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ACA^KMT r>r M'-<; a.-.:. Tha White Keotaar.
AMBR1CAN TIlF.ATUn n.lK Mr???;? . . ._
Sunr TMKATItK- s u-V.hat Bappaned lo9mm.
BmunWAV THJIATIiK- '???:. Tha HUrnmyman.
CAMNu?*:10?Tli* Telrrhon* O'rl.
DAI.T-? Tltr.ATrt! II 15 Tbe rn?n,r?_?Sa and riae
BOBN MI ?KK Waa V.vr..v Grand l '- ????? """
BjmXuTn&ATItE ?:W T^5 r?"?S%?Sarl
OAKl.y.N THKATRI s is Tb* M1M'' ?' Mlnlater.
gnfe^!nV, MaTntawell.
?fjrrf'TnKATRR- l *; ?"\ S?^J ?cu...
fSSk^^^T S=SSK lantama v,r, Th,
Tre* of KiMwrle.ta?. HlU, ; rto rrnno rt'
ei'al. ?^r.? aMtvm ? 1,'i-P'ti'llt nr ,h#
0?rn>?n Pi III -1 h ,, ? varlevllle.
?Sm^? ^,^^:r1'i^J?E^li^
jjntm to ^^^"J^^^^v
-C*" ' r,.. | nn saiea. dff M
narr-...??:ii ^Wjsarf::::::::!!
A^jr^VAri:: - iVb-tbi::1] i
r^-n v sii.. tl 2 Jrt lieaetaa......??
Wanted .? ? 11 '?
Bxourater.a ?? .11 - ' Ratee.. 7
?jrp*an Afla .... 9 . s I I
UneincsG NrtlCtf.
RrdTTop Deafej and Offlca Furnltnra.
Great Varleti 11 Btyla ia ? Prt ??
No. ni Paji ? ??_
Carl H. Schultr's Watllled Carbonlc
!? th* ben llble ?at?r. _
IWBjKnt Chribj aUhtaat
FOREION.- Tha membera of tha Malne Court
of Inqulry inf< i.I) ' >neult< I ' work
aboard the Mangrove; anoth r unidentlfied boaj
has been taken from th. wreck of the Malne.
=?- The wif< "f S ? ator Thuraton al<
tx.ar.l the >- ht Anlti ?
Cui,ft i Marquia of Ballfbury hu
eompelle : bj llln. to turn over the bu
of th- Bril Foreign Ofllce to A. J. Balfour,
Oovernment ... ' ln the H< u \ f Comm >na
-K ahl] ? ? ? ' ;>""?- ?'-! left Auatralla
on th, Bt< unci Ban FranclM i
bbbbss Relatlona between the Oovernor ind the
Cabli.it of Newfoui lland are eti iln I on ac
oannl <>f the Oovern. r'a refuial to ?ipn thi R I
way blll .'. one. ? Wooll Joel, nephew and
txeautor "f Bnrnev Barnato, waa anol and
kilio.i at Johannt .ui B ith Afrlca, by a
furr er - Iditi i ?
formoney Mr Joi I I id n fun I In the Houae
.-f Commona Mic. Davlti lal I ui tlona ol
the Oovernment i giutllng the relatlona of the
Dnlted B( it-1 ... ? G
CONORE8B B th branchea in aeaelon ???
Fanai.- Tl ? | i 18 na,i irlal Invi atlgatl ?n
into the Malne dlaaster wa d; a num
kjgr of bllli vi '>'? "1:" Provld
Inp for the eonati ' ' v '? ?'?r:'-."
etattere. h ? ? ' !i:" '?">' w,i li""
voled to Dlati Icl of i ? im ? lualneaa
DOMESTIC Thi Btate Departmenl recelved
Informatlon of the d '9th of tb wlfe of Benator
Thuraton, of Nebraska, al Bagua la Orande,
Cuba ' Th* Navy Departmenl purchaeed
the two BraBlllan crulaera Amaaonaa and Alml
rante Abrouall, built by the Armitronga in Eng
land ? Beni ?r EllBU-orth Introduced a Wll
at Albany lo abe lah II ? preBent New-Tork Clty
Rapid Tranill Comnalnion and authorlae thi
Jfayor to appolnt a blpartlaan commlailon in
lt* piace Ti.e Democrata of Rhode laland
nomlnated Danlel L. Church, ot Ttverton, for
Oovernor on a local-laiue platform The
praildem of the Btati B ird of ("harltics r*
ports unhealthful condlti ma exlatlng In H<v.?
vut Hospital, New-Tork Clty. = Th*
butial aervlcea of General Roaecrana arUI take
plate In Loa Angelea to-morroa A dla
pitch from Beattle aaya thal the Btlkeen Rlver
route to th.- Klondlke la anowbound, and that
many people are returnlng.
Bpectir-n ippolnted lo examlni ind reporl ?
merchant i lered to the Government for
U88 aa auxlrlary crulaera nrganlaed and began
its work. 11 tai hmi nta I artlllei
*-ere sem from Porta Wadsa'orth and Hamllton
to tnk?> charge ol thi nea guna mounted at
iaanflT Unnk It ? lhal the Contracl
Cammlttee of the Rapid Transli Commlaalon
would reporl fi i ili featurea of
tho Manhattan Elevated Company'a appllcatlon
for aattenaloni. The revlval meetlnga con
ductad by Dwlght L. Moody, the evangellat, al
the Qrand Central P attended by a
large numl" r of i eople both In th-' daytima nnd
in the avenlng = The * nnd
athk'tlc tournamenl I i ralae funda for th?- monu
rnent to th* lat.- Adjutint Generil Joalah I'or
tar wia begun al Midiaon Bquare Garden. ~- t
IHirfka were atrong and hli ei
THE WBATHER Indlcatlona for to-day:
Falr and colder. Tha temperature yeaterday;
Hlgheat, M. loweat, 44: iverige, BO.
Spanlah and otBer Europeaui papcrii even tho
most aerlous and gotborltatlve, cuntinue to dls
cma war bttwoaa Um Unlted Btatea nnd Bpabi
na not hnprobabla, and to apecnlate tipc.n tho
cbauces of SpaJn'a reoalvtog ald from aagna
otber Europoan Powar ln a conteal whlch would
othorwise be hopaleaa fr >m tbe baglnnlnaj.
Thelr nct eooeluaioB on th ? sul.joct is that
Spnln ehi/uld bo carafnl not to begin tho war,
but to throw that onus tipnn Iba 1 "nitod Btatea,
For, they argii". II Bpaln be Ibe afgraaaor she
wlll get no hajp from any one. but if aba ho tbe
object of Amorionn gajarreaaloa abe wlll got
ald. That, on the facc of It, acema not imeonnd
reasoning. Hut tbt addendna wblcb is nutde
to it deprlves !t of all COmfOTl to tha iiiucli
vexed por.insuia. AM mny come lo Bpaln, they
aay; but not froin Oreal BrlUln Dor the Trlple
Toat lt wiil nut come froan eltber of thos->
6otircr*a may Indeed be reckoned oertaln. but
the nlteraautvi is that it wlll come from tlm
Dual Allinne..-, ..r from oBi of Ita membera,
That l? not a reaaonable eipajctfttKni. Praace '.s
by nncient tfadtUon ai.d bj preaent coadltlon
oiif* of tliis cotjBtrjr'i wanneat frienda Ber
oxisting Govarnmenl ;s rapeclallj friendly to
u*. Her Interesta lle on the alde of eoatlnnad
Maadablii wltb na Bhe la a republic nn.1
therefore haa rio aentlmantal lucllnatloa toward
bolKterlnR ui) a monarc'iy. Bhe haa batfl pre
paring for more than ? quarter of a onatnry
for i war of revenge agalnai Germany, ami
ahe does not mean to gquander thoae prepara
tions in aa oafroltful war wlth anj mm ehw,
laaviig beraell Daeanwhlla es^oaad to anoih?*r
ajroahlng blow from acroaa the Rblne. No; the
Gaiiic Cock wlll noi lieiu bla old friead and
eomr:ni?-. the BagVa, in any aoch caae aa that.
Ruasln. too, haa kaBg bc.-n rc.-Uoncd a frhnd
of thls country. and iu-r matorinl latcraata ll
the preaent day urgeinly requlre that ahe ahaul
n-maln one. Bhe haa for yenrs baan arm*d
agalnai both Qraat Brttau and tha Trlple Al
liaiK-. .ind will aot, onleaa compaUed by attack,
axpend ner forcea opoa another objact Bhe
h:i>. moreover, vaal en arpriaea oa havaal in Eu
rop?-. Aala nnd Airtea auffldenl to ocenpf all
her attentl aa for aome tlme to come and to een
ploy all the fofcaa abe aaa apara from noma
BaaleaKe. lt ls not a Dralvable lhal ihe w !>
taanMrke tha enbataace ln Turkaj and the B.ii
kans, ln Ll - nd In Chlna and Cotag, f,.r
the most teriMOlM ' il Sdowa bl AaaaTtea. And
the aame reasona tl at woul 1 keep one of theee
Poivfi> from t'.-ing lo war wltb tha L'nlted
ttatea would reatraln them both together, They
wotiid reatraln any ol tbe _. ? P wera of Eu
rorn* from auch a eovrai
There art, moreover two other eooalderatlona
which mnst not ba i rwriooked whfeh would
reatraln any prvdenl Bufopaail Pawag anve one
| from maklng war ngnlnst thls country. One Is
I that thelr ooonn oommeroe la fnr prenter than
I oura. and would thereforo stift'or far more from
1 the ravagea ?* war. Tha rjther Ii that it w?M
bo naval WBT, Ifl whlch thelr shlp* would have to
Bght tbovaanda ol mlrra awajr from home, frrnn
? dockyarda, from coaltng Btatkma, from repalr
BhOpa, from any baee bl iOpplhai, wbUi "um
would i"> In home wateta, wtthha bbbj reach
: ?f all theae thlnga. Bampaaa ahlpa arrlvlni
j bere would Bad tbemaerrea arlth empty oonl
; bankera nnd no eoal obtalnabie urt by Bgbtlng
for it. An.i la caae one of them waa dlaaMed,
! in battk or otherwiee, tt wonld luvre no harbor
i of refuge, but would ba hTedrPinabljr loat.
1 Tii.-ir oim facl sboold, and donbtlaaa would. ba
Bufflclent to glve any Boropeaa Powar patiao
before eaterlag upon a cunfMcl wlth tho Padtad
Statea, pnJeea ander IncompBitblt atronger
provoratkm than can poeetbty arlae la Ibe proi
ent rnso.
Tho emlnently aana attitade on tho pront in
ternatl'-nnl QOCBtlon now Bgltatlng tho puhllo
mlnd whlch cbaiactertaed Dr. Lyman Abbotfa
sermon on Sunday mornlng cannot fall to havo
? good effeei on rba many who looh to Mm
for llg] t an'i leadlng. Dr. Abbotl baa been an
advaaeed homanitatiaa, an advocate of arbitra
tlon. a thlaker whosa fear of nn eaatly aronaed
warllke aplrli haa led blm to apeak agalnsl
eztenalve outlaya for mllltary purpoem Aa
a mlnlater of religlon and a worker for dvU
?/?!? ,ii ,. baa aoughi lo promota Natlonal aalf
reitralni and mternntlonal g ajdwlll, and aome
timea h:s utterancee bare been Impreaaed into
tha aervlee of thoae wboae Ideal of a paacefnl
America wai an Impotcnl Amerlca, wboae
Btandard of decenl Amerlcan dlplomacy was
an humble aereptance of wbal Europeaa gtotaa
nii-ii wera gracioualy pleaaed to aajr.
But I>r. Abbotl hlmaelf evtdently haa no sym
pathy wlth the anwmlca who wonld ba glad ro
clalm him aa thelr own !!<? wonld not joln
them .u any new Hartford Coaventlon any
more than he wonld Joln tbe rampanl awaab
backler In a aearch for a flght. ln r-ommon
wlth all other good dttcena he dealrea ponoo,
and yt hopea for peace, and he artlll belleTea
that peace wlll i"' majntalncd. Bul he la nol
the man to atand and croah when erenta forbe
mon nf actlon t'i the front. Sor wlll he tell na
that we mual nol have forta leat we be tempted
to war, nnd tben, wben ibe qne*tk>n Ii war or
dlsbonor, tell us we mual aecept dlahonor be
cauee we have negleoted to bulld forta. "There
are tlmea when rombnt la neceaaary." ho aaya,
"wben war brlnga peace to a Bnfferlng and
"dlatreaaed people. Tbe blatory of the world
"would bave been mueh poorer than is is if
"there had been no wara." And agaln he de
chirea: "The Unlted Btatea baa certaln dntlea
"to perfonn for Ita alster narlona. The Cubana
'?may be aa bad a> the Bpanlarda, or they may be
"warae, bul whatever may be tbe righta of the
"ruban eauae, wa know, nmi have known for
"aome tlme, thal wnrfare baa been waged In
"Cuba whlch baa rloUted every eode of elvll
"i7.cd warfare. The I'nlted Btatea baa no rlghl
vto atand by and permll aueh atrocitlea lo be
"eommltted abnoai within her bordera. if the
"tlme is nt hand when Interventlon ahould
"enmo our people aro ready."
Oertalnly nobody can regard thls ns a war?
llke utterance, auch as one or two "yellow
preachera" have Indulged In Blnce tbe bhraing
iiji of tha Malne. ii doea nol asaume to exer
ciso tbe Jodgment whlch tbe Preeldent and bla
ndrlsern alone can righily exarciae, but com
inp ns H doea from a religloua leader II sIiowb
emphatlcally that tho Amerlcan pulplt la ln Une
wlth calm, patrlotJc Amerlaan aantlmeat That
la where tho pulpit balonga and wbera lt lms
alwaya been foond In prevkma tlme.- of Natlona)
frlal, Rut it is bealthfu] at a day wben tha
iiiioivilizoil nnd crynleaJ olomoms ln aocJaty ery
out that tho Church baa drlfted away frmn tbe
people to havo tho fact recalled that they aro
nt ono in derotlon to tho Btate.
if lt bo truo thal tha tolltng maaaea and do
aerring poor aro "just BpiUn' fer a flpht," and
the only thlng tbai Btahdi In the way of thoir
boiiiK gratlflad la the cowardlce of the money
power- as mtlmated by tbe newapapera angaged
la admlnlaterlng tbe Governmenl and eoadnct
Idk tho war?Bometblng ongb1 to be done to
rrlpple tho ruuI5?rn Inflnence of the money
power. Ilow to do thli \t an Interesting qnos
tiun. f'no way. of courae and thla w;.s stronj;
Ij advocated by one of tbe newapapera con
duetlng tho war before tbe war broke out ln
its eohimna- would i?? for tho toir.n-: majBaa
and deaervlng poor to eleci men to offlee who
would Immedlately provlde by law thnt tha gold
dollari hoarded by tbe money power ahould
nass for flfty oenta, and tbe nfty-cent plecea
whlch the tolllng maaaei and deaervlng poor
aro loaded wlth ahould paaa for douara Truo,
tbe loUen have once rejected thla propoaltlon,
but that wa< becauae Mr. Wllllam J. Bryan had
not had tiiiit- to expbiln lt to all <?f thom, and
many to wbom ho dld oxplain lt dld not ondar
stand it. Ii was not becauae they donbted Mr.
Bryaa'a ablllty to crlpple tho money power that
tho toiiors voted agalnal blm, but becauae Mr.
Bryan had not made it qulte clear that ln orip
pllng the money power be would not dlaable ns
well tbe tolllng maaaea nnd deaervlng poor. But
That opportunlty lias paaaed, and tho preaant
crlala wlll nol permlt tbe oripiiiine of tho nieaey
power t" be poatponed tili tbe m-xt Preatdentlal
olootion. It mual ho done at once.
And iho only other way thal anggaata itsolf
:< that tbe tolllng maaaea and deaervldg poor
tro boldly Into tbe m.-irkoi and ael] "short" the
stock< In whlch the money power has toveated
its lii-Rotton wealtb. We aaauma, of omtrso,
that tha tolllng massos nnd deaervlng poor havo
plenty of illver coms to pui up ns marglna; nnd
tiieso ouins, fortunately, nnder exlatlng mwa
aro as good aa gobL For If they baren't any
<:ivr-r now tbe Bnactmeni of a law maklng flfty
oonts i." illver worth ? dollar wonld ho, laatead
of an advantage, a dead i?>ss to them Tho
money power would l"1 butb to pay thom only
fifty '???n's ln siivor f..r a dollar'i worth of toii.
That wonldn't crlpple the money power, ao to
apeak, "for a eent." But !f they tako tiioir
allver down into "the Sirei-t." pui It up <>n mar
pins nnd proreed to aoll "shnn" tha stncks hold
by the money power, aomethlng wHl ln- rory
Hkely to coine of it. It mual ho done, of courae,
wlth courage nnd fiorNis;tonoo, and accompanled
with vociferatlon that tho loiiiiijj maaaea nnd
deaervlng poor .aro benl on war. and determlned
to havo it Bl any coat. There noo<] |i?. no f.-ir
bul Ibat tbe newapapera admlnlaterlng the
Uovemn eni and conductlng ihe war In Ita jiros
ant stn^o wiii li-nd their powerful nid to tbe'ea
terprlae. Tiioy wtn bacreaaa the confualon in
the eanip of th*. money power by enlargbig thelr
typa and keepJng up a conatanl Ilow of hio.-?i
rad eztraa.
Whai Ibaa? Why, annply thla: Tho money
power, attacked at Ita moal vuinorahii- polat,
bewlMered by tbe notae of the ntta.-k nnd
panle-arrickes by Ita auddenaeaa, whl begtn
throwlng overboard Ita aecnrltlea. Thal wlll h
tho barveel tlme for tha tolUag maaaaa and d..
Bervliig poor. Wall Btreet arHI ba thelr bargala
coantar. Tbay can gatber ln at rldlcnlonaly
low prlcea tbe al< :*ii whlch tho money power
in Ita iri-_-!it baa thrown overboard. Tha money
power wlll be nippled, Bad the tolllng maaaea
.-iii.i deaervlng poor arlll i?- dtlnklag champagne
and ridlag ii' chalaaa. Tne only drawback to
i'io Bcbeme thai now < ^hi-s to us is timi wben
by thla aaay and atialghtforward proceaa Ibe
toiling ninssos and Ji-sorving poor beceUM BM
aeaaed of Ihe atoclts nnd bonda of the money
power they mlght eh.ingo tlielr mlnda abotit the
Wftf and daclda that on the wholo they dldn't
want anr war. Thnt, of oonrse. would ehango
the Wbote alttintion. But tftl us tmt bOTTOW
troublo on thnt nrronnt. Tho thlng to ba dOBC
now ia t.i erlpple the moncy power. and aelllng
thelr atorkfl "shorf ls nn exporimont worth
trylnp. Somo people nn- nlready Bl work at lt.
Uka tho boffgttv win. poraoed bka profossion
wlth nn y.mthfui ardor after hli ibrth releaae
from Btng smg. .Mr. Edward Lauterbach haa
the oour.u'o of hla eaarflcrJooa. reaterdaj ba
gftpeared bafore tha Commoo Coraicfl eotnralt
tci- to paaad In babalf of tho $00,000 ar^rroprla
tion for a eharter day relebrntion. A gr*at
mauy excellent eltlzens bollore that the en
largement of the elty of New-York 10 bo Um
aeCOOd Ctty ln Ua* olvillzed world ll nn -'vent
of irjfBclenl momenl to have raremonlal rooocni
tiotj. So it Ii not rarprialBS thal pfajaoaahi
ghoald be made for tbe elty to coatrlhata to
the expenscs of auch an oblirvanca. Noither
is it lurprialng that aa pncrgotie and eatbaal
ggtlc peraon llka Mr. Laatarbach shouid rejolce
ln the prospect.of a munielpal plcaiC. BtJl whnt
Ih Bnrpiillnf or wonld be In the rase of any
other man?li thnt Mr. I^ntarbach shouid Jnmp
Into the ring to rall attentlon to his nwn part
in tbe btrth and tralalng of the imperial dty.
Bnt, aa we have aald, Mr. Lauterbach haa tbe
ronrage of hla ? onvlctli di
He ralla oa the Repabllcani of tha Mnnlclpal
Aaaemhly tn favor tbe ipproprlatlon teal Ibelr
oppoaltton ihoold leem t.i be n s.-ifish expreaalon
of dlacoBtent wlth the reaull of tbe laal electlon.
Perbapi they ihould take tbe advlce, bnl it
muil atrike them ri a llttla earioua, m>t to aay
indtacreet, for Mr. Bdward Lauterbach, who a
rear n;^ waa aboutlng "Better ? Tammany
Mayor than i tn.'iu retponilble to n:i pafty," to
tell Republlcana who are inppoaed to regard
Tammany rnk as a publle calamity tha! they
shouid noi leem to be dlaeontented wlth Ihe
resnlt of the laal electlon, and addlag that he
la not aetflehly dlacontented hlmielf. lt arlU
be rememhered thal tbe reaaon why Tammany
at preaent rnlei thla town la that, folloarlng Mr.
Lauterbach'! advlce, eertaln RapnbUcan poli
ti.i.'ins who profeiaed tbe greateal abborrence
t.? Tammany made i campaign ?f bltter abaae
agAlnil the only morement whlch had a cbance
to beal H. and eonaplououaly failed to make any
warfare on Tammany iisoif. Cndonbtedly Mr.
Lauterbach dld prefcr i Tammany Mayor to ?
non-partlaan admlnlatratlon. Undonbtedly be
ia not diaaatlafled. But lt looki i little queer
for h!m ro aak the publle to take noto of the
Tlie foreatry blll whlch Benator Stnart. of
Itbaca, Introduoed early In February wai gea>
prally well racdred when its pnrpoae was flrat
made known, bnt little hai been heard aboul
II ilnce then. We bope thal thli doei not mean
thal Ihe rondltloni are eonaldered nafavorable
f..r its idvancement, and that ll li conaequantlj
II ,.-i\ to be dropped. II la well kaown that Ihe
meaanre waa propoaed nt tha laataaee of Oot?
ernor Black, who baa alwaya taken a keen, ln
telllgent and hlghly eredltabla latareet ln tbe
fofeata, nnd on thli acconnt it was natnrally
expeeted to inoatrate tha practlcal valoe of hli
enmost itrpport There is bo rvaeon to lappoae
that he h.is grown cool, but npparently be baa
not sueceed'-d In Infoalng the T/ecislnnire wlth
mncfa ardor for hli plan.
it wili ba remembered thnt the blll provides
thal the st.-ito ihaj] parchaaa 20,000 nrTes of
foreat land In the Adhrondack regi'.n and glre
lt ln trust for twonty-flvo yenrs to Crncll Tr.'.
versity, to bo onltlvated sciontifically as I
menns of traln'.ng young men ln the prlnelples
of forestry. nnd. IncJdejBtalbj, of demonstrating
that wlse man.agemont would make tha forest
.1 unaln of the S:n;e a soiiroe of profit nnd at
the aame timc rataln all its natural aaea. It ls
boped tlmt tJie demonitratlon would be id coa
clualva ns to warrant a revlalon of tho Oonatl
tutlon and tho appliontinn of a soiontifi'- lyttem
nf protectlon nnd maiatenaace to tbe foreat pro
porve. Tbe creatl* n of thli trturt, whlch il 's
understood Cornell la wiliing to accept, would
enable the Cnlvera ty to eatabllah a much*neod
<-d acbool of foreatry nnder propltlom eondl
tlooa, nnd the wbole ezperlmenl eonld acarcaly
fail to be Intereatlng and valuable. it la awree
able to find Mr. Gifford Plnchot, one of the few
Amerlcans who have made a tborough simly
of thls branch of knowledge, comlng to tha
support of fjovernnr BUCk'l propoiltlon witli
f.ircible lessons from the npertenoi of Krance
nnd Germany, where hls own tralalng waa ob
talned, and from England'i suocessful opera
t'.ons ln Indla. Mr. Plncbot says that ihe Eng
Hsh Poreat Pepartnicnt 'n Ind'.a. wlth rondl
tlons stlll more dlfBcult than e.mfront us ln
thls country, has prodnced, afttf about thlrty
yaara of lyatamatlc effort, a n.'t annual reve
nue of $4.(Hai,fa?o, and he has no donbt that
wlthln an oquril perlod siin'.lar or better r.'sulta
.^oiild be obtalned In tho T'riltod States. The
details of Old World f'.r.'sf inaiiaei-nient are
not, ln his oplnlon. iinmediately gppUcable here,
owinpr to Iha wM<> dlfference in ecooomic eon
dltlona, and Mwban foreatry comea t?> be lntro
"dueed In thls eunntry on a large soalo, it intist
"be essentinlly along American llnea, wlthont
"too elose jnirstilt of pr.-eedents rreated to meet
"tha conlltiiins of other eountrles."
it is eapeclally gratlfylng to ob?ervo that a
man whnso testlmony i? s.i vninabio dlaeerm i
lubatantlaJ grawth >>t intcrest ln thla Important
rabject. Tl seems .li-ar," he says, "that the
"proapectj of better tlmci f..r the foresrs of the
TJnlted Btatea are brigbter tlian they ever have
"been before." Htit lt la only falr to add thnt
thls Judgment Is baaed In part lipnn the gop.
poiltlon that tbe LeglaJatore <?f New-Tork wlll
approva Governor Black'a propoaal and g!ve
to Cornell Unlreralty the opportnnlty of miti
vatlng a long-negleeted branch of aclcnce. A
failure to authortee an raperlmeni whlch h'is
ao moch tn rommend it. ind whlch wonld prob
gbly before Ita eompletlon retnrn its .'osr to tha
state rreaiury, would be .n dlaappolntment nnd
a mrafortune.
The bili for reorganhMiion of the conanlar ler
v!ee, whlch tbe I" irelgn Affalra Commltteeof the
Houae on Thuradaj ileelded to reporl farorably,
li to ba weleomed ::?* ? Judleloni and practlcal
meaaure of reform In exactly the directlon In
wblch, of all depnrtmenta of the pnbllc lervlce,
reform is probahlj im l mn ded The abasea nf
the conaular ai?rvlee have long been notorloni
.?ind ? pabllc acandal, Thi g i d men in tha aer?
vleaarehandtcapped bylaek r Bxlty of tcntire.
Many men an- gppolnted wltboul regard to flt
neaa, ns payment of pol tlcnl dobta, Many
? - are fon Ignera, wl. Intereai ln tha
w..rk is porely mcrceaary. Payment is often
Inadotjnate, and la often made by the farming*
oal aygtem f feea, If a c aauhtr nfficer prbve
nnfaltbfnl to hla truat, and ambeszla tha fnnda
of Amcrlcana abroad, tbe Governmeni haa n.>
:ii?-aiis ,-!- graotlng n Ireaa t.. the aaffarar i r ..f
punlablng the .?iT. ? ler. Of ;.ll whlch and other
like condttlooa tbe natnral reanlt is thal the
American cooealar s.-iv.-.- ia, wlth a tew axcep*
tlona, far laaa effideni than ll ihould be for
tbe protectlon nnd promorlou of Aaaerkaa ln
tereata, and commandi ;'nr !.-.-, reapcel and i \
erclaea r.ir i*ss inflnenee than Ihe aerrln i pf
other natloaa aetnally ?>( leaa Imporfaaca than
The bill ln haud alu:? t.. eoriact the cvlla we
havo aperlfled. It provlde* for nppolntmont no
COrdJag to morlt and lltnoss. nscortalnod by por
annal examlnatlon; for llxlty 0* toimro. duo
Iiromorlon, nnd rrmovnl only for eauee; ln brlof.
for aaaklag tho aarrloa a parmaaent body of
CZperta, likc tlio Army or tho Navy. ao that n
man may ontor It hi ho would any profetalon
or busliioss. iib n llfo rocatJOSa The f^e Bjratem
Of ri'inuiwralion. thnt most prolllio soiiroo of
opprossli.n, tomptatlon nnd oorruptlon. Is to DO
abollabad All feo* aro to ba ataed by law and
turnoil ln to flio Troasury. and all coneular
BfBeen aro to reeettn f)x?d aaurtea, aultably
graded, and in all oasos aunVlenl to mamt.iin
tho redpienta of them, Tbera aro to be con
Buhvgeneral of firat nnd aneond daaeaa; eonaula
of flral and aaeond cJaeeee; elee-coneula of Bret,
s,.nd and thlnl olnssos. nnd ronsnlar derka.
All aajarlea aro to bo antform lo eacli claaa,
ranglng from $1,200 ln tho loweat to 10.000 lu
tho hlghcet, nnd ocneora ln all tbe lower cuaai -
an- rllgtbla for promotloii from cUaa i" claaa
to tbe htgheet Tho nnomalous rtaea of "con
anlar agantaM Is to bo abollahed, and it la moat
property to bo reqnhred Ibal all membera of the
aervico aball bo oitizons of Ibe Unlted Btatea.
Sucii ;s dio ptnnoaed ayatem, admlrablc in all
reapecta and dcalrable for Immadlate adoptlon
and txecntlon. Admlrabte, too, la the propoaed
manner of executlon, by Joim aetlon of the
Prcaldenl and Congreaa. The wbeJo reforra
mlght be done by simplo order of tha Preal>
dcnt a long stop loward II was takon by Mr.
Cleveland In Beptembar, 1803, In plnclnga Inrge
part of tbe aerelea onder Clrll Bervlce ruloa.
Bul a mere Eaeeutlve order Ii npr to meel wlth
antagonlam In Congreaa, and to be reroked or
modlfled by tbe next Admlniatrntlon of dlffcr
ent polltlca, Wben, howovor. Boch a reform la
wroughl by a onkm "f Exeeutlve nnd legla
latlre norinn. ir la eommended In tbe moal ef
fectlve manner to the approval of the Satlon,
and is made aa permanenl as any ael of gov
ernment can be. The pendlng mcaaurc Ii one
concernlng whlch no factlonal eontcntlon ih rald
arlae. Men of .-iii partlea who havo the prae
tioal welfare of tbe Xatlou at bcarl Bboutd nnd
doubtleaa wlll nnlte in anaetlng ir Into law and
lu aeeurlng for thal inw prompl and completa
Thcro is a dlapoeltlon In aome quartera to
make tho moat and tbe woral of tbe expenaea
of a war In order thal people may be deterred
fn in rapportlng meaaurea foond neceaaary for
the Matlonal aafety and nonor. It is true thal
war la an eapcnalve bualneaa, and that facl
glrea tbe atroageal reaaon to hope for peace.
In modoni tlmos tho issue of a conflld denenda
creatly npon the reaourcea ai command of the
combatanta. There N reaaon to believe that
spain could not long Buataln a conflld with any
orher Power. The woraTa flnandera are nol
addicted to loaninc raat sums whlch they havo
reaaon to thlnk can never bo pald. Even in a
briof conflld wlth nooessary preparatlon large
i.-xpondi?uroa wottid bo Invorred, nnd no damage
inllli'to.-l on nn enemy o.in brlnp any rorui'ii
whntover to tha lendera who fnrnlah tho funda,
bot Is tbeve n poaaibillty that Bpaln could by
capture nr oonquost acquiro anythlng of raluo
to bondiioldors. On thi; other hand, tho Unlted
Statos hns enough monoy lylng ldlo ln tbe
Treaaury to eover tbe eoat of a oonfiiot for a
year, nnd tho laal popular loan showcsl that
?500,000,000 could bo borrowed at any tlme on
favorable lorms, if Beceaaary.
Paaalmlata are fond of roferrlng to tho oos
of tho Clfll War, In whlch tbe t'nitod :??ar?-s
bad n mllllon mon ander nrms, and tho
biockado of tbe v.tat aeaatllne of tho Bouth re
qnlred a pronb-r Navy rhan would now bo n"od
ed, Tbe nzcrecnto BXpendlturea were Ihdeed
proat -$7.ri7.<xH?.ow yoarly -but litilo mora than
a tenth of them Were for tho Navy thon en
encod. In four yonrs tho oxpi-ndltuies by the
Navy I)o|iartmonr for all purpoaw woro $.".14.
223,08021, or about JTVrV.tl.ooO yoarly not vovy
mueh more than Trosid'-nt Cleveland borrowed
!n four yoars of ptBca* If a rliango nf NaMonal
pollcy had not ooino hls loani would not have
been moro than r-nouph. That change of pollcy
haa brongbt anch Improvement that tho aurplui
ln tha Tn-asury, ln <'x.-r-ss <>f tho requlred bull
lon fund, ls now nonrly $60,000,000 greater than
tho avorapo oost of tbe Navy per year diirins*
tho ?;iv11 War. Ir doea not foBow that all ox
pandltnrea of a yeara war wonld f.iii wlthln
stmh Umlta, booause some IncreaM of tho Army
and of Its cxponsos would bo Involvod, but the
current oost of tho Army aatabUahment ln tlme
of poaoo. oxi'luslvo of rlvor and harbor and
Other publlo works, oovors n grout part of tho
oost of all land foroos llkoly to bo requlred.
Tho anntial ooHt of tho naval eetabllabment
in tlme of poaro is now abont 130,000,000, whlch
wonld leave losa than $80,000,000 more requlred
to covor thi; annual oost ln time of war nf BUCh
a Navy as was omployod ln tho hlooknde nnd
ln th? defenoo of cominorre durinp Ibe four
yeara omlinp Jane 80, 1885, Tho naval force
was thon 8T1 vossids. carrylng 4,?*>ii puns, abont
8,000 ofneera nnd 4.r>,iHM> men. Sow we havo
."?s vos^ols, many of thom of blgh powor, less
thnn 1,000 otRoors. and BbOUt 11,000 mon.
Wbether Bpahl oould koop ln opfrntlon a.s large
a forc-o for n s!n?;lo yoar mny porhaps bo do
rorrnlnod by hor preeent flnanolal oondltlon.
Tho iato?t stntonumt of hor debt and latereat
chargea to .innuary 1, by tho Batafeta of |fa
drld. made tho debt, Indudlng Cuban bonda
guaranteed, Jl.TOO.Si'H.r.S'J, and tho annual In
torost and ndoinptlon olmrpos 8105,687,031,
but added dobts about fallinp duo amountrag
to $104,512,400. Bealdea sums havo sinoo been
borrowed to moot ourront oxponsos, nnd tho
great arrearage of tho admlnlatratlon nnd army
ln Cuba is sald by Bunco to bo about $BO,00O,<
11OO. Ha roportod tho oost of hls army at
5>,0n0,Ot?O a montli. Ir la in ineh n condltloa ns
thls tiint spain wonld havo to aach tbe further
lonns requlred for a naval war wlth the Unlted
Btatea, and for tho Increased expenaea of land
oporations in cuba ln that event, to any noth
ltie of expenditurea tequlred ln Porto Ilioo, tho
Phillpplne Isinnds, and for defence nf her own
Bucfa condltlooa as tlir-si- go far ro ^nl1m?n"??>
tbe oplnlon of many Bnandera that war is not
probable, if spain Bnda thal if cannot rais^
money r>r aueh a itruggle, if Prench and other
bondbolden refuae ro throw away wbat they
have l ianed by advandng mor*. to encourage
Bpiln Into :i ?:ir whlch oould end only in great
leee, tben Bpaln mual look to |ta own bank and
lt.- people. Tbe Bank <<t spain. accordlng to
publlahed aceonnta, baa decllaed t" pay coupnna
maturtng Aprtl 1 on Bpanlah bonda, acceptlng
ihcm onlj for colleetlon Its advancea Janu
a.y l woro reported al $0,000,000 \\hat other
reaourcea can bo b( ibe command of a Gorern
mont wbirh endeavored ln raln to offr-it a now
lo.in two mnntlis nnd one month apo. nnd. BC
cordlng lo tho reeeni but generally dlacredlted
reporta, bai only obtalned aome furtio-r advance
from tho Bathachllda by pledglng the Almaden
minoH. n- IbbI av.i'i.iii!.- Baaei "f deflnlte talne,
iliiro i>i B'.in.. reaaon to njueatlon. iti any caae,
ibo vlgoroua preparaflooa <<t th.- i nir.-ii Btatea
hnvo been calculated to ludnce s.-riuus reflor
rlnn mi the part of any who may liavo contem
plated advancea to Bpaln f-.r the pnrpoaa of a
war wlth tiii- eountrr.
Th>- Bwedlah and Norweglan eommltteea on
tha unlon of Bcandlnavla I ive ju.st mbmltted
thelr raporl to th-- Parllament. Tha ^"?----? li-?i
commlttaa reeoromandg ? comaaoa r relgn Hln?
leter -h.- may bi- a Bwede or n. rtorweglan, but
mual boi ba n member of Parllamanl ami muat
realde at Sto.-liliolm. Kor tbe Coutull of State ,
it la proposed that ten -hall be Bwedea and
two Norweglnna. The dlplomatlc r*pr*senta
tlvea are to be common to both oountrl*a. and
tha Forclgn Mlnlater impeachahle before the
Buprama Court of the unlted klngdoma. A
mlnorlty of the commlttee recommcnda a aepi
rat* F.rvlgn Mlnlater and aeporate dlplomatlc
and cmaular repreaentatlvea.
P*nor Polo de Rernabe eaya he la aatlsfVd
thla country doea not want war. and he la aure
Bpaln doaa not want war; In whlch bl la lou.it
Haa rlgbt Then there ccrtalnly ehould De no
wnr. A_
A t*n yenrs' NntaBM for a blrycle thUf Indl
ratea that auch gaatry Wlll rreaently have abaat
the aame atatUa thnt horaethleveB uaed to have
on the frontler._
Thrc* more battle-ahlpa and four new dry
d,.-k:s wlll do pretty well for nn* year'a order.
Bu, |, ? r?re ba ?aken thnt the drydocka Itaall ?>*
h. neii aervlceable and durabie. and not Jerry.
bulll fraud.s llka No. B ln the New-York Navy
YanV _
Boaton'a hlatoric Muale Hall haa ao oftea been
threatened that th* laal aawooa^amaat of Ita
aale wlll not come as so grlevoua a ibock U lt
otherwlaa aroald have. The provkdona of the
Bymphony oreheatra'a leaaa wlll praaarva II two
yaari longtr for nrrheatral muaic, wlth and
Wlthoul beor; oratorio, prlzefighta. do/? ihowa,
Boclallat maettega, phnoaophkal i*ctur*s nnd
other forma of Boaton dtovetaiona. n-it if ihe
cry of "Wolff ia not n^ain rapeated m thla
announcement, the Ume la at ia-t daflnltaly In
alght v hen theaa thrngi moit ba ealtlvated elaa
. |,.,-,. A few yeara ago the ery was ao plauai
hly uttered that money was aubacrlbed In large
amounta nnd a alto purchaeed for a permanent
ball for Boaton'a permanent orche.stra. and this
win doubUeai be avallable when th* evll day
comea thal ahall noo the end of Mualc Hall; but
th* dlapoaltlon nf tb* oth*r alamanta aaaoelaiad
wlth that meimrable atructure may well con
cern the dtya beat thoiaghta in tha two yaara
t . eoma ^___
It la pretty mean of the Republlcan mnchln*
rr*?s to C*lt nrlliim on poor EtUWOrth. He la
an obedlent ind falthful aervant of th* "Oov
ernment" nnd no loyai anpportar of that "Oov?
ernment" Bhould biame hlm for his obedlence.
PERftoy U.
Th* Rev OoraM Btinliy Lae, a Cotwrregatlonal
mlnlater. ls glrlug a i une of Lenten leeturea In
Trlnlty Bpl ci pal Church. Boaton. CommenUng oi
thli "The O>neregatlonallat" aaya: "The faci
I ? urch rlrna - ' on
gW?tl. '? ?: '-????? worker for thi -?-? U aervlee
1.. nt. n we< ka la an ln llcntlon of the
th of a aplrll of fellowahlp between ilenpmlna
,. | .hoa -. m ???? ' er, now c oac y hlended the
. and the devotlonil vlew of Ufa may be
.r Murray K.iy, r-f tha flnn of Houghtoa, Mifllin
a, co., i mi ? m? d aa the wr to
? : 11 dii i ia prealdent of tha rfew-Ungland
. -. itor> ": Muilc
Bernirdo O'Hlgglna, aft*r whmn th* Chnlaa war
....-.; a/aa i trned, wn the s..n ...f an Irlahman
ambi * O'Hlgglna, who, as Ambroalo
O'H gglna, becama Captaln-Ocnenl ol Chlll in 1W?.
rdo waa born In Chlll ln 17W, and. after
? , -? piri ln a number of kilel ?;?''??
ti uary movementa, h?> became Bupreme l?i>"tator In
1817. ii ? governed that country ' ,r ala yeixi. dur?
Ing whl li the laal of tho Spiniarda were drlven
rr m Chlll aa the reault of a revolutlon w!ii<-h oc
curr. i ... 'x- . .-? waa forced t.i r->?!irn Ha went
to Peru. and dled al Llmi ln ts+2 Tho Bpanlih
pronunci tion of hli name ls 0-e*-g*ens, tho aee
ond s;.;ii'u;.! belng accented.
ral YV <i M. Davla, who dled at hla home, ta
ndrta, Va., la ? week waa a oonata of Jeff.-r
?on Davla, and an Intlmata frlend of Paniei Web
ater He entered the Confederata aervlee aa *ap
:' cavalrj and became a brtgadler-genenl ln
the Army .>f K.iKt Tenneaaee. After tha Clvll W.rr
Q.ral Davla practlaed law in Rlchmond and ln
Mri. Jeffereon Davla ami h*r daughter, Mlaa win
nle, ?. i ?? preaent il the unvriiing of the Jfffer?on
Davla memorlal wlndow ln Kk-hmonl on Aprll 17.
Whea M irlon CrawfOTd waa ln Atlanta recently, a
llttla glrl sai.l to hlm wlth charmlng frankness: "I .
never read Mr. Iiaaca,' but?If you'll w-rite
your nime ln my a.bum I'li promiee you that rtl
bu;, th. 1 M>k *tii.; h.'.j. >ou outl"
"Tho Kmrorla (Ka.nl Repiibll*an" tella tho foi
[ |ueer atory: "An Bmporla mi;\ heard a d;s
turbanee ln tho nlght, and on gittlog up to aee
wliiit was the matter found hls bulldog engaged ln
aral trui ?;.? v.;rh b Jaeh rabbtt. Con ?' i ll ?
th.it It was dangeroua to lnrorf~re, he went baek
into tha houae ind abut tha door, in a ahort tim*
th* nnt.slrl*. Btntggll ceaied, and looklng up ho
w.is aurprlied to *ee a ,1n<-k rabf.lt looklng ln over
tho transom of the fror.t door. In the mornlng
he went out and found the btttldOg dead In tho
front yard, with marka of rabblt teeth all over hls
pmon, bearlng mute testimony to hla brave and
daaperata atrusrgie."
It's Dlfferent, You Know.?It waa Juat after war
had ! .'*?! declired. an.i the oaalet man aaw tha noiay
on* aneaklng uway from in exclted cro-.v.i
"Whit'a th* matter?" aafeed thaoulet man.
"They're dlacuailng th* war," repllcd tho nolsy
"Well, rou'va been yelllng for war for the last
two montha. haven't you? dem.mded th? qulet
"Of courso I have." returncd tho nolsy one; "but,
hang it alll theaa peopla aro ta:king n'bout anllat*
Ing. ? i<'n!c".Ko Poat.
"It h*lng reported ln the n*!Khborhood." says
"Tha I'*rry Tounty d'enn.) I'Yrteman," "th.it tho
Wldow Oscur, who. wlth her two boya and a. glrl.
Ilvea ln Mr. Ar*hy's tcnant houae, waa In necd of
belp, word was i<*nt throunjh tho nclphborhood that
then would be a donatlon pnrry nt her houae on
Baturday nlght, and m coniequence the entlra eom
munlty turnr-d out to he!}> her. That tho donatlon
was a lueeeea waa evtclenead hy the fact that her
two boya aold eflouafa .iried appi^a to tho huekater
on Monday momlnif to jret enotigh moncy to buy
tw.i ;.< m 0OOB .l..?? and a mouth-organ. nnd thUB,
through the charlty of th* nel^hbors, wlll th* gaunt
wolf of Btarvatton be kept from the wldow's door
for a aeaebn."
Nevertbeleaa, He i^or ii*r.- "Yom iay my daucrii
ter lovei you?" aoeitloned the old man.
Tn aure of lt." replled the youn* man.
"Well, well."areturned th* old man, looklng tho
younR man over crltlcally, "thcro'a no n^vmtini?
fnr taitea, la thera?*'
An l BoraehOW, llthough tho young man know
lhal he ought to be happy over the poneeilon ot
I, 1.Kildn't h<-l(> scowllna; ami Bpeeulltlng
on lhal ramark of theotd man'a. -<Hartford Tlmea.
A memb*r of th* bnllet of the Tt*r!!n Op*ra Houso
b.is |uat retlrad from actlve aervlee at th* ai?.- <?f
Beventy yeara. ah> had been a m*mb*r of th* corpa
sin.-e 104. To foraatali unaeemlr Jeita about this
,u'..! Iidy*a partlclpatlan in a profeaelon v?-h<>?o
mimbera havi traojuantly been eapeeed to auch in
Jury. It W well to .ul.l that slne* 18S8 sh* haa ac:*d
aolely us an Initructor. Darlng h*r term of oftl**
almoat ?n ttaa preaenl eorpa d? ballet h..-. i.n aatb
Jct to h*r fca.'hliiK:
Bewirc of it "Have y(W heard of thnt a<-h*m.>
of -m Ohlo man? He wanta tha Qnlti d Btataa wur
i- made .-f rubber "
"lt wouldn'l work. Vou could i>l?w u^. a rubber
?hlp wlth in -iir pump." (Cbleago Trlbune.
Two Phiiadeiphia bon rlvanfa, lecording to "Th*
B.rd," bbw a Blgn th* other day In tront of a
Bilnon "iii ii ; or* thi Imcrlptlon: "A Oerman raa 1
i?*r.t wlth everj diink." Thla w.n a :.ird of whlch
thej had never pTrt.'kcn. and In greal utpectancy
they entered to inveatlgata tha gaatronomle dla
eovety, Th*y orderad .Irlnka nnd ask*.l f..r th*
blrda Th. v were st lpeficd rnd dtaguetad when th*
bartenaar drew out two fraakfartera, with two
featkera atuck ln en.-h .>ne. and wore only deterTed
from thelr determlaatlon ta haatlly leava !?>? tki
..i" hiuff reqieet thal they Biai pay f"r tn*
Patrlotlam Oui Weal alkall Ike Brot'a tha aaat*
ter, poilner? \:."ny .iid you haiig that >r* chap?
Ca :tua < "al Ha got hls gultar out laal nlgh an.l
begln playln' the Bpanlah fandinge [Pittiburg
Th. r< baa |uil beea daacaverad al Tbebea tbe
mni'i of Thothmea MI. i klng of the <-!(rh:,*inh
dynaaty In Bgypt. Tha palnttnga la tkla tomb ara
ibl) preai rved; tha mrc ph igua, m.i.i? of
ln Ita kln.l. la .ilriK>*t Intict tn
other ohambera are f ind other eofftaa, probablji
? Thothmei*i wlfa and davghter.
Olorj f.-r One.. "That was an nrtiatlc rovenge of
"What waar'
"Why, hla K-ttlng up an A.-a.leinv of Imm.irtnU
ln whii h Uo ta the only niember."?(Chkago Record.
riFTii avgnrtra thdatrr
Tha rrttirn of Mm?. Modjrskn. whi app?ar*d laat
nlght at th* Flfth Avcnue Thentrp, an<l w,i? cord
uiiy anBleaaaad by & aympathi-tu- aadleaee, p;a--*i
u valu.-ilile pl*astir* wlthln th* ptihll* ri>a*h. and
theri forr shouiii t>* recaeded ?* ana of th" moat
auKplr-loua lnr-l'Irnta of th" rlrnm iM* neason now
siowiy grawtag to a .-los*. atsaa, Modjeeba ap
pr-arnl aa Mary fltunrt, nnd tO thoa? who kr.ow
h?r nntlnf; In tliV .-har.ii-tor th* m?r? rn*ntlon
cf it foin?re.it4 aa Imaawaatve irmt* of imp*r:-ii
dlgnliy. nobta fmotlon, and etajuMta art Th*
numbr-r of p.-raons to whom su*h an lmar?? \n
atgnlAcaat, aa prm tiraiiy llluatratJva of th* ?trmg?
rtelaattudea of fortun*. th- p*rlla that h*s-> ffr*at
rt.itlon. and thr aas^nflal pn'hos of hurnin llfe,- may
not h* RUBMroue, but all pt-rsona ror-.i^rUr- thr- ^r.arm
that 1m r.>rr'i^fii t\v thr actreea, and *r? ? r.*"ioua
of n aellghtful ImpraaaloB f i - raanal r-imrn. ter and
r,f p.^t!.. beeuty. II la bul ?< ? :-.rt ttaaa sinca
gfme. Modjeeha'a Impfrsonation of Mnty s* i.irt
Waa p.irl' tularly COBBtderad nnd ( immrr.'.piX \n
thla jiMitiiiii, .ini furth*r revlew nf u i* uaaacaa*
a.iry now. Tha draflaatle * mpany reaaalni aa
rhanr*'!. Mr MlWOTttl rOBeated hls *om. *hat
VOelferaua and m'lodrnmstlr, bul rtgoroui nnd
p(T""tiv?>, Imparaonatlon of .M^rt'.m?r, and Mr.
Halone repi ited I ai ful p*rforman> - af 'h.)
eiiky nnd crafty O II Moat of th'. aeaMlary per
formi-rs ara eonaonanl aaicbar with alatory nor
pofiry. "Mary Smar''' WlN boW th* staga tnro'ijjh.
out thla week, *s-~*ptli<K on Baturday aftrrnoon.
when th* ridmir'r* r.f Mm*. Modjeeha'a ftoeeaad
m?v r.'now thr-ir acojualataJBca wita tha- reara
aaatattoa. "afacbeth" wtn ba glvea aest M i ',y
The enantgeraenl of Mm? bfaajeaha arlll ?xt?r.d
... Maroh M Oa Mai H Mra t ika wlll apfaar
al ? i Ftftti Avei tre, prteanttng "Teea ef
the I'Trl- i vlll.-.i."
Mr Tho 1 red an Intereatlng ai i ataaVaBV
tni'i.l pr--..-imn.. i fourth eeneeri ef tha
Chlcago ' li< itra'i n rl< ? th '?' i itaa
t Ho laat even ng. Bi \>
najor wa ;.,? ',..-?? ? I II ad waa
i.i.iy'-1 wli i flne ai rlgor The .?>m
iy a Brahma'i D nijot Mr
Thon i ? ii V. i ntlj In f tnpath) ?
rrj ? .. nnd read !l wlth tn iohoare.Il ? ?
t .- brilll intljr played; I i - ael
a litti.- bl ii red, and thei r
i l.r.i m ?'?-'; -.ly
wi ?! arlnd.
Mme. Nordlca aang i ioven'1 ?r*r ?
"Ah, Perfl lo," and the
und ' ' .-.nd
dr in itl it) Ie. The "I, fi ? rlatan und
: '???' bto6 glvi n n wlth 1
:? .? ? dld Mr T ... of
i . . ii.-:,: f >ri ? fuln ia aod i ?, ??
- f clltnaa ? wh| ? r . .1 >r\
..ir Betdl'i Interpretatlon, an th* eomparatlve in
cffectiveneBB of Mmi Moi of ?><?
n i) I e : - Bhe waa
enthualaatl Iy gr eted, nn.i maay tim^s r*
iard Tha progTamnu ended wlth u'HKr.er'a
"Kalai rmarach "
II Ii the r-/:i..f dellarni .>f i. ?? ? "P?ra
; i bj? ? w h ???" nanj ? la of
It .-nn .I.. and how manjr a Ii lai - ..??
templ Blnce .: came to he x ai Theatre on
Chrlattnaa Day II haa .td from "II Trovatora"
11 "Paii Jonei," and thal la aome dtstance List
nlpht another an I ?a r'l th? extreme or frKniity
w.is tak.-n. arni "Blnbad" arai preaaatad ^v.th
th* mom*ntum (r:iln-.| from a ''?'? 'o cne
ond of th* nr.-. the pendulain may ba axpaetad *oon
to tr.-ivr'. acroaa ln ih* other dlrectlon tlll lt rea^hea
"I/oheiifrrln " '!'i..-r* is nothlng of aa| e
to ba reeorded about the perfortnanee of "s.nhnd."
it w.-m of th :? ? a B ? r^ eompaag
in accustom*.! t.? glve, and tha BUdlei ??>. ippearai
to appraclate the effort,
Mlaa R*h.in's .-h.-inning perforrr.ar^* of P*g-g>
Tiirifr, ln "Th* Country Olrl." was glven a: Ii". i
Thaatra laat nlght, for the laat tim*. in ta* preaeat
Beaaon. The revlval of "The O mtrj fBrT haa
..... ,.- the b ? ? i ahtful lacldentg of tne
dramatlo year, and thi bi morj' ol Mlaa Rehan'B
actlng of tha gulleleaa yat crafty ru?:ic mald w.i;
long ho ohertahed. "Ull-Tae" was aiso giv-r. for
the laal tlme. To-nlght Mr. Dal'y wlll revlva "Tha
Bchool for Si-nndil." with Mlaa Rehan as LlB)
t :.7.'.". Mr V;i't-v ai tlr Ptter, Mr. Owan a
Pir Ollver, Mr. ?';- ?-?? Clarke a- Joaeph, Mr rjch
man a? Charlea, and Mr. Bldney Herberi aa '"rah
xr.?. Bherldnn'a ?? lj ? ? he pr*e*nt
*(] throughout the w.-^k. "The ??? ha" la aa*
nouneed for n*>;t Monday, ar.l Mlaa Rebaa will
r - ji Ml Eiister.
Mr. Cbauneey OI?dt appeared BtmaOraa40para
Uotis" laat nlght, ln tha Irtah draaaaof '*ajwaat innis
rarra." Beat ThU ? ?alnt I'atrl.-k'a Day.
"fgnbad" waa gln n I lai nlghl at th* Amerlcan
Thr-atrr . . Mr Robart HllUard performad at
Proctor*a . . ? Mlaa Aante Ruaaa I pleaeaa many
era by her actlng In "DaagerBald, ??." at
Th( ,,r.. . . ,\ freahet nf leeturea haa
....... , ... | apon the local Btaga, and s*vera'.
tbeatrea have beei ed. There ta^tbacaa
tomirv finx of Ira . . rnat eaierai
frKollty Mr. Ibsen'a "Doira Houae." was glvea
laat nlght ln the irvlng Pli - Th; atre. . >"*?
Irwin appeared at the Opera Hoaaa m Harlem.
???? ??
L03 Angelaa. CaL, March 14,-Tha hody of th*>
late ?i.ir-T.ii ?T. B. Ro4tacraa6 win i* ooaveyad to
morrow under m *uua rhi:n"
her of CommercUl Hall, there ta Ue la atata untll
. funeral. W ?????? day morntaa The pallbaaraea
wlll be choaen from dty and coaaty ofnclala, BaaaB
b?.-rs of tbe Cbamber of C immeroa ?nd of th* Tre*
Barbor Leagrue, Thr- mllltary eaeort aill ba fur
njBhed by Oeneral Laat, i f tha Batloual Ouard
on Wedneeday mornlng tbe funeral mus? will b*
held at th* cathedral, the W P of tbe dioreae
ofTu-iatlnjr. aft*r whloh the body arttl b* taken to
Roaedale, thor?. to rematn ln a vault uattl " ^a"
be eonveyed to Arllngton Cemetary, Waahlngton,
D. C, to be burled. , , . m
Many telegrama a-.<l letten >>f condolence na\e
been recelved by tha i il Iren ?: Oeneral Roaa
cranB. One from Prealdent McKlnlej apeaka ln
vory f*Hin>; terma i?f hla i ld eommanear
An lnt*r*Btlng m*ctlng of tho KlMwlatW CltM,
tho last but one of the seaaon, wa* held laat nlght
ln tha ballroom ?t Sh*rry's. Th* sp*elal cora
mlttee for the evenlna*a entertalnmeal wns cora
poaad of Mra. John Jay Wiiito. Jr . and lUWJBaW
B. Tompklna, Mrs Joha /-.r.^'. Mrs Kr?d*rlo
Bheldon, Mrs. John C. Weetervelt, Mrs. Kdward
Lyman Bhort and M-rs. Qrenvllle Wlnthrap r>
celved th* m*mhers ai:d th* gueett Tha pr?
graram* prepared for the BMetlBg ladudad three
monologuea "An k:ik:i?ii i.iiv Packlna." "A 8c
dable Beamatreaa" and "Th.- Ihop Ohrl" by Miaa
Beatrica Beref rd; aeveral aoaga hy Mi"s r'1'1*1"
Ing Roaelle and Mlaa laadore Dunean, who con
trtbutad aeveral <>f h^r elaaatcal aaaoaa, ani *a
origir.ai poem by Mrs. Zerega. A atipper foUewaA
and lnt*r tbei ? waa Informal danclng, f^-r wmcb
Land -r's i >r. hesti i played The l ial an.'. laat
meetlng of thr c uh wlll l ihe plai e al Iherry'a on
Thuraday nlght. Mar h ? Am< na tbe gu*?ta ^
membera preaent laal i '" wi Mi ai I M,\,;
Prederlc Pleraon, Jr., Mtsa Beatrica !???""!,,-Ml,
and Mr.s ii Brevoon Kan . Mi ind Mr- Wlliuai
Bdgnr Bhepherd, Mr and Mra John i: lt'??",*v?;',,;
Mlaa Loulii McAUlatei Mr and Mrs Theodoraa
i: Woolaei Mi ind Mrs Qwgc \\ Voung, ???
and Mi Thoman H Pratt, Mlaa Kmtly P '?'? M;.
and Mr- John B. Duer. Mi" Bohleffelln, M.?a
Zerega, willlam M. Purdy, Ml and Mrs ChaonfW
\v ..,-...: Mi ind Mra v - - Taylor Pyae. Mft
tl | Mri Aug s- IteokBcher M aa r irnlaa, A'f^
i: Conhllng Waltei Kutherford, s. M Rauaanw
and Ml
Mbm M.ui'- Lootae Balley. who haa a raaaitabaa
n? a ptanlat, waa marrted to Alata rea Aplaaaaai,
b lleutenani In the Auatrlan Army, laat avenlag, m
th* .hap-i artaahad t-? st rraaela x?vi*r'a
Church, ln Weat Blateeath-at. Tfcara arara ''"n#
but relatlvea praaanl at tha cereaaoay, Jhlelii waa
parformed hj I'n rt Ynung al ? ..m-'. <'.*'' '"
plui ?? ol P itl er Plnk, a ?? v">' ' l l,',Z
death of hla father \li-- lUllcy, whoee pareaai
llve in Naahvllle, Tenn., a n- aducated abraaa
The Ph i Ita Theta banauet, whlch wIM I a hr,<1
nlghl ? '???? Mai ?- Aatoti ette H '??; **" _!*
ti,- i ilni .1 ??,:??' ? r the Delta Chepter, t'1*
lumbla Al i ml and th ? ?".i Deha Thal i duh of
n. v. rorl ? it) Tho club ha i .I) : ?? " ,M ''";
porottd, und will bulld u cliibhouao ln ihe rlojnltf,
of i uiinb riie v IM-.
i ,a M. M n T "DeM i Chapti' " " W RhrJl5ri
Progreaa ef Ihe Pi iterntty.' I I A 1>r^'
I'l.m.l. and "Phl i> >lta 'i heta I'lub i i* ?? J' gr
[I Bha? Profeaaoi Keener. Dean or Oieana'
bla Law Bchool, will alao reapond to .. toaat *-ov'
era wlll be lald lor nlxty peraona.

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