrs of triai ns to the beat meana of ivotd
irp uameeenry ^ipw?" in prlntlng,
a Itat of mf-mb*rs. aiao prtntvd aenarately, mlght,
Mrs Loater thoutrht. be necepiaMy Introduced ln
a atmllar way a motlen mi de lo ndopt ll la plfn
waa <-arri*d ind Mr< Rlchard Btom offered to
defray haif th* <-T;.<r?* of getting up thi new
pamphletfl and lp.atVts
Th* offlcera appolntad pro t*m. were: Receptlon
Commltt**, Mra. .1 I>. Hlldlch, Mrs C-ldwell nnd
Mlst Btlllman: Audttlng Commlti e, U - Emma
Frhr.rdt and Mlaa Cntherlne J Pryer; tt ? Com
mi'f* Mra ?' >hn Bti nton.
Mra I 07'*- then reee an I aiM Ihit, a- t'.i* *hnir
mni of th* genernl Alnmma Aaaoclatlon, aha
would like to r^rnw attentlon to the General Ped
erntim cf Ctuba, to be heM ln thla elty ii Nevera
bar r,f'*t, nnd tothe fael thal n proper repri ?
tior. -f :s* dlfferenl alumme aaaoclatlona mlarht
be mnd* r. pteialng feature Mr. Reuben P dd
gavo sr-m* ; artlculara of tha late meetlng of preel
denta of N*w-Vor': elUhl !n ponneetlofl wlth thls
matt.T. wh*n lt v,-is deelded thll Ihe Borough of
Mar.h.ittan ahoutd hold Ihe eonventlon fr :n So
v*mh< r I t.> 4. In Inalve, ind that Brooktyn ?hou:d
not be oh:iif.vl to rontrlhute tn th* expeneea !n*t
dent to th* nfrfulnii.
The auhjeot of th* dnv wris theri taken Uh, I a
pr*al(,.*nr n?kinjr ihe memhera in turn for th*Ir pa
pora on "Books ..f 17 ' Mra .'ohn Btinton antd
tha-. whnt wlth elub aei mni I.ka eh*cb :" nka,
R.rr..-*rv ind butcher hooks, and newapiper an.i
macnrln* rea n| lewa and - > 01
hardh find tlme to read n hook through. and eould
not apenk of any of th ia? thal bive appeared ln
th* !ns; y.nr
M aa I . ?? 1 Id tha ?? ? hegm to lo<k
aho-it for th* "Booka of '97" ' thal tb ?u>
iindi h.id been publlahel, ai 1 Bhe feli il II
would be m n Imposalble taak l ? aeleel any apecl.il
or.* on whlch 10 Bpeak. Bh? had. however, aa er
taln*d that the *r*a'*r number ot th* publleatlona
w*r* *n fletlon, ind thn! pafrlo'lsm s'--*m*d th*
fsvorlt* rheme
Mra. Dodd aarc a ptaumd of "Quo Vidut": Mlss
L*wrencc dleeueaed :>r Nanaen'a "Firtheat
North": Ml?^ YVoo.i told the ijood potnts of Klp
linp'a "Captalna Courageoua." at. 1 the preeldent,
Mr? \'nn<'*rpor?', 100k up "TttUB 1 ' the Croaa."
At the next meetlng ot the aaaoclatlon, to r-* hcld
tr. rhe aame plice or. th.^ ae*on.l Mon.lny of MlV,
"Hotis*k**plr.K fii-^ Ifom*rcaklng;" wlll be th* topIO
N'carly flv* hundrecl wom*n *onsr*gat*d at the
Mothers' Congreaa, hcld yeaterday afternoon at tha
FrlT.d^- ,S*mtnary, No. 222 F.a-st Slxu-enth-st., to
Uaten to n.Mresses on th* "Moral Tralnlnp >.f r'hll
dr*n "
Th* Chalrman was Mra Almon Hensley. nnd Bhe
Introdurcl Profcaaor Pella Adler, who apoke for
nearly three quirtera of an hour on th* moral
asp*<^t of .-hild tralnlngr H* cont*r..!crl Btrongly
that tho Rlbl* should b* read In th* puhltc a*hoo',a,
and idvlaed a earaful eou/ae of r*ading for chll
| dr*n that in*ltide.l oortlona of th* Old and th*
N*w Teatamenta nn.l aoni* ..f th* popular chll.i
I rorr.ance??.
Mlaa Thompson, an Instnictor ln the Boaton
lehool of Oratory, pn\* an tnt*r*?tlr'.B f!ff**n-m!n
ufe talk on "The InflUenci of the Volo* on th?
Conaclcn** of th* f'htld." She clt*d cas*s that ha.l
come under her own oheervitlon, dpsorii-'-.
pirtlculirly?thal of a little n\s\ who, iccording t 1
ner mother, wn :he peraornrtrntior. of everythlns
? ? v.n* "dteobedlent. dlanapeetful *nd unklnd.
II*r flrst m^ottnR wlth the ehlld ^h* deecrll d wlth
miny geaturea ln this v.-.iy:
"Mother 'ln a hiKh-pitch*d voice)?Adeic, come
h*r*; I hot>* you wlll mln.l j-our t*a^h*r; you'VI
n*^?*r mlnd'-d m*. Mlia Thompaon, this la Adele,
"Pniing thla tlm* A.l?!?- htnl her mouth t rewed
up and looked at me wlth dls.T.xln. so that when w*
w*r* left alone I f*!t I nnd to f**l my way care
" Ad'l*.' T aald 'do you l!k* to r*<-!tr-:"
" 'Naw:' from between nearly *loaed tceth.
?? "YJo you BlngT
" 'Naw!'
" TMial do you doT
" 'Flay.
" 'Do you l!k? lt*"
?? lEn?
" 'Adele. I want you to oprn your mouth wh*n
you tpeek.' I aald nieifintfy. 'nnd I wmit to ir*t
you lnt*r*st*d in tlilnirs thnt you wlll enjoy. I am
to h* your t.-.i !i.-r '
After deicrlblng her m*thoda of voir* *uitur* ind
ot gontll tlrmr .-.=". wlth her llttl* pupll. Mln
Thrnnpaon leilared tha* m ten leaaona the *r?t
while r'fraot rv -hild *.\:\* entlrely > hane*d, and
d*v*lop<--d a Bweet apegklng rolce, Ihough h*r
mother never forgol tn thrsw up h*r hnnd-. ind
d**lar* ilmwi every tlm* they met nnd !n the
chtld'a preaence "l never rould do anythlng with
h*r " with all of the dledaln on th* "h*r."
Mrc Almon Benale) followed wi'h a talk on th*
dutlee of par nta thal was llatened to w<\h cr*nt
Intereai r^::" aild, among many other tl li r tb il
th* adnsre "When poverty comea In al thi door love
fllf? ou4 a* th* wlnlow" Is M fllae as Ihlt boya
mu?t aow thelr wild nita Hleh Ideala Ir marrlaae
nT(. Kt<u no-att-i.-, sh* aald, and when mothera t*a*h
thear daughten to look lo noula and mlndi for
h'nppln*?p. and not to m*r* phyileal heauty. fh*?e
ld*?la wlll he reallied.
Th* Rev Dr. IMnol Bavige conderaned th* ptibllc
achooi bo.-aus* II attempted . much li ten hea
too muoh and eompletea nothlna; li iaea ro
that th* chilil who cannol remaln lona nouith to
arraduate la often unahle lo wrlte n 1 rdli ary !*tt*r
nrcoerly he Bild Th* achooi. he di -lared. 1 I
nnk? boya and glrli Bl ? eam in hpneal llvlng
tnd to caal an hon*?t vote, and houid Im ilcati
htri*t mora'.lty nnd trutb wlthoul arctarlanlain
"II wai .? wli mi 11 who .-aid th-u a rhlid cinnot
ba too pirtlcular In th* aeleetli n of its p 1
Bdded When we Invlte a ehlld here w? ..r- aa1 re
aponatble for the rmt*om* r.f our 1 I hb ili a ia tnai
avery llfe -.hali be good aa f?r as He can m I
no 1 never knew a fither or mother who dld noi
lt* to th*ir chlldren."
Dr Sn\'iP' *or.d*mn*?l phyaical punl?hm*nt. aa>
Uui thnt when a ehlld f*ils a lle II 1- Blmpry l?s
mcans of defence, belng the weaker ine. He advo
cated n careful moral traJnlng by llvlne wb?t tne
ehlld was uk l '<? Hve ar.d by treatlng a rhlid not
aa nne'a property, but aa Ood'a precloua pi ? He
aald thiAe would noi uae ih. ehurch mli ??? <*?
pn.v!n? hocmae he thoughl lt waa a moekep r^r ?
fither to "glve iway' hla daughtcr aa If ?he were
a nleca of property. Inateid of a free and ratlonai
The next eongraaa win be h*n on April 11.
Mrs Henry -I Qlelow gave the fourth of heijjrrlea
offlv. Lentenrea Ingi ln I o Aato. ?"?????
,he Waldorf-Aatoria yeeterdaj al 11 o'c^ck. Th.
.ubjeei or. tht. occirton wa. Charlea Egbert rad
dock and Ihe I
Mrs Olcl, ? | re an Intereai ketch ol h*. per
. .., axperlei ea wltb tt* Eail Teni ? ?
r thelr ,u?ltl??
om ihucklnga nd r-maahl .?
sv,e rave in imualng aeoounl of tha mi
braakdowna. or -wilkab. ihey c.11 them.
ahowlng ihelr quilni 1 I "><? ?< "???'?
? 1 muilc whlch eonitita more of Iho rora thin
,nitrUmentil The natlvaa uae an Inatrumenl for
whlch Mra Oleloa ?? ? ? name, bul the
h.t .ffalr 1- Mlled "tarpalchorean" f*stivitl*s.
Th? u? aieltra gavi t ?*" <' Mlm Murfree.
of how her , ' " ner wh'" ",|:"'
Murfree bul n eird beii the 1 n:* Charlea Bg
bert criddock admltted hei The aditor In turn In
? | fri*r.ds to 1 dinn. r glven Charlea Egberi
Craddock 10 anjoy tha k>ka whleh wia (Inl teno
cently pleyed upen hlm
'i ,.1- ?? th dher a ' '?' - '??
. ; ? , . rtten Hn an ipprecl
; ? ... . m were M. II warJ
,' , Id Mr" Howland P01 I Mn Wi lam Hawn.
\ ' m,v Bank Btacy, Mla. - D mpae; Mra.
Wtfllim M M.'- 'I1 ' ' ^.
,>,,'- Iwell, Mra Oeor ?? H B'lnklei . M.ss
0-mI?*nitronei m ol Mn Ql? loa are Mrs i; ?i 1 a
PrV ? PMra Jnm?? B n M ? ' >?ra
DonaldMrtenn Mra ? 1 ? >rj Bibl Mi Ma
SJmh Anderaon Mra Franch Rawle Pemberton.
MT. BuHlvn" Mn Robe, :-?? 1 ? ;w Mra l; \
Hanaan Mr- Bugene M !? 1 Mr* Edwird V.
'V m". w. llam Mi - enberg Polk Mra
u' 11 in. H Pryor, Mra Henrj H Barnea. Mr*
,.V,,'. ,1 ll Betiei M" ?'"""??? '- :;" '" M
lullua Cntlln M'- ??? W ' ,,l'1;,rrt, Mrf;.M ,
i- 1,,,,!? . 11 Mra V. inur M 1. ?: dlai Julla
';?;,?.. Mra Hoad |r.. Mra
Klnaolvlnr Mr. ? th L?w Mra
,.,,11 Bulllvan Mra 1 liopkli - n Bmiih Mis. May
Itoi k- Btacj ai ; Mr- Hi ni Falrfle d Oal ...
Mra .'.i-i.w w.ll glv? her flflh and aai readli ?
Momlny March -l il ihe (Valdorf-Aatorli ll 11
,',-, |,,.-k' Bh "? 'I '??'?,' for hi 1 lublecl ..t thn ri b i
,. ,;. 1 .';. ii- and hli crcuie dlaleet, aad ?citc
ttoca fn.n> 1 uul Duqbar.
rjnnp CHPrCR.
iT.iv? v"n ii'' '< llMneaa abowaT
iv... it aa.
?T*r?? not r^-- '??' >"" ",r,r*
!??> - II ' ii
T^t It \fw\ gOWfl i'i? >?nrs.
'?J i.?; it wii? aamher'a ttera
Tl I l" i'->ai-ti rIt? 6>ed appeaaae
Paaa II ?a
?"?onpvt;r! --.tio"* h.ive hern reeetved from Mrs.
M F! Kldd i: I MarthmaM, .1 ? Tatea, Mlaa
Fannle n-.nlnn, "A WrvMir." Mrs K A. LeWM,
"Berkeley." .1. A. Dutch, Mrs. 9 C. I>e, Mrs. s
rternateln, Mergarel Hamll. H F. 0 . Mrs. Bpencer
Biekmond, WlMle Former, Mrs H. Btone, M. B.
i Mr-. Kr.ima C, nnd Miss trenc Bordaall,
Mra 3 Mulllgan, E. M Volekmann nnd "Ea
Bmjt-In "
Th" followlng rontrlbuMon* have been sent ln: A
pn!r of v-rlstl-.'-. nr'l Kister leafleta, from "Derhe
lejr," :i Bcrapbook of prose and poetry aeiaetlonfl
from Hnt;!e Q. Wnro. or.ncrllcd etnmpa from B.
C. I.e< . forelgn cramps. arlthool n name, nnd some
from O. 1 Hrenr
Mrs Frnmn C. and Mls? Irene Burrlaa I have
each ser.t K as IM .lues. 10 he uaed for 'he pur
, haae r>f Raater rerds and to dafray rxpressnre for
th.- T B 5. work ., ,
Mra R M Volckmann aent 'n eentB for a llttle
erlppled boy; magaalnea. t lotter and enrd. .rom
Iicss'e Flnk. hoa of readlng mnttor and B from
0 M . of .irrs"-- Clty; boi of riik and "jivet
pieeea rtbbon, fancy work Roai and patterna from
Slrs B Mulllgan
Mra. Mattta E. Oarnmona, an tnvalld fannahlna
member, who hai e-.jffo--.-i ftr aevernl yeara from
nplnnl dlsense nnd pnrtl.il parnlysls, haa heen
broughi from her home in Provldanea. R I . to
this clty for treetment. Bhe la iccated nt No. no
\v< it Nlnety-aeventh-aL, and wlll te g'ad to *ee
any Bunahlne membera. The daya are long wh?n
one la helpleei In hed. She arrltea lo the preel
dent-Cienernl "Will you klndly thank Mrs N'cr
j ten, of HlghtetOWn, N J., for violefs th.it wel
corr.ed me upon my arrlval here''"
Mrs. Oammona Bxpreaaea her gratltude for thla
Bunahlne rourteay in Ihe lollowlng Btanaa:
Thanki for thy flowi i uldil not bring
A Klf; ?" gr.iceful .<? I ao Bweet;
lt gtve* my eyea new llghl to greet
Thrir fragranee and thelr lovellneae;
To breathe the!r i.-Mm and let them prrsa
Ro iofi i nd .i on llpa and brow.
- .? may Ood bieea th< i do now- -
For I've forgot my Buffertng
PreeWent-Oeneral of the t. ? B.: The booka so
klndly glven hy memberi of the Bunahlne Boclety to
? Bl ir of Hop* llbrary are ihe followlng: "Lottle
Bamea,.ralea of the Whlte Hllla." "Pltehar of
Cool w.it.r" "Llttle Meg*i Chlldren." 'Hed Letier
Daya" "ElBle'i Kith and Kln." "Orlmm'a Palry
Talea." The Llttle Bchoolmaater Mark," "A Llttle
P . rlm." "The Changed Croaa," "Leeturea to ChK
dr.-n," I'ottle I>imple .it Her I'ltandmothei -.
"Strlve and Thrlve," "Martha'a Home," "The Bh ea
of Fortune." "Tru* Talea." "Auni Kltty'a Talea.
"The Coronal,.r.psv Turvjr," "Probable Bona,
"Blaek Beauty." I wlah the donor* of th ?e booka
mlght know "how mueh the chlldren enlpy them.
Thanklng you ngaln for the aunahlne they have
brought, I "am elncereiy youra,
V. C. FURRY. Ubrarinn.
Amonp the summer's lavlah store
Each heart knowa aome famlilar flower,
Deareal of all. whoae mbtle poarer
Unlo.-k.-i. wlth fragrant key. the <loor
i if memory, nnd walci agatn
A bygone Joy -a bygone nain,
Bo keen, so sweet. that daya long dead
I.lve wlth Intenaeei llfe once more.
And we, wlth rremhllmr f->or?teps, tread
The unforgotten waya of yore
Ah' other Itowera may fui^er r>e,
But these alone. unfadlngly.
Our voi.-h, our pjst to ?:- reatore.
Senf by E. C.
Wlll dorne T. B. S. member exchnncre "The ITome
Journa'" for another magnzlne \v,*.h Mrs. A. Marsh.
No |M Weat Blghty-aecond-et., New-Yorb Clty?
Many puszl--s bearlng 'he nani's of noted men
have been publlahed; th? followlng enisma tella
- methlng abotlt the famous Englllh atjtesnnn:
a word of five ayllablee.
Mv Mrst and seoond are wh.it Oladston* llkes.
Mv thlrd. fourth and flfth are what he harej.
My whole. F.iid alowly, Is wha*. he would llke to
.Mv whol<\ pald quh-kly. Is where hls enemtea
would Itke to put him.
Ser.t bp I H W
The anawar wlll he pubiished M.irch rs.
Wlll O. M . Jeraey Clty, plaaaa aend to the ,itv.^^
full n.ime and addreaa?
... ?
IT fcfAKER ARRANOEMENTfl for tttf r:\
The \ew-York Bodety of Keramt' Ar's h"!d a
meetlng et the WaMorf yeaterday afternoon to ar
rai -? ? for th^ exhlbttlon o< th.-> Matd mi League of
Mrneral Palntera, whlch wlll he glven ln rhe w.ii
riorr. under the auaplcea of the New-Tork aoclety,
< n May 4. " and 1 The proslrl.^nt. Mm?. Le Prlnce,
prealded, r.nd after the business s-sslon Chartea
Vr.ikmar. chalrman of the Bxhlbltlon Commlttee
and proprletor of a New-Jeraey pottery, told how
... prepan model capa and aau en for tha lla*
m-.-id mri.il competltlon. Hltherto, It se^ms Ameri
r.m k iram ? artlata have tontented themaelvea
wlth decoratlng thi modela that forei^n artists
have made for them, und tho ttxhlbltlon Commlttee
tl ii ?i it is time they arere begli nlng to m ika the r
Mr. Volkmar aald that the prtnclpal thlng he had
to aay waa thit maklng a model dld not i
..n enormoua expendltura ai w.is luppoaed
It had been rumored that the roai waa |6ft, bul -
would undertake to reproduce modela for membera
ii - ?clety for f:> All thal waa neceaairy ums
, to Iraw a half-aeetlon of the cup, ^.?:,c an Idea
! or the deatred ahape, and maki-.e i' one-aeventh
! lurper then ihe dealred alae to allow for ahrlnk
Ing .:\ flrlng, and iend it ??> him. He w-o :|.i tiK.kc a
plaater nidei of it. and return II lo the artlat,
who could then bulw up wlth mode llng wai nr - it
o.it wlth i:'-',r .!'. n" '-1" pleaai i Th model
ahould !?? aulted, he eald, for elther i -:-r,;.:.- or
an elaborate tlecoratlon, and 'he drawlng ahould he
,:,,.,.. in |nk, ?- Il makei narrower llnea than pencll.
Among thoae preeent at the meetlng were m^s
Corlna I'.jbt. prealdent of the Jeraey Cltj ~
of Keramlc Arta: Mrs. Worth Oagood. prealdenl ?.'
the Brooklyn aodety, and Mra Hamllton and
Mra Fltch repreaentlng the Boaton ao lety Theae
w... .. ii wlll report Mr \'. iKiti.i r'? i.1 ir- -?; 'o thelr
r. -;.ive loctetlea, and w:K irce membera to eom
pete for the med.il
Tho benefll entertalnmenl for the New-Tork
ii .. ijiold Bconoml '. n Frlday even?
lng, March M al 'he [nduatrlal Bulldlng, prom
laei -o be of unuaual Intereai A chetee mualcal
programme by weii-known arttata wlll open the
entertalnmenl ?' Henry McKInley, tenor, la a con
.-.-r: ai.l thurch alnger; Lewia Wllllama, barj
Ii ? member ?f the Nordlca Concert Company,
and Mn J K. McKlnli r. who a at thi plano,
la pr;aldent of the Phll n letj
Followlng ihe muele there wlll '? trated
lectura wlth Btereoptlcon, on "New vork, Hla
,?ri- and Artlatl , ibe audlen e wl I npi bi lakei
, , i| through the bi -? kr, ??-n t ?l >na of tha
'll,. bul wlll he gulded l - m inj If ' n "tlng pla -ea
hardh known excepi ie tha denrtena ?>' thoat
?','u .'i w-lll be called to mn-i) Intereatlng hls
> ,'ri ? fa la and the iliustr.itlv.- vlewa, orlgtnal n
... ? ,,.,.... b?en Bpeclnlly taken to ahow the
., .cp.-r-t of aome of tha bywaya n.? w^il is
ai'tt rarrtlleve. thi. lectura
wMlt antnitruetlve prepnratloniftM harter Day,
no few people
, mueh aboui llfe tn the
;'* /,,'.- ' ndWeai -Me, Mu h Intereet la belng
'?. , ?Td Mi hundred tlcketa are alrea lj
... . ted hat one tl iuaa i
.,->,,.] meettnaa will bi beM to-day m the
rilatrlrtn of New-Jaraey. A.l women Inter
, . | w :;., walfare of tha pobllc aehoola wlll at
tood the meetlnaa and us.- the rlghti of iul
lUI retnaln to them. if 'he amendmem to the
. ,ut| | . yoted upon by Ihe pi ; ? laal Bep
tcmber, had been carrled, they would have regalned
th.. rtahl te vote for aehool truateea, bul alnea ::
, . lefoated the w mirn bava galned no new rlghi .
but tbej itt atlll, "f eourae, rntllled lo
w. , ,. ?... raaed befon nam ly, of aer Ii
, truateei if elected b> the rotei i f men an l
I ..,i!..- n a.1 queetl na omlng befora the achooj
meetlngs, si h the ^ii^-.- exceptlon >>f v nlng for
ihe electlon "f aehool Iruateea, rhua a inwn a
d to voti for a tas, for the i^su ng >f :
x, ,h i. irman or te er >t i ineetlna *nd to
: r BUch ofllceri In a w.irl \\!tn the exeep
i! .ii l?n noted, they have the lamc powcrs as lucn
?i iL-tiDoi meatlnga
Th* BoHety nf n**orat!vn Art ?-avo n mo?t ng.
[ c*fsful a.il* and *nter'alnrnent y*?t*rday after
ro.>n nr.i evenlng -? th" Ifotei tYaldorf. Tfeketa
f..r th* entertajnmenl w*r* all gon* a w?k airo
i nnd purehnopr-" begjgn to nrrivc b*for* th* jrooda
| arri. nnpacked. Thes* were all the work of t'ae
poclety, don* ctthrr In lt<- own wcrkrooma or hy
ccnalgnora, and rnnalated of emhrrldery. orrT.f'.
i tid l*a-h*r work. spanic!*-work In th* neweal
French d*sljrns. rlhhan-work and Italtar. *ut work
Th* rlhhon-w.Trk. perhaps. n'tra.-'cd mor* atten?
tlon than nny other departm*nt. It ls r,-;p of the
aodety'a Bpeellltlee, and. so far as ;h* mnr.n(T*rs
know. Is rot don* anywhere *lse It la *xtreme:y
<'.'."\ ull work, for n dlffcrcnt h!t of r'hhon muil h*
us*d for eacb ffradntlor. of rolor, and ev*ry Btltrh
mua: h/ pul In th* r'sht p'a-c ihe ftra* tltn*, as the
Bllghtesl pun^turc of th* ne*dl? leivel a mark
Th* ribbona uaed are manufa'ctured f*r th* pnr
po?*. nn.l s~,mc ar* so fln* that th*y nr* *om
poa*d of oniv ? few threade, Rihion-work enjoyed
gr*a: fivor ln tb* flm* of Mar> AatOlnettl, ind
the h*?: plcces now :n ex;st*n"e com* from 'hflt
Th* Itillan rui work wiialio much a.tmir?d and
ro was n llnen buffll *ever wlih a borler copted
rroni rh* "Book of Kella." a ftft'i -entury irlah
piilter. Th* cut work waa Introduced Into th*
aoeiety'a workrooma by on* of th* managere, who
h*r?*,f 'auch; :h* flrs* i l-ias.
Tha evenlng entertalnanent lejcnn atto'cloek, and
conrlated ol tibleiua vtranta, an.l a puppel ahow.
wlth recltatlona nnd mualc to fiil 1n ihe Intervata
D* i.nn**y Nlooll isted aa announcer, and the r-as"
m-.nae*r-' were Dr Holbrook Curtla, Btanford
Whlt* nn.l Peter <-.v>n*r Hewttt. Th* tibleiua
pr*s*ni*d were "Four Beiaone." by r"ai<ii*ott; "A
Plcture," by Aubrey Beirdaley; "A Btreei Beene,"
by U'olf.-. "Bha Btooi to Conquer," hy Abeey:
? "Th* Cinnlbali," by P. <?p;>*r: "Tour ln a Pir Off
Land," b) Glbaon; "A Plcture," hy Leacb; "A
Bachetor'a Dream," by Glbaon, ar.d "Th* <"oorr,"
by Kembl* Mra Praderlck Oebhard nnd ner ahv
t*r. M'.ss Morrla. appeired as :?n of the "C
Th* charactera In "The Cannlbala" were taken by
Bradlil Johna n, Jr., ogdm Blahop, Uvlngiton
Hoyt. Bar lay Kountse and Johnson Llvlngaton
"Tour m n Fir-OQ Lind" wia rapn luced hy Bld
ney Bmlth, Mra. Archle Pell. Mra J Dynelcj Prln e,
Mlaa Buck, Mlaa Horlocker, Mlaa Clara irvin. M'ss
Conitince B hleffelln, M:ss !,** and Mi?s Bmmet;
"Four Beiaona," by Mlaa Ma id Hall Mlaa Zabrta
kle, Mlaa McCullough and Mlaa Bercha Munde; "A
Btreei B ene, ' by Mlaa Patteraon. Mlaa Ruth Aeh
more ind Mra Baall Brevena: "Bhe stoops to win
quer." b> Mra. f>* Lancev Nlcoll and Munaon
Morrla; "Thi Bnchelora Dreirn," l>) Mr H iw,
Mlaa i: Kmmet, Mlaa Rogers. Mlaa Oray. Mlaa
Bprague nnd Miaa Bhaw. ind the othera by MIbb
B*atrli Hoyt, Edgar Fnelpa, Miss Rogere, MIbb
Emmet Mlaa FJale Brown, Mr Peabody. Miue
Morrla .fo'.r. N'l .-.oin?. Derald R*nkird and Burr
M ?Intoeh.
Amon.- chiracterB r*rr*?*n:*d m the puppet anow
w*r* Mme Melba, Mr Onu, Edouard de R*szke.
Jem .!?? Reaxke. "The Olrl from Perla." Othello,
"The Olrl rtrom New-York," Mme Bcalchl and
"Ike ' Elnateln."
The iffili waa I cbarge of the ofti-prs and rcn
nfr,Ta of ihe BOcletv who ar* as followa: PreBldeat,
Mra. Lewla Mvlngiton Pelifleld; rlee-prealdenta.
jjr, * r. Btom Mra Th mus B Young, Mra.
1 Franeia P. Klnnlrut, Mri Fr*d*r1 R-.f?,rB|,?;
chilrmin Needlework t'ommlttee. Mrs Aleaander
' n Bhaw; aecretary, Mrr Carl Behefer
Mnnaifrs Mra. Aahmore, Mra Franeia MeNell
Bicon Ir Mlaa I'hauncey. Mra Oeorge Erneat
Fihye Mri E M Peli, Mra Henry B. Ooodnow:
Mra Frederic Ooodrldge. Mlss rtiaue Mri. W. H.
Hirrla MIbb Hoffman, Mrs. r W Ireland Mrs.
Rlchardlrrln Mlaa lennli e?. Mra P A Johnaon.
y ^MiriTrei Johniton. Mlaa Kema. Mr. Oeorate
W Kldd Mr-. i A. Lattman. Mlaa M.m.i a.
t.. ? nd Mra R 1- Ma Duffle. Mlaa Antolnette JY,
Ma"n M" Henry Lewla Morrla. Mra. Jamea \\.
Plncho Mlaa Bhaw. MIbb Bturgea Mra. Prank K.
n,u?e|a Mra Edward M Townaend. Jr Mrs Jieob
Wendell jr! Mra Charlei W Wetmore and Mrs.
Prancla I'ana W'inalow . ,
hr,V celebratlon of the flfrh innlverairy of the
. ; w,j aerved to all rWtora^
Mlaa M B Ford'i lecture a- Bherry*a reeterday
. mornlng wii ? rontlnuitlon of th* theugtit *on
?Idered lant w**k "Po*s rommoi-aena* <;o wl-h
Couplet-Miklngr' iptly aapreaaea th* queetlan that
; the epeaker dlacuew l
if Bny ona In th* audlence had ehertahed a d.s
itke tn Brownlnra "Bordello." or lilled to apprehend
th* meanlnga underlylng th* lymboHama, tha e.?re
ful alueldatton of th* aubjeet by tn* apaakar couM
not fall to Klve genutne enltgtitenment
From "Bordello" the lecturer drew rh* eeaentlila
of po-ii* llfe reveallng beauty. but wholly nnfltted
. olVI if.'.'y aft*r the mann*r of the man of
A poet'a llfe was traeed hy th* lecturer s-*p by
r- .. from thi eirlj percoptlve eri, when Imag
,., (n.ec;:.. ininlmite objecta wlth i * llfe of
: | muI, to hla rude iwikenlng when
, the ictuil contltett of llfe, where
beauty cluhea wlth utlllty
A re?um# of "Bordello" was si attraetlvely pr*
l thn by d*Kre*s was dcvelopad a concep
tloi, 0( the poet'a reeJ mlnlon to gtan to th*
i id.-.-iis arhlch become th* aoul of a.-ti m In
men of the world t.ik* parf.
Throughoui th.- talk th* eontnai wa? ^"yi?
wrouzhi oui heta-een the poet, who reeda tlie hi.ah
;... ia ?' rtumanlty, an.l thi practleil man of
. (.-,,r] closed the or.n.'er*n-p by dwelllng brlef
i n a modern 111 i?tratlon ln r*al llfe "hc c*re?r
of the lll-fnte.l Edgar Allin Ro*. declired to be
\ nerlci'a moal orlzlnal genlua. our one true poet,
If we are to belleve ahat the French and Knsriish
"Hls lif*. fr. m th* atandpalnt of th* man of a~
tion was a f.iil.ir*. but from the Btondpotflt of the
,.: r i-iaton was a noble auceeia, beciuae, il
Ihough hampered by po\env. mlaconceptlon and
... '.. ridlited the lljrht most n*ed*d In
our new 'IvIUiatlon, an i hli genlua ls recelvtng
? recognltton " , ,
?: irnur. 1 Ooaae'a trlbute waa quoted and Ita ln
pight ind generoua recognlflon of Po*'s clilm to
Immortillty were eommented ai^n.
\'*\r Mondaj Mlaa Ford wlll begln the laat a*,
tion of the l.enten eourae. Th* BUbJeet wlll he
"Mieterllnk'a Method ol Interpretinn Ufe."
The Bedford Polltl ll Rq'.:a!lty I.*.i(ri*. of Klnsra
Count] waa beneflted by an antertilnment gtven or.
Iial avenlng ll the hom* of Mr. and Mra. Tnlhot
Perklna, No I I Jefferaon-ava, Brooklyn Th* *n
tertalnment was plinned by Mrs. Talbot Perklna.
and tha proRramm* IncSoded the followlng num
bers: An eaiiy on "The Tw*n;i*th Century
Woman," dellvered by Mlss Qertrude McKiy, hy
r.-.t ica ; rocnl aoloa bt Mlaa Eatella Uiwren ?-. M!sa
NVIIIe Hiri and Mlaa Laura Merrin: plino boIo. by
\: . |.?? Lawrenci . ilmo duet, by the Mleaea
p ne Hithiwaj and Margaret Parker, and r*<-!
tattona bv Mlaa ')r.\'-o Dolon, Mlaa Bleanor Crift
.? n May Merrltl Kifreihmenta arere crveu.
The i ? dfor I l ? ague meets monihlj ai ii
0f K raunder. Mr i' D Itickatarf. No. M2 Jef
f, r?. wlth ai uteod <?? H ich meetlng o.
[rom elght to one h indred Rs objeel la the er.
franchlaemeni of women, and Ita memberehlp thli
,.. ..-,1 fr un fort) two i li ety. Ita
;,.'..;' . ,.r Ident. Mrs R r Talbot Perklna;
:. , , . . Mra Prl Ua :> Ha. kai i?;
.. -. -,.. Rej Mlee K Wi
Mlaa l.*ah V Chkiuplne; ror
?? ?7 \nnd#.EudUorr,tMI.. A
,..,V Mlaa Idi A Cnfi and aud w, Hiaa a.
1 em fi _._
Thera waa a full Bttendanea yeaterday afternooo
B, tha meettna of th* Preebytery In the Plnl
Preabyterlin Church, Plfth-ive and Eleventh-at.
L-?u,uil intereai attached to th* meetlng aa II was
auppoeed thn the alloged heree, of th* Rev nr
Arthur C MeOlffevt. of tha Unlon Theologtcal
Bemlnary, mieht he broughl up All raeotton of
the aubjeet, however, *a;. avotded.
Tll? [.,., i., john R Paaton siunin*d hla ac
eeptanca of the paatorate t>f the New-Yort Prea
byterlan Churrh, and raqueeted tha* ornini-mi-ii^
for li- Iniullitlon be mide il the n*xt m.-ettna
Th* piitoral relatlona of Dr Caartaa i. Thoaapeoa
(,, the Madl on Avenua Preabyterlan Church were
I , red, Beveral apeachai of r*Kret at
. . Thompeon'a ?;Hin(r up the paatorate wera made
oy tha Rev! I>r John Hall. the Rev Dr I Baicom
;.i .thera Tl.mroUtee to reporl on the
,.t ,n^ i{?.\ : il ? vYlldi, of the Beventh
i : rriurch, ?as repreaentad by tha u*v
\>r \ 1' Atterbury. who i*p.?rted that Pr Yi'Uda
Id remuln undlaturbed ln h.s paatorata A
l il) pr.-???ii.-o IO Ihe Rev. Milton H. I.ntmne.d by
the Firsi I'nion Rr*siHt*rian Church, Lealngton
: d Elghty BlKth-al , was a.-e*pted Mr Little
. i haa for aome tlm* been ,i .-hnpel prra.-her ln
\\^ Vork Preabi'tery. but thla wlll be hla
,.... ;t.. wlll be 'rata!l-d ,n Aprll or Mhv
Two overturee t>ff*r<'d hv th* li*nerul Aaeemblv
were conaldered al th* meetlng. Th* flrat. niving
iesalona "eatcluelvi aothorlty over the worahijj
,,f rongregittona, iii.-lu.Hni th* aaualcil "ry'<*'_
wia anawered ln the afflrma tvg-jfrfg*g* "g
?trletlng th* manageaaant of temponl iffa.ii. wai
j anawered ln the neatatlv*
Af Dnly'B Theatre. yrsferday a'fernoon. an aodV
ence nt falr atae llatenrd fo an aeoowat of a paa
elon play prrformrd by Atisfr'nn peaa.inta. and
looked nt pletures of the same It !s underatood
that efTorts hav? been made recrntly to tnduca the
v<!li<i;rri '.f Oh?r-imm?Trnu fo srtv* * ?r.*.-tftl p?r?
forananee of thelr play for tha purpo*?s of photo
grnphlr.g It for the clnematogruph but they ara
so Jealoua ar.d ao zealous In guardlng ?he!r play
from any use ex. ent thnt of he fulflJatent, every
I ton yeara. of rhe VOW made twa eentllriafl and a
: half ago by thelr aaeeatoea, that they ?nuM not
henr of si:eh n thlng
But ?he peaaanta of Horitz. ln Boaanarla, wera
I wlllng that pl.-fiires of the'.r play should he made,
1 and fheso plrfures were shnwn at Dnlv'B yeiter
dny In B srnse. the pnaalon p'ny of HorltB la
older thnn that of ObaiBBBBBefgBW and ln n aenae
it ;? not ?o old Klraele pJapa have he?n an in
i ItltUtlOfl Ir the RohenVir. vlllape fcr w>rn centu*
1 rles thin in t.m Ravnrl.in o-,e. but the pt.v- now
exhlbltad MI the r-rer-r. or'g.rntr-1 r.irlv !n the
pre??nt cearnry it ii ueafatmad at liieguMr aa*
tervata, and nt llaTareni ihnaa the older t:iiraeie
pl.iys are kept up. The vllhige h.is u large play
houae The ptctoraa were tnken nt ? sp i :il per.
forrr.an<-e for th^ purpose last lammar, wh*>n the
i p'nv h-id to bo done out of .'oors, n? the prnper
iighr for phototrraphlna couid not be oh-.air.ed ln
the theatre.
A'.'-nrllnK to the mann?-r e,f |ta klnd, thla play
tnkes aearty all day, ao that it la. of eot:rre, pos.it.
ble to show only a srnali part af II wlthln the
' time> pormltted for a lectura, Rieh aelaetlong
were shown. however. na to g|v? n pretty 'lear Idea
of 'he scopc r.f the r>for, nf rep-odtirine: In^ a-'enee
I of the pnsslon The effaet cnn beat be aunimed
up by the statement that Horltj nppenra to be a
icn?pr OberBmaaatajaa Bat Ita piny ta ni*o more
prlmltlv*. nrd hor.c* nenn-r to what theae
mvs'ertos were when they were p.n tnattturlpn all
' nvr Europe. Thls la shown In the rider atage
meehanlsms. in the attampt to c.iver a greater
nmount of Serlp'ur* hlstory. nnd ln o*h?r wayi.
, The movlng plr-tvtr's were c.,m nendntdy clear. pre?
srnti-.K somctime* ?'?er.es of conat4eraMe dura.
Mon. The descrlptlve laetUN wns rtivrti hy I'ro.
fessor Krnest Lacy. of the Phlladetphla High
S-hooI. The leeture nnd exhlblt on of ptcturea !?
to be repeated every lar for ihree wei k-, at il
a. m , nn Mondaya, Wedneadaya. Thuradaya and
Baturdaya, and at n p, m. nn TuAS'!i\i and
i Frldaya.
Wl.il.im Frerlard yeaterdny momin* con'lnued
hls courae of llluatrated leeturea for the benent of
the ?'hapel ff 111 Fre?h Alr Misslor. ot Wallack'e
The.itre. civlng for the aecond tlm>> the dlseouree
on -The Frvnch Revolutlon nnd ti.e Brnpire." A
new- leeiure, on "Mountnln I'limhing '.:. Bwltanr?
land." wlll be alven thi" afternoon and to-morrow
mornlng. an.! tho ln?? of th.rlea. on "A ??j-.-Mng
Trip Through Bcotland," wlll he oftered <m Thura
day afternoon nnd Frlday mornlng.
flirr'tt P. Bervtaa'a i?etur? at the t.yeeum
Theatre, yeaterday, w;is on S;..i:n: The l.nnd of
the Bull Flght and tho Alhambra." A elight
c'n.inge hns been mide ln Mr S.-r\.ss's programma
for 'hls w-erk Thla mornlng he Wlll npeak of
; "p^ter the 'ireit nnd the Maklne of Ruaata.' To.
morrow the leeture wlll be in th* afternoon, at I
nVlork |n?tend of !n the m> mlng, nnd the Biib
, jeel wlll hr "The Romam-e of the Rhlne," Initead
' of "Oreeee." as nrevloualy nnnounced Thuradaya
I (..jMp.-t ts "Napoleon Bonaparte." Frtday'a lectura
wlll bo In the afternoon jn "Parta: Tii?- < 'apltnl of
, Faeh <^n " f>n Baturday mornlng the lectura on
I "Wllllam Teli nnd the BOOianCO of the A!ps" wlll
I be repeate I. ?
Rlchard I.e Ca'.llerne talkerl .ird resd to a small
A=s.>mhiy at the i.ve-.m The.itre yeaterday after
! noon. Il|i sublect was "The ftoro-.d Coaalmj Jf
i the Idea!" At the sime plnce. to-day. al 3:.W
p m.. he will reed aelectlona from hls wrlt'.ngs.
Another F <i * was played by Bhowalter paatae*
day at the Postal Telegraph DalMeag as the open
lng of the alxtb game of hls ehamplonahlp cheaB
miteh w-Uh Plllabury After the slxth move. how?
ever. the gim.e departed artdely from the fourth
g,im? of the present mateh. nlthough resultlng In
a slmllir manner. On hls s?venth ttirn yesterdaf
Bhowalter eaatled. Inatead of aevaloplaB hla Q-ieen'a
Knlght, and I'lllsbury's Klng also wer.t under
covor slx moves enrl|or tl-.in in the prevloua
Queens Pawn opmlng. Blach at once pushlr.g for*
ward hls Q Kt and Q B PaWM
At th'lr eleventh move l'awns were e?changed,
glvlng Pl.iek an Isolated Q R Fiwn ns an effaet
to hls two Blshops for Whlte's Kn'.ght nnd Bls'nop.
Plllahurv'a P.iwn at Q B 4 then eerved a^ a mnrk
for Bhowalter'a arack. and wlth II . . . R R S Rlack
gave lt up ln rx'-h.inne for White's Q Kt I'awn.
The nlay ai thls point resulteri tn a whol-sale ex
change of plecea. from whl. h each player emerged
with eejual materlal bul wiih Blshcps of opposlte
The adv.intnge of po?:tion. however, wns ln favor
of Whlt.v who w.is nhle to oh'nl.i an er.trance fot
his remalnlng Rook on 'he levenih t'.w. from
whieh poaltlon he w.is 'inali\ dlaloilgad hy Black'r
Ktng But IVhlte eontlnued io hold a ccrtaln tu
on Black tl!l the thlrtleth move when M w-at
evtdent that r.e-.th'-r elde had stifT1ei?>r.t force at hla
dlapoeal to force a win, when draw waa
a_-rer.I io,
rt.-or.-.- Plllabury, I; Shownlter. I; .lrawn. J.
The teventh game wlll be played to-mcrrow.
The ?. ,,re
1| i ?fe
? e-s a> ;4;mi
k A i i i
I JL I * I
Q k W
k k ' w
& m Wa
'* <//,M
i \ \ m
Whlte fhr-valter
IBKtaP BaRi 24 n Kt 4 n-QJ
Pi lt x n w KtS(d) XI 0 M I K?I
i: k ij n 3 Q a Kt P i''i i: 9 :. (fi P-Kt s
|8 y lt W ? Q !?) 2T B O I P?Q R 6
la k i: x q k ? - h 26 M ii T ab K?K
:<> i< n 2 K B 2".' K QI R?B
21 K-K2 K? K 66 r Ql B Kt 4
a ". I! 7 I! x R ?'i {
?i. R x It B Kt*
a Tj thls p-'ir.t ?:milir to tha se^inj anl twentlath
aamei if tha prevt ?? mateh
' ? laat mitch Biaek p.ayad
ara 10 n K- 2 IVhita ntlntitng 11. Kt u II 4 H?B;
? ? |. q Kl ? K' Q 2 1-1 'J K- 1 B n S. 14. P?Kt
r. ? Kl I *'-?
,.,-;;i , . . ? ' laada l ?'?' !mh!ii? pr-iepecta
wlth uaeven Blahapa, irheraaa 14. P u r, |?ada to Imai^
MI nr ! Milhl -.-?-- - H P ll t; ).',. r x P.
,. i i? : ? ia n n i ia r >i k- .. p ? p. 17. p x p.
H n ?> H H l retalnlng tha pawn. anl thr?a'*n:ng
10 n y ?,. |B R H 1 :'. R ' ?l?h a ?h*ht ?d
.,??!? (nr rt'.erU. Whttl haararap, *?uM have "on
?rirt ??- ? ?-. ?? IS P <v ? H Q 2; 1?. I<- B 3.
ij K' 8 i" R n 2. p n 3. er
II BjMter :K?i-. I* Q Kl 4, lt. -i 1* 2 9 x P. 16,
j> i) 4 nf rhlrh in? IVhlte ?>-m? -?-lr.nie? ^hancea
. -, tha QaeaB'i alda Of arae, If 16. II x V. 17. R?R 6.
' u K .' 16, '( B 7 ii4 a ?' -
.M-e-i-h if i? j x r io r r 3 ia! wine.
.'. M, B Kl ' K B '.'T R Kl 4 arlth tbe mtea
?!r- -.f r:'-r<r\K ts the K:?s ilde. t*\-? Whlta rml
?? nn'nc ehaneea, ?V?t?i?. nf-?r th's rhc ??m? '-?- m?a
a lertaln Irnw
? ?
I^ir.don. Mareh M Th? ehaaa mateh of seven
games no, whleh was Kbadalad to h? piaved he.
twe*.n ihe amatour ehanapton of Oreat BrltabBi
At?i?? Burti, -md ti-e pnrlaian expart, II lanowaW,
, rnt pe ronteated, bi tha ptayera bava heen
tinnhle to narec upon -. i rr.s 1. Is -hou^ht that
. | ifacti r- nrranaementB ha.i be*n ma<** nrii'.?t
p'gy woulil bealn at the Brit|?h r'he?s rpih ln thls
clty to-day.
The eatlOCtton of pnlntlnga ?f the late Henry 8.
Van tHg h, whlch Is BOW 041 ' ihlh'tlon nt the Flfth
1 Avenue Ari QaRerlea, eonabata of many old and
modern palntlnaa of the Frenen. r>utch and Eng
llsh echoola The anle wlll take place on Morch II
and 16 \a II ls neceet-ary to aettle Mr. Vun Olgch a
r?tnte. everythlna aaaat be aoid for whatever It
fiam Plng I-ee. Chlaaaa ag?nt for tha Canadlan
Pa-in.- Rallroad. and Mlaa 8hon Quay Chlnn wtM
hr marrled In the Clty Hall to-day by A,ld?r,B*?
irtiin S Ueagan. the clty paaaangwr agent of tha
I'aiiidian Paclflc Rallroad The brMe and brtda.
-??, wUI be ln Chlnew coatume and the waddlag
Ei axpected io be a brllllant affalr.

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