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MElfl i>Kri:.\T-SALisnrRY. cham
th~ MAtf-ea AOAHCIT
London. March .">.
The remarkame Ortanauak ?t ihe- PugiaMlra
party in the municipol eleotlons thls week la a
Batarfactery Baaajaaaaoa that th* orderly ooatraa
of mnnicipai develonaaent, whlch haa been In
terrupted durins the laat three yeara, Wlll not
bc revcraed. but eontlnued Lord Pallsbttry has
racalved a tiuaktag anawer to his challonpe of
'as- ICavember, wMch waa bnaed upon the fal'.
urV af the reform canvass in Now-Yorh. Lon?
don haa not been eoarfuaed by th* mieieading
analcgic of Aaaertean pr.littcs. and has sternly
rcfused to eonfeaa that it is ineapable or gov?
ernlnp ItaeM by means of a MBtraltaCd rouncil
and admlniatratlon. and that it must be divlded
into a serles of twenty or nore Independent
rrunlclpalltlea A Moltva-e majorlty of two in
thc outgolng County Councll haa been converted
ir.to & Piagraaalva aaajorlty of twenty ln th*
r?w rouncil, with two rapraaantaUvaa artil! to
r,ee!ected ln tbe Progre*sive dlvlston of Central
Hacknfy and t*n Ald*nnen to be choser. by the
aatmbera After this ceclaive repndlation of the
pouey of dismoriherment. the Oovernment blll
for the innrporatlon of vostrlea and the p'.ori
fication of BumUaaaaca wlll probabry be deferred,
lt least f"r three ycars.
The personc.1 aapecta of thla London electtoa
ire moat Inuriittng The two leadera of tha
Unlonral party, Lord BaHabary and Mr. Caam*
rrlaln, have been diacredlted and rr.ust BUftrr
loaa of prestlpe. whlle the former LlbefM iead*r,
L^-fi Boaebery, haa enddenly emergad from re
tirement nnd ah.-wn hlms*lf to be the one man
on hla alde capahle of mnk.ng papaclous and
gffectlve us* of n f:r*at polltlcal opportunlty.
Old card-playara have a rr.axlr.v. "The ca^ds
river f-.rcive": and a worae mlsplay than has
b**n made in the UnaoaUat pam* by the unneces
fr..v Introduetlon of a dlsunionist roliry ln th*
prv-rnment of LoadOB ha? not been witne?s*d
;r re**n! Knrllsh BOlltJca Lord Sal^bury was
prlmarlty at fauit ta this mnrplay, but Mr.
Chamherlnin Btood 1 ehlr.d hlm ar.d advteed It.
--n them the Blgnal wai raisel for a
municipai campalgn on Mathmal Itaea, whlch
apeedll) deienerated toto a atrugfle of the
c'.asses apatnst th* maaece, Th- Llberal lead?
era of th* fror.t Oppoaltion bench were ahrewd
enouifh to i.*rc.-lv that they Ottght not to fol
|#w th* Iftalatera ta phanajtag into a municipai
conteat, and th*y wlaely remalned out of it.
Lord Roaebery betag out of party polltlci was
ir. a poaition lo tatervane wlth anthortty and
- oai Iha eve of the electlon; and his Btatea.
manllke apeech was fanltleoa in Judgment and
unanswerabl* In arpument He was peculUrty
favored by his poaition of "aplendld taolatlon,"
| al he has auddenly Momed up as tbe charrplon
ind lendcr of the maaaea ln n su*r*?sful eam
paign aaainoi veated Intereeta. corp->ration
monop ;i*s. tradlttoaal prlvllega and pround
There 1? a popular puaaie BOld in the streets
of Londoa wlth Lord Ballabnry ln hldlnp some
wh'r? In th.- po ket of Mr. Chamberlaln. Th*
relatlona of these atateamen may be what they
may i* '-ther queetlone, lmperial and domeatlc:
certatnly hava been In aynpathetlo
? . h wlth each other in the r*c*r.t onslaupht
t, ,j_ ? ? ... county Councll. Lord Salte
bury a> not, however, to be taunted with lack
,' J. ., meiblllt: li Inltiatlng a pollcy whlch
bean coi lemned bv the voten or London.
ii'.s apee h before the Natlonal I'nlon of Con
atrvatlva AaaoclaUoni a: Albert Hall iast No
vember was hls own authorltatlve announce
ment of a Cablnet dedBlon tn take up the qu*s
Uefl of l>ond..n governmeni at the appmarhlng
' ihai of Parliament. He never pr*r^rcs hlm
. ' ( r a publk addrcps, and on that
I . a undoubtedly sald more than he m?ar,t
to .-?.'?. and has pald the penalty for hls Indls
....? n In thlnklng aloud. Hla colleaguea were
aaartlad by hls deatructlve critlclam of the Lon
d-'-n Connty Councll, and especia'.ly by hls fun
darr:mta: propositlon that the metropr.lla was
r.-.t ? na pr*at munlclpallty, hr.t en apprepate
of nronlclpalltlaa They subs*quen;!y brougbt
forward tha I?uke of Devonshire to explaln
away in hls COld, menaurM way what had been
sald. and to vouch for the fact that the Prlme
Mlnister had been mlsunderstoorj. I: waa too
la** for a.n orderly retreat. The Proarr*Fslv*s
had ralsed the crjr that London was in dang*r,
and by thls slpn they have won the municipai
L#ord Ballabnry waa hla own master and not in
a- jdy*a pocket v-hen he was biunderh.g at
Alberl Hall and drawlnp mlal*adlng morals
'? ? the New-York alectlon. Nevertheleaa, the
ideas aad motlvea were thoae cf Mr. chamber
:aln. Tbt Hirmingham munl*lpal reformer had
never t:.i,*r: ar.y aetlva Intereai ln the unihca
tion of London, nor concealcd hla oplnion that
whlle a I'opulatlon of half a mllllon or evea a
m'.lllon m'.pht ba governed by a central munldpal
oouncd tha ay^tem would break down und*r ita
ewn walght whan appUed to bo large and ao
r-puloci, an ar<-a a? the metropolla BefOTC the
a beri Haii speecii w.-?s deltvered Mr. Chamber
laln had letft hla support to th* movement for
incorporatlnp W-srrr.lnster. Kenalngrtoa ar.d
"th*r aections ot l>mdon as indep*-ndent .-lties.
He waa fully committed to the polloy of deoen
?raliratlon before Lord Ballibury aatlrlzcd
mar.la e.nd f'.reahadowed a (Jovernment
m*asure for the creatloa Of I Milky Way of
n munic:pali'.iea. The main arpuments
red by Lord Paiiabury were tboae wblcb
Mr. Chamberlaln had prevlously uaed.
Mr Chamberlaln may have hls faulte, bul he
never la.-ks the courap- of hla convtctlona. He
rat*iy chose the evenlng when Lord Roae
B as speaklng at BL Jameas Hall for an ad
dreaa of h'.s own in Camberwell, when- he waa
ban Th* <-onaervatlvr press made murh of lt
the next mornlnp as an antido;* to th* Inaldkma
poia^r, of Lord Buaabai'y'a ppee*h, with l
a..- ; Boctallatlc bacilli. but Camberwell doea
aci appear to hav* been favorably Impraaead
Wltb lt, for ln the electlons it was Propr*ssiv. rn
the ratlfl of nearly two to one. It was a flghtlng
Bpeei-.-. uJ.Jresaed tO the narrow gelftahaeaa nnd
locai arida of a dls'rict whlch he thoupht had
not Bufh.-!*ntly proflted by the work Of th(
Cour.ty CounclL Mr. Chamberlaln in these daya
ls alwaya fallow4>d and embarraas.-d by th*
shadow of hiB former Radical self, bnt BeMotn
has h? ajteared to ao llttla advantage as whan
Bden k ? explaui a" ay hla o!d-tlme Bh*.
rhan apeech deBcriblng a munlclpallty as a
00 etarattva lOClety, pf which the rate;,ayers
oJt Bhar?-holders r.-c*lvlnp dlvllenda ln health
and eatisfactlon. There was not a arord about
'.he pr*at poUdCI of munlclpatllBatlOB whlch he
II had Introdrurad at Dlrmlngham, and
v b .. an perattag fatiafa< torlly ln all the pr*a:
Bagllah a.-.i s.-otch cttrta ontaMe the metr polli.
His arKurr.c-.-it almply impiied that Londonera
cou'.d get p.r, divider.Js from the Piwtrreaaivaa,
laal that than muai ha a gtiiei party fighl la ?
loca: aitetl n, f r the bonor of the nauj ar"i t >t
the malnlgitaiiia of hatpertal ur.ity
Lord Boaabeij'a gpaacak oa 'be other haad
" ?' - hamlnwaa niainarj of tbe Progn i
ranvasa whlch muf.t have tttroed thoaaandl of
wavering votea in the mefropo!)? It aoundad B
warr.ln? agalnat the Introduetlon of party ;?< II
tica ir.ti. a local ooateaj ta the Intereai of good
govaa^ment. and alao auaalnat permlaa ?
tlen f'.r the partltlon of London ll rondei
M.r,.s-.-rc for rallylag the Unloi lata .-.a Diaai
iata. so far p.a Ixr.ibin ivim coaeerned; f'<: com
?i wraeb th* fviuri<ii whlch tbe) th m
?' v*s ...i ereauiad, aad far attempttag ti carry
*? rr.unicipai alectloii on hTatlonal and impertal
Baaaaa J; exorciaed the bogle of Sucialiam v\lth
*"hlch :iu ModcnteB have been ic-k p? to
friahtea Lond.men out of their agaaea It
eloa*d with a aplendld pnaBape wlth a high im
aaarlaj pjota, dearrlblr.g the effect at U.iut and
nhrosd of the polioy of tho p?.re*lltng out of the
cnpltil of an rmplre Into diatrlots dlatrustful o!
unlty nnd str*rgth. ar.d deplorlng as a wors*
j affaetlea riinn }.'*snl<>nanfa tli* poet's "crav*n
foar of betttg great " It waa n gpaoch UUinilnat
cd by flaaliPB of humor. bat waa pre-ern1ti*nt for
dlgnlty of dlctloa, oumuiativo fnrre of rcaBonlng
1 ar.d pataaaaalva powai. Followed as it was by a
awaegdng rYoajraaatva virtory, II wns th* strorg
*st piaaalbli aavaaawnt fot the ratwrn ol Lord
rtos<sli?rv to pubUc llfe nnd th* rcsponslbllltlea
Of i^'llticwl le-idershlp
lt oar.not ba doubted that the rrsult of the ,
| Londm elootion la the most aerloua roverse
whlch 'he Tnloniats hav i BUfferad sinc* th* <>
i f>nt of Qladetonlan Home Rui*. Th* Progrca- :
i Fivoa oarriod th* Bral and aeeood trVwnlal elee?
J tions. and wera ti-d wlth th* II daratea in tha
tbard ftruggi*. Conawquently, thi* is not the
' flrst BUCceaa whleh. they hav* BCOrad In London
'' Oowntv. Indeed, they hr.'e h*d laipor r.-injorl- j
j tl?s than the one they n rw hav . Hut n*ver ho- ;
j foro has th?r* boon n systematir attompt on the
part af th* Conaervatlvea to earry the rnunicl
' pal alactlon on party linea. and it has boon rc- :
'? rented by thr- p?opl* of the metropolla aa n Tatn- '
| n.cnv devlce. Mtaleter* havlng aiuaenneed tb*ir
? London dlalntegratlon blll, have boon tramplng
? rrom diatrlci to district and appealing to party
i nif-ii to Bupport it. not as Moderatea, bul as ron
aervatlvcB and Liberal Unl< nirts Mr. Chamber
' laln has advoca(*d a stnight party ficht. and
j th* Duk* of Devouebtre has commented "n the
! fart that ST per cent of tbe rapreeentatlon of
j Lcodon in Parliamenl waa Tory and only 50 per
| cciit of it Moderate ln the County Counctl. Lord
I Onalow. from tho Indln oflic-. haa sntipht to mn- ;
? v*rt the Moderate party irto th.- Unlonlat party .
! and to enliat tho sup'port of all tho I'nlorist ;
i n embera of Parliamenl ftom London Tho can
j vaea has boon oor.di *ted on th< Moderate alde,
I with tho aanctlou nnd eo-operat'on of Mlnlatera, ,
! as a Unlonlal campalgn; and the rtthtsna of Lon
| don. affront*'! by thls unwarrantable attempt ;
I to drag imperial' polltir-P Into a loeal conteat,
have virtuai'.v veted ar,;.:r.s; the (eovernrnent.
Thf ros-tit of th* electlon la nothlng leaa than j
a i; rrernmeni d*f?at.
There can be no doubt. moreover, that p-ibiic
oplnioa In the provlnclcl centrea has been ro
pelled by an Irratlonal ott*mpt on th* part of ,
Mlnlatera lo rahn an isau* between Boclallam !
and antl-8. clalbnn ln munlclpal gorcrntnent. ,
Th* London County Tout ril haa boon puiity of ;
a me ragariea and indlBtretlone, !,,,r ::p gencral
llnei of pollcy ha< ??? m?r?!y followed thoae of tho ;
i - -al Byatem of nvinlolpallaation In operatlon
in other EmgHah *it!-s. Thaownerahlp of water, |
gas, electrlc liRht and tramwaya, tbe equallaa
tion of ratea, dlreri employmeni of lai?oi th* j
bettermont prLicipie, tb* lehouelng of Ihe labor
lug claaaea in munlclpal tenementa an'. tho i
taxatlon of groun-1-n r.ts ar* pollclea enforced
or favored by Ihe governlng claate* of r.early all
the great munieipallti*s of i;r*at Rrital:''. Min- ,
Isters hnv* r.ot lrnprov*d thelr poaltlon elther ln
or out of London by rafcing ? aenaele#i hui and
cry ngainst theae polldea as Borial'atlc Lord
Roaebery bas jron* to th* root of the matter in I
hla declaratlm thal muni.-ipai reformera who j
advocate Iheaa meaauraa anttclpate Boelallatn by j
doalins wlth the aoll whlch mnv create it. and i
that they ar* rendertng an Ineatlmable aervlee
to tho country. Mlnlater* have valnly aoughi to |
dircredli one of the chlef gloriei of Engllah mu- |
nioipnl go\*rjim*nt and to Irnpnlr ono of tho '
sttonp??t saf*Kunrds agalnal BoclaMam.
Flnnily, it Is oloar that th? Cnlonlata 'n tb*ir
dlarunlonlat ratnpaitrn have ralaed an laauc be
tween th* ciars** and the maaaea and have
a!i-nat*d popular aympathy All :h* F*itl=h
fcrcea of veated rights, landhr.'dlnp prli
nnd t-lrantlc monopollei were arrayed on thehr
pido and employed thelr reaourcea In inMUpncing
votora. Water ronipanio?. tramway and othor
corporatlona bave laaued appeala to thelr ihare
holderi to sntipr.rt th* Moderate eandldatea
Every ground landlord has !.p*n a worker 01
that alde, and how vael is ih? lnt*r*a' Involved
is im;;:--i bj a atatcmeni made before the Bt.
Pancraa Veatry to thr. ^rr.-rt that thls rlaai of
untax^d and prlvileaad oarnera in London d*
rlvea J80.000.0UO a yoar from land valuea whlch
ar* inr-r*fi'!*ic at tha ; nnual rat* of ov*r $l.r?00,
000 All tbeae monopollea and prlvlleged claaaea
havo known that thrir Intereati would !>* pro
moted b>- a trlumph of the Moderatei whlch
would be followed by th* partltlon of London
Ir.io many munlcipall'i'-s and the Indeflnlte post
;.rn'ii"rt n! tho unlfl*atlon of tiie metr ;
aa an or^anlc whole. Mlnlatera hav- not i.*rn
on tho pido of th-- nia.?s^s, bul of th* class^-s.
Th.y hav* no pharo In wbal is .liiFtly regarded
a?. a popular trlumph. Th* pr.(,;,i* of London
hav* vetoed in advar.co tbelr Dtaunlonlat Veatry
Olorlflcatlon blll. i. M. F.
A Inrrje audl*ncc gathrred nt th* Irvlnc Plnr*
Thoiirr- lnst nlght tr, pr<><n th* rr-appocrnii"? h'-re
of Mm*. Sorma. who won such f.-ivcr wlth th*
fr*?iu*nt*rs of thls houar a year ago. Th* %vr|r*mr.
whi^h was ?xtend*d to h*r must eurely bave ii^r-n
gratlfylag. for It gave evldenee b*y0nd a doubl
that tho frirnds whom ahe mad* on ber fornr-r
vjs.t had not forgrtten beT nnd had no thought of
domg so. n?-r flrst appearanca on the Btagi wns
th* slgnxl for a rout.d of npplana* ?o eatended
that a consid*rab)e Interruptlon of the plaj a ia
ne -ssarj. The demonatratlon wns repeated at th*
end of ra.-h art, and tbe stuc* was decorat*d wlth
abandant glfti of Bowera Tbe play pr<?<?r.tr-d waa
"Nora," In whi"h thi?- a^trr-ss has h**n s"*n bara
b*fore so recentlv thal ber performanre ln lt r.f*ds
' -,r '?'? " re immeni ..: thla tlme than the pl . ?
ltst-lf Sh.- investa lhal ? young peraon to
whom a Chrlatmaa '.rr-r e.;,.'- .. forgerj ar* thlnga
lual m .tnent with thi pharm of her own per
aonallty, and II ls thla peraonal charm?the dr
of ali thal >h? doea?whlch glve
?? performanre wl itever It hr.s thal la attractlve
Mmo Sorma was lupported by Mr Conrled'i ea
or!i?nt company. "Nora" wiii t.f repeated tl -
evenlng u Ii i-morrow evenlng. M re Intereal wlll
be glven to Mme. Borma'a cngagement on Tiiur.?
dav t-.i^'ht by th* productlon ?: ? new play ?? \
Mai :??!. i Dreem." t.. whi. h <xt..-.. , i reference has
a.'rea.lv been ma.lr- ln tbeae ''i-unin^
J. G. Schriover. general ng-ent of th* Bouthern
Paefflc Rallway h: Kaw-Orleana, who his been
Berloualy ill ln his apartmenti ar thr Holland
i Hoiiso for aeveral di;y?. wa? reported laat r.'.x^.x
I to be ln a critical eonditlon. Hii wlfr. -.-,d dangh
| 'er and th* famlly physiMnn, I>r C. R. Morton, of
I New-Orleana, arrlved ln the clty yeaterday, ln r*
aa to a telearam wl Ich was s^nt to them on
; Baturday evenlng. Late last nlghl Dr. Horton an'.d
? he feared tnai Mr Bchrlever would not llve
! through the nlght though ..; ihe tlme he was reet
lng aa well ns could br- fnpi-rici
The Praabyterlan I'nion held a meetlng al tha
Hotel Bavoy iast nielit. at whir-h th* Rev Dr
! llowar.i DufBeM prealded Dr. Dufneld made nti
, dreai of welcone, and thr-n Introduced
II i; KrehbleL who took n? hla aubj< i "8
in Warnciian Draraa and ' n w i .? Llaten lo
: Mualc. lle was a^alated by Mlaa Loti '. . - who,
:i the plano jlluatrated the mualc of Wagner
Cornellua N. Bllaa, Becratar: I Interlor, ?ho
i? ,i dtreetor ol the F-jrth Batlonal Bank, mad* a
hricf vhrtl io vraii Btreei yeaterday afternoon
PHILIP /r7:?,f\T vo7 BEARD FROM.
I h - I N J . March 14. -Phlllp Kearny. san
of J. ITatti Kearny, who eecaped frrrn i?r. coo
lev'rt grjr.ltarium. ln Borth Plnlrfleld. las; ...
Ing, h is nol iie*n h*nr,i from i ?r ' ooley, th*
;? .-,:',??' r ol tbe Inatltutlen aal*l ii>day that th*
- h for Mr Kearnj wns betng COnttaUOd, bul lt
vi-.as the oplnlnn of the dOCtOT that K.-arny t;ad
|?f| th* Fiat*. I >r Coeley throws th- . ,.tu' '. t
Kearny'fl eaeapa on Frederlek L'pl m, an attendant
1..- '.>> aayi thal L'ptoa traa negllgent ln i*a\
:n^ Kearny laai > renlng ln thi groumia and glving
,um an opportunlty to k'*i awaj
Th* pollee ais> ar* on the I ko-.r. for Keamr.
it ia bellered thal n wlll eventuallj appear ln
kentueky a wnlcn Btate .a* elalmed n realdence
a; tbe bearing on his .":.-? i: :- :? .' lelltvr-d that
he can be w igbl baek i?ere 'oom K'-ri'i: k.
a'noui'i .'-? be found ih*re. for h* naa no: eom<
iri'tt'd ati\ crline .Tga!-.*: Ih* lawi of N>?-Jrraey.
From Th* PravMenee .loumal
| . . . ,!. pall Of the f itur* r,f Attii-ri a:.
, ?..?: .-? . rerj day brtnga to .iirh- ? n*u
rai atar on the borlaon is Mlaa i/*
lltla McBtandlah of M< w-Jeraey Bhe elearly l.olonga
t? ?;.' aublectlve ichocl, Bndlng la heraelf her moai
eloquenl tnemea Sh" aa?. ahe tella iis. th* fatni
; fi f )>*: ntv. and n*n los* thelr hr.nl< over hrr.
t.ithough ahe remalni wedded only t* h*r ?n An
*x-ui-i-r- llttli lyrlc whlch Bhe compoaed .n t-ln*
? k- for the Bugar io dis?.o v*
?I tny -lass of hot S. .itrh" offers j,mpl* evldenee
i of the glfl of aong The* mual
be .i Beottlal atrrln In her A slngl- extruct will
ti .'.-tncTistra'.- h?r capacity f^r lyrla raat
1*0 Itaooa laaa nm I *f ?umm*r? twrntv flve
i ? .ul, nit rhanaa mv r'.rVsh Uf> for ?ny man nilv?.
i h .-v i. aon aa 11 ttvr,*. th aigk * dd ai
Ih, , ..
T ?? avary ?aa .i> i-om^ton l-*v.? .*. aaad in awe w. a
'?Urrj.i inir nilnlfrr
We are -nwounlnted wllh th* mennlng Of th*
WOI ! "h.icorous." but we du roi hesltate to say
that th? m*i, ut Poaapton l.nk* muat? hava aood
reaaon for th'lr admlratlan. ?nd that the mlnist*r
? .? a <1"H cloo to r'fUt *ueh gl-jwlng chi.rrna
Thi heautlful poat ol New-Jcrsey ahoulu have a
Urfliiant i uure.
nxiiir.iTinN- ;:':::v:.v AvrrtF.riATKD
AXO "TH" PTAt: Si'AN'il.Kr. Ba3f
anor arru>i,Y ciib?bbo?
p ..>:?. TUtC in THI ?TB
usnc coaiaati
There wns n pood attendanoa ai the afllltary,
Blcycla nnd Atbletle Carntval, n; lladlaoo Squnr^
Card*n. lail alght, bul H waa n.r . irge aa th*
membera of tha Mllltary Atbletk Leagua had eg
;,.. .. i gtilt, tbe tcwnarnent, whi*h wBl laal
through th* r.**k. bromlie" to be n itereotlag
one. anri. ns good Bhowa never to dnapprectated
In thla clty, tb* attendince promlaea to plek np
!n th* remilnder af thi week. Thera waa a lit?
tle coafueton laal r,!~h\ aad the Bgogramme
dr.-issr-i to aa unnectjaaarji longth. Thera wlll be
a meetlng af the c mmlttee ln charge of the .ar
nlval thla BAoralng, ind tbe chaaeee ira tbat tn*
ronph edgea will be tr.ramed off. and thnt th*
? tetament wlll aaove akang ?ncr* rapidiy bere
The rroprr.mm* announcea thal th* tonrnamenl
ls held in ald of thi fund l i monumenl to the
late Adiuunl leneral Joalir. Port*-. of th* Katlonai
Ouard, and a bandu ma aum *ught to be ri iiit*<*
aa th* maaagera do ? ? ? Bbew a dlipoaltlon to be
over*eatrav*aant, al leaal ln aome eaaee. Tbe
?thi*ti* aad bteyellng reatoraa were aaarred lait
rjtf.it by ,. daotp tr-ck, whlch atmply made fast
ttrr* out r.f the ejaeitlon. Thli wia MpecMly true
of tna Mcyele racea, na good rldera were r**iinp
off haif mllea In rn* mlnvte and thlrty-four aeconde,
and two mllea m s!* ind n balf mlnutea-tlrae thal
would mnk* the ivenge acareber bluah with
Bhame. The track waa BOggy and tb* wbeelB Bank
deep m tbi elay ll win probibly dry out to-day
and then wlth a tboroogh roJUng good ttme can
be made. Blg neta were pat np nt each end of
th* Oarden lo rave th* nlmMe rl<l*r? wti*n th*ir
wbeelB Bllpped In tektag tbe luma, bul tb* nets
wer* no! needed ktii alahl for th* rtdara could hava
gone taiter nnd wlth equil anfety on a tell Jloor.
Tha athletea dld noi mlnd the aoft p'Ing to the
sarn* extent, iltboogh ll mr..'.* anythbig approach
inj records out of tl ? 8U< '''""?
As wia th* eaae lail
milltnry evobl
tlona promlee lo ba tb* moei Btrlklag featore of th*
? ? ment, and aoma of ;n? featurea promtai l
ecllpae ihoae aeen laal year
it wai i < irly 11 o*i loi k. however. before the mlll
tnrv featurea were atirted. ind eloee to mldnlght
before Ibey ended. Thla parl of 'h* progrimme
wia *i foltawa: Thlrteenth Unltad Bl "? Infantrj
Lteutenanta M. O. M Aleaander. E B. Ooae and r.
^V Fuger, mualcal drlll ind callithenlea: uirht
Battery D. Ith Unlted Btitea Artlllery. ptatoon
(Lleutenant II. C Carbaugh). peg-drlvlng. gate
p at drlrlng nnd drlll manuorvreajfth Troop fr.it*d
Butaa Cavalry (Captaln B. H. Cheever and Ueu
lenanu QaUaajker. Nlaaeti aad Bhort) troop drlll
rough rldlng and mr.uiit*d ithletlea: M ??"*rJ
N r, N v (Captaln DavM Wlleon
tenanta Flanagan nnd Bherryfc a i Bg-i n drlll.
neehinleil miaucevrei ind erlertnal linv.r.ish.np
number drtll. ind Brli | blanh cirtrldgea
Thadrtlloftheeo?pany<?f???*,th l*"** ''?
,-rv aroked loud appUuae. and wai a d
improvement ovar tbat aeen laal year. Ll -.
Butti hid done hli work well, ind the mualcal drtt
Ma eallathenlea furnlahed an ? ?.
worth s-eir.p Athletea preeeul aareed ha
work ' indulged ln Judleiou ly. i ?? *?
, .;,.:,.. ,, beii th* world m Phyalcal coi Mot
....... .. , , ai ? a infantry ippean i
k up The Btar-Bpangled Binnar, wl -
tne n might have been and probably w:,a
? Tb* ipecutora yt led antll ll aeemed as
!f .ho vtbratton wouM Itfl th* alryllght, ar.d the
.,,-- pretty effeel waa not heard for aome rr.o
racBti Th*r. lt was aeen lhal a well-di I chorui
...,. .P M llcnt tlma with tha
bend ' the ctoea of th* patrlotle aong thi
ktTI Were a i Haatlc thanever. The
, ? ?..-. removed thelr aaaa aad bowed, nnd tbe
Bccna wns an hnareaalva one,
rii-li: DRILL Too REAL18TIC.
Tb* eallethenle asereaaea wera aplendldly don*.
At tlmea a perfect aea of nr- weri aeen wavlng
m perfeel unlion wlth tbe muik Tb* alngle and
? rlfle drlll wia itaa walj aane. Tb* nnng at
th* c'.oae waa eontlnuoua an-'. daafenlng. a:.-: tha
cloud of amoke m -r* ler.iie thab plemnt Tu:- la (
? partot tha progran MI wh! n be ehortened
wltbout Injurlng the attr I ? '? ":r*a of the
., v A (tngie round a* ?*?" of bkink cnrtrldp*
would do Ju?l as well, and If aa powdei
cw.\i be uaed ll would be even better
Anoth*r feiture whlch eroked l ri eal ap
I *;.r th* dr.il i ' tb* tl :!ed Ptnt?s
?v if Ban ? ? . -:'
ithletl ? th< noea re that Uncle Sani
u-.;i loae aome of hli n a, alll be
the galner. Th* throwing ' thelr horsea, and
thelr di feni t ???-?' t a charg f rn
- . -. wa- wi I
Tn- ir Coei implng of hurdlea
waa another attra th*a featun
Another detachmenl gaw a thrU'.Ini exb
of rough and robal rldlng on bareback Tbe
m*n rode wlth the abandon of cowboyi, leaplng
from pround t? bom forwn kwird ind
aldea ra wltb an o..?o and finlah. whlch only a
well-tmlred ithlete eould biva iccompllahed.
nr.* featura ereited bp ' Inten l One rmn
? . : rlda a h im : re, a ;b;rd
mn beina; on the ground Jual ... the horiea. were
tiking the tlmber the aoldler on thi ^-- I
\- ; leap over thi fln t r^ ? i nd lii
hli d hls comrad* on the thli i horai
Tn* exhlWtlona bj Llght ttei and by th*
:.! Battery, N Q N v. were alao Intereatlng,
but they cam* at BUCh ? late l-.i'iir tbat som* of
t:i* onlookera dld noi waM i aee them.
Tb* tirn.lals w*r* as ( - V.r gadlC'*
Ot-:i*ra Oeorge M re Bmltl . B >' V .i?.m<-s F.
Bulltvan, N. J A. C, ar.d WlllllUI !' Curtla, N. v.
A, .'. Jodgi ? O. 17th R? glment;
.?o.on*l R. O. gmlth, 4th Regment, N 0 V. J.
Ilajor g. F.. Janhn Bth H*(ritn*n'. Major N B
Thuraton, 3d Reglmem Captaln <" J. Better, 13th
Reglment: C ptih <; A. Wlngate, Bd l>i:im*nt;
Bartow B. Weeka, S v a C; J. J. Frawley,
K. A C Harr;- McMIUin, ; r ?ld. r.' A. A l.'i
l>. Ktrby, ea prealdenl i C A A . and Ueuteninl
\v. DeW D.mock, lai : itta n Nn\a: Jlllltla.
Tlmin?Vijor A. P Montint, CipUln W. A.
Turpin. Uth Reglment; Captaln B F. Hirt. :2d
Raglment Ueutenani T IV. Tlmpion, Ith Regl*
ii.-.'. L.!?-u:e.nuiit .: F M ???:??. Jr.. V.:. i.
.\ .; N .1. Roberi Btoll, N Y. A I'.. J. il A ??
N V A. C: Mortlmer Blabop. N V. A. C; Cl
J. l-.*r;'s. Paitlme A C . Edward Riacoover, "New
V< in Tlmea." ind C C Hugnea, lelecatr-at-large
lo a A i' ' ' I ' I iV UoB Od Reglment
H. B. Lj -? ii 17th Regtmi al. Ueu
tenant w ii Tr iman ith Ri iteninl
j. Iicviir,. gtth Reglment; Lleutenant a m Lo k.
:,. | nenl Mi iteninl n H. Treidwell, Bd
. nt Me ;?? inl IY. I? Gra Ri gl?
ment: Ueutenani W T. Roranine, IJta Regl
Ueutenani (' IV. Hartyne, -<. Keilnenl U<
anl K VV Ro 'kifellow, l?th Regl.nenl ind
tenant John T Prlngle Ith Reglmen . N. >> S J.
Inapectora? Maior H. H QulclL i.in i;.-^im*nt;
Ciptaln .1 M VVatnwrlght, lltb Redroent; Ciptiin
AV \V Mcrka Ith Reglment; i aptain Fred?rlck A.
U'.-lls ii.; Reglment; Captaln i F Andrewi I4tl
Reglment; Captaln ?'? W ''?'-? " l?th Refli ? i
L'aotaln h Kdwui.is. ji . Ith Reglment; i'aptain
C F Warren l*th Reglment; .aptain Hutnam
iVrndlee Btrong, '"-b Reglment; l.i- iteMni A M
lacobua 2d Bittcry; Ueutenani T. I". Bchmldt, lat
naVterr' Lleutenn'l L D Bmlth, Troop I . I>u
ternnt A W. Rlder, JftJ Regim<nt; Lleutenant K H
Kmhler Id Battorr; Lleutenani RenH A de K^- ay.
'?'? , l'cB-iment. Meutemnl H B Bternberger. Bd
Reerlment; Ueklenanl J J Ton>y, Jr . itn Kepi
meni N 0 N. .' . Lleutenani J. A. uavldaon, fenh
Beaiment ind Lleutenani H. <i. Romilne, Bd it-*:
imeni rttnrt.-r Wllliam H Robertaon. Clerh of
rourae-Ueutenant J. J DUon, :;?:, '. cni't.t.
Av'i^t.n.t Clerka of Coura. Lleutenani T. ?. flua
ton Uth Reglment; Charln it. u **ks. Sd Heqi
rn*v Thomaa I. \VIUlimaon, ttth a.?rim.m, Wu;
? cr'seott Outlng A C; Vi I 0 Keg!
bmdi ? . W .1- I ori ? l " twlek S. Y. A. i
Judare of vvalklng Baamuel Auattn Annoimcera?
Fre.i w Hurni ind Pet*r B Pi int) Hni
,:., rocnmlttee? Ueulenani l J Olxon. flth k-k.
ni'ent Colooel II <: Bmlth. Ith Reglmem v. 0.
u | ,,.,; riptaln l"rnr.? laherwood, Bd Ii.-alm*nt.
Rj fe'reei of ' r llna Lli utei C lt. Lua
comb Uth lt g'.ment: Alher Motl chilrrcin of
Raclrig Board, l- A. '?'? ? '" ,J tt'llluini It. Plttman,
ez-membcr Btati Dlvi<lon Raclng licurrt. Judgea?
Ifijor U K Ciie. Bd Reglment Lleutemnt-Coionel
A ""l- KUne 14th Reglment ? aptala >' V Btau
bach ?tr. Reglment; Ueutenani <; F. Jirob) Itl
Kr?r;rn*M 8erg?nnt-?l.?Jor f II Hobby, 47:b R-k1
ment Kiiward A Poa ' RI ?:-?'< Whei
nnd Roberi K Rhnw Harlem Wi ,m*n ?".?
Mamgei r.f Tra k?Capl . Franh ! berwaad Bd
; ?: ? i*.
Tiir; Bl kta \!'
l'a-.'-m.i* baeircla rn a (Wlltii nallp) Plra
b*.'ii w?n \<r w. c i; in* 4-h H ?un*nt. w r*. Moaacr.
^2.1 It*a"-'*r : Mf.ii.J Tteaa? 1 Bf%j gai ad I??t ?jh
l>v n v Babe. k S2\ Realment, T. Tr.-.m.-k-n. I2ih
r>?in.-r... . Ttraa ! b Th'.M baal aroai ay li
J Krrltr 221 l;*a:ir*nt J T If K'n:.>. i"?'l ru?im*ni.
aaoonU. Tl.iie-J USV tvw.h ntat ?im ^> C. II. Tuiu
llnaon. 7X R*aim*nt. A. B. Juniklnd. 231 f>g!m?r.r.
Beeoad. Tir-.e-I^m
f?. V. nah-fH-k. 22.1 n**:m*nr. t
T. R. OondWfa. 12th R^g'Tnen'. 2
"' II Ton?lir.?rm. 2Td It'glment. ??? ?"?
Tnr.- ?1:44%.
Bahroek led all 'h* wa,- ?n<i waa *? h* plaaaad hv two
l?r,?ths, rteedwta bm a?or>nd. thret leBgtha befera T n
>n? far-"-?n vnrd r!a?h 'haadlcayi? Flrst n*a' W8B hT
F. J Kr.?hl*r. 4:h H*clm*r.t ?l<i rardai. Ttaaa?0:11
S*<-n:id haat ?*r. hv M. J. W1iaat*f 52-1 Reataaeai (1
vnrtti. Ttwa BlUU Thlrd ).rm ???? n h> W. H flar
fiir, 4fh Btrgtmaul IB rnr'-' T1IM 0:11, !?'? i',h h??*
? r i ?. ,t R. Mirrmna. 2T.d R.ilntfr.- |6H ynrl-i Tlme?
0;i1V Flfth *i*n- w.n hv .1 Back, 4:h li?Kf.?nt 0't
ranSa). T'rr* 0:114*. Btaia a*nt ? r by v A. Wnyte,
4th n**'m?nt (7 yardai Tlm*---'? tl. Baventh i??t w*n
i.. v j Keataea ira ::<i;im?n: tfl rarir). Tlme?0:111*.
Ktaktk h*at waa By a p. Roeei*, ::i Bagtowni i?'j
>.ir lai 71a-.' ii lltj
BlNAb Ml ?"
f J i\.*hter. 4'h R'?lnt?nt IM >?rd?>. 1
IV. II n?-r-l?>. 4th P??lm?nt 11 y?"1*> . -
E, .1 Bcheldeeker, 13th K?alw?n'. '? yanlai. 3
Tlme < :101b,
- v ya>d ?a^k raea laeratel ' oa ar 9 A. fkwlar
eonk. If-d n?-r'm?a. !t Hutrhaaofl, 2M !'-"m*r.t. peeoM;
T, a. Denham, 1-21 Regtsirn . thtrt. Tlnaa 1 '? ?
t? m.> btryrta ra-" taaadv-api Tlm aeaj ?-^ h:
C. A Ortfllr il. Reglmeni ilOO yarde); J. Tnompaon,
lStti Rewtnvni .r-i ,-.-,i :?>. iiiw.nd: w. Prank. 81 i n*x.
meni ? '>? rardi Tlm* 6:6541 Bae nd haat ?roa
i: M aber, 22d Reglmnti (ti -i-i". ?'? ? '- ir**Jj?*1;
13tk Raalmon: i80 -. ,r.:-i. lecond; t R 0 dwin. l-'h
lt*? inr-tit i.to vnrrin. thlrd. Tlme?0:U\. riilro reai
it H ?'--!. i"i Degimeni 130 rartai; i . H.
TAtnltnaon. 23d R**1m*ni (60 yardal ? ?>'? N .njMJe
man. 211 r>:rtm?nt iiio rarda TiBH ? ? tsv
Btgai kamdred aod~a*ghi rard ruii ihandlcap).
W ii i h: "?'*. * :. Regtni. I >araei. . 1
W f. M I-anrhl r. 22.1 !'? "? ' (20 BTOBl. 1
.1. Bherea, 4th it-c m?i- iaa rarda) .'
Tlme - 11
Hirlrtla aprmted ln th* Iim m> huadrad vards aaa
? n i.. -a-.. rarda. Rollao<l*r. th* acrateh man. tlree
t.n".- m tba '.oFt tap ind Ba -v-?d foerta
A hlghy auceaaaful uttempt to exdte a patrlotlc
demonetratlon wia mndp laal nicht nt th? Elmptra
Tbentr* It 6 ? I I ' 'ako mueh to rlo that, bul the
preaeni Inatance wbb notable aa ^hnwinsr nol only
loyalty to thi I nlted Btatea of Amertca. bul fri?>nJ
Itnemi to Orral Brttaln. and lhat Ii raih*r anaaual
ir nn An.. rlean Theatre.
Ai i rule Brtttah faaga and Brltlah aonga aava
been Introdu ed on the local atage aa n foil for th*
Amerlcan, and they hav.- m moal eajt*t been r*
c*iv. : wlth half-hearted applauae or with ailence.
nut thr dearly frlondly attltnde of the Bngllah
(Jovrrnm^nt teward thr L'nlted Btatea ln tha prea?
eni eruria >-**rna to have ebangad all that. Th*
theatre araa decorated laal nlght with Amerlcan
and Cngllsh ftaga, ontatde .and ln. th* colora of thu
two natlona belng draped tog*th*r ln a manner
emblematlo of th?-ir preaent mutually frtendly m
After th" firnt ael of the play ttr> orchestr- ptayad
nnd th? m*mhr-rr. r>f the eoanpany ?.ans "Th?> Sfar
Bpangled Banner" and tii*n "Ood Bave th* Queen.k<
and th* audlence boi only rtaoroualy applauded
t.oth. but heartlty Jolned In the ,-inclnK II mlsrhr
nol be exaetly eaay for th* cMeal inhahitant to ro
member Juat whr-n nn Amerlcan audlence ln nn
Amerlcan theatre h;is- befora Jolned la cingirg "God
Bave Ihe Quai n '
A large audl>nca laal i Ight *njoy*d nn *x**ii."nt
Mll boi forth al Koater A Blal'a Muaie Hall. Thf;
ir-a.Mr.t; featurea of II were fueeuf. the wr*?timg
Tuik. Charmlon, the Rogen brothera, Rltehle,
?h.--tramti blcyeUat; Irma Orbaaany and h*r tralned
. ,. tooa, Langelow, Delmore and Lee, the Plcchl
? ilat ra, Alborl A Ouillc, Carlotta, contortlonlat,
? ; Katherina Bartho.
An eepeetally ri?n"inK and in-'-r*sting b'.il was
preaented al Kelth'i :;i^- olght. Il waa beaded
i,v Bjfiaw Belena Pettei and Bdwln Mtlton Royle in
I on,--rirt v*ri>lori of thri- play, "Captaln Impu
drr*'- " Othera who contrlbuted to the programm*
weri ai Leech nnd tbe Three Roaehuda, th*
brothera Damm, Kckert and Br-rir. T. Nelaon
Ii -a-.s. rtt'.r. manlpulat >?. th* Lawrenceo, ihethreo
A:.l-- ii alatora, vocaliata and whlatlera; farl Qi
'c*l.o Bololat, Eldora and Norlne, Jugelors, nnd
i roley nnl I' ? ???
Th? burleaejue "Pi uaae CaM" was riv-n .again nt
I Hall laai llghl to i
i llence, Th* flrai pan cf thi entei
meni Includfd "La l: ind th* v.'indhMm
tel A new burleaque wlll b? Been at thla
houae In th* courae ..f tb< week.
T\* audlen *? al Tony Paetor'a y*?it*rday w*r*
entrrtainod by Patrl and her <? ropany ia "A Mew
Tear'a Dreara": Herbert Cawthorn and Su?t* For
reater In "A Damage Bult"; Mr^ Allce Bhaw, aa
.;.., i ??? .- -.. Tw ? - >t*ra Jo.a-i and Bertha
Oieeaon; Maud Raymond mlc; Bllly Carter,
Maiui and Maaette, the Btar Threi . Campboll ,and
? . ti and Hall, Miss
. lon, M illane; ind Bhaw, nnd Tony
Th* biograpk ai tha PSeaaure Palace yeaterday
agala arouaed patrlotlo fheera nr..; i:i??*< by ita
moving ptcturea. i>;hfr featurea of the blll t/ere
Mra Loulae Thorndyke J'-"" rt *ull and Maa Pig
mai ':. "Mra Hllary Regreta"; Alexander Hi
Krank Bryan, the Oardner brothera, wl*h llttle
liu-v; Oardner, and the De Onaea.
rontinuoitfl *nt^rtalnmr>nf waa afforled at Proe*
tor's Theatre, Twenty-thlrd?at.. by Robert ii
ln "The Llttleat Olrl"; Ruaaell brothera; (VBrlen
and Havei In thelr popular acrobati and danclng
..k'l-a entltled "Th* Sowaboy'a Courtahlp"; ,M..n:
,- i Btonr, \:.7T.* B Raymond, Letta am'.
Mlnnl. Mary Norman, the Dlllon brothera, H M
; logl and l ark. ano th* Two
groteao, ie ? r >bata
Cuban groupi and waa flgurea ar* amorp th*
rh-*' ittra ' ' a ESden Mual |uai .-. w, anl
:.;?:. and the concerta provlde the
uaual dlveralcn.
Ciarence H. Maekay, who is aoon to marry M's?
Katherlne Duer ieaaed for a year t'ao Perry
Tlffany pUca ?? HVeatbury, Long laland, nnd is
Hkely I i ? ?;?? ld * ? greatei ;? irl af tha aummer
... t;..- piace '- '?? ? 'f 'h* handaomeat of th*
. x fiomei at ;' ? houae ln .a plet
uroaque buildlng, n the old Colonlal ?ryl*. ,and the
....-! >mprla I Ired icrea wlth atablea. ken
i ,.|. :iT- i aom< a - The place w^s
leased thro igh Bml S Btewart
In the wlll of Am'-' R. Eno n. brqueal r..? |UB,Q00
wr.? made aa a nucleua r.f ,a fund for th* 'o*n?fli of
llatreaaed mf-m!.rr!i of th* Chamber of Commerce,
and tvr:r wldowa and Udren There na* .ai^o a
heauesi of 1100,000 made for the . ? n*flt of m*mhi-r?i
>f the Chamber whoareflnan lally llatreaaed, con
tlngeni on th* chamber ' Comma ?? rii-i.ig an
*(iual amounl Of mon*y fcr th? ram^ purpoaa. The
Chamber already has ov*r |loo,000 ln a fund for thls
n v* Mr Eno araa not a rn*mb*r of the Cham
'.i*r of Ccmm*rr-*
laaiBBiDATa ruDcoav axd to i-w- roRBCABT.
\\aarL,nr"'a. March 14.-a aarometrta r,rir??,,f.n of
jr^nt d*pth nnl ?rr >mr>nni?l by vMeal wbada ii? eeattal
n S.i'h Iwkola. It? m.v*m?nt Btpaday BH nroriy
north. it wt;i prabeMy r**1 aerthaaatward in'r. canada.
Th-- {.r???-jr* i? hiat **t I M :>w> ragl Mt. 1 ? 1!?
th Atlanl - Rl w*r? have f^Il.n h ? r
? 4t1aai and Eaai -i-iif Btataa, and aeattei : ? ,
drrrtormi havi orr?d la rtv Ceatral Mli mlppl a.vJ
ih? MlM'.un >?:;?>? Th* w*?'h->r r*ma!n? '?loar '.n ttia
Karta Atlantl .-?-?'?? tki laka r"s:o.-i? ?r.l th* i.h-.-,
\'?i>? T!.- lemprrature ha? rtaati ln the atl*ila?9]
tajll*] ru:>n a tha Atlantl* lasaal an6 la tha R?n.\y
lain itlatrteta Fnir wfe'hr-r wtn eonttntaa Tu*a4av
ln N*-? Fnaiand. tha I iwaf l.ak. r*gl n an.l the Mlld ?
ftatop Parilv cl Ud) w?alh*r. wlth a*attrr<M ?h ? l -k
v. i for th? P ;'a Amr.''* and Fji?' Oalf Btataa,
and ir..-rr?al--.* .?! .-i.il".. M ' I ? ??? r
!n tha I?.w?r "i'.i ? -m! l*pp?T M.-r' alppl raHrra ind rh?
uppT iak* r*aion. Th? araaUMr wlll 1>? falr and ra laf
!n tba Bnuthwaai ^n1 .-l?ar.rc r-l .|.l*r weather II ':.
dirm?.i for tr* Uawer aUaBoun ">'?n?%.
roauccAar in i ktaii. for to-dat
r i JCen Paaiard nnd Eaatera Rew varl raar ar.d
allfhi!> rcMar arlnrii b*comlng n rtharly.
per Enurm Pana4ryl?a4iia, n>? 'araey und r>?lawarr,
tiir and tllgbi i - , i" 1 wedaj nortbarfy arlada
I-'.atn.-t -f i ilumhla nr '. )!r- ir.4, in-rraslnc ctrmrll
n*ff. wind? 1.mir.ic n..rttira?t*rly.
F.-r \ tra-.r ia UKTraalng i ul;n?-fi. poar'.hlj wlth
?>,u?r? ln .-\ir*m* KmtherB tnr'iir. *a?'?rly wlnfla.
'. r-h aat :;-uth I'anlina. rart!\ r| iudv w*a'h?r.
?-?h Ita-ht ihowara: *aa'--rly ?lnd?.
fr,r U'-'t Virgtnia, W??t*rn N*?w V*rk and \\>*??rn
Prrnrylrai a fan araether; lig'it artada he-om:ag eaat
I'ar OBK *n1 r ar.1 wirn-r?. fre?h ?."tth?n?-*r,v uln-la.
rwtwrvw t .-!???. nnrEnvATinva
"""I ar
i!r--its: ::.--.r,a. xiaht.
:>4 I : - ? ' ' f .i n 1 i s 4 l i | ? * ie ii
; :i I?i i
In ti.la .'.lagiain a i ounuoui arhltt 1.*^ .u..!*' ta?
chanaaa in preaaur* aa in'.i itad Iv l -.* Trlhun* a a*lf
r*c.rdina baeoaaefer. Tha I t-r-i Irt ikwa the tem
paret'ir^ aa r*r. r td at l'--rv'a riinraiaf)-.
TM Tr:hune OftVa ktaf k II 1 a ir -Tr* vemhrr
raattrday aaa fair ihe lamparatara r.aagt-1 i*t??r:i 44
and M d??rr**a Th? si?rii;, ,:.0 d*.?r**?< l-?laa ??? d?
?rra? lowtr than a .-unday and 18H drareea Mghar
than nn tha retraapoodlng >1i> laat >ear.
Tha weattifr in ati: nvar th'.i clty t>-ii> arlll prubaUy
L* falr anU colder.
Tiir: rkv john reftrjrnjoja harris.
Th* Ra)V, John FeegBaaM Harrla. who waa on*
cf the ber'-knowi rrlnlatera of th* R?fcrm*d Difh
l ( haveh nrd MM o' the eldeat In poirK of aenl-~*.
dled rarly y*st*rdny rrornlng at the home of hla
dniisbtrr. Mrs. il*nry V. Slo.icy, at Hoin* PlOk,
Cherry If 111, .V. J. He had b*on 111 for th* UUBt
Bva w**ks. At tbe time of haa d?ath he WM th*
par.tnr of the Ref ormed DutC i CBaaTOk ?' Hyd*
flla Ull llll lladaaa. of whlrh he had been pistor
for the last a!x yeara.
Mr. li.irrla was born aixty-n'n* yeara ago. ^ Ha
waa th* grnndson of John l-Vrguson, who was elect
ed Maycr of N*w-Y*rk Clty In UU nnd aubie
ejaentlf k-imc th* Naval OfTWr of the Port of
N*w-York. Hls prnndaon wr.s graduated from Rut
g*rs r.>:i*g<- nnd th" Theologl'al Semlaary nt New
Brunewlck, N. J.. nnd Immedlately hegan the dls
*har/re of hls mtrlstertn! dutlei. H* married Hu
ainna Romeyn Taylor, diughter of the ?<*? n*n
J-im'.n C. Tav'.or, the pastor of tb* Bergen Avenue
it*form.'d cnurch, Jertey Clty Helghta. for nriy
i>-n yeara ind two aons. John ir*'jruann Hirr ?
jr., ".' CltlkUl, N V.. anl llenjamln Tavlnr i!ar
ris. of Baugertlea. N. V.. and a daugh?*r. now Mrs.
Henry I'. Btoney, of Cherry Htll. S. J , were born
to th*m. All thr?* BUrvlve Mr ilnrr:s
Th* funeral wlll be he! 1 ar th* Becond Reformed
Church ai Hickenaack. N. J- at I ocleck an
Thuridiy afternoon. The burlnl win be ln the
Ilncker. ? k ? '? rr.*:*ry.
Mr?. rr.!*n Radden Keppei th* waiew of John
KeppeL of Itrooklyn. dl*d Saturday at th* hOBM of
h*r BOn, Fr*derl*k K*np*i. No. Bl Baal fi*v*n
teenth-et, Bbl waa born elcnty*four yeara age in
Irela-.d, aad wai tbe dnupfhter of ,nn Irl?h Me'ho.i
I'.t mlr.;-.'.r After her m.irrlsg* M John Keppei.
a merehant. sh* r.\m" wlth htm to <"anodn ln ktM,
aad four yeara htter they movad to Rrooklyn. where
li? di*<i. twenty-taree reara ago. Aitnougn acroag i
opposeri to rhe worr.T.-si.ffmr* Idea, Mrs Keppei
took the deepeat inr*r*st in poiiti*a. nr. l thi-- in?
tereai waa only exceeded by h*r devoUon to church
w*rk Tb* aon. wltb wlMMH -he mide her home
aald laal ni^bt' "Two eaaom of h*r faith were
th*-* fl) 'Methodlim can do no wrong.' di 'Whnf
ever la In Th* New-Tork Trlbune is true ' ' Her
rnthualiam for the Repuhllmn party was un
bounded nnd the on* unfnlllng thrrat u?ed by tb*
men of b*r fimlly when trytaf to m?:<r b*r eave
:. - atrength was. "Very well, th*n. I ahill rote the
Democratle ti*k*t nt th* nexl elertion ' The po.i
Icnl do*trin* In whl-h sh* had m*sr fnlth Wll thnr
Of protectlon to Am*rlcnn ind:s:ri.-s. and abe *x
erted all her Influence to win vot*s for Its mnln:*
nHnr*. , ,,
By her clrc]* of frienda she was *ap*clnlly aa
mir'*d f'.r h*r feirleaeneao nnd cleir-alghtedneaa In
all emergenclee. A few yeara ago. wh*n th* home
wia entered bv burglire. sh* was awakened ?>( tu*
time. and quletl" Wl nt down stnirs wlth n llghte.i
lamp Th* rohhere w*nt IWiy ln hnsre on seelr.s
h*r cn the snirs, and no: untll ahe had made the
houie fael dld sh* rous* nny *>n*. A: nr.oth*.
tlm* sh* was sented in n room full of w >m.'n nnd
chlldren, wh*n n large S* Bernird dop; wia ..rgrred
nnd Btllted t.i ntta*k the rhlldrcn Mr? K<t.p*l
graaped th* nnlmal by th* throat nnd h*ld him un
u: he wia aecured with chatna
Pb* was b detlgbted ?tud*n! of literiture, nnd in
poetry her feata of m*morv nr* ?nid to >i.v* b*en
r*mnrkaiil*. AlthOUgtl in b*r elghtr-fourth y*ai.
ahe retilned perfeel poeeeealon of nll h*r fa*ultlc^,
?nd !i*r pleaaure In the ln'erc^'s nf yo-intr*r i.eop>.
kept h*r alwayB abrea?t of the fimes.
M*r deith, whlch cam* uiddenly, wia due to
b*nrt dlaeise. six chlldren aurvive. Th* funeral
Bervlce Wlll be b*ld nt the home of h*r son. No
EbJ Bial Beventeenth-el . at 10 o'clock thls morn'.iiK,
and the burlal wlll be in Qreenwood
-?_ ?
Jam*s IfacKean dled al his h<>m*, Ko, 181 Raet
rtinety-ftnt-at., eiiiy yeaterday m^rn'np H* hnd
b?*n fllllng ln hcalth for th" li?t four y*nr.? II*
Wia u membtr cf a wdl-kncwn fnmih of York
vlll.-. The faaally numb*r*d flve y*ors ago the
motiier, two sons nnd a dausht*r. who llved In th*
houae ment'oneil. the hulldlni; of whlch wai hegun
by tb* fath*r nnd campleted by Ihe mnth*r. It Is
a frame atrueture, thr** storl^s hi?h. nrd ls a
Inndmark In innt part of th* clty
Jimea MlcKein was Iiorn ibOUl forty-s*v*n
y.-nr? ago, and wia a son of Jimea MlcKean, who
wa. for miny reara a Bchool Commlaaloner. Hls
ilater, Mlaa Maraaret, was for aboui thirty yeara
prlnclpil of ib>- publlc school in Biat Elghty-aev
Mr UicKean wa. a griduite of th* CoI?
lege of the Clty of New-Tork.
I" u b whlle h* was conn**t*d wlth the flrm of
Keywood *> Duffy, whl.h hnd for aome yeara the
contrael for *l*anlnir th* atreeti in :b;? borotijrh
Beveral relatlvee Burviva hlm Th* funeral ar
rni-g;*m*r.r.^ i:.-j\* nor b,-pn made.
Rob*rt Llvlna?ton Masaonneau. for mnr* than
twenty v'ars prealdenl of th* I'ir^* Nltlonil Rnnk
of Red Hock, Dutrheaa County, N. y.. nnd i .11
-? ? - for m-.r* thn:, twenty-flve yeara, llcd ct
hla hom* ln that viilage yeaterday in h'.s geventy
third y.i.r H* was th* *ldes. =--on of Rob*rt
Cliudlua Masaonn*au. a natlve Of n*d liook. an.j
?i aji'.mdaon of I'laudlua Germiln Maaaonneau, who
fl* 1 from AngOUllme, Frnnr*. du.-lne- th* Rel^n of
Terror nnd i.*tfl*d ln Red Hook. A wldow an.l
flv* chlldren?two rons and thrc* daughtera?rur
. 11 ?>
Ifra Kl'.zn Montg-om*rv Ci;:i?n. the mother of
Juatl'-e Edgar If. OuIIen. of th* Supr*me I'ourt;
?ist*r ..f tho late Judga Alexandcr kfcCua, both of
Brooklyn, and :he wldow of l?r. Henry J t'ullen.
who twenty-flv* y*ar? ago was one of th'- most
promlnent do*t*ra ,n Brooklyn, dled nt b*r home,
No. 1.40* K-s;.. Waahlngton, D. ?-.. yeaterday morr.
lntr Wlth b.*r 1.1 th* tim* of hor deatb were her
luvtlce Cullen. nnd thr** of her daughtera, th*
fourth, th* w.f* ol a eecretary of th* Bjpaulih 1^
gaMcn in Rome. h.-Ing abaent, Mrp Cullen had
lrf>*n slck for aeveral months.
Mra. Cullen was born aboui Beventy yeara ngo in
M.-xi o Boon nfte- her fath<"\ Mr. ktcCue, moved
to Brooklyn. At an early ag? sh* waa married 'o
I)r. lle:.r> .) Cullen, whoae h>>un al Clinton nnd
Montigue si? , where th* bulldlnga of th* Krnnkbn
Trual Company nnd the Rp'.-klyn Ii*i?hfs Rail
road rominnv now atand, wna n famllla* on* to all
tb<- realdenta of th* *ity. It wns a '-.r.tr* f..r hos
pltlllty, ind th* l*a?llna; ph-. ?iriar.s and sjrgc.ns
nf th* communlty. as well ns men promlnent ln
other wilka of llf*. were oftea the gurrts ..f Dr.
anj Mrv. Cullen. Sh* ?-ar Kn..wn as a woman of
w-ld* nnd n-'-'irnt^ learninpr and of a klndly and
btronc character,
Mi-t I'ulifn nn.l her dnughters b**nme residenta
of tYiahlngton in th* earlj elghtlea, nrd atnee thnt
tim* hav. lj*cn well-known m*mb*rs of soclety
there. 11 wns durtng a prolonaed tour of the Cuf
l*ns on the Contlnenl thnt i;*n*ra.l Tracr, who
waa llving In th* Cullen hons* In th*tr abaence,
snffered the tragl* ealamlty whlch dnrk<-n*d hla
Waahlngton llf*. Sh* i*av*a four daughtera Tbe
funeral wlll b* neld ;.t th* houae In Wiahlngton at
lock to-mori'i* mornlne. Th* burlal wlll be
ln <;r**nwood, in Itrooklyn.
Franrla M. Harris. for many y*ars prealdcnt of
the Mataan Hank. at Kaaaaa ar.d rteekman sta , dled
on Bunday nt hla home. No. I W*st One-hundred
And-thirtleth-ar.. from apoplezy.
Mr llarrla was born in Watervi;*, Onelda County,
aeventy years ago H* wna graduated from Phillips
Andover AciAnay, ar.d afterward returne.l to
Watervffle to becom* clerk in a bank. H* camo
to Nrw-York in WSO, and became paylng teller in the
N.i-,-; M.ink ln :S.'S. I!* was made cashler In ISoS.
ind preeideal ln im.
He Wll a m*mb*r of rhe Hnr.*m I)*mo^ra'lc r*lub
and th* Manhnttan Club. ind llao Cl th* Soclety of
th?> S^.ns of Onelda. nnd wns rh* founder of the
liar'em Llbrar) H* leavea a w.dow and a da'ighter.
mrs. AKKIE EMatET harris
Mrs Annte Fmm*t Harrla. the wICa of Charies
>," Hirrll, dl*d Bondiy a' her home, No. 74 Kaat
Flfty-fourth-et., after a ahor tllnesa n*nth wns
caueed by nn atta.'k of pneumonln. Mrs Hirrla
was the'eldeat dnujrhter of Dr. Thomns Ad.!..
Krnrrer f.f No U Mndlaon-av- Requlem maia
w'.i| be cdebrated tiils mornlng at M o>lo-k ln St.
Btephen'a Roman CathoUc I'burch, No. 149 Eaat
Twenty -elghth-al
.-^ .
Mrs Karrlel Brown, the wktaw of Joseph n.
Brown, formerly of Tarrytown. dl*d nt her hooi*.
No R| W-stPrn P^ulevnrd. thi. *!ty. on Sunday
Mrs Rrown waa a daughter nf the late I.e\ l Saf
ford, "f Albany. and was born at VVester!o, In thla
B4|te MI Mareh V.. lS.t? Mrs. BrOWa was married
at Albany on February 14. lafl. and after Uvlng
for t time at Charlton. Baratoga County, moved to
Tarrytown, N. T Mrs. Brown a lovable rhnra*ter
*n(i*hr*d her not only to h*r famtly. but a so in
tb ii who kn*w here at*r'lng worth Sh* wna th*
mother of eleven chlldren, tea of whom are atill
H*rmnn Rencke dled Bl hla home, No. 107 Weat
Flgh-v-eight-st . on Pnturdar Mr H*n*ke wna
slxty-clght yeara old and was born In Orrmnny.
H* enm* to th a country ln hla rhlldhood. and llred
for many ycars In Toronto and Montreal. CanadB
ll* afterward rama to thla elty and h**arc* promi
nently ld*ntmed wlth the llth.igrnphir.g i.imlncaa. A
dow aurvlvee hllli. Th* fun*ral wlll r>* he.d ln St.
Agnej> Chapel, Nlnety aecond ai nnd I'.-.iumbua
uve . nt 2 r m. to-day
Henry W. Oeaaerleh. a member nf tha Prcdu*e
Kt-harg*. dl*d on Baturday at hla hnme. No. 243
Kast Fighty-fiurth-st. !!?? wia fifty-fo.ir yenra old
KtLDt'PT UDDLS <>n Sniunlav. Mar-h 12. lSJW. ?i
nr.^.n at th? raataanc* ..f the aeide'a faih#r. Mr. Aib*ft
<i Ii'1.l>. Waahtngtoa, D '". I>v th* R?\ Mr. WllUain
Taylo* ^tivt-i Mi Th nua !l.-nr> K'l'lufT. of Nea
York. and Mlss Allra RU 1.?
ROBUNaOK? BAJtaOVR ^^ the H*\ Wenrj v?n Dyka.
[> U, asal^et t.y tte Rr\ J. lt M??in Knoa. U U,.
r i.a:fim"r? an.l fie R*v Charlea E Iloblnann. D. l>,
nf Scrariton. 'Jeante de T. K. HarDour t<> Allan rtob'.n
a*n. Bjareh ii, iiaaH, at Ko. ZU aUuJiaooava.. Near
Yurk C\t. i
AUVTU ?f-ndsv. March 14. Anna Sehuyl*r AuPttB.
widow pf Rcbtfl F A'irtlO. , mm???.
Fur.e-*i perrlrea at b*r lat* r??H?roe. x<v 4M Cllntot?
i,k. Hr. .kivti Thaisday. ?I --"' P. ""? _.. w.ttar
BERLIN <>n th* l?th mal al ?J? ? >I??o. <-*>?? wa?*??
O.. mu of Henry ?nd Rptutl C H AH
X. -ice .r r-.:r.'.->! herea't"
BROWN ?u.1-1 ni; r.n ri.n'?at, I.Vh ln#'.. Harriot ?**
f-rd. ?-?dou nf J-a-pu 11 Hrown. tarmnlT ot Tarry
?0.1, N. V. m her t*?.l?m-*. X STI WaBtai. H'i
raTat, thl? riiv. In r?r ?-'. n >?ar
Fun-rnl VVedn-*dcy, M?''?' '*? ?? 3 P ? " ,r',m ""
!ntcrm?n* at < hsrlton. Sarnt-ga CeasBty.
Earatoga and Alian, pip?? p:?as? rnT"
CARrMKTKJt- Ai u.c., ?>r.. .Mor?a; mo:ning. Maren 14.
?iw?, isatah v. Ciwwr _ w
Pun-ral MTii-f? Will l? r?:i at Ma I?'? ruas lenre, P?
U i 3--r,n irae* n Wedaeadar, Marrri i<?. n? ? p. m.
CU B0MAX ? ?' M BtfSl "'ninir March M. I*M. J'hm
A r:unr,iai, in ihe r.'ith je?r ..f h? ag*.
Ki.-,'?* al funsral lr ?
CL'LUBI Al her i*alo>t*?e. Ne l.<? K'-?t . Waehlng
I -.n. P C, '.n Mondar, Mari. 14, KliH M. ?< Idow OC
ilcr.ry J. CullOS. tt D .* ?rooky:..
F?nf:?! ?<?:?, io.t will t.t h-'1 m M. Matt?wW ? o-ren.
Waar.ln.it n. .n W ?dnei-.i?,. rt? l'?-h .nat.. Bl PP ?> ?f.
Inifrin-nt la Or??i?? -I Cetaetery.
HARRIS?Oa ?u.Mit. Mat h Ut, ai ber r?atawaee, No. T?
I.ast :.4tl ?t f ime.im n .a. Ar.r.le. wife of ' harlaa "*.
ll?rri?. ?n l rldeat daughter f ?n. Tnomne Aille Kru
ni..TAi tanImm h? M MaaJsraajrp Cfeaaeh, V.Hl 2Mr**i*L,
'?n Tuwiti). Match IS, ?? !" p'clocfci
It la r"i\ir*ir- i ih.it n-1 Baaata te a-m.
HARRIS- Al ilM raaHapjei ? ( h * ?<>n-in-:aw. HP.
H, ?ne s - wr >' .. ???' J . ? ???*?*
Mar. i: 1*, Rf ? Il M r H
i"un?rai f ?.'?!.?. ?: M ond Ra .i oren, Rtaaa^Hn
Ka.iianaaHi H J . TMra?ar. )??! :n?t ft' ? nvinclc
Train? taava'SM ?i anl O.iim.?-? ?? ?? 12t> P m.
HBRBKRT?Al Ukf?'?i, :>' J . Mm I H K*"Ji ??
Picld. ? tfa f w 1. .r, :
??rvlri> at Ail ?alnt? M?r.i .ri?; ' hur?h. en f ??In'f?lay.
Mardi lfi. m ?.:<u {. in
Intprmani *'? ?u>?\?tr'w. Uu
? . "^..! par-?:? pltaaa ?<-;,;
INOERSOU? Bot?n ? ?in:*\. Mirch 13. i*
r;?a !Ii\^t. Julia MarrtM Prtit. anfa <".:.-.n i't'?ra?
. ??r\ .^?n at bar lata hoar??, X- >>."? Trumhull-a?..
Tiaaaoay ?;?? ? Kai I IS, at S i'i-k><-k.
Intaraaaal jiri\a'?.
IVIKON* t.>* .\:.h. is-r.. -. M :??? >v?
nt| M?r<-h 14. F.tn!l> J iv ?-'?:'. ?If? ' ?? lajB Iviao?
and daogtit?T '' Tkoaaaa N. aoo, ??'??? * kfaaf iu
x ill i at runaral aira?fiar
U0WR1 -TIpi tonara! ?m lea? o( Um la*? :..*r?nant
".??.n M. l/-'wr\. 1 - X. ar;? N MM M 'n* r?a>
? ? f Jam?? i H !?) N :;? Oraapan?? Par?, at
?J:4% | m ' .3\ M If 'i IH
1,1 DLAM ^' ">-?? . I->r.? Utaaal, Marri? 18. 186a.
Jamaa y l.udlj la th? MKh ?-.' of Ma a??.
R*!allv*a and H a''-n<1 ::-.? f'in?rM
?? ?* ai hia lai? r?aM?nc?, W?inaadar, ^lar'-^. is.
ai 1 M o'dork.
1 'iiriJ?M w:i: n.??t fr:?n'1< 'ip..n arriva! o' train l?av:ag
I?.ne 1?: in.l i Stj ??' I ! ? W
lBt?rm?al i
MACKRAN ?Al ?>? riataUne Xi 1"? E.i>f Olat-eC.
Mai h 11, lw jjir.i ? ItecXMn
(fail ? ? ' : ta ral haraaft?i
afABSOXNEA! \- |>: li k : r T?a <"i-untv. ji. T..
... M 'im klar?I w :??- Robart Urtacnaa HaMaV
r.?au, a a?'i ''2 f*ara
Pan*ra larvteaa ?111 t? h?il ot hi? lat* raaaAaaaai oaj
', ? ui? laj', .v- i 11 al ?'? r m
M HNIEWIND On Itirwla] ?larch 13. II?rm?ni R?hnl?>
? r i. la till '"' u M '' '.. i ' raMM
?Kl! .R M M ? - Pa??., nn >in.1a\. \!arrh IS.
l-'.i?. ???ia:i<--. 'i .-^.?' in 'h<> Hpth yaar f h.? ?p*.
.-;<?. ?..' ? at ni? lata raaldanca, -n TraitniartaT *'t?rn'>oa,
Marrh ID II 1 18 'i I ek.
Inifrm^r' (invat?.
HMI a .-??;??. 'ifrmanr. <?' ?rar'.?? t?Ytr,
vrita SaaMt, f a nf .' ''in-. a-"i Mir,?. ?<mi'it. Pr?rr.?n.
?VARRE.V-Bandar. >!-.r-- IS, l>-?iv Doma u. Warraa.
Vnnrral U'?dn?ada) Uai f?id-nti, Ha*
thornr, s. J., on arrival f I;10 tram fr .m i on m.lt-at.
\u > V.. .< aril W. ?\. h.
WILUAkU Al ' baaaat, Maaa., ?parah 5, R^ierx wiu
? ' \ rsaadar ? .D.nr.a, at Doatoau
Pfcd. II v'a^^.
A.?Tli?- Krnairn Ouiflrry.-I'rf ate- ?totlon. Uxr
:?m Railroad, 4S mUut?a r..i* fron tba tiran.! (Vr.rnU
T'-pot, on a, :?; Ea?| 42!-at.
?pcciul notices.
Tribune flWI M Mull Sutiarrtwrra.
Daiiy. ?,.p a *??i . ?. pM BBOniA.
L'ally, with.jut BttAdajr. ?S a ...^r. 90 '??rit? P?r mintK
Bundajr Trlkunc. fS a r?ai A'rtki?, ti. .-?mi w*okiy. IX
! POSTAOS? Ex*r?. j. ?;.,?e ia tl.aia-4 to f. rc.gn countrlaa,
?xr?.pt Staaaaa and < a..a.in. un4 oaj ib* ;?ily in Netr
? rk (V.>.
REMITTANCES, if a?nt in cish. unr?;:at?r?d. will ba al
th? owner'? >lak.
UPTOWN OPKK B i J.- Broadwap.
AMERICANS ABUOAU artll find Tu? Tribun? Ml
I>)tid ir.? um* o! li.o Tnhii.i?. 1 III Plpaf at,
M ; i ? n, Roa? & Co., Barth loaaaw llaaaa, E. C.
Brown, 0 uld A C . .'?? .n?a Oxford ?t.
T':i-.maa Cook A ? .r.. L.ud?rat? Clrcua.
I'jrih .! lluai a * ' o., ? iiu? BcrltM
llottlngt-r a- Co., M Rna da Pi rtnea
M iK.n, HarJ?? & Co . al BoaiUrard Haunmaan.
i ':? . il LyonitaiB, Burean d?a Etran?ara.
Th.?m.l^ o ?'* ? Boa, i Placa <;?? l'taaara.
Han ??.-, Of.?North <J?rr. :in IJ?jo a r*?4'.nf-rooOa>
19 ;-earn ? pinar Ar.:r?a-?t.
G'!!?-a Lombard, 'Wl'r A Co., und L'nlon Bank.
Ploranea WMtbp a Ob,
V:?n..a ~An??O A'jatrlBB Pank.
Bt. PanrrPDuri CrodH L) naala
Th? Iyini n otile? i f Tha Tilnaaa I? a c->nv?n>r!t placa
to laav? ad tat tlaa manta ?nd aubarilptl ata
x^ .ni
.TA.MK- T\ SU,<>. A'i'-t?oncfr.
Pain'ln:? \>y I. II. DALHH, A. X. A.
CA'I'S -v.VI> IJO'r?a
T- ha ?old at nuitti n
frBuirasrMT, mari h ht, ai ?" O'clock
a* 'h? :it>> m:t ':\l:.f:iit.
4.: ;
Soprrtlunua llalr. U *t bj ?.?ctrl<lty;
fa c? round>d; phyalclani' rr'-rt-r,r?a. HELEN ('R10O8,
34 A\>?t 33d-?t
l'ontoffli-r \n?l?-f.
(Should BP r?a<l Jall> by a.l mt?.-r?:?'.l a? rharitfi majr
ti U a' .irn UBM I
Parotgn malla f r tha w-.k ?? ling March 10. I*M will
r; ... i prompt I '.n ail raaca ai th? '??-n'r.!. I>oacofl?aa
ap r loin Par?ala noel n.-iiis ?-! *?? 'ne hour ?ar rr
than eloainc I'm* ahown d?1hw.
?ft'ESDAT \t '? i ni ' Bumpa par ? a. ?Kalacr
w beim dar Or aa, v.a Plyraoath .?n.i Braanaa
WEDNESDAY Al T n ai foi Raw 00, par ?. a. ?La
Ni nr.andi?. Ma Hit? :.:-?r? mu?! v !.r."-t?-1 "p?r
l.a Normandl? ?; at 7 a. m tu : ?mentar?/ Il m i
for Eur i?- i?r ?. ?? ?Si l?>u la P uthamptoa; at
0 a. m. (aupplamontary IdtAO ? m.? for Kiir p? per
a, ? ?Brltannli-, \.a Queen*I m?; al 1" a. m. for
Belgium illreci per ? ? Ken*lna;i r via Antwerp
(latura muai ' - d!rect?d "pel K?-:-.'?' n i
BATI'Rl.^V -A? n a. m. for Neth*iHaada : r-'". r?' ? a
Spaarndam ^ ??? Rotlardam ilettera muai .- Riartal
-per ??? vu?!?!..'.. ..' H a. a for ?;?:-.?.?. parJL I
Kalaer Wllbelrr, Il ?'???- muai !??? Ilr? ? i T-- Ka!??r
Wl'h*lm Mi at !i a m. irupi r?*1 a m?
f . ;vr m r-r ? ? ?Etnirla, < ta 'iu-T.atown. at il
a. m f r Norway direct p?r a. a. ?orga i>tt?r? mu?t
t.? .iir?i ted "par X rffl
?PRINTED MATTER BTO Oiiaaan ?taaaaafa BaaanATBl
Tuerdaya tak? P- n-d Matt?t ?? '-^ Oawaaany. anl
?oeclalh Addi aa?d Printed Mat:?r. etc fr -tn?r
?arta f Kur p? Am? ai ? ' " '? *tar ?*?r*Mraoa
Wadnaadayi Oarman ?teamera rhuradara. aa>|
panard French and Oarman ??imera on etaturdaea
<?k- Printed Matear, pte.. f ?? all mtrta* I w.ich
tita y ?re tdvartippd in
After tB* clop M ' '," ^'l^r''?"TI?n",*,' Tran?atlan?lj
Mal'j named al ? ad U n : ?:?; '? m- n- .r% malta ar?
ot>*n*d m -h- pie-? of the Am Enpllal r -?net
?nd Herm?n Mearaorm, and remain opon until within
T?n Minute? of the hour ?f aalllnp or ????-irn?-?
INDIR?, r'T'
TIT-MAV- At IS m >?iipple:ii*r.-arv 1 p m ? for
rentrai Am-r..-.i iracapi Coata Rirai and South
Parirle Porta, per .. ? A Ivan e. Ma ? "Ion flat?
tera for fhwtemala muai be llr*eted ' i>-- Advance i;
at 2 p m f>' Port' R?*? ?'?l'"'' ?*' ? ' Arka.ila. at
t;; p m fur Cnau R ? :"r ataaaa*? fr m N? < ? ?
>ana af t7 p. n ' ' rtaraau X. P (.?r ? i M'.aml.
from Mlam,. FI. al ? '?" . - f r Xe-?f t:-'..?r.1. p?r
feam?r frTr N f? -' ln*J a- !? ; m PW P rt An?
tonio, per ?teamer !r ni Bopti n.
WRDNESDAY- At 2 :?? ?' Anlonl pe"
?tcamer from PhHadalpbla -' l a .n f. r R rt.ed.-e
dlrert and Nortb Braall. via Para ?? ?'. Manao? p?r a *.
r.umlne**. at U a rr for N'Wl undland rar B ?.
Portia at l p m for 'Ml'?. P*r ? ? < Ity of Washing?
ton Ma Havana, at l p. m i?up,.!e.r>.- -?.ri l .1" p m?
few'f*ana Havt'. Bt. Domingo ana rjrA? I?.*nd ;>?r a a.
New York _, |
THI'RSDAY At 2 V? e m fr Braall and T^ P.a'%
countriea via Rio laneir p?r i ? *?tl froaa i'hi'a-;
delphla ?letter? mu? -1 '^r ,",; ' '' ?I
a m i?ui*>mentar> ll:3tl i m.i ' r VeneaatrU aal
Curacao i ?r ? ? V?n?*i:?la .l?ft?r? for tVlomMa. va
Curiieao! muft b* dir. tel "par VeneiuelV i; at J Bt
m f..r .Tamal-?, por a * 11 lar " a .>tt,r. for R?lli?.
pjerto i".iri?7: and c;unf?mala mu?t h? directe". per
Ardanilh'i ') . _
PRU'AV- At t: p m for Naaaaa, M P . per a a M.anu.
froaa M ? .? . .
SATi'llDA". - A' !?-V? a. "i laupplrmratan M? i m.} for
8? Th'ma? SI ' 'in l^??tar1 ar I Windward l?!?r...s.
per ? a t:ar:hb??. at M a m (?upplemeatan ?USO
a m i for PoftuBa Wand Jamaica Savanna ?nd
r?r?h?g?r.a. p?' .? ? Ali'jhar.y tt?r? f r Coala Rio?
mt??' li? Itraetad r*r All??han.< '. al I0 TO a m f r
i ?mpe-h? rhlaaaa. T?t?> > and Vj-atan. per a a
8?ne'H i.e'ter? f-r 'her part? f Mexico a-1 fo* 'liba
n ? ?? l>? llre-ted "p?r S?nee?'. at 1 ? ?n a -n for
Hait1 par ? * Prlaa Wlllam I lirttara for v*neau?l*.
Curacao Trlaldad, Brltlal Dutch Oataaa rr iat ba
dira -?i por Pena w ll?m I" ai I" ?'?" ? m. for
Brazil ar.d :j Plata nti -? i.- '.? a
pernambn-o Bah la and P' lonelw (lettera for Rarta
Brasil muai l>? oflraeted "par i o?orldga"), a' il *> ? m
iruppitnaentan U ? ' f" ^aaaau, X P., ?ni Santi??,
r> Cuba par i ? ??'*'-l--- ?i "? ? p ? '? ' xe?
foundland per ??? mar from N . Bj inev. a- a SO
p m ? r SI P.er'.- M ".'l'I^n. o?r ?teatl'e? ?- m RaMfaa
BT/ND?T At 6 a. n r a. a. S n 1> -mingo
? letter? for other part? of Meal? ni4>t t>- directed per
8ar. I'mtng ' >; at '" p m for XaaaaW, B P., per
?. ? Miami, fr m MwBai Pia
Mall? far SCaarf mV.ard by rail to Halifax and thence I?)
?t-ame-, rloae at 'Nit ? -m '.n\.\ at ? >i p m Malla
f i- Mlquelon, h? rail t II ??? n ?rl then? >> ?earner.
rio.e it >' "MP t Malla far ?'ur-a
rloaa ?? it T a. m. fir f '??r--ing hjr
at?umera ??urn? (Monday? ?n>: Tharadayn fraa
-??'?? .- -??
apatially a!jre??e.i for dlapal ?? ?mer, cl ?? ?' iMa
pRaea dally n- JiaS ?' at and 2 **?? p m 'R^pi?-ered
nu.; clap*a ?t ?' p ? ?"? ? ?? i?t
Ma.'.a for ("nina Jurar, rn! Ha??;, par ? ? f?htna .'- >m
r'an Franrl-r.-n, e|>ae here iatlj ap !> Marcl IT II *, Jk?
p m Mai? far iaatralta for We??
Australia, which ar? forward?d \ .* F.n pei. ,\>w
7efii;ir. I llawa'l FiH ?tvl .^am.Hin lalnnd? per ? a
Mosna (from San K'an-.a.: *? he-e dal y Bf tu
March t ta at T a n, Il i m > 11 ti w |. m i r on
arrival at N?w York rf a ? Campania wllh Mrl'iah
mai.? frr Aml't !?? Ma '? for ''tun? and Japan <??)?
n.?l?\ ?.', Ireaeed uni)) p?r ? ? Kmpreee f India '??'*?
Van- uver?, rloa* h?r? !ai:\ up lo Mai.-h t2i ?t r) *> p
m Mn'.l? for 'h- Society laland) pe- ?Mp Tr-p1 ? nird
. S.n Kvui. ????" rloaa h " daily up n Maren 2S
at ? SO p m Ma ? fat ''htra and Japan p?r a a.
Vie t.nrl a ifrom Taromat. cl?* h? e ,lallt up t?. Maren
? 2T al <'."<? t> ni Mall? for Hawaii I?" ? ? Z*?!andla
lfm,. Pan ?.'ranrlarci rloae here UUr up la M?fh SI
St SJai ;> m. M.ll? for Auttinlla leacetrl Weal Austra?
lia! \?w Zetland. 11 a >? a 11 and FIJI l?;?nd?. p?t a. ?.
Mlowei-i ifmm \ ?re. ut en r; i?r here daily after March
til <n' up ??? Marc* ??! al ?*' r n?
r?n?p.?-ifle mall? ?re f. rwerd-d la r rt of bM daUe
and the schedule of .'o?in? I? ?rr?n??d on th? r^e??aapv
tlun of their BBsM ai I U|>H il overland f?n?l' '"'a*?
tercd mall closea ?t ? P- m, pre? ion? d?y
1 COHXKUt M VAX COTT. Poatrrataaar.
Poatofflca. Maw-Yora. M. r. Man* It !???

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